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Mon, Jan 12th 2009, 12:24

Update from Tracy

Hi all,

As some of you may have read, I’m going to shut it down for 2 weeks to try and give my knee more rest. We’ve tried playing through the pain and playing part-time, and this is the next option in trying to get me back to 100%. The training staff, Coach Adelman, and I have all put our heads together and think that this is the best option. I’ll be out of the lineup for 2 weeks, but will be doing a number of strengthening workouts during that time. Because I had the surgery in May, I wasn’t able to begin my off-season strength and conditioning routine that I do every year on time. I’ve never felt 100% out there this year, and I think not being able to go through that routine was a reason why. Getting this time to focus on strengthening, and getting a break from the wear the knee takes during the course of the season will hopefully get me back on track. I’m determined to get back and go full throttle when I get out there.

I know it’s frustrating for Rockets fans to see me out of the lineup but believe me, it’s no fun on the sidelines. My teammates have been very supportive though, and just want to see me healthy when I get back on the court with them. We’re in the 6 spot out West now and I have all the faith in the world in these guys to carry us while I’m out. For now we are relying on Yao and the rest of the guys to get it done without me. The game plan is to rejoin the team when the knee is back at full strength so we can challenge for home court in the playoffs and make a deep run for the title.

I also wanted to say thanks to all my fans out there for their continuous support. This year has been incredibly frustrating for me, and knowing that I have the backing and support of my fans worldwide makes me that much more determined to come back better than ever.


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Qin Xingming | on 27/1/09

Mr Tracy I am your fan,I love NBA games,I know you have just back your team and lost the game in this morning. Don’t wotty,you are a best player in NBA.we will always love you!!

li peng | on 25/1/09

I see you are a favorite since NBA players,
I believe that one day you will have to play your inner potential, to conquer your opponent.
I will always support you.

Is the world’s a certain person,
but it is an individual world.

Rokas | on 25/1/09

Yo McGrady, you will always have my support and yo better know that you have fans from Lithuania, maybe you don’t know where it is, but all you need to know is that we like your game style and we will be your fans no mather what :)

Oiklo | on 23/1/09


Christie Smith | on 23/1/09

Tracy i hope you can play this friday or sunday im looking forward to see you play!!!

凯凯 | on 23/1/09

T-MAC,今天听说你还单挑了呢. 特想知道是不是你赢了. 哈. 你真应该学学中文..这样你就能看懂了. 加油! 不过你不要提前复出哦..要把自己调成最好的T-MAC..在复出..别心急!你不在的日子里我都不看火箭比赛了..哈..希望你能回来让我重新看火箭..

Nick | on 23/1/09

McGrady. We aways behind you and hold you!

CSTING | on 23/1/09

YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hunale | on 22/1/09

I’m so sorry to you.My tears couldn’t hold back when I hear the news.
T-Mac,you means a lot to me,do you know??
I can’t believe the fact now,sorry,so sorry!!!!
Be happy!!
My name means happy and joy in Chinese,I may you will happy forever.
You brings me a lot,and you teach me a lot.
It’s you who let me know the world and the life more,thank you very much!!
When I am unhappy,I will miss you.
Looking in you photos,my smile.
I will stand by you forever,believe in youeself.You are the best no matter what happens.Never give up.I will support you whenever and whereever.
I know you will back soon,I believe you.You are the best players in my eyes.
Be careful about your healthy,it’s the most important.
I love you!!!!

" Ever‖ | on 22/1/09

T-mac: now ,we are disappointed and unhappy ,,,, but ,we believe ,,you always the best player in the NBA, so ,cher up !!!

liangshengjie | on 22/1/09

hey mac i’m your fans,in the morning,i see the intenet which said you are the member of 2009 all star,but later,cp3 instead of you ,i think nba in not honest.bowen is much more than melo and ron,i do not believe it!!! 斯特恩是个骗子!
believe you support you. your fans is the best fans in the world.

Matts Fav player T-MAC #1 | on 22/1/09

The city and I would really love to see you come back to Orlando foreverrrr!!! Orlando is building a new arena which I think its a perfect time. I am your biggest fan and love watching you play the game of basketball. Plz hit me back if you get a chance to read this.

Justin Willard | on 22/1/09

No matter what “they” say T-Mac is still one of the top players in the NBA BAR-NONE!

Vidar | on 22/1/09

Hey tracy my name is Vidar (i know it sounds vierd) i am from norway in europe and here basketball is a small sport and there arent many teams, but i wont give up just like you dont give up when you strugel. I might not be your biggest fan but i try to see the games i can and i will support you through thick and thin, good times and bad times. I got your jersey and i wear it to every practice and i also wear it with pride knowing that you will never qiut and you give me motivasion and you aslo inspire me. I feel bad for you having the injury and everyone judding you for not beeing as good as you were and you making the Houston Rockets worse and everyone saying that you are history. So you should know that even if everyone leaves you you will always have a fan in Norway hopeing that you will shine like we know you can. We got your back!

lizhe | on 22/1/09

ROCKETS is waiting for your back!Your fans are waiting for your back!I’m waiting for your back!
Come on,come on,come on!!!
No one can beat you!
You are always NO.1!!!

Chinese fans | on 22/1/09

Tracy McGrady: No matter how you become, we fans will always support you!

Tracy McGrady: do not worry about the media’s arguments, the fans will never believe that, unless they are recognized by you personally!

Tracy McGrady: We are your fans are not allowed to fall, and so you do not give up!
Tracy McGrady: We fans will never regret it be your fans!

Tracy McGrady: You will never be lonely because you have us!

Tracy McGrady: We have always believed that one day you will return of the king to lead the Rockets won the championship!

Tracy McGrady: If after injury, if painful, please do not insist, please go to rest

Tracy McGrady: We always love you, whether it is before you, now you, or your future, and we love for you will never change!

Tracy McGrady: If one day if you want to choose to leave, choose to leave Houston, then, then we also go along with you.

Tracy McGrady: our fans is your patron Forever!

Tracy McGrady: We hope you fans health Forever!

Tracy McGrady: We will always love you! Will never change!

Tracy McGrady: If you or the afterlife McGrady, then I still fans that McGrady! Never change!

Nathaniel | on 22/1/09

Whats up T-mac, your my favorite player and im glad ur resting so the injury won’t get worse. I can’t wait till you get healthy so these haters can see how good you are. I have plenty of faith that u going to ball and take houston far in the season/playoffs. I’m a big fan of yours and will forever be no matter what. Get well soon man

xiaoyao | on 22/1/09

love you forever
never give up
we are always supporting you

Sison Sue | on 22/1/09

拜托大家 你们盗版麻烦告诉我一声好不好?!

Mac。 We’re waiting for you! Go!Go You’re my everything forever!!!

Venice Romuar | on 22/1/09

T-MAC, i believe in you. some of my classmates always criticize you but I don’t care. I want to see you when you are playing you best there. I will wait for you and don’t worry the T-MAC fans out there will always support you. (all T-MAC fans out there, please vote for him to play as a starter in the all-star game!)

William | on 21/1/09

Hey Tracy, How are you feeling? I understand you are going through a very difficult time, with the ongoing side affects from your knee surgery. I don’t have a doubt in my mind that you will get better and recover physically, thats never an issue with an athlete like you. I just wanted to address the mental aspect of it, because like you said in your recent blog post, it is hard to be on top for so long and then “fall-off”, like people have been saying. They are just haters and don’t know basketball. You are still a top-10 player in this league for sure, players and people around the league know that. When you come back from this 2-week rest period I want you to be determined. Like you were in Orlando and your first days in Houston, aggressive and attacking the rim. You are such a good passer and play-maker, but Yao can’t be the focus of the team. You make Yao better with dribble penetration and lobs or bounce passes in the paint. The game flows through you, and I feel you need to treat it like that, be aggressive, I think you can lead the league in scoring again if you want. It comes from within Tracy, you can do it. All NBA first or second team all day long. Best guard in the league. You own the team, you own the league. Prove everyone else wrong.

david w | on 21/1/09

All you need to work on is shooting with a defender on you because alot of people say you cant shoot so i think so to what thats all you need to work oh stay healthy your number 1 fan

Harris | on 21/1/09

hey tracy, i’ve been a fan since u came to the nba and played for the raptors…
and i’m still here just waitin to let all my friends see just how good u really are!

well i would say im ur #1 fan but so many people say that its not worth it… but ur the best player in the nba! so just get healthy and dominate! aiit peace

T-MAC1 NUMBER ONE FAN | on 21/1/09


KATE | on 21/1/09

I’m eager about your return.You may be out for order when you come back.But believe in you.If you want to do better,you will win.I hold that you ought to try your best to strick back those people who always traduces you because action can make them close their mouthes.I will support you forever.

margaret | on 21/1/09

can you see my words?
I want you to know there are so many fans and friends supporting you.We won’t leave you no matter what happens.So,don’t worry,everything will be OK.We will always be here waiting for you.
You are my hero.
I’m a Chinese girl,margaret.

凯 | on 21/1/09

今天看见新闻说你已经进行了10天的特训了..肌肉也结实了. 40码速度也快了不少.. 麦我希望你回来以后能继续努力...因为你是能创造历史的人!!!!!

Marvin Angelo Oloris | on 20/1/09

I still expect you to be included in the first All-NBA team this season.

liangshengjie | on 20/1/09

believe you support you

Ram Vale | on 20/1/09

Hey, I know and I believe you can pull through this, we here in the Philippines, half way across the world from where you are, wishes you a speedy recovery. You inspired a lot of us here to play the game we really love, you inspire us to be the best no matter what the obstacle is. When we have a small town Leagues most of us have your insignia on our jersyes, to inspire us to play like there’s no tomorrow, giving everything we got and never surrender. When you’re back in your game 100% and once again on the top, it’ll inspire us more knowing that our IDOL made it through tough times, reach the end of a long and frustrating road and never gave up. We’ll wait for your return, never back down to anything, because we are here supporting you all the way.

Good Luck and have a fast recovery!!!

Brian Horne | on 20/1/09

PLease Mr Mcgrady get back into shape, I know its tough getting hurt trust me I have as well when I played baseball in florida, I got hurt an it took a year to recover from the arm surgery! It sucked watching on the bench an it hurt me as well on the inside when I knew i was the leader an I was down hurt not being able to help. Im asking you to keep your head up do your strenghing an get back on the court an dominate the game. I’m not saying ball hog but man do what you got to to win the game an get into the playoffs an make everyone drop there jaws. Most ppl are expecting you to flop not me man I believe in you, an the team an know that you guys will go deep in the playoffs an yes you can beat L.A. well stay healthy man keep up teh good work that you have done.

