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Thu, Sep 4th 2008, 12:05

Tracy's Blog: Season getting closer

What’s up everyone?

Just wanted check in and let you know what I’ve been up to. First off I’m feeling pretty good and working hard to be ready for training camp. I’d put myself at about 85% right now, so I’m hoping to be pretty much full strength when I report to camp at the end of September. I’m working out daily doing some lifting and a lot of work on the bike. I can’t go full speed on the court yet, so using the bike is allowing me to keep in shape and get my endurance up. I can’t wait to get back on the court and get the season started. I haven’t been this excited about a season in years. Having Ron in the fold this year really will help us. We have the pieces to make some noise and everyone feels that we could have something special this year.

Away from the court I’ve been busy, but things have settled down a bit. I just got back from a quick trip to Atlanta and later this month I’ll go to New York to film a commercial spot for ESPN. After that it’s time to play some basketball!

You guys watch a lot of the Olympics? I couldn’t tear myself away from the TV. I watched everything from diving to badminton. I paid particular attention to the gymnastics and the swimming. Ever seen anyone dominate like Michael Phelps? That guy isn’t human. It was really exciting to see him do so well, especially with how close some of those races were. I was happy to see the US do so well in the medal count, and I’m sure my fans out there in China were happy with all those golds that China won. The whole Olympics seemed like a wonderful experience.

I’m still working hard on my film about Darfur, which is called 3 Points. Plans aren’t finalized for a release yet, but I’ll keep you all in the loop. Another thing I have noticed that has happened since my trip to Africa has been how closely I’ve followed the presidential race. I’m paying more attention to the issues than ever before and have been watching both conventions closely. I’m a proud Barack Obama supporter and am excited to see how far he can take it.

Alright, that’s it for me. Love reading all your support and comments, so keep those coming. What did everyone think about the Olympics and the basketball there? How do you think the Rockets are shaping up? Drop me a line.

- T-Mac

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Frannie | on 5/12/08

Without you ,I`m nothing…
Best wish for you …
Be yourself…

kishi | on 4/12/08

you are the best one.come on.

包橙橙 | on 25/11/08

The morning i watched the rocket match vs the Heat , so excited, I hope McGrady take care of yourself, The health is important.
May the Lord bless you and keep you!!!

Chris | on 23/11/08

man ive been the #1 Tmac fan since the pre-leg sleeve days…ive always believed that your’re the most skilled player basketball had to offer..your scoring ability, so one rises on a pull-up like you do..i want you to win a ring so badly.and to dominate like you used to..they forgot your name but stats dont lie..2-time NBA scoring champion…Kobe’s been blessed with health and better players..your time will come this season..i pray 4 you

Jahfari Baron | on 20/11/08

T - Mac this is your year to prove all the haters and doubters wrong. Yall have ron ad Yao I think you should get some time to rest your injurys. yao and ron can handle it for a couple of game while you rest because we need you for the play off. As soon as battier come back you shoulkd be give some time to get to 100% because if they force you to play the injurie going to take longer to heal. You the man doe and you better than kobe. for all the people doubting you you can say you aint no dwane wade that quits on his team you still playing while you hurt all for the fans and i respect you for that wish you a long play off run

郭樵玲 | on 29/10/08

support you… 喜欢看见你的笑容。

nicole | on 27/10/08

i’m really looking forward to the new season! we are shaping up to be an unstoppable team. i can sense tbe enthusiasm with everyone.

you are such an asset to the rockets, houston and the world. thanks for the many gifts that you have to share. your future shines bright and i’m ready to see the level to which you take it. :) :) :)

Dominick | on 23/10/08


Well I just wanted to say that you are my favorite player and have been since you got drafted. Those years in Toronto and Orlando were classic, I still have NBA Live 2003 with you in Orlando with Doc Rivers. Haha. It’s pretty crazy. If there were anything I ever wanted to do, I’d want to meet you in person and maybe play a game of nba live or nba 2k9 even though I’m not good at those games it’s still fun.

And btw, I heard about the dunk in the high school tournament that quite possibly made you “T-Mac”. You know, the camp? I forgot the guy’s name but I heard he was supposed to be a great player until you dunked on him and to this day I read that he is now passed away. If you have any foootage of this dunk, may you share it with me?

Dominick from Souther California.


zhu wen chao | on 22/10/08

I want you can go father… are my hero forver

Flyer | on 20/10/08

We will always support you

Only the sky is the limit

—I will be back
—we will be back

NOW,we are waiting…..

Jr | on 20/10/08

will you please take that breast feater vest off and put that left elbow sleve back on that you wore the entire last season, and also would wear that leg sleve that wore from 2004-2006 thanks

qinggaoyuan | on 19/10/08


鲍曈 | on 18/10/08

希望你能找到以前得分王时的感觉,带领火箭队,冲击总冠军,问鼎总冠军,永不放弃。永远是你的球迷,i believe you are the best

KG | on 16/10/08

Hey Tracy,
How is it going? I read about your film on the incidents in Darfur and Chad, and i’m interested in seeing the film when it is released. I am currently a student at UHD and have been a native houstonian for my entire life, and have bled the rockets red since I was a kid. I’m excited to see you back in action this year, good luck with the season and your film.

Tim | on 16/10/08

Tracy, are you going to have your own shoe again this year or is it going to be like last year when yours and KG, Howard, ect all kinda looked the same?

Olantay Vaughan | on 15/10/08


Handhong | on 15/10/08

My heart just being touched by your fantasy performance every game..
get red!love mac forever!

xuhaitao | on 13/10/08

Come on!!!!!!Tracy

黄浩 | on 13/10/08

做你最永恒的麦密 ,风雨不改

黄浩 | on 13/10/08


C-Roc | on 12/10/08

T-Mac, if you have a chance, give me a vintage T-Mac dunk over any of the Spurs players. LoL , it would give me great brangin’ rights to all the Spurs fans I have to deal with everyday. But most of all, I believe good things are coming for us this year and I’m with you on the excitment for the upcoming season. I hope you you can stay healthy this season and turn on that killer intinct-shoot over anyone-no one can stop T-Mac I know you’ll be in the playoffs. Lets do it baby, lets get the first round off you’re shoulders and get the Rockets and yourself that ring you deserve. Go Rockets!

KnightIvan | on 9/10/08



andy | on 8/10/08

hey tracy…the olympics were great..i was actually going for spain…because they were the under dog…but ive never been more excited for a season since you went to houston in 04/05 season…i think your going to be finals mvp with 28.0ppg…6.0rpg…9.0apg…and the season i think your going to average…22.0ppg…5.0rpg…8.0apg…the rockets 1st seed with the jazz 8th seed…and you just demolish them in a sweep…i hope you just sweep everybody just because all the critics will never talk about you anymore…

Jason | on 7/10/08


Bryant Espinoza | on 7/10/08

First I want to say that I wish you get a 100% healthy soon. I would like for you to get healthy completely before you play becuase you only have one body and you don’t want to have nagging injuries later in your life. I know firt hand and my body doesn’t even recieve close to the punishment yours does. Of course I don’t get paid millions. haha. But seriously your health comes first. Second comes you winning the ship. Your dream and the rest of Houston Rockets fans. A 100% T-MAC is better than any other lower percent. U guys are so stacked that yall could still win without u in the lineup. Steve Franchise used to carry this team and still can and that would give you time to heal up.

Saif | on 7/10/08

The olympics were great.. this year is our year tmac. i honestly do think im ya number 1 fan .. but trust me if you just give it all u got.. and put that killer instinct back in you.. yall get rings for three years.. trust me.. your the most skilled player in the entire NBA i honestly mean that not a lot of players can give a team 62 on jumpshots .. ill see u celebrating in june on abc with that ring ive been waiting to see you wear man.. you can do it trust me.. you yao ronny, brent shane skip, scol carl head. stevie needs to stop frontin lol.. we know hes still nasty. but come on tmac do it for US the fans man.. the league just aint the league when u dont kill like u usually do man. u dnot have to be greedy to get that 27 8and 8 we all know ya capable of …

mink jawandor | on 7/10/08

thank you very much for helping africa

God bless africa and bless my families

Yang Dan | on 7/10/08

Hello!I’m a boy from china.I like NBA,I like Rockets.Yao and I are both chinese,but I have to say “My favourite player is you “ I know you may or must forget me soon,but I’ll remember you forever! GO!GO

jones | on 6/10/08


wanglei | on 6/10/08

T-MAC,you are the best in the assocation,just believe youself,i will always support you,YAOand rocket .i think rocket can do better in this season.goodluck for you

毛彬 | on 6/10/08

tried several times to submit .failed and try again~~
this time i will success~

icrazymac | on 6/10/08

so glad to visit your blog
i can’t help to see your games
and watch you playing with T mac 8 !
i like tmac 2 !so why not wear it in some games?

ted | on 6/10/08

good luck ~

chaofang-deng | on 5/10/08

I aways support you

Clayton Hodge | on 5/10/08

I’ve been a T-Mac fan since I started watching basketball. You’ve always been my favorite player. I’ve always known that you could take a team to and through the playoffs, but there’s always a bump in the road that knocks everything off track. Like injuries. Especially since coming to Houston, I know that you and Yao can get it done and now you’ve got Alston playing the best I’ve seen him play, the best shut-down defender in the league in Ron Artest, and a decent bench so this year I know you guys are gonna make it happen. And as luck would have it, it’s the first season that I’m going to have to miss. I’m a soldier currently deployed to afghanistan. I’ve been here for about 3 months and you guys will have you championship ring before i get back. doesn’t that suck? Well you know you got a supporter on the other side of the world too now.

Yao&T-mac | on 4/10/08

Don’t laze day away in the Toyota Center!
Big 3 in Houston can destroy everything!

lu | on 3/10/08

0809 are belongs to your season and lead the rocket to fly to the total champion

Egas Rodrigues | on 2/10/08

title of the conference

Win | on 2/10/08


kelvin | on 1/10/08

Hi T-mac.I think 08~09 is a Rockets season.Because Rocket have you,Yao and Ron .I hope you can have full strength in this season to fright in playoffs.Come on Tracy,get the championship,you can help your team to get it.Try your best.Also i hope your body can let you do it,no more injury.

