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Mon, Nov 23rd 2009, 09:12

Update on Return

Hey everyone

I want to keep everyone posted on what’s happening, so here it goes. It’s looking as if I may be back on the court this week. I know there were reports going around that there were issues with me and the coach but there isn’t. Together, we are looking at the best scenario on when my return should be, and we are hopeful it will be this week. The team is playing great together and getting me back out there is a decision my coach, doctors and general manager will help make.

I saw this morning there were reports that I was out of practice yesterday because of a sore back. The truth is that we didn’t even have practice yesterday. Now, I know how rumors get started so I need to put this one to rest. I slipped the other day in Atlanta at the game and landed on my tail bone. If any of you have ever done that, then you know it’s no big deal, but just is sore. We all know how “T-Mac out because of back” can get interpreted the wrong way, so I thought I would explain before that train spun out of control.

All is good here and again, I appreciate your support, love and continued encouragement. Hopefully, you will see me back on the court playing this week.



Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Cameron Taylor | on 10/12/09

Hey T-Mac I agree with everyone else it will be great to see you in action again but I was wondering what number will you wear now that Trevor is wearing number 1?

tmacangel | on 10/12/09




stylez | on 10/12/09

Yo tra whats going on with the sixers game fri i got tickets am hearing they sayin you might play whats up yo they freeing you up or what? just keep doing you first one to practice last one to leave the MJ stuff thats how you get back there cause from the outside it look like they not trying to play you till the midpoint of the season whats up let ya fans know something keep it real cause the team is playing great ball landry has been playing most improved this year trever would look good next you but that lack of a player to spread the ball out anit in there brooks is a scoring point like lou any way let us know whats up!

T.J. | on 10/12/09

Tracy can we get another update????? in your last one you said you were going to be back that week, that was on nov. 23rd.

Bendalulu | on 10/12/09

hey!Daring…See you has been six years!Like your stubborn,like your eye,Like you that there is no arc of the shot,at no time I think of giving up you,Even if someday you do not play…

Hyomin Chong | on 10/12/09

I am a die hard Rockets fan because of you Tracy. I knew you were going to be one of the elite players in the game when I first saw you play in 2000 with the Raptors. Everybody was hyped about Vince Carter but I was hyped about watching you take the jumpers and hard drives. I know you have been battling injuries off and on last couple of years, don’t be discouraged by the media or what people say about where you are with the team now. You are still T-Mac and there is still millions of fans that still wait anxiously for your return to be on top. Kobe is not my favorite player, Lebron is not my favorite player, you are. I believe deeply in my heart you are the most talented player since M. Jordan. You have all the potential and more to be the champ. So lets go out this year and get the Championship.

p.s. I live in seattle and before the sonics disappeared, I use to go to every Houston vs Sonics game every year on my birthday in January. One time you heard me scream out, “ let’s go T-Mac,” you heard me as you were dribbling across half court and that moment I shouted out, you took a step back and laughed. Oh man, that made my day. Just knowing you heard me gave me something to bragg about to my friends. They all think its stupid to brag about something like that but it will definitely stick with me forever. You the man!

anthony | on 10/12/09

man no matter what they say your always going to be the best tmac and i want you to come back and show all these all the people that your the allstar player that you are and no one in the nba has ever scored 13 pts in 33 seconds we want you back i check espn everyday and your website to see when your coming back because ill be at the game wearing number three to see my boy, to show every one that we dont need lebron or dwade…, nobody just you to be back and healthy so you can hurt everybodys feelings because we back and you did not go through all the training to waist your time …. its our time now houstons time to shine and its your job to lead the wolf pack we got , will be waiting best fans in the world houston

Tracy Zhang | on 9/12/09

hi,Tmac it’s my first time leaving message to u, all i want to say is F the rumors around u, always believed in u, hope a 100% Tmac on court.Best

Keith Somerville | on 9/12/09

T-Mac take your time and handle your businesss Bro. people are going to talk even when you’re up or down.So feeling both sides of that coin you realize that you can’t let any of it effect you as a person.Your African story I feel that deeply show’s growth in one’s charcter, and thats what it’s all about really in life.Even though you are one of the best to ever do it out there.So STAY STRONG & CONSCIENCE....

Kiontae | on 9/12/09

i just cnt wait until u cum bac. ppl say ur a injure prone but i disagree so wen u cum bac i wont u 2 get off like wen u fiirst cam 2 da nba gud luk

T Mac fan #1 | on 9/12/09

didn’t get on for a while but all of those people who made up the rumor are mental. TMAC IS DA BEAST!!!!!!!

dong | on 9/12/09

hi , i am a yao ming’s fan. so i love rocks and i love you too t mac. i have some question for you. what do you really want from nba now? NBA title ring? or big contract ? or you just want get on court? assuming that the rocks get in paly off, how can they win ? we dont have good player in centre. so we win erevy game so hard. i guess 50% change rocks can get in second game of palyoff. but if they keep you get on court later or almost close to playoff. then we will get every team uncomfortable . we may get 75 % change or more in the palyoff. so we can use this team without you get in palyoff or they keep good record right now. then you dont need come out so rush.think what do you want the most. give the change for you teammate and your dream.

Marcus | on 9/12/09

Tracy McGrady (The greatest 2guard I ever seen play basketball next to MJ) Cant wait to see you play again, I order the nba ticket every year to watch you destroy every defender with ease. Everyone thinks kobe 81 was great, but i remember u beating san antonio by scoring double digit points in about 30 some odd seconds, now that was great. Now you been through it all, now get back on that court and remind the media, the fans, and above all the players who the hell you are!!!!

kevin | on 9/12/09

Look man ima need you to get back on the court and put up number cause i keep telling my boys you the truth.i know you still can play and im waiting on your return but get better first so when you do come back you can dominate.

Tony Swafford | on 9/12/09

i cant wait till you get back man!!! i love your play man!!

OneISoul | on 9/12/09

I’ll support you forever.Nothing’s can change my love for you!

Arthur ed de Ocampo | on 9/12/09

Tracy, I’m a big fan and just wanted to tell you that we, your fans are dying to see you play again. hope you stay healthy.

jhay | on 9/12/09

tmac just take easy… im hoping to see you soon out there on the floor and taking those guys in school special kobe.. his good because you are not there! tc tmac may no.1 idol…

Rodney P | on 8/12/09

TMAC. I’m in the fight with ya Bro. I get in so many arguments with other people about you being the best player in the league prior to your injury. In my opinion, I respect you on the court as well as off the court because I have never seen your name in headlines for doing stupid stuff. Also, what I see and hear in the media you seem to be very humble. Keep praying God will keep you through this. No Weapon (you know the rest).

wilson | on 8/12/09

Tracy is the third best SG in the league,kOBE D-WADE, HE COULD BE NUMBER TWO if he stays healthy, so we want you back, but don’t hurry throught it.

Pavlos | on 8/12/09

Hey Mac, can we get another update?


MANAN | on 8/12/09

I was a girl from China, I have just one sentence to say to you, Tracy, I tell you, cardiac death, and love not be extinguished, loyalty does not disappear.

Cody | on 8/12/09

T-MAC!! We need another update…were on pins and needles here…your gonna do nothing but help this new-look rockets squad and we’re ready!! You can put us over the top in some of these close games we’ve been losing. Good luck, would love another update or timetable when we’ll see you back on the court.

Josh | on 7/12/09

Tracy and company, I would like to know more about your documentary from Darfur. should update that link. YOu have more than 2 kids now, and Bush is no longer the Pres…

Jherwin | on 7/12/09

Hey Tmac! how are you? its a good news that your too close of coming back to play. we’re all excited to see you play once again. Im your biggest fan here in the PH, please get well with 100% superstar TMAC. Prove them that its not injury that can stop you them your passion of playing with heart. i will wait for the old Superstar TMAC!!!


tony | on 7/12/09

Hi Grady, I am a guy from china who is your honest fan ,these days i always hear somebody talked about you ,some medias even foresee that you will be sold out ,which raged me quite a lot. i think you are the greatest nba player nowadays,and your talent and skills is much better than bryant,kobe is just so so.i hope you could come back in the nba court as soon as possible !waiting for your excellent shooting ! We chinese believe in you man!com'n !

francis | on 7/12/09

can`t wait for your return man, coz what the rockets are lacking is a go to guy at crunch time. No disrespect to trevor and brooks, but weyou can`t go very far scoring 20 but taking that many field goal attempts.

mick | on 7/12/09

I live too close to Los Angeles and can’t stand looking, hearing and watching anything that has to do with the lakers. All they do is talk crap about other nba teams especially houston. When the lakers played them last month they were saying the rockets were going to be a lottery team. They put down yao for getting injured again and my man tracy for being too old. Do they remember that we almost beat them last year in the second round of the playoffs. We were without tracy for the year and yao got hurt in game 5 of the laker series. Rockets won game 6 in houston without a center and we ended up losing game 7 in Los Angeles. OK, no yao and no mcgrady is like going no bryant and no gasol. The lakers wouldn’t win a game without those two. We beat the lakers again last month in Los angeles without our big 2. Now back to our current squad. I haven’t missed a game since last march. I’ve been a rocket fan for my whole 39 years of my life and I’ve never appreciated a team more in my life. They play their butts off every night. Landry is the most improved player in the nba. scola. lowry. chuck, and landry are so mentally and physically tough. Brooks is faster than light which makes a great combo with lowery. Then you have ariza who is the 2nd most improved player in the nba. His finesse and athletic ability makes him a perfect fit with my man tracy if those damn assistant coaches let him play. Tracy, I have a feeling that you and ariza are going to play great together. You don’t need to come down the court and get get triple teamed anymore. And if they do the rockets are so explosive that you wont need to score. Remember, team chemistry wins championships. Even though you are better than everyone in the nba it doesn’t mean you nedd the ball. I believe if you blend in to the current offense that the rockets are running right now then it will benefit the rockets down the road. If you don’t score much when you get back then teams won’t double or triple team you anymore and then you could score at will. when you come back you should average around 12 points, 7 rebounds and 5 assists. Most importantly, I believe you are great defensively. Concentrate on playing good team defense and getting rebounds. Good defense=easy fast break points. Rockets need a go to man, too. Landry is doing a great job now but his 6-3 body goes up against 7 footers every night and still finds a way to score. They kept up the ship long enough now it’s time to shine Tracy. We need your legs in the fourth quarter. Hope to see you back soon and remember team chemistry wins championships. I can’t wait to see you out there with ariza and brooks.

courtney guidry | on 7/12/09

hery mac what up? hey man i am praying for your return to court as rocket. i to can’t wait to see you back out their with the guys. so man keep your head up. keep doing what your doing man. you know what your capable of. take care of your self and your family, because at the end thats what matters most. peace.

courtney guidry one of your biggest fans

richard | on 7/12/09

Good to see you progressing with your knee but we still need you back with the rockets were doing “ok” so far without you but we still need that PUSH we need those points and the rebounds and the assisst people doubting you but i kno you gonna come back with a bang you took us to the top before and i kno you can do it again hope to see you in that cavaliers game.

brandob johnson | on 7/12/09

i love ur game so much i think you are the best that ever played da game i want to meet you so bad that i would die for it. people think you done but i dont prove them wrong for

Arjay Astibe | on 7/12/09

“McGrady Expects Return to Elite Status” I believe in this. You got talent man! I’m waiting for you to return and I know you are now in a very good condition,and when you return I know you’ll again create an explosion in the NBA history. More Power and Goodluck.

BJ | on 7/12/09

T-Mac is Neat-O!!!

wu | on 7/12/09

i love you ,t-mac.come on

jizhenxing | on 6/12/09

t-mac you will back , come on !i belive you will back !
rockts need you! fighting!

Jeanette | on 6/12/09

I will be waiting patiently on your return. I told all of your haters that you will come back in full force. Cant wait. I will forever be your fan!

