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Thu, Dec 10th 2009, 16:39

Thank you!

Hey fans,

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to the best fans a player could ask for. When I saw the first results for All-Star voting this morning, I was blown away. I know it’s early on in the voting, and there’s a long way to go, but it was an awesome feeling when I heard. I’m honored and humbled that you all have shown me so much love and you continue to support me through everything. From the messages left here on and on my Facebook page, to all the votes that you have cast for the All-Star game, it’s truly amazing how dedicated and supportive you all are, and I can’t thank you enough for your kind words and the encouragement you send me each day. It makes me that much more determined to be the best player I can be when I get back out there.

Speaking of getting back out there, I’m sure you are anxious for an update. We’re still taking it day by day, but the organization and I are optimistic that I’ll be back out there soon. We aren’t targeting a specific game, but my coach and the trainers and I are working to determine the best time to make my return. As a competitor I want to be out there so badly, but at the same time I trust coach and the staff to help me make the decision that’s in the best interest of my health and the team. It’s still early in the season and everyone has stepped up and the team is playing great, so there is no need to rush things. I’m feeling better and more comfortable every day in practice and I’m getting my fitness back, so it’s just a matter of time now.

Hopefully you’ll see me out there soon!

Anyways, thanks again to the best fans in the world!


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


朱鹏 | on 17/2/10

I want to have a T-shirt of you

dens | on 15/2/10

Just want you to know that you still have lots of fans here in Asia. We will always support you whatever team you play. Just prove to the Rockets how wrong they are when they dumped you. We believe in you. God bless.

Ryan | on 15/2/10

Hey Tracy,
I’m from New Mexico where we don’t have any professional sports teams. My favorite team has gone from Toronto, Orlando, to Houston. I cheer for which ever team you play for because I know you’ll make any team a contender. Can’t wait to see you back on the court! Best of Luck!

汤钺 | on 15/2/10

Tracy!!I miss you!

loving -Mac | on 15/2/10

Hi there Mac: Long time no visit to your web!Glao to see uagain!I wish u my best!

Dikens | on 15/2/10

i hope you come back to the game as soon as possible.i can’t wait to seeing you again.

P xiaoxi | on 15/2/10

Mac do you know?i miss you so much,
i believe you will be back soon ,right?

焦世超. | on 14/2/10

麦蒂,你永远是最好的!我要告诉你,不管有多少人在怀疑你,只要你的路走! Do what you like to!做你喜欢! And all the thing will be beter!和所有的事情是beter! Hoping you will have the best condition to win the Champing ship !that must be !I support you forever!希望你有最好的条件,赢得Champing船!,必须!我永远支持你!

鑫 | on 14/2/10

t-mac.I love you forover!!! 加油!!!

jinsisi | on 12/2/10

tomorrow is New Year in China . we hope you back the top time . support you . come on

Pocahantuz | on 12/2/10

Im a HUGE FAN of yours T-Mac!!!
Good Luck in the future!!

Sergen Şen | on 12/2/10

No problem Tracy, We’ll your fans for forever… You’re best of the NBA. I want see you on courts again… Please go to another team… I want watch you man… I want play like you… Im learning your shoot styles, crossovers and much much more… I want will be amazing like you. Tracy Mcgrady. <3

liu ji | on 11/2/10

Dear Tracy:
I’m a Chinese basketball fan.I love watching your playing.
When I see these comments below,I want to cry.we all support you.You are the best!Maybe I can’t see you at the court,but I will always support you.
I’m excited to say something to you.

ZAIYUE | on 10/2/10

We want you, ah!! You must hurry back, always support you!!!

ZAIYUE | on 10/2/10

We want you, ah!! You must hurry back, always support you!!!

Yao | on 10/2/10

Tracy :

I am really want you to know that I think I am the best fine of yours. I practice playing as you did on videoes, I watch them once and once again. I bought all you jersy and put them high in my house. I make you as the only one that I repected in this world.I upset and depress for you day and night ! It must be a tough time for you in this period , and it is said that you will go to Nicks .No matter where you will be , you will always my no1 in my life . I don`t know if you can recieve and see this letter , my name is Yao ,as your teamate in china,and i am 24years old. If you can come to china oneday , I will be very lucky to see ya ! Never give up , since you have donw a lot ! You have to achieve the champinship as you always want !No matter where you are ,you should never give up and blieve in yourself ! I will be with you in this difficult time , I will feel what you feel ,and I think there are also millions of fans in this world caring about you everday .They vote for you , They fight for you with other star`s fans , and they love to wear on your jersy to play in court everyday ! And I am a guy like this . keep fighting , never give up ! And I will be very gratitute if I can recieve a reply from you, this will be a big incouragement for each of us ! your best fan in this world : Yao Nianfeng 姚念峰。

Tracy Forever McGrady | on 10/2/10

You are the best!
We love you not only because Yao,but also because that you have a brave heart!
I support you forever no matter where you are!
I am from CHINA!

Andrey | on 9/2/10


Grant Grubb | on 8/2/10

when are you getting back? who do you want to play for?

郝智军 | on 8/2/10


jinsynb | on 6/2/10

hi, tracy, so long time not watching u game, the news about you flash every site, wish u back to the best one, no matter whrer you are. best wish to you !

yoni geb | on 6/2/10

wats up tracy hop u get better n get out there the game and the fans have missd u take yo tym…n do wat u doo ight t

Zhu wenzheng | on 6/2/10

我是个中国球迷 无论你去哪里 中国的球迷都永远支持你 在你失落伤心的时候,不要沮丧 因为有我们 我们站在你身后!

Bas | on 5/2/10

Dear Tracy,i’m a Chinese boy.In my opinion,you are the best player in NBA.Do you know ,you have lots of fans in china.We support you forever.After Rockets didm’t let you play game,when Rockets have trouble in game we awlays remmeber you.Take my best wish to you.I believe you will back! You will back.I’m waiting for you.Rockets will lost the best player,Morey and Adelman are foolish.No matter where you go,we will follow you.
your Chinese fans
Xiongbin Liu 刘雄彬

noefren | on 5/2/10

go tracy…never give up..i trust u, and there are many people and fans who believed in you, and im one of them..make us proud!!! and beat the following team, namely..Cleveland, Lakers and boston.. and become a champion..Make us proud, we believed in the # 1 fan of yours…

Hmq | on 4/2/10

Hi Tracy, how are you going on recently? we are all concern about you, i know it’s difficult for you training in Chicago now,but just cheer up,we all hope you will be back to the court soon with your full energy.We believe you are still a superstar that you can control everything in the game.thanks for you do everything for matter where you go,which team you represent,we always support you! we believe T-Mac will be back soon to beat kobe,lebron,dywane,and so on. Cheer up! Real man! We all love you!

王明哲 | on 4/2/10

Hello, Madison. I believe I was your most fervent fans, I am 15 years old, I saw NBA8 years, looked at you 8 years. I love you. I am a Chinese young man. You are very handsome, I also handsome, ha ha. I am sure you will adapt quickly to competition and won championship rings. No matter what, you have to remember that you have those of us who loves you! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! All-Star Game did not selected, do not upset with your performance to conquer them the Mody, refueling refueling! ! ! ! !

I love M | on 3/2/10

I love you. forever forever forever…..
hehe. my english is not well.Finghting!You are best!

Wang Wenxuan | on 3/2/10

Tracy,I’m a senior high school student.I’sorry Ican’t speak English well.I begin to watch NBA in 04-05season—-the first season you were in Houston.Ican’t forget the PLAYOFFs that year—HOUSTON VS DALAS.In the end,you cried and me too.Now,you are in the deepest valley.In China,there’s lots of news about you will leave HOUSTON.But Idon;t want you leave,I think you is the best .With YAO Carl Arron Loise SHANE... you can be NO.1. In my heart,you can only wear (1).Though(3)is a great number but you are the (1) for ever! Please come back ,HOUSTON needs you.Without you ,the Rocket can’t take off!!

Zhang Jinyao | on 3/2/10

Refueling!Refueling!Refueling!Do not give up!You will be back ,我相信你,加油!

Tylor Stacey | on 2/2/10

Your the man T-Mac, i showed everybody on my bball team today that footage of you storming back with 13 points with under 45 seconds remaining. Wow that was incredible, they all were like “Dang I cant wait to see him back out on the floor”. Good luck with everything man, basketball is my life as it is yours. God Bless,


joedell | on 1/2/10

please please can you just get back on the court and show everbody you still got it

joe | on 1/2/10

when can i see u bacc on the court the NBA is not exciting as it use to be when u played. all im trying to say is show everbody you still got it

VINOD CHERIAN | on 1/2/10

I am a huge T-mac fan. I am very disappointed in the way that you and rockets decided to part ways. I really enjoyed the years that you give us as houston rockets fan. How can I forget the 13 points in 33 seconds!, the 22 game winnning streak! I will continue to watch you and hope for you get back to superstar status again. I will definetly think you can help a team win a championship. Thanks and Good Luck with your come back. Go T-MACCCCC. Vinod Houston

无欢 | on 1/2/10

We love forever!!

Reid | on 31/1/10

Sorry ,my English is really poor ! I am a student in a middle school ,and I have love you for five years . And I will love you forever ! I believe you are the best player in the NBA ! and whatever they said ,I believe you are still the best player .please come back OK ?I want to see you game again !And I hope you can find a good term ! I want you to come to Hunan CHina one day and play basketball with me !

Tracy | on 29/1/10

Hello,Tracy,hou lucky I am,my English name is the same as you.I am a Chinese girl ,I am fifteen years old .Although I am yonger,but I thing I know you and I will support you forever.I really have something to tell you .But my English isn’t very well.I hope you can understand me.Tracy ,you will can’ think that you are not the best player.You are the best,no one will be as good as you .I knou now you are injured,but we all think than you will become better and better .please don’t lose your heart.Because we all believe than nothing can stop you to become the winner.Nothing !I really love you .I hope I can help you . So I try my best to make other people to vote for you .I’m sad than you aren’t there.But we don’t feel too bad ,because we know that the golden will be shining forever. Now it’s just a challenge,you of course will get over it.No doubt!You are my strong power.Now,you ‘re in trouble .But don’t worried,I’ll insist.I think the god will not beat us .please,come on!I’ll insist,I believe the winner is mine.So,come on.I know you have many problems ,but I think don’t care about others.Just come on.Every thing will be okay !Tracy ,I don’t know how to say that I want to say.When I remind of you ,I always cry.I think you are hard.Now,my feeling is hard ,I always have many problems,but I always say to myself ,I’m the best .Nothing will stop me to succeed.I always believe you.You are the best.!I’ll make your things and spirits,tell other people ,let them know more about you ,and don’t say the bad thing about you.Tracy ,I’ll wait you . NOw ,I’ll study hard,I’ll to see you when I succeed.I can.No doubt !So please my Chinese name Hao Hua!I really hope that you can write to me.Because I really have something to tell you .Is that possible!Please write to me.Please believe me .I have waited much time.I want to tell you something important.My phone.15036538520

Renn Mell | on 28/1/10

we miss you tmac, we are waiting for your return, get well soon! your the best player for us, :)
God Bless ..

jay | on 28/1/10

#1 fan. Just want to know whats next for you. Been a fan ever since. Is there any team interested hopefully its a good time but it doesnt matter. all we want is you coming back and playing

Nathan | on 28/1/10


You are the man. I have a little newphew who is absolutely in love with your game who is only 8 years old His name is Dave Johnson. If you can shoot him an email via my email address, he’d be ecstatic.

Thank you,


Secret | on 28/1/10

McGrady Hello:
I come from China, you are my faith!
Really like you, want to see you back on the court as soon as possible!!
You have to work even harder, I will always support you!! (Sorry I am bad in English)

DaTou | on 28/1/10

McGrady Hello:
I come from China, you are my faith!
Really like you, want to see you back on the court as soon as possible!!
You have to work even harder, I will always support you!! (Sorry I am bad in English)

McGrady fans | on 28/1/10

McGrady Hello! I am from China
You are the best ,I am sorry my English not good you may not understand what I’m saying!
Really like you and I hope to see you again standing in court to fight for the honor
I have been waiting for you!

Michael Peng | on 28/1/10

Hey Tracy, I’m Your fan who come from China.When I was young,my dream is to be a good basketball player like you.I hope you have a good season this year! Your fan Michael

shen fei | on 27/1/10

We need you!
Please come back!
You are my favourite player!
Without you, I lost my interest of NBA!
I believe you will back and beat ROCKET!
Make a agreater!

Terrance Gray | on 26/1/10

R u gonna get traded

toroto | on 25/1/10


tanglei | on 25/1/10

Hello! McGrady! I am a Chinese Shanghai fans! When you come to China, I went to the site, basically do not have what problem, I ask you, I just want to say with you, no matter where you will! I will always love you, because I know that you are trying to play. But you can always with injuries, I also watch out! When yao, you will have more pressure carrying yourself a man’s body, perhaps someone will forget these things, but I won’t forget, I hope you can return to the stadium and I’m really looking forward to your final performance! If you can, I even NBA finals bankruptcy, I would be able to see your site. Always support you!

Jorge | on 23/1/10

T-Mac: I’ve been out of the country for a while and I just read that you are going to leave the Rockets, basically because you requested more playing time and coach Adelman did not immediatelly agree. I think you should reconsider your demand for more immediate playing time: 1) You are coming back from a very delicate surgical procedure, thus you should not rush things; 2) eventhough you have been working out on your own you are still not in optimal playing shape and if you rush into things you could reinjure yourself and blow everything you have been working so hard for; and 3) you could slowly get back into game shape and rhythm and you could be peeking by playoff time. You be fresher and could have more impact at that time, helping the Rockets go further into the playoffs. This would be most beneficial to you and future contract negotiations: an unselfish Star thinking a bout what is best for the team, taking a back seat, while at the same time getting back into the swing of things and ready, when called by the coach, to save the game (The ultimate team player that all team owners would be willing to pay top dollar for). Think about it. Don’t let your greedy agents hurt your future by trying to push you before you are really ready.

WangKaiYi | on 23/1/10

Great man! I will stand by you forever! 麦迪!! 全中国人民支持你!!!!!! 是火箭辜负你!!

josh | on 22/1/10

T-Mac to me you will always be an all star game starter. I’m the one that voted for you every time man, every year. I always thought that if anybody could beat Kobe, it would and could be you. You used to hit Kobe with some moves man…especially back when you were with Orlando! Man, at that time when you were winning those back to back scoring champ marks, I truly thought you were the best in the league at that time, because you were. You’re still an outstanding player now, and I’m 100% there for you man. Get back well T-MAC, so you can prove these fools wrong and win M.V.P!!!

A superman who called T-MAC | on 22/1/10

you make everybody wonder but me,I hope see the “one” again,you know it

Joshua Allen | on 22/1/10

T-mac to me you will always be an all star game starter. I’m the one that voted for you everytime man, every year. I always thought that if anybody could beat kobe, it would and could be you. You used to hit kobe with some moves man…especially back when you were with orlando! man, at that time when you were winning those back to back scoring champ marks, i trully thought you were the best in the league at that time, because you were. your still an outstanding player now, and i’m 100% there for you man. Get back well T-MAC, so you can proove these fools wrong and win M.V.P!!!

houzi | on 21/1/10

No matter where you are we will always support you!

Darril | on 21/1/10

Hey Tracy, I just wanted to wish you the best man. Your my favorite athlete. As a matter of fact i’ve been imitating your moves for as long as I can remember and according to my peers im getting pretty good at it. LOL. I experience temporary back spasms my self and it really is an atrocious feeling. We’ll anyways I hope you return soon and return to play as best as possible. Oh yea, I live in NYC so in Free Agency 2010, if the Knicks offer you a deal please accept LMFAO . But on a serious note I hope you sign with a team that’s vastly talented so you could get your self one of those rings. I’d kill for people to stop hating on you just because of the whole 1st round thing. We’ll thanks for inspiring my life Tmac . Im out.

shuaiwuqu | on 21/1/10

Tracy: my dear representing all of your fans say to you, we sincerely hope that you will attend this year’s all-star game, outside of the public eye, believe in yourself believe us! Let those who feel ashamed underestimate you! Cheer up!

Moshe Guilaran | on 20/1/10


Just wanna let you know that everyone here in Polk County still loves you and supports you. Hope everything turns out well and hope to see you again soon. God Bless!

A-DALE 4 Life


Moshe Guilaran | on 20/1/10


A girl from the high school | on 20/1/10

T-mac,you are always the best !I wanna to tell you that no matter how many people call in question with you , just going on your way! Do what you like to! And all the thing will be beter! Hoping you will have the best condition to win the Champing ship !that must be !I support you forever!

jay | on 20/1/10

man we need u to play for the rockets. we have no body., we have no closer,we have no leader. and we have no expiernce on this tem (the rockets) You are the heart and soul of this team and you need to be on this team. Aldeman is an okay coach. He needs to realize that without you there is no team, ther is no championnship. Stay with the rockets. much love tmac

Eduardo Hoff | on 20/1/10

Thank you for everything you did for the Rockets
You always be the best
Good Luck!
PS: Congratulations for your work in Darfur

Brittany Trzebiatowski | on 20/1/10

you should play the feb.17th game ill be at the game, my dream is to just meet you and i loved you since 4th grade people laugh at me y dont u like kobe and such butknow true tmac fan right here!!!! cant wait to see u play.

T-mac'Fan | on 20/1/10

Wish you could be in AllStar games,I think you’re the best one in it.Your fans will support u forever.Cheer up T-mac,we believe u.

Lincy | on 20/1/10

Your leaving discourages us a lot at first.But I become well after a second thought.Maybe it is good for you.And i hope china,there is a saying:nobody worth your tears and he who worth your tears wouldn’t like to notice you tears.
since Houston isn’t worthy your hardworking,just quit。we support forever!and now i feel disappoited about huston,rocket is no longer a team i is so ……
you are a true man。
sometimes i think we fans are fooled by the business“NBA”,it seems that all just happen in our imagination but it‘s not TRUE。anyway,we are your fans forever!

Lincy | on 20/1/10

Continue to be yourself!You are legends in our heart forever!
Some may think we love you because you are teammate of Yao,but actually,most of us are not,we love you because you are true man.

Michael D. | on 20/1/10

My Donation, I dont have any extra money to donate. I make enough money for me and mine and dont need any extra. I want to DONATE all my sports collectables from 1970s-2009 I have everything from rookie cards to unopened wheety boxs, jerseys pics and plaques if we can get them autographed they could bring in alot of money in auction..either e-bay or a vip private auction

Jabari | on 19/1/10

your the best and my favorite player i wear the shoes tht u wear on the court when i play b-ball.

Christopher Perry | on 19/1/10

T, First off i have follow your career since day one. I also followed you thru your injurys and your recovery. I have aways caught a ration of crap from other people he is washed up, he is injury prone, he is a ball hog. Man, All i got to say to all those peps is wtf have you done lately? Had knee surgery? Nope . Helped out kids in your community? Nope. Make donations to haiti? Nope Ever played in the NBA? Nope.. Man do you thing.. in regards to the trade thing, man pick up a good deal with a descent team that has other good ass players so you dont have to work for 40 minutes a night. I had always admired the way you continued to hold your own and blow off all the haters.. Do you thing dogg. Critics always talk $hit but until they have done all the things you have done, write them off just like Adelman. Quite simply had a a bomb team in Sacramento, couldn’t get it done, choked when it mattered and it was his coaching and trying to hold people back cause of maybe a conversation he overheard.. Fake people man quit surrounding yourself with such negativity..
hey, man get at me.

Eduardo Hoff | on 19/1/10

Thank you for everything you did for the Rockets.
You will always be the best.
Good luck!

Ray | on 19/1/10

We support u forever, u are the best player in NBA, cheers up whoever u play for. we are behind u and vote u. it’s not relate to the players condition, but to fans love. we love T-mac so much, that’s why we vote him. of cousely, his is teammate of Yao, Yao make us konw well of T-mac. fans always lovely and simple, choose whomever they love, so Ray Alan etc. please shut up. ur words make us unhappy. we are part of fans, could u respect our chioces? do not only just stsre at one or two nations, NBA is a global entertainrment.

gonna | on 19/1/10

T: It has been a long time I have not seen you play . I fancinate your show. On the sight of watching your game,I knew you are the king ! Maybe ,now ,is your most difficult time in your life,but,do not be low spirit, all of us will support you for good! You are the forever king in our heart.We are looking forward your return. I love you !

D McCleary | on 18/1/10

Are you really asking for a trade? Dude i just bought your jersey for the Rockets so play for them for the season. you rock

sherwin | on 18/1/10

we really want you there badly t-mac i know the team is good even without you and yao but its not perpect wthout and i will still watch you and clap for you wherever you go

sherwin | on 18/1/10

we really want you there badly t-mac i know the team is good even without you and yao but its not perpect wthout and i will still watch you and clap for you wherever you go

Abdullah Khalil | on 18/1/10

T-mac,you know something..

