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Tue, Aug 10th 2010, 11:25

Free Agency Update 2

Hey all,

It’s official, I am a Piston. I’m excited to be a part of the Detroit Pistons. This is a great opportunity for me and my family. I’ve worked hard over these last few years rehabbing from my knee surgery and am looking forward to this coming season and being a part of this great team. It will be an honor to play in a Pistons uniform and play in the Palace. Throughout my career, I have enjoyed playing in that arena and now I will represent the great city of Detroit. What an honor. I am looking forward to working with Coach John Kuester and his talented coaching staff. My teammates are great players and I am looking forward to getting on the court and playing hard with them. We all have one goal and that is to bring a championship back to this great city. I will do everything in my power to help this team reach that goal. I feel good, healthy and ready to go. Get ready Motown, it’s going to be an exciting season.


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


cairo | on 20/7/11

Hi T-mac,
I’ve always been one of your biggest fan and will always be for life. I admire what you did on and off the court. You are definitely my inspiration in playing basketball. For me, you are the Michael Jordan of your era. Thanks for being a great inspiration. I’ve always dreamt of playing against you, in practice or on a game. Thanks T-mac. Keep Healthy. Hope to see you in great shape next season. Bring back the TMAC ATTACK once again.

david jr | on 8/7/11

t mac i wana see you lead the league in scoring again it was fun seein u in a detroit jersey because my brother is a houston fan we end up watchin games on two diffrent tvs and its fun goin and sayin hes back but all i hear is if that was a rockets jersey he would have dunked that instead of layin it up so man if you get a chance posterize scola of chunk hayes somebody for me man

Kyle Byrd | on 8/7/11

whats up t-mac uve been my favorite basketball player since i was a kid from toronto to orlando to houston to new york n now detroit. Ive been tryin to get a all white pistons jersey of yours but cant seem to find one n was wondering if u could help me out with that…ill pay for it im not trippen bout that just tryin to support u as a fan…13 points in 35 seconds saw it live

fu jie | on 8/1/11

the happiest thing is to see you play basketball come on 加油 我来自中国 希望你能想像以前一样 傅杰...

william | on 5/1/11

hey,never give up!we are keep eyes on you,get yourself again..

cherry | on 5/1/11

Good luck in Piston! You are the best! We miss you!

Mitchell | on 3/1/11

Hey Tracey, this is pretty exciting how we can leave comments to you. I’m hoping that you reply if you have time but I’m sure your very busy trying to get back to your superstar ability we all know you have waiting inside you to erupt once again. You’ve been injured far to long now so it’s time for that come back :). You’ve had some good games with pistons lately and it’s easy to see your getting back to your old self. Wish you that best Tracey!

pjj | on 11/12/10

I trust you!

张帆 | on 10/12/10


Liu | on 9/12/10

I believe you! You are my honour! You can do it and make it!

aman kumar | on 28/11/10

Hey Tracy i know you are the best. I think it’s time to show the world that past form of tracy is back again

Jesse Rojas | on 24/11/10

Hi T-Mac, my name is Jesse. i live in Mexico and I’m a big fan of your game style.
I’ll tell you something, I also play basketball, I am returning from 7 years of retirement(28 years old) with 60 kilos of more in my weight(I weighed 142 kilos), in 4 months I lost 30 kilos since I came back to training and play basketball, but I still need to get back in shape.
if I can come back to score 20 to 25 points a game here, you too can do it in the NBA.
that is the goal, When I started again, I do not hit a single point with a poor game performace, now I’m getting 6 to 10 points per game, better defense and all around performance(Rebounds, Asist. Steals and Blocks).
This season you can back to the top of the NBA, don’t get down… do not let go your NBA career without winning a championship, the key is simple: mentality, confidence and hard work.
I’m sorry because my English is not very good, I only speak a little bit, but, you know, my best wishes for you bro.
just one more thing, let the ball roll and score, of course to your advantage ;)

Jesse Rojas
Jojutla, Mexico.

TRACY | on 23/11/10

Everything gotta be ok

James | on 22/11/10

Hey Tracy You have been one of my favorite players for years.I didnt know basketball when I was young but now that I know basketball you have been my favorite player for a while.I was mad when you got injured, but im glad your back on the court. I guess I have to go buy another Tracy Jersey.

Andy Varga | on 21/11/10

Hey T, glad to see you in Detroit. Sorry that you aren’t getting the minutes you deserve, but I hope to god it turns around!! I have followed you from your rook year in TO, and at that time, Butch didn’t know talent from one on the craters on his face, until later that was, the dumbnut!! I did though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!But anywho, glad you’re here in D, but during the year you don’t feel you’re getting the minutes, maybe you might want to follow Iverson’s decision? Yes, I’m a seasoned fan, LOL, but hey, you have alot to offer, but they don’t realize it yet!! Well, anyway, I wanted to thank you for the jersey you autographed for me in TO (glass framed in beautiful stained cherry wood) and the basketball you signed for me at your first All-Star in CA (in a acrylic protective cube). They’re both, along with other signed cards and tons of rook cards in a personal retro of your career, LOL!! But anyway, the only thing I’m missing a pair of auto shoes :-( If you feel you want to send a pair to complete my collection, you can mail them to:

Andy Varga
1185 Isabelle Place
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
N8S 3B3

Would be cool to complete my following of your career, LOL, but hey, honestly, I would take care of your good deeds you do, and your foundation. I have alot of respect for you!! Anyway, hope you give some thought to the Ivereson thing, Cuz I don’t want to go to the Palace and see your’s on the bench, eh!!!!!!!!!

Take Care, and Godspeed!!

Tommy du | on 21/11/10


TOMMY DU | on 21/11/10

Hi T-MAC i’m your fans I’m really love you
i think you you are the best player in NBA
ingury is not very terrible
Cheer up!!!!!!

your fans

Tracy xiao | on 18/11/10

Tracy McGrady should try harder,so do Tracy Xiao.
I named myself as Tracy because of you.
Hope you could get better soon,I still believe you are the one of the best player in the NBA.Maybe I will go to America as a exchange student a year later.One of my biggest dreams is to watch a real NBA game.I hope to have a game between Tracy Xiao and Tracy McGrady…

mark | on 13/11/10

Tracy! when do we plan to increase you’re minutes in pistons.I want to see more action coming from my favorite player?

Shane Thomas | on 12/11/10

Hii T-mac

I just want to say that although the team is having a rough start right now, my Best friend and I have so much hope and faith that the Detroit Pistons will come around. We are so passionate about the sports teams of Detroit, and love this city despite all the economic hardships we have gone through, but having someone as awesome as you alongside with Tayshaun on our Pistons is a boost in our confidence and hope. We hope you really enjoy what Detroit has to offer, and if you leave Detroit, it won’t be bad blood like AI had. We ultimately hope that the team chemistry continues to build:)

P.S. I have your T-mac shoes, have had them for 2 years, and refuse to change out of them:) ultimately I only wear Adidas cause of you. I am such a huge fan.

[email protected] | on 12/11/10

Tracy you are my fan i have followed you since you were in orlando droppin 62pts playin in houston snd makin 13 pts in 33 seconds against the spurs….

Chao Li | on 7/11/10

Best player forever!!

water | on 29/10/10

Tracy,you are most versatile player in NBA
I hope you can get a championship in your recovery after
However, I think the pistons still lack a like Stoudemire or Howard such a power forward

stone | on 28/10/10

Yo Tracy, it’s your chinese fans stone, there are millions of fans like me watching your past games and hoping you got back this year, protect yourself and beat them all!
你好麦迪,我是你中国的FANS STONE,有许多跟我一样的人常常回顾你的比赛期待你的重新归来,希望你今年保持健康给我们惊喜。

麦蒂I LOVE U | on 17/10/10

Hey T-Mac. 我是来自China的你的铁杆fans. 我永远支持你,永远~~ 相信你会给我带来更伟大的Time.
I love you .

Paolo | on 17/10/10

Ever since i saw you play in orlando, i instantly became one of your biggest fan. no matter what team you play in i’ll always root for you. stay healthy bro i know your one of the greatest players and a great person. hope you have a awesome season… win or lose injured or healthy you will always be one of my favorite basketball player… cant wait to brag to my friends. lol this means pistons is my new team to… good luck and godbless

chris chase. | on 13/10/10

Yo matter what u do and where you go ima always be a T-Mac fan..we ppl say what’s your fav. team I tell’em….tracy Mcgrady..youre tha shit and never let anyone say otherwise

neil atajar | on 2/10/10

tmac let the fire burning in your hands

neil atajar | on 2/10/10

im waiting for your comeback…. Im a big fan of yours hope you will play more intence now…. Bring back the 13pts in 35sec…. Goodluck….

landy | on 29/9/10

Hi T-mac,

How u doing, the new season’ll start soon, i’ll be caring about your games, so just play the game in your way, we like your game, your shooting, your dunk, ah…i’d like to see u on the front page when i check online for the nba news. so man, just make yourself stand again beside all the super stars, just to come back to the all-star game. we miss there.

And, pls take care about your injuries, don’t let them harm you again.

looking forward to your game .

landy from china

Franki Zhang | on 25/9/10

I feel so proud to speak here as a loyal fan of yours.It is all

the same whatever happens.We just want to see your performance,

just want to support sliently and keep my fingers crossed.Best

wishes to you .See you next season.We will give our ticket to you for the all stars.allways.

Djak | on 16/9/10

Hey Tracy! You’ve been my favorite player since you came in the league. I always root for you no matter where you’re playing. You are an inspiration and I marvel at your incredible abilities. As someone with scoliosis and many other afflictions and injuries I look up to you as an idol. I hope the best for you this season and some day be able to see you play live. Good luck this season and tear it up!

