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Mon, Nov 9th 2009, 15:59

Tracy's Blog: Feeling good, hoping to play soon

Hey all,

I wanted to get you an update on what’s happening over here, because I know it has been a while. First off though, I want to give a shout out to all my teammates and comment on how great they are playing. We have amazing chemistry out there on the court so far and all the guys are playing with a lot of heart and toughness. Everyone is working hard. Brooks, Ariza, Landry, Scola, Lowry,..they are putting up solid numbers. Shane is playing well too. We have some great new guys that are working hard too, figuring out where they fit in with the squad. We all have the same goal, to bring a championship to Houston. The team is off to a great start, and I’m proud of all of them. The first few games of every year are learning experience and it’s very encouraging to see where we are at through 6 games this year.

As for me, I have been practicing, training, and rehabbing hard for my return to the court. I’m in a good place mentally and my body feels ready to get back out there, so now I am just waiting on my doctors to give me the clearance to go ahead to play. I’m going full speed at practice and am not being held out of drills anymore. I’m hoping to get out there as soon as possible, and with everything that my doctors have been telling me, it sounds like that will be sooner rather than later. All your comments and support and encouragement have really helped me fight through this to get to this point where I’m ready to get back out there and play ball, and for that I thank you.

Being in the league for as long as I have, you notice there are some years you have great teams with that potential to go all the way. It’s something you just feel, and working day in and day out together with this group leads me to believe this team can do it. We have tremendous talent out there but more importantly, this team has a lot of heart. I can’t wait to get out there and contribute. This has all the makings of being a great season in Houston, even without having Yao in there.

We are headed to Dallas right now for tomorrow’s game. It’s always a good game when we go up against the Mavs.

Thanks for all your support and I will check back in soon.


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Lei Zhang | on 17/2/10

Hey! T-MAC! It’s time to gei up!Who are you?You are the great man in the world! Come on !I’l believe you forever! I see that you will king back! 加油(come on )!

Lei Zhang | on 17/2/10

Come on T-mac! We’ll believe in you forever!

dexter | on 17/2/10

ALHAMDULILLAH!! I thought that T-mac has dropped his tittle as a basketball player in NBA.. I really long is presence in the court of Houston Rockets… hope he get well soon!! I know that you can do it our no. 1 idoL!!

Estvan perry | on 16/2/10

i just wanted to say that your my favorite basketball player and i would be cool to meet you and i love basket and i practice every day on my shooting form, defense, and handling the ball well thats all i wanted to say

steve | on 15/2/10

hey t-mac im probably your biggest fan.. i really hope that trade to new york goes down you will help us out a lot

Amir | on 15/2/10

whats goos t-mac.. man im waiting to see you play again. hopefully this trade goes threw soon. i know you can still play. come back strong & show the hater you still a force.

Bill Kerwin | on 14/2/10






Zhan | on 9/2/10

hell yeah t-mac, u cant leave NBA until u get a ring to put on ur finger, i hope i’ll see u back and win that championship

De'Andre Curtis | on 9/2/10

u the best player u my hero for real send me an email

Shane | on 8/2/10

Hey, Tracy, I am in America now, I like you very much. In china I cannot search the website. I support you forever

Marcus Johnson | on 3/2/10

was up. umm I have a project to do in my computer class and I have to create a web page about something that intrest me and I choose you.Andi need to add more things on my home page do you think you can give me any ideas?

Emmanuel S. Cañete | on 1/2/10

hey…Go T-mac i know you can do it…you are the best player for me…the one and only….you know i always watch the game..just to see you playing..i hope i can see you playing again…thnks and…go FOrward FOR THE MVP...

Emmanuel S. Cañete | on 1/2/10

Hey…im emmanuel…you what…for me you are the best player….i always watch the but i miss the play w/o you i hope you will come back soon….the team miss you a lot…thnsk…you are the best on me…Emmanuel From Phillipines..

arthur | on 31/1/10

t-mac when will u play basktball again?? i miss ur play,, plss c0me back nd help ariza nd brooks. even though ya0 ming is injured! i h0pe i will see you next season. bye tnx


philippines, tarlac city

DJ H | on 30/1/10

T mac I’m your number one fan I know pretty much everything about u. You are my best NBA player I study your moves and how u work out. Keep your head up the let the injuries hold u back I love watching and can’t wait to see u back on the court. Well ight then brah

fern durand | on 29/1/10

love the way you play ball man workin hard myself goin to be better then you n reach my dreams..need some tips thoe man

wenlongzhao | on 27/1/10

I’m a basketball fan. I love you. Only you is god.

logan morris | on 25/1/10

hey t-mac you are my idol you are the only reason i started playing b-ball im 13 years old and i hope to be just like you. and im SO HAPPY YOU ARE GOING TO BE BACK!!!! so i cant wait for you to rocket back up to the top i bet you will and i will try to watch all the games from home and i hope you do better and im very happy for you right now. its always been my biggest dream to meet you and to be in touch with all the games but that probably wont happen. but im very glad for you so if you can e-mail me back that would be amazing thank you so much!!!!....

tanglei | on 25/1/10

Hello! McGrady! I am a Chinese Shanghai fans! When you come to China, I went to the site, basically do not have what problem, I ask you, I just want to say with you, no matter where you will! I will always love you, because I know that you are trying to play. But you can always with injuries, I also watch out! When yao, you will have more pressure carrying yourself a man’s body, perhaps someone will forget these things, but I won’t forget, I hope you can return to the stadium and I’m really looking forward to your final performance! If you can, I even NBA finals bankruptcy, I would be able to see your site. Always support you!

sun peng hai | on 18/1/10

you are my super star although my English is poor , i want say you ara my favorite ! forever

ljizzle | on 14/1/10

stay in houston plz

dayne Hippensteel | on 13/1/10

y did u trade ur number to 3 just for trevor ariza

Michael Yi怡 | on 8/1/10

T-Mac, you’re the best! I believe that you can come back again, you will get the championship by yourself! Cheer up!
We love you

SONG | on 8/1/10

Hearing news that you might leave a team again, it is unpredictable for me and all your fans,so does you,right? It is not a big deal, what I’m and your fans are seeking for is a healthy T-MAC. All your fans’ eyes on you, what you gonna do is taking care of yourself and plying basketball. Playing the ball is what are you looking for,right?Then do it.Thanks for giving me unforgetable memory in my life.We are your fans and we are watching you like your families in the heaven do.Good luck!tracy McGrady.

nouth | on 2/1/10

i really hope my all time idol going to dominate the court like always..wishing you the best

buy viagra | on 29/12/09

You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog.

Anthony | on 28/12/09

I just heard that disturbing news. I really hate to see you go. You are still number 1 in my book!!! Where ever you end up, please come back and light the Rocket’s asses up!

Ryan | on 22/12/09

Hey, I have always loved the way you move on the court.

You do something totlly unique, and you’re the most fun player to watch in the NBA, always have been.

Good to hear you’re feeling up to it again, I honestly can’t wait to see you grabbing the buckets again, and working your passes.

All the best, prove the naysayers wrong.

Trenton Roach | on 21/12/09

Im with you and am praying for you.

Trenton Roach | on 21/12/09

Hey T-Mac, Praise God, for His goodness and His mercy, I want you to know you can always trust Him. When men fail God shows us over and over again His awesome power and ability to pull us
through any situation. I truly believe you need to talk with all of the powers that be at the Rockets admin. and be willing to work with them so that you can remain a Rocket, we want you here and retire here.
Personally, I would like to ask you to humble yourself and just talk with them and negoiate with them and I believe God
will help you. Say a prayer first and God will give you the words to say. Now when you come back, tear um all up. Take no
prisoners go humbly but powerfully. Many are in your corner so stay humble and things will work out.

E.Q | on 19/12/09

hi! i’m a chinese. well,now i’m studying at senior fact i think you era the best player.going on your wey. maybe my english isn’t well,but i like you very much!!!fighting i believe you can go back your dinesty!

dhika | on 18/12/09

hiiii i am bigest fans of u…my fav t mac…

i saw the last macth when rokets vs denver…t mac dont make any point but it just only the begining..u can do more t mac….

tyquan | on 16/12/09

Wat it do tracy…i am yo biggest fan…im 15 in the 9th grade and all i wanna do is play like u..the kida my age say i play exactly like u on the court…

keon mayant | on 15/12/09

i cant wait til you come back to the court and play.

Daniel | on 15/12/09

yo, T-mac, u is my fav. nba player. i be killin it with you in nba @k!0, lol giving u love on ur return. give us a excited year to see you play good. and um… beat kobe at his game. i think your better then him. just you don’t really show it. but i wanna see when ya play against them. ok pce out.

Rickey | on 15/12/09

I am a true Rockets fan and a die hard T-Mac fan im ready to see you back in action so you can lay all the skeptics to rest who think the Mac is over you need to get back to dominance you are right there with kobe,bron,wade,melo despite how good the team is playing they still need you they need someone with that killer instinct and also a closer to go to in the fourth quarter of close games also we dont have many good ball handlers besides brooks and lowry ariza and battier arent really good ball handlers much love get b ack soon

derek Wright | on 14/12/09

can’t wait to see you back on the court…. nba has gotten boring without you lol

li yang | on 13/12/09

hope to see you back soon

夏杰 | on 13/12/09

Brothere T-mac.You are the best.I love you forever.

夏杰 | on 13/12/09

T-mac.You are the best.I love you forere.

xuejianwang | on 13/12/09

good luck to you! you are so cool! I love you!

Markelle | on 10/12/09

Hey T-mac, been looking foward too seeing you play, people say your washed up and trash but i still consider you the best basket ball player ever…. # 1 like t-mac

jack | on 9/12/09

hi im your biggest fan your like my hero im doing my report on you get better so i can watch you rocket to the top of your carear

chenzhong | on 8/12/09

Hey,T-mac!i like you so much,you are the best basketball player,i believe than you must return to you best situation!All of us,your fans in china ,hope you come back early!Please do not care of what others say!

amara | on 5/12/09

hi. i m mongolia people….... goodluck t-mac t-mac

陈进 | on 5/12/09

I’m a young man from China.I love your show in NBA,love your style of play,and every time you dunk make me feel excited.You have th largest number of fans in China,We all looking forward of your playing.Hope you can return to the basketball court as early as possible.

Yuan Wenchao | on 4/12/09

TC,I am so crazy with you and your plays, though you can not play right now. I love you and I believe you can go back to your top. Remember everybaby in china hopes that.———————-My English is poor,but I think you can understand me. 麦蒂,,我是一个来自中国的球迷。。我对你的比赛疯狂不已。35秒13分。单场61分。2届得分王。22连胜。。。。。。尽管你暂时还不能上场,但是我想只要你回来,那 一定就是王者归来。在中国你是13亿人的偶像。我们爱你,支持你,永远永远。

Mark | on 4/12/09

T-Mac ,you’re the best! I believe that you can come back again , you will get the championship by yourself! cheer up!
GO,man!!! T-Mac,get red!!

niko | on 3/12/09

man you`re the best i hope you can recover soon and come back to see you playing like no other. all the best for you and rockets from argentina!!

Corey F.Niederheiser | on 1/12/09

Whatup T-Mac, Mannnn u need to come back to the lineup cause wit u there u can draw double teams and u can get the ball to the open man. Also u are our go2 guy, we dont have that right now, Trevor Ariza he’s good but U Are Great!!!He’s no T-Mac!So when u come back, come back wit something to prove. Well I mean become #1 again. Hey why u switched number’s

Corey F.Niederheiser | on 1/12/09

Whatup T-Mac, Mannnn u need to come back to the lineup cause wit u there u can draw double teams and u can get the ball to the open man. Also u are our go2 guy, we dont have that right now, Trevor Ariza he’s good but U Are Great!!!He’s no T-Mac!So when u come back, come back wit something to prove. Well I mean become #1 again. Hey why u switched number’s

Dontae Johnson | on 1/12/09

What up mac, i been waiting for you to get back on the court…. I cant wait to you do. Anyways i wanted to know if you could visit my school this year… I am a senior at North Shore,and i play basketball, so just hit me uup on a email and tell me what you think

jeenodee | on 1/12/09

Mac, when will you be back? give us a specific time.. we miss you..

Tyrus | on 1/12/09

Man T….i hope u come back with a bang. and i hope u all good to get ready to get in this league and just take over. Im willing in seeing you in being one of the leading scorers just like the old t-mac average. 28 a game. and just do the dam thang man..Gudluck Bro…Yo Biggest fan Tyrus

jordan | on 30/11/09

cant wait for your return t-mac!!! prove the doubters wrong and play your game bro!

