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Mon, Mar 9th 2009, 11:30

First Week Down

Hey everyone.

My first week of rehab went great. I am rehabbing for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week. This stage of the rehabilitation process will last for 8 weeks. I’m making sure to listen very carefully to my doctors to make sure that I am doing everything correctly so that we maximize the effectiveness. Right now I am walking with a brace and crutches, but at least I am able to get around a little bit. It’s not that uncomfortable and my body is feeling ok.

This surgery was the best decision for me, even though I want to be out there playing, I couldn’t do what I do through the pain. I am doing what needs to be done so I can come back and be the player I know I am.

I have been watching my team play every game and they are doing great. I am so proud of all the guys. Everyone is working together, doing their role, and flat out getting it done. These are my guys and they have talent, but more than that they have a lot of heart. I can’t wait to see how far they can go, and will be there cheering them on the whole way.

I’ll continue to keep you all in the loop with my progress. As I have said before, reading your posts has been extremely humbling. I knew that my fans supported me when I was on the court, but you are all still hanging out waiting for my return, and it’s because of you that I keep trying my hardest to get back on the court.


- Tracy

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Nelson Paysse | on 13/4/09

I know your physical injuries will heal. We’re more concerned about your mental toughness, including playing hard every game and wanting to WIN! Prove your doubting fans wrong!

lok | on 13/4/09

How have you been lately? All the best

kaius | on 11/4/09

get well soon man.i want you t-mac just the way you do 5 yrs ago..

Tamur Karim | on 11/4/09

T-Mac i know you must hate listening to all this bull that the rockets are playing better team basketball without you and they act as though your a locker room mess like T.O. It really upsets me how much people can hate and have so much venom in their blood. I just want you to know your time will come and I will be there watching and praying for you. Next season when you come to madison square garden, i’m going to make sure to be there. But one thing i really pray for is just to talk to you somehow either on the phone or face to face. I just hope i can be blessed to be able to have that opportunity. Here is my number 347 223 0213 and just a 1 min conversation will make my day. Stay up T-mac and next year like one of nyc rapper Maino said wave hi to all your haters. peace.

KYLE | on 11/4/09

I hope you get better real quick. Hope you stay in Houston forever. Your one of the greatest players least in my book. I know you will come back next year and average 25 points. Thanks

Jason Coburn | on 11/4/09

Hey T-mac, I live in Orlando and I understand why you wanted out, the Magic have always found a way to treat the good players bad so they leave but you were my favorite and since you left I have been going for the Rockets and I’m really excited about this season but also it’s sucks your not playing but just wanted you to know you still got support from a guy in Orlando where most don’t agree with me but whatever you’re the man to me and I can’t wait till next season just stay in Houston man peace.

Jermaine Freeman | on 11/4/09

Do you think you can make it back if we make it to the 2nd or 3rd round in the playoffs?

Michael | on 10/4/09

Tracy i am one of you biggest fans. i can’t wait for you to return to the rockets and see you play again. you are a big part of why i play basketball and why i want to make the NBA. i don’t know if i am going to make it in the NBA but if i do i hope you will still be playing at that time just so i can play with you. Get better and i cant wait to see you winning finals next year.

Gerardo Alejos | on 10/4/09

Tracy I hope you are doing well. I really hope that you can get back and get as healty as once you were. The team really needs you to go to the next level. With out you the team can not get a championship. Get well and sign and exetenxion with the Rockets for teh rest ouf your career. One more thing do not lisen to those idiots that were asking for trades. They are not real fans.

Travis Hamilton | on 10/4/09

Wats good t-mac hope ur knee feelin aight cant wait 2 have u back on the court so u can lead the nba in scorin again nd take ur team past the 1st round all the way 2 the finals nd when u come back no mercy no fear

James C | on 10/4/09

Hey Tracy,

I understand what you were going through; as well as Amare and Greg. I just had microfracture last week. Before I had my surgery I felt like my athletic ability was shot. My doctor went into to scope my knee and found a disaster so to speak. This is a long process. I got Dr. Steadman’s protocol to base my rehab off of. Who did you get yours from? Sometimes it can be hard getting through a surgery this serious on your own. This surgery is more serious than ACL it seems, but since I’m about a month behind you, maybe when you have time, we could keep up on each other’s progress. Honestly, I don’t know anyone personally who have gone through this rehab. It’s always good to know you’re not alone.

Brian Fernandez | on 10/4/09

I think i came up wit a good nickname for Ron Artest….......R-Test!!! Sounds funny huh. Well get better and cant wait for u to come back so we can deztroy the utah jazz next year’s post-season. Good Luck

greg | on 10/4/09

Hey T-Mac, Ive been a fan of yours for a long time, even when you were in Orlando. When I heard about you coming to Houston I was krunk as hell!!! I know you got a lot of hatas out there, that say that you do nothing but stay hurt. I know what kind of player you were,are and can be again its just going to take time. I want you to know, that Im probably one of your most loyal fans you got and I want you to know that I’ll always be behind you no matter where you go in the NBA. Take care of yourself and get back to normal, so you can come back and show the all these hatas, T-Mac is back. Keep yo head up man.

Rick Heisz | on 10/4/09

T-MAC. Im looking forward to seeing you next season. I can still remember the night i almost turned off the tv when we were playing san antonio, best performance i have ever witnessed. I know you will be in top shape next year bro. peace

xavier long | on 10/4/09

hey tracy im a really big fan and i know u r very busy but i would appriciate it if u could call or txt me because i have a really big question to ask u and dont worry i promise i wont give ur number away to any one my number is 1-740-438-2035 i really appriciate u reading this peace — xavier

chavon | on 10/4/09

if u have xbox360 check out the leader board on nba live 09 my name is tracy mcgrady o haha

raymond laganao | on 10/4/09

im from philippines and im huge fan and will always be a fan whatver happens and cant wait for the next season. Hope rockets will do good in the playoffs. Godbless!

WU | on 10/4/09

Hi,tracy I am a student from China.Because of YAO,I almost have watched every game of Rockets.It is a pity that I can not see you play in the playoffs,but i believe, the next season,T-MAC will be back!!we need you,Rockets needs you! Good luck and best wishes!

RAVON | on 10/4/09


frank menesesw | on 10/4/09

TMAC....I hope you come back strong and ready to play begining of next season with Yoa Artest play together in the same time on the court this will be fun. We want you to wear a Rocket uniform for like because no one can spot you one on one.

JONTE JONES | on 9/4/09


Christopher Torres | on 9/4/09

tracy im a huge fan…ure the number one player in the world…i kno ure gunna come back tha player u kno u r aswell…

but gettin to the point…i go to an engineering school in houston and i was assigned a cad class assignment where we had to choose a client to design a house for

i would really appretiate if we could talk , i have about ten question i wanna ask u ….please contact me if u can at 8322126606…..good luck tmac….

Phylicia | on 9/4/09

its like im a little child waiting for chirstmas…. i cant wait till next season..

get better

Phylicia aka Lady Tmac

John | on 9/4/09

Yo T-Mac we need you back bro. We might make it past the first round without you, but to beat the Lakers we need your fire and resilience on the court. Bryant is a tough player but you are just as good when the game is on the line. (13pts in 33 sec.)Get better man we will need you next year.

rjhay | on 9/4/09

hi tracy im rjhay your no.1 fan here in the phlippines. im just droppin by to say goodluck on your surgery. i want to see you play with the rockets in the playoffs.god bless t-mac

Andrew | on 9/4/09

You have always been my favorite player and the game is just not the same without you. I hope your rehab is going well and I hope to see you back next season. Good luck with everything. Oh and I would also like to see you at next years all star game.

scott | on 9/4/09

Wishing you the best and can not wait for that smile come back to your face. It has been awhile since we have seen the Tmac smile. I am glad you decided to get things fixed and do it now. I coulld see all the frustration in your eyes and the desire to play but you had to take care of you injury. Nothing hurts more than an injury when you least need it. I torn a bicep tendon during a very busy time in my live a few years back. I know what you must be thinking and feeling. Good luck and best wish’s. If you ever get up this way i would like to hang out with you. Later

han | on 9/4/09

I love you and I love eveything of you!!!!Now I hope you can come back.Wacthing your performace is my most important thing of my life!!Hope you back!!

hesion | on 9/4/09

may you have a better performance when you back

Ortega | on 8/4/09

You are the best!

Giani | on 8/4/09

Hey T-Mac i am a big fan of yours my favorite player in the league. I hope your rehab goes great so you can come back an prove all the people that are doubting you wrong. I want you to come back like you were in orlando and prime of houston. you have what it takes and please take your time to come back and be the best and the player we all know you are. Please let us know about your future and how things are going. Just do your thing and grind when you start back at working out. Youre #1 stay up

ony | on 8/4/09

Hey T-mac I cant wait until next season so you can prove to all of ur critics that your still the explosive superstar you are wish you the best of luck with your rehab.

CASSANDRA | on 8/4/09


michael thomas | on 8/4/09

come back soon we miss you

michael thomas | on 8/4/09

Hey T-MAC im in the Marine Corp and i have followed you ever since you played for the raptors. Im a big fan i baught almost all your jerseys from high school up im still looking for your rookie jersey for the raptors but ill find it i wish you the best of luck and i hope you will bounce back for the surgery and back to your old self i know you still have it and still beleave in you get better and take care of your self and i hope to see you when you come to new orleans you signed my jersey last time and its framed on my wall see you on the court soon

derrick clark | on 8/4/09

T-Mac, get better man we have u in our prayers. I cant wait to see you going to the rack again and pulling that sick jumper again, UNSTOPPABLE thats what u are and always will be. Thats because u got heart I’ve never seen u complaining but i knew you wasnt yourself, and you right this is the best thing for you as a man. I say that because only you know what you can do. Peace, Derrick

Michelle | on 8/4/09

T-Mac you are the best. I hope you recover great and come back on the court soon! God bless!

Christian Cabrera | on 8/4/09

hey Tmac, it’s been a while since you last posted an update on your rehab. Me and my friends have been waiting for an update on you man. we’re from the Philippines by the way, and we are huge fan of yours. we know you’ll be back a hundred percent. Good luck man.

司立柏 | on 8/4/09

hey ,t-mac!i hope that you don’t mind i call you t-mac!!i was dissapointed and upset when you decided to take surgery!it means we can’t see your basketball show on tv!but it means a lot to you,i can understand!this choice i think is very hard to make!this is good for you,for your career,of course for us !i hope your rehabilitation is going well,next season ,we hope a heathy t-mac will get back on the court!good luck,buddy!!

watermelon | on 7/4/09


Maroun and Marc | on 7/4/09

Hwy Tracy, we are two fans of yours, my brother and I followed you since you were with Toronto until today. We just want to tell you to hangin there and that we miss you on the court. The rockets are doing good but we are 100% sure that they would be doing better with you in the lineup, and they would even be a real championship contender with you in the lineup. Anywayz T-Mac, get well soon, we are supporting you every step and we cant wait to see you on the court.
Good Luck and take care!!!! Keep in mind, youre the best!

Maroun and Marc

william cleveland | on 7/4/09

I dont know if this is your actualy adres but its worth a try I’ve been playing ever since i was ten I know thats not as long as most but I play harder then all and since I was ten i swore to get to the Nba and be the greatest that ever lived and thats when i got my first jersey yours and it was stolen when i enterd the 6th grade man i was upset but now im 14 freshman in highschool and your still my hero I stay up hours on end watch your gametape on youtube trying ot incorporate your game into mine never seen you play in person or any NBA game for that matter but one day imma come see you play and alot of people are counting you out but im behind dont know what this will mean to you but your my basketball hero

sincerly, William Cleveland

AL Johnson | on 7/4/09

I cant wait til you come back. Everytime you and the rockets come out 2 Oakland, im there. Im even goin to the warrior game this friday April 10th. whoever knows me knows im the biggest t mac fan. I just got yo back. You cant retire no time soon. What will i do then? lol

AL Johnson | on 7/4/09

Wassup Tracy my name is AL. Man I’ve been your biggest fan since i can remember! Since the toronto days. This is my first time posting on your website. Man i really hope you get through the whole surgery situation. I’m glad you said everything going good. Lately, its been a whole lot of talking, and not just on sportscenter! Like me and my patnas take sports serious, especially basketball, so they really been gassin’ me about you bein’ out the rest of the season. Man I just hope you come back better than ever. I want the T-Mac in )rlando to come back next season!

Jake Wolf | on 7/4/09

I hope all is going well. I have been keeping up to date on ur injury and ur progress and love how you keep your blog somewhat up 2 date. I have been following you since i can remember when u started in toronto and love watching you play. get well soon and get back out there next year and bring a championship to Houston. I know how much you want it and i think i want it as bad. Later

ELS | on 7/4/09

T-Mac: healing and blessings upon you and your family. I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that you still have fans who believe in you and are keeping the faith that you will still be a dominator once you recover from your surgeries. Houston fans are often fickle and jump on and off the bandwagon from one day to the next. The criticism you get I think is unfair. Your fans know that nobody today does it better in the playoffs than you (28.5 pts. per game on over 40% shooting). If the Rockets and Houston fans don’t realize this or appreciate it, I only hope you end up with a real contender, though I prefer you stay with the Rockets. Just remember T-Mac, your true fans got your back through it all. Just like you hold H-Town down in the regular season and especially in the playoffs (40 pts. on Utah last year omg). Next year, though, maybe you’ll have some help instead of a bunch of shell shocked spectators that call themselves teammates and then sit back and watch you take all the criticism, but until then…

Shake them haters off.


David Rosenfeld | on 7/4/09

Glad things are off to a good start. While the team is playing well in your absence we need you back out there pain free and doing what you do!! Take care and keep us posted on how the rehab is going.

Devon | on 7/4/09

Get well soon hope you make a full recovery people have seem to forgot just how good you are

Ray lee | on 7/4/09

We miss you , wishes to you . We want to watch your game.wait for you

tau | on 7/4/09

Believe T-magic forever.

pete | on 6/4/09

how is the rehab coming ???

Jeanette | on 6/4/09

Hey Tracy I hope you are feeling better. I miss you much success in your progress. Well just stopped by and say hi.

Ariel | on 6/4/09

Hey tmac I’m a big fan of yours, I just wanna wish you the best of the luck, we hope to see you back pretty soon, we miss that explosivness and that look on your face every time you’re on fire.Don’t listen to all that people that don’t want you here, the rockets are doing great without you but they still need that guy that can finish up games, and that’s you, please let us know what your plans are for the future, if you plan on staying with the rockets and when do you think you’re coming back. Good luck and we hope to see you back next year. You’re #1

Donald Cook | on 6/4/09

T-mac mane I cant wait til u get back out on da court so u can do what u do best… the team is doing good but imagine what would be poppin off if u were in the line-up! we’ll defintly be #1 in da west this year.. but keep your head up and i hope rehab go good so u can get back out on the court

赵振德 | on 5/4/09

Waiting for your return!Tracy.

赵振德 | on 5/4/09

Tracy!Waiting for your return!!!!!

Daisy | on 5/4/09

Dear T-mac, I miss you so much. I want to watch your games : you get on the court , enjoy the game and beat every opponent.You know,now ,when I watch the Rockests’ games,I’m a little bit upset ,because you are not on the court. We all hope you get healthy and strong as soon as possible .We are all waiting for a hero T-mac.We need you,the team need you too. Please ,get better as soon as possible .We all want to see a smiling ,smart,super T-mac in the coming season. Love you and support you forever!

ChongHan | on 5/4/09

get well soon tmac , be the #1 u always been :)

ChongHan | on 5/4/09

Tracy Mcgrady , hmmm , how should i begin ? Actually i don’t know about you when you were in magic’s . sometimes i detest you because of some videos that you kicked the ball or fights .

However , my view of you totally changed when i saw 1 video of yours , thats the 13 points in 33 seconds .

Perhaps to people who are nba huge fans think nothing great out of it , but to me . if i were you , i might had just given up . it’s almost impossible .

But you didn’t gave up . thats the time where i began to admire you and watch your plays .

Maybe im not that active in watching nba , but i think you’re the only one who does left hand layups , or dunks frequently . thats 1 part where i think you’re great .

Maybe to others who think that left handed shots is easy , but to me , a right hander ,its almost 100% hard for me even though im a school team player .

Well , many people has been criticizing and putting you down because of your injuries . But i believed , that once you recover , you can be a good scorer , a great one even .

I have a mind set , correct me if i’m wrong , i think that you’re unlucky . no offence . i have my reasons why .

When you’re in a good form , you lack of good teammates or chance to get into 2nd round of playoffs , now that you have absolutely good teammates , you’re injured . Is it heaven making sport of people ? i don’t have the answer .