Armel | on 14/9/10

T-Mac, my english is not good, but my french and spanish yes. I know you can speak spanish so, sepas que eres un gran jugador…
Queremos ver ese grand jugador que fuiste en Toronto y en Orlando…Aun tienes 3 o 4 temporadas que darnos con tus mates y dribles fantasticos…Date una vuelta en Brazzaville(Congo). Te vamos a recibir con mucha alegria y furor…

Armel Mbollo from Congo.

Jack Qiu | on 14/9/10

Tracy,I wish you can find yourself in Piston.I’ll never past your match.

jay | on 13/9/10

Ay Tracy YOUR MY IDOL!!!!!!!!! thanx to u i feel like i can everything u did and i am happy to hear that ur played with the pistons now its because of i went all the way to Iowa to play ball keep doing wat ur doin and never let haters bring u down show em u still is a BEAST!!!!!!

alvin guidry | on 10/9/10

keep the faith T-mac..,only the strong survive…..

Jerry Zhang | on 10/9/10

Hello, T-Mac. I’m a middle school student from China.Since i saw you playing basketball on TV. I always knew that nothing’s impossible. I hope you well play well and be healthy in the next season. Go T-Mac!

Jonathan Russo | on 9/9/10

Omg t-mac to the Pistons,best weve had since chauncy, its good to see a star back in detroit. Plus with Monroe coming in as a big man, cant wait for next season. Go t-mac go!!!

Jonathan Russo | on 9/9/10

Omg t-mac to the Pistons,best weve had since chauncy, its good to see a star back in detroit. Plus with Monroe coming in as a big man, cant wait for next season. Go t-mac go!!!

Anthony | on 8/9/10

I’ve said it before, and I am gonna continue to say it… them damn Rockets did you wrong!! I hope you come here and drop 40 on these fools!! Instead of trading you, they should have traded Rick Adelman. On the more serious side, I wish you the best, and I hope you get your championship soon…

Cornelius Snell | on 8/9/10

I still fuccs wit ya mac, I have neva left yo side. Lets show all these haters wat it really is wit you. Da fuccing best I ever seen, that includes everyone. And I know a lot about the carrers of all of the all time greats. you da shix da rest of them is just a loud fart.

LUKE YING | on 8/9/10

TO be a man! I WILL SUPPORT U forever.

张磊 | on 6/9/10

I am justing expecting your back,then all of those will have nothing to say .(And I really want a response from you,can I?)

Coreym Nelson | on 3/9/10

man i hope u do man my dream is for u to have a nba championship man do it!!!!!!!!!!

Rasheeda | on 3/9/10

I heard from NBA TV this morning that you are showing great progress in your workouts. I hope you can play at least most of this upcoming season.

Mondezy Lindor | on 2/9/10

Whats good Tracy. I honestly wish you the best man. I got a lot of heat for bein a fan of yours, but i understand how hard it is when dealing with an injury. Glad to see that you have found a new home and i hope that it is a suitable location for you to revive your career and continue your legacy. No one in this world could tell me someone better than you and i hope that we can proove that in this upcoming seaon. Good luck T-Mac

Solomen | on 1/9/10

YO tracy, your the best player i’ve seen good luck with the pistons. I still believe in you & i know you’ll make the all-star team this year. Keep working hard….

malik hughes | on 30/8/10

yo tracy, whats up man..this ya #1 fan!!!i been with yu sinceday 1 and i still am. They keep dogging me cuz im a fan. They said yu dont have it nomore, yu kno im stickin by ya side tho…... man i think wen yu are 100%...yu are the best player in the league. Ill take you over anybody man….. jus to let yukno i been a fan for ova 10 years now and im attending texas pan american on a division 1 basketball scholarship….

Qit | on 30/8/10

Tracy,你好,我来自中国,希望你能越打越好,中国的朋友都很喜欢你,期待你在底特律的表现,希望你能重返巅峰! 你的中国朋友Qit

andrew beech | on 30/8/10

Yoooo T-MAC.
im one of your good fans, i go to Wesley College in Australia and all i do at school is rave about you.
you are actually my hero, don’t worry about all of those idiots out there saying your careers over, they have no idea.
i believe there’s alot in you and your still a gun!!
hope ya habe a good season man.
from Beechy

red alegre | on 28/8/10

You’ve got a millions of best fans in the world..
because you are one in a million best man in the world of basketball.. inside & outside the playing court! =)
I declare blessings in your life.. success in your career..
happiness in your family & may our God Almighty grant the desires of your heart! As you play once again, play to the best of your potentials of being the figure in your jersey, #1..
that you will use your God given gifts to glorify our Lord !!!

red alegre | on 28/8/10



E-mpowered by
I-ntelligence &

Dimitrije | on 28/8/10

Hope never dies…. Waiting for U again….

Ryan Carmello | on 27/8/10

Tmac, im ur biggest fan, ive been following u since u were a raptor… ive kept hope in u thru all the critisism and doubt.. i NEVER lost hope… come out strong this year, play hard from the start, and prove to the world and the league, tht u r still one of the best… prove tht u can still be a team player, and a high scorer or the leading scorer… i know u can still play.. ive known all along,, Lets go tmac… U got this!!

Ryan C | on 27/8/10

yo tmac… im ur biggest fan,,, i hav been followin u since u were a raptor… thru all the critisism and doubt,,, i nevr lost hope in u… play hard from the start and show the whole world tht u r still the very best… lets go t-mac… show the world u r still a scorer/team player… c’mon bro… u got it

KiiZ | on 26/8/10

I hope you can come back strong and show everyone that thinks you fell off otherwise. You are still and will always be my all-time favorite player. So do what you and I both know what you can still do and have a good time in Detroit. I’ll be watching.

Gino Ross | on 24/8/10

Tmac it would be good to see ubring a title home it would be amazing your my Fav. player so tear up them heat on your first pre season game ive got faith in you

Much love 4u Tmac1

Christian | on 24/8/10

Legacy Legacy Legacy. It’a all about legacy now. What impact will you leave on my 11 year-old son who had loved you so dearly but who hasen’t really seen you on the court the last two years?

William | on 24/8/10

i believe that you can play well in the game.just show it. you are still NO.1. a genius of the basketball!!!!!

Liu Pei | on 24/8/10

Go,pistons!Go t-mac!I love you forever!

albert mao | on 24/8/10

I am very glad to know that you can play basketball again ! Good Luck ,man!

ahmet | on 22/8/10

hey t-mac . ı blieve you will be better ..good luck t-mac you are a idol!

Tracy,this is Tree. | on 20/8/10

Detroit Pistons.GOOD LUCK.

bball13 | on 20/8/10

Hey T-mac!
Im glad you signed to the pistons cause i live in the detroit area!
but i think you would fir better in the team of the magic
you played like a hero
but the pistons would be my 2 choice

Marcley Dorsainvil | on 20/8/10

T-mac you have always been my favorite player. Growing up i idolized you, tried to play just like you. You made me into a better player and i will continue to watch you cause i still believe in you. Stay healthy and show the world the Tracy we know and love. Best of luck on the upcoming season

coming | on 20/8/10

No matter where you are ,i will always love you,tracy!my love。

redfar | on 20/8/10

You are great!Pop you!

Andrew J | on 20/8/10

Good luck sir. I’ll be rooting for you.

JP | on 20/8/10

T-Mac Ive been waiting for you to go to Detroit ever since you got drafted by Toronto. I cant wait to watch you kill in the D-Town! Bring us some rings this year…I’ll be seeing ya at the games! I hope all is well.


brandon | on 20/8/10

Hey waz up Tmac, it hurt me to not see you at 100 last year. but i am looking forward to this season. i wish u the best off luck and u r still the best. u have to go out there and let everybody know. LETS GET IT

deandada | on 19/8/10

Tracy, although I would have loved to see you in Celtic green, I am very happy that I don’t have to cheer for the lakers this season. Do they give out most improved player award to the same player more than once. If soo congratulations homie!. I can’t wait for October and I’m also sycked for February. You are truly a joy to watch. I went to the kniks Celtics in march. I pray that all is well with you and your family and that God strengthens and protects your body this upcoming season. Tmac you stay humble and wary focused, and stay hungry too bad for Boston that I am now a pistons fan

J | on 19/8/10

T-mac, kick butt in Detroit. I’ve been a fan since Orlando years. We believe in you. Everybody says you’re out of your prime and crap. WRONG!! We know you can follow you’re dreams of getting a ring.

Alexander | on 19/8/10

T-mac, you must be the return of the king!!!!!!!
Love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jon paul villanueva | on 19/8/10

t-mac goodluck in detroit, just have a great time playing with the pistons. jon paul from manila, philippines.

brandon | on 18/8/10

hey tmac im glad you got signed hope it goes well and you can show the world your skills like when you did the 13 points in 33 seconds i still believe in you

Roland | on 18/8/10

I believe that there are a lot of people rooting for you to come back stronger than ever - you will be representing a lot of people who were told that we’re not good enough until we proved them wrong. Go Tracy, just to be back in a uniform after your horrific injury is already a remarkable achievement. But I am sure that you will achieve more. Go Go Go T-mac. A lotta people believe in you.

ROMER SOTO | on 18/8/10

It is hard to read all comments and each of them have touch of motivation, I for example from small and had the passion for basketball and watch the game at midnight of the nba always seen the players different way: I see your statistics and attitudes that for me is important. I am a college league jugardor here in Venezuela is one of my acquaintance Greivis Vazques he arrived this year to the nba and is fulfilling his dream … I see in your person is humility, the press treats you like that you went pudistes be and not lie and do not know you to say, speak or comment, I just want to give you a Focus on cad party council, make your computer a formula , breed of leader you have the focus and not lose trust in you … you’re the super star …

Note: a star wins games, a team wins championships …

Esteban | on 18/8/10

Hey Tracy, I have never been on your website before, for some odd reason, but decided to after hearing the news, and then watching some of your madness on youtube for a while. I have been a fan of yours for at least 9 years. I was in the 8th grade when the original tmac shoes came out, and I had to have them and I still do. You where doing your Magic back then, and I still think noone is better than you when everyone laces up on gamedays. All that crap I hear about not in your prime is bull. Hopefully Kander can work a little Magic himself, and I am positive you can kick ass. I mean, if Kobe can do it, then age is just a number. You may be searching for that ring, but your fans have been waiting. It sucks you never really got your “pippen” like jordan, but hopfully your new teamates will step up. I wish you well and hope you stay healthy. Go Break some ankles this year instead, and if all else fails, jumpshot; I mean, we know you’ll make it.

