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Fri, Nov 16th 2007, 04:58

Tracy's Blog - 11/16

Hello again,

As I’m sure most of you already know, I hurt my elbow in the game against the Lakers the other night. I was going for a loose ball and got bumped, leaving my arm in a vulnerable position when I made contact with Luke Walton. Thankfully the injury isn’t as bad as it looked at first. Nothing is broken or torn. I had a follow up MRI which confirmed the original diagnosis, and they are calling me day to day. Hopefully I won’t be out for more than a week, but I have to make sure the swelling goes down before I try to get back in there. It’s really frustrating because I was feeling great, playing well, and trying to make it through all 82 games this year. For now I’ll just have to rest up my elbow and wait. That’s about all I can do. As far as the team goes, my injury gives some other guys a chance to step up and look to score some more points. We have some guys that can put up points, and this is an opportunity for them to show their stuff. I have confidence that Yao and the rest of the guys can keep us on the right track while I’m out. Thanks to all of you that have shown me love and wished for a speedy recovery.

Your Man,


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


John Porter | on 13/7/10

Hi, this is a long time fan, from youir days in orlando, houston and now new york, you are still in the topm 10 players my friend, hope you are ready because I think this is your year , you got what it takes man,looking forward to you killing them this year man,peace

Corey | on 4/7/10

Yo, T-Mac I’m a big fan man. Hope u get back to that top10 status.

marr | on 3/7/10

hey t-mac i just wont to say that u deserve to be a champion before u retire and i hope u join the lakers in 2010

LakerJohn | on 22/6/10

Hey Tmac jump in, the waters fine! Come to LA and win some Championships man. Don’t wait too long; rumors in LA is that a few quality players are considering the Lakers. Back to Back World Champions! Don’t make the same mistake John Amaechi made. He waited to long, the Lakers went for someone else, and John missed out on THREE Championships ending his career as a reserve in Utah!


aldo | on 16/6/10

hey t-mac im a big fan by the way ur ma fav playa, im 16 and a big fan of ur game and basketball, i hope to see u in a really good team and win a ring, good luck with ur health and get back ballin brother. id appriciate if i could keep in touch with you man, peace

brandon aka casper | on 7/6/10

I know you probably won’t notice this comment with all th others but…....I know how it is dealing with a knee injury I tore my miniscus while in marine corps training and I still Dnt have the movement I once had plying ball so I really can’t say anything but keep busting your a## to get back on the court I been a fan since you and vince played together and frankly I’m tired of the kobe lebron talk its for t-mac to come back stay motivated…........oooorah!

renoldson | on 6/6/10

whats open you is the best men wakup vin nex seson iight

jomaine daniel | on 5/6/10

Hey Tracy! I am a big fan of you and your cousin Vince Carter. It would be great to see you back in Orlando teaming up with him again and leading team to a championship. Everyone is talking about Turk but he’s not the answer you are. But if you want to go to Miami with Dwade and maybe Amare Stoudemire I can see yu guys competing for a championship as well. But 1st things first get healthy and show everyone why you are every bit as good as kobe if not for the injuries. Get back to Orlando with Vince 1st and you guys finish where you started off in Toronto But bringing home that championship for your hometown. Luv You and GOD Bless!

drew | on 28/5/10

i been a fan since you were with orlando and now you are injured it give me more of a reason to be a fan . when most good players get injured like you did, all there fans leave to the next big thing. but not me i will be a fan even when you do retire.

nba greatest dunks | on 24/4/10

Thanks for making my morning a little bit better with this great article!!

kyle | on 23/2/10

you’re the man T-mac..I love your style of play…it gives me the motivation to play again after some minor injuries i had the past years..


Zhang Zhong sheng | on 29/1/10

NO matter where you go ,I will support you forever.

Rade Djokovic | on 5/1/10

HI T MAC...J just wanna tell you that you are my best player and don`t mind Rick becouse you didn`t played last games,or you been played four minutes!J can`t whait to see you shining on the court,and beeting the buzzer with your 3pt shots….

Thank you,for showing me how to play,and j hope j will play on your level one day!

Ben | on 22/12/09

Hi Tracy!!I am your great fan,but why you change?

tim | on 8/12/09

t-mac i see you are ready to play an contribute to your team an they are holding you back if you feel like you are at full strenth convince your coach to play you are trade you good luck

cordell haywood | on 29/11/09

Get well soon…..........

aldrin | on 20/11/09

Your always TRACY MCGRADY, I hope you will win the championship this season, I will always your number one fan.

joshua adams | on 16/11/09

i hope u get back well like the old days t-mac my bro

nathan | on 12/11/09

when will you be cleared to play

lloyd link | on 9/11/09

cant wait until you get back main fan lloyd link

jayar | on 8/11/09

cant wait to see you in basketball action again.bring back the championship ring to houston….....

Theo | on 7/11/09

hey man…i know that you dont see that i write but i am a big fan and maybe your injury is going to good road…!!!

marquise | on 4/11/09


Curtiss | on 28/10/09

mannn this is crazy man u always hurt u coulda been a legend in houston rockets like hakeem clyde the glide and other cats everybody showed u love in houston and all u do is get hurt start working out or something this is ridiclous houston loves there basketball team manye matt schaub finally got the message now its time for u to stop being lazy and bring my houston rockets to a championship manye we got the talent and we got the better ariza for the loose cannon artest we should of beat the lakers last year but yao went down and u yall are disgracing the housston rockets champions and chapionships this city has won

Elder Zavala | on 29/8/09

hey tracy i just wanted to ask you, do you know the chances of you coming back on the first game? If you do what are they… O and i no i have a girly email address well i didnt make it up. Just wanted you to no your my fav player.

aly | on 23/8/09

Even though i live in dallas i HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTEEEEEEE the Mavs so good luck next year and dont worry youll be in the all-star game cuz of your #1 fan here.since its in dallas im coming to see u

th3_on3_ | on 23/8/09

Hey my IDOL...i wish u fast recovery, get well soon man, we all need u, u’r the man, the one, THE BEST....please come back soon and show that u are the best, we love u :)) I wish u to win championship this year, GO ROCK’S :)) P.S: sry for my bad English :))

nesha | on 19/8/09

Hey t mac i hope u recover this injury and get back on the court and work hard your biggest fan

luis sanchez | on 17/8/09

good luck

brady snow | on 14/7/09

I have a shoulder injury and was wondering what kind of brace you used when you had yours?

czarpolo | on 12/7/09

get well soon! i want to see you to play again men!! every time you play in the court.. make my day complete!!! i always watch your game… an you keep my heart pump and feels me more alive an makes my day more exciting!! GOD Blees you! alll!!!!!!