But whatever it is , get well soon T-Mac , and be the #1 u always been .

I am always rooting for you in singapore :) ( you might not have heard of that country though)

pander | on 5/4/09

Hey, T-MAC.I am a Chinese boy.We all wait for your return.
Best wishes!

stephon farris | on 5/4/09

hey man jus hang in there n wen u ger better i want a chance to play with u

Ramiro | on 5/4/09

T MAC.Hope u recover soon! The Rockets need u at the end to finish off games, cause nobody seems to want to score.Wheres T-MAC now huh? I believe in the team, but if u dont make it back we sure are going to mis your ability to take over games and 30+ points in the wishes.

Pastor Adrian | on 5/4/09

Do not worry about us the fans, just get healthy Jesus name…

pander | on 4/4/09

Hey,T-MAC. I am a Chinese fan.I am 17 and I have been your fan for 5 years.How fantastic watching your game is.Though you have some trouble now,I will always be your fan.You are the only god in my heart.
Wish you all the best.

little Tracy | on 4/4/09

we were beaten by laker , by kobe again ,i want to cry ,because i miss you during the match

Johnny | on 4/4/09

Hey T-Mac.. am a long-time fan of yours ever since.. And i am waiting for your return man! Your such a great player and everyone knows that.. With you in 100% shape.. You are UNSTOPPABLE!

your longtime fan - Johnny

Jay Davis | on 4/4/09

Say mac keep doing wat u doing man i play ball n i knw wat injuries do man jus keep working hard cuz n my book u r in the same class as kobe n bron n wade get healthy man n do da damn thing peace jay

Sharon | on 4/4/09

Hello, T-Mac. I have been your fan since you first joined Rockets. The more I saw your performance on the court, the more stories about you that I learned, the more I admire you. As I know, you have a lot of fans in China. I have been sad to see that you were wounded several times these years. I hope you will be recovered 100% this time. Remember, health is always the most important. I will always support you, no mater if you are playing on the court or not.

Sang from Hong Kong | on 4/4/09

Write more about your conditions, I want to know more about you.
I can’t watch you playing basketball on tv, so recently i just uausally go to youtube watch your hightlights.
I really miss you badly, I want to see your shoot, see your dunk, see your smile on live.
When will you be able to start training? Can you really come back in the next season with the strong legs?
I actually have done some research about your surgery, and I know some bad things about the surgery:(
I hope you will be wonderful in the next season and I’m planning to go to Houston to see you:p
I can’t wait to seeing you

Jeanette | on 3/4/09

Hey Tracy I miss seeing u play so much. But I dont want u to rush back. Because I dont want u to get hurt again. I love when u are healthy, you are exciting anyway but u are unbelievable when u are healthy. Well talk to ya later.

manuel a | on 3/4/09

whatz up g the rockets need your touch and i know that with the rockets would be a better team in playoffs and next season hope your rehab is going well godbless and see you in houston next season

sky | on 3/4/09

good luck T-mac

joe | on 3/4/09

Hey T mac..Im a fan of yours,since you are with Magic,,and even more when you join Rockets,,now Im here in Illinois but Im still a Rocket fan more than bulls.. well I wish you get well soon, hows your rehab? can you make it to the semis?,, I hope you can play come cahmpionship,,, I believe If you will be fit ,, Rockets can beat any team and can be champs!,,, gOOD LUCK AND GODBLESS YOU...jOE mONTZ

yaozu | on 3/4/09

T-MAC.I am from china.I love you very much.I have been your fans for 6years, I hope you can get batter

Robert | on 3/4/09

I think ever since you had your surgury the team has been doing great with out you so i think the rockets should trade you and maybe you will become a better player somewhere else i still think your a great player but i think the rockets dont need you anymore they grew to the point where they dont have to have you to win the team now belives they can win without you there. -Robert

Jerry | on 3/4/09

We’re the same,if you know what i mean.
You can make it through.
I can.
Best wishes.

Manuel Alcala | on 2/4/09

waz up t-mac g I’m happy that you are tring your hardest to come back i want you to stay in houston because with you we will be a lot better i hope the lord will help you come back soon who cares what people say i still want you back. So hope that you will come back as a rocket and i know you will.

peace best fan from dina


Yachtze Luchin | on 2/4/09

In a contact sport such as basketball injuries are prone to happen, I’m hoping you return next year. I believe we have what it take to go all the way when you are healthy. I wish you well in your recovery!

gio | on 2/4/09

Hey T-mac… we wish you all the best and i hope you will still be wearing a houston rockets jersey next season. We moved here in Houston Tx two years ago simply ceause the greatest NBA player lives here and thats you…

hope to see you on the bench during playoff…

Dan Nguyen | on 1/4/09

Tracy, get back soon!!! Basketball is not the same without you on the court.

Always been your friend since knowing basketball,

Justin Winters | on 1/4/09

Tracy i hope the surgery helps you become the great player you were and i know you can still be. Living so far away i dont get to see many of the games except for the ones on sports center, but my parents said the would get me rockets tickets for grraduation, but it wouldnt be the same as seeing you play in the toyota center. I cant wait for your big return. ill get my parents to hole up on the tickets till your back in the line up.
Biggest fan from Alabama

Jessie Harris | on 1/4/09

T-Mac i just wanted to say that i am a true loyal fan of the Rockets and have always been a fan of yours. So you know when the Rockets traded for you i was so excited. I trust and believe that you will do everything in your heart and power to bring a championship here. And i feel that your surgery decision was a good one bcz of the talent we have here. I hope everything goes well with the rehab because i want to see you out there again as the Tracy McGrady i know you were and can be. I don’t get a chance to go to many games but i will be watching on TV faithfully as usual.I also know that if i want a championship bad i can just imagine how bad you want one. so with all that said please don’t let the media get to you because for every bad fan there is a good one like me. Good Luck T-Mac.

Jaime | on 1/4/09

Just wanted to wish u luck & hurry back. Rox need u out there.

Karl | on 1/4/09


Forget what the haters say man, the city still wants you back to play. Regardless of how far the Rockets get, we know we need you back healthy if we want a championship. Get healthy, hopefully make it back by the beginning of the 09-10 season and help us get to that level and the contract situation will take care of itself

mcgradyever1 | on 1/4/09

I still believe you will be back all the time,you still be the best NO.1~

James Whaley | on 1/4/09

I know this season has been very stressful for you, with the knee injury and all. I just wanted to tell you, good luck with your recovery and I hope you come back better than ever. You’re a tremendous player and a key asset to the Houston Rockets organization. So keep your faith in God and he will bring you through anything. I will keep you in my prayers. Good Luck!

kelland | on 31/3/09

Mac, I miss you so much!!! Would you please update your blog about the latest rehab? We just want to know that everything is going well with you . Fighting!

Angel Ray | on 31/3/09

Man you a hell of a player Mac and regaurdless of what people say the Rockets still need you. Everyone in the household still cheering and waiting for your return. Take your time and assure that knee is good to go.

Xiao Min | on 31/3/09

Come on,Tracy,my hero!~~I am an 18th student from China.I will always support you forever,I still believe you will be back,you’re the best in my heart,no matter before,now or after,you still do it!~ Good luck to you,my hero!!You’re not alone in the war,you still have us,millions of your lovely fans support you.Believe yourself,you can come ture your dreams!~

a boy from China | on 31/3/09

I am a Chinese middle school student, named Macgrady(not McGrady^_^).I expect your body can get better and better.And I always believe that you are not only the best player in NBA,but also in the world.Although I can’t read your blog very often,I will always care about you!I do hope you can get back soon!Good luck!

a boy from China | on 31/3/09

Hi,I am a middle school students from China.You know, my English name is Macgrady.(not McGrady^_^)because of my poor English skill,I can’t write more,but I always expect a wonderful Tracy!I believe you are the best player not only in NBA,but alse in the world!Although I can’t read your blog every day,I will always care about you!I do hope you will get over all of the troubles!Good luck!

swedish guy | on 31/3/09

Hey T-mac! for my 18th birthday I got tickets to fly with my older brother to Houston to see the Rockets play. You have always been my favourit player and I really hope that you’ll get better so when I come in january 2010 I can se one of the best players of all time play. May God be with you!

DJ | on 30/3/09

Can’t wait for the return to be the T-Mac everyone knows you are. Houston will see that T-Mac again i know it!!!

Sameer | on 30/3/09

im just gonna say, be back next year with a 100% effort.


Shawn | on 30/3/09

I’m not going to lie earlier in the season I didn’t understand why u weren’t playing like the TMac we know. I questioned your desire. But as a fan it’s easy to criticize without really knowing what’s going on. Ron Artest was on Sports 610 this morning & backed the surgery decision. He even had a comment about playing with you next year which i would love to see. My sincear apologizes for ever hating on you. You do so much on & off the court. Your a class guy who deserves respect. My God help you with a speedy recovery. PEACE:)

jayson marquez | on 30/3/09

hey my idol! whats up? its nice to see your improvements! ill always include you on my dreams to see you play again and see you fly up above the rim and killer crossovers and a purely groundbreaking talent1 keep it up and listen to your doctors carefully and follow nor obey what they say its good for you my idol! see you! god bless!

martin | on 30/3/09

I hope that you can heal wounds well, our wonderful competition all in being waiting for you

your fan

kakai | on 30/3/09

tracy you know you the man. you are not only going to come back as the player you know you are but also as the plyer we know you are. im about to go to college to play for the womens team and you are and will always be my greatest inspiration even when i becaome as great as you. your in my prayers tmac…xx

E-Z | on 29/3/09

T-mac!..I just read you attended shoot around practice. A lot people have been saying they are done with you but I am never forgetting all you have done for the City of Houston, especially leading the team with the 22 games in a row, that was amazing!
I have not prayed for you because I have so much on my mind and a lot going on in my life, but I am going to start praying for you and your family. Get well soon, and whatever happens, I wish you the best. GO ROCKETS!

Donte Blackman | on 29/3/09

Im Waiting for your return so i can watch my fav. player again its kinda of hard to watch basketball knowing that im not going to see you out out there… I want you back on the court in your best shape… so i respect the decision you made… Please dont let me down Tracy.

Alex Perry | on 29/3/09

T-Mac, You’re the best man and I know that you will come back next year ready to play. Sometimes in life, we have to make tough decisions that a lot of people don’t understand, but we make those decisions based on what “we” know about ourselves, and not what other people know. No one knows T-Mac like T-Mac does, and I’m glad you did what you had to do now, so that you can do what you want to do later, and be the player we all know you are. I also would like you to listen to my music, it’s gospel hip hop @ Be Blessed in all you do mane!

Mike | on 29/3/09

Hey Tmac, I just read in the chronicle that you’re out of the crutches so that’s good, keep goin for it… I’ve been having a hard time, though, cheering for the rockets without you playing for them coz it will be ironic if they make it out of the 1 st round then all the critics start criticizing you, but anyway, we here understand that you’re still the best…. and oh yeah, it will be nice if you can get a twitter account to keep us posted with how you’re doing

微笑的天使 | on 29/3/09

(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……

Tracyxia | on 29/3/09

I’m so glad to see my words staying here.looking forwards to your reply,my angel!

Tracyxia | on 29/3/09

Hi,Tracy! I’m here again.At this point I want to say,as long as I can see you here,I’m satisfied.Good luck for you,my angel.

Lei Soi Lon | on 29/3/09

hey! Tracy!! we all miss u!!!!
and without you, Rockets is really hard to get the Championship…Ireally think the way you play the game is just GOOD。。never can be better。。especially your incredible pass。。make me shout for you every single time!!looking forward for your return!!!!GODbless you!!

l22j8 | on 29/3/09

hello idol tmac!
i rili miss watching u playing with d hourox!
im so glad that our team were playing gr8 and i hope the success of our hourox will follow through the playoffs, 1st round, 2nd round, SEMIS, WESTERN FINALS and of course to the gr8st stage of them all, THE NBA FINALS.
i am 100% confidence that we will make it!
thats it!
til here!
goodluck idol tmac!
rehab well done!
God Bless!
hope 2 c u soon on our TOYOTA CENTER!

j-em from philippines

jay | on 28/3/09

Im glad you are rehabbing good cuz when u are healthy u are a top 10 player in this league. I hope to see u on the sidelines cheering your guys on when the playoff starts because that would be a big boost to the team as well as the city. I also hope you show the rocket organization that you have a lot left in the tank and u are going to be a big contributor to there championship run next season. I would like to see u finish your career in houston.

LeeJay | on 28/3/09

I’m one of your fans come from China.I feel very exciting that I find your blog today!My english is not very good,perhapes some sentences are not pure,I hope you will understand what I say.
I was sad When I knew the news about you had to have operation to treat your knee and I could not see you this season.I notice every reports about.I feel angry because most of people consider Tracy’s career was over.I alway told my friends Tracy is excellent when they queried your ability.You are the superstar as Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Dwyane Wade!
At last,I want to send you my best wishes for your quick return to good health!
PS:Are you planning on coming Shanghai China?

kris brendle | on 28/3/09

Im spreading the word that T-Mac is back, i been a fan for 11 years now and im only 19! haha your the best finisher/scorer ever, you score at will. Just as good with your left as you are with your right! i been baseing my game off yours for as long as i can remember…. im playing basketball for portland state next year and i also had knee surgery, If anyone can bounce back its you , show the nba and all the haters whats up, just try not to ball too hard next year ! Im rootin for ya boy! once again,,,,,, T_MAC IS BACK!

LeeJay | on 28/3/09

I’m one of your fans come from China.I feel very exciting that I find your blog today!My english is not very good,perhapes some sentences are not pure,I hope you will understand what I say.
I was sad When I knew the news about you had to have operation to treat your knee and I could not see you this season.I notice every reports about.I feel angry because most of people consider Tracy’s career was over.I alway told my friends Tracy is excellent when they queried your ability.You are the superstar as Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Dwyane Wade!
At last,I want to send you my best wishes for your quick return to good health!
PS:Are you planning on coming Shanghai China?

carlos roque | on 28/3/09



xingenjin | on 28/3/09

TO be NO.1

To Nguyen | on 28/3/09

Hi T-Mac I am glad that you are doing well. Hope that you were here with the team we need you. But get well soon and see you next year for the journey to the NBA final.

dai | on 28/3/09

I am for you forever !!!!

T-bacK | on 28/3/09

Mac! how about playing again side by side with your cousin vince huh! I feel sorry for him you know…I think he needs help from you right now.. he is struggling and his career is going downfall… come on men it will be for the two of you anyway.. its time for the two of you to riegn the NBA... bring some championship to the team..i cant wait to see you guys play together…plz! the dynamic cousin DUO go VC and TMAC

T-bacK | on 28/3/09

T. i’m just wondering if you are done with houston, is it possible for you to come back to orlando? i really like you to put that jersey there again one more time and beside i think the management there are different now than it was before when you were there. im sure a lot of people wants to see that happen. That be a new beginning for you ha. what you think? a fresh start?

Mike Wall | on 27/3/09

I still believe you got it in you dont care what everybody else is saying you still my fav ball playa just take your time and get healthy

stacy white | on 27/3/09

well tracy im am very much prayin that u come back healthy and very eager to prove people wrong i always felt after ur last alstar game u have not been happy bout things not just b-ball life throws curves and if u work those out and seperate the game from life im sure u can be not t-mac but tracy mcgrady and be t-mac on the court ur so gifted in a jordan like sence i always tell my riend mac is the best and kobe is only tasting the success u already had but i looked at ur you tube videos and u r one baad ass dude look at those tapes and u will see i killed em in orlando around the foul line then moved iut ur very explosive and have a big advam=ntage wehen u elevate for the jumper,but please get back to loving to play and forget about the nay sayers and media cause for me u are a hall of famer but i think one u realise that yao is a second optionu r the guy who makes us better if u be the player u were befor the injures then watch how yao progress because u demand the defense but im prayin for ur health and peace of mind remeber its a game so enjoy it and have fun most of all.peace dude

T-JOYlay | on 27/3/09

T-MAC you are my favorite player. Ilikeyou very much. In my heart you are MVP all the time. thanks! ——JOYlay

Adley Beaubrun | on 27/3/09

Tracy Mcgrady how are you sir. Do you know that I found out something remarkable. You know your cousin Joe Johnson not the basketball player the gym teacher. He lives in new jersey. You know he’s my gym teacher. Anyway Tracy I mean this and I’m not lying Lebron, you, and carmelo are my favorite players. But, I try and make my skills like you and Lebron. I would love to meet you so you can help me improve on my skills. I don’t want to take no pictures and sell it or something I just want to practice so you can teach me everything you know. I love you man and I’m 12 about to turn 13 in may 30. Yeah 9 days after yours and one day after Carmelo’s but anyway I love you and want to meet you.

