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Fri, Jun 6th 2008, 12:19

Tracy's Blog: Summer Update

Hey everyone out there!

Hows your summer going? Just wanted to check in and let you know what I’m up to. I’m rehabbing everyday and feeling pretty good. I’m getting stronger everyday and will be ready for training camp when it rolls around. My birthday was a few weeks ago too, and I want to thank all of you out there that sent me birthday wishes through my website. It’s feels great to have so many wonderful fans out there. To celebrate I took a boys trip down to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with my friends. I couldn’t do any water sports or anything adventurous but we still had a great time. I’ve got a few more trips coming up later this summer including a family trip to Hawaii and I’m also going to go to Miami and Vegas.

Other than that I’ve been laying low and spending time with my family. I saw the Chronicles of Narnia the other day with the kids and we all really liked it. Speaking of movies, I am setting up screenings for my documentary, Not a Game, and will keep people posted on what is happening with the project and how they can get involved. It’s exciting for me to be involved with something like this and I hope it can shed some light on the situation in Darfur.

That’s it for me. Everyone out there take care and have a wonderful summer.

-T Mac

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


rockets-lover#1 | on 1/12/08

Hey T-Mac i‘m really happy that your team plays like a CHAMPS =]… so I wanna see how Rockets get past the first round this year and then in the end you’ll be Champs. It’s really great Ron Artest gets your team season but I still think you’re number one in your team!! So if you’ll have a time write please on [email protected] or contact me on myspace thanks bye…

t-mac | on 1/12/08

Hi! come on you are the best!!

Faya | on 10/11/08

Hi!T-MAC!I’m your fan from China.IRockets have some talented players this seaseon.I hope you can be healthy in the whole season.And I hope you can help Rockets get the champion.I will be there with you for ever.Come on

weihangke | on 14/10/08


Even | on 10/10/08

We love you forever!!!

wuxiaojun | on 2/10/08

Now,I was busy with my high shcool life.So I think I’ll have little time to watch you paly basketball.
What a pitty~~~~~~~
I wish you get a good achievement in the new season.

michael | on 26/9/08

hi T-mac, i am a big fan of yours annd the rockets. i love the way you play… I love the combination between you and yao. Hope the adding of artest make the team stronger and better… Good luck for the new season!!!!


kaseifa | on 12/9/08

hi tracy.i am your chinese fan. best withed for you. i can’t wite until for see you in new season at tv.i hope i can see a stronger and healthy t-mac. Good luck~~~^_^

zhai | on 18/8/08

HI,T-MAC,You are the best player!.Have a rest.Good luck~

maidu | on 10/8/08

Hey T Mac Wats up just wanted 2 stop by and say I’m a big fan of yours and I’m so happy that Houston is getting Ron Artest man I already can’t wait until next season 2 see what Houston does maybe get out of the first round this year so holla when you get a chance alrite

Ambrose Adams | on 6/8/08


My name is Ambrose Adams but this is the first time I wrote on here. Yet I am a very big fan maybe the biggest lol. My favorite to teams in the NBA is Pacers and the Rockets. Tracy you are my favorite player so when you pick one of those team I have been hooked for the last 4 years. I look up every stat that come up and not making it out of the first round is not your fault the media’s not being far but I did know what you said this year. You always improve your play the week of the playoffs and you have been the most efficient player in the playoff in the during the first round. So I thank you for the work and prey you go injury free for the rest of your career.

-Ambrose Adams

felton champ | on 4/8/08

first i would like to say god bless you and your family for i am a family man myself. Do you think with the addition of Ron and Brett, will get us over the hump. I think with you,ron and yao (THE NEW BIG THREE) we will have one of the best teams in the NBA. I would like to know how you felt about getting R0N an Brett,and have you and Ron talked. Thanks alot and good luck 0n and off the court. (God Bless)

Wang Lan | on 4/8/08

You are the best player!

老二 | on 2/8/08


Bison | on 2/8/08

Hi,T-Mac,my name is Bison, one of the biggest fans of yours.I like you and Rockets very much,also like Yaoming,you two are the best players in NBA. I’m very glad to hear that Artest will join Rockets,that is wonderful, I hope you and rockets can get the championship next season.

杨赫 | on 2/8/08

Tracy,how is it going?You are good, I am a Chinese basketball fan, my this year 16 years old. I from the Chinese Liaoning. Since 2006, I started to pay attention to you, your competition good splendid. You knew that has many people in China to like you. I really good wants to play the basketball together with you, but I knew that this is impossible. In brief, I will forever support. Refueling!

David Semien | on 31/7/08

Hey T Mac Wats up just wanted 2 stop by and say I’m a big fan of yours and I’m so happy that Houston is getting Ron Artest man I already can’t wait until next season 2 see what Houston does maybe get out of the first round this year so holla when you get a chance alrite

Cisy | on 31/7/08

Hi,it’s a long time I don’t see you .How are you?I miss you very much.Rockets will have some talented players next seaseon.I hope you can get on well with them.And I hope youcan help Rockets get the champion.I will be there with you for ever.

heqiang | on 30/7/08

I’ll always be there for you!

Joe | on 30/7/08

I live in San Antonio I was stationed here with the Air Force and get bashed over the head for being a rocket fan in San Antonio. Your a great player keep rehabbing…

Congrats on Artest there’s your third star.

Give’em Hell,


Andrew Jones | on 30/7/08

ey T-Mac u da bomb.
keep ballin nd eventually ur hard work will pay off.
nd eff all them haters like i always say ‘‘people who hate dont know how to appreciate.’‘ U KNOW
damn so when u come down to staples center i want u to knock the SHITTT out of kobe nd pao. show them wssup.
Nd its cool wat u doin wit darfur damn i give u big ass props 4 dat. we did a darfur wk at my school.
Do wat u do cuz tmac is bavk U KNOW peace

沈芬 | on 30/7/08

I am a Chinese fans. Since 2006, I would like you! In my class, many people like you. We hope that you will overcome all difficulties, the success of the next season.Just like a saying ‘Impossible is nothing’.I’ll aways be there for you.I wish that you can enjoy your self with your family during this summer.

meredithyu | on 29/7/08

TRACY!GO ON!you are the best!beleive yourself!beleive your game!

David Semien | on 27/7/08

Hey T Mac wats up i just want 2 ask you have you even been 2 the Tournment of Stars in Lake Charles, Louisiana cause I want 2 invite you 2 come. If want some information it will be Augest 8 though Augest 10 so if need direcation 2 get here my cell number is 337-884-5519 just want 2 invite 2 come and spend time with the people here and come get some Louisiana cooking so call me anytime if you want 2 come.

Zak Miller | on 27/7/08

Hey T-mac i was wondering would you go back to the Orlando Magic, we need you man. Think about. COME BACK TO THE MAGIC.

JC | on 25/7/08

Hey T-Mac, how’s the rehab goin? Hope you get well so we can kick some ass this year! I just can’t wait to play Utah and see Boozer get checked into the first row when he tries to back that fat ass up on ‘Ray Lewis’ in the paint. Oh and nevermind what those haters out there say. They are a dumb few, and they ain’t true fans. (They’re only uptight, cuz the only lovin they get is by themselves in front of the computer when mom n dad ain’t home.)
We’re gonna have a great season and rock the playoffs! (Miss Cleo told me so)
Ur an inspiration on and off the court, and I wish u all the best,

Luis Soto | on 25/7/08

whats up mcgrady… glad to hear your rehab is going well!! i know you guys are due for a full healthy season! ive been a die hard rockets fan since i can remember… i watched my boys olajuwon and drexler bring a title to clutch city… i know you and yao have been great to the city of houston and are both working out hard for a successful 08- 09 season!! i love the city of houston and my ROCKETES!! i wish you guys the best!! enjoy the rest of your summer… STAY HEALTY!!

much love


James Coburn | on 25/7/08

whats up tmac my name is james and im from st.louis Im a big fan my fav team is the who ever u play on. i really want u to go to detroit and get out of the first round so u can get the props u deserve it cool thou u still my nigga

Napoleon Ware | on 24/7/08

I luv ya game man. If u ask me, alot of people have a taken from it, including the alleged best player in the league. But, I noticed your perimter shooting and freethrows have dropped a bit. I personally think your release has changed a bit over the years, I popped in a old game and saw the difference. And you probably should loosin up a bit in your freethrow routine. BUt aside from that, do it big this year again, 50+ games should be recognized.

