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Wed, Oct 22nd 2008, 09:03

Tracy's Blog - Patience Please

I know that there has been talk about me not playing in the beginning of the season, and I know my fans want to hear from me. So here it is straight from T-Mac. I feel optimistic about this season, and I know that the Rockets are a great team with the potential to be special. With that said, I need to feel 100% with my knee before I get out their on the court. It is almost there, but I need to take precautions and if my knee isn’t ready yet when we take on Memphis, I will have to wait and do my best to support the team in other ways. I need to have 100% confidence in that knee so that I am able to do the things on the court that make me the player I am. That time will come soon, but I don’t want to rush it and risk further damage just to be able to play on opening night. I am so confident with my team this season that If I have to hang back for a few games until I feel my knee is 100%, than that is what I will do. You will see a fierce T-Mac on the court this season, I can promise you that. We are a strong unit that has great chemistry. We all want it badly. I want to win, we want to win, and we will make Houston proud. Just enjoy the show Rockets fans and believe. I do..


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Jay Wong | on 15/12/08

Tracy Mcgrady is such a beautiful name
You are the greatest player in my heart forever

殷越 | on 14/12/08

Tracy,I will support you forever! Come on!!

zoe mcgrady | on 13/12/08


China. Zoe Mcgrady | on 13/12/08

hi ~tracy .how is it going?Are you remember me?miss you a lot.These days i really about your health.are you feel better?i hope so.i want to tell you that i still believe you.forever and ever.

i’m going for study abroad all the time.because of you.ican get over every trouble.every time when i meet diffcult,i will try my best to get over it.because you’re my power.

i told you that i want to be a reporter dut to you.i ‘m crazy about you.i believe i can see you one i studying hard.i will be graduate from high school.yesterday,my mom promise me that let me study abroad.too dream is to interview with you.yes i will. i believe. hi~tracy.don’t let us down.try your best at every match.cheer up.please remember that whenever happens ,i’m with you. china zoe mcgrady.

mark lee | on 13/12/08

love you foever

Rilkinnonycle | on 13/12/08

My name is Jessika!

lovetracyforever | on 12/12/08

love you you are the best of NBA

qingwwm | on 12/12/08

no matter where you go, you are my favorite player, forever. you know, there are more fans than you think who always support you, so don’t be back so quickly, your health is more important than anything.

熙夕 | on 12/12/08



张家诚 | on 12/12/08

I’m waiting for the day,that you defeat your pain and return who you really are—the best player of NBA,neither Bryant nor Lebron,it is you!I belived you can,so did all your trust fan.We are waiting.

raiy lau | on 12/12/08

hi .t-mac. i … want ?.i speak chinese? ok. 你知道为什么你的状态越来越差吗? 就是你没带上04-05赛季以前的那个小护腿. 如果你从新戴上它..你的状态将恢复..]

小弋 | on 12/12/08

Hi.t-mac Just take care yourself and I will waiting for you until you are 100%

love t-mac | on 11/12/08

hi t-mac ,i am a fan of you from china,i know you are not yourself now,cheer up!we support you forever!hope you can take part in the all star,we are willing to watch your show time!!

whale huang | on 9/12/08

hey ,tmac

刘健 | on 7/12/08

I am your fans, I come from China. I hope you can in the shortest possible time to adjust themselves to the best of the state. There are a lot of competition waiting for you! The first you are so self-confidence! Believe in yourself and you can be certain of. Come on! I hope you get a reply? I look forward to!

Summer wong | on 4/12/08

I wl support u always. Keep ur promise and I am waiting the see u being u when u are back!

APPLE | on 4/12/08


Alicia项 | on 3/12/08

Tracy i hope u know that I’ll support u forever and love u forever.
Everything i do is for u .
My hero.

STEVE | on 3/12/08


X'Zavier Hudson | on 3/12/08


Sheena | on 30/11/08

Good Luck Babe!

Sunny | on 28/11/08

T-Mac! Get red! Trust you!

珊珊 | on 28/11/08

T-Mac! T-Mac!
I believe you!
You are the best! Come on!
Do your best to help Rockets get red with Yaoming.You are a great player in my mind.I will always support you.

JOY | on 25/11/08

T-MAC,Fighting!i will always stand on your side.

JOY | on 25/11/08


Chris | on 25/11/08


shaun medwynter | on 25/11/08

hi tmac, you are my favorite player and i want to see u explosive like you always are…that being said, whatever you have to do to make that happen, i say you do it even if it means missing a couple games. I was so upset yesterday because since i live in florida, you played the miami heats yesterday and i never got to go to the game. that really hurt my feeling especially knowing that im going to have to wait another year just to get the chance to see you. i never saw you in my life yet and i will be looking forward to see you. I idolize you!!!!
Im 15

Sincerly: Shaun a.k.a Breezy

橙橙 | on 25/11/08

The morning i watched the rocket match vs the Heat , so excited, I hope McGrady take care of yourself, The health is important.May the Lord bless you and keep you!!

