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Fri, Apr 2nd 2010, 15:10

Punked on April Fools!

After years of pulling april fools jokes on my wife and assistant.. They got me back.. Big time.. I thought I was doing an interview for the 2012 para olympic games. I never saw this coming.. They got me good this year….Enjoy your boy T-MAC getting punked.

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


haohonglin | on 24/5/10

Happy birthday to you ! No matter where you are, I will always support you!

Marcos Bermúdez | on 7/5/10

They reeeeaaaallyyyy got you T-Mac i really enjoy that video specially when they told you that that was a joke and you start going crazy i mean you can’t believe they got you like this. I got to tell you man your wife and your assistant are very very mean… SAYING THAT YOU HAVE 2 ADOPTED KIDS? Damn! what was it all about?!? Really Tracy you got to take revenge of this, you can’t leave it like this!

I hope you come back the next season like you’ve always been T-mac, like one of the bests!
See ya

Rashee Beasley | on 5/5/10

COME back and prove everybody wrong man i love you t-mac 4 ever your biggest fan baby t-mac

lovin'U Tmac | on 1/5/10

Hey my dear Tmac.I have been lovin’ U since i was in 11.That’s six years ago. Wherever U go,i will love u 4ever. U raise me up.When i am in trouble, i think of u.then i feel i m full of power.Fighting. i will support u 4ever.!!

crazy mcgrady | on 24/4/10

Hi!T-MAC,I support you forever,my english very bad,so i can not say a lot!love you for ever!

nba greatest dunks | on 24/4/10

I really enjoyed this post, especially the “examples in this post” portion which made it really easy for me to SEE what you were talking about without even having to leave the article. Thanks

Adi | on 16/4/10

You just said “fuck”. Shame on you… haha. just kidding. Funny stuff.

I’m your greatest fan here in germany and I hope you will return bigtime next season. I watched every single game of you with the Knicks, and you still have so much game… I enjoy every game including you. Keep fightin’.

CC | on 15/4/10

T-MAC.This season was just a small test for you,and I kown i will witness the return of king.T-MAC,you are so talented that you can overcome everyting.Wen it’s tough, do it tough.We are on your side forever,you are the hero in my heart through.Cheer up!!!

Rex Chew | on 15/4/10

I am from toronto.
watched you played with vince.
please go to shaolin temple on ideas on how to train and heal.
watch this you tube clip on chi healing;=related

YD | on 15/4/10

Dear TMAC I’m Chinese I believe you can come back!Keep healthy!
Love you for ever!

damonte lott | on 15/4/10

yu cold

jinsisi | on 14/4/10

love you

BIN LI | on 14/4/10

So funny,ahh… Thank you T-Mac. Always take care and just enjoy your training and the process to total recovery. Don’t push yourself too hard.

Deshawn | on 14/4/10

T-Mac, plz dont retire man. You are just 30 years old, and man you still got a lot of game. Man if you retire, NBA aint gonna be the same. Don’t go down the same road as Allen Iverson. If you retire now, you gonna leave behind a lot of things you accomplish, but yet you will leave behind things that you never accomplished. I agree, the past two years hasnt been the same t-mac i saw 2 years ago. but man, how you gonna make a stupid knee injury take away your career. You can’t do this man.

徐妍 | on 14/4/10

Personally made a small gift when you can give hope to see you. Two months later you wish to see very happy thought

j | on 13/4/10

what it do mac

麦高 | on 11/4/10

Lovely Tracy!

tmacangel | on 10/4/10

Hi Trae,

keep on keeping on. Just wanna let you know that I love you and always will. Come back and play for me. I have been through a lot in my life just like you….I will always love you…

Good Luck

徐妍 | on 9/4/10

I hear you on June 13 14 to Hefei. Very happy. Can see you. Almost a year .. you remember us? I can meet friends know last year, we intend to see What will be happy? Only two months, I hope to see you soon oh healthy ,be happy ,be t-mac ..t-mac’s girl

zhaoxiaoyi | on 9/4/10

I heard that your kneen got hurt again, I really worry about you.During this days ,I try my best to prepare for my coming exam. If I can get a good mark, I will have a chance to see you in 2011.I cannot wait for it! Well, best wish for you, my forever No.1!

