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Thu, Jul 31st 2008, 14:50

T-Mac's Blog: It's been a busy summer

What’s up out there?

How’s everyone’s summer going? I’m enjoying the off-season even though I’ve been extremely busy. First off, I want to let you all know that the rehab for my shoulder and knee is going well. I’m working hard to get back and would say that I’m about 70% right now. I’m not playing basketball yet or running, but I’m doing on court agility work. I’m on pace to be ready for the season, and I gotta admit, I am VERY excited to get back on the court. Our team has made some great moves. I think drafting Joey Dorsey will add some size and toughness and signing Brent Barry was big for us too. Brent will be another leader out there and both of those guys help add to our team’s depth. The NBA season is such a grind that having depth like that is just so important. Also I am very excited about the Artest deal. It’s not finalized yet, but if and when it does go through it will be a huge boost for our club. Ron is such a great competitor and will bring so much to our team. I think we can really compete with the best now. It also makes you feel good about the team you play for when you see the organization doing everything in its power to improve the team. I hope everyone out there is just as excited as I am about the move. It’s also good to see Yao getting back on the court and I’m happy for him that he will be able to suit up for his country at the Olympics. I’ll be checking out the Olympics for sure and will keep a close eye on the basketball. You guys think USA is a lock for the gold or will there be upsets again like last time?

Other than basketball I’ve had a bunch of things going on to keep me busy. I took a Caribbean cruise with my family last month which was really fun and relaxing. I had to take it easy due to my rehab but we still enjoyed ourselves. Plenty of shopping, great restaurants, and time on the beach. What more could you ask for?
I also held my T-Mac Approach basketball camp in Houston at the end of June, which was a huge success. I really enjoyed seeing all the kids come out and hope everyone who participated had fun. After that I went to New York City for the 4th of July before heading to my hometown of Auburndale, Fl, to host my streetball tournament. It’s called What does it Take to be #1, and it has really grown over the last few years. It brings a lot of people in the community together and the level of play is pretty high too. It’s something I look forward to every year. After that was finished I held another basketball camp for kids in Polk County before spending a little time with some of my favorite campers up at Camp Chenawanda. Then I went out to LA to do a commercial shoot for Adidas for a couple of days. Look for that spot to hit the airwaves in the fall. After that I went to Miami with the boys for a week to relax and am in San Antonio with the family now….. Man, that’s a lot of moving around. I’m exhausted just thinking back on it all.

Anyways, my only trip left on the schedule will be to head out to Vegas on Labor Day weekend. I’m not a big gambler but I do love spending a few days out in the desert. The rest of time I will be focusing on rehabbing and also working on my film on Darfur. We are still working hard to spread the word about the crisis in Darfur and I’m trying to get other NBA players involved in my efforts. This issue is very close to my heart and I’m going to do everything I can to follow through on the commitment I made to those refugees last summer. I’ll let you guys know more about the project as it progresses.

Everyone out there have a great rest of the summer.


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


sky | on 4/12/08



YOUR FAN | on 16/10/08

i hope you and my countryman Yao Ming will be healthy this season.

CoolのKidぃ | on 15/10/08

Show me your best shot!!!
Tell me you have something more than talent~~~
Good Luck For The New Season!!!

蒋辉鹏 | on 14/10/08

you are best ! good luck new season!

Yao&T-mac | on 4/10/08

Get red!Get the championship!

Yao&T-mac | on 4/10/08

Houston!Get red!
T-mac!Get the championship!
It’s your time!

frankie | on 3/10/08

You are the NO.1!Only for you!

TEAR MAC | on 30/9/08




troy | on 30/9/08

I support you all the time,though somebody alls your name sometimes,we all fans woulde be your side.We believe you can do your best to get what you want,what we hope you want to get.

gbenro sule | on 18/9/08

i like basketball and i like to play it so were in houston did you have your camp at cause i love the sprot and are you having it next year if you are can you give me cell phone number and is it free ha ha please

DING MING | on 18/9/08

哎~~~~英文超差!!!看不明白!!!! 但我永远LOVE tracy mcgrady

patrick | on 17/9/08

good luck dis year t mac

isaiah sherrod | on 17/9/08

T mac im looking forward to seening you play along yao, ron, so give it your best expeciallt in crunch time

peng wu | on 15/9/08

be good this upcomi sensom

larry | on 15/9/08

you are the best!!

xiangxu | on 13/9/08

Hello, t-mac, I am your loyal fans. I love and concern you all, I hope you can as soon as possible the resumption of health, hope that next season you can give the fans of surprises. I like your shoes, I hope you can continue to offer you the t-mac series, which is a lot of Chinese fans hope. My e-mail address is [email protected] I very much look forward to receiving your reply!

kaseifa | on 13/9/08

i hope you can get healthy puickly.good luck!tmac,rockets need you, huston need you ,you family need yu,and i need you you are the best

WHK | on 10/9/08


zhu | on 9/9/08

So many things happened in the summer,and it’s really a pity that you didn’t cometo beijing for the Olympics.However, the Artest deal is really a great compensate,we are just ready for the showtime of the ROCKETS,of you!

Willie Nelson | on 9/9/08

Lets go T-mac I been a big fan since orlando I love u No Homo

michael kao | on 8/9/08

t-mac i want to tell you more about southern darfur
last year i worked there for about 3 months
i am doing about conmunication and internet technology in darfur and i have some more picture about darfur and i love you wish you can be the nba champion in 08/09 season come on be a better man

zhu | on 7/9/08

bi mac! we are very excited to see next season which you will showing. best wish

丁亚运 | on 6/9/08

Tracy Go Go Go !!! Get red Houston , get red T-Mac

丁亚运 | on 5/9/08

Play a great season with Yao & Ron . Go Go Go !!! Get red Houston , get red T-Mac . Remember , you are not alone .We always here for you.

joyner | on 5/9/08

You can do it ~ come on ~

have a great rest & show yourself in the new season~

Tre'Veonta Croft | on 5/9/08

What’s up t-mac… Im really a big fan of yours, and i have been watching u play basketball since i was in the 6 grade and now im a sinor in high school.Im trying 2make it to the nba before u leave and finally get to live up to my dream and play u in a game of basketball. When I get out of high school I want to be a dentist and make some big time money so that I can have a nice family like you and be able to do some of the things you and your family do like go on all of those trips you guy’s go on. I know i have to work very hard for that, and im working on it by doing the best i can in school.

