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Thu, Apr 15th 2010, 12:08

Tracy's blog: Offseason begins

Hey everyone,

Our season ended yesterday and now its time for a small break to rest up before I get back to rehab and training. I’m going to work hard all summer long getting ready for next season. I saw a report this morning that I was going to retire, and let me set record straight, I am not retiring. I’ve got more game in me, and you’ll see it on the court next year. Thanks to all my fans for all your support. No matter where I end up next season, I’ll be ready!


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Mike D | on 7/6/10

Say Mac keep your head up pimp you are still one of the greatest players in the game today so just do what you do best and work hard and prepare to come back and kill these boi’s next season. Peace out and remember return of the Mac

Malik Fisher | on 6/6/10

Hey my name is Malik and i was a fan of yours since Toronto i remember all the stuff u did that made me look up to you.And watching you play inspired me as a player still to this day i look up to you as the best in the NBA.And i want you to keep going on.From your fan Malik.

PS.Don’t get mad if i stole your game a little(I play just like you lol)

Liyi | on 6/6/10

Happy Birthday, Tracy McGrady! I like people who always regarded you as their idols, we are like you, we have been very you in the end! Refueling ~

吴桐 | on 5/6/10


Tracy,this is Tree. | on 5/6/10

miss you miss you…

june | on 5/6/10

Hi,Tracy,i am a fan from china.No matter where you go next season. i will support you .so come on!

FOREVER T MAC | on 5/6/10

T MAC,I believe you,I thing you will come back.I love you

tmacangel | on 5/6/10

Hi Trae,

happy belated birthday. I know you are not serious about retiring??? Basketball used to be my life, now I have to watch the two dirtiest and most arrogant teams compete for the championship. When it really should be you out there. Honestly, just have faith, get better and maybe even come off someones bench. But I think you worked toooo hard to give up on your dream. Do not retire, I think if you believe in yourself, block out all the negativity from the media and who knows who else… can still play the game and eventually win a ring. There are millions of fans out there that want to see you back on the court, and not only in China. You can do this, so please tell me that you will not retire. Basketball is not the same without my favorite player.

Get well and come back.

Yours truly, tmacangel

even | on 5/6/10

dear Tracy
tomorrow i will face the college entrance examination.
bless me
give me a hug a ha ~
thank u!!
good luck both of us loving u Evcn

Robert Delane Jr | on 5/6/10

I can’t wait to see you on the court dunking on these cats in the league! I hope you are improving and getting stronger, because the game needs you!

jamie ellis | on 5/6/10

whattup mack where are u headed next season….i hope to a contender Cleveland….LA…..Orlando…..

sunzhen | on 5/6/10

Happy Bithday !mac。I believe you will be back.Try you best!

Jamil | on 4/6/10

You have been my favorite player since entering the league.
When you did that dunk in the allstar game nobody could touch you. You had everybody affraid of TMAC. I hope you can recover and get back to where you belong at the top. You should go to a team that has a good cast. Wizards would be my choice but we have no players. Love to see you fly you are still the man I believe in you.

juan tejada | on 4/6/10

This is our year boy is time show them what you got

Ben | on 4/6/10

Sir, please go back to houston. You fit there with Yao. I hate what the organization did to u but u really fit there.

yau | on 4/6/10

keep on going!

3---forever | on 3/6/10

T-mac: Hey! I am you chinese fan! I want to talk with you . Happy birthday to you…I am late… Tracy,I believe in you!I think you can back perfectly!!!! BUT your health is the most important. I want to get in touch with you,can I? [I tell you my e-mail:[email protected]] wait for you forever!!!!

Rivo | on 3/6/10

till this day they ask who’s ur favorite player? nd i still say t-mac. they laugh nd i do too. Only because i know that this upcoming year is ur year. God always returns happiness nd u will see it. good job with Darfur

Xiao wei-Li | on 3/6/10

Tracy saw a moment ago the news, said your original plan tour of the Chinese charity, because of will train cancels! What if really will be looks like such which your trainer said to affect yours athletic state, our fan hoped that excessively many do not participate in some to move! Although our fan hoped that you can come China, but hoped that you can obey trainer’s arrangement assiduous training, under strives for the season to split out the high level the competition! You do not use in for this matter, but is unpredictable! Investment training wholeheartedly! Our fan may understand

Tyler Diab | on 3/6/10

Hey TMAC, i just wana say i enjoyed watching you play ball. You have done some amazing things in your career. The 13 points in 33 seconds was UNREAL, i cant stop watching that!. You will come back from this knee injury cuz you are a warrior. Theres plenty left for you to show the world what you can do. Ive watched you since ur toronto days and will continue to do so until u retire. Best of luck man and ill see you when the season starts again.

Tyler D. Biro | on 2/6/10

Hey Tracy, I haven’t watched you play In a lot of your games. I was never a kid that watched sports or was one of the kids who knew all the stats of certain teams etc, But I’d have to say your my favorite basketball player. Yes, it sounds stupid why would I think that when I don’t watch you play? Well I love to play basketball and got a hold of NBA 2k9 and played with the Rockets and now that’s the only team I play with now of course because of you and the rest of the team whom I like. But no matter which team you go to I hope you come back and show Lebron and show Bryant there not the best. =] Goodluck to ya in the future. I hope to hear one day a kid watching how I shoot or anyone of that matter saying the McGrady and not the Kobe or the Lebron shot.

Felix John-Baptiste | on 2/6/10

Whats good my dude? Come back strong next year. I’m tired of everyone disrespecting you, and keeping you out of the nba elite status. You get injured for a little bit and everyone forgets what you did before it. Make them remember!

phillip thompson | on 2/6/10

Looking forward to see you getting the shine you deserve in the upcoming NBA season. While everyone is focused were everyone is going in free-agency….I predict that next season people will be surprised to see the return of Tracy, in rare form.

xi | on 2/6/10

I believe you will do better in next season.Just like The Return of the King!

yikai jiang | on 1/6/10

traing hard to lose your weight, wish you have lucky day !

Edwin Capron | on 1/6/10

Yeah T-mac am a real true fan of you despite. I praying for you man the stay healthy and make it through your struggles. You play well despite being hurt. Don’t forget Your Houston boys i know i will see there again or Orlando

Raymond scott | on 1/6/10

Tmac come to orlando!!! we had nobody to go at paul pearce man..your cousin vince carter did decent but put no pressure on pearce..we didnt have a scorer like you when you were in orlando..u beat the hell out of detroit pistons but didnt have the back up in the end..come to orlando tmac and no dont settle for being the 2nd option for dwight..when you come back next season i expect you at superstar level once again..NOT ALLSTAR..SUPERSTAR!! i expect classic duels again with you and kobe, i expect you to have lebron running in circles again..i expect your famous pull up 3 point shot..i expect fundamental pivot moves in the post..and i expect a point foward..and i expect a 25ppg average which you are well capable of averaging..find ways to get to the line 10 or more times a game..give em hell..u know what it took to become a superstar in year you know what it takes to get back there..we’ll be waiting.

a fan of your | on 1/6/10

GOGO,i love you so much! i will support you forever! You are the best!

Mookie | on 31/5/10

Gud to hear your coming back next season …man you put ah smile on my face. But wat would really make me smile is seeing you sign with the Orlando Magic. =D You could start small forward…

Jay Falcon | on 31/5/10

Tmac whats good my dude , man it was tough seeing you in a knicks uniform the good thing about that was just seeing my dude back in the court, u def have game left in u , i just know with that knee you just need more strenth in it i hope u busting your tale in the gym lol cuz a healthy tmac is up there with kobe ,i know cuz i use to go to the games and see u kill on the magic!!!Now thatyour a free agent man it be great to get you on the magic we need you bro,and that lame hockey GM is gone man so make that move out here man we trying to win a ring and with your help shoot will bring it home !!!but good luck with everything stay positive ,hungury,determined,and motivated,u have alot of haters out there but i know u can quiet them up, Keep God First playa, and the rest will follow !!!Good lcu Tmac aka Da real Magic hahaha be safe!

LSL | on 31/5/10

Hey, Tracy, you are a talent on the court. I hope you can get your wings again. Although you have already not been in Houston, I will always support you wherever your next stop is.Let’s fight together!

麦高 | on 31/5/10

I will never believe you, so you come back! Happy Birthday!

Thomas Crawford | on 31/5/10

T-Mac you are my favorite player. you are in my eyes the best player that have ever touched a basketball since Penny Hardaway. They criticize you but me and you know you are goin to be a 20 point scorer next season.

lee | on 30/5/10

I’m happy to see you in New York.And ofcourse you can be the leader.I hope that while you back on the court next season you can find yourself.Good luck,man!

清欢 | on 30/5/10

I want to know about whether you come to China in this summmer?It’s my dream to see you .

zhang liang qi | on 29/5/10

I wish you a happy birthday, although I don’t know what to say with you, but please remember us “tracy fan” support you forever

zhangtao | on 29/5/10

I love you very much!TMAC,we will surpport you no mater what happens.You are the bes!Come on!Next season.