Jordan Tindal | on 6/7/09

Mcgrady, dis is your number one fan Jordan hittin ya page up to sho ya sum luv….during da playoffs i watched every Rockets game and every game i thought to myself u wud come bacc….u didnt, but i kno u will be the star of the nba next year in da 09-10 season….well i guess i’ll see u in da nba 4-5 years from now if ur still there

later, Jordan

jose jesus garcia | on 6/7/09

hey T-Mac was sup can wait to see you in da court again man you ma favorite player 4realz it sucked dat u got injured during da season but its all gud ur still number 1 me n man im jus at home bored i got in car accident broke ma neck n spine but im gettin better though

Mark | on 2/7/09

Hopefully You And Yao Are Able To Be Come Stronger When You Guys Come Back I Kno It Hurts Not To Be Playing And Seeing You Team In The Playoffs Playing Harder Because You Are Not There To Put Up The Points You Are Able Too….Get Well Soon Mac
Glen Oaks Senior High School….Point Garud #42
Much Love

james paul de vera | on 25/6/09

hey! your my idol.,

jacob | on 21/6/09

hey tracy so is everything in check and are u possitive ur comming bak to tha courts cause ur my one and only fav. player. i hope to see u next season just as great as you’ve always been.

r jay

Kris Parker | on 12/6/09

wats up

Mirza | on 12/6/09

yo tracy you are my idol.Iam your biggest fan in Europe…I wish you fast recovery and to play better then you play before..but dont are amaizing and for me you are mvp

goodby from Europe…Bosnia

tramon | on 21/5/09

whats up t mac man you are my favorite p
person that plays ball man i mean i love you more than i love my father i want to be just like you im trying to fallow my dream and become a nba superstar man i hope you are really reading this

calvin lorenz B. delasalas | on 16/5/09

tmac come bak rockets needs you

Tumause Carr | on 19/4/09

Your The Greastest of all times…. man You a Beast My Fav Player

chenxiuji | on 19/4/09

you are the best

kenneth robinson | on 12/4/09

do u think your going to be ready come playoff time?

Ronald Joseph Austria | on 6/4/09

hi idol T-mac take care always i like to see you in Playoffs.I’m fan from Philippines. My favorite jerseys are your jerseys. I hope someday we will play smile always… it’s sad your jerseys prices are so high here in the Philippines. And your shoes.

G-Dirty | on 4/4/09

Say T-Mac I think you are a damn good ball player and I hate you are hurt. I believe with you we can win it all but get yourself 100% HEALTHY so we can come back next year and win it all. I hope you can talk ron to come back next year and play. Plus pick up a good player in the off season. Are work with von in the off easons I think he can be a good player once he learn how to see the floor and hit the open player. Say t-mac take care of yourself and get ready for 2010 so we can win. I know you busy so I’ll catch you at the game.God bless you and your family peace T-MAC.

kelvin | on 2/4/09

yo tmac wassup man

i miss you playing in the court

i really want to see you play again

hpe your fine

tke cre man

your fan kelvin

jay2x | on 1/4/09

your my ultimate idol in the nba.i love the way you play the game,and im a loyal fan of your team…get well soon…god bless

rod | on 30/3/09

im from the philippines
ur my idol

tyrone | on 20/3/09

t mac you r the best player eer man i wish i could meet u and rafer alston man u r so good that u make basketball look so easy tell rafer alston i said hi

your biggest fan thnks

Lu Jie | on 14/3/09

I’m your fan.
I belive you will returns.

Chenxiaoli | on 19/2/09

Hi,Tmac~Ah come on, I started from eighth grade to begin to pay attention to the rockets. Yao Ming and I come from the same city, very much hope that the rocket be able to break through the first round and get a better score. Transactions rumors recently that you really are too many, I am sure you will not leave the rockets, right? Now you must rest Oh well, look forward to your return. Support you, come on!

hermie | on 6/2/09

hey tracy, i’m one of your fans here in the philippines and we’re really hoping that you can recover completely. we will wait for you to play again like an all star. we are really hoping that you get well soon and play like there were no injuries happened.. good luck tracy! show us again T-MAC!

Mohamed | on 16/1/09

T-Mac you can take all the time you need to get healty and come back.I hope you feel better and come bcak very very soon and i know that you are going win MVP and the NBA CHAMPIONCHIP!I hope you do.
PS:The only thing you are sopposed to think now is YOURSLEF and the HOUSTON ROCKETS and not YAO MING

jermaine frederick | on 12/1/09

u is the best player N i think u should just heal 100%

fair | on 6/1/09

Hi,,T-Mac ! I wish u can recover from ur injury really soon and dominate the entire games again. Just can’t wait to see u with ur NBA title and MVP trophy. GBU T-MAC !

carlos davila | on 5/1/09

hey t mac i had the same knee surgery you had in may..i was pushed back to work and it has been slow going too…in october it took a major setback and i had to take a week off to rest it…what a difference,,,my job does not require the running and jumping you do but i have to do things i would rather not like climbing stairs and kneeling…after another week off at thanksgiving it is doing much better…just saying don’t your will be real good soon..good luck and see you doing your thing soon—carlos

LawrenceHuang | on 5/1/09

Dear T-Mac

Please either rest well or don’t play with injury, you must provide 110% when you are on the court, or people won’t understand how much you get paid for but not able to help team win.

No one knows better than yourself about your left knee, if it is giving up on you on the court, then don’t embarrass yourself and give people an excuse that you are a quitter and not a fighter, you must rest until your knee is fully function then come back with a blast, don’t quit on the court, that is a very bad influence for the team, do the right thing, smart man. :)

please read what people said about your performance on the court.

DeQuaine | on 28/12/08


KEAUNA BAKER | on 27/12/08



jeremiah carter | on 27/12/08



renz | on 13/12/08

hey Idol!
i bought one Adidas TS Lightspeed T-MAC Basketball shoes.
And it was awesome..


I always use it when we play basketball!!

and it comforts my feet..

Thanks for a signatured shoes..
your fan…

go Tracy McGrady!!

jj hodak | on 11/12/08

hi man

ali hammoud | on 2/12/08

your a boss

ryan chua | on 30/11/08

hi, i also have a shoulder injury. I would like to know what brand of brace do you use so I can also get one.

looking forward to your reply

HuhH | on 21/11/08

hey t-mac! get well soon yo , i’d like to see u get back on the court!
so get well soon baller! u the man!

SAMMY | on 18/11/08


Cesar | on 18/11/08

Hey mac, I hope your knee heals faster so that you can play the way tmac wants to play. I know that it must be frustrating playing with an injury. Knowing what skills you have ,but you can’t use them because of an injury. As far as the team goes, I like what you guys are doing and I think with a little more time playing together this team will most likely be in the deepest part of the playoffs. If you can please tell Aaron Brooks that I knew he could be this great, I saw his talent in oregon. We are a team with a destiny , we are CLUTCH CITY! Let’s bring the trophy back to htown!