邹金刚 | on 9/4/10


sophia | on 8/4/10

I am watching a lot of your videos, I cry, my dear, watching you play the charming picture, heart hurts, I want to say to everybody: Why no one understands you?Regardless of the way how difficult, I always wait for you,
No matter what the future will, in this world, there is only oTracy McGrady, forever.
The name has been engraved in my heart, you will always be my idol.
No matter how difficult your future, we will always be by your side. T-MAC is a person can not be replaced. Even if your injuries affect your play, but no one can deny that basketball is your best, you play the action is the most charming. Looked at those videos, in those exciting games, your eyes are not the same, like a sharp knife. I believe I will see.

fanis | on 8/4/10

tracy,that was a great video,made me laugh a lot….you are a great guy man,i adore you a lot….your skills are great keep going and you will be rewarded for sure….get back i shape as quickly as you can cause time passes…you will be champ again…lead your team to championship…good luck..i would like to meet you some day brother….cheers

stephen | on 7/4/10

funny video I hope you get better with your leg and I hope to see you dunking on people like you use to do in orlando

ELS | on 6/4/10

RFLMFAO! They got you good Mac, but you were a good sport about it. You know what they say, “payback is a mother.”

Next year I hope you play an April Fools’ Joke on the Rockets and Knicks, however, because apparently they think you’re washed up. I never underestimate the heart of a champion though and the way you compete is with the heart of a champion.

So, take good care of yourself and thanks for the laughs.

Peace my brother!

miguelle | on 6/4/10

at least score 50 points as a knicks.that would make you a LEGEND. think about it t-mac

MIGUELLE | on 6/4/10

that was funny t-mac i cant believe you fell for it.oh and by the way can you score 50 points before this season ends.if you do you will probably get a big contract.NEW YORK MEANS $$$$$$$$$$$$

nikola | on 5/4/10


Christian | on 5/4/10

Nice interview huh…I’m happy to see you smiling..

Christian | on 5/4/10

Good day Mac… I’m always watching on game..keep up the good work man..we will always support you..

marcus | on 4/4/10

lol hilarious, you are a pretty calm dude t-mac, i wouldve flipped on that dude a long time ago, how did you manage to keep your sanity

JAWEI | on 4/4/10

T-mac! Please Come on! Prove the strength of it!

carlo | on 4/4/10

hahaha! funny! im your number 1 fan, Tracy! Wish you all the best! i support you through the good times and the bad times!

wheat | on 4/4/10

What a interesting moment!My best wishes to you,everyday a happy life,my hero!

zichen | on 4/4/10

It’s so funny!!!
we all hope to see you happy everyday like this
you are not fighting alone
we all there with you
Tracy,you are still the best player,believe yourself!!!

Jason | on 4/4/10

yo mac your da best man…us it montreal love you man …dont give up..ohh yeah,you just got punked!!!!

akferow | on 3/4/10

Hey t-mac how come you aren’t trying hard enough like you did during your duebt as a knick

Jason Lovette | on 3/4/10

LMAO!!! That was good, man i’m sorry Tracy but if I was there I would’ve been laughing through the whole interview that’s funny that dude crazy, cripple ass falling out the chair lmao.

小毛驴 | on 3/4/10

Hi,mcdy.You do not complain that you had left Orlando, because many Chinese viewers in the Rockets know you. If you want to become before you, then get back before the body is essential! To the rocket in your second season you will continue to gain weight, your body is really out of shape a lot! Magic when you play great, handsome. But the Raptors most people when you feel warm, because at that time you will not star. Do not know if you have not seen this video, which of you all the way basketball history, this video clip very well.

Caner McGrady | on 2/4/10

thats big joke my boy T-Mac ,,, love all ur fams :)

Billy in Spring | on 2/4/10

lol, that was pretty funny. T-mac being traded to the Knicks was funnier though.