静 | on 24/11/08

I will always support you

永远爱你的中国球迷(静) | on 24/11/08

不好意思 我只能用中文写了(英文不好) 这几天毫无夸张的说我是吃不下 也睡不着 不是因为别的 你也知道火箭队对于我们中国球迷来说就是主队 你们的比赛几乎每一场都有直播 你在我们中国球迷心中是无比的重要 很多人都是看着你的球长大的 就像我堂弟(13岁) 每次看到你都很兴奋 为你的每个进球 甚至是每个动作都是赞不绝口 我也是,从高中开始到现在已大学毕业了 突然间发现你是我生命中的一部份了 满脑子都是你 现在你遇上麻烦 很多中国媒体开始玩起文字游戏去批评你责骂你 很心痛 很心疼 在这我替我们中国媒体还有一些球迷的行为向你说声对不起 当然能阻止这最有效的办法是用你的表现来驳击,我相信你会的 坚持。。。。 爱你的FANS

Hua lei | on 21/11/08

Hi T-mac,I come here again,today you won the game,you have saved rockets and got 20 points ,you got 14 in the 4th part!Congratulations!I promise I will support you forever…I believe you’ll get the champion this season !! Good luck !! Tomorrow you will fight against magic ,I know you will win !!—-A special and loyal T-mac fan from China …

xuhuaiyang | on 20/11/08

I believe you ,you can do better .come on with Yao and Artest.Rockets will rush to the sky .

JAY JERRY | on 20/11/08


nicole flint | on 19/11/08


nicole flint | on 19/11/08


黄书涛 | on 18/11/08

I will always support you

shelly | on 17/11/08

your attitude and personality is most attractive to me. I can really feel you enjoy playing the game from your “brighting smile” even Rocket lost games. some interpret it as passive or careless… but I see that’s “trely loving playing the game”

your care about Darfur is also touched me. The Big Love you have is incredible.

best wishes,

lashanda | on 17/11/08

hey tracy just wanted to say that keep up the good work i love you and the rockets and this year the rockets are going all the way. i love the chemistry that you brought to the rockets since 2004 and now that we have ron artest we are championship bound. well just wanted to let you know that i am a fan and i believe in the rockets even though charles barkely doesn’t(sellout)

Henry Jones | on 16/11/08

I’ve been a T-Mac fan since your Orlando days. I only go to Magic games when your team comes through these days. I look forward to catching the Rockets on Nov 22nd in Orlando, and I hope you’re healthy and drop 40 on them.

徐昉昊 | on 15/11/08

I will never lose confidence of you!You can do it!Believe yourself!

张骏来 | on 15/11/08

more Breakthrough and less jumpshotting
trust me
you are the best player!!
I will always support you

yazhuo | on 15/11/08

hi tracy,I feel angry today,u lost ur direction again,since I know NBA from husband, I begin to like rocket,like u and all guys of the team,but the most I wish is all of u can be more like a real man,once I treated u like Kobe,but now take a look at whet u showed,7 points again,like a star? we can’t expect every time u can get 25 points, but when can u get ur spirit back? fright like a man,if u keep the situation like today,u will loss all ur fans,and maybe some years later,I will ask others,what’s the name of that guy who played basketball with yao?
Tracy don’t let us down,we don’t hope this like that,fight like a man,don’t stroll in the wall,find some problem with urself,don’t blame ur sick,if u feel bad take a rest and come on again,don’t say that’s the team problem we din’t do this well ,we didn’t do that well,do a example to others if u can
come on man

JUAN CRUZ | on 13/11/08

can you play just a little harder homie ? i know the game is easy for guys like you but at times you come down to regular cats level that would not even dare to step to you before you should and can be able to smash on all theses cats but you seem a little lazy out there sometimes .if you played the regular sason the way you did playoffs people would stop the talk about you cause money your are NICE

Steven Norman | on 13/11/08

Keep up the good work Tracy.

张超 | on 13/11/08

hi T-MAC I`M very happy today because i find you come back T-MAC IS COME BACK you are the real hero in my life i love you very much! why don`t basted them?such as NASH O`NEAL,and #22who don`t know ?they are the big rubbish in the world! nash?MVP?i don`t know why he do that! if let him go to NEWYORK i think he mustn`t good

LIN | on 13/11/08

come on tracy!go go go!you are best!

刘恩黎 | on 13/11/08

hey。 was a big game today . you prove that you are also the great player in nba 。。cheer up .beat spurs..

Olisa | on 13/11/08


bob | on 12/11/08

reply to my lastest email ..

wangfuling | on 12/11/08

McGrady, you do not know if I can not see the message, you know? In many Chinese fans are for you and who is strong and Kobe debate, now you really do not want the magic to you, can you tell us what is your problem? State of mind? I hope you will give us a reply, we are concerned about the time you that we will never abandon you, I hope you will allow us to see the trophy and flowers

Allen | on 12/11/08

hey,t-mac, get more energy, touchness.
beta the kobe, pp, james, cp3, KG.
you can get the demn championship.