Lv Zhaohai | on 6/12/09

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jason | on 6/12/09

T-Mac, I glad you are making a return this season. I know you want to be back on the floor with your team mates. I know you want to get back out there cause its your job, and you enjoy being out there. The ROckets know the kneed you if the playoffs. The Rockets are going to make the playoff this year. We play great team defense, and do not take any plays off. I hope when you come back you compliment the system. Look at other NBA teams. Teams win championships. Superstars may help close it out and come up big. You alreasy seen superstars do not do it alone. Every knows you are a superstar and you skills. So I hope you can fit into Adelman’s Rockets.

Wayne | on 6/12/09

I am ready to see you play at a high level again. It must have been tough trying to play hurt for the past year or more. Hurry back and stay healthy

Nick Nguyen | on 6/12/09

T-Mac, just stay stong as you are and continue work hard and don’t give up. We will (you and the Rockets) be that much better when you are heathier. Hope to see you play soon!!!

Ali | on 6/12/09

Hey Tracy, I met you way back when in your 18 years old in Toronto. I was in grade 5. I’m in college now. Your still my all time favourite player. I love the way you shoot your pull up jump shots and your dribbling is so sharp. The dunks are phenomenal.I honestly am not excited by the NBA anymore, if you don’t come back I have nothing to look forward to. Please get real healthy and come back stronger than ever. Your a good genuine humble person in person aswell. I respect the work you doing for darfur. May Allah reward you bro. Peace Salam.

SEAN | on 6/12/09

Hey, T-mac. I’m just wondering how often do you update your blog, cause we really want to hear something new from you other than the comments from the Media, like how is it going with your recovery and when are you goning to return. Looking forward to seeing you back on court wearing No3 and show us your great performance.

Keep fighting!!

Keith | on 6/12/09

You got drooped in my fantasy league and I just picked you up. Just wondering when I can expect you in my lineup. It is December 6th as I write it.

Hope all is well


passion | on 6/12/09

HI!T-MAC,I’m from china! I want to tell you:I need you,we need you!so,I hope you can back as soon as possible! I’m WAITING... 麦迪:加油!

omar coronado | on 6/12/09

T-Mac cant wait to see you back on the court doing what you do best. dunking on shawn bradly…

wangjue | on 6/12/09

tmc I ANM YOU FANS I’M come from china 。I will always be on your side forever. GOOD LUCK FROM YOU

sebastiatan | on 6/12/09

hey tracy you are my idol plz come back in the court….............and can i have your shoes just any shoes plzzz…..^_^your are untouchable my idol..

Yac | on 5/12/09

yooo t-mac. lets go kid. make the nba exciting to watch again plz. lol hope 2 see u ball again. peace

Stephan | on 5/12/09

What’s the latest? I can’t wait to see you back on the court. I took my sons to the Spurs came that you scored double digits in less than 15 seconds. What a game! We still talk about that night and I’m thinking that is the T-Mac that is going to return. You still have thousands of fans in Houston so don’t get caught-up in some of the stuff you are hearing on our sports radio station.

jake | on 5/12/09

yo when you coming back, man? the team needs ya bad!

TMacFan | on 5/12/09

Man… what’s up with you not playing?????? This is getting very frustrating for your fans - must even be worse for you. Can you at least get them to TELL you what needs to be right before you can play? Looks like they are just shafting you, bro… rather get traded than be kept out of playing… ALL your fans miss you, and just not seeing you play for no good reasons is get ANNOYING!

You’re the best!!

bryan | on 5/12/09

hey tmac..hurry back please.. i miss you a lot in the court.. i voted you in all star so please come back soon..

bryan | on 5/12/09

hey gus im tmac,s fan also kip on supporting tmac.. pray for his health.. hope too come back tmac soon i miss him a lot in the court…... im also from Philippines.. vote t-mac for all star pls..

wayne | on 4/12/09

t-mac you been my boi in insperation cant wait till you get bacc

bronwyn | on 4/12/09

hey t.mac
though you looked very handsome in your “bench” clothes, we desperately need you back on the court! The team is great and it is fun watching them mature, but any fan with knowledge of the game knows we need you to get to the next stage. Fun and exciting is okay for the regular season, but we need to have a legitimate threat in the post season; someone that demands a double, triple team so the other guys can get open shots on a consistent basis. We miss you Mcgrady, and the excitement of when you first signed with the Rockets will be the same once you return. We all think you should consider a job in modeling whenever your NBA career is over :_) Much love to you and your lovely wife and family…....

Joseph | on 4/12/09

Hey T-Mac,

I can’t wait til you make your return. I’ve been following your progress and it looks like you will finally come back very soon and with minimal to no pain either. The league isn’t ready for T-Mac….can’t wait for your first dunk! I know you want to play right away but you can understand where they’re coming from in terms of bringing you back slowly. Rest assured, you’ll be back to your all-star self in no time.

God Bless!

- Joseph

henry | on 4/12/09

i think the rockets r doin good but when t-mac gets back in the game the rockets r goin to b a better team better then the lakers

Gus | on 4/12/09

Hey T-Mac, i’m from the philippines and i just got to say that i always patterned my game after you from your clutch 3 point shots to your fade way jumpshot and especially your ballhandling and passing skills i just wish one day that an nba scout come here and draft me even though im still 13 i already have a scholarship to la salle for sports well hank you for inspiration good luck in your return…...

Robert | on 4/12/09

I cant wait for your return man its gonna be epic! I got you in my fantasy with D-Wade, and D-Will!!! Hurry back and get healthy fast, my team needs you!!! Oh yeah! I also wanted to say I loved when you and Vince played together in Toronto, those were the days man. When you both were dunking on every team man I miss you man retire as a Toronto Raptor with Vince Carter???

isaac | on 4/12/09

t-mac let me start off by saying ur the best player I’m ya biggest fan, what I dnt understand is why anit they letting u play ur ready to play I seen ur videos and the coachs anit letting u play what I think they r doing is just letting u sit till they cum out wit a trade there Haten on u man, but anyways I hope to get another update on ur return, can’t wait to see u on the court. peace

Nerm | on 3/12/09

During your long rehab for your knee, did you have any type of injection (viscosupplement) to speed up or help the healing process?
All my best for the rest of the 2009/2010 season

willy | on 3/12/09

yes and we are also waiting to see when will your first game at. rockets 3-0 on this road trip and are going for 4-0 on saturday.

TRON | on 3/12/09


Ronnie Rose | on 3/12/09

Hurry Back T-Mac. The Rockets are s good team but the Rockets are better with you than without you. We, Houston Fans, love to see you play basketball. We know it has not been easy for you and Yoa but the worst is over now. A thing of the past. God will guide our team to Victory. May God bless you and your family and may God bless your Rockets family. We, the fans, love you very much and can’t wait to see T-Mac lead us to another Championship. God Bless us all!!!

juan | on 3/12/09

Tracy when u gonna play men comeback already these team is gonna be better whit u playing

Taurus | on 3/12/09

Tracy, Im pulling for you!!! Its coming T-Mac! Just remember and keep in mind all the hard work over this summer with Tim Grover and his crew. Clear your mind and try to stay positive with this crazy situation you are in. You have the opportunity to surpass your former greatness. Because so many haters have already written you off, but somthing is not settled with you and thats gonna be your weapon!! Good luck and GOD bless!!!

gloria | on 3/12/09

hi tracey! I am a huge fan of yours and I“ve been eagarly awaiting your return. Yes the team is playing good, but we still need the Mac attack!! Please inform me of your return to the court. I can’t wait for you to show all the nay sayers what’s really up! I am defending you almost every day, but I don“t mind at all.

with the love of Christ always,

abhi | on 3/12/09

what’s REALLY going on with tmac’s return?! i mean is it a publicity stunt to get more hype or are u really not ready?!

r.p | on 3/12/09

cant wait for your return in the court man.. just continue to work hard and pray man..

David Hutchison | on 3/12/09

yo Mac….. let me start by saying I am your number one fan hands down (no disrespect to everyone else here). Can you hook us up with another update on your return status? I got courtside tickets to the Nets vs. Rockets game on December 26th so you HAVE TO be ready by then at least man. Plus, I need yo numbers for my fantasy team. I can only imagine how frustrating it is that Adelman isn’t letting you play… I’ve read all the articles sounds like some major BS. Just watched all the ESPN videos you did with Mike Breen on the RV absolutely hilarious…. I can already tell you’re gonna be a great analyst on ESPN once you retire (not for awhile). Oh and that pre game left handed 3 point contest you had with Hayes….. you got some work to do haha…... good luck man

ZiFeng,Yuan | on 2/12/09

Hey,t-mac.I’m 16 and am your fan,I’m from China.This is my first time to be here.My English is not well.But I want to tell you,I expect your behavior.I play basketball everyday,someone tell me what bad things that you have done in the game,but I just believe in you.Everytime nobody can understand me,I try to cast off anything,so,I think I need you to be my hero.
Come on,just do our best.

kelland | on 2/12/09

Mac, Thank you for your donation to your fan who is suffering from leukaemia! Yesterday, the China Red Cross organization informed him to take the money. Thank you very much. We are so moved and exciting. To tell you a good news, your fan“cool” is recovering from the leukaemia now. I think he will be completely healthy very soon.And I also hope that you will be complete healthy and return to the basketball court ASAP. Can’t wait to see you play and let all the haters shut up. Best wishes and good luck to you. peace, kelland

Cameron L. | on 2/12/09

Tear it up this week, the team needs you!

Kevin Andrews | on 2/12/09

Can’t wait til you get back on the hardwood with that red number 3 on your chest. Good Luck

rob V | on 2/12/09

T-mac cant wait til you come back man, team looks good but we need that proven scorer who commands double team especially in the 4th quarter thats where we struggle.

Clint Cochrane | on 2/12/09

ima big fan ..matter of fact i been watchin ya since u grew to be my favorite player..anyway i got your high school orlando magic atugraphed jersey(which had a $700+ price tag on, an ya rocket jersey..p.s. tell VC he look a lil heavy…he need to drop a few pounds…lol

JOHN | on 2/12/09


harold petit | on 2/12/09

Tracy boy hope you get back on the court soon iii like next game lol
Take your time my man be you my favorite player im trying to get tickets for march 21st when you come to the garden
im hoping to get some close seat so i could least get an autograph on my T-macjersey but we will see
once again good luck man and way to stay dedicated…...shows the kind of teammates you are

Tino | on 2/12/09

It’s good to here you are comming back we really missed watching you play on the court and real glad to here you will be back Good Luck and have Fun

Eric Caldwell Sr. | on 2/12/09

Tracy ur a grate baller my son Eric jr. luv’s u we don’t miss any games i’m very good friends with John Legget missy’s dad but have’nt herd from them since her release,anyway when u return this week stay healthie and remember u can’t doo it so take it easy guy and drop it like it’s hot ! We luv ya Caldwell Family!

ramona | on 2/12/09

I am looking forward to your return. Would love to see you and Ariza together. I think you two will be great together. Of course add Yao and it will be fantastic!

Natalya Rocha | on 2/12/09

Cant see wait to see one of the best in my eyes, hit the court again!

William | on 2/12/09

the most important thing is recover.
wish for you~~

wendy | on 2/12/09

Hey,Tracy. I’m a girl from China.Love you very much.Though I’m look’in forward to seeing you back to court,I hope you can take good care of yourself.Your good condition is the most important thing for you and your fans! Best wishes for you and your family! *^__^*(smile……)

kidd79 | on 2/12/09

hey man miss you on the court. but glad your getting healthy. cant wait to see you play with this new look rockets i think your going to fit in great with the selflesss play that this group has i actually think this is the team you’ve been waiting on your whole career were everyone is involved nobody is demanding you to take over but if necassarry i know you can do it if not sombody else will man im ramvling have a great year. nah you know what have a fun year you #3 fan kenny

Marco Escano | on 1/12/09

Hello Mr. McGrady,

I drafted you in my fantasy basketball league team. I hope you play soon. Godspeed!