If you go out there and do your best and play really good.

I swear,haters will love you.Cuz they say that u get injured and stuff but they’re freakin WRONG!!You will never give up!I know that!

I really wish that u embaress all these haters,But you have more fans that haters,so,we all will support you.

jinsisi | on 17/1/10

i come back again hear that you came to Houston . and manger said you will stand count dress houston3 . thought i heat Rockets , when you come back ,i will enjoy you games . forever love you. at last i will remember the time when you at china and i saw you . that time i was so excited . at you blog i saw my photo at there . i think i am a lucker .

Diamond | on 17/1/10

T - MAC, protect yourself, don’t let his injured, so we really good heart, we will always support you, no matter where you are, no matter what you do, we will always be you, we will see you in court, see you desperately want to win, see you in the eyes of your hard court. Now, you must notice body, don’t hurt, we like you, we support you, we love you more.

刘 | on 17/1/10

麦子 在我眼里你永远是最棒的! 加油!!!

Adil Jooma | on 16/1/10

i would just like 2 say u r the best teh bestest the super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper super duper bestest NBA player off all time prob even better than michael jordan and Karim abdul jabar but anyways i would lik eu to request me as ur friend on facebook cuz there r like dozens of profiles of urs and i dont no which one is urs so could u request me cuz i would like to be my idols(Tracy McGrady) not only fan but friend an all u have to do is type in my name Adil Jooma on facebook and i wil be the on ein the Peyton Manning jersey and i hope u read this thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace out!!!!!

courtney guidry | on 15/1/10

hey mac vwhat up. miss you in the red and white. i sure wish the rockets would keep you. but we understand business is business. hope to see you on the court. where ever that is. god bless u and ur family.

Vu | on 15/1/10

Hey T-Mac… Just hope everything is going well for you. No matter what the Rockets organization do… You will always still be my favorite Rocket of the 2K decade. I just hope that you and the Rockets organization work something out that you can play for us and be happy for both sides. I don’t want to see you with another team.. at least not yet. My best wishes to you.

ajp | on 15/1/10

I felt so bad when i roamed around the 2k forum, saying that our man t-mac don’t deserve the all-star, i mean what kind of people would say that? If they were playing themselves in the NBA, it’s a blessing to be voted in the all-star. I meant, who was the guy in the all-star that would dunk here dunk there? As a fan, you are everything T-Mac!

Michael Wong | on 15/1/10

Impossible is nothing,you know.Keep going,and my support will go on.

Tmonster | on 14/1/10

Hands down your the best and only the best player for me aight . . . hope tp see you back playing and owning noobs in NBA. well i know its impossible but i want to see you in windy city !!! next year !!! with D rose.

Tony Wiltz | on 14/1/10

I can’t believe the Rocket owner is willing to lose there best player…

cliff | on 14/1/10

hey tmac. i went to the magic rockets game on december 23rd and as a tmac fan it was great seeing you on the court. i was disappointed to hear all the boo’s from the fans when you had the ball in your hands, especially after all you did for orlando in the time you were there. You will always be my favorite player and hope to see you back on the court again soon, no matter what team you are playing for.

berkay | on 14/1/10

we missed you so much ı!m sure when you come back you gonna be one of the best players in NBA !

zhong | on 13/1/10

Cheer up!

zhong | on 13/1/10

You are always the best! My friends and I love and support you forever! Hope everything goes well with you! More to China!

Alicia | on 13/1/10

T-Mat, no matter which team you are in, we will support you all the time. Even though we get to know you from rockets, but we will always love you we will always support you even when you do not in the rockets. All of your fans believe that it is not a true rocket without T-Mac, so, we all believe that you are the best, you are the king of basketball.Good luck!!!

Casey zeng | on 13/1/10

you are my idol.i hope you come back.

Kyle Roecker | on 12/1/10

T-Mac I have been one of the biggest supporters of you since your Raptor and Magic days. I went to a Laker and Rocket game last year in LA and was very disapointed that you werent going to make it there. Wherever you go next year you will still be my favorite player.

Peace :)

麦芽糖 | on 12/1/10

No matter where you are we will always support you!

麦芽糖 | on 12/1/10

Hey TRACY~we want tell you:No matter where you are we will always support you!!!

ChiHuanle | on 12/1/10

I love you !!!!

tommys | on 12/1/10

hey tmac!! im ur n0.1 fan in phil. hope to see you play!!! u r my idol ur athletic moves i like that!! :)

and the coach of the rockets??

he is suck!!hehehe,.,,

i guess ur trade in knicks but go to chicago men!!

see yah tmac!!

chest | on 12/1/10

No matter what happend, we will always support you.
We are waiting for your back.

James | on 11/1/10

I for one I’m glad your moving on!
Finally we can move one get someone else to mix the Gatorade at the games!

your fervent soccer fan | on 11/1/10

Thank you for our brought such many wonderful scene, Thank you for what you have done.You must face up to your questions, and do it anyway.I love your style, support you FOREVER!!

Kim Hyun Su | on 10/1/10

티맥 당신만이 내 우상입니다. I love you!

MIKE | on 10/1/10


mimi908 | on 10/1/10

Just be T-mac.We love you!

Jesse Thomas | on 10/1/10

Tracy What’s Up Man! Just Wanted To Say That I Feel you’re Passion And Absolutely Believe In The Power Of Faith As You Do. And As An Unknown Inspiring Artist, I Often Look To Like Minded Individuals Such As Yourself For Inspiration: Who Have It In Them To Relentlessly Pursue Greatness No matter What The Odds Are.

And As You Set-Out To Re-condition Yourself Wisely In Order To Successfully Contend With All The Odds Which Have Stacked Against You In The Past Year(s), I Earnestly Pray That Your Passion Continues To Burn Deep And Your Health Continue To Increase Ever So Resiliently!

I Believe That Your Best Days Are Ahead Of You And Look Forward To Seeing You Rise To The Top Of Your Game Once More! Hopefully The Houston Rockets Will Maintain The Same Faith As Your True Fans Do And Therefore Give You The Adequate Amount Of Time Necessary To Fully Get Back Into The Groove!

Final Comment:
Man At The Mere Thought Of You Being Traded Off To Another Team Just About Brings Me To Tears! Reason Being Is Because Like Most Fans Of T-MAC: I Want So Badly For Rockets To Give You The Chance You Deserve To Stage The Biggest And Most Successful Comeback In NBA History!

Furthermore, I’m Personally Looking Forward To Telling All Those Nay Sayers (Both In And Around Town Player Hating) One Of The M.V.P’s Of All Time This: “I Told You So - T-Mac Is Back And With A Vengeance!” So Don’t Hate The Player Hate The Game!

Also Please Remember The Name JTEternal - Because By The Year 2010 No Later Than 2011 - I Too Will Be At The Top Of My Game - But In The Music Industry - And For Your Information: I Have A Song Entitled “Ball Player Number Fifteen” Which Gives Reference To You And Your Jersey Number One! However, although you now wear jersey number three, You’re Still Number One In My Book!

T-MAC 2010 And Beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China Fans | on 10/1/10

I am able to always support you , always follow you, forever. Hope that you are as soon as possible getting better.
Best wish For you!

Xiao wei-Li | on 10/1/10

ear:Tracy I am a fan from China. so. I am also a fan Rockets. It is your faithful fans. Not because Yao! as you said as. competition is a Five! you are an indispensable part of the rockets. I do not know. what happend between you and Adelman and Morey. do not know. recent about you want to leave a message. Is true or false. This all so that every one chinese rocket fans. Feel shocked!!! I also love to play. understand very well. you desire to play. The ball as if your life. To tell you the good news! if you want to leave the rockets. At least 70% of fans in China. choose Rockets do not look at race. Follow you go! but our fans really do not want it to happen! our fans. Friendly call you ‘Wheat’(麦子). your chinese name麦迪obtained. Coincidence! ‘Wheat’ means harvest! the same a your English name Tracy the moral of harvest! all of us do not want to. in this way you. Lonely away! sorrowful away! Come Back T-MAC!!! Come Back T-MAC!!! even if we chinese fans beg beg you! Rockets only with you. be more promising! Because You and Yao. There is unfinshed business and unfinshed dreams! I believe you will not leave! We are waiting for you to come back!!!

奚喆赟XiZheyun | on 9/1/10

Tracy!wherever you go,whether you will be traded.You are always our hero!

chunyu wang | on 9/1/10

I’m a Chinese girl,I love you so much!
In my opinion,T-mac is the best basketball player of NBA.
I’ll support you forever.
Please try your best and trust yourself!
Don’t give up!Come on!

chunyu wang | on 9/1/10

In my opinion,you are the best basketball player of the NBA.I will support you forever!Please don’t give up,we all think highly of you!
Come on!

Chirs | on 9/1/10

It may be time for T-mac to retire, he is washed up. How can someone who haven’t played a good five games this season be voted to play in the All-Star game?

Love MAC | on 9/1/10

I believe you will back,because you are NO.1 forever in my heart

fazai | on 8/1/10

我爱你 麦子
小学看着你打球 很兴奋 现在高中了

Michael Yi | on 8/1/10

Tracy McGrady, thank you for entering the NBA fans all these years to bring my best moments.
Whether you are a peak or a trough, and we will still support you.
Because Of You. Tracy-McGrady
Just because have you … we will never love you, love you
Your most loyal fans, “wheat”
I love you

T-Mac Fan | on 8/1/10

Your the best, I hate that they are trying to trade you and you are better than Battier, Give T-Mac a chance . I dont like the rockets coach Adleman’s choices. You are better than 80 % percent of our starters.
Good luck T-Mac

chervil Ding | on 8/1/10

You are the best!
love you.

chervil ding | on 8/1/10

You are the best.
love you.

Huang | on 8/1/10

I am a Chinese fan, I can not speak much English,
But I think I have much to say to tell you.
Do not forget that statement.
You will always be God, the hearts of Chinese fans.
My phone number is 13,890,749,020.
I’ll decide my fate should take part in an examination.
I hope you can support me, like I love you so

严浩彬 | on 8/1/10

I’m not good at English.But I’ll say I love you forever!!!

paul | on 8/1/10

t-mac im a big fun of u!..i always awaite u evry game of huston has! physiacly and mentaly fit! excited to watch playing again!/...gogogo tmac!..

Stanford Nguyen | on 7/1/10

TMAC we want you back in H-TOWN. Please comeback and work something out with the team because without you our team is not as strong.

ian | on 7/1/10

hey tmac im ian from philippines i am one of your fan hope to see you soon playing i am excited to see again your best moves get well soon!!!!!!
I love your moves very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
your my idol tmac!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanette Tate | on 7/1/10

I love the games you have played thus far. I cant believe Houston wont let you play more. Who would have thought it, you been out most of the season and still voted an All Star. Does Houston really realize what they are giving up? Well I will forever be your fan and will follow where ever you go. Let us know where you are headed.

SeanLee | on 7/1/10

I think no matter where you go , you are still that T mac .

Intuition + Imagination + Leadership

30+ years old Michael Jordan is on his top of career
Maybe only need some adjustment and change ,and when you got better body condition through training and recovery , you born with that talent and skills , so i believe you .

brad ransom | on 6/1/10

McGrady…..I read your responce to the allstar voting.classy keep it up you can only get what you want with that attitude…because being a competitor with handcuffs on can drive you insane…...later

Will Kennedy | on 5/1/10

Hey tmac I hope to see you on the court soon! What team do you think you will go to?

will Kennedy | on 5/1/10

hey tmac, I hope to see you on the court soon. What team do you think you will go to? What team do you want to go to?

MIKE | on 4/1/10


Ethan | on 4/1/10


Francisco Freitas | on 4/1/10

Hey T-Mac! I am a huge fan from Portugal. you are the best!NBA isn´t the same without will recover well and strongest than ever! i want to buy a t-shirt of your equipment when you were in Orlando or now in Houston but i can´t find it here in Portugal. Do you know where can i buy it? Stay cool and good luck

fir | on 4/1/10


China | on 3/1/10

Dear:Tracy I am a fan from China. so. I am also a fan Rockets. It is your faithful fans. Not because Yao! as you said as. competition is a Five! you are an indispensable part of the rockets. I do not know. what happend between you and Adelman and Morey. do not know. recent about you want to leave a message. Is true or false. This all so that every one chinese rocket fans. Feel shocked!!! I also love to play. understand very well. you desire to play. The ball as if your life. To tell you the good news! if you want to leave the rockets. At least 70% of fans in China. choose Rockets do not look at race. Follow you go! but our fans really do not want it to happen! our fans. Friendly call you ‘Wheat’(麦子). your chinese name麦迪obtained. Coincidence! ‘Wheat’ means harvest! the same a your English name Tracy the moral of harvest! all of us do not want to. in this way you. Lonely away! sorrowful away! Come Back T-MAC!!! Come Back T-MAC!!! even if we chinese fans beg beg you! Rockets only with you. be more promising! Because You and Yao. There is unfinshed business and unfinshed dreams! I believe you will not leave! We are waiting for you to come back!!!

jinsisi | on 3/1/10

love you tmac

RUIBY | on 3/1/10

TRACY,you are the NO.1 in my heart forever ,wherever you go,I will follow you…..Good Luck to you

郭鸿榕 | on 2/1/10

Tmac we will support you forever.Do not worry.We love you even you join another team.

Wen Shuangying | on 2/1/10

I know that my message is not very likely to be read,but I still want to have a try.I started to watch NBA in 2004-the year you joined Rockets.I remember clealy how I got to know you—there was only a few seconds left in a game tied 90-90 against Clippers.Someone committed a foul and you made two free throws and led Rockets to a narrow victory.And it’s at that time that a magical journey began.I dedicate myself to each of the Rockets’ games,sharing joys and sorrows with the team.It’s Yao Ming who made me start to pay attention to Rockets,but it’s you who made me continue to do so.I greatly appreciate those moments when you scored 13 points in 35 seconds miraculously,when you strained yourself to pass the ball to Novak and led a home win over the Kings,when you led the team to 22 wins in a row after Yao’s severe injury.You once said “I will be back;I will come back“after losing 3-4 to Jazz in playoffs and I confirmed that I could be always optimisic about you no matter what might happen-injuries,losses or rumors.
I was once greatly depressed when you were badly injured and it was a shame that I could do nothing to help.But later I got to know lots of Chinese fans of you who made me feel that I was not alone.
I just want to tell you that there’re always numberless fans here in China who will support you faithfully in perpetuity.I do hope this may really be helpful to you through hard times.
Best wishes.

James C | on 2/1/10

Well mister Mcgrady I have ended up buying an adidas cut creator. Initially, I aimed for the Kobe 4 but when i tried them on, it was not for my foot, I realized adidas does make quality basketball shoes and hope the TS CUT creator will be as good or better than tmac 6. I have a feeling that your just eager to get out on the floor and explode on the faces of all the doubters and analysts saying that your a greater risk than a ticket seller. all in all there is no reason to hold you out of games when your healthy, unless there are political issues regarding Darfur or your high salary payments. Just remember, keep practicing hard (including free throws) even if your not playing, because things happen for a reason and as long as you learn to Obey the instructions of God, everything will be in your favor.

张博立 | on 2/1/10

I think you should prove yourself.
don’t always feeling you’re a star.

Winnie | on 2/1/10

hey tracy,

its good to see you back on the court after your micro-fracture surgery. It is sad to read about news and reviews about you providing promises that do not come true. I believe in your love of the game and your leadership skills. You have always carry the team on your back when it needs you most. Like in Orlando, when G.Hill was injured, you picked up the scoring from being a 10++ p.p.g player to explode to a 20++ppg player. You received the most improved player award.Ever since your moment in orlando I have been a fan of yours. i just wanna tell you, do not stop believing in yourself. keep the good fight by playing your hardest and giving your all out on the court. You will be heavily supported! Once a rocket-er always a rocket-er! Once a t-macER, always a t-macEr!

J-Dub | on 1/1/10

T-mac, the Rockets are playing great with the current team chemistry. When you enter the game, the offense seems to slow down since your offense is generated from isolation plays. The current Rockets team has more balanced scoring from Ariza, Scola, Landry, and Brooks. You could still be a pivotal part of this team as an offensive threat off the bench.

Please remain with the Rockets until the end of this year when your $23 million contract expires. It is not in the best interest of the Rocket’s organization to trade you at this time since there are many quality/high caliber free agents available for the 2010-2011 season. The Rocket’s future is bright with less than $30 million committed to the current players on the roster once your contract expires.

I am a fan of yours and I believe that if you are comfortable with your reserve role, than the Rockets can make a run at the playoffs this year. In your absence, the Rockets have played the Lakers (contenders) well…can you imagine how they will fare with you healthy again.

I hope that you remain with the team and do not request a trade because you could be a part of something great this season.

Rod | on 1/1/10

hay T-Mac, it sucks the way we diddnt play you this year. Me and all of my friends could see that you looked healthy again, that one game you came in went crazy, went up for a dunk and it would have been one preaty, but they hit you so you missed. than coach took you out, than they started killing us. just wanna say that Houston fans loved what you brought to the teame, and we hate to see you go, stell hope you and the frount office find a way to work things out.
Have a great rest of your Crear.

Emrecan | on 1/1/10


Emrecan | on 1/1/10

you bıg player. that ıs ıt. ı love you T-MAC

LEO MAR CUSTODIO | on 1/1/10

please back to the game very soon.. were very happy when we see you playing in the court..

Yakamoz | on 1/1/10

Don’t ever let somebody tell you,
you can’t do something.

You got a dream.
You gotta protect it.
People can’t do something themselves,
they wanna tell you you can’t do it.
If you want something,go get it.

Yakamoz | on 1/1/10

never give up
to you and to me

jessica- | on 1/1/10

Dear Tracy ,i’m ur fans in china.i was sorry to hear that u dicided to be trade by Houston Rockets. But i just let u know whatever where u go, i will always follow u fo good.i’ll be ur fans for good. U R really a good palyer and the best player in NBA. So trust urself and do it better.i love t-mac espcially when he is confident to himself. that’s whay i vote for him.=)

Don Chan | on 1/1/10

Hi, Tracy, you are the best, I will always support you. I hope you have a healthy body. You can do it.

yafei wu | on 1/1/10

Hello Tracy I am a Chinese college students. When you play Magic, I began to enjoy watching you play, and now you are definitely feeling very depressed. Whether you like how we will support you. Tracy we love you. We are your strong backing.加油 in Chinese make an all-out effort

tmacisbest | on 31/12/09

happy new year!

kelland | on 31/12/09

Tracy, Happy New Year! Can you give us an update? And let us know you are well now. No matter what happens, we will support you ! Love you forever!

ajp | on 31/12/09

we’ve always believed in you mac, let it be dunks or layups in the all-star we’re your fans forever..

Avery Cooper | on 31/12/09

i just would to say that i am a huge fan of you and love what you offer the game i just want to see you play more and back on your feet again be safe

McGRADY | on 31/12/09

T-MAC,I miss you .GO

maxiaowei | on 31/12/09

T-Mac,you are the best player in the NBA!!!No matter what will be happened !!!I will support you forever.

open | on 31/12/09

hi,tracy,it is the begin of new year in China now ,lots of your fans are wishing you a happy new year.we just want to let you know that we would stand by you forever.rocket is a nba team,it is all for please donot be is a good result.we will be wherever you are.happy new year.

P xiaoxi | on 31/12/09

Dear Mac , Happy new year!!!

cj | on 31/12/09

Im a student of china,Im so sad you will leave ROCKET.Though someone say you can“t ,but I believe you,I will love you forever.Whereever you go,I will support you forever.You are the only T-MAC in my heart!!!!!!!!

李 | on 31/12/09

无论伟大的你在哪 我们都会支持你

kimi | on 31/12/09

We will go with U. Love U forever

kimi | on 31/12/09

Hi are really a great player.You are really famous in China,not for Yao but know that we will support u wherever you are ,we love you all the no matter whichyouteam you will jion, we will go with wishes for u

Ronel marano | on 31/12/09

I believe you can come back really the way how tmac can play. im ur fan ever since. godbless.

Ronel marano | on 31/12/09

just want to be updated about t-mac’s status in game and health

pander | on 31/12/09

I only want to watch you play wherever you are whichever team you play for! Come on! Mac!!