徐妍 | on 29/5/10

Very late birthday wishes for a long time did not come to you here. Very sad to know you in Hefei line canceled. Prepared a lot of excitement for a long time, did not think it was all over. Not thought of before, everything is over, do so ready to catch your attention, would like to ask you to sign so well, so bring a gift for you personally do, like good magic to wear uniforms, take with you logo hat, but now nothing exists. Hope to see you healthy ,be happy be t-mac …love u forever .

mengyu | on 28/5/10

I miss you

Jason L | on 28/5/10

This is why Howard needs a super healthy T-mac we didn’t have a main go to guy who could draw double teams. Mac get healthy and come on back to Orlando please honestly thats all the fans been talking about “if we had Mcgrady it would be a different story.” I see it here on your pg as well ppl want you back and I really see this team winning for years to come with you howard vince and nelson. Come back home and finish your career the way it started! I know you miss these days and so do your fans get back on top the league has forgot about you LETS GO TMAC;=9ae31&ref;=nf

mark | on 28/5/10

hope you comeback… and comeback with bang… show all the haters what you got… im backin you up.. ur my boy!

Binny | on 28/5/10

hey tmac, you’ve been my favorite player of all time and a basketball idol. i hope you can fully recover and get back on track and back to your all star level we all know you can achieve. Really excited to see where you’re going on the offseason, but goodluck and hope you recover.


Xavien Woods | on 28/5/10

now that the offseason has arrive and you are going further into your carrer are u now thinking of going to a championship
team now so u can win a ring.

Elroy Chan | on 28/5/10

Hello, I am a fan from China. Regardless of when and where I have been watching you the news, although I have not received a serious injury as you so, but I know that you can now just how is not easy, I look forward to your next season’s return of the king. Not only me, there are many loyal fans like me believe you. Your efforts we are looking to. I firmly believe that God moved to tears of man will not let us down. When people ask me the best active alliance player who is? I will not hesitate to state your name. Although I do not know if you see these words. But please believe my heart is always with you - one of your hardcore fans

Robi | on 28/5/10

yees t-mac happy birthday
:D come back please and show how good are you

just | on 28/5/10


Phoenix | on 27/5/10

T-mac, i love u forever

cokao | on 27/5/10

i miss you! T-mac,back to you top!believe you

zacheryjacobs | on 27/5/10

tmac you need to be more aggressive on the court next year and take it back to your orlando days i have faith you can do.

kiyo | on 27/5/10

keep moving

jessie | on 26/5/10

t-mac ,you are never a losser ,but a fighter all along in our heart ,happy birthday to you! just enjoy your happy time ,and we will be with you !

陈东艳 | on 26/5/10

Tracy:I love you forever!!!!I always believe “you will be back!“give you best wish! i hope you can happy everyday!

Darril Almonte | on 26/5/10

Just read that your not retiring! Thank god! Need the Knicks to pick up a couple players and resign you. And my dream will become true. lol. But on a serious note Good luck wherever you go. I’ll be watching. Hope you return as healthy as possible.

akos | on 26/5/10

I wish you a very happy birhtday man! God bless you!

Hayato | on 26/5/10

Hey Mac! Happy belated B-Day man!

king hui | on 26/5/10

T-Mac,happy birthday to you!I hope you are healthy forever!I believe you will be back until you achieve your goals!I will company with you forever!

Matthew | on 26/5/10

It made my day to hear that your not retiring. You prly hear this all the time but im a big fan. A dream of mine is to see you play.

emkin | on 25/5/10

t mac you are exc good go to utah jazz play with d will

T-Mac Shung | on 25/5/10

Happy Bithday to T-Mac!!

深 | on 24/5/10

Come on Tracy!!!!!

GuoShen | on 24/5/10

Oh,You are my idol forever,Happy birthday to you,so I am late,
I come from China , Come on ,麦蒂,我是中国的球迷,英文不是很好,希望能看懂,祝你生日快乐,虽然晚了点,I hope you never give up,

—your supporter:GuoShen 爱你的球迷:郭深

wangbin | on 24/5/10

happy birthday!!! 生日快乐!!永远支持你!!!

zhongtao | on 24/5/10

Hi,T_MAC!Happy birthday & have a good holiday!I really hope that you can visit my city!

Maureen Sue | on 24/5/10

Hey,t-mac ,will you come to china next month? we’re looking forward to seeing your coming!can you tell us your exact schedule?we are waiting for you in Hefei!Happy birthday!

wayde | on 24/5/10

Dear Lovest Tracy,

Happy birthday to you!!

You are always the best in our mind, we support to our heart forever. Come on!!! We belive that you will recover to the best in the next coming season!!!

Come on and best regards

Wayde Deng

Jamal | on 24/5/10

Happy Bday,man come back strong

Tianjiao Wang | on 24/5/10

Happy birthday, Tracy! Wish you happy forever! Do the training and practing in the Summer, I believe you can come back and become all star again!Wish you get the champion next season!

Jacky | on 24/5/10

T-mac,I have been supporting you for many years.What I want to say is no matter which team you are,I will be happy to see you on the court.I believe you will be back,I always believe that.

李莎 | on 24/5/10

happy birthday!

Your fans | on 24/5/10

Happy birthday to you!T-mac,love you forever!

Enter your name... | on 24/5/10


Xiao Min | on 24/5/10

Tmac,happy birthday ! I will always support you!I believe you will be back again!Come on!

廖江波 | on 24/5/10

Tracy,i want say to you:You will always be first,forever….

cong shen | on 24/5/10

T-mac,I’m your supporter.Today is your birthday.And I just want to tell you that:happy birthday.And never give up because there are still lots of your supporters in China!We believe you!

lp | on 24/5/10

Happy birthday,NEW age ,new beginning,we will support you all the time , everyone will suffer from this or that kind of difficulties, face it ,and your will set example for me. I still remember ten years!! ten of your relatives!!!and we think you stand for a kind of spirit. 2010-5-22

guoqun | on 24/5/10

Happy birthday ,T-Mac

清欢 | on 24/5/10

Happy birthday.T-Mac.

我爱T-MAC | on 24/5/10

hello tracy,you are a hero in my heart。I will never give up you。NO matter what you are ,my heart will go on forever,you always the king of kings;zhe lord of lords。I believe that the hero will come back 。Refuel,I believe you

loveTracy | on 24/5/10

Tracy i love you come back

h | on 24/5/10

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

houzi | on 24/5/10

happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shu | on 24/5/10

you know,I have been your fan since I knew what basketball is.I feel excited when all the great things made by you in the basketball court.And I will always be your fan.I hope you can play wonderful games next season just like in magic.By the way,happy birthday

Cooby | on 24/5/10

Mac,Happy Birthday!

悠悠 | on 24/5/10


wang lu xiang | on 24/5/10

happy birthday . love u forever

wang lu xiang | on 24/5/10

happy birthday . love u forever

arenas | on 24/5/10

tracy, if you were in china ,its you birthday. anyway ,today or tomorrow ,i would like to say happy birthday to you. and wish you have fun with you family and your kids. yesterday is bad for us and we gonna look forwad .tracy , you will back ,all right? you promised us

sara | on 24/5/10

happy birthday t-mac.
love you as always

zhaotong | on 24/5/10

love you forever Darling!!!!!!!~~~

tangyu | on 24/5/10

T-MAC Happy birthday, best wish for you!

Xiao wei-Li | on 24/5/10

Tracy Happy birthday!

in this special day, I wants to say to you: I believe you!

although these words some people will say frequently to you, but in today said that these words will look like appear the significance are extraordinary.

we still believed that 31 year-old you may do let our unexpected matter.

I thought that under you the season will put on 1.

finds you put on 1 when the feeling.

the 1 number represents this you! Nobody may substitute!

you want are that kind of feeling!

the one kind is unable the feeling which described with the language!

that is heartily enjoys competition’s feeling!

Was you lets me feel becomes aware the real charm which the basketball was in sole possession to be at!

was you lets us enjoy the unequalled basketball esthetic sense!

this are also why do you have these many Chinese fans and the world fan’s reason!

T-MAC you forever were NO.1

I must say once more in my heart to you: I believe you!

(特雷西 生日快乐!

T-MAC 你在我心中永远是NO.1

Xiao wei-Li | on 23/5/10

Tracy Happy birthday!

in this special day, I wants to say to you: I believe you!

although these words some people will say frequently to you, but in today said that these words will look like appear the significance are extraordinary.

we still believed that 31 year-old you may do let our unexpected matter.

I thought that under you the season will put on 1.

finds you put on 1 when the feeling.

the 1 number represents this you! Nobody may substitute!

you want are that kind of feeling!

the one kind is unable the feeling which described with the language!

that is heartily enjoys competition’s feeling!

