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Tue, Apr 14th 2009, 16:54

Rehab Update

Hey everyone,

I’m a little overdue on giving you guys an update, so here it goes. First off, I’m feeling great! The rehab is going well and we’re getting good results on everything, but man is it tough. Thankfully I’ve got great doctors and rehab specialists that are helping to make sure I’m doing everything properly and that progress is being made. I can walk around a little bit right now and my leg brace finally will come off this week, which will be nice. I’m just getting to the phase where I can start conditioning other body parts, which I know is important to give my knee support. I’m doing all this in Chicago, so that I can be right here with my doctors and so that I can give this 100% of my attention. I got an apartment here and my family will be joining me here for the summer. Speaking of my family, I recently had my second son, Layden. That makes 4 children in the McGrady clan, and I can’t wait for them to get here so I can spend more time with them. My summer is going to be very low key so that I can focus on rehab. Getting back on the court next year is really the only thing I’m thinking about.

You guys ready for these playoffs to start? Man, I can’t wait. It’s tough to watch your team out there playing when you want to be a part of it so badly, but I’ve turned into the team’s number 1 cheerleader. I get so into the games that my hands get all sweaty just watching because I get nervous. When you are out there and you control your own fate it’s one thing, but watching from home brings a whole new kind of nervous energy. I watch every game and couldn’t be more proud of these guys. Everyone has brought their game to a new level, and they are playing great team basketball. The west is looking tough as usual, but I think we match up well against most of the playoff contenders. I’m going to try to join the team for as many games as possible in the playoffs. I’m hoping to be at all of them, but I’m going to listen to my doctors and see what they suggest in terms of travel and activity.

Anyways, that’s about all that’s going on with me. Just focusing on my rehab and getting excited to watch my boys make a run at the title. Who do you guys think is going all the way this year? My Rockets have enough in the tank for a deep run? Also, who you think is taking home the MVP trophy this year?

As always, thanks for all the love and support you guys keep sending my way.



Yes, I’m interested in updates!


jon | on 14/7/09

I hope we figure out someway to keep you a Rocket. It is July 14, can we get a Rehab update. Are you able to run yet, when will you be able to and when do you think you might get back on the court????

rocketman68 | on 13/7/09

hey tracy when are you going to get back to basketball and bring us home that championship you promesed ? i woul really like to see you back on the court in a rockets uniforme this coming season. we could really use you , and it would really turn the heads of all the raido broadcasters in this town. they all have you written off they say you would not ever play as a rocket again !! prove them wrong or retire with you head between your legs

czarpolo | on 12/7/09

hi! there t-mac just get well soon,, i want you to play again… an i want to see how you smasshh! kobe in the game! get the MVP my men!

JALEEL CONWAY | on 12/7/09


Terrell | on 7/7/09

Mac just keep rehabbing cuz i wanna see u 100 percent cuz wen u are u the best in da game yes better then kobe and lebron

RicHARD | on 27/4/09

Whaen will You play again?

Yrvain Laurent Jr. | on 27/4/09

Most of my friends don’t believe that you can make a comeback and most of them believe that you are done. I for one don’t see that and know that without your injuries you still play at an elite level. So T-Mac my only wish is for you to prove my friends wrong and show them that T-Mac isn’t done till he says he is.

MaRrAbBeKka | on 27/4/09

ciao Tracy,
I hope to see you healthy on the court, as soon as possible, NBA needs you.
Rockets are a very talented team this year and I think they can play the conference finals, with you maybe the 2009 nba finals.
for the MVP trophy my favourite player this year is Wade, but Lebron is the chosen one (you know) by the media… he is a great player bytheway.
for me I like the T-mac way to play basketball :-)
Best wishes for a speedy recovery, and sorry for my english.
A Sicilian fan.

Victor | on 27/4/09

T Mac,
I am so excited that you are doing better, I really hate that you can’t join the Rockets in their playoff run, I know that the championship would for surely be in the bag if you were in the line up, its crazy because you have those knee pains and so do I, I even model my game after yours lol, only difference is I’m 6“3 but I can get up though. I am actually station in San Antonio but I’m a Rockets fan, so I really look foward to watching you guys play them next season, but just keep workin and rehabing and God will take care of the rest, this is kinda off subject but me and my friends were talkin about like” If you saw such and such or Lebron, Kobe, or whomever would you ask for an autograph” I was like “nah man, the only persons autograph I would ever ask for is T Mac” They were like “man you lame man you lame” lol. Well take care and I wish you a speedy recovery, your biggest fan, Vic

Yael Roque | on 27/4/09

well first off, your my favorite basketball player ever since i heard of you man. My friends get on me because of your injury and all that but i always stick and support you im waiting and hoping you come back next season 100% and see what you can do beacuse you have a really good supporting cast in the Houston Rockets! I miss so much how you used to play when you was with the Orlando Magic(which remain my favorite team even though you left) i know your working to get back there and if you do is gonna be a problem for the other NBA teams…

King | on 26/4/09

hey bro, good thing your gettin better. Next season i think is gona be a big redemtion year for you and a couple other players, like arenas, iverson, al jefferson. But yeah next seasons going to be good. This year, lakers are going to win it all with Kobe HOPEFULLY winnin MVP. Your rockets will get passed the first round, but without you…i dont think they can beat the lakers. but hey keep in touch…haha. Have a good summer, and get your knee better.

JB | on 26/4/09

Great to hear you are working hard on the rehab man. I know knee injury’s are really hard to come back from, but I believe that if you put in hard work and dedication you can come back next year and shut up all those doubters and haters.

Btw good job with the Darfur stuff man. God will bless you for you good deeds.

faisal | on 26/4/09

u r the best tracy.we r missing u in playoffs man

赵中原 | on 26/4/09

亲爱的麦迪: 我是一名你中国球迷,中国都掀起了“倒麦潮”,希望你早日康复,
回到丰田中心,让人们看到,久违地无敌1号。告诉全世界,你才是NO.1! 加油! 你的真诚的 来自中国的球迷 赵中原

Jia | on 26/4/09

There are thousands of thousands of comments for each article on your blog,so I don’t know if you will see mine.I think I’ll just write the longest one and then you may notice.

Several years ago you had more fans than you do now.I was one of them.Now,many of them have gone with KB or L James or Wade or someone else.I,am still your fan.As a fan,I always think there’s also responsibility upon me.I fight against the “Mac Black” (not exactly translated but I know you understand) online and even against people around me.Sometimes they ask me:“why are you still liking T-Mac?He’s old & injured and won’t make any difference.Do change one please!“I’ll just smile and shake my head.Coz for me,there are too many things on you that can’t be described in any language.As an amazingly gifted basketball player,you may be tired of these compliments.But I have to say something about it.You may not get a ring in your career but I notice the amazing inspirations and sense of art in your bones,which is more important than any kind of glory I think.Coz this is your glory.It is you who make basketball as an art besides Jordan.Looking at someone on court is just like looking at his life and thoughts deep in his head.It is not convenient to say everything that is on my mind here.I can just say every movement of you on court is like a musical note and every game you play is a tune.How beautiful!

You no longer dunk and break through as before.People may not be content.I know you are playing in a better way which needs less physical strength.This relflects more about your gift.I noticed how you defensed a good SF scorer with a SINGLE leg.I saw how you pass the ball in an effective way.I know you are the best,I always do.

It is not only about the injuries on your body but also your thoughts that make you play more “carefully”.Yes,you are afraid of being hurt again.I understand completely.I broke my right arm last year and had to stop basketball for nearly 2 month.Now I play very carefully on court and I try to avoid every chance of being hurt.It is too awful to get hurt.

There are still more things to say but the best thing in my brain is still a simple sentense:T-Mac will be back!

In the end,I hope you will recover well.And please play as PG next season if you can.I don’t mean you push the ball from behind to front and pass it away.But you organise the whole team.I know you can see every corner and can always find ways to pass the ball to the right one.Just do it,coz you can sense the existence of the 11 men(9 players and 2 coaches).Besides,it is safer.I am not Adelman so I don’t know what he will do.Besides I am not professional,but I saw how you play as PG this season.I think you will be the most effective PG in NBA next season if you play as PG.Is it tiring or boring? I hope not.What do you think then?

Good luck with everything


Jeremy | on 25/4/09

hey mac!!!waitin eagerly 2 watch u on d court again!!! m also waitin 4 u 2 dunk n block kobe!!!

Davonte | on 25/4/09

T-Mac the way the rockets plaing right now is great and next year when you come back the rockets my pick 4 da title

Kimi Yu | on 25/4/09

I look forward to your return! The return of a man! I believe you will always support you, Come on!

Saad | on 25/4/09

Everyone I know doubts your abilities but I really have faith in you and believe you will come back and lead your team to the Finals. My brother always liked Kobe, my sister went with Lebron but you were always my favorite player. Hope you come back healthy as ever next season.

Adam | on 25/4/09

tmac i hope your feeling much better. i’ve always been a rocket fan but i haven’t been as passionate about our team since olajuwon came to houston. when you come back the rockets will destroy any team in its path.
As much as i feel houston could win this year, there is only one team i’m worried about. that is l.a lakers. this is where i feel we need you and your obviously (as some idiot has placed on this site) over rated skill.
MVP should be yours i feel it and any one who has seen you play should feel it.
Take it easy man push hard to be back next year, but not to hard. Dont want any other injury’s do we? good luck see ya next year.

Sherri K | on 25/4/09

Hey T - SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AT THE GAME LAST NIGHT!!!!! You were a sight for sore eyes on the Rockets bench - I know it meant alot to the team having you there - sure meant alot to me. Can’t wait till you are back in uniform again!!! Congratulations on your newest son!!! Glad rehab is going well - and glad to see you back in Toyota Center. Take care - be strong and know that T-MAC will always be #1 in my heart!!!!

Brian | on 25/4/09

We expect you to be fully 100% next season. 30+ points per game again!! haha, much respect!

Jerry | on 25/4/09

Hey, Tracy, what’s up?
Really expect the game with u. I miss u much though!
Come on, Tracy, we need u!

Daniyal Rizwan | on 24/4/09

Hey tracy can u plz addd me 2 ur myspace mine is and i am a celtics fan butu are my fav player so if u dont minnd plz add me

Ronnie Stevens | on 24/4/09

Get Better !!! I think D-Wade Deserves MVP By the Way!! But i Kno u can contend for Mvp Once YOu BEcome 100 Percent And be in the talk for who is the best. But I like The Rockets and Lakers In the WEst!!! Lets Go Rockets

Marlon | on 24/4/09

Hey T-Mac
I wish you best luck and i hope youll be excellent in form for the next year
Big support from Switzerland
p.s. sorry for the bad english^^

benjamin | on 24/4/09

if you ever leave the rockets i’ll will officially become a hockey fan! and never watch a rockets game!

leo | on 24/4/09

hey Anonymous you need to shut it bro,cuz i havent seen “lebron” do THIRTEEN points in THIRTY seconds so stop being jealous bro who’s in the NBA TMac who’s not?you are haha yo tmac your the best bro don’t even sweat it.can’t wait to go to one of your your biggest fan and believe it.

lecily | on 24/4/09

Dear Tracy,
It’s been a long time .How are you doing? The games can be really boring without you on the court. The rockets are doing a good job this season, but what i’m truly concerned about is you and your health.Just keep on trying, ok? I have so much faith in you. I’ll be waiting. Do come back next year,please.
love you forever and ever,

Slava | on 24/4/09

Тmac you also have a fan in russia.a big fun that always supports you no matter what.There are rumors that you may be leaving houston.i hope thats a lie cause rockets its your team with great friends and good chemestry.Dont go please!!!!!!

Carolyn Baker | on 23/4/09

Hey Tracy, I’m a season ticket holder that never misses a game. But I do miss you, especially when the game is on the line in the last few minutes. I hope to see you playing again next year as soon as possible. Go Rockets!

MJ | on 23/4/09

Tracy,you are the best!

Anonymous | on 23/4/09

Dear McGrady,

I saw you on the espn show “Rome” doing an interview. Your comment about Lebron James was out-of-your-league- thats to put it the nicest. You were saying that the only reason Lebron James is getting MVP attention is because of his “Advertisements”. Frankly, if these are your true thoughts, then it just shows how jelous you are of his success compared yours- if any. Your career is village compared to Lebrons Empire. Instead of making comments you cant back up, why dont you try making it past the first round of the playoffs. Why dont you try making it through five games of the season before getting injured; over and over. Ha, you must feel worthless that the Rockets have been playing better without you. I just hope you stay healthy enough to play against the Cavs next year. When Lebron hears this…you are going to get LEB-OWNED. Your time has never came and never will come. Matter of fact, your on my list for the top overrrated players of the last 10 years- congrads.


Lucky Amene | on 23/4/09

T-Mac to the rack, man i just love that phrase. Im a mavs fan but i like the rockets and im a huge T-Mac fan. I hope u get better and I hope that y0ull be ready for a title run next year.

Deairest Lanier | on 23/4/09

Man theres so much to say about you man your the best gaurd out there when your 100% I miss you man, I cant wait to see you back out their next year. I want that old T-Mac back. Your impossible to Gaurd man, next season show no mercy,go hard Mac,Show them dat you still got it man, I know you still got it in you, peace out from ya boy DEAIREST

coreey | on 23/4/09

yo tmac you dont kno how much of an good player your are to me i talk about you all the time your the person i always look up to and hope you get fully healed send me back

Chris King | on 23/4/09

Tracy to me you are the best player in the game when you are fully healthy. There is nobody that can guard you. I watch almost all your games when you are playing the ones I miss are the ones I can’t get on t.v. but I check your stats on when I wake up to see the damage you did. Get healthy A.S.A.P but don’t rush it if you can’t. Stay Up and much respect to you man

Lorenzo | on 23/4/09

Tracy your’re my favourite player of all time, I hope you’ll come back soon on the floor, ‘cause I can’t wait for another spectacular basket of yours any more!
All Star Weekend and teh Playoffs aren’t the same, without you
Good luck with your rehab

A your fan, with love


(sorry for my english xD)

cat | on 22/4/09

Since you go, I have not been able to see the match rocket.
Less you, the rocket is very boring game, I can not talk to the eyes that I love with T-MAC’s background. Competition has become meaningless. You come back, I would like before, serious look at race.

my favout T-MAC, I hope you have good luck every day, not in trouble

Xianzhen Nie | on 22/4/09

Dear T-MAC,My english is rubbish,but I hope to say you:you are very very good.Maybe I’m just one of your so many fans,But I like you very much, like you playing the basketball, like your shooting, like your dunking, even all of you are my like.You are a god.wo are often saying:going self’s road ,please others saying .wo are forever support you. I believe, you can come back!!! You can be better than this awful season. Without you I have no excites to watch the rocket.God be with you and your family.

Your forever fan
Xianzhen Nie

Lazo | on 22/4/09

Wuz up beast man i havent see u in a while and havent see u in action i hope ur knee gets better man keep going work hard!!! Man mcgrady we need u but we r pretty cold azz team but wit u we r champions i just could imagine it i watch u last year against da jazz u were like da mvp but show all them haters out there ur da best and teach von wafer cuz he has alot heart he has potential man he just needs sum 1 to teach him a.b too come bak mcgrady man im ur truest fan i watch u 2003 and everything even tho no 1 belives i do da dirty bay:

Enter your name... | on 22/4/09

Dear T-MAC,My english is rubbish,but I hope to say you:you are very very good.Maybe I’m just one of your so many fans,But I like you very much, like you playing the basketball, like your shooting, like your dunking, even all of you are my like.You are a god.wo are often saying:going self’s road ,please others saying .wo are forever support you. I believe, you can come back!!! You can be better than this awful season. Without you I have no excites to watch the rocket.God be with you and your family.

