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Fri, May 1st 2009, 10:39

Tracy's blog: How bout them Rockets!

Major shout out to all my guys for getting it done last night and throughout the series against Portland. They played hard and physical all series, and they definitely earned this one. What really made the difference in the series was their commitment to defense and to playing team basketball. That was as complete of a team effort as you are going to find, and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone on the squad. Everybody took their games to the next level too. Ron did a great job of slowing down and hounding Brandon Roy all series, and that’s no easy task. Scola, Brooks, and Battier took their games to the next level too and Yao did what he does best: dominate the paint and put pressure on the other team’s big men. Portland is a good young team, with a lot of talent, so beating taking them down is something to be proud of.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the game last night as my doctors advised against the travel and stress it would take to be there. That decision was made even more frustrating when the Bulls vs Celtics game went into 3 overtimes, making me miss the entire 1st half of the game!!!!! Couldn’t TNT have put our game on TBS or even NBA TV or something? It’s hard enough to sit at home while your team is playing, but to not even be able to see the first half? Man that was frustrating….. Anyone else out there have that issue when trying to watch our game?

Anyway, again major shout out to my guys for taking it down. I’m sure people will want to make a big deal about the Rockets finally getting out of the first round, and doing it without me, but that’s the last thing on my mind and the least of my worries. I know I’ll be back and have my shot to advance in the playoffs, and for now I’m enjoying the ride watching my teammates. Next up is the Lakers. I think we matchup pretty well and I know coach will have us ready. Lets go Rockets!


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Tracyxia | on 24/6/09

Tracy,miss you…Come back,please…

Lucies | on 21/6/09

I will love u till the end of the world///

DINGQIAN | on 19/6/09

Dear T-MAC, I am glad to find your blog address!As a fan,I just want you have a happy life and a health body!Hope you cancome back like a king!Support you forever! I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!

S | on 19/6/09

i’m waitting for you come back ,Tracy!

Gurpreet | on 18/6/09

Tracy if your healthy alng with Yao, Artest, and a surging Brooks you guys can win the title on 2010. WE BELIEVE IN YOU

zhang kun | on 17/6/09

I have only one words:you are NO.1 in my heart!You must win NBA champion and MVP!

kun zhang | on 17/6/09

We all chinese basketball fans love you ! We really admier you so much! We love your smile during the NBA ganes! We believ you will win NBA champion and MVP! You are NO.1 forever in our heart!

REGINA | on 15/6/09



草泥马 | on 15/6/09


Craig | on 14/6/09

yea u will get out of the first round,semi finals, conf. finals, and the big big big big finals

forget everyone hatin cause the rockets did it without u there.
if u was there portland wouldnt have won any games. sweep sweep broomstick , dustpan , garbage bin :D TMAC FTW

Jason | on 12/6/09

Looking foward to your return. I really think you guys can go all the way next season. I hope you come back with a vengance, I want to see you go all the way Tmac. Bring back a championship!!

matthew griffin | on 11/6/09

I think once you heal and come back you have the ppotential to shock the nba with your talent. you still can make fans get out their seat when you dunk. even if their not rocket fans. you brought basketball patriotism back to the 4th larget city. and in my opinion your just as good as kobe. i watched on youtube when you scored 13points in like 33 secoinds. all i can say is wow man. that day you proved to me and others that you possessed all the gifts to overcome the impossible. i brag because your a rare kind, you know someone we’ll hear of when im old lol. but in conclusion i wish you the best get healed physically and mentally and come back and shock the association. remember a mans only limit is his hearts commitment to greatest rather it be for the best or the worse.GOD BLESS AND CONTINUE TO INSPIRE THANK YOU

vikash | on 9/6/09

man yes baby i believe in u t man and the whole team i see scolla steppin up brooks is and shane batteir also the lord of terror tracy the scoring champ man i see the the team in the future tmac and the team for champoionship goo rockets u guys are gonna win and take down any team tht comes in ur way when ur healy i know the team is goin to the finals caused none could stopu the lord of terror

徐治 | on 9/6/09

T-mac Just go! Nothing can stop you !

陈超 | on 9/6/09

is this blog yours relly? oh ,my god ! i can’t believe .

Tracy, i just want to say that i miss you very much. i can’t see you playing basketball on tv when you hurted .

i hope that T-Mac will be back! Yes, we will be back!

duoduo | on 6/6/09

come back

lynn dong | on 4/6/09

Tracy,two days later i WILL take part in a most vital exam for me.Thanks a lot for the power you give me and I can do the best this time and the after days.Bless me and hope you can be healthy alawys.