T-mac 1 Forever | on 30/11/09

Tracy well done with your hard work.Lots of chinese fans always support you.We hope you can back to the Rockets.35s 13points never forget

Markus Coleman | on 28/11/09

Aye Mac man u need to hurry up and start bussin head again. I dont wanna even play 2k10 yet cause u ant on the roster. Bump yo doc u need to be on the court goin for 50. LOL hit me back Mac. <~*KingofDaCourt*~>

yzhu | on 28/11/09

tracy,i’m one of your chinese fans,you know what?there are so many fans show loving care for you,we all support to you,hope you get back the court soon,look like you hope so too,go!!,tmac,show your energy to everyone!!

jake | on 28/11/09

hey i just want to know when your going to play again… and when u do cross up kobe again.. and why arn’t you number 1 any more???

bozingtmac | on 27/11/09

wow.NBA watch out,T-mac is long wit is finally over,t-mac is back!!!!cant wait to see you in the court.i used to think about the times when me and my friends were rivals.they have there own favorite players to,kj,lbj,kobe,dwade ect but i dont know what i did because right they also screaming for t-mac.GOd i love it…maybe were are you greatest fans t-mac..i even have your name tattooed on my skin so that its remains forever….how i wish you could see it.i play basketball to and i always wear t-mac jerseys,t-mac formotion shoes (t-mac 5,6,8 and 9) and t-mac headbands…

Best of luck t-mac,we are always on you side,through ups and down….lets just continue our journey to the championship ring!!!!!

bryan | on 26/11/09

hei tmac im a big fan of yours. hope you will be playing dis year.. r u feeling well mow??

Rocket Fan | on 26/11/09

You will determine the sucess of the team. You have to play with a purpose, intensity, consistency and passion. Infuse this attitude to your entire team. Respect the opponent as a man but tear apart his or their game!

谭盼 | on 26/11/09


tony quintino | on 24/11/09

Glad to see u back. U r by far my favorite player….Just do me a favor and shut up the critics and if they dont want u in houston…Iheard the knicks want u…

wang zhen | on 23/11/09

I am one of your fans from China I have a long time not see you in the game, and when know you are going back, I cried, I wish you good luck and play your best in your career status

andrew | on 23/11/09

Tracy, I hope you get well soon so you can come back and help the Rockets. I miss the old time, when you were heathy, I used to watch you play aggressive defense (with Orlando and Toronto), rebound, and block shot. That parts of your game have been missing for the last few years. Hope you are coming back strong to help our team win.

Vince Cerda | on 23/11/09

You The Shit TMac I Cant Wait For You To Be Back On The Court. With You In The Mix Again We’ll Do Some Damage To Them Boys. We Aint Forgot ‘Bout You And I heard About that incident Last Week HOUSTON Gots all the love In the world For Ya

Paulius | on 23/11/09

Good news, I can`t wait until your, T-Mac, comeback… Hoping you come back to big court soon, best wishes from Lithuania.

Yang | on 23/11/09

T-mac,I hope you come back quickly,I can’t help to wait more

andrew | on 23/11/09

its good to hear your ready to play. i just hope that you could stay healthy. i think thats your waterloo.
i hope you and Yao could break into 2nd round play-offs and probably champinoship. you have the elements to be the champion!
i still believe in you!..
Go T-Mac!!..

by the way, i really like your shoes designs!!.._

cicily | on 22/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC , so glad 2 hear that u’ll b back soon . I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! \(^o^)/ Always have confidence in u .I really do not care about the rumors going around . So ,go ahead & prove ur value . Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments. Never give up though life is cruel .Always by your side . U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP . P.S. take care of ur body .

Dohron | on 22/11/09

tmac man hope u are healhy man and get into it soon and drop a few 3s and nail a few slams gl in 09 and 10 season gl man hope u stay healthy and get the ring u want man. i think the team can do it and with your leadership spirit its all there man go get it.

McRiver | on 22/11/09

Tracy!I will suport you forever.

Jimmy | on 22/11/09

You’re on my fantasy team… So heal up and go kick some ass out there

Brad | on 22/11/09

Hey Mac, I can’t wait to see you play again! Just hang in there with coach and you’ll help lead this team to the playoffs! Lets Go Red Nation!

cicily | on 22/11/09

DEAR SUP T-MAC , so glad 2 hear that u’ll b back soon . I can’t wait watching u play it cool on the court ! \(^o^)/ Always have confidence in u .I really do not care about the rumors going around . So ,go ahead & prove ur value . Ur great performence will b best weapon against these stupid comments. Never give up though life is cruel .Always by your side . U r peerless in my heart & u r my VIP . P.S. take care of ur body .

Carlos Valenzuela | on 22/11/09

Yo T-Mac ,

Can’t wait to see you on the court. Your my Favorite basketball player and i hate not seeing you out there man. I have confidence that this is your year. Your leadership is outstanding on the floor. Keep up the hard work man . Wish you the best of luck


Tito | on 22/11/09

My sympathy goes out to you about your injury and the political/business nature of the Rockets’ decision. I wish you the best, keep playing hard, take care of yourself. Can’t wait to see you interact in the new dynamics of our team. You are one of the reasons I even got season tix! Good luck man!

the-goblin | on 22/11/09

im waiting to see you on the court

Łukasz Trymczuk | on 22/11/09

T-Mac hope to see You in the game soon! Best wishes from Poland!

Dule | on 22/11/09

T-Mac… just say:
“I’ll be back!”

Ganzo | on 22/11/09

Goodluck my man!

Ganzo | on 22/11/09

Hey my man, I’m from Mongolia and very happy to see you playing soon on the court. I heard about you and Adelman..wondering, anyways just pass the test and show us your performance, man. Your time is UP!

cicily zhao | on 22/11/09

SUP T-MAC ~ so glad to watch u play on the court^_^ . Always have confidence in u . I really do not care the rumours going around . Actions speak louder than words . So , just go ahead and prove yourself. Ur great performance will b best weapon against these stupid comments . Always by ur side ~ U r peerless in my heart~Kekekekekk

Arris Lingling Wang | on 22/11/09

Please come back ,Mac.I still want to see u in the match for Huston Rockets! No matter what happens,we all wait for u and I want to see U and Yao fight together in your palce.

Francis.c | on 22/11/09

Mac,your body must be fully recovered if you want to get back.
If not,you will injure again and again.
Thus,can you have a wonderful job this season?
We all are pround of you.
We want to see great Rocket no.3,not that magic no.1.
I hope you can lead Rocket being championship.

Young | on 22/11/09

Hey,Tracy,I’m from China,the country you may love.My English is very poor,so I say a little to you.
I love you so much,no matter you’re playing or hurt.In China,everyone knows you got 13 points in 35 seconds,we say you are God,haha!I like playing basketball just like you,so I will love you forever! Fighting

JOSE BARRETO | on 21/11/09


Nikkolai | on 21/11/09

DUDE! Everyone keeps talking crap about you because of your defense and ball-hogness! When you get back, show them that you’ve got what it takes and that uou’re a whole new different player now! And btw… You ARE kind of bad at defense and a ball-hog (NO OFFENSE!!!) but let’s hope that you’ll surprise everyone of us. Good luck _

leonel herrero | on 21/11/09

first of all , it’s nice to know you are back on the court. i was at the press conference when u were introduce to the city of houston. my son had no idea who you were so i took him along with me. since than he’s been a big fan.hope to see you back on the court soon with my #1 team,. i’m big rockets fan. along with my kids..even my 2 year is learning to chear for the rockets….best of luck to you t-mac….once again good to know your back on the court….

Joe Escamilla | on 21/11/09

It is really upsetting to hear that there is drama in the locker room. I just hope once you step foot on the floor again as a Rocket everything will be forgotton. i Honestly believe people are stupid for saying that we do not need you. How i look at it, the team needs you and you need the team. I want to the you and the Rockets to maake the playoffs and i would love to see ya’ll beat San Antonio, Lakers, and Dallas or Utah. Whatever is going on in the locker room just forget about it and have patience. Even though you feel like you are ready to play just have trust in the Doctors and Coach. You will play this year and you will do good and the team will do good. Just be patient for you and your teamates. you remember we all have one goal. for the Rockets to bring home a championship.

chasity clark | on 21/11/09

heeeey tmac mane i read dha blogs and wat was said about u n ima be real with u i dnt believe none of im so ready to see u play i cldnt wait for nov.18 to get here n it came n u didnt play like kenny said on yahoo spots they are goin to need you if they plan to go far in the playoffs. its like u have wat it takes to get the show over n u do a good job every time juz keep your head up tmac i still belivie n u and always will remember GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT KEEP YOUR HEAD UP MUCCCCHH LOVE

john | on 21/11/09

Hey man I am glad your ok. I am your fan and a boy with a dream i like your abilitis on the cuort your my heroe and when you get back you will be bether than kobe or jordan. Man you and I know you got more heart than every player in the NBA.

ATT:John John
God bless you

TIM | on 21/11/09

i hope you can try your best, because i like you playing basketball in the court, never give up yourslef, don’t forget your fans support you.

Robert | on 21/11/09

Tracy I can’t wait until you come back to the court…I know there were issues in the past, but the way the team is playing now this is the team you have been waiting for. You in the mix playing well with everyone will be great. Put you in the mix and this team has heart I don’t see why this team can take out anybody.

shaun roland | on 21/11/09

Hey Tmac keep yo head up! Don’t listen to these agonized fans or media. You guys need to PLAY together and develop a system that involves EACH player having a crucial role in offense. Don’t listen to these agonized fans, the media, etc. Don’t let these people talk down to u, don’t believe them for a minute. Believe whats inside of you and what u can do 2 bring a championship to htown someday! Remember, yo team is playin with adversity, rockets always play with adversity (see 95 season). Media questioned if drexler was an old man for the rockets after trade. But damn he torched teams that he shouldn’t have in that playoff year, at his age and everything! I do believe, and I always will, man this is a real city that appreciated those 2 championships, they still talk about em up to this day. That shows we’re no bandwagoners!!! U go out there, and represent who u really are. Keep yo head up wiht yo team and waste this garbage media!

jervis | on 21/11/09

le pone jugando es una estrella

J-ONE | on 21/11/09

What up Mac!...Man I can’t wait to see you get back on the court. This team is good, but they still need you for that championship run…Your just what they need to get over the hump. Cant wait to see you out there bro… Stay healthy I beleive you gone wreck shop.

pander | on 21/11/09


eatourist | on 21/11/09

hello, I hope that you can beyond the game! beyond yourself!

manana | on 21/11/09

Tracy, you know you’re the only player giving me the art feeling of b-ball playing? You are NO.1 absolutely. Just be healty. Health belongs to you from now on. God says that.

Xie Hao | on 20/11/09

Congratulations, you were back in! I like your acting, you play as an imitation of the lovers, I like your shot and a breakthrough, but I can not imitate you a little bit bad defense and will. I like you are Gemini. Gemini people feel there are two people, a strong-willed, a weak-willed. Hope to see you this season strong side. Of course, a great defensive player also very strong and hard work. When I play, learning of your shot, I like Battier’s persistent defense of the defense. It’s a great feeling of anti-down every time. Because I hate people worse than me, I do not like people in my defense to score. I would like to defeat him. Stimulate the other side of your bar! Refueling

Xie Hao | on 20/11/09

Tracy,Hello! I like your beautiful shots, but I do not like your lazy! Competition from these past years, the past two years I did not miss the spot! See your defense is not bad, but not to defense, although I very much like your shots and your offensive talent, but for your defense, I really can not say that I like. Lazy and success is not possible under one roof. 10 years of playing basketball, you think of it? I very much look forward to your return, I hope you love basketball not for anything else, but for their own dreams come true, so that their great! Today, passed, and the future will not come back, if you do not to fight, then after a few years only regret! Hope to see you unparalleled attack, of course, defense.

ivan | on 20/11/09

i am excited to watch the jersey #3 on play

Jonathan Gray | on 20/11/09

Hi,T-Mac:I’m looking farward to see you back on the court with your leadership to your team.I am a die hard rocket fan and I been wacthing the Houston Rockets when I was a young boy.But this team that we have now are running and gunning down the court put chills over me when see them doing go.But when you come back, the chemitry will be really stronger than ever.Mr.Ariza recieved his championship ring,I was thinking about you and this team with some ring’s.I’m praying for you and the team. From: Jonathan Gray

Jason Lovette | on 20/11/09

The Rockets don’t care about you T-mac, I’ve been saying this for a while. I don’t know what you said or did so bad to these guys but they’re all acting like sissies. The Rockets need to take the skirts off man. Theirs something real fishy going on here my dude. Think about it man the team saw that you was’nt yourself last year being injured. Yet they wanted you to keep playing through it and make it worst. Forgetting so easily that you played the year before through the playoffs against Utah with the same injuries. They wasn’t trying to look out for you, so you gotta look out for yourself. Think about if you would’ve tried to play all the way through last season and got the surgery afterwards, where would you be physically now? Nobody trying to think about that. I’m really disappointed with Adelman’s selfish ways, I think he feels if he can get this team to the playoffs without any allstars he’ll get coach of the year.
I don’t know what to say Tracy, but just keep your head up man, keep going hard with your workouts. Try not get into it with these guys bro just do your part in keeping a positive mindset, I know it’s hard but it does no good to argue with somebody who obviously don’t won’t you to play, aight 1.