I seen that tv show which was a long time ago where that kid got to come and hang out with u in your house and play basketball with u, and go out to eat with you. I thought that was nice of you to take time and do that I just wish I would have the chance to do that one day in my life.

Well I do call myself your biggest fan but I know u r tired of hearing that so I will ask you to write me back and tell me what u think about this

Cheng Yang | on 4/9/08

I am your big fan T-Mac. You take the basketball to my life. You take the dream to my life. I know you won’t let us down. You are always my hero. Show us a dream season. by your chinese fan a boy admire you very much

feeling | on 4/9/08

hi,tracy.happy holidy!this season is coming.i hope can see you in the count quickily!see you win the game,see you happy smile! come on!!!seat in your side!

CHEN YANG | on 4/9/08

I like you very much .FIGHTING!!!!GOGO!!!

meliza | on 2/9/08

you can do it tmac. Go rockets, give us a championship.

Tyger | on 2/9/08

Mac, I go to your charity softball tournament every summer since you have had it in H-Town, but I have not seen any promotions about it this summer. Do you plan to have it?


Walker | on 2/9/08

Hey Tracy whats up. I would like to talk sometime. my E-mail is [email protected]

Saajan Patel | on 1/9/08

Hey T-Mac you ma #1 fan bro! i love the rockets like no other man i talk about them everyday at school that my friends get so annoyed! i know this year you, yao, artest, and the whole team gonna do so good that you gonna get MVP! we have so much depth from our bench now from battier, barry, dorsey, landry…man i cant wait for the season to start!

Bintae Anderson... | on 31/8/08

Tracy McGrady is the best hands down. | on 31/8/08

Let’s Go | on 31/8/08


zeng xin jie | on 30/8/08

Your dream is my dream !!also is everyone in our class,school*S DREAM !we are waiting … —-a fans from CHina.

sugar | on 30/8/08

超级喜欢你 问下怎么样才能和你聊天 谢谢

CHENQICHAO | on 30/8/08

Number 1 Forever.GO GO GO

王毅超 | on 29/8/08

在新赛季 期待你的表现


luis | on 29/8/08

Hi T-MAC,i just wanted to let you know thet ur my favorite player in the NBA. HOPE U HEAL QUICK SO U CAN PLAY SOME BBALL

inleail | on 29/8/08

man T-mac i really think houston got a squad to go all the way if you and yao are healthy. you guys added ron artest and brent barry i really want u to play like t-mac from orlando and have a mvp like year

Sean Lin | on 28/8/08

Hey, man. I’m Sean from Taiwan.I’ve been your fan since 2000 and no matter how well or badly tour teams played, I’d always be there to get you back. I dunno if you will be able to see this by yourself. But I really want to wish you a good summer and a good season. Don’t pressure yourself too much on leading the team.Just do the best you can. Go!!! Sincerely, Sean

Dannie C S | on 28/8/08

Tracy Lamar McGrady:

Please do not ever hang your head in defeat anymore. God loves you, Houston loves you, Heck CHINA LOVES U! Forgot those little Ants & reporters who persecute you…
As the rappers say “shake dem haters off lol”. You are great man of gifted talent, and a Good and Kind person, we all see that, It Does Show.
You, Yao, Shane, all of you, Do Not feel less than Winners because you do not YET HAVE YOUR RINGS, they are COMING, in HIS TIME....THE TIME IS NOW. Take advantage of the opportunity, the time of Trial has passed…you are now “Out of the Wilderness.”

xumingwei | on 27/8/08

Hello, I am a Chinese girl! From high school when I started to like you, and because of you like on the basketball. Love you from the moment I started playing basketball in the school, today I have to go to college, but also entered the school team, all this is because of you. I love you, love, love to the essence, I can not use words to express my love for you.
I am a very Paleng girls, but I still look forward to the arrival of winter, because winter you can once again see the shadow play, I look forward to you …..
This is my e-mail address [email protected] I know you very busy, after more likely to be busy, I have the time to reply Rafah
Will always support you! !

Jamall Williams | on 27/8/08

T-mac I have high hopes for u this season knowing now u have a Ron Artest a defensive player to help out u and Yao. But u just keep doing what your doing you are the best in the league.

PS. I the next you

James | on 27/8/08

Hi T-Mac,

麦式干拔 | on 27/8/08


china yao | on 27/8/08

麦迪,加油把,你,大姚还有阿泰是是NBA最棒的三巨头,哈,我还忘了,还有阿根廷人斯科拉和前火箭队老大弗朗西斯,那将是令人恐怖的5巨头. 等你拿到了总冠军戒指,一定要来中国哦


Tracy | on 26/8/08

Tracy,Come on!!!Struggle!!!We chinese ppl will always love u!!!

stephon brown | on 26/8/08

I hope you and the rockets win championship this upcoming season, i think you should have got MVP because you had to carry your team again as usual. I wish you luck, you #1 fan stephon brown

Veronica Earl McGrady | on 26/8/08

Well see that you have your hands full both sides of you….hahahah. Not looking like your mirrioe images that would have been given by me but. Guess that’s how life swings big things huh?

Sun | on 26/8/08

I’am happy to read your bolgs.
I hope you can rebuild your strong mind and strong health.

Dai Bingqing,代冰清 | on 25/8/08

I am very happy to learn that T-MAC has enjoyed himself so much during the summer.You know that every chinaese fan is always keeping a close eye on you,so just go on working hard with YAO,ATESTand all the other rocket members,I am a high school student face with the college enterance exam,every minute counts for me now ,but I will continue watching your games,you mean so much to me!GO,ROCKETS!I hope you can win the championship in the coming season with the respect of MVP!

nemanja | on 25/8/08

yo i have always followed you ever since you got to the nba and i thinks its time you win the title cause now you have a very stron team and also win mvp so you can prove youre better then kobe.

chen peng | on 24/8/08

love you so much!houston has a great team!!

elva lucas | on 24/8/08

good luck houston rockets i use to live in freeport tx but now ilive in corpus christi so i don’t get to see as many games but i listen to it on the radio or keep up with the on the pc though i’m barely learning how touse the pc what i love about you is that ibelieve that you sound so humble and don’t talk trash about other players or teams thank you for staying real

Matt | on 24/8/08

Houston loves you!!!

milk | on 22/8/08

if you want to win the NBA championship .please stronger!!!~~~~~~~~~~
i love you !!
i love yaoming too.!...
kill the jazz!!!.i hate they!!!