Your forever fan
Xianzhen Nie

A.J.Ling | on 22/4/09

i’m your biggest fans.
Thanks hope to see you next year!

Daniel Walston | on 22/4/09

We really miss you out on that court T. Im confident we can make it past Portland but, without you holdin down the backcourt makes me really nervous about meeting L.A. in the second round. Coming from someone who’s been watching basketball my whole life im serious when i say if you were on the court in theese 09 playoffs I’d have enough confidence in my Rockets to bet my home. But as for now we got to roll with the punches. So stay up rehab that knee and get it right. Cuz with a healthy T-MAC, YAO and if we can get RON back i know we’ll be 09-2010 NBA CHAMPS! P.S. CONGRATS ON THE NEW EDITION TO THE T-MAC CLAN!

Jeremy Moreno | on 22/4/09

Ala Dwayne Wayde this season, the resurrection of Tracy McGrady will be one of the top stories in basketball next season. That is my hope and prayer for T-MAC! Do you believe that?

Chris Fernandes | on 22/4/09

Man, we need you out they’re Bradon roy is getting hot, on the last game and no disrespect to any of the rockets your the only one to shut them down. But Rockets are doing good and i deff think we can beat the blazers
Thanks hope to see you next year
get well soon.

Ed White | on 22/4/09

I just had micro fracture surgery on my knee. As a professional Firefighter I hope to return to my profession after rehab. Your interview with Jim Rome just now was inspirational to me. I’m interested in more details about your rehab regimine. What you’ve done so far sounds different than what my doc has me doing. Does your doc know something that mine doesn’t? I will do what ever work I’m told, I wonder though if there is other things that I could be doing that I’m not being told to do. What is the machine you spoke of that works your knee? I’m only one week post-op but anxious to get going.

Thank you for inspiring me to get back!


Łukasz | on 22/4/09

Tracy much love to You from Poland. I hope You will get back to the team soon. You’re the great player and the team will need You in next year. Houston forever!

ZJIT | on 22/4/09




very important!

thank you!

Collin williams | on 22/4/09

yea i hope u do get heathly so u can show the nba that u still have what it takes to b a mvp contender an win a title.don’t rush to get back take ur time.cuz the rockets got this playoff rap up.

Mike Z | on 22/4/09


Glad to hear that you are doing well. I have been a Rockets’ fan since the 70s and really enjoy watching you guys. Although one of their best players (you) is out, they have done real well and many have stepped up to play. Unfortunately not seeing you on the court is awkward. After listening to last night’s game on the radio, I thought it would have been nice to have you in there to help lead the team. It would be nice if you show up in Houston during the Rockets’ homestand to cheer them on. We all wish you a speedy recovery. Go Rockets!

leona | on 22/4/09

miss you so much! I can’t watch you playing for such a long time.Wish you better.Keep work!Love you forever/

leona | on 22/4/09

miss you so much! I can’t watch you playing for such a long time.Wish you better.Keep work!Love you forever/

Etch | on 22/4/09

Tracy, heal up and be ready for next season man, the Rox need you out there!

Juan hernandez | on 22/4/09

Hey T-MAC i got the rockets to win the series against the blazers but if the rockets lose i wonder who they going to put the blame on now that your not playing its going to be interesting.Just know that i got your back no matter what.

Tracy He | on 21/4/09

Dear T-MAC, Maybe I’m just one of your so many fans, certernly you don’t kouw me at all. But I like you very much, like you playing the basketball, like your shooting, like your dunking, even all of you are my like. To be honest , I really miss the former No.1 of Magic. He’s the God!!!!I’m sure! Tracy , I’m sure you are stronger and play better than Kobe at your Magic time… I believe, you can come back!!! You can be better than this awful season. Without you I have no excites to watch the All Star Weeken, even all the season after you left because of your injury. I’m so eager to watch your performance again, that wish you to be better soon. Ok, I have an exam this afternoon of Beijing Time. I must plan for it now. It will be next time that I have so many words to talk to you .

Your forever fan
Tracy He

davante morrison | on 21/4/09

hey t-mac great to here everything is going good congrats with ur new son i hope and prey all my best wishes with u good luck t-mac ur the BEST

kevin | on 21/4/09

Man im confused i just read an artical that says you picked “your team” to lose this year and the lakers to win .Are you a rocket through and through. Everything in this artical contradicts the radio interview you did in Atlanta, is this true or what?

Daniel | on 21/4/09

T MAC! Plz the real man!

Rick | on 21/4/09

I hoppe all goes well I am cherring for the rockets to win, you will always be the best player to play the can’t wait for next year when you get back

James C. | on 21/4/09

get well soon t-mac. i’m pullin for ya so don’t let me down.

Oscar Avila | on 21/4/09

I hope the old T-mac that played in the Magic comes back with the spectacular dunks and plays!!!

Adnan | on 21/4/09

i still believe….........

Muggy Musinguzi | on 21/4/09

eyy tmac i think you should be mvp every year man for real well i just want you to get better so you can play at your full potential
i know you know what im talkin about like those off the back board dunks and i was at the game you played in seattle and dropped 35pts. also the analysts were talkin about you on espn and how yotr in the top 5 all time playoff ppg so those rockets need you but if seattle ever gets a team again sign with them. also congrats on the birth of your new son

John Smith | on 21/4/09

I think that you going on an atlanta radio saying you like the lakers to win it all is a slap in the face to the rockets organizations, its fans and your “teammates” who are busting their buts out their to win without their “best player”

Jason Lovette | on 21/4/09

Well T-mac to be honest, I have to say the Lakers are going all the way man. My pick was the Rockets at the begging but you’re hurt so I don’t think we have enough to beat Kobe and LA in a 7 game series it’ll be nice to win. But without a healthy T-mac the team can beat portland with their eyes closed but not LA. I got Lebron as my MVP this year, this guy just been a beast all year long. I hope to see ya at the games bud and get well soon later!

chichi inyama | on 21/4/09

congrats on the birth of your son layden and you are always in my prayers

永远LOVE T MAC | on 21/4/09

T MAC```which is your name and it’s cool i think.
i who is an chinese fans to you .也许 maybe my english is rubbish ,but 但是i always want to know you who my love more! now news says something about you in the rockets which is so bad ````````i don’t want to listen that .
i 我,only want to say ‘good job forever’ to you !!! 我,一个中国球迷,你的迷,你做的已经够好,你不需要别人的言论,让别人的诽谤见鬼去吧,永远支持你的···站起来

Rey Torres | on 21/4/09

TMac we miss you but go right ahead with your rehab so that next season you’ll be back 100%. Look at Dwayne Wade he’s back and I’m sure you’ll be the same the TMac that we know. I know it;‘s frustrating for you but we need you 100% and don’t push it because you will only hurt the team and yourself. You’re a competitor and it’s not like you’re old you are young “dog”. I want to see you cheering you’re team in the sideline becfause that’s important to the fans and you’re team.

Jerry Ard | on 21/4/09

hope you feel great for next season

Brian Bates | on 21/4/09

Tracy Mcgrady aka T-mac….whats good my favorite basketball player. I really like ur game in i admire u so much. I think that ur under-rated because some people just dont like u, but u still the best. U won 2-time scoring Nba Champion and nobody else has won that. I see the Houston Rockets tryna get out the 1st round against them Trailblazers. Yall can do it, i hope next yr u play the whole season so people can get off ur nuts or get traded to a good team so u can get selected into the all-star game and have fun. I like the Rockets so much but i just think u ready for a new team. Tracy i love u dog.

Aseef H Khan | on 21/4/09


It’s really sad to hear of the bad news. But it’s really good to know that you’re recovering! I had really high hopes for the Rockets this season and I’m still gonna carry on cheering no matter what.

Just rest up and get ready to dominate next season. I’m sure you’ll show everyone why you are the best!

Get well soon!

Keena | on 21/4/09

Hello, I’m glad you are recovering just fine from everything. Congrats! on your new addition to your family. I’ve been continuing to watch the Rockets this season. I’m so excited about the playoffs. I can’t wait until next season for your return. Good Luck!!

Tyson | on 21/4/09


Thanks for the update, and so glad to hear things are going well with your rehab, ALSO BIG congrats on Layden! Glad to hear you are focusing on your rehab and your family…stay after it and you’ll do great! I just finished out my snowboarding season after Microfracture and ACL surgery in Sept, and the knee feels great! So work hard, and you’ll do fantastic.

Its funny you mentioned the nervous energy you are feeling when watching…...WELL...WELCOME TO THE LIFE OF A FAN....BABY! LOL It will be great to see you on the sidelines cheering for the Rockets and I know your teammates will love it! I feel confident this is our year to get out of the first round, just wished you were gonna be on the court. For I fear we wont get past the Lakers this year. I dont think we match up well against them W/O you…SO GET YOUR BUTT BACK ON THE COURT SOON! =)

As for MVP...LeBron is Da Man…but you got to give to D-Wade if your asking who’s most vaulable to their team, not the league’s best player.

Anyway..stay stong, work hard, attend the playoff games, and keep us posted! Looking forward to seeing ya dominating in 2010!


jerick | on 21/4/09

hey t-mac.. i’m a big fan of you.! it’s good news knowing that your treatment is going well. i hope you can catch up specially in this playoffs. by the way, congratiolations to houston making it to playoffs even without their superstar! =) get strong and bring a championship to houston!

徐天翼JOY | on 21/4/09

Actually, I seldom watch basketball. My boyfriend effected me a lot. He is crazy about you, even more than me. So that do not let he down, of corse do not let your fans down! They believe you,and looking forward to your back!

leo | on 21/4/09

hey man, i’m glad you’re doing fine. hopefully you come back very strong next year. we’ll be waiting onto that. many are saying that we don’t need you in houston anymore but i think they’re wrong. i hope you feed off on their criticizms and come back with a vengeance. you promised us that you’ll be as explosive as you used to be right? please do that. we, your fans, are really hoping that you be back to your old self once again. peace man and congratulations on your son. =)

James | on 21/4/09

Hey T-mac, please, please come to game 2 in Portland. I’m driving all the way from Canada JUST to watch the Rockets play. I would luv to see you there <3

antbrooks | on 21/4/09

u are the best man dont give up people in my school keep makin fun of me cause i think u are the best so i need u to prove them wong dont give up on me

tj | on 21/4/09

thats all good news i had surgery 2 months ago 4 hernia i played my first game friday man im sore lol i hope 2 see u there coaching these young point gaurds we got they need your leadership in these playoffs your still our #1 dont forget that i got my playoff tickets already so i hope 2 see u there good luck n god bless

Samuel | on 20/4/09

Hi TMC, Well, even I know it’s hard to describe the prospect of marriage between u & Rockets, but we still wish to see you with No.1 rockets suit on the court next year, cause we know a 100% healthy MAC is irreplaceable for the team who is dedicated the big things. Man, you know it’s so painful every time I saw the Rockets were defeated just because the absence of playmaker, people said Rockets will never confuse with an excellent guard like KB, LBR... But I told them Rockets had such player before even he’s watching the game at home right now. So don’t give up man, rehab your knee & heart, we can expect a refreshed super star next year.

Drew Wall | on 20/4/09

T-Mac I know you are not a selfish guy but are you worried that if your team goes deep into the playoffs without you, that you might get cut from the team?? I sure hope not because you are my idol. I think it would be stupid to let you go because adding you to anytime automatically makes them better. A lot of people don’t realize that you always show up for the playoffs but your teamates never step up. This was the year you were going to get out of the first round and people are gonna say that the Rocketts don’t need you when that is not true. It’s not fair that Yao is playing right now with those guys because that is the best group you have had in a long time. If it were you out there playing wihtout Yao you would still advanced because you guys hae Artest now. I just don’t think it’s fair for people to judge you when you haven’t had the right talent, like all the other stars, around you. Plus the Donaugh situation were you got screwed in 2 playoff series because of refereeing (the Dallas and when you were with the Magic). Get some rest and come back ready to win a championship no matter where you end up!!! Get Some T-Mac!!!

jwooser | on 20/4/09

Tmac, glad to hear that you’re rehab is coming along. I’m sure you’d love to be playing now, but we’re all looking forward to seeing you back on the court next season! Hopefully the team will keep playing like they did on Saturday and keep it going!

William Shepherd | on 20/4/09

What up Mac I hope your doing good man I just want to let you no that your still one of the best in the game and I can’t wait for you to come back next season and prove all the haters wrong! Rockets all the way !

Danielle | on 20/4/09

Hey Tracy just keep your head up,focus & continue 2 rehab.I wish the best of luck for the Rockets,but i wont be 2 happy if they make it out of the first round w/o their captain.O and i hope Layden grows up 2 b a suerstar athlete just like his dad!!

Zak | on 20/4/09

Nothing to do with this, but i dont know if you liked the old t-mac 5s as much as i did, those shoes were hot as hell. i had em back in 7th grade (9th grade now), and can’t find them anywhere?!

Why would you let adidas make you any more shoes, when they had those things for you every game

liu | on 20/4/09

I forever support you! You are my god! Certainly must a bit faster return to the athletic field! Splits out the fighting spirit!

MacFan | on 20/4/09

Yo Mac!! I am so tired watching all your old Highlights man!! You need to come back and show those haters what’s up!! The rockets need you!! Houston fans need you!!! Get better!!!

tremac | on 20/4/09

this is a very good team but i can’t wait to u get back on the floor so my brothers could see who the best is and why i ain’t going to rest into i see u get a championship even if i got to get out there and help u lets go tmac i belive u r the greatest and i truly know that u will get that trophy and reach your goal

Jason H. | on 20/4/09

Excitied about the playoffs but would be even more excited if you were playing. I know if you were playing the Finals would be a guarantee. We have good talent on this team and I hope we get far, but I really look forward to seeing you play again. I’ve seen you play many times in LA and met you in Las Vegas during All Star Weekend. You are the reason why I got back into basketball so much and I want to thank you for the inspiration. Come back and prove the haters wrong!

Kimberly | on 20/4/09

Hi Tracy.. You are definately missed in a Rockets uniform, but it’s nice to know that rehab is coming along nicely. The team is playing great ball right now, hope to see you on the sidelines cheering the Rockets on to the Championship Game it wouldn’t be the same without you.
Congrats on the new baby..

Gabriel Roscom | on 20/4/09

Wassup tmac im happy to hear that your rehab is going well them rockets torched the blazers man 27? dang lol But rockets are good no doubt about it but with ur scoring ability and passing you make em a contender for the championship can’t wait till u back on the court Stay Up T-mac #1

Dayo | on 20/4/09

Hello T-Mac. U a G bro. On NBA2K9 nobody can guard you, thats why i play with Rockets all day. Houston realy needs you bcuz they’ve been struggling in 4th quarters all season, we need that leader and closer that will put that dagger in peoples hearts and thats when you come in, take your time to rehabilitate and God be with you and your family

Tyler Fisher | on 20/4/09

Hi I am Tyler Fisher I am 15 and a fan I might not be the biggest fan but I stay loyal. I stayed with you doing the bad and good. You’re my favorite player. When you are 100% you are hard to stop so I hope the rehab goes good. The Rockets are going to get you out of the first round but next year you got to get them to the final ok.


Jmac | on 20/4/09

I heard you picked the Lakers to win it all on the radio?

What if the rox play the lake show???

Hani K. | on 20/4/09


I wish you the best of luck and hope you a quick recovery. Honestly, I’m your biggest fan EVER. You own the court, and I own the role of being your number one fan. Anyone that knows me, already knows it. I also live in the Chicago area, and it would be a great HONOR if I can meet you. It would be a dream come true!!!