Eddie LEO | on 18/8/10

I am a keen fun of T-MAC for almost 10 years! I know there exist a lot of misunerstandings or underestmatings for you for so long a time since 2007 I suppose. However, we trust you, we people who have loved you for so long a time trust you! Go and fight! You will always receive unstoped support from us!

MAY | on 17/8/10

T-mac, you must be the return of the king!!!!!!!
Love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m a boy from CHINA!!
I love you forever!!!
You are NO.1!!!

Jaleel Forte | on 17/8/10

Most people feel you are washed up and should retire….i told them that this year you are going to come back and have a great impact on the pistons….lets go Tmac, show these doubters what you got

Xiao wei-Li | on 17/8/10

I still want to say to you,I believe you!

李昊泽 | on 17/8/10

I come from China, I am your super fan, I like your playing, like watching you play, like you all, I feel I can understand you, I know you are very hard to play, to the team, so I always supported you, for you crazy. I will see you score every time cheering, excited, not your NBA no sense to me, you have become part of my life. I believe you will come back, we will come back, we will win, you are my life love.

Sean | on 17/8/10

hey man, i’ve been supporting you since 2001 and no matter where you are i’ll always support that team and you fo sho. Just let those who don’t believe you shut up with your dedication to the team and your love of the game, don’t try to push yourself too much, just try to get back one at a time. godspeed…

Jason | on 17/8/10

t-mac finally your in detroit im waiting since last year in the trade talks with my home team detroit pistons lead us the the finals so u can get a ring LETTTSSS GOOOOO T-MACCCC

Tony | on 16/8/10

Welcome to Detroit god damnit!

Antoine Hill | on 16/8/10

T-Mac, you’ve been my favorite player since you’ve gotten in the leauge. I honestly told my friends last year when you got traded to new york and that when you became a FA this summer that you would end up signing with my hometown team the Detroit Pistons. They all laughed at me. I was so overjoyed when I actually saw you did and its cool that my favorite player is on my home team. I’m looking forward to an awesome season from you and the pistons. I know you have a lot left and I’ve been pulling for you and believing in you cause I know when healthy you are one of the best players in the leauge and one of the most dynamic scorers of all time. Looking forward to great things from you this year man. -Antoine

Terence | on 16/8/10

Hello ,Tmac.Nice to see you.I really very happy to see you back.You said you were looking forward to the next season.So do I!!!!I love your performance on the court and I think you’ll reach your top goal in the coming season.I’ll support you wherever you are.
Good luck and we all believe in you. (If you’re free,I hope you can email me or update your blog or tell me your twitter address.I would like to share your successful.)

QI Chen | on 16/8/10

hello tracy i am a senior high school student of China congratulate to you i think T-MAC will be back good luck !! i only can speak a little english

Terence | on 16/8/10

Hello ,Tmac.Nice to see you.I really very happy to see you back.You said you were looking forward to the next season.So do I!!!!I love your performance on the court and I think you’ll reach your top goal in the coming season.I’ll support you wherever you are.
Good luck and we all believe in you. (If you’re free,I hope you can email me or update your blog or tell me your twitter address.I would like to share your successful.)

Cliff Messer | on 16/8/10

Iv been a tmac fan for my entire basketball watching days, about 8 years now.. Iv listen to the he isn’t any good anymore or he can’t play anymore. Tmac show them u still have one of the best games around.. Maybe not 48 mins a night but you still have a top 5 jumper in the league.. Ill be @ the first pistons game I can..

marvin west | on 16/8/10

yea thats my dog do your thang and get your names back and lets these niggas know that T-mac is back

Vilius | on 16/8/10

Hi Tracy, i’m your fan from 2000 and i believe that you can win championship ring. I know it was hard to you to have a lot of injuries, but we, your fans believe that you can play very well like old times, you proved that in your debute match with knicks against thunder. We love you Tracy!! You are a legend!! :)

GG | on 16/8/10

Hi Tracy, i’m your fan from 2000 and i believe that you can win championship ring. I know it was hard to you to have a lot of injuries, but we, your fans believe that you can play very well like old times, you proved that in your debute match with knicks against thunder. We love you Tracy!! You are a legend!! :)

T.Tham | on 16/8/10

Hi T-mac,
Soooo happy to see you back! Good luck to you and most important good health! Remember all your fans are always accompanying, supporting and loving you! Play hard and do your best in the court. “No matter where you go, there you are!!” Be happy and strong. Fight on, fight to win….

candy | on 16/8/10

try your best to acquire what you want and we will always here supporting you!

叶友良 | on 16/8/10

T- MAC 我希望你能在活塞证明自己,打出自己应有的水准。让那些质疑你的人闭上嘴 。希望你在下赛季可以打出自己应有的水准。

erauk | on 15/8/10

Tmac. I think u can be win a championship will be sooner than most people think.
god bless u.
i love u.

lee | on 15/8/10

I will always be your side.我永远支持你,Tracy,我不太懂英文,但是我第一次看见你就很喜欢你的比赛,而且我很想见到你

Jeffrey | on 15/8/10

ok T-mac and u is goin 2 bring home that championship

Jolly | on 15/8/10

Wherever you go,I will support you for ever! see you next season.. you chinese fun!

David | on 15/8/10

Hey wuzup TMac you’ve been my favorite playa eva since i started watching b-ball. I’m from Miami, even though the heat is my team i wouldn’t mind rooting against them when they play you nd your team. So i want to wish you good luck nd i hope you get back to top form nd prove all the haters wrong fck them lol peace.

Landon Boone | on 15/8/10

Good luck in detroit t-mac

徐盛 | on 15/8/10


Young Staxx | on 14/8/10

Download the Killa Team Mixtape thanks TMAC

francesco | on 14/8/10

hi. I’m detroit’s fun since long time. I remember the “bad boys” - Lambeer, Thomas, Pippen & C.
With you at the palace this amazing time coming again. Great Mac. I’m so happy. Bye Bye from Italy

Donald Lindsey | on 14/8/10

Tracy, I’ve been one of your biggest fans ever sence you’ve played in Toronto. Im excited for you going to the palace… do your thing. We just hope you stay healthy and hope your knees are 100%... Bring D-Town A Chip!!!

Yin Ting | on 14/8/10

Love you, support you forever!

rachel | on 14/8/10

hey tmac im glad to see you get picked up by detroit. Kinda crazy year huh? I wished the coaching staff here in Houston woulve given u a chance to play significant minutes because i know you still got it. When fans would bash you on i was one of the few to say that your still a great player and important to the team…time to prove the haters wrong…good luck in detroit..ill be watching….p.s. itl be great to hear from you personally in an email etc. i wish i woulda gotten a chance to meet you…good luckk once again!

-Rachel from houston

caoliangjie | on 14/8/10

tmac i am your fans .i am from china.i love you very much.i am looking forword your back.

T.Tham | on 14/8/10

Hi T-mac,

Soooo happy to see you back. No matter where you go, there you are! Gook luck and good health. Be happy, play hard and do your very best. We, your faithful fans will always be with you, supporting and loving you. Go go T-mac!!!!!Can’t wait to see your wonderful play on the court!!!! With warmest welcome.

T. Tham from Hong Kong China

Lv Zunyu | on 14/8/10

Hey Tracy ,I hope you have a great season in Detroit Pistons

pvoing yourself to the world

best wishes to you`

style | on 13/8/10

No matter where you are, I will always love you and support you, believe that you can find yourself next season, losing something simple MaiMi is the buchibuqi love you and support you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mckie | on 13/8/10

stand all your words in a front of heat and celtics…
pass that team…and fyt the lakers…

nick adams | on 13/8/10

Wish you would have played in SAC...

tomorrowyi | on 13/8/10

Come on, T-Mc! Show yourself in the new season. U are unbreakable! I’m your forever fan!

Edison | on 13/8/10

you are my life’s

Shawn Gao | on 13/8/10

T-mac, I’m glad to hear this news. It’s a great opportunity for you and your fans. Wherever you go, I’ll support you without conditions. I think the most important things for you is to keep healthy, to show your talent leadership. So, keep patient, it’s a journey. I can not imagine the NBA show without you. Love you!

leehom yang | on 13/8/10

Hey,T-mac,I am your honest fan who coms from china.Having been your fan for nealy 10years,I feel really happy.Keep moving,there are thousands of thousands of chinese fans forever supporting you! we T-mac fans in china are called 麦蜜!you are our forever idol! you are the NBA legend! com on! you have been a hero since I am a child!

Darchet Gillette | on 13/8/10

T-mac oh my god! I can not believe you are a piston. I AM SO EXCITED about you becoming a piston. Hope we win another championship!

O.C. Love III | on 13/8/10

Wat Up Mac I wrote A cuple Days Ago not Thinkin You Wud Get A Chance 2 read It but Now The People Around Me Have Convinced Me I Shuda Left My E-mail So Here It Go ([email protected]) in case U Really Do Read & wanna Contact Me PEACE!!!

ELS | on 13/8/10

Thank goodness you finally signed Mac. I was starting to get nervous. Now I can rest assured because you have signed with a quality basketball operation. I’ll still be praying for you and your family though. Take care of yourself and work hard before, during and after training camp. This is your year.

God Speed!!!