Was you lets me feel becomes aware the real charm which the basketball was in sole possession to be at!

was you lets us enjoy the unequalled basketball esthetic sense!

this are also why do you have these many Chinese fans and the world fan’s reason!

T-MAC you forever were NO.1

I must say once more in my heart to you: I believe you!

(特雷西 生日快乐!

T-MAC 你在我心中永远是NO.1

tianjy | on 23/5/10

Happy Birthday!
Hope you can be fully healthy next season!
Hope you can go to a team whose ability is enough for a champion, or hope you can go to Sun, since they have the best doctors in this assosiation.

Christian | on 23/5/10

Good day Mac! hope you are in a good condition at this time.., hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY T-Mac. hope to see you dunking next season..Pls give us on your update. Good luck for the next season..


alex | on 23/5/10

pienso en pasarme con lebron pero kiero creer k lograras irte con un anillo por k t lo mereces y lo k piensan los demas todos tus fans es segirte pero yo no c tu dime confio en ti o no

reem | on 23/5/10

U need to go back to elite status lol…i miss that

王朝晖 | on 23/5/10


李志冬 | on 23/5/10

李志冬 | on 23/5/10

LIZHIDONG | on 23/5/10

happy birthday to you
HOPE: you can get away from the invaliding
we will support you forever

YES you can do it like ever

蔡永勇 | on 23/5/10

t-mac you are best !!i love you all !!please come back !no you no nba!!!加油!!

于岱民 | on 23/5/10

Happy Birthday to you…T-MAC...I believe you will be back!我相信你会回来...

wangkan | on 23/5/10

TMAC Today is your birthday !I stand for so many chinese fans of you to say :Happy birthday we Dear MAC! Have a good time with your family!
We hope we can meet you this summer in china!

Waiting for you forever!
come on!my man!

Wencong Bai | on 23/5/10

No matter where you are,I will love you all zhe time,you are my favourite player.I know,you will be back!Watting for you.

shady | on 23/5/10

tracy,happy birthday。

huanghaishan | on 23/5/10

T-MAC,Happy Birthday.
I love you.Forever.

P xiaoxi | on 23/5/10

Mac, Happy birthday to you!love you forever..

qing | on 23/5/10

Hi,Tracy: Happy Birthday! I miss you, hope the new season will see a brand new T-MAC. Anyway, we fans will always support you! Come on! ! !

柯辰 | on 23/5/10

I am not good at English.
But it won’t stop my love fou you.
I am just an ordinary Chinese fans of you.
Your birthday is coming.Here I want to send my best wishes to you.
So many years have passed.You will no longer young.
But you are my love, you are my faith.
Happy birthday to you,T-mac.
My dear Tracy
No matter what happens
I still believe you will be back.
I am willing to wait for you,forever.
Because I love you forever.

Bear | on 23/5/10

In China is now on May 24th.Happy Birthday to T-mac…

张文正 | on 23/5/10

hi T-mac!!!!!!!!!!happy birthday!!!!!!we are right here !!!!
you are not along!!!we love forever!!!!!!!!

zhuolinLi | on 23/5/10

T-MAC,Happy Birthday!Wish you better!We support you forever!

zhuolinlee | on 23/5/10

Tracy ,Happy Birthday!Wish you better!We support you forever!

xin li | on 23/5/10

Happy birthday!

xin lee | on 23/5/10

Happy birthday

xin lee | on 23/5/10

Happy birthday

houzI | on 23/5/10


猴子~ | on 23/5/10

T-MAC~we Miss you !!!

猴子~ | on 23/5/10

T-MAC~we Miss you !!!

Wheat_XX | on 23/5/10

Dear Mac: Happy Birthday to you Forever love Forever Mac. We are looking forward to your amazing shou next season. We still believe.! You are our best love.

zhu feng | on 23/5/10

tracy,tomorrow is your birthday.i wish you happy everyday.and you a speedy and walk out from the wounded and sick.i love you forever…..

zichen | on 23/5/10

Hi,Tracy.Happy Birthday in advance!!!
I don’t know if you can see my words,but hope you can feel my wishes.Time went so fast,now i can still remember clearly when the first time i see your perfect performance.You are so agressive in the court!!We have been with you in the five years without shake and change,because we love you,we believe in you!!!The last season is unfortunate for all of us,so many bad things happened.But i believe the next year will be another special year.
There always be many failures before success,now we are throughing them,but one day we will smile,and prove to everyone that you are still one of the best players in NBA,meanwhile we are still the happiest fans in the world.
Tracy,because of you,i’m so content to live in this world,because of you,i have a goal to stuggle,because of you,i have faith to do everything.

As long as you are happy,we are happy!!

李晓飞(Li Xiaofei) | on 23/5/10

I’am your fan.I am 16 years old.I love you so much.May 24th is your birthday.I want to say:‘Happy birthday.’
Whaterve you are in Hoston or New Yourk.I believe you will be back.2010-2011 is your time. Your fan, Li Xiaofei

gongpeng | on 23/5/10

how is everything going?Your left knee is ok now? I can not wait to see you play matter where you will go next season .please remmeber that you have a lot of fans in china .fight for yourself.fight for our fans!!gogogo t-mac!

Yan Cui | on 22/5/10

Hi ! These days all media no your news.We know you work hard!You are be ready for new season!Your brithday will coming.All t-mac fans use their way to celebrate your brithday!
Happy birthday T-mac!

Yan Cui

pander | on 22/5/10

Your birthday is coming!!Wish you all the best!!Wait for your coming back next season!!

Jose Garcia | on 22/5/10

hope you get better and hope you will sign with the nuggets good luck

Jose Garcia | on 22/5/10

where do you think you will end up next year?

Marcus Bourne | on 22/5/10

Tracy Mcgrady will always be the best 3 guard ever to play the game. I hope your 100% and you take the Knicks All the way best of luck. 1 of my memorys is watching Houston Vs Dallas hearing the words “ here comes mcgrady oh he just shooked the gravity right out of the building when you dunked on Shawn Bradley.

Tracy,this is Tree. | on 22/5/10

LeBron & Tracy —

Oh, championship !!!

kelland | on 22/5/10

Tracy, May 24th is your birthday. Happy Birthday to you , my idol. I hope you have a wonderful 2010-2011 NBA season. And pls take care of yourself, give my best wishes to your family. BTW, when will you come to China?

rex | on 21/5/10

hes back stronger

Mandy | on 21/5/10

Tracy,do you remember your birthday? It is coming.Happy birthday to you.I hope you can be happy forever.Remember we will love you ….

Mandy | on 21/5/10

Tracy,do you remember your birthday? It is coming.Happy birthday to you.I hope you can be happy forever.Remember we will love you ….

任凯 | on 21/5/10

Tracy.I am your fan, I will persist. Because my love for you to describe! I believe that you will return to the once you!I believe you can back. come on, Tracy!My love

Han | on 21/5/10

Are you well recently ? I am from China , my friends and I all miss you very much. We all anticipate seeing you back. Fighting… we support you forever. Also I wanto konw you will visit China this summer ?

Nyan | on 21/5/10

You are the best player I have know.I hope you can find youself right now.we’ll support you forever no matter what happened .fighting

Teddy | on 21/5/10

you have been my favorite basketball player, since i was like 7 i followed your game since you have played for Toronto, all my friends drilled me cause u were my fav player and said u waas washed up, but i never gave up on you cause you always come out on top when ever a team need you.

lowkey | on 21/5/10

happy birthday!T-mac

Love you Believe you Support you | on 20/5/10

You have our backing. Come on! Because you are T-MAC!!!Forever

Marty Mcfly | on 20/5/10

Tmac my favorite player. Everyone is saying your dried up like a raisin. I think thats a load of ****! I think you will make a huge come back and be a great small forward next year scoring 20 a game. If you believe in your self you can do anything a knee injury doesn’t mean you cant it means you have to work a little harder then everyone else. I say you stay with the knicks (so i can see you more often) and Hopefully new york gets lebron , dwayne , or bosh and you and who ever light up the NBA and show em Mcgrady is a name that dosent die out and it isnt just another “coulda been” story! wish you luck!

Eon phillips | on 20/5/10

Next year is going to be your year man. Bring it so that we can shut them up….

zilong | on 20/5/10

Hey t-mac~ i believe you can still get back to your 100%. Next
season please show the league..who is the most talented player of
the last 50 years. You are not allow to rest till you get a MVP; Final MVP!! You have my fullest support!

