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The Tracy McGrady Foundation

Changing Lives and Making a Difference

My foundation, The Tracy McGrady Foundation, has supported various programs over the years that enhance the lives of children and enrich their learning process. I began this process knowing that I could utilize my corporate partner and celebrity status to bring needed funds and attention to programs across the country. Over the last decade, the foundation has contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to various children’s charities. My commitment to my foundation is profound and continues to be a source of personal pleasure. I truly believe that my work with my foundation will leave a legacy for years to come.

Over the years, my foundation has made contributions to the Special Olympics and the Boys & Girls Club. With funds from my foundation, I am able to hold an annual Holiday Toy Drive in my hometown of Auburndale. During the Holiday Toy Drive, I get to play Santa for the day and bring the kids to Toys R Us for a giant shopping spree. Being able to put a smile on the kids’ faces and brighten their holiday season is a wonderful feeling. Many of these kids wouldn’t normally receive Christmas presents, so being able to help them is one of the best parts of my job, and something I am truly passionate about.

My foundation also has a long tradition of feeding the elderly at Thanksgiving time. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year and the foundation does its part to spread the love by cooking Thanksgiving dinners for the elderly. I know they look forward to the meals, and every year I look forward to helping make it a special night.

My most recent contributions

My latest local projects have been the complete renovations and reconstructions of two learning centers/libraries at local elementary schools in Houston. I have held an annual celebrity softball tournament with friends and teammates and it has been very successful in raising money for these projects.

By building these new learning centers, we have given these elementary schools a place where the students can go and be inspired to learn. In today’s society, computer skills and the need to understand and be able to utilize technology are essential for kids to learn at a young age. We were able to help give the students at Betsy Ross Elementary and Kashmere Gardens Elementary Schools those opportunities. Now the children get to work on new top-of-the-line computers loaded with software and tools that will enhance their learning process and give them a better chance to succeed. One of my proudest moments was walking into the new library. I knew then that I contributed something important; something really important.


In early 2007 I made a decision to take my efforts outside the US. I had heard about the genocide in Darfur, but I didn’t really grasp the magnitude of the situation. I went to Eastern Chad in September 2007, and had an experience that I will never forget. I have dedicated a page on this site to my trip. Check out the “Darfur” page to find out about the trip, my sister school initiative, the documentary that will be coming soon, as well as what you can do to help the situation.

Thanks goes to

Without my sponsors, I would be doing this alone. They have always stepped up to the plate and have not only talked the talk, but they walk the walk.

  • Adidas has been with me since day one and they have always supported the foundation and my personal efforts.
  • Vitamin Water also supports whatever my foundation is doing. They share the same vision as me and have believed in me all along.
  • Upper deck, Rawlings and Yahoo are always in my corner and support the cause as well.
  • My team, the Houston Rockets, has always gone out of their way for my foundation.
  • CAMAC, Fox Sports and Hilton Furniture, are my local guys who have gone above and beyond. Year after year, they have come, played, and supported my vision.

Together, we have made great contributions. I thank you. The best is yet to come!