Taray Green | on 1/12/09

Hey Tracy. This is your Cuzzo from D.C. just stopping through to show you some love. I hope the comeback is near completion. I will definately be in the house when yall come to D.C. in March. You always give the Wizards and their fans something to remember. Anyway, give my best to all the fam… Peace….

John Davila | on 1/12/09

Hey mcgrady just wanting to tell you i feel your pain. I here those rumors going around but i dont belive them. I know when you go back on the court youll help the team tremendously. Hopefully everything will just get put behind you. Dont think about it. All i hope is to see you back on the court. Cant wait to see you breaking peoples ankles and shooting last shoots to win the game. No pressure just take your time and youll be out there. Thanks : john

Ali | on 1/12/09

howt going i wana ask you
why did you give up you’ number ?
gt wel soon.

ELS | on 1/12/09

As much as I want to see you return to the court, I know it will be greater later.

God Speed T-Mac

Drazen | on 1/12/09

Hey! Tracy… im lookin foward… to see u in action… and just can’t wait that moment… I miss u a lot…
I just wanna se u out there on a court… and killing everybody… peace… fan from croatia

derrick whitley | on 1/12/09

wats up mac… wats this about the celtics you goin green us lol listen werever u go u kno ur fans will follow just wanna see u back on the court u dont know how many arguments i get into about u and ur return but idc i will will argue for days if i have to cause i know ur gunna come back and prove to eveeryone why yur the best but ok i gotta get back to class looking forward to the update shout me out the names derrick but go by “d-whit”

peace and love

Lawrence Kire | on 1/12/09


wangyinan | on 1/12/09

Hey,Tracy,I am a student from china.I miss you very much.In fact,in china there are many people like you,even more than that in the U.S.I hope that Iwill see you in play groud one day .Iwill be happy if you give me an e-mail.Best wishes toyou. 你永远是我心中的神!!!

Marquis | on 30/11/09

Im still here checkn on ya 3

phil | on 30/11/09

HEY TMAC this Phil man when you get the chance please write me back i been waiting for so long for you to shut these boys up cause i know you about to comeback explosive, i always wanted to meet you man i dont even kno why i guess cause you just great cant wait to hear tmac to the rack….i kno u hear alot from people that there ur biggest fan but i doubt it i been over hear blievein n wait for your arrival, i really dnt care what anyone say about u i mean i admit i was kind of upset about what happened last yr but you gotta look at ur situation you got the surgery done to make the team and yourself better i just kno this year is goin to be the yr idk how but one of my goals is to meet you someday

anthony armi | on 30/11/09

hay t mac. the rockets will need you brooks cant do everything out there. you and him play alot alike so it should be great to watch my hero and the rockets win big this year good luck and even if i have to ref high school games during your game i will watch online. good luck and let the 3’s fly.

Wayne Smith Jr. | on 30/11/09

Say Tracy—-> forget all them hataz man, foreal! do you and I do want to see you back on the court ASAP! even if the coaches are hating ignore it..Your REAL fans know what you can do. Just rememebr you have more fans than haters here in Houston! Ignore all that extra stuff man. Even if you do leave Houston just know that a LOT of people will be disappointed! They want you to see the negative on TV to see how you react but that aint nothing but a hand full of DUMB people. I’ve been a fan b4 you came to Houston. Do what you have to do! A lot of people want you back.. and YES I’m pissed! I know it aint nothing but RICK and the GM and whoever else holding you back! look @ the Texans.. I thankful you would even come here to play! thanks! you know Houston sports history not all that great… these GM’s make dumb descions! ugh!! man! The Rockets do need you! They are just dumb! not the players but the people that call themeselves running ISH! I’m tired of these dumb GM’s in houston! they just want to do enough to sell tickets.. not win a Championship!!!

Larry | on 30/11/09

Hey “Psycho T”, hope your knee is almost 100% healthy. You are making a great transition to the NBA. I’m looking forward to seeing what you can do with some extended playing time. All the best!!!

Sam T | on 30/11/09

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Will we see you this December? I hope so. Good Luck!

antonio johnson | on 30/11/09

man i want to know is u gone go to newyork or stay a houston rocket.

Jeremy | on 30/11/09


It will be good to see you back in action with the Rockets. No matter what people say ( ESPN analysts ) I do believe that you will be a very big part in the Rockets run for the playoffs. I hope that you are able to retire in Rockets red, no matter what anyone says. You have been a big part of the Rockets for a while now and I hope it stays that way. Can you please comment on how you see yourself being a part of the Rockets attack on defense and offense when you do return?

Thanks for the Memories and the Future Memories

Oscar | on 30/11/09

Any news about this? I’m really looking forward to seeing you again on the court.
Best wishes!!

Shalanda Williams | on 30/11/09

I really miss you out there with the Rockets. Even though the team is playing well, I still feel we’re a contender with you!! Please hurry back as soon as you can. We need you and miss you!!

keadon | on 30/11/09

hurry and get well
dying to see you in action

sam | on 30/11/09

hey,buddy,come on!!dont worry about that!!we are friends,arent we??so take care of yourself,then come back when time is right.
best wishes!!!

michael xi | on 30/11/09


Hi there… How is everyth8ng going on with you?

We miss you so much. We need you; Rockets need you to come back to court! Support you as alwasys.



Taku | on 30/11/09

Mac, only play wen ur truly healthy again so that you play at the best of ur abilities.. Best of luck in the 09-10 season. I noe youll kick ass wen u get back on the court. Wanna see the allstar T-mac back again to lead Houston to a championship. Good Luck man, Tmac fan for LIFe!!!

cj | on 30/11/09

Come back when you are healthy. Come back healthy so that you can be the beast that you once were.

al | on 29/11/09

Hey t, I’ve been looking for your return. Going to be praying for you. When is a possible date t

tyler | on 29/11/09

you are exactly right all these stupid jazz fans think you are just a baby and my remark is i bet any of the jazz players wish they could be even half as good as you. ha stay healthy go for 30 with a triple double in your debut this season ha see ya later mac

The Ashbys | on 29/11/09

we love you T-mac and want you back!

Akash Patel | on 29/11/09

hey, T-Mac when are you coming back on the court. you better come next time against Lakers or the next game. we all can’t wait anymore. people started watching Lakers alot because there is nothing to watch Rockets without Tracy McGrady. You better come in the next game before all the fans start hating Rockets. I don’t want anybody to hate Rockets because they rock and can paint the town red. In school everybody hate to talk about Rockets because we are losing games and your fans miss u alot on the court. People talk about Lakers alot and i get mad because Rockets are the best and i don’t want people to talk bad things about Rockets.

ante | on 29/11/09

Hi,T-mac,I love youuu!! I can’t wait t osee you playing this week ..;)All best & healt!! Blees you T-mac

fredy | on 29/11/09

MAN i cant wait for your return, time to put all them haters in thare place and show them the real deal. On a seriouse note i hope u end up staying with us next year H-TOWN luvs u

Marquis | on 29/11/09

No matter when u get back lets get it 3 im still here with u until the end

mick | on 29/11/09

Tracy, tell your assistant coach to stop panicking about being too careful. The only way to stregthen your knee is to play. Even if its only 20 minutes a game to start. When you check in make sure you play the roles of the other small forwards. Do exactly what Landry does. Post up often in the beginning and slowly blend into the offense. Don’t worry when you are a 100% you are going to love your new friend ariza who will compliment your game and vice versa. I think this team has a chance to be special this year.

Your faithful fans | on 29/11/09

Glad to hear my idol is going to play on the court again! I am looking forward to your magic performance with the Rockets.
Best wishes

Tyler | on 29/11/09

Hey man, callin’in from Oregon…fed up with these psycho TrailBlazers fans!! If u haven’t already watched the video, I’m just tellin u that the announcers think u should “not talk, just ball it up at practice” and ur sure to get back in with ur team who needs u to do the impossible and to show who’s the real boss on the court…(don’t tell Brooks I said ur better than him!) If aaron is readin diz, tell him he is still my second fav baller behind you! OH, and try to stay with Houston if u can, because u won’t ruin the chemistry like others are saying, but will make it stronger. Especially when Yao comes back next season!Keep up what u hav been doin and stay strong…PEACE!

Kevin | on 28/11/09

Tracy, come back! We miss you!

I hope you can come back as sonn as possible

I am waitting for your show time!

jomar | on 28/11/09

tmac i can’t wait to see you back in the game

Alpha | on 28/11/09

Dunn you’re my favorite player of all time- i defend you against Kobe, LeBron, Carmelo- any player who chooses to oppose your game. Its been getting kinda difficult lately cause of your injuries but even with that track record you’re still able to play at a high level and you have to respect that. I know the day of alley-oops to yourself are over- but I’m kinda happy cause i believe the fact that you jump off of one foot and constantly dunking have caused a lot of these complications- I’m just saying keep it limited you know- only if necessary. Keep your health in mind- whats the point of coming back not fully recovered and straining yourself then leave again- i think the next injury will be dire to your career- and the day you’re gone is the day i stop watching basketball. Not everyone wants to see you back but those loyal to you do- just take care of yourself and hopefully we gonna hear about Tracy McGrady Mvp, playoffs and Championship discussions. Peace

Jonathan | on 28/11/09

Tracy…... i’m telling you, steal Lowry’s jersey and SNEAK onto the court! I’m sick of watching the Rockets play without you. I love our team but i need to see TMAC dunkin on fools. Look, i’ll call Adelman myself and pester him until he sends you in the game. I’ll do that for you… of course you’ll have to give me his email or phone number. lol. I got a fever…and the only cure.. is MORE TMAC!

Dario Alvarez | on 28/11/09

cant wait to see you back TMac

James Huang | on 28/11/09

I want to see the king come back.

James Huang | on 28/11/09

hey t-mac, i’m a young chinese fan of you. i have confidence in you. i don’t believe the bad news which is from the media. i really expect to see you play on court. don’t give up, i insist that you will be back soon. i want to see the king come back. only you can save houstonnow!

Tracy McDavid | on 28/11/09

Hi T-mac,I’m world the richest,andI very like you,we need you,so you will more hard to practice baskball,and show you are the best ,this it is really T-mac!

china boy | on 28/11/09


even | on 28/11/09

Hey tracy !
though i cant wait to watch your game,the situation need i become patient.So do you .
just believe yourself,as i trust u all the time.
supporting u always!
good luck and besr wishes!

Jane Huang | on 27/11/09

Whatever you do,please keep healthy。
We will believe in you forever。

TYRONE FLY | on 27/11/09


Derek | on 27/11/09

I was wondering why you changed your number 1 to 3 and what it has to do with Darfur? Also, do you think you will be running with a new team in 2010?

ANAN | on 27/11/09

I don’t konw how to say this Rockets
If Rockets without U
It’s so bad
Today and the day before yesterday
Rockets was besten by MAV and Spurs
Rick was so angry.
The fans are all disappointment.
Come back as soon as possible ,please!!
We all need U

[email protected] is my MSN
Hope U can talk with me Thanks so much
Have a good day !!

Chase | on 27/11/09

dude im sick of hearing about how your coming back and then i dont see you on the court. watching Rockets basketball just aint the same without you. i was hoping to see you tonight vs the Spurs but i was dissapointed yet again. hope to see you next game. good luck.

Kagen Sivanathan | on 27/11/09

Hey Tmac. I was just wandering. I recently added somebody named Tracyy Lamar Mcgrady on facebook. Is that person you or someone else? Please reply ASAP!!! Thanks

jeenodee | on 27/11/09

when you return to the court “t-mac”
give your BEST,
i know there’s more for you..
show it all,
and become an MVP champion!..