Jon e | on 20/4/09

Watup Tmac? Thats really good to hear the rehab is going well. Im looking forward to you making a recovery and coming back hard next year with the competetive fire like MJ had. How you like our weather in the Chi its crazy right? How bout the bulls taking it to Boston I think you would look good in a chicago uniform lol lets make it happen. Im like your biggest fan man hopefully I get a chance to meet you since your here aight man good luck with everything peace.

John Snow | on 20/4/09

Yea T-Mac ur one of my favorite basketball players, n hopefully we can see u back in the line up next season. That if i can c u on tv, cuz yo boi gon b over seas in the navy. But, yea jus stay focus and make yo game stronger, i still got confident in you man. ROCKETS FO’EVA!!!!

Juan | on 20/4/09


#1TMAC FAN | on 20/4/09


Juan cruz | on 20/4/09

Hope things go well for you my brother as a Rocket fan i ask why da hell did you not play point guard ? you are the best playmaker on the team and we would have been a bigger squad i know it’s tough to chase the small fries around but that could have fallen on someone else until the team sets up anyway look into this.Get well good luck and CONGRATS TO YOU AND YOURS ON THE ADDITION TO THE FAMILY MAY GOD BLESS HIM WITH KINDNESS AND HUMILITY .

jaycee Ge | on 20/4/09



JCAMP | on 20/4/09

Trade T-Mac?.. NO WAY!!! Guys have you forgotten that tmac brought flair and creativity to this team. Maybe he doesn’t score 40 points a night.. But he gets everybody involved and the defense has to focus on him 80% of the time, so that opens everybody up. The ball has to go through Yao, that’s a no brainer.. but tmac can turn any situation in to a great play whether its pass or shoot. What we are witnessing right now with the rockets is just a team who finally got consistency back.. especially in their roster.. Did you guys forget that last year Yao went out and Tmac carried the team to the exact same situation.. People ruled us out of the playoffs and he got us in .. Unfortunately we didn’t have the Blazers in front of us last year. But the trend is that consistency pays off.. And what better way than to have tmac healthy once again and on the court with all the guys.. AHHHH I smell Victory!!! As I watch you play.. your love for the game is still there.. I just replay in my mind 13 points in 30 seconds and that alone is INSPIRING.. We know your capabilities and we just want that back, but we know the only way is to do it healthy.. The one thing I would like to see in your game in this upcoming year.. is Leadership.. I see you as a silent general.. leading the team behind close doors.. You are a veteran now.. a mind with endless experience.. give that to our young guys, and push them , push them to their max because that’s what brings Championships… We know you can hit that last second shot.. but you have to let our team know that when you are not there .. they can do the same.. I would love to see you get off the bench and congratulate players for doing a great job and when we are losing in a game I would like to see the same intensity making them believe that they can win that game no matter how many points we are down.. GET HEALTHY , BE SAFE, WORK HARD AND PLAY HARDER!!! SEE YOU IN HOUSTON FOR 2009-2010!!

Mr. Adidas | on 20/4/09

Oh yea i forgot…. Lebron James for MVP!!!

Mr. Adidas | on 20/4/09

im really that your rehab is goin well and i cant wait til u be back on the court….... jus stay in shape and take one day at a time and you’ll be back on that court in no matter of time….

Reginald | on 20/4/09

Get well much as the media has been riding you, I’m still behind you 100%....I know you are working hard on rehab and you are determined to be back next season. I’m looking forward to seeing a healthy T-Mac back with his team and bringing havoc to the rest of the NBA....until then, hope this year’s team do some damage in the play-offs….good start so far.

april-echo | on 20/4/09

are you okay?this is the first time write for you when i got a work. the season is bad.but, see ,that is nothing,right?best wish for you, come back soon.the fans would be crazy,just for waiting.

Jose | on 20/4/09

was up t mac did you see the rockets!

Kord | on 20/4/09

I’m sad to see you hurt t-mac I cant wait to see you next season. I’m ready for you to get that ring Hope Rockets win it all Get Healthy T-mac You my Favorite Player GO Rockets Go

Peter | on 20/4/09

I was blown when I heard you got injured and won’t be able to come back for the playoffs. That’ll be great if you did. But the rest of the team is working their tails off to go far in the playoffs. I’m proud of them as well. Please come back stronger next year, on that MVP status! Play like you did in your Orlando days. Get well TMAC!

Michon | on 20/4/09

I am so happy to hear that your getting better and you are blessed to have a new baby in your family. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you to be at home watching the playoffs. Now you know how we feel and how anxious we get watching. Rockets are off to a good start and I will be watching tomorrow night. Keep us posted on your rehab. I’m hoping it is getting a little easier now.

yuan | on 20/4/09

Feeling to see such news is really good, really hope that you will return to court as soon as possible so that we can see that your life again, I firmly believe that you will come back, best wishes to you, love you fans! !

K-mc | on 20/4/09

Hi T-mac I really need to support you that’s why i made a mixe about you ( this season )
I hope you will appreciate it !;=18

And take your time for your come back !!!

d'Nice | on 20/4/09

Dam McGrady i feel for you! that team is alot better when your out there with them…so to tell you the truth not looking forward to watching Rockets games becuase you usually rip it in the playoffs…But glad to hear that you rehab is going well cant wait to see you back on the court, keep your head up. O yea congrats on your boi. i think LeBron will win MVP his team did alot and hopefully someone knocks out the Lakers.
Be Easy PeAcE MaC

Jacob | on 19/4/09

What’s up T-Mac, glad to hear that your rehab is going good.
just take it one day at a time and have fun spending time with your family. can’t wait to see you back on the court strong and healthy next year. i believe the rockets can make a deep playoff run but i know you were the one that made them a true title contender. take it easy man and hope your knee just gets stronger and stronger. hope you can write back


Mike sanchez | on 19/4/09

I’m glad you’re doing o.k. Thats good that you’re about to spend time with your family. Oh, and congradulations on your newborn baby. I really hope you come back strong. The team would be stronger with you at 100 percent. I think we’re gonna make a great run in the playoffs. Man it was great watching us stomp the trailblazers last night. I hope you can be with the team as they try to fight their way to the finals. I’m sure it would mean a lot to the guys, and all the rockets fans too. We like to see you on the bench with the team, it lets us know you still bleed rockets red. I hope your rehad goes well, and you get to put on that rockets uniform on soon. From everybody down in Houston, GO ROCKETS!

TAJ | on 19/4/09


Gary | on 19/4/09

How about Yao busting up the Blazers. Great job by the big fella. Remember to feed the big man the ball next year and you’ll be part of a championship. I see the Rockets winning a title this year, so you’ll get your first ring this year. Next year you can be part of the fun like Clyde Drexler played on the 2nd championship team in the 90s. b2b titles for clutch city.

Peyote | on 19/4/09

Get well soon T-Mac
good 2 know ur recoverin
u r my favorite player for real dude
my vote on the playoffs are for Cleveland, and about MVP? i dont know, maybe Lebron but Wade is awesome as well

D | on 19/4/09

I feel you trying to get back to support your team. Do whatever you have to do and pray for the best. i dont have a personal favorite player, but I can say that ROCKETS is my favorite team and it’s been like that since i was a child. It would be great if we can see you out there supporting the team from bench side. I understand that you have to rehab, but it’s good to know that you’re focusing.

rudy | on 19/4/09

damn what hurts us the most is that we will advance this year but you will have to sit it out we cant wait till you back next year and prove all the doubter wrong again keep ya head up you the comeback king

Emmanuel Mc Naulty | on 19/4/09

Congradulations to you and your wife on a new son. I am happy that everythings going good with your knee and we all do miss you in the game. I’m excited for the this year but will be even more excited when T Mac is back. So you work hard on that rehab and get to 100% because I know you still have the best to come here in Houston and for the Rockets. And thanks for the update.

Jeremy | on 19/4/09

hey t-mac. Glad to hear you are getting better. I can’t wait for you to show the league that you still have it next year and prove all the haters wrong. I love houston and i’m pulling for them but I don’t think they can beat the lakers without you man. You are just as good as kobe when you are 100% and right now you aren’t there. You are the Rockets difference between getting to the finals and losing to the Lake show. I think LBJ has the MVP trophy in the bag and I think that he will take kobe in 7 games in the finals. Get better Mac, I wanna hear those kobe vs. T-mac comparisons again next year. Thats how good you are. I wish you the best speedy recovery.

Jeremy from Washington

P-Mac | on 19/4/09

Hey Tmac, I look up to you as a role model, and your style of play is so complete! No matter how much people try and knock you down, I’m always in their face supporting you.
You got one more year man, make it worthwhile so you can continue to be a Rocket. I can’t stand to see you play for another team.

Daniel R | on 19/4/09

Hope you make a strong come back and show every one why you said “somthing great is going to happen here in houston” i belive the rockets are going to dominate the trailblazers. They have no answers for Yao in the post. And i think the rockets have a full tank left for this playoff run.

jkosh | on 19/4/09

Praying for you man.

david mcwhorter | on 19/4/09

i was sad to hear that u were out for the season, but hopefully you’ll be back to your old self next season.. good luck with the rehab and congrats on the new baby.

Rodney EastSide Prince Young | on 19/4/09

Well I would like to say watup first T-mac, and I’m glad to hear that your rehab is going good everything. But do you think you would be able to come back sooner like when the rockets go to the second round. Reason why I say that becuz there good and everything but they cant get past the Lakers without you. If not I hope recover 100% and go in next season dominating and get that ring because you got the team now you just gotta carry them int not Yao team its your team remember that. You used to be the best Nba player become that again please aight well im out this ya boy!! EastSide Prince! peace and good luck 2 watever u do

王方 | on 19/4/09


shamir feliciano | on 19/4/09

well let me start of with, i am glad you are feeling great and the rehad is going well. so that u can come back next year at full capacity so that you can compete with the best in the league. the team i think is going all the way is the caveliers labron is really leading his team towards being there at the end, and as for the rockets like there chances also but when they get deeper into the playoffs they’re going to look for someone like you to confront a kobe or a carmelo. as for MVP lets leave it to D wade did you see how that kid just turned miami’s season around incredable. the league misses you t-mac get back pronto!

gadget | on 19/4/09

I know you say you read these, and you being my favorite player ever im going to trust you, lol, im glad the rehab is going well, i cant wait to see you back on the court, this year has been a drag for me, usually when things are going bad in my life, i can at least be able to turn on the tv and watch you put up 30, just seeing you on the court and getting that W is good enough for me, but with you being out, put a damper on everything, i hate that you’re missing out on the playoffs, i know you hate it too, i want to know HOW do you handle the talk?, the trade talks, the “houston rockets are better without t-mac” talk, how do you take it?, it really frustrates me how people like to kick you when you’re down, they always look at the bad and not the good, they always look at “oh the rockets did this without t-mac” and not “the rockets went on a 22 game win streak with t-mac” I’ve literally become mentally exhausted defending my favorite player, the greatest player, Tracy Lamar McGrady, i really would like to know, how do you handle it, do you think you will get traded if the rockets make it to the finals without you? if so, say you end up on a team like the clippers, along with one of my other favorite players, Baron davis, you think it will backfire on houston? dont get me wrong, im still a rockets fan, but i dont think they’re ever going to win anything without a superstar, i hope you respond, im praying for you, get back soon!, im tired of proving people live via NBA 2K9 that you are the greatest, i put up 13 3 pointers with you in one half! lol

Dylan Farrow | on 19/4/09

I’m really sad since you can’t play for the Rockets till your doctor’s give you the approval because I thought you were the playmaker and best player to watch when you and Yao played as team.Your doctors are doing the righth thing on getting you healthy, hope you write back.

jonny | on 19/4/09

I hope you get the time needed to rehab your knee and time with your family at home ..your always the mvp in my book

badx0 | on 19/4/09

永远支持你,永远的 NO。1

walter calvin | on 19/4/09

What’s up T-Mac,or T-Money is what i be calling u when i play NBA2k9…..the competition be hating that because everytime i pull up for a shot with u,i be like THAT’S MONEY BABY!! when u come back next year and u pull up for 1 of those long top of the key 3’s u love to take,just look your opponent in the eyes and say THAT’S MONEY BABY!!.but brother i’m glad 2 to hear that your rehab went great and that u are feeling great.Man just take it 1 day at a time,and enjoy your time with your family,and always stay prayed up brother.


p.s Rockets and Blazers series…I think i saw Yao holding a broom last night in the 4th quarter…Holla back MaC!

ron-g | on 19/4/09

whats up t- mac? your one of my favorite players of all time. i had you right up there with kobe bryant before your injuries. i like your game, because its so versatile. but i think you need to get out of houston, to revamp your career. they are playing so well now, they may want to trade you. but thats ok. i think youneed to go to a major market team to get your notority back again. put you bavk on the spotlight. the perfect place for you will be on broadway, the worlds most famous arena. new york knicks. the fans would love you there. plus the media would make you a top superstar you one was before your injuries. the thing i like most about your game, is your playmaking ability. thats something the knicks need badly. if not new york, back to orlando would be more suitable. they would love you there also. you and dewight howard, reshard lewis wow!!!!!! east finals at least. so get well so, and i wish the best for you and your family. i will be keeping my eye on you, and hoping you will regain your superstar status. i know you will. but not in houston. take care.

candechea | on 19/4/09

tracy glad u are doing well.cant wait to see u back on the court next season.and my congrats to you on your 4 child.have a blessed new begining.

Clare | on 19/4/09

Whatever happens ,best wishes for you

Be peace
M’s fans

chenxiuji | on 19/4/09

t-mac,I love you!come on,everything will be OK!

papo | on 19/4/09

take care, dear T-Mac. looking forward to your coming back.
support you all the time!

shadow | on 19/4/09

I have only two words to say “waiting you!”
Let’s pray!

Nathan | on 19/4/09

Cant wait to see you back on the court, ive been hoping and praying that your knee will be ok. Stay strong, hope you get better soon.
Godbless you Tracy.


haitao wang | on 19/4/09

I hope you can get healthy as soon as possible
We will always love you
Especially hope that you will stay healthy next season
My English not good
I hope you understand

聪聪 | on 19/4/09


tianjy | on 19/4/09

tracy, i watch dvd of your 16 points of 40 seconds against Spurs this afternoon again, my tear is down when the final comes, tracy, we fans need your back on the court, we miss you too much, no one can replace you in our heart, tracy, please, wait for you healty 100%, take your time for the

Alvaro Shea | on 19/4/09

What’s good Mc?.....hope you doing well my man we trashed the blazer’s tonight Yao came through like the true all star he his and all the other guy’s steped up…..but most of all i wish you were there Mc you my main man trust…..i can’t wait until next season because i know you gonna bring it just stay focus work hard on that knee…Please be a 100 percent next i haven’t seen you played much this season and for all those hater’s let them know Mc is back take my man..

yiyun | on 18/4/09

It is so long that I can’t watch you in the coure. I know you are in rehab. I wish you can be well quickly and absolutely. I want watch you playing on the coure.
Could you catch on my English ? I am one of your Chinise fans .Good luck.

sunshine | on 18/4/09

come back with a healthy body,and i will be with you all the time.believe yourself.

asfas | on 18/4/09

How did you like seeing your team kill the blazers?! You got to go sit with them!!

Tracyxia | on 18/4/09

Sorry,my angel.I’m too late.See how deep our love is? So keep going on! I hope I can see you with your teammates! Moving on for the Championship,Rockets! You can do anything you want! I believe I can see you guys in the Finals.And there you are,my angel!