Chris Santos | on 13/8/10

Wussupp Mac, I wish you were still here in Houston, I miss watching my favorite player every night. They should have never traded you after all you’ve done for the city. You should’ve ended your career here & hung your jersey from the rafters. But buisness is buisness. We had a good run in Houston & the memories are forever with me. I wish you the best in Detroit & I will be @ Toyota Center December 7th rockin’ that Motown T-Mac jersey!

dagang | on 13/8/10

加油!you are a warrior,we believe! keep fighting!

marvin west | on 13/8/10

yea sure thats my dog it going down hoop on them niggas

zaki | on 13/8/10

what up t-mac yo i wanted you to join after that 2004 season..i remeber seeing u in the locker room..thought 4 sure u was there season, but any happy as *&3! to have you

zaki | on 13/8/10

what up t-mac yo i wanted you to join after that 2004 season..i remeber seeing u in the locker room..thought 4 sure u was there season, but any happy as *&3! to have you

Maurice Dantzler | on 13/8/10

Welcome T- Mac,


Dre Ley | on 13/8/10

As long as yo do your best I’m satisfied…not going to put any pressure on you. You know what your giving it out there and how much work you are putting in. Real talk. Mentally I know your the man. Physically fuck it…go ham u know

那年 | on 13/8/10


javier marin jr | on 13/8/10

sup t-mac. no. 1 fan. congrats man! time to prove all these haters that ur back and healthy! just play ur game, keep putting up those shots, and keep on being tha badass playmaker u are. well cant wait to see u in action this upcoming season. stay up t-mac.

zhuangzuomin | on 13/8/10

Tracy!how are you ! I think you are healthy,you are stronger. Wherener you go ,you also can get a great success .Although you are in trouble ,but you also young,you also have many fans all over the world.So many people stant by you!They are wait you can back . ther are warried about you . Whatever I’m your failthful fans ! Tracy!Cheer up !

Ryan Jay Antonio | on 13/8/10

Good luck T-Mac! You aren’t past your prime yet, prove them wrong!

庄作民 | on 13/8/10

Tracy !how are you !I think wherever you go ,you also can get great success .Although you are in trouble ,but so many people back you ,stand by you . They expect you should buck up . What ever I’m your faith fans .Tracy !Cheer up!

Josh Bowman | on 13/8/10

tmac im looking forward to the start of this season i see big
things for you in detroit the bulls messed up i know you can
get back to the kind of player you were before! I just cant wait to see all the critics and writers eat their words hope all is well and good luck in the mo town!!
always your number 1 fan and newest piston fan

Frank Granger | on 13/8/10

Good luck this season. Win it all for the state of Michigan.

Johnny | on 13/8/10

It’s seriously a dream come true having you in a Pistons uniform! I was so excited the day i heard that you signed. I’m gonna be looking forward to this upcoming season and everything I KNOW you can bring to the table. We as Detroit fans believe in you and what you can do for this squad. DEEEEETRROIIITTT BASSKKKEETTTBAAAAAALLL!

David | on 13/8/10

Welcome to the team T-Mac!!! Championships are high hopes…but not impossible - remember 04!!! You are a welcome addition to the team I have always supported - regardless of the state I live in!

obet | on 13/8/10

Tmac i trust in you… your still one of the best…

Gabriel Huemme | on 13/8/10

Welcome to Detroit T-Mac I can’t wait to see you in a pistons uniform and help our great team get back to our winning ways.

Tre | on 13/8/10

I believe T-Mac should be a starter either at the 2 or 3 spot is it a possibility?

Yaomaojie | on 13/8/10


Edwin | on 13/8/10

Go T-Mac anything is possible

Louie | on 13/8/10

Hello T mac, im so happy for you that u have a new team now. u must be 100% ready and healthy. u know wat i mean, it’s a competition out there in the NBA. this coming season u must prove them that ur still the best, that ur the McGrady that we saw. a great person and player on and off the court. u must work hard again to gain back that talent. we know and i know and u know that u have that talent but there are new great players out there in the NBA. so WORK HARD, STAY HEALTHY AND HIT THOSE THREE POINTERS again for us… i almost forgot, drive hard towards the basket and the goal to have that ring. hey man, galingan mo ulit ( do ur best )

于岱民 | on 13/8/10

Just be yourself…You are always the best…Come on T-Mac…

B.short | on 13/8/10

so glad you are coming to the pistons , its gonna be a great year i can feel it . dont let anyone hate go out there and kill it …..... you will be hearing this alot but
deeeeeeeeetttrrrrrooooooiiiiiiittttttttttt basketball

郑嘉诚 | on 13/8/10


louie | on 13/8/10

Hello T mac, im so happy for you that u have a new team now. u must be 100% ready and healthy. u know wat i mean, it’s a competition out there in the NBA. this coming season u must prove them that ur still the best, that ur the McGrady that we saw. a great person and player on and off the court. u must work hard again to gain back that talent. we know and i know and u know that u have that talent but there are new great players out there in the NBA. so WORK HARD, STAY HEALTHY AND HIT THOSE THREE POINTERS again for us… i almost forgot, drive hard towards the basket and the goal to have that ring. hey man, galingan mo ulit ( do ur best )

Chris Zheng | on 13/8/10

I’m your fans in China
I hope you will do your best to train
Find your state
The biggest problem is your mental is not strong enough
Although I do not like Kobe, I still hope you can learn from his training methods.
Change your attitude, so everything from scratch!
My English is not good, so I’ll give you the message using a Google translation.
Translation may not be accurate, but I think you should understand.
I do not know if you can see my message.

I hope you can return to peak
Blessings from far-off China

Louie | on 13/8/10

Hello T mac, im so happy for you that u have a new team now. u must be 100% ready and healthy. u know wat i mean, it’s a competition out there in the NBA. this coming season u must prove them that ur still the best, that ur the McGrady that we saw. a great person and player on and off the court. u must work hard again to gain back that talent.

Chris Zheng | on 13/8/10

I’m your fans in China
I hope you will do your best to train
Find your state
The biggest problem is your mental is not strong enough
Although I do not like Kobe, I still hope you can learn from his training methods.
Change your attitude, so everything from scratch!
My English is not good, so I’ll give you the message using a Google translation.
Translation may not be accurate, but I think you should understand.
I do not know if you can see my message.

I hope you can return to peak
Blessings from far-off China

charlie bowen | on 13/8/10

t-mac, im a hardcore pistons fan, but u have always been my fav player. hopefully u can stay healthy cause when u are, ur a top three player in the world, cant wait to see you play for detroit!!!!!!!!

Stefan | on 13/8/10

Good luck Tracy!!! I hope from the bottom of my heart that you win the Champioship.

陆伟坤 | on 13/8/10

Go Tmac
The harder you work
The batter grades you will get

mark terrence galapia | on 13/8/10

my idol stay healthy in this coming season! im so prob of you..i wish i can see you play ng the i can shot your name TMAK..

Martin Gabo | on 13/8/10

Go T-mac.. Do ur very best to bring back Detroit in championship.. More Powers and GOD Bless.

Mark Valdez | on 13/8/10

Tracy Mcgrady you train hard bro and continue to progress a lot of folks have forgot about you bro but you have a lot of potential to once again be the best basketball player in the NBA. Just prove the doubters wrong and lead the pistons to the playoffs I know you still gotit in you kid…

rishali | on 13/8/10

elow idol can u give me some of your jersey in piston
thnx T-MAC....

Jonee | on 13/8/10

T mac i’m one of ur biggest fan.,ur my would be nice to see you healthy again and play ur best in a whatever Uniform..:)

Jerry | on 13/8/10

T mac , you are my super star !

Jerry | on 13/8/10


Varote | on 13/8/10

Good luck in Detroit T-Mac. Pistons is a great team. :D

jojo lozada | on 13/8/10

yo tracy, welcome to motown from west to east stikl in the east badboy team good luck bro god bless

maizi | on 13/8/10

t-mac,i honor you for many years,from Houston,NY,now to Detroit.i look forward you can give a big surprise to everyone that truly love you.i believe you.

Jonathan Cayat | on 13/8/10

man when i read david aldridge blog post… that you are going to have a new team.. i was so thrilled pump up!,, men i’ve been a fan through out your career man.. first congrats on the new team,, i know its a tough and long battle ahead.. but i know you still have it man… to be honest i am not a piston fan but since you are a piston now, so i guess i would be a fan also… prove to those people who had doubted you that they are wrong and T’mas is really back and for sure to stay…

Good Luck Man!

Rowell Renier Agustin | on 13/8/10

Hi Idol
I want to see you to play again
especially in your new team detroit pistons
because u are my captain in nba for me
you defeat michael jordan during your nba career
You promise that you play harder
especially also in nearing nba game in november
thanks tmac01 u r my idol

Jan | on 13/8/10

Wazz up t-mac, my all time favorite player..It’s great to have you in detroit piston. I wonder what would be your jersey number? I still hope that you will still get the number 1 jersey number. Hope that this team will succeed this coming season and to become the NBA title holder once again. DO all your best and prove to all of your critics that the same t-mac that they used to know, is still here and rocking the detroit pistons. Good luck man. Hope to see a new shoes I’m sure that I will buy a new pair of kicks with a t-mac signature.. regards..

Terrell | on 12/8/10

Why you didnt choose to come to Chicago?

Memory Zhen | on 12/8/10

I am for you forever.We believe you would have an enjoyable season.Come on !