I watch a lot of the Olympcis too.I am so happy that China won a lot of golds.
Michael Phelps is unbelievable.
Good luck,tracy.Sorry for my poor english=]

sam worthington | on 1/10/08

i am very happy with the rockets getting ron artest and really i do not see him being a problem at all this season. i think ron is misunderstood and really i do not see him as a trouble maker anymore, just that it is hard for people to forget the past.
anyways i love the rockets and i am very happy to have been a fan since i started watching the game, even during the jordan era i was a rocket fan.
my favorite player is TMac without a doubt, on a good day nobody is better in the league and i am in awe at his play.
good luck rockets this should be the year hopefully but reguardless i will be there to cheer this team and death would come before i jump ship.

Shane | on 1/10/08

Hey tracy it looks like you got bigger this summer,i saw a picture and your arms were huge man.Good luck with the season and GO ROCKETS!

felipe | on 1/10/08

I hope you going to have a unbelivable season

I am from Brazil(Fortaleza) but a watch every Houston’s match

you shall visit Fortaleza

Sheena | on 1/10/08

I thought the Olympics were great, of course. Its always a fun event to watch seeming as though they come every for years.
I think the Rockets are unbelievable and so long as all you guys put all your effort in what you do and love then you’ll always be winners.
T, take your time and get your body right because we gone need you babe, so lets bring it home.
Hey, I was thinking about flying out to the Toyota Center just to show my support.

Hsc | on 30/9/08

Dear T-Mac,I’m one of your fans from China . With Artest and Barry joining the Rockets to further enhance the strength, I hope that you will be able to win the championship!

Richard | on 30/9/08

Good luck on that left shoulder man. The Rockets are gonna be rolling deep this season. Cannot wait to see what Ron is gonna bring to this team, him and battier…damn. Others teams shouldnt even play offense anymore, just waste of time on their part. Hope all goes well, have a good feeling about this year.

XN` | on 30/9/08

Tracy you are strong, I believe you can break the magical incantation , Always support you.
Have been bing afraid your waist injure and state. T-Mac you are good player, Don`t forget
you have very good teammate and the game`s five people.


chenghao huang | on 30/9/08

You are best. I am sure

Olawale | on 29/9/08

I truly believe that you and your Rockets are going to take it all this year. As long as the team meshes together and your work ethic stays the same, I feel that you guys will have that great parade in June. I’ve been a Rockets fan since the days of the ‘Dream’, and I’ve been a big fan of yours since you got drafted in ’97. Once again, I know that this is our year so I’m riding with Houston until the wheels fall off!! Good luck in training camp and tell Yao I said whats good!

AKA IronMan

Matteo | on 28/9/08

Tracy with this team now u can be what u’re supposed to be:a champion. U’re one of the greatest players who ever played the game.With a ring u’ll get the respect u deserve.U’re my myth and now it’s Rockets Time!!

Kevar | on 28/9/08

T MAC you are my favorite player. you are the man.. who can gaurd u one on one, NOBODY.. why dont u go 2 the rack more often? we know u have a jumper.. but u settle a little 2 much.. I remember when u was in orlando you were rude,you was nasty, anybdy could get put on a poster.. after a while your jumpers came easy because defenders would rather let u shoot than get posterized..then when they double be that unstoppable playmaker that you are.. this is the year lets get that MVP and that Championship trophy.. Fuck Goin Home. LETS GO HARD!
hit me back my email is [email protected]

laifa.w | on 27/9/08

want some
and get some

laifa.w | on 27/9/08

T-Mac,get the champion,or you’ll have no chance better than this season.We all believe that you are the best

Jamil Adonis | on 27/9/08

hey mac am looking forward to see you play this season ,i believe houston will take it all the way to the finals and hope its against boston to see the shift of power and you get the MVP and be place with the greats like you deserve, BEST OF LUCK .

mj | on 27/9/08

go go go go go go go!

Hu Baohua | on 26/9/08

T-mac, come on!! Go, Rockets!!

tmac 1 | on 25/9/08

hi tracy1!!...

Chris L | on 25/9/08

Tracy- i’m happy to see that you are recoverting fully and hope to see your unstoppable lineup with the addition of ron artest in action. Good luck —big fan of what your doing in Darfur also..

Justice | on 25/9/08

I konw the pain u suffer, cuz me too. So, hold on tracy. I believe u will come back.

Xiao Wu | on 25/9/08

I am a Chinese person who is studing at NZ
I am so glad to hear that ur shoulder and knee is going better, this season gonna be very hopeful!
Just wanna say, do ur best in this season, there will be millions ppl like me who will watching ur play, cheer with ur victory and encourage u while the game lost!
however for both u and rocket, second match of playoffs is not the goal. I wish u and the team can get a champion ring this season!!!

chinawu | on 24/9/08

tracy is myth!!!!!

chinawu | on 24/9/08

It’s time,Tray.come on!

623baller | on 24/9/08

Hey Tracy!

when are your new kicks coming out???

cant wait to see you play this season too, i hope we got the rigth mix this yr!

HJ | on 23/9/08

Tmac is simply the best player, unstoppable, since they have artest they are sure now to finally past the first round!!!

HJ | on 23/9/08

T-mac u r simply the best player in the whole NBA and I am a 100% sure that you will past the first round this year!!!

13241410213 | on 22/9/08


杜文迪 | on 21/9/08

tracy is myth!!!!!

Jonathan G. | on 20/9/08

this is the year the rockets are gona win the nba championship. we have all the righ pices just sign landry and mutombo & dorsey. the rockets would bbe loaded with weapons & no 1 can stand in our way, not even the biston celtics cuz da rox are a problem 4 da rest of the nba teams

landry | on 20/9/08




Wesley | on 19/9/08

Man, if Yao would have been there and you and Rafer would have been healthy, we would have won that series for sure, and probably went all the way. But now with everyone healthy plus Ron and Brent, there is no reason why we cant win it all. I am lookin forward to seein you do it man. Peace. P.S.-Thats really cool what your doin in Africa. Keep up the good work, on and off the court. By the way I am one of your friends on myspace(even though you have about 50000 of them) you should message me sometime. lol

snuboy | on 19/9/08

I trust you!

brazil | on 19/9/08

me and my family love you here in houston we hope you never

huang jian min | on 19/9/08

I am so happy to that
good luck with you

isaac page | on 19/9/08


Jerry | on 19/9/08

Go tracy ,I love you .I believe you can get the chanpiom

Hasan Siddiqui | on 18/9/08

Watch out Boston there is new big 3 in town and its going to dominate.

t-mac your awesome

marcus c jackson | on 18/9/08

I just wanted to know if you were still seeing the Dr. that helped with your back spasms? And being a personal trainer myself I know how it feels to have that happening to you especially being the type of athlete that you are. You, Kobe, and Lebron are the most talented off gaurds in the league I pray that this season is injury free for everyone. I hope you retire a rocket because you are a stand up guy, but please help management get dorsey and landry signed so we can move on to getting this party started….I hope to meet you once again so I can let you know my opinion of all things good to come for the rockets, teams had better beware cause I know that u have a renewed spirit, and you are ready to beast!

hunter | on 18/9/08

Come on! T-mac!

Michael | on 18/9/08

Go T Mac with Artest and Yao. U will win the playoffs 2009! Support you forever!

Ruuf Malik | on 18/9/08

Darfur: Keep up the good work in Darfur. really nice u r doing what u can to help the poor and needy people in Darfur. Giving someone less blessed something that he/she needs (food, water, money) and watching the smile on that persons face - the best feeling in the world.

Rockets: The best team you have ever been surrouded, thats right now. Your best shot at getting that ring around ur finger! Artest will prove to be a really good fit and he will in no way dissapoint the rockets organisation. He is way to focused on winning and putting the team first.

mj | on 18/9/08

go Tracy are wonderful

zuo jin | on 17/9/08

Support you no matter what happened

ralph | on 17/9/08

My “MAIN” Man Tracy…

It’s good to know that you’ve been doing well… I’ve been a real fan since those time you were in the raptors and I love how u played for the Magic.. You were a real beast back in those days… hope you get back in shape like in those days where you dominate the competition… but I’m happy about your situation with the rockets now.. I really feel you guys are serious contenders in the west, but please take care… you and Yao seemed so prone to injuries.. I’d really love to see you win a championship(s) ‘cause, like what you have said in the past, “it’s not enough to be known as a great player who didn’t win a championship. I play basket ball and i tried to pattern my game to you and kobe. How i wish you played in the U.S. team that won the GOLD.. we’ll i hope u succeed this year man.. good luck.. holla at me!

P.S. next time you come back to the Philippines, please visit CEBU... u got lotsa fans wanting to see u! peace

Peter | on 17/9/08

Yo T you gotta be the leader of the Pack and step-up… Put Artest in the front-line of the D and band together around the tree trunks of Yao’s legs…. No MORE lackadaisical ness… Much Hope and PLUR from Anaheim…. aka Ana“crime”

Jorge | on 17/9/08

T-Mac, im such a big fan of yours. You’ve been my favorite player since you were in the Raptors. And after i started knowing some facts about you i found out we have the same b-days. I was so shocked in how my favorite player and i was born the same day. I can’t wait till you take the chip one of these years, im sure it’ll happen, just gotta have faith. I hope your reading this it’ll mean so much to me knowing that ive been looking up to you for the past few years. Well, i dont know if you take time to respond to people. But if you can i will like to hear from you and when you’re gonna be around N.Y. I really wanna meat you.