Owen | on 20/5/10

Yo Tmac im ur biggest fan man and when i read that story about u retiring i almost didnt watch the playoffs for the first year ever i live in new york and ive gone to see you play in the playoffs in orlando and houston in my opinion your the all around most talented player ive ever seen im only 23 but ive watched alot of basketball and your my all time favorite player and i need to see you get that chip i know you wanna play wit kobe and although i hate the lakers if you went to LA and rocked the yellow id be rockin yellow wit u lol go get the 6th man award and that championship if you wrote back that would be the coolest shit ever good luck gettin back to form and i cant wait to see you play no matter where you go(dont go nowhere ridiculous)
PS i think u would be a great fit in the followin places:
Orlando(biggest return ever!)
LA(as seen above)
PSS Show the haters who the truth is!

Alex | on 20/5/10

I love you T-MAc! You are the best swingman in the world. I believe that you return on your level! Greetings from Russia!

吉国喆 | on 20/5/10

Best wishes~!!

Jason Lovette | on 19/5/10

T-mac the Magic need you man, we’ll dump Lewis and bring you in because this dude ain’t cuttin it

joey | on 19/5/10

yyyoo t what is my u know what.. haha anyways gotta know something u comin back to the knicks…?? because we need someone like u smart with the ball good passes and a wonderfull all arond player.. if u r hopefullly u will have a good mind state and wont give up on that knee but if u r make sure u bring the golden globe back to NY.. an make all the haters break there neck and regret not signin the peoples champ for Joey crack bx stand up be easy mac and remember come back to ny

german | on 18/5/10

hey t-mac show them that it´s not over yet. I´m from germany. prove them that you are still one of the best in the game!

german | on 18/5/10

Hey t-mac i´m from germany. I´ll hope you´ll be ready for next season. Your game isn´t as good as it was once but I belive in you, so give all you have and prove it all around the world that you won´t give up. You can do it man ! Work especially on your 3 point shot and your driving to the the lane!
Please be ready L2K

Deb Mcdonald | on 18/5/10

Inviting you to a graduation party for an outstanding Basketball Plyaer from Battle Creek MI, look him up..Tyler Miller Battle Creek Lakeview. He has that “it” factor. He has had your jersey above his headboard for years. He admires everything you do. He is commited, raised by a single parent with no support. Great presance and leadership. Going to Western MI this year, hopefully as a walk on. Please come to his party in Pattle Creek. Come into Kalamazoo to 94 east, Capital Ave south to Glenn Valley Apartments on the left to the clubhouse. June 26th from 3-6. I am very serious. He should be watched. His address is 5412 Glenn Valley 3-B Battle Creek, MI 49015. I am of course, his grandmother. (Nana). You have truly been an inspiration to all he has done and I thank you so much for being a leader.

WALLACE ERVIN | on 18/5/10


YAOKANG | on 18/5/10

I hope you can come back at next season!You are the best,and I always be there for you

akos | on 18/5/10


daniel | on 18/5/10



wenbin | on 17/5/10

Be good,T!cannot wait to see u in the next season!

Randy | on 17/5/10

U are my favorite player and nxt year you will be amazing

Andrea | on 16/5/10

T-Mac i’m from Italy. You’re my favourite player in the NBA.i wish i see u when NY Knicks will come to Milan in october. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Devdas | on 16/5/10

You’re my favourite player since I began basketball I hope you’ll stay in good health for the next season .You’re one of the greatest player don’t forget it.

charles | on 16/5/10

come back t-mac. we are all waiting for you. come back to your best form. you are the best there is when you’re healthy. we believe in you. win an mvp award man and eventually a championship ring. i know you can do it. do it next season. prove your critics wrong. you can do it man. we believe.

Korm | on 16/5/10

MAC , I am is your Chinese fans . I will support you forever , and i always believe you will come back next reason ! Good lucky for you , you are the best one player on the world …

selrahC | on 16/5/10

come back tmac. come back to your best form. we are all waiting for you. i know you can do it. you are te best there is when your healthy. win an mvp award man and eventually a championship. win it in new york. i know you can do it man. we believe in you. come back man. be the best again.

luis | on 16/5/10

i want to see playing on the court
pleas come back next year
who ever player who will join your team you are still my superstar i want you to play in playoff next season

Josh | on 16/5/10

MAC , I am is your Chinese fans . I will support you forever , and i always believe you will come back next reason ! Good lucky for you , you are the best one player on the world …

time592 | on 16/5/10

MAC , I am is your Chinese fans . I will support you forever , and i always believe you will come back next reason ! Good lucky for you , you are the best one player on the world …

Tracy,this is Tree. | on 15/5/10

Hey Tracy,long time no see.Which team do you think will win the championship this year? Maybe…ORLANDO!

taurus. | on 14/5/10

Ok Tracy, we are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Creshaun Holt | on 14/5/10

whats hannin tracy. i believe, no i know for a fact that im one of ur biggest fans. when somebody trys to down ur game im all over there case lol. im a basketball player to so i understand how it is when u cant play as hard as u want. im 100% sure ur goin to come back next year and kill and its going to be funny how many people hop on the wagon when u do. no matter what team u play on im going to wach and hope only the best for u. a little side-bar.i know lebron is one of the best players out there but i cant stand him and really hope u dont team up with him this coming year but if u do i hope yall win a ring. Hope u have a great summer. duces

JayShun Wooten | on 14/5/10

Im a big t0mac fan.str8 die hard t-mac fan

Zhu Zepeng | on 14/5/10

Hello, T-mac, I am a Chinese fan, I am a middle school student, we Chinese fans will always love you, hope you return next season peak. We miss you.You are always NO. 1.

China | on 14/5/10

Hello, T-mac, I am a Chinese fan, I am a middle school student, we Chinese fans will always love you, hope you return next season peak. You are always NO. 1.

Jeremy | on 14/5/10

What’s up t, I’m a supporter and I stand by you threw whatever. I hope you go to the bulls along with another free agent. Derrick Rose is beast and he has a pretty good supporting cast. Plus I know you think you look good in red! Wherever you go I’m ready to see you in action.

michael yang | on 14/5/10

i love you,T-mac. I believed that you can become better! I am from china,i am a senior high student,i love playing basketball.But now i am iujurying,my back is hurting. I want i will succeed as well as you!

Tyler | on 14/5/10

T-mac i’m looking foward to seeing lebron, d-wade, and most importantly you in a knicks uniform next year. You will finally have a team and it won’t be just you. There will be no more second round virgin. Work hard this off season to get in really good shape. Get healthy and stay healthy. I want to see you back in dominating form.
Best wishes to you T-mac

罗文博 | on 14/5/10

Hi,Tracy.I’m high student from China,I support you for long time.Some one in China said you are not Strong,but i think is not true.
I think you are great,but the injure cause you.
i think you can back success next season.

Ps:Welcome to China,we are miss you.

Welcome to 贴吧 麦迪.

zhaowenqiang | on 13/5/10


Rey J. Segarra Zayas | on 13/5/10

Tracy, try to go to orlando next year. Its just perfect. You get yourself in a position to win your first ring, plus it woul be in your home town! And you get to play with vince again! C’mon T!

John | on 13/5/10

T MAC. You will Always be the best 3 guard ever to play the game of basketball. I love your game, and your swag ! YOUR MY FAVORITE PLAYER EVER. AND PLEASE COME BACK NEXT YEAR AND SLAM ON ALL YOUR HATERS !!

mike | on 13/5/10

I support you forever no matter whichever team you play in!
hope you can return to the court and have a wonderful status!

Zhou Li | on 13/5/10

My English is not good, so if the syntax is very strange, please forgive me. I am from Wuhan, China, now very very far from you, I can not imagine you can see the words I write. I miss you across the Pacific. Wish you happiness and healty. I still do not think this is true.Could you really see my words?

李杰 | on 12/5/10

T-Mac,I’m a really funs of you.I like you because of no reasons,I will support you until you leave the NBS,no,actully all the time,I lvoe you,Macgrady!

Reco Mays | on 12/5/10

T-Mac good luck with your season next year i know that you are going to shine wherever you go. You are the most slept on player in the league right now but I know that will change after this season…And I’ll be looking forward to seeing you at the all star game this year

清欢 | on 12/5/10

Having the support from our many fans,you should train yourself and do your best.Come On, Man!

Jake Gunn aka C-Money | on 12/5/10

hey mac wat up i need sum advice. im 20 years old and my dream is to make it to the nba but i have never played high skool or college ball. so is there still a chance to make it to nba?and u still one of the best players and performers the game has ever seen and wat are ur plans for the offseason and who wud u like to play for? hit me up sumtime or u can even call me at 6622554338 im ur biggest fan and i even play like u the game needs me bro hit me up peace see u nex season

louie gonzaga | on 12/5/10

get well for the next season… goodluck!

