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Fri, Mar 28th 2008, 10:05

Tracy's Blog: It's Go Time Baby!

Twenty-two in a row was quite an amazing feat and it took a great deal of focus. Now we are in a battle to finish strong and carry out the season, just trying to keep momentum rolling. It was amazing man…we had guys step up all over the floor…rooks, vets, you name it. The only problem is this is the NBA and you can’t rest on what you did…it’s about what have you done for me lately!

This year is absolutely crazy in the West. If you look at all the moves teams are making and positioning themselves for the playoffs it’s just crazy. I mean man…the west added J Kidd and Shaq to current playoff teams! It doesn’t get any easier, but our group is no joke…We may not be the flashiest team, but we can win close ballgames and that’s what counts this time of year.

As for me personally, I’m a little banged up. Ankle isn’t 100% but it’s nothing to worry about. Shoulder is all kinds of sore though. It hurts every time I lift it. At this point in the season though everyone has their bumps and bruises and you just have to play through it. I don’t anticipate missing any time with this one, and for me having three days off couldn’t have come at a better time.

We’re about to hit the road for a 5 game road trip. We are playing Timmy and the Spurs, and then head west for some games that we have to win to keep pace in this playoff race. We are a quality road team, so we are all hoping for and expecting a good record on the trip. Playing on the road is a lot different than being at home because your focus is entirely on playing basketball. When I’m at home I split time between being daddy and playing ball. When I head out on the road it’s all business. So rest assured, we are going to go out there on this road trip and try to bring home some W’s.

I hope everyone is excited about the playoffs, we will do our best regardless of where we end up. Stay tuned…I’ll be updating the site during the playoff run!

Clutch City Baby…TMAC.

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Gina | on 11/12/08

I want to Thank You for taking the time to sign my sons basketball, when he did a clinic with you at NBA Jam Session in Las Vegas, the Staff volunteer took the basketball you signed from my son and another little boy, the volunteer thought it was their basketball, we explained to the security guard what happened, he went over to you and you signed the boys basketballs again, I had to buy my son another basketball..Isaih’s picture is up on the Rockets Website FAN ON LOCATION, he’s holding the basketball you signed and the other pic is when the two of you were on the court, he had wrote you a letter to Thank You I hope you read it, if you can please take the time to email him, Holidays are going to be tuff for him as his dad will be in IRAQ until April, it would make the Holidays happier for him if he heard from some one like you. his email [email protected] I hope your knee gets better so you can go on the court and we can watch you play. God Bless. Marine Wife.

小风 | on 6/12/08

McGRADY go!go!go!我很喜欢你和姚明还有阿泰斯特的精彩表现,虽然你现在受伤了,我同学也不大喜欢你,但我永远支持你!!!

huaxue | on 4/11/08

good.come on

small T-MAC | on 18/7/08

You are my hero ,I love you and you are my hero ,Hope you will be the NO.1 of the NBA again.

michael ven | on 18/7/08

hey Tmac,I just want you to that you had a great season last year and hopefully next year.You know when people talking about that you never get out of the first rounds, don’t listen to them I know you gonna make it out of the first rounds and hopefully you gonna bring back the championship back to HOUSTON.

The Clutch City BELIEVE in you!

guting | on 17/7/08

I love you very much. I am a middle school student in shengyang in China.I read a program about you. At that time, i an keen on you. There are lots of students loving you.Maybe there are lots of grammar mistakes,but i really want to tell you my feeling ,I think i am a pretty and special girl.I hope i can hear from you.I love you!!!I am listening [Cry on my shoulder],Now,i am very excited…..
I Live in 沈阳市铁西区宏伟茗都7-6-3-2 顾婷
7-6-3-2 hongweimingdu tiexi district shenyang guting

jacob | on 14/7/08

t-mac is the best!

ting | on 14/7/08

HELLO! Tracy.
The first thing I want to say is that my English is poor. he
I’m a girl
At first , I don’t like basketball at all . Of course I don’t know you neither
From that day, that you got 13 within 35seconds
I think I was conquered with you , with the basketball .

Okay, maybe I said too more
Keep fit! Also your back

liushuai | on 12/7/08

I like basketball too.And you are the best player.My people like you in china.I’m so happy and I want to tell you .you are my basketball God …......

bigling | on 16/6/08

my ehglish is not good.
but i love always

Baxia | on 9/6/08

you must win.
because you are the best.

zhengxing | on 7/6/08

nothing but in favor of you^

a girl from china | on 31/5/08

Tracy,the best wishes for you!

Oprah | on 30/5/08

Tracy, i’d lvoe to see you….when do you come to China ? Whatever you do, i will stand by your side,i believe you can do well in the next season…go to get the MVP,Tracy…break down Kobe…you can do it…get the you…i’d love you can stay in Houston…I don’t know why,every city in the US,I love Houston Rockets,because you were there…what’s more,Happy Birthday…Wish you have a good holiday…

GANIOX | on 27/5/08

T-mac,I LOVE U SO MUCH.YOU ARE MY HERO.FIGHTING ON THE COURT!i will support you forever

BRANDON | on 26/5/08

I LIKE THAT YOU ARE DOING A LOT OF POSITIVE THINGS FOR PEOPLE,And god will bless you for that because tracy you have a good heart. You are a inspiration to me and my fav basketball player. I hope that one day i would be able to get a autograph from you when ever you come back to memphis to play m and STOP T -MAC BEATIN YO SELF UP WHEN YOU DONT MAKE IT PAST THE 1 ROUND ITS NOT YOUR FAULT YOU DOIN YOUR JOB ITS THAT YOU DONT HAVE A GOOD ENOUGH TEAM AROUND YOU ITS NOT YOU SO STOP PLACING THE BLAME ON YOURSELF CAUSE YOU THE BEST. Keep god first t-mac im 21 and i never had a father figure since i was growing up it was just me and moms and i play ball but noone supported me but im going back to college to the u of memphis i know that where yo lil brother chad plays but i look up to you. Best blessins to you and you wife and kids they got a good dad

karla | on 16/5/08

Tracy I love You. you are the best 1, God bless you!

POP | on 16/5/08

Wuts good T-MAC!!!!!!!!!! Jus wanted 2 say i’m tired of these haters puttin da blame on u…. I dont think dey c wut i c…. from wut i c its neva ya fault…. Keep doin ya thang year afta year and 1 year we finally gon make out…. Its ya boy pop from Brooklyn…..# 1 T-MAC an errbody kno dat…........ STAY UP!!!!!!!!!!!! 1

nancy | on 11/5/08

Forver Love—-T-Mac!I’m always concerned about you and the rockets! Because of you, I love basketball more! I cann’t go to the scene to see you , but I can see you on TV with your best performances, I will be very happy.
Go forward—-just to keep your directions!
Come on,tracy
Best wishes for you and your family…....