Moraleman. Zeng.Luis | on 22/8/08

Hello!! Brother T-MAC,I am your fans in China!! I begun to like you since you became Yao“s teammate.My classmate and me had seem your amazing 4 years.
We think you are the best baskeball player in the earth.You can make 13 point in 35 seconds,you can make 22WINs with your teammates !!Maybe Kobe, James,Wade can’t make forever. I want to make friend with you and know more about you,so can you recieve me??? My E-mail is: [email protected]

Andre | on 21/8/08

Everybody preety much gave up on you when u were in the playoffs. I stay behind u 24/7 and if u would of went to the pistons i would of been so glad 4real. U know. What maid u not go? I like the deals thats going on with the rockets,Artest is a great defender with shane we will be able to stop star players such as kobe and lebron and yao in the paint and then u coming down freash on offense. Then brent shooting and rafer and shane and u we should average at lease 40 % 3 pt. U need to work on those free throws to man i think u better than kobe but u need at lease 80%ft. This year . Im counting on you buddy good luck

b-lane | on 20/8/08

I hope they win the NBA championship this year

Jason Lovette | on 20/8/08

Time to bring in the title man! this is it dude, you got all the support you need. I’ve been saying it and you have been saying it for the longest that we needed one more great player and now we got it. Let’s make it happen bro, get healthy stay on top of your game no exceptions. Nobody should be able to handle us, not even the Lakers or Celtics. It’s your turn man bring that title in, go get what’s yours!!! Later!

cadmus | on 20/8/08

Hi,T mac,here are so many chinese fans looking at you.You are our hero. Just be a man with Yao and Artest! Champion team now has been built. I know you have the strongest ability around NBA, move on man ! love you

高海涛 | on 19/8/08

I really love you my T-Mac!

donnie | on 19/8/08

heyy tracy im your biggest fan! you probably get that alot but i dont care its true! im on my vacation right now in ohio for cedar point. have you ever been there?? its pretty wild….if you like rollercoasters! i always watch your games and study what your moves are like. i have used some but they arent as good cas im a begginer. ive been playing for 4 years almost 5 and i have been upsessed with basketball for the whole 5 years! Why youldnt you like basketball..its exciting. im 14 and where i live is the worst place ever. i dont have anything for basketball. and when i do its in the winter and the summers are soooooo boring.i wish we got something good for basketball here where it doesnt cost money and its nice! Where i live it takes 5 bucks just to play basketball…on open gym. i dont get it. well….i hope your injuries arent bad this season cas when your on the bench theres a lot of pressure on the team and the FANS! love to see you own all the other people on the court. ight man if you comment back i’ll talk to you some other time. PEACE! McGRADY!!!!!!!!!!

Enter your name... | on 19/8/08

i’m italian…tracy mvp of 2008/09…tracy per quanto io possa contare poco ti sosterrò sempre e comunque perchè sei uno dei pochi che mi da emozioni…semplicemente il migliore,the best…go tracy go!

Dafi | on 19/8/08

i’m really waiting to the new season! I hope Rockets and you will have a great season! so Go Rockets!
Greetings From Hungary, dafi

Silly | on 18/8/08

Hi! T-mac! I’m a Chinese girl. My English is poor. So please don’t mind it.
I love you very much. .My classmate think you are very good ! You know, The 2008 Olympic Games are held in Beijing. What do you think of the USA team? Have you watch the Olympic Games opening ceremony ? Do you like it ?
From your reading , I know you are becoming healthy ! I’m glad to hear that ! You should take care of yourself and have a good rest, i want to see a healthy T-mac!
i will support you forever!
The Rocket will be win next season !
By the way , if you have time,can you reply me?,i will be look forward of receiving your e-mail! I will wait for you !
T-mac ! No.1! Rocket ! No.1 !

T-BJ | on 18/8/08


zhai | on 18/8/08

T-mac,I hope you can win the next season. go T MAC GO
good luck~!

肖远 | on 18/8/08

麦迪 is what we call you in china
i’ve been watching your games since high school and cannot help fall in love with your style of playing basketball
maybe there are many european t-mac or asian t-mac, but u r the only NO1
fight like what u did ,i was, am and will be keeping the closest eye on u.

Dilys | on 18/8/08


中国McGrady | on 17/8/08

Congratulations. T-MAC. You can also become one of the Big Three.
I am looking forward to seeing you next season.
I hope you can in scoring with a KOBE.LeBron an indisputable.
I am from the Chinese fans.
I will concern you.
I hope you can next season to have a good performance.
Is also available. Design win a championship MVP of the line, oh.

席超群 | on 17/8/08

麦迪你一定要加油!!!a lot of chinese support you!
GO GO Tracy!you are the best player!! you must keep your healthy well! if you have time,can you reply me?haha,i will be look forward of receiving your e-mail! wait for you… ... a China girl

席超群 | on 17/8/08

Hey Tracy!
I’m your Chinese fan! GO GO 加油!McGrady加油!rockets加油 keep your healthy!WIN!next season I’ll support you forever!!! if you have time,can you reply me?haha,i will be look forward of receiving your e-mail! Wait for you !!

a chinese girl

Steven | on 16/8/08

Yo T-Mac, yall gone kill this season. Im looking forward to a 30 game win streak. I will be wearing my T-Mac jersey every game. Lets go Rockets

chenzuo | on 16/8/08

I’m your Chinses girl fan. When i knew NBA from O’neal and Yaoming,that moment i fell in love with you.I hope new season you will be healthy,and get the champion at last,Also you will be the MVP.i think your dougter and son are very cute.i love them too.

li bin | on 16/8/08

good luck!

Kamisha Stephenson | on 16/8/08

I Love You.. Come and play in Jersey..Hope everything works out well with your shoulder.. Wish I could massage it.

David | on 15/8/08

When do you think your film on Darfur is coming out?
How is that commercial?

William | on 15/8/08

Hi T-MAC,i think in next season,if you and YAO are all keep healthy,you will be better than last season,rockets has BIG3 now,so Fighting!