Giovanni Rodriguez | on 20/1/09

Get Better man.

麦蜜 | on 20/1/09

麦迪今天已经不是第一次给你留言了...今天听说你在训练场上很努力在进行着魔鬼式的训练..我看到非常高兴..希望你能回来..慢慢来..不要太急着复出...把自己的力量练好..加油. 我每天都在关注着你... 相信你.. 今天来看你也是向你短暂的告别... 我得了病...现在身体不是特好...今天非常沮丧..化验出来后我的病加重了.. 也许你复出回来的时候我还在看病吃药...但希望我回来看你的时候你能给我个惊喜... 还有我有个最大的愿望就是能看见你在球场上比赛...希望有一天我可以见到你...为你加油!

#1TMACFAN | on 20/1/09




LUO | on 20/1/09

Wheat, refueling! Forever Forever Forever Forever support you! See your ball has a number of years! So no matter how others say you have always been my favorite T-MAC! Remember you have to say: Those who attack me for making weapons will be destroyed, all in the trial defame my opinions are bound to be convicted! You are NO1

lopez | on 19/1/09

You for allowing me to like basketball, you are my idol. I will continue to wait for you will go to court. Do not mind being so, do their own good. A good kind of injury, health will go to court to lead the Rockets to get the total champion. you will always be the best.

Shane | on 19/1/09

Tmac im your number #1 fan, my friends all ways talking about you saying that you washed up and that you play like your 35 but i just cant wait till you get healthy again and prove all the doubters wrong.

damonte | on 19/1/09


#1 t-mac fan | on 19/1/09

come on tracy we need you back a 100% out there, i can tell your not because your only avereging 15.5 ppg thats very low we need you to come back to how you was in orlando and snap out…..please that would be the greatest gift in the world

kan | on 19/1/09






麦迪,你给我听好了:There is no me,there is only us!










COME ON trace you are my hero!!!

001 | on 18/1/09


MAC--We love | on 18/1/09

Come on,man!

Just believe youself!

Tomorrow will be a fine day~!

——One of the chinese fans!

YOUNG | on 18/1/09

hi,Tracy,I’m a local fan of you,I come from China!I knew you when i was a little boy,and then i get to know you by your match ang the Internet.

wang tiansheng | on 18/1/09

I’m from China,the country where Yao comes from.I admire you very much.I believe you will back and beat anyone.

CHINA 麦迷 | on 18/1/09

HI,T-MAC. CHIANESE;我是你的忠实球迷,关注你很久了,不是因为火箭才关注你,而是因为你才关注火箭的。你现在在场下养伤,你好好休息,复出以后上演王者归来,别在乎那些垃圾记者的言论、T-MAC你是最棒的!!加油!!!!!!

RAY YOUNG | on 18/1/09

Hi,Tracy,I’m your fan from china.I knew you since i was a little boy.Then I get to know you and I became a local fan of let me know what is life !life is full of obstales,so we must try to overcome obstales! I believe you will be back!Like you forever ,McGRADY!

love you | on 18/1/09

Tracy,You are NO.1

hua lei | on 18/1/09

Hey,T-mac,I have been concentarting on you for 7 years,you are r the only reason why I watch NBA.I want you to get over the disease and stay healthy,and go ahead to get your champion with Yao,I believe in you !!! Thank you for considering my message.Beg for your response.

Raymond | on 18/1/09

dude just wanna see you get healthy again and prove to the doubters that you can past 1st round of the playoffs. dude get back to your old self like when your in orlando.

STING | on 18/1/09


chinese | on 18/1/09

more rest we still believe you go t-mac go Rockets

Huang Ying | on 18/1/09

T-MAC,I’m proud of you all the time.Though you’re tried now.I believe you’ll be back. —One of your fans from China

黄颖 | on 18/1/09

T-MAC,I’m proud of you all the time.Though you’re tried now.I believe you’ll be back. —One of your fans from China

HUang | on 18/1/09

You are the bset, and always.

bo zhang | on 18/1/09

I’m your chinese fans!!and you know i love you!all my friends they all love you!!i know your knee was hurt terrible!!but don’t worry they will be find!!

Together | on 18/1/09

T-mac!I Love You forever! I belive you

No.1 T-Mac!!

lienar | on 18/1/09

tmac, ur also the only reason why i like nba. your a very good overall player:you can do asist, rebound, and u can also score almost anywhere on the court. we just want you back 100%. we want to watch the real you no matter how long it takes. get wall soon tmac.

王 | on 18/1/09


Handsome Pan | on 18/1/09

My dear T-Mac,you never had a dream come true.So,never give up.I still believe that you are the best one.

Badboy | on 17/1/09

I love you, Tracy! Come on go go go!!

HUANG | on 17/1/09

Don’t worry your injured. We have always supported you. we believe you will be back

Wendy·Liang | on 17/1/09

I choose that I believe you。so No disapointment!ok?

ELAINE | on 17/1/09


I love TRACY | on 17/1/09

T-MAC I LOVE you forever

陈 | on 17/1/09


Justin tanner | on 17/1/09

Hope you get healthy soon man! I went to the Thunder vs. Rockets game to watch you play in person…You played well, and it was awesome to cheer for you even though everyone around me was a thunder Take care man, and i’ll come watch you play again when your in town! justin Tanner

Damion | on 17/1/09

Please, we need you back and 100%, T-Mac!

All of us at the “Houston Rockets Fan Club” group on Facebook are getting so angry that they want you traded.

It sucks not getting the off-season conditioning you usually get. But, things will look up, and besides, I’m the only one in my family rooting for you and the Rockets, so I’m wanting you to come back with a vengeance, so I can stick it to my family.


Andy Hughes | on 17/1/09

T-Mac Please Come Back and Kill
This season is ours
And I want you to murder in the All Star Game.
Your the best MAn.

Diego | on 17/1/09

T-Mac, I hope you get 150%!!! I really hope that the season will not end without you being back.

Dr3amDJ | on 17/1/09

Tracy i know youll get back to 100 percent and youll amount to great things. And dont worry if not this yea you will capture the title but i know youll do it this time just keep your ehad up and trust in God. Im a very dedicated basketball player and i hope to amke it places like you did you truly inspire me and your my favorite player love you man

Peja | on 17/1/09

Hey Tracy,I believe in you,i believe that you are going to get better when you are back from injuire,i belive that you are gonna be a beast again,i believe that everybody will be scared to guard you like in Orlando,i believe that you are gonna past the first round this year,i believe that you guys are gonna be a WORLD CHAMPIONS THIS YEAR,and i believe that you are gonna be a champion MVP!!!
Work hard man!!!
I believe in you!!!

Sergio | on 17/1/09

Hang in there T-Mac

BaBy_BaNdOlErO | on 17/1/09




Tracy Lamar Mcgrady J.R. You are the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD

GOOD LUCK... from Puerto Rico

ashley cao | on 17/1/09


Tracy Wang | on 17/1/09

Mac, do you know that there are many your fans which are waiting for you to be back in China! we don’t care about the words attacking you just like you. when you come back, plese show us!


T.L. | on 17/1/09


MAX | on 16/1/09

TRACY i know man you are in your bad moments right now because you can’t play the way you used to be…just take sometime to rest that knee man and when you comeback show everybody that you are still THE MAN originally known as HERO in the NBA... FROM YOUR NO 1 FAN IN THE PHILIPPINES.......

Tracy Lee | on 16/1/09

Dear Tracy
I know you are very sad now . but i always believe you are best in NBA through the Yao is my naitive country peopel. I think you will come back soon . Come on ! Tracy

Hailong Yue | on 16/1/09

I will support you forever!I believe that if you are healthy you are still the t-mac ever!

Kavyn Mcgrady | on 16/1/09

It’s good to see T-mac concerned about his performance and his ability to lift the team at crucial time. Recent games does show how you’re performing not up to expectation but injuries are the reason, so it’s understandable.

Rest your yourself well, have confidence, trust and faith towards yourself. April is around the corner and i seriously wish that we can go beyond 1st round and hopefully towards the conference finals and the championship itself. A step at a time and optimism will help even at the brink of fall. 22 wins in a row showed us all that Rockets are after all lethal.

Let this two weeks be the sign of Rocket launching from the ground towards championship.

Be contagious, Tmac. LEad Yao and Artes and the others as well. Rick needs you.

samuele | on 16/1/09

I hope to see the T-Mac show as soon as possible.Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

an italian fun.

EZCO | on 16/1/09


emil | on 16/1/09

Mac, get healthy dude and come back strtong. do what you do man and get us that ring. look us up on the Fanhood, its about that passion

emil | on 16/1/09

glad your taking some time off. just hope you pull it together physically and bring us that third title. if not, i may havt to kick some Utah Jazz fans in the teeth. I hate the Jazz and would love to see you stick it to them, and i mean that figuratively. they are Jazz fans so I have to make that clear.

Garrett Campbell | on 16/1/09

Hey Tracy im positive you probabbly won’t read this but im just a kid 16 years old i also play basketball although i don’t think i will ever get to your level. well i just wanted to say that your are my favorite player in the whole league and its so exciting to see that number one doing work on that court. Everytime that i pull up for a jumpshot is say “mcgrady” lol i can’t wait to see you out there get healthy and GO RED!!!!

Turkey | on 16/1/09

I’ll be there for you

" Ever‖ | on 16/1/09


I want to say thanks to you./

because of you,I begin to love basketball.

I want to cheer you up!!!

After two weeks, we want to see your wonderful show…

Don’t give up ,forever.!!!

Please be back!

xinxin wang | on 16/1/09

It is important to be healthy!
When you come back,I hope you and Ron and Yao will win the all games!
You and all the teammates will be winners!

xinxin wang | on 16/1/09

I’m a Chinese girl..
I’m just 15 years old ..
But i like paying basketball becaose of you_____T-mac
I love you very much !
I believe you’ll win the all games !
Good Luck!
I’ll love you and basketball forever!

liu | on 16/1/09

i think you are the best!!i believe you can fly!!

michael | on 16/1/09

I love this game and I love tracy!