Johnny Harmon | on 24/7/08

What is the best drill to work on your shot?

cross | on 24/7/08

yow there t-mac!

wats up man! how you doin? you know you are my idol in the nba when i reminisce the first time i saw you playing i just cant beleive that someone like you is in the NBA and to tell ou frankly it came up to mew that kobe is not the best player in the game. you dominated everyone in ur orlando days even through in houston u sacrifice ur stat just for having a shot in the championship but i tell you man if you play like u usually play like in orlando and have your crew here in houston with yo ming man you have all the pieces to have the championship. im one of your very loyal fans here in the phil. i’ll support you man you are my champion! always take care and always destroy your opponents hehe

kevin | on 23/7/08

Hey Mr.McGrady,
you are the best player i have ever seen i hope to become nearly as good as you

Anthony | on 23/7/08


I’m your #1 fan in DC! I watch every Rockets game on NBA League Pass - and only the Rockets! When you are in town, I go to the games.

I’d like to see you stay in Houston and win a championship with Yao and Shane. With a healthy roster, Houston will dominate this year. Keep being the best “all around” player in the NBA!!!

We’ll never forget: 13 points in 35 seconds to beat S.A.!!!!!!

Hunter | on 23/7/08

I’m not sure if the fans have anything to do with you staying in Houston or not but I can’t think of anyone in Houston that wants to see you leave… especially to Detriot. ESPN said you just want to be on a team you can win on, and you have a good opportunity here. We don’t want you going anywhere Tracy. Bring it home!

WasTSky | on 22/7/08

We love you!!!

jon | on 22/7/08

I feel that when you are healthy and if you played with the fire that you had during the 04-o5 and 05-06 playoffs against the Mavs during the whole season, that you are basically unstoppable. So, at 100% do you think you will be able to play with the fire, the WHOLE SEASON, that you had during the 04-05, o5-06 playoffs and take Houston to the promise land?

Phenom | on 22/7/08

What up T-Mac?I see people are putting words in your mouth about you going to Det.Well don’t go.If we traded you, who would be my fav player?Rasheed Wallace?(Crybaby Wallace).I know you’re not going anwhere though.It would kill me if you left.Anyways keep chillen in yout maninson and keep it real.


Mathias | on 22/7/08

Tracy Mcgrady you are The best at helping people and also i think you are the best in the NBA. Your journey in the NBA really inspire me because even though you haven’t gotten out the 1st round and u get injured every season you still continue to come back and never give up and i really appreciate that. I know if you win a NBA title it will mean alot to you but i wanted you u to know it will mean alot to me too

ken | on 22/7/08

Mac, you are the one in our heart.I belive you can

DeAndre Mosley | on 21/7/08


Josh Hughes | on 21/7/08

T-Mac dont leave Houston we need u hear i am yo biggest fan i come 2 the gmes just 2 see u play dont leave stay if u r going 2 stay type back saying dat u r not leaving please we all need u

Francis Hua | on 20/7/08

Please do not leave Houston, if not for Yao being injured last year, I think the Rockets would advanced much deeper into the playoffs. I thinks you should play with Houston for the rest of your career and I REALLY BELIEVE that you and Yao could win a couple of championship together right here in Houston!!!
If you think Detroit is a better team right now, w/out Chauncey and Prince, they’re nothing!!!

Michael Zeng | on 20/7/08

I wish you will play for Houston foe ever!We all like your games!

Michael | on 20/7/08

Hi-Tmac.I wish you will have a great season and get the NBA FINAl’s MVP.And Best wishes for your family!

Brenda | on 19/7/08

Hello Tmac,

I’m glad you are doing great and take good care of youself.

Love You,

Wanky | on 18/7/08

The sun is just rising in the morning of another day.What can I wish that this day may bring me? Nothing at the expense of other man,but just those few things which in their coming do not stop me but tough me rather,as they pass and gather strengh. I wish that you can bring us a sight of the eternal hills,and the blue sea stretching to the horizon,and of something beautiful which the hands of you have made. There can only be one.I deeply wish you can be the only one. Be brave and allow the true sunshine to take place by radiating out from your heat and into your life and the lives of the fans who are around you! Once I standed for all of your fans in our club wrote a letter to you,and we waited for a long time.But you didn’t reply us,we knew you were very busy at that time.SO I wrote a second letter.But we were still disappointed. However,we still love you.You not only belong to youself,but all of us.Cauld you tell me your address where just you can recerive the letter. 加油,麦迪!你可以拯救火箭,你可以拿到总冠军

Richie Altemari | on 18/7/08

T-Mac pleaseeee dont go to detroit!!!! houston will be done without you to carry us! you know you have a better chance of going all the way with a healthy yao, not to mention rafer at point, carl coming back off of his rookie season, and brent barry from the outside. you have all the pieces this year. PLEASE DONT GO TMAC!

Bob Wilson | on 18/7/08

hi .dear T-Mac. I am your fan from china.Wish you a wonderful summer vacation and please sent my sincere wishes to your children and wife.
cheer up.Everyone here expect you to lead Rocket to the final series.I am fully convinced that you deserve the are my hero and idol.

derek | on 18/7/08

I am boy from China, I have just graduated from university, I am pursuing my dream now.I am not tall and not good at basketball,but I like it very much.I like you, you are my super star. I am proud of you, I worship you strong and indomitable spirit, and I hope I can do what you do.This is my first English letter,I konw my English is not well,but I just want to talk with you ,just like you.Best wish for you and your family! looking for your letter,Thank you! Derek.

Justin Harris | on 17/7/08

I feel u on the trip thing, everyone needs a time off once or twice, or however many times u feel pleased to do so. But I just wanted to say I support u if u stay in hou or det. I like what hou did in the draft and det is det. Ur a playmaker and having bonefide allstars w/u will only prove to the world how great u are. People easily 4et how u DOMINATED the eastern conference back during ur orl days by urself. Man u never really had help. Not bos, la, sa, dal, det kinda help. So do whats best 4 u and ur family. Much support, Justin.

James Jarjosa | on 16/7/08




舍长 | on 15/7/08


Tracy | on 15/7/08


chris brown | on 14/7/08

I have been a Rockets fanand besides since 1983,
and besides our championship years,the greatest day
in Rocket history was when you were brought here!
Stay healthy and ignore the idiots who think the Rockets
would benefit by trading you.The day that happens is the day I quit ridin’ with the Rockets.

zhuoxiao | on 14/7/08

Please take good care of youselves

EMMY DE LEON | on 14/7/08

t mac im your biggest fan and trust me when i sat this if you play like you use to play with the magics the rockets can win the nba final you was the best player bro you can do this ask my family i cry wen you loose and im 14 years old lets go rockets

T-MAC狂热 | on 14/7/08

麦麦 加油厄 我们麦苗永远SUPPORT你!!!!!!

李扬 | on 13/7/08

come on! t-mac !i think you are the one .you can save rocket
i believe you can do it

陈丹 | on 13/7/08

come on tracy

Mchael Senfuma | on 13/7/08

sorry that i did not tell u happy birthday i have just been working as hard as you on my basketball this summer and i ahve been getting a lot better also well talk to ya later bye

lesty | on 13/7/08

TMAC-1 = 1 of a kind..YO Tmac i hope this year our houston rocket team will be lucky no injury to all players of houston rockets. you can do it.