徐妍 | on 31/12/09

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黄根鑫 梁禹 赵荻 钱嘉浩 刘文昊 王晓轩 吴宁
杨正磊 张新杰 樊龙 程柯锜 贺圣涵 邵熠丰 朱传伟
乔昂华 赵健 吴枫锋 施凯锋 王劲楠 冯欣伟 张立新 胡荻
张婷 罗溪 石林 何龑 宋志明 游昌星 吴立新 徐妍 徐军平
乐歆枫 黄远橙 李宇轩 陈佳庆 王腾飞
t-mac do you see it matter what happens,no matter where go ,we always follow you and support you forever !!!you are not alone ,you have us ~~please remember me ,remember china!i am t-acs girl and t-macs big fans !!just want you know ,we forever love you!!!can see you play basketball ,we are all happiness..even you go to moon,i follow you

Anson | on 30/12/09

T-MAC,Wherever you go! We’ll follow you! Stand by you everyday!

david brown | on 30/12/09

hey whats up mac its your boi i admirer ur game and im disappointed in the rockets i think they can really use you man its a messed up situation that they would want to trade you instead of uping ur mins so that you can get back into the speed of the game man i hope you can stay if not im following you whereva you go dog

don halbardier | on 30/12/09

Yo me-mac: don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


The Rockets Team

Michael Garcia | on 30/12/09

After reading many comments from your fans it seems they are overzealous in their advice and it doesn’t seem to match the image you give as a person. In this world most people want instant gratification and get upset when they don’t get it. If we aren’t careful, we can develope an attitude such as thiers and believe we deserve certain things a certain way. Many fans are fickle - wanting to praise you one moment and then comdenm you another. I’ve read your blogs and the thing you do for charity and your heart is in the right place and I commend you for it. You seem very humble in your blogs and yet people are telling you to be selfish. Mr. McGrady as you know of the bible saying, “there is more happiness in giving than receiving”. Unselfishness is a rarity these days; many only do something if they can get something in return - but only if it benefits them. Sometimes the benefit is not always immediate, nor can we see it clearly until things unfold. I came from a poor family and I had to learn to be happy with what I was given. It helped me in adulthood since I always didn’t get what I wanted - and it helped me learn from my mistakes that sometimes it’s better to wait than foolishly charge ahead with my own reasoning. Some fans I see even worship you - I only worship God, but I do care about you as a person. The only reason I got on here was to sincerely tell you some things are better by waiting and being patient. I know you believe in God and He ALWAYS knows what’s best for us. Sometimes we have to be patient and wait and trust in him everything is going to turn out for the best. I know from experience that it may not be what we want at the time, but in the end it’s what we need at the right time.

Best Regards,

To Nguyen | on 30/12/09

T-Mac i was exciting about your coming back on the court. But now all the news about you are leaving us make me sad. I hope you could stay but I guess you have to do whatever best for you and your family. I hope some day I could have your shoe that bought long time ago signed. Please stay if you can we need you to go deep into the playoff and beside I would like to shut off the critic about the second round advance.

mr.t | on 30/12/09

hey t-mac i am a fan from austria.i think you are a great player.versus the clippers you score 10 points in did a great job.but iwant see you in the all star game.i want see your dunks and cn do are a great player.

George Fang | on 30/12/09

T-mac. I was a fan from China. My English is not good. Therefore, the use translation software translation of my words. I hope you do not mind. And read what I wrote. Because it represents not only my personal feelings. Perhaps of more than 100 million Chinese people are the idea.
Have you and Yao Ming of the Rockets is our favorite and most concerned about the team. Every attack, we are all together in front of the television cheering. Every defense, we all Xinxuan line silently blessing. When you see a sudden when you are defensive steals. We can make neighbors angry screams. When you see your storms buttons, pull-jumper, three-point projection, heads off when the jumper … .... It seems to be an entire building collapse by us jump. There are a lot of tears. There are a lot of joy. The ups and downs that you will never stand proof. I hope you can receive the 100 million or more a blessing. Make you a speedy recovery. Back to the court try to show your presence. Whether you where to teams. Please be assured that the Chinese still have your loyal fans. Will always support you.
Now many Chinese fans are criticizing Murray. Many fans hope that you will quickly leave the Rockets. Because the Rockets have you do not deserve. They (Houston) ignored you. They (Houston) ridicule you. Hurry to leave the bar. Do not waste time in Houston.

Dong | on 30/12/09


Moon | on 30/12/09

Cheer up! We all trust and support you.

周宇峰 | on 30/12/09

Tracy McGrady I really do not want you to leave the rocket, I would like to see you together with Yao fighting to get the championship and would like to want,

Haitao-Wang | on 30/12/09

I’ll support you forever.

Super McGrady fan | on 30/12/09

I am a fan from China is very like you, to see the transaction message is really angry, hate Adelman, hated Murray, no matter what, always support you refuel you will always be the best

io wai kei | on 30/12/09

T-MAC please don’t leave houston ROCKETS ,HOUSTON NEED YOU

Uuganbayar | on 30/12/09

hey T-mac you are the best

George Jiao | on 30/12/09

T-MAC, you are the best player of my heart, many Chinese fans will always be there for you wherever you go.

Ray | on 30/12/09

You train hard, fight each ball. Rocket buried a lot of talent, Francis was one. I do not want you to have been buried, and if Yao was getting traded. After the Rockets would be no Chinese fans. Do not make the next one Francis.
You bad better than Kobe Bryant. Little did he worked hard to.Please don’t let we down.Ok?
my english is poor .sorry

adem omambac | on 29/12/09

HI Tracy McGrady I hope u will play and i will pray u that God will give u a good health.Tracy i idolized u I always looking at your games always hope u will be play…

youre worthless | on 29/12/09

I hope you get off on all these asians obsessing over you when you are terrible. Leave the rockets alone, we are way better wth out you… to bad you’ll never admit it. You said youwere rehabing last year and I saw you at a club in houston drinking at two am. Get the hell out and go back to orlando

shortyballer | on 29/12/09

sup tmac so i heard houston might trade you, well if it happens i hope you get traded to a team that recognizes ur talent cuz all i want is to see u play haha. hope you can get back in there at the top of your game and i know you will. best wishes to you and your family and keep up the hard work. cant wait to see you play again.

赵锦钰 | on 29/12/09


William chen | on 29/12/09

you are the best one。i always believe you will back!no matter which team you will go,you are my favourite basketball player!!!

lyndsay browne | on 29/12/09

i have been a fan from since u play with the orlando and i always watch all your games no mater what time its on tv i am praying for u and i know that u r still better that ariza u r a super star in my eyes so all the best and i wish one day i can meet u in person because u r my number one fan in the nba all the best and i am looking out to meet u some day i hope god bless

Chris Webber | on 29/12/09


Many think Coach is being cautious with you because of his experience with Cris Webber. Webber came back too early and his career was cut short. Why rush it, by All-Star you will be playing 30 minutes a game if you are patient I think. Talk to Chris Webber before taking such a strong step as getting traded.

Linh | on 29/12/09

Hey Tracy, I’m one of your fans in Houston. Been hearing all over about the trade talks, all I can say is things havent been fair to you and the critiscm your getting is not justified. I been following you since you came to Houston and you never had a great supporting cast like this to play with, and when you did you were injured. You tried to play through the injury and ppl criticized you, you shut it down and people say your faking. Your given only 8 minutes to show what you can do on the court and people say they are not impressed, I mean what do they expect in only 8 minutes from someone coming off of a major surgery? I guess it’s not completely offical yet but if you end up somewhere else, good luck man, I hope you do well and can return to becoming a dominant scorer. I know you still have it in you and in my opinion, I liked what I saw out of you in those short 8 minute stints and I know you will improve and get better.

Lasonne Lester | on 29/12/09

I am higly upset about the way the organization is treating you! I do understand that you haven’t been able to play alot since coming to Houston but that is due to injury! When youre on the court…You still rock the house & bring your A GAME! I hope they will reconsider & compromise to keep you here! Youre a great player, Tracy and I love you! Allow the coaches to work you in to get the playing time you want…with all things considered i understand where both parties are coming from! The Fans in Houston are honored to have your great skills & abilities in the arena everynight! All my love & prayers are with you…Praying for your health, family, & continue success!

kenny | on 29/12/09

hey t-mac after hearing the news that made me kinda sad just wanted to say thanks for your years in houston and for giving me the love i have for basketball i know youll be a hell of a player for whatever team you play for and just wanted to say good luck, ill be rooting for you, and God bless

nosabing | on 29/12/09

Nomatterwhat and nomatterwhen!you are the best in my mind!

louis si | on 29/12/09

t mac..i am so sad when i hear that u are going to leave houston…even there are only 7 mins u play the game..but that 7 mins are very important for me..u know ?i check your news on internet when i get is my first thing to do day by still going to do..and i think it is the only thing i can do for u..or all your fans can do for u..we just watch your game..can you promise us...pls…dont give up…pls..pls…

小宇 | on 29/12/09

you are best player in my heart…....

Yun Zhang | on 29/12/09

Hey,Tracy!I know you will leave Rockets,and I want to tell you I will be your fans forever!I’m a chinese girl,when I was young,I did not like basketball,even hate it!when I saw Rockets’ game firsttime,I knew you.Then I love baaketball,I look forward to your games everday.I have said that I will never see NBA without you.There are too many things I want to tell.But I don’t know how to say!All in all,I want to say I support you,wherever you are!

陈泉 | on 29/12/09

you are N0.1 in shy

bamboo | on 29/12/09

t-mac,we Chinese fans will support you forever wherever you are

ChiHuanle | on 29/12/09

I believe you forever·forever·····

hui | on 29/12/09

come on!

P xiaoxi | on 29/12/09

We watch NBA because of you.
We pay attention to the team in which you play.
We feel happy because you are happy.
It is you that affect our hearts.
Even if you go to play on the moon, we will follow you!


P xiaoxi | on 29/12/09

We watch NBA because of you. We pay attention to the team in which you play. We feel happy because you are happy. It is you that affect our hearts. Even if you go to play on the moon, we will follow you!

P xiaoxi | on 29/12/09

Mac, there is nothing that we can not overcome. Let’s start again from 2010. We will accompany you till forever!

Ben-ST | on 29/12/09

Just be yourself no matter what happened and I do believe you gonna be another TIM HARDAWAY!

tmac is god | on 29/12/09

Tracy no matter which team you will go to i will i will support you forever you are the best in my heart forever best wishes for you

zhuzhiming | on 29/12/09

Wherever you are,I will always support you!

jialiang wang | on 29/12/09

i will support u forever no matter what they said and what they did

中国fans-SJ | on 29/12/09

嗨,亲爱的T-mac 谢谢你这么多年带给我们那么多的快乐,我们爱你,你是最棒的,你是那样的神勇,你的每一个动作我们都为之疯狂,听说你要离开火箭,我们很伤心,为什么会发生这样的事情,我们真的无法接受,我们不知道没有你的火箭是一个怎样的球队,不过,随便,没有你的火箭还有谁会去关心呢? 在中国你有数不清的球迷,他们个个都为你疯狂,为你着迷,只要有你的比赛,他们不上课,不上班,甚至不吃饭,就是因为有你,就是这么简单,我们爱你,永远的爱你!我们知道你现在遇到了点麻烦,但是,我们相信你会解决的,你会回来的!我们心中的神!努力找回你自己,我们非常期待你“王者归来”! 你在哪,我们在哪! 永远不是只有你!你身后,还有亿万的球迷! 加油!加油!!加油!!!

废品 | on 28/12/09

No matter where you go, I will follow you! We will always love you, never give up, We always believe that you will come back!

yikai jiang | on 28/12/09

where are you going ,we following.I mac fans be with you all the time ,fuck the houston .we will never support houston agian.

john | on 28/12/09

hi idol… are you planning to get traded this year?

赵轶 | on 28/12/09

Tracy, I don’t want that you leave the Houston, because I am a your chinese fans, If you go to other team, I see you play ball will difficult, but no matter what team you go, I will always support you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ever aguirre | on 28/12/09


DeQwuan | on 28/12/09

Ay T Mac I just wanted 2 say that you r my favorite player in the nba and you are on my favorite team. But the rockets are really starting 2 make me frustrated by the way they are treaing you I mean I dont know if they realize that we are not going to win a playoff series with the team we have now I know they are having a nice start but better talented teams like the lakers,nuggets and suns will bring out our true colors and I know that with u playin we have a 99.9% better chance of winning and I just hope that the Houston organization relize that. But like I said u are my favorite player and I know you still are a superstar n this league and if its not Houston whatever team you end up will see the same thing and Houston will regret there decision.

Zhang Jian | on 28/12/09

Hi Tracy,I;m a Chinese fan.You have a lot of fans ,so you may not see my message.When I saw the news I am shocked.You should never give up and you have many supports in China. Not matter which team you will go, remember that you are Tracy!I think Rokets will regret the decision today

Hongyu Zhang | on 28/12/09

T-MAC don’t go

小帆 | on 28/12/09

Ard, Man, and Morley is a bastard child!

小帆 | on 28/12/09

Do not go, find you。

Veng | on 28/12/09

go get that ring mcgrady

thank you~ | on 28/12/09

Thank you,too.
I will always support you.
No matter where you are .
You are the best in my mind, forever
Come on !

joy | on 28/12/09

whereever you go,whatever you choose,we still support you and follow you,just want to see your game that its enough for us,all of you hope you can healthy and get better soon,we believe you,fighting,t-mac!

j mal | on 28/12/09

keep ur head up
u still got my all star vote

sunkun | on 28/12/09

tracy you are the best,leave the rockets,be yourself,i believe you will succeed again!Chinese fans like you not all because YaoMing!!!!

Bryan Arreola | on 28/12/09

Hate the comment of the NBA people that your not deserving, We voted you in because your deserving. The all-star weekend is where t-mac should be. If houston won’t give you time to show your stuff. We the fans will vote you in.. For the playing time you deserve. Man i love you.. Hope one day you can visit the Philippines and play a game with us.. :)

arMoonlight | on 28/12/09

Hey, I’m a big fan of yours. I’ll support you forever. I love you . I hope you can get to the court as soon as you can . so we could see you again. Come on. Prove yourself. You are the best of the NBA ! Forever

P Karnezis | on 28/12/09

Mac, we need another update man. Can’t trust the media anymore. Are you requesting a trade or what’s the deal? I support whatever decision you make bro.

JOJO | on 28/12/09

Thank you,T-mac
Refresh me when I am down
And beacuse of you
Competitions are sublimated to a kind of art
Yearn the man that makes the T-mac time
Many people tell me that your time has already gone away
Contradiction is no longer the way I fight for you
God is aware of my consistent and persistent heart
Reckon your exhausted body and mind,please
All your fans hope to see our king’s being back to the court
Don’t let us weep for you once again
Yes,T-mac,we love you,forever.

.. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . .

YanXiaochen | on 28/12/09


Matt | on 28/12/09

Congrats on your return Mr. Mcgrady. Thanks for working hard to get back. You are a definite talent…it takes a lot to come back from that type of surgery (from what I here). Any how I may have some advice for you…today my mom and I were talking about my future. I was upset at my wife and she was just talking all kinds of junk to me. So I had two sides on my hand. Who am I going to listen to and who am I going to side with. Then I asked myself who loves me more. At this time I confused myself…momma…wife…which one do I choose. Turns out I didn’t have to choose. I chose both. This may not mean much.(I want to be around more but I can’t. NOt because of my health, but due to my shcedule.) The thing that I do know is that a city loves you. I feel the same feeling whenever I go to work. Maybe not in a macrocosm….but just in a micro level:) Any way it goes Mr. Mcgrady thank you very much.

p.s. No I am not some crackhead trying to get in touch with you dude.

真我麦迪 | on 27/12/09

If you go, I’ll go with you. No matter what happens, I’ll be with you forever!

HB3 | on 27/12/09

Man…when u was down here..u played with so much energy….it seems like when u got to Houston, your energy level just drop..I guest you thought that you wouldn’t have to carry that Houston team sense you had some pieces…but look..every championship team had a great slasher with the passion to score…now it seems like you don’t have it anymore…If u don’t get it together this season, You will go down as the most talented player with no ring…don’t get me wrong…you better than all the ones that didn’t achieve that goal…Yes, I did research…either start scoring 20 percent of your teams points and start rebounding..or I really don’t see getting a ring…unless your on the Lakers team sitting on the bench watching…I’ve been an honorable fan of yours sense the second season you entered the NBA...we all love u man..we just want to see you shine….SEE Ya

小九 | on 27/12/09


BAjes | on 26/12/09

ay man keep doing ur thing dont let them dubb u on the miinutes u 2 good

P xiaoxi | on 26/12/09

Happy birthday to my dear Laymen.
I love Laymen so mush.

P xiaoxi | on 26/12/09

Shit!Houston Rockets!!!
Mac,please leave!
We just want to watch you play basketball quietly!!!

chunyu wang | on 26/12/09

I will support you forever
Try your best and every thing will be alright!

欢儿 | on 26/12/09

I am glad to see you coming back. Dear T-Mac , I just want to tell you that we are very happiness to love you and we will support you forever . love you

Jd | on 26/12/09

Did you and the rockets part ways??

未澜 | on 26/12/09

You bring me more encourage and feelings,loving you gorever.

waiting | on 26/12/09


Sid | on 26/12/09

I am a basketball lover in China.I love your style of basketball since I first met NBA.My dream is oneday I can touch with you and u may give me some advice while playing basketball,then I will be very strong.So,Trcay,I hope u can read these words and give me an E-maile.Anytime,u r my hero,and I will stand besides you forever

Sid | on 26/12/09

Tracy,you kown what,I have been through how a hard time when you are not in the games.
I have been told that you will retired from NBA or you will be trade to other teams.I feel sad about that news.U kown,u are Houston’s hero in my heart,so I want to see u playing basketball in Houston only.
I don’t mean u should be in Houston,I just want to say u should prove yourself in that city and I am sure u could prove.But now the coach is so weak in thinking,I don’t even kown what does he want to do,he does’t give u more time in games and I want to abuse him.However,goodluck!
Anyway,I am a basketball lover in China.I love your style of basketball since I first met NBA.My dream is oneday I can touch with you and u may give me some advice while playing basketball,then I will be very strong.So,Trcay,I hope u can read these words and give me an E-maile.“[email protected]!“Anytime,u r my hero,and I will stand besides you forever

feifei zhang | on 26/12/09

i write a long mail in this page ,but it cannot be submit ,i’m a chinese girl ,i have see you play basketball for 7 years ,can you tell me how to delieve the mail to you?i have no other means,can you tell me the way and sent an email to [email protected] .i’ll be very thankful

3T-Mac 3 | on 25/12/09

If you have a good state, and went to participate in the All-Star, the day Chinese New Year, we hope to see you

krum | on 25/12/09

t-mac you have all the support from us the fans ! I’m really looking forward to see you on the top ! It will be one of the best moments for me because you are great player and a great person too !

废品 | on 25/12/09


Ciel | on 25/12/09

T-mac~I am one of your fans in China! When I was very young , I watched the NBA with my farther.That is the first time that I met you in TV. At that point,I fond that I love basketball and I love you !! And now,I am very happy to see your return!I always believed that you are the best ! Just do what you want to do !

Yan Rui | on 25/12/09

Hey, Tracy, I’m a fan of you from china. you know what, i’m so happy to see you recover and back to the game. when i see you stand in the toyota center as a real fighter again, i just can’t describe how happy i am in word! i hope you can get better and beeter. Love Ricky (From China)

ip wai kei | on 25/12/09

T-MAC IN NBA YOU ARE GREAT ,did you think you can play that in more time at houstun ?keep going

T-time | on 25/12/09

Dear Tracy, I am a chinese student. I wish to tell you hou much I love you and your games. I am a big fan.I really admire you and all the good work that you do. I also know that you became so famous becuse you always work hard.when I grow up I hope to be just as you are. Best of luck to you always.I wish you a lot of success in the future. Your fan and friend, T-time

夏丹 | on 25/12/09

TO One the world you maybe one person,but one person you maybe the world
there are many people love you so much,do not give up.
Because of you,Tracy McGrady

╃鎭鈊の僾祢 | on 24/12/09

T-MAC! I’LOVE YOU! Back up you forever!

Beibei | on 24/12/09

You are just so young


Handsome Wu | on 24/12/09

u r the best player in the world

anthony williams | on 24/12/09

my man t-mac this is anthony one of your biggest fans. im a rockets fan but they will continue to be stupid to just play you for only 7 and a half minutes a game they know you are the best player on that team i hope you get your chance soon

mac3 | on 24/12/09

yo!`just come back man
i miss you so much

don’t be sad we’ll always have you along
no matter what they say love never change!!!

Leona | on 24/12/09

Dear Tracy,
i was just feeling not good, because i read in the Internet that you won’t play the All Star Game. That means i can’t see you play in the All Star. But i will support you forever.
You and other guys may think that i’m just one of you fans, but i’m sure that i care about all of your things.
Thank you so much that you come back to the court. LOVE YOU and Miss you so much. Wish you more success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!o(∩_∩)

Zhang boli | on 24/12/09

i’m happy to read your konw,you are my favourite super star,when i first watch the NBA game.i konw,there’s a man named T-MAC.From MAGIC to ROCKET,i can see you moving and slaming ,shooting in every corner,in every game.

roy drey | on 24/12/09

hey tracy it was really great to see you back on the court playing again. we as true rocket fans really missed you and are happy to see you back playing for our beloved rockets again. i keep hearing from some of our local sports radio stations that you will be traded . please do not leave i think it would be a tragety for you and our great city for you to go somewhere else. we want you here!!!! our team needs you when i see you on the court along with the rest of the guys i am getting this feeling of great thing to come from the team, i beleve that with your return the team become’s even better than ever i dont know what the rest of the league is going to do you give us that extra presence on the court . if the team can stay healthy then the sky is the limit for the team and the rest of the league better pay attention or they will get run over by the rockets on the way to a championship.!!! we love you and have missed you stay healthy and keep up the good work!!! merry christmas from a devoted fan

小帆 | on 24/12/09


Angel | on 24/12/09

Wish many good wishes for the holidays and the coming year.
Take your passion and make it come true.
It’s really a shame we can’t be together at Christmas.
Merry Christmas!