Allen | on 16/1/09

I believe you, T-Mac.

Wang | on 15/1/09

You have too many fans!

lx | on 15/1/09

waiting for your back !
rocket needs you

Junelf | on 15/1/09

We support u for ever, I believe u could be back to show us another story just like 13 scores in 35 sec, a z fighting~~

Jun Ji
Qingdao, China

yanzhong | on 15/1/09

I have to say I’m a little upset abouting not seeing in the court with Yao.I know everybody in the world thinks you have the talent of becoming a great player.but in my opinion ,you are exellent ,however ,not great.You should become more devoted to your training and attitude towards game.
anyway,wish you healthy soon.

Steven | on 15/1/09

I don’t know if you will read this or not, but I still write something for you.
Tracy, I am one of your fans who has been watching Rox for years ever since you joined Rox and fight with the big fella. I am from China and now people around the world are making fun of you by giving you a lot of lady’s nicknames. People start losing patience on you because of your bad performance and incorrect attitude on the court. I know it’s the toughest moment for you but I hope you understand that people are doing this just because they love you so much and they want you to play the best basketball in your life to help Rox go far in the playoffs. Please do everything that may help you heel up ASAP during the next two weeks. We all need you back.

王 | on 15/1/09

i believe you will be back. your chinese fans.

Foever M-Tac | on 15/1/09

I’m your fans from China.
Chinese:我不太会英语,就用汉语吧! 你是我心中永远的NO.1。 T-Mac GO GO GO!!!!

蔡乘 | on 15/1/09

2005年 麦迪刚到火箭的时候 我那时候才刚看nba。 很多人爱看麦迪 我觉得喜欢麦迪的人真俗气,为什么姚明在哪个队就崇拜他的队友。我那时候最喜欢的还是基德!记得有一次吃晚饭,体育新闻在播麦迪35秒13分。嘿嘿 我觉得不过而已吧!但是不知道怎么的 经常看着火箭的比赛 经常看着火箭的新闻 让我不知不觉地喜欢上麦蒂了 我发现我看比赛只看麦迪的表现了 好神奇 我竟然迷上了一个当初觉得俗气的球员 风风雨雨麦迪在火箭呆了5年 其中有绝杀小牛 绝杀公牛 绝杀湖人 爵士半场好球 2007年季后赛 上半场一分 第三节一人搞翻爵士全队 晃倒一人空中滑翔过2人拉杆 22连胜等等等 现在 08-09赛季 麦迪因为伤病遭到了无数人的口诛笔伐 而且我在同学面前也插不上话了 他们大多喜欢科比 詹姆斯 他们总是嘲笑我的麦迪 无所谓 我也不想和他们争什么 担心破坏友情 有些东西是不需要解释的 我只喜欢麦迪 管他一场比赛得几分 我只是喜欢麦蒂

name | on 15/1/09

coz you my life is amazing
coz you I am so happy
I know it is quite a tough time to you
all your fans and I will support you forever
come on~~~

enverym | on 15/1/09

t mac 我 爱 你!

long | on 15/1/09

i hope everything will get better,a champion ,that is what you and Yao need,i love t-mac

xuefei | on 15/1/09

T-Mac,I’m from China,no matter what will happen in the future,we Chinese fans will always support you,I believe you’ll be back,take care of yourself,otherwise I will feel bad!You’re my best love and only love,you’re the best forever!

凯凯 | on 15/1/09


Wang | on 15/1/09

You’re the best!I believe!

凯凯 | on 15/1/09

不要去管那些流言. 只要请你记住你是最棒的. 你是世界上最强的得分手 相信你 我们永远支持你 爱你 不是一两句就可以说的清!!!加油!!

MR. Tough C | on 15/1/09

Mac, man get healthy soon cause i’m tired of having to defend u to them rockets hatas. i know what u are capable of and i want to see u and the rest of the rockest healthy so we can finally get our 3rd title. I’m constantly defending u are Yao on da Karl Duke sho. best of luck man

He wenying | on 15/1/09

Come on,Tracy!

Kassan Nicholson | on 15/1/09

T-mac word is that Yao wants you out. Now I’m not sure if that is true but if so when you come back you need to show him and the team why they need you and why you are considered one of the best to play the game. So come back and lead the rockets to the finals and get a ring. Remember what your reaction was your first game back in Orlando. You said you loved it and you shut them up nicely. Its time to get that feeling back if you don’t already have it. Hope you feel better.

J-Doggie Fresh | on 15/1/09

pimpjokerboi see you on clutchfans

T-Mac To the rack | on 15/1/09

T-Mac you need to get healthy in 2 weeks. We strugglin and u have to understand dat man. Now all this fuss is that Yao wants u out of Houston so u gotta do somethin about dat. T-Mac take care and don’t let the media take what u are and that is one of the Nba’s best playa

Jamal Malena | on 15/1/09

T-Mac waitin to see you back on the court until then going to keep supporting you no matter what happens biggest fan ever so keep doin what u do T-mac

Houston Burk | on 15/1/09

I think that it is good you are going to shut it down for 2 weeks. It will make you better for the rest of the season and the playoffs plus a championship. I’am huge fan of you and I like to see you and Ron on the court healthy with Yao. It sucks I can’t go see your games cause I live in CA. So write me back if you can. Peace

rudy gonzalez | on 15/1/09

hey t-mac i hope you get better soon cause you need to get back to being the best in the are the best.

Grotsnik#12Lolo | on 15/1/09

Hi T-Mac, we all trust your words, of course, so we relieve in you and your comeback. We still waiting (maybe lot of time) but we won’t give up ‘cause you won’t give up, right? Continue fighting and let us see your game. Two years ago (only two, not ten) you were the best, never forget this.

Now, I feel free to answer “Craig990”… that new appeared on NBAcom and I understood that Yao wants T-Mac out of the lineup (not out of Rockets) and wants him to comeback 100% mentally and physically. Then, Realgm(dot)com took the new and wrote a new meaning. Anyway, if Yao wants T-Mac out… who is Yao? Yao is not the Captain of the Rockets (T-Mac is Captain and now with Deke again, I think they’ll share). Yao is Yao ‘cause MONEY, he’s a good “C” but he’s not Howard, not Amaré, not Gasol and, potentially, not Bynum or Oden .

We believe in you, T-Mac !!!!

Fan from Spain!

pimpjokerboi | on 15/1/09

T-mac you are the best I dont care what happens I will keep on supporting you. :)

Craig990 | on 15/1/09

Yo T-Mac… news out of Houston is that Yao reportedly wants you out of Houston. He and the team is fed up and frustrated with the constant injuries and in and out of line-ups. its a constant distraction.

whats up with that?

arsenal | on 15/1/09

t-mac,u r my best lover in nba players, i am from china, and now u r in trouble of injures and for that u missed some matches and the medias are all talking about the topic of the deal on you,including many main medias and many specialists of nba.but i don’t know weather it’s true,and i also got worried about it,i don’t want u leave houston.however.where r u.i will behand u.i will never change my mind,cause u r the coolest one!And i beileve u will get on the top of the world like the celtics,cause u the angle!

jia | on 15/1/09

Sorry,my English is very poor.I hope you can understand my means.we always believe you will come back.we will stay with you.I also hope you will come back when you back to 100%.Take care of yourself.Love you - my belief.Waiting for you!!!

Lorenzo K | on 15/1/09

Hey T-MAc, I love your style of game. The tenacity and the fire that you bring to the court is awesome. I wish that the injuries had never slowed you down. I would love to see you get back to that high level of play again. Hang in there and get better on your time off. Can’t wait for your return!!

a 16-years-boys | on 15/1/09

I love you when i was 10.I love your shot,your run and so on.I don’t konw why I love.I still love you now.
But today,you’re hurt.I’m very sad.I don’t know what i should say.
I belive you’ll come back!But i think you should quickly.I hope you’re still the rocket’s player!
I’ll remember the “T-Mac Hours”,I’ll remember you forever.
My Enflish just so so.I hope you can understand my mean.
We should you come back.the rocket should you come bank!

Chen Jia Long | on 15/1/09

T-MAC i an your fans hehe sorry my english is so bad i want tell you you are the star in the sky the best brights
i always to surport you so do not think some one s tell
so just keep going you are the best star in the sky
i believe you always forever in my heart

chen jialong | on 15/1/09

虽然你看不懂 但是我还是要写 希望你能 快乐的打球 永远快乐 我们中国FANS 永远支持你 知道你的球衣被挂起来 升到球场的最高处

tracynumbcai | on 15/1/09

my heart will be support you go on and trust your heart will be stronger.Never give up and you will make it sooner or later!come on my t-mac!go go go To let someone to shut up!

tracynumbcai | on 15/1/09

my heart will be support you go on and trust your heart will be stronger.Never give up and you will make it sooner or later!come on my t-mac!go go go To let someone to shut up!

tracynumbcai | on 15/1/09






麦迪,你给我听好了:There is no me,there is only us!










love T-MAC | on 15/1/09

Hello,T-MAC,I am a chinese,I am your loyal fans to see you play is a kind of enjoyment, you know what? I and my friends have your clothes shoes and posters are on the album to introduce you all bought from the T-MAC1 generation to generation of T-MAC6 to TS, there is a different color, too much like you, too much like you, like you laugh the most recent game you can not see, really very happy and yet sad, happy because you can finally rest, and sad you can not see the game,Recently, there have been many media reports indiscriminately, belittle you, but you have only rolled have been suffering from knee injuries to suffer the ridicule of others, as a fan I really want to do something for you, I do not want my God T - MAC so far is simply being, but you have to remember Oh, your fans behind it are great in supporting you Oh, we still have our Chinese people,We are all in support of you, your videos are kept in my home, go again, like your game, like you, T-MAC, my bedroom wall posters still is that you occupy, do not care about how others said that as long as their own sense of right, refuel it, T-MAC, two weeks later see, would like to see I am familiar with the T-MAC,Love you, love you, love you! My God T-MAC!