Adam | on 20/11/09

Through GOD all things are made and when you come back to prove all the naysayers like the ESPN’S anaylst, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley and the doubters who think your career is done, they gonna regret not saying it because you gonna do what they said you cant do BETTER! They dont have respect for you cause they think you gonna collect easy money and not play the rest of the season but i do have my utmost respect for you. we all know how hard it is to put the time and dedication into basketball and especially how much effort you put into your rehab to come back fully strong and healthy. i know you could return to the all star status when we play the Mav’s in the first round if not better. you gonna bring a whole new dimension to the Rocket’s new up-tempo game that they gonna respect you as a player and start double-teaming you. its gonna open so many shots for the other Rockets players and its gonna make Ariza’s game easier because he is doing to much by shooting too many 3’s when he should be using his athleticism to go to the basket. i believe that when you come back, you gonna be in MVP from. Take care T-mac and much love

Adam Le | on 20/11/09

I’m like the others are shock that they think you might fluster this season and not play hard. Obviously during your rehab with Tim Grover, you are almost, if not all the way, fully healthy. I cant understand why the Rockets wanna get greedy and collect insurance money from you when they saw firsthand how greatly you have improve through your rehab. If they didnt want you to play, then why would they have you on the team? doesnt make any sense does it. i know in my heart that when you come back, you gonna have the same fire you had when we were playing the Mav’s in the first round if not more. you could help the team so much by commanding double-team and have open shots for Battier, Ariza, Brooks, Landry and Budinger. You could take away pressure from Ariza and let him play his game cause he is shooting way too much 3’s when he and should use his athleticism to drive to the hoop. you could open a whole new dimesion to the Rockets up-tempo team when you are the opponent main focus to double team. its gonna open the Rockets to alot of open and uncontested shots. you are the missing link to the team. we have the pieces minus Yao to help get us far into the playoffs. you saw how quickly they put us out when we had no Yao, No T-Mac or Artest this year not to making the playoffs. even Charles even put us in the bottom tier of the worst records this 09-10 season. we need you and have faith in GOD because through him all things are made and we know you could produce at a all star level if not better.

BRENT | on 20/11/09

Good luck Tracy, I hope your return to the court is a successful one, I for one would enjoy getting to watch you play again, I think your maturity and leadership could be a real asset to this team. I don’t think you’re a me first b-ball player, just that you’ve been on a lot of teams that have stood around and watched while you try to make something happen.. I really hope this time is different, I think it will be.

Best of luck man.. you deserve to get a break for once in your career…


Alex | on 20/11/09

Sup Mac, Iam a Rockets Fan …
Honestly Mac the Rockets dont need you that what i think.
Hopefully you dont get sign next year and try to get a Star on this roster that we need.I would love to see Joe Johnson in the Rockets that would be sweet…

Corey Dargins | on 20/11/09

I know that you are ready to come back. I could see it on your face in the press conference to open the season.I hate to say this but I’m thinking the organization is just holding you out to collect the insurance money. But don’t let that keep you down. All you have to do is put it in GOD’S hands and stay strong minded and HE will do the rest. When you return which I’m pretty sure will be next week come out hard and leave everything on the floor every game. Make those doubters and non-believers in T-Mac shut up. If I believe in you without knowing you then I know you can go out there and show us you believe in yourself. Come back the best ever and prove CALVIN MURPHY wrong!!! Although he did say you had more talent than Kobe if you put it all out. Now we both know those are big words coming from Calvin. Thanks in advance T-Mac I know you will help get us back to the playoffs.

Corey Dargins

Mengyu Zhou | on 20/11/09

So happy you will come back soon!

shanjun | on 20/11/09

mac..i am one of your fans of you who form china.i am very glad hear you do great and hope you ran in the toyot centor to do the 3 piont. this my first time make some words in your blog ,but i am a big fans of your for 7 are my god and i will bileve you all the time . 加油!!!!

Ish | on 20/11/09

T-Mac I heard about Adelman not letting you play and thats ridiculous…dont worry the fans got your back once you get back on the court and do what you do all the critics will shut up.. we believe in you… houston believes in you..we’ve all been waiting for you to come back since the summer..stay with the rockets man.. this is your town your city your team

欢儿 | on 19/11/09

Have not seen you for a long time and all your fans in China miss you very much .we will support you forever . Dear T-MAC fighting . this season Go Go Go !

paul hamilton | on 19/11/09

whats up pimpin? this pablo playa. im praying that everything goes good for you bro.i would love to see you handle things like u use to pimpin. im behind you man. keep your head up like you have been doing. keep ur focus.continue to work out like you have been. see you soon playa.

GREGORY | on 19/11/09


Rybson | on 19/11/09

I’m from Poland and I love your game, You must back:) Tracy… You are BoSS!!

Dartis Wright | on 19/11/09

Yo man you get better man and bring youself back to where you were always SUPERSTAR STATUS. I cant wait ti see the same points you were picking up the last two years man.

Chris | on 19/11/09

Looking forward to seeing you back on the court man! I admire your dedication, attitude and hard work. I think its really going to pay off for you this season! Best of luck! P.S. Ive kept you on the bench in my fantasy basketball league… Im really looking forward to the resurgence of the TMac we all know and love!

franceline jim | on 19/11/09


marc | on 19/11/09

Happy your healthy. When are you going to play? We’re Balling. But we need you out there. Been a fan since they weren’t using you in T-Dot. Hope to see you wearin 3 on December 11th. I’ll be the only guy with the Hakeem jersey getting heckled & fighting with my own philly fans. I thought you were suiting up last night? im rambling but go Rockets! If you roll to another team next year. I understand those damn Rockets fan don’t get that your still top ten in this league

shameena | on 19/11/09

Mcgrady, i miss you out there man, your the only reason i started watching basketball, get better and come back ..please ;) your in my prayers always baby.

David Gray | on 19/11/09

Glad to see that your back and making moves…...alot of people are seeming to be intersted in the lebron and kobe era…..but this year is yo year bro…....GLAD TO HAVE YOU BAC

Frank | on 19/11/09

sup Tmac,l good to see & hear you are healthy again. Your rehab with tim grover was a sucess. others like arenas and dwade who tried attack athletics are having solid seasons, so i expect the same out of a elite player like yourself.Rockets are doin well and could do better with u in the lineup given your experience and ability to close games & create shots for your teammates…im a true rockets fan/ tmac & i hope u stay with houston because if we keep the team we have right now with how the role players play, skys the limit. Clutch city all over again

forever21 | on 19/11/09

hey,mac!I’m always waiting for your return,I think nothing can beat you,so just come back soon,and take over those games.I believe that you will show us a new T-MAC,a new NO.3! god bless you,man!just cheer up!

Michael | on 19/11/09

Good to hear that you’re doin’ great out there. everytime the rockets play at home I always try to get a glimpse if your gonna come out of the locker room by surprise haha! Anywayz, just keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ dont think about anything else. We’ll be right behind you through thick and thin. Cant wait ‘till u get back.

LEE | on 19/11/09

Mac, i’m a fan of yours from Malaysia. Its been a regret i’ve not met you here in malaysia. I believe you will return in good form. play hard, with the heart of a champion. It doesn’t matter if you come off the bench, but ofcourse i would love to see you start. The Rockets are doing great, but they need you to reach the playoffs. your contract is ending after this season.. i always wanted you to retire as a rockets. if not, i really hope that Morey will sign another year of contract with you and would really like to see you play another strong season with Yao. (because Yao is not coming back this season).
great hopes and believe in you and houston rockets,

Chris | on 19/11/09

yeah… T-mac, juz give ur best to get rockets on the top… i mean… you and Yao… is the bEst key to put in up rockets…#1.. i miss you..
your play…. your Fire… Takecare.. . message me back!! thx

Deryk Thomsen | on 18/11/09

Mac Keep workin man hope to see you out there soon, cant wait to watch ya play love watchin your game, big rockets fan. Good luck gettn back.

Tim Franklin | on 18/11/09

What’s up Mac

Glad to hear you’re doing great. Can’t wait to get you back out there. Watching the NBA just isn’t the same without you.

I just hope you come back with that fire and desire we all know and love. Not that stuff we seen last year. I know you was hurting but…....

Anyway I hope you’re completely 100% physically and mentally and get back to BEASTING the way we’re use to seeing.

Welcome back and Good luck!

Bring your heart in 09-10!

Charles Babaoye | on 18/11/09

When you coming back dawg we need you, come on..

Omari Christie | on 18/11/09

Tracy! All the best with your rehab. I can relate and know you’re working hard. We need you to get back in there and buss some skulls man. Kobe, Bron, Wade, and Melo are movin in on the King! set the record straight! Hope to see you back soon playboi.

woody | on 18/11/09

wat up mac…. this woody comin from Philadelphia pa. Im glad that your getting yourself together mentally and physically for the game of basketball. I cant wait till you come back . The rockets need you and its really time for you to come back with a vengeance and destroy everybody. Back up here in Philly its a whole lot of trash talk about how you fell off, Imm a huge fan of the yours as well as the rockets. I no it cant be over for some one with your talent who scored 13 points in 33 seconds and dont even have a ring… I know your destiny is not complete so I ask for one favor…..... when you get back please reak havoc on every last team in the nba. You owe utah an LA massive ass-whippins. Show the word what you can really do at a hundred percent. Truly your best fan, woody

woody | on 18/11/09

wat up mac…. this woody comin from Philadelphia pa. Im glad that your getting yourself together mentally and physically for the game of basketball. I cant wait till you come back . The rockets need you and its really time for you to come back with a vengeance and destroy everybody. Back up here in Philly its a whole lot of trash talk about how you fell off, Imm a huge fan of the yours as well as the rockets. I no it cant be over for some one with your talent who scored 13 points in 33 seconds and dont even have a ring… I know your destiny is not complete so I ask for one favor…..... when you get back please reak havoc on every last team in the nba. You owe utah an LA massive ass-whippins. Show the word what you can really do at a hundred percent. Truly your best fan, woody

JOSHUA CLEMONS | on 18/11/09

T-mac i know you are going to come back with a flurry. I think you still can take over a game at any time. Just come back and go with the flow. We will be there in the end cause you guys are so talanted. Remember you have talant around you, so don’t feel the pressure to do everything. We need you too finish games and i know you will. GOOD LUCK HOPE TO SEE YOU ON THE COURT SOON.

Earl | on 18/11/09

I heard that Tracy wasnt coming back this season. I that true?

chris ezeani | on 18/11/09

wuz good mac i been anticipatin your comeback i feel like we have a good running team this year with alot of chemistry. im glad you feel like you can get back on the court but take as much time as u need mac. cause we need you on the court. tonight we play minnesota i hope to see you on the sideline i was hopin to see you out there but take as much time as u need mac. god bless you mac and wish tha team goodluck. chris…

Carlos Jimenez | on 18/11/09

We love you Tracy and I hope you come back soon stronger than ever…you still aiming for tonite 11/18 or did doc not clear you?

Vick | on 18/11/09

TMac ur my idol in basketball nd my favorite player i think im dee only tracy mcgrady fan over here in huntington park everyone stoped beliveing in u when u got injured when all my friends talk about basketball im dee only one dat talks about u everyone here thinks ur not gonna b good when u come bak but i think ur gonna b a dominate player nd i knoe u got wat it takes 2 b this years M.V.P i have strong belief’s in u tmac nd always did i cant wait 2 see u back in action so u could show everyone dat doubted u dat ur a better player dat u once was i hope someday i’ll be good as u man.

Julius Renfro | on 18/11/09


Travis | on 18/11/09

Just can’t wait for you to get back out on the court. Youv’e shown alot of heart fighting through the injuries, and I wish you the best.

Manuel Rodriguez Jr. | on 18/11/09

Get well soon Mac the city of houston needs. Don’t pay antenttion to all the doubters out there. I know deep down u have the heart of a champion. I have faith in your abbiltiy to succed and return back to your dominate self. T-Mac 2010 allstar

Darrio Smith | on 18/11/09

T-Mac, I still belive that you are the 2nd best player ever,(under Mike), I don’t care what everyone else says including you. YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE NBA. can’t wait to see you healthy. I hope you get all the blessings you deserve for everything you do off the court. BLESS YOU Tracy.

Deng Bing | on 18/11/09

I love you very much.You never know how excited I was when I got the news that you will come back in red very soon.Right now ,those guys are playing great games with all their heart and toughness.But I am quite sure that your coming back will take them all the way to the playoffs.I have confidence in you.You are alwanys a great player in this world,and will become even better this season .In addition,I hope you will keep healthy as well as playing great games.Good luck!!Mac!!I will support you as long as you are on the court.