Chunjie Song | on 9/5/08

T-Mac ,I like you.
Wishing you the best..
it is not over.

mimo | on 8/5/08

Bless your patients recovered more quickly

roclee | on 6/5/08

hi,t-mac,i met u send me the traing dvd today,but maybe it was overdued,i can’t open it,so…......i want u send me again or another one ,ok?thank u so much !! ur chinaese vas

Terry Lim | on 6/5/08

Tmac, u really doing a good job in playoff, i seen every of ur game, u are strong, and u are my super star, in malaysia, that have alot of fans that supporting u and u bring hope for us, please take care of ur foot and continue flying more high on next year. i support you forever. 22 streak win, u are good man ^^

beckham | on 5/5/08

do what u want
don’t care the others said
u r the best in this season even if rocket lost her last game
u master the game like a man
i believe u and yao will eat the cup in the next season
good like

aldrin | on 4/5/08

Tracy, keep your head up. You played your heart out and that’s all anyone can ask of you. Good luck this summer and next season! I’ll be keeping watch

Melissa | on 3/5/08

Hey Tracy just wanted to say I’m feeling your pain for not getting to the second round again, but I wanted to thank you for this great season, the 22 game winning streak, getting to the playoffs, game 5 which was off the hook, your amazing performance in game 6 you went down swinging and we love you for that, playing and giving it your all even with the injuries…. get some rest and we’ll see ya next year
your number one fan


alex | on 3/5/08

T-Mac, You’ll get them next year. I truly know how it feels to have so much pressure on your shoulders, to the point where it’s unbearable. You put up amazing numbers, it’s a shame rafer got injured again. T-Mac, just keep trying, yo’ll get past it one day, You’re my #1 idol because of the things you do, the amazing contribution s u make to the world, and your skills. T-Mac, you have always been my idol, and you always will be. I am your biggest fan because I’m the only person in my school with the new TS Lightspeed t-mac, and your previous shoes. I get alot of criticism for my playing basketball, but next year I will try out for the Arcadia High School boys baseketball team, I want to be like you. Now, you can work on your skills over this long period till the next season. Freethrows, jumpers, all. I know i’m not in a position where I should be tellin you, but you’ll get there. I wish i could come meet you, but i can’t. If you’re not busy could you meet me in Arcadia, California, zip code 91007. I’m a freshman at Arcadia High School. My name is Alex tang. I wish i can play basketball with you , meet you and get your autograph because your my true idol. I believe in you tmac. We all do.

宋扬(songyang) | on 3/5/08

sorry for my poor english
i just want to let you know I am a fan of you
I like the way you play bsaketball I like the way that show your gift that got gives you
I want to play basketball like you

Yafeng | on 3/5/08

You are the best in my mind!!!!
Hope you guys will have a healthy season next season, and I believe that you will finally get to the final and win the championship. I know it’s gonna happen someday.
love you

zariy | on 3/5/08

i have faith in you
don’t worry,there are many people support you
we will awalys be there

Evian | on 3/5/08

Tracy!You are my hero. Do not be upset.Just keep fighting!
Remember:Impossible is nothing!!!
I believe you forever!
You can do it.

benjamindong | on 3/5/08

you will never walk alone!we all stand by you for ever!trust in you for ever!the next time-Rocket’s time,T-Mac’s time,and the high time to achieve the goal—the champion goal!just have a rest,there isn’t any regret on you! 祝你好运!

benjamindong | on 3/5/08

Tracy,you will never walk alone!we all stand by you for ever!trust in you for ever!the next time-Rocket’s time,T-Mac’s time,and the high time to achieve the goal—the champion goal!just have a rest,there isn’t any regret on you! good luck! 祝你好运!

stone | on 3/5/08

i know it is a lot hurt that you can not go farther. just let by-gones be by-gones,will you? i will support you forever

eddy | on 3/5/08

Believe yourself,you are the best!

Jonson Sun | on 2/5/08

Tracy Macgrady!
You are the best player I’ve ever seen.
not because you play so well
nor because you fight so hard
but because you resist your destiny and insist your faith in heart!
Best wisheh for you!
Carry it on, dude, you are the knight of Huston Rockets!

mwc1209 | on 2/5/08

Tracy,you had performed very well and you are the best!!

loveamazing | on 2/5/08

Tracy,just go ahead!
Wish you and Rockets good luck!
It’s time!We believe we can win!Beat Utah Jazz! Make them go fishing!

roland | on 2/5/08

mcgrady and rockets, good luck

Marco Lewis | on 1/5/08

Tracy Mcgrady My name is Marco Lewis and im 15 years old and i want to wish u good look on game 6 and i hope u get past the first round this year i send u my best wishes go HOUSTON ROCKETS!!!! I LOVE U

Cristine | on 1/5/08

I am just here supporting you forever!

Jenny | on 1/5/08

Hope to win 6&7 games in a row to creat another miracle!

wang | on 1/5/08

TMAC u and ur teammates just finish a amazing game. keep going

show everyone u can do it

ming | on 1/5/08

Tracy,we’ll be with you forever.

wanglei | on 30/4/08

T-mac: I LOVE YOU! I am a student from China. I hope you that you can make more and more miracles

boy wanglei

Nina | on 30/4/08

T-Mac for MVP!!!

Shaheed Morris | on 30/4/08

Hi, my name is Shaheed Morris, 20, I attend a local college in New Jersey. I wanted to know if T-MAC had any scholarships that I may apply for. Thank you. Please let me know.
~Shaheed Morris.

love T-MAC | on 30/4/08

Dear T-MAC,
Anything is possible!
I support you , forever!

Wallancy | on 29/4/08

Remember that the man who can shoulder the most risk will gain the deepest love and the supreme accomplishment;
Believe yourself! Believe your teammates!

Henry | on 29/4/08

You play your games like a real leader

peggy | on 28/4/08

Tracy, good luck in Game 5! Wishing you all the best from Chicago!!

Janet | on 28/4/08

Viva TMAC and the rockets!!!!!!!! Good luck i hope you win!

mc | on 27/4/08

Wishing you the best. Keep your head up and you are doing great! ONENESS

richard | on 27/4/08

tmac, i’m a teach at the bj sports university. u have a grand following here in china..
as a teachern at the sports unversity, i hera a lot of stuff. stuff about the rockets.
i need to tell you we all think you are a super star, but to be honest, we haven’t seen it. if u want to impress 1 . 3 billion people, be tough and score!!!!!
tracy,, 1.3 billion people wonder where is he..
please, do it!
beijing sports university, beijing , china. 100084

Cindy Menjivar | on 26/4/08

You are the definition of a true leader. You are a star player, I am a big fan of yours. You’ve got me lovestoned. lol Best wishes with Utah tonight. Ya’ll can do it! We’re here in Houston cheering and waiting for ya’ll to come back home!