McGrady ⒉ | on 15/1/09

T-mac .I believe you. I hope you can return to the stadium as soon as possible to dominate the game. You have been my idol ah. From you to join the NBA has always been. I hope you or all-around McGrady. Oops. I wish you a speedy recovery. I am a fan from China. Do not know to write in English there was not a fault. I hope you reply to me. My email is [email protected] I will be accompanied by Chinese fans Forever guarding you

陈小呆 | on 15/1/09

just trust yourself and keep faith,
mac,don’t worry,
we are always stay with U _

仰望天空ゞ男孩 | on 15/1/09

You’ll be back!
I believe you can!
Come on!!!
每名麦蜜都相信 也都等待着你回来的那一天

陈小呆 | on 15/1/09

just trust U and keep faith,
dnt’t worry,mac,
we are always stay with U _

hsu.yuan | on 15/1/09

hey t-mac.please get up now

吴勇 | on 15/1/09


because of you | on 15/1/09

tracy!I know the injury you are bearing.I am not adoctor who can create miricle and also i am not your teammate.The unique thing i can do is support forever.I believe yuor choice.You will be back!Remember millions of fans is your reliable backing!I anticipate you celebrate your birthday during the game!Champion is await you!

Li Qian | on 15/1/09

i just want to say ,i am a fan of tmac-a man who play basketball with his life.

lucky-lu | on 15/1/09

T-MAC,you know you are always my hero.You are a part of my life.Although someone always talk junk to you,but I don’t care.You are my one.Hope youback soon

Trevor | on 15/1/09

l Will always trust you! you should believe you forever!

ali | on 15/1/09

May the force be with you

MehmetCan Gürel | on 15/1/09

T-mac…I hope When you come back to play,you’r statistics will 35 PPG,10 RPG,10 APG.You can do this…

秦启洋 | on 15/1/09

T-MAC,I come from China, I am your fan, I always believe that you will return to the pinnacle of your time, I look forward to you has never changed. I hope you can come back after your actions, through goals by dunk through lore prove himself. I know you are sad, but we are also saddened by the Chinese fans, who each heard the sound of your verbal abuse, we are not able to refute, as your loyal fans, this is really very painful. But we have always believed that, have always believed that, you are the best NBA players, you are the king of NBA, and only you can contend with KOBE,you are the best….

Tracy_3 | on 15/1/09

I’m the ultimate fan~
We believe you!
No matter how
You’re the best player I’ve ever seen!

Wilson | on 15/1/09

Though my English isn’t good,i still got somethin’ to say.I know,you’re always tryin’ to be a strong man,and to lead Rockets to the championship.Many of the fans think you’re too soft,but they never knou how pain your back is.But I DO NOT.I believe if you’re healthy,you can beat anyone in yhe league.So,get healthy,buddy!Believe you can be the best!

g_1979 | on 15/1/09

T-mac, frighting!!!

Johnny | on 15/1/09

Hi, T-mac
Just let you know, no matter what other people thinks of ur decision, I’ll always support you! Matter of fact, nobody knows their health then themself. So, feel free to take a rest, no matter how long it takes. we all know rocket will make the playoff for sure, with or without you. But once the playoff begin, the team needs a 100% T-mac in his prefect ’13 points, 35 seconds’ mode.

I still believe, Along with Yao and Ron, You can take Houston to the top!

All the best

Telly.Zhang | on 14/1/09

Dear Tracy, It’s the frist time that I leave a massage to you .
I just want you to know I always love you.
Don’t give up.I will support you forever.


andie | on 14/1/09

we wont leave you man, we’re at your back, we all know that you can get back 100% and prove all the haters wrong…God Bless t-mac

" Ever‖ | on 14/1/09

T-mac.cheer up!!!

we still believe you!!!

Two weeks.We will wait ,.

Try your best.

we always love you!!!

T-mac, thanks,.

Go Go Go …nothing is impossible.

wangting | on 14/1/09

hurry up
believe you

Lianlian | on 14/1/09

.now,you can’t be able to 100%.Your choice is right.although rocket is faced with big chanllenging now,we want to see a healthy Tmac.playoffs is the most important things for us.we need to you help.whenever,nobody will tease you.

Rickster22 | on 14/1/09

You are one of the best players in the NBA. Get that knee right man, the Rockets and all the fans want to see you do your thing on the basketball court very soon. We have the best big 3 in the league (sorry Boston). We have the team this season to make a run at a title. Lets get healthy and do this right.

段磊 | on 14/1/09


joyce | on 14/1/09

i konw you are experienceing sth so difficult that makes you feel very frustrating,but i konw you can overcome it because you are a great fighter!And just as what you said you have the backing and support of your fans worldwide,so nothing matters ,whatever happens you always have us.come.on MAC!WE LOVE YOU FOREVER!

Marcus | on 14/1/09

Was up T-mac my name is marcus and i am one of your biggest fans i live in Maryland and my friends are talking alot of smack that we suck and you are the laziiest player ever but i tell him to shut up because i know what you are capable of and i beleve in you, so get better and come bck helthy and better than ever so that we can make it to the finals.

Duoduo | on 14/1/09

hi,T-mac love you forever .

Jose Paz | on 14/1/09

Yo T-Mac… you really need to get back on the court man. Im not sayin ASAP but when you know n feel that knee is 100%. I’ve watched all the games you’ve played n i know that knee is not right. My advise would be to take as much time possible.Sure im concern of the Rockets without you but they’ll get thru. Trust me i know the Rockets like the palm of my hand! so take your time man n get well so that us Rockets fans n your fans can witness you be that cold blooded T-Mac your known for!!! Peace homie ;)

藜子 | on 14/1/09


J.D. Medrano | on 14/1/09

I think this is the best idea for the hand we were dealt. I say we because i have been a rockets fan since i was 2 years old. We have never had a scorer like Tracy, and i think not having him at 100 percent has made this a very difficult situation. NOBODY knows their own body better than themselves, so if time is what this man needs, i say everyone shuts up, lets him do his thing, and we’ll see where we stand once our team is together. I think we have a chance at something very special, but that would be just a dream without T-Mac. Get healthy bro, we need you.

shivam ohri | on 14/1/09

Tmac i know you will come back and play the way you always have. I don’t care about what anybody says but i know you are the best players in the NBA. I have seen people saying bad stuff about you but i know that you will come back on top. Just rest the knee and get back to being the best there is.

Duoduo | on 14/1/09

Do not mind some of what , need to believe in self person criticizes other. I support you forever.

najat | on 14/1/09

want to be comunnicating buddies. you have my email. t-mac make sure to get your knee 100% before you return. i miss seeing you play. are you coming back next season? hope you are cause your my hero! talk to you later. remember to email me!

Azeez | on 14/1/09

today i read a news page on saying how the rockets organization was getting tired of your injuris that an anonymous person in the organization said yao wanted you out.
Do the rockets really feel this way after all you have done for them speaking of injury how many games did yao miss last year and who won a majority of that 22 game winnig streak who has put the rockts on his back? who is #4 all-time in playoff scoring average? and who kept the rockets in that utah series last year? yeah its all Tracy McGrady so can they just top it this is your team so when you are done with this your conditioning pease show them whos team this is unleash on them not just for yourself for me and all of your fans that have stuck with you through the thick and thin.

afromen | on 14/1/09

dont worry Tracy . in my opinion You are still one of best player in nba. I hope so that you back to health as soon as is possible and with Yao lead as to champion! I believe in Your power. Take care;)

Daryll Domingo | on 14/1/09

An unstoppable fire burns inside a volcano.
Though it shows no sign of erupting.
They mock it, because they believe it is harmless.
They believe it’s fire has faded.
Watch them point, watch them laugh, watch them.
Enjoy the laughter, because as they laugh.
The fire rises…

An unstoppable fire burns in Tracy.
It shows signs of fading, it looks like it’s dying?
So they mock it.
The fire has been extinguished! It’s gone! Washed up!
Watch them point, watch them laugh, watch them.
Enjoy the laughter, because as they laugh.
The fire rises with a vengance.
Then who will get the last laugh?

熙夕 | on 14/1/09

It may be not a bad thing when I saw the news
yes,I’ll believe you
don’t be nervious

take care

En Luo | on 14/1/09

Hey Tracy, I think that you made a great decision trying to get back to “13 points in 33 seconds mode” by working on your strength. I cannot wait till you get back and show every other team that you back and will win the NBA Title!!! I have been your die-hard fan since i saw you play!!!!

tino | on 14/1/09

Dont Trip we got 1st seed on lock, were just seeing who plays for 2nd!

Josh Hughes | on 14/1/09

T-MAc come back n do wat u got 2 do b da one dat u use 2 b. remember the 13 points in 35 seconds dat was amazing. Be like u were when u were wit the magic u were unstoppable we can be a good team yall jus have to get healthy u can do this n once u come back prove everyone wrong.This is the best comment read it and let it soak into your mind n think. #1 fan T-Mac I will always beleive in u.

liushanshan | on 14/1/09


Clay Heald | on 14/1/09

Mr. Tracy, We believe in you! Get healthy and and prove your critics wrong. Don’t let pride get in the way and give all the glory to Jesus Christ. Through him all things are possible!!

Nils | on 14/1/09

Tu a pris un bon choix mais il va falloir que les Rockets se qualifient déjà en Play-Offs pour espérer du titre , Et dans la conférence Ouest rien est fait ‘ , Mais j’espère que vous vous qualifierez pour ces Play-offs et pourquoi pas gagner le titre =D , Je suis derrière toi et l‘équipe , Tu es le meilleur ne l’oubli pas . Nils

yuyang | on 14/1/09

hey Tracy it is a good choice to have a break from such intense games…i konw you work hard in or out the court,i konw you need time to recover,i konw you are still who you are,i konw you will be back… you have never let me down though there were always obstables in the path to the champion…i will always be there for you…
my life has been stressful in the last months and i almost couldnt breathe hey Tracy lets move on together in our ways OK?
Kown i love you very much

Eric | on 14/1/09

Whats good T-Mac,
I’ve been a die-hard fan of your’s since I came out of the WOMB man.. I support you through the good and bad.. This season been a wreck for you offensively.. [no offense].. but I continue to vote you for the All-Star game.. and Im very glad to see that your still #2 among guards. I love your play, PERIOD. I read an article on

^ thats the link.. they doin you BAD tmac.. for your sake, and for my bragging rights to my boys that say your a has-been.. show them whose boss tmac… Your THAT dude.. go out there and prove all the doubters wrong..
Your a prolific scorer.. an amazing passer, but tmac haha when you get back.. lets see some more above the rim action hahaha.
Your true #1 fan.
Tacoma, WA

Chris | on 14/1/09

Tracy, I have been a huge fan of you since you played in Orlando. I have witnessed all of the criticism you have taken from the media, sportswriters, and others. I just want to let you know that I believe in you. I can’t wait to see you back to 100% so you can help your team out. Get well soon. We need you. GO ROCKETS!!!