未澜 | on 24/12/09

Be able to re-ground to see you are my great joy you give me feelings and encourage. we all love you forever!

耿子强· | on 23/12/09


郑志超 | on 23/12/09

无条件支持你 永远的火箭 1#

shukuishi | on 23/12/09


Dimitrije Angelov | on 23/12/09

Tracy I watched you play since you came back on court,and I think you lack sharp look that players like Kobe and Lebron have. Don’t get me wrong, I am still your big fan but you need to step at up whit much more energy and take this time all the way. That is what you made for!

dale | on 23/12/09

This is the best offensive Team, with out a doubt that you have played with in your career, so far. This Rockest team has the talent and depth to make alot of noise this year.
It is exciting to see you getting back into your high level of playing ability and being able to contribute. You guys are really fun to watch and I know its going to get better. Go Rockets….

AB_40 | on 23/12/09

Ey T-mac what do you think about houston signing von wafer to replace chase budinger? because well you play that 2/3 position chase was playing and now they get a player who is lesser than you even in this state to take his minutes?!? I don’t get the houston organisation. I think they can use your skillset and expierience in combination with the hard working mentality we’ve all come to respect over the years.

andy lee | on 23/12/09

t-mac sincerely hope you can stay with the Rockets, though I do not know How to arrange for your club team, to see you every 7-minute performance, I am very excited, you are the God of my heart

your fans | on 23/12/09

t-mac sincerely hope you can stay with the Rockets, though I do not know How to arrange for your club team, to see you every 7-minute performance, I am very excited, you are the God of my heart

姜帏 | on 23/12/09

Just prove yourself
We will all be here ,stand by you!!
Come on
No matter what happens,we will love you forever and ever…

Leslie | on 23/12/09

Tracy I am your fans in china. This morning I watch the game. wa you have done a wonderful job,and I know you are much better than this.I believe you can show the world this is it this is T-mac.The same with you,man in the mirror is also one of my favorite songs.I think what you are in the basketball field is just like michael jackson in the music field. In our class almost a half is your fans and every your game you attend will be our focus. Ha ha you are the best of all.

真我麦迪 | on 22/12/09

T-mac, no matter what others say, just be yourself, you’re always the best one in my heart, wish you healthy and happy!

日天 | on 22/12/09

Refueling McGrady

真我麦迪 | on 22/12/09

I miss you so much and so happy to see your return. No matter where you are, my heart will go with you, no matter what others say, I will support you forever, you’re my only love in basketball world. Just be happy, because your happiness is the most concerned thing for me. May you healthy and happy. Fighting, you’re always the best one in our fans’ heart, you’re not alone, there’re lots of people love you in china, we will be with you forever!

brooks | on 22/12/09

Top scorers (and T-Mac) lead pack in All-Star voting

Panzer | on 22/12/09

Frankly speaking, I’m not your fan, nor do I love basketball; however, I love those beautiful things, I admire a man with bravery - I can still remember the 35 seconds with 13 points, that was fabulous; I can still remember your leadership and sense of responsibility when Yao couldn’t play the games; I can still remember your incredible slamdunks。。。now, you have about 8 minutes per game - that is a lot more than 35 seconds - you can do a lot more. Carry on! Try to do every thing a Rocket man can do and let those who look down upon you just shut up; let the world enjoy the show of your teammates and you. You are Brooks, you are Larry, you are Scola, you are Battier, you are Hayes, you are Yao, you are Landley, you are Anderson…you are everyone of them; above all, you are Tracy MacGrady! You are a Rocket man! Now launch the Rocket! Come on!

wade wei | on 22/12/09

HI,T-Mac!I’m from qingyuan China,I have been a huge T-Mac for many years!You are the best!

Cao hao | on 21/12/09


mon | on 21/12/09

T-MAC,you are the best in my heart,come on!you can win if you want!

P xiaoxi | on 20/12/09

Mac,you like drinking apple juice,right? oh yeah , I like it,too haha

James Zhang | on 20/12/09

Hi, T-Mac. I was been taking care of games of Rocket because of you. I wish you can leave in Rocket for next season, even forever. You are my best Idol in my study and job all the time.

zhouxiong | on 20/12/09

Will always support you, No. 3

Jeff | on 20/12/09

TMAC, I felt so bad about the rumors saying you are no longer healthy to do your old stuff in the court and don’t have the strength to lift your team. As a die hard fan I don’t want to believe what other people saying, no matter what happen you are still my NUMBER ONE.

Wish you all the best and stay HEALTHY
Make us proud.

丹 | on 20/12/09

I miss you so much. I’m praying for you everyday. I just wanna you know, no matter what happened on, we’ll be with you forever, so you are not alone. you can never image how important you are in my heart. Tracy, come on. we miss you so much, so never give up!

potato | on 20/12/09


xuemingchen | on 19/12/09

T-mac,the best player of NBA,go.go.go

Dewen Li | on 19/12/09

T-MAC,you are always the best basketball player in my heart,forever!!!!

yongliang liu | on 19/12/09

Tracy McGrady. I see that you can return to the court for you feel excited, while the performance was not very good. But we as your fans are fully aware of La. You have been such a big injury can always stick to the first. We both believe that you can return to your previous level.
First you have recovered as quickly as possible. Play your standard.

tom cabawatan | on 19/12/09

HEY T!! I believe in your talent hope you’ll come back stronger. strive for victory!!! I’m your number one fan here. keep it up!!

Nicolás Salazar | on 19/12/09

FROM CHILE...Simply the best, thanks for that humility that makes even bigger Tracy McGrady

ip wai kei | on 19/12/09

tracy mcgrady i will always support you

柠檬草的味道 | on 19/12/09


waiting | on 19/12/09



P xiaoxi | on 19/12/09

Don’t thank us. We should thank you. You make our life more wonderful.
I love you
You are my life

【豪麦冲天】 | on 19/12/09

you know ,we love you!
all the chinese fans are thanks for you。
you are the king
You are my pride
come on
new season

Cao hao | on 19/12/09

Chinese fans include me wish you to comeback your best state once.

Jo. | on 19/12/09

T-mac,you are always in my heart.Though you are not in a very good situation, but there is no doubt that you will be back again.Your fans in China will always love you.Don’t give up.

Nelson Pierre | on 18/12/09

Whats good T-MAC! You are the Man! you are my favorite player of all time…I cant wait for you to come back and school these definetly need to be in the allstar game…

Tracy Wang | on 18/12/09

I cannot express how excited I was when I heard the news you were activated.I’m always crazy about you,about your magic games.Do you know,I even dropped my class that day!Tracy,we are always with you!Believe in yourself all the time!You’re the best forever!

al | on 18/12/09

t there is a lot of talk about coaches looking at you for next season, say it isnt happening t

Mike G | on 18/12/09

How would feel about a Championship run this year, Mac? Let’s DO this! Rockets 4ever.

brett kilburg | on 18/12/09

Been a huge fan of T-Mac since orlando days, but i don’t see how so many could vote for him for allstar starting pos. im sure he would agree he hasn’t earned it. There are many deserving players who have prooved their worth this season to start for the west why are idiots voting t-mac???? i got love for mcgrady, but fans are ruining the game.

yu!!!! | on 18/12/09

No matter you wear No.1 or No.3,you are No.1 in my heart forever! Wish you success~~~miss you so much!

chain | on 18/12/09

t-mac you are the best.Im happy that my idol is back.Keep trying im sure you will do it well.Im here to cheer you!!

You are my inspiration !
Chain Thailand TMAC Fans

DAPHNE | on 18/12/09

in my point ,you are the best player,we both believe you .thank u for all amzing time that you brought to wishes to u!

viktor | on 18/12/09

t-mac is the best sg ever hopefully you’ll have your starters position back soon and a happy christmis to all of you

hangye | on 18/12/09


Dental Plano | on 18/12/09

We are all excited that you are now playing the Rockets really needs your presence and the hype you bring in the game.

roland | on 17/12/09

Tracy you’re the man!I’m looking forward to see you on the court and i wish you most of all good health.T-mac,i’m sure you’re still able to lift you’re game to level reserved for the best players in the nba..

vivi葵 | on 17/12/09

加油加油噢~ GOGO!!
我们永远支持你的 We will support you forever!!
It is your show time now~!

pogg | on 17/12/09

hi mr t-mac. i want you to be the t-mac that i know. tell adelman to let you play please. i have always been a fan of yours (since i was 8, now i’ m 18) and you have always been an inspiration to me! i remember when i used to play NBA live 03 with the magic and i scored 40 PPG with your player. i miss that. please come back, please. greetings from italy

McFan | on 17/12/09

I have been a huge t-mac fan since he got here and watched him do his thing in the playoffs and grow. Now i would like to see the next chapter and what hes learned from all this as a 30 year old with the last chapter to be written. Go get that trophy it can happen any season gel with the team.

Sergen Şen | on 17/12/09

T-mac is the best player for me… He is my idol. I’ll be like T-mac one day. Its my big dream and I hope, he come back like a legend. I waiting to see his performance.

Game is over… T-MaC back! (:

kong fankeng | on 17/12/09

if you can ,you can.i believe you can be the greatest NBA player in NBA

李坤 | on 16/12/09

because of you the world is excellent .because of you,we are happy ,because of you we are sad ,because of you we feel matter how ,you are we soul. you are we live .what the most important is just we can miss you and see you . my love forever T-MAC .

eric | on 16/12/09

the best of 7:44 seconds of my tv life was yesterday when i watch you play , yo i know you can be your same old self soon ,no matter what team you end up next year ,i’ll still be your number one fan ,hope you can get back to me and just say hi or somethin’ i hope santa brings me an authographed jersey of you hehehe ….


drazen | on 16/12/09

T-Mac is already a legend… and an idol to me… few min here and there… most of all i would love to watch tonights game and see u more in action but situation is hard… so im gonna watch… im gonna cheer… show them what u got! t-mac
with love… fan from croatia

Mac | on 16/12/09

from now on, since last season, i will come back to watch Rockets game again :) my inspiration is back

Joe | on 16/12/09


Great to see you back out on the court. Best wishes as you make your return. Look forward to seeing you and the team here in SLC to beat the Jazz!

Joshua Sylve | on 16/12/09

Welcome back t-mac. These fools seem to have forgotten all the nights that you carried this team. For a good two years we may as well have been the Houston T-Macs. Ignore these post from dudes that only smile when the sun comes up. Promise us you will do your best every night…that’s all we ask of the others. You will end up where the Lord wants you to be…not your coach, not your gm, not us…HIM. Stay strong bro. I moved to Denton,TX for school but had to get the NBA League Pass to see you get back out there. You were born to do this bro, so whenever and wherever you can…do it 100. I always tell myself that you reap what you sow. You did too much for our city, I pray they show you the same love. Be easy

emre | on 16/12/09

t-mac forever! of course for one of the most talented men ever to play the game of basketball, we will keep voting no matter what! :)

Lolo#12 | on 16/12/09

Lowry sees McGrady, fires it up, McGrady for the threeeee T’ for the 3 !!!

YESTERDAY DEBUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I watched live by tv)


Yinch23 | on 16/12/09

Words cannot express how excited I was to see the news of you being activated when I was checking my fantasy basketball team. I quickly took you out of the bench and put you back in my roster. It’s been a while and I know you know that more than anyone out there. Although you only played 7 minutes and 44 seconds, the wait was worth it! I’m truly glad and happy that you’re back out there. Now I can go back to watch the NBA like I used to when you were healthy. I even went out and purchased the Lakers vs. Rockets game on 01/05/2010 and I’ll be sitting in section 115 (which is the closest I’ve ever been) just so I can get a glimpse of my favorite player in action. I wish you the very best and you and your family a wonderful and Happy Holiday! You have no idea how much you made my day yesterday by coming back on the court playing!

Song Jing-zhen | on 16/12/09

Glad to see you back,forever NO.1 T-MAC

Jason L. | on 16/12/09

Yo T-mac my man it was good to see you out there with the guys man. It was like you never were out lol I wish you got more minutes but yeah just take it slow and keep on improving man. We are all trying to get you back in the all star game you haven’t been in two years bcuz injury, right fans? This is kind of our early christmas presents.

BaiZhenbim | on 16/12/09

I will believe you can fly in the sky again. I will stand you forever. T-mac,please don’t let me up

Mason | on 16/12/09

Welcome back Mac!!! Finally in uniform with new no. 3!!! U were great today… When i saw coach Adelman call for u… i knew it was coming… although i’m not there, but i stood up for u too!!! Nice effort!! Keep going !!! Go Mac!!!

Jeanette Tate | on 16/12/09

Tracy I can’t wait to see you back out there. I keep telling your haters that you are going to be even better than before if that’s even possible! Get Well Soon!

Andy | on 16/12/09

If it’s not you,who?

czc | on 16/12/09

hey,t-mac,i’m so excited to see u today,it’s a long time waiting for you ,i hope you can get better day by day,trust you are the best player in nba,i’m in your big fan ,best wishes,go ahead,get chamption and tell the world who are the best,u-t-mac

kelland | on 16/12/09

Mac, nice return. I am so excited. You ,too, I think. 309days, finally, you came back to the court. Expecting tomorrow’s game. Fighting ,Mac!

Courtney Lee | on 16/12/09


忠秋 | on 16/12/09

Dear Tracy, It’s very very happy to know that you’ve come back today.When I saw you through the TV screen,I just couldn’t believe my eyes! God,the man who is the greatest player in world is back!!Now, I just want you to know that I will support you as I always do,and may you get back to the top state as soon as possible!

kenda ebbs | on 16/12/09

t mac, i love you! i’m so so so fucking happy you get to get out durr n do yo thang! we fucking missed you! real talk! im just excited cause with you out durrr i feel like the rockets are complete, ya dig?! take it easy, and just do whatchu do. don’t worry bout dez haters, don’t worry too much about dem points… just get back in the swing of things, and wear dat red proud my nigga! cause i know I WILL BEEE!!!! i hope to see you at the all star game, but shit… if not… i’m just excited to see the season finish out, cause mac is backkk! damnnittt it feels so good to say that! :) nuthing but LOVE and support! you da man!!!!! :D

JM Liang | on 16/12/09

T MAC ,please allow me to be your fans all my life~ I love you ~

antawn | on 16/12/09

hey tmac, the pullup j you did last night was really really good!! hope to see more of that coming from you!!

JM Liang | on 16/12/09

today i see you on the game,i am great happy!!

T-MAC | on 16/12/09

我虽然不怎么看的懂,但是我真的很感动,美国球迷都说我们不理性看球,那是因为他们不懂,喜欢就是喜欢,不含任何杂质的喜欢,因为无论你变成什么样子,我们都会顶你,永远。你不用管那些人怎么说你,怎么报道,老实说,关他们什么事,别人打球确实是打,可是你打球打的是感动,感动了所有喜欢你的人,不要勉强自己,尽力就好, T-MAV go go go .

marciagong | on 16/12/09

Hey T-Mac, it’s Marciagong again. Didn’t expect to see you play today. Found out about this 15 minutes before the game started. I was so excited that my hands kept shivering. It was beyond overwhelming when the crowds gave you a standing ovation. I believe everyone of your fans felt like the happiest person in the world when you hit that 3-pointer. Anyway, keep up the good work. Looking farward to see you again tomorrow.

sonrisa | on 16/12/09

mac..i saw you on the court today!!how EXCITED i was!i rush to the dormitory after classes.what a WONDERFUL three points!
the KING came back! favorite..May the force be with you!!

sara | on 16/12/09

hey t-mac,i skipped for today`s game istantly while i was having class my friend tested me that t-mac was on the court!!!
we are so proud of you ~~~~
we love u~~~as always

cai long | on 16/12/09

I am your fans from China. Am glad to see you back on track! Your heart to see the game today, really excited, I think I want to see that omnipotent Tracy McGrady is back. I know injuries have been tortured you, I sincerely wish you can in a later game where the bigger the better, let us once again of the majority of fans appreciate your style! Am pleased to give you email, my honor!

Hugh Suen | on 16/12/09

T-Mac nice to see you back on the court, dude your leg sleeve really reminds me of your good old days. I have faith in you man, you are going to be our #1 again soon. By the way, beside all the deep reason and all the charity stuff you did out there, but man, still really not use to seeing you as #3.

Anyways, as your fan, we will always be there!

PS: I vote for u too man, show all those others to school in the ASG

最爱TMAC | on 16/12/09

今天你上场比赛了 虽然我当时在睡觉。。。

Henry | on 16/12/09

Hi, T-MAC,

You know, i’m a big fan of you. When you out of couse, my hear so pain. Then i told myself to wait for you, and now, its come true. I’m very excited today, hooe you can keep healthy.

dengxiang | on 16/12/09

tracy i love you ``````

The fan of t-mac | on 16/12/09

t-mac,there are lots of fans in China.We believe you,support you forever.we will stand beside you in you most diffcult time. whenever you must know we love you

蒋伟之 | on 16/12/09

10 month after,
No.3 got 3points &3 rebs.. :)
Hopefully i’ll see u out again and again soon!

bsqr | on 15/12/09

Welcome back TMac! I got goose bumps watching a 1 minute clip on youtube…you are an inspiration on overcoming adversity! Keep at it man and I wish you the best.

Andy Chen | on 15/12/09

Hi Tracy,
It’s good to have you back,nice done!
There is a modest proposal for you,perhaps you need a shave.
Then you would look better,I promise that.

bac1king | on 15/12/09

t mac . i watched the game today .when i first heard the news“t mac is back “ i was about to be crazy.waitting for your better show next game

Rich | on 15/12/09

Hey, good job tonight bro! I know it’s been tough, but keep taking it one step at a time. Make it count when you are out there!

Proud of you man!

T-MAC谢冬晗 | on 15/12/09

We see today’s game! You are the best! In any case we will always support you! Do not worry, take your time, this year’s All-Star in any event we want you to go! Because we are the world’s best fan of Tracy McGrady!!


SPeedY | on 15/12/09

Yeahhhh T-Mac is back :) this is the best news of the decade. Welcome back man, i hope you last for over and keep giving us your super natural talent

alan | on 15/12/09

very excited to see u back, u r the best ,love u.

Alan | on 15/12/09

hi ,congratulations ,i am very very happy and excited to see you back game. you r the best ,we love u.

lin | on 15/12/09

I love you forever!Tracy…you are a ture boy.I want to be your mate,but,you know,my high is only is the same with AI.hehehe.We,China funs,include me certainly,suppurt you forever!we will volt you contuinely.

Chao | on 15/12/09

WELCOME BACK TMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shane | on 15/12/09

T-mac for 3,good to see you back on the floor Tracy

John hu | on 15/12/09


aurelio | on 15/12/09


llo | on 15/12/09
hoop my t-mac collection can help u brace up

JOJO | on 15/12/09

Dear, mac Come Back!

rashon | on 15/12/09

t-mac im a huge fan im waiting for u to come back and help take housston to a championship. all my friends at school would say u suck that ur career is over but i stood by u the whole wsy.

JOJO | on 15/12/09

Hi! Now how does that feel like it?
To take good care of yourself,
every day Internet, the first thing to do is to see if your news,
But those in the media,
always arbitrary to criticize you,
felt very depressed,
but there is a strong voice told me,
You are the favorite men in our hearts,
we must safeguard the dignity of you are,
therefore, MAC, Fuel bar,
in order to all the fans love you.   .. 
.*★ ..    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ` . . ..
.*★ .    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ..
.*★ .    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ` . . ..
.*★ .    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ` . .

L. Carter | on 15/12/09

Ay man when you commin BACK! we need at least an ESTIMATE, if you truely ready to play, then you gotta play man they tryna swiv u man.

李学会 | on 15/12/09

Mac,we will be with you forever! Just believe yourself! You are the world,s greatest!

michael joseph | on 15/12/09

Hey T-Mac I just want you to know that I feel you because I love basketball too and I’m working through an injury as well. But you’re right you should take your time coming back and when you do you should play small minutes until you could do more and more. It makes me mad because you’re an all star and no one really realizes it. I’m still in high school and I had major hip surgery last year and I really want to go to the NBA and watching what you’re doing just makes me more determined.