H.D | on 10/11/08

Forget all the haters & doubters-continue to hit those weights & know that your teammmates got your back… Let them see you’re their biggest fan & we gone do this league this year! GO ROCKETS!!

Robert Mensah | on 29/9/08

you are the best

celeste | on 14/9/08

I wanted to let you know how how much i admire you for your work in Africa. I sponsor a beautiful child in Senegal, and when i get a letter from her my heart fills with joy, as i am sure yours does also. May GOD bless you and your family always. I’ll be looking for you on the court in the 08-09 season. with much love, CELESTE

mark | on 11/9/08

am your biggest fan ever..

i hope you’ll get the MVP award this year and win a championship.

gudluck this season..T-mac my MVP!

Derrick Ian Penus | on 11/9/08

Hi Tracy,

How are you? I hope & pray you’re always in good & perfect condtition! I am so excited to see you play again in your top & best condition. The Philippines loves you a lot! Go for the ring this coming season… God will always guide you & your team always. I will always pray for you & for the team & i will always be a tmac fan forver.

<||) Chivas n Greentea | on 9/9/08

Yo T-Mac… I bought ur shoes man… they are crazy fly! i got compliments from 3 chicks today on my kicks.. thanks man.. peace.. your boy chivas!

love T-MAC LOVE | on 28/8/08

I love you!

Chivas n Greentea | on 20/8/08

Sup Tracy… Your shoes are on sale so I’m gonna pick up a pair tomorrow! Yea yea yea yea yea yea yea!

hanyu | on 4/8/08

T-mac, I’m your fan. I love your way of playing, and hope you can recover from injuries soon. You are the mvp in my heart.=)

boo-g AKA young t-mac | on 25/6/08

i think you are the best player ever. i think you are even better than mike. I really think the only thong you need on your team is some help or you should demand a trade.

whale | on 19/6/08

I love NBA because of you ,I want to go further education in USA because I hope one day I can go to Houston to watch your game..never get hurt ..To be the world’s greatest…

Tracy | on 11/6/08

I love you and will suport you forever

Dovi | on 10/6/08

t mac is the best player in the world.t mac shouldve made da playoffs i feel ur pain butt not soo much my team lost da final game by 1q point 2 make da playoffs i was also mad pissed off. but u are an awesome playr and this season ROCKETS vs WIZARDS fian lgame rockets win 4 to 3!!!!!!!

Jamal Gill | on 3/6/08

I’m your bigest fan. Ihave all your jerseys and I aways play with the rockets on 2k8!

demetrius | on 17/5/08

t-mac : i’m a huge fan of yours ,it hurt me that your are not playing in theplayoffs. every year i pray that you winner a champinship, m.v.p or all star m.v.p, because you are one of the best player in basketball today. i hope the nba award you next season with sommthing because i’m tryer of these other people is getting for something you work hard for and getting hurt i wish you the best next season and win the award you well desverse.

your fan for life demetriusfrom miami

rickel aka rubee | on 26/4/08

hey Tracy, just wanted to say that no matter what or no matter who, dont let no body get to you. i caught your piece of sarcasm on TV the other night and no everthing is not your fault. We face challenges each and everyday even if it is losing a couple of games. Don’t worry though cause the Lord gots your back. Nuff love from my side and i love the ass whuppin y’all gave the jazz. WHOOEE!!!! Good luck in your games and God bless!!!

cheng yu | on 25/4/08


cheng yu | on 25/4/08

I am a chinese and I am your faithful fans.I like your playing stile.It is very cool and handsome.I am always mocking your stile.I always think that you are the greatest player.Hope that you will play better and better and have a good show in your playing role.

tremaine jamerson | on 24/4/08

you been my favorite player since i was eight someday i want to be like you

Hamadi Abdi | on 20/4/08

I Hope You Get Better Soon Man

Kavyn McGrady | on 10/4/08

How i wish you would appear in front of doorstep of my house then both of us shoot some hoops. Then before you left i would love to see you hand me a pair of new t-mac shoes that you are wearing now. Nah just kidding. Anyway, t-mac i believe you do what will be right for the team. FYI, just in case, my hp no +6012 818 1028. Haha….nah..just kidding.

its_all_about_mcgrady | on 5/4/08

i agree w/ sunshine. i like it when you hold the ball in your palm and lift it up. it’s definitely hot. i dig i dig.
i think you’re so hot, i love you more than yao even tho im an asian girl. you’re amazing, definitely one hell of player - world’s greatest.

oh just so you know, i work overtime just to go to your games, just to see you play but it’s definitely worth it coz you’re awesome! keep it uppp!!!

shisi | on 2/4/08


JJ | on 1/4/08

your amazing i love your TS lightspeed t-macs those things are like my most prized possesion they are amazing(just like you)but there waring down and have like no grip anymore so i’m gonna have to get some new ones cept i cant find them anymore, anyways your amazing!!!! keep it up and win us(the rockets)a ring!!!

Enter your name... | on 29/3/08

I’m always support you..

Lithuania | on 25/3/08

T-MAC the best!he best player in the world!I like he’s shoes,T-MAC6,You the best!RESPECT

Alex | on 24/3/08

you da true mvp tmac

#1 Fan | on 23/3/08

Hi T-MAC, just wanted to send props. You’re doing it big and holding the team together. I know the Yao is hurt, but take you guys can still take it to the playoffs and championship.

yan | on 14/2/08

hi~Tracy,how are you these days??
im your super chinese fan.i love to play basketball and im good at it even though im just a little girl,of course,i love u too!!whenever i fail the game and wanna give up,i’ll think of always gives me great power to insist on ,encourage me to carry on!!so i really wanna say thank you to you!!—thank you so much!
Besides,i wanna know if you’ll come to china again???im eager to play basketball with you and talk to you( i know it’s stupid to say this to a super basketball star ,but i’ll try no matter there is little hope!! it’s the attitude that i learn from you!) Hope you doing great in everything!
here’s my msn id:[email protected] ,just in case you wanna talk to someone,and i’ll be there!!
Take care

Jeremy | on 12/2/08


maitai | on 12/2/08

Hey,Tracy…I’m very pleased that Rockets gets victory again.I believe that Rockets and you will appear in the playoffs.Wish you continue to win.I love you for good!

Temp-Temp | on 11/2/08

Peace out T-Mac

Temp-Temp | on 11/2/08

Hey my brother loves wathing u so i just wanted to say hello.