Go get’em!

LOG | on 25/4/08


Han yue91 | on 25/4/08

I’ve been your fan for 4years.
See whatever you do ,I’ll always be there for you

Steven.J | on 25/4/08

Just go head,whatever they said,i believe you can beat Jazz
Beat their crazy fans!!

Xin Hua | on 24/4/08

Come on,baby, we are proud of you !

Ryan Yue | on 24/4/08

support u!

Mike | on 24/4/08

Let’s do this, T-MAC, it’s not over til it’s over. WE BELIEVE!!! Show those cocky UTAH fans which team runs this league. The past is over. The future is NOW!

ROCKETS til I die!

Helman | on 24/4/08

Mr. McGrady, I want to let you know that there are far more people out there that really appreciate the hard work that you put day in and day out on the court. We understand that you can’t do everything by yourself. We can see that right now the Rockets just don’t have anyone, other than you, ready to step up and help you carry the team to the next level. It’s unfortunate that some fans are ready to criticize you without recognizing that it takes more than just one player to win games. Good luck and thank you for the your great game.

Can | on 24/4/08

Hi T-MAC.My name is Can.I am 16 years old.I am writing from Istanbul.My favorite basketballer is McGrady.UTAH-HOUSTON>>>GOOD LUCK.:)

mastercreator(A) | on 22/4/08

First of all,

to any one who has left any negative toned comments here, I suggest that you consider what it takes to win in not only the NBA, but in life. One thing that I have noticed is that it takes a positive mind to succeed, and positive minded people don’t go around leaving negative messages on people’s websites. What you write reflects what’s in your heart.


we all have opinions. I suggest choosing tact when you express that opinion. What YOU dish out, you shall also eat.

Tracy, talent-wise, heart-wise, and intelligence wise, you are a BIG-TICKET in your own right. NEVER EVER EVER hold your head down. As 2PAC would say, Keep Your Head Up!

Make your life your basketball court. Allow yourself to become the best in all areas of your life and it WILL transcend into all other areas of your life which will manifest your true heart desires. In other words, make your entire day from beginning to end a game that you have already won. That way when the on court game has began you have already won before the game has even started. Which leads into my next suggestion:

Get the team together and privately watch the DVD “The Secret”. (IE. See the outcome of things before they happen.)

After that have a weekly date where the team meets together. No matter what is happening the team will meet that day and time and do whatever(IE. bowl, eat breakfast, BBQ, brunch, watch movies, etc.). This will provide team cohesion which will bond all of you in your pursuits no matter what shall go down. U-N-I-T-Y!

I’ve heard that the Rockets organization does n’t REALLY want to win out on the court. Kind of like, they allow players to miss games when the team really needs them to play. While other teams have all of their players who play even if they are playing hurt. Truthfully, all I can do regarding such comments is speculate. I’m not on an NBA team, but I’m sure things on your side of the fence are nothing like they appear to be.

Bottom Line
Don’t lose your passion to control or manipulate the outcome of the game. Life seems to be mental to me, and once that is free then everything else is downhill. Despite how young you came into the league, be the leader with wisdom beyond ages. You can do it. I KNOW you can…



rich | on 22/4/08

mcgrady you have to be more aggresive scoring wise and dnt just settle from jump shots in orlando you where a beast man i know you could do it, u won 22 games in a row, you could win 4 games in a row against utah

Chris | on 22/4/08

I know this probably will not even br posted, or T-Mac will never get around to reading this.However, i might be your biggest fan in Atlanta and have only one request. Don’t ball hog i am not asking you to do that but takeover. You should touch the ball 90 percent of the time on offense and your teammates go to move without the ball rather than stand around.

Ryan | on 21/4/08

well hey wat up Mr.t i am so sorry for your lost and how u didnt win i dont know but beat the Jazz kill them best of luck to yah. See ya.

jackchen | on 21/4/08

COME ON TRACY !!I will never support you!I KONW YOU ARE THE NO.1

yichen | on 20/4/08

Hi tracy,I feel a little sad ,we lost the frist game.Sometimes I don’t why the judge can’t give a fire judgement.I don’t like Jazz especially their playing style. I guess you doesn’t feel good now.But I don’t think we were lost.We need a game to increase other teammates’ experience.I believe you ,you are T-MAC!!You can do everthing!As your fans, I feel proud.I am not good at english ,but I must say “come on ,tracy!!“Impossible is nothing!” I am chinese, I love T-MAC!Good luck!!!I will always be your supporter!!!

Florida850 | on 20/4/08

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to post blogs and keep your adoring fans updated. Good luck in the playoffs (not that you’ll need it, you’ve got it all sown up!). You guys had a very good season, even though the streak was broken, you guys played well! Good luck, love and support from the 850!

BB | on 20/4/08

Don’t give up!!!!!

Eric | on 17/4/08

OK T-Mac. I just have one request for the playoffs and I really hope you’re reading this: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t settle for jumpers! You have as good a chance as any team to go all the way but you have to make the decision to drive to the basket and put pressure on the Jazz defenders. If you settle for jumpers, it’s gonna be a long series. Now more than ever, especially with Yao out the lineup, you’re the leader. None of the so called experts are picking you guys to win this series. I hope you go out there and prove them wrong. Best of luck. IT’S TIME!

rok | on 17/4/08

beat jazz jazz is rubbish

Kenny | on 17/4/08

Hey mac,
my name is kenny and i am one of your most loyal fans ever. when people talk about kobe bryant and lebron james i am always the one to say don’t forget about t-mac. you are such a great player and also such a great leader that whole franchise looks to you to provide that big shot and you always deliver. just wanted to tell good luck in the playoffs against the jazz and to also say that this is the year you finally get out of the first round.

reggie | on 16/4/08

you are the best player in the nba…im so happy for you this season on what yall did proven all the haters wrong….know get out the first round so you could prove more haters wrong…so plese do it for the haters and for your fans

Joyce Laryea | on 16/4/08

T-Mac, You are an “A-1” player, capable of giving an “A-1” game. You are our leader and I am confident that you can get the rest of our players ready to show your fans and all of those skeptics that the ROCKETS are a team to reckon with. We have what it takes so lets get out there and show this league are “CHAMPIONS!!!” Giamts do fall, you guys are mighty “giant killers.” Lets go get our just reward.