RO | on 15/12/09

I have reason to believe when you come back to the game there will be great chemistry with the team despite what critics(haters) say about you. Since coming to Houston you have become a playmaker(scorer) and facilitator to the rest of the team. Have not gone to see the Rockets play this year, but maybe with your return I’ll be able to convince my wife about putting aside the money and driving 2 1/2 hours to see ya. Good Luck T-Mac and continue to work towards your return. GO ROCKETS!

Rocky Gruver | on 15/12/09

T-Mac! Love you dawg. I’m excited for you and your return. I can’t wait to see you back on the court, shutting all these haters up. T-Mac you’re an All*Star for LIFE. Go ROCKETS! #3!

Jayy | on 15/12/09

keep it up t-mac im sure youll be out there soon .

你知道的 | on 15/12/09


废品妞 | on 15/12/09


Christopher Sanchez | on 15/12/09

I just want to say I look forward to seeing you on the court. I think it is real crazy how they are holding you back, but as a true fan of you man I hope all goes well with what ever team you end up with and hope you prove a lot of people wrong about how you can play. Again, can’t wait to see you on the court man.

Raymond scott | on 15/12/09

its completly amazing how you havent played a game this year and people already expect you to be one of the top shooting guards in the league when you words of encourgement to you tmac is to come back with your stamina where it needs to be and that fire you had when you were in orlando were you felt like if the other superstar on the other team just made a big move you would go down the other end and call for that ball to make a big play..i can see it now..tmac 25ppg 5 assist and 6 reb..i can see those numbers and its a fantasty basketball dream to see you put those numbers back up. you are the man and you will be back in top form when you return..get to that line, and get the easy waiting on your return and please keep us updated so i can be the first to grab you for fantasty basketball!

chris | on 15/12/09

T-mac, here is your chance to get in the game n just play a couple of mins. the team is will be handicap without trevor ariza. i believe this is a chance for u to earn the teams’, the coach, n the citys’ trust. get in the game like rick hamilton did n just play a few minutes here n there. this is your time to be great, be legendary.

刘鹤 | on 15/12/09

回来 快回来

Samuel Mills | on 15/12/09

As a Raptors fan who didn’t really care for basketball back when you played for us. So I think I can say this as a neutral. When I saw the all-star returns I was speechless too. You got some amazing fans man :)

我支持你 | on 15/12/09

Er…to tell the truth,I am know you form the lastest two years!because i begin to play basketball the lastest two years,I like rokets and i love you,also i like Yao…because he is our hero,i really love you,T-mac…i think everything need much practise and it will be wonderful.i know you know this deeply,you have so much highly inborn about basketball,more effort,more sweat,good defend,the champion is not far from you,you have a nice partner,like S-BATTIER LANDRY YAO especially the battier,i think he will be your good teacher about defend,you know everyone should learn all the time from his born to die,i really hope you can come back as earlier as you can,and lead rocket to win and being the champion,and at last i want to say you can be champion every cycle racing if do you best,you have the power just need more confindence!you have so many fans,i love T-mac,where you go,the love will not change…a boy from china.

废品妞 | on 15/12/09

T MAC ,please allow me to be your fans all my life~ I love you ~

博博维 | on 15/12/09


小90 | on 15/12/09


john bell II | on 15/12/09

Stay focus T Mac… The team needs you right now so give the coaches and everyone else what they want to see.

HEAVEN | on 15/12/09

come on man. you are the best player. waiting for you back .

Jamin | on 15/12/09

Come on! Tracy, I will support you forever, because You are amazing.

小强 | on 15/12/09


James | on 15/12/09

tmac people are worried you wont fit into the offense….well what people don’t realize you have good court vision and have always averaged a high assist ratio…through your whole career you have been a willing passer and can easily adapt this to a motion offense

Johnny Stealth Lam | on 15/12/09


I have been CONSTANTLY checking for your day of return (09), even though I have numerous amounts of uni apps to write, or tons of school work. I have been a fan of you since I start playin’ ball (grd 6/7). Even though there are rumors say that you are over, I still have the gut feeling that you are not. I’m glad that you are SOON going to be back on the roster list. It’s time to start dominating the floor again, and let something MORE THAN amazing happen.
I am still, as always, voting you in the All-Star ballot this year. This is like my daily routine, which is and will not stop until you are retired.

Really hope that you are going to win the playoffs. Continue the good work, be focus, and enjoy your amazing explosiveness)

王鑫刚 | on 15/12/09

Forever TMAC, will always support you, remember to write me thank you

liuxiong | on 15/12/09

My English is poor,

we love you

TeamAc | on 15/12/09

can you upload some pics or video of your some updates tnx
return 100% return to dominates comeback soon mac!1

MARCELLUS | on 15/12/09

what up mac get back out there soon and give everybody something to talk about i know u da best now show da world make da fans proud good luck buddy

wangfei | on 15/12/09

support you forever Tracy.

wang | on 14/12/09


Uuganbayar | on 14/12/09


Uuganbayar | on 14/12/09


Uuganbayar | on 14/12/09


charles randall | on 14/12/09

Im glad to hear that your feeling well, cant wait to see you out there competing in your best condition. remember patience is a virtue.. “good things come to those who wait”. you inspire people like me just by putting trust in your coach and organization. Good luck Mac.

Lin Jinfa | on 14/12/09

I love you Tracy!I will wait for you!~

aurelio | on 14/12/09

dis is my 3rd time to write comments and my brother decided to go to..the all star game..hope to c u there if you r d starter but f u r d starter and u r not der..mmmm naybe i just waste my ticket..hehe..tmac,,plssscomeback..all ur fans r you…this dec. 15 is the rockets will play w/o ariza..and w/o u?..maybe they will lose but..f u will play..i will throw a party..tmac..dats how much..i idol..hope to seee u in d…olways take care.

ur fan from…philippines

毒艾麦 love yiou most | on 14/12/09

Come on. You must know,we love you best ! we always stand in your side forever !

Mo | on 14/12/09

Where you AT MAC My fantasy team needs you baaaadly! please come back soon and score 50+ points, 40+ boards and 40+ assists per game.

kent ye | on 14/12/09

We’re hope for your return . We always trust you!~~

justin austin | on 14/12/09

im your number 1 fan….........everyday i hear people doubting u on how u will never be good again but i stand by you 1000 % and i kno u gone come back better than ever…good luck n wish u the best

rockmanslim | on 14/12/09

Tracy, I wanna see you playing like this again:

Zach Arnold | on 14/12/09

hopefully you will be out there soon ill be seing you play on april fourth and hope you play then as well and i just picked you up on fantasy lol.

have fun out there and win for the rockets!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Rodriguez, jr | on 14/12/09

Hey T-Mac I dont know if this is really you and your site,but I was so anxious to see you on the court but after reading and investigating.Your doint the right thing to be patient.Everyone wants to see you play but nobody wants to see you play and get injured in 3 minutes to end your career.I dont know if youd beleive me but I think I was JUST AS surprised to see your hopefully gonna start in the all star game.But I do know you deserve it, not a lot of guys would have stuck with us with all thats happened and the fucking haters that we have in Houston(we usually have a lot less haters than other cities but unfortunately we do have them)DONT LISTEN TO THEM THEY DEFINITELY DO NOT SPEAK FOR ALL OF US.I hope you end your career being a Houstonian but if you dont you will always be my favorite player and I hope you get a championship ring,I only hope we can give you one like we did Clyde Drexler.People dont believe in the rockets but I do,and with you in the lineup skies the limit.Good luck T-mac

Post Script- when you play agaist guys like kobe can you be less respective and be more agrresive.Ive seen you almost brake kobe’s ankles one time,but ive noticed you lighten up when he gaurds you.He may be a great defender but he cant stop a player like you.Also why dont you guard him,I love battier to death but he can only do so much.He doesnt have the length and explosiveness to slow him down you do

sam | on 14/12/09

favorite player on my favorite team. can’t wait to see you out on the court again, and yeah your fans got your back. we will continure to vote for you no doubt, good luck hommie.

king xiao xue | on 14/12/09

I am a chiese I like you I am a boy six year ago i began liked you i do not know if you can see the words we trust you you can you must believe in yourself !T-MACgogogogogo
we will always likeing you your fans
best whish to you!

Buddy Finley | on 14/12/09

Cant wait to see you out there T-Mac. I still believe you and Yao can do it.

Monica | on 14/12/09

I really don’t comment on these particular things but I would like to say I wish you the best. I know you are anxious to get back out there and play but my question to you is do you really think you deserve to be back out there. Last season you didn’t even get your coach the benefit of the doubt and tell him you were going to have surgery but you told the media. I don’t think that was right or fair so if you have to sit on the side lines awhile maybe it’s deseved. Now with that being said I think you are a wonderful player and if you are going to really commit yourself to the team I wish you a speedy return.
With Love

Sammy | on 14/12/09


luis sanchez | on 14/12/09

you are #1

George | on 14/12/09

Dear Tracy, I sure hope you return to The Rockets. Watching the rockets play without you and Yao is boring. When you return I’ll come by and see you play. If you don’t im going to have to move to another city maybe San Antonio, or Los Angeles. PS. nah just playing I love the Rockets win or lose.

Dominque Colwell | on 14/12/09

First I want to tell you that I wish you the best return ever. I am waiting for you to return just as bad as you wan to return. I do agree with you that everyone have stepped their game up trumendously. But it’s nothing with out you in my vision. I know I left a message before saying that I’m waiting on you. Well Tracy please give some clue or insite on if you will be here at least in Janurary. And agent Name Joel called me and I told her that I was not buyin anymore packages until you are going to play and that I will need her to call me as soon as she knos your on the roster. Your one of the greatest to everyone else but to me your still #1! Please try to let me know when you think your coming, I just need to make sure my coins are ready to get my sister and I a ticket. Tracy please,please I won’t say a word. Or just tell Joel to call me. Please. She has all my contact information and I’m dying to see you come out there and shoot like you never been no where. I know you have a lot of energy an drive in you to get your average 32pts or more this second half. Okay, I will stop begging and just pray that to maintain your healthiness and relax, relate and release. Alright T-MAC god bless you and your family and I hope to be leaving my car at my job and catching the metro rail to the game for your arrival SOON! Bye.

Izzy mora | on 14/12/09

T-mac the real rocket/t-mac fans want you back it suxs u go through this but hey u must overcome to win say u member the 13 points against san antonio yeah stuff like that memories that wont go away that make you the player worth waiting for when you healthy u one of the best cant wait to see you back out on da court i mean i love the team we good but u can add sumting to all of em please keep working hard u still a all star /future hall of famer in my book later as always izzy mora ure biggest fan

001 | on 14/12/09

come on man

废品妞 | on 14/12/09


废品妞 | on 14/12/09

T mac ,I’m your fans from china,I hope you can come back to the court as soon as possible,I really miss you ,do you know that,you are always my love ,you are always my belief,you are always my energy,I love you we love you come back, we need you,we miss you ~

David | on 14/12/09

TMAC, you have that explosiveness in you. Don’t be afraid to use it because of a possible future injury that might occur (once you become healthy that is) All Star game is coming up, and WE ALL KNOW you got this. Perfect opportunity to prove everyone you still got it. Cant wait to see you ball on the court.

nicolas | on 14/12/09

I am French and many people support you. you are the best and when you come back you’ll crush them all
every day I wear your jersey and I am proud t-mac back quickly into the team they are lost without you
the best of best TRACY MC GRADY
france ;; nico

Angel De La Cruz | on 14/12/09

Hey T-Mac, I know you hear this all the time but you are an amazing player. Go ahead and take your time to recover fully so that you can come back and be at same level as Kobe and Lebron or maybe even better. I hope the best and that you stay with the rockets so that you can bring a championship back to Houston. I know you can do it and i believe in you even when others doubt you. Hope to see you in the court soon.

polo | on 14/12/09

that great man as long as u make your return to the court thats all that counts. it would be good if u came back while ariza is suspended. but like you said its up to th3 coaching staff. =/

portes howard | on 14/12/09

your my faver player in the world

carlos | on 14/12/09

when you return to still play and these in the Houston Rockets I am your fan I am of Mexico and we hoped that you return soon

ELIAS | on 14/12/09

im assuming rick is gonna need a replacement for ariza after waht he did sunday. i just hope you are the man he picks. waiting to see back out there. im like the only rockets fan in town.. need ur help..

phillip | on 14/12/09

Hi T-mac,

Pleas take your time to get well. The team will definitelly need a healthy T-mac.


Wang Shunqiang | on 14/12/09

dear T-mac,all your fans from China waitting for you ,and we get together with you,forever!

Zedrick Buhay | on 14/12/09

T-Mac… how about make tomorrow 12/15 your return when you play Detroit!! I’ll have a big ass poster saying something like “Let’s go T-Mac” or something like that…. =)

J | on 14/12/09

Ariza might get a suspension sounds like a job for T-MAC.

LCH | on 14/12/09

T-MAC,come on ,U are the best,加油

LCH | on 14/12/09

T-MAC,come on ,U are the best,加油

Terrell Heath | on 14/12/09

hey man imma real big fan of yours the
reason why i started playing/watching basketball
is because of you…Thank you for that
and i hope to get to watch you play soon cause
i cant wait to see how much you would help the team
thanks again and god bless

温嘉纳 | on 14/12/09

Hello, my favorite T-Mac. I really that you can quickly back on the court. I believe that your performance. You my mind is the best player. I come from China. Although my compatriots Yao Ming sidelined with injuries. But I still have another to rely on. It is you. Now the Rockets lost in the Raptors symptomatic. Trevor Ariza also fined. This requires you to show. I look forward to your Return of the King!

Enter your name... | on 14/12/09

Hey T-MAC!i’m waiting to see u play!!!I’ve voted from three pc’s.haha.anyway when u think u are ready come and kick some asses!
Your’s Greek best fan Alex!!

ChiHuanle | on 14/12/09

Believe yourself…you are the best in my heart…!!!!
Good luck!!!

Akeibo | on 14/12/09

Dear McGrady. I’ve been your biggest fan since u enter the league. I hate to c u go down wit an me if u an yao wuznt injured las playoff.we might of been the one collecting the ring this year.i jus want one thing from u and das for you to win you a nba championship.

Binbo Xu | on 14/12/09

Hey!Tracy,I come from China,Obviously, I am your fan. Always liked you, always watching your video, hope you can get back to the stadium, at the same time, I also wish you good health, health is the most important. Looking forward to your return, I also hope you can stay in Houston. Wish you good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cocoying | on 14/12/09

I’m your fans forever!

china110 | on 14/12/09

you kan play 1 2 3

love T-MAC | on 14/12/09


Liang Liu | on 14/12/09

you are the beast ,come on!!!

yifeng | on 14/12/09

love you

Tyler Smith | on 14/12/09

Doin GOOD. Stay strong, keep it up man…it’ll pay off. You’ll see!!!

ben | on 14/12/09

Hi, T-mac

Thia is greeting from a chinese, I hope you will be back sonn!


zhang hongjia | on 14/12/09

come on T-Mac

POCALI | on 13/12/09

Hey man, you been out for too long, you really should start thinking coming back on court, I can’t even see you play on the 2K10 PS3 games, ppl will start forgetting your play, and your number too. if you are playing 3, you need to come out early to convince ppl to get your new jersey man. Come on, dont let us down

bhee | on 13/12/09

I want to hear again from commentators the phrase, “TMAC to the RACK!!!”.....

SUSY | on 13/12/09


SUSY | on 13/12/09


Jean King | on 13/12/09

support you !

Jean King | on 13/12/09

the superster forever

Patrick | on 13/12/09

No one can do better than you to be yourself~

Marcos | on 13/12/09

i L0vE you T-Mac!!!!!

Gerard | on 13/12/09

hoping for your return soon!

richard kiffer | on 13/12/09

tracy i am a huge fan and I was wondering if the camra was pointing to you then you say my name I am anly 11 years of age
but I watch all of your games the first on was when you were
playing for the magic. well please and thank you . bye.

alfred | on 13/12/09

why does trevor ariza got your jersey #1, i just want to know, because if he got the no. then what’s yours?

Greg | on 13/12/09

I just want you to be back, and be great.
No more disappointments.

Christopher Ong | on 13/12/09

All the best to you T-MAC. You have proven yourself to be one of the premier and versatile shooting guards in the NBA. I’m positive that you will make a strong comeback this year. At the right time!

KJ | on 13/12/09

Nice to hear it. Ill keep on voting

odane h | on 13/12/09


Diego | on 13/12/09

Porqué eres tan bueno Mac-Grady?

Vuelve pronto crack

李雄 | on 13/12/09

Hope you everyting going ! Surpporting you for you are Tracy,
loving you cos you are Macgrady!

Haibo | on 13/12/09

Mac ,you are the best!

Nicky Li | on 13/12/09

Come on,man! You can make it! Evey chinese fans still believe you! I know you can back and win the game! Waiting for you forever!

Youzi Luo | on 13/12/09

T-mac, we all know that you are training so hard for getting back soon. Even though you have suffered a lot both physically and metally in the past months, we still stand by you no matter what happened, happens and will happen. You could regard the All-star Voting as the best present that your fans, we, have given for your hard-training. Don’t care for others’ comments and do what you wanna do. We believe in the coming seasons, all fans will shout “MVP“ again in the stadium, only for you, T-MAC. Love you forever without any reasons

王曦之 | on 13/12/09

我永远支持你!!!!!please say hello to [email protected]

No.1 | on 13/12/09

HEY,t-mac.I’m from china


chenzhe | on 13/12/09

Hey,Tracy.Recently how the body like? Hope that this season you can Return of the King.We are coming so far in China, the fans will always support you. Hope that you will always be healthy, stay away from injuries. We will always wait for you.

Enter your name... | on 13/12/09


your best fans | on 13/12/09

T-mac ! I still believe you.. till the end!

wang.bowen | on 13/12/09

Believe yourself! You are the best! I think you can help HOUSTON win more and more ganmes. Coming back! Use all youe skills, beat other teams. You can do anything! Because your name is TRACY! I hope you can be an ALLSTAR player. MAN! YOU ARE THE BEST!

tmac | on 13/12/09

we are believe you

猴子 | on 13/12/09


小麦麦 | on 13/12/09


Peter Serimontrikul | on 13/12/09

I can’t wait to see you playing with the team. I also have you as one of my players on my Fantasy team, my first season. I know that The Rockets are doing well now but I also believe that they will be a much better team with you playing. Please hurry back, I know it is still early but it is so much fun watching you play. I hope you will stay with the Team next season, T-Mac.

Grimmjow | on 13/12/09

We are waitting for you comeback,good luck!man.

Peter Serimontrikul | on 13/12/09

I can’t wait to see you playing with the team. I also have you as one of my players on my Fantasy team, my first season. I know that The Rockets are doing well now but I also believe that they will be a much better team with you playing. Please hurry back, I know it is still early but it is so much fun watching you play. I hope you will stay with the Team next season, T-Mac.

T-mascot | on 13/12/09

I love you forever。wish you back soon。我永远爱你,望你尽早回归

Grimmjow | on 13/12/09

We are waiting for you comeback,good luck!Man.

Henryyuan | on 13/12/09

Hi Tracy, I’m Henry from China. seven years have past since I started to watch your games, I’m glad to know that you are getting better and better.
However, I’m now in senior3, so I don’t have time to spend in basketball for the coming university entrance exam. But I will always be your fan. Wish you all the best! Henry

刘倪佳 | on 13/12/09

I will suppose you fouever !! Come on , t-mac ,you are the best in the world ..

胡梦蝶 | on 13/12/09

I hope you can come back soon ,I will be your fans forever

snorisa 亦 | on 13/12/09

mac…I am so happy to read your words!!I a student from China.AND i love you so much..I am looking forward to your come back!!So..come back.You know, for me, NBA is exciting because you are there.You sre the KING in my heart!

sonrisa | on 13/12/09

mac, it’s happy to read your words.I believe in you all the time. You are the king in the association.I am waiting you to come back.To see you play on the field is the happiest thing i look forward to.I will support you forever!!

oh ,my English is poor.i am improving ..

wss | on 13/12/09

always support U !!!

Aidi | on 13/12/09

hi,mac,i’m not a baseketball super fan,and hardly did i see even one whole baseketball match before.But my friend is really fanscinated with you,leading to my strong anticipate for you. Yo Dont let me down ~we’ll always stand by you!

Suya | on 13/12/09


Peter H | on 13/12/09

Lets go Tmac. Hope u feel better soon. Cant wait to see u back out there. Good luck man. Tmac #1

D'Ante Page | on 13/12/09

i love u tmac i wish i can meet u

octavis | on 12/12/09

you have been my favorite hooper since i was 10 and i’m 17 now and wen i first seen that all-star ballot i damn near did a back flip since i thought it was only a few of us voting for u, anyway youre da best ever.