Jake | on 12/8/10

you should have came back to the rockets i was and always will be your biggest fan the pistons were the worst choice. well good luck with this upcoming season i know youll be back to that super star player youve always been cant wait to see you play in the toyota center next year against your true FAMILY

LI KE | on 12/8/10

Come on,keep fighting,I believe you forever

dashow | on 12/8/10

my friends call me tmac say i play like u, but ineed 4 da real tmac 2 play like new. i once had u above kb24, u finally got ya health str8 so back to top 5 you go….....atl hawks fan but ur my fav player so go motown

Jonathan Wilder | on 12/8/10

What it is T-Mac… You have been my favorite player and idol in basketball since my heart has created this passion for it. All the media and critics and haters out there that says your washed up or you don’t have it anymore blah blah blah… Screw that and screw them. I know you still got it. I know your still the same 2-time NBA scoring champion teams feared. We all know injuries can shorten a person’s career because we have all seen it. The injuries you sustained was just a mild set back that put the beast in the cage for a while and its ready to be released once again and i know your ready for the 2010 season and i know it will be a very exciting one for you and me because i will be right a the sports bar or in my room to support you and be part of it. God Bless you T-Mac and your family…

Big Fan Bazo | on 12/8/10

Come on, T-Mac!
Just show them what you got!

Love to see your plays!
Bring us championship cup!

Barth | on 12/8/10

you know you need to work extra hard for this…come on T-Mac…revive the beast in you!

Dante | on 12/8/10

just wanna say you will always be one of my favorite players of all time i hope you play like the star you really are. stay healthy and have a great year ill be chantin for you i still believe. dont let me down

row | on 12/8/10

i’m a big fan of yours T-mac! so proud that you are getting well from your surgery! we all hope that you can bring back your scoring threats and your ankle breaking moves! we also want to see you again fly in the sky for a slam dunk! go T-mac!


JOEL | on 12/8/10


FRED Andersen | on 12/8/10

good luck!!!

LORENZ | on 12/8/10


Jacob Jimenez | on 12/8/10

Congrats happy 4 u to be a part of the one of the greatest team the detroit pistons..i do like this team from now on because u already part of it..well goodluck to all of you guys…hope and we pray that you’ll gonna bring back the championship in palace!!

JT Mason/Lewis | on 12/8/10

Hello Tracy (T-Mac) McGrady,

As a native son of Detroit, I would like to welcome you to one of the greatest cities you’ll ever represent. If you get the chance, take a drive around Detroit so you can see how bad things have gotten. I mention this because as a son of Detroit, I realize every season that our teams (Tigers, Red Wings, Pistons and even the Lions) are one of our last vestiges of hope, and that is why we cheer for these clubs with every fiber of our being. Even with a failing effort, we will show up and cheer. Even when you are winning left and right, we will show up and cheer. When it looks like everything and everyone is against you, just turn around because we are your support, and we will be there every time—guaranteed! The Palace post sell out records because we love our teams with a passion, so if you should take my advice and drive around Detroit, take notice to the struggling, downtrodden, and forgotten people of my dear city. They are with you on game night, and they carry with them a mighty spirit. The spirit of Detroit is a spirit of endurance, a spirit of inevitable triumph, and if you do right by the Palace faithful, then I assure you that you will have an army cheering you on to that elusive Larry O’Brien trophy, which if obtained, makes the taste of success all the more sweet! Again, welcome aboard T-Mac, and good luck. A faithful fan of Detroit sports, -JT

Wenlong-Li | on 12/8/10

Regardless of where you are, and will always support you play

Edwin Jallah | on 12/8/10

I just hope you can stay healthy and get back in all-star form because for the past 2-3 seasons you have gotten me so excited about a comeback, but then you just got hurt again and shattered my hopes. Of the kids I know, I’m your only loyal fan because I continue to support you through thick and thin. Good luck this coming season, I hope you can beat the Lakers, Heat, Celtics, and Bulls.

JiNn | on 12/8/10

Goodluck TMAC.. Im one of your biggest fan.. when you are in the RAPTORS, MAGIC,HOUSTON, NYC, now that your team is in the D what a big opportunity to play with those guys.. like Hamilton & Prince..

God’s Speed. & Good Luck Tmac..


jeanler | on 12/8/10

men what can i say about you… men i love you since i was 14 years old i been your number 1 fan and i love you cos you are most complete player and you are so fun to wach show to everybody that on the court you can do whatever you want dont be afraid just play your game and love every mi nute you are on the court have fun and show to all these haters you are t-maccccccc i love you i respet you and i will be always your number 1 fan

ALDOGG | on 12/8/10

Thanxs T-MAC welcome 2 Detroit.

PauL | on 12/8/10

Hello there!!first of all i want to congratulate Tmac,but can we see same tmac who play few years ago with Rockets?Hope so….Congrats..

tohn | on 12/8/10

wow!!THE long wait is over…show us what uve go..the scoring champion is back..t-mac is back!!!!

austin hamlin | on 12/8/10

i love it T-MAC is finally a piston, i thought this day would never come, it has and im really siked about this upcoming season. i cant wait to see one of my favorite players in my favorite teams uniform this seanon. Tracy i wish you the best of luck and go git em this year and god bless

tonyliu | on 12/8/10

[email protected]
waiting for your reply.

Oren | on 12/8/10

hey Tra whats up?
if you want championship- you should be better person.
this is very imporntant thing first of ll bealive that connect between good behavior and succese are exist and then
work on it.
try rabby Yehoshiyaho PINTO
he live in Ashdod -israel.
your #1 fan (im sorry about the poor english)

T-Mac68 | on 12/8/10

T Mac,

Welcome to the Pistons and to Detroit Michigan. I have seen you play at the Palace and have never seen a purer shooter.

I’m looking forward to a great season and remember to feed Max the ball once in a while. I’m a huge Jason Maxiel fan.


tony | on 12/8/10

Come on ,dear Tmac ! you can find yourself ,and you are still the god of NBA.

Changhua Hseih | on 12/8/10

T mac welcome to Detroit !!(actually I never been to Detoit either, being a Pistons fan from Tawian).. stay healthy and prove those guys and “experts” wrong !!! can’t wait to see your entrance in the palace and to see you in BLUE ! Good Luck man !!

王晓阳 | on 12/8/10


Bobby Digital | on 12/8/10

Welcome to Detroit T-Mac! Congrats! ;)

Sharon | on 12/8/10

Congratulations! Looking forward to watching you play again. I was hoping you would return to Orlando but I will continue to admire you and what you have accomplished in your career and personal life. You are a wonderful humanitarian and have given back so much to others who are less fortunate.

朱忠波 | on 12/8/10


arc | on 12/8/10

You’ve expressed desire to play here a couple years aback. I’ve been excited since then. Welcome to Motown. I believe in you. Off the glass, over 3 defenders, power slam ;-)

jonathan | on 12/8/10

hi mcgrady you are my favorite nba player an im glad to see u in another team an i hope u dont get injured an win your first nba championship next year. good luck. an remember u are my favorite player.

HT | on 12/8/10

Great Move Tmac! Can’t wait to take my sons to the Palace next season! Welcome to “The City!” Or as we say here…. What up doe!


Kevin Roberts | on 12/8/10

T-Mac 2 words dude GO HARD show em all and keep your head up Detroit dont see it now but they got themselves a WARRIOR God Bless

Yin Ting | on 12/8/10

Love you, believe you, support you

Richard Gresham | on 12/8/10

I am without a doubt the ultimate Tracey Mcgrady fan. I was with you since toranto on to orlando where u put up crazy numbers and than to houston and than new york. I wish you could have resigned back with new york but everything happens for a reason. I am happy that u are with detroit because they play your sytle of basketball. I love richard hamilton and tayshaun prince but one of them has to come off the! But seriously, I am so happy for you brother because I know you are going to make the best of it and I know that you will be getting youself that long term deal at the end of this seoson that will have u retiring as a piston.

ANDI | on 12/8/10


Joshua Pomeroy | on 12/8/10

TMAC I have never stop believing in your talent for basketball. I have been your biggest fan since you were a raptor. A lot of people say you are washed up but I know in my heart you will get a ring and prove to me and the world you are still the same Tmac and the only man and player i know who scored 13 points in 35 seconds good luck becoming a piston and congrats. I will always be your biggest fan until you retire lol. Joshua Pomeroy

esco | on 12/8/10

first my name is esco and i tell my name is because for years i have been watching you play against the celtics an never notice that im cheering you on and booing the celtic i thank you for not leaving the game because if you didnt come back i would not watch the game anymore all so you made me some money cause that year you scored those 13 point against my boy favorite team the spurs thank you for the memorys and thankyou for not letting the game die.

Curtis Jackson | on 12/8/10

If the piston keep all their best players and just keep ADDING quality player like T-Max another championship is possible.

akoss | on 12/8/10

Ohhhh and i almost forget it… Switch onto JERSEY NUMBER ONE!!!!!!!!!!

Edwin | on 12/8/10

T-mac am like your biggest fan in the Bahamas. Honestly am not a pistons fan, but i respect your desicion to help out Detroit and also to show everyone what HARD WORK DOES. BEST of LUCK and GOD BLESS

Edwin | on 12/8/10

T-mac am like your biggest fan in the Bahamas. Honestly am not a pistons fan, but i respect your desicion to help out Detroit and also to show everyone what HARD WORK DOES. BEST of LUCK and GOD BLESS

akos | on 12/8/10

Hey Mac,

I tell you one thing man. If they don’t use you as a STARTER then leave them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RL | on 12/8/10

On the court, one favor for your fans man. Just make sure everybody is going to…

(Fort Minor) - REMEMBER THE NAME!!!

Bring it back T-MAC!!!!! Good luck!

Damon T McDonald | on 12/8/10

What’s happening T-Mac? Glad to see you finally got signed. I know the past few years you’ve been injured and haven’t really been able to go out and perform to the best of your abilities. So hopefully this year you can be the T-Mac of old and show them haters exactly what time it is. Its time to do your thing and show them critics T-Mac is back to do business.