李何明 | on 12/5/10

Love you forever!~~

LI Heming | on 12/5/10

Hello, dear TMAC.I am one of the countless TMAC die-hard fans,and it has been a wish for years for me to leave a message directly to U.Wherever you go , I will watch your games until you retire!~~Then, no more NBA games for me because these TV reviewers just suck! You are one of the most talented and rakish player I have ever seen.You don’t just play games.You play art.Those moves of you are so creative and fabulous!Whenever I play 2k10, you will definitely be in my team because your shooting and scoring skills are so great.Your birthday is approaching, so I want to wish you happy birthday, andhope you have a good mood and a healthy body in the upcoming season!!~BTW, when will you come to Beijing again?? If you will come this year, I will try my best to see you in person.Better yet, I hope to have your shirt and your signature!~That will be the greatest thing in the world!Anyway, I will be your fan forever!!~~

TMACforever | on 12/5/10

Hello, dear TMAC.I am one of the countless TMAC die-hard fans,and it has been a wish for years for me to leave a message directly to U.Wherever you go , I will watch your games until you retire!~~Then, no more NBA games for me because these TV reviewers just suck! You are one of the most talented and rakish player I have ever seen.You don’t just play games.You play art.Those moves of you are so creative and fabulous!Whenever I play 2k10, you will definitely be in my team because your shooting and scoring skills are so great.Your birthday is approaching, so I want to wish you happy birthday, andhope you have a good mood and a healthy body in the upcoming season!!~BTW, when will you come to Beijing again?? If you will come this year, I will try my best to see you in person.Better yet, I hope to have your shirt and your signature!~That will be the greatest thing in the world!Anyway, I will be your fan forever!!~~

darnell | on 12/5/10

Tracy, Come back to Orlando next year, finish your career in the place you should have never left…Fans misss u here..would be great fit with Dwight,Vc and rest of the guys.

Uuganbayar | on 12/5/10

You are the best

nate | on 12/5/10

tracy, you’ve been my inspiration and favorite player ever since i was introduced to the nba. no matter where you go, how you do, what injuries come up, you always’ll be my favorite player, and the best. truly #1, always. oh and i loved you in houston, but go to the magic so you can get a championship with your cousin vince!!!

麦蒂麦蒂我想你 | on 11/5/10

麦蒂 麦蒂 好想你

Aman kumar | on 11/5/10

Great thought t-mac. I don’t want to see you retire. I am a very big fan of yours and according to me you are the world’s greatest. T mac I have a story. i want to tell you how i became your fan.

Ricktavius Lomax | on 10/5/10

I hope u go back to the Orlando Magic again so u and Vince Carter can be back togther and can win the NBA chmpionship

Derek Schmitz | on 10/5/10

Tracy i hope you get better with the injuries and the rehab… and i was hopin you would get us Rockets fans a championship title i thought you guys were with the 32 game win streak but i guess that wasnt enough anyway im going to miss the 6’8 number one jersey now its Trevor Ariza, you are a great BB player and will always good luck this next season with a new team i dont like but ill be cheerin for you

william cleveland | on 10/5/10

I look up to i wear u name and number on my sneaks i tell people when i c u play thats my dad and i always defend u i try a fit your game into mine u inspire me

COCO RODRIGUEZ | on 10/5/10


李星毅 | on 10/5/10

Hello McGrady

I was a Chinese Shandong your loyal fans. I am a 16-year-old student and support you have six years. I think you left the rocket is correct, Adelman did not attach importance to you. You keep injuries in recent years as a student to learn and focus on your game is difficult. Very excited to see you in New York, video game, let me excited for a long time. Here, the students are in support of James, a player like Kobe, I am the only support you, sometimes it is very lonely. But I can not forget any of your moments, until now, and you want to contact by mail, my school life very closely, hoping to chat to communicate with you about the urgent hope that you can very much for taking time to read and respond this message. My English is very good, it is with my English teacher to complete, and hope returned to my mailbox, [email protected]

                                                     Your a fan of Chinese students

                                                                                Li Xingyi

john | on 9/5/10

if NY dont work go ,back to ORLANDO!

john | on 9/5/10

are u really gona retire plz dnt ur my favortie player all time no matter wat!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy | on 9/5/10

Wassup The Greatest u been my favorite players since u came n the league. I still havnt gave up on u n neva will. I donrt want u to give up now. An d it dont mata wat team u go to u will make them better anyway it goes. I think you played a lil to laid back, eveybody knows u a all around player but u is a big time scorer u shud go out there next year with yo old swaga that u cant b stop

someone | on 9/5/10

I trust you shall recover soon. I always belive you are the best one . I hope to see you again in the basketball court

T-mac\s loyal fans | on 9/5/10

I trust you shall recover soon. I always belive you are the best one . I hope to see you again in the basketball court

take | on 9/5/10

GO TO BULLS!!noah,rose,tmac and if they get bosh!!a championship caliber team!!!

Chen Enquan | on 8/5/10

Dear T-mac: I am your loyal fans, from Wuhu, China. To see you this season, struggled with injuries his abnormal anxiety, My classmates and I were very concerned your blogs ,and we are believe that you will certainly out completely psychological shadow and return to the top state championship! What is more,myclassmates and I watch you since oue junior school ,and we are very love you whatever you getted injuries .You konw ,we are your die hard fans forever. we all love T-mac!! I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery.

Your loyal fans Chen Enquan.

Scarlet 张绮珊 | on 8/5/10

I always idol,Love you no reason,My English is very poor, want to tell you something, but the language points。
Love you forever, I hope you can see my message, no matter how high standing in with low, you will always be my most remarkable images.

Tracy,this is Tree. | on 8/5/10

I love you Mac.

FANS | on 8/5/10


T-MAC FANS | on 8/5/10

I am a high school student from CHINA.You are my favourite basketball player though my classmates always laugh me.I know you are the best in the world.I watched your game from2002.I hope you can try your best to do THE REALLY T-MAC.I hope it!I hope the next season in which you get more scores when I say MVP MVP when I watch TV.I noly a small fans.Maybe you do not see my words.But I always like you !!T-MAC!!!!MVP!!!

charles | on 8/5/10

T-MAc expecting ur old form next season…good luck | on 7/5/10

ey tmac dont retire. i know what you are capable of and i believe you can get back to your old self again and maybe even better due to all of the pain and disappointment you have been thorough in your career. i know you still can play and i know you will get that ring someday…..duce

ELS | on 7/5/10

Mac, may the Lord bless you indeed. May he keep you safe, healthy and happy. I pray the Lord will bless you and your family with all the desires of your heart, that you will be renewed and rise up like a mighty phoenix from out of the ashes. Basketball misses you.


Gavin Bluain | on 7/5/10

wassup tmac ba please dont retire on us im really ready to see the type game performance you bring to the game we been missing you for a good while and you performed nicely with the knicks i gotta see you get a another title or something!

marcel brown | on 7/5/10

Come back and show kobe hos really the man

Jonkiky | on 7/5/10

We still love you,T-mac .We can wait, Waiting For you back, To show us that you can be better, You are the No.1

Scott King | on 6/5/10

Tracy you have been my favorite player since i can remember. I remember when i was young, I watched you self alley-oop it to yourself when you where on the Magic, and since then i followed your games, and have followed your stats. Still to this day i have not seen a player with more heart, dedication and skill. It was amazing when you scored 13 points in 32 seconds to beat the Spurs, and i can’t think of many other players that can pull that off. People who are putting you down and saying you are washed up will eat their words when you come back next year fully healthy and reloaded. When i play basketball, i try to play like you do because you show the perfect amount of Shooting ability, size, slashing, passing, and defense. I don’t know many more people as balanced as you as a player.You did a great job bouncing back from that micro-fracture surgery and next year you will be even more ready. Through all the bumps in the road i still kept faith in you, don’t let any hardships slow you down T-Mac, Impossible is nothing, and you of all people know that. Can’t wait to see you next you next year wherever you land.
-Scott King

los | on 6/5/10

what it dew? plz dont retire ymac i seen your games this yr and the one against the thunder prooved me you still got it im from d.c. and i was at the game when the knicks played against the wizards do what it do but what the one guy said the spurs or the jazz i been thinkin that for a while now or maybe you can go back to ORLANDO!!!!

key | on 6/5/10

T-MAC, don’t give up…
you still got chance to become more better…nothing is impossible… =)

Allan | on 6/5/10

T-MAC Don’t make anyone who lcves you cry again!

kimidesperado | on 5/5/10

“Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion.”
Hi T-MAC:I saw a lot of guys suportting you here. I don’t know weather you would read each word.I jusr wanana ask you :“do you still have the desire to win the champion?”.It’s so easy to say “yes” and also waste your talent off the court.
Come on Man.If you still have the dream,please don’t let us down.Looking around the league,you are still younger than Kobe and Paul who are two of the best players I think.You still can change the game if you want.
However if the answer is :“no.“Please don’t say the woords like “back”,“believe me” ever.As one of your fan,I don’t wanana spoil my memories with you ever.
kimidesperado from Shanghai China

Best Registry Cleaner | on 5/5/10

good share, great article, very usefull for us…thanks!

jay | on 5/5/10

I know there is still some gas left in the tank, make the comwback everyone will be talking about….....