傻子麦 | on 12/11/08


jay jerry | on 12/11/08


we are waiting for your proformance。

fans | on 12/11/08

hi,T-may,Do you konw how many people love you in china,it’s a large number.I think it must be incredible to you.when you were in magic team,you are the super star in our heart,because that you were full of passion, and no player can hold back you,your every action of shoot a basket was perfect,we all love that you.Now,you are a rocket player,but you seem to be change,your fire、passion、confidence、courage seem to disappear bit by bit.I know you have much injury,so i hope you cure you injury soon and come back the omnipotent you,Can
you remember you once said “I will be back”,i believe you will be back soon,OK!
fight with your best teammate yao,we love he,he is my homeland pride.I wish rocket team can recapture the last champion,good luck to you,good luck to yao,good luck to rocket.

徐文平 | on 11/11/08

i do not know whether what you said is real!

jay jerry | on 10/11/08

we believe you

Matt Wrobel | on 10/11/08

Hey, T-Mac. I’ve been your biggest fan since you were with the Raptors. I love the intensity you bring to the game. You are my idol.

lordi | on 10/11/08

T.mac:I eill always love you .Please never give up.Remember that even though everything was changed ,you are always yourself . please be happy ,that is my biggest dream. please…...

Tim Franklin | on 10/11/08

I sure hope your knee gets better. I can’t wait to see the fierce Tmac. The Tmac that CAN BE 1 of the best in the NBA. The Tmac that CAN BE every bit as good as Kobe Bryant. Instead the last 2 games it looks like your playing with no heart. No fire! No pride!

I have no doubt this team will make a run at the ‘ship. In order for the Rockets to do that. They don’t need Tracy McGrady. THEY NEED TMAC!!!!

Good Luck!

Lee | on 10/11/08

Hi,Tracy!! I’m your super fan!!! I love you!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!
Even though you are though all of the pains and low point, in my opinion, you are the one in my mind!!

唐嘉穎 | on 10/11/08

Dear t-mac:i know my english is terrible, please foegive me.I very love you since i see you play the basketball.You is the god in my heart.I believe your dream must come ture in this season.i wish happyness around you every day.You smile is me big hope.!!!
i believe you.i believe you is the good NBA star in my heart.
i love you forever.however you in the NBA or not.!~~~

zhangjun | on 10/11/08


zhangjun | on 10/11/08

come on!

justice | on 10/11/08

wake up, tracy

Zichen | on 10/11/08

I know you and rockets are in trouble now ,but don’t care about the criticism .Just do what you wanna do and insist on the plan,we will give you guys the biggest support no matter what will happen.Come on,get on the court and show you talence!! bless you !

Robert Thou | on 9/11/08

Ayo tmac, u be pissing me off I have to admit. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? You have to play better. Kobe just owned you today, how are you going to let him do that. HE OWNED YOU! I think you need to hear it. You’re my favorite player, don’t let me down man. When you’re on the court, all you do is just stand/walk up the court, when every1 runs up the court. Come on man!, cant you see how hard everyone is trying. Yao is exhausted and you put the blame on others when they do something stupid. You’re not playing no defense at all, I can’t believe thsi nonsense. Just please be active on the court for once, change what you do please. Don’t you ever watch footage of your orlando days? Or even some good houston times? you use to be so goooooood.. the best.. the greatest. You have to get your jumper back.. man f dat.. u need your swagger back immediately.. I hope you read this.. Just get that swagger backkkkkkkkkkkk.. but i know u will produce wen the time comes.. you gotta stop choking though.. i see improvement in freethrow shoooting.. just shoot.. and F da haters.. gettttttttem

abc | on 9/11/08

what’s wrong with you?

lienar | on 9/11/08

cant wait for you to be back 100%.
good luck.

Mark | on 8/11/08

MAC,I hope your body is good`

MARK | on 8/11/08

go MAC!

Hua lei | on 8/11/08

Yeah,this is what I want to say in my heart,we fans will be patient.Because I have focused on you for ten years,I want you to get over your injures and keep moving to your champion, this is your season ,I believe.I want to see a real T-mac,I know in your lifetime ,there are many diffculties which are related your friends,your family and your injures.Your life experience is compelicated and diffcult.But ,I will support you forever ,because you never give up. UR the best! Best wishes!—— A special and loyal T-mac fan …Forevev…Beg your response…

华镭 | on 7/11/08

I am your loyal fan from China —your partner Yao’s countryman,I want you to get over from injures I am glad to see you again in the new season,best wishes!

KID-1412 | on 7/11/08


Matthew Otts | on 6/11/08

I pray you get out of the first round and win a championship.. you deserve it. You got millions of fans that want you to do the same thing… this is your year. I promise!!!!!!