Flora | on 15/8/08

tracy,you are always the champion in my heart,and i will support you forever!


Chan | on 15/8/08

T-mac,i hope you can win the next season. go T MAC GO

chuisi | on 15/8/08

hello T-mac,we call u “maidi” in China,and love u so much ,glad your body going well,hope u and yao win the championship ….....come on!NO.1

Flora | on 14/8/08

i am your Chinese fan!
first of all,i am very happy to hear that the rehab for your shoulder and knee is getting better and better!your know, this is what i have been worrying about``
second,i know that artesr is now a member of the rockets!itis really a goood news for all of us!with the help of him,i think the rockets will be stronger and stronger!and i believe you will be the champion!i am looking forward your perfect performence next season!
the last but not the least,you should take good care of yourself and have a good rest,i want to see a healthy T-mac!
i will support you forever!

by the way,if you have time,can you reply me?haha,i will be look forward of receiving your e-mail!

yours :Flora

joaquin leon | on 14/8/08

what do you thank about the team now [and how far do you thank the team can go?

Ray James | on 13/8/08

I was real excited to when i heard Ron Artest was coming. i wasnt big on artest before but once you in the same jersey as you, hes one of my favorite players. And that brent barry deal is huge too, that adds another threat from the arc. Whats this Darfur project you talking about? Is it a movie or a documentary? Or what? Any way im routing for you and the rockets and best of luck this year. Lets win it all!! Get well soon please!
Stay up and Stay black
Holla! Ray

RAY LEWIS | on 13/8/08


RAY LEWIS | on 13/8/08


Mike Ainsworth | on 13/8/08

Can’t wait to see what you can do with a player like Artest at your back. Man it’s about go off.

Much respect and admiration.

Keep up the hard work and bring one home for Houston, and yourself!

Just remember for the first time in your career you got a Tru Warier ready to fall for ya.

victorli | on 13/8/08

T-mac,i hope you have a goodplay at next season, and help Rockets to get good record in playoff!!

kj | on 13/8/08

hey cant wait to play boston,utah,san antonio,dallas and new orleans to finally get some payback

T-Mike | on 13/8/08

hi t-mac, im your #1 fun from philipines, i always watch your basketball games.. i really like your moves when drove the ball into the rim, and dunked it….. heheehehe dont know what to say!!but your my idol.. hehehe, hope next season you will became the mvp of the year and allstar mvp. and hope u get the big TROPHY.. tc. x.x.x.

秦一 | on 12/8/08

T-Mac u r so busy
u r the best

corey hudgins | on 12/8/08

I am very glad to hear that my favorite player does all he can to help the less forunate… for next season i’m pretty sure ur numbers will be 25.0ppg 5.0rpg and of coure 5.5-6.0 asp with about 1.5spg and a half of block to a block a game as well as a western conference meeting with who ever meets us there

Timothy Stafford | on 11/8/08

Yo!!!!!!!T-MAC!!!!!!YOU DA BEST!!!!!Im so glad that your healin from your injuries and that the Rockets got new good players on the team!!! I KNOW THAT THE ROCKETS OUR GONNA WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

Carlos Luo | on 11/8/08

Hey T-Mac, I know that u and the rockets will do terrific on the next season. #1 FAN

Natasha Hao | on 11/8/08

T-MAC,I haven’t seen you palying basketball for three months.
We all miss you so much
The next season,you three are also BIG3.You can also win the champion!!!

Idris Iversen | on 11/8/08

Hey T.MAC, it sounds really very nice to hear that your now 70%. It´s a good thing. I miss you seeing you on court and i just can´t wait to see you…
Hey T.MAC i made a video about you on youtube called “Tracy McGrady: No Matter what”
I would really appreciate it if watch it, it´s not the best video on youtube about you but it´s worth watching…
Thank you!!!

catherine-沈 | on 11/8/08

Hey T-MAC,I really hope you will have a successful NBA season with YAO and Artest.Good Luck!We will love you forever!It’s time to win the champion!

Darren | on 10/8/08

wats up t-mac let me just say fam you prove the doubters wrong everytime u step onto the court, and everytime i’m rooting for you guys to win. I just dropped by to show my support and to let you know i want us to go furher in the playoffs and win a championship just as bad as you do…get well i know all about them knee injuries i had 2 serious ones but rest up and work hard.

ida | on 10/8/08

hello tracy, i hope you will get well soon! =)
and i am here to support u..haha =p

Jose M Rodriguez | on 10/8/08

T-Mac, I want you to win that Championship and I want you to be ready and have that terdemination! I am more excited then you! IOI Well hope there’s great motivation!!!

mohammed | on 9/8/08

t-mac! i hope you get healthy very soon!! alot of people think that you are done for and you will never get out of the first round….i n the other hand still believe in you, been a fan since you were on the orlando magic…. just stay healthy and win games and sonn you will beceome a champion…

junyor | on 9/8/08

T-Mac good of the world and I am very much your fan cx expensive for me and the league’s best nba. dream to play very professional in ai states have 2.0 metrs 83/kg and I 1991. I am Brazilian selection of 91. you could pass me some tips of a large jgador like you, you and my face idolo. thank you very much.

Carlos | on 8/8/08

Hey T-Mac, man ur da best player on the planet. I was at the game when u scored 13 points in the final 30 seconds to lead the Rockets to a come from behind win against the Spurs. Wow that was the most amazing thing i had ever witnessed. Hope to see sumthing like that from you again in the NBA Finals this year. This is our year, GO ROCKETS.

FANG YIming | on 8/8/08

I come from China, you are my favorite players, the injuries I hope you can get better, next season win

derrick nwokorie | on 8/8/08

its a pleasure to meet u

ACE | on 8/8/08


Natasha | on 8/8/08

I am so happy that your shoulder and knee is going well ,and i will stand by your side forever.Just hope yuo can be happy nest season,and the nest season is for rockets,the most important is for you.COME ON!
You are my hero!!!

Jessica | on 8/8/08

Tracy,i am so happy that your shoulder and knee is going well.
Nest season is for Rocket,and is for you!