Peter | on 27/11/09

Hey T-mac

whenever you come back please
go to the rack show the people
you can do it

T-mac go to the rack dunk the ball

I will see you in June on abc

Calvin Carter | on 27/11/09

Man Tracy! You don’t know how I check the reports daily to see if you will be playing for that day…..tonight we play Spurs…I really hope to hear a report or see you on TV in tonight’s game. Houston Rockets is my number 1 team…I have always loved them since I was 8 (I am now 22). But, your my favorite player and I would love to see you on the court. Stayed encouraged bro and I will continue to be a fan. Next semester I’m gonna have to make a visit to the Toyota Center. Nothing like watching you guys live. GO ROCKETS!!!!

Laterz Tracy

吴凯 | on 27/11/09


hai zhou | on 27/11/09

I will always support you,you are the best!

johny | on 27/11/09

kick there buts tmac

翔 | on 27/11/09


Tremayne | on 27/11/09

hey man I really hope you get back to your original form. Please dont rush comming back to. I know you ahead of schedule which is cool, but waiting a little longer couldnt hurt. I swear I may be the only one who hasnt given up on you because talent doesnt just get up and leave. You just gotta remain healthy. I pray you do so you can finally get that ring. Take it easy dude

TIm | on 27/11/09

MAC: I hope you can play basketball quickly in the court, i don’t want to see you news in the internet, i think i can see you playing basketball in television everyday, recently many have news talk about your come back the court, i believe you will play basketball in some day, so i bless you can slow the best basketball with your fans, i will go on care your news.

Tim | on 27/11/09

MAC: I hope you can play basketball quickly in the court, i don’t want to see you news in the internet, i think i can see you playing basketball in television everyday, recently many have news talk about your come back the court, i believe you will play basketball in some day, so i bless you can slow the best basketball with your fans, i will go on care your news.

Joshua | on 27/11/09

35second 13point…. T-mac I believe you forever

T-mac chinese fans | on 26/11/09

If you don’t understand Yao help you translate.Because my English is not good enough

T-Mac Rick Adelman is right. He has experienced Chris Webber experience. Know the terrible minimally invasive surgery. Look at your idol Anfernee Hardaway. and Kenyon Martin—-he was the 6 month on the resumption of play. But he later became aware of Minimally Invasive Surgery is 16 months to fully recover, instead of 6 months. Because you feel good now. however, NBA after the strength you will gradually move pain. I think you should go to Chicago now, With TIM - Grover training again. I know, I know. You want to play basketball heart like a child innocence. Like the battlefield General unnecessary.But we, the Chinese fans don’t want to see you are a Anfernee Hardaway. Amare stoudemire, Kenyon Martin. They are experiencing recovery of more than 1 years before returning to 80%. T-Mac you are a man, you are not a superman.I think you’d better go to Chicago to re - enter rehabilitation training. And then away from junk food, you have done. Oh. There are far away from the nightlife. Each sleep before 10:30 P.M.. Striving to live a plain life of poverty, and then wait until the former all - star, only come if all the 100% health.don’t you want to re back 100 or exceed the top themselves become stronger? We China and the world fans hope you will like Michael jordan. In the 36 - year - old champion. So you must own myself. I know that many people in the world, especially the press misunderstood you. What about that?If you don’t listen to them. They also for their livelihood. They must aspire to write something to the fans to buy a newspaper. You understand them. Do they have to do, T-Mac hope you like Yao Ming as Stockton and malone. Overall Champion work together. Fun playing. Strive to win.

T-mac chinese fans | on 26/11/09

If you don’t understand Yao help you translate

T-Mac 阿德尔曼是对的。他经历过克里斯韦伯的经历。知道微创手术的可怕。看看你的偶像哈达威,看看野兽肯扬马丁,他当时6个月就恢复上场了。但他后来渐渐明白微创手术是需要16个月用来完全恢复而不是6个月。因为虽然你现在感觉良好。但NBA的强度后你就又会渐渐感动疼痛。我觉得你现在应该重新去芝加哥,重新去跟蒂姆-格罗弗进行训练。我知道,我知道。你想打篮球的内心,就像一个孩子一样纯真。就像战场的将军一样无谓。但我们这些中国球迷不想看到你是下一个哈达威。看看斯塔德迈尔,肯扬马丁。他们都是经历了1年以上的恢复期才回到了80%的状态。T-Mac 你也是一个普通人,你不是超人。 我觉得你还是去芝加哥重新投入康复训练。然后远离垃圾食物,这点你已经做到了吧。呵呵。还有远离夜生活。每晚10点30分前睡觉。努力过着这样平淡清苦的生活,然后等到全明星前,若能完全100%的健康才回来吧。我们中国乃至世界的球迷都希望你能像乔丹一样。在36岁还能总冠军。所以你要自己更克制自己。我知道全世界有很多人特别是记者误解你。那又如何呢?只要你别听他们的话。他们也是为了生计。他们必须写出东西给球迷有购买报纸的欲望。你体谅他们吧。做好自己就行了,T-Mac 希望你和姚明能像斯托克顿和马龙一样。即使没有总冠军也无所谓。只要你们都开心打球。努力赢球。

boomer | on 26/11/09


Santron Benjamin | on 26/11/09

I’m by FAR your number 1 fan. Keep your head up, get back on the court healthy and DOMINATE. Much love, God bless!

RJ | on 26/11/09

T-Mac, wish you a strong recovery…and am awaiting the day you come back so you can put those superstar #s again

Chaso | on 26/11/09

Adelman needs to pull his head out. Seriously that guy is crazy to not put you on the court. What is with coaches this year denying the court to hall of fame talent???

anthony giano | on 26/11/09

Enter your comment…

serialoser | on 26/11/09

hello! i m a little frenchy so sorry for my poor english!!!
man i want you see fast in the ground. you made me love this game when i was a kid and your are still one of my favourite player !!!
go back and show to everybody who is the real t-mac!!

Dakota Foster | on 26/11/09

We need your help man. I’ll be glad to see you back, but you gotta be productive. I wish for nothing but the best for you. My predictions: 27 ppg, 7 ast pg, 47% from the field. I’ve made some bold predictions for you, so COME THRU.

Michael | on 26/11/09

WoW! Great news! This week huh? Great! I’ll pray for a good performance for the team and you as well, just don;t over exert yourself, let the flow of the game get to you and good things will happen. Many would expect much but don’t be bothered by that. Tmac will always be Tmac. Peace out bro..

firas | on 26/11/09

t-mac have faith and practice

michael熊 | on 26/11/09


too fast to be seen | on 26/11/09

come on!T-Mac you are the best! Do belive yourself and bring us your best performance!

too fast to be seen | on 26/11/09

come on!T-Mac you are the best! Do belive yourself and bring us your best performance!

Ivan | on 26/11/09

come on,wo all love you .I will Support you …day and day!

sara | on 26/11/09

hey,plz make sure that everything is alright then back on court okay?we want see you in pefect condition.

Ke Chen | on 26/11/09

Tracy I am your fan,i’m came from china,but i always care of you,everytime i know you will return,i was very very happy,i have not watch you play basketball so long,but i believe ,i believe you will return to the cournt,you are the king in every fan’s heart,FIGTHING!!!!!!!!

惠宁公爵 | on 26/11/09

麦迪 加油 顶你 必须的

tmac fan | on 25/11/09

have not watched NBA games for days .waiting for , for tracy . no tracy ,no NBA wishes to you ,back quickly, you are always the strongest ,believe it

Zerell | on 25/11/09

whats up T-Mac. You the truth my favorite player ever. Im still reping you hard. So go out there and play drop 30-40 points in back to games just for the haters and let them know T-mac Is Back. Beware aRockets all the way baby.. Try 1

jaosn | on 25/11/09

you are the best ,t-mac!

Jason | on 25/11/09

MAC,just keep calmness,and deal with the relation well WITH YOUR TEAM,that can make sure you can back ASAP,i really can not wait for your back!!!!!!!

Marine | on 25/11/09

Alright this message goes right to T mac, alright here I go.
Tracy i’m a huge fan of you and i’m really hoping to see you on your feet again playing and dominating again, but this time better than ever. Heres my advice for you, if you really want that championship and hungry for that ring and comeback strong better than ever and prove everyone wrong. First thing you should do is listen to your coach man. Coach is the one who leads the team, you should listen to him learn his system and understand him. Second you should do is get to the team, learn your team get along with them, this is a team sport not about me not about myself not about I. It’s about “team”, play together and get along with each other get a great chemistry thats how you win championships to play as a team NOT selfish. Third what you should do is make your team better be a true leader make your teamates around you better, you have a great team full of young great talented players. You should get along with them and make them better. I really hope you become that player man, and hope to see a better improved player. Well man I hope you got my message and have a great holydays and hope you comeback healthy and hope you never get injured again. Peace.

胡超 | on 25/11/09

我永远的支持你!你就是我的上帝!T-MAC 加油!

jonathan | on 25/11/09

WE NEED U!!!!!!

larry isaac | on 25/11/09

wuz up t-mac im a huge fan of you and the rockets i love them no matter what cant wait till you return i always keep track of your condition so when you return ill be watching hope soon

Tyrone | on 25/11/09


chasity clark | on 25/11/09

hey tmac glad to hear u are doin better!! kant wait untill you play n be able to show yo haters wat u been doin while u was out!! tmac you are goin to have haters juzt got to knw knock dem off i love u here n memphis n always will wen they ask me who mi favorite bball player iz i tell em TRACY MCGRADY JR!!!KEEP YOU HEAD UP N I VOTE FOR U EVERYDAY TO PLAY N DHA ALL STAR GAME CUZ U R A STAR MUCH LOVE!!!!

Ashton | on 25/11/09

stay strong, pray, and when the time comes…let the game come to you. best wishes

fernando garza | on 25/11/09

wuz up tracy well like all your other fans i watched the last couple of years of your career and i just wanted too say i dont blame you for any of the rockets losses cuz it is a team sport and other people got too contribut too.the rockets this year have created a chemistry ive only seen since the rockets championship years and i believ they are playing good tough team basketball and just ask from you if u can come too the team with a mind set which you are part of the team and not just the team so u can build a stronger bond with your teammates but with that said I BELIEVE and I KNOW u are great so go out there and prove too everybody you are the great and future hall of famer T-MAC!!!!!

Chris | on 25/11/09


Jobert | on 25/11/09

Can’t wait to see you play MAC. Hope you’ll be back strong and let your game do the talking coz I know you still have “IT”... Goodluck!!!

Dom | on 25/11/09

Hey Mac. I’m a big fan of yours. Your my favourite player in the NBA and I follow your career since Toronto days. I hope you got to old strength and can rock the court and do some backboard alley-oops to yourself! :)
Hopefully you won’t get bit by the injury bug anymore. I think you had enough problems with your health in your career.
But I’m confident that you can make a great impact on the Rockets game and improve it.
Also I want to say that they are making a great job, playing without you so far and without yao out for the rest of the season.
Greetings from Germany

Dom | on 25/11/09

Hey Mac. I’m a big fan of yours. Your my favourite player in the NBA and I follow your career since Toronto days. I hope you got to old strength and can rock the court and do some backboard alley-oops to yourself! :)
Hopefully you won’t get bit by the injury bug anymore. I think you had enough problems with your health in your career.
But I’m confidet that you can make a great impact on the Rockets game and improve it.
Also I want to say that they are making a great job, playing without you and without yao for the rest of the season.
Greetings from Germany

apollo | on 25/11/09

No matter what happens,you are always a superstar in my heart.