刘旭 | on 6/11/08

Hey,T-Mac.I’m your big fan all the time.Four games has left,we’ve got 3 and lost only 1 against the defending champion Celtics.It is not bad one beginning.I’m glad to see a fierce T-Mac,that is who you are.And I think you will get 100% soon.Good luck!

LUIS | on 5/11/08


周雪刚 | on 5/11/08


Tim Liu | on 4/11/08

always support u~~ TTTT-MAC

白雪莹 | on 3/11/08


白雪莹 | on 3/11/08

I believe you will make your dream come true!
You are the hero in my heart!You are the best!All of your fans are proud of you!
So just enjoy the games and be yourself! I hope you can be happy!
May you good luck!

Dauria | on 3/11/08

I do believe in you~~You are the best in my heart~~

David Camoscio | on 2/11/08

I am one of the biggest fan of ur shoes. I love the T-MAC 2 lows i had. I loved them so much they wore out and had to get rid of them. I was recently looking to try and find them again and its impossible. I was wondering if there was any chance adidas would re-release the T-MAC 2s?

陈哲龙 | on 2/11/08


CQ | on 1/11/08

hello i’m a cool boy from China , and you are a cool player in the NBA . I love you and I hope you can player well in the new season . jump and dunk ! Maybe one day I will go to Houston to watch your game . Get Red T-mac ! Get Red Rockets ! You are the best !

Amy | on 1/11/08

I hope you can be happy for ever and ever. Enjoy your game!

Daniel | on 1/11/08

Your #1 T-Mac, as Rockets fans we want to raise the 3rd banner, you deserve it, not pass the first round but as Champions. I know it can be done. My only concern in the health of the team. Let’s get it done.

Rockets fan since 1989

Sucai hao | on 1/11/08


NIcholas | on 1/11/08

T-mac i know that you dont know where Cyprus is.. well it’s a small island near Greece… anyway, i admire you since i remember myself, and you are absoloutely right!!! the team needs you a lot…
this is kind of dilemma because you have to think your team, but you have to get rest… as for your game everybody knows how you play!

cly | on 31/10/08

Get Red!Rockets,you can!

Tiffany O | on 30/10/08

Tmac im loving wat im seeing now jus got through watching the team put the Mavs aways. Im exciting bout dis season. we r on our way. Good Luck

Jack | on 30/10/08

T-Mac,U r my hero! Looking forward your Perfect performanc

fredua agyeman | on 29/10/08

i want you to visit ghana someday.

mj | on 29/10/08

t-mac when i watch u play i notice you dont move around a lot without the ball. instead u stand in one spot and watch. i mean u could make life easier on yourself if u tried to cut more and get easier baskets. i am just looking out for u

joy | on 29/10/08

T-mac,i want to cry when i came here to read your news recently,i dont know why,maybe its because you know we are worried your healthy and not hope we think too much it…However,so happy that you are well now.Just wish you can have a wonderful game for us this season!We will expecting it!

THOMAS | on 28/10/08

Hi TRACY I know it will take some time for your knee to heal cause i been there but i remember when i saw MICHAEL JORDAN hurt his ankle. He did what ever he needed to do to heal so he could get back on the floor, he did that and he wasn’t scare. He show me that you have to be strong in mind and in body. I always felt you was one of the best in the NBA and have all the tools but i still think you need a go to move like Michael and Akeem all the great ones have one hey i’m a basketball trainer for TO GOD TO BE THE GLORY BASKETBALL I try to teach young boys to have a move you can always hit so you can always have options. I’m not saying this thing cause i want you on the court i just want you at your best so you can be all you can be. And last when you’re on the court think befor you do i also learn watching Michael he saw the moments in the game to take over he knew what to do before he did it the same as Larry and Magic you could see it in there eyes I always knew you had it in you you just have to look inside your self. I hope you read cause i want to see the best in you is’s your time.

Diego | on 28/10/08

I hope you get better, T-Mac!! When you start playing, you’ll be on my fantasy team, no doubt.

Calvin | on 28/10/08

TMAC I have been following you from MT. ZIon, with the Raptors, in Orlando, and now with my home team. I even model my game after you, not to be the next T-MAC, but to have some T-Mac in my game you feel me. I have been playing ball since I was 4 and for me, it is the piece when nothing else fits, the right answer when everything else is wrong, and the comfort when hell is all around. I pray your knee gets back to 100% quickly, but even more, I hope that you will emerge into the T-MAC i know you can be. People judge because you have not gotten out of the 1st round, but they haven’t done their homework. The 1st couple of times you were in Toronto, in Orlando you were basically a one man wrecking crew, and now in Houston, with the exception of two years, you didn’t have the pieces. But this year, right now, this is your time, your moment, and like all moments, they come rarely and are gone in the blink of an eye, unless you make them last forever. This is your time, your year, and your opportunity to make your moment last forever with a championship. Do whatever you have to do, rehab, condition, score, lead, steal, rebound, defend, hustle, and play like there is no tomorrow, because if you let this moment, this opportunity slip by, tomorrow may never come. I fully understand you can’t do it alone, but you have to do like I try and do, and put some T-MAc in your teammates and together you all can forever let this moment last. Lastly, my success is predicated on yours, because I too will try and lead my team to a championship, and I’ve had similar struggles and set backs similar to yours. No it is definitely not on the stage as the NBA, but basketball to me is not about the magnitude of the league in other people’s lives, just the magnitude of love I have for the game in me. Good luck with the season, I believe in you, and the T-MAC in me that I display to my team believes in me therefore they also believe in you. I am praying for you, your wife and child, your family, your team, and for you all’s success. GO ROCKETS!!!!