Will | on 8/8/08

Hey,Mac.It’s me who will be on your side forever.I like you .I enjoy watching you performing on your court.Come on,i really hope you will lead Houston Rockets to win the championship as you dream!Good luck~My brotherhood.

khay | on 8/8/08

yao+artest+scola+alston+barry+battier+brooks+landry+t-mac= championship ring in 08-09!!! hehehehehehehe!!! it’s time!!

savy | on 8/8/08

hey tracy, this is my first time writng to you, i cant explain to you how it makes me feel when i see you and all the guys having fun out there on the court, its a euphoric feeling for me, i love the houston rockets so much, i bleed red and white, next year is our year!!!!!

savy | on 8/8/08

im glad that everything is goin good with your shoulder and knee, and yes, i am VERY excited about the upcoming season, i say we just skip football, thats how excited i am haha, but on a more serious note, with you, ronnie, and yoa on the court, i dont see how we’re not a lock to win the championship, yes injuries may come into play but we are a much deeper team now, last year so much of the burden was on your shoulders, it wasn’t fair to you, but now we are loaded and before you know it tracy, you’re going to be sitting with a fat ring on your finger, but i also read that you are making a movie on darfur, FINALLY someone speaks out, i thought i was alone, i did a research paper on the atrocities going on in darfur and i was blown away, i would like to know more about your efforts there, you have been a inspiration of mine, you worked so hard to get where you are now, i used to play football until my dad pulled me, i was crushed, angry and mad, i didnt know what to do, but my 2nd love was always basketball, seeing you on the court makes me want to strive to be a better person in life, sorry if im writing you an essay here, this is my first time writing to you, if you cant reply ill understand, until next time, may god bless you…

Sunny Xue | on 8/8/08

t-mac,I’m very glad to be your fan,I’m very happy that you can have a happy vacation!Wish you can have a successful NBA season too!And I’ll spport you forever!
Good Luck!

khay | on 7/8/08

i dont think houston has a big 3…i think they have a fab 5!

Micah | on 7/8/08

Hey T-Mac, what up man? I want to wish you the Very Best this up and coming Season… You have been my Favorite since you came into the Lague. Man, I wish you could make a trip up to Idaho!!! We never get anyone Famous.. Ive never had the chance to see you play in person and I doubt I ever will be able to. Take care and I can’t wait for the season to Start! Peace out! Micah

Jordan | on 7/8/08

Tracy, you are the truth. I hope we(the Rockets) get you a ring this year and you retire with Houston one day. You’re #1 jersey wouldn’t look too bad up in the rafters with the other great Rocket digits: 34, 22, 23…1

annie | on 6/8/08

tmac…you are the hottest man on the planet. i am dead serious. brad pitt and george clooney have NOTHING on you. this is my first time to your site and its nice to see you’re just a regular guy who knows grammar.

maidu | on 6/8/08

Hi Tracy :I’m only 15 years old. but I realy love you,love playing basketball,love Houston rocket,also love Yao.I hope you to win the champion cup in the NBA. Just Do IT. I’m from China !!

heaven huang | on 6/8/08

T-MAC,I will support you forver !May be yOU have no the healthy body now.but l believe you have the strongest heart of championship!!!Now you are not alone,there are YAO and artast beside you!Hope you and Rockets will have a successful year!!!!!!!LOVE You Forver

Antwaun Dyson | on 6/8/08

I’ve been your No. 1 fan since you were in Toronto.Keep doing what you do Tracy and you guys are gonna be a lock this year!!! Go Rockets

十月 | on 6/8/08

Hoping to see you sometime~
I love you!!!

MAG | on 6/8/08


何于涵 | on 5/8/08

I’m your great fan!!!
i am from China!
All my family’s member are love you very much!
T-mac you are the best!

曾斌杰 | on 5/8/08

Why you do not participate in dream this year 8, we expect your performance all very much

Houston Rocketd | on 5/8/08

ARTEST YEAH BOY!!!!! PG Rafer SG T-Mac SF Artest PF Scola C Yao now that is good

CANER | on 5/8/08

hi t-mac u look like a so handsome . u like holiday ?:D

Rauson Columna | on 5/8/08


abdul mohamud | on 5/8/08

hey, t-mac im tryin to go 2 the league nd i need as much help as i can get it would be tight if u could give me some tips my coaches tell me im good but i want 2 get better im goin 2 the 9th grade. please reply bacc

winnie | on 5/8/08

I know I am so far away frow you! There is an ocean called Pacific between you and me !However I am still looking forward to seeing you , even though for only one time. Whatever happens,I still support you ,forever! I have a nice dream,please remember my English name-Winnie,please! Expect your reply-your faithful fan!

Winnie Xu | on 5/8/08

Hi Tracy, I know I am so far away frow you! There is an ocean called Pacific between you and me !However I am still looking forward to seeing you ,although for only one time ! Whatever happens,I still support you ,forever! And I am a Chinese girl,from the same country like your parntner Yao. Expect your reply-your faithful fan.

Adrianne | on 5/8/08

Hi T-Mac! it’s me again… sorry for the late comment =D

anyways, it’s good to hear that you’re having a good time this summer & it’s also nice to hear that your getting better & better.

I’m also excited about the Artest trade. I hope & I pray that it’ll work & this’ll be yours & the Rockets’ year! Can’t wait for the new season to start!

Good luck on your Darfur project! I’m excited to watch the documentary that you made.

take care & get well soon!

God bless you!

This is it for now. Until your next blog!

alfonso navarro | on 5/8/08

mr. mcgrady iam your biggest fan!!! thats good news about ur injuries there healing next year will be your year!!! tmac for MVP!!! have a happy summer! - alfonso your biggest fan! :D

维奇Vicky | on 5/8/08

Heyyy! T-mac! I am from China. But i love you better than Yao! haha! Love your duke, love your smile and love your calf!!! Hope you can stay healthy next season!!!!! Hope you could sand me an e-mail.([email protected]) thank uuuuu

yang fan | on 5/8/08

hey t-mac! how u doin? im from China.
u know what? i went crazy when i knew that ron will come 2 houston! im so excited! u yao artest barry battier skip scola! oooh its beyond my imagination! championship next season!
go rockets! go t-mac!

兰天妤 | on 5/8/08

Tracy,I`m your biggest fan from China.I`ll support you forever!!Come on!!