赵刚 | on 3/6/09

Don’t change NO.1

t-mac IS NO.1,NO.1 is t-mac!!!!

We still believe________MAC

Millz Mason | on 1/6/09

T Mac, the 2009 to 2010 yr is the year for the Houston Rockets. This year the rockets took a big step without you on the floor. Scola, Brooks and Landry took the games to the next level. The way the finished off the season was great. However, it is now your time. What i mean is if the rockets resign Artest, you will now have enough help to win the championship. all your fans know you can do it. But everyone in the league does not. We see kobe and Lebron and the great things the do for the game every night. But 1 thing they can’t do is score 13 in 35 on bruce bowen. I don’t care if kobe dropped 81 on the raptors they dont even has a creditable defender. Scoring was the only thing that was missing in the playoffs his year and i still believe your the best overall scorer in the league. It is your time to take the houston rockets to the nest level as a team. MAKE US PROUD

mohammad | on 1/6/09

yeah its all rite that they lost at least they got to game 7.just 1 more thing…DONT LEAVE THE ROCKETS!!!!!!!!your my favorite player and other people say that rockets are good without u but i sighn another contractwiththe rockets!!!!!

ralph carig | on 1/6/09

hey, tmac..
its your birthday last may 24th.. :D
happy birthday dude..
take care.. :D
wish you all the best dude.. :D

Ester | on 31/5/09

Mac, you are my dude. i support you all the time and I know how tough the injuries have been on your career and media attention paid to them. I am a T-mac fan, and I have heard several rumblings stating that the rockets maybe a better team without you and that is pure hogwash in my view. I hope this remark reaches you in the best of spirits, til then enjoy being a dad, and happy belated birthday. peaace,lveo and succe SS

old yang | on 30/5/09

Hi Mac ,hope you recover completely soon ,and let us see a new T-MAC next season ,come on!

panda | on 29/5/09

From majestic mountains and valleys of green to crystal clear waters so blue, this wish is coming to you.

陈丹 | on 29/5/09

we believe you will be back
come on waiting for you

Miskya | on 29/5/09

Tracy Mcgrady,I’m your best fan in china.My friend is always said that I will never see Tracy Mcgrady back on the court.But I believe that you will be back.
“Here comes Mcgrady,no timeout remaining.Mcgrady,for the win……yes!one point seven to go!San Antonio,was no timeout,here is Parker,steal the game,from the spurs。Tracy Mcgrady was incredible for almost down the straight,including a four point play!Tracy Mcgrady was 33 points,and it was all Mcgrady’score in the last 13 for the rockets.13 points in 35 seconds “
Basketball is also my facorite,and I always learn from you on the court(laughing).....
At last,I wish you good luck.
Your truly fan,

Eric | on 29/5/09

First time visitor to your site. I really enjoyed reading it - gave a lot of clarity to everything that’s been happening these last two seasons. Keep up the updates. You’re the man!

Go Clutch City!

陈晨chenchen | on 28/5/09

Hi!T-Mac,I believe you are the best!After your coming back,Iwant to see your DUNK!!

T-MAC CLONE | on 28/5/09

I had the same problem. Yao is incredibly tall, he is very good. The way he plays is so beautiful. I hope you recreate your 13 points in 33 seconds once again to win. I hope you win the finals soon. Tell Yao I said hi. I am a big fan, but not as big as Yao, I am 2 feet shorter. Good luck T-Mac.

Unguran Titus-Peter | on 28/5/09

First of all… sorry for my bad english…

To Tracy Lamar McGrady…

It was a day in year of ’97 when I hear your name first time in the television…It was the draft day…The day when your life begins. The day when you give us a little gift…the chance to belive in you…Cause we belive in you. In those days I was only 12 years, but I known…You will be my icon, my hero, my mirror for the rest of my life.
I remember…to your fenomenal dunks in NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2000.
I remember…to you in first two seasons with the Raptors, you averaged less than 10 ppg
I remember…to your 1999–2000 season was your first breakout season in the NBA. You was a starter in 34 games out of 79, averaging 15.4 points per game, and a career-high 1.9 blocks per game.
I remember…to you in 2000, the duo of the cousins helped lead the Raptors to the playoffs.
I remember…to you on August 3, 2000, when you was dealt to the Orlando Magic in a sign-and-trade deal.
I remember…to you when at season’s end you was presented with the 2001 NBA Most Improved Player Award
I remember…to you in the folowing year, you made your second All-Star team and First Team All-NBA while averaging 26 points per game. That was huge!
In the 2002–03 season, you averaged 32.1 points per game and capture the NBA scoring title, becoming the youngest player to do so since the ABA-NBA merger. Do you remember those days? On June 29, 2004, You, Juwan Howard, Lue, and Reece Gaines were traded to the Houston Rockets in a seven-player deal that sent Steve Francis, Cuttino Mobley, and Kelvin Cato to the Magic.