David Felton | on 18/11/09

Praying for you and your family. Miss watching you on the court. My son and my daughter both play and they admire you as well. Keep your head up. God bless. .

Ryan Guevara | on 18/11/09

I’m looking forward to you coming back T-Mac! I’ve had Nov. 23rd marked on my calendar for the longest time so I can go, “YES! T-MAC IS BACK!” I’m very hopeful that you can lift up this team and you will come back stronger than ever. Keep going strong and keep proving all the doubters and haters that you can still dominate no matter what they say.

T-Mac fan for life, all the way from Vancity!

Jorge Ambriz | on 18/11/09

WHAT! UP!! BALLER cant wait to see you back on the court.Me and my kidz miss you on the tube. ALL DAY Tracey THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! 321 And T-MAC scored to win the game!!!!!! WE MISS T-MAC Nomatter where you go. Been follow you since highschool.GOD BLESS!

Courtney Guidry | on 17/11/09

hey mac what up man? i can’t wait to see you back out their myself. its been a while since you been out their, but im praying and pulling for you. god bless and take care.

curtis reid | on 17/11/09

hey mac,
my names curtis and i’m writing you from toronto canada, ever since you left toronto i followed you and i just want to say i think you still got it. i know the last year wasnt easy for you but i can wait to see get back to what you do. keep pushing


George | on 17/11/09

Tracy i hope you will be back soon!All your fans out there miss you so much…my wish for you is: be back in the game as soon as possible, be 100% ready and be injured NEVER again…all my best regards,your biggest fun from greece!

LAZAVIER ROSS | on 17/11/09


Jaquan | on 17/11/09

Does anyone know when t-mac is coming back???

xiaomai | on 17/11/09

we need you ,tracy! hope you come back early…we always love you ….........

els | on 17/11/09

Mac, you’re the best all around b-baller on the planet, no doubt. I’m praying for a full recovery for you and that you will return to the T-mac of 2006 - 2007.

I am a little torn, however, because I am sick of the media torching you in H-Town. These McGrady haters are a media creation and they should all be ashamed of themselves. You are the best player to ever wear a Rockets’ uniform, except for Hakeem (you can’t argue with 2 titles).

As much as I love your game, I’m sick and tired of the hate, so I’m starting to think a trade to a contender may be best. That way you have a better chance at a ring, which solidifies your legacy and these fickle @$$ fans and media can finally STFU!

Anyway, the choice is ultimately up to you, so whatever you do, I just pray you are successful and happy.


Jared Chiros | on 17/11/09

You’ve always been my favorite players, T-Mac, and I’m a die hard Pistons fan. Sorry for what we did to you in the past in the playoffs, but you carried the Magic on your back in those years. If Houston could just get 100% healthy, you guys would be one of the best in the NBA. I either pick you or trade for you in fantasy every year because of the respect I have for you and how much I like you as a player. Get healthy soon man and tear it up!

Frank | on 17/11/09

TMAC!!! We can’t wait to see you join with the Rockets! Scola is awsome player too…

Marcus | on 17/11/09

Tracy I know you still got the game in you. Alot of my friends be hating on you and despite all the injuries i know you still one of the best scorers in the game. Go show all these people that tmac is back.

Shawn Hammonds | on 17/11/09

Hopefully u feel better and get back on the court to do what you use to do and score. Some say your not the same player anymore but i think otherwise and think your gonna be great when you get healthy

poppy | on 17/11/09

t-mac cant wait to you get back out there and start showing the league who is the best player in the game today… we need your 4th quarter clutch performances and dont signe back with huston in the summer…

Connor Walsh | on 17/11/09

I love hearing you say how good you are feeling and also what you said about how you can dunk off your right foot again. It’s nice to hear that fire back in your voice. It’s ridiculous to hear the blame put on you in the playoffs, has anyone looked at your numbers?! Know that every time you play at Portland that you have at least one fan. Looking forward to your return, I’m sure not even close to as much as you are.

Cory Walter | on 17/11/09

T -Mac I am pulling for ya ..I am a ROCKETS believer always. This years team seems to play with a lot of excitement and the chemistry seems to be great, I look forward to you coming back and fitting well with the guy’s. The Team over the past few years have proved the critics wrong and played unbelievable, They played with so much Heart its been amazing with out Yao and you how far the Team advanced. With your return This year and your leadership I am looking forward to the Rockets over coming the critics once again!! Good Luck with your return and I will always Believe in MY Team!!

Dwayne | on 17/11/09

Prove the wrong Tmac let them know ur still number 1 straight out of barbados keep it real

Young Mac | on 17/11/09

T-Mac you are the greatest, I’vee been following you throughout your injury just to get a feel of where your @. Shoutouts to Tim because he has helped you rehab well and back to 13 in 33sec T-Mac and I cant wait to see that type of play in 09-10 season


Miguel Osuna III | on 16/11/09

Mac… Ive been waiting for the 23rd but it seems too far away.. Give us good news and hope we can see u return homecourt against Dallas.. Keep workin hard and GO ROCKETS.!

Your greatest fan | on 16/11/09

I am so happy you are getting ready to return. I am so sick and tired of hearing about lebron james and d-wade. I know in my heart before all the injuries you were the greatest player in the league. It seems that people have forgot who you really are and the thing you did to the spurs that night, was the greatest performance by anyone in any sport including anything jordan has ever done. I will not stop supporting you. Get back to being t-mac the greatest next to M.J.

Faiq | on 16/11/09

We want u feeling like the way u did when u were in ORLANDO!!!!

mike ruiz | on 16/11/09

sup t-mac? cant wait to see you back on the court with the rest of the team. the guys are playing strong and cant wait to see u and trevor together..lets go rockets

Braszka | on 16/11/09

Sorry about my gramarry at first. I`ve got 3 things to say.
1) I Love basketball since i saw You`re imagination and skills at play.
2) NBA without You, is like Bulls Without MJ
3) I know You back stronger than before contusion, because You play by Heart, not by body !!

Sam T | on 16/11/09

Can’t wait to see back!

Jonathan | on 16/11/09

Ive seen you in Toronto and I was sad when you left. All behind though, I wish best of luck in rehab and an all-star form again. T-Mac 4 life!

orlando | on 16/11/09

was up t-mac we need you this year and show does ppl that they dont believe on you no more and show them that you still got some game and you still are the t-mac from back then…well good luck

Ellis | on 16/11/09

Play defense. Hard nosed defense. Getting scored on is bad defense. If you can stop a guy on one posession, then what keeps you from stopping him on the next, and the next, and after that? Well he made adjustments, thats why he scored; Where’s your adjustments?

Frank | on 16/11/09


Eric | on 16/11/09

did you read the article on you Tmac?
that writer was beyond harsh.
It aint noting though, because I know…
we ALL know.. when you come back…
all we needa do is put our finger up towards our lips.
and Shush the haters.
Do work Tmac..
You’re my role model.
You’re game is sooo polished. COME BACK STRONG MY DUDE

Danel Fielder | on 16/11/09

NBA... It’s where T-Mac Happens…..

Danel Fielder | on 16/11/09

Man.. I am a very big fan. Couldnt believe when we got you here. You have never disappointed me. I know the injury slowed you down and its probably harder for you to watch your team than it is for us to know your not out there. I know you will come back and do great things because you always have. Stay focused dog. I rarely go to the games because of money but I watch all the games on TV. I support the Rockets And Tmac 110%. So come on dog show these folks what Good Is baby Boy….

Blake Lambert | on 16/11/09

Looking forward to your return, we need a clutch player in the fourth to help close out games. Best of luck to your rehab and can’t wait till your return!

Sirius | on 16/11/09

hi, t-mac. I’m an oversea student from China who is studing in Australia. I hope you can come back on the court soon and stay away from injuries!

HOPE BREEDLOVE | on 16/11/09


dang | on 16/11/09

I have been your fans since 2000 .everyday I will surf the internet to get your imformation. Now you will soon back to the game .I hope you can get a good mark .I hope 25+5+5 believe you !!!t-mac

Amit | on 15/11/09

I’m a big fan and I would love to sea you back in the game, but please don’t rush it, I know you are not but just in case you are being pressured…

Fredy | on 15/11/09

Cant wait for your return to the Toyota Center..and hmeboy askn if ur gna give ur 100 percent of course u r!!! how can he even ask that just cant wait Its ROCKETS time give it to them t-mac show them what u got

Roel Angelo | on 15/11/09

you are my idol… i hope that i see you in the championship….

good luck to you tracy… your mi idol… _

Alvin | on 15/11/09

Tmac is the besssssssssssst!!

Aaron Blakey | on 15/11/09

tmac yo u have been my favorite pplayer for yrs now keep rehabing and all and come back to the quart twice as hard i kno ur gunna kill this year hit me back up i cant wait to seee u playman no one person in the nba could stop u i watch ur highlights constantly so i kno jus do wat u have been doin i have all ur jerjesys to so i gotta get the new number 3 jersey tho i hope u come back 2wice as stong lata

Victor | on 15/11/09

Hey! I hope you came back to the rack soon. good luck!

Reggie Allen | on 15/11/09

Man get better soon boys dont think you have it no more come out strong. I want you to play like you uae to play 13 points in 35 seconds and 2 time scoreing champion i want you to come out raw and end the season raw play ball stop getting hurt. You do your thing in the nba and iam going to do it for my varsity basketball team. Show people why your my favorite player do good this season

Kyle | on 15/11/09

Can’t wait to see that spinnin fadeaway jumper!!...STAY HEALTHY!! “Cuz nobody can stop a healthy t’mac!!

ANAN | on 15/11/09

T-mac come on Houston Rockets needs U
U Know everyone hope U to come back soon
So do I I think this sesson Houston is very arduous
Every players are very hard including Rick
We cannot change realities but we can change ourselves ,right ?
So don’t give up trust yourself U can do it better than before ~~

Have a good day Bye !!

ANAN | on 15/11/09

T-mac come on Houston Rockets needs U
U Know everyone hope U to come back soon
So do I I think this sesson Houston is very arduous
Every players are very hard including Rick
We cannot change realities but we can change ourselves ,right ?
So don’t give up trust yourself U can do it better than before ~~

Have a good day Bye !!

ANAN | on 15/11/09

T-mac come on Houston Rockets needs U
U Know everyone hope U to come back soon
So do I I think this sesson Houston is very arduous
Every players are very hard including Rick
We cannot change realities but we can change ourselves ,right ?
So don’t give up trust yourself U can do it better than before ~~

Have a good day Bye !!

ken | on 14/11/09

Brother me support you !

almario | on 14/11/09

Come back IDOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iam your no.1 fan

JOhnny vo | on 14/11/09

tracy i belivie in you a hundreds precent im a houston native my self and i seen u when u were at the top of ur game and with all the people negativity today saying ur not gonna fit in i hope that u prove those naw sayer other wise just like how the rocket won back to to back championship in 93-94

Devin Callen | on 14/11/09

Cant wait till your back man!! I went to the Sacramento game last night and saw you on the sidelines and was just wishing u were out there playing man! It’l be great to have you back.. get well bro, and good luck, i know the player that u truly are.

Your Fan, Devin Callen

Edymark Isidro | on 14/11/09

hi! t-mac..I’m from Philippines. it’s really nice to hear that you’re coming back. Just give your best shot on the court and have confidence specially your outside shooting. Prove to them that you’re still the same t-mac that we’ve known… Good luck and God Bless..

Ben | on 14/11/09

Yo, idol! Can’t wait to see you play again. Good luck and God bless, sir!


Ben | on 14/11/09

Yo, idol! Can’t wait to see you play again. Good luck and God bless, sir!


Ben | on 14/11/09

Yo, idol! Can’t wait to see you play again. Good luck and God bless, sir!


Darrell | on 14/11/09

t=mac is back

Josh Y. | on 14/11/09

It’s great to hear that you’ll be back in the game soon. I can’t wait. I admire your skills and ambition to win. I hope that the Rockets can win the Championship this year. I was just wondering why Trevor is wearing your number? I hope to see you help the Rockets win these upcoming games after your return. Good luck and play well. Thanx for your time, get back at me later.

Denis | on 14/11/09

Heyyy Yo Tmac… You are the best man, ignore the crap from the media… i mean who can hit 13points in 33sec,, NO ONE!! theres only one Tmac :):) hope you come back soon and lead the rockets further in the playoffs..

Denis | on 14/11/09

Heyyy Yo Tmac… You are the best man, ignore the crap from the media… i mean who can hit 13points in 33sec,, NO ONE!! theres only one Tmac :):) hope you come back soon and lead the rockets further in the playoffs..