Bojan | on 17/9/08

Hey T-Mac.
It’s great news to hear that everything is going good for you. Darfur does open your eyes alot, doesn’t it? It gives you a whole new perception of the world around you so you don’t look at it through a crack anymore. You realize, not everybody is as fortunate as you or me or who-ever, more-or-less.
I watched alot of the olympic mostly basketball, volleyball and swimming. As much as I love U.S.A Basketball, I must say i don’t agree with Phelps winning that 8th gold medal. I mean…being from Serbia I rooted for Caric and still believe that he deserves the gold.
Anyways, amesome to hear your stories, keep us updated! I wish you great luck for this upcomming NBA season your effort to support the fight for Darfur! Best wishes T-Mac, it will meen alot to your fans if you get the rockets past the first round this season!! :D

Josh Mitchell | on 17/9/08

Hey Tracy,
I can’t wait to see how well Houston does this year. I feel like if there was a season for you to finally get you out of the first round and maybe get a ring, than this season would be it. I’ve been hooked on watching you play since i saw you in that overtime win against Cleveland back when you played for Orlando and LeBron was a rookie. That was like 6 or 7 years ago and thats the only game I’ve been to live. Just wanted you to know that the stuff your doing in Africa is great. Keep it up man!
Send me an Email sometime man
Can’t wait to see you on the courts!

Sincerely Josh

Daniel | on 17/9/08

Get the Rockets into the playoffs this year. Beat the Jazzs! Hope that the McGrady-Yao-Artest trio work out for the very best! Support you all the way T-Mac !!

Abby | on 17/9/08

Hi T-mac
Nice to hear things are going well, really looking forward to the coming season and your film too~Best wishes to your training and everything.
I volunteered at the Olympics. It was quite fun to see great atheletes in person instead of on TV, even though I was a little disappointed that u weren’t participating.
Anyway, glad to know that u had a nice summmer and wish you and Rockets good luck this brand-new season~

Alex | on 17/9/08

Tracy, wishes for all the best from Greece ! You may not be familiar with this but you and the Rockets have tons of fans here in Greece, especially after Bill Spanoulis passed through the team for a year! So, true wishes for health in the court and hapiness in your personal life, and the rest will come!
Cheers, Alex!

allan | on 16/9/08

what’s your MSN adress? Could you give me ? because i want to chat with you .My MSN is [email protected] please call me OK..i hope you can see my words. and is my english say good? i have studied 9 years..but my english marks is so terrible. and i can’t remember many words

Jason Dirk | on 15/9/08

Rocking the opposites!

Jeremy | on 15/9/08

Man T-mac, this year is the year. I can feel it, bringing Artest in is gonna take this team to the next level obviously, but it’s also time for you to remind the league that you are still here and yes you are one of the best in the league. I’m taking my girlfriend to see you guys in Portland in November, so im pumped. Get Red= Rockets Championship 09

Michael | on 15/9/08

Hoping a fantastic season…Come on T-Mac!!!

Zijian | on 15/9/08

hey Tracy, I ‘m a Chinese student studying in US.And surely ,I’m ur fans. So excited to see u lead the game with help from Yao and Ron. you are always the NO.1 in my heart!!

pat | on 15/9/08

hey t-mac. i love basketball and i really want to be a pro someday. You and Vince Carter are my to favorite players. i’m working hard to be the best i can not only as a player but as a teamate. do you have any tips for me? it’d really help to get some support from someone as awesome as you. thanks!


Clinton Cuffee | on 15/9/08

Hey T what’s goin on wit you. I just want to let you know man in my book you are one of the greatest to ever play this game. I am your biggest fan man and I know you hear that alot but im serious. I play ball at a junior college in Minnesota and besides my dad you are the biggest influence on my basketball career. Screw the media coming at you with that make it out the first round crap, tell them to check your numbers, points and assists, and then come at you correct! I hope you get well as soon as possible from all your injuries and surgery dog and I know that when you do make it out the first round, your not stopping at the second. This year is that year. And if it isn’t so what im still behind you 100%. Do your thing T and do it well.

Your Biggest Fan,
Clinton Cuffee

jay mizzy | on 15/9/08

T-mac this your year Boiiii….
before artest and now that we got him i been saying it was your
year. evry star had there tiime to shine already now itz your time. i gotta a wishiing well i been wishing in all summer and my wishes have come true.. well im gonna use the last bit of water and old piece and wish you win a championship.. no lie Tracy lamar mcgrady jr.

linaiwei | on 15/9/08


anthony antorino | on 15/9/08

what up tmac!!! your great man what a basketball player man your style and skill are crazy!!! dont let these haters get you down tmac you are among the best to ever play the game of basketball and your generation!!! when your jumper isnt falling and i know you got a crazy shot drive and dunk on these dudes they cant stop you ever from taking it to the whole but your jumper might be off one night so dont let that stop you man your too good!!! anyway im a huge fan and i really want you to win a title man you deserve it and so all these haters see your a great and you really just want to win!!! stay healthy man and the rockets have maybe the best team much love tmac!!! anthony antorino

Cassidy | on 14/9/08

I am so excited that I found your space .And from now on I will visit your space if I have a chance.I am your fan from China.And I reguard you as my idol.I just want to tell you that I will always be your fans .Come on T-MAC!I think you will do well in the coming season!
(P.S if you can send an E-MAIL to me ,that’s really amazing.)Anyway hope you can do well in the new season.
remember I am your faithfully fans!

James Fiddmont | on 14/9/08

In all honesty, I can say Im more excited about this upcoming season than you are! TMAC 4 MVP!

shane salmon | on 14/9/08

first of all i think ur dah best player in dah league despite kobe or lebron. i think itsz time u show ppl wat i c in u. Many ppl have lost faith in u being a scorer but i havent prove dem worng

Ruibin Li | on 14/9/08

T-mac, I really enjoy your fantastic actions and winks on the ground.I trust you and I promise you can do something special with Yao in the coming season. Best wishes to you and rockets.You are the best basketball player in my heart and forever!forever!!!

WANG LIANG | on 14/9/08

best wishes for you and rockets

仙风道骨 | on 14/9/08

What’s up Tracy?
Give me a line

仙风道骨 | on 14/9/08

Give me a line Tracy

秦一 | on 14/9/08

I think it is a pity that you didn’t participate in the Summer Olympic Game because of the injury you had. I believe you can get 9 gold medals if you participate in the swimming, it will be the time that Phelps say “that guy isn’t human” . No, you can get 10 gold medals! Because you also like to participate in the baseball game. Do you know that I started playing baseball because of you? You said that you had enjoyed playing baseball. I’m preparing play baseball with my friends, I really hope you can teach me!

BTW, I believe you are the best, and you will be back!!!

miki | on 14/9/08

Hi,Tmac,best wishes for you and rockets
get red with yao with rockets

kgfernandez | on 14/9/08

Hi T-MAC! I’m from the Philippines and I just wanted to wish you and the rockets the best of luck this season. You’re my favorite player since your days in orlando and i have noticed that you dont drive in the lane as much today. I’d love to see you do those high-flyin dunks and your self alley-oop from the backboard.
Im very excited this season. Im also a celtics fan so im looking forward to seeing the ROCKETS......and the CELTICS in the finals.
Take care man!! dont get injured!

javid | on 14/9/08

come on,’re the best player,you’re our hero.give us a perfect season。

何敏(James Turtle McGrady) | on 13/9/08

Hi,T-mac.I have been your fan for five years.I love watching you playing basketball very much.and I also love Houston.Hope you keep healthy.and best wishes for your family.could you please e-mail me when you are free?my e-mail address is [email protected]

Harry Leung | on 13/9/08

hopefully you & Yao & the team will have a great season. I will support u guys from the TV~~

xiangxu | on 13/9/08

Hello, t-mac, I am your loyal fans. I love and concern you all, I hope you can as soon as possible the resumption of health, hope that next season you can give the fans of surprises. I like your shoes, I hope you can continue to offer you the t-mac series, which is a lot of Chinese fans hope. My e-mail address is [email protected] I very much look forward to receiving your reply!

Parrish Bruce | on 13/9/08

Sup Tracy…. Im a huge fan of the Houston Rockets and you ever since you was on the Raptors. With Ron on the Team… U can relax for a while and it will take some pressure off of you. I Want you to Relax… IT WAS NEVER YOUR FAULT!!!!!! It was the Team… but now YOU WILL GET OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND..... Just Relax…. Your a Superstar the last thing u need is Stress… listen to me… U WILL BE MVP OF THE 09 - 10 SEASON.... U ARE THE BEST... PLAY LIKE IT…. MUCH LOVE MAN (NO HOMO) PIECE OUT

lee | on 13/9/08

t-mac i love u man i have a wallpaper of u on mi laptop another one on my phone and im getting nba league pass jsut to watch you play every night man wish the best for you in 08 09


yang | on 13/9/08


zang rui chao | on 13/9/08


陈丹 | on 13/9/08

保持健康 好好照顾自己 | on 12/9/08

It’s time | on 12/9/08

It’s time don’t considering yao we know you are best

郭超 | on 12/9/08

TRACY, i love you i love basketball as well as you ,but i am not tall,maby i am shot~~HOPE you and YAO have a nice season , my best wish~~

countryboy | on 12/9/08

Tmac I have been watching you and yao for a while. Now you have Ron I am looking forward to big things from you,and shane to because he went to my favorite college Duke Blue Devils. I have the league pass so I can keep up with the games. I want you to know up or down I am with you guys, that the sign of a true fan good or bad I will be with you guys. There no reason you can not bring the gold home. Boston did it so ley show the world what we are really made of. ps write back

Victor | on 12/9/08


McGrady is the best you | on 12/9/08

T-mac Following is the hearts of the Chinese fans: t-mac you like to play in the market generally elegant dance
The extraordinary general Dartmoor stem Stubbs and shooting, we like your Baqi
Shuai like your eyes.
Never forget - 2002 2 on 13, and AI-Biao, Kuangkan 59 minutes!
Never forget - 02-03 season single-season 11 games for the Magic 40 + history of the most!
Never forget - March 7, 2003, 46 minutes on the Wizards scored 62 points (career-high)!
Never forget - December 20, 2004 San Antonio 35 seconds to 13 minutes go down in history! Four consecutive 3-pointers victory opponents!
Never forget - 07-08 season, he led made 22 straight!