王超 | on 13/7/08

麦迪!要加油!TRACY!GO ON!You are always in my heart!Please bleive your dream will come ture!Your eyes are so beautiful!

王超 | on 13/7/08

Hey!Tracy,you are the Nomber One in my heart!You are so perfect!Hope you have a wonderful summer!You well be stronger in the future!GO ON!

xiaole | on 13/7/08

you aer best in my heart.

Joe | on 12/7/08

MAC! Glad the rehab is going well, I’m your biggest fan and support you all the way big time! I’ve been hearing alot of trade rumors about you coming to Detroit, what do you think about that? Your in a good spot either way, but you with rip, sheed, stuckey, and Dyess would be SWEET!!!! Your a HOF player and I can’t for next season. What’s up with a jersey when you come to Detroit, whether your with the visiting team or a Piston? Let me know man, I’ll be down on the floor as always when you come to town!

王树 | on 12/7/08


Maria | on 12/7/08

T-Mac,I’m your Chinese fan.My name is Maria.I’m 11.My E-mail adress is [email protected] you have QQ?If you don’t know it, you can ask Yao.He may know. If you don’t have it,you should build one.Becase in China,it’s a kind of contact way.What nationality are you?Are you American? Someone says you are Italian.In 2008playoff, you couldn’t enter the second round again. It doesn’t matter.You are the NO.1,right?Belive yourself,you can do it!!!I will support you forever.At last, welcome to China,welcome to Beijing.0

Maria | on 12/7/08

T-Mac,I’m your fan.In 2008playoff, you couldn’t enter the second round again. It doesn’t matter.You are the NO.1,right?Belive yourself,you can do it!!!I will support you forever.At last, welcome to China,welcome to Beijing.0

aaron | on 12/7/08

hey man i just wanted to let u know ur one of the best players in the game today. no matter what anyone says ur the man. stats speek louder the words, u got the stats. thank u for all uv done for houston and 2008-2009 is ur year. one.

Edward Li | on 11/7/08

T-Mac!You are going to make it to the Finals next year, so don’t be stressed!Take out all the people that stands in your way, and good luck while trying to rehab yourself.
(Score 100 pts to prove people that you still got the champ in you)

jr | on 11/7/08

t-mac, i am a HUGE fan!! and i just wanted to bring out that you do everything possible for this team (rockets). i mean come on yall went up and played the jazz WITHOUT YAO!! and yall still pushed it to six games. and in the last game you scored 40 points! theres not much more to ask of you. so keep it up and hopefully bring a championship to houston next year!!

Blink | on 10/7/08

Hey TMAC! 32.6 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 7.2apg, thats all you need! bring back the BEST TMAC we had ever seen…

xie jun | on 9/7/08

MVP~~T-mac,I love you

Zion | on 9/7/08

Hey Tracy you know are the guys cannot be stopped just come on
and do whatever you can!!!

wuchao | on 8/7/08


J Sos | on 8/7/08

Hey T-Mac this is my first time leaving you a message but I was wondering if you have ever been asked to play for the olympic team? If not it’s a crime. I think your play making and ability to get teammates involved could really be used with all those scorers. Also your outside shooting is something they say they need. Anyway just wondering.


mohammed khan | on 7/7/08

hey t-mac, i amone of your biggest fans! i know probably alot of people say that but i truly mean it! i think the only thing that i notice about what you did differently in orlando and houston is that in orlando, you were much more aggressive, i think you should drive to the hoop more and dunk on people!! i always hear people saying that tracy is done, but i say you will get out of the first round and you will hopefully win a championship! stay healthy!

RodCee | on 6/7/08

T-Mac, You guys have a good team that’s capable of winning a round or two in the playoffs, but I think you guys need a more offensive fire power. Ya boy Vince would be perfect. I seems like when players cross the 30 year old mark they get more serious about winning a championship. Adding Vince to the starting lineup moving you to the 3 and Battier to the bench with a healthy Yao, would make you guys unstoppable. Push Big Dawg!

张京 | on 6/7/08

Come on,t-mac!!! You’re the No.1 forever~~~

ibraheem nadeem | on 5/7/08

man…t-mac i just dont know what to ur BIGGEST FAN!! i was gone to mall of america looking for your jersey and all the stores i went to i couldent even find currently still lookin:P..anyways wish you all the best and good luck!

-ur biggest fan (ibraheem nadeem)

Ting He | on 5/7/08

Everything goes well!

Sheena | on 4/7/08

Hey Tracy, just wanted you to know that you do a terrfic job and your one heck of an all star, I leave so many comments and never see them posted and wonder if you really check them but it’s ok, I’m always a fan. Goodluck this season and I wish you and your team all the best, your a blessed individual who have many more blessings to come by the strength of your confidence.


LuWei | on 4/7/08

Stay at Houston with Yao,I believe that you guys will be successed next term! Have a great time,Tracy! we love ya !

Riko | on 4/7/08

I’ve completely created my game based off of Tracy. My dream is to play alongside him in a couple of years. He’s my role model my hero and motivation all wrapped into one best thing to happen to Houston since Hakeem. No matter what the critics say Tracy’s the ultimate warrior and leader.

Denis | on 4/7/08

Hi T-Mac! I write to you from far Kaliningrad! From all your fans in Kaliningrad(Russia) and from me, I Wish you to have a rest successfully! P.S. I wrote by means of the translator =)

Kentrick Landry | on 4/7/08

I’ve been a season ticket holder now for the last 3 years and can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it. T-Mac I really admire everything that you have done for kids with your organizations and also for what you do for the people in Darfur. God Bless you and your family and see you in the 08-09 season. Good Luck and stay positive.

P.S. Never look at what someone says about you, as long as you know that at the end of the day you gave it your best, that’s all that matters. You can’t please everyone.. I will always be a fan of T-MAC. Take care.

陈丹 | on 4/7/08


yuyang | on 3/7/08

hey T-mac..will u read these comments yourself?
i just think maybe your too busy,, but take it easy and always enjoy your time!
well i know we fans always say i love you to you,but sometimes i think what it stands for…
it is a strong emotion towards you,a appreciation,a pure love.but i feel i can do nothing for you.especially when i sit in front of TV,seeing your tears,your great efforts but in vain at last,i feel the so-called love is too weak to give u any is hopeless time…but deep inside,we do have the emotion though we can NVER make ourselves known or seen by you.
this is a pretty cruel reality that we have to face.
but anyway anyhow,i just wanna tell you the emotion deep inside will never gone..
take care sweety

Devonte Harrell | on 3/7/08

The Rockets really talkin about trading u its not on u if they trade u because of the first round thing then they need to trade Yao Ming too

Victor Bonoan | on 3/7/08

T-Mac…..Glad to hear that your rehab is going well. It’s funny, I just got back from Cabo last night. My girlfriend and I went for five days. Cabo is a beautiful place, the water is a little cold, but you get used to it after a few minutes. In my own opinion I think all of these trade rumors should be kept to the media. Fans should just be fans. I am a die hard Rockets fan and have been since my dad used to take me to the Summit here in H-Town (Now Lakewood Church). I would suggest just keeping your focus on getting healthy and enjoying your time off with family and friends which it seems you are doing great at. T-Mac, just know that me and everybody I know who are real Rockets fans and T-Mac fans have faith in you guys as a whole and as individuals. Let the haters be haters while you rise above and just be T-Mac. Get well soon Bro….

Tyler Adkins | on 2/7/08

u r the best ball plyer i have ever seen and i have looked up to u since u started with the raptors i wanna go to one of ur games but i cant afford so i am sving up and i might get to go

p.s. i love wat ur doin for the kids in need

刘涛 | on 2/7/08


Jessica Hao | on 2/7/08

Tracy,i have not seen your game for a long time,i am missing you very much,how your summer going? i think you are so happy because you have much time to stay with your family,right?
take care of yourself and have a good time.

xiaoming zhao | on 1/7/08


Praim Persaud | on 30/6/08

Hi! T

Glad to hear that you are chilling out and taking your rehab seriously. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and do spend all the quality time with your kids - they are all a guy has - his family.