Peter | on 14/11/09


nate | on 14/11/09

hey mac, come back soon man, show everybody ur still the best

ROBIN JASWAL | on 14/11/09


davanno | on 14/11/09

i hope hen u come back u com back strong

ANTONIO CARRAWAY | on 14/11/09

t mac, i know alot of people gave up on you, but real true fans still belive you. also belive in ur self and god that you can get back out there and be the great t mac that the world know. people say kobe, some say lebron — but we all know when u 100 percent no one can do the things i have seen you do, and what the world have seen you do. i can to the games to see u, because its a blessing to see some one with so much talent. keep faith and keep working hard, it will pay off. much respect

Mike | on 14/11/09

get well soon cant wait to c u abusing teams
like the T Mac of old.

Lawrence Matthew | on 14/11/09

Hey T-Mac, it’ll be great to see you back again on the court, we the fan of yours can’t wait to see you play again for the Houston Rocket. God Bless you man.

Shen | on 14/11/09

gogogo, We will surpport you all the time and whatever you are hert or health, Hope to see you great performance

kris reyes | on 14/11/09

when i was in high school i always here your name from my classmates.. they say you are great.. so one time i tried to watch your game.. it was a game when you are still with Orlando, and damn,, they are right.. you are way to great..
so bro, i hope that when you come back you will be at your best form.. i hope to see the t-mac i saw way back when i was in high school.. !!

邹林宇 | on 14/11/09

Hello, t-mac. Must wait until the resumption of good health and then return, do not worry, do not want to listen to the news about you are injured, but also want to see you more years to play ball! Refueling and support you!

andre | on 14/11/09

hey t-mac is the that i ve just heard that your returning on the court ds coming november 18???i hope thats true coz i cant wait until that day!see ya t-mac hope you come back in an elite mode hope you can put a 30 every night or even a 40 . and i hope you can win a mvp award and bring home a championship ring in houston ! your in my prayers!good luck and god bless…..

Ken Wang | on 14/11/09

Still no second personal 35 seconds scored 13 points, and lead the team to 22 game winning streak。

I will always support you, hope you can come back, I’ll vote for you every day in the All-Star.

Best wishes to you.

Cisy CHEN | on 14/11/09

Happy to know that you will come back soon.I haven’t seen you for about 9 months and I miss you so much! Rockets did really well but for me you are the most important! I hope you are haelty and you can enjoy the games of course I believe you will contribute to Rockets.This season,we may go farer.I can’t wait to see you.Anyway,I will love you for ever!

Jay Mackay | on 14/11/09

Hey T-mac, I am one of your biggest fans here in the phil. I felt really sorry and bad when i heard the news you got injured again. But it is a good thing now that you are almost done recovering from your injury. I will support you guys all the way and i hope you will get that championship ring for me and all of your fans out here. Thanks and always take care.

I hope you can regain your old prime form.

李宇 | on 14/11/09

I am your Chinese fan, likes you playing a ball game very much the style, expected very much you will soon return to the athletic field!
Did not hope that you are traded, I did not know, if you are traded the rocket to be able to walk far?
Wishes your good luck!!!!

Jordan Falkenberg | on 13/11/09

Lets go tracy your my favourite player your are an absalute gun!!!cant wait for you to play again im so exited!!im a BIG fan of you and the TEAM!!!hope u get well soon from ur no.1 fan jordan

p.s GO T-MAC

kelland | on 13/11/09

Mac, can’t not wait to see you on the B-Ball court. When will you be back? Anyway, come back as long as you are 100% healthy. The 2010 All Star Voting has already begun, I will vote for you everyday. I hope to see you in Dallas on Feb 14,2010. So come on ,man. Be happy,be healthy ,be TMAC!

Sal | on 13/11/09

hey im glad that you are back i cant wait to see you play and play better than last year, hope to make it the finals and win it too. GO T-MAC!!!!

Ben Birnie | on 13/11/09

hey, how soon is “sooner rather than later?”

it’s going to be cool seeing you go up against the best!

fanis | on 13/11/09

hey man good to see you are back…we all waiting to see you destroying everyone….be like you used to please….good luck man…

greg mitchell | on 13/11/09

Hey T-Mac just wanted to say good job on rehab and getting readyt o play again. I am a huge fan and my wife always critisizes me for it but its cool. Cant wait to see you get back out on the court. By the way T-Mac, Im in the service and Im getting for my third tour in Iraq, please say a prayer for me and my family, as I will do yours. Thank you and god bless, T-Mac.

ERNEST | on 13/11/09


Mike | on 13/11/09

Yeah, Tracy cant wait to see you back on the court with our team. It is gonna be awesome and I hope you are a Rocket forever.

teng-mac | on 13/11/09

please be back!!!!i can’t wait for that moment!!!you are my superstar

ronson | on 13/11/09

cant wait to see you play again! come back soon TMAC!

Dominque | on 13/11/09


I’m like one of your MANY #1 fans, and I really need to know what game will you be back in so I can purchase the tickets ASAP. I can’t miss your season opener just like I didn’t miss the teams on 10/31/01. Please shed some light on your return so I can not eat lunch for two weeks to get a good seat. Thanks so much. And I pray that all your pain, hard work, and healing have helped you mentally and physically. I know it is hard watching your team have it’s ups and downs and not being able to do anything. SO please let me know ASAP!

1 of your MANY #1 fans,
Dominque Colwell

Frankie Jaimes | on 13/11/09

Sup T-Mac, dude i know what you’re going through, because as a X-pro(Soccer) athlete myself it’s hard to recover from an injury and at times not possible at all. But as pro athletes we have to over-come any doubt in our minds and become that kid again that wants to make it. As kids we did whatever it takes to be the best and we learned how to adjust our game as we grew. T-Mac it’s time to start the growing process all over again. Adjust where you have to, grow where you can. You have a great team to grow with, Houston is home… don’t forget it!

Chris C | on 13/11/09

Whats up t-mac, just feel i need to tell you to stop playing around n come back strong. Right now u hv the chance to come bck like the king MJ did. U are definitely one of the best players ever to play, but it time to show the world. comeBCK 100% n do u. Can’t wait to see u play n BECOME LEGENDARY!

(Dezzy)Desmond Mass-Tucker | on 13/11/09

Come back strong and just do you t-mac! Can’t nobody stop at all!Can’t wait to see you back on the court again!!!!

david garcia | on 13/11/09

hey tracy when r u going to come back, and when you do r u going to give your best i meen your 100 percent because i will like to see you and koby going going at it. i will like to see the rockets beating the lakers just to show artest that he and koby are going down when you come back

billy | on 13/11/09

t-mac you’re the no.1 best in NBA..i can’t wait you in action.

Cameron Barton | on 13/11/09

T Mac… You my favorite player… Everybody sleeping on you talking bout you stay hurt… So gone and get well soon… Come back to the court and do yo thang… I always been saying when you’re healthy, you’re the best player in the game… Get well big bra

Jerry | on 13/11/09

T-MAC,you can do it.I have been looking forward to your coming back for a year.

Steven | on 13/11/09

Mac, I always belive you are the best! Always!
But please, don’t rush to be back on court!! Make sure you are 100% when you are back

3 | on 13/11/09

I’m excited to see the return of the REAL king.
Don’t mind the haters, they don’t have a “life”. lol


love t-mac | on 13/11/09

dear,how are you doing? Recently, many people criticize you again.oh my god!!!When will they stop?? our t-mac,Why does God always for you unfair?Get out your media is really in people’s minds the image of the destroyed!I feel sad!I love t-mac, you will always be our God!i’m not your the first fan,but i am your the last fan….dear , I will always support you!

Robinson | on 13/11/09

we miss the man who have score 13points in just 33sec. hope you will come back strong. we believe in you! do your thing man. were at your back. goodluck!

Wang Fan | on 13/11/09

I’m glad to see you are in good condition.This is the first time I talk to you,my superstar.
Thank you for reading my comments.
Come on!Everything is great!

Xi | on 13/11/09

You are my favorite star!Hearing the news that you will back soon really make me exciting!You are the BEST!No one could compare with you. Who can win NBA score champion twice?Who can get 13 point in 35 second?The answer is YOU,my favorite T-Mac!Have a good luck!I trast you will back as a hero!

Z.L.GUO | on 13/11/09

Hi,T-mac,I’m your fans come from China.I hope you can go back soon.And I also believe you can get what you want!Go go!

tyrone | on 13/11/09

i want to challenge you Tracy!!! make it an MVP year when you comeback…

Make no mistake about it I’m just your N0. 1 fan….

fengfan | on 12/11/09

I am very when I heard that your body felt good now.I always think that you are the best player of the world.I hope you can return to the court soon and bring a championship to Houston.

Charlie C. | on 12/11/09

Hello T-Mac, glad to hear your doing well & almost ready to return.It’ll be great to see you back on the court as well!!!! We have a great /talented team this yr. & can’t wait any longer to see you play with this bunch of guy’s. Come-On Back !!!! We’ve Been Missin-Yea !!!!! Sincerely, Charlie C. & Family

Casey | on 12/11/09

keep going bud cant wait for u too get back :D

Dominique | on 12/11/09

Finally… I can not wait till they let you play… My faith is so strong in you… And I come back here everyday almost… To see what’s new with you… I can’t wait for you to return Tracy, so we can prove all the haters and critics wrong… This is our time, Rockets time, and it’s time we captalize on it… Let’s get it!!!

tent mac | on 12/11/09

slam like u in orlando!gogogo

panagiotis | on 12/11/09

dear tmac my personal opinion is if you dont have the injuries you have you probably be in 5 best nba players of all time and the best scorer ever now i want two things for you to have 80/100 and up from the free throw and to score points if you can like the 2004 year i taik again to you soon

Zach Arnold | on 12/11/09

I’ve been a fan for as long as i can remember and i still believe you are the greatest player of all time in my book lets go out there and win a championship for houston baby!!!!!!!!!!!

hugh c. bucks | on 12/11/09

get back T - Mac…Vince Carter is YOUR cousin!

Victor MAldonado | on 12/11/09

Greeting Tmac.

Just wanna say that i hope you return very soon to the court and play the same basquetball that you played in Orlando… The team need you and yao of course.

Take care and good luck.

Jesus De LA Ghetto | on 12/11/09

Well to start off im a Laker fan but when i see talent i respect it t-mac cant wait for your return stay strong ! peace in the middle east

Corey Nelson | on 12/11/09

Man T mac u r truly a hero for me i look up to u man i want to be the next tracy mcgrady even kobe and wade has championship your still the best i liked you since you where in toronto i just want to kno ur decision is u staying in houston at the end of the year or leaving also it would be a dream come true if i could just shake yo hand or get an autograph or something to let my friend kno u r truly the best get well soon cant wait to see u out there…......
Corey Nelson From Milwaukee WI

ju-shun | on 12/11/09

I don’t know if your really reading this but come back strong than ever i always told my friends when you were on Orlando all you heard about was t-mac no kobe i dont like the fact people are losing faith in you and callin you a frunt..just come back as the superstar we all know

tavist moore | on 12/11/09

t-mac you have been my favorite player since i was young cause my dad liked you and i just found to love the way u play your game i hope you play soon and I think your the TRUTH. but I’m 16 and playing basketball and because of your legend I have every one call me T-Moore after my favorite player but I should play varsity this year i have been reviewing the way you play for 2 years and I think I have the backwards spin reverse lay-up but never as good as u hope you play soon and start out dogging.

raul avila | on 12/11/09

ur the best player ever n wen u gonna come back?

raulavila | on 12/11/09

your my favorite player and i want to know when you going to come back?

roderick shelton | on 12/11/09

What’s good T-mac as soon as you come back im getting tickets to the game to watch u be that best that u was when u was drafted out of highschool tru T-mac fan

SHA SMITTY | on 12/11/09


ROY | on 12/11/09


wen | on 12/11/09

tracy,you are the best player.we will support you anytime.All your fans are waiting for you.In china,all of us love you.

wen | on 12/11/09

tracy,you are the best player.we will support you anytime.All your fans are waiting for you.In china,all of us love you.

wanhongxian | on 12/11/09

T-Mac,we are waiting for you!come back!

Leon | on 12/11/09

Hey Tmac all years I’ve been waiting for you!

And finally you’re coming back

Hope The Rockets could fly high after your arrival!

Aaron | on 12/11/09

We are all so proud of how well you have handled yourself through this rough patch. Theres a light at the end of the tunnel for you now, and when you step out of it, all the spotlight will be on you. Now all you have to do is show all the critics that you are still one of the best in the NBA. But you are T-Mac so that should be easy. I can not wait to se you out there again tearing up the court with them Rockets boys.