Arturo A.K.A. "T-Mac13" | on 12/8/10

HEY YO MY MEN T-MAC !!! first of all it’s a big pleasure to know that finally me and the rest of the people who loves you, will enjoy you again on cour. you got to know that this is a great challenge for you and for the Pistons, it’s time for the team to go back on East Greatest, and it’s time for you to show everybody that T-Mac it’s still on the top !!!! i belive in your game, i belive in your big effort to get healthy, i belive on your big desire to be on court i belive in T-Mac !!!! god blessed you !!! IT’S T-MAC’S TIME !!!! ... YOUR BIGGEST AND FAITHFULL FAN Arturo “T-Mac13”

Shamon | on 12/8/10

Welcome to the Motor City, Tmac. The Pistons are underrated, but that’s OK. When people see you play with the current roster, they will definately be shocked. Surprise attacks are always the best!

Adrian Montgomery | on 12/8/10

I love my Pistons ! I know you can help us get back to the playoffs . Give detroit hope ! Hope for the city and for the fans!

Thanks !

red | on 12/8/10

The Palace is one of the greatest place in the record books of the NBA.. making the Detroit Pistons claim as one of the elite teams in their rich & colorful history. And now, Motown City is truly Blessed with a 2-time scoring champ & a 7th time all-star player & arguably one of the best end game finisher in the decade. Indeed.. T-mac, the Pistons & the Fans are gonna be having lots of fun & success this season. You’ve got a million of best fans in the world because You are one in a million best man in the world. I declare more blessings to you man.

Rome | on 12/8/10

I’m very happy 4 u bro.Welcome to The D and I hope everything works out 4 u.U have a nice young team to led so show the non-believers wrong and get it in.

tracy will come beak | on 12/8/10

believe yourself you can do it

red | on 12/8/10


a fans of t-mac | on 12/8/10

you are the best ..

Beezy F | on 12/8/10

i hope ur exactly the opposite of how a.i. was

Tracy Herron | on 12/8/10

Welcome Mr. McGrady & family. Reading your comments on playing in the Palace made me think of the latest of events happening here in the city. One being the Ilitch family buying the Pistons and possibly building an arena in the city just for the Pistons. There’s a lot going on here in the city and that is the biggest news going on the Ilitch family buying the Pistons. Hope you have a wonderful season and if you & your wife need the assitance of an experienced agent to inform you on the best schools, area’s in which to buy, churches and so much more I am here for you.

Thank you,
Tracy Herron
[email protected]

Al | on 12/8/10

Yo yo Welcome to the “D” Mac!! I see good things if you guys play your cards right! Just dont do us like Iverson did and just get a check! We can use your unique skills and you can you ours!! Go Pistons! Sleepers of the NBA 2010-2011 season!!..

Joshua | on 12/8/10

Dude, congrats for being a piston! I love the Pistons, I LOVE THEM!! i NEVER miss a game! on the tv from looking at this team without u, we were, ok, but with u its goin to help this team during the years. do what u do and help this team to be better. Im a true Pistons fan. T mac do your best!!!

Armin | on 12/8/10

I’m a DETROIT PISTONS FAN ALL DAY EVERYDAY! So WELCOME T-MAC and if you help Detroit win a title..then GREAT!
No doubts, just a pleasure to have you on the team. Good Luck.

tay | on 12/8/10 fav team and fav player together. i dont have to trade u to the piston nomore on the game u already here lol. hope you still got it in you friends and blogs think i be joking when i say u still have it…welcome to the D

Austin | on 12/8/10

T mac I believe u can make a GREAT impact with the pistons this upcoming season, with your offensive and playmaker ability is what the team is missing for years, so good luck with your new team.

Richard Gu | on 12/8/10

Tmac I love you so much!!! I hope you get back to the all star form you were in before and dominate the league again. You’re gonna lead the Pistons to a championship!!! OMG, it’s like my dream come true, my favorite player on my favorite team!!! YEAHHH!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH TMAC!!!

J SHephard | on 12/8/10

T Mac + Pistons = Champs
I am a huge pistons fan and cannot wait tell this season start.

Quentin Tarantino | on 12/8/10

Hey Tracy, those Rockets didn’t give you a real chance to prove yourself those last few years. Now it’s your time to shine and prove you’ve still got a lot of gas left in that tank of yours. Good luck!

CY | on 12/8/10

We believe you so much!We are your best fans!GO t-mac!

jocef | on 12/8/10

hi t-mac i hope you are ready to play again and i hope to see the old t-mac the scoring champion…..this is your last chance to show the whole world that you can still play like the days

jay | on 12/8/10

Tracy…You were not the most liked player in our home for a while, because of the comment you made about us when you were with the Magic about being thru to the second round, but after reading this update I have to say I am very impressed with your attitude. I really am looking forward to seeing you play here this year. I wish you the best and continued good health this upcoming season.

Amro Zidane | on 12/8/10

Hi Tracy, I just want you to play well. I have no patience to see you back in the court with your well-known performance. And Whatever the team you played for, I will be supporting you wherever you go dude. Finally congratulations and all the best.

jacob | on 12/8/10

im tired of everybody saying you dont fit with my team detroit pistons they dont know what there talking about im happy your a piston and thanks for making that move i know when you tay,rip and gordon get on the court people going to have problems with our team after about 10 games all this negative talk will go away let arnie work his magic and you will be great for us lets get that championship that we all deserve exspecially you this is our time!

Bryan Matti | on 12/8/10

Welcome to the Detroit Pistons Tracy McGrady. I am so happy that the Detroit Pistons decided to sign you and bring you to help us get back to the top. Your one of the best players in the nba and you still got what it takes I know for a fact. I hope you stay healthy and continue your great career here in Detroit where you belong. I can’t wait to see you on the court showcasing your talent with a great squad.

greg | on 12/8/10

T-Mac i am ur biggest fan and ive followed u all my life and ive never once doubted u. i know u can stay healthy and i know u can prove everyone wrong and be that dominant player again which u once were. i always believe in u t-mac and i know u can lead the pistons far this season and help them win a title.

Spencer | on 12/8/10

Hey T-mac worry about getting past the first round before you start talking about championships.

Ben | on 12/8/10

Hey T-Mac I’ve been a big fan for a long time. Cant tell you how excited I am to have you on the Pistons. As long as you bring your talent and work ethic, the Pistons should be just fine.

Ivan | on 12/8/10

hey t mac nice decision joining the pistons! now its time to prove them all wrong i know you can still average 28 ppg if not more if you are healthy and loose some weight to be lighter but is up to you to get that championship! get that ring! ur #1 fan from PR

Mike D | on 12/8/10

Say Mac are you supposed to have a press conference announcing your arrival if so when? Also gone show these critics what the buisness is this year your an absolute beast so lets get back to the T Mac of Orlando I know you remember when you said that you felt like wit the ball in your hands the defender is defense less there is nothing he can do lets get back to superstardom!! Your biggest fan, Mike D

张洪嘉 | on 12/8/10

一生偶像 —— T-Mac

Nick "Cutty" Webb | on 12/8/10

T-Mac Bout To Go Ham …..WATCH DIS SEASON

Cody | on 12/8/10

I don’t care what anyone said about Tracy over the past couple years, he is still one of my favorite players of all time. Now that he’s a Piston, I am even happier he’s back and ready to go. :]

mike moss | on 12/8/10

I think this is the best signing we have ever had I know Tony Ronzone and he thinks highly of my basketball knowledge and you are exactly what we neeed on this team and this town, your a class act both on and off the court! My question is what are the chances of you staying with us after this season I know its hard to say but I hope its long term?

Jeff | on 12/8/10

Although I’m still a big Piston fan, going back before the “bad boys” era, I now live in Florida (don’t like Miami at all although Orlando isn’t bad…ha!). I think you’ll do great in Detroit. They have very supportive fans, know what it’s like to win a chanpionship, and are hungry for another. Add that to a class operation run by Joey D. and you landed in a great place with an excellent opportunity. I wish you all the best and hope you have fun there. Good luck!

Art | on 12/8/10

Hi Tracy. I appreciate you signing with the Pistons and I wish you and the team nothing but the best. Stay close to Arnie Kander, he will keep you on the court. Good luck and see you at the Palace.

evan d | on 12/8/10

were glad you are coming to detroit…. hope you love the city and your new team.

David and Maxamus | on 12/8/10

Goodmorning Mr. McGrady my name is David and my 9 yr old son is Maxamus, we wanted to tell you that Motown is very excited to have you on the way. We have been down thinking this was just another year of nothing. Thanks to you there is new life in Pistons basketball again. We look forward to watching you this season keep healthy and blessings from my family to yours!
David and Maxamus!

Kian Pittman | on 12/8/10

Deeeeeetroit Basketball!!!!!!!!!!

joe | on 12/8/10

Tracy,我是一名中国球迷,我很喜欢你,你的打球风格,你的超人天赋!还有你曾和YAO的默契配合!虽然现在去了活塞,但我还是会一直支持你!相信你能再创辉煌,我们相信你已决心为总冠军奋斗!FIGHTING FOR THE CHAPION ! 希望下个赛季的你能给我们带来惊喜!YOU ARE THE BEST,WETHER THE STARER OR BENCH PLAYER,WE ALL LOVE YOU!BELIEVE YOU!

Daran | on 12/8/10

I have been a die hard Pistons fan for my entire life. The last couple of years have been hard to watch, but I’ve stuck by them and am excited for the future. You have been one of my favorite players to watch ever since your last year in Toronto. I am excited that you are here in Detroit, and can’t wait to see how beneficial it will be to the Pistons and to your career, to have someone like Arnie Kander working with you. He is the best strength & conditioning coach in the league! Just ask Antonio McDyess. Can’t wait for this season!

Jeremy Bloch | on 12/8/10

T-Mac, As a life long Pistons fan and son of a 20+ season Detroit Pistons season ticket holder, let me say welcome to Motown. I’ve been following your game throughout the years, I thought you and Grant in Orlando was destined to be the best duo in NBA history. You still have your game, your shot is as deadly as ever, YOU make this team better. Thank you for joining up, can’t wait to watch you do what you do this year.