Eric Fan | on 25/11/09

Man…looking your great performance… best wishes to you and hope to see Yau and you can get the championship and legend like Mike and Scottie did…

William Brown | on 25/11/09

Hey Tmac looking forward to seeing you back on the court.I have followed you since your days at Toronto and Orlando so I am a Tmac fan first and a Rocket fan second.I think it is terrible the way the media and the Rocket organization is treating you.You have meant so much to the Rockets over your stay there you have taken them to heights they would not have accomplished without you.(example 22 game win streak w/o Yao). I know the knock on you is that you haven’t gotten out of !st round of the playoffs in your career, but it takes a team to win a playoff series not one player.I might add that you have yhe highest playoff scoring average in Rocket history.I also applaud you for playing hurt last year I know it was very frustrating to not be able to do the things you once did so I agree with you having microfracture surgery on your knee.God has truly blessed you for you to be able to come bask so soon from your surgery as long as you put GOD first you can accomplsh anything.Hopefully the Rockets will come to their senses and realize that you are still a true superstar and put you back into the starting lineup because if they don’t we won’t be going anywhere this season. You are a free agent after this year so if they don’t appreciate you in Houston just go to another team and lead them to a championship. In closing looking forward to seeing you return back to the Tmac of old.
I applaud you for all your charitable work you do that’s what really is important in life.Thanks for being a positive black role model to my 12-year son.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

your #1 fan

许超 | on 25/11/09

T-mac I believe you forever ,and I hope you back,you always the best one

Eric Hudgins | on 25/11/09

Hey Mac, do whatever you have to do to get back to game level shape because you are needed and missed. You only need to prove to yourself not anyone else that you can do it. Don’t worry about haters or doubter because when you come back and the team is even more stronger and dangerous, everyonne those who wanted you gone will be on your bandwagon again. God bless ya bro.

Cao.Yang | on 25/11/09

Refueling, Tracy, I would have to believe you, support you, bless you, love you, for your fuel, I know, when you once again to stand when the court will give the whole Union, have all worked fibrillation, Tracy, refueling, I am Always convinced that comeback will be more perfect for you! Will always bless you, for your fuel, I Love You! Return of the King waiting for you!

Peter | on 25/11/09


I am a native Houstonian and look forward to seeing you back on the court. You have just recently gotten back with working hard to come back and play on the court. The media will try to tear you down and rip you up with how you relate to coaches and players. I want the best for you and would love to see if you end your career here in houston. If you are going to do well in houston for many years to come then you need to make sure that you and the coaches are on the same level and don’t let the media sway you b/c there are hundreds of guys coming down the basketball court in the future that have game also. You are practicing now which is great but don’t push it too much become a smooth running car with your team mates. Sure you have just gotten out of the repair shop and are working great but you needed to be in tune with your other team mates before you can play at the level we all know you are. Keep your head down and focused on what is good for your team and you. Most of all keep your family and God close. Sincerely, a Fan.

Evan | on 25/11/09

Hey,T-Mac,now you do need some hard work to proof that those rumors are wrong.Rockets need ya baby!

雨 | on 25/11/09

T mac in fact,I can’t express my deep feeling when hear this news .What all you should do is to keep your health and da your best,and what I could do is to believe you and love you
come on I believe you can do it!

Jerome | on 25/11/09

support you! T-mac.

cicily | on 25/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC, so glad 2 hear u’ll b back. I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! _ Always have confidence in u. I really do not care about the rumors going around. Actions speak louder than words. So ,go ahead & prove ur value. Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments. Always by ur side~U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP … P.S. Take care of ur body.

Terry Huang | on 25/11/09

Hi T-mac, It’s my first time to leave a message to you,I`m so exciting to stay every word,Do you know? You have very popular fans in CHINA.When I heard the news about you can`t go back to the court, I was wery angry, I hope you can adjust yourself, Our Chinese fans are expecting you bounce back stronger.

ML | on 25/11/09

Sup TMAC. I’ve been a Jordan fan my whole life, and when he left the game, I looked for his heir apparent based on pure skill, and thought you were the closest possible. I’m about the same age as you and know that you’re in your prime, with about 3-5 years left to play at the top of your game. Don’t take this the wrong way, but your game has been somewhat disappointing. When you were in Orlando, you had the ability to lock down any G/F in the game, including Mr. wanna be Jordan in LA (who denies copying his game and gives him no respect). You were also able to light up the scoreboard at will, something that hasn’t been characteristic of you since your first year in Houston. I just haven’t seen that same desire to win, not to play, but to win. If you played as hard and hustled as much as your current team, when you’re healthy again, we all know you can win. Play every game like it’s your last and every play like it’s the last play of the game. I know it’s not easy, but between this year and next, will probably be the last chance you have at winning a title in Houston. And if you get that title and the MVP that you’re capable of earning, you can live the rest of your life with no regrets. Sorry for the commentary if it was offensive in any way.

Nosmo King | on 25/11/09

Hey man, we will be right here waiting for your back on the court.
Definitely, our support, love and encouragement will always around you.
Just play, hopefully we will see you ASAP.

romulo | on 25/11/09

t-mac i want to see u again playing at 101% making 3’s, making things possible and the “tmac to the rack”. wish u all the best. i wish this week your come back will happen. more powers…. -romulo from da philippines…

jim lee | on 24/11/09

hey mac come back to houston and you better not leave to the nicks dont be a ron artest

HAOYU YAN | on 24/11/09

T-MAC,I am looking forward to your performance!Come back to the court.“I will be back,we will be back“I still remember that!Good luck!Best wish to you!

Jose Luis Sandoval | on 24/11/09

Hey T-Mac this is my first message to you! I bet it’s tough what you are going through but despite of everything I still believe in you Tracy! You have been my favorite player as long as I can remember I look up to you. you still got it in you t-mac and like the rest of your true fans we are looking forward to your return.

Devil King | on 24/11/09

My English is poor,so I could not express my emotion clearly.
Just wish you have a healthy body and give us more beautiful games!Thank you!And we will support you all time~

justin t-mac tinsley | on 24/11/09

love ya my man you are the best i miss you so much and desperately want you back on the court.all the fun in basketball is absent without you around.please come back stronger than ever your #1 fan always aloha tracy.

Edgar | on 24/11/09

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have long been waiting for your returnn. This team needs a superstar to lead them to a Championship. I have always believed in you, now I just need to buy some tickets whenever im in town and you guys are in Houston. Heck yes! Now im excited…dont think im going to be able to go to sleep tonight =( well for like 20 mins…

Edgar | on 24/11/09

YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have long been waiting for your returnn. This team needs a superstar to lead them to a Championship. I have always believed in you, now I just need to buy some tickets whenever im in town and you guys are in Houston. Heck yes! Now im excited…dont think im going to be able to go to sleep tonight =( well for like 20 mins…

weicui | on 24/11/09

Tracy you are the God of my heart, I really do not know how to lose you I live, I really look forward to seeing you then flowing jumper, then eyes filled with murderous intention, then the mighty ball ~! God ~! You please come home. Prayers from China.

frank | on 24/11/09

welcome! man ,we want see your game. come on.

frank | on 24/11/09

welcome! man ,we want see your game. come on.

易凡(Evan) | on 24/11/09

麦蒂加油,我顶你~!you are a hero in my mind

nicholas | on 24/11/09

just play your game and keep moving on ~

JAS | on 24/11/09


Rory Cumbess | on 24/11/09

Hey Tracy just wanted to let you know I am a fan and hope to see you in a Rocket uniform soon. I played high school basketball in Lakeland at Kathleen. Way back in the 70s against Otis Birdsong.

li yang | on 24/11/09

good luck,we need you ,go !go

李洋 | on 24/11/09

hi。 are best of all,we need you ,we love you,everything will be fine.good luck!!!

zeak | on 24/11/09

hey, Tracy, As your huge fan, i really like you very much. No matter what gonna happen in the future, i will suport you forever.

James Salzman | on 24/11/09

Tracy your one of the best players to ever play for the Rockets and the Rockets would be fools to get rid of you. Everyone who goes to the games needs to take banners that say we want T-MAC!!!!! Go Rockets

Penry | on 24/11/09

You said:“Rockets will be back.”.And when will you be back?
Waiting for you!!!

Eyn | on 24/11/09

come back T-mac
we dont need you as a role player, we need you back as a superstar

Tim | on 24/11/09

Best wishes~~~!!!

熙夕 | on 24/11/09

and tracy take care

isaiah | on 24/11/09

whats up tracy,
good luck this season to you and the rockets

jesus | on 24/11/09

hey mac, return to the court already please.i have missed your game excellence that you show us houston fans and others throughout the world. you have been out alot, but make the long wait that you took to recover worth it. we all miss you! GO NUMBER 3!

Topher | on 24/11/09

YA TMAC!! man im PUMPED!! im goin to the Clipper Rockets game and im hopin to see you play man!!

Aaron Aldrich | on 24/11/09

I am a Rockets Fan living in Houston my entire life. I am encouraged by the remarks you’ve made on your recent blogs. I’m writng this message in the assumption that you’ll get this message. I just want to let you know that you have support in the city of Houston by many Rockets fans. I hope that you flip the script on on any haters out there. We could use another Baller in the rotation… I mean what team couldn’t really? I do love the way the team is playing it is a lot of fun to watch. I see you as being a weapon that of course can be a big lift for us. I am a fan of yours and have been since you were with Toranto. When you came to Houston it was really exciting.. like we was getting a Michael Jordan type talent. Anyways good luck to you man. We are cheering for you.

Enter your name... | on 24/11/09

can u still do that dunk were u pass the ball to the backboard and dunk over like 3 people??? u should throw on down like that on ur return that would be awsome….!!

tmacangel | on 24/11/09

Hi Baked Beans,
hope you are doing well. You are sure looking good and ready to go. Rumors, sickening….I am still a Rocket fan, but honestly a T-Mac fan. DSo as long as you are in a Rocket uniform I’ll be cheering for you and them. Once that changes I guess I’ll be buying a different jersey. Rockets are doing great right now, I just hope they realize while all these stupid rumors are going around“They will need your skills and experience when it is all said and done”. Go Mac get well and play the game, but do it for you not to prove anything to anyone. I know you will be back, and when you do….look out. I’ll be here cheering for you.

Yours truly…tmacangel

Belen | on 24/11/09

Hey T-Mac, we Chinese fans can’t wait to seeing your performance. Please be patient with your injury, and return to the court 100%! Go Rockets!

Anastasia Tmac4evertw | on 24/11/09

miss see you play come back soon so i can argue with everyone on how u the best lol

Taurus | on 24/11/09

Tracy i followed your progress all summer long. From the surgery to the 7th week on I saw what you went through. I know you feel ready and you are in a messed up situation with the contract and all. My point is, take your time!! Once you are as close to 100%, i dont worry about the rhytmn and game time situations. You’ve been in the league 12 years. Your body will remember what to do. Like riding that bike all over again. I just want you to be ready when you can. Nobody more than me would like to see you play right now, but please keep taking the baby steps. Man i know you are hungry as hell but be patient dawg.. You“ve been stomped on long enough. Now its time for the rise of DA ONE again!!!! GOD Bless….

Xu Jun | on 24/11/09

miss you so much, finally you will be coming back

Tim | on 24/11/09

I’m happy to hear that your doing well. I also love to see that great attitude. It’s good to see that your excited to get back to work. I have a feeling that you will have a great season. Good luck man, we all wish you the best.

JM Liang | on 24/11/09

Come back to the game,and don’t be disappear again.

Slash | on 24/11/09

I look forword to seeing you back.. I support you

xia jiao | on 24/11/09

hey,T-mac,i am your fan from China.when will you be sure to go back to the court,i wish to see your excellent performance as soon as possible.i think you will be still one of the best players in NBA,i believe you!GOOD LUCK!Good luck to you and your team.

bin jia | on 24/11/09

hello Mac,I am your funs ,Just from last year,you were injured.I pay my attention on you I wish you can be back soon !I know you want back soon . Houston is so foolish that they do not believe you! But I believe you forever!
I am a Chinese. My english is poor. best wishes for you!

Rose | on 24/11/09

Hi Tracy, It’s my first time to leave a message to U~ I am too excited to say a word~ I fell in love with you when I saw you at first in my senior school~ I have watched your game for about 6 years~ During these years I share joy and sadness with you,though I know I am a little foolish (*^__^*) I will always support to U and I believe you can make yourself in the court! Come on Tracy Mcgrady!