Saint | on 14/1/09

Hi, T-mac. I’m a Rockets’ fans in China. I still believe that you are the most talent player in NBA. You must come back and lead your team to win the games! More importantly, you must prove and show yourself to those Chinese who doubt and oppugn you, like what you did during the last season. You must tell them “This is my game! I can play!” with your perfect perform.

JON | on 14/1/09

We need you back on the court as soon as your healthy. There is alot of stories about you and Yao not getting along, etc. etc. Can you address these stories???? Thnaks

larry meeks | on 14/1/09

i love the way you use to play
i believe you can play like tracy mcgrady
again when you get 100 percent because you
is the king.

tiball still | on 14/1/09

win or out

hope better yourself


s-mac | on 14/1/09

Man,can’t wait till u get back 2 playing,get better 4real.An get your ring cuz it’s your time.time 2 get ova your hump(utah)And do the dam thing,much respect and love.1

凯凯. | on 14/1/09

我是看到你才喜欢NBA的. 在这个联盟里没有人在让我喜欢过了.
做回做回原来的自己.我的梦想就是能在场上为你加油..看见你的比赛..不管好与坏都为你呐喊.. 我爱你..麦..
我知道也许你根本看不到..看了也不知道我在说什么..不过你应该能感觉到. 你的背后有很多我这样永远支持你的球迷!!加油吧..
我奢望的留下我的QQ… 416499192 希望有一天我能在亲眼看到你.. 加油麦!!!你是最强的!!不要灰心!!!!!!!!

麦荻永康吼 | on 14/1/09

i close both locks below the window
i close both blinds and turn away
sometimes solutions aren’t so simple
sometimes goodbye’s the only way

and the sun will set for you
the sun will set for you
and the shadow of the day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you

in cards and flowers on your window
your friends all plead for you to stay
sometimes beginnings aren’t so simple
sometimes goodbye’s the only way

and the sun will set for you
the sun will set for you
and the shadow of the day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you

and the shadow of the day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you

and the shadow of the day
will embrace the world in grey
and the sun will set for you


tracy..after the song ends,let everything begin

t-mac,my dear…

Jimmy He | on 14/1/09

I have faith in you and so do my classmates in China! We trust you. Hope you can get on the court with 100% strength.

TmacNO1 | on 14/1/09

Come and that them shut up!

Vina | on 14/1/09

Just have a good rest!!! Support you all the time.

Raymond Hou | on 14/1/09

What I was young, I liked you very much. All-Star contest in 2000, I saw Bryant jumper blocked by you, I knew that you were my new idol.In 2004,you joined Houston Rockets,it was great.My favorite player and Yao Ming started to be one team - this made all chinese fans be so excited.After weeks you will be fine and back. And Yao Ming will lead Rockets to go further,with everybody.We love Rockets not only because of Yao,also because of you.
We will always be with you look forward to your performance in the palyoffs this year,we believe you will have outstanding performance.

曈曈 | on 14/1/09

小麦 爱你 不变 不论怎样 你都是最棒的 加油哦 !~祝你快乐 当大多数人都在关心你飞的高不高时 只有少数人在意你飞的累不累!~自己的健康第一 不要为那些舆论 让自己不快乐

Zhao Tong | on 14/1/09

亲爱的小麦 永远爱你 永远支持你 你要健康啊 love you forever support you forever!~ keep healthy please

juanjian luo | on 14/1/09

Tracy, Hello! I come from China, I am 15 years old, I was a middle school students. Has been in support of your fans! But I do not know English, I am sorry.

I would like and you say, you have to persevere, I support you every day, I believe you other fans as well.
I hope you a speedy recovery.

Sunny | on 14/1/09

Trmacy, very pleased to enter your blog, the hope you can see my messages, I am a female fans from China, I am close to many people asked me why a girl is so like to watch NBA, I was so to answer them all, because there are my favorite idols, TMAC, I am concerned because every NBA him, without him, I will never look at the NBA, perhaps I am not a real fan , but I truly like you, like your vote after scoring a smile, it seems like you always misty eyes,In the playoffs with the Jazz’s last game when you see the shoulders of gauze tied, ah heartache that you can finally break through the playoffs two, but the reality is so cruel, they did not `` ` ``````` However, I believe you will be able to this season’s `` `I know it is your lowest period of life, people around the world suffered as a result of the abuse, but you know?? in the distant China still there are many like me love you fans, who call you at the same time, they also hurt the heart, they still believe that, before the omnipotent TMAC Therefore, TMAC, refueling, and we will always believe that you have, I hope you a speedy recovery, return to the previous state, so that people look down on your self-contradictory yours Chinese fans

自定义 | on 14/1/09

Refuel! I believe you. loves your my ~

孙有恒 | on 14/1/09

WE LOVE U ,MAN。因为你无可替代!

ruanshan | on 14/1/09

We believe you can.Don’t let us down!

Chinzo | on 14/1/09

get healthy, t mac you r the best player. u need your team .
we r waiting to see your games. be strong

617 | on 14/1/09


I’m a Chinese girl fan.
Dont sad.I believe you will back.
I love you so much..
Believe yourself,Because you’re T-mac!!
In my heart,you always NO.1!
I waiting for you!
Cheer on!
Good luck~

a rocket fan | on 14/1/09

Hi,Ms Mcgrady!You left strong team for your teammates!when you come back,you will face some weak team!How clever you are!

channing | on 14/1/09

Dear tracy
I believe you whatever you do.
I also believe what you do is good enough to you and Rockets.
Please keep health and lead through the first turn of the seasonoff.
I do not care whether you have the champion ring or not. The most important is your style and your health.
Take care man.
Looking forward your return.

jinuoyuxizi | on 14/1/09

Come on,Tracy!

Daisy Liu | on 14/1/09

Mac, you know, there are so many critical comments on you.It hurts me so deeply everytime i saw it.But i still believe you can come back together with your greatness.your success is the most powerful strike to them!!!!

Bill | on 14/1/09

I am your FANS, I know that you want to take a rest for two weeks, this is a good decision, be me to see you to fight with those players, I feel pretty much deplore greatly, the body gets hurt to suffer from of how can you develop 100% levels again?I see in the near future a lot of reports all say that you want to be traded, I dare not to believe that how rocket team’s hasing no you will become.I like to see you to play ball very much, I usually copy you on the basketball court and learn your to shoot ball and buy your shoes, someone asks me to will have in the future what dream, I said that I want a rocket team, you play ball together, I really hope with you to play ball on basketball, T-MAC I wish your healthy body, I will keep in mind the latest news of rocket team, be you come back of time, is time that you perform.Hope you can reply my information, support BILL of your FANS forever

ycl | on 14/1/09

T-Mac,I hope you will be ok in 2 weeks.I have seen your play since you played in Raptors.So I believe if you get back,you can beat anyone and be the winner. God bless you.

winnie | on 14/1/09

T-MAC, I’m a Chinese girl who will support you forever! Where there is a will,there is a way. Believe in yourself! Fighting~~

TC | on 14/1/09

Please dont leave Rocket, U made me beomce the fan of rocket, and please show ur true ability and confident to prove them they are wrong.

丁翰林 | on 14/1/09

加油~~我相信你~~我们相信你~~ 我永远相信你是最棒的~~ T-MAC You are best forever

001 | on 14/1/09

We believe you!!

JW | on 14/1/09

Tmac, you’re my favorite player of all-time! I know you’re hurting but I always have faith in you. When you come back, prove all those guys in the studio wrong-Stephen A., Chuck, Kenny, Reggie, Magic, Walton. I know I will see that 32ppg, taking a dump on shawn TMAC when playoffs roll around.

zhuolin | on 14/1/09

T-mac,you are the best!you are genius!I’m supporting you for ever.just make you more stronger,and recover health as soon as possible. pray for you. hope you regain strength and show youself in playoffs especially.

justin tomas | on 13/1/09

get well soon tracy.. you’ll have your title shot soon

shiliang | on 13/1/09


Ryenas | on 13/1/09

Kick Loose..We all trust you.After 2 weeks,I’m sure I can see a Energetic T-Mac. Do what you wanna do.You can!

陈洋 | on 13/1/09

T-mac,I konw you have to rest and I will see a mgiac NO.1 Tracy McGrady after two week.When you back,I can say to the all:“That magic NO.1 is back.”
GET RED Mac,I want to see a best you for two week

yours, T-mac Fans.

superbear | on 13/1/09

you are the no.1 ,forever

D | on 13/1/09

Hey t-mac its your number 1 fan in toronto.I wish you fast recovery.I’m hearing that yao wants u gone. Is all this true or is it rumors? because if it is true and u leave, you will leave with half of the rockets fans with u including myself.

Lisa | on 13/1/09

Hi,Tracy,to tell you the truth ,I haven’t watched the game for a long long time because you are not there.
I almost lose faith in you.
I almost give up.
But you are still there , in my heart.
I think I will go on ,with you ,with Rockets.

T-MAC FANS | on 13/1/09

Dear Tracy, No matter what happens we will support and believe you forever…. 麦迪,你给我听好了:不论你变成怎样,我们麦迷永远支持你!





麦迪,你给我听好了:There is no me,there is only us!










saunter | on 13/1/09

nothing is are the only one in my heart!

jingli | on 13/1/09

we allways believe

岳成 | on 13/1/09

Tracy,come on!!!!You are the best one!!!!!!!!!!

麦蒂的亲爹 | on 13/1/09


unintended | on 13/1/09

You could be the one I’ll always love!
i believe you will be back!

momingqimiao | on 13/1/09

加油T-MAC 我们会一直支持你 关注你 即使你离开了火箭
现在你要拿出自己的勇气和信心向那些质疑你的人证明 你还是那个无所不能的NO.1
we always believe!!!

Tracy wu | on 13/1/09

I will still trust you though there are so many people loing their confidence. I support you every day ,every hour,every minute every second. You exactly will come back !!!Be healthy

momingqimiao | on 13/1/09

加油T-MAC 我们会一直支持你即使离开了火箭

夜神月 | on 13/1/09

I love you forever!!!!!

tracy | on 13/1/09

Just prove it t-mac ! Your destiny you choose. We always believe you will come back ! You are my hero.You have thousand millions fans in china. You will never walk alone. The best wishes to you.