Alex | on 10/2/08

Tmac , i will support you!!
No matter how people saying ,
Please don’t give up ,
Just play hard ,
i really enjoy ur game

Bonnie Hall | on 8/2/08

I love u so much and u have always been my inspiration. I play ball myself so i understand your frustration. Good luck

BLiNK frm Philippines. | on 8/2/08

TMAC! whats up??? believe it or not, you still have the potentials and the skills that you have since you’re in orlando, it’s just your age are gettin’ higher but you are still the same MAC ATTACK that we saw DOMINATING IN THE COURT, DUNKIN on ALL the PLAYAZ out there and winning the game.

JUST wear your CALF SLEEVE, and let it be, im sure if you can do this, with yao and all the rosters in your team, your team will become a DREAM TEAM.


Sunshine | on 8/1/08

Hi T-Mac…I love the way you palm the ball and hold it outwards…That is soooo sexy to me and YES, I’m a female! LOL

Robin Michelle | on 8/1/08

Tracy, although it seems that the team is playing great in your absence, we really need you to comeback strong! I miss those days when you use to take it to the rack in a New York minute! I realize that you’ve gotten older and don’t want to be hurt all the time but, can we PLEASE see a little bit of that greatness! You are my favorite player and I try to get to the TC to see you whenvever I can…I’m probably your #1 fan! :)

Bea buenafe | on 5/1/08

I love you your n0.1 fun here in the philippine by the way im bea..i hope that you will win to your games and you take care to yourself huh no injuries hehehe..just kidding,i hope that you can reply but i know its very imposible

Amy Smile | on 1/1/08

Please never Give Up!!
Trust You can
And then you can
Love u Forever
Come on Tracy!!

ART | on 31/12/07


MrProb | on 20/12/07

Greets from Thai fan
You have very unique style of shooting, its not guardable shooting style but still, there is no 100% accurate shot…
Im a fan of you, T-Mac ! I hope this season will be the one you looking for, good luck. T-Mac fighting !

Kenneth | on 20/12/07

Go~t-mac~go!!u are my mvp forever!!
Cheer up~~

Joseph Bassett | on 19/12/07

Keep your head up T. Rally these boys and lets finish strong

Brandon luff | on 19/12/07

I know you hear this alot but i worship you as baskeball player and I waited along time to see your game in person. I went to charlotte to see you and you and yao was hurt and didn’t make it to the game. I was so heartbroken. it was my first time at an nba game. just to see you. Drop me note or poster at p.o. box 623 hays, nc 28635 if not you are still the man. i hate i missed you. maybe next time.

      Maria | on 19/12/07

I believe you can fly.
I love you forever.

Enter your name... | on 19/12/07


vargon | on 18/12/07

ok, well then enhance youself, and win the fllowing games!

郑晓岭 | on 18/12/07

best wishes…...
i am one of your fans in this school

tyshuan carter | on 18/12/07

hey t-mac i think you should drive to the hole more because no one can stop you and you will be more sufficient from the field other than that you are having a good season?

Fan from Croatia | on 18/12/07

Hello there T-Mac!!! You are the best player! You play different than other players in NBA! You play with emotions! I liked that… I would love that you go into playoffs upper than 1 round! Because you can do it… I now that you give everything and a lot of people don’t appreciate that!!! They are crazy… i wish you the best…

rocket fan | on 17/12/07


Jun | on 17/12/07

Is there any argument between you and Yao?
Anyway, hope you can figure it out and you, guys, can play hard together to win. Basketball is a brotherhood???

Enter your name... | on 17/12/07

we hope you t-mac

周晨 | on 16/12/07

I think you are the best player in the NBA of all times and i don’t care what people say about you and the say that i am crazy i steal and always will say that you are the best player in the NBA no matter what.

杨爱民 | on 15/12/07

Come on !
No matter how many points you get,I’ll love you all the time!
A girl from China,

刘慕嘉 | on 15/12/07

I am from hefei in China。I love you very much!!

Christian Clark | on 14/12/07

Are you going to have a basketball camp in 2008? I am in 8th grade and really trying to make the A basketball team. Do you have any tips.
Missoula, Montana
[email protected]

Ali Jaffri | on 14/12/07

Take MVP thsi year T-Mac show everyone that you can win achampionship and your better than Kobe and Lebron PLEASE!

dimitrisx | on 14/12/07

T-mac you are god…greek fans!!

Twist Wu | on 14/12/07

I am a chinese boy . I love you so much.

kitt | on 13/12/07

T-Mac we want you to be more aggressive in going into the basket…and score more points…go rockets go

Enter your name... | on 13/12/07

I’m ur look alike twin please can I meet u? Im 6“8 and everybody says I look like u. IF u meet me ur gonna be shocked. You’ll think that ur looking through a mirror. Real talk .

Jabari | on 13/12/07

T-mac come back to Toronto

Diego | on 13/12/07

Good job yesterday against Detroit, good luck this Saturday.

Justin Newcastle | on 13/12/07

I think you are great.

Martin, germany | on 12/12/07

take care
i hope i will see you against dallas

Effie Bentz | on 11/12/07

You probably hear this a lot but I love you, even though I’m from Minnesota. I have posters of you and would now rather watch you play instead of the T-Wolves now that they got rid of KG. Though they do have some good players. You probably don’t want to hear me go on about this cuz you probably hear it a lot.

Liang | on 10/12/07

Yo tracy, come on… a man, get on Yao and Stevie n win some games to show ur ability

Troy Williams | on 9/12/07

I think you are the best player in the NBA of all times and i don’t care what people say about you and the say that i am crazy i steal and always will say that you are the best player in the NBA no matter what.

Darius | on 9/12/07

Wat up tmac im like ur numba 1 fan

cousin deon | on 9/12/07

wats up i saw that on tv but i knew u were going to be alright and keep playin hard and i hope to see you in the playoffs

叶晶 | on 9/12/07

I love you!

Storm | on 8/12/07

Come on.We R On ur side!

JasonKit | on 8/12/07

hi~I am lucky to find your blog.
I like you so are the best….

Enya, China | on 7/12/07

you are back now and better than before.

J-Mac | on 7/12/07

Go T-Mac ur the best!
go and do ur best!
win a championship for u, ur teamates, and for us.
Ast!g ka!

Mickie | on 7/12/07

Yo T-mac! It’s ridiculous, I’m NBA and Your fan since long time but I’ve never seen that site before… It’s quite nice. Well and I’m proud because of Your triple-double, You’re doing great job this year. Hope Rockets will be more lucky this season.
Keep Your game up!

