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Thu, Jan 15th 2009, 17:12

Don't believe everything you read

Hey everyone,  

I know there’s been a lot of talk out there about problems between me and Yao, most of which began with the article on Normally I don’t get concerned or involved with all that, and don’t want to respond to each false rumor or accusation that ends up somewhere on the internet or on a talk radio show, however the article by David Aldridge struck a nerve. The accusations in the article about me and Yao having problems and Yao wanting me out of Houston are just plain ridiculous.  Yao and I have a great relationship.  We are not only teammates, we are friends.   Yao’s personally told me that the info in the article is untrue, and we both feel that it’s another example of the media trying to divide our locker room and create something out of nothing.  Aren’t there enough real stories out there to report on?  

So to all the Rockets fans out there, there’s no need to worry about problems in the locker room and between players.  We’re all tight and we are all focused on our goal, and that is to bring a championship to Houston.    

And next time David Aldridge, get your facts straight.    


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Gao Qian | on 27/1/09

T-Mac, we believe you, refueling!

AO | on 26/1/09

You are The BEST.
Rockets to the Champion!

snow(周漫雪) | on 26/1/09

We will believe you! Will always support you! Come on!

Brian Leung | on 26/1/09

yea, t-mac and yao, really, are fiends. And yao woudnt, and cant say that.

Ranky luan | on 26/1/09

HEY! MAN! Chinese fans trust you forever!

fox huang | on 24/1/09

Hi t-mac.I’m from china,don’t care others world,just believe yourself and do what you want.I hope you can come back soon,All of your fans are waiting for you and your perfomance!BEST WISH!

Julius | on 24/1/09

It’s our YEAR TMAC ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ljking | on 24/1/09

These matters will not puzzle us aswe are your genuine fans. We all believed that you and Yao have a deep friendship. We only hoped that you can abandon the outside to your commentary, completes own work diligently, and finds the optimum condition!GO TMAC,GO ROCKETS!

李婷 | on 24/1/09


basilly | on 24/1/09

we believe! in you tmac. its still your era.
i vote for you in the all stars!
school everyone out there man.

Eos | on 23/1/09

I love your basketball style .And i’m sure you will shine us a glorious performance.No matter how the others talk about you,i will believe in you forever.
I expect to fall into the trance with your performance!!

a chinese fan

Andy | on 23/1/09

Hey T-mac.I’m a chinese student.Although you don’t know me,I know you.I don’t have a favourite star,because I think everyone is a star.But,you are the best ones. When we face the difficulties,the only thing we can do is become stronger.Difficulties teach us how to live in the world.I do trust you that you can amazing your fans before long.Don’t let us down,please. It takes me five times to type these words,every times when I click somewhere,they disappear.So,I think maybe you can spend some time to read my words.And I’m looking forward to receiving your E-mail,though I know it will never happen… Good luck.At last,I wish the wish you wish to wish…

luis cesar | on 23/1/09

Hi Im from Dominican Republic, Im the biggest fan in this country, I wait for you to come back, I want to see a 30 points per game, go t-mac

Nick | on 23/1/09

GO GO GO . T~Mac,
I believe you . We believe you !


willshine | on 23/1/09

Rumor comes out of those who do not really want Rockets to be a good team. Every Rockets fan will never believe that .Only those love to speak ill to other do these thing and only they themselves believe their own word.

wen | on 23/1/09

i’m so glad to read your words.
U know ? there’re still so many people support you no matter what happen ! i believe you can do it!
yes, you can!

maopeng | on 23/1/09

We all know that you are a “super man”.Any time Rockets meet some problems,I believe that it’s your time.Now we rockets fans hope you can come back soon,to bring a championship to Houston.

Mather Allen Wung | on 23/1/09


sillywheat | on 23/1/09

I always believe that you will be back…soon!~

David Zhang | on 23/1/09

hi t-mac i’m your fans in Wuhan, China, i always enjoy your game and you are the best player in NBA eventhough Your career at a low ebb now, but i beliveve you overcome anddo well in play-off and finals, so i’ll support you forever

mikegoogler | on 22/1/09

I am a chinese,in our class,we all love you very much.I hope you can win a champinionship with yao and artest.I hope the TMAC can come back!

Oiklo | on 22/1/09

nothing’s greater than the rush that comes with your embrace and in this world of loneliness i see your face yet everyone around me thinks that i’m going crazy, maybe, maybe

i don’t care what they say
i’m in love with you
they try to pull me away
but they don’t know the truth
my heart’s crippled by the vein know,whatever u do

I“ll always believeing in u

Yes,you“are the hero and live in my heart all the time

I know that you want to be a fighter

Sure u can, because you“re the superman

my superman,We need u to save us .save earth

Maybe you never know how much I love u

and it“s not very important

Please remember:our forever dreams forever love

Please remember:when u feeling bad ,teel us we can share

with u,no matter happiness or sadness

we“ll always being with u

To be honest ,t-mac is the one .no double in the world

I konw that my hero t-mac will comeing back soon..

Jorge Gutiérrez | on 22/1/09

Hi my name is Jorge Im from Madrid, Spain ..
Since long time ago im following Nba and my favorite player T-Mac .. Thats why im gonna have updates about him.

riverqy | on 22/1/09

Today. To see your smile. Let me at ease. Baby, it should laugh. You have to be properly. We wait for you to come back.

piertripla | on 22/1/09

Hey T-Mac, get well soon…..your the only guy in the world able to score 13 point in 35 seconds, so get your knee rested and toghether with Yao, Ronron, Luis, Rafer, Shane, Brent and all the other dudes, take our Rockets to the finals!!!

JJ.Redick | on 22/1/09


Chinese fans | on 22/1/09

Tracy McGrady, all the Chinese fans believe that you are the best! We firmly believe that our Tracy McGrady will be back! Will leave you with more passion! McGrady, refueling! Refueling!

YUN KAI | on 22/1/09

Hi! Tracy! I am a fan of China, home Huayin in Shaanxi. 4 years ago I began to concern you. I huashanica secondary school team play. Like to see your game. We have a lot of students here have that you and Kobe Bryant to compare but I always love is you. I hope you progress every year. The injury is not what Arenas also rest this season and a half. So Come on! Madison Cheer up the true level of his own - Yun Kai

zhang | on 22/1/09

hey mac ,I believe you ,you are still number1,you are the best,now come on we love you

Xu shuo | on 22/1/09

I support you

Ricardo | on 22/1/09

Im cant wait to see you play again. I have to admit I was glad to hear that there is nothing bad between you and Yao. If you and Yao were always at 100% healthy, plus Artest and the the Team, Houston could easily win the championship. I trust you guys.