And I remember: On December 9, 2004, you scored 13 points in the last 35 seconds of a game against the San Antonio Spurs, with four consecutive 3 pointers (one of which was part of a four-point play), including a steal and the game-winning 3 pointer with 1.7 seconds left in the game that helped the Rockets win 81–80. I was home and I wach’d the game…I says …He’s my man! . Do you remember those days? I still Believe in YOU!!! I Still know you will be able to play a season long, couse I will be with You and WE BE WITH YOU!!! Wake up and make those players on the court to remember your posterizes, make those players on the court to remember your 13 points in 35 seconds. Don’t forget to remember : It was a good day.

Now, I am 24 year old and still believe in you.
Your Romanian fan Unguran Titus-Péter.

Lai Jiansheng | on 27/5/09

Tracy I would like to shake your hand.

张锐 | on 26/5/09

We blieve you are the best!
We all blieve that you won’t give up
We all blieve that the t-mc will be back!
Be yourself Best wishes..

Joe | on 26/5/09

Whatever wheather you could find the former YOU, i suppose you have learnt a lot from now on. Do not pay much attention to some comments. Be yourself, i think there are still a lot of people behind you, and they will support you. So come back to Rokect as possible as you can, fighting!!!

Joshua | on 25/5/09

im really excited to see you healthy next season , maybe with your extra push we can get to the finals. I cant wait next season to hear “ t mac to the rac” stay fresh

yang | on 25/5/09


白雪洁 | on 24/5/09

happy birthday to you!

Hill | on 24/5/09

Happy birthday to Tmac. you will be strong, both mentally and physically. you get talents, you can do anything you want in the court, fighting for your dream, your glory, your love in this game. we’re expecting your show!

Hill | on 24/5/09

i really wish you could see these words, flowing from the bottom of every fan of Tmac. today is your 30th birthday, and there is a saying in China which means everyone gonna be somebody in their thirties. i believe you, like everyone who wanna put 1 on their sportwear. you’ll be strong, both physically and mentally. you get talents, you can do anything you want on the court, fighting for your dream, your glory, your truely love in this game. we are expecting your show. Happy birthday!

Michon | on 24/5/09

Happy 30th Birthday!! Enjoy your day. I am pleased to see you up and around the court, even if not in uniform. I am looking forward to seeing you next year.

caijiaqi | on 24/5/09

Tracy,happy birthday!
I’m looking forward to your return!
I trust that you will be the best player in NBA!
I will support you all the time no matter what will happen!

King | on 24/5/09

T-mac I am chinese . I very love you . In my heart You are God.!

Cloudo | on 24/5/09

Happy Birthday,T-MAC!We support you forever!Fans from China!

li song | on 24/5/09

happy birthday ,t—macgrady !!!i love and support you forever !!!

麦乃神 | on 24/5/09

Happy Birthday,T-MAC!We support you forever!Fans from China

pretty boy | on 24/5/09

I come from China, I am a junior high school, I play from the beginning up to now, and I are very concerned about you. You are my favorite players only. T-mac, you always have a吥others and style of the king. This season, I have not seen the back of your king. Perhaps you are really tired. In my school, many students have heard criticism of you, blame you, I would like those who are poor, they are not the power to criticize a person over there, it would not be your fault, it seems to me that you have been are really working very hard. You must be strong, I will always support you. Wish you a healthy body as soon as possible, and is here to wish you a happy birthday!

paly boy | on 24/5/09

Tracy, I hope you come back as soon as possible … another 35 seconds myth …

TRACY FAN | on 23/5/09

“Happy Birthday,T-MAC!We support you forever!Fans from China!”

fan | on 23/5/09

happy birthday to you

big N | on 23/5/09

yea! t-mac! happy birthday! its may 24! hehe… get well soon, i know your still the t-mac that we know.. godbless

小之 | on 23/5/09

Happy birthday!

sun xue wei | on 23/5/09

happy biedday

sun xue wei | on 23/5/09

tracy ,happy birday

chan | on 23/5/09

The most important thing is Forget the past.come back !now!We believe you! yao needs you, needs a great
Helper, Rockets need you, needs a champion!

麦子(T-MAC) | on 23/5/09

My dear t-mac: Firstly,I want to wish you:happy biethday!and may happiness always surround you.