Chris | on 27/3/09

yo wats up…its hard 2 be a TMAC fan right now..keep ya head up man

Ryan | on 27/3/09

Whats good tracy? i feel like i know you personally but my cousin is real good friends with chance and ive been by the crib a couple times when you were traded and it deeply upset me your the truth. but i hear people talking you dont have it anymore, retire and just alot of negative. i know you’ll work as hard as the doctors and your body will allow you and you’ll be back in no time mac do what u gotta do to get you right. and use this as a stepping stone your my fav. player and a hard worker we forida boys dnt take nothing so i know you gone represent if what your fans say to you is motivation i hope what i say means alot but im sure im not saying anything you dnt know so good luck mac and keep your head up no pain no gain.

shkendrick | on 27/3/09

Tracy - so glad rehab is going well. We are all praying for you and your return - the Rockets are doing great but you know they all want you back out there on the court with them. Just take care of yourself and know that you are in many prayers.
Always a Tracy McGrady fan…..

Joe Z | on 27/3/09

Man o Man,
Mr. McGrady If you get that knee fixed and you come back and hustle 100%, You know you will have a title in the bag next year and so will Houston. The team now moves so fast. If they had your scoring…Its Ballgame. Rockets win championship. Would you play for less to win? Cause I think we need another big man. What would you do to help your team who’s suppoorted you win a championship?

rhey | on 27/3/09

Tmac,I’, glad that you’re doing better i still believe in you even though injuries come I’m still supporting you all the way… you’re the best. don’t force your self being 100% healthy back at the court is a process. And i’m excited to see you again at the court even you don’t score as big as you are before but, i will still your #1 fan,

Irving | on 26/3/09

Tracy, I know the media and many others have counted you out already, but I will wait patiently for your return. although the team is doing great, they dont have that super scoring threat that is named tmac. you have been my favorite basketball player and many people have written you off but i know when you come back they will be there with their fake smiling again. Ill never forget that quote in the article where you said “i swear to you im gonna come back and be the best ive been and that i will have the last laugh” i truly believe that and just pray you make a good recovery so we can bring home a championship next year, because no matter how good the team does this year it just wont be the same with out tmac. ill always believe, thanks for being a houston rocket. when you come back though, i want you to do it for yourself and no one else so you can prove all those people wrong. good luck tracy.

Jeanette | on 26/3/09

I am glad that u are progressing well. I keep u in my prayers. Aren’t u proud of the guys? They really have been steppin up.

Saem | on 26/3/09

Hey, Mac~

I’m very glad to hear your surgery went well~

Despite Houston is doing a great job in the league, it’s terribe to watch the games without you…

I really hope I can see healthy Mac next season and look forward to T-Mac you used to.

Take care Man~

You’re the reason I watch NBA in Korea~

Guo | on 26/3/09

I know you are the best and I’ll support you forever.Best wishes!!!

付静 | on 25/3/09

Dear T-mac:
I hope you to recover soon that I can whach you play,I will allways support you!

your biggest fan

darryl green | on 25/3/09

whats up tracy your big cousin darryl from nyc heal quick also,keep your head up life has its ups and downs.stay strong

Jeremy | on 25/3/09

T-Mac, I’m still supporting you 100%. You take the time that you need to recover and come back the best player in the league. A lot of people say that you are old and done, but they just DON’T BELIEVE!

Phil Barrera | on 25/3/09

T-Mac im glad your getting healthy again and i cant wait to see you play again because your my hero and i idolize you and courage to keep on fighting through the rough times and i cant wait to see you play agian and domiant the league well good luck T-Mac and feel better soon your #1 fan Phil

LORA | on 25/3/09




Clint Horn | on 25/3/09

T-Mac I admire your courage, strength, and fortitude. You have withstood all the punches fans and reporters have thrown at you and only because you have been honest, you HAVE NOT been on the front page driving drunk or doing something stupid, and you have contributed to this community and city greatly. If people want to talk about you and you have done these things then let them talk, but know that fans such as myself are always praying for you and your family. Continue to stay humble get better because you are greatly needed not only on the court but in our city as well. My prayer is that you will remain a Rocket and I get to see you being that superstar once again that we all know that you can be. God bless you…..

pigary | on 25/3/09


orgil | on 25/3/09

hi my names orgil i.m your fen your super player my god good luc

Dammy | on 25/3/09

well i thank God your’re rehabing ok. its not easy but lets fave it nothing really is. keep doing ur best like u always do, next season i cant wait to hear your name on the starting line-up. and man i need more videos of your talent. stay blessed. stay healthy.


washington | on 24/3/09

tmac, it’s so great hearing that you are doing fine and the rehabs are going well, i can’t wait for you to come back and dominate the NBA. i miss seeing you on the court. you must come back and play and show those haters up. you will shut their mouths. i believe in you. God bless.

Chris Johnson | on 24/3/09

Tracy Tracy Tracy I am more than pleased to say that the team we have at the moment is not only full of heart but also loyalty as am I. I structured my game off of tmac film watched every possible documentary on you that their is and to hear the antagonizing that you have to go through is completely and utterly unfair but as you and I both know that is part of the business and it happens but we also know their is nothing better than shutting the reporters and so called analysts up and little do they know but they have motivated you to work your ass off and not only come back sharper but more focused than ever and they thought you couldn’t get any better what comes from the heart is way more than what can happen physically on the court I have firm belief that not only will you shred the league for everything its worth but you will also answer the call to yourself because you owe it to yourself more than you owe it to us fans and we need to be unselfish and realize that God bless enjoy your time with the family you deserve it and as always Go Rockets

Signing off
Mini Tracy

Tracyxia | on 24/3/09

Rockets can go far this season,but only you can bring Houston the third championship!Keep moving on,my angel!

Tracyxia | on 24/3/09

Always remember your smile and your pride,my angel.

Tracyxia | on 24/3/09

Sorry,my angel.I’ve been so busy these days.But I’ve been focusing on you through mobilephone.You’re the best in my heart,no matter what they say or what happens.You’re my angel,forever.

Tracyxia | on 24/3/09

What a long time to me! How hard is it for me!But I have no choice but to wait,wait… Miss you so much,my angel.

Serg | on 24/3/09

Glad you decided to take the full recovery approach. Can’t wait til once again the beast is unleashed to shut up all the naysayers! I will be on the sidelines wearing my gold and red #1 jersey showering the vicinity with “I told you so’s!” May God bless you so you can do what you love to do and to your fullest potential.

Juan | on 24/3/09

T-Mac I Cant wait till u come bak because u the best an da niggas at ma school just talk about Lebron an Kobe an etc. I cant wait for u to embarrass Lebron again like in the 2006 all star game. T-Mac Like I tell Dem At School Everyday YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!!!!

JSos | on 24/3/09

Can’t wait until you are healthy, you are a helk of a baller and I can’t wait to see you prove all these haters wrong. Especially some of those so called Rocket fans that can’t do anything but bash you. I am very happy to see them play well w/o you and I hope they have a good run. Get better bro and we’ll see you back at full strength next season.

joe santiago | on 24/3/09

you are still the to go guy. no rush heel your and get ready for next year…...

Jesse Tejada | on 24/3/09

Wut up T-Mac, I hope im not wasting ur time? I just wanted to say that I hope u are going through ur rehab process very well and that ur knee heals quickly so u can come back to play next season 100% and shut up the people who have doubted you, and said that you cant get out the first round of the playoffs.




Patrick | on 24/3/09

Miss you on the court, but glad you made the decision to shut it down and “ go to the garage” for repairs. Yo man, I know you tried to work through the pain, so now comes the really hard part. Making it back ! Just believe and “GOD” will make it happen ! We believe in you, anyone with a small mind does not matter. “ We fall down , but we get up” ,,

I am sure you know the rest of that song…

Good luck and when do you think you will make an appearence on the bench to watch??

A.O. | on 24/3/09

well tracy this is my 1st time on here but i have been defending u for so long now, and i luv it, espicially when it comes to kobe. i have seen you do things on that floor like kno one else. i ve had the nba package 4 like 8 years so i kno who can play and your floor general ability is second 2 none and i mean none. so u went down and these dudes around ere is killin me but u have 2 be humble when u r right so i let them say whaever i kno u will be back. 6’8”, yo yo dribble, jumper , 3ball, best vision in league other than the premier pg’s, great series defender,great sneaky left hand finish, leaps, length. if kobe had a little bit of what u have on the side of being a general out there he WOULD be one of the best but hes not u r 46 10 13 who else can put together a game lke that, just u and LBJ. P.E.A.C.E.

Sal | on 24/3/09

I still believe in you. Basketball is not the same without you. Get well soon, come back Mac and get what you deserve, a championship.

Dwayne Marshall | on 24/3/09

T_Mac keep up the good work. I still support you 100% even though people try to joke on you and say you need to retire. I feel you have just as much star power as Kobe & Lebron. I cant wait til you come back next season so yall can take that title. If you were healthy this year, yall surely would of won it all. Stay up T-Mac…

giovanni | on 24/3/09

hope u get better but u need to be better out in the court like used to be! is like u aint even an allstar anymore ur name isnt with kobe or leborn people dont really hear about u anymore u need to start playing like u used to play in orlando i know u can

Don Green | on 24/3/09

Tracy, we are praying for a 100% full recovery and hope to see you back on the court next season (By November hopefully). If you where on the court we would be talking about championship this year because the guys are playing great but there still missing Da ONE

Stay up.


PraimPersaud | on 23/3/09

I am happy to hear that you arerecovering well and I hope you come out of this as the TMAC I know and love - I am sure by GODS’s will - you will be backon the court and be what we all know you can be.

I thought that I will find it extremely difficult watching the Rockets with out - and at 1st it was - but as you say the BOYS ARE DOING GREAT - and I watch every game - just as if you were there playing with thme.

This is the 1st TIME THAT YOU ACTUALLY have a good - even GREAT team - but you cannot be there - well such is life.

Rocket all the way - and don’t forget you single handedly carried both the magicand Rockets on your shoulders every playoff 1st round.No one will forget those days and I hope we go way past that.

Rockets all the way and Tracey get well and be ready fornext year.


Jeanette | on 23/3/09

Well Hello Tracy! I miss watching u play I can’t wait until you come back. But I dont want u to rush back. Only u know when your body is ready so only come back when u feel u are ready.

aaron Hernandez | on 23/3/09

Tracy after the surgery do you think you could still win a MVP ??a lot of my friends are saying your tp ill and old but I now you can win an MVP and pass the first round in the playoffs ight….laters write back bro.

4rmn2n | on 23/3/09

i kno how it feels to not be 100% bro. i torn my meniscus last year and havn gotten the right help so i jus been dealin wit it when i kno i could be doin more. i kno ull be back to produce next year jus work hard.

Zachary Taylor | on 23/3/09

Whats up Tracey? You are a boss! Hope your not gimppin for long. Cant wait to see you put up a 3 at the game again. Keep kicking ass

Arslan | on 23/3/09

hey bro i like you number 1 fan
all my boy make fun of you and say that you need to stop trying and that you are going to retire but i still got love for my all star
yo when you coming back on to the court
please feel better
your my allstar
email me
thanks bro

chichi inyam | on 23/3/09

hope you come back next season i am praying for you and thanks for keeping your fans updated

Mark | on 23/3/09

Hey Tracy, glad to hear your rehab is going well. Come back to us soon man. Much love <3 <3

malvin curphy | on 23/3/09

Tracy your a great player. When your hot, one of the best iv’e seen. But where you been hiding, your team is out there grinding getting big wins and your nowhere to be found.

Walter Wilson III | on 23/3/09

Hello Tracy I am happy to hear the surgery was a success. I know what it is like to try and play with pain. I had to have total reconstructive surgery several years ago and it went well. After being told I wouldn’t be able to dunk again, I was determined to prove my doctors wrong. Which I did. So hang in there and if I help in anyway let me know. Rehab is really a pain in more ways than one, but I know you can and will do it.

Walter L Wilson III

Stefen | on 23/3/09

hey t-mac!!
i’m glad to hear that your rehab went well!!
keep it up!!!!
we will be waiting for you to get back on the court!!!
you brought this team together and without
you in the team it just doesn’t feel right!
so i hope a fast and safe recovery for your injury


WU TAO | on 23/3/09

I support you, no matter what happens, continue to support you. I believe someday you’ll prove to your fans around the world,you are the best basketball player in the world. Any difficulty won’t leave you down. Because you have a brave heart to get championship. You are not weak. Please remember, a Chinese fans will support you at every moment. There are many fans supporting you now.

Dwann Jackson | on 23/3/09

Tracy, you are my # 1 player. I am from houston station and working in germany to support my fellow soldiers while they are fighting in IRAQ. Man, you are gonna laugh, but even in the video game 2k9 you are still my favorite player along with Yao Ming. That goes to show my love and support for you and the Rockets. I have been a fan of the rockets ever since Olajawon, Reed, and Drexler. I am playing here in germany league basketball, and just went an acl surgery. I know the feeling of not being able to play-having to watch the teammates play in your absence. Stay healthy and strong! Jack. Hopefully I can get away from germany during the next season to watch you play…
Can’t wait till you return

Brian | on 22/3/09

T-Mac, we all wish you could play in this year’s Playoffs even if it’s day-to-day. But if it won’t happen, we would always expect you 100% next season. Good luck in your rehabbing! We wish you all the best. Much respect, from a great fan of yours, Brian.

amadeus | on 22/3/09

you’ll definetly be back next season! you’ll be explosive in games, you’ll hit the game-winning shots and you’ll bring houston to the Promised Land. take care always!

best wishes from amadeus here in the Philippines.

Patrick | on 22/3/09

Hey T-Mac, keep your head up man. I know it’s tough seeing your team out there without you but hang in there. You can make it up to all the Rockets’ fans out there by making sure you don’t miss a beat next year, and future years from there. Your situation reminds a lot of what D-Wade went through last year and he was able to work hard over the summer and become a top 5 player in the league. You were once there before the injuries, so get healthy over the summer (keep that back, shoulder, and knee strong) and come back and regain your status as a top 5 player in the league. All my best!

Je'lon Hunt | on 22/3/09

Rockets all the way!! I know for sure that you still got it, just can’t wait until you come back. When you’re 100% who can stop you? Can you answer that? Everybody watchout when T-Mac gets healthy he’s bringin back the Magic days to Houston!

Rai Khan | on 22/3/09

T-Mac, it’s great that you’re keeping all us fans updated with your rehabbing. I wake up early anytime the Rockets play on t.v. here in Pakisrtan. It’s reallyy hard not seeing you out there though. I’ve been a fan ever since Toronto, crazy how much you’ve developed your game. You’re by far my favourite player, 6’8 and smooth. Keep up the rehabbing, and show up all the doubters. 13 points in 33 seconds…dunking on Shawn Bradley in the Playoff’s, toooo sick. Can’t wait to see what you do next season. Representing from Pakistan, Good luck.

Paul Wilson | on 22/3/09

Tracy, Keep your head up and don’t let the doubters get you down. You are truly a sensational player and I can’t wait for you to get back on the court. I’ve followed you your whole career and know you’ll come back stronger then ever. Keep up the hard work and do whats best for you. Your fans will support you and everything you do!

One of your biggest fans, Paul Wilson

yinboyang | on 22/3/09

Hi,it is my first time to write to you,I am very glad to hear you are good now.I am one of many many funs,I have too much speaking to say you,however,my English is very poor,so to much speaking I cannot use English to say you, I only can do one thing,this is I hopeyou come back 100% healthy and hope you stay a Rocket for your entire career. Come on,you can make it, coming back the king of my heart!

Derek Dennison | on 22/3/09

I hope you get well soon. Every day I watch videos to remind me how great you are. I’ve followed your career even when you were a raptor. I hope you can get to a championchip before your career is over. I miss you on the court.

Best of luck

付晨光 | on 22/3/09

you are the best!!!

yG | on 22/3/09

Please try your best! And you are alwayse the best!

sun xiao nan | on 22/3/09

I am one of your fans in China, 4 years ago from my very beginning worship you. I know that you are now faced with a challenge, and bless you.
Although there is lot of people questioning you, but I will always support you … Forever
Come on! ! ! ! I belive you will back!!!!

Heaven | on 21/3/09

KOBE is not the best!You konw ,I mean he is just a competier to me!T-MAC I try my best to let everyone kown that you are the best,but you are not lucky```When I paly basketball,I do want to do anything you did,because I want to see the real T-MAC.Tracy``` we love you ,just do it,wo wait you back!!!