文媛 | on 22/1/09

we know,we know ,if you still T-mac,well,we still T-mac’s students and i ,we still believe you .forever.
Hope is like the Rocket.1! 2! 3! go!

Jimmy Ho | on 21/1/09

Cheer up. T-mac. On behalf of all my classmates in China, I have to say” we trust you forever”

will | on 21/1/09

i was worryed but know i’m not i didn’t thank that there would be a proplem between best freinds, and i was right

david | on 21/1/09

thats right tell David Aldridge get his nose out of people buisness

Peja | on 21/1/09

Het T-MAC,I want to know,are you ready to play on sunday or monday,if you are not 1000% ready than take one more week,please!!!
No matter what…I BELIEVE IN YOU!


JoZe | on 21/1/09


Chris | on 21/1/09

Hey Tracy, I support you every step of the way. Take as much time as you need to get healthy. I will be at your game in Indiana on Friday. I have seats behind your bench. I can’t wait to see you guys in person. Good luck and GO ROCKETS!

jordan chalk | on 21/1/09

thats right t-mac

Joe | on 21/1/09

Do your thing and come back healthy. Keep that desire to win and prove all the peeps in Orlando and Toronto wrong. We love you man and we want you to succeed. Its time to step it up a notch and do work. Knowing what you have to do and doing it is the sign of the warrior you are. Good luck Tracy!

Chinese fans | on 21/1/09

T-mac you should do your best to play all the match I think you are the best your fans

dickson | on 21/1/09

Support you! Go for the champion!

li | on 21/1/09

Tmac please be healthy soon. This team go as far as you carry them. I want to see the old T-Mac1.

small happy | on 20/1/09

Getting a championship or not.This is not a problem.AS your fans ,I only want you happy everyday.

Dennis | on 20/1/09

Hey T-Mac, first and foremost, thanks for making me the week 5 winner. Second of all, I know you and Yao are tight. I am also not worried about you now. I know you will shake off this injury and prove the rest of the world wrong. I’ll wait as long as it takes.

Ryan | on 20/1/09

Hey Tmac,

You guys will never split. Yao and tmac are unbeatable.
Get well soon tmac, bring that championship trophy to houston.


Hoary | on 20/1/09

Come on Tracy.We all want you to be back soon.We need you.Houston need you.The NBA championship is waiting for you and your teammate.

liang | on 20/1/09

believe u forever !!!!!t-mac, u are the greatest player in rockets!!!!!
Many people are the fence, including many of the media, many so-called junk experts, they are all rubbish, garbage.
I will always support you! I like because you are the first players and there has been no second! !
use your most crazy way let them shut up!

MAC | on 20/1/09

Hey Tracy!I know you are a hard-bitten man!
Do not let failure deter you.
Pick up!Fight!Like a real warrior!
I believe you’re still the best!

Songmin Xu | on 20/1/09

So what?! let they talk. i always support you. let’s see in the playoff. Be yourself.Mac

Derek | on 20/1/09

Hey Mac, hope the rehab is going well man, even though i love my rockets it’d be funner to watch if you were playing and every time you’d go on a streak of making baskets Bill would go crazy and Clyde would follow up with something funny. Anyways don’t rush yourself man, let the haters hate, cuz that’s what they do best. You do just do you. Your real fans support when your down mentally/physically. I know you still have the potential to ball at high levels and be considered better than any player in the league, you just got to get healthy and get to mental state that your suppose to be. this is still your team and no one elses. Everyday i get on my comp. I have that quote you made about you having the last laugh and i get happy when i read cuz i know your going to prove everyone wrong yet again. Just make sure you get healthy and give it 100% every night man. Much love, peace and bless you, your children and your wife. Get well soon!

David | on 20/1/09

Good reaction not too mean or too relaxed. David Aldridge has been caught before, lieing to get a good story. You called him on it. You are a grewat player and an inspiration to us on and off the field. MVP!

Tim Beuckens | on 20/1/09

It is good to hear this was nonsense. I couldn’t believe it when I read this on the NBA site, because I thought that you and Yao were friends. I also thought that there are no false articles on the official NBA site. Obvious it does.
Thanks trace, now I am reassured. Good luck with your rehabilitation and I hope you will be back soon on the court, where you belong.
Ciao Tim

Adrianne | on 20/1/09


Why do they always do that?????? FALSE ARTICLES!!! to be honest I haven’t seen that article yet and thank God I haven’t! I would have had a bad day if I did. I have never believed articles such as those. I only believe what the people who are involved have to say personally.

We (your fans) know that you and Yao are friends. So don’t worry… we don’t believe such things! (=

Get well soon Tracy!
We miss you!
God bless!


Taurus Buck | on 20/1/09

T-Mac I read some of those comments from Some of those comments are truly hurtful. You take them very well. For all of those who don’t know the time table for rehabilitation from a knee injury need to be QUIET!!! You tried to play in the beginning of the season with that horrible schedule and all of those road games. If that’s not warrior-like mentality then what is. Rest yourself and get healthy. I’ve watched you since Toronto. You’ve came a very long ways in maturing. Let the nay sayers do what they do. But when you are ATTACK MAC everybody else fear you and the Rockets potential.When Yao went down last year, everybody wrote yal off, but you summoned your team and showed the world your worth, heart, love and abilities. And you still wasn’t 100%. Some athletes deal with injuries more than others. You just happen to be a superstar with a bullseye on your back. No one is talking about Boozer huh. He’s a star and the Jazz are not doing as well as your team. Point is, everybody else can go to hell. You will be T-Mac and you will be in Springfield someday. Until then my brother, get healthy and come back to kick some ass!!!!!!!!!!

noddy | on 20/1/09

hello!t-mac.i am very glad to see you. And i am a fan of you. i want to say that i will support you all the time no matter when you are hot or when you are in trouble.Belive yourself, you are the greatest man in my heart.I believe you will come back.And i hope your knee will be cure and show your basketball skills on the match again -your fan

cici | on 20/1/09

I can not agree with them.Because i believe you.
Keep health!You are the best .no matter what happens. Best wishes tmac.

lrjmcgrady | on 20/1/09

I’m a Chinese senior student. You are my idol…I believe that u and YAO have a great relationship …I urge to watch your first game after two weeks! I still believe that you are the best player in the NBA!! And I want to see you and YAO to win the world championship!! this season is the best chance to get it!! you are the best one!!