Catt | on 12/8/10

Wat up T Mac welcome to Detroit I was born here and I love this city and the Pistons. Good luck 2 u and the team, I think u guys are going 2 surprise a lot of people.

bond | on 12/8/10

I from China,I am your fan.I believe you will get back!Go,t-mac!!!!!!!!!1

Geoffrey Santa Cruz | on 12/8/10

Hey TMAC!!! though i’m thousand miles away from there i’m still 1 of your greatest fan. some teams try to neglect you beause of your past injuries but still we believe you can be the best again the way you are before. just be more careful tho. whatever team you’ll be the best that you can be. i’m happy that detroit gave you the opportunity to show it. i can’t wait for you to play again!!! All Hail!! T-MAC IS BACK!!!! Go D- TROIT PISTONS!!!
Hope you can visit here again.

Stuart Matthews | on 12/8/10

It’s great to find out that a team has signed my boy. I look forward to seeing you go out every night & prove all those teams that over looked you wrong. Detroit scored the bargain of this years free angency.


chris olaivar | on 12/8/10

TMAC....Idol!.be agressive all the time,,ask for the ball especially in the 4th quarter…prove to everyone that ur a winner and one of the elite in the world…...

朱忠波 | on 12/8/10


Arnie Odbina Dollosa | on 12/8/10

hi Tracy,,,, i am the big fan of u since 2000…. gud luck to your new team,,,, lets bring the championship in DETRIOT and also the scoring champion leader in the NBA season 2010-2011…

Rafael Martinho (Portugal) | on 12/8/10

Lets go TMAC! if you are willing to work even harder it will be fun…

Good Luck!

s282026 | on 12/8/10

Hey, T-Mac. Congratulations! It is also a good news for your funs like me. I have to say that it is the best opportunity and maybe the last oppertunity for u to improve yourself. Next season you have to improve that you are still one of the top players in NBA. Then choose a better team. I always trust u. Best wishes. A huge fun!!!

donovan johnson | on 12/8/10

hey tmac ive watched u growing up and uve always been one of my favorite players even though im a pistons fan but i always had a hunch that one day ud be a piston and that day has finally come im so happy.thanks your awesome

Rashawn W. | on 12/8/10

You have been my favorite player since you came to the league and I always put you on the piston on all the nba live games I hope you can play like i know you can and actually help i hope you help us have a decent season we dont expect you to do much but enough to that next step you can do it

c k | on 12/8/10

tracy i know you still got what it takes to be the all-star you are. i alway get into arguements with my friends about you.they all pick kobe or lebron or d-wade. but you have accomplised things that they havents and you have done some unexplainable things such as 13 pts in 35 seconds against the spurs. your 3pt shooting is better than all the so-called “stars” your moveso on the court are smoother. and your mid-range is untouchable with the fade-away you have.. just remember your gonna have aches and pains but bro there are always obstacles that a superstar has to overcome. prove all these haters wrong because you know they were all on you when you were on its time to show em what you can do workin from the bottom back to the top.

tay | on 12/8/10

Hey T Mac im your biggest fan, wherever u go im going wit u.Stay healthy and quiet da haters

Stefan | on 12/8/10

Dear Tracy,we’re all very glad for you and Detroit Pistons for signing such a great player.I hope that you will win the Championship and play as the Tmac we all know and love.Best wishes!!! :)

TJAM | on 12/8/10

T-MAC’S BACK!!!!!!!, what a great opportunity to revive your career with my boys the PISTONS!!!!!!, im excited and cant wait until the season begins, the east has gotten stronger this offseason but you guys can do it, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

rizwan | on 12/8/10

best of luck! hope u do well and average at least 15 to show all these losers t-mac is back

dhariq | on 12/8/10

t mac im your fan and hope you will play hard and focus on basketball please t mac

terrell phillips | on 11/8/10

thanks bring us back tracy,your the superstar on the know what to do.

Ignatius Romero | on 11/8/10

You are still the Best Player in the NBA today…I believe in you TRACY McGRADY..

Waldo | on 11/8/10

Love u tmac, always will :)

markus | on 11/8/10

t mac!!!!!!! i welcome u to the great city of detroit. i got faith in u and know u still got it. bring the ring back

markus | on 11/8/10

t mac u the the best always watched u and ur moves get healthy and bring the ship back to dtown

praim persaud | on 11/8/10

T finally you have another team and i hope and pray that you are as healty and ready as you say - then proves all the idiots and disbelievers who have witten you off and wrote all their utter trash.

for me - the wait is over and you now have another opportunity to be the player I love and all your fans love - make us proud and happy T - good luck - and now the PISTONS is my new team - as you are there :)


yyc | on 11/8/10

I believe you can do your best!!In china,you also have very very fans!!

Bille' & Curtis Newberry | on 11/8/10

Marriage & Family ministry in Jesus Christ our LORD GOD!

joseph macapagal | on 11/8/10

definitely pistons will be a fun to watch..with greg monroe and t-mac coming along with this team..let’s see what they can do..

ben gordon and charlie v. are working hard to make this team back on track..!!

Umair | on 11/8/10

hey tmac, i’ve been a fan of yours since the toronto days, followed u to orlando, houston, nyk and no detriot. honestly this team is a playoff team. bring your a game and ride this team to the playoffs where anything is possible. last few years youve been injured and i’ve lost my joy to watch basketball but i hope this year you stay healthy, MAKE SURE your up there in PPG....who knows maybe add a third scoring title…haha GLUCK TMAC wish you the best.

Toronto Canada

KK | on 11/8/10

We know we will make it to the play offs this year. Glad to have you on the team. It makes it easier to win it all this year. I am a huge fan of yours and still remember the houston - spurs game where you went crazy in the second quarter and won the game.

Henry Hu | on 11/8/10

Hi Dear,


Tracy, now i am a biggest fan of Piston.I’m there where you go. Please take care and work hard, prove your value to the world. Let all re-know you, you are still the best player in the league, its indeed. Tracy, I don’t care other opinions on you. I just wnna see in the court even its one second.

Tracy, come on. Hope you can give me a amzing season.

Yous Henry
Best regards

christian wannah | on 11/8/10

think u 4 comming 2 our help, as a pistons fan i really think we will be a good contender for the league this year. so think u i’m so happy right now i’m going to tell all my heat & lakers frends that T-mac is now in the palace, so the should be ready.

blane filbert villamar | on 11/8/10

ilove t-mac..

DBoy76 | on 11/8/10

Welcome 2 Detroit, you have picked a cuty that’ll place you on their shoulders and claim you as ours, I’m hoping you and the whole team have a healthy season and more. You and the team should go n2 the season asking yourselves daily, “ How big is the chip on your shoulders,” to prove that yall wont be a joke this year and not to sleep on the Pistons!!! Keep it Safe & Smooth

Jake Nelson | on 11/8/10

Hey Tracy, welcome to the Pistons! Good luck this year, I’m pulling for you and the Pistons to both bounce back, I know what you are capable of!!

nathan | on 11/8/10

detroit is THE place to prove yourself t-mac, please shut all the haters up and prove them wrong…i believe in youuuu i expect to see the old tmac back!

Sunny | on 11/8/10

Congratulation,T-mac!!We trust you,and we’ll always stand by your side,just go ahead,do what you want to do,We love you forever.

helen | on 11/8/10

good luck!!!

Quincy Tucker | on 11/8/10

i think this is a great addition for the detroit pistons i think this acquisition might help us contend this against the bulls and possibly the heat i think tmac has alot leff in him and its only a matter of time before that ring finger of his is drenched with gold

Chad Causley | on 11/8/10

We go to work up here, I’m sure you’ll fit right in. Get after it!!

jyrus carriere | on 11/8/10

t-mac you are my most favorite player of all time..and i’ve been backin you up when people say he’s washed up or he’s gonna retire of he’s lost ready to shut them up and i know you are to..i know you finna kill them in detroit and i cant wait to get your jersey and hopefully you sign it one day..time to show them you’re back..lets do it

Jason Russell | on 11/8/10

I am a die hard pistons fan, originally from the Detroit area I moved to ND about 5 years ago and just transferred with my company to Colorado springs. Anyway, I am excited to see you in pistons blue… I have been a fan of yours, I saw the first game in 2003 playoffs when you were with Orlando. That was actually my first NBA game ever. I was sad the pistons lost but getting to see you play was a pleasure. I wish you the best of luck and will pray that the whole team stays on point and healthy so we can kick some Miami and LA butt… I will definitely try to make it to a Denver game when the pistons are in town. (Also a Chauncey fan for all he did for Detroit). Be blessed my friend.

Hennehn Reeves | on 11/8/10

Welcome to Detroit Homeboy!!!

henry j-byrd jenkins | on 11/8/10

man t-mac each year on 2k games i get you on the team i think you is back to the old day dont have to dunk just shoot 3 and mid that all we need plz write me back if you on facebook add me

John | on 11/8/10

congrats T !!! I would love to see you play in a bulls jersey and help them win a championship but its ok… Just play hard and give us a taste of that 7 time all-star play you got there….

Brandon Knight | on 11/8/10

T-Mac man….I’ve been waiting since you left, Orlando for this moment and day. Originally born in Michigan of course… I’m a Piston Fan. I always follow my players like you, Penny Hardaway, and Chauncey Billups. Everywhere you went i always hoped for the best. Now you in the PALACE..its all gravy baby!!! I had all of your shoes during school, repped nothing but T-Mac! Lets get it done Man.

Peter C | on 11/8/10

Congrats Tmac!! It’s time for the NBA to see one of it’s greatest players comeback to the top. It would be cool if you get the most improved player award again for next season. Good Luck in Detroit Tmac. Love you and I’m a big fan 8)

billy muccuullum | on 11/8/10

T mac u said u can bring back a champion ship but can u do it it is going to be alot of tuff teams out their stay healthy and score i m a big piston fan so peace

tina | on 11/8/10

congrats!!!!!!!!!!! welcome i love the pistons from the bottom of my heart and you just made the team a whole lot better!!!!!!! love you t-mac congrats!!!!!!!