Mart | on 24/11/09

Damn it, Mac. I’m very angry at this rockets front office and RA. Why they’re saying that you’re not ready even though you said you’re READY to play??? It’s mind-boggling. They think you’d mess up the “chemistry” that this current rockets built. That’s crazy. I’ve been following you from your Orlando days and I know you’d only affect the game in positive way. Let me tell you something:
If they keep acting like this and refuses to play you and keep trying to make you look like Stephon Marbury, just push for trade and go somewhere else! They don’t deserve you. It’s your contract year for god’s sake! Play in MSG! Destroy these Rockets..! Why not?

BTW It’s nice hearing from you.

Terry | on 24/11/09

hey wats good tmac all my friends were doubting u but i knew u would come back congrats and welcom back

CHENG Yaohua | on 24/11/09


Sen Lam | on 24/11/09

HEY!Super T-MAC!
I will support u forever!
just take care and back to the court!

CC | on 24/11/09

Tracy,without you,the match is extremely tedious.These days i have to watch you spectacular fermance in the past,especially in the i hope you can be the number 1 again,.definitely i trust you can.I will awit you all the are not can make it!!!!!Cheer up!!!!!

Shen | on 24/11/09

T-MAC you are the number 1

Zhang--Junfeng | on 24/11/09

I Will Be Support You Forever!

Zhang--Junfeng | on 24/11/09

I Will Be Support You Forever!

david lucero | on 24/11/09


Maureen | on 24/11/09

Support U forever!
when i was a highschool girl,i watched your game.this is the first time i watched NBA.I saw U,a strong man ,and i said :i love him!
now 5 years past,i still love U,because most time when i stear at U,i could see another me ,a stronger and greater one.As Geminis,we maybe capricious.but in my mind ,i regard it as not being understood by others.
sometimes ,we want to jion in someone,and we are always waiting,waiting they to invite us.and sometimes ,we are talking all the time,but we still feel lonely.and when we feel sad ,there no one to talk about.
2009,it’s really a hard time for both of us,but when i looking at U,trying hard,i will also find the power to please hold on ,and please fight as a real man. your Chinese fun

hai mo | on 24/11/09

Tracy,“I will be back!”,you say.isn’t it?so,don’t care about,just be youself.Go aherd!We will support you forever!The fans!Have a good luck!

hai mo | on 24/11/09

T-mac,no matter how hard you hard now,just go aheard!Don’t care about what others say,be yourself.“I will be back!”,you say.Isn’t it?Good luck!I will support you forever…

Shuai zhang | on 24/11/09

you are a hero in my heart even though there many people doubt you . i just want you know that i believe you and you must be strong and tough on the court.anytime .anymoment.anyone

yanba | on 24/11/09

hello mac,you will be fine!you will come back!i loveyou!come on mac,come on houston!

yanba | on 24/11/09

hello mac,you will be fine,i hope you comeback!come on,mac,come on houston.

T-MAC | on 24/11/09

我期待你打好比赛 即使教练不喜欢你 我相信你还是ALL STAR

junjie hou | on 24/11/09

we hope you will come bake as soon as possible.

bobo | on 24/11/09

Hope you come back soon!!

tommy aka tmacjr | on 24/11/09

a tracy this your fav fan i love u u neeed a ring and u need to
get on the court we need u wat ever go on u still my fav basketball player

ShenYuji | on 24/11/09

Hi T-Mac i am your fans from China and i am eager ro see you return to the board .many people says you should leave Huston becuse your health condition .but i will watch your game wherever you are .i am your faithful fan forever.if you could dliver me an e-mail ,i will be happy .thanks

Chen Teng | on 24/11/09

all the answers are in my hearts!

DuanWei | on 24/11/09

I hope you will be healthy,stronger,and I believe you are best player.congratulations

lekson | on 24/11/09

i love tmac

hile | on 24/11/09

mac,waiting for your back!!

Jenny | on 24/11/09

glad to hearing your good news, Mac, so I can not wait you any more, to see you play in the court.Hope you can play like before, and I really want to see you play in the court in Houston Toyota Center.But, see you on the TV is ok, you health is ok~love you Mac

Wink | on 24/11/09

Hi Tracy, Nice to hear that you will back soon and feel nice of the body or in the court. we can not waiting to see you playing, but any way health is the most impoetant. Be patient, we will still wait.

鹏 | on 24/11/09


People's Republic of China | on 24/11/09

In China, cong= congratulations

We are looking forward to watching you beat KB24 who is in LA

duy | on 24/11/09

Yo TmaC! Can’t wait to see you perform at your highest peak. Make sure you take care of your health and don’t rush back if you don’t have to.

Hans | on 24/11/09

Hi Tmac, nice to see you are in good situation, hope to see you on the court soon.

qiu lei | on 23/11/09

Hi Tracy,I don’t know when you can read my dialogue, Maybe you will never read it,so I can’t say morning ,afternoon to you. Now,you are in a difficult time.Everyone knows the reasons I am a nomal fans of you,In Chinese we are called “Mai Mi” ,and you also have a neat name “Mai zi” while in difficult I hope you can smile everyday I hope you can happy everyday And the last I want to say:“the basketball is not the first the basketball is not all you life,the health ,health is most important,basketball is for others but the health is for you,for your family.for the poeple who love you although we miss you so much.we want to see you are on the court ,want to see under your leadration we could see “Houston“in playoffs at the end of this season. hope you have a good matter when,no matter where,no matter suitation I will always support you! though you don’t know “whom I am ,where I am from” watching you play is my favourate I’m thankful I’m thankful…...

cicily | on 23/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC , so glad 2 hear that u’ll b back soon . I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! \(^o^)/ Always have confidence in u .I really do not care about the rumors going around .Actions speak louder than words. So ,go ahead & prove ur value . Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments. Never give up though life is cruel .Always by your side . U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP . P.S. take care of ur body .

cicily | on 23/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC , so glad 2 hear that u’ll b back soon . I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! \(^o^)/ Always have confidence in u .I really do not care about the rumors going around .Actions speak louder than words. So ,go ahead & prove ur value . Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments. Never give up though life is cruel .Always by your side . U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP . P.S. take care of ur body .

Lin Zhijian | on 23/11/09

Are you ready???

cicily | on 23/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC , so glad 2 hear that u’ll b back soon . I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! \(^o^)/ Always have confidence in u .I really do not care about the rumors going around .Actions speak louder than words. So ,go ahead & prove ur value . Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments. Never give up though life is cruel .Always by your side . U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP . P.S. take care of ur body .

ciicly | on 23/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC , so glad 2 hear that u’ll b back soon . I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! \(^o^)/ Always have confidence in u .I really do not care about the rumors going around .Actions speak louder than words. So ,go ahead & prove ur value . Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments. Never give up though life is cruel .Always by your side . U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP . P.S. take care of ur body .

Sandy | on 23/11/09

I’m glad to hear that!You are the best!I’m one of your fans in China.
加油!你是最棒的!(Go for it,and you are the best!)

fans | on 23/11/09

i love you.

Super Bin | on 23/11/09

Hey,Tracy!I am one of your faithfullest fans in China, and I have been paying close attention to your trends. No matter what they talk about, you are my idol. I know, you will justify to them sooner or later. You are the best one in my mind!

Summer | on 23/11/09

Hi Mac,

Thank you for updating us for this. Pls note that who loves u will be always here to wait and send you support. And who like to make rumors will also go on doing that. I hope can see u soon on the court and hope I can see the same thing from the Rockets offical


chanho Chen | on 23/11/09

hey tracy , i like u very much . u r so handsome . u have a good ability in playing basketball . so come on show it to everyone .

Let us hope that Return of the King

chanho Chen | on 23/11/09

hey tracy , i like u very much . u r so handsome . u have a good ability in playing basketball . so come on show it to everyone .

Let us hope that Return of the King

Emmanuel Mc Naulty | on 23/11/09

Thanks for clearing that up T-Mac you have work so hard to come back to your team to let the media to mess up your return. Hope your shoulder is good also no one has metion that as a issue.We need u back in Houston to help close out those close games and draw double teams for the improve shooters we got now. So take your time and be humble because everybody was looking for Febuary for your return so don’t let people stop your mission this will all work out keep us with the updates.

Eugenie | on 23/11/09

We will support you forever!! Just try your best!

PAULA | on 23/11/09


Brad | on 23/11/09

Good to hear Mac!! Keep up the hard work!! Can’t wait to see you play!

Chris LaMorte | on 23/11/09

Doesnt look like youll be back this week or next, according to recent reports from nba tv. Lets get some more updates from you soon Tracy about when youll be back. I hope its soon.

紫弦 | on 23/11/09

I’m waiting for your back.

cicily | on 23/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC, so glad 2 hear that u’ll b back soon. I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! ^_^~ Always have confidence in u~ I really do not care about the rumors going around. Actions speak louder than words, so,go ahead & prove ur value. Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments ! Never give up though life is cruel . Always by ur side~U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP~ P.S. take care of ur body…

SPeedY | on 23/11/09

Hey T-Mac,
I’m on of the thousands of faithful fantasy player who are holding you till death :) But I have to admit that those rumors scare me since I depend on your return to help my team.

I follow every peace of news that carry your name on and I hope this is just another rumor or not truth.

(Rockets team doctor Walter Lowe said McGrady (knee) will be evaluated “over the coming weeks,” Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle reports.)

If this is correct it means that you still weeks away nor days, can you please update us on it.

zhangmin | on 23/11/09

Hello, McGrady does not know you for a long time before they can Return of the King? Ever since high school, the love you and love you, like your eyes that blurred, like your the nice breakthrough, like your unique bar that, more like you dunk it overbearing. Madison, I know you feel now know that you want to return to court determination. While the outside world some bad words, but anyway, I firmly believe that there are lots and lots of fans like you, and look forward to your return. Refueling, and so you come back. Either way will support you, forever! ! ! Love your fans in China - Zhang Min, Sichuan

zhangmin | on 23/11/09

Hello, McGrady does not know you for a long time before they can Return of the King? Ever since high school, the love you and love you, like your eyes that blurred, like your the nice breakthrough, like your unique bar that, more like you dunk it overbearing. Madison, I know you feel now know that you want to return to court determination. While the outside world some bad words, but anyway, I firmly believe that there are lots and lots of fans like you, and look forward to your return. Refueling, and so you come back. Either way will support you, forever! ! ! Love your fans in China - Zhang Min, Sichuan

Sev | on 23/11/09

Tracy . I miss you . I hope you ‘ll be back soon.
And bring surprise to us .

single | on 23/11/09

Just come on!

chenchen | on 23/11/09

hey, tracy, I’m one of your funs in China, I have watched your games for 4 years, no matter what is going on, and no matter what other people say, I will always support u.

Jason Wang | on 23/11/09

Hope you are coming soon!

KOBE | on 23/11/09


wertheryao | on 23/11/09

You are in my heart’s god ,T-MAC

Kevin | on 23/11/09

Welcome back, Tracy!!

Zach Arnold | on 23/11/09

Atta boy mcgrady!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GET OUT ON THE COURT AND SHOW PEOPLE WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vincint | on 23/11/09

I am waiting for you on NBA always make your fans amazing,just like rockets always creating wondors for us!we support you forever,and you are our hero and “forever MaiZi“in our minds

Amy | on 23/11/09

Tracy, I have been a fan of yours since the Raptor days! You are not only an amazing player, but also an amazing person. You deserve nothing but the best! Thanks for taking the time to keep your fans updated. I’m glad you are recovering and are ready to play soon. I know you had to work your ass off to get to where you are now, and that is so respectable :) Good Luck and have a great Thanksgiving!

green | on 23/11/09

Hi mac:)
Good luck & best wishes!

Maine Arvie | on 23/11/09

T keep ya head up man I been tellin’ boys when you come back it’s over!! God put you to test last year he had to break you down mentally & physically but you are stronger. The media has never been the voice of the streets, the streets speak for themselves & we still down with you! I’m saving up my bread cause I’m coming to the game Dec.9th & I know you’ll be back by then so man just dunk on Lebron for me!!!lol We love you & we ready for you to take over & make the non believers believe again!! Keep it trill & take it one day at a time.