关晓奇/Edy | on 5/8/08

I hope your rehab is going great.I’m your chinese fan.In china many people love VERY VERY much.We all hope you and YAO will take the crown in next season.And we believe it can come true!

Junewong | on 4/8/08

I am happy after reading your article,I believe you forever.You are BEYOND compare!

鲸 | on 4/8/08

I loveyou T-MAC

whale | on 4/8/08

hi, tracy,i am your huge fan from are the reason that i love basketball…Keep going

Vitto | on 4/8/08

Hey T-mac! I’m your great fan! I’m from Italy! T-mac you is the best!!!!!

masoud | on 4/8/08

i love u tracy….....

Jaiden | on 4/8/08

Hey T-mac, i am a big fan of your game and love your commitment and drive to play ball, i really started to train harder and take a more serious approach to playing ball and becoming better not only on the court and to life thanks to you. I hope your rehab is going great and you become strong enough to bring home the nba championship this year, you deserve it. Keep playing hard T-mac. Good things will come to you in time. God Bless.. Jaiden

Leo | on 4/8/08

Hey T-mac!I am your biggest fan! I am an international student come from China~I am in LA now~I hope you can keep health paly with yaoming,and also hope Rockets to be the champion in next season! I wish you will give me an E-mail! Please~Thanks a lot!

Ahmed Elsaadi | on 4/8/08

Hey, I was just wondering about T-macs Rehab will his Knee and shoulder be fine for the beginning of the new season and will T-mac average 24-28 points per game? I hope he will be in the All-star game and get a championship with Ron Artest. Hopefully will get Mvp of the season, Mvp of Finals And Mvp of All-star Game

JJ-T-Mac's '#1' Fan! | on 4/8/08

ok i was wrong when i said last year was your year, but i’m not wrong this time when i say you cant not win!!!,rafer alston,Tracy mcgrady,brent berry,shane battier,ron artest, and yao ming!!!!, if boston can win it with 3 good players then you guys are undoughtably the best team this year with 6 amazing players, this is your year, its championship or bust!, so go out there and win, i cant w8 to watch you play, and i hope you can win it all this year, its up to you tracy, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ginubrian | on 4/8/08

Ron Artest and Barry! Championship this yearrrrrrrr yeah!

Dean | on 4/8/08

Hey,T-Mac.I am your chinese fan.Recently, I know that Atest will enjoy you as a fan of your team , I feel really happy.So I think your team will have a great time in the next season.
And I wish you will give me an E-mail. Come on T-Mac!!!!!

兰天妤 | on 4/8/08

t-mac ,love you so much !!And i will always stand by your side!!!Just hope you can stay healthy next season!!!!!come on!!!!

Wendy | on 4/8/08

love u,support u 4ever.~ wish u a better performance next seasons~! GO T-MAC~!GO ROCKETS~!

love01tmac | on 4/8/08

T-MAC,I am coming. Do you know,I am a Chinese girl. I am fourteen years old. You are the best, I believe you can do better, I will support you forever. I still can not master English very skilled, but to you, I willlearn English hard. come on! I am looking forward to the next season!

jill | on 3/8/08

Hey T-Mac, I am so excited about next season with Artest and you and Yao!! We are going to be the team to beat in the west! Can’t wait to play the Jazz!! Glad you are getting stronger and having a great summer, good luck this season.

lp | on 3/8/08

How happy come to here.You’re my favorite player Good luck

Tan Nguyen | on 3/8/08

Hey T-Mac!

Good to see your recovery from the injuries. I am elated to see you and the rockets in action this year, especially with the Artest trade. I HEAR CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!

Daniel | on 3/8/08

T-MAC you are my fav player i wanna be jsut lyk u wen i get to the nba or better then you

GOD bless

Tyler | on 3/8/08

T-Mac it’s great to hear that the rehab is going well. Hopefully you’ll be back and full-throttle when it comes time to play on the court. I am very excited about the artest move. I think a guy like artest who has a great all-around defensive game to go along with an explosive scoring ability like him is the missing piece of the championship puzzle for the houston rockets.

Rohanth | on 3/8/08

Supp Tracy?
I really hope ur injury goes away cuzi wanna see you back in action! You are and will be my favorite basketball star! Like… you have fans all over the world, Us (ofcourse), China, UK, India(i am from india!)and also in europe! Hope u have a great summer and train to be the MVP of the next season!

Youre veryyyy FAN
rOHANTH (a.k.a R-Mac)

yangfan | on 3/8/08

i really love u t-mac! hope u can do better next season! go t-mac! go rockets!

bingbing | on 3/8/08

Next season, your dream will be realized, refueling! Your son good lovely, I hope you are the most well-being of the Prince.

Hong | on 2/8/08

It is please to here that you are rehabing well. And with the great news of Artest taked part in Rockets, the Huston big3 will take the championship new seasion!

Wang junming | on 2/8/08

I am very very like you,you are the best on the basketball ground.Now yao ming coming back,you are going well.Next year,rockets is WORLD CHAMPION!

Allen | on 2/8/08


Have you heard anything about Steve’s (Francis) comeback… rehab? Man if he can get back to the player he was just a couple of years ago you guys are a lock.

Let me know somethin’

BILL-LP | on 2/8/08

How happy come to here .I’m your fans .I like rocket. I hope you will come true your dream quickly!!!

Liu Junhui | on 2/8/08

Hello Tracy
I am your fan.I like you very much.In my hometown many students like you. They buy you shoes and clothes.And I am one of them.
I am only 13 old years and I can just speak a little English.But I hope you will do better in the next season.
Best wishes

Storm | on 2/8/08

What amazing! T-Mac. Yet Ron will be your teammate ,and Yao’ll suffre from the illness .Everyone in Rocket is ready.I believe you will get the NBA 09-10 Champion!!Come on

Jacob | on 2/8/08

Hey t-mac,It’s good to see you are having a happy summer,i can’t wait for next season.i hope HOU will get the championship and i also hope that you can score more points,get more rebs,and pass more assists,and i wish you will never get injured.haha~

paul | on 2/8/08

t-mac is the best

Jason Lovette | on 2/8/08

Whatsup T-Mac,

My summer has been up and down. I was shot in the arm and got an $800 Watch that my grandmother got for me tooken. Now I can’t play in this Basketball tournament that’s coming up. The best part about my summer is me being alive, but enough about me.