I hope one day I will get tomeet you. The 2 picks looks good - hope they can add to the team- next season -lets hope it will be yours - finally.

GOD Bless - son enjoy your peace and quite.


homeboy | on 30/6/08

hello tracy have a good time! Wish your team will be the champions next year

Vusa Mhlanga | on 29/6/08


I know you hear this alot but I truly am one of your best fans. Every year for basketball I only by T-Mac shoes, I wear #1 because my birthday falls on August !st, but also because you wear it. I try to represent you and play like you.

It’s ok you didn’t make it to the 2nd round. I got faith in you. Next year man.

Hope to hear from you


TJ | on 29/6/08

Do You Really Wanna Play For The Hornets???

Jak | on 28/6/08 are best!!
i love you ~~~~~~

quang | on 27/6/08

i heard you were going to be traded to the detriot pistons. Is that true?

Kenzako Astwood | on 27/6/08

i think you should come to The Turks and Caicos and chill out men we love you hear…

姚莉(Yao Li) | on 27/6/08

麦: 我爱你……真的很爱你,期待下赛季的你。我们的暑假也快开始了,我们要一起好好利用假期的时间,你一定会变得很强。我们的麦迪会以最好的姿态迎接下赛季,呈现在每个人眼前。让那些质疑你的人闭嘴。come on!Tracy Mcgradyo(∩_∩)o…

Jamel82 | on 26/6/08

Man tracy!! get a trade son even if you dont get traded yo time gon come like KG’s and Ray allen. See how the trade worked out for the best for them. Im not even gon say even if you dont win a ring cuz you is and just have the passion for the game.
“22 game win streak”

tancym | on 26/6/08

Houston needs you,come on tmac!!!!

cai wei fu | on 25/6/08

As for fans T-Mac had a great time ,so we are pretty happy . T-mac is getting stronger everyday .Thus i also begain my plan that is about body’s trainning.Because it has always rained recently in zhuhai ,i can’t playing basketball outside. best wishes to you . take care .

victor | on 25/6/08

spending time with family!share the happyness of life!good!!!!
T-mac you are the best basketball player in my heart! i admire you !i love you !I believe you can be better znd better next season!come on !you and rockets!!!!

umar baig | on 25/6/08

sup tmac to bad you couldn’t make it too the 2nd round but hey there’s next season! When im in the nba im going to be just like you …. of course i need some im provement. Go tmac and happy birthday sorry i gave your happy birthday a little late!

Angelika | on 25/6/08

Hi Trae
Hope everything is going well for you. I guess a lot of fans don’t realize that it is not up to you whether you will be traded or not. But I agree with everyone when they say that Houston would be stupid to let you go…you are the star of that team. Yao would have made a difference in the playoffs, but with him in the line up you guys would not have made history, 22 in a row. So either way you are and always will be a champ. Second all time leading scorer in playoff games, that is pretty impressive. Well I really do like the Rockets, but if you will leave I’ll follow your game and cheer for you wherever you may go. All you guys need in Houston is that one missing piece to the puzzle….I hope GM will be smart and make the right choice.
Yours always…..Angelika

Jennifer Rosen | on 25/6/08

Are you offering any more basketball camps? I am so disappointed that I missed this one, my son would LOVE this!!

Dohmoenike | on 25/6/08

i want to come to your camp

coco.zhang | on 25/6/08

come on ,MAN,,,~!1 always believe u . always abet u . never give up .ok?

khasiem | on 24/6/08

t-mac the best in the league

王毅超 | on 24/6/08

best wishes to you good luck

你是我前进的动力 你是我力量的源泉 支持你 T-MAC

A-1 | on 23/6/08

T-Mac real talk my dont need a ring or trophy 2 be a champion…remember that..

Donald | on 23/6/08

yooo t-mac wuz up man ur the greatest i been following u ever since toronto the 2008-2009 season is ours lets do it

Gelvin Masalta | on 23/6/08

thats good to know tracy
i got scared when you walked into the b-ball camp with you arm in that sling, but you alright! I like those team signatures you gave out they look tight..
hundred bucks saying you and the team will beast this season and take home the championships
never leave the rockets man!

姚莉(Yao Li) | on 22/6/08

No matter where you go ,we will follow you!
Tracy ,be happy ,wo all love you >

Sam Darley | on 22/6/08

I am thrilled to hear you say that you are feeling better, get better and stay cool for summer

Houston Rockets | on 22/6/08

TMAC to the Pistons? Well that won’t be bad, but I read this article and they said T-Mac might get traded to the Pistons, Knicks, Bulls, Nets, TMAC stay in Houston

Jennifer | on 22/6/08

T-mac it is great to hear that you are doing great. But please tell us die hard Rockets fan that the detroit trade is not true. If houston rockets trade you it will be the biggest mistake in the NBA worse then the Shaq trade. Please stay with the Houston Rockets.

We love you.

tacia | on 22/6/08

Hey ,my idol.I am so happy that you like the film as i like it very much .why don’t you come to China for twatching Olympics?I am looking forward to your trip to Beijing.Best wishes!

Loretta | on 21/6/08

T-Mac please do not ask for trade. All Rockets need is another consistent shooter. This was the best year that we have had in a long time. Before the injury of Yao we were on our way. You kept the Rockets in playoff after Yao’s injury so that should let you know right now how valuable you are. Do not listen to all the crap that people are saying. As far as KB is concerned well now they see that Boston shut Kobe down too and he wasn’t able to score in 4th quarters at least not enough to win championship. They took him out of his element. No team has ever taken you out of your element. I like it how you are able to shoot over your opponent. Hell they should trade Yao instead of you if they are going to trade anyone. I would like to see both of you stay but I would like to see the Rockets play quicker without Yao. Of course let me reiterate that I do like Yao and his inside presence was truly missing against several team matchups. Your fans are pleading that you stay in Houston. You should finish your career here in Houston. Who’s to say that leaving will get you a championship with another team? Anyway, we love what you have done for Houston. You are the most exciting and talented player in NBA. Love ya!

moulik | on 21/6/08

tmac enjoy your summer i no its upsetting about getting eliminated man but you had no yao or rafear yall were a chanpionship team but the rockets just need to add one more just one more guy and well be good we are just gonna have to find out this summer

Joyce Liu | on 21/6/08

It’s very great to hear something of U.And I want ask a question:what’s your idea on trading?The rummor is everywhere.In fact,whereever U go is OK,because whereever U are,U are still the one!Come on!

Ben | on 20/6/08

you are bast good!!
you are basketball dead~

Danny Herrera | on 20/6/08

TRACY...whens your new shoe coming out they look sick..and you CANT leave us here in houston..we have everyone coming back healthy next season..dont go!!

姚洁 | on 20/6/08

Pretty good to see you are in good health.
Have a good time in summer.
We support you forever.
By the way,I have to study all through this summer for my graduating examination
It must be the busiest holiday i have had

Jason Lovette | on 20/6/08

T-mac this is Jason from Orlando man, What’s up with this speculation about you being traded to Detriot man. If that is true dude Houston is stupid, they don’t realize that you guys are just 1 good player away from winning big. Man if Houston don’t want you don’t go to detroit man it won’t be nobody over there that will compliment your game well. Come on back to Orlando and play with Dwight the way it was supposed to be in the first place. John Weisbrod is gone for good now man we’ll love to have you back in Blue.

mike | on 20/6/08

Have a great summer tmac, coz you deserve it

love tracy | on 20/6/08

very long not to see you .miss you very much! hope you have a healthy body to continue your career.maybe next season you will win the MVP and the rockets will be the champion team and please believe it !

shisi | on 20/6/08

Tracy I hope you have a good summer and do what you gotta do. I hope next year the Rockets make it to the Finals and win and you are named Finals MVP

Martha Thornton | on 19/6/08

Hello T-Mac, I think that you are the greatest to ever play the game. Realize who you are and the God given talent that you have and you will win a championship with the Rockets. Please don’t leave Houston, we need you. You are unstoppable and you have to embrace that on the court. God bless you and the family and happy belated B-Day.