Kieran | on 19/1/09

T-Mac, I love you baby!

Joany Duncan Albertsson | on 19/1/09

to T youre amazing man
keep playing like you do!
and its great that you dont listen to all
that bullshit that the press rides about you


arian | on 19/1/09

I know that this is just a rumor.. I have been fanatic of your great games… I know taht your not playing well.. I miss your eagerness to set the basket with a tone face shouting and dinking well and spexially your jump shot..please make it better, i was always worried. i have been a player since my childhood but as times goesby i could naot play thats what i see in to you.. Kobe and Lebron may be now the greates guard that i could see but their beahvior in the court is meaningless comparing to you.. I hope you could recover immediately and win playoffs birth.. I hate the rumors when they are questioning your all star caliber,you know they are sucks.! Play well, and win games more and please beat the jazz!

tmacangel | on 19/1/09

Hi Trae

how about them Rockets? I know that you have to be very proud of your teammates. Von Wafer, what an asset to the crew. Imagine when you get back, the damage you guys can do. Can’t wait. By the way, you now have permission to get rid of the beard. It should be a sin to look so fine, no offense.Your wife is a very lucky lady to have someone as special as you. Well, Trae get well and join the club so we can kick some butt, and take it to the next level.

Yours truly, Angelika

P.S. Never mind the haters and bashers, we “The Fans” got your back…
Go Rox, Go T-Mac

TB22 | on 19/1/09

ive been a fan since you were in toronto….ive seen the progression of your game and its been amazing to watch and it has been one of the driving factors behind my game…but i also know what it is to have drop offs….thats what i am goin through right now…but what i realized is that you have to find it in yourself to ressurect the drive you once had in orlando and in the earlier years in houston. someone once told me that that i dont have the killer mentality…now i do…..thats what seperates kobe from the rest…his drive….once, u were the best player on earth…..because u had the mentallity….work hard…ill be lookin for you.

Fabian | on 19/1/09

Hey! First I wanna say that I’m a big T-Mac fan and I just couldn’t believe it when I read the article on Trouble between Yao and T-Mac? Yao wants T-Mac out of the team? That’s just ridiculous and can’t be true. I’m so glad that this has only been a rumour. Cause otherwise I would have been really worried. Trouble between teammates is something Houston does not need at the moment, especially with Ron and T-Mac being injured. Hope you’re back soon! Greetings from Germany!

candy | on 19/1/09

Tracy,I know you are the best,and I never suspect of that,Just do the best you can,we want a healthy tracy come to the ground,We will suport you.

matcha | on 19/1/09

no matter what happened,i will support you forever! don’t care the critisizm,just try your best!

T-Mac forever | on 19/1/09

Keep health,You mean everything for your ultimate fans!

Lv Hao | on 19/1/09

I don’t believe everything i read, but i belive you. 麦迪,加油!

lovetmac | on 19/1/09

T-Mac, I have been your fans for years.I am from China.We all know that you didnt have a nice performance this season.Because
of your operation on your knees in the summer.People said something bad about you.But I do not agree with them.I know it is hard for you to play on the court.You are not 100% yourself.
I believe you will be back.I believe you—Tracy.I am just a junior high school student from China.So I can not communicate
something well.I hope you can get back on the court soon.

lovetmac | on 19/1/09

T-Mac, I have been your fans for years.I am from China.We all know that you didnt have a nice performance this season.Because
of your operation on your knees in the summer.People said something bad about you.But I do not agree with them.I know it is hard for you to play on the court.You are not 100% yourself.
I believe you will be back.I believe you—Tracy.I am just a junior high school student from China.So I can not communicate
something well.I hope you can get back on the court soon.

tangsheng | on 19/1/09

Refueling, we all believe you, “scoring” We look forward to your trophy up Tracy the 08-09season final match mvp ``

Caroline | on 19/1/09

Just be yourself!

Rockets fan | on 19/1/09

Tracy,I bilieve you!I’m your fan forever!

airyi | on 19/1/09

现在黑你的 人很多, 一些中国的篮球评论员 也说你老受伤。可是 我们还是一样的喜欢你 爱你 我们想信你能回到那35秒的 那种状态 能回到得分王的 那种状态 最后 希望你 早日康复 不在受伤……O(∩_∩)O~

jimmy | on 19/1/09

I believe you

small mai sister | on 19/1/09

come on!heihei…my baby T-mac

t-mac fan | on 18/1/09

I love you more than yao.I always consider you and yao are close friends.Just let them say,i won’t believe it.I’m sure you will make an amazing performance in the offseason and you will lead rockets to the championship.wish t-mac happy every day!

JUST FOLLOW YOU | on 18/1/09

I will cry with you when you won the championship.

Kevin.P | on 18/1/09

everyone needs to remember that when the rockets had a 22 game winning streak it was because of t-mac, he led the team when yao ming was out for the rest of the season. without tracy the rockets don’t actually have a true leader, ron artest may be the only other person on the rockets roster besides t-mac that brings energy to the team. and what Ezco said is true too reporters will make up stories to get people interested

Allen | on 18/1/09

Tracy, no matter what team you play
i will support you forever

gilbert cristobal | on 18/1/09

Im glad that theres no real problems with tracy and yao. lets go t-mac

XM | on 18/1/09

T-MAC 我是来自中国的一位你的FANS 知道你最近有很多困难...不过我认为.这些都不算什么 .....因为 ...不管怎么样 WE SUPPOSED YOU FOREVER



Tracy | on 18/1/09

hello T-mac I’am you chinese loyal fans,do you konw that there’s a lot of you fans in China? We are all exept that you will be back and you will be better than you were at MaGic,I really love you very much .T-mac,the chinese are all believe in you,we are noticing you all the time,we hope you will be healthy quickly.TRACY MCGRADY I love you and we love you!!!!!

xukai | on 18/1/09

Yes! tracy! I’m from china, your super fans, I trust you so much! just believe yourself! go rockets! bring a championship to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! otherwise , David Aldridge is a bullshit!