We really wanted to you, wish the new season coming soon, and hope that next season mvp finals mvp is you, we support you, Come on! 3 giant wish you success! Champions of you! Thanks!

gabriel ferrera rojano | on 12/9/08

hi men, i don´t want to say you ¡¡i love you¡¡ because all people are saying you that, simply i say you this season is the started for a long and excepcional years of wins, you are my best player and the most important thing the best person of NBA.

Gabriel and manu´s from spain

ting wang | on 12/9/08

hi tmac
best wishes for you and rockets.

myth2loki | on 12/9/08

T-Mac your are the greatest in my heart.I will support you forever!

Ilyas | on 11/9/08

Salam, Tracy! I am from Kazakhstan. U know where is it?.. I just want to wish all players of the Houston Rockets to play without injuries, good team chemistry and to win the TITLE! I think in this season it is real. Hope Ron’s play (especially defense) will help in that… Go Rockets!
(sorry for my English)

elle | on 11/9/08

Hey,T-mac!I am so glad that you feel good now!you know,in China,the olympics is really like a big party.There are so much moving and cheering that we remember in our mind forever.As you said,Michael Phelps is so amazing that we can not miss his all the game.New season is going to start!Al of us will support you forever!You are so unbelieveable and amazing!We love you!Have you ever drunk Qingdao beer?haha~~maybe yep!!Qingdao beer always says passion may make dream come true!So we cheer up for you and the Rockets with the passion like Qingdao beer!T-mac,we love you forever!whatever we suoopor you forever!

rodrigo | on 11/9/08

hey im one of ur biggest fan i just wanted to wish u good luck and i hope u get ur championship this year and u should win MVP this year and allstar MVP and finals MVP doit for all ur fans and for the heaters 2 lol

Nelson J. LaFleur | on 11/9/08

What’s up T-Mac,
I’ve been a die hard Rockets fan for years and I think this year is shaping up to be one of the best. I haven’t been this excited for a season in a while. I have a question you may can answer if you have time. Do you think that if Steve Francis can get into shape like we know he can, he can also be a major contributor and give us an added lift where we have a 4 star punch instead of the big three we have with yourself, Yao, and Ron-Ron? Look forward to the season and I love your game bro!!!

J. LaFleur

Summer Wong | on 11/9/08

Olypics is wonderful.I also kept myself sitting in front of the TV everyday. The US Basketball team did a good job, and get the gold metal finnally. What’s your feeling at that moment? Did you also want to be one there? I am confident of the Rockets in the coming season, hoping to see the wonderful and fullfruit season! Come on, T-mac!! Support u always

yong | on 11/9/08

Hey T-MAC I can’t wait for this season to begin especially with u n Ron Artest n Yao Ming together as “triangle”. I think Houston Rocket this upcommg seanson will go to the Final n win the Championship.

tom | on 10/9/08


李骏 Li Jun | on 10/9/08

Hey Tracy !thanks for sharing your stuff.I love you very much.I wish you and your team Houston Rockets can create miracle to break the NBA playoffs and go to the championship round !I think you,Yao Ming and Ron Artest are the powerest in NBA!You can make the NBA champion dream come true !I wish you success!Thank You!

savy | on 10/9/08

hey man, im glad uyour starting to get back to full strength, and yes the olympics were addicting, it was such a blast watchin the “re-deem” team bring home the gold, im lookin forward to the season, we got the peices now, its shapin up to be a great year, we believe in you t mac
god bless

Lady-Acharma | on 10/9/08


Sean | on 10/9/08

Yo, Tmac, cant wait to see you and the Rockets dominate next season! I bought ur training DVD thing and it helped me to shoot better. also, tell Ron Artest to beat up Kobe.

James Huang | on 10/9/08

I believe you could be the one! Just to be happy when you on the court!

Tyler S | on 10/9/08

Tracy your the best basketball player EVER! That 13points in 35 seconds is amazing!Your awesome!

Brad | on 10/9/08

You, guys are going to be great this year….with the new moves in changes in the line-up…..this is going to be the year you guys dominate….. but, their are alot of good teams this year too. But, you guys got the heart…and, skills…..So, show them whats up!! T-mac this year is yours no one can take it from you mann…..We all (Fans,Family,Friends,Team mates) will support you all the way…..No, matter who it is kobe,KG,Duncan,Lebron you are better then they are….I can see it…sometimes it looks like you hold back….but, this year show them whats up!!! you guys are the ROCKETS show them whats up!!! T-mac & Yao take your team to the max…..The dream is yours TAKE IT!!!

kirk | on 10/9/08

i think you should go back to your old ways with that combined with ron artest and yao ming the rockets will be the toughest team in the west and go to the championship round

zulfiqarali huda | on 10/9/08

is this really t-mac or just some agent telling t-mac’s story

Bourne | on 9/9/08

Hey T-Mac, thanks for sharing your stuff. Yea, i am pretty excited to see how far Houston Rockets can go the upcoming season. I guess that if all of the players, including you, stay healthy throughout the season, then you guys have a pretty solid chance to win the title.
Tell Shane Battier to shoot more threes … :)
God bless, bud

Tama | on 9/9/08

How are you T-Mac,healthy i hope.I can’t wait for the season to begin especially with all the changes that have been going on around the league,i just want to see how those teams will shape up,including your team.I strongly,no in fact(barring injury,and please,please,please T-Mac get yourself strong so you don’t get injured)i am 100% certain that the Rockets will make the WCF Finals this season, i mean with the addition of Artest and these young players coming up like Brooks,Landry,Harris and Head and the old dog Mutombo playing his role the Rockets should finish 1st in the West giving you guys home advantage throughout the Playoffs and going up against the 8th seed.
I watched the Olympics every day but unfortunatley over here i only got to see the ‘Redeem Team’ play only once,in the final.,and Phelps was amazing to watch someone dominate like that in a sport and make history was special.You are the best small forward in the game LeBron is a close second,good luck for this season and oh i can’t believe the ESPN experts don’t have you in the top 4/5 MVP players,they were obviously spell bounded by D-Wade’s performance in the Olympics which was great and he was the best player on the US team but there’s no way the Heat will be a top 5th-6th team.Anyway enough of that,may God be with the opponents who face T-Mac and the Houston Rockets.

Mina Malaty | on 9/9/08


MALATY (ps no homo)

<||) Chivas n Greentea | on 9/9/08

Hey TMAC... i bought ur signature kicks and wore them today… and 3 chicks complimented me on them… i think i might get laid!! you da man Tmac… keep up the good shoe designing!! LOL!

Brandon Reed | on 9/9/08

Hey T-mac, what up? glad the Rockets got another scorer to give you and Yao a break sometimes. If the chemistry is there, the team can really do well. I watched every Olympic game and pictured you with that team, but I know that you needed to rest your body for the season. Good luck this year and in life. Put God first and everything else will fall into place!! GO ROCKETS!!!

Akos Sipos | on 9/9/08

Hello Tracy!

Now i’m so confident that You and the rockets will make the finals and WIN it! It’s time to win with the help of Ron. I’m really looking forward to your big dunks, high-scoring nights and blocks ;)!!! I hope that you’ll average over 20pts. I really like watching you playing, i watched all of your matches last season and im gonna watch this year’s too… I can’t say anything more… YOU ARE the MAN!!! GO FOR THE MVP title!!!

kyle | on 9/9/08

What’s T-mac i hope u amd the team to good this year and make it to the finals…Your the gratest basketball player that i ever seen…your going to be MVP next year.I’v been watchin u play basketball when you where drafted i was only 7 yearsold then…Your the best thats ever played the game..but i watch how u play and try to do the move on the court..Your the reason why i play basketball because you show people to never to give up and try hard at what u do…i wish can come see your games in preson…But good luck to you this year….MVP,MVP,MVP,MVP!!!


Ziphusd | on 9/9/08


Sterling Leonard | on 9/9/08

Man you one of my favorite players to watch because you play thru pain and you been thru it all but you have never gave up things happen for a reason that 1st round mess thats just makes you hungry now its time da get that ring struggle makes it feel so much better i play Jr college ball and you make me go harder cause i know the struggle makes the come up feel so much better but you are one of the best and good luck this season.

songqi | on 9/9/08

T-MAC you are the best!!!

姚舜 | on 9/9/08

You are the hero forever, T-Mac , I’m sure we will see a red Rockets next season. And good luck to you all !

michael east | on 8/9/08

I thought the olympics were great! I cant wait to use my dads company tickets and try and see every home game i can. Go rockets and T mac try and take it easy this year we dont want you getting hurt.

kyle | on 8/9/08

how fear would u make it this year….ur always close every year…but with new people on the team u cant be stopped…yal are going to be the best team in the NBA..your the best player ur the reasan why i play beasketball..because u show people to never give up…im a hug fan…i watch all your move and try to do them when im playing basketball..i wish i can see one of uyour games in person….your the next MVP....


zane tackett | on 8/9/08

I couldn’t stop watching the olympics either, i couldn’t figure out though why you weren’t playing. Your way better than Michael Redd who i thought for sure wouldn’t make it. I love reading things on your site. Im always looking for more of your things, i have a game used Autographed jersery of yours from Auberndale. Hope this gets to you.

DeAntre Taylor | on 8/9/08

Wat up T-Mac. The Rockets gonna take dis years championship trophy

KappaMacFan2 | on 8/9/08

Whats Good MAC! I see a lot of people are here blogging for you to be the young 23 year old TMac. But I think you truly a much smarter player now, you defense has really improved, and I think your a better leader now than you were then.