Peter | on 12/12/09

Mr t-mac

Tracy you need to come back asap
if you don’t come back soon
you don’t stand a chance to stay
in Houston. Houston needs you
Tracy whenever you do come
back I hope soon. You
need to play you HEART out
I know you can.

vince carter | on 12/12/09

yo tmac im gonna be goin to the game tomorrow.. you and vince are my 2 favourite players of all time so i hope you get back on the court soon… toronto doesnt hate you they’re just sad you left so they boo like idiots… anyway show us a windmill in warmups if you’re feeling it.. or some halfcourt jumpers!! see u then

China t-mac fan | on 12/12/09

I am a fan, in China t-mac fan base is really endless, we all sincerely hope you will return to court, back to your peak period, everyone silently bless you, and hope to see a no injury of you, everyone for the all-star for your efforts in the hope that these efforts on the pitch you can exchange for a good performance here. On behalf of all of China’s t-mac fans once again wish you all the best

Chinese soccer fans on behalf of t-mac

杨一叶 | on 12/12/09

we will support you forever!The king will be back! We are looking forward for that moment.

aurelio | on 12/12/09

yo..tracy lamar mcgrady jr.
see i know ur full name hehe..plss idol..come back now..because we want to see you be name d mvp..cmon tmac..
idol..plss add me in yahoo messenger lets chat hehe.f u wannt my ym is au_tmac03..hehe..if i ca n chat wid u that will be d my happiest d way.ur always welcum always voting u..
gud luck and see u on soo..buddy

tmacangel | on 12/12/09

Hi Tracy….

please don’t shave, you look hot…no disrespect. Anyway I vote for you every day. I guess now you know how dedicated your fans are. I still can’t wait for the day that I will get your autograph, believe me I have been trying for 5 years…travelled all over to see you play. But no luck. Do you think you can help me out???? It would be a dream come true. I received an e-mail from you back in 2007, my husband thought I was nuts….it meant so much to me . I have it framed. Anyway…I will continue to vote for you on a daily basis.
Holla when you get time….your fans live for those type of things.

[email protected]

By the way I am the one that posted on your blog for all your fans to get online and vote for you.
Much love and good luck. I won’t buy tickets until you are back on the court.

Take care….Angelika

Mikey Torres | on 12/12/09

I’ll be damned if we don’t make it to the playoffs!

Paisheng Chen | on 12/12/09

I love you!T-mac I want to see you in my life! I will suppose you forever!

Paisheng Chen | on 12/12/09

I love you!T-mac I want to see you in my life! I will suppose you forever!

yang | on 12/12/09

Tmac come on do not let us down .play like a warrior

He Xiaohu(何小虎) | on 12/12/09

I believe T-mac will be back.

何小虎 | on 12/12/09

Come on,I believe T-mac will be back.

mai chan | on 12/12/09

chear up!come on ,we believe you are the best,and it’s full of happiness to watch your game.hope you come back soon.come on ,let’s go,go ,go,

Derrick | on 12/12/09

Come on back man and prove EVERYBODY wrong about who you are: Washed up, old nba body, fragile, no heart 4 tha game, no killer instinct, not dedicated, ball hogg, and the minute that everybody start jumping on your bandwagon… Just remember that Derrick Slaughter told ‘em but they wasn’t listening to the facts on how big of a role your injury was playing the past 3-4 years but its gone and T Mac’s back baby!!!!!

Diego | on 12/12/09


sibinbin | on 12/12/09

Hope you recover from illness quickly and go back to the competition ground!

Support you for ever!

Denis | on 12/12/09

Hey Mac! It’s so great that you have so many votes! I wish that we all can see your play on all- star! I miss your dunks off the glass so do this on ASG!))
your best fan in Russia

shakedolla | on 12/12/09

play ok

daryl | on 12/12/09

hell yah!!i vote for u everyday!!i hope u get to play soon and show em dat tmac still got it

Jimmy | on 12/12/09

There is no surprise that you are at No2 spot on AllStr voting since we all know how skillful and soulful you are!! you deserve it!! There are lots ups and downs in our lives, and watching you being on the grind fighting and working hard, it just motivates me and keeps me pursuing my goal!!

Looking forward to see you on the court..I know eveything is gonna turn out sweet for you.

Aurelio | on 12/12/09

tmac..wassup man.,.im so happy dat u will back soon ..
plss..nx season sign another comtract to the rockets plss..tmac..u know dat this dec.14 rockets vs pistons is my bday..hope to see u there dat willl be my best gift from u…hehhe//tke care buddy

Vivek | on 12/12/09

What’s your points per game goal TMAC?

Porter Thomas | on 12/12/09

Hey Tmac you a beast and when you are 100% you in the top 5 players in the NBA, and if you had never had a injury their is no doubt in my mind you would have been as good as if not better then Kobe, Wade, and LeBron. You a beast Tmac and dont forget that.

Tmac #1

ruben | on 12/12/09

no promblem hope u play in the all star game and hopefully u come play in houston soon peace 2 u

Steven Jameson McCartney | on 12/12/09

Sup MAC?

i hoping play next one games

eey everybody vote for

t-Mac 2010 All star game

We belive you MAC

i’m just like you

you got injuried

then i got injuried

right now i got left shoulder,right knee,lower back

damn i feel that bullshit this is crazy man

i played my school

i played my mind

but your my idol

i feel you

2007 play off game that last 7 game

the rockets lost then i was crying

man we believe yoou

Love Peace T-MAC ...

Olantay | on 12/12/09

T-mac.. please prove all of them commentators and everyone who dont believe that you still got it wrong.. Thanks for working hard, you make me want to work hard in the things I do..

I can’t wait to see you back out there

高山 | on 12/12/09

一如既往的支持!!!!!!!!!!!!!run true to form your [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

Allen Baker | on 12/12/09

you are the god in my heart~~~

Mini wolf | on 12/12/09

Hi,T-mac! I vote you for everyday. But if you want to return to count, I suggest you break down Battier’s defense like roy and Kobe bryant. you must change change your match style to be more effiecent!

刘梅 | on 12/12/09


tracy-q | on 12/12/09

hey ,t-mac ,whatever u do ,you r the best ,wish u return soon

tracy | on 12/12/09

come on ,t-mac ,you’r the best ,no matter in the past ,now and in the future .wish u return soon

blue | on 12/12/09

I like the low-key you, not to mention too many,

傅招庆 | on 12/12/09

when I was young,I have a dream—i wanna play basketball like TMACnow,i cannot play like you ,but i still love you!!i am from china!i love you so much!good luck!

wz | on 12/12/09

hey dude!i just want to say that whatever others say,we’ll always be there for you!!!

wz | on 12/12/09

whatever other people say,we will there for you forever!

meelash | on 12/12/09

Yeah, T-Mac I’m heading over to vote for you right now! Can’t wait to see you back out on the floor with our Rockets. Make sure the rest of our team knows how proud we all are of them as well.

As it is, we have a playoff-contender of a team, in my opinion. Adding you to the mix, we can make a deep, deep run, provided we can keep the chemistry and selfless play that we’re doing right now. I trust coach will be able to slowly integrate you back into this squad so you’ll be able to do what you do, and the young guys like AB, Carl, Chase can still step up and have big games like they’ve been having.

Oh, and how About Trevor?!! What?!! Dude has awesome steals every single game- the one off the missed foul shot in last nights game was SICCK!

you haibo | on 12/12/09

I wish you will be better and better! we love very much.加油麦,我们永远支持你,你是最棒的.

Andy | on 12/12/09

Waiting for your backing! Be confident,and you will be yourself!

zhao jian qing | on 12/12/09

you are the GOd! you can not only control the basketball but allso can control the champion!

Riverqy | on 12/12/09

Playing games. We are waiting for you to come back.

Adria Colarte | on 12/12/09

Tracy McGrady,you are the best.
I hope that you come to play soon.

danny sukadi | on 12/12/09

i love t-mac,i hope he will back soon to the game.
i want watch his playing.

Hongrong Guo | on 12/12/09

麦迪 我爱你!!!!TMAC I love you。Go for it.I am your chinese fan.Support you forever!!!!

Hongrong Guo | on 12/12/09

Tmac,we love you so much.We vote for you just because we love you,not because you are yao’s partner.Wish to see you soon in the game.I lose the interset in NBA without you.So come on ,mac ,we believe you can make it!!!!!!

TRON | on 12/12/09

Marcia Gong WHERE IS THIS VIDEO YOU SAW OF T-MAC GOING AGAINST OTHER ROCKETS? I need 2 see it i check youtube everyday for new fan video of guys that go to the game early and get him shooting aroung pregame.

Love you! | on 12/12/09

Tracy, Hello! I’m from China.I’m 16 years old.I like playing basketball very much.I want to be a player like you! I love you! You are MVP!

LiBo | on 12/12/09

This is my first visit to this. Now, I do not know what to say. China has a lot of fans like me look forward to your return. We are confident that you are the best. NBA All-Star can not do without you. I will always love you.

KHuang | on 12/12/09

Hey T-Mac

you have been my favorite player for a long time. But as a true fan, i can’t say that your the best in the league and youll play great. I have to give you the reality. We need you on the court. You are second for all star votes but you have to prove it Mac. You need to play games. You need to show those haters your legit and your a top player in the game. It frustrates me so much every time i look at a houston box score and dont see any stats under your name. Many people wanna see you play dawg and we need it soon. We want you in the all star game. PLease mac, talk to the coachs and staff, get yourself on the court! you are still my faovirite. I hope you, personally get the chance to read this man cuz we need you out there

XIAO XU | on 12/12/09

There are many fans loving you in CHINA!
We love you very much!!!!!
We hope you can come back soon! We are looking forward to watching your game! You are the best player in our heart~
Even thought we want to see you in the count as soon as possible, we need a fully healthy T-MAC!
Just keep stugglling ang be more confident, we love you forever and we still believe!
We are waiting for you until you come back!
I just remenber you have said that you will be back!
LOVING YOU ~~~~~~~~~~~

John Baltazar | on 12/12/09

ey yo mac i cant wait to see u play at the top of ur game again!!!


wu | on 12/12/09

i love you t-mac,come on ,god bless you!!!i believe you can do it ,

king lu | on 12/12/09

Hi,T-mac,We want to see you on the 2010 All Star Game. we can waiting for you! you are the best ! best wishs for you!

hwztracy | on 12/12/09

God Bless U!

zhouke | on 12/12/09

tracy i want you come back j love you

Boris | on 12/12/09

T-Mac, I look forward to you getting back on court for the ROX. YOu are the reason I have started following basketball and I can’t bear the thought of the Rockets with out T-Mac. Come back strong, hustle hard and I am sure that good things will come.

Cody | on 12/12/09

We;re all ready for your return..I’m glad your trusting the trainers on your fitness issue though. I’m 100 percent sure your gonna be amazing when you finally get back on the court. Thanks for the update! I hope we play you before the All-Star game for god sake!!

John | on 12/12/09

You are the best forever!

Christian | on 12/12/09

t-mac..I am your fan here in the Phillippines…i always vote for you in the nba all star.. i know and i believe that you are deserving on that…you are the best player…I’m so exited for your return..God bless..hope you read this massage..


Danial | on 11/12/09

tmac you the bst basketball player in the world its so awesom to watch your past highlights cant wait till u come back

Nicolas | on 11/12/09

A lot of guys say Tracy this Tracy that,go your own way regardless of what people say.Tracy,we love you so much.I know you still have the power which can fly over a player and slam dunk or throw 3 point without restraint.You can do whatever Kobe can do on the court,we as your fans from China admire and trust you forever,we will support you permanently.

张帆 | on 11/12/09

Hi,tracy!I love you!

福 | on 11/12/09

麦蒂,你是我心中永远的神,期待你王者归来!!!我们永远支持你!!!you are the best!!!

zhangfan | on 11/12/09

I will not have you left us, I have been looking forward to see your shadow, either the court or the court, under, please come home! I will always support you My English is bad, but look forward to your heart is true, come back ~

Joseph | on 11/12/09

Mcgrady i wish u hav a good health n hope u get mvp this year ^^

平 | on 11/12/09

Hi,Tmac,my mane is ping,I come from china.I love you.You are the best player in NBA.I like watch you play Basketball.I hope will see you in All-Star .```````your you forever.

J | on 11/12/09

Tracy , you are the best in my heart forever , come on !
chinese fan .

Miguel O III | on 11/12/09

Cant wait to see you play Mac.. But wait until everyone is 100000% positive in your recovery.. Good luck Punkin.!

崔凯 | on 11/12/09

We are waiting for you!
We believe you !
No matter wherever you go,I will surport you forever!
Thank for your performance to all tmac fans!

lcg-不苦 | on 11/12/09

you will be back we will be back

donchin | on 11/12/09

wanna see u in the allstar…....u’ll show us u’r allstar…

Hank | on 11/12/09

My dear Mac: I know you will be back,come on! I have been one of your fans for five years. now i want to say, i love you,and will surport you all my life. Hank ,from Zhejiang 09.12.12

TracyChen | on 11/12/09

Back with power,T-Mac!

KB | on 11/12/09

T Mac yes we cant wait untill you are back out there but like you said we are doing ok now and no need to rush,yea we can sure use you now but we dont want what happend last year to repeat itself,,so take your time and come back like the TMac we all loved to see ball,,,and trust me we know you can ball,,JUST LOOK AT THE ALL STAR VOTES,,,

Ben | on 11/12/09

cant wait to see you back on the floor

fanting | on 11/12/09

I believe you..

andrew | on 11/12/09

I am so excited for you to get back out there and take over again..You have always been one of my top players and your journey outside of basketball is truly inspiring.. You have always been a great role model, good luck!

aurelio | on 11/12/09 always welcum tmac..
you re d best..this dec.15 is ny bday.. its a rocket game againts piston hope to see u there dat will b my best gift..from you..tmac..

Wu | on 11/12/09

Hello, my idol. I come from China, English is not very good, like you can understand.
You know you have the talent to make everyone envious. In China, people always like to take you and Kobe comparison, because in China you have the same popularity. Kobe time and again but when I see an opponent down and won the championship last year, which makes us feel lost. How I hope you can return to peak, and the impact of Yao Ming with the overall championship games for us to offer a classic game, and even Kobe beat. I was once an athlete, so I feel your situation is very sorry and sad.
Want to get your response, refueling. A good game, we will always support you!

Kim Diaz | on 11/12/09

Can’t wait to see u play!

The team plays well, but still, they need a main man.
come back Tracy, bring the rockets in to the finals!

侯倩雯 | on 11/12/09


Vera | on 11/12/09

You are the best one.

Wheat_XX | on 11/12/09

Come on, T-MAC!
We are looking forward to watching your game!!
We love you, miss you!
We vote for you because you are my super star not for YAO!
I hope you can come back soon~ We are waiting for you and we still believe!!!!
Please be more confident and keeping struggling to the end! We love and support you forever!

Xiao Xu | on 11/12/09

Come on, T-MAC!
We are looking forward to watching your game!!
We love you, miss you!
We vote for you because you are my super star not for YAO!
I hope you can come back soon~ We are waiting for you and we still believe!!!!
Please be more confident and keeping struggling to the end! We love and support you forever!

Emmanuel Ayeni | on 11/12/09

I have been a rockets diehard since my school days in Houston. I love the way the Rockets are playing but I would love for T-Mac to be in the game. T-Mac is an all-star calliber and coming in for the Rockets would be a plus. T-Mac if you and the organization think that you should not rush back, please, don’t rush your coming back. Take your time and healed 100% so that when you do come back, you will not miss a bit. Love your game T-Mac. Can’t wait for you to come back. Please, send me your updates. Good luck and happy holidays and Merry Xmas.

ZAIYUE | on 11/12/09

TMAC, I hope you see more of some Chinese fans message, if the translator can not read to you is called Yao Ming

Ronnie B | on 11/12/09


ZAIYUE | on 11/12/09

Hey, TMAC I am your loyal female fans, I really like to see you play, we have these hundreds of thousands of fans are waiting for you to come back, we want you, there is the media saying we are because of Yao Ming Cai to vote for you, those who write the media are dog feces, we are all because you only see NBA, it like it is in your team, the last hope for you Return of the King!! I Love You

Wenlong | on 11/12/09

Hello, I have fans from China, is that you let me fall in love with the sport of basketball, and we will always support you. Finally, I wish you good health forever. Refueling.

bobby ream | on 11/12/09

all my boys says u are washed up but i know you ll be back better than ever i don t know why everyone was counting rockets out u guys could make it to the playoffs but need yao when u get there

XZQ | on 11/12/09


moonby | on 11/12/09

Best wishes, I hope you can return soon. go T-MAC

王喆 | on 11/12/09


Joshua Reaves | on 11/12/09

Thanks for taking the time out to show your appreciation. Also thank you for keeping all your fans updated on your status. we’re all routing for your return! take your time and when you get back please just do your best!

Tmac fan | on 11/12/09

Tracy,we all hope you can return with a good health and highly competetive level.please recive our wishes from China.your new nummber is 3,but you will forever be the NO.1 in our heart and the way,we all hope we can see you in the next season,do not away.

a student in China | on 11/12/09

I really hope that your coach believe you,let you play for the Rockets.I remember the “T-mac time”!There are many fans of you in China,who miss you every day ,every hour,every minute and every second.Come back,Tracy!We need you.

William Shepherd | on 11/12/09

Can’t wait to see you back out there your 1 of the best in the league

John Hu | on 11/12/09

Always waiting for you
Always supporting you
Since Nov.23 I have been looking forward to seeing you again.
But I know you need more time to recover and back to the court.
Doesn’t matter I’m still here, focusing on you Mac

even | on 11/12/09

loving u!!!1
believing u!!!!!!
u r amazing!!
m waiting for u come back!!
just be confident as we fans expect u be!!!

麦米 | on 11/12/09

take good care of yourself

JOJO | on 11/12/09

Darling Tracy, our very cold in china, are you there? You must take good care of themselves, because tens of thousands of fans are worried 。Do not control other people how to say, brave to do your own.

Please remember that we love you ,love you love you love you love you ..
.*★ .    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ` . .

Wang | on 11/12/09


Cliff Messer | on 11/12/09

Tmac you are for sure a beast. As a fan that has a big picture in mind thank you for not rushing coming back, im tired of everyone saying he done when i can tell its just that your not healthy. Once you get back out there we both know you’ll be that great player you always were. Thanks
By the way late in games start dunking on fools and stop shooting jumpers on less they for sure there.

Aaron | on 11/12/09


hebyn | on 11/12/09

Please Shave!
It looks not so good。

Yuan | on 11/12/09

Hope you feel awesome when you go back to the game!

HisKeviness | on 11/12/09

Whassup, T-Mac! The later you come back, the worse I feel about your future in Houston… I trust your game and know you’re in shape (thanks to Tim Grover but it’s getting so long: Ariza’s new status, 2010 free agency and your (well deserved)salary… I want you so much to prove all the haters they were wrong… God Bless U

ezduzit! | on 11/12/09

i am glad you are doing what your suppose to do to get back 100. it shows the dedication and thats what being a rocket is all about. youll always be #1 to me!!!!

gabriel | on 11/12/09

why didn’t you wanna play against cavs on fri?

eric | on 11/12/09

yo mac im so glad to hear that you’ll be playing soon, and about the all star only the bests deserve to be in dallas and i know in my heart that you are one of them bcoz even if you’re just 50% healthy you are still better than 80% of the players in the nba ,all i can say is you are one of the best that ever played the game and will always look up to you man

Cao ZeZheng | on 11/12/09

Hi! I am your fan, votes I for yours entire star to feel happy, because we can see you in the entire star’s athletic field, unfold your talent, remembers, even if resurfaces, must pay attention to the body, I may not hope, in saw some people said “in the history the most expensive cheering team”, ha-ha! I as well as my schoolmate and the friends has voted in entire star’s voting for you, we believed that you can achieve well! You can remember our these from China’s fan, we can be happy! We forever support you! refuels! Tracy McGrady!!! Your faithful fan Cao Zezheng

Tim Franklin | on 11/12/09

That’s right! We got your back. Just make sure to have ours when you get back out there.

You hurt! We Hurt!
You Lose! We Lose!
You hear it! We hear it!

TeamMac united as 1!

Get To It!

Stef | on 11/12/09

I vote 4 U everyday
U my idol, i model my game after u, cant wait to see you
play again,
hopefull you can get back to your old form,
good Luck!

Kamil Patel | on 11/12/09

Are you playing today?

g-junior | on 11/12/09

Man im happy 4 u t-mac. Hope u are back soon i want 2 see u out playin right now.

chen nian gui | on 11/12/09

T-mac,‘m Looking forward to your return, we must know that no one can stop you score, I am your fans from China, I hope you see this message, smile and laugh as one. Return of the King …

Joe | on 11/12/09

Dude, getting voted into the All-Star game without stepping foot on the court in a game shows your dominance in the NBA. Like so many other fans, I am itching to see you cut to the basket and dunk on someone’s head. Counting down the time to T-Mac’s return!!!!!!!

danny | on 11/12/09

hey t-mac
we’re waiting for your comeback so long =)
hurry up man ;)
i’ve seen your team has now a good rhythm and ariza fits very good in your team.
with a good mac the conference finals should be possible ;)
if you’re my friend you’ll play next week :D

siam | on 11/12/09

yo man i heard the great news i voted for you bro good luck man tmac we are just waiting for ya

颓废 | on 11/12/09

永远支持你T-MAC 你是我的偶像 祝你早日回到赛场上! 让质疑你的人闭嘴

Eric Hong | on 11/12/09

I been with you since the raptors days Tmac!!
I vote for you for the all-star game every chance I get.
you deserve it. The allstar game would be a wonderful place to show people that you still are among the elite. come back strong and healthy pumpkin head!