Andrew Martin | on 16/4/08

t-mac you are a great player i will always be a fan of yours. i dnt care if you never got past the first round things happen and you cnt control what life has in store for you but i do kno the day you do get past the first round you are going to the finals to win.i watch all of your games and i love your pklaying stlye because even though you are off you never give up. and thats the heart of a champion.the 22 game show what you and your team can acomplish! when you came to the nba i was about 6 or 7 and i liked you ever since i have all the nba jerseys you ever worn and i play basketball hoping one day to be just like are my biggest biggest dream is when i get older is to come and watch you play in the rockets arena or whatever other team you may end up in the future. you are a great player all you have to do is belive in your self cuzz me and the rest of fans belive in you 100%!“T-Mac where amazing happens!”

Di Xu | on 15/4/08

Man..many people doubt that rockets and YOU WILL NOT make out the first round this year,but i have FAITH in YOU~! No matter what, you are always my hero~! THIS YEAR, YOU SHALL KILL BOOZER~! U SHALL DESTORY THE UTHA JAZZ~! U got my words~!I’LL ALWAYS BE YOUR YOUR SIDE, AND FIGHTING~! IT’S ABOUT THE TIME TMAC!

Schmelkus | on 14/4/08

Mr. McGrady,

Fine work this year. Thanks for not mailing it in when we needed you most, the sign of a true leader. 22 in a row, congratulations on adding such an impressive feat to your fine list of accomplishments. Denver really wanted that game, eh? Well, it happens, but don’t let up. This team has proven they can beat anyone, and the experience you’ve gained as a group is the stuff that championships are made of. Have faith in your team, but have that same faith in yourself. We do.

NiYingCong | on 14/4/08

It’s my first time to enter your blog,you know,it’s very exting,and whatever happens,I hope you can keep healthy.
Yao is absent,and rockets can’t lose you.I believe in playoff,our team can go further this year because we have you,T-MAC!
well,maby you won’t see my words,but I still say some words that from my heart.GO T-MAC,you the best!
best wishes!

water | on 13/4/08


water | on 13/4/08

I love you forever and I believe you will win the games.

Maurizio | on 12/4/08

Tracy Hello!
I am sure that this will come in the final because you are the stronger even if you are not in shape …
And I could know what is the secret to become so strong ??????
Good luck to all rockets for the playoffs!

康拓(tuo kang ) | on 12/4/08

Hi! T-MAC! I am a Chinese girl and I love you very much .Come on I hope you can take Rockets to the final match .And I like you more than YAO! And “ I love you “ in Chinese is 我爱你。

SuraZhong | on 12/4/08

Hey T-mac.Well done and keep it up.I hope to see you spend your birthday this year during this season!Ring is waiting for you.Come [email protected]

杨成 | on 11/4/08


Jianfeng Xu(徐建峰) | on 10/4/08

tracy,i love you so much,are you ok now?i come from china,i
love you more than Yaoming!ever since you are in Olando,i recogined you,wish you can keep a good body,take rockets to zhe final match,got the champine。it’s the first time i write to you。good luck!waite for another t-mac‘s time!

alien | on 9/4/08

Everytime after i watch your performance, i feel encouraged and i am sure i can overcome all the difficulties. And i believe you can make history! Go rockets!It’s time!!!

alien | on 9/4/08

More than six years, you came into my life. And I am always encouraged by what you do. Life is not easy but we should be good. After watching your performance, I get the power to go bravely. I hope you and rockets can make history. And I believe in you all. Go rockets! It’s time!

kobe hating | on 7/4/08

t-mac, i suggest you sit out this game with the clippers. the rockets will surely win anyway. you need to rest your shoulder. take this opportunity to be 100%, which will be critical come playoffs time. i believe in you t-mac, just dont rely on your jumpers too much… clutch city baby! IT’S TIME!!!

I RELLY HATE KOBE PLEASE give me an email thanks

jovette | on 7/4/08

hey man, i’m from philippines and im a fan of yours ever since u entered the league, go t-mac and the rockets show them that your the biggest underdog team to win the championship… and ull surely be the mvp man, keep healthy and pray to God for ur talent and health, hpe to c u play like the old tmac in orlando, go and get the ring!!! tmac drives frequently to the basket w/ CAUTION, be HEALTHY

aircode21 | on 6/4/08

you are the best! I wish u all the luck in the world in the last days of the season and the playoffs!

Marvin | on 6/4/08

Beat them all up! Score 40+ points!

Wendi Du | on 6/4/08

Yeah,u know,Tmac. U are one of the best player in the NBA. I come from China DaQing. I still
like u,but I’ve no chance to see u. I hope you can come to Beijing again. I still believe
u are my SUPERSTAR! COME ON ! Believe yourself!
Remember, if you want something, go and get it,period!
my Email: [email protected]

andrew from houston | on 6/4/08

t-mac, i suggest you sit out this game with the clippers. the rockets will surely win anyway. you need to rest your shoulder. take this opportunity to be 100%, which will be critical come playoffs time. i believe in you t-mac, just dont rely on your jumpers too much… clutch city baby! IT’S TIME!!!

its_all_about_tmac | on 5/4/08

tmac! =) you are amazing, you’re definitely the best player ever (yes, better than kobe bryant!) houston loves you, keep it up. you’re awesomeeee!! AMAZING <3

jay | on 5/4/08

just keep attacking the rim t-mac. you will get some calls. i think you would be even more efficient if say you missed three consecutive shots in a row, just take it to the basket until you score again. I here everybody saying t-mac can get whatever he wants on the court, he is too good to be settling for jump shots.

Leeyo | on 5/4/08

Hey`` guy!Today I have not watched the television direct transmission . After the competition ended, I heard that you had got 35 points.Though you did well, I think that sometimes you are not very decisive. When the team needs score, you must display leader’s style.
For me, when I compete, I will take on the leadership role in the team. Not only I should score points, but also stimulate the members to . When the key time comes,I should bravely step forward . And more, I must certainly grasp the competition.
Be confident!

Jason Lovette | on 5/4/08

T-Mac what’s the name of the shoes you wear man? I like the black ones. Are those the next T-macs that will be coming out next year or are you just wearing some new adidas shoes? Man I want a pair of those that’s the only shoes I don’t have of yours in my closet.

[email protected]

ahmet | on 5/4/08

you number one

Enter your name... | on 5/4/08

sen bitanesin

tracy ding | on 5/4/08

come on!

Enter your name... | on 5/4/08

we believe you every time!Go

Tina from China | on 5/4/08

I am missing Yao,sorry to heat that Yao may be absent from the rest games.Yao is very important for the inside,now he still can’t not play for the team,but you guys are great,you play well every game,even it’s harder to win without Yao,but you endeavour all you best.You are heros!Just keep going on!You can make it!You can not only play in the first round in the playoff,you csn go further and further!Believe in all you guys!Go Rockets!Go T-mac!You are the one!