Jennifer | on 18/4/09

It’s so great to hear that your rehab is going well! I’ll continue to pray for you. I’m pretty pumped about the playoffs. If you’re the rockets’ #1 fan, then I have to be #2, haha. I get so caught up in the game all the time. I know it’s not very ladylike, but what can I say? I love my rockets =) Hope your rehab continues to go well. God bless!



Andrew Ertz | on 18/4/09

hey man i really hope your rehab is going well. i cant wait for you to get out on the court again, i misss watching you out there..i also hoe you come out next year at your best you have ever been..just please keep me updated on everything..i have been to one game of yours thanks to ryan bowen, who i talk to every chance i get to..i would really like to go to more of your games and i intend to..well good lick on everything and keep me informed bro.

Martin | on 18/4/09

hi T-mac! get well and go rockets! beat the blazers XD

STMC | on 18/4/09

hey guy,you know we are all waiting you back,acctuly i miss you. love your eyes love your play style.lot people say that you are gone ,i never believe ,there humous fans in china。。。我们期待着你的归来,“we are waiting you back”...i want to see MM again on the floor~~~

kelland | on 18/4/09

Dear Mac, Playoff is coming. It is the first time you are absent from playoffs under the situation that your team has come into the playoffs. As we all know ,you are a great playoff player. So just fighting, next season, lead the Rox to the Finals.

Vic | on 18/4/09

It’s good to hear your rehab is going well T-Mac. I wish you could be a part of this playoff run with the team. We sure could use you in those close games. I can’t wait to see you back with Yao and Ron next season!!!!!

Much love from all your fans,


JUZAN | on 18/4/09

we’ll wait for you to come back

Bozidar | on 18/4/09

It`s really nice to hear that you`re getting better Tracy.I believe in you T-Mac,we all believe!! And i believe that you`ll get your knee totally ready for the next season when you`ll come back to the court and show them who`s the best! YOU ROCK!!! T-Mac FOREVER!

Enter your name... | on 18/4/09

I wish you a speedy recovery and best wishes to your family and your new addition. Look forward to seeing the Tracy McGrady that went nuts on San Antonio in 13 seconds.
The McGrady who was superb in Orlando his first couple of years!

Come take your place among the elite in the NBA like Kobe,LeBron & Wade.

George | on 18/4/09

HT mac i cant wait to see you back on the court, and i hope you can probly get mvp next year Your biggest fan, G Mac

wu yu bo | on 18/4/09

Hey T-mac, I know it is impossible that you will answer me, but I still hope I can meet you in chicago, my email is [email protected], support you forever!!!!!!!

Jackson Nyamwange | on 18/4/09

Ur boys are balling right now…...but what I fear most and feared since the day you left was control. See When i watched that Dallas when things got out of hand there is no control Ron gets 3 happy brooks and lowry dont demand to control enough. This was a roll you plaied so well in Houston. And with teams like L.A. and even Denver has now with Chauncey,control seperates a houston from the Top Teams in N.B.A so when you can come back that will be great. I see great things which this surgery and i can see u gettin ur penetration back and elevation on jumper…. Good luck wit the Rehab bra…..will come bacK SOON

Jackson Nyamwange

Denis | on 18/4/09

Hi T-Mac!I very very happy that your rehab goes well. and i believe that you return and show to all how play in basketball!
Your best fan in Russia


Gary | on 18/4/09

I hope you don’t leave the rockets because I don’t think they can make it to the next level without you. Get well soon and stay with Houston please.

kikoy | on 18/4/09

tracy im glad you ae feeling good and just keep at it we know its beeen tough this year just stay positive and cant wait to see you next season and congratulations on your son

chasity clark | on 18/4/09

heeeyy tmac im glad 2 hear that u and your family are doin well and congrats 2 your son layden!! i hope u are doin well in rehab but remerber its wrk 1st den play so wrk hard 1st den enjoy your summer i can not wait 2 see you again on the court when i see houston play i get sad cuz u not out der playn but im not worried cuz i know u gne play harder than be4 so have a great summer n i pray every night 4 u 2 get better take care love chasity

omaer | on 18/4/09

Hey Tmac, I’m glad everything is going well and congrats on your baby boy! You are right, the Rockets are playing with a lot of heart. Hopefully we get to go deep into the playoffs. I personally want them to go as deep as they can but as long as they give it all that they can i will always be proud of my Rockets. I’m excited for this years playoffs and even more excited for when you comeback and become the best comeback player of the year, MVP, defender of the year, Championship MVP and etc. Just keep working hard on your rehab and keep your head up and know that we all know you are one of the top players of all time and a great team player. We all miss you and cant wait until you are back at 110%
Omaer- Rockets #1 fan

wendy | on 18/4/09

Don’t give up what you wwant to do.You wouldn‘t care success or failure, for YOU will only struggle ahead as long as you have been destined to the distance. you wouldn‘t care the difficulties around, for what you can leave on the earth is only their view of your back since you have been marching toward the horizontal. I’will support you forever.
You are my belief. YOUR chinese fans—wendy.L

zichen | on 18/4/09

Waiting for you!!
Just move on,we believe you can!!

tracy | on 18/4/09

take care, dear T-Mac. look forward to your coming back.
you are our hero all the time.
support you!

RICKY ROBINSON | on 18/4/09


Cole | on 18/4/09

Hey T-Mac. Just wanted to say good luck on the re hab. I am 13 and just started to watch basketball a few years ago. You were the first player I saw score and you have been my favorite ever since! I even have the amazing come back against the spurs on my myspace! I cant wait to see you next year! Once again good luck!

watermelon | on 18/4/09

what are you doing recently?


riverqy | on 18/4/09

Dear t-mac. Miss you. If the playoffs are you. Well then. .小麦,很想你。如果季后赛有你在那就好了。

riverqy | on 18/4/09

t-mac I am very happy. . Then the rods have a father. They will be the most happy. Also hope that rehabilitation as early as you can. We wait for you to come back.

aaron | on 18/4/09

fighting!!!!tmac!!!i support u!

黄程昊 | on 18/4/09


冯泽骁 | on 18/4/09

Tracy McGrady, you see so many Chinese fans like you, support you hope you can come to China next year, I wish you health.

Audrey | on 18/4/09

Tracy, I am glad to hear you are doing better. I miss u out there with your teammates. But most importantly, i want you to be healthy. Congrats on the new edition to your family.No matter
what the reporters say, i think you still have game and you are
definetly one of my favorite b-ball players. May God continue to bless u! and keep you healthy throughout your career. Your#1
fan, A.B.

Duy | on 18/4/09

Hey Tmac!
Congratulation! You got another kid. I noticed that your back problem got worst after you got your daughter a couple of years ago. My advice to you is to focus on basketball and less on babysitting!!! I know how hard it is to carry your kids around and playing with your kids. My kids gave me backaches and knees aches all the time. Hire a good nanny!!! You need to focus man. Look at Dwayne Wade, he should be your role model. He cam back from injury and he had a great year. You should do the same next year!! I’m am furious at why you don’t play this year because you have a good chance of making it out of the first round. However, I worry about your health too and I hope you will get back into great shape for the future. Your goals should be MVP and make it to the final.

nvnv | on 18/4/09

Dear, good rest, do not worry, we’ll wait for you to come back healthy. Refueling. There are immediately to your birthday, happy birthday

Mac | on 18/4/09


Alex Stern | on 17/4/09

Get Better T-Mac! so you can prove to all the doubters that you still have more glory days to show us for years to come

Xuzhongwei | on 17/4/09

I will support you forever,and I think you are the best player in NBA.I’m waiting for your back.
Come on and Good luck,T-mac1

Daniel Gomez | on 17/4/09

Just wanted to hope u the best, so that you can get back on the court healthy. Even though sport center and other people don’t admire your talents and always have something to critise, I in the other hand do and just hope your able to recover 100 percent because I really think you are a great player and have the heart that it takes to win a championship. Miss not having u against portland but I know it will be more motivation for you to get back on the court….Get well soon…:)

Cheevorn | on 17/4/09

Dang Tmac!
At first, when you said “I will try to join the team for the playoffs for as many games as you can” I thought you were talking about returning to the court!
I got so happy for a second!
Then, I realized you were talking about joining them by being there in the arena…LOL

邓心怡*Tracy | on 17/4/09

Tracy, I have no your news for such a long time,when I saw this blog ,I was so excited! You said you are in Chiago,but I must let you know,I just write a letter to you one a few days ago.I send it to Houston.Maybe you can’t recive it any more.I feel so regretful and I hope when you come back to Houston,you can read my letter.I really spent a lot of time writting this letter,I hope you can write back to me.At last ,I wish you be good soon!

yang | on 17/4/09

yo mac, hope u can make it to the palyoffs but obviously ur not gonna play… sad. we all miss u. im betting my friends the rest of my college savings that you’ll average at lease 19 points next year. have a great one, ur fan yang

Chinese Love you | on 17/4/09

You’re the best ,I wish you come back quickly ,without you I see the games which Rokets played less than ever befor.Really ture!!!

Olantay | on 17/4/09

i really wish you were out there right now T-mac. But i still think the rockets will go all the way!!!!!! We are similar because i get nervous everytime i watch the rocket’s game and i jump out my seat everytime they score. I think if Yao does a really good job, they can beat any team in the NBA. The person that I think will when MVP is Dwayne Wade. Best of Luck to you T-Mac.

ryan jackson | on 17/4/09

t mc im glad to hear your rehab is going great, it really pisses me of knowing that my fav team the rockets are in the playoffs and not having to play utah, but most important i cannot watch the man who got me back into loving basketball again
please tmac come back when you are ready, dont rush it
theres nothing better that watching tmac in the zome just freaking everybody up
i really wish you were healthy and at the top so i can talk [email protected] to my boys
you are my favorite player tmac and you are amzing to watch please stay in houston and get healthy 100%

Dr.Veronica Earl PhD Neuro | on 17/4/09

I’m glad in every way that rehab is working for you. Time and patience is the key. 4 children huh? Sounds like the back is still strong…I’m sure your living the life of a potential Hall of Famer. To bad the guy that fleww over your head while his team mateheld you down was more succesful in his carrer than you…Guess that makes you a Michieal Jordan flunkie.
Good luck with the knee

maggie | on 17/4/09

How is u feel if rockets goes to the second round?

Dwight | on 17/4/09

Hope you get better soon, cant watch basketball if you is not playing. I watch how hurt you was you surely didn’t look the same and than hater on the Houston Chronicle try to bad talk you cause you was hurt. Please get well soon man.

Adrianne | on 17/4/09

Hey Tracy! It’s been a while! (= It’s good to hear that the rehab is going fine. I’m pretty confident that you’ll be 100% along with Yao, Ron and the rest of the Rockets for next season!

It’s the playoffs already! Man, I wish you were there with the team on the court, but of course your health comes first! (= Like you, believe it or not, my palms get sweaty too and I get nervous too when I watch the Rockets out there playing. I also cheer for them whenever I watch.

I think we’ll make a good run this year, but I think next year will be even more exciting and better ‘cause you’ll be out there playing with the Rockets. I think LeBron will win the MVP this season (I wish it would be you but I guess it’s gonna be next season huh? lol!)

Just stay focus on your rehabilitation. We’ll cheer for your good health and speedy recovery as we also cheer for the Rockets like you!

peace out!
Adrianne (=

Jimmy | on 17/4/09

Congratulations on your new son, Layden. Great to hear that your rehab is progressing, and that you will soon have your family to join you during the Summer. Oh man, if only we had T-Mac out there as our go-to player. Do hope you see you with your team at one of the games, even as a cheerleader. The Rockets have a chance to get past Portland as long as they play team ball. They have shown they can beat Portland, if they follow the game plan.

MVP - I think James.

Take care

熙夕 | on 17/4/09

First ,hope u have a good time in this summer
and I think that the Rockets can do it well in the playoff games
ja ja ,don’t be nervious

Then ,I’ve seen Layden for some pictures,he’s a cute guy
mm,I wish that he can be a great player like u

take care.

Will | on 17/4/09

We miss you ! Good luck with the rehab . I went thru it after ACL surgery; it’s not fun but it gets better every day. Hang in there .

steve | on 17/4/09

tmac i love ur game i watch ur highlights everyday on youtube i am one dedicated fan i always stick up for u when u get hurt bcuz people alwwys dog u out about bein injured,but not me i still feel u are a hell of a athlete i also feel that when u are healthy u are the best in the league i kno and believe u still could be a scoring champ i really hope u get ur championship because u really deserve for the wonderful career you’ve had so far

Nate | on 17/4/09

Bruh, It is rough to watch the Rockets without you being on the floor. I would love to see them get out of the first round this year, but it would be right without you. I think you have to come back with a mission next year. Not to fit in. Not to play to “not mess $hit up.” You hvae to come back with redemption on your mind and play with a force that none other has. Its time to build a Hall of Fame resume. 3 things to accomplish next year: Championship, MVP, All Star MVP. Thats it. Nothing less. If you come back with a 24 6 and 6 average on a 60 win team and a top 2 seed, you will have those.

游鸿 | on 17/4/09

tracy,you will be the 1 .try your best to do it.
win the champion next season.i’m watching you.
i know little english….

juan | on 17/4/09



John McGrady | on 17/4/09

T-mac good to hear that you are following everything the doctors are saying. you’ll be 100% in no time keep it up. Rockets can make a deep run in the playoffs but they still need you. the player that averages 28.7 PPG in the playoffs but i have faith in the ROX....T-mac 09-10 MVP!!!

许家鹏 | on 17/4/09

T-Mac 。For the win!Yes!No you, No victory in the playoffs。

Hao Yu | on 17/4/09

Hi T-mac! Its great to hear u getting healthy again. Really cant wait to see u back in action and in full health. Congratz to u for having a new member in ur family!!!
The rockets would have a good run for the championship and u’re always my MVP!!!

cerny | on 17/4/09

I am the Chinese fan of rocket。Although the medium of China always like to attackstone you,but We comprehend you。
Who would not like to get hurt。Hope after quarter the match can see you as you of the teammate encourage.
You know that although the ball team had no you, express better.This just previous because of you of wound the disease make you exertive not be 40%.
We hope next year you can recover to complete.Afresh and the Yao be clear to take to catch fire an arrows brigade to pound at a total champion together.
Which afraid instauration not enough good.Do 1 top-gradely controls the ball rearguard is also what you literally can attain.
You are the best.The rocket needs you。

your fans.

Hong | on 17/4/09

Hi, Tracy, I am from Malaysia.
No matter who get the MVP trophy, you are my permanent MVP in my heart, you are a special player in NBA that nobody can copy what you did.
Lastly, concentrate on your rehab ya, I am waitting for your return next year.

Biggest T-MAC fans | on 17/4/09

Congratulation to your second son!!!
TO BE HONETS,i miss you all day ,and i cannot wait for the next season,just hope that you can get well soon,and GET the NBA champion,mvp….i hate the people that always doubt you ,they donnot know how to support a heal man!!!!HEY!! GO head man!you are still my idol,we wont forget you,you will be back ,yeah?IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING !!! T-MAC still my MVP!!!

ZhaoJunbao | on 17/4/09

Hello T-mac, this is my first time to send you a e-mail. So I now with a wnthusiastic mood. I’m a collegian, but my English is poor. So there must be some mistakes next. I hope you can forgive me and understand it. Congratrlations! First I am very glad you can walk again. You said you can walk with a little bitter. Yes this is a good symbol. Just take it easy. Second just heard you have another son. He must be very lovely. Congratrlations. Last the Houston Rocket can join the playoff. I wish he can past the first round win Portland. I hopr you can come back to the court field and fly again soonly. I like you and the style you play the ball. I think you can rebound like you before. I wish you can get teh NBA Champion next season with YAO MING. I hope you can get my e-mail. I know I am only a common fan like many others. But I really really really want you can reply me. May be just one sentence is enough. so```` I’m looking forward to your reply. Best wishes to You, Your family and the Houston Rocket. Your fan from China 4.17 2009 Night address [email protected]

Biggest T-MAC fans | on 17/4/09

Congratulation to your second son!!!
TO BE HONETS,i miss you all day ,and i cannot wait for the next season,just hope that you can get well soon,and GET the NBA champion,mvp….i hate the people that always doubt you ,they donnot know how to support a heal man!!!!HEY!! GO head man!you are still my idol,we wont forget you,you will be back ,yeah?IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING !!! T-MAC still my MVP!!!