Krzysiek | on 11/12/09

The Best Swingman in the Nba will be back !!! I love You

YY Wang | on 11/12/09

i come from China. oooops! i need to declare that most Chinese fans knew Tmac before they knew Yao n they love Mac not because of Yao Ming. American Media always have misunderstandings. i ve been a TMAC fan for almost 10 years when TMAC transfered to MAGIC from Toronto. I always watch back the spectacular video about u when u r in MAGIC and early HOUSTON. believe all ya fans like do so. we support u always no matter what happen we always stand on ur side. We need u back n come on, lets enjoy ya show.!!!!!

Tony Swafford | on 11/12/09

Hey T-Mac i hope you get back soon!! i can feel it this is the year the Rockets go all the way with you leading them and put all the ppl that say your done and washed up that your the best SG in the NBA your the man T-Mac!!! oh and get back soon cuz my fantasy team is getting killed!!

Jason | on 11/12/09

t-mac i hope u get back soon with fire and heart and prove all the doubters wron i belive in you

gregT-MAC BIGGEST FAN | on 11/12/09


Ronnell Hodges | on 11/12/09

McGrady, just take your time… I know it’s a lot of he say and she say in the media.. but here in H-town we are glad you here and can’t wait to see you out their.. So take your time and when it’s time i know you gonna shine…. I seen you when you was in Chi- town working hard trying to get back, and i seen you play, and you is looking good on the court…. So keep your head up and H-town is gonna support you all the way….

Jairo R. Rodriguez Monegro | on 11/12/09

Hola t-mac soy un fiel fanatico tuyo y fui uno de lo que vote, tu regreso es uno de lo mas esperados por tudos tus fans, espero que sea pronto y ya sabes a dar lo mejor de ti!!!!

Aurelio | on 11/12/09 r my..idol..plss..come im always trying you to be part of the all team. Your the best

shaun medwynter | on 11/12/09

you are the best i vote for u 3 times a day wit 2 accounts from nba .com and from my fone and i cant wait until you get back on that court and prove everybody wrong and show that u still can be T-MAC and dont listen to all the bad judgement of others bcuz they dont know damn and they are just bandwagon people and the reason why you deserve a shotis bcuz u are the best and just because u didnt play a game this season im happy to kno that there are still people out there that know who you can be when healthy and i know that ur better than kobe dwayneand lebron they just have not witnessed it yet like i have but come bck soon

Fiona | on 11/12/09


julio resendez | on 11/12/09

You are my favorite player i beleive in you 150%, cant waite till you return. i want to see you play ball. i go to alot of roackets game and try to get your autograph so bad, but i cant afford the seats close enought to get to you… dream is to have you sign my jersay i got of you..the number 1 jersery…i am going to buy the new one with the number 3 on it soon. i will not ever give up until i get your autograph on my jersey so i can hang it up on my wall.

I know you will make the rockets team complete and no matter where you play i will follow you till the end.

you number one fan

Julio Resendez

DBB | on 11/12/09

Go T-Mac!!

Arric | on 11/12/09

We can’t wait to see you fighting on the court!!

Daniel | on 11/12/09

Hey whats up Mac i wanted to know if you can tell me when your coming back if anything can you come back and play against toronto that will be a great thing thanks

J. Rios | on 11/12/09

T-Mac we need you back!!!! Everyone is so anxious to see you mesh with the rest of the team! We could smash the competition with you back on the squad!!!!

Yin | on 11/12/09

all my best wishes, I has become your fans since 18 when I was in China, still waiting your return, you are the best!!!
just do it!

alex.Yang | on 11/12/09

Dont give up,i believe you can find yourself.
come back and make thme shut up who seneer at u.
Play up,if u want that you can!

Yinch | on 11/12/09

I know it’s only the first round in the All-Star Voting, but congrats! I’ve been consistently voting for you each day and I’m so happy for you and the results thus far.
Glad that you’re doing better and getting more comfortable in your practices as you work your way back to the team’s chemistry. I truly can’t wait to witness the player that you once were and that you’re going to be…you’re gonna be on Fire when you come back. I believe in you! Hopefully, you’ll be back before the end of this year so I can see you in action in Los Angeles on 01/05/10!

jtnap | on 11/12/09

I still believe in yo Mac, cant wait until you get back out there on the court. Keep working hard and when u come back I know you will be superstar status again!!!!

Nick | on 11/12/09

Hey,Tracy,don’t forget that I just have voted for you of the All-Star Game which will be hosted in Dallas.It’s my hornor.All we hope is that you should get back thefitness and blow up the competitors when come back to the court.And we also hope you can wear your uniform in Dallas All-Star Game. A lot of guys say Tracy this Tracy that,go your own way regardless of what people say.Tracy,we love you so much.I know you still have the power which can fly over a player and slam dunk or throw 3 point without restraint.You can do whatever Kobe can do on the court,we as your fans from China admire and trust you forever,we will support you permanently.

Rey J. Segarra Zayas | on 11/12/09

Only you know what you can give in the court, and I see a man that is not done yet, i see a man with confidence even with what’s going on, and you what, that how its gotta be. You need nobody except yourself and your family. Just do your thing T, believe, and with God’s approval, everything will fall into place. Trust me, you got this.

Harjas | on 11/12/09

Tmac.. cmon.. we r waiting for u.. cant wait to c u exploding in the court and proving all of ure haters and my frindz rong.. lv ya man… plz come on quick..

小瑜 | on 11/12/09

T-Mac , you are the best!

wujunyang | on 11/12/09

I am a student from China, I am very very like you —- Tmac, injury bring you a lot of pain, I hope you recover from injury and return to the ranks of the top stars and look forward to your race, I will always support you. .

Veronica Banks | on 11/12/09

I am a red rowdie, and I am sooo excited. But I will be more excited when you return, you are a great player, and I know that you will help us to make it to the playoffs. I can not wait until your return, we need you, the team needs you. Quick recovery hopefully. See you when you return. God Bless and keep the faith.

周芳芳 | on 11/12/09

麦迪,you are just yourself ,dont affect by the so-called experts,try you best to recover,and show youself with perfect performance,i believe you ,you are the best in my heart forever!!!!!!!!every chinese fans cant help watching you playing basketball,come on!!!!像男人一样去战斗!!!

Sam T | on 11/12/09

YO! I saw some practice vids of you! Your style is so fun to watch! Show the coach wsup on Defense!

KI | on 11/12/09

Tmac, you are always allstar!!!

min | on 11/12/09

HI ,mac , rally miss you, want you to back to the court, miss the shot you make, miss the dunk you make, miss the depressed eye when the defender can’t do anything but let you make the score, I miss everything when you are in the court. I see you practing video with battier, it’s awesome,dude!So, come back ,let people know NBA doesn’t only have Kobe, Lebrown ,TMAC is back!

Andrew Cable | on 11/12/09


Don’t give up on us here in H-Town. We are so excited about the possibilty of your return. I know that there is alot of speculation out there but your fans here in Houston need you to remain a Rocket…...Thanks You are a true athlete and sportsman.

Andrew Cable

Adolph | on 11/12/09

Come on T-MAC, looking foward to your coming back, Where an amazing star coming back happens~ Go Straight Ahead Go

Maroun | on 11/12/09

i cant wait to hear that from the commentators… lets go tracy you can do this and come back as one of the best players out there. We are all waiting for your return.

take care Tracy, get well soon!


Cang Li | on 11/12/09

T-mac,hope you can come back soon.And I can’t stand that the rockets games without you

OWGS | on 11/12/09

TMAC please train hard, do your best..
and when the time comes play with all your heart..

even you dont have championship rings,
i still love your game.. i really wanna see you play
pls pls pls comeback

Nick | on 11/12/09

Hey,Tracy,don’t forget that I just have voted for you of the All-Star Game which will be hosted in Dallas.It’s my hornor.All we hope is that you should get back thefitness and blow up the competitors when come back to the court.And we also hope you can wear your uniform in Dallas All-Star Game. A lot of guys say Tracy this Tracy that,go your own way regardless of what people say.Tracy,we love you so much.I know you still have the power which can fly over a player and slam dunk or throw 3 point without restraint.You can do whatever Kobe can do on the court,we as your fans from China admire and trust you forever,we will support you permanently.

Nick from China

your fans | on 11/12/09

come on T-mac!I like you.And I will always suport you.

Uuganbayar | on 11/12/09

You’re the best

Enter your name... | on 11/12/09

come on

yu ming | on 11/12/09

T-mac : I love you。。。。。。~~!!

shi lin | on 11/12/09

Dear Tracy,I’v been your fan for a long time,I’m full of respect for you.After looking your news today,I hope I could see you at the floor as soon as possible really.Expect you return.I’ll keep supporting you.

Lorenzo Walker | on 11/12/09

hope he comes back n be as great as he was when he was with the magics

love mac forever | on 11/12/09

Hey! Still remember me? I was 8 years has been supporting your fans in China … Although you have encountered many difficulties, but I have not disappointed in you, but even look forward to your comeback performance, no matter what happens, I will always support you and wish you an early return to venue, playing a superstar level, to the NBA proved you are the strongest!v

guokaichen | on 11/12/09

T-mac,come on! I will keep supportting you forever.Besides thank you for the happiness you bring to us no matter in magic or rockets.It is a happy thing to be your fan.

love mac forever | on 11/12/09

Hey! Still remember me? I was 8 years has been supporting your fans in China … Although you have encountered many difficulties, but I have not disappointed in you, but even look forward to your comeback performance, no matter what happens, I will always support you and wish you an early return to venue, playing a superstar level, to the NBA proved you are the strongest!

Tracy | on 11/12/09

Tracy,you are still the unique one! You deserve the hornor .Waiting ~~~~

maltose | on 11/12/09

I will pray for you I have always believed that you will give us a miracle

anny | on 11/12/09

we believe U forever!!!!

LIQI | on 11/12/09

come on ,hero,we are always here for you.

Taurus | on 11/12/09

That’s right Tracy!! We are behind you 110%!! Just take your time. If you got 14 haterzzz, figure out how to get 20 before the All Star I used to get angry and upset about the negative comments towards you, but I figure “haterzzz” got a job to do also.. Stay up Mac! Try to stay in good spirits!! You will shine once again soon.. Either way give that glory to GOD man! You can’t rest now!! Let’s GO!!!! GOD Bless you..

李琪 | on 11/12/09

I really enjoyed your performance on the court,and I am sure you’ll come back with a great surprise to show .Just keep on training,no one can stop you .

Andrew | on 11/12/09

Hi T-mac!
I have been waiting for your debut this 2009-2010 season! I’m your loyal fan! i voted you each and every day for the all star game, i check out the yahoo sports, houston chronicle, and for all the updates on your return date..
Glad to hear that you’re healthy in practice. just want to know if your explosiveness is back and tim grover said he expects you to jump as high as back in your toronto days?? Its gonna be pretty exciting to watch you healthy! i hope you can be a player better than lebron james! pls prove it to us that your better than anybody else as long as your healthy.. Get the MVP this season and Bring houston to the promise land, i truly believe with a healthy t-mac and great supporting cast without yao ming can win it all. Go tmac! I admire you as a player and as a person. great compassion for the african people. Godbless! LEts go rockets!

Enter your name... | on 11/12/09

u welcome me n your real true friends are ready 2 c u play!!

程晨 | on 11/12/09

Yeah!Dear T-MAC,I know it is a matter of time.And i believe you can back to the peak of your career again.Just practice and practice.All the fans are on your side eternally endless.

白 | on 11/12/09

T-mac,I love you very much, we always suppot you. 加油!麦迪!

kelland | on 11/12/09

Mac, when I knew the result this morning, I felt very exciting. We vote for you everyday!We want to see you on the 2010 All Star Game. We love you . All the Mac fans, let’s continue to vote for TMac. Come on , go go go !

Yunfeng,Zhang | on 11/12/09

Hi,t-mac!Actually,i am not kinda a real basketball fan,but i’m totally attracted and moved when i saw you play on the NBA court.I just come here to hope you will be healthy and not traped by hurts and injuries any more,so that you can go forward to lead the Huston team to go up a higher notch than before.Anyway,nomatter waht decision you will make or any problems you will face,i am always there supporting you.I can’t wait to see you again on the TV,and I believe nothing could beat you and you are the best in my mind.I wanna share with you about one sentence i learnt several days ago,which says“To strive,to seek,to find,but not to yeild”,so,come on, excepting your “Return of the King”!

chen | on 11/12/09

Tracy,voting for you is our duty and we all glad to do it.
Because we want to see you in the game of all-star
Although we are so eager to see your performance,but we will be patient and waiting for you…
I’m so happy to see your smile from your heart,Come on,we believe in you!!!

Ivan Cheung | on 11/12/09

Tracy , I am looking forward to your return every day , I deeply believe that you will solve all of the problems , and show us your powerful dinks again~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

李 | on 11/12/09

Good luck

jayjerry | on 11/12/09

back i ur best form ! i still believe …so do we!

u r always the best ,,,past ,now ,and the future!

u make us believe u ,so never let us down .ok?

mac, do u know how many fans are here in china or how deeply they love u ?

i guess u can feel it now~!u are still the prince ,and the lord.

someday u can come to BAIDU to check that so many fans r out there supportig u .they seem to never get tired…includig me!

mac, just go in the right way ..u have pushed urself so far ,so u know ,never qiut ,never go backward and be careful about running in the wise direction.

i m here wacthing u ,so r those hot fans.

mac ,sometimes i feel like that i can obsolutely understand u.mac, just push further and further.

last but not least ,WE STILL BELIEVE!

jing | on 11/12/09

You will come back as a hero.

Cih | on 11/12/09

T-mac,Ilove u,plz back

张帅 | on 11/12/09

come on T-mac you are always the best and it will never change 。there is no reason to like you

李瑶 | on 11/12/09

I am a female fan from China, my first time watching basketball liked you, I also started to pay attention from NBA, because you, I love this campaign, no matter where you are, regardless of whether you are a rocket I like to support you! I hope you all is well! Refueling

amihz | on 11/12/09

hi Tracy
hope that u can see this
all the best wishes for u

i know your feelings about those things that let u down
and those things that deal a blow at u
maybe i don’t have a correct expression
actually what i want to say is that i know what a real MAN u are
although there are so many different voices

just be PATIENT enough and keep trying
don’t give up
but also don’t force yourself so much

i can comprehend u and will always support u
cuz i know that Tmac is a good man and a great player

come on be back again to start a new legend
stand up and never be down again

高晶 | on 11/12/09

Refueling, I will always stand together with you, I believe you, support you, bless you, I believe you will be back after the world’s most perfect, the best players, the world is only one TMAC, I will always love you, Return of the King waiting for you!

amihz | on 11/12/09

hi Tracy
hope that u can see this
all the best wishes for u

i know your feelings about those things that let u down
and those things that deal a blow at u
maybe i don’t have a correct expression
actually what i want to say is that i know what a real MAN u are
although there are so many different voices

just be PATIENT enough and keep trying
don’t give up
but also don’t force yourself so much

i can comprehend u and will always support u
cuz i know that Tmac is a good man and a great player

come on be back again to start a new legend
stand up and never be down again | on 11/12/09

come on and to be our T-mac! the best player! what we want to see is a healthy T-mac on the court!

Wang Tianfu | on 11/12/09

I hope you will be back soon, of course,you must be healty first! Come on! Tmac!Love you!

塞伦盖蒂 | on 11/12/09

Tracy最帅!你是我心中永远的神!任何流言蜚语都阻挡不了我对你的支持!!相信你会马上恢复健康!马上回到球场的!我在Shanghai祝福你!!I love T-MAC forever!!I love T-MAC !!!~~~~

小蛋。 | on 11/12/09

If the world betrayed you, I accompany you betray the whole world

alwen | on 11/12/09

if i were God ,i will give you all the energy around the world

小蛋。 | on 11/12/09

t-mac t-mac t-mac t-mac i love you ..
.*★ .    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ` . .

ice-cream | on 11/12/09

hi ,T-MAC, i,m a china girl ,i love you long time ,you are the hearts of god honey wheat.

t-mac1 | on 11/12/09

Chinese fans will always support you never stop to love t-mac

麦米 | on 11/12/09

加油哦 麦迪 要照顾好自己 期待着你的古来 我们永远支持你

jinghong | on 11/12/09

Hi,come back!

麦米 | on 11/12/09


麦米 | on 11/12/09


赵德柱 | on 11/12/09

T-MAC MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Still T-mac | on 11/12/09

Houston never give up!

And you are my hero!

I will be with you forever!

麦米 | on 11/12/09


Kan.Yang | on 11/12/09

T-Mac,T-Mac,T-Mac…I’m eager to see you return the field:)

麦米 | on 11/12/09


WangMengjia | on 11/12/09

I still love you baby,and it never change!
We still believe in you even you are not believe in yourself!

(苦 澀﹞ 旳 | on 11/12/09

很简单的话语 加油

Hanson | on 11/12/09

T-mac, Mvp!

奇迹 | on 11/12/09

I WILL SUPPORT YOU FOREVE!Hoping you can come back and give us a wonderful performance.

Hanson 黄 | on 11/12/09

Mac, I am a Chinese student.
Be confident.
Try your best.
You know it , so many people around the world have been supporting you,forever,to the end.
You are the best!
We love you!

Seven li | on 11/12/09

I am one of your fans in china,we are all expecting your return!`come on !T-MAC!

akos | on 11/12/09

Hey Mac,

We that you’re an all-star now, after your surgery even though we haven’t seen you this season. But every T-Mac fan know that there’s gonna be a stunning performance by YOU on the court when you come back healthy. I’m always going to support you! Just be patient, you don’t have to prove anything! When you come back that’s gonna be my best day of the year! Keep on workin! AND EVERYONE KEEP VOTIN’!!!! for our BEST GUARD... Tracy McGrady ;)

cc | on 11/12/09

We support you forever!Hope you can be back soon!

C-CAO | on 11/12/09

Mac,cheer up,to await superman returns !

我爱麦迪,very much | on 11/12/09

Tracy, I just wanted to let you know that you are the best, not only as a player, you are a very good friend,too! I have read your game for five years, I was looking at your game and growth. Around the world, especially in China, you have thousands of fans! All my friends like you! Do you take after recovering, 100% reply is one of the world’s miracle! We’d like to see you play! Without your ,the NBA game vapid! We love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sheryzheng | on 11/12/09

For the first time in your blog message, but I have been your fans. Because you, I did like the NBA, the NBA is not exciting without you. Look forward to your every movement on the basketball court, I wait for you. Will always support you! ! !

bombjacks | on 11/12/09

I hope you recover soon

爆弹JACKS | on 11/12/09

希望你早日恢复健康.I hope you recover soon!

ante | on 11/12/09


P.S T-mac MVP

Scofield | on 11/12/09

Hey man,just come back.Where there is T-Mac,there is me!

sheryzheng | on 11/12/09

For the first time in your blog message, but I have been your fans. Because you, I did like the NBA, the NBA is not exciting without you. Look forward to your every movement on the basketball court, I wait for you. Will always support you! ! !

sheryzheng | on 11/12/09

For the first time in your blog message, but I have been your fans. Because you, I did like the NBA, the NBA is not exciting without you. Look forward to your every movement on the basketball court, I wait for you. Will always support you! ! !

B5 | on 11/12/09

Hi,Tracy! No matter what happend,there will still be so many people all over the world who believe you and trust you can play again. We will be extremely happy only when we see you on the court.But in the meantime, we sincerely hope that your injury is fully healed.We need a healthy and happy T-mac. I don’t konw if you can see this words,but I will prayer for you from my heart!Love you forever…

David Huang | on 11/12/09

We all believe you will com back,and get better.

张必武 | on 11/12/09

Hi,Tracy! No matter what happend,there will still be so many people all over the world who believe you and trust you can play again. We will be extremely happy only when we see you on the court.But in the meantime, we sincerely hope that your injury is fully healed.We need a healthy and happy T-mac. I don’t konw if you can see this words,but I will prayer for you from my heart!Love you forever…

张必武 | on 11/12/09

Hi,Tracy! No matter what happend,there will still be so many people all over the world who believe you and trust you can play again. We will be extremely happy only when we see you on the court.But in the meantime, we sincerely hope that your injury is fully healed.We need a healthy and happy T-mac. I don’t konw if you can see this words,but I will prayer for you from my heart!Love you forever…

xiahaifeng | on 11/12/09

hello!you are great!kobe,james and you are so greatful.I is one of loyal to your,I expect you recover well and creat 35s 13 again!
whatis your date of turn up nba ?I am look forword to it!