Sison Sue | on 13/1/09

Mac, I am a female fans from China, I am 16 years old this year. Whether you become what we fans will always support you! Do not worry about the media’s comments, we will never believe that, unless they are recognized by you personally! We have always believed that one day you will return of the king to lead the Rockets won the championship! We always love you, whether it is before you, now you, or your future, and we love for you will never change!
If you or the afterlife Tracy, that I was a fan that Michael! Never change!
Please keep in mind:There is no me,there is only us!

bo | on 13/1/09

麦迪,证明自己! 然他们闭上嘴巴!

No1. Fan | on 13/1/09

Hey T MAc, I love your game! Please take this time and rest well. I really like watching you play at your 100%. I know this year has been fustrating for you. Things happen. Sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. But, thats life. I know it for a fact that you will be up again real soon.

joedell perkins | on 13/1/09


mimi | on 13/1/09

dear t-mac
You must promise us you will return to peak.ok?
tracy,we are waiting for you .No matter where you go, I will follow you there
go go go go go .
I believe you T-MAC GOD.

Kevin | on 13/1/09

Come on, Tmac! Throw away your fear and suspect of yourself. Be the man on the lineup, and you can do it!

张健 | on 13/1/09


shaun medwynter | on 13/1/09

hi tracy, i idolize you and hope that you get back to full strength and whatever it takes for you to do that i suggest you do it

caesar | on 13/1/09

watup T-mac, this season has been way crazy man. Its so tough man i live in LA and I have always stuck by you man, lately been getting alot of shit by all these Kobe fans out here. Well I hope the knee heals 100% man and hopefully your be back and ready to get that ring!
-Your Fan

Daryl | on 13/1/09

take as much time as you need to get healthy, all of your fans will support you no matter what. win or lose your fans will stay loyal.

Dusty | on 13/1/09

Hey Tracy, i’m a big fan of you that sucks really bad that your taking 2 weeks off i’m going to your game on the 23rd in indianapolis, its my first nba game ever i was really looking forward to seeing you play but o well hopefully you will still be there though i spent a crap load of money that i didn’t really have to get courtside seats near the away bench in hope that i could possibly meet you or get an autograph, picture, or hell just a hand shake or pound would be sweet. well i’m not sure if you really even read this stuff but i was just sayin whats up to my favorite basketball player ever T-MAC 4 life, Later

Tracy | on 13/1/09

Tracy, I will alway behind you.Hope you will be are the best for ever !!Come om!

Xiaoming Huang | on 13/1/09

I’m confident that you will come back. I will always support you. Your task now is to feel at ease , so that when you return we can still see the almighty T-MAC!Please stand up and fight together with Yao. You are the best in my heart.

Xiaoming Huang | on 13/1/09

I’m confident that you will come back. I will always support you. Your task now is to feel at ease , so that when you return we can still see the almighty T-MAC!Please stand up and fight together with Yao. You are the best in my heart.

jovan bennett aka jaye | on 13/1/09

tracy u got my support i’m 1 of your biggest fans i dont wear no shoes but yours real talk i watch no ones games but the rockets stay up (GET RED!!)

allen5255 | on 13/1/09

Take care!

Jeremy | on 13/1/09

I used to be a really big fan of you. You still are my favorite player, I just am more concerned about the team then you. I know your potential, and I know you haven’t been healthy. You have had some good games this season, and I can always tell the games when you are feeling good. I can’t wait to see you back on the court, hopefully close to 100%.

Good luck,

姚磊 | on 13/1/09

you are the greatest
you are the world’s greatest
you are the star up in the sky Can you feel it?
oh come on !I believe you tracy

Vivian | on 13/1/09

We’re here,Stand by you!!!

Joe | on 13/1/09

Please comeback healthy so the roller coaster comes to a smooth ride. I hope you get yourself well man and I really hope you get that last laugh. We need you man!

Deshawn | on 13/1/09

Get healthy and be back in 2 weeks!

Yo boy


MacFan | on 13/1/09

Yo man get healthy, dat all i gotta say. People sayin sh*t bout u like u’ll never be able to be a star again. Ignore all of that dumb stuff and just focus on returnin at full strenght in 2 weeks. We need ya T-Mac but first of all we need u to be haelthy. But T-Mac we need u back in 2-3 weeks, so work real hard to make dat all happen. T-Mac take care, man and hope to see u on da court healthy and back in 2 weeks. It’s upsettin to see u gone but it is more upsettin to see u struggle


PS: Work hard from day 1 so u can be back in 2 weeks cause we need ya man

Ahmed | on 13/1/09

T-mac, straught up do what you have to do! Don’t care about us because we are selfish and honestly, you have soiled us and i don’t blame you for doing so, i seen greatest out of you game after game, year after year, and playoff after playoff. Basketball is your job, but your health is your LIFE. Get well in whatever amount of time you need.. and if god-willing(inshallah), you will become a muslim.

JACK | on 13/1/09

just don’t worry man…when you coming back everything will be all right…
I compelet support you….
come man!!!!!!!!!!!!!you can overcoming…

mista president | on 13/1/09

remember 13 points in 33 seconds

Stanley | on 13/1/09

T-mac you have been an inspiration to me since you were in the raptors. This year has been a fustrating year but you continue to stay strong. There are lots of critics laughing at you, but I am sure that you will get the laugh when you return. I have a faith in you and the rockets. You are a huge inspiration

Anthony Borland | on 13/1/09

Just wanna let you know that I’m one of your biggest fan also. I totally understand the situation your in at the moment, but nothing will be sweeter for me to see you back fully healthy and playing even better than what you use to…and i mean even if it means taking over the game and literally carrying the Rockets to the finals. I wanna see the day your name is back at #1 for the scoring title and MVP. Wish you the best in your recovery.


Junior | on 13/1/09

hey tracy get better soon i miss seen you out there and i hope the rehab is going well


Alexandre | on 13/1/09

You are right man, you are right…
We really need you back 100% next time you play… if’s not 100%... try to get the better heal that you can… i will be always your fan… always will be with you man… i hope this year rockets pass through the 1st round… and can go the far we can… do it with your heart man… sure, rest, rest, and rest… and when you feel better you will know… we are waiting for you… most people critisize you… so don’t listen to them… they don’t know that you are a true warrior that fight for your team, even injured… i hope.. you get healthy fast… and keep the great work! If this year you cant get a MVP award.. show us next year.. show us what you got T-Mac! You’re number one.. Good luck bro! Alexandre ~> Brazil

Graham | on 13/1/09

Please, do what you have to. Don’t forget that it’s been equally frustrating to the fans who don’t know when or if you’ll play, and if you do, what kind of effort we can expect. I still hope that you can return to the T-Mac we all remember, but know that your Houston supporters are dwindling. Good luck with your rehab, come back strong, and win back your city.

claire | on 13/1/09

Dear Tracy:
I’ve been ur fans since u’re in Raptors, so hope this time u can take a full rest and get back with a healthy body. I’ll always support you and wait for your coming back.
Never be frustrated ok? you’re forever the best to ur fans!

Wu Song | on 13/1/09

You are the best in the world.
I hope you are in Rockets for ever.

ahaqcxz | on 13/1/09

Im always remember that you said ,I will be back,we will be back.
ANd Im waiting for you ..I belive it…
only because of you ,
The best T-Mac. My favorite。。。

Laabi | on 13/1/09

I Hope that you will be back very soon on court and i hope, you will be back on top form.

You are the best in the world.

兰天妤 | on 13/1/09

tracy` we believe in you always and forever!!!!!!!!!!wish you the best!!!!!!

Jay | on 13/1/09

Hello Tracy! I really don’t know how is the NO.1 of the Rockets. Was it the top one in NBA? I hope your coming back healthily after 2 weeks.

Michael | on 13/1/09

Too many people critisize you. I have faith. Always will. Your a beast of a basketball player. Get healthy and go shut everyones mouth.

Vincent | on 13/1/09

First time to drop some lines in your blog,cause I think at this very moment,I should say out what all those your fans here in China wanna say:WE ALWAYS HAVE FAITH IN YOU AND ALWAYS BACK UP YOU!!!I believe we well see a Tracy we all wanna see.

sandy | on 13/1/09

Hey Tracy,
I am so surprised that you mentioned us your fans on ur blog.

Hope you be in a really good condition when you come back.
And for me, I don’t think 2 week is not a long time since I have waited your championship for several years.
What’s more, I still believe it is not a really hard thing for you, right?
Anyway, I just want to tell you, your fans will always support you.

Bty, as a Chinese fan, I look forward to watching your game in US. Hope I can see your in final game.

Chris | on 13/1/09

Be a Man,Hope you recover as soon as possible.Support you forever!

李昂 | on 13/1/09

T-MAC,i believe you will be back!maybe you know,t-mac’fans in CHINA ~ ~~ come up !! you are the NO.1 forever in our heart! 如果有人说你不行,那你就证明给他看,他是错的, 好好休息 MY 麦 PS MY english ias not very well .

麦荻永康吼 | on 13/1/09

we believe you,we just know that you are painful ,but we still believe .we love you .just trust yourself!

now ,let everything begin,and let all the sadness gone.we are there beside you,sonehow ,just be yourself .

i feel i love you so much,please stand up ,T-MAC,cause we are called tmac,!

there are so many unfortunate things around you and me ,but i just know that we should hold on to our dream,our heart,tmac,there ‘ii always be rainbow after the rain,and let the pitful ilfe be away,

thanks for you giving me everything ,my t-mac!

elliott | on 13/1/09


Chenguang Hao | on 13/1/09

We are confident that you will come back! We will always support you! I am concerned about every day of your condition is good point. Your task now is to feel at ease wounds, such as when you return we can also see that the almighty T-MAC! You in our hearts is the best!

chinese boy | on 13/1/09

I’m one of thousands chinese youths who love basketball most.
You,Tracy McGrady,are the legend of NBA.
Everytime you dunk,everytime you shot
In Orlando,a crazy guy in white and blue that no one can stop him,no one!
There are so many people and medium judge you and query you now.
But I don’t believe that.
You are so tired that can’t play as No.1.
Last playoff with Jazz,you fight like a hero without yao.
You are completely exhausted and heartbroken.
But you can’t explain cause you are the T-Mac.
Why just people can’t understand all of this is unfair to you!
You just need a rest.
I believe you can fly!