P.S. Throw in a dunk on Dirk while you are at it ;)

firas | on 12/11/09

t-mac you must back stronger to shut the haters plz

Dino Krcar | on 12/11/09

good luck tracy, hope to see u doin your best in league and later in playoffs. i’m big rockets fan and i know we can make it big this season with you fully fit

Stefan | on 11/11/09

Hey Mac. :) Wanted to let you know you have fans here in Romania too. Though I’m just 19, if lucky I’l be drafted by one of the local teams the upcoming season. Good luck with the Rockets this Season, hope to see you guys win the playoffs this year, even if Yao won’t be there..

Stone | on 11/11/09

Great to hear from you ma G-Unit bally. Can’t wait to see you on the court

Carlos Roque | on 11/11/09

We miss you!!!!

Tyler | on 11/11/09

t-mac is so siked for you to get back on that court you will petrominate anyone who is guarding you. And the rockets without their two allstars have impressed they have been keeping a good record and if they can just keep it up until you get in their no worries. what a devistating loss to L.A. that was BS and we need to just erase that game against dallas cause true players and true fans have a short memory.lets go destroy the grizzlies!!!

Jayvie Nadal | on 11/11/09

go tmac you can do it! hope to see you playing soon! _

Tina | on 11/11/09

Glad to hear you are doing better. I was there at the game on Halloween and was hoping to see you play. Maybe next time…

Jane | on 11/11/09

No matter what others say, you have us-your crazy fans for ever. Come on, we do trust you and can’t wait to see the king comming back to the court!

Andy | on 11/11/09

I noe that ur the best and you will always be the best!.Your my favorite player and always will be even tho u changed that number from 1 to 3 i dont care my favorite number..i want you to noe that u are better than kobe and lebron they not up to your level!.lol but yea t mac for MVP

cloudy zhao | on 11/11/09

Come back as soon as possible!
I really want see you in the game! Missing you so much!
But before you come back,you should make sure you healthy.Just so,you can give us good performance as in magic!
Best wishes!

Bryan | on 11/11/09

Ima laker fan but im also a big fan of the Rockets cuz they play tremendous Defense and it’s unbelievable how undersized Houston is right now and still out rebounding teams that tells you something but anyways T-Mac I still believe you can be on top with Kobe and Lebron please get healthy and do your thing

Dennis | on 11/11/09

T-Mac! Week 5 winner here. i hear your returning next week and I just encourage you to do like you said last year. Now that your 100%, put all the haters to rest. Alright? can’t wait to see you out there man.

-Dennis Robinson

J.Parker | on 11/11/09

3-Mac what up! that’s your new name this year cuz it’s a re-invention of you! just hope you and the guys take it day by day man , keep focused and remember to appreciate and savor the moments cuz their will be many this yr. like adidas says “Impossible is Nothing”!

Jason Lovette | on 11/11/09

Come on T-mac!!!!! lol

wasif | on 11/11/09

t-mac i love you! get better and show everyone you can still ball 100% and go to the all star game..and make sure you hit all your jumpshots like u used to do..and make sure to drive the ball at will…from your #1 fan!

scott | on 11/11/09

hey tmac,

i can tell you’re anxious to get back on the court and prove to everyone, including your doubters, that you can still play the way you used to play. so the speculation continues as to when you should return, but i’ll just say this. if you know you’re ready to return, and know that you’re ready to dominate, then just get the hell back on the court and destroy teams like the old days. i’m sick of hearing people saying you’re not ready, or are “a ways away” ahem adelman… look, i love adelman, i think he’s a great coach, but if you think you’re ready to go out there and dominate, then i’ll take your word over his. but you need to convince him that you should be playing, because ultimately he decides who’s getting PT. what it all comes down to is how badly you want to play, and prove to everyone you still got it. i know you can play better than anyone, i’ve seen it, but it takes more than just convincing me, unfortunately.

and btw, i love what you’re doing with darfur. that takes heart.

can’t wait to watch you play again, just make sure you’re in the mindset that ‘no one can stop you’

Mohamed | on 11/11/09

T-mac i cant wait to see back on the court.we miss you.Bring back championship to houston this year.

chris | on 11/11/09

Tmac can’t wait till your out there ab ariza you and yao will deff get a title. ik u guys can do it
your by far my fav player and my hero ,
and rockets are by far my fav team
Good luck

stay healthy!

Joe | on 11/11/09

Dude, the NBA is not ready to experience the return of a rejuvenated T-Mac!!! Had Yao been as healthy this year as he was last year, everyone around the world would be screaming “championship gold for Houston.” But I’m still confident you and the Rox can make a playoff run. Second round is waiting for ya’, man. Can’t wait to see you back on the court!!!! End of November can’t get here fast enough.

程晨 | on 11/11/09

Tracy,renmember whatever happen,your 200 million chinese fans are on your side foever.we love you can carry on

Espanita Jordan | on 11/11/09

This is more of a personal request. Can you please call me? I have a few questions about your family tree. I would really appreciate it. I am not trying to cause any problems. Just wanted to get answers to some unanswered questions. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Espanita Jordan 850-445-7052

MIKE H | on 11/11/09

YO T-Mac whts good.I have been waitin on the day that you will return back on the court.Yes the rockets are doin good with out you or yao but inorder to make a push in the playoffs they are really going to need a healthy T-Mac leading the way.I m also a Labber so i have been following you and have seened how hard you have been working to get back to the player you once was,just remember to take it one day at a time.I do believe in you and think that you are still one of the best players in the NBA next to your boy kobe.Keep up the good work and don’t worry about the haters just play that song by MANINO ITS CALL ALL THA ABOVE THAT IS YOU IN A NUTSHELL.

newsoon | on 11/11/09

i believe you can give us a amazing performance
man。bless you

Milosz | on 11/11/09

Wote for T-Mac at NBA.Com

NBA All-Star Game 2010 in Dallas

Adrian Jackson | on 10/11/09

Hey Mac, You doin goood bro. You are not a disappointment. Just wanted you to hear that from someone other than your close to. There are people out here like me that hasn’t gave up on your game not one bit. I believe you will show yourself great among the stars once again and have fun again in this NBA career. I admire the “next level” work ethic you have shown consistently this summer. Much love Adrian (ajball4all)-on twitter

Alex | on 10/11/09

Yo tmac whats up its alex from your camp if you member me you almost challegend me one on one lol i cant wait for you to get back ive been waiting for you to make your come back and guess what ITS TIME yes sir im ready ill see you in portland soon tmac keep rehabing your doing great

Christian | on 10/11/09

Mac i can’t wait to see you back in the court, for me your the best..i really miss oyu playing..

Abdul | on 10/11/09

Tracy Mcgrady, let me first start of my saying you are the man, no matter what anybody says you and Nash are my favorite players. Everybody is doubting you’ll be back to your old form but I believe you can do it, 13 points in 35 seconds…hands down you’re the man. Inshallah (god willing) you come back with a vengeance and tear up the league my friend…I’ll be watching you, take care and good luck.

Abdul Abdirahman

Chris Childress | on 10/11/09

I wish you the best, and hope to see you play soon. I think you’re insane to watch, and I hope you stay in Houston for a long time. You need to get back so the Rockets can get some nationally televised games. That’s some b.s. The Rockets are a hard-workin’, hard-playin’ team, they just need you to take em over the top. They should have some televised games.

pengtuo | on 10/11/09

Very much looking forward to your return as soon as possible, and now the Rockets are very good-looking style tactics, I believe now is that you come to the Houston Rockets after the Rockets the best, because they are united, there is passion, I hope you will lead the team wins Champion. I love you, I love the Rockets.

gaylen harris | on 10/11/09

you are my favorite player and i cant wait to you come back. i didnt know you was in chicago to almost the end of the summer you should have came and spoke to my school gage park…. and im am sign up with skillzlab that all tmac goodluck

Andy | on 10/11/09

yo mac, i know that u are working really hard, i just want to say that if you are not ready, don’t go out there, because we don’t want you to get hurt again..for a wile xD, so i wish u can have a good season and I want to see you like the old T-mac that all our fans love to see!

DJ | on 10/11/09

Tracy McGrady is my favorite player. I followed him when he played for Orlando and now for Houston. And if he plays for another team next year I will then follow that team. I know Tmac has had a rough couple of years with injuries. But I hope that he regains his allstar form and rocks the league. And if he should play for another team next year I hope it is to some team like Dallas, San Antonio or Orlando. Some team that has a real shot at the NBA Championship. Go Tmac. DJ

Will | on 10/11/09

Hey T-Mac,

Can’t wait to see you back on the court man. Hopefully you are back to your explosive and scoring best. Looking forward to see you play with our Aussie Boy D Andersen. Hope to see the Rockets get up this season, would be good.

All the best for this year and the future.



杨燕超 | on 10/11/09


Mac, I know someone mistakenly interpret your elegant style as softness, but I fully understand how strong your are, physically and mentally. I have a solid beliefe that you will come back on court some day, strong and unstoppable, showcasing your peerless basketball talent to the world, as you did before. Today, as one of your BIG fans in China, I just want to say, MAC, give a shit to whatever others are saying about you, just come back on court and enjoy the gifts god give to you. Every minute you stay on court will be the source of our happiness.

Rr Jefferson | on 10/11/09

I think I belongs to those who really believes that you are really the best player in the NBA!in my heart that’s true. i hope you will recover well from your surgery and hoping not to injured again. I beg my friends to believe on me that the Rockets Can BEAT any team when you and Yao are together in playing court!!!
hopefully I can have a Jersey Coming from you someday and wishing to have it as soon as possible…
believe in god that he will give you a healthy career from now on and no doubt, your the MAN!

Here in the Philippines,basketball is the soul and heart of the Filipino’s. Im a Basketball lover and I have been watch all the videos regarding on you and I really love watching them. But what makes proud of you is that when you made a 13 points in more than 30 seconds.Its Really amazing!!!!
i love to watch it again and again…

Anthony | on 10/11/09

I’m a believer Mac.

K | on 10/11/09

prove them critics wrong Tmac show them that your not washed up but reborn for this season

向东 | on 10/11/09


Lolo#12 | on 10/11/09

Great, great, great !!!

All I can say.

Everything is going good. the guys are playings great (Brooks, Ariza, Landry, Lowry) the experienced ones too (Battier, Hayes, Scola) and the new ones are going better (Andersen I think David is a great player… I watched him in Spain and he’ll do good things for the Rockets)

Yesterday I read a lot of things, realgm, yahoo… about 10 websited talking about what “you said” BUT read your own website is way better.

Happy to read you again, happy yo know you’re fine.

You inspire us.

keveen hobby | on 10/11/09

wuz up cuzion from davenport your cuzio i just hope the best for u love cuz

Adley | on 10/11/09

Tracy it’s me Adley just saying waiting for you to cme back i hope mr.Johnson told you I said how u doing but if he didn’t cause he’s old how u doing come back and prove we are all waiting and anticipating

Andre Golden | on 10/11/09

This is what I have been waiting for. Your return to the court. All my friends saying that you are washed up and need to retire, I dont buy it. After following your rehabilitation, I feel you are back to old form. The Orlando days. I cant wait to see you for the first time on the court. I am one of your biggest fans. Ever since you were with Toronto. I like your style of play, and have even watched you enough to patten my game after you. I just want to see you be successful. I know you and the other guys can do it.

Cheta | on 10/11/09

AM Glad you think u are ready but u should take youer time, I hope u can play as well as u did but try to let youre team get involved and not always T-mac involved Kobe does it Lebron I think iys youre turn to she everyone youre not selfish. Look at youre buddy AI everyone thinks he is a fat Loser for always quiting on his team in detroit and now in Membhis. Lets Go MAc.

sina | on 10/11/09

you are the best player in the nba and my favorite but u got the worst luck you r even better than kobe and others but u didnt have the chance to prove it i really want to see u on the top again and i wish the best for u…!hoping to see u one day!

Robert Carroll | on 10/11/09

hey mac im 1 of your biggest fans… I just wanted to ask you whats the truth about you coming back on november 18 because alot of sources say that isnt true. Please write back. I want to see you on the court as soon as possible

Lester Glivens | on 10/11/09

Glad to here you are feeling good. I can’t wait to see you play with this group. What a lot of people forget is that you don’t have to score to contribute to the success of this team. You make everyone better because of your ability to see the court. Hope to see you soon.

Igor | on 10/11/09

It’s great to hear positive news Tracy! Finally you can be the player that you want to be, the player that you and we know you really are!!!

will dent | on 10/11/09

when will you be returing and in what rotation.

ziad abdo , ((lebanon)) | on 10/11/09

t-mac i just want to let you know that i love basket ball cause of you man , i always care less about basket ball , but when u c,ame to houston with your magic plays , trust me im in love with basket ball now waiting for the day to see you back on the court , even my brother in lebanon like you more then me cause when we talk sport u r on the top of the list , i watch you 13 points in 35 second almost every dayi post it on face book every now and then , . by the way 3 years ago i met you in belvedere bar on post oak , i was happy to see you there , i wish you the best of health , come back t mac , soon . ziad abdo

Josh | on 10/11/09

What’s up t-mac the Rockets fans miss you so much. We know you’re going to come back strong and lead the Rockets to the playoffs. Here’s to a speedy and healthy recovery. Also how did it finally feel to get out of the first round last year?