Rocketstmac | on 17/4/09


Enter your name... | on 17/4/09

tracy,you are the best,noone can do what youdo in magic

SEVEN | on 17/4/09

hi t-mac
it’s very happy to hear that you are getting better and better.
Rocket will win in this year.i is a pity that you are not in the court.but i wait for next year,you will be back.
you are alawys the best

Johnny | on 17/4/09

Hey Mac, its good to hear that you are making extreme progress on your recovery. I was really hoping to watch you own this year in the playoff with the missing piece that the rockets were needing(Artest), but now its you. They need their MR. 4th quarter. We fans won’t give up on you, so get well and show how dominate you’re at 100%

TMAC in CHINA | on 17/4/09

My god, regardless of has anything, insists you, believes itself. Retrieves 35 second 13 point you …...We believed …...

Mark | on 17/4/09

I am a boby who really regard you as the NO.1player in NBA forever and i got seriously injured when playing bssketball.So I am abke to understand u.I kown it is realy hard to come back on the cour after getting injured, especially something deep in our own mind,but ,IF WE NEVER TRY,WE WILL NEVER KNOW,RIGHT? I really hope you can send me an E-mail because for me,YOU ARE A KIND OF SPIRIT!!!

cat | on 17/4/09

god tracy , So how do you good, your teammates are bad for you, but you also for their fuel.Do you know, we like not only your technology and, more importantly, your people, your optimism, your perseverance, your approachable, you are good, you is not talking about lazy media, more not your selfish teammate said, you are really a great star, in my life, you are my only idol. We waited for the return .

tracy yang | on 17/4/09

i am your fans ,we miss you so much!come back as soon as possible,rockets &YAO need you!we hope to see ahealth T-MAC back on the court!!!!!
gooooood wishes to your new son&the; family!!!

Yang Hang | on 17/4/09

Hi,Tracy Well,I am only the one of vast Chinese big fans of you.Now,I just wanna say that you really have given us a lot of
passion on bascketball before you got your knee hurt.Thus,we guys in China are quite into you and support you forever.By the way,we guys hope you can have a wonderful rehab and get back to the court next season as soon as possible. with all my love

travis hardeman | on 16/4/09

You would be MVP if you were playing but I would have to take the second best player in the world in Lebron who is behind you. I don’t really watch the Rockets as much now that your not playing. Even though I am a die hard fan because your on the team. Anyway I hope your knee heals 100% so I can shut up all the Kobe lovers out here in Cali.

LAMAR DAVIS | on 16/4/09

what’s good?i’m your #1 fan.i need you to get healthy,cause i’m always defendin you.they say tmac sorry,tmac hurts,cause i been down with you since 2002.with the team you got now yall shiuld win a ring next get right cause we need man my only wish is to see you play in person.

much love

Taku | on 16/4/09

Tracy ur the Best, we all believe that you will come back healthy and stronger than b4. I was upset that the rockets lost homecourt, but i believe they have the potential to win away from home. But i can’t wait to see a rockets team with you back in the starting lineup. I am such a big fan of ur basketball, i even put half of ur name on my jersey so that i can feel like i am playing for you.haha well anyway Good luck on your rehab and take things slowly so that the rehab is more effective. We are all waiting for you TMAC!!!

Ur biggest fan Taku or TakMac Lol

wangkan | on 16/4/09

I am very happy to know about your latest news!!
i am very surprised to heat you have the second sons
i hope your family healthy and happy foever!

come on t-mac
we wait for a more big t-mac coming!!
never give up!
please let you new baby know~
we want to see the photos of he!

randy marinez | on 16/4/09

wats up HEAD LOL,it’s good to hear that ur doing good from the surgery. Man T-Mac I’m your biggest fan for real. I just can’t wait til next season when you get back on the court. I think the rockets got a good chance of taking out the jazz in the first round. I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU...“HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THE ROCKETS WERE TO GET OUT THE FIRST ROUND WITHOUT YOU? WE BOTH KNOW WE’D BE HAPPY, BUT HOW WOULD YOU FEEL IF THEY GOT OUT OF THE FIRST ROUND WITHOUT YOU?”

Your Biggest Fan,

Randy Martinez

Nick | on 16/4/09

hey tracy, i can honestly say i havent missed a game you have played in since i was in 5th grade (im now in 11th) and its hard to watch basketball knowing your idol is hurt. But i know you can get back to the old T-Mac. Your one of the most athletic players in the world and i dont care what the critics say, you will always be a top player in this leauge and im looking foward to you returning next year, and not just returning to basketball, but returning to the vintage “you cant stop me if i wanna score” tmac. best of luck with the rehab and keep us updated. miss you man. Nick T

ROBIN | on 16/4/09


jeff | on 16/4/09

Get well Tracy, i’m hoping you can return and be the superstar we all know you are.. the rockets still have a good shot this year but its gonna be tough, and i have lebron taking the mvp this year

Vib | on 16/4/09

Hey man,

Good to hear your surgery is going well. I’ve been a Rockets fan all my life and You and Yao are the best thing that happened to the Rockets since Hakeem and Clyde. I know there’s lots of questions about next year…but plz plz plz don’t leave Houston….they need you more than they even know.

Robin | on 16/4/09

T mac you are very good at basketball I can’t wait for you to go back on the court to play basketball with your team Rockets.I can’t wait to see you on t.v again.

han | on 16/4/09


angel | on 16/4/09


Karanveer Singh Gill | on 16/4/09

Hey T-mac,

Im happy about your progress. I think the Rockets will go to the second round AT LEAST. They might make the Confrence Finals and who knows, win the whole thing. Games are getting boring to watch becuase you are not in it. next year, if your back to the T-mac we know, you will be MVP. This year, I have to say Dwayne Wade or LeBron James

Xinye Yang | on 16/4/09


We’re waiting for you.
The day goes so slowly without you.
I miss so much.

Today is my birthday,but I can’t see your basketball.
What a pity!

the man | on 16/4/09

hey tmac get better quick cuz the rockets need you. i read on that your the only man on the rockets that can break down defense and you know how to give yao ming the ball. Your really good at passing the ball. your not a ball hog like other all-stars. Good luck rehabing so you can come back and create the big three. Peace out man

Newk | on 16/4/09

Sup T-mac,

Glad to hear all is going well for you! Can’t wait to see the rockets make a run for the title as well. Hope everything keeps going well for you and cant wait to see you back on the court man!

Skel | on 16/4/09

Man you got to get that knee well i need you out they man

Kobe Bryant | on 16/4/09

How are you doing T-Mac. I’m nervous because your not playing. If you were playing I would be really happy. T-Wack why don’t you get up and get your ass on the court. Broke-back is getting paid for nothing.

K-Mac | on 16/4/09

T-Mac you are the best player on the rockets and when your not playing they don’t have a go to guy. Yesterday just because I said the rockets are the best I got beat up by some laker fans. Right now I’m badly bruised up. I’m just 13.

matabalee | on 16/4/09


Nigggooo | on 16/4/09




alex | on 16/4/09

do u think your going to come back next year.And have a shot at winning mvp.

TEDA McGRADY | on 16/4/09


Avery Rogers | on 16/4/09

Mcgrady wassup dude! man i feel so bad for you and a little mad! hahaha you should be out there playin dude! it sucks you got this injury! And all my friends are calling you McINJURY and stuff that hurts me too! hahaha any ways get better dude cant wait to watch you play!!

Peter Stanek | on 16/4/09

I believe, man! Greetings from Poland;]

Jaime | on 16/4/09

i love the rockets but its plain as night and day..with mcgrady we were talking going all the way and winning a championship. once mcgrady was out things quickly shifted from winnin a championship to just winning a playoff series. with that said, bring on portland. we got this! and then the lakers next..bynum will meet a true dominate center in yao ming! man i wish we had tmac for this run.

Shanita Kelly | on 16/4/09

Hey Tracy
I’m probably the biggest Rockets fan in Chicago, and its 90% because of you and the rest probably goes to Luis Scola!!! Anyway I believe wholeheartedly that the Rockets will make it to the next round this year. I’m saddened that you will not be on the court, but I’m eagerly anticipating the return of the MAC! Good luck in rehab and congrats on the new baby! I’m from the Chi and summertime in Chicago is the best!!!

Yang Hang | on 16/4/09

Hi,Tracy. Well,I am only one of the Chinese big fans of you.Now,I just wanna say that we guys in China are into you so much.It is no denying that you gave us a lot of passion on bascketball,indeed before you got hurt.Thus,we really feel regrettable about that. However,we heared you have updated your recent blog and hope you have a complete rehab as soon as possible.Definitely,we believe that you will get back to the court and play a vital role in your teem. with all my love

Yang Hang | on 16/4/09

Hi,Tracy. Well,I am only one of the Chinese big fans of you.Now,I just wanna say that we guys in China are into you so much.It is no denying that you gave us a lot of passion on bascketball,indeed before you got hurt.Thus,we really feel regrettable about that. However,we heared you have updated your recent blog and hope you have a complete rehab as soon as possible.Definitely,we believe that you will get back to the court and play a vital role in your teem. with all my love

Mond Fok | on 16/4/09

Hey Mac! Nice to see your updates oftentimes. We are all waiting for your great performance again. So, don’t just leave us like your idol, Penny.

Best wishtes

Taurus | on 16/4/09

T-Mac its great to hear from you!! CONGRATULATIONS on receiving another blessing into this world! I’ve been watching every game just like you have. I’m so proud of the Rockets. These guys could have easily folded and packed it in. They came together and fought hard all season despite all of the downs of this season. Wafer has propered the most from you not being there. He’s been straight ballin. Once his defense catches his offense he’ll be awesome. But back to you Tracy, I pray you get healthy and I also pray Les Alexander keep this team together for next year. Please I hope so. With you healthy and in the mix, the Rockets can become great!! You guys are right there, so damn close. Yao is the player the league fears and gear there defense to. If you come back to 80% of what you were before your injury and you will see total dominance. I wish you well and I believe your time is coming. Trouble dont last always Tracy. You are too great and too good of a person to be keep down. Stay strong and keep the faith man. Oh by the way, Lebron for MVP and maybe the Cavs will win the title. That’s no disrespect to Kobe or D Wade.But i will be watching and rooting for the Rockets. I love the way they play! Hard and together…..

bsqr | on 16/4/09

Congrats on the birth of your son. Its good to hear about the rehab and your dedication. I always thought that the injuries you had were similar to D.Wade. I think you can make a comeback like him too if you keep at it. Good luck Mac. Work hard and good times will follow.

If I was betting money, then I would say I think the Rockets are going to take Portland in 6 and lose to the Lakers in 6. But as a Die Hard Rocket fan, Rockets all the way!!! As for MVP...for sure LeBron.

Jonathan Cole | on 16/4/09



爱火箭 | on 16/4/09


Powie | on 16/4/09

Unfortunately the Rockets inccured a tough loss to the MAVS but There still a good chance that they will make a good run in the playoffs, after all they have a good win ratio over the blazers. It just shows you howtough it really is in the west. but just imagine if they had a 100% Mac… The Rockets might pretty well be in contention for the best record in the NBA right now. I hope to see you play well and dominate next season. How I wish it could be this posr season but I know that an MVP contending T-MAC will be the player we see next season. Concentrate on your rehab man and start preparing for next season as soon as you can so that next year the rockets will be the team to beat. best of luck to you and your rehab man. GODSPEED

Emily | on 16/4/09

Tracy,it’s really glad to hear you’re getting better and better.
To like a person is not just show off when he is shining but also support him,always. We’re just here,just beside you,waiting for you,praying for you.
You’re my belief,so,please,be happy no matter what happens.
You know we really miss you.
Keep going,T-Mac —Emily

Xiaojun Qian | on 16/4/09

Rockets are good enough to be a contender for the championship this year! That is what i believe ! No doubt Lebron will gets MVP .

Marc | on 16/4/09

D-Wade deserves this year’s mvp,or Dwight,in my opinion.I wish for you to come back stronger than ever,and I pray every night that I will see you,Gilbert and Dwight on same team,one day.

#1TMACFAN | on 16/4/09

yo tmac i hope you can play next season and bing home the mvp trophy and bring home the playoff trophy next season see ya next season mac

fanis | on 16/4/09

hey man nice to here from you….i’m so glad that your rehab is doing great and i pray for you to come back…it’s very sad that the ultimate playoff master tracy will be missing from all these games,,but i’m happy you are confident bout the future return….playoffs are just different without you….to be honest rockets can’t go far this year without you….they are proven great players but it’s difficult to even go out of the first round now that they have lost the home court advantage with portland….for me the championship goes to cleveland this year and wade or james gets the mvp,,preferably wade,,deserves it more….that’s all man,from your best fan…remember to keep updating the site more often,,we are anxious….The best wishes for your new little son too,,you must be very happy….wish you and family the best…have fun while rehabing…I’m waiting for you next season…

于岱民 | on 16/4/09

I believe that you will be the Finals MVP after you come back.I always believe in you.You are always the best.I like wear your Rocket’s number 1 when I play basketball.I like your gan ba very much and I often try that.Wish you get well soon.

庞士山(Shishan Pang) | on 16/4/09

不知道你是否懂中文。我是你的忠实球迷,别人说你自私,说你懒惰,我都不信。在我心里,你一直都是努力和刻苦的。喜欢看你打球的样子和潇洒的球风。I support you forever!
Shishan Pang

suianna | on 16/4/09

I am from china . You are my idol
I believe you
一定要坚强啊 永远支持你

谭小琦-chaling | on 16/4/09

I am very glad to know that your rehab is doing well.I am a college student in china,now,I really want to tell you:I miss you very much.I’m really hoping to see you back on the court next year! Best of Luck to you and your family this summer,especially your little he lovely?呵呵呵呵呵........加油

huanghaishan | on 16/4/09

Mac,I miss you。

A little girl who support T-Mac | on 16/4/09

Hey,great man!! I’m a chinese girl,my English isn’t very good,so I just try to use some simple words to express my feeling about you,of course,you are my idol,and I’m proud of it,because you are so skillful ,so strong and so handsome!!I’m also very happy to hear that your fourth son was born,congratulations!! I hope you can recover soon,because ROCKETS need you,fans need you,I believe that,with you,ROCKETS can get the champion more easy and more quickly!!So,best wishes for your health!!Come on,great man,YOU CAN DO IT!!!
Please remember,there is a chinses girl forever support you!!
COME ON….....

Culbert张英烁 | on 16/4/09

I’m Chinese. My English is poor, so I perhaps will use some wrong words. I like you very much for a long time for your talent, skills, dunks and so on. You meet some problems now. But I will support forever. I believe you will go back to your peak and win the champion. You are the MVP in my heart forever! I really look forward to your reply.

Reira | on 16/4/09

T-mac, we miss u soooooooooo much. I dont know how far rockets can get this season, somthing just seems to be wrong after the terrible loss to Dallas. Without u, there is no clutch player in the team. I have strong faith that rockets will get to the second round, but after that… no faith at all. If you are still healthy, i will have much stronger faith.. Anyway, Good luck with ur rehab, those people who doubt u will shut their mouths.

pander | on 16/4/09

Congratulations on your second lovely son.The playoffs are coming.It is a pity that I cannot wacth you play.The Rockets has done a good job.I believe the team will make a breakthrough this year.Next yesr, with you Rockets will be the best team in the league,and you will be MVP.Hehe.Wish you all the best.