Yasir | on 21/3/09

Hello Tracy

The team is doing great but evry one around the communnity I live in seem to belive that we can`t close a good team w/out you controlling the ball We Reakky Need You Soon Work Hard Bro…

chuck | on 21/3/09

Hey!T-mac,how is going,man? I am your fan from china .when i heard that you are hurt,i am worried about you! I just want to say that i still believe in you,man ,you are the best.
I wish i can see that you slam dunk in the court

Dannie | on 21/3/09

Tracy, sure do miss “seeing you out there” especially in crunch time, they need your calm head and leadership. At least we have YAO! I feel like we say that every year about either of you? Hopefully this time next year we won’t have to say it at all because you will both be there! I am a TMAC BELIEVER 100% you will be back Majic Johnson passes and pull-up-3pters, 13pts in 20 sec next time brother!

下一站麦迪 | on 21/3/09

Wish you can go back to the court with your greatest performance which you’ve performed again and again for all of us,I’m one of your crazy fans,and I’ll always be.
Everything will be ok!you’re the best

tmacfan | on 21/3/09

yo tmac there are haters on the houston site saying you ain’t got no heart playing and all.
that’s BS man.
take care and good luck with the rehab.

don’t keep us waiting!

sammy | on 20/3/09

hey tmac man, hope all is well man, cant wait to see you out on that court again, i love the team, they got heart, but ill love the team even more if you were captivating us, the fans. youll be beack right, you aint gonna leave or nothing right? cuz if we win a championship, we need you back so we can repeat!!!!

Jamil | on 20/3/09

Hey T-Mac!!! Keep working on that rehab man. I wanna see you back on the court so we can win that championship next season. I watch your highlights like everyday on youtube. Come out next year and show them that you are one of the all-stars in the league. Up there with LeBron, Kobe, and D-Wade.

郭 | on 20/3/09

T-mac is the best palyer in the world and very handsome.

Matt AKA T-Matt | on 20/3/09

Hey T-Mac, wuddup. I am one of your biggest fans, and I wish one I can be as good as you at ball one day. I see how good you can be when you are healthy, and it’s a shame you get injured. Please, when you come back, be the player I know you can be: be my hero again, like that magical day in Houston with 13 points in 35 seconds. I wish you all the best in your rehab, come back firing on all cylinders nexy season, God bless!

Chris | on 20/3/09

I have been your fan for 8 years since my high school,I believe you can be the best again in the league,take care,T-MAC.

jc noyles | on 20/3/09

tmac if seen you play live and its even better than on tv. hope youre rehab goes well and you come back soon.just keep your head up.the rockets need you, games just go so smooth when you are on the court.just remember when you come back play defense like you use to in toronto,take the ball to the hoop and stuff it thats the best,oh and the way you come up and bust a three on a defenders face,i love the look on the players face like theres nothing i can do coach.the most i like about is tour heart so come back strong and show all these fools how its done.

章彬 | on 20/3/09

best wishes!!!

Cesar Gonzales | on 20/3/09

Hey t-mac, i’ve been watching the Rockets since i was 8 now im 19 and i would like to say that you are probably one of the top three players we have had, i know is not what you would like to hear but is the truth, im just being honest. hakkem and drexler were the best, however i hope you can be healthy next season so you can smile at those haters when you shot a game winnig shoot at there homecourt, also i do thing your a better than kobe, he is the biggest ballhogger in the world, i dislike him more than i dislike the utah jazz. Well i hope to see dunk over people again. like you did to bradly in the dallas series 2006 were we got robe. lol duece

MICHAEL REED | on 20/3/09

What up MAC. I hope you’re doing well with your rehab. Do you know what the team’s plans for you are when you get back? Is the team telling you that they want you on the team when you come back? I know there were trade rumors before your decision to have surgery. I hope they are sticking by you like they should. Just because you had some trouble with a nagging injury, a team shouldn’t give up on you a even talk about trading you. There have been a lot of negative fans running off at the mouth about you, but you have a lot more loyal fans who can’t wait till you get back. Please keep your head up and keep cheering on the guys, cause they need every thing you can give them, there doing well. Hope things work out with the Rockets because Houston is where you belong and you will bring a championship to the H town. Peace boy. Much love.

marco | on 20/3/09

Even if TMAC didnt win a championship or havent got an MVP trophy….He is still the BEST..How he had captivated me with his ankle breaking moves and amazing plays…Haters will always be haters…I like TMAC’s personality better than Kobe…thats why he’s still my idol even though Kobe’s chewing em all up….

eric | on 20/3/09

yo t-mac, keep on rehabbing your knee and come back 100% next season and become the explosive player we all know you are and prove to all your doubters that you are the real deal! Lets Go Tracy, Its Game Time!

Troy | on 20/3/09

get well soon Tracy i know u still gonna be one of the best in the league.

lin fu | on 20/3/09

T-MAC my English isn’t very good ,so there’re many mistakes there.As a fan of yours ,it is my first time to write to you.I love you very much.I’ve been seeing you when I was 9.Now,I’m 16.I never thought I could say something to you because I’m Chinese but you’re American.Now,I’m really excited to write to you.You’re the best basketball player in my heart all the time.In China,there are many people are criticizing you.I always get angry and sad.They don’t understand you,I always want to change it.And this season you were unable to take part in the all star,it also let me down.But you must be more confident,there are many fans of you in China and around the world.We’ll give you the best support when you’re in trouble. I can’t express my admiration to you,in a word, you can control my feelings.Some people only know open their mouths but don’t use thier brains to understand you.I know you don’t care about it.You’ll come back,you’re the only god.Could you promise me prove yourself next season?Maybe you won’t read it but I think you can receive my support.Maybe I’m very silly to make it because my classmates don’t think you’ll read it,but I still do it.I’m studying very hard now.I want to go to America to see you some day.Wait me,and also do your best.Please don’t mind if there are some mistakes.I hope you can get well soon.I’m waiting for you.麦帝,just like your Chinese name,come on! A Chinese fan of yours

Kirin | on 20/3/09

hey tracy, hope u get well fast and come back opn the court and play the way you use to play…wanna c u score 40-50 pts just makes the NBA a better and a more interesting sport.

Kirin | on 20/3/09

hey tracy, hope u can come back on the court and play the way u use to play and i wanna see u score 40 pts and 50 pts again…it just makes the NBA a better place…

carlos | on 19/3/09

Hey, glad to hear that you are doing great.
It would be nice to see you supporting the team on the sidelines.

Enkhbayar Batzorig | on 19/3/09

Hey, T-Mac, I’m really looking forward to see you on the court. Next season will be YOUR SEASON. You are one of those best players of NBA. We are all waiting for your wonderful play. Take care.

Osman Walker | on 19/3/09

Get healthy and make things right between u and the rockets

God bless u and your family

Imran | on 19/3/09

tracy, you should try drinking a hot cup of water..with 2 spoons of honey. its quite good for pain and arthritis..
its just a suggestion.. its good for alotta diseases and conditions.

Ryan Andujar | on 19/3/09

Wish you the best T-Mac, and good luck with your recovery, hopefully you return as one of the top elite players in the league that we all know you are capable of being, believe in yourself, and never stop trying.

Ben Obregon | on 19/3/09

Hi Tracy

I just wanted to wish you the best and tell you that I am a huge fan of yours. I can’t wait to see you out on the court again.

Take Care and good luck w/ the rehab

Franklyn | on 19/3/09

i hope you get well soon and come back like the 2 time scoring champoin you were

钟朝 | on 19/3/09

love you

黄博文 | on 19/3/09

你好 ~ TMAC 我虽然只是有一名 普通的“TMAC FAN” , 但是你是我在这个世界上最崇拜的人之一 , 我的你的喜爱可以用爱来形容, 不是到你能不能看到我的留言, 但我要告诉你的是, 不论发生了什么 ,我永远支持你, 永远, 十年后, 二十年后, 我依然会想现在一样爱着你~ 祝你早日 回到那个战场, ——-[博文]

lujay | on 19/3/09

I’m glad to hear you are good now. i can’t wait to last season.i love you are the best.we wait for your wonderful performance.
Hope you come bace quicly!
go! T-MAC

wenwu | on 19/3/09

hi t-mac,this is my second time to visit your blog ,my English is not every well,hope you could understand what i say,i just want to tell you :no matter what happend ,you are away my super star,my happiness is be your fan ,i hpe you will be all right as soon as possible
best wishes wenwu Sichuan China

fatboy | on 19/3/09

i hope your well rested and all with rehab. just make sure you come back with a vengance, we all would like to see that tmac in orl, but more of a team player next year, morey did a good job of surrounding you withn help, your presence on the court will defnintly help alot. we all said that you do not have to score or shoot as much. its not all about you now.we do it as a team

get red
ro rockets

Daniel | on 19/3/09

Hey Tracy

Just a shout from all your fans in Australia, hope your rehab goes well and we can see you back to your best next year.

Muggy Musinguzi | on 18/3/09

Tracy dont feel any presure by people and do what you have to do so tou can be the best player in the nba i know you are.

Victor | on 18/3/09

Hey tmac thanks for keeping us updated we are all just waiting for u 2 come back and be exsplosive can’t wait just keep doing what u r doing

andrew | on 18/3/09

get well soon man

Rian Horgan | on 18/3/09

hi tracy. you are one of my biggest idols, i play basketball on a team in sweden and i always try to bring some of your moves to the court. any advice? and i think that you next year will be one of the best players in the league. i love the way you play.

LaDarren Stevenson aka LD | on 18/3/09

Hey whats up T-Mac. Hope yo get back too 100%. I been watching u since Orlando and i kno what u can really do. Get Well Peace

C-Lo | on 18/3/09

Hey wussup T-Mac..Glad to hear your rehab is going alright…hope you come back 100% healthy and hope you stay a Rocket for your entire career. More importantly though, let me ask you a question…Do you know where you’d go when you die? seriously..think about it…can you be assured right now 100% that you’d be in Heaven?...I know you when yo a Christiam Academy so youve heard about the Lord…The most important health is your spiritual health…think about it bro…seek the Lord while he may be found… Peace.

LOS | on 18/3/09

I have ALWAYS been a fan of yours-I just like the fire you play with (even when you were going through the turbulent times)

I wish you the BEST, and I hope that you come back to The League, and show all the critics/haters/doubters just who T-MAC REALLY is !

You still are one of the Top-10 players in The Leagie to me !

西瓜 | on 18/3/09

What are you doing these days?
Did you see any good films?
Or do you do something meaningful?
Share with us,please.

Supporting you.

MIMOSA | on 18/3/09

i love you forever
and i trust you forever

al | on 18/3/09

pray for you tracy

zichen | on 17/3/09

I feel it has been a long that we didn’t see you.Because we want to see you eagerly but we can’t.However,only if i can read messege from the website, knowing how’s your rehab .All of thses are the best things for us.May you can rehab completely.Don’t take risk to play on the court.I pray for you everyday.

Laurent Ibarra | on 17/3/09

hi tmac hope u get back fast in the team so that u will win the championship they need you..

James Bae | on 17/3/09

Tracy,you are a very gifted person. i know that God gave you this talent for a reason. for the glory of God. you already have changed many peoples lives. I hope you find the true purpose in life and bring many people to God through your gifted talent. Only God can bring the true peace and happiness in our hearts. Hope you can find true happiness in your heart. To live the life in Jesus Christ. Hope everything is going well and God bless you.

your #1 fan

id | on 17/3/09

tracy you are a superstar, you were born with the tallent to play basketball but that doesnt mean you dont keep working at it… i love you man but you have become a little lazy, im your number one fan but please t-mac get trough your recovery do everything the doctors and trainers tell you too and you’ll be up on your feet bringin houston many championships to come so we need you t-mac you can win plenty of rings if you just put your mind to it….... ps check on carl he got shot….....

Joe Peake | on 17/3/09

Whats good Mac! Im happy to hear that everything went good with your surgery. I hope to see you back stronger than ever next year. Im a huge fan of any team u play on. I was a Magic fan when you played for them. And now im a Rockets fan. Sorry to say, but i hope that the Rockets dont win this year. Only because your not playing. I know it sounds messed up, but im just keeping it 100. I would like to see you carry them over the hump. Not Artest. No offense to him. But your the man of that team. Remember that!!!



Jose | on 17/3/09

T mac youre the Mac.But hehe you need to go cheer at the games an BE there with the TEAM at the GAME YAO did it last year bynum did last year Odom MJ when he broke his LEG even Steve Francis am still a fan of TMAC but not a fan on somethings OK TMAC GOOD LUCK AND STEVEN E SMITH MAKES YOU LOOK BAD ON ESPN he always has you against houston. But ok MAC and hope to see you attack next year.

armando | on 17/3/09

hey men, what’s up?? how’s rehab??
hopefully your fine…
and hopefully you can comeback the next season the same T-Mac as i know before.. the high-flying and the unstoppable T-Mac ever…
you know i’m one of your greatest fan here in philippines and i always get sad and mad when they’re posting negative comments about you and your achievements in your career.. they don’t know how much you suffer, trying to get success for your team.. they always ignore the things you do for your team… and they always get all negative things they seen on you…

hey, T-Mac i’m gonna wait for you the next season, and hopefully, you are playing the unstoppable T-Mac so you can kick lebron’s ass and prove to them that your not bad… ok???

I’m arman, 19, yrs old a great fan of yours here in philippines and i will always support you even off the court.. i had many things to say but you see i’m not that good in english language so i hope you can understand this simple comment, it’s actually not a comment, it’s almost a request.. hahahaha… lol..

good luck,
Peace Men..

Luis Silva | on 17/3/09

Next Year. Tracy McGrady. Will shut up ALL THE HATERS.

Nicole Flint | on 17/3/09

im glad that u are doing fine and i cannot wait until your return and the rockets are doing extremely well i hope they get that top spot in the west they dont have far to go they are at 3 but i have faith in them that they are going to get #1
i love u

Tarus Turner | on 17/3/09

hey what’s happening Tracy glad your surgery went ok i can’t wait to see you next year and i just hope that you stay in Houston because i believe if you and Yao can stay healthy yall will win a championship and we need you down the stretch when we play against them good teams like the lakers and the spurs and i been watchin Aaron Brooks and mane he is an awesome player and i see that Rick Adelman is trusting him to run the show and like i said he is just so fast i know when you do come back yall will be winning so many games and i know with you in the lineup yall can make something happen but all i am asking is that i want you to stay in Houston but if they don’t want you anymore you will be better off with a team like the Phoenix Suns because then you will have a team that can match up with the lakers but i want you to know that i am with you every step of the way and i hope that don’t nothing change and i want to see the old Tracy McGrady next year so get better and write me back asap letting me know how you feeling and just keep me posted aiight hold it down bro and be easy.

iknow | on 17/3/09

So tyrell, do you mean to say Reggie miller is trash because he has no rings. Do you mean to say Kevin Garnett was trash before he finally won a championship ring. are you saying Lebron is trash because he does not have a championship ring. Are you saying those bench players who got a championship ring just for being on the team are elite. Championship rings do not define a player, they define the team. T-mac, you have always brought it on during the playoffs, just our supporting cast in Houston is not capable. Right now is great for the team. they are learning to play with one another and don’t have to rely on tracy to score 50 points a night. 09-10 will be the year where our team finally makes it to the top, ad I hope it is you TRacy who will lead us.

brian | on 17/3/09

Make the best of your recovery and rehab, be strong and get After being the best NBA player on the court! I know that your Career will only be better post surgery!

If you ever feel down or discouraged, know that you have 100% Support from your fans here in Houston!

Always stay Positive!

Be as dedicated to recovery as you are to basketball, never Underestimate how much support you have!

Mojo Turner | on 17/3/09

Make the best of your recovery and rehab, be strong and get After being the best NBA player on the court! I know that your Career will only be better post surgery!

If you ever feel down or discouraged, know that you have 100% Support from your fans here in Houston!

Always stay Positive!

Be as dedicated to recovery as you are to basketball, never Underestimate how much support you have!

bernardino | on 17/3/09

Extremely glad to know that the surgery has been good. Now you have to rehabilitate because your fans want to see you again on the court…and I’m definitely one of your most passionate fans!! I believe you are the best talent in NBA and I hope you come back stronger after the rehabilitation…I trust you Tracy, NEVER GIVE UP!