Yinch | on 10/11/09

Congrats T-Mac! I’ve been waiting for your turn and it seems like it has been forever. Since I live out in LA, I’ve been anticipating the news of your return so I can purchase the January 5 game when Rockets play the Lakers…just so I can see you play out there. You’ve been truly missed in the NBA and I wish you a great season when you return! Can’t wait!

Dionne and friends | on 10/11/09

And I never thought I’d feel this way
And as far as I’m concerned
I’m glad I got the chance to say
That I do believe I love you

And if I should ever go away
Well then close your eyes and try
To feel the way we do today
And then if you can remember

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for

Well you came in loving me
And now there’s so much more I see
And so by the way I thank you

Oh and then for the times when we’re apart
Well then close your eyes and know
The words are coming from my heart
And then if you can remember

The OSD | on 10/11/09

所有強有力所有強大所有愛戀的TMac天是像走通过沙漠像睡覺的夜在岩石最后最高的老鷹在火箭法院將著陸我們愛您TMac您比所有蛋角色好在中國庭院Ochimina Ochimina

All powerful all formidable is in love with TMac. Day is walks likely passes? The desert sleeps like the night and will land in the rock. Highest eagle in the rocket court we love you TMac. Finally you being better than all egg roles because of Chinesa Garden. Ochimina Ochimina

Duda 11 | on 10/11/09

This is great! T, I can’t wait anymore, to the court now!!!kkk
Man, the fanz like me are crazy about this moment! The Rockets needs you, and i want to see you playing soon! God bless you!!!

Aris Ojastro | on 10/11/09

Dont’ get back on the team, we dont need you ….

Malik Wineglass | on 10/11/09

I want to see u dunk on somebody this year and gte your first MVP.

Chris | on 10/11/09

THAT IS WHAT I LIKE TO HEAR!!! Show all the haters out there that you are still a superstar!!!

David Merabi | on 10/11/09

Yo T-Mackin, EVERYONE is doubting you Mac. They don’t believe in you. PROVE THEM WRONG! I know and I believe in you Mac. This is your year. THE YEAR OF THE MAC!

michael | on 10/11/09

Hey TMAC. you are my all time favorite basketball player, im hoping you’re out on the court playin by time you come to miami cause i go to heat vs. rockets every year because of you. GO ROCKETS and GOOD LUCK

Omar V | on 10/11/09

Can’t wait to see u back out there Mac! I really believe that we have the tools to prove to all the f. Ing haters out that the Rockets are for real!!! One question for u T-Mac what do u think about that fat ass Barkley saying that we will be last in the west? I’ll see u at the game tonight vs Dallas where we will win 102-93! I’ll be wearing the new Alternaite jersey and my Rockets hat! Hope to see u there and maybe get an autograph from u.

Stevie Hendricks | on 10/11/09

T-Mac your the greatest player in the Nba even though your hurt… I been a fan since you were in orlando… Your killin KOBE and LEbron.. I cant wait to see you come back with avengence this year and everybody will see that your still the best…. YOUR A BEAST!!!! I want to play like you and hopefully go to the Nba and play beside you and learn everything you can teach me… Get healthy and know you will be my favorite player hurt or not.

olantay | on 10/11/09

t-mac i cant wait to see you back on the court.. i love watching the rockets play.. i believe that yall can beat any team. and especially when you get back

Giovanni | on 10/11/09

Wats good man dis 1 of ya #1 Fans I jus want to c u do well dis season and take tha NBA by storm and do u and jus pray and hope u stay healthy man!

Edwin Capron | on 10/11/09

T-mac..go do wat u do best and win… with heart God bless u and your teammates…....Real number 1 fan and my friend mick

Ray Sun | on 10/11/09

I love you man! Come on, you will be THE MVP of PLAYOFFS OF 2010

Henry | on 10/11/09

Great news Tracy! I do hope you get on the court soon! This will be very interesting. Cant wait! Good LUCK!

Martin Pondevida | on 10/11/09


tim | on 10/11/09

is it tru tmac is back.. good luck man kill wen you get back out there against the twolves. i kno youve been down by injuries but i want the old tmac.. the best player in the league tmac….

Gunn | on 10/11/09

Mac,you`re still NO.1 come on.

Gunn | on 10/11/09

Mac,you are still NO.1 GOOD LUCK FOR U!

Nick | on 10/11/09

I wait you so long. I hold you as usual.!
I love you . I love your game.!
Go on! man,!

linyu.zou | on 10/11/09

Want to quickly see you have more running, beautiful E-STOP, gorgeous extraordinary, accurate shooting, strong dunk, a stronger desire to win and positive attitude on the basketball court. I wish you a speedy recovery physically, believe yourself! From far-off China’s blessing!

linyu.zou | on 10/11/09

Want to quickly see you have more running , beautiful E-STOP, gorgeous extraordinary, accurate shooting, strong dunk, a stronger desire to win and positive attitude on the basketball court. I wish you a speedy recovery physically, believe yourself! From far-off China’s blessing!

rpr | on 10/11/09

i beleive you can fly again

Domere | on 10/11/09

That’s wassup mac. Your boys are doing okay but even with all their heart, we still need you out there if we want to pose a threat in the west. You’re one of the few players in the NBA that can’t be gameplanned against. So we’re excited and anticipating your return to the court so you can show the leauge a couple hundred highlights in 2010!

Dee-Dee | on 10/11/09

Hi Mac~
Have you heard he song I fly above by Kandi Burress? If you haven’t you should. Everytime I hear this song I think of you. Keep pushing and let the haters do what they here to do Hate! Hurry back we not only miss you but we NEED you.
Love ya

rasheed jawwaad | on 10/11/09

you are my favorite basketball player every one around me says t-mac is washed up but i tell them wait till he returns i am rally your biggist fan hit me up on my email and please when you return put up forty so the haters can stop talking.

alvin | on 10/11/09

hope u will become this year mvp

Edwin | on 10/11/09

can’t wait to see play again Tmac

Don Halbardier | on 10/11/09

Hope you have a great comeback for the Rockets so they can get something for you when they trade your cancer elsewhere. I used to be an ardent fan but you have worn me out.

Enrique | on 10/11/09

Hello Tmac!I am one of your loyal fans from China .We all are waiting for your coming back!

Ying | on 10/11/09

Nice to hear to coming back to the ground soon.I hope you can get you want in the new season. Looking forward for your back.I cannot wait any more.

涂燊 | on 10/11/09

Waiting you so long.Best wishes.

CNfans | on 10/11/09

The Return of the King ...I CAN’T WAIT ANY MORE

韓旻宏 | on 10/11/09

Yeah, I know you can’t wait to play, I also can wait to see you play!

Gao | on 10/11/09

Believe in yourself forever and all your supporters,us will regard you as our hero eternally!Come back,my master!You’re the number 1 in the NBA league!

Derrick Lin | on 10/11/09

T-Mac! It really made my day to hear that you are hoping to come back by the 18th! I’m glad you are rehabbin hard and getting your body to feel the best it has in a while. Take your time coming back and make sure you are at 100% because I know for sure your come back will silence all the doubters out there. Wishin you all the best and no matter how you do when you get back.. you will always have the most loyal fans who know you have given it your all.

Demetri Mackey | on 10/11/09

Hey t-mac i think you are the greatest player in the leauge i am one of your greatest fans even throughout your injury i still talk bout how you will come back stronger than ever and show everyone just how stong you really are, i knw you have it in you to take the rockets or any team through it all, strnght and hard work will get you through it all.. I dont care what anybody says you can do it. I still put your name amongst the top 15 greatest players ever, thats in my book.. Hope you come back soon t-mac to shut all the haters down

You biggest fan
Demetri Mackey

Penny | on 10/11/09

Tracy,I’ve been almost Mad without your games for 281 days!I’m sooooooo happy to hear that U’ll come back next week! I hope U stay HEALTHY forever and lead to the NBA Champions!I’ve supported U for more than 8 years,and I’ll be with U and your family,FOREVER!!!!!I’ll never forget the day in Hefei to meet U.Go Rockets!!!!!

ZONE_FAT | on 10/11/09

OK,T-Mac,I’m a Chinese students.We all love you and hope you come back soon.Always remember that you have said “I will back,We will back!“Come on!Do you know the game called Fantasy NBA?We will “buy” you if you come back!Can you write back to me?Sorry for my poor English.T-Mac,my hero!

jr carlos | on 10/11/09

hello there mr tmac will i just want to say i cant wait to see you again playing hope that you will be there soon..

jiang | on 10/11/09

Make it happen! You are still that T-Mac there! I believe!

Corey Collier | on 10/11/09

Im really glad you’re back t-mac. Tell you the truth your my favorite player in the NBA. Im happy for you and looking forward to seeing you out there and proove to everyone that youre one of the best.. if not the best in the NBA. Can’t wait to see you dunking on people.

Ben | on 10/11/09

It’s really good to hear of that mac. Wish you a perfect season! Good luck!

Namir Sakr | on 10/11/09

For the win!!!! Yes Tracy McGrady has done it all over again!!! I cant wait to hear that from the commentators again. I pray to God for you to regain your old form. Age ain’t nothing but a number Tracy, so keep your head up and play with heart like you always did.
We love you here in Lagos.
God bless you and your family Tracy,

Ben | on 10/11/09

It is a good news for us to hear of that, wish you a perfect season! Good luck!

Snyzzle | on 10/11/09

Loyal fan since day one. Good luck. Cant wait to see you out there. Ill def be at a game soon.

Caner McGrady Jr | on 10/11/09

Can’t wait November 18th. I Love u man im best fan all around the world.

leafchenye | on 10/11/09

waiting for you !t-mac !

leafchenye | on 10/11/09


beach | on 10/11/09

You are like an old lady,you are too poorer than KB. Iverson’s today is your tomorrow

liujun | on 10/11/09

I will support you foerver!!!Take care for you!!And don’t worry!
And you must be sure that you are really really ready for the next game !!Come on guys.Take the goals what you want to get!!!

Marquis Coleman | on 10/11/09

T-Mac i have been watching you ever since you came to the NBA. Im 19 years old and you have been the best player in the league for a while and i just want to say i hope you are truly 100 percent cause im ready to see you back on the court. cause we all know when you are 100 percent nobody on the planet can stop you. I LOOKING FORWARD TO A GREAT SEASON AND WINNING THE CHAMPIONSHIP THAT YOU DESERVE. I HOPE FOR A GOOD RETURN

Chuck Ford | on 9/11/09

First off T Mac I have been your biggest fan pretty much from the beginning…My greatest sports moment ever was the night you dropped 62 points vs the wizards !!! my girlfriend and i were right behind the magic bench and taped the game on TV and me and my girl are on like every highlight and we even have you giving us a high 5 while going to the locker room …At that point i truly thought you and kobe were by far the two best elite talents in the league !!! Critics have given you a rough ride however, i’ve been watchin b ball since i was a kid ( dominique wilkins was always my favorite player) and you both have so much in common.. The most underrated stars who critics love to mess with… but Look at A Rod he finally just got his ring and yours is coming…You are an all around great basketball player who in my opinion is one of the top 10 most talented players this league has ever seen ,,,very underated passer,great shooter and you make everyone around you better !!!Yes T Mac i used to work at nba city in orlando for many years and i watched the greatest highlights of all time all day long and the most impreesive one to me was the spurs game and you know which game im talking about !!! So im done talkin right about now but i will say its good to have you back and i’ll pray you have good health the rest of the way and yo 4 real i cant wait for you to prove those donut eating critcs wrong cause this is still your league !!! Its a new beginning like when you were with the raptors and it was you not vince bringin it at MSG vs the Knicks you remember !!!!!!!! P.S livin formerly in o town i once waited on john weisbrod at nba city the old magic gm and all i got to say is i know why you wanted out and i was never mad at ya !!! Been a hawks fan my whole life but you are my favorite player and always will be !!!

EGAS | on 9/11/09

hey yo nº1!! we want MVP this year. we want you to challenge all thescoring leaders of the league, to fight frontaly and strong, never hide especialy from your self. believe that you can be the nº1 and beat kobe. and especialy give a shot out to Angola.