Tracy Lange | on 4/4/08

I love you,T-Mac

Tracy Lange | on 4/4/08

Go T-Mac,我爱你,你太棒啦!你是我的人生奋斗目标,你一定会拿到总冠军的!!!

小乐 | on 4/4/08

i’m a chinese girl,my English speak very well , i olny can say i love you forever.come on~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Enter your name... | on 4/4/08


koby starman | on 4/4/08

give it all you got and finish the season strong. GO ROCKETS!!!!!

tmacfan99 | on 4/4/08

come on…..lets go tmac…real talk…clutch city…rockets we the best..wait till yao comes back!

Enter your name... | on 4/4/08

come on tmac lets go…..its time ..real talk…clutch city!

Blude Bird | on 4/4/08

T-MAC show to everyone that you have a brave heart

CANER AND RUMİ | on 4/4/08


jamal sinclair edward | on 4/4/08

i am going to see orlando magic vs minnestono timber wolves on friday

caner rumi | on 4/4/08

hey thıs ıs rumi and caner . we love u lol , go rocket t-mac go. u 1

jamal sinclair edward | on 4/4/08

I live in orlando

jamal sinclair edward | on 4/4/08

you rock

jamal sinclair edward | on 4/4/08

i am your biggest fan

ronald | on 3/4/08

hey your fan from Philippines. Im so impressed for what you done in the rockets team. i follow you since you traded in the rockets. i believe that you can do it in the playoffs and to the finals. just want to say that call God first and he will make it up.. i will pray for the rockets. Go for it man.. Its Time…...

Enter your name... | on 3/4/08

t-mac please tell me you drive more becuase you want to prove to people you can shoot the ball too. Everyone knows you can shoot the ball, but it is not about that. It is about you living and dieing on your jumper. when it isnt falling go to the rack

Enter your name... | on 3/4/08

t-mac we desperatly need ENERGY from you. we need to feed off of our best player, and by you showing a lot of energy it flows throughout the team. T-mac we need energy, T-mac we need ENERGY from U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WNEYDWENER | on 3/4/08


anonymous | on 3/4/08


Yuyang | on 3/4/08

ur my hero%everything
btw do u have an official myspace page?
i added some fake i am confused about which one is the REAL onw
[email protected]

斯汀 | on 3/4/08

希望你们能拿总冠军!加油!GOGO....TRACY 你是最棒的,我会永远爱你

December.J.Y | on 2/4/08

I love T-mac

China-邓 love T-mac | on 2/4/08

I’m very like you.I think you can win!!

Angelika | on 2/4/08


I forgot…why is it that everyone can foul the heck out of you and get away with it???? Guess what fans…...cause Trae doesn’t need any petty calls…he is going to pull his weight regardless….hear me when I say this….ROCKETS are there first round is on…GO ROCKETS

Angelika | on 2/4/08

Hi Trae
been a minute…going through my own battle right now…but guess what Trae I got your back…it seems like your D is slacking….coach was so awesome in picking the right crew at the right moment come on guys you can do about putting in the big one for thwe Playoffs…that’s OK…you guys can do it…I still believe…oh yeah no disrespect…but I do think you have the most beautiful eyes in the world…I see every interview that you give…and I cannot believe that you said thank god your newborn looks like your wife….give yourself credit your first born looks just like you and she is so gorgeous…..Trae whatever it is that is stopping you from being the awesaome player that you are…put it aside…play your game and go for it…you can do it…and yes “WORLD” I do have a huge crush on T-Mac…so what…big enough to travel to Houston for the last game of the regular season….how about that for a fan all the way from GERMANY....GO TRAE...GO ROCKETS

Good luck guys…put on your game face and let’s do it..Oh by the way Dik…you are an ANGEL...and posted for us to get your picture in ATL on your20th WIN...we love you
Love Angelika

June Bug | on 2/4/08

Challenge!? T-mac I wanna challenge you for the next few games. You remember in Orlando how people use to question your defense even though on most nights you always held the other teams best player under 25 points? Well Im going to challenge you to hold one of portland’s best players under 20 or 25 points. I don’t know you can do that any more, CAN YOU LOL!?

One thing I always wanted to say you a while back when you were talking about you’re concerned with your injuries and stuff like that. Was that man I seen you put up big numbers back in Orlando while you were hurt with a messed up back. Remember them days in 01-02 when you were in the playoffs against the Hornets you were in serious back pain then and you still put up some big numbers. You never did get any slower, from what I see you’re the same T-mac with the same moves, same speed, and same great passer. It’s just the jumpshot that has fell off way too much man that’s why your scoring numbers are down just a bit, it’s not so much of you sacraficing even though you did. You’ve been getting enough shots but you’re not hitting them. You always had a desire to stay on top, now I don’t agree with you saying that Kobe’s better. His concentration on that basket is a little better, he has a good eye for the rim so it’s like sometimes he can’t miss can’t take that from him. But us Houston fan’s don’t give a crap about what Kobe is doing for LA. Houston wants to see T-mac be the great player that he is.


mj | on 2/4/08

okay t-mac. YOU have to do something. mabye show some more energy so that your teamates can feed off of you. I want to see you carry this team through the playoffs. If you dont succed then at least make it be one of your goals to know that when you look at yourself in the mirror you will be saying, i did all i could and some more. COME ON T-MAC, you have to want it everyday, you have to want it more than kobe, more the lerbon and more than cp3. YOU HAVE TO WANT IT.

Joyce Laryea | on 2/4/08

To the best team that the Houston basketball franchise could have put together. I am sorry very proud of you and the other great players that have brought our team to the forefront of this league organization like never before. I would like to attribute that the reason you five outstanding players were able to win 22 games came from playing as a “team/we” instead of trying to play as “I/me”. You guys have developed a chemistry that has baffled this organization due to the fact that several “no named” players decided to depend on you and each other’s dominate basketball strengths. Look at what you guys accomplished and when you go back to that game plan we will win the NBA Championship. REMEMBER, separate only some games will be won but when those five come together to make one mighty fist a mighty blow can be felt. May God’s hands of protection forever surround you, your family and the team. I believe that truly all things are possible — you guys have witnessed it before let’s make it happen again. Much power!!!

shahzar | on 2/4/08


justin | on 2/4/08

t-mac doesnt have to prove himself cuz he has already did that he is the best

Enter your name... | on 2/4/08

t-mac is the best…he already proved that

teo | on 2/4/08

cmon mac…u coulda hit dat game winning shot…prove ppl wrong man…UR DA BEST!!!

ryan | on 2/4/08

Thats whats up! Keep trying your hardest we’ll be pulling for you

enko | on 2/4/08


CANER { T-MAC } | on 2/4/08

ı‘m caner in turkey . i love your way t-mac . T-MAC is the 1

Luxemn | on 2/4/08

Come On Baby!