Enter your name... | on 5/5/10

mac i love you very much !I hope you can let every know “you can”!!

tserenzundui | on 5/5/10

t-mac i think you sign orlanod magic next season vince howard lewis and you big 4 your great playmaker and 3 point shooter and orlando need great play maker mongolian all your fans love you because your basketball got
your my hero i want you sign orlando

软蛋 | on 4/5/10

ni hao ruandan

mai da zui | on 4/5/10

ni hao mai da zui

da zui | on 4/5/10


tyler butler | on 4/5/10

iknow everyone prolly tells u thatere ur biggest fan but i am.when i first started to hear your name alot u wereon the raptors then u were brought to orlando which is my home state so then igot tosee u on almost every nighton the sunshine network.since then its been a wrap.u changed the whole taown at that time.and as sson as u got to houston i was a rocket fan,and for now a kniok fan anyways i just wanted to say every body hasnt givin uo on u yet,i kknow the.i know i tmust be hard cuz honrestlymost people right u off but not me.i know wut ur capable of and personaaly ive never held u responsible for not winng playooff series cuz u had nobody helpin you in orlando or houston for that matter.well jus wanted to say im strill rootin for ya no matter wut,good luck with everything your most loyal fan tyler butler

Yu | on 4/5/10

How are you Tracy?We miss you。

GMan | on 4/5/10

God speed this summer. You made a fan out of me with your time here. Hope you land a tight spot and get you a ring. Ill be pullin for you.
Siempre Fidelis
Defensor Fortis,

王萌加 | on 4/5/10

Mac,we still believe in you.
we still love you baby
and it never change

ali | on 4/5/10

t mac…. pleaes do not do an A.I do not go to a bumb team pleaes… you need a title… here me out… jazz,spurs that is my #1 pick, or the nuggest…go to a team that needs a player like you to be at the next level.. fuck the money you got that …go to a team that needs a player like you in order to win a title…. maybe go help wade out as long as you have a big other than o neal… (hes done)... you are not…. win a title next year or atleast get out of the first round-ALI the number one fan of yours

Datong Xu | on 4/5/10

Come back to Houston next season and we will give you a championship ring in return. Deal?

zhengjun zhang | on 3/5/10

I hope you can restore the health of the next season!I will always support you!

Robert | on 3/5/10

T-mac im one of ya biqqest fan, im hoping you choosing a contender team to play with this up coming season… Cant wait to see you back on the court.

evol | on 3/5/10

don’t waste of our memories```

Landy | on 3/5/10

Hi T,

Work hard, practise hard, so many people are waiting for your coming back, you know what I mean, right?

See you next season.


Marc | on 2/5/10

Come back to Houston T-MAC!

感怀 | on 2/5/10

How a message?

Cha | on 2/5/10

Hey Mac Ive got enough faith in you, Cant wait for next season, whether its red n white or Orange n Blue i know Youll be high impact
Much Love!!

Reve Ryu | on 2/5/10

You can make it to get the championship!!!! i Believe in it!!!! Work hard!! Always support from Japan!!!

For Dream | on 1/5/10

I will support you forever, wherever you go. Dreams come true.

andywu | on 1/5/10

Tracy:We always believe you can recover to top again ! Take easy! We’re looking forward to your shown time! Wish your visit to China once more! May you recover soon!
Love you

Jocce | on 1/5/10

I believe you and wait for you!Please become T-MAC soon~

dave | on 30/4/10

I will see you bright back!!

Brandon Scheidel | on 30/4/10

tracy focus on what u rlly want nxt year i wanna c c u in a dunk contest again lol just dont let ur cousin vince in it haha or better yet make the all star game… take the knicks to the playoffs nxt year make an impact pce out mac

Anthony | on 29/4/10

tracy mcgrady, ive been a knick fan since i was in diapers and at the time, you were just entering the nba. you’ve been my favorite player since the first time i seen you face that knicks when i was just a young young kid. seeing you, my favorite player, on my favorite team, makes me the happiest man alive. i bought the jersey the day it came out. please stay in new york and get your explosiveness back, even if its only for a year.

Frazier | on 29/4/10

Come back to Orlando!!!

Daniel | on 29/4/10

That’s the way my man. Keep on pusing

Brandon Scheidel | on 29/4/10

dude i hope u bring ur a game back nxt year i wanna c u on the all star weekend competing…or better yet tyake the knicks to a championship dont b the guys that just gets less than 20 mins in a game this is what what our gym teacher told us “When i was in school, there was this guy i knew rit? he left his tape player sitting down as he went up to wrestle. what i did was walked over, picked it up and listened to it bc i was curious to what he was listing to…so anyways i turned it on and what i heard was a recording of him talking to himelf telling him YOURE THE BEST NOONE CAN BEAT YOU and he listed all of his accomplishments he made in life like YOU PINNED ______ ______ AND WON THIS YOU WON THAT and also listed what he has yet to accomplish. so what im telling you guys shud do is believe that you can do things and keep trying hard and things will pay off in the long run” thats something that i remember him say and i think that thats something u shud think about during ur games think about what u want to accomplish in life and ur career and dream big and try to stay active as possible and ull earn the attention u really want like what michael jordan gets hes the 1 guys noone will ever 4get thats because he stayed active and nvr stopped i hope u think about what im saying because it cud rlly help u thanks and bye

xiaotaiyang | on 29/4/10

forever T-MAC ! I believe you

Yours Fans Forever | on 29/4/10

Hi,T-mac,I love basketball because of you,whenever you enter into a game,I pray for you.Come on,wherever you go,I always be a fans of you,Come on!

Mohamud Mohamed | on 28/4/10

Hope you get better. I am getting tired of watching old highlights of you. lol. Also please don’t retire

pp | on 28/4/10

t mac!! u are the best player there is!! since u took your time off from surgery i even stoped watching the nba! remember u are only 30 years old, jordan won his last championship at 35!! u are the only player that can achieve that, if u put you mind into it you can achieve anything you want you just need to get healthy!! i expect no less than 27 ppg next season!! wish u the best and work hard man

jack | on 28/4/10

hello tracy,you are a hero in my heart。I will never give up you。NO matter what you are ,my heart will go on forever,you always the king of kings;zhe lord of lords。I believe that the hero will come back 。Refuel,I believe you!

zhang wei jie | on 28/4/10

hello tracy,you are a hero in my heart。I will never give up you。NO matter what you are ,my heart will go on forever,you always the king of kings;zhe lord of lords。I believe that the hero will come back 。Refuel,I believe you!

Jason He | on 28/4/10

Hey Tracy, I am looking forward to seeing you back. I know it’s gonna be not easy for you get recovered from all those injuries and other things, and I am sorry to see you and Yao cannot play together any more. No matter where you will go next season, it is important that you are happy and stay healthy. I believe you will be back, T-MAC! And you will win the World Championship in the near future!

zhang hongjia | on 27/4/10


skillzlab how the site? Why not open?

jackhua | on 26/4/10

Come on! My T-Mac!

Nick | on 26/4/10

Tracy !

I’m only 15, but I’ve been a T-mac fan ever since 2001. I remember when me and my friends used to argue about who was better between you and Kobe, and I would always said that you were the best ever. Now it seems like everybody’s forgotten about you cause you’ve been hurt. I know that you can play at that high level again, no matter where you’re at. I just hope that you train hard and get healthy again, cause watching basketball isn’t the same without Tracy McGrady! You’re my biggest inspiration, and no matter where you play next year, I’ll be rooting for you.


Adam Bugg | on 26/4/10

Hey Tracy,

Would love to see you back with the Magic next season and play with Vince! would you be interested if O Smith offered you a deal?

Ted | on 26/4/10

my friends tend to tell me all the time “oh t-mac is gonna retire after this year hes just washed up” i always just say hes not going to retire hes just coming off an injury of course he going to have a slow start and at one point i thought maybe he will retire. Im happy to see that your not going to i believe after this summer youll be the old tmac that you were before all the injuries. Good luck man

Vince | on 25/4/10

My Boy T-MAC,

I’ve followed you since you were a Raptor… I watched every game I could when you lit the league up with 32 ppg. I saw you carry Rockets to the Play-Offs and i cried with you when the Jazz knocked you out.
No matter what injuries can do to a man, the most powerful thing in the game is Heart. We see it everyday in Kobe, Lebron and D-wade.
I’m probably one of your biggest fans, from the good to the bad, when i see you on the court i see a true hero.

What i wanted to say as a fan is don’t let nothing stop you. Sometimes on the court i see you tired, frustrated or you barely run on defence!
But we all know when you try in a game, you are UNSTOPPABLE. Come back in 2011.
Show all the critics up.


Your Fan


love t-mac | on 24/4/10

hey!t-mac!I have paid attention for several years.I love basketball so much.I enjoy all the things brought by basketball.I am so excited everytime when I stand on the court.And you konw,you are the fisrt idol of my NBA life.I love your shooting proture,That is wonderful and cool.I try to copy it at my match.But I failed in the end,it is difficult for me.We will always be here with you.I hope that you will back with a stronger next season.But the most important I wish is that you have a very good health!May everything going well with you!