Jean Shaw | on 9/11/09

hi~~big guy, although i am not your fans, but because i own my little brother’s a favor so i write down here to tell you how much he loves you ~~
god always bless you~

zgb | on 9/11/09

I’m very happy to hear that you will be back soon. It’s too long time that you left games.

h.jianqiao | on 9/11/09


RindzOune | on 9/11/09

just can’t wait for your come back T-mac…thanks for these precious news. I’m looking forward to heard lot about you this season being again “The” Player you once was ;) Keep it real

h.jianqiao | on 9/11/09

T-MAC! I’m so exciting to hear that you will come back soon!I can’t wait to see you making new history!T-MAC showtime will be back! You are always the best in my heart! we still believe that you will be MVP! SO,please promise your fans that DON’T BE IMPATIENT!You must ensure that you are 100% when you come back on the court! we want a healty tracy!This is what your big fans expect to see! COME ON MAN! COME BACK AND PROVE YOURSELF!

wangdi | on 9/11/09

Tracy McGrady is the best you have, you are in our hearts God, NBA would be meaningless without you, we will always support you, you will always be first in our hearts

qinghaishu | on 9/11/09

Hello Tracy McGrady: I am your loyal fan, you have been playing basketball for my example. No matter how you like, I will support you, I believe you will be Return of the King! Refueling

wangdi | on 9/11/09

Tracy McGrady we will always support you, you are in our hearts God NBA meaningless without you! Will always support you! ! ! Favorites

Luke Howlett | on 9/11/09

Hey Tracy,

Glad to hear you’re going well. Looking forward to seening you back on coart soon.



顾俊焘 | on 9/11/09


Xia Ri | on 9/11/09


Pengyaqing | on 9/11/09

Hey!Tracy,we all know it’s tough time for you,more in your heart.Please be a man,break those fucking comments by those
guys who want to have shit by your spectacular show。But never
to be hurry,we want a full healthy T-mac。

xiaojing | on 9/11/09

T-Mac!I love you forever!

Landy | on 9/11/09

Hello T-mac,

Glad to know that you’re recovering so well, always like watching your game, I believe you’ll come back, I mean the real fighter, the real T-mac.
Besides, I’m fighting on my court too, and also faced many difficulties, could you lend some money to me, I mean I just borrow, in my heart, you’re the guy who accompanies my growing up, you’re the friend.
Hope you’ll see my message, and looking forward to hear from you.

Kindest regards,

FuYuLiu | on 9/11/09

Because you fell in love with basketball the sport, because you, I know what is strong and what a real man, your enthusiasm, your courage. Your quiet, your eyes, your every move, each person touched the hearts of Chinese fans.
My greatest wish is that this life can see our great Tracy mcGrady,
If you can I would like to make the world’s last one Tracy fans. We will always love you
Waiting for your return of the king, we are confident that you can work miracles.

vay | on 9/11/09

You are the best!i miss you

XiongFan | on 9/11/09

Hey man! We are so excited about that you will be back soon,and show us you are still a super star.This year we don’t have a super C,but we played so great in the last 5 games.Because we have so many good players.They did their best to win the game,even he is a rookie,such as CHASE,WOW,he is so great! When U R return,we would be strong enough to win the final champion~!Cause U,R the best GUY!Hope U R really health!

Shane Yu | on 9/11/09

it’s like i’ve been waiting for you for all my life! but i know you’ll come back! i have faith in you! you are always the best! take your time, and let the world see the best of you!

El C. Carter | on 9/11/09

YESSS!! da Mac is back to make an impact with a vengeance homes. looking forward to seein ya play again.

Lenny Gwenden | on 9/11/09


Summer | on 9/11/09

Mac, excited to hear this good news. I watch the Rockets every game and do feel happy for the good performance. I wish u would be there with the team and lead to get the victory. I can’t wait any more to see ur return. But I know ur health is the most important thing of all. Now I can star to wait the final permit from ur doctor. I am waiting for ur back! I believe u wl be back and bring us an amazing season.

Young | on 9/11/09

I am waiting for you!Come on!

V.A. | on 9/11/09

Yeah Tracy, hope you’ll be back at All-Star level.

carlos | on 9/11/09

way to go T.MAC all support and i cant wait to see you out there playing.all the best for you and family

angela yu | on 9/11/09

T-mac,I will support you all the time!you are so kind a person!

Ben Payne | on 9/11/09

Dude, i’ve been waiting. if he comes back strong we are going to be a great squad. It would be amazing if you come bak with that old spark, i remeber being stoked everytime i watched you play from toronto, to orlando, and then finally with us. Through your slump, becuase of nagging injuries. You got it this time, and it’s gonna be all great. Thx for stickin through and not givin up

Ben Payne

Kevin | on 9/11/09

I really hope you stay in Houston to finish your career. I know you are thinking out what’s happening now, but next year with you, Yao, Ariza, etc. Looks pretty good if God can bless the team with a year of health.

Ali khowja | on 9/11/09

That’s right t Mac we have a lot of heart we just need a superstar like you to be out their in crunchtime and if you will be healthy all year which I hope you will we can scomplish a lot even without yao this team is Better than that team that won 22 games in a row and 10 without yao if you come back get well soon I can’t wait to see you dominate

lefteris | on 9/11/09

man i hope you get well soon ….and play like you used to…..
all your fans are waiting for you to return…..
we miss you a lot…. just cant w8 for you to return.
hope to see you back in the court soon…..

Eddie B | on 9/11/09

Glad things are going well for T-Mac and can’‘t wait to have him back on the floor with the team!

miggy lim | on 9/11/09

good to know that t-mac!! i’ve been waiting a long time for you to play again.. be the best again, ok?.. unleash the t-mac attack..

David | on 9/11/09

Tmac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets go man its about that damn time to show everyone that u still number 1… tho u switched ur jersey number its all good tho the 3 gonna look good on ya.. now go out there and get it done!!

ryan jackson | on 9/11/09

thank god t mac is back im so ready to watch t mac finally play ball. houston rockets all the way this year baby

XueFeng May | on 9/11/09

You are the best!Hope you back soon!

LORDJEL | on 9/11/09


Jabari Walker | on 9/11/09

yyeess baby t-mac is back…n i have him on my fantasy basketball team…yyeess

Ginubrian | on 9/11/09


aris | on 9/11/09

hey t-mac! i’ve been your loyal fan since your orlando days when you were reigning as the scoring champ and dunking on everybody. even during your injury-plagued months, still, I’m one of your supporter. I can’t wait to see you step up on the court again and prove the world that you’re better than Kobe and LeBron. I know you are. Wishing you good luck on your continuous rehabbing and speedy recovery. I will buy another t-mac jersey number 3 before the time you come back on the court. Hoping I could get an autograph signed TMAC jersey that you actually wear on the court. I even buy your signature shoes and dvds. This shows how great of a fan I am to you. I always try to copy your moves (pull up from the 3 and your nasty cross overs) everytime I play with my friends. Hope to see you on Nov 18 putting up MVP numbers against the t-wolves. God Bless and be safe! See ya, man.

Antonio | on 9/11/09

Good luck on your return,i know the team will be better when you do.Go Rockets!

舒阳 | on 9/11/09

mac,come on I bielieve you!

Michael Torres | on 9/11/09

Tracy, great news!. I am looking forward to seeing you on the NBA hardwood very soon. Good luck from Toronto!

danielle | on 9/11/09

Wishing you all the best…I can’t wait to see that number 3 jersey running up and down the court

Mark | on 9/11/09

I’m Waiting for This… T-mac for the win!!!

raf | on 9/11/09

hope you get your superstar form.

i know when you’re healthy your way better than kobe and bron. hope to see you in your superstar form. just stay hungry for a championship!

Joe Mike Rodriguez | on 9/11/09

Hey T-Mac, i don’t know if u really get to read all but if u get to see my comment I just want to say that this sguad has “The heart of a Cahmpion” Rudy T on the Rockets when we WON the Championship. I see this team like that oooo it gets me chills just remembering that Special moment at the old Summint.

kumail | on 9/11/09

Waz Good Mac, its nice to hear from u again, I’m so glad u are doing so well, cant wait to see u out on the court, I wanna see the t-mac we all know & love out on the court, the same t-mac who averaged 25 pts 5 rebs 6 ast, i know u can do it, u r my fav player, I play basketball so I kind of know how hard it is to come back from an injury but ur a strong dude, don’t worry about the haters, they’re ignorant, u gotta concentrate on leading the team to hopefully winning a championship, be strong u always got my support, COME BACK STRONG, SHOW EM WHOS THE REAL M.V.P! God Bless

Pat Sams | on 9/11/09

Just got tix to the December 23rd game against the Magic to come see you play agian. Can’t wait!

Márton Bárány | on 9/11/09

I’m so happy! We’re waiting for u. Come on Tracy!

Remi | on 9/11/09

Mac, I’ve been a hardcore fan since your days in Toronto. It was obvious that for the past couple of years, you just haven’t been yourself. But reading all this stuff, and keeping up with your blogs it sounds like you’ve done an incredible job getting back into who the real T-Mac is. Can’t wait to see you back out there, doing what you do. I hope you have a great comeback and a killer season and you all give everybody hell in the playoffs.
We’re your fans Tracy. We always got your back.

Márton Bárány | on 9/11/09

I’m so happy! We’re waiting for u. Come on Tracy!

adam harris | on 9/11/09


John | on 9/11/09

can’t wait to see you back in the hardcourt T-mac…hope you’ll be back in your all star form…

Joseph Abeyta | on 9/11/09

I cant wait until you come back Tracy, its not the same watching the games when your not in there. Im just waiting to tell all those haters i told you so. When you come back as the dynamic scorer I know you are.

Millad | on 9/11/09

Im happy to hear your knee feels better, your a living example of determination and persistance.Having a positive attitude and outlook through your injury is going to pay off. I can see this team taking the championship.
see you soon

Harold Leynes | on 9/11/09

More Power Mac!!

Your my idol!!!

Hope to see you soon in the game!!

You can still bring back your all star form!!

#1Houstunna | on 9/11/09

Man T-Mac just wanna say your my favorite basketball player dawg,not Kobe,not lebron,not dwight Howard,people had talked down on you but I never lost faith in you.Even when it seemed like the chips was down homie,I know your way too talented to give up on.I know you still got it.I’ll be reppin for you and the rockets as usual.Get healthy boss and know there are tons of people like me who have always been there for you!All I gotta say is…...13 points…..34 seconds :) your boy….Blunt!

mrw | on 9/11/09

I hope you are healthy, ready and able to contribute. This is a big year for you personally as you should have one more really good contract left to sign.

Frankly, I believe you need to retain Bird as next year may be a ‘small’ (sic) $deal precedent to the big one. Keep Bird and hey, TMc to the rack!


danyaal | on 9/11/09

hope you come back asap houston needs you and also cause everyone is doubting you, saying your washed out but your not just come back 100 and show them what you got

zhushiegau | on 9/11/09

Keep it up Tracy, we got your back… and I got you on my fantasy basketball team. Once you’re back, my team will be unbeatable, just like the Rockets once they have you back in the mix!

Good luck. =)

Ray | on 9/11/09

Man T-mac i believe in you my brotherinlaw always give me a hard time because i support you. Hope to see you back on the court pretty soon. Was Up man i been watching your page like a hawk you got to give us updates more often.

RICHIE | on 9/11/09


Ricky G | on 9/11/09

can’t wait to see u back on the court T-MAC. we would have beat the lakers in the playoffs last year and last week if we had u. ur the best all around player in the NBA, get well soon man

Andrew | on 9/11/09

Hey Tmac! How do you feel? Read in yahoo sports news that you are still feeling a little pain, i hope thats not true, i really believe and expect you to be pain free after your training with Tim Grover. Nice to hear that your gonna be playing soon. Do your best and keep working hard. Bring the rockets to the promise land. Takecare and Godbless! - Andrew

Phillip Gamez | on 9/11/09

Thanks for the update! I saw you were working really hard in Chicago a few weeks ago so I’m glad to hear you’ve continued to improve and wish you well in the comings weeks and months ahead. I look forward to you joining your teammates as you all continue to grow and learn to play as a true “TEAM”. Houston could not be more proud of this group…Rockets ball!!!

vu nguyen | on 9/11/09

mac will you be playing in the dallas game i hope you do cause i will be there watchin live hopefully ill at least to get to you see you hope all is well i know you will be ready when you get the word…

Greg | on 9/11/09

Lets Go Tmac You are The best

熙夕 | on 9/11/09

Tracy,i know,tracy’ll be back,like a hero
i’m glad to see that you’re ok,and it’s not necessary to say many words.
yeah,we support you~

Amir Ajani | on 9/11/09

1st comment all my friends and the blogs i read say that you wont be good anymore when you return. i think thats bs u have been my role model since i was 4 and i reaallly cant wait to see you lay again get well soon Mcgrady i cant wait to show them that your the best that there is right now. All I here now is LeBron and Kobe i always tell my friends they have forggotten about you brinth that championship ring to Houston Baby i wish you were on the nets so i can see you play live more welll…. get bettter soon!!!!!!!!(1st comment i think) :)

peja | on 9/11/09

yeah t mac you are the greatest…you will be back and be mvp,am sure! cant wait to see you man,i miss you!