JAY | on 7/12/07

I believe you,you are the god, you can do what you want to!!!

mark williams | on 7/12/07

T-mac i hope u get better. R u gonna take your team to the chamionship. Cause if not i will in about 5 years the will put me n the Hall Of Fame it will say the best b-ball player alive. under that it will say legend. jus playin but 4real tho i will tak yourfame eventho your my #1 player wale anyway i wont to get back at me hurra up and get better.I want 2 see u get snap good in the NBA All star GAME

Jeremy | on 7/12/07

You’re doing great T-mac, ever since i first saw you with Toronto and then with Orlando i knew i’d be watching someone special for years to come. You had an awesome start this year and now a triple double, wow keep it up. Just want you to know that i’ve always been your fan. Just keep showing the league that you are 2 time scoring champ and should be the MVP and that the Rockets can beat anyone.

your loyal fan
Jeremy from Washington

Jeremy | on 7/12/07

You’re doing great T-mac, ever since i first saw you with Toronto and then with Orlando i knew i’d be watching someone special for years to come. You had an awesome start this year and now a triple double, wow keep it up. Just want you to know that i’ve always been your fan. Just keep showing the league that you are 2 time scoring champ and should be the MVP and that the Rockets can beat anyone.

your loyal fan
Jeremy from Washington

adam | on 6/12/07

got a bday present; your jersey, was definitely the best present ive ever got. keep be that inspiration to me, showing the world skill does not stand alone to get the respect, but trusting your teammates and not being selfish still allows u to make the big baskets.

keep going man. keep being strong and keep inspiring all of us.

a warrior | on 5/12/07

aaron brooks

Enter your name... | on 5/12/07

aaron brooks should start 4 houston, he is the next allen iverson, only difference is that brooks can shoot better. he will be great, tell morey or adelman. “T-mac is the best,forget the rest”

Tracy | on 5/12/07

Forever support!

T-MAC 4 EVER | on 4/12/07

dont sweat it.. he will come back whens he is ready n will make a comeback

K.J. Williams | on 4/12/07

Hey, i am one of your biggest fans…im putting NO pressure on you…you play hard and do your thang.


T-mac fan | on 4/12/07

11 points are not good for your standart player you are the best player for me take it easy tomorrows game thats a show time for you

jamall conley | on 4/12/07

get in the game me n my friend in milwaukee love u so get up and walk out

FOREVER T-MAC | on 3/12/07


Matt | on 3/12/07

Houston loves you!!!

danny | on 3/12/07

no word can express my love yo u!!

Wayne from Shanghai | on 3/12/07

All the fans in China take care of your injury a lot.We hope that you will be a healthy guy in every game and to help the rockets rise up… You have a lot of good teamates this season,we believe that you will have a great season!

lee | on 2/12/07

i really want to cry

[email protected] | on 2/12/07

honey,i love u,always surport u and stand by ur side

Mic Chen | on 2/12/07

Although I am a Chinese, I still believe T-Mac is much more important to the team than Yao Ming is. T-Mac leads the team and gets our game going with his passing, scoring, rebounds and assists. If the guys could put away his passes, he might have at least 5 more assists per game. We can do without Yao Ming and Steve Francis, but not T-Mac. You are the best, T-Mac, and our only leader.

big fan of mac | on 1/12/07

hi tracy
i just wanted to say that you are my favourite bball player, although you didnt collect rings! keep making these numbers mac, maybe you can take it! (no question of your ability,only of heart). If there only was a third person in rockets teams that can score double numbers consistently…
Anyway you are my hero, you will do it!

all my respect and good luck,


an armenian boy from turkey | on 1/12/07

we belive you t-mac sacramento game is show time for you

Enter your name... | on 1/12/07

we belive you t-mac take it easy. tomorrow’s match thats a show time for you

Ziphus Foster | on 30/11/07

Hey, how’s it going big brother! Well, I hope you feel better! My wife and I really love you man (like you’re part of the family)! When you get well, Please tear that rim down for me one time while dunking on somebody’s head then turn and wink in the camera!I’ll know it’s for me!!!!!! love ya man!!!!! GO ROCKETS!!!!! Take care of YAO !!!!!!!!

mj | on 30/11/07

yes 11 points is not good on your standards at all, and that is why you are such a great player. what makes you my favorite player ever to play the game of basketball, yes even micheal jordan is behind you, is the fact that you keep your head up and move on. show the world that t-mac is best player in nba.

a chinese boy from shanghai | on 30/11/07

believe you
Today 11 points means nothing
take it easy
i believe the day after tomorrow’s match that a show time for you
NO.1 guy GOGO

Enter your name... | on 29/11/07

hi.wish you happy

huwei | on 29/11/07

Belive 5 ?