Martin.Chan | on 13/1/09

My ever loved great T-mac, I want you to believe that I am your real fan first.So,what I’m gonna say may be hurting but I don’t really mean it,OK?I’m just doing a fan’s do,tryna help a little bit if you allow me a few minutes!I’m not gonna talk about your illness,your games,your…er,mind or inner desire or something else like the other fans said.Cause they said enough!All I want is just a suggestion for you.May be you have already done that before,even usually.But I still strongly suggest you to watch the vedio collections of your performance in your Raptor’s age,your great Orlando’s age ,even your early Rockets’ age!I mean,I owned such vedios a lot,and I still check them at least once per day.I really love you in those days.You just watch it,and I bet you will get shock by the great moves in the vedio.then you say to yourself:“Who’s this mighty awesome guy??Who??That’s ME!!“yes,you ARE the awesome guy,think about your wonderful moment,don’t tell me you can’t do this,don’t tell me your weak knees stop you.That is absolutely bullshit!!Forgive my words,but as your real fan,I think I have the rights to say that,just for you,man!!!Tracy McGrady,those critics may say that you act like a girl or something,I don’t give a fuck,cause all I want you to be is the T-mac.It’s not a mackintosh or something,it’s T-mac!!!The one!!!!

Stan | on 13/1/09

Vote for T-MAC to the All-star game.

Weiwei Fan | on 13/1/09

Phile Jackson ever said Michale jordan is no better than a high school player when he injured SO I think you made a good desicion!!!
Support you~~

li liu | on 13/1/09

i will support you just as in past

Bill | on 13/1/09


Igore the buzz and do what you have to do.

You v got our full support.

Wish you a rapdi recovery.


Zhuang Hang | on 13/1/09

I hope you can wipe out your beard!
If you do that.You will become so young
I think you can play well than ever when you come back.
Please trust yourself.You are best.

夏赟 | on 13/1/09


xiao mai | on 13/1/09

i and all your chinese fans will wait for you forever..

紫弦 | on 13/1/09

I am always on your side.I will wait for your back.

Zhang xiaohao | on 13/1/09

Hey Tracy! Come on!I’m looking at you! I believe that three years ago,T-mac was a strong boy,mow he’s a smart man! You are the one,still the one!

JOYCE | on 13/1/09

T-mac I will back you to the end!!
I know it is frustrating for you now,but remember when you went through it,everything will be better!!!
You are always second to none in my heart!

A die hard fan

Cui Yan | on 13/1/09

We understand you!
Support you forever!

Tfans | on 13/1/09

You’ll be back…

Riverqy | on 13/1/09

Baby, a good accomplishment, and we will always wait for you to come back with good health and best state. You would not let us worry about right. Oh refueling. In China, there are too many fans love you in silent prayer. . Baby refueling.

xiG | on 13/1/09

I love you so much!
I hope you can be recovered as soon as possible.
So that the health of Tracy back!

Paul | on 13/1/09


I originally got interested in the Rockets when I picked up my first copy of NBA Live 05. I picked the Rockets because they had Yao Ming and I didn’t even have a clue who you were. Little did I know McGrady would be the one closing out games for me.

It’s been years since I been playing the Rockets, I quickly became a fan, and starting watching every Rockets game I could. I even went to Sonics games when you guys came to town cheering for Rockets while the rest of my friends tried to pretend they did not know me. I saw you play with the gimp knee last year against the Sonics, Kevin Durant said you were the kind of player he wanted to become because you were effective and a good leader even with a gimp knee.

I respect your team because you guys have all the best pieces from each realm of basketball. Yao the best from China, Alston the best from street ball, Battier one of the best from college, Scola one of the best from Argentina, and you one of the best from out of high school.

Artest is probably the best brawler and Brooks is the best from Seattle, I seen him play during high school.

Take all the time you need to get healthy and come back and lead this group of talent to a championship. The Rockets are great and all this down time for you allows the younger guys to get better and better. Wait until playoffs if you need to because if you can do a Wade like comeback around playoff time, the title is easily yours.

Do have a speedy recovery as well because its hard to play NBA 2k9 online and win against Lakers and Celtics without T-Mac. Also your lackluster performance has lowered your in game rating so when you come back please do something about that. It be nice to throw down dunks in game like you did back in 05, it be even better on ESPN in high def.

I wish you the best, good luck, and have a speedy recovery. GO ROCKETS!

aimbyo | on 13/1/09

I’m always your fan.

Egas Rodrigues | on 13/1/09

y do u think we wouldn’t support the best skilled and talented arroun?!! sounds crazy doesn’t it!!! just forget about all these noise arround the midia and focus on your rehab and come back to the spot where u belong. i know u respect others but deep inside u know u can be the best arround. i know u don´t know ANGOLA but we, the entire Africa and the world is with u man. M.J never had to make 81 2 b the best, neither u have. i’m out [email protected]

Fang Zhang | on 13/1/09

First of all, get healthy
and get on the core
win a final champion
then make everyone silence
T-MAC is NO.1

Eric | on 13/1/09

Tracy, I love you when you play in Magic till now.and you are my life.I still believe you can lead your team and WIN the NBA CHAMPION!! I wish all the sick can get out of you right now! You are the best!!! You are the only one NBA Player I love,I care!!!Be stronger!!!!

xianxian | on 13/1/09

come on!!!dear t-mac,waiting for u~~~

huanghaishan | on 13/1/09

Tracy,I am a girl from China,because my Englisn is very poor,so I don’t know how to write to you .In Chinese,在中国,我们所有麦迷都在等你的回归``大家都不会放弃``因为你是我们的T-MAC`所以``加油``

zichen | on 13/1/09

Tracy, I think it’s good for you to have a rest and we hope to see a healthy T-Mac.Don’t care the nonsense criticism.Although it’s frustrating to hear you don’t show up in the lineup,but your health is most important than anything else.Whatever you choose,I will support you and hope you can happy everyday. God bless you ! we are always waiting for you,Please be tough when you get back the court!!!!

Tracy Lee | on 12/1/09

Hi, T-mac, i am your Chinese fan but now in Au. I always take care of your news , i know you will back owing to 100%. Don’t be sad, you should have a rest and keep holding on yourself. We Chinese all support you , we voted for you everyday , We hope you can make a good friend with Yao who is very kind but a litte , know.. You should get the ball that Yao can’t do . You know you are the No.1 in HOU , I will support you for ever. Don’t care about others , you can back 100%. You must have this idea. Yao, Artest and you will make a deep run this year. I believe it. I will pray for you everyday. Don’t let me down.
Tracy (The same name with you)

rayn | on 12/1/09

comprehension is great!i am waiting for your slam dunk and finger ring!!!jump up,tracy

Sun Danwen | on 12/1/09

Hi T-mac!
I just want to say i believe you can do your best, so please believe yourself. We trust you!

Mark D | on 12/1/09

May God bless your knee and the rockets while you’re gone…and yeah take ur time like everyone said and be better, 101% better

Lionel | on 12/1/09

Hey Tracy! I have to admit that I doubted about your injury at the beginning and I thought that was becasue of your laziness, but now I chose to believe you and support you also because there’s nth exciting more than seeing a 100% T-mac in the playoffs. Take care.

small mai sister | on 12/1/09

我一直再等着你回来,我也坚信你一定会回来,,,看到你已经成为我生活中的一个部分。。。我知道外界的职责跟了你很大的压力。。。不过我们都很爱你,希望你不要有烦恼。。。走自己的路。。。在新的一年里健健康康的。。。My baby T-Mac

Bill | on 12/1/09

Although I am a Chinese boy, even though my English is not too good, I can still stop for your favorite. You are a talented player! Sometimes you succeed, sometimes you will fail. But things after failure should not affect your play, to learn how to continue efforts in any environment. I wish you out of depression as soon as possible to the Chinese fans a true Madison!

麦蜜 | on 12/1/09


Wangmengjia | on 12/1/09

Tmac,Do you know,there are many many your fans in CHINA.I am one of them.I love you,love your eyes,love your skill and so on. This season,you are not good enough,everyone says that Tracy can do nothing.But I don’t think so.I think you are the best.
I hope you will be back. we are believe in you even if you not believe in yourself right now. THE CHOSE 1


Ma | on 12/1/09

Just ask Yao~What did i say~MY BEST WISH~

瞿孝成 | on 12/1/09

we are love you forever…..

Xu Chao Liu | on 12/1/09

we always trust U & love U….U will come back..U are the No.1 forever

huanghaishan | on 12/1/09

麦迪``加油 ``

chen jialong | on 12/1/09

Tracy, you are always the NO.1 in my heart. You are the best in the NBA. I will support you forever. Come on , let those people who blame you shut up. Waiting for you back to the court. Your biggest fan…

Charles Chen | on 12/1/09


See, I am still believing that you will carry Rockets with Yao.
I really like your pass, nice, mysterious and accurate.

yingying | on 12/1/09

Dear Tracy,
You bring so much joy and warmth to us.The deepest wish of us is you get well soon.Take a rest until you feel better,and don’t blame youself for it.We all understand that how painful to playoff with the hurt knees.You are a strong man in our hearts.Take care of yourself.Wish you back with better body soon.Best God bless you.

jan | on 12/1/09

give yourself more confidence!!we all trust you can come back again~!! your name is T-Mac!!

Ross Turner | on 12/1/09

T-Mac, rest. Theres plenty of time to make a great run this year. Hey! You are still sitting pretty to start in the all-star game! :) This is going to be a great year and i’m going to enjoy watching the lakers lose tomorrow, hope you do too!

flashwsy | on 12/1/09

Hi Tracy!
I and my friends are all your fans from the day you joined the NBA league.We would love to see you shot,slam,assist,block…and so on.We believe you are best player in the league,although you are suffering the pain from your knee.We also believe you will be fine and lead Rocket to win the final!!!!Of course,with the big guy-Yao Ming whom we love too.Yao is the best C not only in NBA but all over the world.You and Yao can make to strongest power to beat any team! Best wishes for you and Yao!