Jason Lovette | on 2/4/08

Careful man, we’ve got to win the rest of the way. You guys have got to be smarter than last nights game to the kings. Were in a bad position right now man; if the playoffs started today we’ll be matched up with the Lakers or the Suns and I don’t know if those are the teams we need to be facing in the first Round. Especially the with the Lakers getting there two big guys back, we beat them twice but it won’t be so easy next time. And the Suns are just on another level now man and the big fella Shaq is playing like the Shaq of old. You guys gotta stop struggling it’s gotta stop tomorrow night. I think I’d rather face Utah, Dallas or Denver in the first round than any of the top teams. You better get at it now, T-mac you played well until the fourth quarter last night. If you’re going to take those shots you’ve got to concentrate harder on the basket and will the ball in or drive the lane or something especially when the game is too close and winnable don’t give up keep going man. Tell the team to pick themselves and fight harder, these next few games shouldn’t come down to a last second shot. We can’t be getting in those type of games because it’s 50/50 chance you’ll win or lose no matter who you play and we don’t need that BS now. Try to move yourselves back up to that 5th spot man or higher. Go Rockets!!

shisi | on 2/4/08

come on ,you are the matter how difficult it is,I am always stay with you,you will be back,I believe.

Enter your name... | on 1/4/08


Adrianne | on 1/4/08

Don’t worry Tracy! We will always be here for you & the Rockets!!! 100000000%!

You guys are always in my prayer. Whatever happens, I’m still a Rockets & a Tmac fan for life!

you’re the best!
keep it up!
never give up! you guys can do this! We believe in you & the Rockets!

Love you Tmac!

God bless! & take care of your self! =D

KiNG ZACK | on 1/4/08

iT 4 ME HiT ME BAKK WHEN YU KAN ON My EMAiL {[email protected]YAHOO.COM}

Brian | on 1/4/08

Lets Go TMAC. You said it yourself. Its time to go. Its now or never for you and the rockets. You need to play well this road trip and go into the playoffs with momentum and a high seed. You have been struggling latley with your shot so therfore you need to attack the basket more. Play like you can. Take over games and control the tempo. Play your game of domination. Lets go TMAC play hard and play angry!!!

SHAUN | on 1/4/08


mj | on 1/4/08

t-mac did you discover how easy it is to drive to the basket. I was more impressed with the drive to the basket when you missed the layup with duncan all over you, becuase you just flew by Bowen. Oh i do wish you would have finished that ally oop. I wasnt to bother about your jumpers becuase they were some good looks that you will knock down. I am not trying to tell you how to play your game, i am just explaining what i saw. and believe me, it looked like you could take it to the rack everytime.

Leeyo | on 1/4/08

Rockets and Kings will have a game tomorrow. I hope you will be in very good state.
(a stutent from Guangzhou University.)

andyshow | on 1/4/08

Wonderful,it’s wonderful and so wonderful. In the latest three games, one thing is always feazing you. You have a long way to go, pushing the Rockets without big YAO.

聪聪LOVE麦迪 | on 1/4/08


姚明 | on 1/4/08


tina | on 1/4/08

since you was in rockets ,i’ve followed you ,playing basketball,you are a genius ,for me watching you play ball is the exciting thing,you and your guys must work harder ,so you will have a good result, do you best and keep healthy ,come on soldiers

Kevin | on 1/4/08

Tracy McGrady,, U are the best!!

Brandon Greene | on 31/3/08

i think you need to turn into the old t-mac with or without yao.alton is having a good season but he only has one move the ‘floater” and that not going to do much especially in the playoffs I think you bail the defense out by settling to much and get yourself double by constantly using the pick and roll. you need to stop saying yao is the best player on your team when he not you are. in orlando you knew you was the best in the league, now people say you lost your athleticism, you pass the ball to much, and your not agressive, plus you lower your level of playing to benifit yao. i hope thats not true although i would like to see you compete more and playing with especially when playing against kobe, wade, and lebron.

denny | on 31/3/08

GO GO TRACY I am come from China I love you very much 你好 TRACY 加油

吴俊 | on 31/3/08

麦迪 你好!

wang ya | on 31/3/08

yes ,it’s a hard time .but there is nothing can stop us .

Sam Darley | on 31/3/08

You are going to have to play with the bad shoulder, but I have advice Go to altered images and get a neck, shoulder, and back massage you should feel better.

Jason Lovette | on 31/3/08

Alright T-mac I hate to bother you again man, but this has been on my mind all day at work. LOL dude I haven’t checked out the rest of the schedule but all I know is we got 5 straight games that we need to and can win. Now out of these 5 games we shouldn’t lose not one of them. You guys need to just get losing out of your minds and start thinking like an elite team now and separate yourselves from the teams like the ones we’re going to be playing in the next 5 games. Start thinking like champions because that’s what you’re playing for, you play this game to win. Now you have to be focused and determined more than ever on this road trip. Just take care of business man and like I said keep winning on your mind and get that losing stuff out now man it’s crunch time dude so we gotta go hard.

Hey how did your brother C-Mac do over the weekend man? I can remember playing against him in Highschool He always tried to show out dude, I won’t tell you what he tried to do to win a game but went the other way LOL don’t wanna put him out there like that LOL!!! Oh yeah I forgot to ask you do you remember making that commercial I think it was for the Mad Handlez shoes? I just watched it on You Tube and I didn’t realize that my cousin Wayne Williams was in there with you. You remember him he said he played with you alot in downtown Orlando?

Ya boy from Orlando
[email protected]

Eric from Atlanta, GA | on 31/3/08

I’ve followed your career since you were in Toronto and I have no problem saying that you are the most talented player in the NBA today. I would only place Kobe Bryant above you (and I’m really not a Kobe fan so imagine how hard it is for me to say that). I was watching you against San Antonio and man I was on the edge of my seat watching you make Bruce Bowen look like a rookie. As a fan, I want to see you do more of that. The Rockets can only go as far as you take them but you’re gonna have to attack the basket like that from now through the playoffs. When you do that, no one can stop you and I think it opens the offense up for you and the rest of the guys. I think when you settle for jumpers, you let the defense off the hook and you take yourself out the game. I’m really pulling for you man because I hate hearing all these so called analysts criticize you for every move you make and always bringing up you not getting past the first round. I was really upset to hear Magic Johnson say that it wasn’t working and that you or Yao needed to be traded. I also hate to hear Charles Barkley say you’re a ball stopper and you don’t make the team better. What a bunch of nonsense. Big ups to Reggie Miller for having your back. I hope this is the year that you show all of them. Keep your head up and keep attacking that basket because #1 is who is gonna take Clutch City back to number one. Best of luck in the playoffs. “IT“S TIME!”