Tracy,this is Tree. | on 24/4/10

Mac,come on.

LHL | on 24/4/10

Hi!T-MAC,I support you forever,my english very bad,so i can not say a lot!love you for ever!

麦儿MAC | on 24/4/10


Allen Moll | on 24/4/10

As a big fan and a national sportswriter for a nationally known website, I’ve written extensively on T-Mac’s improbable return. I’m pulling for him but ultimately it’s up to him and what’s in his heart when and if he returns. He will likely have to accept a back-up role.

Louie V | on 24/4/10

Hell yea thats my boy! i saw the report too and i feel better now that you said that your not retiring.. lov ya

Mohamed | on 22/4/10

Hey T-mac i really think that you are become an elite guard again this upcoming season and i hope this offseason your knees feel better so you can destroy those others like kobe,lebron,carmelo,and d-wade.GOOD LUCK

Veli | on 22/4/10

It was very sad to see you struggling like that season , peharps you came back prematurely , I would like you to please give it another go before your retire , because you are too good a player to end like this . May someday you might win a championship , and I will always be there to support you , because you are the best player I ever seen , far better than arrogant Kobe.

orly | on 21/4/10

t’mac im very sad cos im not see u to rockets..
hope u play again in the same team..

i’ll wait idol for ur back..

cause your my #1 idol..

Andrew Blazon | on 21/4/10

hey t-mac, your the best man i cant wait to swee you on the court next year when you fully healthy. you’ll always be the best in my eyes, in terms of talent you better then kobe or lebron man. perhaps my only wish for you is t win at least one championship and hopefully youll do dat next year and make the hall of fame too one day. best of luck mac, im pullin for ya-have a great summer. 13in33

danger | on 21/4/10

I still believe someday you can return to the top, I think this summer you must do more care about your knees, I am waiting for you no matter when and where.

Mike | on 21/4/10

Hey t-mac,
I am one of your fans from china.
Firstly,thank you what you have done for Yao.You know we are from one country.HAHA.
Secondly,in my eyes,you are always one of the greatest players in the nba.
so,above all,iwish you will always be youself.We konw you are t-mac,you can do everything what you want in the game.
Come on man,lets rock them.
My english is poor,i think so,and you?
Have a good day.

Tracy,this is Tree. | on 21/4/10

Hey,Tracy.How’s it going?I’m coming to see you.

wu hao peng | on 21/4/10

hey.Tmac.I am your fan from China.I hope you’ll get back!!!

tj | on 20/4/10

just wana wish u the best of luck n thats good 2 hear that ur not givin up easy i still remember when u put it on san antonio with 35 seconds best 35 seconds in N.B.A history u didnt give up was my point well hope u get 2 enjoy the summer its not all about hard work ur family will guide u that should be why you get back out there and to all those haters there scared to see a healthy Mcgrady like we use 2 say here in houston t-for 3 keep up the gud work over there and hope 2 see u when ur in houston

Vlad | on 20/4/10

Do what you’ve always done, prove the doubters wrong. You’ve got way too much talent to go out like this. Train harder than you ever have so you can come back stronger than you’ve ever been and show everybody what talent and dedication really can do. The NBA hasn’t been the same without you, we believe in you man!

Will Kennedy | on 19/4/10

Tmac dont give up please your the reason I try so hard in bball and my friends say you have nothing left and I always prove them wrong best luck to you.

ELS | on 19/4/10

Mac, May God bless you, protect you, heal you and make you whole again. Have faith my brother and this too shall pass.

You had it once before and you will be restored.

Peace and Godspeed!

Vlad Vascencu | on 19/4/10

Do what you’ve always done, prove the doubters wrong. You’ve got way too much talent to go out like this. Train harder than you ever have so you can come back stronger than you’ve ever been and show everybody what talent and dedication really can do. The NBA hasn’t been the same without you, we believe in you man!

moises | on 19/4/10

hey mcgrady wondering if you could wright more of what happens in your life - mo

Julian | on 19/4/10

here in north carolina, people like my dad (Earnest Williams, he said he drove u around when u went 2 mt. zion) said u wont succeed until u do rite by the church, what do u think they mean?

Calvin | on 19/4/10

everytime I saw the report that said you would retire next and you won’t pull through from the seak,I was sad !!But I believe you can play well just like the past,and I will support you forever!!!! Calvin

from zero start | on 19/4/10



Jesus is healer!

absolute not to cheat you!

GO to church!

Tracy,this is Tree. | on 18/4/10

I don’t know whether you could read it,and my English is poor.However,I still want to tell you that you’re the superstar in my heart.hey,I am waiting for you.I love you.

Yawar | on 18/4/10

My first basketball game I remember is You “TMac” scoring 13 points in 33 seconds. So I believe in you and hope that you end up in Chicago.

Marlo Calabon | on 18/4/10

Don’t worry TM. Things will turn out great. I’m sure you will explode next season.

Khan | on 18/4/10

You know they would always talk about Kobes lakers vs mcgradys Rockets or Magic. Now they talk about Lebron vs Kobe. You will be amongst these guys once again in talent. Dont give up baby!!!:) Score 22 ppg once again and show ur not washed up like they say.

Yan Cui | on 18/4/10

Old friend! I’m here!
This is unfair season for you.Your fans never leave you when rockets give up you .T-mac’s fans believe your times not end!You will be back!It’s easy to say,but for you there is long way you will go!
I’m Chinese boy ,Cui-Yan ,may be you remember me .In past 5years,I send many e-mails to you ,luckly I heard from you 8 messages.I always hate media As a rule ,media should report fact and fair.But, you are a perfect man when you good,you are trouble-man when you meet trouble.It’s unfair .This season you fall in big trouble which you never met.99.999999%’s news is bad for you.I call names when I read bad news.
09-10season is gone.I hope you have a good rest for your body.Protect your body ,next year you can do what you want to do.I(one of billions T-mac ‘FANS)follow you ,support you.I hope you really feel happy in your next team.We don’t mind which team you will you .We hope you happy!


nicko | on 18/4/10

Hi,Mike!I’m your royal fans.Your state may not seems that good,but I always in your back!

marvin | on 17/4/10

please come back to orlando because that team helped mold you

dan mcnair | on 17/4/10


Kevin Adena | on 17/4/10


When i was watching the knicks game, i fogot which one, they said u might be retring if your legs not heald up… i was crying cause to me u were the best b4 james came into the business.. you and kobe were in comprasion to Jordan b4 it was Kobe and James.. I want u to show dem haterz who u are again and be on top.. just rest and pray.. god is there. NY loves you..

E'Lexues | on 17/4/10

Man i was wonderin where yu went.. man besides my niqqa LeBron man i like tha way yu play nd thats comin from a girl lol but yu gotta play man. DONT RETIRE!

Jordon | on 17/4/10

I hope to see you go back to your scoring champ mentality, best wishes to you throughtout the summer time and show everybody you still got that T-mac in you,and i will laugh at everybody who how doubted you and to top it all off i pray you get a ring GOOD LUCK MAC

感怀 | on 17/4/10

Next season you will go where? I would like to know.

Tracy fans of china | on 17/4/10

I come from China, I am your fans, may I ask you where to go next season, teams may be?

Haw | on 17/4/10

There is nothing gona be worse than watching the NBA games without T-MAC.It’s time to say that you’re back.Come man!

hugh | on 17/4/10

I have watched your game for 7 years.You are still the NO.1 player in my heart.I will always with you and support you!

akos | on 17/4/10

Dear Tracy,

Put yourself together during the offseason to be fresh and to be THE T-MAC that we want to watch every night on the court in the 2010-11 season. If you will not be a knick next year, don’t get nervous about it, just let it go. Tell your manager to make negotiations with those teams which is goin to be contender next season, because YOU DESERVE A RING! I wish you a very calm and useful offseason, i’m going to think about you every day when play ball with my friends. God bless you man! THE FORCE SHALL BE WITH YOU! ;):D

mike | on 17/4/10

hey t-mac hope you get better.. just keep working hard at it i believe u can recover. i know people with injuries and its tuff people dont think its serious meanwhile its very serious and stressful. but u got the eye of a tiger and try your hardest.. just need the “ ok “ from your body and youll be definatly fine like k-mart, jason kidd, and amare.. just keep trying but no matter what youll always be Tracy Mcgrady… ALLSTAR !!! im a knick fan whether you stay with us or not i want you to get a ring because you deserve it.. your a great player . next year i want you to win help contribute and say hey i had a hell of a game .. keep taking big shots . you will score you will pass the ball well play good d and win. tmacs back….......

ivan garcia | on 17/4/10

t mac your the best player since 2000 i do agree with your decision. take some rest and work ur butt of this summer u still have a lot left in you, NY needs to get bosh or u should go back to orlando. theres no stopping you when u are 100% healthy. biggest fan from PR. t mac 2011 nba champ

M. | on 16/4/10

I think you are play bad this season.But I believe you can come back nexe season.We will always support you.Work hard this summer,our T-Mac.

nam | on 16/4/10

hope to see a strong , healthy t mac !!!

mark | on 16/4/10

hello tmac i hope we could see you playu in all star and vintage form,we luv u!