How time flies!I know,for you 12 years is a long road to go,you experienced so much,but for me ,12 years is so short that I feel knowing you is just like yesterday,I just want you know,no matter what happens,I will support you foreven ,you konw,you still the most popular NBA super star in China,not one of,is the real most popular ,There is one old sentence in China : thirty years of age when a man should stand on his own feet; (三十而立),and,I think 30 is the best year in your life,you will be more stronger and have more passion. I hate my poor English,but I will try my best to learn it.I hope you can be heathy ,and realize your dream,to get a NBA championship ring ,is my best wishes.What’s more,I love your smiles ,is so e..just like sunshine ,make people feel warm,and your eyes,is so charming. I have a sad thing,My little sister is ill,get leukemia,She is a so little girl,coming the world just 8 month ,she was a lovely girl, but serious illness make her so small and anguish,I really really hope she can be heathy and I pray for her everyday ,I wish I can see the day she can fight off the disease and you can realize your dream, My hope was so eagerly that I belive that day will coming. lastly all the best for you and your family .

lingb | on 23/5/09

Happy Birthday To No.1

tracy致爱丽斯 | on 23/5/09

Happy birthday to you t-mac! Best wish to you

Tracy's fans | on 23/5/09

happy birthday!!!!!!

张学瑞 | on 23/5/09

I love you ,my dear T-mac

Lala | on 23/5/09

May 24th Happy Birthday!
Tomorrow is another day

pan | on 23/5/09

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!I have watched your game for 9 years.I hope you will be a member of rockets next season.And fight for champion with YAO .

Hello Tracy | on 23/5/09

Tracy,happy birthday!All chinese basketball fans love you!We will always be with you. Come on!

Hello Tracy | on 23/5/09

Tracy,happy birthday!All chinese basketball fans love you!We will always be with you.!Come on!

兰天妤Tina | on 23/5/09

My dearest mac,wish you a wonderful birthday!You make this world a nicer place just by being so kindhearted.May this day that is all your own hold happiness for you and the years to come be filled with all the best things,too!
I always believe you can come back better than ever!
LOVE you foeever~!

Lee | on 23/5/09

I Miss you !

Sri | on 22/5/09
Don’t forget how you played Mac.
Don’t forget
Come back and do the same for the Rockets in October.

Elary Yan | on 22/5/09

5.24 is your birthday. And first, happy birthday to you. Well, Rockets was fought off by larkers. But they were good enough for what they’ve done. They beat Lakers again and again. And there were no super stars in Rockets because you and Yao’s hurt. So Tracy, Please come back with a health T-Mac and help Rocket soare up! We all miss you!

酷 | on 21/5/09

你好,麦蒂我是来自中国你的球迷 过两天就你的生日了 我代表我群里你铁杆球迷们来给你说声:生日快乐! 希望你在康复回来后打出出色的成绩.永远的麦蒂!

Devin Brooks | on 21/5/09

Just sendin’ some love from California. I know your putting in a lot of work to get back on the court. All I can say is take it slow and easy, we need you out there during the playoffs next year.

Jack Chen | on 21/5/09

hey, t-mac
im so missing u on the court. Looking forward to see you again next year. With you the Rockets can rise all the way to the champion. Go Rockets!!Go T-Mac

思佳 | on 21/5/09

H-A-P-P-Y B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y,Mac…......
Never lose your heart,please.
It’s you,Tracy Mc Grady,whom we suppory forever.
A kind-heart, lovely big boy(though he has had babies)

Where there is a way ,there is a will.

hugh | on 20/5/09

Hi,T-mac. You are right. You don’t need to worry about what others say about you. Just keep health and get ready for your coming back of the king. I really miss your dominient performance.

Daniel-Chen | on 20/5/09

Come - on!!

Alan | on 20/5/09

were going all the way next season, for sure!!

Jada | on 20/5/09

Im a huge fan of the Houston Rockets and very proud of them for making it this far.I cant wait to see you back out there in a Rockerts uniform,Im excited.Good Luck with the rehab,hope its going well.Cant wait to see you back out there on that court!

mike chen | on 20/5/09

have a good luck in coming years

Mike chen | on 20/5/09

t-mac you’re so coool

i love your shoes, the way your shooting ,your smile and your slam

and i don’t like kobe who is ugly gus

but i can’t burden an adidas shoes
my hand were injerd last week in a game
so i know how do you feel
have a good luck in the coming season

my e-mail add: [email protected]

alan | on 19/5/09

rockets all the way!!