Gracie | on 18/1/09

we believe in you and do not believe everything we read

Nils | on 18/1/09

Encore des rumeurs inventées “, Concentre toi sur le championnat ‘ , Pour cette deuxième partie de saison , Je voudrais revoir le vrai T-mac , Celui qui marque , qui passe , qui prend des rebonds avec des vraies stats , et des victoires , You are a best men you are a best ‘ .Nils

KATE | on 18/1/09

Hello!Is a message board there?I want to write something.
I’m a female fan.I like your shoes.Why don’t you produce some famale basketball shoes?

TRACY Mac | on 18/1/09

You said I all believe!


lienar | on 18/1/09

nice tmac. your my no.1 idol.. hope you can succeed in reaching your goal this year. i feel positive. you have a very powerful lineup. its just your injuries. get well soon tmac.

shenhangqi | on 18/1/09

Hello McGrady I from China My English is not a little good Our China wheat confuses is certainly accompanying you Hopes you under 2 week-long rest well. Strong trend return. Unfolds you because of some levels We refuel certainly for you McGrady Refuels

历烨 | on 18/1/09

Tmac,I have never lost trust and love in you,though here in China there are a lof of bad talks about you.I ;m sure you will be back,be the king of the court.Most people say you do not have a fighting spirit like Kobe.But I don’t agree with them.You are doing the right thing in your way. Come on man,togather with your teammates,battle for your dream,The FINAls

zichen | on 18/1/09

I’m so happy to hear you say that.
Tracy,Rockets need you and we need you as well!!
I believe you will get back the court and prove for everyone you are still the best !

yezifang | on 18/1/09

No matter has any matter, I forever support you, I am looked that you play a ball game grow up, you forever are my idol, in my heart forever, red No.1!!!

liangshengjie | on 18/1/09

i believe you you will be back such as you said, you will be back,let the people who critism you shup up!

Jo. | on 17/1/09

I’ll always love you T-mac .
Believe in yourself.
I’ll trust you.
Though you are29 or30.

Hasa | on 17/1/09

We’re waiting for u to come back, T-Mac

Carl Lin | on 17/1/09

I support you, T-Mac! I am deeply convinced that you can go through the injury. Come back when you feel better and combine Huston Rockets as a whole.
We won’t put any presure on you and just be yourself.
Enjoy your life!

sean aka Biggest t-mac fan out their | on 17/1/09

t-mac dont even worry about that… the only thing u got to worry about is to stop getting hurt all the freaking time like your 50 years old like come on shaq is playing way better then u and averaging more points and thats just sad. your starting to make me hate u alot and just stop watching ur games and im getting no real game from u. all im seeing when u play is lazyness, no effert, bum like game and just an average player or probably worser then a average player. Dont get me wrong im your biggest fan alive and i been watching all your games and everything and suppporting u no matter what and when my friends say that t-mac is done and cant play no more… i just no that u still have it in you.

[email protected] | on 17/1/09

Dear Tracy, I am a big fan of yours and became even a greater fan after reading about the humanitarian work you are doing in in Africa helping people in Darfur and building a school in Chad I believe. I hear a lot of attacks on you on talk radio on a regular basis especially on Station 790 AM around noon. I think some people are just jealous and throw personal attacks probably because you make a lot of money than they do. I mention this because they always talk about it. I believe there area lot more fans of you than the few people who repeatedly call those radio shows just to be negative. The Rockets without you are not that much fun to watch and I hope you will get healthy and prove your critics wrong. Keep up the good work.

Alxandre | on 17/1/09

you are the best man… and i know that you and yao are the best combination in the nba.. the good thing in nba its not just play basketball.. you know what i’m saying… in the nba one of the good things is to have friends and brothers that fight together until the end… much love t-mac! you’re number one!
dont listen to those people..

熙夕 | on 17/1/09

So funny,why should I believe them if I just like u?
I was very happy when I saw u and YAO were together ,and I always trust in my friends,I think Tracy,u also do it.

We believe u.

Take care.

jason | on 17/1/09

we need u t-mac .we need u to get back to being the best again.we all believe you can do it.

Loretta | on 17/1/09

Tracy, I pray that you recover soon. I am a big fan of yours but I must be honest with you. I have to stay true to myself and you as a fan. I sometimes do not think that you are playing up to your potential. I think it has something to do with your confidence. You should easily be spoken about in the same breath with Kobe & Lebron. When you first came into the league, you played with a lot of confidence. What happened? I am not trying to belittle you, I just want you to play like you are capable of playing and that is one of the very best that ever played the game. I know that you can do it so throw out the negativity and prove to yourself that you can do it. You one of the most athletic athletes in the NBA. I like how you are able to rise above your defender. I know that you may not be able to do some of the things that you used to do but heck, give it your all because you only have one life and so live it to the fullest and play ball to the fullest. Therefore, when you grow to be an old man one day, you can really be pleased with what you have accomplished. You certainly have accomplished a lot but I think there is even more that you can do. So, go out there and just do it. Stop looking to pass all the time because that’s why you are top guy because you can shoot the ball. Shoot with confidence and if you do that, no one will be able to stop you because you are far too athletic. Again, please do not take this as an insult because everyone that knows me when tell you that I have an will always be a T-Mac Fan. May God Bless You!

rudy | on 17/1/09

hey t-mac i hope you get better soon cause the team needs you. we all believe you can carry this team to the championchip.

sylvain | on 17/1/09

I never believed in this story

enes fazlic | on 17/1/09

T-Mac your are the best in the world nice to hear there is no problems with you an Yao, grettins Enes,

ASHLEY CAO | on 17/1/09

thats what i want to hear tmac!!
you and yao are gonna lead the rockets as fully commited teamates and freinds!

chris | on 17/1/09



Chris | on 17/1/09

i hope u will get well
and wanna see u r in 09 NBA ALL-STAR LIST

i’m ur fans from China
and there r lot of news said u don’t work hard here
but i dont think so
i believe u would come back soon!

Clare | on 17/1/09

Hey T-MAC i think you’re the best. not because of YAO,just because you are you,you are tracy mcgrady.just be yourself,all of your fans believe you,ROCKETS believe you,HUSTON wish you back.