Ilovetmac | on 12/1/09

TMAC, I am here just want to tell you that I will always be your side. I am a TMAC fan. Wherever you go , I will accompany you. Without you , I will not watch the Rockets matches; without you ,I will not watch NBA games any more. You are the only one who leads me watch basketball and love it. You are a great player but you are also an ordinary person. Others do not have rights to blame you. Sometimes , as a Chinese, I hate some of the people in my country. Because of Yao, your weak points are enlarged under the spotlight. They are not awared of the problems on themselves. Instead, they are always blaming others. I hate this. Esp, the Chinese Media, I am so diappointed at them. But I know they have their mouths, I can not shut them up. And I think you are the same. Just give them aside. And hope you will rehab soon. I will always wait for you. Come on ,go go go. Mac.

Tom | on 12/1/09

Hi Tracy,

we blieve that Rockets need a 100% healthy T-MAC, so take the time you need to get well, we support you forever, we believe you!


Sergio Herrera | on 12/1/09

I think you made a good decision in taking these two weeks off. Now you can get to 100% and hopefully get back to your usual form. Good luck with everything and I hope that knee gets better. I have no doubt in my mind that when you are healthy you are an elite player in this league. So I know that you will come back to that form and your still young. Hope it all goes well T-mac.

edgar | on 12/1/09

Ive been a loyal fan of you mac, since you were on the magic, and right it aint gonna be any different, you have all of our support, sucks that you wont be able to smash on jelly bean on tuesday. At full strenghth you are the best basketball player in the world. Forget the critics, we will have the last laugh, we beleive in you, and we beleive that you will carry us rockts to our first championship this year. DO WORK BABY!! YOU KNOW WE GOT YO BACK!!!!! “TELL THE GENERAL THE ROCKETS LIVE”

Lecily | on 12/1/09

Take your time, Tracy. Don’t worry about what they say.
We trust you and will be patient, waiting for you coming back at full strength.
Love u forever.

J.W | on 12/1/09

You will be back! We all know that!

David | on 12/1/09

All of us believe that you will come back.back to beat down the noise.We have the faith.

kelland | on 12/1/09

Tracy, I know this season is the frustrting season. You are getting through a hard period. As a TMAC fan, I understand you.And will support you forever. I hope two weeks later, I can see a better TMAC , physically and mentally. And your fans will still vote for you everyday. Have you seen that there are still lots of your fans voting for you and support you. Hot because of Yao Ming, but because of you ,Tracy McGrady. You are the only TMac. In China, the fans vote for you are almost your true fans. Others are voting for Kobe or CP3. Those who really love you are voting for you. So you can see how many fans are still loving you . Come on , you are the best. Hope you rehab from injury ASAP.

Dean | on 12/1/09

I am the faithful fan of rockets from China when Yao gets into the league in 2002,I watched every game you played.
You,a talented person ,has been my idol during these years.
I know that you can lead the rockets to the finals,I believe you.
Now ,with the help of the big man,Yao and Artest,i belivee you can be the NBA champion .
Pls rest your knee during these 2 weeks,and recovery to 100%
I will support you and rockets forever.

guzhenwei | on 12/1/09

We believe the No.1 will come back soon.Come on ,T-mac!

DANY | on 12/1/09

dont be afraid to take more time off. Dont listen to those ctrics even when they call you weak. i know without a doubt that you still have it. There is nothing wrong with you taking a month off. If it means you will come back with a vengeance then DO IT.

Ginubrian | on 12/1/09

Tracy. Take your time bro. I had rotator cuff problems and ACL surgery. Both are really rough to play on. I rushed back and was hurting my team worse than ever. Take your time my friend, a month or two if you have to. The young guys are showing they can play, give them the experience and give yourself time to heal. We look forward to seeing you in the finals. Rest that back too my friend. Thanks for always keeping us informed on your website immediately. Please post your progress during the rehabs.

Phileo Jiang | on 12/1/09

Hey Tracy,
Now there were so many people accused you;But please don’t care about all this.Just look at “all-star” balloting,there were so so so many people loving you……You are the best forever!!

Jmei | on 12/1/09

Hi, T-mac
This is a good news for your fans. We believe in you and look forward to your returns!
Best wishes for you!

Fidel | on 12/1/09

Tracy,We all know the big difficulties you face these days.We still believe in you.You are irreplaceable on ROCKETS for the NBA title.
Please never lose heart.
Please come back as soon as possible.
You need prove to those critics you are still T-MAC.
We are waitting for you.
Come on, man!

James Turtle McGrady | on 12/1/09

Tracy,i`m suffering from the pain of knees ,too.i know how frustrating you are.come on! because of you i got more are the best

abby | on 12/1/09

have a good rest and just do it no matter what others said.
It’s our time! come on!!

Mike S. | on 12/1/09

I can’t wait to see you back at 100 percent, the T-mac of old, putting up huge numbers. And don’t be shy when you come back, put people on posters!!!

Keith Felt | on 12/1/09

Take all the time you need to get healthy and rest the knee. There is no sense in not being as close to 100 percent as you can be for the playoffs. Brooks, Wafer and Landry can pick up the slack and have proven that thus far. You and Artest need to be as healthy as possible so you can WIN the title this year. Even though you’re not on the court lead the team, rest your knee, and when you get back out there take control of YOUR team on the court. They’ll be fine for now but you, Yao, and Artest are the keys to win that title. We believe and support you always.

PS, when you are 100 percent do you think you can take the ball on the first possession of the game and just throw it down on someone and tell the world you’re back? Thanks.

Adrianne | on 12/1/09

Hey Tracy! (^_^)

We know it’s really frustrating not being to be able to go out there, but right now we wanted you to be healthy and 100%. The most important part of the season is always the playoffs and we believe that Yao and the rest of the guys will carry this team while you’re recuperating.

Don’t mind those bashers… they just don’t have anything to do with their lives. WE BELIEVE IN YOU AND WE SUPPORT YOU!


God Bless you and Take Care!!!


Mike S. | on 12/1/09

That a boy!!

rushgt5 | on 12/1/09

i believe thats a good 1 rockets only play 2 games this week so you will get more rest and less worry gust make sure when you come back dont put major pressure on the knee and best of luck. i know people give up you sense its a hard time. Gust be optemistic i can see it being all over the news this year you getting out of the first round and going all the way. best of luck

ZACH LEWIS | on 12/1/09


Deng | on 12/1/09

hope you are 100% when you come back, looking forward to your excellent performance!

Sean Tremblay | on 12/1/09

You do it t-mac. You’re the one legged triple double man, even without a healthy bottom half you were outplaying tons of guys. No matter what anyone says, you really are a inspiration to younger ballers man. My game is totally a shadowed from yours. I love your game and how you can score at the drop of a dime but still are one of the best and underrated play makers in the league. Tracy Mcgrady >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Kobe Bryant.

Karanveer Singh Gill | on 12/1/09

Yo T-mac, I understand where you’re coming from my man. I look up to you and hope to be better than you someday. Don’t mind because I want to be better than my role model at some point in life. You’re my role model, my idol, and the someone I look up to. Look, I watch you’re highlights every two hours, learning and observing your game and trying to convert what I see on the court. T-mac, I have one question, are you ever going to be the T-mac we saw in Orlando and also, who is your favorite player out of Carmelo, Lebron, Or D-wade?

Sean | on 12/1/09


I have supported the Rockets for as long as I have been aware of sports. My Dad used to take me to games starting when I was about 7 years old. I have supported you and argued on your behalf for the past several seasons, but at this point, I can no longer do that. YOU HAVE BEEN CLEARED BY EVERY DOCTOR THAT YOU HAVE SEEN! And yet, you still dont play, or even show up to root for your teammates. I dont know if you’ve noticed, because when you’re at the games it seems as if you aren’t even paying attention, but Ron Artest exudes the values, skills, and effort that YOU are paid to exude. It’s sad to say, but signing you may have been the worst move the Rockets have ever made. Please prove me wrong.

A Rockets fan for life,


grace | on 12/1/09

I’m glad you could feel the love from us when the whole world is bashing you like crazy. The best way to thank your fans is to work hard on recovering your knees and come back strong two weeks later. I’ll be waiting for your next game. Take care!

fanis | on 12/1/09

Tracy i don’t know about the others but i wiik be a true fan even if you put up 1 point per game…but i know this is not going to happen and i’m extremely happy you are determined and you get faith from us,,your fans..i’m always supporting you and i will be next to you in your every game…take the ring…outscore them all,you know you can..believe and go out and do it for us and specifically for you.YOU ARE THE ONE AND ONLY TRACY MCGRADY..
faith in you

Joel Ruzicka | on 12/1/09


I envy you guys out there. Night in and night out, you guys put your lives in the spotlight, bodies on the line, and talents on display to represent the city of Houston. I’m currently living in Austin, Tx going to school, and watch every game that the my team, the Houston Rockets play. I’ve been a lifelong die hard fan since I can remember. I know that things are tough for you right now, and have been for a while. There are a lot of things said, good and bad, about you by fans, and the media. Keep your head up man. You are loved and adored by millions. I dont know if you’ll ever read this, and I may be waisting my time, but I just want you to know that I believe in you, Houston believes in you. Every time I hear you come up in a conversation from my friends or anyone hatin on you or talking about how you dropped 40pts, I just think of Donivan McNab. Oh yeah, you love him when hes doing that ish, but when hes hurt, the story is completely different. Get better man. Represent our great city, and get us there. Dont let anyone or anything get you down. T-Mac or old, or T-Mac of new, you are T-Mac, get us there. Be the leader you are, and what you were dorn to be. Houston will always have your beck.


sylvain | on 12/1/09

I believe in you go back stronger

Sam T. | on 12/1/09

When you get old you realize some things. One of them is understanding your life has been about what choices you have made. You control most of where you end up. I have been your fan since day one. Watching you play in countless games has made me realize things about you. You have a gift from god, your will, when you really want to make something happen, it happens. Its almost supernatural. I feel like your only weakness lies in your mental strength. You will end up in the hall of fame regardless of what you accomplish in your career. The only difference will be the paragraph underneath your picture. Will it say he “didnt get outta the first round” or will it say “ he came back from injuries and showed -nobody in the NBA had more determination than you to win”. Whatever is written is up to you. My point being - your book is far from over. Your fans believe in you! Let your will take over, your injuries will heal and so will your mind. Thought, word, and your deed. All those have to match in order for your will to take over. Think what you want, Say what you want, and DO what you want. Hard Work baby! #1 for life!