金煜晨 | on 17/5/09

你好 无所不能的特雷西 虽然饱受争议 虽然伤病缠身 可在我心中 你依然是神一般的存在 你不会妥协 你不会退缩 你不会停下追求冠军的脚步 曾经的传奇不会淡去 现在 你仍在书写辉煌 期待你养好伤病,期待你下赛季王者归来,你的球迷们会在大洋彼岸等待见证奇迹。永远爱你。
Greetings great Tracy.Though you are a controversial figure,though you are suffering from pains,you still exist in my mind as the lord of basketball.You will never reach a compromise.You will never stop your step to win the glory of champion.The past legend will never pass away,and now you continue your honor.Hope you will recover soon,and return as the king of NBA next season.I,along with all your fans in China,am waiting to witness wonder on the other side of the ocean.Love you forever.

calvin lorenz B. delasalas | on 16/5/09

cant w8 to see back in the nba

Nick | on 16/5/09

come on ,great guys! you will be better~~~

Cameron Yates | on 15/5/09

What’s up dude… just giving you a heads up next time you can’t find a game on tv….. go to and you can get live streams of all the NBA games and other sports people are streaming from their homes. It’s pretty bad ass, I don’t even have a TV but i haven’t missed a single game. I don’t work for the site or anything, just think it’s lame you didn’t get to watch your own team play.

Keep it real and keep doing good things in Darfur, that’s awesome man.


Rong | on 15/5/09

Hello! McGrady.
Did you know? In here .. and everyone likes you.
I believe that. One’s life will be of great storms.
Now you wave rushing toward you.
You can not fear ..
Because you have this behind us, love you.
Really very clever actually .. your birthday is the same with my ..
I wish: Tracy McGrady you a happy birthday. I believe. You will certainly be able to bring NBA championship rings.
Come on!

Mr. Impossible | on 14/5/09

Hi Tracy! You’re my favorite NBA player, and if you weren’t injured most of time (no offense) we would have won a championship by now. I think that your best years are yet to come, you’re going to come to the rescue for your team in their time of need, and playing with teammates such as Yao and Artest, the Houston Rockets will be unstoppable!! I understand your comment about the Lakers winning it all, and it’s okay, I mean, the Rockets are playing without you, and as a fan, I have to admit they’re not at the championship level with you out of the lineup. Don’t leave Houston, and don’t listen to all the haters out there, they’re just jealous. Hope you rehab back to health so we can kick butt next season and win that trophy! Peace!

Xavier Rosario | on 14/5/09

T-Mac your the greatest and I 100% know that your coming back stronger than ever because your the Mac-Man! Ive been watching the Rockets and boy do we look good in the second round of the playoff. Well I have all the faith in the lakers and you the Mac-Man can’t wait to see you drop 34.6 ppg next year. Wish you and your family the best and be easy.

Amber | on 14/5/09

Dear Tracy, Now I just want to cry,Because I wrote a few times here but my words always lost after a click,I don’t know why,I’m very sad,Because writing English is’t easy for a Chinese.I wrote many,But they all lost,So I decided not to write them again,You have only to know:I love you more than I can say.

Michael | on 11/5/09

Yo bro! wazzup, im really glad rehab’s going very good! cant w8 to see back in the court! take care of yourself and bring me back the unstoppable T-mac i know. cant w8 to see those ridiculous 3-point shots that you make haha! Godpseed and get well soon! cant w8 what the rockets can do when ur back! dont let this get you down, use it as a way to grow and improve. you have my prayers and best of luck!

J | on 11/5/09

GO tracy! we believe in you. . get well soon! Hope to see you next season.

chene marz | on 11/5/09

Hi Mr. McGrady my name is chene live in Detroit MI. I saw the Darfur story on espn today. I have been studying terrorism as a part of my Social Psychology class. . It made me feel so sad. With all the little boys and girls who are without parents, and constantly living in fear. The children who have no childhood, and have to become parents themselves to their lil bro’s and sis’s. We are a poor family living outside of Detroit, so I cant help by sending any money. But do you know of a way I can go to Darfur and go teach these kids how to read and write. Im a Behavioral Science major at our community college right now. I can help make irrigation to help grow crops. I want to do something with my life that that isnt just self serving. Do you know a way to get over there to help (like threw green peace. I can teach children math reading writing. I know this paragraph is put together terribly, but its just turning 7 in Detroit. Please let me know. I wish I had money to send, but my family there’s 5 of us and were bringing in about 18k a year. Like if I had money I would have sponsored a child, but that isn’t enough.
Please contact me whoever reads this at [email protected] Thank you…….Marz

some dude | on 10/5/09

the rockets are cursed :(, first you, now yao, this is beyond frustrating even as a fan, so i know you getting gray hairs over it, i do have faith that you’ll get back to the old t-mac, the one that put up 13points in 33 seconds, the one that use to go up for a dunk no matter who was in the lane, the one who couldve broken the 3pointer record for regular season game!, unfortunately, Yao has too much on his plate, he doesnt get enough rest, he needs to retire from the China league, im sure thats the farthest thing from his mind but at this point in his career, he needs to rest up more, he’s virtually working 365days unless he’s injured!, of course people are talking trades and the end of the duo, but i dont think its over yet, and if they trade you and not yao, i know you’ll make em’ pay…...32.2 ppg and a championship ring!