Phogs | on 17/3/09

Hey T-Mac glad your doing great. I’ll be waiting for you to come back and play. I’m your biggest fan! For me your the MVP! Please don’t get traded. I just bought your jersey and shoes. How bout them Rockets!

emre | on 17/3/09

hey t-mac!

great news of rehab, we will be waiting for your return, as long as it takes it doesn’t matter, we will always be there for you cause you always inspired greatness in us, impossible is nothing! as 35 seconds is an enough time for 4 three pointers, 1 year will be enough to see the true t-mac! :)

take care man!

ggio | on 16/3/09

hey tmac…get well..i cant wait to see you back on court…

rArawr | on 16/3/09

tyrell man! you suck!! tmac is way better than timi even without the ring, and having no rings wont make him horrible, your horrible tyrell!

tmac i still believe in you man, i hope to see you soon.. take your time i know you’ll get tru that rehab well.. the loss over san antonio and lakers was a nail in the coffin, the team needs you man, the team had no one to relay on the later run.. if you were there rockets could have a W.. get well soon man..

Justice Ventura | on 16/3/09

Dont worry about them haters Tracy! Houston still has your back hope your recovery goes well and hope to see you in the court healthy.


huali zhang | on 16/3/09

hello tracy!I’m your fans I wish you happy everyday !

Yang Hu | on 16/3/09

yo tracey i hope you could return for the playoffs

Celso Lim | on 16/3/09

Just wanted to know if you’ll be able to be on the rockets team roster come 2009-2010 season. there are so many tmac fans here in the philippines and i’m one of them.prove them all wrong when you come back next season. i was hoping if you could send me a Houston Rockets jersey inferno Hat here in the philippines. i can’t find that particular hat here. here’s my complete address>>> Block 64, Lot 29, Brgy. Sto. Nino II, Sapang Palay, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines!!!thanks!!!hope for your speedy recovery!!!!

hx | on 16/3/09

we belive you can come back!

GIll | on 16/3/09

was up tmac you have come man and shut out all haters and win a scoring champ

sam alfaro | on 16/3/09

hope u make it back….the same way u were a couple of years back when u dunked over shawn bradley, which happends to be my favorite dunk of all time in the playoffs.for u in houston…hope to see u on the court soon with the rockets uniform…peace…sam

DreamTeamRockets | on 16/3/09

Tracy, best of luck on your rehab. Can’t wait to see you in Rockets uniform next season.

I made an unofficial Rockets fan base for leisure. In your down time from all your rehab, you might peruse through it if you care to check it out.

Thanks Tracy for all your hard work and dedication to this team.

Your most loyal fan,

justin | on 16/3/09

watsup t-mac? im hoping your doin great…get well soon and im excited for your return..

Benji | on 16/3/09

Be strong, work hard everyday, i honestly beleive you are the best player in the league when heathly, use the haters as motivation, SHOW THEM tracy mcgrady still is a threat in the leauge, i cant wait to see you on the court again, i still watch rocket games but it doesn’t feel the same with out you….
keep your head up n work HARD.

Kerry Marie | on 16/3/09

Tracy… ignore that fool Tyrell’s comments. He’s just jealous because he probably couldn’t make a basket himself even if someone held him up to it. Besides, when has Tim Duncan ever missed games DUE TO SURGERIES? The lame comparison makes no sense so just ignore him. For someone to go online to your website and post a negative comment says they don’t have much going on in their life. PORTLAND OREGON LOVES YOU TRACY!!!

Antonio Procuna | on 16/3/09

OOOH boy Tyrel mallory has no clue what he is talkin about. That can be expected from people that know nothing about basketball. A horrible player could not have single handedly carried a team to six games aggainst a flopping n fouling UTAH team if he wasn’t great. Injuries dont blockade talent they just prolong it. YOu are still the kick ass player you used to be. There used to be a time when u where better than kobe, i would still rather have you on the rockets than him. TMAC IS RAW!

Joe | on 16/3/09

Yeah I know that it has to be hard…but hard work wont hurt. I really dont seem 2 think that championships mean u arent great. U havent been on great teams…i mean what can u do but get healthy while these guys beat themselves up, u come back strong. Get better…T-MAC!

zhangyu | on 16/3/09

t-mac just remember what you said last season.“i will be back!”
may god belss you and rockets

Datong Xu | on 16/3/09

Hi Tracy. I’m a fifteen year-old Chinese student. I am your biggest fan in the UK. Good luck with your recovery. I know you will be back even stronger.
We are all behind you.
Get better soon!

gaojing | on 16/3/09

I miss you very much you want to, though hard to wait, but I am not afraid, because you have! Wait for your Return of the King!

yang | on 16/3/09

oh my god! you are really T-MAC?these words all be writted by you ??please replay my question,THANK YOU ! and best wishs

cat and mouse | on 16/3/09

Hi,man,cheer up !
As your ad says.nothing is impossible.
We’re waiting for your back.
It will be a show time.

XoXO | on 16/3/09

hey.,,,TMaC wazzup,, i know the rockets has the talent to win the championship,, see you soon,,,, come back and act like a champ, you deserve it!!!

Ghengis Hasan | on 15/3/09

Your good, not yet great, but so fun to watch. Your jump shot looks good even when it misses and I wish you could take a whole lot more shots than your coaches allow. And I sure wish you would stop deferring to Yao but its a bit late for that. Try and keep the weight down whilst your injured. I know its hard but the older you get the harder it will be. I hope you have the right people around you to do so. Down here in Australia I have been a fan of yours for awhile and always try and grab the games on live streaming channels over the internet. Hope you keep supporting your team mates from the bench and one last thing plzz… from now on stop referring to yourself as 1st person when speaking and dont make big statements like all that “all on me crap”. Be yourself and get it done on the court. Let someone els handle the media. Plzz! Looking foward to 2010 already.

Chris | on 15/3/09

im not gonna lie…being a diehard McGrady fan is kinda hard. especially right now. but keep yo head up and dont half ass rehab.

Daniel Guzman | on 15/3/09

Its good to hear that everything went well. Im sure the Rockets will definately be a Dynasty team when you return to the line-up.

Tim | on 15/3/09

Tracy, I hope rehab goes well and that you can get back to 100%. You have always been my favorite player since you came in the league and I’ve been to almost every game that you have played in Cleveland cause thats where I live. Get healthy and come back strong next year to win it all!!!

K-Dog | on 15/3/09

Wuz hatnin Tracy? Great to hear your rehab is going well.Just wanna let you know i have been a fan since Mt. Zion and still am.I will support you through thick and thin dawg.When you are down and injured people are quick to jump ship and say you`re done,you`ll never be the same.I think that having this surgery now and taking time off will only preserve your body and maybe extend your career.We,your true fans, just want you to do whatever you have to do so that you can return to being your true self.You are NOT finished bruh,the real T-MAC still lives within you.I know and believe that you will prove all the haters wrong.Keep rehabbing and getting better dawg,we love you. Sincerely,K-Dog

lizheyiyi | on 15/3/09

Hi,T-MAC,just take it easy.We still believe in you.We are akways here waiting for your back—the back of the king!When you come back to the court,don’t disappoint us again.Because we love you,please don’t let us down like this time.COME ON!!!

Joshua Kendrick | on 15/3/09

Hope all is well T-Mac, hopefully the recovery goes well and so you can get back to ripping the rim off. Artest and yao have really stepped up tp help the team through this unfortunate event, but with you on the roster the rockets would have been UN-STOPABLE!

dan wu | on 15/3/09


DIckson | on 15/3/09

I do realise how you feel standing outside with the injury. Hope you get well soon!

a chinese fans | on 14/3/09

Dear Tracy,on behalf of the chinese fans to tell you:
I love you,and we’re looking forward to hearing you tell us,
I’m back!!!

Matt Horace | on 14/3/09

Tmac cannot wait for you to get back… forget those haters man u are the best when healthy and i just hope you cana get back next year and return to your old form. Haters are going to hate so don’t worry about these fake ass people going to your website wasting their time talking bullshit ur the best when ur healthy and ill tell anyone that….

Tyrone Bryant | on 14/3/09

Tracy, I have always thought of you as an offensive threat on the court, but as of late you have been struggling further away from your regular standard. Injuries after injuries just made me realized that time might have gotten the best of you, such that the once dangerous shootin’ gunslinger is now an aging cowboy dreaming of the prime of his years. Do all Rockets fan, no, do all T-Mac fans a favor, revive that once glorious offensive weapon that once ruled the Western league and shock the NBA world.

kerry eiden | on 14/3/09

Tracy, don’t listen to that fool tyrell… he is just jealous because he probably can’t even make a basket even if someone held him up to it. TIM DUNCAN IS GREAT, BUT YOU ARE STILL AWESOME NO MATTER WHAT... Portland Oregon loves you… we await your return.

xoxoxo - I bought your t-shirt and my Husband laughs at how often I wear it around here…...

ZhangKaituo | on 14/3/09

I’m a college girl from China.Tracy Mcgrady you are the best basketball player in my heart and in the hearts’ of many many peole around me.No matter what happens to you,you are our superstar forever,for we think that you own some excellent qualities no one else has.And we also care about your condition and recovery very much,only hoping that you can get what you want and always be happy.What we would like to do is support you all the time!

puggy | on 14/3/09

what,s up ? when you be back? we need you to come back and close out some games for us. tell artest big head ass pass the ball.

Egon Dickson | on 14/3/09

Glad to kno ur doin well, u hang in there cant wait to see u next season.

Lisa Verret | on 14/3/09

Tracy, My husband and I are huge Rockets fans! We have missed seeing you out there playing with them, but we know you have to get well so you can play the game you love. Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery to the Rockets. There has been a lot of talk out there, but talk is cheap. Keep the faith and know that you have fans behind you that love you and are wishing you a speedy recovery and looking forward to seeing you back on the court.

Get Healthy!

Michon | on 14/3/09

It is wonderful to hear such positive remarks from a man who has just been through a rough time. I am a huge fan of your talent and qualities of a man. I hope I will see you playing next season when you come to play the Celtics. I’ll probably be one of the only people in Boston with a Rockets jersey on but am proud to wear it.

John Thibeaux | on 14/3/09

I can’t wait to you are ready to play next year and prove to all those who doubt you that you are still a premier player. I can’t wait to see you abuse Kobe next year. Good luck on the re-hab and continue to post on your blog.

tj | on 14/3/09

Yo t-mac keep your head up. I know you’re gonna be back next season to silence all the haters. They seem to forget what you did last season. Can’t wait to see you flying to the rack again.

Charles Fairbanks | on 14/3/09

Yo Mac!! Man i know a lot of cats and rocket fans have turned there back on you, but keep ya head up! The procedure that you underwent is a serious surgery, one that is hard to come back effectively from, but you gotta have heart and the desire to come back strong! Man everyone time I hit the barbershop everybody talkin bout ya bruh and how you don’t have the heart to come back from the procedure, but I believe in ya bruh! Come back strong and show these cats that you got the heart and desire to come back, not as Tracy McGrady, but as T-Mac!! Peace!!

HAO | on 14/3/09

Forever in you the spirit moved them, I hope you can soon return to you my love Forever love you

Freddie | on 14/3/09

dont listen to them haters man just keep ur head up and show them boys their trouble when ur back on the court

your fans | on 14/3/09

my forever idol,even you are not a superstar anymore,but i hope you can get a NBA champions!! good lucky!! i want to be your friend!here is my E-mail [email protected] please send me a E-mail! my forever superstar!!

Suwenyang | on 14/3/09

Dear t-mac: I’m your fans though I’m chinese,u can be the best!I wish u to be healthy earlier,always support u!

mosquito | on 14/3/09

I miss you so much!

Philip | on 14/3/09

Hey tmac, watsup!! great to hear you’re doing fine. Hope you’ll get healthy soon and I’m looking forward to see you on the court next season!! :D take care

jay jerry | on 14/3/09

great to see you are well!

so go and go ,dont stay we love you!

bryan arreola | on 14/3/09

I know someday you will lead houston to a ring :)
get well soon
You will always be my favorite player
-Bryan Arreola
Manila, Philippines

Mike White | on 14/3/09

Hey good to hear you are doing better. Can’t wait to have you home doing what you do best. Also I like to see you are the only one with a brotherhood commercial with a team still running. Haha.

吴祖安 | on 13/3/09

We support you forever.

ztmcgrady | on 13/3/09


Jose M Rodriguez | on 13/3/09

T-Mac your the best and even the Rockets are doing good. We need you back. Like once Kobe said I have guns. WE do Too! Go T-Mac!! I l be following your updates, keeps us inform. Thanks for being our player, Proud to be Your Ultimate Fan. I am all Blue Devils! Baby!! LOL Take care and GOOO T-MAC!!!!!!!!

Brian Reynolds | on 13/3/09


First and foremost I hope you recover well. I’ve been a fan of the Rockets since the days of Olajuwon, and a fan of yours since your career took off in Orlando. I’ve got to say, watching you play, (especially when u take charge of the game), it appears as if your a man among boys. Your are truly among the leagues elite.

With your work ethics, you are already a champion. I just pray you get well enough to comeback and prove it to the non-believers. Hopefully it will be here in Houston.

We’ve got a really good team right now but were not a great team with out TMAC TO THE RACK!!

Get well soon, enjoy the time with the family, and I’ll miss U till U get back.



P.S.Don’t worry about Mr. CB with TNT, he’s just hates Houston because he didn’t get his ring when he was here.

huatao-tracy | on 13/3/09

Trcay: i am your fan from nanjing.china.Glad to hear your rehab is going good. Thank you,let me love this game!


Clay Heald | on 13/3/09

Mr. Mcgrady, I believe in you! Keep up with the rehab! Its a shame people dont understand the damage it can take on a persons body when taking it to the rim and getting knocked around with the likes of a shaquille oneil etc. No doubt the city of Houston believes in you. Keep up the progress. Houston LOVES you, we hope you will finish your career here. Its not everyday a city can get a superstar on their team!
best wishes-clay heald

Derek Evans | on 13/3/09

Tracy man, I miss you so much dude. We couldve really used against kobe in the 4th but I’m optimistic you’ll return better than ever.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rehab well man, comeback skinny and athletic so you can prove the haters wrong.

You can still win a championshi[p man, I believe, you just have to too.

Anthony Thomas | on 13/3/09

Glad to hear that everything is going well on your voyage to perfection. Despite what some critics and those notorious “haters” around the world had to say about YOUR decison to have the micro-fracture surgery, I feel that it was the right call. We ALL know that we weren’t seeing the T-Mac that scored 13 in 35’‘ against Duncan and the Spurs… Keep your head up and use your team and millions of fans for inspiration.

PS: How bout dem rockets!!!
“Ace of da Hill”

Azeez | on 13/3/09

Hey t-mac how are you and your family coping? Hope everything is going well with all of you. Well i am a big fan of yours and i respect you not just as a player but as an individual too. You’ve been through heavy critcism b/c of early playoff exits and i don not know a lot of guys that step up their game during the playoff. You are a bonafide champ in my book and i know you would be back stronger and with more skill-set than ever. Well the thing is you are only a loser when you fall and never get up but for everytime you get up and try again you are a champ. Well take care and may God bless u and your family.

Kyndall | on 13/3/09

Tracy i can’t wait till your back on the court im glad your doing good get well soon.

tyler blount | on 13/3/09

yo, t-macc wauddupp! im a big fan of urs hope 2 see back on the corut nex year please dnt get traded yo iight hit me bak. get weell

Jesus Carrillo | on 13/3/09

T-Mac you’re better than Kobe I hope you’re rehab going good so when you come back be the NBA scoring champ that you are and dominate the game.Get well soon you’re biggest fan in the dallas/fortworth area.HOW BOUT THEM ROCKETS!!

Tyson | on 13/3/09


Glad to hear your rehab is going good, not to worry your true fans will stick by you. Keep working hard and stay focused, YOU WILL SUCCEED, as you always have in life.

YES the Rockets are doing great! Just think we’d be that much stronger if you were there 100%, cant wait til next year. Hopefully the league rules will allow you to be on the sidelines during the 1st round of the play offs, as I know it will give the guys a boost to see you there supporting them. Think about it, as I am sure the fans would love it too!

Train hard and come back strong, we love you in a Rockets jersey dont ever forget that!


sungxy | on 13/3/09

Don’t go!
We need you!
ROCKETS needs you!
Come back soon.

Ding | on 13/3/09

Dear T-MAC, You don’t need to give any apology!I just hope you can be better quickly!Don’t care about what other people said,you just need to care about youself.You say you will come back like a king,we believe it will be come ture!Some day,you will have the ring designed for the winners!Hope you and your families will be happy everyday!I will support you forever! You have got my E-mail address .I’m looking forward hearing from you soon!
Best wishes! yours sincerely, Ding

huatao-tracy | on 13/3/09

我是你的球迷,来自中国。我像你一样喜欢篮球。现在,你处在一个困难的时刻。但是我和所有喜爱你的人一样坚信,王者会归来的!希望你能看到我的留言,让我们成为朋友。真心希望你能早日康复,重新回到赛场。 I am from China,you have many fans here.we beliebe it you will come back! Take care! huatao

jerraine | on 13/3/09

i just have one question what is the state of you and the organization. i hope you are a rocket for the rest of your career. but because of this injury and you contract expiring there are rumors that the rockets are going to get rid of you in the off season if possible. i don’t think that is true. so i just want to know where you guys stand.