Now with that said, you have done more than 85% of anyone who has ever played in the NBA. You have led the league in scoring. You scored 60 in a game. You have been All-NBA first, second, or thid team 8 straight years. You have been a 7 time all star. Those are Hall of Fame stats. There are two things left. An MVP. And a Ring. I believe this team has the ablity to get you both of those things. I know you want it. I want it for you and for the Rockets. If you played every game of the season like you did in Game 6 this year, theres no doubt that you will not be denied either of those things. This is your absolute best shot. This season. This team. It’s Time! or like your boy Ron-Ron says “Houston is a PROBLEM”

Bobby Reitz | on 8/9/08

Go get it! We cant lose!

Bockstael yannick | on 8/9/08

Looooove the Rockets :-)
Keep up the good work…

Straight to the finals!!!

J | on 8/9/08

Hey Tracy, I’m from Shanghai China, where’s known to all as YaoMing’s home city, but, quite different from other fans from Shanghai or somewhere else in China, i do like your playing not for the reason that you are Yao’s team mate, actually, when you were showing your one-man performance in Olando, I had already taken great attention on you, your move, your jump-shot, your powerful slam!!! i mean, i found a guy unstoppable!! when you became Yao’s team mate, you know how excited i was? it’s the dream combination for me, i mean, the greatest player in my country with my favorite player in the league, i almost watched every game of Houston from then on, even the unlucky season caused by continous injuries. soem one doubts you, some one claims to trade you away, but i believe you’re still the best, everytime i see you open your sleepy eye, i know, the opponents will welcome a holy terrible night!! and so they do… Come on man, this year is absolutely our opportunity, let’s get something should belong to us, with Yao, with Ron, with every warriors in Rockets, not only“take a little salt out of the salt lake” but take something from the final!! i believe you can, and i know you can, and you will!!

i don’t know if you will have free time reading my notices, but it’s really what i want to talk to you, to my hero of basketball, and all i want right now is just a e-mail back from you, alright, just take care number one, let’s get red!!!

Your Chinese Fan:

dre aka #1 t-mac fan | on 8/9/08

do you think you can lead the league in scoring 1 more time? because i think you can, ppl are saying youn getting old on us but i don’t think so. so get back at me about dat

Malcolm Canada | on 8/9/08

well I think that you guys how a very good chance this year and tracy why dont u play in the olympics

well thats my time hala at you

HU | on 8/9/08

Hello,Tarcy.I am your super fan in China.Glad to know that you have been working hard for the new season.I believe your effort will be repayed in the following season.I can’t wait to see the new Rockets.You konw,Ron has come and Yao is recovered. You watched his game in the Olympics,didn’t you?It’s time!Let’s get red!!!

mcrooney | on 8/9/08

hi tracy~~glad to hear ur news!
i’m a diehard fan of u.
it’s always been my dream that i can see u and watch u play,will u realise my dream???
hope u and ur teammates win the title in the coming season,and u get the regular season MVP while YAO get the FINALS MVP.haha~~

DMac | on 8/9/08

The only pity of the Olympics basketball game is that you didn’t come.I believe you can lead the Rockets to play a great season with the help of Yao and Artest!
Best wishes to you!

saem | on 8/9/08


Happy to hear from you~

I’m really excited in this season as well as T-Mac~

I’ve been a great fan of you since your first appearence in this league~

You know what?

It’s time you gotta be MVP this season~

And… hope your signature is also MVP~

wind | on 7/9/08

T mac , I`m your fan in china. And i`m spending my last year in my colledge now ! I will attend the postgraduated exam in next janury, however, I will spare my time to watch your new games in this new season!
I am the only person who wearing your red jersy in our basketball court , you will never know how much i love your basketball and your style ! Hope you everything fine in this new period , and the most important , take care !

wind .

Jeremy Dominguez | on 7/9/08

Blow up man! Explode! Don’t tell your self you can’t play like you did in the past! Do it. Score like crazy, pass like crazy, win like crazy! yeh yeh! Coolest player ever.
-a fan

Tommy | on 7/9/08


rami | on 7/9/08

i haven’t been excited about the upcoming season in a long time, this season the houston rockets r going to the championship, yall just need to work hard and together and tmac just push ur teemates a lil bit sometimes, trust me it’ll means a lot to them to know that u care.

and don’t listen to all those haters, they are just trying to tear u apart, i experienced that to, being on high school football team…. is hard u make a mistake and everybody starts blaming u but when u became a superstar everybody try to talk to u and hang out with u, so now they look at if u r hungry for a ring then the whole will be. cause ur the leader!! always rememmber that.

talking from the heart


laijiang | on 7/9/08

Tracy I Love you forever!!!!

Enter your name... | on 7/9/08

Im glad ur healing up , My father and I are rockets fans and have discussed the moves allot, We cant wait to do Yall do what you do. Good Luck ~ Shaun Wild

Dell | on 7/9/08

Man, you should see the number of spurs and lakers fans who wanted Ron, but don’t think the Rockets are any better now that we got him. But no one outside the locker room (Besides Rockets fans) know what you guys are capable of.

Keep at it Man, and have fun this season.

KUN | on 7/9/08


bobby | on 7/9/08

hey t-mac, have you gone on youtube lately? there are some sick videos of the rockets 08-09 season to come. but one thing that bothers me is how the utah jazz fans say that houston sucks? but i guess they haven’t looked much in the mirror lately!!! if i tell the jazz fans that we didn’t have yao last seasons playoffs, then they just say “we beat the rockets two years ago and you had yao” but we had a totally different team two years ago than we did last year. and they say we suck this year too??? they say ron-ron is too crazy? you know what i say? i say they are JEALOUS, i love it. can’t wait for this championship season!!! i am glad you are not carrying the load anymore. that’s great. T-MAC 4 MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

charles gipson | on 7/9/08

I have no doubt this season will be your finest. And when you win that ring, all who have doubted you will finally realize who the best player is. You continue to inspire us on and off the court and I wish you great success this season and the next.

brandon | on 7/9/08

hey whats good t-mac man i hope that once u become 100% healthy i want u guys to go all the way its about time u get u a ring man this is our year i like the pieces we added on to the team artest brent berry joey dorcey ect. and u can’t forget yao caues its going to be a battle in the west like last season but i know we can win it all so im realy looking forward to 08 09 season i know its going to be a good one but yea man i just stop buy to show some love and to wish us so ill holla at u later piece oh and ps u are better than kobe

Brian Henderson | on 7/9/08

I think the Olympic team would have been ten times better with you on it but it was…... interesting to watch. I’m glad your feeling better and getting better. My one dream is to see you play in the Toyota center and I hope it will come true this season. Thanks for everything you do for the community.

Marvin Angelo Oloris | on 7/9/08

Long time no blogging T-Mac. I just hope that you’ll achieve your 100% by start of the training camp and be like your old self where critics debated about “who’s great” between you and Kobe. I am so excited to this upcoming season that I am preparing my excel spreadsheet for your statistics. Hehe. Even if Artest and Barry’s in the house, I hope your scoring, rebounds and assists will go up. Maybe reach the 30-plus-point-per-game mark and be included in the All-NBA 1st Team.

About the Olympics, man, it’s simply awesome and the opening and closing ceremony left my jaw dropped on the floor. The USA Basketball has been great but I think it will be greater when you’re in there—whether as a starter or as a reserve. I thought that USA was lucky for Ginobili’s sustained injury. Anyway, it’s part of the game and I must congratulate the USA for redeeming the Olympics basketball.

As for the Rockets, I AM hell sure that your team’s gonna be on top of the Western Conference standing and break them record for most-consecutive wins. Moreover, the Rockets’ gonna be this year’s champion and you’ll be the MVP for the season and the playoffs.


Kate | on 7/9/08

Hey Tracy! I went to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. I was lucky enough to get to see Michael Phelps swim 4 times. That is something I will remember for the rest of my life, it was truly one of the most unbelievable experiences I will ever have. Hopefully, I will get two unbelievable experiences in one year when the Rockets take it all the way. I don’t think I have been this excited about a season either. I have season tickets so you will hear me in pre-season, opener, mid-season, and the very very long play-offs. Looking forward to it!

Clutch City Baby

Lamborghini | on 7/9/08

yes Tracy,let`s get red
this season we will show them what we R

Jason Lu | on 7/9/08

Tracy, I am your fan for ever. I am excited to see your new season. certainly, the Olympics was the greatest game in this summer. and I enjoy the basketball match of USA. China is also not bad. I think Rockets have the enough energy to win the champion, it is best time to beat other teams.

lize | on 7/9/08

Hi,T-MAC,i am one of your fans from china.It’s the most important year for me,i should work hard to enter a good’s really a pity for me that i cannot watch too much your matches.i do hope u win the MVP,also the NBA champion.fighting T-MAC!!!!

TMAC's fans | on 7/9/08


Baker | on 7/9/08

Come on T-mac!
Come on Yao!
Come on rocket!
get red!!!

T-MAC lovely fan | on 7/9/08

hey T-MAC
i am from china
we like you very much
Can you send a E-mail to me
if you do so
i will be very very happy
Good luck
my e-mail is [email protected]

Lee | on 7/9/08

Hey,t-mac,so nice 2 hear from u.
i m from china and i want 2 tell u that all of my friends and i almost can not wait for the new seasom.we have supported u and Yao 4 many years, but i think this time is ur best chance 2 win the NBA champion cos we have got Ron!! Just keep healthy and work hard, i dont think any guy can stop u in the world!best wish 2 u and hope u can bring the cup of the NBA championship 2 China!!!