Jacobi Miller | on 9/5/09

I hate I could not see the first half I agree on that NBA TV thing.I’m sorry for you,but I hope you make a comeback.

David Harris | on 9/5/09

What’s going on T-Mac? I must say I’m one of your strongest supporters out there. I have payed a lot of attention to your game, Houston’s game, and of course the media. I do hope that you can give the Rockets atleast one more year. I believe that you could slowly use the depth next year to reintergrate yourself. You back in the newly found Rockets would be amazing. The Rockets still experience those times (too often) when they get stagnant and sit on the ball b/c Yao is being blocked from the post. Ron’s options to iso and post aren’t unstoppable (mos def great but can be stopped). Point is, you facilitating especially in 4th quarters where Yao and yourself have the best pick n roll would push you guys over the edge against any team. Three people that can command a double. It allows for you to rehab and not strain the knee working back into this loaded team. I’m afraid for an Iverson type situation where you get shipped out. I feel you got one year to better yourself, the team, and Aldeman’s record if you can get a healthy season with the Houston Rockets in. Man watching this Laker series just eats me up b/c there would be no answer for the fire power that would be brought with you in the lineup. Brooks speed and the need by the Lakers to keep a single body on a single man would be brutal. Man what if?

Hold it down Tracy. Don’t let the media and sucker bloggers ruin your image and all you’ve accomplished and will accomplish.

TRACY,S FANS | on 9/5/09

Refueling~~~~!!! WE hope u can back on the court as soon as possible , see uou again next season.

韩鹏玮 | on 9/5/09

我非常喜欢你~~ 看你打球就是一种享受~` 我也非常喜欢打篮球~` 现在我在上大学~大一~ 我们学校的学生都很喜欢ROCKET~`
我们支持ROCKET 每场比赛我们都在看~` 你的35秒13 分~` 太 精彩了~ 永远支持你~ 祝你早日康复~

Timmy | on 9/5/09

T-Mac,come back.Rockets needs you!

Liu Jia Liang | on 9/5/09


you know, we miss you everyday.

no matter how other bastards attack you.

we will always bu there to support you.

Last game,we experienced a nightmare.

we all know who cause this.

Lakers is a good team.

However, with you. Rockets will definetely defeat them.

Wr trust you ‘cos we believe you will surely be back

We are waiting..for the next perfect season..waiting for you..Tracy MaGrady!

also | on 8/5/09

I’m a Chinese .In my class,there are many classmates who admire you very much.No matter what happens to you,we support you forever!

mcgradyismyman | on 8/5/09


we would have won game 2 and game 3 if you were playing! anyway, just rehab and hopefully we’ll see you in court soon!

you’re still the best there is - way better than kobe bryant because he’s just this ballhog guy who’s as cocky as hell.

i love you.

Martin Chow | on 8/5/09

Haha, I guess sometimes it’s a good thing living in China. The local cctv channel played the entire game. Well good luck McGrady on your recovery, always going to support you.

Jason | on 8/5/09

Hi Tracy, I don’t know you personally but I definitely admire your skill and talent on the basketball court. I still remember you putting 13 points on the Spurs in less than 40 seconds to finish an improbable comeback so it is obvious that you are a special player that has had some bad luck with injuries. I’m hoping you are able to complete your rehab because with you, Ron, and Yao as well as the Rockets bench, that would be the team to beat next year. Good luck!