Lawrence Eulette | on 28/10/08

Tracy, take as long you need to get that knee right. With Artest in the line-up, the Rockets now has its 3rd scorer. With this being the day before the season opener, the two final team standing this season will be Houston vs. Boston (with Houston winning in 6 games). Keep your head up, and be Tracy! Besides, you have never played on a team as this one where at least two other players demand double coverage and not necessarily you. With that, rest that knee until December.

PETER TONGt | on 28/10/08


stas | on 28/10/08

Tracy, you my favourite player! I already support Houston 5 years, and I hope that you become in the near future champions! Bad development of basketball is a pity that at us in the country seriously to take a great interest… I Will tell simply, is very glad to get at last on your official site, and I wish good luck to Rockets in a new season!

Stanislav | on 28/10/08

Tracy, you my favourite player! I already support Houston 5 years, and I hope that you become in the near future champions! Bad development of basketball is a pity that at us in the country seriously to take a great interest… I Will tell simply, is very glad to get at last on your official site, and I wish good luck to Rockets in a new season!

Jessie Gu | on 28/10/08

Hty,T-Mac.I’m your fans from China and this is my first tine to leave word to you. As every fans except, I also want to see you play basketball well in this season, but I hope more that you can cure your knee before you cone back to the court.Because I would like to see a very healthy T-Mac in the court instead of a wounded personnel.Although I worry over your knee, I still believe that before long in the court there will be a 100% T-Mac. I will support you forever.

nicole | on 27/10/08

your health is what matters most. take the time to heal completely. we’ll be waiting when you’re ready. i’m praying for total restoration.

Chris Garcia | on 27/10/08

Take your time with the knee, there is no rush because it is only the beginning of the season and you know you have 82 games ahead of you, so you know what to do. Good luck this season and I will look forward to seeing you return.

Alec | on 27/10/08

We ready for Clutch City again baby bring home that ship to HTOWN!!!!!

Alec | on 27/10/08

We ready for Clutch City again baby bring home that ship to HTOWN!!!!!

Chris brown | on 27/10/08

What’s up Tracy. ypu’re my favorite player, and I’m sorry to hear that your knee isn’t still 100% It seems Knee injuries are common in the NBA. Nonetheless, get well soon bro, I’m hoping to see you, and the rest of Houston in the Playoff Finals this season. bring it Home Tracy!


Chris | on 27/10/08

Tmac your my favorite player & always have been. I hope everything goes well for you this season and we can make it far in the playoffs. I believe in you & with the new players we got, we should be fine if you have to be out some games. Just get back healthy & hopefully everyone else stays healthy so we can go to the ship. Lets get MVP!!!!!

Jessie | on 27/10/08

I believe you and I will support you forever.. I believe you will come back soon…Fighting..

brando505 | on 26/10/08

We have a stron enough team to rest our core players if they are not 100%. They know if they would help or hurt the team by being out there. Now if TMac or Yao is all we had, by all means risk it, but not with this line up.

师傅 | on 26/10/08

加油!T-mac you are best!

Wayne Durand | on 26/10/08

“You will see a fierce T-mac on the court this season, I can promise you that.” Yo t-mac i cant wait….. i think u are the best playin in the nba when you are healthy….. u have proven that already. do your thing #1

Michelle | on 26/10/08

We are waiting for you .

pengai3 | on 26/10/08

hi,man waz up,its good to see u update u blog,explainning everything happened recently,u made a great descion,just be more patient,don’t rush to be on the court,The ROCKY need a healthy T-MAC,a leader,our finally goal is the playoff and champion,not the regular season,for u own,i guess it is time 4 u 2 get the MVP,
hope everything goes well with u!

韩涛 | on 26/10/08

hello tracy, i am a chinese student,never mind what other people talk to you ,you are the best one! 加油 ! 加油! 加油!

韩涛 | on 26/10/08

hello,tracy.i’m a chinese student ,i love you and i think you are the best player!! T-MAC

刘果 | on 25/10/08


Zhongqiu Huang | on 25/10/08

I believe you! And I will always support you no matter what dicision you make. You should care more about your body,and we need a health T-MAC to lead the great team to reach the top! So I hope your knee wil be recover soon.
Best wishes for you!!!