王建衡 | on 19/6/08

Come on,Tracy!You can do it,the next seaon’s mvp belongs to you,and the rockets will go further in the following season.I believe!

汪一松 | on 19/6/08

You are the best forever!

姚莉(Yao Li) | on 19/6/08

My love ,T-MAC!What about your holiday?I think you are happy now .you and your family !The 2008 NBA is over,next year ,I believe your Houston Rockets will be the Champion !My love o o…o(∩_∩)o…

周东义 | on 19/6/08

Hey..tracy how you doing..i’m your are my favorite basktball player..haha i come form china..i’m thinking of you reason and playoffs is you and your team…. oh sorry i forgot it you have a wonderful summer..

derek | on 18/6/08

hey trace- there has been much talk about a possible deal to detroit. the scenarios seem somewhat logical as far as deal. you would most likely be in a lineup with stuckey, rip, you, sheed, and antonio. houston would not look bad with billups and prince. that detroit lineup seems much like a championship lineup with you involved to edge boston. are you oppose to any of these talks and i know the nba is a buisness but are you up to be a superstar in detroit if the roads lead to it?

MacMan89 | on 18/6/08

Detroit??? really T-MAC u r a Rocket for live and will always be number 1 no matter what ESPN say, you will be strong come next season and so will Yao so don’t worry you still have your time to shine. Plus, KG NEVER was apart of a 22 game win streak like you were one ring doesn’t mean a thing.

HOUSTON ROCKET FOR EVER AND RETIRE AS A ROCKET ( you still have alot of juice in you how bout 50 points in 12 mins)

Much Respect

AntMan | on 18/6/08

T Mac,
I’m in the army so you know the only thing we do is play video games. I’m currently in Iraq. I think your the greast player I ever seen play. yes I seen Air Jordan play. I’m 30 years old. I have two questions 1. Do you play 2K08 on xbox? The only team I play with is Houston. They only have you rated as 93 but people say the gane is creating when I play with you because you unstoppable, like in real life 2. Do you fill like not getting out of the first round is over rated? Because I do every time someone tell me that I ask them, “How many times did Kobe get out of the first round without Shaq or Paul Gasoul” answer none. Please hit me up at [email protected] I’m from FL also, Arcadia. The first time I saw you play was when you played for the Rapters. I think you got a couple of mins or something. I told everybody then you will be a great player.

SGT Anthony Patrick
but you can call me Ant

Manuel Salazar | on 18/6/08

Tracy i hope you have a good summer and do what you gotta do. I hope next year the Rockets make it to the Finals and win and you are named Finals MVP. Your my favorite basketball player i love watching you play you inspire me to try my best and leave it all in the court when i play basketball. My birthday was a day after yours May 25, i hope to see you one of this days the will be the best day of my life and hopefully i go and see you play live courtside. Have a great summer and get healthy.

John cabral | on 18/6/08

T-mac dont worry about anything rest up spent time wit the fam and then hit training camp and make the rockets proud dont get traded all heathy huston is a champion sip team wit all improved scola, battier, alston, landry, yao, t-mac of course and bobby and steve wettin J’s not only out of the first round but sraight to the finals WE CANT BE STOPPED!!! be strong

SouthsideHtown | on 18/6/08

T-mac, I call in the houston sports show when they try to hate on you and remind all of the great things you have done since being here and there is no doubt in my mind if you get that 3rd superstar on our team like garnet and pierce have with ray allen, this team is unstoppable.. keep up the hard work!

rocket~ | on 18/6/08

L like HOUSTON ROCKET and T-MAC~~ l hope you play basketball more and more better~` come on ~`l am crazy zbout you ~`

rocket~ | on 18/6/08

l like houston rocket and T-MAC..l hope you play basketball more and more better in NBA ~~l like you forever~~come on

T Wright | on 17/6/08

T-Mac you the best i base my game off you.

Evert(ET) | on 17/6/08

Tmac have a wonderful somer and i hope 2008/09 NBA season is Rockets season ;)

koby starman | on 17/6/08

hey t-mac I am a big fan. have fun this summer and go for the NBA title next year. bye.

LIBAN | on 17/6/08

t-mac i know ur father and first i want to say happy fathers day
second the break you have forget about basketball and chill with ur family
and i want to know can u give me tips how to shoot reserve lay up

陈希 | on 17/6/08

Hey,how’s it going?I miss you so much.Are you OK?Oh,of crouse,our T-Mac is fine and he has alot of summer plan.That’s interesting!Hope you can have z good time!!!Come on!!!

Lihao | on 16/6/08

Hey, man, this is my first time coming in your blogs,now,I`m fell very excting .I`m a student from China,and I am a loyal fans of your`s,I love T-MAC and the rokets.This is your 11 sesons,and I hope you can still lieving in the roket, althoual,this seson the rokets was beat by JAZZ,I belive you will more ang more stronger,you are the best . in the end ,I wish you have a nice summer !

金昌龙 | on 16/6/08

I aways support you! T Mac

j-wang | on 16/6/08

Hi t-mac, how’s your knee&shoulder; going? recoverd yet? man, it’s been a long season and, i can’t wait to see you get back on court. hope you and Yao have a great seaon. anyway, enjoy your summer. We all luv ya.

姚莉(Yao Li) | on 16/6/08

Hi~I am coming again!What are you doing now? Maybe watch TV,maybe piay basketball……Your holiday is begining,be happy everyday ! After the summer ,I think you can more stronger,you would let others know that you are the best!I believe ,you believe .Missing youo(∩_∩)o…

kiunn carter | on 16/6/08

T-Mac I’m a huge fan I followed u throughtout your career and you are my favorite player. I have never been to a rockets game I just watch every game I wanted to know if u can invite me and my friend to one game it would mean a lot. But u and your family have a great summer stay rehabbing and hopefully you come strong this upcoming season

L.T | on 16/6/08

Hi Tracy,I have seen the Chronicles of Narnia several days ago just like you.I really want to see your screenings by yourself.Please let us see it!

h-mac | on 15/6/08

hey t-mac i wanted to say men have a good summer get yo rest get healthy n bring us home a championship next season if u rember that guy u took a pic with and rafer that was my brother he meet u a couple of days go n iam yo numba 1 fan who watches all your games this year

tristin | on 15/6/08

yes hope to have u back for training camp and for the season on time and hope for no injuries next sean so we can go on another 22 game win streak

Filip | on 15/6/08

Hi tracy as everyone else im your biggest fan ..hope you will recover from surgery…. and be injurie free next season, one more thing take that championship to Houston it is a shame that you dont have it, jus go and take it u deserve it

ljk | on 15/6/08

T-mac,i love you ,you are the MVP in my heart.I will support you forever.Next season ,I believe you will be strongger ,rockets will be stronger.I hope you can keep health all season.Good luck!

Bill | on 15/6/08

My son attended the baskeball clinic you had 2 years ago. He wanting to know if you plan on brining that camp back to tampa this year.

CHARIOT | on 15/6/08

Hey!T-mac,I just want you happy and healthy. I will support you forever!

Tracy liang | on 15/6/08

My favorite star: I feel sorry for your playoffs,but I still have confidence in you.I love you and your every game,no matter lose or win!I come from China and there are many fans loving you.When you lose we feel rather sorry while when you win wo feel wonderful.I think Yao is a great player and next season you will go further in playoffs.I believe you and your teammates!I hope you can be more stronger in the summer and have a good time!Come on,T-MAC!