Juan | on 8/5/09

People will make a big deal, like Trade T-Mac?.. NO WAY!!! Guys have you forgotten that tmac brought flair and creativity to this team. Maybe he doesn’t score 40 points a night.. But he gets everybody involved and the defense has to focus on him 80% of the time, so that opens everybody up. The ball has to go through Yao, that’s a no brainer.. but tmac can turn any situation in to a great play whether its pass or shoot. What we are witnessing right now with the rockets is just a team who finally got consistency back.. especially in their roster.. Did you guys forget that last year Yao went out and Tmac carried the team to the exact same situation.. People ruled us out of the playoffs and he got us in .. Unfortunately we didn’t have the Blazers in front of us last year. But the trend is that consistency pays off.. And what better way than to have tmac healthy once again and on the court with all the guys.. AHHHH I smell Victory!!! As I watch you play.. your love for the game is still there.. I just replay in my mind 13 points in 30 seconds and that alone is INSPIRING.. We know your capabilities and we just want that back, but we know the only way is to do it healthy.. The one thing I would like to see in your game in this upcoming year.. is Leadership.. I see you as a silent general.. leading the team behind close doors.. You are a veteran now.. a mind with endless experience.. give that to our young guys, and push them , push them to their max because that’s what brings Championships… We know you can hit that last second shot.. but you have to let our team know that when you are not there .. they can do the same.. I would love to see you get off the bench and congratulate players for doing a great job and when we are losing in a game I would like to see the same intensity making them believe that they can win that game no matter how many points we are down.. GET HEALTHY , BE SAFE, WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER!!! SEE YOU IN HOUSTON FOR 2009-2010!!

william m. | on 8/5/09

Man tracy after watching game 2 of the rockets-lakers series, I could only think 1 thing. “If only mcgrady was playing” when going against a team like the lakers, we really need that dominate penetration which you brought to the team. With that inside outside game you and yao bring, and all the new rockets we’ve set around you both, we would bring any team to their knees…. all in all I hope the rockets get far in this post season to set a longer run with you in the line-up next year….so hopefully you’ll stick with houston and especially disregard all those trade rumors, cuz as I see it. You and yao will bring that title back to houston.

Joyce LI | on 8/5/09

I will always be there supporting U

McGradyIS1 | on 8/5/09

series is 1-1 today we take em on toyota center. we’ll win both games and win the series. T-MAC ALL DAY!!!

Rhea | on 8/5/09

Support for the rockets, Tracy McGrady, expecting you to come back

ken | on 8/5/09

get well and ready to go for next season, wish you were out there now to dismiss these lakers

sally | on 8/5/09

hi , mac:
i am a chinese girl,also i am your fan! i will be high school after two month later. evrey day,except study for test ,i play basketball and watch nba,i think you can be stronger! mac !you are the hero in my hearts,i will never give up the hope of you ! go go !good luck to you!hope to watch the big show of yourself!

Rhea | on 8/5/09

could you please become the English to Chinese?I can’t read understand, you forever

Telly.Zhang | on 7/5/09

Come on ,T-Mac.Wait you.

纪怀远 | on 7/5/09





Dan | on 7/5/09

Tracy, why didn’t anyone complain about Kobe Bryant riding Shane Battier like a step ladder in game one of the playoffs? Kobe also elbowed Shane on the back of his head while Shane was on the ground. This was so cheep because Shane was facing down and couldn’t see it coming. I am trying to get some attention because the league has failed to review game one. I think it is partially the Rockets fault because nobody seems to be pointing it out. Tracy, in case a miracle happens and you actually read this, please have the Rockets review game one and send in the tape to the League. I would never let Kobe get away with something this cheep if he did it to one of my teammates.

Nyla | on 7/5/09

First off congrats on the new baby!!!!! Second continue to focus on getting well, the haters will talk but we all know the Rockets got to where they are because hyou trusted your teammates when you played and gave them the confidence to go to the next level. I have watched Shane since his college days and his game has never been at this level and that happened because of you, you also help Rafer Alston and I could keep going but you get the picture. Anyhoo:) Get well soon, I can’t wait to watch you next season, and once agains congrats on the new baby:) GO ROCKETS!!!!!

Cameron | on 7/5/09

nice character tracy, another reason why u da man!

yang | on 7/5/09

yo mac, you gonna be there at the home games against the lakers? i’ve been dieing to see u play, or at lease attend at a game. Peace man, and take good care of that knee.


Wai | on 7/5/09

Hi Tracy! Your brothers were bleeding in the game against Lakers. Please say something.

Your fans

Duy Tran | on 7/5/09

Hey Tmac!
I am so sad man. It would have been such a nice year for you if you were not injured. When the Rockets beat the Lakers in game 1, I was happy but sad that you were not part of it. I don’t care how well the Rockets do this year, it’s not the same without you man. I like how Artest played but I don’t like his attitude. He got some bad attitude! You need to step up your game next year and be a leader!!! Don’t be a follower any more man. I know people called you a sleeper all all, but I believe deep inside you got the fire to lead. You did it in Orlando. You can do it again. What you need to do is to call Dwayne Wade up and ask him for some advice. I noticed he streches very well everytime he started his games. You don’t!!! I’m pissed man, you gotta take care of your health.