A fans from CHINA

pan | on 17/1/09

You can do it my own

pan | on 17/1/09

i believe u, just hang on you are bester player

small t-mac | on 17/1/09

I believe whatever you say,just because i’m your fan!
No mater what worse or better you will be, I always your fan!

tmac gan | on 17/1/09

I felt so happy that those news are not true!
go! TMAC .i believe rockets will have a great season
tmac+artist+yao+rafer+lewis=NBA MOST valauable Team
That’s it!

chris | on 17/1/09

The chemistry always tightens after the all-star break. I don’t know why people nay-say every year. You WILL be back, and it WILL be put to rest. It’s great to have you in Houston, championship of not, but you guys CAN beat anybody in the league, you know this. Lakers…yes…Utah…yes…Boston…yes. You can beat them all. I know you’ll be back, hopefully soon because watching you play when you’re on is one of the best sports experiences ever!! I hope you recover soon, and I hope you are well and happy, and I definitely hope you retire in Houston. You ARE one of the greatest players, and I can’t wait to see you put all the nay-saying to rest.-

chinaboy | on 17/1/09

i from china i love you come on come on!

刘炜 | on 17/1/09

麦蒂 你永远是我最爱 永远支持你

cassidy | on 17/1/09

T-mac we believe in you
just do your bsst
you are always the best in my mind .
you can do it!

尹亚泽 | on 17/1/09

T-MAC, you finally stand up and speak for themselves, they should stand up and overthrow the outside world public opinion, we never believe that those articles, never believe that, I always believe that you will return of the king, I also remember 35 seconds 13 points, more than I hope you come back with good results for those who play the so-called experts and journalists feel that they have written articles slandering you how foolish it Midecamycin refueling, the efforts of rehabilitation, such as The Return of the King you, I hope you have the time to our Chinese it, to see your good side, light in the TV in to see you very well, my friend was in China when the tournament to see you, say you a good long high, hey, good envy him ah, T - MAC, and so you have time to come to China Oh, your ticket and then I also bought, but now only temporarily to see you on television, let’s go, T-MAC, support you! ! !

尹亚泽 | on 17/1/09

Forever support you,T-MAC!!!

Dennis Robinson | on 17/1/09

Hey T-Mac. Man, I know the media and some fans alike (even some in Houston), have slandered your name and even doubting your ability. Your even hard on yourself for not playing hard. Don’t feel bad and talk about yourself. Thats not going to work. What you should do is take a look at how many non-believers you have, and think about how everyone would be if they doubted you. Let the hate be your motivation. Play to prove everyone wrong. Someone talk bad about you, they will be shut down really quick. Use the peoples hate to your advantage. I bet then when you do get better, people will be on your bandwagon and your going to have a whole lot more respect.

sunny | on 17/1/09

I’m a student from china
you in poor condition
but i still believe you
don’t be wrong,i forever believe
come on

xiang wei | on 17/1/09

Tracy! I believe what you said . I’m waiting for you!!

sunny | on 17/1/09

you are my hero
I am in favor of you forever
come on

jordan | on 17/1/09

are you going to be able to play in the all-star game

Joseph | on 17/1/09

We Chinese know, that it’s impossible for Yao to say that kind of words.
You know sometimes Rockets did let us down, but we still back you up!
Come on man, bring it on!

viply2007 | on 17/1/09

i love Tracy

ken | on 17/1/09

I belive you and Yao ..

A-mac | on 17/1/09

you are the best
you will be the Tracy who can get 13 points in 35 seconds
and win the champion with Yao and all your teammates
we all want to see you to be back
never give up

Hurui | on 16/1/09


BUFU | on 16/1/09

You have to do something to prove your belief,and I will be on your side forever.

tmacangel | on 16/1/09

Hi Trae

why do you keep insisting on explaining yourself? Do you realize who you are? No matter what anyone says“This is your team, not Yao’s”. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yao a lot, but he has off games just like the next guy. I really need to share this with all of you. I have travelled to Fla, Tx, and Ga to see Tracy play, huuuuugeeee fan. Part of every discussion board you can think of. I actually send an e-mail to NBA Gametime on the NBA channel, one of my neighbors had to tell my husband that my e-mail was read on public television. I was so frustrated that I missed it. Anyway, the topic was T-Mac closest thing to MJ to ever set foot on the court. That is what I think of you and millions of fans all over the world. So please Tracy, stop explaining yourself get well and show them what’s up.

You’ll always be the best in my book.

Go Tracy, yours truly Angelika

Ryu | on 16/1/09

Hey man, i’ve been your fan since middle school.I never doubt that you will overcome difficulties, which have been in almost all your career.Hope to see a real T-MAC after two weeks.I will stand by you, you will be my super hero forever… So man , come on```

Steven | on 16/1/09

I am from China and a fan of Yao. I am also a fan of Tracy. I do believe that he will play well and hard as possible as he can if without injuries. Support Tracy, healthiness is much important than getting a win of one or two games, and only full healthiness can ensure Tracy to play well and get a ring.

Noah | on 16/1/09

thank god i was gettin a little nervous there and was on the hating side of yao for sayen somethine like dat an im glad you cleared that up cuz it releases alot out of me….now jst get healthy and prove all the other reports wrong as well haha

Joe Z | on 16/1/09

Be the leader they think you cant be and lets get a championship!

Jesus | on 16/1/09

I believe you can go !
you and yao is best!
nba08-09 winer team is houston rockets!
tracy is MVP!
I believe you !

lin | on 16/1/09

The recent negative news about you too much .whether there is any contradiction between the locker room I am not worried .I am worried because the deal I know that you also do not want to be the transaction before the game for everyone is very disappointing indeed part injury But this is not the reasons for the negative performance of the reasons you I know you may be unhappy about many things such as tactics in order to change the team should do now with the Rockets did not like the overall talent is still very high so I hope you can grasp this good Another time a rare opportunity I hope you will use the time to rest a good look at the ground feeling. . .

Kavyn Mcgrady | on 16/1/09

Media has ways to manipulate our mind. Whether it be an accusation or isn’t, i believe it will show in the game. We’re still hoping for more combos from both McGrady and Yao. Our anticipations are always high for both of you and yao, t-mac. With artest, battier, brooks, landry, wafer, barry and scola, i still believe we’re a playoff contending team.

All the best, Tmac.

Ezco | on 16/1/09

Im glad that theres no real problems with tracy and yao. I guess reporters have to lie now in order to make readable articles, in another note i believe that tracy needs the time off to get his stamina and strength back in order. The bottom line is if u a real houston rockets fan u know we need tmac to be healthy in order for us to even think about a ring.