Homer Charles | on 23/11/09

We like you,so we support you,

王 | on 23/11/09

I have waited for you for 10 months ,and duing that time i disputed your ability with my classmates frequently .t- mac is the one i only wonship ! now you are backing ,i am crying

JM Liang | on 23/11/09

I haven’t watched the games of Rockets for several months since you were not at present in the match .
I hope you are being back the most fast , and , don’t be disappear in the match again .

Meexiao | on 23/11/09

Hey, T-mac, I am so glad to hear your announcement, I know you have been suffering a lot becasue of those stupid and irresponsible media and critics. I compleltly understand your feeling. I will always on your no matter what those fucking media have defame you.

Xiao Yu | on 23/11/09

Hey, T-mac, I am so glad to hear your announcement, I know you have been suffering a lot becasue of those stupid and irresponsible media and critics. I compleltly understand your feeling. I will always on your no matter how those fucking media have defamed you.

Bless you. Tracy

steven | on 23/11/09

I am your fans. I am very like you. Also like to see you on the pitch playing field. Now the press can not find the material. Always nonsense. Arbitrarily create some things that do not have to slander you. I just want to say. Idol (T-AMC). roll! Do you want to do. Need not care about other people! Refueling!!!

yulin | on 23/11/09

i’m so glad to hear it.

Christian | on 23/11/09

T-Mac!!! Hurry up! I’ve been waiting you..and I can’t wait to see you again in the court..I support you and my friends..we love you..I always read an update for your return..I’m so happy for that you will play again one of this day..Tracy McGrady D’Best!!!

hu zaiwei | on 23/11/09

hey, tracy, I’m one of your funs in China, I have watched your games for 4 years, no matter what is going on, and no matter what other people say, I will always support u.

Yu Meng | on 23/11/09

Yo mac, You will be fine. Don’t rush. Your health is more important. We know you will dominate once you come back HEALTHY.. Don’t rush!! GOod luck..

TJ | on 23/11/09

oooh damn finally, with Yao out for the season, Tmac’s gonna be needed more than ever!

Marcus | on 23/11/09

Finally the TRUTH lol to be honest i didnt believe that back crap i usually dont believe crap reporters write cuz they add crap to make it juicy. but glad to hear u back practicing with the squad. i been a rocket fan since hakeem n been a tmac fan since u was with tha raptors. Hope u can come back next week i miss seein u killin em from the 3pt line n that mid-range jay. good luck hope to see u n uniform soon MAC...GO ROCKETS

Bryan | on 23/11/09

Tracy, you need to get outta Houston dawg…you have kept this city and team from being in the lottery for the past 4 years and now they turned on you because you got hurt. Get out of Houston mane come back home to Florida where we help homies when they down these Houston fakes all bandwagoners who dont deserve you

Theron | on 23/11/09

T-MAC,I’m so glad that you will be back.Good Luck to you!And be careful on the court and help us give the rumors a strong beat!!!Fighting~

Rudy Medina | on 23/11/09

When Kobe is up against Tracy, He knows he’s gotta put his
“A-Game” on against Tracy. That, right their just goes to show and say, How Tracy puts Kobe on his heels every time they ball against each other. It’s all good, Tracy making his return. (Much love embraced)On your come back,..please out do Kobe . PLEASE!! I think some of us are sick and tired of hearing his name being the so called best in the NBA. Put a rest to that for us all.

ABBY | on 23/11/09

Tracy,I am your fan from CHINA.You know, you have a lot of fans in CHINA including me. I hope you can come back soon.You have give me too much joy during the last five years.I hope you will have a better performance and lead the ROCKETS to the playoffs.And I also you can renewal with ROCKETS in the end of this season. As your fans,I don’t want to see you wear the other team’s clothes.Wait for YAO’s back,and the next season you two surely can lead the ROCKETS to the championship! COME ON! There are millions of fans all over the world,don’t let them lose confidence! We all believe you !

Anlly | on 23/11/09

T-MAC, 期待你早日上场,继续为大家奉献上精彩的比赛。

粉丝 | on 23/11/09


Anlly | on 23/11/09

Hello,T-mac,I hope you will be back soon ,and present us a wonderful game.

Anthony LaFleur | on 23/11/09

T-mac… ready to see you run the court again… Hope you come back soon!!

John | on 23/11/09

Tracy, HURRY UP AND COME BACK!!! all my friends have been hating on me because i drafted you let alone picked you up in my fantasy draft. I believe that you will have a crazy awesome year and make me the winner of my fantasy basketball league. Mcgrady 4 life!
youre number 2 fan(cause number 1 fans are always psycho)

Nate | on 23/11/09

Tracy, the media is a drama circus with all the info about you coming back. People questioning your heart and what not are ridiculous. Your performance in the playoffs against the Jazz the year we didn’t have Yao was truly incredible. You were pretty obviously in pain throughout but playing like a true warrior. I am fully confident that you will prove a lot of doubters wrong this year. I look forward to watching you dominate the league again.

michael lewis | on 23/11/09

oooooooooooooo snap t-mac is back the best player ever is returning. i swear t-mac u are my favorite player and i wish u da best in your return and please show kobe he isnt da best.


Jason Lovette | on 23/11/09

I guess I need to stop reading these blogs on the these dudes are like really trying to start something up and get you out of town like the situation in Orlando. I wish I was manager of that site man I’ll fire all those guys for false information from Johnathan Feign on down. As much as I would like you to comeback to Orlando, I wouldn’t wanna see you leave the town of Houston like this. To me that would be a failure, not on your part but of the T-mac and Yao era. I would still like to see you guys win at least 1 championship together with this awesome team. I don’t know if you’ll get another huge contract with houston. But man whatever it takes for you to stay in Houston until the goal is fulfilled with Yao, do it. To me that’s all that’s missing in your career is a championship everything else has been pretty solid despite the injuries. And goodback on your comeback mane, remember be aggressive as you can be and please stay healthy as possible my dude. Hey I bought NBA league pass waiting for your comeback. Hadn’t been watching as much bball without ya, bcuz you’re the first player that got me loving game as a kid and when ur gone, watching basketball won’t be as exciting.

Noah Nuru | on 23/11/09

thank god cuhs i was beginnen to worry you was bout to be shippd to new york and idk how i couldve handled that so its time for you to shut all them haters up and do your thing…juss dont try and go hard to prove everyone wrong bcuhs in the end its all bout that W!

Josh | on 23/11/09

Let the critics talk…YOU JUST PLAY BALL. There are always people out there that are just gonna hate on you. Let the talkers talk and you just do your thing. Im so excited to find out you might be playing again this week. Sucks that houston games are rarely televised way up here in Maine, but I’ll def be seeing you on TNT and ESPN. Your fans are behind you man..I know this 30 year old still got game~!!!!!

Tracy Chow | on 23/11/09

Wa haha,my hero comes back!Hoping you can find your hot hand.Idol forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AJ CROSS | on 23/11/09

MAN YOU DONT EVEN KNOW......(TEAR)...I…tracy tracy tracy

Zhan Wang | on 23/11/09

Glad you cleared the rumors up and cant wait to see your return!!!

Mac, an important thing you may have to do currently is to learn how to protect yourself in front of the media. A good communication between you and Coach Rick Alderman, GM Daryl Morey, and Boss Les Alexander is the best solution. They will deal with the media when they are informed your thinking and willing. In all, good communication will help you and your career. Go T-Mac! Go Rockets!

JP | on 23/11/09

Wat up T Come bak soon we need you man and quit listening to the media so much we all know how u can light it up when u come bak just need to keep urself healthy and i got league pass so come bak this week n ill see your game

Zhan Wang | on 23/11/09

Glad you cleared the rumors up and cant wait to see your return!!!

Mac, an important thing you may have to do currently is to learn how to protect yourself in front of the media. A good communication between you and Coach Rick Alderman, GM Daryl Morey, and Boss Les Alexander is the best solution. They will deal with the media when they are informed your thinking and willing. In all, good communication will help you and your career. Go T-Mac! Go Rockets!

Zain Jangda | on 23/11/09

Are the rumors true that u might be traded to the Knicks. plaease tell me it isnt true. i reaaly want to c u back on tht houston rockets jersey

Bevin | on 23/11/09

Good Luck Mac! Let the haters hate..all you gotta do is let your hard work & desire speak for itself on the court! Take it 1 day at a time & let the game come to you

Ken Kang | on 23/11/09

T-Mac, love you and support you forever. I cant image I could play anyone else in the nba video games other than you.

As your friend, I urge you to look back your past videos about your games. Because I know maybe you are physically recovered, but I hope your to get your confidence back from the video, I hope you recall how great you were. See you out there, come back to govern the court.

YIBO Qian | on 23/11/09

waiting for ur first show in this season, always support, don’t let me down

Mohamed | on 23/11/09

I cant wait till you come back.I am happy that you coming back and are you going to play againist dallas on the 25th?I hope that you do so you can kicked their but and score a carrer high and i wiil always support you.Bring back a championship for houston and have a amazing year.Every day i vote for you to be on the all-star team.And it was great hearing about you and your injury.

FAISON COBBINS | on 23/11/09


goldenlimit | on 23/11/09

Roll Tide T-mac! #3 Show your energy!

Pedro | on 23/11/09

Keep up the good work… Work with your team mates and we at Houston hope you the best…

Peter I. Park | on 23/11/09

I can’t wait for your return! I will be in continued prayer for your comeback, and will support u till we get that ring!

shaun medwynter | on 23/11/09

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy for u and i know u will prove all tehes stupid ppl wrong and just remember that your the best in the world at what you do much love tracy the great

JJ | on 23/11/09

Get well soon TMAC. Can’t wait to see you back and play your game with the rest of our Rockets…

Enter your name... | on 23/11/09

its finally time…lets do it tmac….houston gone get there’s lets go ROCKETS

jake | on 23/11/09

tracy i want to you come back and be that all star play you’ve always been the team needs you but you need to get running you would be the best player for the run n gun offense Rick coaches i know your better than kobe for a fact you were the only reason i watched the rockets we need you to come back and get that 13 points in 35 seconds your the man tracy i hope the new number still comes with the same skills good luck this season hope they dont trade you and i hope you get another contracted dont leave the rockets please…......

Zain Jangda | on 23/11/09

I have always been a supporter for u. Just can’t wait to c u back in uniform. best of luck, Zain

Caner McGrady Jr | on 23/11/09

I’ll always support u , maybe u saw me on facebook or other social network ,,, im big fan of urs !!!

denis | on 23/11/09

suck my dick t-mac

ziqi | on 23/11/09

being youself! And that’s T-MAC....thank you for your update on return!
NBA is your school. Good Good Study,Day Day Up.

johnyy | on 23/11/09

this year 31.2 ppg 5.5 apg 1.5 spg 4.5 rpg 0,00 TOpg
100% sure about that

David Pap | on 23/11/09

It’s great to hear about You! I think I’m not alone, who want to see You on the court! Moreover i’m voting on you to be in the All Star team!
Get Well! Go Tracy & Go Rockets!

Best from Hungary, in the heart of Europe.

Big B | on 23/11/09

I am surprised too how they changed the facts. I must admit I was worried and it seems everything is fine. Good to know that, we fans really needed that update from you! See you back on the court!!!!

Steve Cento | on 23/11/09

Hey T Mac, I just wanted to say I cant wait till you get back on the basketball court. I am really optimistic about your return and I think you have put a lot of hard work in to get back to the player we all know you can be. A lot of rumors, and a lot of haters have been yappin off at the mouth, and I hope more than anything you prove these clowns wrong by bringing your team to the playoffs, and getting out of the first round. Best of luck T Mac, cant wait to see you out their doing what you do best.

Peace and Love, Steve

张博 | on 23/11/09

T-Mac ,you are the best player in my heart~~~~~Istill rember 13 points in 35s! Great T-Mac ! i am from china ~COME ON ,T-Mac !!!