胡 偉 | on 29/11/07

```I love T-MAC

Enter your name... | on 29/11/07


Ann | on 28/11/07

tracy…love U forever.!!!

joseph | on 28/11/07

idol its okay ur game still doesnt changed.,you have 2 great games against denver where you scored 35 points and winning against the clips and scored 36 points…so ur still great ur NUMBER ONE dUde.,gudlak to ur other games…

Nikola | on 28/11/07

i want to be like you and play in NBA.

Nikola Kostadinovic | on 28/11/07

i am from sweden and all my basketball friends love you and wear you t shirts ;). youre so good.good luck

fengzesan ``` | on 28/11/07


johnny gibbons | on 27/11/07

i think your doing the right thing to say as being a good team player and a strong leader

Nathan Thomas | on 27/11/07

im so glad your not hurt t-mac i love you, i am your number one fan and i love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David McClary | on 26/11/07

Yea yo just hang in their mcgrady you gonna get it done yo i have a good feelin about this year

Jesse | on 26/11/07

Dear Tracy, I just would like to say hang in there. It’s a bumpy road but it will get better as the season moves forward. I wanted to ask you why coach Adelman doesn’t put Steve Francis in the starting line up? I really look forward seeing both of you in the line up. I wish you the best this season and I will be supporting the team like I always do.

Duatin Guerrero | on 26/11/07


The team looks great this year, although I think y’all share the ball to much. I will be voting for you Yao and Shane for the all star game. You never let our team down you play to win and that is a MVP. This is the year the ROCKETS become the champs!

julian from louisiana | on 26/11/07

wats up tmac i need to know how to work on my game to get better

JoJo Tian | on 26/11/07

Yo,man ,come on ,I’m your fans from China .I will stand behind you forever and no matter what other says ,you are the unique one in the world .Hope everything goes well with you and your team ! Taking Rockets to win the fial.

onur bakırkol | on 25/11/07

Im from turkey crayzz basketball I love you

mjwantsutobethebest | on 24/11/07

t-mac. everytime i look at lebron james stats it drives me crazy. he is outdoing everyone in the league. please for me and all your fans, i want everyone in the world to know that you are the best player in the nba today.

Junior | on 24/11/07

Hey Mac shake dat injury off man u gon be alrite jus keep up da gud work n u n this team can do great things in this NBA season u da man n in my eyes u da best basketball player in the NBA rite now n in ur future i see a championship ring on ur finger

Brandon | on 24/11/07

Hey T-mac, what up man? Just wanted to tell you to stay healthy and let’s change that losing streak quick! You are a cool guy and my favorite player. Have a great season.

Dillon Fahie | on 23/11/07

Man dang i was looking forward to the game tonight u againest miami your my favorite player man your awesome. Hit me up on a e-mail [email protected]

Your Number One Fan,
Dillon Fahie

Brett | on 23/11/07

Hey T-mac im an aussie and u r my favourite player eva just wondering wat did u do as kid to get better at basketball

kelland | on 23/11/07

Hi T-Mac, How are you today?
I am your loyal fans from China.
In my eyes,you are the best basketball player in the world.
In this new season, I hope everything will go well with you.
You know, during these days,I have watched many videos about you.Terrific! I like the way in which you are playing basketball,I like your smile and I like your humor.
Come on, T-Mac. Could I ask you “plumkin head”? haha,one of your nickname.


Rammo | on 22/11/07

G’day T, Rammo from Australia here champ…

...good to see that arm is healed up but dunno about all those assists man, get that elbow greased and lets see some baskets! Love your work, good luck in All-Star voting etc.

Lovin the blog to bud. Keep dominating!

kobe/t-mac fan | on 22/11/07

hey you and kobe are the coolest players in the nba. i still think kobe is better but i like the style of your play

mj | on 22/11/07

a tracy.i am from tennessee. i will get you into the all star lineup, i have been voting for u every day

mj | on 22/11/07

a tracy what up,do you know about i am sure you do. well i just want to say that i am your number one fan. i hope you can prove your critics wrong. people keep saying you are declining. I know you are just getting better and smarter at what you do. i think what you have really improved at is your basketball iq. thanks for looking at my comment, and thanks for being t-mac. keep being a role model ok.

YuYang | on 22/11/07

Hey-mac.ur legs r so sexy!!!!
I am jealous lol
Have a nice day

TRACY FAN | on 21/11/07

Hey T-MAC!I am your super fan from China!Good luck,T-MAC!Good luck,Rockets!Fire Rick Aderman!

latre york | on 21/11/07

man hope to have you back soon because they really need you i hate to see my team loose we have to go to the playoff beacause my football team ain’t lookin to good so i have to count on you and the rockets to do something hope to see you doin yo thang soon ah be watching

JC | on 21/11/07


Tyler Dooley | on 21/11/07

Hey t-mac,
Hope you feel better. You have been my favorite player for soooo long but i dont got any memorabilia or you. Can you send me anything signed???


89 Lost Pond Lane
North Andover, MA, US

Alonso | on 21/11/07

I’m 9 years old, from the Philippines. I hope I could meet you because I love basketball also!

Hilary | on 21/11/07

I am your super fans from Hong Kong~
Get well soon!Looking forward to see you play in Rockets XD

Matan | on 21/11/07

t-mac i hope u play against the mavericks we need u

LuDongbao | on 21/11/07

I hope Rockets can take the first place this time

lu | on 21/11/07

come on Macgrady,come on Rockets !

jian | on 20/11/07

Our mvp,please come back soon!!

Lamparch | on 20/11/07

Hi,T-mac!You have so many fans supporting you all the time.I am a guy from China and loves the way you play basketball.Every time you get the ball,I know something incredible is going to happen just in a flash.I make every effort not to miss your each game.You know,since you were hurt by the elbow in the game against Lakers,I have been worried about your conditions.Your recovery will help Rockets out of present situation.

matthew cunningham | on 20/11/07

Hey Tracy I don’t know if you read these messages or not. But I have really never met anybody famous in my whole life and i like basketball and i truly love your style of basketball and in my eyes you are the greatest basketball player in the history of basketball and i would really like to meet you but if you are busy thats fine but i would really like if you could reply or anything thank you. :matthew Cunningham,age 13

steve | on 20/11/07

get better soon we need u back ur putting up mvp numbers come back and win mvp
go t-mac mvp!!!

Kenny | on 20/11/07

I heard that you are coming back tonight against the mavericks good luck go get this game it is a big one .

Lan | on 20/11/07

Hi T-Mac!!!
I am from Toronto, and I cursed the day we chose Vince over you and gave you away. The next uear when you took the league over, my frieds and I were reasy to bomb the Raptors management. I hope you feel better ASAP. T-MAC FOR MVP!!!!!!!
Your number one fan!


RuMeL | on 20/11/07

Get Well soon Tmac!

RuMeL | on 20/11/07

I hope you get well soon and play on Houston’s next game and score 82 points.hehe. TMAC you are the TRUE MVP.

Kaashif(Chi) | on 20/11/07

You are the man T-MAC. Get healed up and tear up the league as you always do! Peace number 1.

karla | on 20/11/07

i hope that u get better cause the guys really need u out there playing like u always do it like a baller hope u get well love u always ur biggest fan in the whole wide world karla love u always

Sahger Lad | on 20/11/07

Hope you get better. The power rankings shows that you need to be number one.

Lif | on 20/11/07

I am your fans in Hong Kong