Mohamed | on 16/1/09

T-Mac take all the time you need to get back in the game.I HOPE YOU DO and the only thing you are caring about is YOURSLEF GETTING BACK AND THE HOUSTON ROCKETS WINNING.I KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO GET MVP AND THE CHAMPIONSHIP FOR HOUSTON ROCKETS.Dont listen to Yao Ming.


Sam T. | on 16/1/09

When you get old you realize some things. One of them is understanding your life has been about what choices you have made. You control most of where you end up. I have been your fan since day one. Watching you play in countless games has made me realize things about you. You have a gift from god, your will, when you really want to make something happen, it happens. Its almost supernatural. I feel like your only weakness lies in your mental strength. You will end up in the hall of fame regardless of what you accomplish in your career. The only difference will be the paragraph underneath your picture. Will it say he “didnt get outta the first round” or will it say “ he came back from injuries and showed -nobody in the NBA had more determination than you to win”. Whatever is written is up to you. My point being – your book is far from over. Your fans believe in you! Let your will take over, your injuries will heal and so will your mind. Thought, word, and your deed. All those have to match in order for your will to take over. Think what you want, Say what you want, and DO what you want. Hard Work baby! #1 for life!

Sam T. | on 16/1/09

Hard Work baby…... Haaaaard Work.

Bill | on 16/1/09

Prove it, I know you will!

adam ivy | on 16/1/09

i never believed it, for one that just doesnt seem like yao… and if your hurt your hurt there is nothing around that

but i do gotta question, with all the media backlash your taking in recent time from houston media people, you still plan on retiring a houston rocket?

MacFan | on 16/1/09

Damn T-Mac u tore David Aldridge azz up!

Daryll Domingo | on 16/1/09

“And next time David Aldridge, get your facts straight.


We need that attitude in the court, be agressive and make damn sure you get the last laugh. Because T-Mac is the best damn player I have ever seen.

PTT鄉民FROM TAIWAN | on 16/1/09


emil | on 16/1/09

ESPN doing what they do best, start malicious rumors. way to get them straight.

ZIGE | on 16/1/09

Hey Tracy, we’re all waiting for you to come back and lift the rockets to a higher level. Rockets need you, we need you!! Let’s GO!!

gliese581 | on 16/1/09

remenber your past using your current body!

T-MAC's fans | on 16/1/09

I believe you.I don’t want you out of houston.Houston need.I think you need houston too.

still zhang | on 16/1/09

i think you do not need to talk about what David Aldridge said,everyone want a great tracy,we want to see a great shooting guard.Try your best to play ,nobody will think you are a bad man^-^

Garrett | on 16/1/09

Nice to hear that as well.

紫弦 | on 16/1/09

I like Yao because I love you.

辉 | on 16/1/09

i don’t believe what they said.i just believe what i will see~~~ and i trust you! don’t let me down! don’t let us down!

Ycc | on 16/1/09

It’s my first time to talk with you and I am one of your fans from China
I only believe the words you say!

Albert | on 16/1/09

Hello T-Mac,
I am a big fan of yours, the Rockets and Yao, and voted five times to keep you in the All Star Phoenix. I have 16 years and led the Rockets to 5 following with great intensity, as if Houston is my city. I hope you are much more time playing basketball and follow the Rockets, to see if you can win a championship as you say in the article. The news to say I do not think anything.

qiujia | on 16/1/09

Tracy,keep moving!

maxmac | on 16/1/09

You have our backing forever…!!!!!!!

fan | on 16/1/09

I don’t care what the media said,i just care what you said.
if you believe in yourself,all of us will support you, will always be your side!!!
come on!we r waiting your coming back!!!

T-mac forever!!!

your fan | on 16/1/09

I don’t care what the media said,i just care what you said.
if you believe in yourself,all of us will support you, will always be your side!!!
come on!we r waiting your coming back!!!

T-mac forever!!!

catrenzw | on 16/1/09

I’m a rockets’ fan from china.I’m also you and Yao’s fan.I’m very glad to see this article.I believe you rockets men will success this season.

YURI | on 16/1/09


Louis | on 16/1/09

Yeah,I’ll support you forever! I wish you can come back soon.We’re waiting for you!

jessie | on 16/1/09

I really like what i read… t-mac please come back to the Houston rockets as soon as possible. just stay healthy..

Susan | on 16/1/09

We Chinese fans wish you can come back soon and show excellently! We all trust you! GO!

qimaoya | on 16/1/09

TO T-MAC:I Support you and Yao!

proudhao | on 16/1/09

Hi!!Mac,I’m from china.I’m not only you and Yao’s fan,but also Houston Rockets’ fan.In china,there have a lot of people love you.
Mac,wake up!!!!Houston need you!NBA need you!!All of your fans need you!!!
Try your best,fight for Houston,fight for yourself!!!!
I deeply believe you are the best!!!!!

yxy | on 16/1/09

Yao is easy to get along with.
and you also are.

damn all that false rumors.

Danger | on 16/1/09

I haven’t believed in the bad relationship between you and Yao,but I just want you know all of your fans in China want you can be aggressive in the game, not like an old man! I hope you can adopt yourself in a great condition and come back to yourself as soon as possible! best wishes to you!

赵昶 | on 16/1/09

Tracy,do not think too much,just do it!

fanis | on 16/1/09

hey man happy you are ok…return man and be the one we know..i ll always be next to you..and remember your promise,bring the championship this year at houston..things then will change amazingly from just good to outstanding….FAITH..bye T…

Roger | on 16/1/09

I never believe your rumours with Yao.
you’re best. Bon courage

HX | on 16/1/09

I will support for ever!

long-yongping | on 16/1/09

T-MAC is my favorite player in NBA.
I want to hear that you will come back healthier and be more competent.

Eric | on 16/1/09

i believe u, just hang on

Day | on 16/1/09

I trust you! Come on!

wangbaitian | on 16/1/09

Best wishes for you

jeck | on 16/1/09

let’s play on the court to show yourself.
we believe you t-mac

Day | on 16/1/09

I trust you! Come on!

Turkey Ye | on 16/1/09

Tracy I wait you

come you!!

Tom | on 16/1/09

Do you plan on staying in Houston until you retire? I believe the Rockets can win it all with your current squad. Three championships would suffice.

andycan | on 16/1/09

hey,come back and bring a championship to Houston and yourself.