Taurus | on 7/9/08

Look man, the olympics is the most important honor an American can represent. I’m in the U.S. Army and I’ve been deployed to Iraq. Yeah whatever. Enough about that. Its about You T-Mac and the Rockets. I saw Hakeem get inducted to the Hall of Fame this week. I dont see NO reason why you shouldn’t be in the same breath as him. You got guns now.!!! Do your thang man!!!!! Just let it flow. Be the real McGrady!!! Everyone else will follow. TRUST ME!! I Believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dongdongsky | on 7/9/08

New season is coming.Support you always.I am a little disappointed that you did not come to china to take part in the Olympics.If you were,that must be wonderful.Keep going ahead!!Be healthy, be happy,and get good grade. Enjoy basketball and your life. Hope all of your family members happy every day!!!!!!!!!!!!! a chinese girl

胡阳迪 | on 7/9/08


C | on 6/9/08

yo,T,how u doin,i’m really exciting about the new rocket year!!!!we got ron, it’s time for something big, aight? can’t wait the new season start

william | on 6/9/08

Tracy you are so great!Hope we can have a ring at this coming season! Rocket bring many happy to me and I hope it will be more a ring now…

J2 | on 6/9/08

Whats the deal Tracy..this your homie J2 from H-town, I hope you realize how much we appreciate you down here in tha H. I know alot of times you may get frustrated with some of the Houston reporters , but i just wanted to shout out to you and let you know We ride with you. to me you are the best player in the league..Hell yea Im bias..but I ride with my FOLKS..feel me..anyway this year the squad is looking good..not good but Awesome.(i wish Steve Francis could be the player we traded to Orlando).i cant lie but we got to make it translate to championships..
How was Atl…i saw a pic of you in a bowling alley with Ciara and some other cats..after I saw Ciara i forgot the other dudes…She is athletic and toned..i bet that young tender go hard..
anyway have a healthy championship season and God Bless big homie.
Do this for me this year in a game.. off the backbord slam…if you do that for me Ill know youve read this and you feel me

Daryn C. | on 6/9/08

yo t-mac…
ur my favorite player and i pattern my game after u
i hate when ppl talk down on u but i got yo back
i want u to win mvp dis year and get out da 2nd round to shut everybody up
i kno you can play 82 games dis year
good look on da darfur situation
lets win da title dis year cuz rockets are my favorite team
its not ur fault dat u havent got out da 1st round
bball is a team sport
and dey said u didnt deliver in da cluth…?
in 07 u had key plays in game 7
and in 08 u had 40 points 10 rebounds and 5 assists
couldve been 10 assists if our otha guys were hittin
but lets win da title get u back to da all star game play 82 games and win mvp
look out for me cuz im workin hard to make it to da nba and play jus like u

TONY(古月) | on 6/9/08



Qiubei.Chen | on 6/9/08

T-Mac I’m so interested in basketball and I love rockets very much,
But.. I meet some difficulty these days, and I almost have no time to play it.
Because I have to go to scholl to have classes.
Hpoing you will have a perfect season with Yao and Ron in the nearly future. - Your fan. Vanish.Bei

lee | on 6/9/08

get red,
i am looking forward to the new season

Huang bowen | on 6/9/08

I LOVE Tracy.McGrady!

Vince | on 6/9/08

just keep healthy if your guys wanna do something special please.

傅晟 | on 6/9/08

hi T-mac i t’s wonderful thing that you maybe can see my words
your heroly frighting last season make me and my friends exciting chinese boy like you forever

HaoYu | on 6/9/08

Hi T-mac!!! I really love the olympics as much as u do :) Espicially michael phelps… Really wish that you can get back to your fiery form and recover fully from your injury where no one can stop you from getting to the baskets!!! Anyway good luck for the upcoming season and make it to the Playoff finals!!!

Zepeng Xue | on 6/9/08

I am your fan.It’s my first time to your blog.Beijing Olympics is great. But If you have participated,she will be even more perfect.In my mind, you better than Kobe Bryant.I hope that you will have a great season.You will be the champion.Good luck!!!

bastard | on 6/9/08

tracy,enjoy the off season

ROCK WU | on 6/9/08

T-MAC,I will support you forever!
I believe you can rock the world!
Just stay healthy,man!

Lynn | on 6/9/08

Man,now you feel like No.1,shinning bright to everyone.U are the king of Houseton!!!!

wan miaomiao | on 6/9/08

I believe in that you will have a wonderful season in this year.So good luck and keep health my hero.

gaoshirun | on 6/9/08

我是中国球迷,呵呵,很高兴看到你的消息,好长时间你都没发话,我还以为你在干什么呢,come baby,i belive you

Wu Hao | on 6/9/08

Man i am a real supporter of yours
i like your performance best in “Magic”,and i like yours in Rockets,too.
it’s very exciting to hear your health.New seanson Ron is coming,i can’t image what will happen this year.
i hope that see has dominant strength you to one.Please let me see your aggressive,T-mac.

Wu Hao | on 6/9/08

Man i am a real supporter of yours
i like your performance best in “Magic”,and i like yours in Rockets,too.
it’s very exciting to hear your health.New sanson Ron is coming,i can’t image what will happen this year.
i hope that see has dominant stength you to one.Please let me see your aggressive,T-mac.

Samarth | on 6/9/08

man, i cant wait til season, i have a felling were goin all the way this season!!Lets go Rockets!

Brian 'T-MAC IS A BEAST' Llewellyn | on 6/9/08

i watch every rockets game n i cant wait till this year….tmac, yao, ron, shane, luis, landry, brent, skip 2 my lou n it continues…..DAM I CANT WAIT


stylez | on 6/9/08

rockets are comming along pretty good just one more athlitic player tracy and yall cool well thats what i think ron will help you and the team out alot that dude micheal is a freak man that dude is on some drugs or sumthing kind of reminds me of hoe cotto got his ass woped by margarita yo cotto was punching the hell outta dude he never got hurt that dude was on some type of drugs to any way take ya weak ass to the wieght room and get cha weight up its time to start dunking again lol holla at me! lol

eason-choi | on 6/9/08

i support you . not only YAO ming ,but you .go Rockets, the champion !

sean | on 6/9/08

Hey,tmac,I’m very excited because it’s the first time I visit you blog, hope you will read this,hahah…

I’m a fan from China, and I know you when you began to play in Huston Rockets, but I love your way of playing basketball and you are my favourite player, the second is Yao,hahah..

Glad to hear that you are doing well, the Rockets has so many graet players this year, I do believe that you will win a champion in the future.

You are the best player.

yxy | on 6/9/08

as a chinese fan,now i feel“We have the pieces to make some noise and everyone feels that we could have something special this year.”“”“” alright, go. in my school,almost every student is talking about you and your team and your NEW season. we all hope a great result

jack CHEN | on 6/9/08

T-mac , i am sure we will have a spectacular season after some good move ! just a little faith ! i can feel it is our year !

prince | on 6/9/08

i like you tracy!

Li Hongyi | on 6/9/08

Hi T-Mac, I’m your honest fan. Please don’t think you are already at your best, in our thought you are still not! You can still be better and better than you are and you were! Be more mature, get more efficient, and you can be better than Kobe at all points, even better than Jordan. You will, and you have to be the T-Mac you should be! Please, we will be looking forward to watching you become the best player!!!

Will Xu | on 6/9/08

Heya, a big fan of you in china,everytime i saw you played sensational against anyone who guarded ya.I saw ya smacked that guy badly in my head,i still remember the Orlando time,thats cool man..hope ya could work up to 100% and on the floor with Yao,Ron to beat any other teams up !!!!!That’s how it roll !come on tracy!

gaolong feng | on 6/9/08

i say i was the best fans of you !always love you ~~~!永远支持我的T-MAC~~!!!!

yanghaoyi | on 6/9/08


i love you

come on

Rison | on 6/9/08

Hey,Tracy.I’m one of your fans from China.I have a request to you,could you write a E-mail to me,whatever you write about,please~~

Jin Xiaofeng | on 6/9/08

Hey, Tracy, we haven’t seen you for a long time. Yeah, I am so aspiring you in the court, seeing a 100% healthy T-mac! Recover soon? OK? GOD bless you

Angelika | on 6/9/08

Hi Tracy

you are not the only one looking forward to this upcoming season. Having Ron on your squad is giving you guys that missing piece to the puzzle. I am also a Barrack Obama supporter, and hope and pray that he will win the election. I really wanted to check out the game in January, Atlanta Hawks against THE ROCKETS. But unfortunately I will be in Germany at that time. Hopefully, I will be able to catch one in Texas. How soon do you think your documentary will come out?

Well take care get healthy and stay healthy.


Alex Hao | on 6/9/08

Hi,Dear T-Mac , I am Alex Hao ,from CHINA . A sincere and forever fans on YOU AND Rockets !! Ever since I heard You physical condition are becoming Better day after day , I do feel happy and realeased . So I wish you are always healthy and played amazing season !! And Get rid of the First round rival first !! ALWAYS TRUST YOU CAPACITY TO MAKE IT HAPPEN !! COME ON ,MAN !!!

Shengyao Wang | on 6/9/08

Oh,T-Mac,Believe yourself!Believe your team! I think The Rockets will have agreat season!

Baby | on 6/9/08

I am a student from China . I like you very very much.
I have swore to my classmates that I won’t keep on watching NBA after your retire from NBA . hah~ can you send a letter to me ? my E-mail is [email protected]

Zhang Yuhao | on 6/9/08

Hey T-Mac,I am a Chinese student.I am crazy about basketball.I also like playing basketball.I will watch your match if I have time.I like you very much. I want to be a player like you when I grow up. My English is not very good.If I make some mistakes,please forgive me. …o(∩_∩)o…最后,我祝你下赛季取得好成绩。(At last,I hope you get good results next season.) I want to receive an e-mail form you.My e-mail adress is [email protected] Thanks.

WanZ | on 6/9/08


fan wang | on 6/9/08

No matter how you are i will support you forever.I’m your chinese fan.I believe you can fly again.

LA | on 6/9/08

Hi Tracy I am a student,study in Malaysia,Now I have question for you can you help me?
now my coch want to me to be a team leader, but I want to how can i do it.