Donny from Spring, Texas | on 31/3/08

May suggestion over the last nine games or so, take it easy make the other shooters shoot, make them drive dont take the long shots and drive for the easy two, and if you get fouled then thats even better or maybe drive and pull the jumper you like after your crossover. But when you penetrate every bites on the defense and there will always be someone open. And rest as much as you can once you get everyone into rythm, then you dont have to be out there the whole time. Your da truth tracy, dont ever forget that. - “D”

S. ZHANG | on 31/3/08

It’s not that bad to lose one game, still the assists and passes are unbelievably awesome.
All I concern is your health and performance in the playoff.
Go Go Go Rockets!!! TMAC is the best!!!

Matt | on 30/3/08

Houston loves you!!!

jake | on 30/3/08

im team captan my team and i played like crap last season but i saw you win 22 and i was inspered thanks dude . o ya we went 25~0 and if you play da spurs again destroy them me and my friend have a bet

Shaston McNaspy | on 30/3/08

Hang in there T-MAC. We beleive in you man. Keep playing as a team with that awesome chemistry you guys built up during the win streak.


T-Mac's #1 Fan | on 30/3/08

Yo, what’s up with today’s loss against San Antonio. You only did 13 points, and you lost. I know the Spurs are a hard team, but you need to keep it up.

Jason Lovette | on 30/3/08

Man what a tough lost dude! T-Mac when you watch the tape you’re going to be shaking your head alot. The spurs played awful D on you for the most part, that was a game I thought you could’ve dominated. You missed a few layups and too many shots, you played good don’t get me wrong especially being banged up but man this is a crucial stretch. I did not expect to come into San Antonio to win but I expected the guys to come out with a better effort especially being off for a while. Against good teams like that there is no room for mistakes and you always gotta try and keep it close so you can give yourself a chance to win. Mark Jackson made a few interesting comments 1) “ Tracy Mcgrady will have to be the difference maker the other guys will be there and they’ve been there all year but T-mac will be the difference maker.” 2) If the Rockets continue to play like this they’re going to be moonwalking themselves right out of the playoff race and if they are fortunate enough to actually make it they’ll be getting bounced out of the first round again.” Now I agree with that, the way we played today the Knicks or Miami Heat could’ve beat us. Speaking of the Knicks are they still in this league? never mind that. But T-mac the guys are there and they will play even better when you turn it up so on some nights you will have to put up 30-50 points if we’re going to have a better chance it’s nothing wrong with that. I give every bit of credit to you and the guys man but We really need to get our acts together and stop letting our minds trick us. Don’t allow yourself to think too much this is basketball man everybody has to step up and just play physical hard nose basketball. Now we sat there and let San Antonio beat our chest red and let them punch us in the nose until we started to bleed without a hard fight. When was the last time Finley had a good game man, I thought he should’ve been gaurded by somebody bigger and more athletic than head or whoever the other guy was that was gaurding him. But Mac let’s getting on the ball and get these four games bro no looking back. You came too far to moonwalk yourself out of the playoffs, were there all you gotta do is win, win, win, win as much as you want to.

Nazim | on 30/3/08

T-MAC i m your fan since i had 14 old u are the best continue boss u will be MVP of Finals .Inchallah

Enter your name... | on 30/3/08

T-mac i m your fan since i had 15 old.u are the best men continue boss

TMAC`FAN | on 30/3/08


chinese people | on 30/3/08

T-MAC ni hao!
I Love you.^^

crazyfeng | on 30/3/08

because the NBA because the ROCKETS because you

李胜平 | on 30/3/08

t-mac,bestwishs for you.china,fujian ,xiamen city

shapeng | on 30/3/08

I like you very much.I like you matter what.i will suggest you

xiaoxia(china) | on 30/3/08

I’m a young man of your fan,i want to talk to you i love you forever,i thank you will do it well,you are the no.1 in me heart!

CHINESE BOY | on 30/3/08



lily | on 30/3/08

go Rocket!go McGrady!

Leo ([email protected]) | on 30/3/08

Go T-mac…...
We’re always here to support you….
Rack up those W’s and get yourself ready
for the playoffs….

We’ll be routing for you!!

Lecily | on 30/3/08

GO Tracy, Go Rockets. You are the best T-MAC.
Loving you forever.

zz | on 30/3/08

hey, Tracy, just go with confidence
I will forever support you no matter what the result will be
You are my hero!!!

But i do want you have a healthy body ‘cause it will be painful to see you play with pains..

Anyway , go ahead!!

杨启金 | on 30/3/08

i support t-mac and rockets.go!

Andrew | on 29/3/08

C’mon T-mac! just for this season, bring the old t-mac back. the scoring champ that used to play in Orlando. The rockets are a good defensive team, you need to lead the firepower in the offensive end. ROCKETS ALL THE WAY!

china | on 29/3/08

you are 1st
gogogo l love you

ButtZilla | on 29/3/08

Hi Mac, say hi to Vince for me. Tell him to play hard every game!!

BTW, do you play any computer games?



Wendy | on 29/3/08

come on~~!

zct | on 29/3/08

Thanks for the happiness you bring to me.
Support you forever,T-Mac.

your Chinese fan | on 29/3/08

Mac,you have a lot of fans in China,we all love you so much,we support you,we believe you,and we attention all about you.We hope you can believe yourself too,don’t worry,you are always the best in our hearts..always..!We know your arm got injured,is that paining? Tracy,can you comply us,please learn to protect you know,when we saw your pain,we felt so trying…
Your fans often say:“To the world you may be one person,but to one person you may be the world.”
T-Mac,fighting!You are the beautiful fighter!

super tracy | on 29/3/08


springcaocao | on 29/3/08

tracy you’re the best!Tell yourself this!!!!!!

Enter your name... | on 29/3/08

i am a fans from shanghai. No matter where we would stop in playoffs, i think this season, we played with no regrets, coz you and your guys will,...yesh sure to be written in the history, not only for the 22 in a row,...what you’ve done is more than that.
Go rox! Go Tmac

huge | on 29/3/08

Tracy,I hope our team will breakthrough the frist round

Icem | on 29/3/08

i really hate bruce bowen, i hope you really give him the business today. i know you’ll give Landry some nice feeds so he can shit all over that robot duncan with powerful slams.

50 wins coming up…

三金 | on 29/3/08

t-mac please play at spurs game.we believe you and rox.and win the spurs game for your’s turkish fun.and please come our

T-mac!Go For It! | on 29/3/08

I’m from China,I’d tell you all of us are your fans!So,go and win!