Joseph Kwong | on 25/10/08

Yes, your approach is correct and that should be adopted by every player of your team, now that Rox has sufficient back-up players to win enough games to qualify for the playoff. I would like to see all players (especially you, Yao, Artest, Alston and Battier) healthy and go really very deep in the playoff. Best of luck and take care.

Fariyad The King | on 25/10/08


yuchong | on 25/10/08

Very encouraging words! Thank you, Tracy. Can’t wait for the season to start! I wish I were in Houston instead of Philly.

aldwin | on 25/10/08

hey tmac!! please be on court this season.. i need to see your moves.. i love the way you do it.. i missed your magic days where you were so explosive!!! bring home the championship for me your number one fan.. please do it this time.. May God bless you on your journey to the finals.. thanx.. please reply

Hang LI | on 25/10/08

Just now ,I Was wrote wrong ma e-mail .Sorry```
T-Mac ,I think you will be stronger, and get more success!
Rccket Team will be No.1!
Chinese fans until love you. forever !
(I am not good at English ,so maybe some wrong in the word)

JH | on 25/10/08

One love.

I hope this is the year when Rockets finally get out of the first round, I hope this is the year team stays healthy, I hope this is the year of Houston Rockets.

Take care and watch your knee, don’t wanna mess up everything or rush it. Take time and heal it.


Hang LI | on 25/10/08

I think,Rocket Team will be No.1
We hope Rocket team will get 22 win again!
(I am not good at English )
You will be the strongest player.

cai | on 25/10/08

When dear McGrady Mr. my you have written a letter, I am extremely excited. Because you have been my idol, saw your competition felt the sky is limpid deep blue, all matters are happy wonderful. You pull out the jump shot dry, unfolds the wall storm buckle is how mysterious! Even when I play a ball game may imitate you, certainly, but also misses is very far. I hoped really may see with own eyes your elegant demeanor, but I from remote China, did not have such good fortune. nearly several seasons, you display unsatisfactory, did not have former days’ aggression, heard that is as a result of the grief puzzle, some media also said that is because you are not the very assiduous exercise for a long time, the ball windage yaw creates softly. I have listened, at heart indignant extremely, certainly was their pig head did not have the ink, had to dip is being better much the baseless and irrational concoctions, I to believed that you were because illness puzzle caused your condition not to be good. This season, you had Yao Ming and Ataisite, you will succeed. You will also become a tyrant, all glory can belong to you, just like Jesus will bless you and the Rocket “Holy Bible · New Testament” Iraqi match Asia writes: Everything to attack the weapon which you will make to will certainly to destroy, everything in the trial slandered that your opinion, must determine guilt. You are such person. Tracy, goes. Releases for flight your dream, launches your double arm, lets the match dread you diligently, lets the teammate take you as the honor, wins this season total champion I’m a Chinese boy that like you forever

tmacforthewin | on 25/10/08

i’m in love with you tracy.
you’re amazing - beyond amazing. you’re the best player in the whole world. comparing you to kobe is insulting coz you’re so much better than he is.

i love you =]

麦小西 | on 25/10/08

麦,昨天看到你上场比赛,我真的很开心。新赛季就要开始了,我相信这会是一个令人兴奋令人期待的赛季。我和所有的麦迷都会永远支持你。你上回来中国时说过,等你和姚明拿了总冠军,会来中国打一年的CBA,不管是不是真的,你能这么说,我感到很幸福。如果有机会见到我的偶像,那将会是一件多么幸福的事情啊!能看到你站在总冠军的领奖台上,我想我会哭得很开心!麦麦加油,麦向总冠军!(Mac,I felt very happy for watching you play on the court yesterday. New season is coming. I believe this will be an exciting and expecting season. All of your fans will support you forever. When you came to China last time, you have said that after you and Yao won the Championship, you would come to China and play in CBA for one year. Whether it is true or not, I am very happy after hearing about that. If I have the chance to meet my idol, how happy I will be! I think when I see you win the championship, I will be crying happily! Come on, Mac! T-Mac—- The finals!

richie | on 25/10/08

as a totally Rockets fans
I totally agree with u Tracy

hope u can see this piece of comment

good luck to u and Rocket

chan | on 25/10/08

I think 99% chinese love rockets!Take it easy,we all have patience to see a fierce T-Mac,woo!!!The time is coming,hope T-Mac MVP this season. We are always proud of T-Mac and YAO!!!

JaneGray | on 25/10/08

I believe you can get the ‘MVP’,and win the champion of national final competition.I believe you can overcome the difficulties.

JaneGray | on 25/10/08

I belive you and Rockets can win the champion of national final competition

your fans | on 25/10/08

I hoped your this season can attain the champion I is your super fan I forever supports you
get the MVP

TracyX | on 25/10/08

Hi!Tracy…You know you are the best in our heart all the time!We will all stand by your side!!