Eric | on 16/4/09

and get well man..

Eric | on 16/4/09

Rehab your heart out man.. coming back strong next year will be the best gift for me as well as ALL your fans everywhere.. we all wanna see you as the player we know you can be.. and finally seal the mouths of the haters and doubters.. c’mon McGrady.. ITS GAME TIME!

oh and by the way..

Season MVP - LeBron James (with identical records as the Lakers and a bit better stats than Kobe) (by the way.. you should know that you’re better than both)

And Probably this year.. the FINALS will feature Lakers and the Cavs..

Li yu zhou/李玉宙/Mr li | on 16/4/09

Hello, T-mac! I’m Chinese.你好T-mac!我是一名来自中国的球迷。I know T-mac will be back! GO! GO! GO! I will continue supportting you!期待你王者归来!永远支持你!Wish you and your family healthy and happy!祝愿你和你的家人永远健康快乐!

Ray lee | on 16/4/09

HEY.Tracy,you know,all of us hope you come back.I think Rockets cant get the champion without you.We want to see you again in next year!get well soon!best wishes!

想念麦迪 | on 16/4/09


Kawayi | on 16/4/09


Fergus Greene | on 16/4/09

Hey Tracy I have your shoes ever since 2000. I don’t mean I’ve had the same pair shoes for 9 years just ever time I’ve got shoes they have been your Thanks Fergus

MVP | on 15/4/09

I wonder why there are so many grammatical error in your article,LOL..

Tee | on 15/4/09

yo Tmac, this is ur biggest fan Tee, jus take care of urself and get healthy, ur ma basketball idol, ma frends evn tell me that i play exactly like u, i got that leaning style jumper identical to urs.. i jus wana see u do da best out of all stars nxt year..and ya, i was so amazed wen u dunked on Tyrus Thomas wen u played against the bulls… it was totally sick..

peace.. ma hopes are still high..

crab chang | on 15/4/09

i really want your knee get better quikly,without you and the game had got less i really miss you,i believe you fo forever ,t-mac you are the hero in my heart and you are the best in the game

McGradyIS1 | on 15/4/09

Ei man i cant wait to see u on the court next season. T-MAC ALL DAY!!!

王犇 | on 15/4/09

Hei,our T-Mac,I think I miss U so much.
The ROCKETS is so helpless without U sometimes but they really have done well this season,yeah?
I think if U can come back with a more healthy body the next season,we will go farther in the playoffs than this season however I have no idae now whether we could pass the round 1,but I believe the magic T-Mac will rebron soon.
I also Wish U can protect Ur left knee and shoulder better and no more injury or bad luck with U.
Come On,our T-Mac,God bless U~
Back Up U Forever~

王犇 | on 15/4/09

Hei,our T-Mac,I think I miss U so much.
The ROCKETS is so helpless without U sometimes but they really have done well this season,yeah?
I think if U can come back with a more healthy body the next season,we will go farther in the playoffs than this season however I have no idae now whether we could pass the round 1,but I believe the magic T-Mac will rebron soon.
I also Wish U can protect Ur left knee and shoulder better and no more injury or bad luck with U.
Come On,our T-Mac,God bless U~
Back Up U Forever~

王长楷 | on 15/4/09

I wish you good health,Speedy recovery
Hope to see you healthy again fly
Rockets need you,T-Mac

Prongsky | on 15/4/09

Hi TMac! Wish You All The Best on your road to recovery. It’ll Be Tough. But You’re The Guy Who Scored 13 points in 35 seconds, So I Have A Hunch You’ll Be Just Fine. The Rockets Are Good Now, But They’re Great With You. I’m A Huge Fan. Don’t Listen To All the Naysayers out there. You Know How Good You Are, And So Do I, And Millions out There. Get Well Soon. I Know You’ll Be Back Next Year, Better Than Ever.

Jeremy | on 15/4/09

What’s up T-Mac are you gone be back on the court for the playoffs or will you play next season

Your Number one fan Jeremy
from Tyler TX

Kelvin Herrera | on 15/4/09

Can’t wait to have you back next year man, until then I hope my rocket boys are gonna hold it down WE GON MAKE iT!! WE GONN MAKE iT!!

Nate in Rosharon | on 15/4/09

Tracy you best. You come back and show all you bester than Kobe and D-wade. You will be mvp next year.You Almighty TMAC. You what keeps me going. Get well and win the MVP.

魑魅魍魉 | on 15/4/09

Hope you’llback to the court as soon as possible.You will always be the best basketball player in my heart!Good luck to you and you families!

DMan | on 15/4/09

Get well soon Mac. Team could have used you tonight Dallas game. Good luck with the rehab.

Evian | on 15/4/09

Tracy, I miss you so much and I will support you forever!

Lolo#12 | on 15/4/09

Nice to read you again T-Mac. We have good news from you and your rehab, I also can’t wait to watch you next year playing again as good as you were 2 years ago.

About Playoffs? I’m realistic. West is though but less than last 5 years.
The Rockets will pass the first roung (99%) but man, the Finals will be in LA, hard to say but I feel.
Anyway I’ll be happy if LA have a new ring, happy for Kobe and for my Spaniard boy, Gasol.

MVP? I think will be LJames but I really want Kobe or Howard. I love Orlando and I want to watch how they beat the whole East and play in the finals. I’ll be happy for Skip to my Lou who is my 2nd fav player (you first, for sho… and then my guys from Spain -go Calderon, Gasol & Gasol, Rudy, Sergio and the whole national team!! we’ll beat Europe this year).

Ok, I write too much.

Happy to read news from you again… still watching your vids everyweek.

El demonio | on 15/4/09

The best things in life are still on his way for you Tracy, this league is not the same with it’s most talented player off, we miss your game man!!! We all know you will heal as easy as you can make 1000 points in 3 seconds, much respect and support from deep south grassland!!!

Jeremy Meegan | on 15/4/09

I think the MVP will go to LeBron, but I think Kobe is the Most Valuable Player in the NBA right now.

And I think the Rockets will get to the 2nd Round. Hopefully.

Fans' friend | on 15/4/09

miss you, miss your smile

Good luck for your~~~

Yao Li(姚莉) | on 15/4/09

I miss you so much.So happy to here the news that you feel great.What is the most important thing for me is your health and your mood.The rockets’ playoffs will come ,Good luck .And you will always stand with them wherever you are.Come to join them ,and we can see you again.Love you

zyb | on 15/4/09

I’m now watching the game between Hou & Dal.The red players all do their best.We will win the game without doubt.Yao is so great!When you come back next year,you & Yao will beat all the teams and get the ring certainly.We miss you , Tracy.

zyb | on 15/4/09

I’m now watching the game between Hou & Dal.The red players all do their best.We will win the game without doubt.Yao is so great!When you come back next year,you & Yao will beat all the teams and get the ring certainly.We miss you , Tracy.

matt | on 15/4/09

Man its hard to see the rockets without t-mac, just thick where The team would be with a healthy t-mac YAO is a beast he has really step his game up leading the team in your absent

caliph swangin | on 15/4/09


hao | on 15/4/09

love you ,you are the best!come on.

Kyle | on 15/4/09

Dear TMac. Thanks for the update, it was covered with excellent commentary today on a local radio station. Lots of Luck

MATTHEW CASHER | on 15/4/09


Juanito Rapisura | on 15/4/09

Aye I am really hoping that you come back to the Rockets causeif not I am going to follow you to whatever team you do go to. I was with you in Toronto I was with you in Orlando and now I am wit you in Houston.

junior isambo | on 15/4/09

Thank god tracy everything is going well im excited to see my team houston rocket go all the way too. But man it hurts to hear all this criticism about you i cant take it anymore sometimes i just want to rip there head off when i here stuff like that. But im with you all the wayy i dont care what anyone say cause it will never change my mind about who you are and thats the best player in the nba and always will be on my mind. i just cant wait for you to get back on the court soo i can laugh at all this haters and tell them look at him now his backk. but i deal with haters in my life too and i just take it from you i just come back and prove them wrong. but i cant wait for you to come back and ill keep writing youu man


yu bo | on 15/4/09

love you forever!

wu yu bo | on 15/4/09

Hi T-mac: I am student from China, now I am studing in Chicago. I am a superfan of you!!!! I heard you are in chicago, can you mail me and tell me where exactly you are. I really want to meet you. Next month I will back to China, I am a exchange student, hope you will answer me. When you miss the game between rockets and bulls, I cried.

vince | on 15/4/09

hey, you said you want be the cheer leader of rockets during the play off, but I think you’d better stay at home, the rockets is now going very well, it seems the rockets could be better when it is with out you.

Qingyu Liu | on 15/4/09

T-mac,we aways belief you.I hope you can become better very quickly.Aways love you…....

Rey J. Segarra Zayas | on 15/4/09

Hey Tracy! this is the first time I rite to you so forgive me if I suck at this. First, congratulations on your second son! Im sure he is going to have everything he needs. Now, T, I saw your blog, its good to see everything is going right with the rehab and all, im confident that youll come back next season, dont listen to media and all those people, you still got it, tracy, it doesnt matter what everybody says, your family, true friend and family support you, and thats all you need! YOU CAN DO THIS! Anyway, good luck with everything, tracy, I really hope you read this, it may not be much, just some puertorican kid showing some love, but just to let you know that the sky is the limit for you, you just have to believe in yourself.

Jeff | on 15/4/09

Yao is going to lead the Rockets to a title this year and you’ll get a ring too. Lebron will be the league MVP. Yao will be Finals MVP. Good luck with the rehab. Next year you’ll be league MVP if you give 100% effort to your rehab. The Rockets are stacked with talent. With you we are talking about a DYNASTY the likes of the Lakers and Celtics. Get well and sign a long-term deal with the Rockets, Tmac.

djs | on 15/4/09

Glad to hear that your rehab is doing well. I have really missed watching you play the rest of the season! I’m a fairly new fan but I’m really into it this year. I’m really hoping to see you back on the court next year! Best of Luck to you and your family this summer. GO ROCKETS!!!! SW Division up for grabs tonight!

Marco Djuanda | on 15/4/09

Gosh, I can’t imagine how tough are u,.
but , I can feel it what’s your feeling when watching your team playing, struggling , n fight.. I’d already feels it, hard I know.

Just concentrate to your rehab,. I’m sure, also trust that you’ll gonna come back to the league with more surprises ..

can’t wait that time.. =]

so, get well soon .. ^^

From your big fans,

Marco Djuanda

lr | on 15/4/09

fist time i come here,i really love you and yao,hope you get back to NBA.

Garfield | on 15/4/09

Wish u could be better n better, T-mac, u r always the cool player, 1 of the best in the league!!!

Albert Ramos | on 15/4/09

you always pass failure on your way to success…..

Jimmy | on 15/4/09

God bless you,God bless us,Tracy.

Egon Dickson | on 15/4/09

hey it’s good 2 kno ur doin well, u just take it easy and listen 2 ur doctors. i think am a little surprise at the standard the Fockets r playin now. I didn’t give them much or a chance when u got injured but i have 2 say they rather surprised me, some player really steped up there game which will be needed in order for them 2 pass the first round knowin that ur not there.I think all the hype is goin towards james so i think he willget the MVP trophy this year althouh my pick was wade.All the best rockets.

Jia Qi Lan | on 15/4/09

Good Luck,we’ll like you foever!

News | on 15/4/09

We trust you.Your fans support you everyday,Rockets will rise.

gaojing | on 15/4/09

Tracy, you are really great, Congratulations on your birth a son, rest at ease, to enjoy a good happy family, we will support you forever, I believe you, bless you, we are willing to wait for your real return of a truly healthy until TMAC is one of our most want to see, do not worry, be patient, not to care about any negative remarks to you, you just a good recovery, happiness and family, friends, life, Come on! Wish you and your family, friends, health, happiness, happy!

lxqiong | on 15/4/09

We hope you can play together Yao to win champion. We all support you.

一个麦迷 | on 15/4/09


haoji | on 15/4/09

Simple:Be Best!

Smith Spiffley | on 15/4/09

That’s whats up Trace, I hope you get better soon the rockets need you. Just a word of adnice during this summer you should work on your mid range game and your back to the basket. I know you have back problems so do the best you can. I personally think if you where in the line up this year you would have won a ring. People are sleeping on the rockets but a healthy rockets equals a ring. Dwayne Wade is the hands down MVP in my mind, but everybody has there own opinions. As for you, you have the abilities to be better the Kobe, Dwayne, and LeBron as long as you believe. Good Luck to you and hope to see you sizzle this players on the court soon. Forever your fan


周琪波 | on 15/4/09

Dear Trace I’m a fan of the Houston Rockets from china, I am waiting for you to come back.In my opinion you are the best player in the NBA.If you are healthy Rockets will be the champion. Lebron or Wade for MVP. You are my favorite player and I’m looking forward to you returning to the field. In the last,wish you a speedy recover and I will continue supporting you!

shashav | on 15/4/09

love you for ever.I am waiting for you.

紫弦 | on 15/4/09


Yolanda | on 15/4/09

Hi!This is my first time to make comments here.I am a junior and also a typical Chinese girl.I love NBA just like the guys do.Of course i love Rockets most.May u recover soon and get back on court asap! I am looking forward to the return of king!Love u,T-MAC!And take care of youself.

louie khay | on 15/4/09

ur my MVP, bt since ur inactive i think it should be d-wade, im still waiting 4 ur return, nba is boring without u!
god bless!

andy trim | on 15/4/09

Hey T,What’s up man just saw this on facebook and said hey hear is a chance to say hello to you,first off i want to say to you good luck on your rehab i know you have the mindset and with god all thing’s are possible,i look at the project in Darfur man that was great man wish i had the chance in my life to do something like that.And yes your Rockets does have a lot in the tank but they have to polish up everytime they play and alsobe really TEAM and i think they will,MVP it’s bron bron man for real like kobe thou but bron’s the man right now.Anyway man you stay good the best to you and your family for summer wish i was there to work out with you maybe some day,bye for now man. Andy

zhoufei | on 15/4/09


Yolanda | on 15/4/09

Hi!This is my first time to make comments here.I am a junior and also a typical Chinese girl.I love NBA just like the guys do.Of course i love Rockets most.May u recover soon and get back on court asap! I am looking forward to the return of king!Love u,T-MAC!And also take care of yourself.

Vincent | on 15/4/09

Hey, Tracy. Just hope u recover completely ASAP and join the rest great guys for the next season which might be the best chance to go further in playoffs and even bring back the champion trophy.
As one of Chinese fans for Yao and Rockets, i am following every match Rockests played this season. I shouted for every win home or away and now pray for a prosperous playoff.

Yolanda | on 15/4/09

HI!This is my first time to make comments here.I am a junior and also a typical Chinese girl.I love NBA just like the guys do.Of course i love Rockets the most.May u recover soon and get back to court asap.I am looking forward to the rturn of king!

GEMINI | on 15/4/09


kevin | on 15/4/09

hi,T-MAC,Whatever,I love you,you are the best player in my are definitely brilliant.

fangjianrong | on 15/4/09

I support you ,you are a great player. wishes

edward | on 15/4/09

A greatest player definetely is able to be baring enough to undertake any kind of tough ordeal.Hang in there, support u forever.
Edward lau

maye | on 15/4/09

miss you ….

zhaotong | on 15/4/09

My dear: I love you forever!你要早日康复呀! 没有你的比赛 我都不想看。 看不到你比赛的日子 是在很无趣。不晓得你知不知道在远方的中国 一直有个人支持你!~你要加油哦 另外你都有四个孩子了 祝你全家幸福啊

zzt | on 15/4/09

Without you TRACY ,all the NBA hai nothing relationship with me.I hope my word will find you and find you well.Waiting for the day you come back with the power and courage you have befor
.We all believe that! Your sincerest fan from CHINA.