张博 | on 23/11/09

T-Mac ,you are the best player in my heart~~~~~Istill rember 13 points in 35s! Great T-Mac ! i am from china ~COME ON ,T-Mac !!!

Jian | on 23/11/09

i was shocked when i saw this news, i dont know how many days i waited ,man , so many people wait for you back and we hope you be back on the court ,like a real man to control the game , to lead your team ,to be better . i wonder to see you at playoff , this year ,rockets play very well,good team work ,full passion ~. to be best , be explosion, motivation

Emmanuel Mc Naulty | on 23/11/09

Glad you cleared that up and do what it takes to get back on the court. We want a heathy T-Mac and I think you can help close some of those close games we had out and attract those double teams that open up our offense for shooters. And I hope there is no bad issues with you and coaches,general manager,owner and trainers because you came a long way to get to this point on recovery to let stuff like that get in the way. Ge glad to see you and Yao back with this team the Rockets can go to a championship with that line up. Keep us updated T-Mac and thanks for clearing it up.

Emmanuel Mc Naulty | on 23/11/09

Glad you cleared that up and do what it takes to get back on the court. We want a heathy T-Mac and I think you can help close some of those close games we had out and attract those double teams that open up our offense for shooters. And I hope there is no bad issues with you and coaches,general manager,owner and trainers because you came a long way to get to this point on recovery to let stuff like that get in the way. Ge glad to see you and Yao back with this team the Rockets can go to a championship with that line up. Keep us updated T-Mac and thanks for clearing it up.

Linda Chumley | on 23/11/09

Love the Rockets.

tongji | on 23/11/09

加油 支持你 祝你早日付出一切好运。good luck^^

Christian Salazar | on 23/11/09

Hey Tmac, I know there are people trying to count you out but I have faith that you’re going to come and be better than ever! dont worry about what other people say, just worry about your heart cuz just like rudy t said ‘never underestimate the heart of a champion’!!! Good luck man, cant wait to see your return.

God bless,

Prentice | on 23/11/09

dude, i want you to do SO well just to shut people up! i have been such a fan for so long and i’m tired of all the haters…

Rafael | on 23/11/09


I hope your back on wednesday because I am going to that game. I timed my first game to go so that I could hopefully see you play again in Rockets Red. If there is a possibility that you play wednesday, I am going to have a big banner for you in the upper deck. Hope to see that fire and desire in your eyes, on the court just killin cats!!! Look for me cuz ill be lookin for ya.


Juan Hernandez | on 23/11/09

Hey T-mac im very happy your feeling great and i hope you can come back and play in the highest level your capable of playing (im hoping its like the Orlando days)and shut your cridicts up once and for all.Hope your do return this week and put up 45 points in your first game that will be great.Well im glad your feeling better and we dont need Yao to go all the way all we need is you.It doesnt matter if you get traded or dont end up with the Rockets next season im your fan and not the Rockets ill follow your career where ever you go.Good luck T-Mac.

Duda 11 | on 23/11/09

Good luck T!!! The Rockets and the NBA want you back soon!!!

Domantas | on 23/11/09

Finally! T-Mac is back! W8ing for you my hero!

james | on 23/11/09

im gald to hear that you are doing ok and i hope you get back real soon if you can by the 26th we play dallas and i hate dallas keep your head up and keep working hard

LEE | on 23/11/09

Come back strong bro…no BS…stop slipping, watch out for wet floors…ur a ball player, keep your balance.

Greg | on 23/11/09

T-Mac i cant wait to see u play you’ve always been my favorite player and i just wanna see you play basketball again and dominate like you always have and prove everyone who says ur bad and washed up wrong… you’re still the best player in the nba in my mind…GO T-MAC!!

Stephen Nolan | on 23/11/09

T-Mac i dont give a damn about all the doubters and the haters. i have seen what you can do first hand with my own eyes when you played on the magic many times and i know what you are capable of. you can do it man, i wish you the best and i hope you slaughter the competition this year when you get back out there on the court.

yinch | on 23/11/09

I hope you come back soon and play better than you ever have so you can silence all the doubters out there! It upsets me when I hear rumors that are not true, but unfortunately that’s the media! I’m so excited to see you back in action…I’ll be supporting you all the way!

Jordan Jones | on 23/11/09

Thats good 2 hear…now its time 2 silence some of the Haterz…talkin about he’s washed up and even if he does come back he won’t finish the season…Can’t wait 4 ur return…cuz at this point in ur career u prolli dnt care but i would like 2 see u in the all star game again…Best Wishes Jordan

martin | on 23/11/09

yo, i just read this thing that you might get traded to the knicks!!??? whats that all about? you belong in houston, they need you and plus, its the knicks… if anything, go to a good team

akira | on 23/11/09

Let me see your play just one more time!
Good luck!

juan sandoval | on 23/11/09

its kewl to here that your making you come back t-mac ive been waithing to see you play agin becuase me as a fan i miss that to me you the greates thaks for the update and hoe that every thing gors well your boy JUAN SANDOVAL

Anja | on 23/11/09

Come back with vengeance proove all these haters wrong. Dominate on 3 1-2-3-DOMINATE

Raymond Hicks | on 23/11/09

Im glad to hear that u cool mac to me you are the best player in the league to me you are better than kobe and lebron people hate on you for no reason i think you should come back on the court when you think you are ready because if you think your body is ready for action than take a shot at it and if you ache you don’t have to play but its all in your head don’t worry bout the haters because wen it all boils down you got the money and the skills not them so so if you really wanna know the truth forget the hatters and get yo money and your shine on 7th time allstar who in history scored 13 points in 33 seconds not kobe not lebron you so you do you and forget the rest you got the power not haters GET YOUR MVP TROPHY THIS YEAR AND YOUR RING TRACY MCGRADY IM YOUR TRUE NUMBER ONE FAN IM FORM MEMPHIS SO WEN YOU COME TO MEMPHIS EMAIL ME AND I WANA HANG OUT WIT YOU

lewis | on 23/11/09

lets go t-mac u need to come back so you can drop like 30points a game

Lolo#12 | on 23/11/09

T-Mac… is great to read YOU and not stupid rumors and sh*t.


lewis | on 23/11/09

Enter your comment…

Raul Avila | on 23/11/09

cant wait to see you back.your the best

albert | on 23/11/09

hope to see you wednsdat against the mavs ill be there hoping to see you play..go rockets baby…

Sam T | on 23/11/09

(singing) Retuuurn of the MAC! Return of the MAC! Make us all Proud!

Paulius G. | on 23/11/09

OMG, the best possible birthday present is comeback of T-Mac, how one famous journalist would say “It`s NICE” :D

candechea | on 23/11/09

thanks 4 the update tmack. hope and pray that u do cum back this week. good luck. your number 1 fan

Vince | on 23/11/09

TMac, you are the man! I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but I’m sure you’ve heard the haters come through loud and clear. As a musician, I have to hear criticism all the time, and I know have the negatives usually outweigh the positives. You are a man beyond athletes now… you have gone and experienced what life is like in other parts of the world… parts that would make you kiss the North American soil we walk on.

Stay strong brother… you will prove all the doubters wrong. I loved you while you played here in T.O. but understand why you had to leave. Best of luck with the rest of the season, man.

Vince -Toronto

Mike | on 23/11/09

Let’s go T-MAC!! I am a Red Rowdy and we all would love to have you back so we can scream our heads of at your return home!! I hope to see you on the court soon!

Dwayne Mills | on 23/11/09

This week, that’s what I’m talking about baby. It’s time to put all the haters and doubters in there place. Mac i been ridin with you all the way, show these dudes what time it is.

Tommy D. | on 23/11/09

Great to hear, the team will need you for the Mavs game. I heard on radio this morning that the Knicks were interested in you, I know you probably can’t comment on it but hopefully, they don’t have anything the Rockets want. GL!!!

T-Back | on 23/11/09


T-MAN | on 23/11/09

Man you just dont know how much houston wanna see you out there im glad you close to returning and i hope you ready to when the MVP/Scoring title cause you are the best..GOODLUCK BRO

Be-Zo Liu | on 23/11/09

I can’t wait to see u playing on the court…

Taurus | on 23/11/09

Tracy, I am soooooo glad to hear you say this. Man the media is so cut-throat. I dont know how you handle it. I google you everyday just to try and get updates about your return. Its sad how this media is trying to kill your career. I am praying hard for you!! Not just for your return, but for your legacy. When healthy you are #1. That’s my Christmas present to see T-Mac healthy. And then, i will sit back and laugh at all those bitches that kicked you while you were down. Sorry for the language, but its not fair to you man. Last Of A Dying Breed T-Mac.. You are!!!! GOD Bless.

wildhorsegem | on 23/11/09

hey dude stay in the Zone and you and the Rockets will be champion’s. There’s alot of Rocket fans who believe in you and do not listen to Garbage that comes from the media. God gave you the talent to play this great game and we want you to know that we the fans have got your back covered. Go Rockets

Jaquan | on 23/11/09

ou 2 gett bac on the court this week. Maybe VS Dallas on the 25th! Holla

David Hutchison | on 23/11/09

yo Mac I’m your biggest fan….. when you do come back you need to make a statement dunk to show the world your back and stop all the haters….. Take the ball to the hoop and just slam that s*** in there…..

rees williams | on 23/11/09


I wish you nothing but success but you hurt my feelings the other day. It was at the Memphis game in Houston a week or so ago…

It was the final seconds of a dominating Houston performance, and I was there, sitting court side on the floor. The first time I’ve ever sat that close and it was a great experience… I actually was right behind the Houston bench… as the last 15 seconds were being dribbled out, I walked up to YOU, TRACY, the guy I have consistently defended from the haters, the guy I model my game after, the guy I’ve watched since day one in the league, the guy who I’ve owned 3 pairs of your shoes…. walked up with a pen, and YOUR jersey, I asked you to sign it for me, you turned around, looked at me, then turned again and vanished into the crowd, instantly becoming an icon again, and leaving me, the lowly fan, in the dark. I was the first person to say anything to you after the game, I was standing 1 feet away from you… the one time in my life that I’ll likely have that opportunity.

It would have taken you two seconds to sign it and meet me and I would have framed the jersey and hung it on the wall because thats what you meant to me.

I still like you, and respect your game, but why would you do that to a fan? Its not like you did anything that night, showed up at half time with JDorsey and I know you had to carry those giant diamond earrings, but I think you could have signed my jersey for me without too much trouble….

good luck this year

ilan | on 23/11/09

Happy to have news!!
Good luck!!

steven | on 23/11/09

Enter your comment…

steven | on 23/11/09

Enter your comment…

FRANZ | on 23/11/09


ODZ | on 23/11/09

Hey Mac!
Let me say that the media is really making it difficult to be optimistic with the the way that a rift seems to be created between you and the team. I believe there is still a chance you can contribute to this season. I’ll also say that “Integrity” will alway win out above all. You are still are employed by the Rockets, and there are still some that believe that they can benefit from your presence.
God Bless. ODZ

Benjamin | on 23/11/09

Nice to have you back T-mac! :D

john bell II | on 23/11/09

P.S. dont forget this season has meaning to it and I know you want to see President Obama at the end of the season (hint)

Jared | on 23/11/09

Looking forward to seeing you back in action T-Mac!!!

akira | on 23/11/09

頑張って T-mac 待ってるから!

john bell II | on 23/11/09

Its time to show the world who has the best team with the best players. Im gonna pray for you homie. Stay focus and lets make it happen T-Mac. I believe in you. Make the haters pay. Win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

akira | on 23/11/09

Good luck!

Justin W | on 23/11/09

yeah buddy! been waitin 4 yo return…I can’t wait 2 see you take over!

Ginubrian | on 23/11/09

Man, I can always count on this site to hear real updates and the real truth. Thanks Mac, we’ll see you soon. We know you’re anxious as well and I’m glad you’re doing the rehab correctly.