david holcomb | on 7/5/09

Its bittersweet. You not bein there and the team advancing. I’m sure the scrutiny will come. But I know you want the team to succeed overall. We can get past the lakers. But how much better itd be if u were on the court. Damn your knee haha. I wish you could borrow mine. I’m 6 foot tall and I can do a windmill dunk so I think itd match pretty well. But I’m prayin for you. Get better and take it easy cuz we could be goin for a repeat! Holla @ ya boi

Sean Orr | on 7/5/09

Hey man it sucks that you cant be there with your team. I’m a huge fan of yours and i hope your injuries stop. You’re a great player and i know you’ll come back next year to send the NBA a reminder that you dominant to the game. Get em Dawg

Jemell | on 7/5/09

Yea man the rockets sre proving their selves.For this game three we need it very much. If we can keep Yao out of foul trouble and get him 20plus. We will destroy the Lakers. Mann we need Von Wafer to stop acting like a bone head and agree with coach Rick. But T-Mac man can wait till you come back. We could use you right now. big fan,Jemell

chris | on 7/5/09

Mac- What’s up with the rough play in game 2?? Do you think there will be any psychological effects on the team since the Lakers played brought some grimy “street ball” style play to the table? I mean.. the rockets are a tight knit squad but are they strong enough to hold it together to become a Cinderella story?

Ezra | on 7/5/09

Tracy, we still need you, promise you’ll come back next year? I don’t care what every idiot ESPN analyst says about the rockets being a better team without you. It was obvious last night that when teams are doubling Yao we need someone like you to take the pressure off him. I still believe we can get past the lakers, don’t get me wrong, but if only you were there maybe we woulda won last night and go back to houston up 2-0…

shane | on 7/5/09

carry on ,hold on!!!T-MAC!!go!go!go!!

空军一号T-Mac | on 7/5/09

I miss you,t-mac

Etch | on 7/5/09

Yeah, as exciting as the Boston game was that was extremely frustrating! You think they could have at least had a picture in picture or split screen going— maybe cut to the Rox during time outs?

Anyway, wish they had you out there against the Lakers right now man! We need more scoring options and an answer to Kobe.

cat | on 7/5/09

dear tracy ,i miss you .i want watch your game .
i very very very hope to see you on the game.
Without you the rocket is bad for me .
i very hope you come back .
go go go go !! I have this in our lifetime, it will only follow you.
you are our god.

F.E.I | on 7/5/09


中国还是有很多的人喜欢着你 就像我一样
我相信你可以站起来 比原来更强大


加油 !!!

Brando | on 6/5/09

First of all just want to say you’re my favorite player Mac, i’ve followed your career through the ups and downs. I’ve seen how you play when healthy, and cant forget because of the youtube videos. I usually read the articles.First time on your official site. Nice to see you’re supporting team, i can only imagine all the things you gotta go through with the criticism and etc.

YUNKAI | on 6/5/09

McGrady refueling in support of your Chinese fans ——YUNKAI

yinch | on 6/5/09

...and I’ll be waiting! It has been a long journey but I know the end result is going to be well worth it! I am with you all the way and your time is coming! I have never given up on you and I know you’re gonna make me proud next season! Hope you recover and get better soon!

ali | on 6/5/09

Yeah i hate it when i cant find the rockets game on my tv _

I also have satellite

T-mac u the best :D

shivam | on 6/5/09

Hey, man rockets are playing great but i really wish you were out there playing with them as well, but yeah I’m having problems watching the rockets games as well.

shivam | on 6/5/09

The rockets are playing great, but man i wish you could be out there with them and play, but we still won the 1st game against the lakers, but yeah I’m having problems watching the rockets games as well.

Igor | on 6/5/09

Always good to hear a positive voice from you, Tracy. Just keep working hard on your rehab and prepare for next season, all of your fans can’t wait for you to get back on the court.
And you do enjoy your Rockets’ playoff run, because I have a feeling it’s going to be a long one. They are capable of making big things. Let’s go Rockets!!!

franco - Argentina | on 6/5/09

Me dijiero this way you the reprecentantes of Tracy McGrady’s page:
Queria to say that tracy is a great influence in my since I like his(her,your) form of game always I look at the parties(games) of houston to tracy follow(continue) it since I saw it playing in the raptors with vince housing. The truth Tracy sos my I like a great person your form of game soi tullo from here from Argentine - good airs I still have a fran inquiento because I did not see you in the playoff and it(he,she) wanted to know when it was the probrema of which it(he,she) does not see you playing against the lakers, from already you answer this message to my me to my e-mail. Estaria very satisfied.
Thank you very much with regards Franco Nahuel Barrios

jack macdonald | on 6/5/09

I agree with you all the way t-mac rockets played their hardest to get past the first round and i know you’ll be back next year to win a championship