Paul Dalangpan | on 16/4/10

T-MAC, evreyone loved you man— but please, for your sake, for my sanity’s sake, for all your fans sake, for everybody’s sake— shoot the ball. We beg you— please shoot teh ball. You are one of the best scores OF ALL TIME— ever. That is what you are best at. You are a great all around player— I think you have a “rounder” game than Pippen, but he could never compate to your scorin ability. The last end of this season, I really felt like the Knicks needed your scoring, not yet another facilitator. You use to do taht scoring 23 to 25 a night.

I see that you are not moving the same as you use to, understandable given your basket ball years, but your shooting stroke is absolutely dope— still! In fact, I think its gotten better.

Again, everyone loves you man… We’ll stay on board to support you all the way. But may be next season, may be, if its possible, and I realize its merely a matter of intent, pleas shoot the ball. Please.

God Bless you!


PS. no one I know understands why your not shooting. We just don’t get it.

xavier | on 16/4/10

In which team do you think you would end up in??

rudy | on 16/4/10

its time to make the haterz look stupid

Süleyman Gökmen | on 16/4/10

Media fakes everything around. When i saw the news i was like damn it cant happen not after that 1 year of having surgery and working hard as a human being could do at most.
Now rest yourself up a little bit like you said Mac. With resting your leg will get more comfortable and when you start rehabbing and training it will probably be hundred percent pain free. So take your time my man and then work just as hard as you did with tim grover. By the way i hope you will keep working with tim grover. With your health back in your leg he can make you dunk like back in your toronto days.
Bad stuff happened even you worked so hard you didnt get any pay off. But this time your leg is okey and when you start train hundred percent healty that means you can regain your form without confusing injuries soreness in your leg. This is time and maybe your last shot at getting back to the T-Mac we used to watch in Top 10 Plays. I miss you take over the games and win ball games for your team. Please give it a last chance and work even harder to prove you are not done yet. Im sure this time it pays off if it didnt; okey then you can happily retired because you gave everything you had but someone up there doesnt want you to be there. you cant do anything if its your destiny to never get healthy in your leg. but you can fight against your destiny and you can change the way its affecting your life.

Your are T-Mac. You still have T-Mac in yourself all you need is belief. We believe in you Mac. Please please give it a shot not for us or money just for yourself just for your talent which is god given and only given to one in billions. Dont waste it man you aint that old yet. Go and get ready!

fanis | on 16/4/10

Good luck T-Mac… are our guy…we want you on the court….get back better than ever…take the ring!!!

Rohan T for 3 | on 16/4/10

Cmon tmac dont retire. hope u com bac to houston, the managment here was unfair but we need a veteran player to run with Yao. I learned all my bball moves from u. hope u can get bac to the level you were playing at in orlando.


猴子 | on 16/4/10

we were always supports you ~!

SainSanaa | on 16/4/10

hey Tracy Never give up U are Num1 ok,,,
I hope you win championship next season,

P xiaoxi | on 16/4/10

Yes.I trust you!!!Never change!!!love u. -Cathy

Tarık Arslan | on 16/4/10

NBA needs you , we believe you will make great comeback , greetings from turkey…..

even | on 16/4/10 will be better,bad things can be over know i support u always.
trust u !!!!! fighting!

Haibo | on 16/4/10

Best wish to you.I beileve you will be back next season.

Youzi Luo | on 16/4/10

Haha, Mac,you will also train hard this summer. Wait for your coming back next season. No matter where you are, be one of the most sincere fans of T-Mac can satisfy me most.
Come on man, try your best.
You should win the respect that belongs to you.
Be your fans, I’m happy, can you feel that, MAC?

徐妍 | on 16/4/10

No matter what we are all behind you, support you, always believe in you. I hope you yourself believe in yourself, I hope you do not give up, because you have us。。BE healthy ,be happy ,be t-mac ….t-mac’s girl

desi | on 15/4/10

i believe ur gonna come back strong i feel it. ur my favorite ball player and always will be i ideal u. ur like a role model. i wanna see tha old mac back jus so we could shut these fake ass people up. that got alot to say when u do bad cus that shit reall get too me. i kno u goin through alot and i understand jus hold ur head up high and pray. u will always be #1

zichen | on 15/4/10

Hi,Tracy,even though this season is tough and short,but we are still so happy.Because seeing you in court is enough.
Next season is a new begining,we are so expecting
please remember no matter what happened,we are still here
waiting for you!!!!

e | on 15/4/10

i was about to say..cuz i saw on the reports that u were retiring and im like what!! dats impossible!!i happy to hear that ur gonna be back….work hard man…i know that u gon be back to ur oldself..and im tired of peple keep on hatin on u when they dont even know what ur going through…im not writin all thses to let u know that im ur number 1 fan,but just know that ur my favorite player that ever played the game of basketball.. E

Kenrick Hutson | on 15/4/10

I want to wish you the best of luck during the offseasos. me and a lot of the guys that left comments on this page know that you have it in you to make a come back whether everyone else believes it or not. I know its not easy for you right now but you gotta believe and that you can do it. You gotta be confident and have faith in yourself. The new T-mac is gonna be better than old one and if you get placed on the right team you will not only make it out of the first round but you can will earn a ring of your own. Keep dreamin big kid.

Christian | on 15/4/10

Go Mac!! we will soppurt you until the end. prove to them taht they are wrong. you are still T-Mac. My idol. I can’t wait for the nesxt season.

沒ぜ頭脳ヤ | on 15/4/10

WE BELIEVE~~yes where amazing happen ,next season ,WE BELIEVE you will amaze everyone~~

aurelio | on 15/4/10!!

Enter your name... | on 15/4/10

Great,Mac, yesterday I saw the report and I was very worried about that. Thank you for your explanation in time. I will wait for you in China this summer. And keep rehabbing hard. We still believe.

Train with Shaolin authentic monks in new york or houston or california berkely | on 15/4/10

You and Vince would be perfect combo in toronto.
Please train with a Shaolin Monk , they are avaialbe at
new york, houston , california.

Please play for Orlando Magic, wanna see you and cousin vinny get rings

Ben | on 15/4/10


Don’t let the haters get to you. My friend said you were washed up, and I defended you. I had been waiting for you to return all year long. When you scored 26 points at your debut as a knick, it put such a huge smile on my face. I hope you will work hard this is summer and prove all your critics wrong. Go get that title that you deserve.


Crazy_88 | on 15/4/10

Its good to hear you denounce what the media has written about you considering retirement. I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see you fully healthy and back playing at an elite level. Your name deserves to be spoken in the same breath with all of the other top 15 players in this league. Keep us posted as to how your rehab is progressing and whether or not you will return to Attack Athletics in Chicago for a portion of your training as well.


Buk | on 15/4/10

you always say that though.

Big B | on 15/4/10

Yeah Tracy, we’ve waited for so long that few more months won’t make any difference! Like some other guys have just said - WE BELIEVE! Take your time, train and we want to see you playing next season. No matter what! Get well!

Muchacho | on 15/4/10

Then How come you said that shit in the press conference

Dayshawn | on 15/4/10

YES MI Ni99uh aint retirin!! Haha lets show dem hataz who da real boss is ni99uh. Lets set dese other fake azz bitchez on da court who da real boss is. Haha
If you goin anywhere let it be New Orleans dawg lol

Trust me mane, we aint gonna get another hurricane with t-mac up in here haha. Dats rite ni99uh

Pce Yo

Mehmet Can Gurel | on 15/4/10

We are belive you Mac. We respect you forever,Our patience you forever!

Amazing | on 15/4/10

Never give up and good luck in this sommer!
I hope you play next seasonin strong team and win championship!

Phil | on 15/4/10

i got faith in you t-mac no matter how much everyone talks bad about you i still watch u play and pray for the best good luck in the off season…may God be with you i know your a good man so you’ll be in my prayers

Odin Finch | on 15/4/10

I bet my raven that you won’t give the Rockets an apology for being right. You still aren’t right…your knee is still jacked up.

marcus | on 15/4/10

man, i almost shed a tear when i seen that you were thinking about retiring on the bottom line of ESPN, i had to come here and make sure i wasnt seeing things, you’re my favorite player, and always will be, it would hurt me if you decided to retire now cause i still think you need to prove alot of people wrong, and still prove it to yourself, but if you decided to hang it up, i would be with you 100% of the way, cant wait til next season, keep going hard man