Sandy | on 13/3/09

I’m happy to read your blog
I will support you forever!

so,tracy please be fighting!!

lisa | on 13/3/09

i will be waiting for u T-mac

kaka | on 13/3/09

all things will be better u are alwayse T-MAC

mark | on 13/3/09

hey tmac im a big fan of yours..i wish you all the best to recover and get your mvp game back…theres a lot of people waiting for your return in the court,we all love you here…we miss your dunks and 50 points per game..we believe in you tmac.

黄学良 | on 12/3/09

Tracy,I love you! I like watch you play game, I secretly like you learn a lot, now I play basketball a lot of action as you are, you a great impact on me! I like basketball, as long as there is time for me on the back at the basketball court, even if it is a person I would have trained about 22 o’clock, and every time not less than three hours, but my height is too short, only 178cm, I shot very accurate, especially in one-third jump! That’s my strong points I worship you, Tracy, my biggest dream is to go watch NBA games you race, you give come on! Finally wish you a speedy recovery to the best status to return to the basketball court, do you the make, and make you enjoy doing! I hope you can see, if you have time, then please reply, thank you, I wish you good luck! Forever you are the best!

McGradyIS1 | on 12/3/09

its sad how i got league pass to see u in every game but didnt happen that way. i know ull be back next season. rehab hard man. T-MAC ALL DAY!!!

McGradyIS1 | on 12/3/09

Ei man we hope u rehab well cuz when u get back on the court we know ull take ur #1 spot where u belong to. take care bruh.

Chen | on 12/3/09

How’s everything?I will always be here waiting for your return.
I miss the surprise that you bringed to me.I hope you will be
better soon, And I will pray for you.Hope that the happiness
is always aroud you no matter what happens.

Yongping Long | on 12/3/09

T-MAC, I don’t watch baseketball games now because there is someont missing, I wish he could come back earlier!

Xinye Yang | on 12/3/09


I miss you very much indeed.

Ivy | on 12/3/09

I am a Chinese Fan of yours. I support Yao and you forever.
Now you can’t play anymore,I mean you get a suggery.What’s a pity! I just wish that you should teach Yao to be more harder.Encourage him and all of your teamate. Hey,can’t you see that guy waver.He hardly rely on three points.Just stop him to do this .
Come on !Wish you come back soon.

tmac1andie | on 12/3/09

wow that’s great, your doin’ great on your rehab, hope it continues to get better and better, we can’t wait for your comeback, we’re all excited to hear “T-mac to the rack!” again, our team is awesome, they have the biggest heart in every team in the league, they inspire me a lot,also you who inspire me the most,we have a league here in my country,and i’m leading the team to it’s 3rd staigth championship hopefully,thanks t-mac for always inspiring me and all the fans…God Bless

Ray Ray | on 12/3/09

Man T-mac u the best and u no u are dnt worry about wat people say, just rehab come back and be the best u can and drop 82 points for me to shut everybody up.

Jlove | on 12/3/09

Keep on getting better man, can’t wait to see you healthy again! In my opinion basketball is not the same now that you’re gone. All I do is sit back and make music now man I don’t even play ball as much as I use to now. But t-mac stop by my myspace pg man when u get a chance and check out some of my songs. I just started doing it 8 months ago so I haven’t mastered it yet but it’s pretty decent though man.

Jacky Wang | on 12/3/09

We haven’t found you among Rockets team for a long time. Actually we miss and care your health all the time. Although Houston Rockets got the good results of many games recently,I think it’s the weak point of the team because of your absence such as last game Lakers VS Rockets. Right now I hope you can recover your body soon and I’m looking forward to your back on the court,which is best news for all the fans in the world.

Chris | on 12/3/09

Tracy…I am so happy u restore well …
best wish for u …
miss u …

LaBaron Sanders | on 12/3/09

Wadd Up T-Mac?? Dis Yo Biggest Fan Out Of Da A-Town!!

Cylk | on 12/3/09

Tracy next year will be your time to shine once again. I wear the jersey number 1 because of you and Penny. Good luck man

ps… next year please bring back the sleeve

yinjunjie | on 12/3/09

tmac,we always believe you will be back.Life goes on and take care of yourself.we love you forever and wait the lord’s return.come on ,tmac

Steven | on 12/3/09

Hi, Tracy. Don’t give up and get back to court as soon as you can.

xudxudong | on 12/3/09

I will always support you.I’m sure you will be back soon and be the player I know I am.

Ali Jaffri | on 12/3/09

Tracy come back and be the beast you were in orlando and early days of Houston!

Chao Vang | on 12/3/09

Hello Tracy,

How are you doing? I am a huge fan of yours. I was sadden when you decided to have surgery, but it was the best decision. I could see you in pain when you played. I can’t wait to see you back on the court. Your the reason I fell in love with Basket Ball and reason I purchase the League Pass. Drop me a line when you get a chance. My co-worker will be so jealous if you do. Take care of yourself and keep us updated.


qingqing zuo | on 12/3/09


Anthony Lee | on 12/3/09

Hey T-Mac this ya boy frum Canada
sayin keep workin on ya leg
we can wait
much luv man
when ya come back try to get over 20 points
show em why u should never doubt t-mac

Raymond Perdue | on 12/3/09

Hey Mac what ever you do, don’t listen to all of the HATERS out there who seem to think that the Rockets are a better team with out you, because it’s not even close to being true. It’s just like last season when Yao went down and you guys kept the streak alive with him. It always looks good during the season, but as soon as the Playoffs start its a whole new ball game. Good luck with your rehab and come back soon!!! And just one last thing the Rocket games are the same without you.

Demetrius Isom | on 12/3/09

Whats up Tracy i am a huge fan of yours i have been following you since your toronto days i justed wanted to say keep your head up rehab strong and come back unstoppable like i know u can. I was also wondering if you are gonna come to the rockets playoff games? Well good luck T-Mac and i can’t wait to you come back i miss u already on the court it’s just not the same without you out there with the team.

Jiang | on 12/3/09

i will be waiting for u T-mac, no matter how long it takes. I always have faith in u! I believe u are the best in the world!!Best luck to u T-mac!! Get well soon!!!

US Sport Team | on 12/3/09

Tracy, We want you to know that all of us here from the US SPort family company are praying for you to have a successful recovery from your surgery. We support you 100% in all that you are doing and looking forward to seeing you soon. We have no doubt that you will return and still be the best player on the court. Take care and keep working hard on your rehab.


US Sport Team.

nut | on 12/3/09

good luck! hope you back .

Mike Bass | on 12/3/09

What up t-mac, just dropping a comment for support or whatever. I pray you have the most successful rehab process ever. We needed you last night to close the game vs Kobe, but we still had a chance to win. I’m fed up with all these haters hating on you, some clown on ESPN said Manu Ginobli is a better player than you. We all know that is false, but I guess people have forgotten just how great you are. Who else can score 20 ppg hurt??? N-E-wayz, get healthy and do what you do best man peace.

daniel | on 12/3/09

hey what’s up Tracy.
I’m a student from Hong Kong and I’m a big fan of u! I was upset when I first heard the bad news of yours… But I knew that u are making the best decision for yourself and I also saw u couldn’t play well because of your pain. So I just wanna tell you I’m waiting for your return and there’re so many people supporting you in my place!! So do what you want to do and don’t give up! we’ll pray for u~ although we’re far away from u.

Good Luck


jeremy garnett | on 12/3/09

get better

Thaddeus Kelly | on 12/3/09

Hey T-Mac

I’m a true fan, not like others who only jump on the band waggon when your on top and not having problems. I believe that being a true fan is sticking by the player no matter what. You legacy is written and can never be erased. You are human and unfortunately humans get hurt sometimes, there is nothing that you can do about that. Kepp ya head up, you have plenty of loyal fans. I just can’t wait till you come back and shut up the haters.

True Fan


PLEASE | on 12/3/09

HI,man,cheer up!
All of us are always here.

angel | on 12/3/09

Tracy I miss you

jpd | on 12/3/09

I believe that you can be yourself,just wait and take care of yourself,best wishes to you,you are my super star now and then,I know that you can do it and I will surpport you forever!

zeng | on 12/3/09

I am a fan from China, I very much enjoy playing you watch the whole room are posters of you, for my own to do a video blog。 you used to record every moment, I wish you a speedy recovery from the back field!

Hao Yu | on 12/3/09

Hi T-Mac! Its good to see u recovering! Everything will be just find and by the next season u’re going to win a ring and a Mvp. Take good care of ur body and recover soon!!! We will all be supporting u!!!

Marvin Angelo Oloris | on 12/3/09

Next season, you’ll always be in the front page of

SHUAN | on 12/3/09

T-MAC I LOVE YOU SEVEN YEARS ,i think you will be back ,come on tracy, you are best!!!

Peter | on 12/3/09

Hey I met Juwan Howard at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas a couple years back when he was still with the rockets and that fool was foul, he didnt even acknowledge me… really though i think he was shocked that someone actually knew who he was… he was probably like damn i got a fan… what should i do now

Vera | on 11/3/09

Hey, Tracy.
The chinese fans are so glad to hear your rehab is going well. You know there’re still a large number of fans here to support U. We know that you aren’t a man who will give up seasily, so whatever some ingored people said or wrote, we fans are keeping standing by U. For U are a great man 4ever!
I am praying that U feel better very day. and We nedd T-MAC, the Rockets need T-MAC too! We all Love U 4ever.
Take care. and where there is a will, there is a way.
T-MAC____Forever NO.1—
Thank U so much, because of U, I got through my hardship when I was a senior student.

jason Courtney | on 11/3/09

Dawg,dont pay attention to all the haters.When your healthy there is no one better.I know you get tired of all the people with their negative comments.Just keep ya head up and get thru this.If you stay with houston,I have no doubt you will get a ring.Next year come back with a vengence and ripp all those who disrespected.If you got time go to you have a myspace add me and check out the songs.Its hard to be heard in Kentucky when it comes to rap.Everybody think we all rednecks.Hold ya head and come back like a beast next year.stay up and good luck.

little tracy | on 11/3/09

i miss you

stan | on 11/3/09

dude i hope u will be back next year like wade and play like an mvp… i know you can do it… and you need to play 82 games…

david | on 11/3/09

whenever you come to new york i am always there to see you play i have tried to make my game similar to yours in some many cause i like how you. and i know hands down you are of the most explosive players in the league but you get the respect you deserve.i hope you read this cause the hood supports you and we hope u have full recovery and get to doing what you do best. 2010 is the year of the mac big things are on the horizon peace

leona | on 11/3/09

wish you health!
don’t care about how others talk about you and please keep working hard!
we all are behind you forever,come on!

leona | on 11/3/09

Dear Tracy McGrady,
I’m one of your fans,and we all stand behind you forever.Please keep working hard and don’t care about what others talk about you,that’s a waste of time.
You are the greatest in my heart forever.Wish you health.

郭力为 | on 11/3/09


Danger | on 11/3/09

I don’t know wether you can read my message I just want you to know I trust you, let me see a flying man in next season ! never hurting again , ask Yao and Artest for staying in Huston next season , to get the champion!
sincerely yours

snakejian | on 11/3/09

I pray for you everyday,hoping you get on the court with a good condition earlier!
Keep Fighting!

冯泽骁 | on 11/3/09

TRACY I look forward to the return of

kavyn mcgrady | on 11/3/09

Wish you pace and speed in recovering and rehabilitating for your knee. Looking forward for your entrance next season.

Wish you and your family a healthy life as well.

Take care there as well

Nick | on 11/3/09

Tmac i am one of your biggest fans and have been since you were in Orlando. You have been my inspiration through my own basketball career and I just went through a season ending injury as well and I feel your pain. It was actually almost the same injury Yao had, a stress fracture on my metatarsal or whatever its called. I feel for you man I hope you pull through, you have my support 100 percent. I never gave up on you and never will and neither will your fans. Thanks for being an inspiration in my life. -Nick

chinese student | on 11/3/09

I hope you can better support you Forever me! I hope you can give back to my e-mail
Small fans from China

Omega | on 11/3/09

T-mac, get well soon and certainly hope you are doing well, and get back to the court and finish your business. Just get that knee up to par and get back to the floor and light it up and prove all the haters wrong.

Peirrie | on 11/3/09

t-mac this is your biggest fan out in here in cali my name is peirrie. man it’s been a rough season for u. but i haven’t and i will not gave/give up on u. i’m prayin u sign a deal and stay with the rockets. u and yao are the face of this team. the team has been playin great as of late. wafer and landry has been steppin up alot. scola is a double double machine. yao and ron artest are playing great. shane b is a defensive monster.

it’s great to hear that the 1st week of rehab went well. i’m prayin u can come back on time and so u can get a ring. it’s sucks that ur out for the season. i wanted 2 see u rip up the playoffs. please mac, i’m begging u to do whatever it takes to be healthy for next season and here on out. listen to ur doctors.

p.s. when u dunked on tryus thomas it was amazing.

god bless and get well soon,

- Peirrie

CJ | on 11/3/09

I really think a trade would do you great. Once youre healthy, Yao is holding you back man.

Sean | on 11/3/09

Hey T-Mac!! You are awesome! We need you. i hope your rehabilitation goes well so we can see you on the court doing wonders for the rockets. I also cannot wait to go to your camp this summer! It will be fun and it would be cool to see you there!

Good luck!!

Sas McGlogker | on 11/3/09

Tracy, you best in eyes of me. You beat lebron and kobe when health is high but you shine in days of darkness. King of King, Lord of Lord you are greatest in our basketball. I will pray for you keep in prayers. My prayers worked for health speedy, please come back good.

JB225 | on 11/3/09

Dude !! Please do whatever it is that they as you to do so that everything goes ok, and i really hope you can come back at full strengh !! GOOD LUCK !! AND BE PATIENT !!

fanis | on 11/3/09

good luck brother….hope everything is on your side and your leg gets strong as stone…keep working hard and you’ll be rewarded…just remember that…and man please reply in my adress if you have the time..i’m always here for you…..get well…see ya

Russell Raab | on 11/3/09

I’m glad to hear that the healing process is underway. It makes me kind of down to not see you on the court right now when the rox are having success. It’s going to be especially hard to see the Spurs coming to Houston this weekend and you not shooting them up! Get well fast!

Terry and Jim | on 11/3/09

Great to hear that the rehab is going well and as expected. Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to excellent health and a return to the court as soon as possible. We want a healthy T-Mac playing for the Rockets in 2010.

Dontae Johnson | on 11/3/09

Whats up Tracy, my name is Dontae Johnson and i play varsity basketball for North Shore High School, I just want you to know that i have been praying that you get better and get back on the court so you could win you a championship, i need you to get back on the court and show me some new moves. I wanted to know if you could leave me a message at my yahoo website, so i know that you really got my message. my yahoo email is [email protected]

Gerry | on 11/3/09

Hello! Tracy,I am a Chinese student and your all life’s fan.I am very concern about your rehabilitation now.I hope you can recover more fast and better.And I expect to see you playing on the playground as soon as posible. Take care.送你一句话,“赛翁失马 焉知非福”。祝你早日康复。

David Fletcher | on 11/3/09

Can’t wait to see you back. Good luck with your knee don’t over do it take time, cause next year when we have our star back I know we can go all the way. The team is doing great but the whole basketball world know we cant do it without you. Man i am your biggest fan and know everything to prove it down to the little stuff like the temperture of the day you dropped you’re career high. Man I just want a promise so i can sleep better (can you make a promise that when you return you will dominate) let people know that tracy mcgrady is still a beast and that the surgery did will not end your career only you can.And I am praying everyday for you and the family, good luck with your return.

vondre' | on 11/3/09

i hope god returns your knee 150% you are blessed man you worked hard since high school to get to where you are at. i got your back i pray that your heart and your mind is into geting back on the court like i know it is take your time you are still a rocket and we will be in the second round thats wahts up god bless you and your family

kenials | on 11/3/09

Tracy,无论外界声音对你怎么评论或讥笑,你在我心里面,依然是最捧的,you are NO.1,you are the god in my heart!加油,在中国,依然有千千万万的fans在默默的支持你,在NBA里,你永远是个巨星,永远是,forever….......

Vidar | on 11/3/09

Great to hear that things are going well with your rehab. Too bad you have to sit out this season, but you got to do whatever you can to get healthy again. We fans will wait for you!