Fan Yunxiang | on 6/9/08

hello Tracy I’m your loyal fans.I worship you for a long time,and I wish you have a good health in the new reason.And help Rockets win the champion. Go Go Tracy . I worship you forever! your Chinese fans

Justice | on 6/9/08

Hey Tracy, Im so glad to hear u guy have recovered 85%, hold on man~ Wuever, health is de most important. Best wishes for u, for rockets~ de RED season is coming

XU SHENG | on 6/9/08

T-Mac,Keep healthy and rock the world.The Houston BIG3 sounds cool,right?I can’t wait to watch you guys play a big show.Let’s get red and you are the flag ship.GO 2 FIGHT~

ljjfb | on 6/9/08

Man, it’s time to wake up, i dumped 4 years to the rockets not for Yao who is the proud of my country but for u, T-MAC, i love u since u were a rookie in Toronto, just like u said u were covered by ur cousin Vince, while u’re brave enough to come out of the shadow, be the hero in Orlando. and now u are in Houston with the great wall plus Ron, so it’s definitely that all u guys are ready for the 2nd round in the playoffs, then point the Championship,so come on, give us some surprise.
support u forever.

Michael | on 6/9/08

T-mac, we love u. Get red! Come on! We believe u can!

tracy | on 6/9/08

T-MAC.. You are the best! I am looking forward to the new season! Get red Houson!

Alexander | on 6/9/08

Hi,T-Mac.I am Chinese.I and my classmates hope you can keep healthy.I can not say too many English words.But I really like you!Get red!

tianshen | on 6/9/08

otto | on 6/9/08

I really want to see the Rockets get red in the next season.Come on Tracy!

George | on 6/9/08

Yo TMac, please stay healthy this season! A healthy Yao, you, and Ron Ron, Houston is going to be #1 !!!

Peya | on 6/9/08

Hey T-MAC,it`s Peya!I think Houston Rockets will be the champions this year,for real man!Do you want to know why?Because I know you are now hungrier then ever to win the championship ring,am I right?Because you bring Artest to Houston,and he is best defender of the league!He and Battier will stop anybody who gets on your way!3rd and final cause is YOU!I know you will be MVP this year,for real!
I think you guys are going to have 65 wins and 17 losses!
You and Yao are going to crash them!
And one more thing,answer me please,are you going to get back that left leg sleeve in 2008/2009 season?
I watched Olympics too!
Answer please!

fsdkalwef | on 6/9/08

you are my favourite basketball player

michael bryant | on 6/9/08

hey, T-Mac. Glad to hear from you man. Its been a while sense you’ve blogged.
I am very concerned about your body condition.Recently i saw the best of the last video clips of your last season,
how amazing the 22 straight!i from china!i am looking forward to get the signatures of you!thanks so much!What I hope you can meet the other side of this ocean of fans

sosorunning | on 6/9/08

Hi,T-Mac. I am fan of you from China. I am looking forward to your performance in the new season. And wish you lead Rockets further more in the coming seaon.

kai cui | on 6/9/08

go rockets,go T-Mac

linqibaby | on 6/9/08

T-MAC I am a chinese girl,i am your fans。when you were in NBA’s court,i was at the TV station.I like yoou very my
heart,you are my superstar.I surpport you forerver.

james | on 6/9/08

Hi,Tracy I`m so excited that u have put yourself at 85 percent already.So,if i can understand that you`ve already about the new season. Well,dude.I have been your super fan for 7 years,and also forever.So many pictures of you do i put in my wall,Shooting,Slam Dunk,Passing the ball and also be with Yao. You told about Olympics,okey,let me tell you sth closer about it. Have u seen a guy named J.Emmons.(I don`t kown how to spell his name),he is a gun shooter of US.he is absolutely a unlucky man,he almost out of target in the last shoot.Oh my god.what the hell is going on at that moment.Unbelievable. there are so many things about Olympics.But I could not tell u everything. Come man.Do not do that again!What?Be defeated by anyone at the first round in Playoff. Flying!Going!Just like a tank. Your super fan James

happyfan | on 6/9/08

Hi, T-Mac , I’m from China, I appreciate your basketball talent. And I believe Rocket has a promising future this season.But here I have to raise your attention with kindness that the problem of Darfur between China and US is VERY sensitive, you should handle it like your basketball. Or it will affect many people including you , Yao, your fans all over world especially China. For example, your blog’s content about Darfur is filtered when it is translated to Chinese.

Best Wishes!

Jie | on 6/9/08

Hi T-Mac.Glad to hear from you.
I’m a chinese girl and You have been my idol since my senior school.You are always the best player in my heart.I wish you a perfect season without any injuries ,also Yao and other players in Rockets will be ok,too.
My english is not so good but We fans will support you forever.

Jie Zhou o(∩_∩)o…

Juan | on 5/9/08

Hey T-mac am glad your getting close to 100%. I did see the Olympics and i was very proud of what the USA team did over there in China. Mixhael Phelps was just amazing to watch. I can’t wait for the season to start and seeing you guys play. I’m also watching both conventions closely because im voting in these presidential election and its important to vote especially on the presidential elections.Hopefully you fully recover by the time training camp starts.

Andy | on 5/9/08

As one of your fans from China,I’m really excuted about the Olumpics.I like gymnastics and swimming,too.And I think Michael Phelps is unbelievable.Also,I love basketball.I think China team is great,they do their best.Scola is great,too.

Kwong | on 5/9/08

Just go to The Finals and take the champion.
Hopefully, I can witness you leading Rockets go further, even the finals.

all right | on 5/9/08

I wish you keep healthy in the new season,and the rockets too.I think this is the most important thing for you.God bless you!

haoxuekai | on 5/9/08


麦式干拔 | on 5/9/08


go go t-mac

haoxuekai | on 5/9/08

The new season will start and rockets will be red !

Michael Z | on 5/9/08

OMG! I am now so crazy to see your Blog, to hear your voice. I am eager to watch Rocket getting to a more hight top!
Wish you !

Your Chinese Fan

kailipei | on 5/9/08

Hello T-Mac Glad to hear from you.I think this season Rockets will get up to a top season.GO GO GO !!your lover’s kailipei

Hill | on 5/9/08

Hey Tracy,how are you doing? Very glad to hear you anything is ok, we are both supporters to you and obama, yes,time to change and time to win.

Joe Zapien | on 5/9/08

Mr McGrady, I just wanted to say that Ive always been rooting for you and our rockets! I remember the days of clutch city, and now dream is in the hall of fame. It seems fitting that the torch is now yours and I know god will help push us to be champions this year. This is the year! All the hard work is going to pay off! Stay healthy man and show everyone why your here! Dominate and do work! Your the best and I cant wait for us to beat the celtics! You deserve it, we deserve it and the city would enjoy another celebration in downtown:) oh and p.s…when we get to the playoffs, tell Yao to bring the ball over boozers head and dunk it! Not bring the ball down so everyone can swat it away:) Dominate! Go Obama!
Clutch City returns 08’

reky | on 5/9/08

Aha! T-mac! Really miss you & your beautiful movement.Gonna fix the calendar ahead, looking forward to your return. O man, i want to tell u that EVERYONE IS THE BOSS = EVERYONE ISN’T THE BOSS. Go Go Rockets!
ps:Do you wear a pair of new shoes every game? You know,that’s a fantastic dream for me…aha


Quiet | on 5/9/08

What up T-MAC? Say man i just want to say its time man let’s go get revenge on everybody we have suffered long enough man you have your fans its time to show people u da man get some respect b/c i really think other nba stars think your soft and u will never win anything in this league. I believe in u just as much as u do let’s go set this city on fire man its going to be crazy when we win it all can’t wait for the season to start. make sure you save all your energy for the 4th quarter you have a real team now. 68-14 1st seed homecourt throughout. ROCKETS OVER CELTICS IN 5 T-MAC LAST SECOND SHOT OVER GARNETT TO WIN IT ALL.

Diego | on 5/9/08

It’s good to hear you’ve been health T-Mac, I hope you get to be at %100 to best all those guys wanting to be at the top in everything in the league. But I’m supporting you, not the Rockets…sorry, but I’m a Lakers fan. But a T-Mac fan! About the Olympics, I watched some of it, but I’m happy the Redeem Team got gold.

L.T | on 5/9/08


Ti | on 5/9/08

I know the Rockets can take it to the end T-Mac,due to the experienced players that we added. I am a big fan, i know we can make it happen togerther, the fans and the Houston Rockets franchise!! yay

CityMatch | on 5/9/08

T-Mac,Please go on.

一一 | on 5/9/08

Hi T-Mac,Maybe you know some chinese,but I only can speak a little English.You’re my dream. I’m always intoxicate of your mature character,you’re a real man! Holding a triumphant Olympics is my homeland’s pride in Beijing…Rockets must be invincible! I still believe! Like you forever…..

chasity clark | on 5/9/08

hey tmac im glad 2 hear that u are doing well health wise!!! and i am so exctied for dis up cumin season!!! i think… nah i know that da rockets are goin 2 win and make it past the 1st round playoffs!! and i cant wait 2 yal play the lakers cuz Kobe wont be scoring to many points dis season so he betta cum strong cuz dis yo year tmac!! i cant wait 4 yal to have yal 1st game cuz yal play memphis n im be der 2 c u win ur first game!!! T-MAC MVP 09!!! much luv!!

Dennis | on 5/9/08

Yo, T-Mac. Glad to hear from you man. Its been a while sense you’ve blogged. i thought you’d never blog again lol. But its nice to hear your almost at full power. I haven’t watched the olympics because I haven’t had a chance but I’ve followed it from articles on the internet and we’ve done fantastic. And Like you, I’m excited for the season too. Everyones talks dow about you but I defend you because I know what your capable of. I also hope Yao’s ok too. I heard he was forced to play by china and he wasn’t fully healthy. I also hope Steve Francis is healthy also. Well T-Mac keep at it and lets win this championship this year! Also, I hope you send a message to solve that darfur problem. I hate the fact that is going on. And I also hope barack Obama win. Its about time to change.