Stephen | on 15/4/09

You heal yoself back up, T-Mac. Congrats on your son…

But, yea, now you know how we feel to be watchin those games.
The Rockets look very good ths year, and I think that we have the chance to make it to at least the Conference Finals. WHat happens after that, is anyone’s guess…

I wanted you to have MVP, but, if I had to choose someone else, It would be D. Wade.

kai | on 15/4/09

go Rockets !go Mac

Vipu | on 15/4/09

T-mac, you are the best, im live in toront so i go to every toronto vs rockets game with your jersey on!
MVP = Tracy McGrady
Champions = Rockets

apple | on 15/4/09

hi,man,this is my first time to say sth,about u on the line,although `ve heared and read a lot of about u ,good or not,i stiil be here to be on your side,`cause you r my first idol on ball and will be only one foe ever. i like the style u playing and the eyes u`ve,which r beautiful.
i`m so happy 2 hear u r getting better and better!
good luck for u and rockets!

Ma | on 15/4/09

Hi T-mac ,I am a fan of you and I am a Chinese ,you know that there are lots of chinese fans ,I have many friends and all of them like you very much,I am not good at English,I hope you will be good in the next season ,I want to see you act in the NBA ,in my eyes, you are the MVP forever!I am looking forword your letters!

mecir | on 15/4/09

Tks!Tracy,you are always a great player.Hoping to watched you playing excellent balls in next season’s toyota center.

yolub | on 15/4/09

dude!!get well soon…legend….halong…chuy2x idol

g-mac | on 15/4/09

i and your t-mac fans are glad that you are ok and that you will return on the court next year or at the playoffs. i wish you best of luck with your recovery. i believe that apart that rockets have been doing a great job so far,cavaliers along with lebron james have been going all the way this year. yes i believe that rockets have power to make a difference with or without you mr.grady and become 2008-2009 nba champions since 1995-1996 with charles barkley.i believe king james should be mvp this year,because he deserves it apart from his numbers. 29 points,11 rebounds,8 assists and 5 steals per game. thank you for you time,and again best of luck with your recovery. george

chenglingqiang | on 15/4/09

It’s so happy to hear from you again,t-mac~and I konw you are on good condition,that wouldn’t be better.As you know,Houston have got a good lines of win,and all the guys in the team have a strong team-spirit,thay have showed their full energy,their strong desire for win…It is a team nobody can defeat…let’s see what will happen to the great team in the playoffs together,tracy~good luck to you !!!(still,I will be happy to hear from you~~)

Luke | on 15/4/09

Hey T-Mac! I really hope you’re gonna be able to start training again, so that you’ll be 100% next season!!! I’ll always be o=your fan man! #1 in greece!!! Btw I really think houston can make a run at the title and I think the MVP trophY goes to LBJ. GREAT SEASON, GREAT RECORD. I’m not a bg fan of LBJ bu this year he deserves the MVP trophy.
Wish u the best rehab Mac!!

Peja | on 15/4/09

Hey t-mac,i cant wait to see you on the court,i miss you so much man. YOu are right,all you need is think about rehab and your family. I know you are gonna get back,and be old T-MAC that we all know,and i know when next season coomes,everybody are gona say HE IS BACk,and that you will announce I AM BACk,and everybody is gonna hear that,and they are gonna se old MAC playing!
Get well soon Mac!

Kenz Hee Siang Chai | on 15/4/09

Well,i just wishing that the old great T-MAC that we use to know to come back on the court and give his 100% on the court just like last time..i really cant wait for the return of T-MAC of cause first of all u have to recover all your injuries first please take care of your injuries and give a pay back on the return of will always be the MVP among all great the best among them!!!! TAKE CARE~

Allen Lai | on 15/4/09

T-MAC,I hope you have healthy for next years,and escort your team win all the games,you ‘re the best one…......

freedom | on 15/4/09

I miss you tracy!!I hope you will get better matter what happened,I’ll aways support you and be your fans.

xianxian | on 15/4/09

Dear t-mac,i’m so glad to hear that now u feel so good~~~And congraduation to u and to your son,i hope u will be happy everyday!!!

尹angela | on 15/4/09

Rockets will bring the championship
YAO is the MVP

snakejian | on 15/4/09

Mac: congratulations,first!You have a new baby.I prey for you everyday,hoping that you can make a best rehab and get on court earlier.And I always believe that you can do what you wanna do.You should better have a good attitude to homesickness and have a active attitude to exercises of rehab。 Best wishes!Fighting~

ranknow | on 15/4/09

Greeting from China, hope you back to the games soon.
Anyway , i’d like to see you get your first champion in Houston.

Realtwo | on 15/4/09

Hello,T-Mac,I’m your fans!You’re my favourite NBA basketballer!I hope you be best in next season!ROCKET will be succeed this season!T-Mac go on!I willsupport you forever!

Reira | on 15/4/09

I just feel that i have so much things 2 say 2 u
Good luck with ur rehab, i want to see a healthy Tmac next seanson.
At first, i was so depressed about u, i thought u could be better. When i accidentally had some problem with my back, i could hardly walk, stand or even sit. It was just painful. I realise all the things that u have suffered, and u tried so hard in the games with those pains,. U are such a strong person. I feel so sorry that i doubt u. REALLY SORRY!!!!
Rockets are doing a great job, I hope we can get 2 the second round, or even the WCF.
James will get the MVP anyway, but i wish Wade can get that. He works so hard and he takes all the responsibilities.

Jack | on 15/4/09

hey,Tracy,take care of ur self bro the court is for sure empty without you man.hope u come back soon, listen 2 the doctors :) get well soon :)

Gabriel Huang | on 15/4/09

Hey Man, LONG TIME NO SEE.Exited to see u r gettin better,and cannot wait next season with u well.
Everythin goes very well with ROCKETS.How imagine that with u healthy in next season. Take your time ,best wishes for your family and your second son(congratulations).

keonte M. | on 15/4/09

whats up Mac, i just wonna say man you are still the best player in the NBA to me. everybody be on kobe bus, i know he a goo player but im telling everybody i know when u get back to 100% kobe is gone be in for a long run.congrats to you and your son Layden…but Do whatever you gotta do to come back and win that ring next year…LETS GET IT ROCKETS!

nikkiboi | on 15/4/09

that’s great news tmac. . . just showing that your right in the courtside with the rockets would be enough for their boost in morale.. just keep on praying and hope for the best.. by the way congrats on your 4th child, when wife gets pregnant again for your 5th child, name it NIKKI lol.. from your no. 1 fan [email protected]

jessie | on 15/4/09

I know the greatest T-mac will be back.We will always beside you.

夏晶 | on 15/4/09

wom, I am glad to hear your news.i am looking forward to see your new sons must be a cute baby,i just think.enjoy your happness life,T_MAC

Ivan | on 15/4/09

Who is the best? Well, I’m YOUR fan, am I? Good luck with your rehab. Greetings from Serbia.

Jay | on 15/4/09

nice to hear that you’re rehabbing well. First for your questions, I think LBJ will take the MVp although Dwyane wade performs really outstanding this season. I believe rockets can get in the secongs round because they will encounter Utah Jazz no more.You can imagine how nervous I was when I was watching that game between Jazz and Lakers. Luckily,Lakers beat the Jazz haevily and rockets successfully avoid the Jazz.If rockets can win Dallas,that will be the best ending. I bet that you will be so exciting to see your rockets win the first round because that will be your 1st time since you enter the NBA. Although you won’t get on the court this season,everyone,no matter your teammates,your fans, or your opponents,knows that how much you have paid to this team. Everybody will appreciate you and your team for your will and your strenth.
Talking about some other things about yourself. I notice that you’re a little bit fatter than last few years. I suggest that you might do some thing to lose fat and become as quickly as wind again. You know,watching you slam dunking with windy speed and enormous strenth is really enjoyful. I believe you can make it again. Let those who don’t believe in you kiss the donkey’s ass!
Last,wish you have a nice time with your family and your rockets.Of course, your knees should be your lover!

BEPOWER | on 15/4/09


Michael kay Ntiamoah | on 15/4/09

l want to be a basket ball player help me plssss.

张恒 | on 15/4/09

hope you back in next season!!!

Lisa | on 15/4/09

Tracy,i’m waiting for you for so long.i’m glad to see your rehab going well.You know there are a lot of fans in China and we’ll love and sopport you foever.
Expecting the day when you’ll be on the court again.

Jason Li | on 15/4/09

It’s great to know that everything is going with your rehab. I think that maybe the Rockets can make a deep run in this year’s West playoffs, because you know, Utah has to face the Lakers in the first round. It’s now a great moment for the Rockets to defeat another team whichever it is. Anyway, I wish you will do well with your rehab, and so our T-Mac fans can see you in Toyota Centre next season. Cheers.

derek hui | on 15/4/09

Your die hard fans, really want to see you come back, really want to see my 100% T-mac, hardly wait for every amazing time from you!
Good Luck!

Mindy | on 15/4/09

Tracy, congratuations for your newly-born son and your becomming better.I am really so happy for you.I don’t why I feel moved when I read your blog.I hope you won’t be angry that I can’t watch games when you are’t there.Because I have no focus when watching the games without you.So I am waiting for you till next year you come back.At last,I want to say that again , when you have chance you can come to China to meet countless fans here in China!

Michael | on 15/4/09

Great to hear from you again tmac, it’s great to hear you doin well, hope you and the rockets can get rollin again and healthy next season…. as for the questions, i called the lakers from the start, then the rockets actually have a very good shot of even making the conference finals and at least challening the lakers then le bron is the sure mvp

Enter your name... | on 15/4/09

Hey, imma big fan but i feel like you’re more effective at about 210 rather than 225.

You are more explosive and seemingly more aggressive.

I wish you the best in ya rehab and hope you come back on all cylinders.

qingqing zuo | on 15/4/09

T-MAC, I like you

Michael | on 15/4/09

hey yo, just stay where you are now, try some entertainment, raise your kids, post your cars on ebay, that’s what you should/can do.

Forget about basketball, you are outdated, too old and for god’s sake, don’t make any jump shoot in the rest of your life.

People says you don’t have a strong heart but honestly I think you just cannot fight anymore, I can feel that, that’s just your body cannot go on anymore. That is fine, people getting older each day.

Please, take your money and leave NBA, enjoy your life after, you are still in my memory.

Summer | on 14/4/09

Hi Mac,

You know it is a late msg to us,haha. In fact. We are waiting here for a long time. It is glad to hear that everything is going well. Your successful rehab is really the only thing I’m thinking about now. It’s also a good news for Layden’s coming. I can imagine how you eager to meet your family. Just enjoy your summer and keep ur attention on the rehab. All your fans wl stand here to support u all the time. For the playoffs, I don’t think it can be as attractive as b4 bec your absence. Rockets does a good job after your sitting out this season. No matter it pass the first roud or not, it is just a season. And a season without you is not a complete one to me. Anyway, I wl watch the playoffs of rockets bec you said it was your rockets. But I am not so concerned about the results. I think Lakers is tough team and maybe they wl take the championship, and Leborn for the MVP. Again, hope you can come back healthy next season and bring us more hope then. Maybe at the same time next year, we can talk about your team to take the championship and you for MVP.
At last, wish you and your family a good day every day. Keep us updating!


Chung | on 14/4/09

We all are looking forward to seeing you back to the hardwood.
And you are always the MVP.
Without I actually think that D.Wade should be the MVP rather than Lebron!~

ChangLiu | on 14/4/09

Tracy,it`s good to see that you r getting better,we r all looking foeward your back.

Noklai | on 14/4/09

take care,
next year,i hope you can get a champion ring!!
fully support!!

giuseppe | on 14/4/09

who cares what other says
who knows you, who always believed in you .. knows that no one is better than you
please return stronger
i just want to see you playing like you did in san antonio
i just want to see you with the nba ring
next year my friend i hope you can wear it

sisi | on 14/4/09

mac,first,congratulation on your new son!
i’m your chinese fan,i’m really miss you playing everyday。
i hope your rehab will better and better,i believe you will come back!i’m waitting for you and support you forever!

Brad | on 14/4/09

Hey T-mac, you’re the greatest. I’m your #1 Australian fan.

I know how hard rehab is for you cos I’m going through it too. Been out for three months after injuring my ankle during a game here; its really hard to just sit and watch other people play.

I think as long as Yao stays fit then there’s no reason you can’t make it to the conference finals. Hopefully you guys will take 3rd spot in the West. Anything can happen when your team mates believe they can win ay.
LeBron is the MVP for me, cos he’s had the biggest influence on his team and on the competition in general. I think he’ll take the Cavs all the way.

Get well soon man, eager to see you light up the court again.

tianliang | on 14/4/09

hi . t-mac.heard that you recuperrate very good.i’m very happy.
best wish to you,i believe you wil come back are always here.
love you forever.
god bless you

Shuai | on 14/4/09

Tracy-McGrady,I waitting for you!

Aria Shahbaz | on 14/4/09

T-mac man, ive been devating that your better than kobe for a long time now, heres the plan man, what u should do is talk to Dwayne Wade about his training that he did last year because u need to come back strong. hit the gym a lil bit you know? i want to see my favoraite player play 82 games atleast once in his career

Ming feng Zhao | on 14/4/09

E-mailHello, T-Mac. I am your fans in China This is my. I will be glad to mail you. Chinese fans will always be for you refuel. Quickly recovered it! !

Gavin Yu | on 14/4/09

hi, T-MAC: I like the sytle of your game, I support you all the time.

Gavin Yu | on 14/4/09

I like the style of your game, I support you all the time.

Sheen | on 14/4/09

Tmac, when you play, it’s like someone making love to the game. Kobe, he dominates and just rapes on the court, you do the game… just right.
The rockets are Awesome, You, Artest, and Yao are my favorite players in this post Jordan Era. But I agree with you, watching your rockets play against play off teams is nerve wrecking, kinda like watching Michigan State advance to the final four, the fans just don’t believe that MSU/Rockets will win, but we are hopeful… I hope the rockets win the championship, but I wouldn’t even bet Money on it, because it so Uncertain. But thats why we play the game right?!? I enjoy the rockets. I think DWade deserves it, but LBJ will win it. Tmac, Good luck with everything, Im happy for you and your family. Just Play Your heart out… make love to the game, do it write. I hope you win the championships next year! Get well soon!

Devron | on 14/4/09

Tracy man, honestly I do believe that the rockets might take the championship this year. People think the Lakers are going to sweep through the west playoffs ut i really don’t think they getting past anyone this year and if they play the rockets in the 2nd round they definately gone lose

zhangj | on 14/4/09


lee | on 14/4/09

hey tmac
It is a tough time for you now and i am really glad to hear form you that you are getting better!
somebody say that houston rocket can be much better without you
,maybe it is true in a special period but we cannot get the champions without you .
So wish you back soon !

alfonso navarro | on 14/4/09

lets go t-mac! i wish u all the best! goodluck at the playoffs ! tmac wishing u the best!!!!!!

Enter your name... | on 14/4/09

what up T mAc, im a big fan of yours real big fan . I hope though you get traded to Indiana to team with Danny Granger that would be sweet. but get well soon man .. good luck

Crystal(心雨) | on 14/4/09

Dare Mac: I’m very glad to hear you! The info you transmitted sounds very great!I hope you would stay healthy everyday .In my heart the most important thing is your healthy and your happiness!Take care of yourself!I wil bless you everyday!