Enter your name... | on 29/3/08

all wishes for u!!
i really have faith on u that u can do something great this season!

Enter your name... | on 29/3/08

Come on T-mac,Chinses fans will support you 4ever!

Rockets | on 29/3/08

yo mac keep up the good work. I’m hoping BIG that yall would make it past the first round of playoffs this season cause im SICK of people tellin’ me that Rockets ain’t good =/ But, whether yall lose or win ya still got my support!

jone | on 29/3/08

this is a great chance for you to get to the second round of the playiff ,even without Yao,you could not just lingering in the first round all this years,we believe in u.

best tracy | on 29/3/08

英语不好 写中文好了 来点特别点的
打马刺的时候用点劲 加油

Ted | on 29/3/08

You are the best player in the NBA

Enter your name... | on 29/3/08


Chinese fan | on 29/3/08

Come on Mac
We Love U

Vicky | on 29/3/08

I love you! Love you forever!

efern | on 29/3/08

TMAC #1… Man dont know where to start but just keep doing what you doing and everything will come to you on the court… I believe that you can take us deep in the playoffs this year… you are one of the best playoff performers in the nba… we have tons of none believers but I know you can turn them into believers this year…Keep it up….

T-mac fans | on 29/3/08

Hey T-mac, I have bet 20$ with my friend that you will make it though the first round this year. Plz do it for me and for the other Rockets fans. I know you can do it!!! I know 20$ is not a lot. I am not very rich, if I would have been, I would have bet more. I am sure actually sure that I will get the money.

Gary Meadows | on 29/3/08

I believe in you, Tracy! This will be the third time in four seasons that you have led the Rockets to a 50-plus win season! They had not won so many games since 1997. You’ve done it three times in the toughest conference in the history of the NBA! You’re the most underrated SUPERSTAR in the NBA. We all know you are going to give everything you have to this team these next few months. This is going to be the best post-season of your career! I can’t wait. Yay!

Chance | on 29/3/08

Hey Tracy how is the big fella coming along with the foot Injury? What did you think about KB24 going for 53 points 1 assist and losing LMAO oooooppps!!!! Just joking don’t answer that LOL. What Dre said is true man they really think you’re the easiest star to contain I don’t know why and what the hell is wrong with their brains. What do you think about that?

L.D.R | on 29/3/08

C’Mon t-mac & (rocket’s team) keep ya’ll heads up. stay playing good ball

Eddie Harris | on 29/3/08

Im glad to here that you are ready to let it all hang out from this point on in the season TMAC!!...Just be tha GREAT PLAYA I KNOW U ARE.....I BEEN WIT U SINCE ORLANDO DAYS...ITS BEEN HEARTBREAKING BUT I KNOW U CARE THAT MUCH MORE!!...JUST GO OUT AND DU UR THANG...

caner | on 29/3/08

ı love u t-mac1

David | on 29/3/08

Rocket IS the best!!!!

erkan(roxturk) | on 29/3/08

t-mac please play at spurs game.we believe you and rox.and win the spurs game for your’s turkish fun.and please come our

Number#1 | on 29/3/08

Go Tmac, GO Rockets!

Leeyo | on 29/3/08

Rockets continue the pace of victory. That should be pleased. I hope that you will continue to made good match. Our goal for the year, not just the playoffs, but the finals.
It is time!

(Email:[email protected])

S. ZHANG | on 29/3/08

TMAC! You played so much much better than Kobe & CP. (especially that Kobe yesterday vs MEM.) YOU are the best!!!!
I heard the rumor about your shoulder and possible out for Spurs. It doesn’t matter, Really! For only one game, I hope you could have a nice rest!!!
God Bless You TMAC!!!
TMAC for MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wasik from NY | on 29/3/08

Stay aggresive. You are the best passer on the team. The more you drive and kick, the easier it is for the other guys to score. And when they score, they play DEFENSE!

carol | on 29/3/08

Good job,T.I mean you deserved the MVP...

Wayne | on 29/3/08

I am a middle school student from Hubei,China.We were very happy duing the 22 wins in a row,tought Yao was not in the matches ,we really apperciate Tracy ,he did pertty good in the last 10 matches,You are the MVP!GO ROCKETS!

young | on 29/3/08

oh, man.we all know that you did your best in the past,and you will do the same in future.go,tman

D. | on 29/3/08

Rest the shoulder…secure a playoff spot…win the first playoff series in the new millennium for H-town. You proved that you can beat the best of ‘em thru the “Streak”...It won’t be easy with the West loaded with talent…but it can be done…The lowest seeded champion was the 95 Rockets that had no home-field advantage but it showed that it can be done. Great season so far T-Mac, stay injury free and we’ll be just fine.

Kalon a.k.a Kmar | on 28/3/08

I have faith in you and the rest of the team. Finish out this season strong and see if we can go deep into the playoffs and possibly get a championship, which I believe we will. Good luck in the rest of the season and the playoffs.

P.S.- This is the year to shut everybody up! haha

Enter your name... | on 28/3/08

mvp tmac worlds best

dre | on 28/3/08

t-mac i just hope i can trust in that you are motivated. man do you know that some people see you as probably the easiest star to contain. what kind of $hit is that. man you really should take this as motivation. i know i will

lee | on 28/3/08

dont matter if you guys lose or win im still gone be supporting the rockets and supporting you t-mac

clutch to death ya digg!

trey | on 28/3/08

remeber t-mac very important, if your game is not on, it makes it tough for the team offensivly. think about that and also i alwyas here how people say, t-mac is a good defender, but they always add onto that by saying when he wants to.

J Lin | on 28/3/08

Keep up the good work T-Mac….!!!

We will always support you.

A Fan from China

T-Mac's #1 Fan | on 28/3/08

Come on, T-Mac, keep it like that. You guys will surely pass this time the first round!

Amir Ibrahim | on 28/3/08

Ahy Mac, What up boy? It’s your boy Amir From Chicago, ILL. I Just wanted to say thanks alot for givning us fans A great season and hopefully the rockets and you could finish strong and be ready for these upcoming playoffs! I know your a little banged up right now, but your a soldier and your not goin to let your team down, and your goin to help them get past the first round and prehaps make a run at the prize! hope best for you and Good luck man!

mj | on 28/3/08

great blog t-mac. Keeo being in the running for mvp, and go out against the spurs and be aggressive early okay. LETS GO

Danish | on 28/3/08

Tracy # 1 thanks for everything TMAC FOR MVP !!!

Terry Webb a.k.a lil t-mac jr. | on 28/3/08

Well that some good news to me in keep it going n try your best or should i say yall as a team do yall best l try to make to the end baby u can do it ok

Carl | on 28/3/08

Good stuff T. Takes us to the promised land!