Hope you can get well as soon as possible
good luck!!

CArlos | on 20/11/07

im from mozanbique and i am ur bigest fan in africa.T mac mvp and the leades score 2007-2008

wys | on 20/11/07

Tracy,You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

eleven | on 19/11/07

hi:t-mac,i love rockets,and you ,also francis,yao

wjx | on 19/11/07

thanks t-m i will go on look you play basketball!!! i am china man

carol | on 19/11/07

T-MAC, i love you forever!!hope u can win DALLAS!

Abram | on 19/11/07

Sup T-mac we are missing you out there. I wish you a speedy recovery. The team needs their captian back. But they are doing pretty good. Your my role modle and I look to you for guidence through my basketball and they look for your guidence through the season. Get well soon bro

Cshoulder | on 19/11/07

It’s been a tough stretch, even tougher with you out of the lineup, but I’ve seen great things from the team even during this very hard time, and it gives me the confidence that when everyone is healthy and on the same page, the Rockets will be more than able to achieve everything they put their minds to do.

lixia | on 19/11/07

hey.tracy..hope u will be recover asap…

We all need you! | on 19/11/07

I am concerned about at you suffer from .I hope you can get well quickly

Sadiq | on 19/11/07

Hey T. Sadly, nobody has been hitting their shots, and hopefully your recovery won’t take long, cuz the team needs you man. Make a safe and healthy recovery!

Kenny | on 19/11/07

Hey man hope u get well soon. I hope u score a lot the frist game off the injury. score 40 or more nothin less! And Happy Holidays!

Enter your name... | on 19/11/07

thats wats up man u need to hurry up and get back in there cuz houston needs u man and want to start watchin the rockets with u on them cuz you make tha team a whole lot better .hope u get that title u want and maybe another scoring title to got with it huh?

Living Dream | on 19/11/07

We are waiting for you come back !

T-mac !

Ryan Dorsey | on 19/11/07

T-mac you read a lot messages so i doubt you’ll get this but your the leader of the rockets and Steve Francis and Yoa cant do it by them selves so get better and i hope and pray you win a championship ring happy holidays,


Anthea | on 19/11/07

Hope to see a healthy T-MAC!
We Chinese fans love you best forever!

Jonathan | on 19/11/07

Hey man, we are missing you out there, we being all die hard Rocket fans here in Houston. I love what you are doing in the city I have grown up in and hope you get back to doing what you do on the court soon. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the game. Keep your head up and you will be fine bro. Wishing you and your family happy holidays as well,


Amneet Singh | on 19/11/07

Yooooo tmac i doubt if u get this but mann Rockets need you get better and become the leagues highest scorer!!!

Robin Michelle | on 19/11/07

I hope you feel better soon T-Mac and get back to us soon….We really need you out there, lol

From your #1 Fan here in Houston, Texas

arslan ( arzy ) | on 19/11/07

hey man yo i have a very important question why are you retiering i think you shouldnt because ur the best baller out there and i am your number one fan

d dubs | on 19/11/07

yo t-man im looking forward to u returning and just in time cuz ur games on wed and fri will be on espn. cant wait to watch u kick some ass dude. ur my boy

Tony Holloway | on 19/11/07

Am from Arkansas, Little Rock you don’t know me but your my Fav player in the NBA, I’ve been watching you since you’ve came out when I was 7 years old in 1997, I told my grandfarther that I want to be like you. but that will never happend. I like that left hand shot you took in the game at the free throw. when I get in the NBA im going to challenge you so watch out

G.C | on 19/11/07

I hope you can play vs Dallas and we are waiting for your first 50 points game this season. You are the 2007-2008 MVVP.

Enter your name... | on 19/11/07

t mac will you be back in time for the dallas game cause we need you then and im your biggetst fan ive followed you since your last year in toronto

pierre | on 19/11/07

tell the coach to give franchise more game time

Terell | on 19/11/07

Iam like one of your best fans kind of mad you injured but hope you recover soon so you can get this rockets back on track

kris | on 19/11/07

damn! i was very dissapointed when i heard that you are injured.. this year is the year that you are waiting for since your rookie seaosn.. get well soon man.. i know when you get back.. rockets will get back on track! win the scoring and the nba title!chill men!

mandy | on 19/11/07

good luck to you
you are the best


YOW T-MAC My idol.. i know yao and the rest of the groups can do better when you are out for now.. i have a trust to them.. just relax there and recover well.. see yeah in your next game..

durrell | on 19/11/07

TMAC u are my favorite player and i believe that this is our year if we get atleast one more player to step up that we could make it to the finals. I have faith in my rockets and i hope we keep getting better as the team goes along.

aaa | on 19/11/07


nicolas | on 19/11/07

you are the best players of this season you must come back very quickly !!!! you will be the MVP !! sorry I am french

Carlos | on 19/11/07

i im from mozambique, im ur number 1 fan.please bee back soon.t_mac all aroun the world

Joshfarc | on 18/11/07

I took you number 1 in my fantasy draft, a week is a week, the rockets are deep enough to play without you for a few games. Best of luck, and of course best of luck with the swelling, we need you back, fantasy team is hurting without you.

Enter your name... | on 18/11/07

Hope to see a healthy T-MAC, I am a chinese girl

jdubb863 | on 18/11/07

get well soon. those guys really need you out there. i’m holdin you down from h.c. but now in adale. see ya at the game in mia on fri (hopefully)!!

baller789 | on 18/11/07

ay tracy do u think ur gunna play against the heat the 23?

Don Carl | on 18/11/07

Hey Tmac My Man! I was really upset with what happened to you on the lakers game, hope you can be 100% against dallas! and be healthy on the rest of the season. wishing you all the best man! GO ROCKETS!!!

hey,t-mac | on 18/11/07

i expect you to play on wensday on espn and please get the scoring title this year

Aphay, Alex | on 18/11/07

Sorry about that tmac! hope you get better and that you’ll be back in the line-up soon! we love you, go ROCKETS!

Kelly in HTown | on 18/11/07

Going to the Rockets-Mavs game this Wednesday - would love to see you healed up and playing!! Best wishes - get well soon!!!

[email protected] my myspace | on 18/11/07

yuurrrr waz good hope u get better…..add me on myspace man and keep playing like a mvp

linkin | on 18/11/07

i just wanna wish you the best of luck in the process of your elbow.In when come back that you could be more unstoppable then your are.In hopelly good luck this year in good luck in the playoff.In make sure that you win the score title.

your man

Ivan | on 18/11/07

Cant wait to see you back in action

Brian Robinson | on 18/11/07

T-mac u need to heal quickly. The rockets need u back for the Dallas game on wednesday. They can’t function without you. Try to get better and when u come back continue to tear it up man!

HTown | on 18/11/07

Hey Tracy

Hope you’re ok and looks like you are. You wanted to play against Phoenix but it was a good decision that you didn’t play. Now we play next game on Wednesday. So be ready you need to carry a team especially now when you’re a scorer

Leo | on 18/11/07

Get well!! The Rockets need you!!!

Mazuelos AKA Grotsnik | on 18/11/07

Hey T-Mac, you know what Houston can do without you in the court (2 loss…) so we need you! When I watched you hurt the elbow in the past game against LAL (by the way, amazing free throw with your left hand) I was worried but you know, I’m sure you will be ready soon to help and lead the Rockets to another 6-1 run!