Ginubrian | on 16/1/09

I was just waiting for your site to say it LOL. Thanks again.

tian | on 16/1/09

Hi Tracy We believe that the artical is absolutly wrong, even you have no words about the artical. yes, you and Yao are friends. Tracy, we want you be healthy, when you are healthy, you can do everything in the court! you must be patient about your knee, you must wait for its absolutely ok. that is good to you and is good to the post-season of Rocket. We want to see a healthy T-mac in the court. we believe you are still the best!

Johnson Wood | on 16/1/09

Just believe!
You are the man!

Turkey | on 16/1/09

I Believe you lately…
I wait you…
I’ll be there for you…
Come on my hero..

King Of Kings

HS | on 16/1/09

T-MAC, hello. I was a junior high school students from China, you are my first star to know is that you let me touch a basketball. You are my idol, you pitch passion. Seriously and Endeavor affect me, you touched me. China has a lot of your fans. I know, you always plagued by injuries, even though your talent than anyone poor, but the injury limiting your play. This season, the Rockets are now the state is not satisfactory, and when I learned that you arena after sluggish performance was very sad. The media you are a soft egg, experts believe that the transaction should be you, my classmates also laughed at me, I always do not speak. I am waiting, waiting for you like a strange return of Superman. If you sad, please grief into strength; if you relax, please take heart; for those comments, hit back with facts! I believe you, you are back! !

kevinxie | on 16/1/09

i believe you!to bread the first round!

yoki | on 16/1/09

come on! we all believe you!

Karen | on 16/1/09

Nothing can stop you,i believe you!

this is all the fans want to say 、

Karen | on 16/1/09

Nothing can stop you,i believe you!

you are No.1、

zoey | on 16/1/09

i’m your crazy fan in China. your funs love you more than you can imagine!!!!!!!!!!i will always love you,and suport you !!!

OnIX | on 16/1/09

T-Mac - we trust in you !!!

reed | on 16/1/09

I support you , T-mac! I know many people are disbelieve you, but you are the best.. A china fan

Roy | on 16/1/09

Hi,Tracy,you are the NO.1.I know you will be back

xianxian | on 16/1/09

Go Go T-Mac,i still believe~~~

Michael Scofield | on 16/1/09

I used to believe the comments illustrated on the NBA official website and by the way I got confused.I am one of your basketball fans,Tracy.I’ve watching your games for like 5 years and never saw you like this frustrated.I believe what you said on the page and I know your performance is affected by your chronic knee injury.Hope you can be back soon with 100% effort in the game,your fans are all waiting for you,rock your body,come on,pal!Impossible is nothing.

Rio | on 16/1/09

tmac the one best

Egas Rodrigues | on 16/1/09

David Aldridge!! this name isn’t on the rockets/t-mac’s super fans list, for sure. but i already saw something on it u probably didn´t. this is a man who knows well aour potential and is afraid, indeed is shaken just by think t-mac can come back so strong like he only can taking over the entire show. he knows if this team get full strenght is title. believe me ya’ll this is a shot to avoid harmony in the locker. but as we all know not even a war could cause that. as i said befor focus on your rehab, Mr. skills, and be the Nº 1 again. show them the mining of the number one you carry on your back.
Angola with T-mac and Rockets is title.

Guocan | on 16/1/09

I knew the news was just shit! We all waiting for you coming back, you are the best, always!

Budy.Gyi | on 15/1/09

I know you are right. do not listen others. you know you have too many fans around you . it is full of love. so get red!

Ifosen | on 15/1/09

Wish you get recover soon!!
And fight another 22 straight-win together with Yao, finally take the Champion. I know you will be the MVP!

chinese fans of t-mac 毛国栋 | on 15/1/09

I’m waiting for you too.Please come back soon!

ilovetamc | on 15/1/09

We will always support you

T-MAC | on 15/1/09

we just treat you as a hero in our hearts

those who query you is nothing in our eyes cuz we believe you so much

i feel what you feel

go straight ,we hold on you,

haha ,let the fuck article roll

roll roll and roll into a big snowball

at last ,they will not be able to explain all their sentences,haha !

and how long aren’t you happy,these days?

you must be happy,all right ,only in this you can you get strong in
mind,and be yourself

t-mac,no matter what you do ,na matter how you are ,no matter….

we believe you ,you are so unusual,you know

yours t-mac’s biggest fan fom china. hope that you can contact me one day

Shelby Cao | on 15/1/09

Everybody who really love Rockets trust you. during the time without you, we also hope Yao and others men can bring us more win, when you come back is time the Rocket blastoff….Come on Man!!!

Hooon | on 15/1/09

I believe you are still the one of the best SGs in the league

I believe you can bring the great performances after you come back

GET RED~T-mac!!

KATE | on 15/1/09

I think you are best !
Don’t worry about those articles. They are fool.
It is you who are the NO.1 !
I will believe in you forever!

尹angela | on 15/1/09

YAO: Tracy,come back early!I need you ,Houston miss you ,baby,The Obrain cup is waiting for us!!
T-mac:My big guys, I know ……I know,I will be back!believes me

尹angela | on 15/1/09

YAO: Tracy,come back early!I need you ,Houston miss you ,baby,The Obrain cup is waiting for us!!
T-mac:My big guys, I know ……I know,I will be back!believes me

tracy | on 15/1/09

T-MAC..You are still the No.1.As a ultimate T-MAC fan,I believe you forever. We all believe you can bring a champion to HOUSTON ROCKETS.In my heart,you are the only MVP!Trust yourself,trust your teamates.Do you remember you said,“I will be back.We will be back.”? Nothing is impossible.

xiqi | on 15/1/09

you are our tracy, we suppose you forever.

Mr.Du | on 15/1/09

We all know that you’ll be back,and we are all waiting for you!I believe in you.All of the critics should shut up.When you recovered and be who you are at the top of your career.Ther will praise you again.I think thar are rediculouse,Houston,get red!

Brian Ramos | on 15/1/09

Go Tmac… we believe in you, that you and yao will get back the glory in houston.. -Brian from the island of Philippines

郭 | on 15/1/09

Dear Tracy,I will support you forever!That is to bring a championship to Houston.YES,you can!

quinn | on 15/1/09


im a big cp3 fan, but i love that you’re out balloting him right now in the all star race. hopefully you’ll be ready to go right at all star weekend, so you can explode on the east and shut everyone up. the REAL rockets fans know you’re a phenomenal basketball player; the others are those who only pay attention when the team’s winning.

i’ve got your back [and if you hit, clutchfans, etc you’ll see that] and all of those nay sayers will have to bite their toung when you’re the finals MVP and are hanging that banner in Toyota Center this October/November

shaob | on 15/1/09

Dear Tracy,I will support you forever!That is to bring a championship to Houston.YES,you can!You are the best!