Alpha | on 11/12/09

No Doubt Dunn- Take your time- I wanna see you play but i don’t wanna cover my face- you feel me


bhee | on 11/12/09

hi tmac! yeah, take your time healing… i just read matt harpring’s article about your surgery and i know u can overcome those challenges and regain your strength as the young tmac again before! get well soon… see you next week’s game???hihi

张必武 | on 11/12/09

Hi,Tracy! No matter what happend,there will still be so many people all over the world who believe you and trust you can play again. We will be extremely happy only when we see you on the court.But in the meantime, we sincerely hope that your injury is fully healed.We need a healthy and happy T-mac. I don’t konw if you can see this words,but I will prayer for you from my heart!Love you forever…

dearr | on 11/12/09

love u mac!!

J,T | on 11/12/09

t-mac! come on! i know u 9years .i want to tell U that i love u not for yao. you re a fighter!

Guo Honglei | on 11/12/09

Refueling I will support you forever.

cortez lloyd | on 11/12/09

yo mac i just wanted to say that you are the man on and off the court.. you inspire me in so many ways even though we have never met.. i like the way you make a way out of no way from the way you played as a raptor to the magic you brought in orlando and now you doing you in houston.. i just wanted to say thanks for the character you display on and off the court and i wanted to say ur the best to me even though i suppose to be a jordan fan cuz im from chicago.. but yeah i still think the 13 points in 38 seconds against the spurs was the best think to happen to basketball.. cant wait to see you on the courts and all star game -cortez

J,T | on 11/12/09

t-mac !I love u forever,and I want to tell you that i love u not for yao!i love u everything.come on !come back to be a fighter!

loving tracy | on 11/12/09

i am loving you as i love myself

dorjoo | on 11/12/09

rick adelman fack you away . T-mac come back play

乔磊 | on 11/12/09


Lordi | on 11/12/09

mac ,you said:you will be back.And ,I am always waiting…

Feter | on 11/12/09

you are the best

Houston BABY!!! | on 11/12/09

the greatest can take how ever long he wants.ITS T-MAC!!!! this aint no scrub… cough cough d wade kb24 lbj

Trick | on 11/12/09

i believe u

Rkj | on 11/12/09


杨 | on 11/12/09

I’m really really really expecting your coming back and fighting with your rockts teamates. And i always you and yao are the best partner.Hope your staying in the houston and make a champion next year!!!!

Sammy | on 11/12/09

Hey Tracy…just wanted to let you know that there are more T Mac fans than haters out there and the true Rockets fans cant wait to get you back. I dont know what people are thinking, who doesnt need a 20 5 and 5 guy out there on the floor. I do believe with you and the supporting cast yall can get H Town another championship. Get well and get back on the court as soon as possible. We need a few more 13 points or whatever it was in 30 sec before its all said and done. Peace T Mac

P.S. im still keeping you on the bench for my fantasy team so i really need you back asap. haha No but really get well soon man

谷雨 | on 11/12/09

Hey man, i ve been wating for long. and i m now looking forward yr wonderfull return!

Kyle Lowry | on 11/12/09

Hey, mac. Best Player forever!

True Worrior of Rox City!

Could you send me back an email??

I would give you something for gift from my dedication to you!
Awaiting for your return on the court!
I can’t wait any more. Get Back, Buddy!

daming LI | on 11/12/09

nothting . just love you!!

kobeshi | on 11/12/09

hello,mac。i think you are veryclever,you are the no。1!!!!

xin | on 11/12/09

Bless you, hope everything can get better, get better as soon as possible, so that those of us lonely fans can see that from the high-spirited as soon as possible of the T-mac.
Refueling T-mac.

T-mac chinese fans | on 11/12/09

The most important thing is health and patience
don’t anxious to return because of the All - Star
You should believe that the coach ,teammates
And believe in ourselves
The target is the NBA championship, therefore, later comeback at all.
You must be totally defeated battier, Ariza and Hayes to return
otherwise, how with garnett, kobe, James competition?
Come on, T - mac. Become faster and stronger than before any time come back again

高海涛 | on 11/12/09

thank you too,T-Mac!We will voting for you!

xin | on 11/12/09

Bless you, hope everything can get better, get better as soon as possible, so that those of us lonely fans can see that from the high-spirited as soon as possible of the T-mac.
Refueling T-mac.

cuikai | on 11/12/09

We are waiting for you!
We believe you !
NO matter wherever you go,I will surport you forever!
I still hope you stay at Houston and play with YAO!
Thanks for your performence to us rockets fans and tmac fans

邓锦云 | on 10/12/09


张冬 | on 10/12/09


mario | on 10/12/09

hope you come back soon.. houston needs you and I believe you will fit perfect with the current team.. rockets are already playing a good up tempo game now imagine that with t mac in the mix!! take your time t mac come back when you have to, half a season is more than enough time for the rockets to become even better and make some noise in the playoffs..

yongsheng | on 10/12/09

hi: t-mac it’s very happen to see you!! i’m come far from west of china,i want to say ,don’t care somebody talk shit ,juse do your best!!and try do your best !!!you’re the grest basketball payler in this earth !!you like your last senaon number no1!!!best hope foe you !and for your team!rockets!!! come on!!!!!


董良丰 | on 10/12/09


zaiyue | on 10/12/09


杰 | on 10/12/09

↘_ 有一种爱情,叫 出真心难换真爱 . 有一种信仰,叫 特雷西·麦克格雷迪 。

COME ON!!!T-MAC!!!!!

Enter your name... | on 10/12/09

you are the best~ go go go !

Urgent | on 10/12/09

I know this unday your in Toronto and my thing is that i want to interview you for my school website . and talk about darfur your role how people in our school can help . man i made big promise and i said i got mr. tracy Mcgrady cman help me out and email me back at wat you see please this weekend. saturday when you come in let me know. and i`ll give you way to cantact me please.

thank you

william macabante | on 10/12/09

wassuuup!!!! tmac, im william macabante from the philippines i would like you to know im your no. fan in the philippines until now!!! i hope someday you paly again in the all star game in dallas pls email me [email protected] god bless!!! and good,good health

hepan | on 10/12/09

T-MAC,come on ,I always support you! hoping to paly soon.

jake | on 10/12/09

mac, come on!

you cn do it!!

fans of phillipines are wating for you!


binziy | on 10/12/09


Jessie | on 10/12/09

Hey T-Mac!we are love you forever,hope you come as soon as possible!!we are wait a long time!!!

Jessie | on 10/12/09

Hey T-Mac.we are love you forever,hope you come as soon as possible!!we are wait a long time!!!

ElySian | on 10/12/09

I vote for u because of your legs~!!!

oho~~ so happy for ur recovery..


刘笑 | on 10/12/09


next tracy | on 10/12/09

Word on the streat is allstar game this year is in dallas cowboys new stadiun , if thats the place is sick and great

funny thing last time you played aaron brooks was brooks everybody is playing in new level and offcourse your boy yao isn`t their you guys can go far

is like scary movie you know it is not real but you trick your mind and you believe it evan though it is not real

what am saying believe it, work 4 it and you will achieve it
nba champion baby .

goodluck and rember …......................

ZR | on 10/12/09

T-mac,good afternoon,I strongly believe that you can get to the top,come on, just do it!

ElySian | on 10/12/09


紫弦 | on 10/12/09


ryan | on 10/12/09

thank god he is coming back soon, but i think that means battier goes to the bench which doesnt help the defense at all. or ariza goes to he bench which i doubt bc he is playing well

Unmistakable | on 10/12/09

man hope you get better , you know how many time i fly to houston to watch you play and you werent there ,

last thing i heard the allstar game is going to on Jerrymahall big stadium i want their when giants and cowboys played their and the tv is bigger than my house

well goodluck and for all the haters let them hate

ZR | on 10/12/09

Good afternoon,T-Mac!I strongly believe that you can get to the top,come on,just do it!

SEAN | on 10/12/09

One thing that never gonna change is that we will support your for whatever reason and forever.

zhouxiaocui | on 10/12/09

I hope you selected the All-Star starter, we will work to that end in. Refueling, my idol!

Xiao hua | on 10/12/09

Because of Yao,I begin to watch NBA,Because of you,I begin to love basketball.Your shooting is so beautiful and perfect.I love you not only your outstanding basketball skills,but also your kind heart.You are happy and kind to help others. come on I Love you for ever.

Allen | on 10/12/09

Most fans here are chinese

yongsheng | on 10/12/09

hi t-mac! it`s good to see you happen,ican`t speak english ,but i think you konw what did i hope you’re the best basketball star in this earth
don’t care some rubbish break wind !! just do your best!!

from west china fans

kill-mac | on 10/12/09

come on! t-mac.. foever love you…....

刘秋翎 | on 10/12/09

We love you and we trust you.
Waiting for your back.

孙磊 | on 10/12/09

我挺你 麦子

kobe is dog | on 10/12/09

go mcgardy

kobe is dog | on 10/12/09

go,t-mac。you’re the no。1 kobe is nothing fight him


Chinese Fan | on 10/12/09

Keep healthy, i’m waiting for you back, waiting for your amazing performance. Good luck

smartwei | on 10/12/09

Hi T-mac! Iam one of your chinese fans.There are a lot of your fans around me,please don’t give up.We always support you.
I am a college student,I will go to America to watch you playing when i have enough money.Hopefully you are still on the court.Insists on being yourself.

Eugenie | on 10/12/09

Come On!!!

Eugenie | on 10/12/09

Come on! Looking forward to your back~

Bill S | on 10/12/09

Come on Tracy, we all know you’re going to back in the field not as a player but as a king!!! Come on we all believe in you!!>ˇ< | on 10/12/09

hello.I just a number of chinese fans in a
Today,no wish wo see you blog,very pleased,very pleased
My English not good,this is my first time ues for the message to others,but still want to leave something
Refueling,aways support you and look forward to your return of the king

wimcgrady | on 10/12/09

Hi T-mac! Iam one of your chinese fans.There are a lot of your fans around me,please don’t give up.We always support you.
I am a college student,I will go to America to watch you playing when i have enough money.Hopefully you are still on the court.Insists on being yourself.

faya | on 10/12/09

T-MAC just keep going we will always be here!!!

千醉 | on 10/12/09

Hi T-Mac , Come On .

a boy from China | on 10/12/09


Ginubrian | on 10/12/09

congrats man!!! yeah take your time dude. thank you for always blogging. not many players do it. you keep us up to date. how about a video? :D.

love tmac | on 10/12/09

tmac we are love you forever,hope you come as soon as possible!!we are wait a long time!!!

朱鹏 | on 10/12/09

go go go ,t-mac

朱鹏 | on 10/12/09

tmac,go go go……
fans of china are looking you

周晓颖 | on 10/12/09


Zhang Guo chen | on 10/12/09

13/35s!!!!Who can play above this???!!!!We support you for ever!Hope you can be back soon!!!!

zhaoxiaoyi | on 10/12/09

Hope see you soon!Love you forever!!!!

Alex | on 10/12/09

Hey TMAC!Good luck to you!Hope c u on the count soon!!

zhouxiaocui | on 10/12/09

hey,cheer up,T-mac!!!!!

wang | on 10/12/09

Dear Tracy, Do you know there are 80% vots from chinese fans,so I wish if you come back soon,to be an All-Star player again,I think that is good. 送给你最好的祝福。And if you give me an e-mail Iwill be very happy.

YinJiatian | on 10/12/09

come on, Tracy! don’t forget Chinese fans,we all believe you!

YinJiatian | on 10/12/09

come on, Tracy! don’t forget Chinese fans,we all believe you!

Don Black | on 10/12/09


Carlos Sotelo Jr. | on 10/12/09

I could’ve only dreamed McGrady would be playing in this years all star game. I’m 16 years young, YOU ARE MY FAVORITE BASKETBALL PLAYER OF ALL TIME. In my eyes, there’s no one better than you. When you make your return to the NBA I know for sure which ever team you play for (Houston Rockets) I know, without a doubt in my mind YOU WILL GET THAT RING, CHAMPIONSHIP, & PARADE!!! I got all my skills from watching you play. My jump shot is not just like yours is, but I get my style of play from you. Everyone has their idols and role models or whatever. You are my idol, whether you read this or not I will still look up to you, and you’ll still be my hero.

lynn | on 10/12/09

Come on,MAC.though you are still on your recovery road,I believe in your strong will and your capacity to be yourself in court!Waiting to see T-MAC!

Santron Benjamin | on 10/12/09

I’m so ready for your return. lets turn the league upside down again! So many haters, let them hate. I know you will be the same old T-mac. Later

Chuck | on 10/12/09

Mac, please go back! I know that U must have had a hard time, but U should remember that people who really love u will support u forever.

YI | on 10/12/09

In China, many people like you though you are somewhat disappointed but has not yet given up on your favorite filling

sevent | on 10/12/09

You are my idol ,expect to see you in the court.

Michael | on 10/12/09

We will keep voting for you Mac and i hope to see you on the ALL-STAR game doing you thing

SJJ | on 10/12/09


JC | on 10/12/09

Always support u! Can’t wait to see u playing again!

Howie | on 10/12/09

I am the first one!?!!!

Hasnain | on 10/12/09

Yo no prob tmac…you know we got you even if your injured or not active..we will support you and we appreciate the things you do on the court!
hit me bak man..

Jadd | on 10/12/09

waiting you back
hey man make it soon
it’s really bad to wait

matt skinner | on 10/12/09

great to hear that your getting your fitness back, all your aussie fans cant wait to see you dominate again

Kingway | on 10/12/09

T-MAC!I LOVE YOUI will always support you, you are my heart forever superstar!From the Chinese fans! Very much looking forward to your reply, the above is my e-mail!

Ace | on 10/12/09

I firmly believe that you will be back!

FreddyG956 | on 10/12/09

I hope you get a roster spot on the all star team, Ill be voting for sure. I can’t wait for you to come back and play, you are the missing link on this team, I know that for a fact, I’m no basketball coach but I will be some day. So many haters out there, but brush them off, keep your head up, keep working hard. I love the fact that you give back, you take care of your family, and you love your wife, I admire that. When you come back to Mcallen next year for training camp, Ill ask, so how does it feel to finally win the championship, because i know this team with you added can accomplish that, and will, no doubt. Hope you are back soon, man! im so anxious, take care “Head” lol, i saw your in my own words show today. Good Luck

kevin | on 10/12/09

Ur the best get well soon

Andy | on 10/12/09

wish you back to NBA games soon,and surprise all of us.LOVE AND BEST WISH GIVE YOU!!

young joy | on 10/12/09

Lof u tmc

J-Mac | on 10/12/09

Mac,I love you!!

TOM | on 10/12/09

i belive that you will back and play great games .whatever,you are the only T-mac

Camoton | on 10/12/09

Mac can’t wait for your return. This basketball season is not the same without you. Get back in court 100% and shut the haters all up.

T-MAC·CHINA | on 10/12/09

Please come back

麦迪NO1 | on 10/12/09


Lolo#12 | on 10/12/09

you say you have the best fans in the world

we just thing you deserve the best fans in the world cause you’re a great player. maybe the best player cause you’re not only great on the court, also outside.

supporting you and voting for you e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y as usual :)

anxious, we want to watch you playing again, c’mon T-Mac !!

Summer | on 10/12/09

Hey Mac,we will always support u with no doubt and will keep voting,haha. We are also looking forward to ur back.

kristen | on 10/12/09

Dear Tracy
I have been checking the rockets website every day, your website every day, every day, and your facebook every day to try to find out when you are coming back!
Will you please just let us know ahead of time so that we can be sure to be at the game on the night you return! Please!
We want to make sure that there is a huge ROAR in the Toyota Center when they announce your name. And you just CANT come back on the road! That is not fair! Unless you give us enough notice so that we can get to wherever that game is….
Anyway Tracy, please keep coming to the games because we are happy to see you even on the bench in your amazingly sharp suits and what not… Yes, your loyal fans really look to see if you are there and all!!

So take care and PLEASE give us a heads up!!!!

SPeedY | on 10/12/09

I voted for you because I want to see you playing already, I know you wish you could say F**k the coaches and staff… they should stop bitc*ing and just let you play.. we your fans are confident you can play and stay on the court so why not let you explode the league as you always do :)

kenny wontons | on 10/12/09

come back strong and make the rockets stronger!

Justin | on 10/12/09

What up mac glad to see you coming back strong. Just do me this favor. Dont rush back to soon please! I know you want to play but dont you think it would be better to wait, get fully healthy. Then you show what being t-mac is all about! I know what your thinking man “shutup” but i just want you to be great! And to say you gave it your all. Peace Future hall of Famer!

Hayley Haggard | on 10/12/09

just so you know i get to hear about you all the time from emmanuel villaflor, please come back so that he will stop running to the computer when he gets home to see if you are coming back it is really annoying so alothough he really likes you i wish he would stop,,,,,, but he wont so the only solution is for you to come back because your name is brought up in every convorsation not just about bball and he would die if he met you he would also die if he diddnt meet you and he is amazed by you and he is telling me right now that he wants to drive your car for you…... because i have heard that you are driven fyi if you ever meet him he snorts alot because he is doing it right now and he will probably laugh and it is an annoying laugh he wants me to put his number but i wont because that is weird although it dosent suprise me because he is weird so please come back so he will stop snorting laughing obsessing over you actually he wont stop that. thanks hayley

Salman Munir | on 10/12/09

Take your time and come back strong man! Prove all the haters wrong! You’ve been my favorite player for as long as i can remeber! You just gotta focus on coming back and being the player you once were!

Emmanuel Villaflor | on 10/12/09

Thank you Tracy for being the best player a fan could ever ask for. There’s no question you have a god given talent to play the game of basketball and it has been killing me for about a year now not seeing you out there in that Rockets Red. You are with no question my favorite player of all time and I hope you would finish your career in Houston because we love you!!!

Mike | on 10/12/09

Hey T-mac, I vote everyday for you and your teammates. I know you will continue to work hard. I can’t wait to see you come back and play like the T-mac I know. Keep up the amazing work ethic and stay healthy man. I wish the best to you and the Rockets

rudy | on 10/12/09

yo we as fans just wanted to show u our support .cant wait till u get back. Its a good thing ur takin rick’s advice cause takin it a day at a time is the best way to do it.And i know after a few games youll find ur rythm out on the court.hope to see u in action soon.t-mac the beast

huali zhang | on 10/12/09

t-mac i’m waiting for you !(sorry my english is poor)

Linda Li | on 10/12/09

No matter how your health affect your play in future, you are always loved.

Frankie Jaimes | on 10/12/09

Thank you for not giving up… we roxkets fans respect that. I’ve gone to one season game this year. I promised my wife i wouldn’t return until T-mac is back. It will hurt my pocket… but i’m buying court side tickets… thank god for credit cards! Peace out MAC

Marcia Gong | on 10/12/09

Hey T-Mac, this is marciagong from Mac-Talk. Just saw a video of you going one on one with some Rocket players. Man you looked good. It’s about damn time to show’em what you’re made of. Can’t wait to see you out there on the court. Wish you a successful return.

Marcia Gong | on 10/12/09

Hey T-Mac, this is marciagong from Mac-Talk. Just saw a video of you going one on one with some Rocket players. Man you looked good. It’s about damn time to show’em what you’re made of. Anyway, wish you a successful return..

jimmy.lin | on 10/12/09
I’m come from Mac-Talk~~

jimmy.lin | on 10/12/09


Marcia Gong | on 10/12/09

Just saw a video of you going one on one with other Rocket players. You looked good, man. Can’t wait to see you out there on the court. Been a long time last time you played. It’s about time to show them what’s you are made of. Wish you a successful return.

ali | on 10/12/09

Hope you get well and hit the court soon.

robert lazo | on 10/12/09

man your the best and cnt wait til i see you out there wearing dat rockets red dont leave houston!!!!!!!!!!!

Yuriy | on 10/12/09

Yo T-Mac it’s time for a comeback! I’m lacking those 20+ppg, 5rpg, 5apg in my fantasy pay league. Got you on the bench for a couple months lol. On a serious note, i hope everything plays out well regarding your return. The Rockets need you. 2010 all-star starting SF.

Btw, great job on “3 Points,” you gained alot of respect from me as well as others, i’m sure.

Rain Boy | on 10/12/09

Yo Mac! Take your time man! Don’t hurt yourself again! I am sure you will dominate just like you did before when you get back 100% healthy! Ignore the haters!

Rain Boy

T-mac 4 All star | on 10/12/09

Keep voting for T-Mac, hopefully we’ll see you out there soon

Rohanth | on 10/12/09

Hey Tmac, I was so happy to see the all star voting this morning, i bet u’ll be a starter again and i hope u do a great job coming back in to the season. Every one’s waiting for u to come and rule the court..

And btw what is ur Facebook page??