Bill | on 25/10/08

Hi Tracy!
I’m one of your many admirers. I think that you can play very well this season if you recover. I believe on you and I think that you will make us proud for you for one more season!

fengke | on 24/10/08

Just do what you want and need to do.I believe you ,T-mac will do better in the new season.

秦一 | on 24/10/08

Yeah i believe u. I believe u can fly

maomao | on 24/10/08

No matter how other people talk to you, you in my mind the overall status will never change, you will always be NO.1! This season, you have to support good injury in the game, not to rush to participate in the competition than your competition More importantly, injuries, this season has just begun, but you will certainly get better, and I look forward to your performance. I will always Bulibuqi in your side, like you would in the Bulibuqi around you, you will always be our pride, Come on!

Adrianne | on 24/10/08

Hi Tracy!!!

I believe in you & I agree that you shouldn’t rush your health back. Just take it easy. We wouldn’t want you or Yao to be injured in the latter part of the season.
Anyways, I’m really excited to you guys do some damage with the other teams this season. Most of all I’m veeeeeery excited to see YOU on the floor! lol!

I believe too! We believe!

Take care!!!
Adrianne =D

SenHou | on 24/10/08

Hello , Tracy .I’m a fun of you from China . Thanks a lot for what you have done to us and the Rockets . I hear that maybe there is still some problem with your knees , and i think keeping healthy is the most important thing that you should do . Nothing to worry about . Come on , We all believe that you are the best and the ability to the MVP ! Hope you’ll have a great season !

love t-mac | on 24/10/08

hey tracy, we believe you can make a great season with yao and ron.don’t care the media comment,come on t-mac,win the kobe this season.get red rocket.let’s go t-mac.

Go | on 24/10/08

T-mac, you’re gonna go out there and show them what a healthy t-mac can do.
I was afraid you’d go down anytime last year and the year before, and could tell that your back and your other injuries were always on your mind. limiting you from performing the way you usually do.
please take your time and make sure you are back to full potential , then go out there and kick some butt!

remember, when you attack the basket, good always happens.

Aha | on 23/10/08

so cool !!!!!

vinber | on 23/10/08

best wish! my website,I’m a tmac fan!

Xiaolei Wu | on 23/10/08

Your chioce is wisdom! Hope to see a fierce T-MAC. I’m on your side forever! 加油!O(∩_∩)O

Wu Mengxuan | on 23/10/08

T-MAC,you are the one and you will be the MVP.
I am a chinese,I am your fan.

fung | on 23/10/08

I believe!!!We all believe!!And u a the best!!!!!

纪怀远 | on 23/10/08

i’m from china.But i love you—-t-mac. i hope the MVP is yours.
thank you,let me know the basketball is very very beautifull.

Francisco | on 23/10/08

Amen to you. Can’t wait to see back on the court though. TMAC is da man!

T-mac | on 23/10/08

I think you will back and get success.

Elva | on 23/10/08

I believe you will do that, I am looking forward to see a fierce and lovely T-mac with a strong Rocket.

Chao | on 23/10/08

T-MAC my bui, is the GOAT, dont rush, slow down, we wanna see ya play in final not agst those junk teams like memphis, ley back and leave those teams to aaron, joey and luther, they ready to clean them up. BTW, tell yao to back up a little bit too, u guys are for the final!!!

Scott | on 23/10/08

We believe this is the best team you have experienced in your career till now and we also beleive you are still one of the best players in NBA. Show your talents and cherish this treasureable chance. Many Chinese fans are supporting you!

Yu.chengxin | on 23/10/08

Come on,T-Mac!!

rellz | on 23/10/08

My boi is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait 2 see the TMAC we all kno n love back on the court! Last season was a down year but i believe in u MAC! true story!

David Wang | on 23/10/08

Guess wisdom comes with age.. good choice to make sure you’re healthy before coming back.. As long as you have that rhythm and physical health going into the playoffs, no one will complain.

Holla if you wana play some PS3.

PS. i like that T-mac emblem on your rover.

Riccardo | on 23/10/08

Success is recognized and defined by but a few precious moments, and yet it is always a great many years in the making.

Seize those long-awaited moments, my man.

Marvin Angelo Oloris | on 23/10/08

I am so elated and blissed by this line: “YOU WILL SEE A FIERCE T-MAC ON THE COURT THIS SEASON, I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT.”

Wow! That’s one thing I need to write down on my diary! OMG, I can’t wait for this season to start! Go T-Mac!!!

reign | on 23/10/08

i love you 4ever

kelland | on 23/10/08

Hi,Mac, after reading the comments from other Mac’s fans, I am greatly moved. There are so many fans supporting you in the world. We all believe that you are the best player and always the No.1 in our hearts. The regular season is coming. And I know there is still some problem with your knees. Don’t worry about it. Keeping healthy is the most important thing. We all know this is the best opportunity for you and the Rocket to pass the first round and win the finals. Come on, try your best. Your fans in China will support you and watch you play in every game. So please continue to show you talent.