Yeah man I knew I saw you in Florida! I thought it was just somebody that looked like you LOL! My little brother was like “yo I think that’s Mcgrady right there” I looked and was like naw that’s not T-mac he’s in Houston. So I didn’t bother driving over to see and be looking like an idiot if it wasn’t you. That’s cool that you’re out spending alot of time with your Family. But man I’m very excited about this coming season. I didn’t expect us to get Artest, hopefully we have three players in the Allstar game in Febuary. More importantly I hope the chemistry is right. Keep on getting better my man and be ready to go for the season. Later!

Angelika | on 2/8/08

Hi T-Mac

I just watched a video of Camp T-Mac, you were saying that you struggled….why do you put all of the weight on your shoulders? You should stop, cause you are the best in my book. You also mentioned that you guys were close last season, which I agree 100 percent. Then you said that everyone’s year will come if you stick with it and believe…well guess what this will be your year. That missing piece to the puzzle has finally arrived, and I know that you will be a great influence on Artest and keep the team hyped up. The media makes me so sick, sometimes. I am looking forward to you getting that ring and the respect you deserve as one of the greatest players that has ever played the game. I am desperately anticipating the upcoming season.
Go Rockets…it’s on for sure
Yours Angelika

li | on 2/8/08

i love you

rocket_fans | on 2/8/08

wish you a success in the comingf season!

Tyler | on 2/8/08

Do you think you will have any more camp and if so where and when i hope yall have a good season

Zhan Kaixuan | on 2/8/08

GO trycy.You and yao and can have a good team

chun king | on 2/8/08

Just soing with ROCKETS!
Believe yourself!
Then win the ALL GAMES!!!!

ALBERT GUEVARA | on 2/8/08


Michael | on 2/8/08

Fighting t-mac

PEGGY from Shanghai, China | on 2/8/08

You seemed to be really busy this summer. But I still hope T-mac you rehab well. Only in this way can you and Rockets have a successful season.

I’m busy as well this summer since Olympics is coming.

Good luck to you and Yao!

Eddie Harris | on 2/8/08

What’s Up Tmac!!.........Man I Just want to say get well soon and i hope that this is your year for u to finnally show the league what u are capable of and get back to that top 5 players list…which u are in my mind…But man im happy we got ron artest…Heres to staying healthy…god Bless

Dingjie Ma | on 2/8/08

I come from China,I like T-mac very much!My english is very poor!So,Can you give me e-mail?

Lin | on 2/8/08


Michael | on 2/8/08

Hey Tracy!I’m very happy to see you have a nice hoilday.When Artest came to rockets,I believe,you guys will make a wonderful season.And you must Believe yourself!!!You must believe yourself,believe your teammates,believe your coaches!!!And believe your family!They will give you the POWER!!Go Rockets!Go T-MAC!!!

Liang Jiawei | on 2/8/08

HI!TMAC!!I know the season will better soon,And I want to get a pair of shoes that belong to you,that is amazing!

Marvin Angelo Oloris | on 2/8/08

Whoa! What a busy summer for you. :) Have you tried going to beaches in Southeast Asia—especially in the Philippines? I bet you’ll have a wonderful time here.

shin | on 2/8/08

hi T-MaC,I’m from China ,i like you very much,i think you are the best player in NBA,and in China ,there are a lot of your fans . so i hope see you in Housten with Yao next season.

Best wishes for my favourite T-MaC


nie li hong | on 2/8/08

Hi, Tracy, I am your super fans from china, congratulation on you and your team for getting a great player. Yes, of course, I mean it is artest, you know.
So, are you ready for a big season from your body,and especially your mind and heart? I hope you have prapare well for it.
I have enjoyed your past highlight in recent days, I am still crazy for it. Comparing your past and now, there is a good suggestion for you, I really think it’s a good suggestion for success. The suggestion is that you should reduce you weight to restore your flexible action and explosive force, i thank reduction of 7-10kg of fats is enough on the basis of your weight of last season. Do you agree with me?
I hope you will promise me and you fans that you will accept it and take it come true.
I will waitting for your reply.

haoyu | on 1/8/08

Hi tmac! its good to hear that u are recoverying and i am really curious y donte green is being traded to scramento kings?

Really looking foward to the new season ahead!!!

何 | on 1/8/08

You are the best one
Come on Lead your team get a champion
i believe you can

nie li hong | on 1/8/08

Hi, Tracy, I am your super fans from china, congratulation on you and your team for getting a great player. Yes, of course, I mean it is artest, you know.
So, are you ready for a big season from your body,and especially your mind and heart? I hope you have prapare well for it.
I have enjoyed your past highlight in recent days, I am still crazy for it. Comparing your past and now, there is a good suggestion for you, I really think it’s a good suggestion for success. The suggestion is that you should reduce you weight to restore your flexible action and explosive force, i thank reduction of 7-10kg of fats is enough on the basis of your weight in last season. Do you agree with me?
I hope you will promise me and you fans that you will accept it and take it come true.
I will waitting for your reply.

Michael | on 1/8/08

Hi Tracy. I like you very much. I wish you a successful season and look forward to seeing you in NBA games with Yao and Ron! Wow, it is amazing!

LeoLiu | on 1/8/08

Hi T-Mac! My name is Leo.I am ur fan.I am a international student come from China! Right now I’m studying in LA.I want to say:I am very excited to see Artest join Hou,and also excited to see u and Yaoming play in next season! Go fight!I love Houston Rockets!

ray | on 1/8/08

Do well,T-mac,I expect you come back soon.Now we have our big3,I’m sure we have a great season.I love you.

nini Liang | on 1/8/08

I belive that you will have a prefet season

johnny | on 1/8/08

god bless your knees and back tracy.

shame for the guy name JOHN who asked computer from t-mac, what the hell are you thinking? you need anything you can ask from tracy, stupid, make your own effort to make money and buy.

cannot wait for the new season, artest, yao, battier, wow, what a team! it’s show time tracy, go for the glory you should have had long ago!

TTmic | on 1/8/08

Ron is coming.Hopefully I take is as a great boost and you work with him smoonthly.

Rox will go up.

Quiet | on 1/8/08

let’s go man we finally got what we needed now it’s t-mac for you to get what you deserve my brother CHAMPIONSHIP can you smell it b/c i can.