Your number 1 fan,

CANER | on 5/9/08

heyyyyy!!! thatz good new 4 our. i want 2 see lot of match t-mac. where 82 happens. i luv ur way. go t-mac go!!!

lemar g | on 5/9/08

you have always been my favorite player. I know you had to make your move to Houston, but I am a Magic fan ( and a t-mac fan). When are your new kicks coming out. Stay humble and rip the league from the inside out. I wish you got calls like Kobe, but that’s another story. Drop 14 in 36 seconds for me.
remember Phil 1:13 ,because it’s all about Christ and your real reward will come in Heaven. I keep rep you, your kicks and J.C. to the fullest. God Bless you and your family!

Noyz_Narcos | on 5/9/08

i’m Italian….i don’t speak english well,but when i see a lot of plays by tracy i say “That guy isn’t human” ahahah..c’mon tracy!

Richard | on 5/9/08

Hey T-Mac, man i’m a realy big fan of yours. I’ve shaped my game after ya. Hope ya get healed up fast and get back to full health. This is the rockets year to win that championship..Hope ya have another dominating year..Well cant wait to watch the rockets this year and cant wait till the new T-Mac’s hit stores..well peace man

David Antigua | on 5/9/08

Hughe T-Mac fan. Love the awareness and the attention your putting on the issues in Darfur. We need more soldiers like you. Very excited about the acquisition of Ron, if you can keep him focused you’ll have the potential to go all the way. I hope you eat Kobe alive when you play him this season. You’re way better and have much more skills. Hope you get your free throw shooting to new heights as that’ll only make you more dangerous. Rockets all the way!

Billy | on 5/9/08

Tracy your the man, I can’t wait for this season to start. I know your gonna do your thing and Rockets are a championship contender. Hopefully everyone stays healthy.

phantomenin | on 5/9/08

god bless you

Jian Xiong | on 5/9/08

Hey!Tracy I am your fans from China.Rockets is the strongest team in nba. I am very excited when i heard that you had put yourself at about 85% right now . The biggest problem is that Yao and you keep health throughout the season.and Championship will belong to Rockets

Adrianne | on 5/9/08

Hey Tracy!

Nice to hear from you again. Like you I’m also excited on this upcoming season, like I can’t even explain it. I think my dream for the Rockets & for your career will come true this season. I really can’t wait!

It’s also nice to hear that you’re almost 100%. We’re praying for you, Yao’s & everybody’s health btw. hehe.

I watched the Olympics also. Like you I can’t get away from the TV. & yeah… Michael Phelps ain’t human. lol! The Basketball was awesome. Seeing the other NBA players play for their country makes me proud that I love basketball. The Badminton & Gymnastics was whack! (I play Badminton btw) And the OPENING CEREMONY...! Personally, I don’t think London can top that, but we’ll see. I was kinda sad when it ended. I was thinking about Yao’s feeling about the Olympics ending. He waited for it for so long, now it’s over… But anyway NBA season is NEAR!!!! harharhar!

Thanks for your blogging Tracy!
Take Care & Good luck!

We’ll be praying for you & the Rockets! (of course)

sorry for the long comment!

Adrianne =D

chen | on 5/9/08

How are you:Tracy
I am from china, i like you very much. please send my best regrads to you.
I wish you and yao and artest will lead rockets win the champion in the new season.

Andrew Shih | on 5/9/08

First of all, let me introduce myself.I am Andrew Shih, I come from Huzhou of China which a very beautiful city.I am your big fans and I always learn from you when I playing basketball.
It’s seem that you are on the way.Ron’s in make Rockets be much stronger, it’s a good news for us,Rockets will go more far away at the coming season.I wish you’ll give us more exciting performance.After all, your health is most important, do not concede yourself when you are not feel so good.
I will support you forever! My great T-mac!

adam ivy | on 5/9/08

man, the olympics were great, hell even if you werent able to watch the events just the openning ceremony was worth it… dont forget about usain bolt, that dude can fly…this was the first time since the michael johnson era that ive been into the track stuff and it was worth it.. phelps is a beast like you said… and the rockets, if healthy WCF at least, nice to see and boston and houston finals and kick the crap out of them… and to the politics we are either going to have the first african american pres or a women vice pres, times are changing… aight get healthy, and thank god its friday and my bosses are out today :)

ballin4life | on 5/9/08

Hey T-Mac, i think that the rockets will do very well this season. You guys have all the fire power you need to get deep into the playoffs…you guys have 5 all star starters and even have an all star coming off the bench (this is assuming brent barry comes off the bench). I have been a fan of you since you came into the league. My friends call me “KMAC” because they know your my favorite player. I know you will be back full strength, and you will be the TMAC that dominated the league not that long ago…even though you still dominate. Good luck this season Tracy!

Luke | on 5/9/08

Hey Tmac! Yup the Olympics were great except of the doping :(...anyway I hope you get back in full shape and be the 02-03 kinda Tmac! Dunks, 3’s and Drives all da time! But most importantly be a leader and lead your team to the championship!
Best of wishes!
Write me an e-mail!

jahfari baron | on 5/9/08

t-mac you the man you the best player in the league now you got ron.pituce ron and shane gaurding kobe they keep on swicth the fresh man on him then they going to see what you had to go though

john | on 5/9/08

Hey Tracy glad to hear that yourrecovery is doing well.We know how many times you have been suffered from injuries…..and we dont want something like last season with Yao’s injury happen it was ver y petty….whatever let me ask you something you liked the olympics and you have watched them so how about the greek basketball team whats your opinion??
Why dont you play for the us basketball team>??

Greetings from Greece!!!!!!

P.S I like Obama too…he is surely the future for Us!!!

Vicky | on 5/9/08

No matter what others say,you will always be the best one in my heart!Your vaule doestn’t from what you have, but who you are!

Dilys | on 5/9/08

Season getting closer
I think you are ready for the it
This summer is so wonderful
I love PHELPS very much
Just like you said ,he isn’t human
I am a little sad that you didn’t come to BeiJing with your team
But it just OK
You have more time to train and stay with your family
Good luck to you!!!

dou | on 5/9/08

hey tracy,i am missing you so much!saw the series of changes of rockets in this summer,i can’t wait for your performance in the new season.When i saw your Atlanta’s photos on net,i was so glad to find your build keeps very well,by the way ,the orange T-shirt looks very good,the sunglasses are also very cool!i thought your mood is certainly good,keep it,we are waiting for your show in the next season!

kaiziW | on 5/9/08

Hey Tracy,glad to hear your recovery is going well.i know you are gunu do amazing next year along with yao and ron.As long as we stay healthy we are defenitaly a strong contender. Ron is a great addition to the team. i cant weight for the season to start-a championship season.

qing | on 5/9/08

Come on! Tracy, I will always support you!

alphonse | on 5/9/08

this is ur break, tmac.. we are very excited this coming season… its time to show that u are still the tmac we have known before..please visit us in the philippines.there are many rockets fans here.. wish u all the blessings..

Penguin | on 4/9/08

Hey Tracy,What’s up?
I ‘m excited that your recovery is going well.
Olympics is very good ,and you USA basketball is perfect,too.
We’re hoping to see your new Blogs everyday.
Have a good time !!

LaDarren Stevenson | on 4/9/08

Yo my name is LaDarren Stevenson, from Dallas TX. I know u not 100% but I feel that u are the best, ever since yo Orlando years I’ve been watching u for a long time. the way u play now , if u was to combine yo orlando years and how u play now, it would be no question that u would be the best. But the Rockets have a good opportunity this year. I say 60-21 Season

Brandon | on 4/9/08

I still don’t think yall can win it all if you don,t play like old T-mac, only way you can win it if you believe that you are the best player on the planet because you are Yao is definely not yall best player. Be agressive and your championship will come.

sean | on 4/9/08

t-mac man! you should have played in the olympics but i know you were hurt. i just want to see you win a gold medal and be part of history or somthing. i hope you go all the way this year, or get a mvp, or somthing. And please score more points because your game has been going down by alot. people are saying that your not good anymore or not good as you once were. soo please prove them wrong and show them you can be the best in the league.

brandon | on 4/9/08

hey tracy im a huge huge fan can wait for the season to start i hope taking shane out the starting line up will help because he was a guy we could belive in every time he took the shot thanks for ur time. ill be voting for u on allstars poll opens.

Mr. Pitbull | on 4/9/08

T-Mac+Ron+Carl Landry=

rostin | on 4/9/08

hey tracy glad to hear your recovery is going well everyone is excited about the recent trades and what it means for the upcomming season i know i cant wait to go back to the toyota center lol it will be another record breaking season if the core stays healthy but most importantly i wanna see the old t-mac that bat outta hell from orlando crossin, dunking, dropin 3’s breakem off old school haha make it rain out there and silence the haters once and for all good luck this season t-mac get the ring you deserve !!!!

JJ-T-Mac's '#1' Fan! | on 4/9/08

Hey Tracy, i cant weight for the season to start, i’ve missed you an the whole rockets team, its been such a long summer, since i couldn’t watch basketball i started to read about it, do you know how many books your in???, well anyways i hope you had a good summer and i loved the olympics too its amazing how some of the gymnastics girls are only like 16 years old, anyways i wish you a good season and good luck with your rehab, hope your 100% for 100% of the season…........ohyeah do you ever answer your fans questions because i’ve asked so many and havn’t ever seen a response,

Jordan Johnson | on 4/9/08

Hey T-Mac,Whats up?

I am glad to hear that you have been keeping yourself busy. I am very excited about this season. We have a lot of weapons to use. As long as we stay healthy we are defenitaly a strong contender. Ron is a great addition to the team. He can take some of the scoring load of you and yao. He also along with shane can lock down the opposing teams number 1 option. Barry was also a great upgrade. Last year we had trouble with the 3ball. Michael Phelps was phenominal in the olympics. Keep us updated with Darfur. Hope you have a MVP season, as well as, and a championship season.

John Cha | on 4/9/08

hey Tracy! i’m glad to hear that you’re doing well and healing.
i know you are gunu do amazing next year along with yao and ron. the rockets team this year is good good! and yeah we saw the olympics too. it was awesome! ROCKETS FOR CHAMPIONSHIP NEXT YEAR ! YEAH! well anyways see ya!