Gon | on 23/10/08

Hello,T-Mac! You are my idol. I am really happy to hear you knee’s condition is well. Come on! I belive you have the ability to be MVP!Have a great season!

Michael | on 23/10/08

Take whatever time you need and heal! Please don’t rush it. It’s not worth taking the chance of injuring yourself further. Your my favorite player of all time! Do what you gotta do and when your ready to play we will see you on the court!

mac | on 23/10/08

i love u

fszfszfszfsz | on 23/10/08

T-MAC, you are my hero.I support you forever.
Rockets ,get red!
T-mac ,go ahead!

lin qiang | on 23/10/08

t-mac i love you i think you are the best player keep health don’t be worry。

huangguozhi | on 23/10/08

Hi Tracy ! I’m from Shanghai China.Do not care about other people’s views, you will not let me disappointed! Everything well be ok!

huangguozhi | on 23/10/08

We are looking forward to seeing you on the court ,I believe you are stronger and stronger now!

hangr | on 23/10/08

dear t-mac:
you are doing the right thing!i think i can see a 100% t-mac when you on the court…

jesus | on 23/10/08

thx T-MAC

Jason | on 22/10/08

Come on,T-Mac!!

zhuzhenguo | on 22/10/08

YES! I will see a fierce T-Mac on the court this season, you can promise me that.

t-mac (2) | on 22/10/08

you jus said that we were going to see a fierce t-mac this season. Please do jus that and win a championship, And if a finals championship never comes your way. Than i will revenge you in the near future! Please dont rush the knee.

Rich Wiegard | on 22/10/08

T-Mac - Glad to hear your knee is doing well. I’m a life long Rockets fan living in Dallas and picked up tickets yesterday for the opener here in Dallas next Thursday. Looking forward to seeing the Rockets in action in person and hope to see you on the court.

Best of luck this season!


Terry zamor | on 22/10/08

Wuz up T-Mac, Im 1 of your biggest fan since the Magic day’s.How bad I want to see u play on open night, if u think your knee isn’t a 100% I think u should wait. That is big for me to say, that because I alway’s want to see u play every game, but the most important thing that u be there at end of the season.I really think this year is y’all year, in my heart u are the best player in the league I think I heard u say kobe was.I feel like u should try to prove that u are the best and think that u are I know u do. The only reason that people dont think that u are the best in the league is because, you never got out of the frist round I just think it was bad luck but this year it would be all over this is your time. I been heart broken when you be getten out the frist round every time I alway’s knew it wasn’t your fault. T-Mac I believe in u that u will win the championship this year. That will be best thing in my life to see u win it. It’s not to late to do what Jordan did u are only 29 years old Jordan won his frist when he was 28.When u win one i think u can win alot more. To me u are the next Jordan I dont know if I can curse but im going to FUCK what every boby think’s! I got to go I hope u come back soon being the T-mac that alway’s attack your biggest fan trust me!

mj | on 22/10/08

t-mac please promise me that you will live by that comment. Come out fierce okay and play hard. im not asking you to go out and win mvp, if you do thats great, but first things first i want to see you play hard. this is the year

Demo | on 22/10/08

We all believe, man! You gotta compete I don’t think that there is any other who has a talent like you! So if you compete you can beat anyone including Kobe BryanT! We got your back just take care of the business.

julio ricardo | on 22/10/08

t-mac i understand what is happening in your kneed but alot of people don’t. ia bolie that you gone bring greatest number this season and alot people are gone be proud of you, like me that i bolie in you all the time. some people say that you can play any more , but their don’t know what ere they talking about. i shot their mauth when they say that. i told then all the great thing that you do in the court. t-mac my conclution is that keep doing what your are doing and surprise all your fans. have a great nigth with your family.

chasityclark | on 22/10/08

HEEEEEEEY T-MAC!!!! i am so glad that u are doing better!! hey dnt rush ur knee if it need time to heal den just wait cuz u dnt wanna make it worst and i agree with u wen u said dat u have a great team becuz u do but it will be even better wen ur knee heal!!! t-mac i hope u get better soon but u dnt have to worry about the game against memphis cuz they are so slaw everytime rockets play yal win they have no game like the rockets so dnt worry!!! but keep ur head up cuz dis year is yo year t-mac!! much luv from ur ture #1 fan chasity take care t-mac!

qing | on 22/10/08

Refueling T-MAC, you are the best!

Azrel | on 22/10/08

T-MAC, I just wanted to drop by your page and send you best wishes of well being. I truly appreciate ya for empowering my life, career, and related pursuits the way you did(I’m currently getting at least 60,000-70,000 plus plays per day on MySpace page plus I’m expanding ALL OVER THE PLACE). This season will be the best one yet; keep it real and remain genuine…