Juan Hernandez | on 14/4/09

Thanks for the update i have been waiting to hear how you are doing and i thank god that your doing great so its just a matter of time before you return and shut these doubters up just like d-wade is doing this year,as far as mvp i think its a toss up between lebron and d-wade i got kobe third cause he has more team support.

Leo | on 14/4/09

It’s great to know that you’re doing well.
Can’t wait to see you back on the court.
you know,Rockets will be more competitive if you come back healthy.
love you.

Anthony Charles | on 14/4/09

I’m waitin for ya to come back already man. I’m one of your big fans but you probably don’t believe that. any way man keep at it.

kelland | on 14/4/09

Mac, you know, when I found that you had updated your blog, how exiting I was!!! Congratulations to the coming of your second son! I think Layden will be lovely just like his brother and handsome like his father! Mac, I am happy for knowing that everything is going well with your rehab. I can not wait your coming back to the court next season. Rockets Games without you are boring. I won’t watch it until you come back. I think Laker or Celtics will get the championship and LBJ will be the MVP although I support Wade MVP. Fighting, Mac.We will accompany you and wait for you!

SUN | on 14/4/09

Tracy McGrady,
I am a boy from china.

rey | on 14/4/09

hey T-Mac, cant wait to see you back on the court! we ll all support you!

Mine | on 14/4/09

If you can join the playoff this year. I bet you and your team will get champion. Best regardz!

jinyu | on 14/4/09

tracy ,you are my idol ,the unique ,and forever
i just don’t love you no more
hearing your news of rehabilitation ,i feel so happy
i believe you will be back
i believe the healthy t-mac will come back in the next season.
with love

Trae Stokes | on 14/4/09

Do you still dream of pitching in the Big Leagues Tracy? I do think about that from time to time, and remember how when we last chatted at All Saints Academy, that you still thing about it…
Pitchers pitch up until the age of 40+... So we know it’s doable… Later

Trae Stokes | on 14/4/09

We are all so proud of you, and so happy for you and your new son. Tell Pops I said “hey”... I got to speak to him a few months back… Chasity tells me on FaceBook he’ll be in to town for Chances graduation party… MAN, I was pulling for Memphis!!!

FC | on 14/4/09

T-Mac!! Get well buddy!! Take your time. We miss you but i know that day will come and you’ll see! I hope hope and faith in my team (ROCKETS). I pray for you and God bless!



Jadd | on 14/4/09

Wait for you back! Amd best wishes with your rahab.
Take care.

Valentin Medina | on 14/4/09

Although I am living in San Antonio, I am proud of where I am from, which is H-Town(Houston). I love my Rockets and have faith in them for that title race. As one of your #1 fans, I just want to let you know that I believe you made the right choice and you will come back stronger next year. GO ROCKETS

Patrick Quinn | on 14/4/09

that is great news T MAC sux u cant be there for the playoffs but just rehab and get better!! I agree i think the rockets have a chance to go very deep. I think they can make it to the conference finals and push the lakers to 7 but we will c wat happens get well soon!

Peter Park | on 14/4/09

Hey TMac! One thing I’m thankful is your humility despite the superstardom that bball has brought you. I know God will continue to bless that, and you’re going to return as a true warrior of the game. I think the Rockets have a chance to get as deep as Ron and Yao can take them. I’m thinking the Lakers have a great chance to win the title…and Lebron James (other than that crab dribble he does) has been the MVP hands down…

Anyways, your rehabilitation is in my prayer. Christ bless you!


Nick Patel | on 14/4/09

Thanks on ur rehab update and do what u have to so we can see u on the court again like ur old self in Orlando Magic days….no matter how good we are playin right now but u still need u…imsgine how good we the rockets can be even with u on the team…so come back soon but also solid, healthy, and injure free…

kenny | on 14/4/09

Hey Mac, I really do hope you make a full recovery in time for next season. I know your going to stun fans by your amazing comeback.Congrats on the birth of your son and I wish you and your family God’s richest blessings.

coming from your number one fan from the caribbean
take care Mac

cnitch | on 14/4/09

hey man,

good luck on your fast recovery. looking forward to see you on court next year. good luck also to the rockets this coming playoffs! bring home that championship!

Sun | on 14/4/09

come on tracy i love you

yanira | on 14/4/09

man all i know is that the houston rockets are going all the way this year and i think u should get the MVP trophy of the year this is r time baby go rockets get red!!!!

Frances | on 14/4/09

I think you’re a terrific basketballer, a real team player, and although you’re not gonna be able to play for the rest of the season i beleive that the rockets will be able to carry on your team spirit.
Its great that you have another addition to your “clan”, wish i were the one heling you do that but hey, i dont exist to you.
All the best to you and the Rockets.
One Love,

winson | on 14/4/09

Hey tmac,

get well rested and come back fully 100%... we know what you can do..ive been a fan of urs since the magic days.. It is sad to see you out due to back injuries and others. But i would pray for ur recovery and that you come out blazing next season showing the younger guys why you were a scoring machine! all the best rockets!


grace | on 14/4/09

Say hello to little Layden!

Sims | on 14/4/09

Glad to hear that you are healing well! Congrats on the new son! God bless! oh and lakers are gonna win the championship. mvp goes to lebron though

enci | on 14/4/09

nice to heard that you are feeling good. I can’t wait to see you coming back!!!!!

DEEJEI | on 14/4/09

T-MAC, its the best year to take home the gold!! specially for HOUSTON!! what a event wrestlemania had been, now to add up the 09 NBA championship!! that would be great man! wooah.. i Hope Yao, Artest and the other guys make it through!! BEAT LA! BEAT LA!!

Chris | on 14/4/09

That sounds great T-Mac! I think that if your Rockets bring their A-game they can make a deep run. I think that the MVP trophy should go to Dwyane Wade. It sounds like you are doing well with rehab so keep it up so you can come back next season! GO ROCKETS!!!

Kurtis Sargent | on 14/4/09

Aye Mac, u da greatest ball player i’ve ever seen but there r many others but u still my fav right now. I’m 15yrs old 6ft tall but i still tryin to get up on the rim to dunk. I can hang on it but tryin to get the ball up there. Do think thereis an easier and faster way to get my hops up. And is the a way to get a better crossover? i just wanna know


Ben | on 14/4/09

Forgot to answer ur question
King James is going to be MVP,
Without u rockets won’t pass the second round
Championship, cavliers or lakers

Amiel Angelo | on 14/4/09

Hey Tmac, Your my idol, and i might be your number 1 fun here in the Philippines. and it’s nice to hear that your gettin better and better, get well soon Bro., hope to see you again on the court, I really miss you playing.

Dallin Ozancin | on 14/4/09

T-Mac You are the best and I Hope your rehab goes well and I look forward to seeing you play next year and Good Luck.
And congratulations on your new Son
Dallin Ozancin

Ben | on 14/4/09

If rockets make to conference finals, would u play to help them? Tmac fan ben

Tommy89 | on 14/4/09

I’m a fan of the Houston Rockets since I was 6, so… LET’S GO ROCKETS!!! LET’S GO TMAC!!! Lebron or Wade for MVP. You are my favorite player and I’m looking forward to you returning to the field, but take your time you need to go back to being the best, as usual :-)
Greetings from Italy!!!
Good luck for rehab!


Santiago Jaurena | on 14/4/09

I love Houston Rockets is my favourite team for you t mac im a fan of you
play good
Bye Bye!!

Scott | on 14/4/09

Man, if you get this, you are the only player I have ever written to. I respect you as a person as well as respecting your game. You are a very versatile player, and I wish you the best of luck in getting a championship. In my opinion, definetly a hall of famer, even without a championship. Glad to hear you are doing better, and i look forward to you and your team staying healthy next year and definetly being title contenders. Keep up the good work man.

Kel | on 14/4/09

Hey T-Mac
It’s nice to hear you gettin better man, I’ve always been
a fan, i hated when i hear you was out for the rest of the season but anyways keep up you good work and come back realoaded next season

I think LeBron is gonna be this season’s MVP that boy is off the hook, can’t forget D Wade but i still think Bron gonna get it.

I believe the reigning champs and Bron’s Cavs are gonna be in the east finals and i the West San Antonio and L.A

Anyways Mac
hoping you get better
take care

Ric the biggest T-mac fan byfar | on 14/4/09

About time you post something else about your rehab. I been waiting for a while now…. I think you should show us some youtube videos too because that would be good so people dont forget about you. Aside from that the Rockets are doing pretty good but it sucks for me because I want them to do good but at the same time I don’t want people to think they can do better without you. Since you haven’t made it out the first round it would suck that the year u sit out is the yr. they make it.

Ethan Gressley | on 14/4/09

hey man glad you’re rehab is going good., can’t wait to see you back on the court next year!!!! But anyway i think the Rockets have enough to make a deep run, but i think the Lakers are alot better this year than last cause they have Bynum back this year, and last year they went to the finals!!! And no offense to Lebron, but i think D-Wade should win MVP this year, he has been better through most of the season. So hope you can come back next year at full strength…...later

Ruth Rodriguez | on 14/4/09

I am the mother of Glenn Martinez, whom you grew up with in Auburndale. You were his mentor for him to become a professionl player, him with the NFL. He plays Houston now.I still remember the night you were drafted and the celebration in the neighborhood, for your success. God continue blessing you and your family and hope for a speedy recovery. Thanks for being my friend in Facebook.

Dennis Robinson | on 14/4/09

About time T-Mac! You’ve finally responded! its nice to hear from you man. Its good to see that your improving. But another McGrady! Man, T-Mac. In a minute your going to become like Brangelina and they’re kids hahaha nah but thats cool man. Another T-Mac in the making. I just hope you take this season as a learning experience and take your time so nothing like this will happen again. Well T-Mac I hope the next time you post that I hear your conditioning. And Is 100% God Bless


alex | on 14/4/09

hey, take your time
Houston wants a healthy T-mac
Off season is the perfect time to recover

Josh | on 14/4/09

Best of luck with rehab T-mac! everything has a reason, and when you recover from rehab I’m sure you and the rockets will make an amazing run next season again! Peace and take care!

kevin | on 14/4/09

T mac we cant wait next year !
be right back soon!
we want to see u and yao play together!

ogal | on 14/4/09

yo hi i’m a big fan i just have one questin are u goin to be in this playoff

alysha | on 14/4/09

you are the coolest guy i know that is good at basketball and i am to i can make 20 shootes a day in 1 minute

Travis Prosper | on 14/4/09

I really feel we have a legitamate chance of going deep this year. Conferance finals hopefully.
I like the way the teams been coming together, i think Scola is doing a great job playing alongside Yao making his job easier because Scola has been cleaning up on the glass so yao can have an easier ride inside.
I like how Lowry and Brooks are playing, i like them both at the point.
Artest is doing a great job, i really like how he’s been playing lately.
Landry & Wafer off the bench is working nicely.
If we get Dallas, Hornets or the Blazers we should advance…..

MVP? I think they’ll give it to kobe

But i feel Wade should get it, Wade or Lebron…Reason why i lean more to Wade’s side is because if we compare the supporting casts these 3 play with, Wade has the weaker group.
J Oneal is not the same anymore, so wade is going hard alone.
Both other teams have another star alongside their Go To Guy…..Gasol and Maurice Williams

D Wade for MVP

Take care Bro

Hope you get better soon


ISAAC | on 14/4/09

Good luck with rehab :)

Ginubrian | on 14/4/09

Good to hear from ya again T-mac! The Rockets are killing it! They’ll be fine. Crazy how Landry got shot. Post a youtube video of you rehabing some time please!!!!

I say Lebron for MVP or Wade, we’ll see.

John Chua | on 14/4/09

Yeah Tracy! Rockets are doing sick right now, really looking forward to seeing you and Von Wafer creating a partnership next year! I think Rockets can reach the western finals but realistically, I’m just not sure bout the Lakers cos those boys are hot right now! By the way I was hearing some rumors about you going to Miami and I just wanna say dont leave us! Just tell Adelmen you’ll prove your worth next season and you’ll be back starting at shooting guard with Wafer at reserve which’ll be sick! The team is great right now though! I love Brooks! He’s lightning quick n can you believe Deek?! He’s dominating at his age! 10 points and 15 board?! You kidding me? Anyway I hope your recovery goes well so you can take over the league next season!

One of your many fans,

joe shillabeer | on 14/4/09

You know Lebron is getting that MVP.
Im saying Our Rockets are getting into the second round.
All the best, for the rehab, sucks my favourite player isn’t out there.
T-Mac is a beast in the playoffs.
Knowones forgetting that ridiculous jam on Shawn Bradley! Daayymm!
Peace Mac

brandon | on 14/4/09

i would have picked you guys to go all the way if you were healthy but without you i think the rockets can only get to the 2nd round.dwayne wade should get the MVP award no doubt about it.

Stephen Bower | on 14/4/09

You have been my favorite player for so many years, I can’t even remember when I frst started watching you. You have influenced so many people on and off the court. I really hope you get well and are back 100% for next season. Go Rockets!

Matt Marrs | on 14/4/09

Get well soon man. I htink the rockets will get the 3 spot and play the hornets i just don’t want to play the Mavs in the first round,but I see them going far hopefully all the way. MVP should be Lebron or D-Wade, but Lebron will get it. I went to the rockets pacers game Jan. 23rd but you couldn’t play, but I was right behind rockets bench and it was great to see the team and see your fly attire lol.

1 love,

Atom | on 14/4/09

Tmac get well soon. Miss u in the line up. Really excited about them Rockets. Congratulation, to the new addition. R u trying to start ur own B ball team.LOL. Good Luck.

God Bless

PS: D wade for MVP!!!

LETS GO ROCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LETS GO TMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sunshine | on 14/4/09

Its great to hear that you are doing well. Take your time on the rehab, so you can come back strong. I have been watching and cheering on the Rockets in you absence even though its not the same without you out there. Congratulations on the little one!

Seong Won Hong | on 14/4/09

I hope you can come back next season and show all the haters and doubters what your game is all about!!

justin | on 14/4/09

of course yall can make a run. i mean heck there fighting for the number 3 seed, and i ain tryin to dis the team or nothin but im guessin wester conference finals, but as for your other questions im sayin lakers winning it all, and lebron easily gets the mvp,
all your friends in gahanna

justin | on 14/4/09

just don’t think you have to come back to soon, whem ever you feel it better man,

peace, all your fans in gahanna

Mike | on 14/4/09

It is great to hear that rehab is going great for you. It has been terrible to not be able to see you play this year with all the other stars in the league having career years.
I think the Rockets have plenty of talent to make it in a deep West. Yao and Ron can help the young players such as Aaron, Luis, and Carl be better in the playoffs. I think they will make it to the Finals, where unfortunately the Cavaliers have just too much in LeBron, which is the answer to the MVP trophy

d-mac | on 14/4/09

T-mac get well soon things arent the same without u man. Hopefully D-wade takes the mvp trophy home he’s balling out with weak teammates like u did in orlando i love watching him it brings back memories of ur 62 point outbursts man. Good luck with rehab cant wait till next year!

robert flunder iv | on 14/4/09

whatever you do. dont rush coming back. it happens to often with athletes…. take your time and get fully healthy so you can come back kickin ass next season. i miss u on the court but your health is way more important…... take care and God bless u and your fam T-Mac!!!!!!!!

Cedric Hester | on 14/4/09

T MAC, I hope all goes well…. I’m looking forward to seeing you back out there on the court…. You say you are in Chicago, you should consider an Adidas camp up here one day..

Peace, Ced…