邓心怡*Tracy | on 11/3/09

Tracy:Congradulations!!I’m so excited to hear that,my pray works,right?You know,I pray for you everyday,hoping you could recover as soon as possible!I believe when you come back,you can be the best again!I will cheer for you!GO

李新奇 | on 11/3/09

I love you forever!!!

小肖 | on 11/3/09

as a chinese fans,waiting for coming back . good lack for you and you familly !

raul | on 11/3/09

cant wait to u come back

glenn | on 11/3/09

get healthy T-MAC, will wait for you..Go rockets…

TOM (高楼) | on 11/3/09

Hey, Tracy, glad to know that your rehabilitation process is going well,good luck! Hope to see you in the court as soos as possible. We are waiting!

nash | on 11/3/09


mario | on 11/3/09

t mac
i “am happy your surgery went great tracy i would like to see you back on the court next year 2010 for the rockets,i hope and prey for this i would like to think that money is not every thing in life but i understand that family comes frist i hope that you and the rockets work out a deal maybe if you can take a small pay cut in order to keep the team together in order to win a championship back to houston,clutch city obama said yes we can.

nash | on 11/3/09

Refuel! The Chinese fans forever support you, hoped that may see can fly to one in ringhoop you!

firas | on 11/3/09

good news t-mac i love

Baller Nard | on 11/3/09

Hey Mac,

I’m glad to hear your progress hopefully your rehab wont take long coz men,im so xcited to see you nxt year at the court rocketing with your team.Talking about your “our team”.I’m proud for what they’ve doing from now,they have a good standing on this season,and working togethere to get at the top.So theres no worry bout’ lossing coz everyone is fighting…“the ball is round”.Get well soon Mac.
Peace Out!

Denver | on 11/3/09

Tracy, be strong, we are connected…

Adam | on 11/3/09

Its great to know your getting better.I’ve read in news letters your probably not going to be back till next aeason. Shame! but essential. Your health is more important than anything else. Next year just like the olajuwon and drexler duo, the ming and mcgrady team will take down any one who who gets in the way. peace.

Daniels | on 11/3/09

Hey,T-mac,I’m a fan from China.As you know all people here care your injury and the game results of Rockets a lot.We are very different with people who are against you.Overall,no one wants to be sick.But most of us suggest that when you return healthy,you may play as a PG to organize every attacking of the team.How do you think about it?Hope you write me and get well soon.We belive you will return. Best Wishes Your Friend from China 2009.03.11

Alvin | on 11/3/09

No doubt, we’re waiting for the return of the king.
Hope everything goes well with you.

Best Wishes

李新奇 | on 11/3/09

Hello,Tracy,hope you can recover from your illness!Best wishes to you and I love you forever!

Tim Klose | on 11/3/09

I want to be a friend of you. Please write to me soon

Tim Klose | on 11/3/09

Hi Tracy. I am glad to see that you are on recovering from the injury.And I am your super fans.I really want to know you,and I want to be a real friend of you!!If you like,you can tell me your cell phone numbers or chatting sotware account.I am 16-year old boy who like basketball and you very much!

LA3 | on 11/3/09

good to know ur doing well, just come back strong and hopefully faster than ever so you can attack the basket just like in that bulls game that was a nice dunk

whenever i watch you and the rockets i like to watch if you get mad or aggresive because when u do u seem to get on a whole nother level. just throwing this out there are the rockets going to get any new jerseys or alternate jerseys i wish we got a all black jersey with red and silver graphics. something that looks aggresive and determined to win. also are they ever bringing the pinstripe jerseys back for harwood classic nights those are some nice jerseys. one last thing are u going to come out with a t-mac 7? that would be very nice to see a signature adidas shoe again. get well soon

Chen | on 11/3/09

Without you in court, let me think watching the game without energy.So I missed many rocket games.
But it said they are great.
Really hope to see you again in the basketball court.

Julian | on 10/3/09

and just to let everyone else no…..........IM THE BIGGEST TMAC FAN IN THE WORLD. no matter wat anybody else says IM THE BIGGEST EVA

SummerWong | on 10/3/09

Glad to hear ur news of the rehab.Take care and keep updating us for in the coming days

Julian | on 10/3/09

if the rockets make it out the first round does that mean u mad it out the first round?

qing | on 10/3/09

Tracy, good to know you are now to resume my relieved! Good rest, a speedy recovery, come on! Forever Forever we love you, support you!

姚莉 | on 10/3/09

You are yhe best.Your health is the most important thing is out our heart.

just do what you want to do.

Love you.

NO.1 | on 10/3/09

Tracy, we’ll wait for you to come back.

huanghaishan | on 10/3/09

Goes straight up by the high-school pupil enters NBA, at that time, you such naive, had not realized slightly NBA, the future road will be how rough. Fierce dragon several seasons, you cross continuously not not happily, in under the form Carter’s shadow, are unable to display you actually to dive the nature. Therefore, your then extension throws Orlando. Orlando’s first season, you have also proven own.You will be future super star on this land, the world has remembered your name Tracy McGrady. But, lacks teammate’s help, a time initiates the impact to the playoff, nearly must defeat the formidable piston, but, finally was defeated actually, you has not had the patience to wait for the team reconstruction, therefore, arrived Hueston. Thought originally Yao Ming and you compose the MM combination can look like the total champion to initiate the impact equally, to think originally you are new generation of OK combine the first season, but but although you in playoff unfavorable situation, you not depressed, meets down several seasons, wounded and sick always are puzzling you actually, The playoff throughout is unable to break through the first run evil spirit incantation firmly
Finally, 08-09 season, a brand-new start, Artest comes, you again to be wild with joy, even to say, how this is I to total champion recent one time then calculated again, you once again poured firmly in wounded and sick under.
Finally even moved micro created the surgery, this, you not in with before same, all people all has been accusing you, taunts you, Perhaps present you, most are the helpless. The time throws easily the human, the red cherry, the green Japanese banana, own had been dying of old age actually, 29 year-old Tracy McGrady near and stands the year, never has touched the playoff actually second turn, do not have to say the total champion awarding cup.”I WILL BE BACK, WE WILL BE BACK”;Yes, Tracy McGrady , we all believed you will be able to come back, after to come back again do not leave, let Aub Ryan cup Houston’s night lighten once more!
Tracy McGrady is a hero, but does not hope always the pathos hero.Wild hope thirty-five seconds thirteen minutes repeating, only did not hope he can walk far. Although you trade all are diligently a time sickness.But I believed your dream can realize one day.That day I can crazily roar together in here with you.

Elu Zhong | on 10/3/09

tracy, this is my first time to say something to you,till now,like you for a long time,like your style,like your show time,actually,this is a tough time for you,also for me,i miss the one who can do anything in the court,and i am sure that guy will be back,now,i don`t want to watch nba because i can not see you there,you are a warrior,you will fight till the last minute,last second,and i just can wait,with my heart,with my faith,tmac,,wait for your back,
and support you till my end. best wishes,,, elu

Xinye Yang | on 10/3/09


Have good rest.

You will get back on the court.
We believe you.

Huston needs you.
We need you.

huanghaishan | on 10/3/09

Dear Mac,saw your news very happily , you must renew the abundant guest frequently, like this we might know your situation. Yesterday looks you beforehand video frequency, felt suddenly oneself had not seen you for a long time , we miss you very much. We all are waiting for you.
Looks other basketball star runs in the field, in the heart is really not the taste, but we knew you can come back, you are we T-MAC, you are the miracle inventor. You must certainly defer to doctor’s speech to carry on the restoration, do not have to worry, do not have to let yourself too tiredly, we do not worry, only hopes your health.
Very happy we are in your world the best fan, you are not lonely, you also have us. Refueling.

szs | on 10/3/09

I Miss You!

Kenny | on 10/3/09

you’re the best, looking for your coming back.

Mad'O | on 10/3/09



The Boy Madison.

小之 | on 10/3/09

hi tracy i am your fan from China,i will always with you and pray for you in the east…i believe you can get healthy and win the NBA championship!!!!BEST WISHES!

Robin | on 10/3/09

Hi, Mady. I’m very glad to hear good news about you health. I am one of you chinese fans. We all want to see you and Yao can get final champion in NBA. Rocket need you! Chinese love you.

Atk | on 10/3/09

hi T-Mac, enjoy the rehab, know you can back to the court with a new T-mac, more stronger, sharper…
love u, love rockets!

andrew | on 10/3/09

hey tmac in glad to hear that u r getting through the rehab well and i cant wait until u prove all those haters wrong get well soon and go houston! ur always going to be number1 peace andrew

ANDREW | on 10/3/09

hey tmac im glad to hear ur getting better and i cant wait until next year to prove those haters wrong

zack neve | on 10/3/09

i am happy to here that you are rehabing very well and that you are listening to your doctors very well. us fans hope you can spend as much time as you need so that you can come back next year and be as good as you no and us fans all no you can be but keep your head up peace… Zp3

Ross | on 10/3/09

Great Job Tracy, I’ve read alot about the microfracture surgery and that rehab seems though! Im glad that you are following the doctors instructions because that is the best way to come back successfully to bring a championship in 09-10!

Granger | on 10/3/09

hey,Dear Tracy,i am your fans from china,i like your game.but i am sorry to hear that you can’t play the rest game this season,and i am waiting for your coming back the nexr season.i wish you good luck. a fans from china

LaQuin Marsh | on 10/3/09

Hey wassup T-Mac all I have to say is that I can’t wait for you to return and I am one of your biggest fans…. Oh and on NBA 2K9 I play against my Step daddy and he play with the Lakers, I play with the Rockets and I be doing this man so bad with you and Yao….. send me a message back please man

Yo Biggest Fan…. LaQuin Marsh in Savannah,GA don’t forget me, BYE!

Young Lee | on 10/3/09

Hi! Tracy My name is Young Lee who comes from china,I am your one of your fans,I even watched every your game befor,hope to see you playing an the court again,Good luck!

Young Lee

Kate | on 10/3/09

glad to know that rehab is going well, the rockets have been fun to watch but not nearly as fun without you. get back out there so we can bring the championship back to houston…

clutch city baby

Dane | on 10/3/09

Hey Tracy its good to hear the news i hope rehab goes well and next year hopefully you can come back stronger than even and take over a game like i know you can! get well soon and never give up Peace

Jonathan Stange | on 10/3/09


I predict the Jazz might take it all. When their owner passed and with Boozer back in, I think they have the heart and determination. I remember how much you elevated your game against those bastards in the playoffs (we always play them in the playoffs, it just works like that) and with out you, I don’t think the Rockets have enough to win tight games against those Utahan’s. I hope they do, but just keep doin’ what you’re doin’.


J-smoove | on 10/3/09

Tmac nice to hear that you are getting better thats all that matters, the rockets are a very stronq team and are doinq great so you just get through rehab and we’ll see you next year


mj | on 10/3/09

good to hear from u. Just understand, dont push too hard. I have heard that people who come back from this surgery feel better than they actually are. Just follow what the doctors tell u. hope u come back fully healthy

小颜 | on 10/3/09

麦子, 等你— 是我爱你的方式..

Linkin | on 10/3/09

Hi,Tracy,im glad that you are feeling better.I can wait until you come back to prove the haters wrong.But I was wondering is posible that you could meet with that trainer that D.Wade use last season before the olympic,to rehab better? no offend to the trainer that you have now.reply please

小颜 | on 10/3/09

Hi,Tracy. Don’t worry about all the rumors. Just take care of yourself.

I will wait for you until you come back..

Jimmy V | on 10/3/09

Wow… I hope the rehab process goes well. I heard the team is doing the best its ever done just about since you got hurt. I think you are trade bait now because everyone wants the team to be tougher and show more heart. It seems like they will make the playoffs so your job would have been anyway,basically, to get them to the first round and then head back to Houston. I really hope you get well and come back stronger than ever!

Big Contry | on 10/3/09

T-mac you coming to camp how bout Ron, Shane, or Carl ? Anyone else coming, you better shape up before I beat ya in knock out. Maybe Les will sign me in the summer of 2010

Russian Fan | on 10/3/09

Hi, Tracy! Im from Russia. All your fans from our cold coutry wish you to have a great health and big happiness! We wanna see you on the court in the next mounth and we expect from you more and more great games!!!

Sorry for my English =)

Мы с тобой! (We are with you!)

sei | on 10/3/09

ROCKETS may do ok POSTSEASON but they WILL need you playoffs. ARE YOU gonna be back for playoffs?

Henry Higareda | on 10/3/09

Good luck on your recovery, it going to get very difficult at time but just hang in there I know because I went through two myself (torn ACL) . It hard for my family and I to not see you floor especially during this time but we wish you the very best.


Henry Higareda

Wei | on 10/3/09

Hello Mac

Not much to talk, here is all of my encouragement come along with my best wish

You can be healthy in the future
You can win the NBA championship
You are always the No.1

The best luck of everything

Ted | on 10/3/09


I have faith in you and believe when you are healthy you are a top 5 player in this leage. I will pray that you come back strong from this injury and able to finish your carreer a Houston Rocket for life. Stay Positive and you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

hamilton | on 10/3/09

Hi,Tracy.Happy to hear your good news.I hope next season you can find yourself,the real T-mac,who got 61 points,who create the magical 35.4 seconds,who will lead Rockets to the next run with his guys,who will win the champion with his team.No matter how hard the future will be,I want you know that millions of people in China will support you and I am one of them.GOOD LUCK!

Travy | on 10/3/09

Hey T-mac! It’s glad to get your news. I love U very much not only on the court, but also out the court. I feel comfortable after knowing you are in good condition. Health is the most
important things, so I support your decision.
I konw some people criticize U, but please believe me that most people will be always with U, just like me.

U konw it? U’re my hero. I play basketball and learn English because of U. I hope one day I can go to America and watch your game on live.

Tracy.McGrady, please take care of yourself. I believe you’ll be back. You still the god of basketball.

A chinese girl who will be with U forever

Dan | on 10/3/09

As a cancer survivor I am familiar with the physical pain and struggle of surgery and chemotherapy. If I can make it so can you. I wish you well in your rehab.

“but those who hope in the LORD
will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
they will run and not grow weary,
they will walk and not be faint.” Isaiah 40:31

sandy | on 10/3/09

hey Tracy, it is so great for reading this article. i think it must be a tough time. but i believe you can come back with 100% T-mac.
waiting for you, tracy

john | on 10/3/09

Hi Tracy , I’mvery excited to hear that you’re becoming better and better ; I and my friends are looking forward to seeing that you stand in the count and play again ; and give us the perfect play . we believe that you muct be better than before when you come back .

BILLY | on 10/3/09


peter griff | on 10/3/09

I THINK you are the greatest of all time YOU have to be one of the top five players ever all those critics SUCK

士珉 | on 10/3/09

you are the best. I hope you can come back soon. I belive you can do it. Impossible is nothing.

VINOD CHERIAN | on 10/3/09

I am a huge Rockets fan as well as a T-Mac fan. I honestly believe that with you healthy this year, we could go to the western conference finals or the NBA championship this year. Team is doing good right now and I hope this team is not peaking too early like last year. Hope we can do some damage in the playoffs. I still think we are a Tmac away from the finals. We still need someone to create a shot when our offense get stagnant. I wish you successful rehab and I want that old tmac back next year. Good luck with your rehab. Vinod

calvin murphy | on 10/3/09

hi t-mac, i just wanted to say i love you and your game hope you come back and i know you will be just as good you were before the knee injury

nicholas.H | on 10/3/09

I’m from china.i will support u no matter what hard and good luck!

Damon | on 10/3/09

Ur a professional, thats how we know u made the right decision. Keep up the hard work. For now, I’ll have to watch highlights until u come back. When is ur next shoe coming out?

Kevin | on 10/3/09

Keep on moving! See you on the court in months…...

Greg Blackmon | on 10/3/09

Gkad the rehab is going well

Kevin | on 10/3/09

Hey, Tracy! It is great to hear that you are comfortable with the rehabilitation process. We strongly believe that you would come back with your magic power very soon and would be patient with the time. Just let you know, we are always waiting for you to get on the court again!

高晶 | on 10/3/09

tracy,I’ll wait for you to come back, would like you all getting better and better! Come on! Forever love you …...

chris | on 10/3/09

hi, tracy…great to know everything goes well there. it’s my first time come here and read your blog…that cool, man…you know you have lots of fans in China, i am one of them of course…you know, you play just cool, you were the most talented player in NBA, and i definitely believe you will be the best in short future. I love you not because you are playing with YAO, but you are really a talented player…i am waiting for your back…

Good luck

dani | on 10/3/09

rockets fan

Ginubrian | on 10/3/09

Hey Tracy. I remember the first few weeks of my surgery. I know it hurts a lot and jumping into PT is really hard. It takes a lot of heart to get through this and I recognize that. At least you now know to take your time! Don’t worry about the guys, they’ll be just fine as you can see. And don’t forget that while you’re rehabilitating your knee, keep your mind fresh too. Hang out with the family, don’t make it all work! Thanks for posting Tracy!