All the support, from Seville (South of Spain).

talya | on 18/11/07

hey t-mac im in maryland holdin you down. I hope u get better soon the team needs you their stuggling.Get well soon

ahmad | on 18/11/07

youre the mvp this year im positive

Ali Jaffri | on 18/11/07

Well T-Mac when your elbow feels better will you still be the same t-Mac that started the Season off?Healthy

Yakun WANG | on 18/11/07

The best news is nothing is broken or torn.Good luck to you and Rockets.oh, my English is poor

Ishmeal | on 18/11/07

wass up t-mac, man was i mad when u got hurt, i stopped watching because i was so upset. but i’m glad that its not that serious and u can get back to kicking the league’s butt. Your my favorite player and always will be. In my eyes, and no matter what happens, your the MVP

ilmd | on 18/11/07

You are NO.1 in my heart forever! I believe you can win the champion.
Come on,tracy! Best wishes for you and your family!

ゆう | on 18/11/07

fight!But you need sleeping now!

shiney | on 18/11/07

Come on!My dearest t-mac~~~~

shiney | on 18/11/07

Best wishes.We are waiting for your excellent performance.

Jason (from China) | on 18/11/07

Tracy! Come on , We all fans are waiting to see your fantasy moments!

I can’t wait to see you and your guys holding the champion cup!

This season is your season , this is the right time for Rockets!

You needn’t come back again ,‘cause you are born to succeed!

And the last . nothing is impossible!

Brian | on 18/11/07

although my team is the one you got injured against and i’m happy they won, you are my favorite player and i wish you a speedy recovery because i love to see you out n the court. get better and win that MVP

litonbalover | on 17/11/07

r u going to play when you go against the sacramento kings in december 1st?

Ur fav | on 17/11/07

YA t-mac, lets see you play the lakers again and score 82 on em. That should tell em not to mess with t-mac.

Ivan | on 17/11/07

Whats up t-mac, hope to see u back in action soon.

your biggest fan in L.A., Ivan

fantansy | on 17/11/07


Timmy from TW | on 17/11/07

We need you!
Rockets need you!
Get well soon.

All T-Mac fans from Taiwan | on 17/11/07

Rockets need you!

They just lost 4 games after you left!

So we need you come back to save the Rockets!

Get well soon , God bless you.

All the fans want to see you beat other guys!

d dubs | on 17/11/07

t-mac ur my boy and always have been and im excited about u starting out the leading scorer in the league early off and i want to see back on the court doin ur thing so get well soon

Shannon | on 17/11/07

Dear Tracy, I am a HUGE fan. I watch every game the Rockets play. I was sorry to see you were injured but I know you’ll be back soon….stronger & better than ever. Good luck.


JoZe Camargo | on 17/11/07

Get Well T-Mac We Need Your leadership In The Team…

Darius English | on 17/11/07

wats up T-Mac, srry wat happened 2 u cuz. You waz ballin on em till oboy bumped into u. im only 15 but i look up 2 you wen it comes 2 basketball. u probably get mad fan mail but i hope u feel betta man, and don’t let it stop u. if u could send a mesage jus to let me kno u actually read dis. send 2 [email protected]

get betta soon Darius “Deezy” English

Eric & Maria | on 17/11/07

Get well soon!!

麦迪 | on 17/11/07

come on ,my love!I miss you very much .We need you all the time!

Benjamin | on 17/11/07

From Chile, wishing you, your best NBA year.
Benjamín Gómez.

gerardo | on 17/11/07

good luck tmac

David Ha | on 17/11/07

With you out, I had expected Steve Francis to get some minutes, but he didn’t. I think he could help a lot.I hope you get better soon so you can kick some more butt.

milo baker from millwaukee wisconsin | on 17/11/07

dear t mac i hope yor elbow gets better i have ben praying for you since the day it happend and i will continue to do so. i hope one day i get to meet you so that i cold face you in a one one one love milo.

Dustin from Germany | on 17/11/07

I wish you luck that you can play soon !!!!!!
You are my favaourite player!!!!!!

T-Mac for LIFE !!!!!

Dustin from Germany

Sam Chan | on 17/11/07

Hope you will be well enough to play on 11/21, I’ll be there to cheer the Rockets.
Best Wishes.

牛红奎 | on 17/11/07

No dout your ability! More brave heart and more brave confidences,you will make new history! Come on! wish you better soon! Back to every battle and go to find more victories!

ken dee | on 17/11/07

Yea A very speedy recovery!!Maybe Steve can get off the bench and see some playing time. Can you help? get well soon!

Wang junhong(china) | on 17/11/07

We will support you forever.You are the best basketball player in our mind.

Myra | on 17/11/07

Haveing a good rest and care youself.
Good luck!

Myra | on 17/11/07

T-MAC!Good luck!

margrette wu | on 17/11/07

Hello,T-mac,I’m a Chinese girl. I watched the match with Lakers. Are you better now? It is reported that you want to play at the match with Suns tomorrow. Though I do want to see you at the match soon, I’d rather want you to have a break till you recover from the injury completely. That’s all.
Best wish to you!
A Chinese fan.

Daisy | on 17/11/07

T-Mac ,don’t too worry about the games.Your health is more important.We still have many chances to win as long as you & Yao are in a good state.So please have a entriely recovery not just a speedy one.

Lindsay | on 17/11/07

forever support T-MAC and forever believe Rockets is the best.

eric of philippines | on 17/11/07

get well soon tracy… i bought your shoe yesterday..its pretty cool…

Amy Smile | on 16/11/07

Tracy,I am a Chinese girl.And I want you to konw that you are a king in my heart.Wherever you are and whatever you do,I Will support you forever ! Come on and do your best!We all trust you!! You will come! We all will come
Love you Forever
Amy Smile(My name is Ma Minyu)

Zhong Chao | on 16/11/07

I want to be your friend.When something happen to you,do not worry,I will be forevey love you.I hope you can achieve you dreams.The ring will be wear in your hands.My English is not well.By the way,good luck.
My e-mail:[email protected] Yours best fan

liujie | on 16/11/07

Hope u recover soon,Rockets need u,our fans need u

howard han | on 16/11/07

hope u would recover fast, and play with the team to win NBA championship this year

SUSY MARTINEZ | on 16/11/07


T-Mac 4 MVP | on 16/11/07

What’s going on T-Mac… huge fan here.. hope your elbow heals soon.. can’t wait to see you back in action.. i really would love to see you take the scoring title this year am tired of everyone talking about kobe ballhog bryant.. but anyways since your injured now and the rockets need another scoring option.. why hasn’t Adelman gone to Francis.. his a proven scorer.. is there something that we don’t know about that is going on in the locker room..???

tmackin o1 | on 16/11/07

hope u get better really fast tmac

Enter your name... | on 16/11/07

Get well soon. I love basketball. I love the Houston Rockets. I love all of you. You, Yao Ming, and the other basketball players that play for the Houston Rockets are cute.

Mike | on 16/11/07

Bro i hope you feel better. I am your biggest fan ever and i can wait for the miami game cause i’ll be there and hope you’ll be there playing. Love you man

Sam | on 16/11/07

Tracy i hope u really do make a really really fast recovery we really need u T-mac we just lost to san antonio, i hope u fully recover from your elbow injury, good luck as the season goes on, Im defenitly one of your BIGGEST fans ever, good luck

shelly | on 16/11/07

you are the best!
we are all love you forever!
I am from china,so my English is poor.
Hope you have a heathy body!

MoyaPR | on 16/11/07

Hey T-Mac I just hope that you’ll continue on the same track you were before the injury. By the way I wish you to recover as fast as possible. Take care.

lixia | on 16/11/07

hope u will back to the courst soon…