KG | on 14/6/08


Albert | on 14/6/08

Tracy you are awesome!!! I am your fan number 1. Thank you for doing to me the person most happy in the world. I¨ll never forgot 13 in 35. thanks bro

Tony Mcgrady | on 14/6/08

Hi,Trcay.I’m a fan of you and I hope you will be stronger and stronger.I hope you won’t leave Rockets.And I think Rockets will be the greatset team next season.Wish you have a good time! I’ll thin of you as I prepare for my end-of-year exam!

Ying Pan | on 14/6/08

Hey Tracy.I’m a Chinese girl.Glad to see the update on your web site and learn taht you are going well.It’s pretty good that you are having another great summer.I can’t wait to see your in the next season.And hope you will be healthy though out 08-09.God bless!
Enjoy your time.

He Zhan | on 14/6/08

Have a good time,Tracy!~

I hope you’re well.

qiuqiu | on 13/6/08

Hey T-mac! This is the first time I write to you,and I feel very excitting.
I am really appreciate you that you have played an unforgettable and successful season.Although your team failed at the first round like before,but you have tried your beat.It’s not your fault.What’s more,you have lead the Rocket to won 22 games in a row this season,that’s a big happiness for all of your fans.You are the true hero in my heart and I will support you forever!
At last,I hope you have a nice summer vacation and I think that will be cool if you come to Beijing.

秦一 | on 13/6/08

Have a happy summer holiday!

stylez | on 13/6/08

happy bday keep rehabing man and talk to some guys like gilbert mike miller you know just talk to them see waht can happen you never know you guys are one player away good things come to those who give yuor due your day i think a year or two you derseve you have always gived and are doing a great job in the mother land i got ya back yours is comming next year if you can stay focused i hope you know the nbas a bussnuess thats why you dont get what you derseve force it like kobe did look what he got and look what he gave up inforce your will they cant trade you you make to much they knew that with kobe you gotta play like you did in 2001 when you crashed the boards and got on the break yuo can still do it!

houston rockets | on 13/6/08

Yeah i heard a rumor about T-MAC goin to Detroit say does anyone have an NBA fan Voice

KAT | on 12/6/08


soso | on 12/6/08

happy holiday to you!

Angelika | on 12/6/08

Hi Trae

hope you are having a great summer with your family. I can’t wait for the next season to start. It is kinda boring without the Rockets. What is up with those rumors about you going to Detroit??? Please tell me it isn’t so. You finally have what it takes, just one more piece to the puzzle and you’ll be straight. How about the referee in the 2005 Dallas & Rockets series, that is just disgusting. But you know what, I do believe that it is still happening. Well champ technically you already made it out of the first round. Remember that. Let’s go for the second round next season. I recently read an article about your wife decorating a room especially for Valentine’s Day, that is very romantic. When you get a chance check out the song by Bruce Springsteen “ Drive All Night”. Enjoy your free time, and get pumped up for the upcoming season, hopefully Yao will be healthy also. Good luck champ.
Yours, Angelika

Mike | on 12/6/08

hey tmac.Good to here that you are doing well.summers boring without you on tv but I can’t wait to see you on tv next season.hope every thing goes good with the darfur documentary.well hope you have a great summer.see ya later

Houston Rockets | on 12/6/08

Man TMAC you are 2-5 in the first round. Games were fixed and that ain’t right. Timmy and Mark Cuban get me mad. Look man just get out and play next season. I know you gonna win, but you need to think that and now that you know that the refs fixed games i think now you know that you can easily get past the darn first rrrroouunnddd

snow | on 12/6/08

Hi Tracy!I’m a chinese girl.Long time no see, and I miss you so much! I hope you can be healthy this summer!Never give up!I will always support you! You are the MVP in my heart!

Becky | on 12/6/08

just wanna say,
may you have a nice holiday
and take care

rain heavily | on 11/6/08

exercited …exercited …exercited …exercited …
I can find your blog here . my god! I am a chinese girl and a basketball player in my colleage’basketball team. I an gald that you are rehabbing. come on ! Becoming stronger and stronger !! your are my role model because of your pesistence.
I will support your forever!! I look forward the next season!! try our best!! nothing is impossible!! i love Tracy and i love basketball!!!o(∩_∩)o..God bless you! 麦迪加油!!

John | on 11/6/08

hey Tmac! you are my number 1 player! i’m glad your doing well and staying healthy. Good luck wiht the darfur thing!

John Cha | on 11/6/08

Hey Tracy! well i’m glad your well and staying healthy! i saw the Narnia too, it was good. well good luck in darfur and happy late B-day!

Jason Lovette | on 11/6/08

Tracy you guys were cheated out of winning this series go and take a look at this and tell me you weren’t cheated. From know on I’m saying that you go out of the first round before because of that. You guys were playing to good to have lost that series especially you Tracy. So from now on man the curse is broken dude so get it out of your mind that you never been past the first round and just focus on winning the big one.

Jason Lovette | on 11/6/08

Yeap, Tracy I knew it was something Fishy about that series in 2005 man. I mean Finley having two feet out of bounds and knocking the ball out of Bob Sura’s hand for a steal in a crucial stretch of game 5 where we could have closed the game out!? Man Are you kidding me!? I remember that like yesturday, that was a bunch of bull, and they were getting the ball to go their way no matter how many times the Instant replay clearly shows the ball should have been going the Rockets way. I been telling everybody all along that the league is setting it up for certain teams to win I hate that junk man.

Eric Kwame | on 11/6/08

Hey Tracy, first and foremost let me just tell you that I admire your efforts on and off the court. I hope you have a enjoyable summer with your family and I look forward to the fall so I can see you play again. The season just isn’t right with out you. God bless and take care

JJ-T-Macs '#1' Fan! | on 11/6/08

T-mac your so amazing and such a great inspuration, yesterday i watched your 13 points in 33 seconds video, it was amazing, but your such a great inspuration because last night at basketball camp i kind of did the same thing, i had 14 points in a 3 1/2 minute come back to win, whats cool is i was wearing the same shoes you were, they are my magical shoes they are 2 1/2 sizes to small for me and they still fit, they helped me make that comeback last night and they helped me lead my school basketball team to a 12-3 record, they helped me average 21.3 points a game and 8.9 assists, they helped me make amazing shots like you do everygame, when i wear them they make me feel like i’m you, and thats such a great feeling to know i’m just like someone whos so amazing, i love you and so does all of your fans, keep up the good work and keep being such a great inspuration to kids everywhere!

Michael | on 11/6/08

Have a nice summer too. I had always known we got cheated out of that Dallas series. Anyway just be wise about it because whatever you do now isn’t going to change anything. Try to come back with that Game 6 intensity next season. Pls do it for your loyal fans.

姚莉(Yao Li) | on 10/6/08

麦麦,如果下辈子你还是麦迪,那我依旧是那个麦迷,!也许他们有Kobe,他们有James,但我们只想拥有麦迪,一个谁也无法媲美的麦麦~真的很想亲眼见到你,和你说话,我想一定会实现的。麦,不要伤心,你还有我们如此强大的麦迷,你是幸福的,你也是最棒的。 祈祷伤病不要再来伤害你,你的生日,我给你准备了礼物,下次你来上海时,我要亲手送给你,我爱的麦麦。

姚莉(Yao Li) | on 10/6/08

Hi!Tracy.I am a Chinese girl.My English is not very good,but for you ,I will work hard.I want to talk with you in English Do you know what I call you?“麦麦“a Chinese name.My classmates call me “the wife of you“Haha!I think you have heard a lot of people say to you “I love you” Yes ,I only love you! Come to Shanghai again,Tracy!I miss you>Remember,if you are the Tracy Mcgrady forever,I will one of your fans forever!

dfsd | on 10/6/08

toot tmac u rock

Sadiq Amir | on 10/6/08

Wassup T-Mac? Was the Chronicles of Narnia really good? Anyway, hope you have a healthy summer ma, take care.

jeffrey | on 10/6/08

thank you

charlie | on 10/6/08

I hope you will have a wonderful summer as well!!!
I will be your fan forever!
Fighting T-MAC!

wenwu | on 10/6/08

hey~~~!t-mac,we have had national examination 3days agao``````~~~~~~~i am every happy to hear about summer plans ,hope you write a letter to me

ljk | on 10/6/08

T-mac,i love you ,you are the MVP in my heart.I will support you forever.Next season ,I believe you will be strongger ,rockets will be stronger.I hope you can keep health all season.Good luck!

elle | on 9/6/08

I am very excited to hear about your recent update,especially you are feeling pretty good,thanks God!That’s really great!All your chinese fans wish you healthy and happy all the time and also expect your amazing show in the next season,remembering we will always support you and love you forever,as you are the best in our mind!Have a good summer!!