LT | on 10/3/09

Whatever happens,we are together with you and waiting for you!加油,come on!

GL | on 10/3/09

Support you,no reason.
i have been watching your games since you are in magic.
Hope you keep fit and tell others who you are.

Tommy | on 10/3/09

Hi Tracy,
first of all thanks for all your hardwork and keeping us up to date with your condition.
glad to hear that everything going great
and, yea like Riley said before, i almost cry everytime i see your highlights on youtube and other mixtapes..
you know, we all miss the way you throw down winning threes, make spectacular dunks and most importantly, keep the Rockets win..
hope the Rockets will pass the ist round playoffs..and we all hope that whatever your condition, stay in Houston =)
last but not least, recover well man, Good Bless us..

Tommy AKA T-Time3

Tommy | on 10/3/09

Hi Tracy,
first of all thanks for all your hardwork and keeping us up to date with your condition.
glad to hear that everything going great
and, yea like Riley said before, i almost cry everytime i see your highlights on youtube and other mixtapes..
you know, we all miss the way you throw down winning threes, make spectacular dunks and most importantly, keep the Rockets win..
hope the Rockets will pass the ist round playoffs..and we all hope that whatever your condition, stay in Houston =)
last but not least, recover well man, Good Bless us..

Tommy AKA T-Time3

LZ | on 10/3/09

we will waiting for you

夏晶 | on 10/3/09

big boy,come on,don not worry about everything,just happy and change everyday,you will be back just as you said.come on,fighting!

小九 | on 10/3/09

Tracy,I wish you get well as soon as possible,and I will support you forever~~

Paddy | on 10/3/09

Hi! Tracy,
I want to send you my best wishes for your quick return to good health and hope you will on the court at an earlier date. I trust you will be complete rehabilitation.
What ever you do,I love you , understand you and support you all the time.
Be yourself! You are the No.1 !

你的球迷 | on 10/3/09

麦迪,大家都很想你,都在关心你,好好照顾自己,希望你早点康复,永远的祝福你,支持你 !

TerryLi | on 10/3/09

Tracy, you are a great player, always. Do not be bothered about that bad words from someone else and do what you should do, all the people like me are so looking forward to seeing your show again

tracy fans | on 10/3/09

Tracy, we all missing you very much. Take care you self.
Best wishes!

jessie | on 10/3/09

I’m Jessie from Philippines.
i am one of your avid fun.
it’s nice to hear that your doing nice!
we will wait you to come back on the hard court.
i really miss your nice moves, crossovers, dunks and your smile when you are unstoppable.

take care!
stay healthy!

Jerry Lu | on 10/3/09

Hey T-mac.I’m glad to see that you are pretty good now.

Keep your confidence!Do your best !

We’re waiting for your back!!

zerxes | on 10/3/09

We believe you could be better!

Archie | on 10/3/09

Hi Tracy,

Right now, I still feel the sadness that this season is already over for you. I waited so much for this season to come because I felt and optimistic about the success that you and the team will achieve. I wish you all the best in gaining back the real you physically and looking forward to seeing you in the court no matter what team you will be in the future. I still believe in you Tracy and I know you will not dissappoint all your loving fans. Goodluck man…

Nate | on 10/3/09

BEST WISHES FROM SHANGHAI, CHINA. I hope to see you at the Toyota Center fighting with your guys soon.

jack | on 10/3/09

Hi,I hope you can come back .Many Chinese fans of your want to see you and Yao stick it out.I have a dream,that one day I could watch your game besides of you.Remember you can fly,you
have made God tear. It’s you T-mac.

薛立明 | on 10/3/09

No matter how other people do not understand you and I and friends will always support you! Come on!

姚莉 | on 10/3/09

Mac,I still believe you’ll be back!!!

yuhui | on 10/3/09

glad to hear that, hope you can revover asap
yes, you would be the one you and we both familar with,
for sure you are the 4ever number 1 in my heart.
keep working, look forward for yr return

欣 | on 10/3/09

麦蒂哥哥:Know you well, I will ease! Whenever I see a basketball, there will always think of you. When I watch NBA the first time, I began to enjoy you. Not because you are Yao Ming’s teammates, but because you are a player to create the magic! Play basketball at the time of your charm attracted me deeply! I love basketball, it almost became my all. Let me know how are you insist, know how to never give up. Thank you! No matter what happens, please remember that you still have me. I hope you will make an early recovery, return to court. Forever I will pray for you! Wait for your return! This is my eleventh meeting Guestbook Here you are. Very much hope that you can see.加油哦~

isiah thomas | on 9/3/09

yoo wuzz gudd tmac yo i dont know wut to do i need ur advice both my knees have been giving me pain wen i play ball it prevents me from running my fastest and jumping my highest and man i can jump i can almost dunk n im bout 5’10 buh i gottah choose to rest my knees and see a doctor or i can join a league thats been asking for me to play with em wut i do ? u can hit me on my email if u do i promise you ur email wont go to no1 else but me !! iight t-mac tak it easy man im waitin on dat return


Ada | on 9/3/09

Hi,tracy,i am a huge fan of you for more than 4 years.I know you under big pressure lately,just forget everything and take care of yourself.the recovery will takes long time and it is not easy at all.i wish you all the best,whatever happens,i still believe u are the one of the greatst basekball player in the world.I love u.

Mindy | on 9/3/09

Hey,Tracy.It makes me feel so happy to see your words.Thank you for let us know what’s the condition of you.I wonder that if you would like to come to China again.There are zillions of your fans here more than you can imagine.We are so looking forward to meeting with you.So if when you are good enough to travel around,please come to China,we are waiting for you.Now I hope you can have a speedy recovery and enjoy every moment with family.
Love you, Mindy,China

XiaoYu | on 9/3/09

Hey, good to hear from you Tracy…stay strong man…and get well soon!!! Rockets and Yao needs you back, man!!! Dont worry about all the haters out there… you are the best….Man, when I play NBA 2k9, man, can’t win none of the game with you on the bench man!! LOL....WE ALL MISS YOU DAWG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YUNG T-mac | on 9/3/09

I’m glad to here everything is going good Mac….I bought league pass to see all of your games this year because I live in New York..Everyone keeps talking negative about you and they don’t know that’s going to fuel our fire for next year..I don’t know if you really read all of these but I’d like to know what the time table is for your return? Just keep up with the rehab so you can come back like the T-mac from Orlando and we can prove these haters wrong..Get well soon..

victor | on 9/3/09

i just hope u get well so when u come back u can do wat u do. i miss seeing you out thier i still be cheering the rockets on even dough your not out thier.

your chinese fans | on 9/3/09

I am your chinese fans ,and I hope you get healthy day by day!
waitting to watch your game !

CC Li | on 9/3/09

Hey T-Mac,

Good luck with rehab - and I hope you can return to the Rockets next year and win a championship :)

Z | on 9/3/09

Glad to see you’re working on your rehab so soon! Get well and get ready for the best season of your life next year! Go Rockets!

kikoy | on 9/3/09

cant wait to see u back next season tracy train hard and be careful

feier | on 9/3/09

You forever are that star which in my heart most glistens.

jc | on 9/3/09

tmac this is a big fan of urs here. You just didn’t look right from the start of the season and i could see you were struggling. I think you made the right decision for yourself and the team. You are better off fixing this for your long term health and career while the team is “better off” for now without the constant question on your health and better off in the long run with a health t-mac.

i just wish you the best and i can’t wait to see you come back and help the rockets to have more wins.

peace t-mac

Gracie | on 9/3/09

Hey ,Tracy Happy to see that you are OK now,support you forever whereever you are

Joe | on 9/3/09

Tracy, ou are my idol i hate to see you injured like this… i know for sure when you come back your determination will make you shut up everyone who keeps saying your done your career is over… cause i know your just begging… your gonna come back better then before i know it i feel you will be the reason the rockets will win a championship… i assre you tracy if u come back with heart and the desire to take it all and always give 100% even if your scared of injury it will be ok cause i know rockets always have your back and i do to
Tmac #1

leon | on 9/3/09

Keep rehabing and recover from the surgery we believe!!!

Melody | on 9/3/09

I will be here waiting for you forever! Best wishes!

Bob | on 9/3/09

Tracy,I am your fan from China,I really hope you could come back sonn with all your energy and your heathy body, in my heart you are the best forever!! T-MAC GOOD LUCK, 祝你好运 !!!!我们永远支持你!!!

Joyce | on 9/3/09

MAC,you have a great heart.You are still caring about your team and team mates though you are trapped by the pain.Now the mose importment thing to you is making youself better soon.We are still waiting you back.

hui | on 9/3/09

I still wearing the red jersey of No.1 and waiting for a hero.

jerry | on 9/3/09

well Tracy,I am so happy see you again are you OK? we are wating for you good luck

Steve Gendi | on 9/3/09

Congratz on your 1st week of rehab its good to hear that you are doing good. At least you can still move and 6 days / week 2 hours / day that is a lot of work especially for rehab. That is a workout for an average person who is not injured.

Jason | on 9/3/09

to t-mac i always believe that when healthy your as good as they get in the nba. but most of all i have flat out respect for what your doing off the court with DARFUR.i really respect and tons of people in montreal respect what your doing.hola back wen you got time.

Tyler Bryan | on 9/3/09

Hey tracy just wanted to say goodjob on yo rehab u doin great. oh and u say the rockets are doing great you have been watching them every game which they have. imagine how theyd be with you man i mean they the hottest team in the NBA right now. the only thing that bugged me is that loss to the stupid jazz it seems like u just cant get over the hump against them ha ha but u will. just think about it im from utah and ive got some friends that are major jazz fans and just think of the crap they give me. ha ha ya so anyway right now im just picturing in my mind T-MAC MVP rockets world champions ha ha HOLLA!!! see ya brotha good luck finishing up rehab and see ya on the court next season and it better be in a houston jersey.

Jeanette Tate | on 9/3/09

Hey Tracy I am your number one fan. I dont care how long it takes you get yorself well and come on back and I know you are going ti come back stronger than ever. I will be patiently waitng. You are my favorite player in the NBA.

tmacfan | on 9/3/09


You are a basketball god, giving doublerods to all who try to hold you. I am quite honored to be part of the Secret Society of T-Mac fans. I think you are amazing. Who doesn’t? When I see your highlights, I stand and scream “Yaw, Yaw, Yaw!” Keep up the great work!

Rian | on 9/3/09

Hey T Mac. Just want to tell you that all of us fans are here waiting for you to be 100 percent and to play like you have when you were in Orlando. When you were in Orlando, it was you and Kobe. No one else. When you are back, you will be there in the MVP race. there with Wade, Kobe, and Lebron.. Just go out there and do your best to be 100 percent. Im sure by next year, you will make it out of the first round. Be 100 percent and get out of the first round and win houston a championship. SO good luck with rehab and get ready for next year.

Peace T Mac

michael | on 9/3/09

hey t-mac i hope you doing well. can’t wait to see you come back next season.

TeAndra | on 9/3/09

Tracy, hope you are feeling better.

Dennis Robinson | on 9/3/09

Hey T-Mac. Keep at it man. Its good to hear you’ve started rehabbing already. Hope to hear the next update. God Bless


steve johnson | on 9/3/09

hey this is steve johnson your biggest fan.i love you as a basketball player and i even watch you play baseball.i hope you come back as a team leader playing defense and more crazy on the offensive side.its hard talking about my boy which is you to my friend cuz he’s a kobe fan and kobe is doing big things right now.then i turn on the t.v. and lebron and wade is all over the screen. your fan, steve johnson

Akeem | on 9/3/09

hey Tracy, im your biggest fan (well one of) I’ve been watchin you ball since like i started watchin the NBA in 2003 and I think your just amazing. That being said I wanted to know if you plan on leaving Houston or if your there to stay because we’d definetly love you up here in Toronto

Remi | on 9/3/09

Yeah Tracy bring back the leg sleeve..its your trade mark!!

Riley | on 9/3/09

Tracy, first of all, i CRY everytime i see your highlight reels. I miss seeing you play with all the heart you have. one thing i never understood was why you stopped wearing the sleeve on your left leg. I would really appreciate it if you wore it for every game again. it really makes me happy to see you wear it.

Big B | on 9/3/09

Keep training Tracy, we are with you no matter what!!!

kelvin | on 9/3/09

hope u come back an be the mac i know u can be cuz when u are healthy your name ranks right up there with the kobes and lebrons. i really would luv to see that t-mac that first got to the magic or the one who won the scoring title i know this is a different situation u have better talent now than back then, look at amire man and when u 100% healthy be relentlees be in playmaking mode like kobe p.s. dnt come back until 100% ready ill always support u and argue with my friends that u are the best player in the l. god bless you 1

J Kid Junior | on 9/3/09

Hey T-mac, just wanted to say don’t rush it man. The fans and team want you to be 100%, so don’t feel rushed. Do what’s best for you and then come back so you can be the BEAST we all know you are. Stay up, and good luck.

Sam T | on 9/3/09

Please come back to the rockets! dont leave us! Get well soon…
Ron plays straight prison ball, its kinda ugly… anyway, i enjoy seeing you play better!

sunshine | on 9/3/09

Thanks for keeping us up to date on your rehab. Its good to hear that you are making progress. I know it will be tough, but look forward to seeing you back out there tearing up the league soon. Its great to hear that you are watching the Rockets and cheering them on, even though you cannot be out there on the court. Will we see you courtside soon? It would be great to see you over there on the sidelines supporting the team. Hope all is well with your family. I look forward to the next update.

...ryan | on 9/3/09

TMac, best of luck with the recovery. Just remember, the front of the rim will still be there when you return.

Joey Spurgeon | on 9/3/09

Mac, it’s a blessing all went well with your surgical procedures. In due time you’ll be further down the road to recovery and on your journey to success. It’ll be a long haulg, but you got. Use anything and everything for motivation. Use it for every pain, lift, or sprint. Always have confidence, but Tracy NEVER be satisfied. Fight for what means the most to you. Focus and when needed, make every challenge personal. —— Wish good to you and your family.

malick | on 9/3/09

hey Tracy, i hope your will be back at ur top level to kick those ass you know y’are the best.

wingkiester | on 9/3/09

Thanks for the update! Yea, Rockets have been great lately! 9 home winning streak! Even you are not there playing, but you have planned the seed. =)

Cody Bell | on 9/3/09

Great to hear everything is going good. Just take your time we all know what you can do when your healthy. I have been a fan of yours since you were in Toronto I have a twin brother he liked V.C. and I liked you (i have a ball signed by both of you). So to say the least i was and have been thrilled to have you on my favorite team the Houston Rockets. The team is looking good and everyone knows the “SHIP” would be in the bag if you were out there. Just take your time spend time with your family and cant wait to see my boy T-Mac balling it up next year. P.S. STAY IN HOUSTON

olantay | on 9/3/09

Thanks for letting me know where you stand T-mac. I believe in you keep up the hard work. I will be cheering you and the rockets on.

Mike | on 9/3/09

Hey Tracy, Take your time coming back, I cannot wait to see you out there again man. Next year man, you’ll be back better than ever. Get well soon T-mac and God Bless

Supreme | on 9/3/09

Hey Tracy, what up? I hope you re doing fine. Just take your time and don t rush your comeback even though it must be hard to see your guys playing and pushing an knowing you could help them. I can t wait to see ya back next year, better and stronger than ever! The whole nba gone be schocked, how well you recovered and what an great player you gone be. I believe in you! Good luck!

Jp | on 9/3/09

Yo big fan tracy hope you get better dog, your crazy on the court just ask shaun bradley haha .. I got that poster though 4real . Na jst playin

Erick C. | on 9/3/09

Were all hoping you get better

allenmcwhorter | on 9/3/09

T-mac man everyday i play basketball i always try my best to play like you. even though there is alot of players in the nba you are the best player to me no matter what dats why i’m still playing basketball now thank you tracy and i hope u get better #1 tracy mcgrady

Chris | on 9/3/09

This is great to hear T-Mac. I hope rehabbing your knee continues to go well for you. Good luck and GO ROCKETS!!!

Pete | on 9/3/09

All time i have training and i’m tired, i just thinking about that match on 12,december,2004. Thinking about one day i’ll be a little bit like you.
Godd luck for the rehab and never, never give up.
Thanks to be our hero