Brandon Greene | on 1/8/08

I hope you realize even tho you guys got Artest your still the best player on the your team actually the best player in the world. If you dont play like T-Mac from Orlando your still no getting out the 1st round at least in Orlando you were closer to every year. I think you don’t go as hard because you think Yao is the man when he’s not that great of a player when you realize he’s good and your great then you will get out the first, he doesn’t even show up in the playoffs he either scoring and not rebound or not scoring and cause massive turnovers, that why yall in 2007. If you play agressively your better than Kobe, Lebron, and Wade. I hope this Artest trade doesn’t make you more comfrontable to the point where you feel you can do less. I hope you read this yourself.

jones | on 1/8/08

tracy go get the title next season , you guys are also BIG 3 NOW , first round will never be a problem

Paul Pierce | on 1/8/08

See you in the finals b*tch…

I’m the best player in the world.

Diego | on 1/8/08

I hope you’re having a good summer, T-Mac. And it seems to be a good act in helping those poor people of Darfur, I’ll support you with that.

chasity clark | on 1/8/08

GO t-mac cuz im wit u!!! i can wait for next seasons i think yall have a good team for this up coming season!! i hope u stay in houston cuz dats been my team every since u got draft to them!! hold yo head up dnt worry bout ur haters cuz dey ur biggets fans and i know u gone give dem sum to hate on dis seasons remember haters make u better!! love u t-mac!!!

JJ | on 1/8/08

Hey T-Mac, I’m glad to here you are making progress with your shoulder and knee. I am alo very excited about this coming season. I beleive we can do great things if we can stay healthy for the majority of the year, most importantly the playoffs).You are finally going to have a team around you to help produce. Artest was a great move for us to make. I didn’t really want to see Donte Greene leave but it will help us win now. I’m glad to hear you are keeping yourself busy this summer, but dont’t overwork yourself with the injury’s. Keep us updated about Darfur as well. I beleive USA could win gold as long as we don’t get a big head cause we are owning these bad teams in our practice games. There are a lot of good teams that can compete with us, so we have to stay focused. What do you think of D Wades haircut. I think it looks funny.

P.S. Are you working on the T-Mac 7’s…Basketball is coming up and I need some shoes.

Lee | on 1/8/08

t-mac i miss you mane you shud have like a blog like gilbert arenas once in awhile you know.

john | on 1/8/08

hi T mac, Can you help our school with new computers. Please email me if you can and God Bless.

Oscar Luzardo | on 1/8/08

I am interesting in have information about future events or camps for kids

Peya | on 1/8/08

Hi T-MAC,my name is Peya,and I`m your biggest fan,for sure!I`m interested,are you going to stay in Houston,or go to Detroit?
I think it`s good to go in Detroit for Hamilton and Stucky,but not for Billups and Prince.
Here is the reason why I would like you to stay in Houston,you guys are Championship team,you got Artest,Barry and Dorsey.Those 3 guys is the best bench players in the league!
My thinking is,if you past the first round this year,100% that you will,you guys will win the championship for real,because I know you will be motivated big!
Please answer,I want to know your thinking about this!

anthony avalon Brooks AABJR | on 1/8/08

yo t-mac this is your boy . step it up this season . i m tired of my friends making fun of me because i think your the best. show them who u are . 21 points per game is not really helping either. but i won’t give up i know u will show the media and the fans the Orlando T-MAC not the season low t-mac. EVERY TEAM NEEDS A SUPERSTAR EVERY SUPERSTAR NEEDS A TEAM. PG- Alston SG- Mcgrady
SF- Artest PF- Scola C- Yao Bench - Shane, 55, Dorsey, Greene, A. Brooks

Sally | on 1/8/08

Excited about the deals, and believe you are the best. Come on.

tbigboi | on 1/8/08

yo thinkin about what your gear should be like for the new season..can u please go back to wearing the calf sleeve on your leg like u u use to do..thats your trade mark and you looked tight man…think about it

shenshixing | on 1/8/08

go rockets.t-mac,come on

mj | on 31/7/08

i just hope you can stay healthy t-mac..u got me worried..why are u becoming so brittle..u should still be in your prime..just let go and play hard next season t-mac..championship is staring u right in the face..but u gotta go get it….

James | on 31/7/08

I am glad you are doing well, I was trying to see why would they trade Green for Ron. Now that I set and think about it you would alot less presure on you.

Dennis | on 31/7/08

Hey T-Mac. Sounds like you had fun. Thats cool. And I also like the fact that your really caring about the people in darfur. Those people need major help and its good that you and deke are being one of many major parts of it. Also we got our third guy. I think we’re in the finals next year. I can smell the gold. Also have you heard of the war between you and Kobe? What do you think? I think your better not because of you being my favorite basketball player, but the way you play. I know you don’t care but I don’t like the fact that your not getting the respect you deserve. Its not right. But yea, hope you get better and we make this championship run.

Your #1 fan,

sean | on 31/7/08

t-mac man you better get out the 1st round this year and goo far into the playoffs. i know you guys got artest now and i believe you guys are the best team in the league right now. And i want you to score more and be dominant and aggresive just like you were in orlando man cause if your not then this team will not be good.

Diego | on 31/7/08

T-Mac my man what it do, keep rehabing that shoulder and let me also say that the Ron trade is a huge deal. Just imagine having to deal with Ron for 9 minutes, just when you think you finish here comes Shane. Keep up the work, you Number 1 in my mind.

Angelika | on 31/7/08

Hi T-Mac

Looks like things are finally falling in place for you. Glad you had a great summer. But even happier about the addition of Ron Artest. You guys are gonna rock Texas…awesome.I do believe that he is that missing piece to the puzzle….go Rockets. Can’t wait for tickets to go on sale. I will be ready to watch Rockets kick some major behind.Your children are very cute by the way. Well I hope that you will be 100% by the beginning of the season. But I do believe that you will not have to work as hard, so that will help you stay fit. What a squad you guys have. Unfreaking believable….

Good luck to you go get that ring that you deserve.

Later Angelika

Mike | on 31/7/08

It’s nice to see that you’re having a good summer. You’re my favorite player but I’m a suns fan. It looks like you guys got a good shot with the help of Artest this year. Good luck T-Mac