Zhang Xing Cai | on 9/6/08

Hello, Tracy

I am from the Chinese fans I worship you! I hope you can realize your dream

zqzas | on 9/6/08

U are my favorite!!!

Have a nice summer

Jason | on 9/6/08

I hope your Darfur project goes on well.

Jason | on 9/6/08

I hav faith in u TMAC and I wish u a gr8 summer,and hav another gr8 one next year!! U ROCK!!

Jason | on 9/6/08

I’m a kid,but you are my favorite b-ball player.I don’t really have much to say.See you l8r.P.S. I“m your #1 fan jason

Remi | on 9/6/08

What up Mac, Get better and I hope to see one more good player added to the roster to help out you and Yao.. Good Luck.

  1. 1 Fan Remii

JJ-T-macs '#1" fan! | on 9/6/08

we all love you, have a great summer and have fun on all of your trips, good luck with rehab and next season

Duane Binion | on 9/6/08

Yo T-mac i want to see u play in a nba game next season hit me up 585-2080114 holla at me

Jordan | on 9/6/08

I’m very excited about the future for the rockets. Only if the organization makes a trade or picks up a free agent. with one more player the rockets r an instant contended if yao can stay healthy. I believe u will be healthy because it seems the back spasms r over with and i know u will keep good care of the knee and shoulder in the offseason. Have a great summer. Relax, work on the documentary,watch some more movies with the family, have fun on ur trips, and most importantly keep blogging.

Susie | on 9/6/08


I hope you can get stronger next year
Go to achieve your dreams
I’ll pray for you

ricky | on 9/6/08

Hey TMAc get traded to the lakers for Odom Radmonivic and Mihm for Tracy Mcgrady. listen to the line up PG Derek Fisher SG Kobe Bryant SF Tracy Mcgrady PF Pau Gasol C Andrew Btnum Bigger than Boston and with you and Kobe wow it will be like MAgic Johnson and Kareem Abdul Jabar!

mosquito | on 9/6/08

Wish you happy everyday.
I love you!

Dariel | on 9/6/08

I cant wait to see you back on the court.

your #1 fan, Dariel

Xin Wu | on 9/6/08

Hi Tracy
I am very happy that you are getting stronger,I am very expect that you can do better next season.
Best wishes!!!

yy | on 9/6/08


zhen | on 8/6/08

I am a chinese student.I am your faithful fan .My English is not very well .I hear the good news which very happily you are restored to health .Although this season rocket lost ,But I believed that under a season you will become stronger .Forever is loving you.Because you are Tracy McGrady.Because your name is called T-MAC .

Marcus.sun | on 8/6/08

You are the best one…

Faith | on 8/6/08

tracy,i have faith in you ,i am sure you will do well next season,and take the rockets to win the champion.Go tracy,go RX…

ZHANG QI | on 8/6/08

hei,guy,speed up!

h-mac | on 8/6/08

tracy mcgrady im glad to here from u stay health n get stronger beacuse we need to bring us the championship to houston n im always pattern my game after ur my mvp n jus want to let u no theat joe dumars the genaral manger of pistons want u on his team because he think u can win him a championship but tthat aint going to happen ur going to stay in houston

T-Dream | on 8/6/08

I like T-Mac very much and follow him closely all the time.

JinMin | on 8/6/08

I wish you have a happy summer.And next season will more stronger!!

GO ON!! GO ON !!

JinMin | on 8/6/08

I wish you have a happy summer.And next season will more stronger!!

GO ON!! GO ON !!

lee | on 8/6/08

hey tracy hope u have a wonderful summer also and hope you do good next season not that you didnt do good this season.


Tmc-DougLas | on 8/6/08

hi,t-mac,good luck next year

vicki | on 8/6/08

hi tracy!
just wanted to say how refreshing it is to know that you are not only an amazing athlete, but a genuine role model as a cool, laid back, family-man kind of guy who wants to do some good in the world. I’m excited to see your documentary and applaud all the great work you do— you inspire us all. Get well soon, can’t wait to see you back on the court!

Hey, Tracy, I waiting for you at Hawaii | on 8/6/08

Hey, Tracy. How’s going of your summer. I can not waiting for next season begin. I am so excting everytime watch your games with Yao. You will come to Hawaii? It’s great man, you will have a lot of fun. I just wonder, when you will come and where I can see? I wanna see you, you konw I can not wait to see you. I wanna you give me a sign for my girlfriend, she also your super-fan. Sometimes, she love you than love me. LOL......

jill | on 8/6/08

Hey Tracy, Glad you are getting stronger, hope you have a great summer and have fun on your trips. I can’t wait till next season starts!

Peggy Wu | on 8/6/08

Hey T mac, I am Peggy from Shanghai, Yao’s hometown. Hope this message may reach you…in recent years I have been paying great attention to you and your team. Though the results did not satisfy most of us, I have to say I really enjoyed the process as I am the sixer on the court. I believe next season matters a lot both for you and Yao. So I hope you can work harder in the summer and store more energy for the coming challenge. I know basketball is just part of your life, but I shall say you are a great part of my life.

One of my dreams is to go to houston for watching a game of Rockets with you and Yao. Just wish my dream comes true.

Take care dear! And enjoy yourself in the summer!

young | on 8/6/08

T-mac,enjoy your summer and,when you back on court,give us a surprising season!!!
you are the best!

ltt | on 8/6/08

Dear T-Mac:
I don’t konw whether you’ll see my words.But I want to say something maybe you’ve heard so so so many times,but I can’t help to say again.
You’ll excellent.
So,just carry on.
We’ll look forward to seeing you again.
In you palace.

lijiangchun | on 8/6/08

you can do everthing you want,for championship!cheer up!

ZHANG QI | on 8/6/08

You are the best player in NBA,so,speed up!

Tracy | on 8/6/08

T-MAC,I’m from China. I’m your first fans. I’m very happy to know that you are getting stronger everyday. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

PS:I hope you could come to China again!!! Thank you..

xiongjiang/姜雄 | on 8/6/08

Hi T-mac !I’m a chinese student.Of course I’m your fan.I’m glad to hear that you are health.It’s a pity that you didn’t pass the playoffs.But it will not stop your step.GO GO!I believe you can stand at the final match with yao.beacuse you are the best!My English is so poor,so I can’t write sth.I will try to learn English better.So I can write more.GOOD LUCK WITH YOU!Have fan with your family!COME ON !我希望明年站在总决赛上的是你!MVP!!!

lonely | on 8/6/08

thank for you,

Zhong Chao | on 8/6/08

Never give up,T-MAC.

pengai3 | on 8/6/08

Hi,man, it my first time here,i am s super a fans of you and YAO,my heart was breaking when ROCKETS out of playoff,but whatever,you are the the best!WISH you have you wonderfull summer,by the way,you wife is so beautiful and you baby is so lovely,o(∩_∩)o…!!!!!