Jack | on 15/1/09

You should refute the article on the Daily News where they said you bashed Yao to your friends for taking too many shots. This kind of rumor can cost you a lot of fan support in Houston and China. I know it’s 100% fake but you should refute it nontheless. If anything Yao should take 5-6 more shots a game. He is a beast and the best center in the NBA.

Neil | on 15/1/09

haha that’s real talk Tracy. Hope the mini-rehab session is going well, we need you back man.

jimpan | on 15/1/09

nice to hear that

Aman Katyal | on 15/1/09


Sam | on 15/1/09

Nothing can stop you,i believe you!

leo | on 15/1/09

I’m waiting for you!Please come back soon!
You are NO.1 for ever!

greatwall | on 15/1/09

Hi,T-MAC!I’m one of your crazy fans from china. I totally believe what you said in your article. And wish you can come back soon, help the team win more games and guarantee the playoff tickets, that’s all your ultimate fans from china really want you to do. Good luck to you and your family members!

little Tracy | on 15/1/09

a health Tracy = MVP , in the last minute ,the game versus Lakers ,I miss you so much ,they have Kobe ,but we have no Tracy,so we lost. but when the playoffs come,you will lead us beat everyone.

grace | on 15/1/09

We’ll have the last laugh.

love Tracy forever | on 15/1/09

I always blieve you will come back oneday. you and me are waitting for the May and playoffs ,don’t forget you promis:show you tittle ring to the camera.

Tracy"fans | on 15/1/09

Hi I am your fans I think you are do your best to play all the games If you don’t on cournt ,I never watch Histon“s matches You are the best in your team You should score and not pass I think If your tram is in terrible you need stand up and win this game and you score the most points in this team Your fans Love you

WENXIAANZAI | on 15/1/09

bring a championship to Houston.

Jianqiang | on 15/1/09

Hi Tracy, we believe you and support you. Hope you back early and give us wonderful shows.

Cui Yan | on 15/1/09

We believe you,we believe Yao.You are good brother!You has seem dream!We support you and Yao forever!

陈小呆 | on 15/1/09

they are too ridiculous to believe,
just turst U ,
and U will be back ,

NATALYA | on 15/1/09

Thanks for setting the record straight. He just had to write a story so he decided to write one on you. Stay strong and keep ya head up tracy. And I want to personally thank you for playing against washington cause that is one of the rare time i get to see my favorite player. So get urself right so u can do what you do. Don’t listen to the media you can do it tracy.

Much Love,


Bing Tan | on 15/1/09

Trust you.
Hope you recover from injury soon and get your best state to help Rockets win more games with your team,even get the champion.You’ll be back.Because your fans,your teammates,and everybody is waiting for you!

Tmagic | on 15/1/09

Let it be ,Tracy
We all know U’ll be back soon
However,make sure your healthy conditions
Your fans in China’ll back U up forever
Hope for your smile.(*^__^*)

Eugene | on 15/1/09

Tmac- Please answer Aldridge by showing what you got.
Belive in you

SEVEN | on 15/1/09

All of us believe you.
And we also believe you will be better and better!
Do you remember you said“I will be back, We will be back!” about 3 years ago!
I remember it!
So whatever happeved,I will trust you forever!

Edgar EMAC | on 15/1/09

Media people are looking for their own fame, they should grab their dumb stories and shove them down their ______. TMAC, just keep doing what you do. Prove them all wrong, bring a championship to Houston BABY!!

SEVEN | on 15/1/09

Tracy all of us believe you! we also believe you will be back ,better and better!

a 16-years-boys from China | on 15/1/09

I’m a chinese.I’m only 16 years old.I love basketball.
I’m love watching your match.Maybe i think your shot is cool or others.I don’t konw why,but i really love you.
My Englishh is not good.i hope you can understand my mean.
You should come back!Beacuse i need you!your familves need you!the fans need you!the rocket need you!
You should become a healthy T-Mac again!You should invent more and more the t-mac hours!i believe you’ll come back!i wait you!Don’t let me down!
Giveing you a chinese proverbs(I hope you can understand,if you can see.If you can’t,you can ask Yao for help.Hehe
I believe you.But you can’t let our down.we all waiting for your come back.

yy | on 15/1/09

T-mac I love you. I don’t care what they say… Just wish you happy and healthy.

rome | on 15/1/09

t-mac dont worry about none of that stuff just play the best ball you can you know how reporters are the rockets need you were not going to win it all without you team unity is the key i would love to see you get the heck out the first round and go for it all i think it will be a bad thing to hear you leaving houston i think rocket red is in your blood and im so sick of the trade rumors i would like to see you finish in houston

HUANGHAISHAN | on 15/1/09

We belive you forever
We are waiting you ``

Grotsnik#12Lolo | on 15/1/09

Thank you for write this, T-Mac.

shivam | on 15/1/09

I believe you man

Zmm | on 15/1/09

believe U

and i do not care what the media say; They are only for $$$$$$$$$$$$

i hoop U can come back soon ;

i have no interested in the game which U are not in!

Duoduo | on 15/1/09

The external world medium all is to create something out of nothing. I believe in the friendly feelings between you and Yao Ming. This nice accomplishment of a fit , field returning to match make things difficult for sb. the day afer tomorrow, Qu Ni De strength, lets a medium shut up totally. Believe that you are bound to be able to.

tracynumbcai | on 15/1/09

we turst you and support you go on and go on and on

zhili | on 15/1/09

believe you

Moe | on 15/1/09

Hey Tmac i new it wasnt true. You and Yao are so close, you guys are one of the best duos in the league. David dosent know nothing but when you come off the injury its over the rockets are going to competing with the lakers. I wanna ask u to are u going to play in the All-Star game this season. Please send me a message back thanks.

Moe your best fan ever. I am going to grow up and play in nba and were number 1 just like u.

No.1 Fan | on 15/1/09

Its great to hear that the rumor is untrue. It got me worried. David Aldridge can go suck it. Stop making up story to get attention. T Mac, you are the most talented player i ever seen. I really hope you feel better soon.