Xue kai HAO | on 8/6/08


Joshua | on 7/6/08

I’m very proud of your heroic efforts in the playoffs.And I hope you will get more stonger! See you next season!

tracle | on 7/6/08

hi t-mac I from china my name is tracle alse I AM YOUR FANS WHEN

art | on 7/6/08

tmac.,im one of your avid fan from the philippines..i hope that someday you can get passed the first round playoffs and have a championship ring..we missed your tour here in the phil.

Lin Zhang | on 7/6/08

You are the elite in my heart! I like play soccer before knew you.But now I like play basketball best because of you!

Thanks T-MAC Take care

kongqian | on 7/6/08


Siqi Shi | on 7/6/08

Hi, Tracy! I’m a Chinese girl. I’m so happy to know you are very good! And I hope you will be better ! Good lucky to you!

Jim | on 7/6/08

Tacy, make you stonger, next season . We will see a different Tracy Mcgrady. As you said,“We will be back.”

wang bo wen | on 7/6/08

Hope you can enjoy you summer vacation
Don’t forget to practice every day~~

Siteng | on 7/6/08

Come on Tracy! you are the best Player in the NBA league

William Zhuo | on 7/6/08

Come on Tracy! I hope you get Champion next year with coach Adelman and big man Yao!!!

Bennett | on 7/6/08

Yo! i hope you’re doing good with your injuries and I hope you will have a great trip to Miami, Hawaii, and Vegas. If you’re talking about Las Vegas as in Vegas, that place is loaded with gambling. I hope you will have a great Summer and make the Playoffs!

ぁ麦·子′ | on 7/6/08

hi t-mac.

i’m a chinese girl.i like you very much.

good luck!we love you.chinese tracy fan love you.

zhang | on 7/6/08

T-MAC ! Have a nice holiday!
The Rockets will be more stronger next season!
I want to see that 50 points per game’s T-mac!
That make me so hot!

arbaz | on 7/6/08

have a nice summer tmac

houston rockets | on 7/6/08

get healthy and enjoy the off season TMAC.

Sean | on 7/6/08

Go T-Mac!!!! Im gonna ball it up at the park and the YMCA with my bro and my cousin in pick-up games. im gonna show em how real point guards play. good luck and have fun on ur trips. [email protected]

weien | on 7/6/08

Come on,Tracy

Adrianne | on 7/6/08

Hi Tracy!

It’s good to hear from you again! & it’s good to hear that you’re getting stronger & stronger everyday! I’m really excited for you next season… can’t wait to see you & the Rockets!

I’m really also excited about your documentary from Darfur. I hope the screening will go well.

Well, always smile & stay healthy!
We love you!
Hope you’ll have a good summer & training camp!

God bless! =D

Xiaomage | on 7/6/08

wish you have a good time for this summer, see you next season,i still believe you will lead the rockets to get the notional championship, also you will get the MVP.

Bin Yu /於彬 | on 7/6/08

Hi! How are you?T-Mac.I am a chinese student,and I am your fan,too.I think you are excellent very much.And,I’m sorry my ENGLISH is so poor,so,can I write in CHINESE...

Lecily | on 7/6/08

hey tray, it’s really amazing to know what you did and what you are gonna do. I’m so glad to hear that you are having a good time with your family and your friends. Have fun tracy and take care of yourself.
Best wishes~

Xie Si Yu | on 7/6/08

I’m a real t-mac’s fan.Although my English is not very well,I also want to talk to you.I don’t care how the people think of you,I support you whenever and there are many t-mac’s fans behind you!You are not alone!I love your pass and score,which is a art in my eyes!!!In a word,you won’t be alone,I will support you in next season!I also want to see a healthy and perfect t-mac,a only Tracy Mcgrady in the world!!!Go T-MAC!!!

tina | on 7/6/08

hi,t-mac,good luck next year! i hope you will have a stronger body and a great spirit,i trust you can go further!

tina | on 7/6/08

hi,t-mac, good luck next year,i hope you will have a stronger body and a great spirit.i trust you can go further!

Amanda wang | on 7/6/08

Have a great summer, we’re here waiting for you next season

Min | on 7/6/08

Tracy,happiness is the most important thing for you.Catch it.Have good summer trips.——Min

sanyr | on 7/6/08

you are my hero ,my papa and mama like you too.come on.

Kathy Lin | on 7/6/08

Hi,Tracy!I’m a girl from China.I love you so much.I’m sad that you didn’t pass the palyoffs.But I will love you forever.GO ROCKETS! GO T MAC! And I don’t want anyone to let you leave ROCKETS. It’s a family.GOOD LUCK!


miles | on 7/6/08

Best wishes for ya!!I am always believing that you are a strong man with great responsibilities.Hopefully ,you give us big fans an amazing show next season.

fanis | on 7/6/08

hey glad your health is going fine…stay like that all of you and you ll go all the way the next are a solid team when you are healthy and you have proven that.i’m happy for you that you had agreat time at your birthday…your family and friends must be’d be an honour for me to meet you some day.have a great great and relaxing summer.
your friend and fan,,,

greg | on 7/6/08

hey tmac,your my man.keep rolling

barkley | on 7/6/08

hi Tracy, just wanna wish you my best wishes. Be healthly soon and just stay healthly for the whole season (next)

I hope you can finally get out of the 1st round

Jay | on 7/6/08

Have a good summer T-Mac and good luck on rehab, just want to let u know u have many fans in Brunei (if u know the country) haha.

yulinDong | on 6/6/08

Hello , my name is yulinDong, I am your fan, from China, I likes looking that very much your competition, liked you having many years, today found your blog finally, before also had has looked, but has not found, also did not know was really or assumed, the hope was really, my English was not good, hoped that you could forgive, knew your present’s situation I am very happy, I had many words to think you saying that one time definitely said insufficiently, I before had an idea, was writes a letter for you, called YAO to take for meYou, I estimated that is impossible.
As a result of the condition reason, I cannot go to the US to look at you to play a ball game, but I saw in the television your I have been very happy, looked that you play a ball game are one kind enjoy, you may return to the mail to me? Such I really will be very happy, I knew that you will be very busy, I can wait for you, my mail address am [email protected], under a season I hoped that you will be more formidable, win the NBA total champion, hoped you will be joyful daily.

cym麦迷 | on 6/6/08

take care and enjoy yourshlf.

赵坤 | on 6/6/08

good luck!

Nono | on 6/6/08

Hello Tracy, here is a sunny morning in Singapore. I have been supporting you all the way since you were in Magic. I believe you will climb up to the highest point in the league in near future. Just keep moving on.


john | on 6/6/08

nice blog, even though i did not read all of it.
hey tracy would you do the same what kobe did last-season? demanding a trade? or would you think the rockets will past the first round?
what team do you think, would win the championship (LAKERS/BOSTON)

here in the philippines we like LAKERS on game 6.

me & my friends had a deal, if the team i choose win, i will get cash. if not i will eat 5 balut/duck eggs.

hope the lakers win.
my friends like


Diego | on 6/6/08

Hi T-Mac. I hope you get better and that you can have a better season than this one. I hope you have a great summer.


sook | on 6/6/08

Tracy i have followed you career since you were in toronto, you truly have the heart of a champion and its good to see you taking some time off because we all know how you played through those injuries to give us a great series.

Hope everything goes smoothly,


cody kaleh | on 6/6/08

hey tracy your mah favorite player of all time i been watchin every game u played in since u went back to back in scoring titles which was amazing.and i got almost all your shoes.but yah i jsut wanna tell u your doing a great job by leadin g the rockets and dont worry u gonna get one of them national chmpionships i can feel it.have a great summer tracy.
cody kaleh

roxboy 09 | on 6/6/08

Good luck on rehab hopefully the coaches get some new free agenst for next year and we stay healthy! Thanks for the great memories of last season TMAC!