Tani | on 11/8/10

Even though I’m from Memphis I’m still a Pistons fan. I feel that having you on the team will open up big opportunities for the Pistons. It be great if you could lift the pistons to the next level. At this point just making it to the playoffs is a great achievement. I welcome you to an amazing team, and I wish you the best of luck!

Your new fan,

Riz | on 11/8/10

It’s about time T MAC!!! We have been trying to get you here for the longest time man. You will be a perfect fit here and cannot wait to see you do what only T MAC can do. They forgot about you’s time to make the remember!!

Bobby Moore | on 11/8/10

Good Decision

Arzy | on 11/8/10

YO wat number will u wear
Mcgrady play your hardest and win a championship
you are still the best player and u need to make all these haters shut up


Piston Pauley | on 11/8/10

Hi Tracy, welcome to the “D”. I am looking forward to seeing you play at the Palace in a Pistons uniform. I am a huge Pistons fan and can’t wait until the season starts. We want you to be a part of the next Piston CHAMPIONSHIP. I think it will be sooner than most people think. Again welcome to the ‘D”. Do your THANG!

Judy | on 11/8/10

So happy and excited you’re with us! You’ll be getting a VERY warm welcome at the Palace!

Dylan Manion | on 11/8/10

Tracy, It’s an honor to have you in Detroit! I’ve been a die hard Pistons fan all my life, and after being good for so long, and then falling to the bottom like we did last year, it was heart breaking. Seeing you in a Piston’s jersey is going to get everybody’s heads back in the right place, players and fans alike. Not to mention keep the motivation in Mo-town going! Can’t wait to get your jersey! Good luck man! -Dylan Manion

kyle condon | on 11/8/10

I`m glad you`re a piston!

Mahmut Aktürk | on 11/8/10

You are the best player in this league. God bless you… :))

Clint Adolph | on 11/8/10

Hey Tracy we are all excited to have you here as a Detroit Piston. When I seen that Chicago had passed on you I prayed that we would get you here and God is good. We understand that you have had injuries that have sidelined you for a while, but we also know when healthy the terror you bring on the basketball court. I hope you drop 50 on those losers in Miami and 60 on that poor Chicago team that passed you up. Welcome to Detroit and we as fans are all behind you. Go Get Em!!!!!

Marc | on 11/8/10

Hey Tracy! I’ve been a big fan of yours for a long time now. I do hope you’ll have a great season ahead of you. I hope that you’ll be a Piston for the rest of your career! Good luck to you and i hope to see you play soon!


christian sallow | on 11/8/10

T-mac your my fav player, I live in michigan so pistons are my fav team, Im so happy, cant wait till next season starts

Adi | on 11/8/10

Congratz dude. Im your biggest fan in germany, and i read a lot of articles about you. Ignore the disbelievers. You have been in a recovery process the last two years… Now you are ready to explode and prove all of those haters wrong. Motown = Mactown.

Rasho | on 11/8/10

Welcome to the D T-mac. Excited to have you join the team, ima huge pistons fan and was very glad to hear you were joining us, lets make something happen this season and get past miami, under Arnie Kander you should be fine cause hes the man, work hard and explode on the court to win that 6th man award, best of wishes!

donzellsartor | on 11/8/10

your my fav player and i been with you since the magic years now your on my home town team i been waiting for this for ever and it happend now lets shut them haters up and fill the stat sheet up and get that ring you deserve i cant wait till the season start to watch you ball out lets go tmac love you no homo detroit basketball

donzell | on 11/8/10

what up wit you tmac your my fav player i have been wit you since the magic years and iam allways roll wit you but my fav player on my home town team i been waiting for this for ever show these haters you still the best and shut them up lets go time to get that ring that you deserve i cant wait till the season start o yeah hope you start love you tmac (No homo)

NCIII | on 11/8/10

Yes sir!!! Glad to have ya in the D! I always felt if you came to Detroit you would be the missing piece. I know you can bring yo A game show the boys in Miami the D aint went nowhere. Looking forward to getting back to the Championship and upsetting the Lakers again! Peace out!!!

RHicks | on 11/8/10

Glad to have you bro! looking forward to another year of Deeeeeee-troit BASKETBALL!

lamont | on 11/8/10

A t-mac dats ah good look my nigga signing wit tha DP’s good luck out there and buss dem niggas ass dis season and show em wit it is ya dig!

Jason Lovette | on 11/8/10

Lets go Mac!!!

mattdiesel | on 11/8/10

Welcome to DETROIT lookin forward to seein play for my home team

Eric J | on 11/8/10

Hey, TMac. You are my favorite player and I get a lot of crap from people putting you down and writing you off, but I still have your back and know that you will rebound back to greatness, and what better team then my home team. Looking forward to next season going to the Palace and cheering for my favorite player and cracking heads in Nba 2k11 with you and the Pistons. Good Luck

Alan Nguyen | on 11/8/10

Good Morning Tracy! Congratulation on your new opportunity. I wish you a healthy and productive season.

[email protected] | on 11/8/10

T-MAC!YOU ARE THE BEST PLAYER OF THE NBA!I wish you every success!

林于凯 | on 11/8/10

HI,Tracy!Best wishes to you!We Chinese funs will in favour of you forever!You do not know how we love you !

Ishaq | on 11/8/10

Hey man you are great. Good luck with that knee and back in Detroit I know you will prove yourself to all the haters and get back to the heights once again.

Your fan!

Emanuel Dushaj | on 11/8/10

T-mac i was the thrilled to find out we were signing you i am a die hard piston fan and you i love the way u play basketball dont get me wrong but i think you have the ability to go and have 21 points a game or even more. With you coming i know we have a good chance to be a contender even thoe the injuries u have a had were serious. Ure now a piston the injuries were the past now it’s the future. “Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” – William Shakespeare Tracy that guote represents you. Please win a championship I wrote 11 articles regarding ure signing with us and I’m only 12 years old.For the record I watched every piston game I watched 81 out of 82 and the one I missed was cuz I was sick. If you want please Email me back at [email protected] . Welcome. Win-win a title. Be the best you can be.
Emanuel Dushaj-Macomb Mi- 12 years old-

Ira Heart | on 11/8/10

Welcome to Detroit T-Mac!

Raffi | on 11/8/10

Good luck Mac! I like the Pistons very muck,and I hope you will be a big part of the team!!

Paul Dave Lim | on 11/8/10

Tmac, wishing you all the best this year and for the years to come. CHAMPIONSHIP!!! If your changing your jersey number, can it be #9… Cause its my favorite number and you are my favorite nba player. Thanks.. God bless you and your family. Peace. - Paul 09

marlon stokes | on 11/8/10

hey tracy, welcome to detroit! i wish you a great season, and that you can bring the needed key to getting back to the playoffs. have a healthy season and again would like to welcome you and yours to motown!

K.horne | on 11/8/10

welcome to the D glad to have you wish you could’ve been here sooner but hey better late than never if you can get back to normal we are one of the best in the league bar none

allan | on 11/8/10

hey t-mac,first of all congratulations and hope u have a great time in the Detroit Pistons.u know i began to be your fan since your Raptors’ time and my surpport to u has never changed no matter u were in Magic or Houston,no matter you were heathy or surffering from pains of your knee and back.i am so happy that i can see your playing again in this coming season.maybe i am just a normal one of so many fans of u,but u get to know that u are the only No.1 in my eyes and i will always be your side.Just be healthy and play your game.There is only one T-mac in the world,and u will never walk alone.

Anthony | on 11/8/10

Im really excited for you and wish you the best of luck. Its good to know that you will be on the court this year because I can begin to watch basketball again. Also to be honest you have nothing to prove to anybody because you KNOW who YOU are and WHAT you can DO. Remember only God can judge you.

michael guan | on 11/8/10

dear t-mac: our chinese are your strong supporter,so never give up~we expect your second break-out~~and make the god cry again~~

even | on 11/8/10

prove yourself ,dear T-mac
I hope that you can still wear number 1
in my mind, the number represent you greatly.
go ,be the best player.
keep health all right?

Kelly | on 11/8/10

Fighting!You will be back。There are many your fans in China!

niu bo | on 11/8/10

good luck.

david | on 11/8/10

ur on my favorite team now and u use to b my favorite player until u ended up in the er every year. bring ur A game or retire. no one needs another wasted year from u.

yaokai yang | on 11/8/10

hey!T-MAC !cheer up! i am the Lifetime of fans. my english isn’t good ,hehe.

Brandon | on 11/8/10

T-Mac, I am pleased that you are a Detroit Piston. I remember back in 2008 we were trying to get you from Houston, but Houston was being greedy. Nevertheless, Joe D is committed to winning, Ben is a work machine, and is our leader. I am looking foward to you being healthy, and want to see you shine here. We will win a NBA championship, we will be victorious, and I hope that you remain a Piston until you are ready to retire. Looking foward to see you play some point, distribute the ball, break a few ankles, and stroke that sweet jumper. Get ready, its going down in the city of Detroit…. Cant wait to hear how Mason calls your name in that starting line up( yes you will be in that line up) no doubt.

Daniel | on 11/8/10

I’m so happy for you MAC, just enjoy your game. You are brilliant on the courst,nothing can take that away from you, not even time.

greg cooper | on 11/8/10

I think you will find your way back to the old and much improved t-mac. Barring any setback, I think your determination and will power will kick in once again. I would really like to see you and your cousin (vincinity)back together for one last kill session. I believe you guys would be a devastating force people haven`t seen in a long while.T-mac just go out there and “DO YOU” .

Jia | on 11/8/10

Best wishes to you!!!

Yi Wang | on 11/8/10

I have been a fanatic of you since you were in Orlando, it’s nice to hear that you you are one of the Pistons now. I really wish you would never give up. Just keep going, I believe you can experience a nirnana. Please let people who have criticized you shout their mouth up in terms of your outstanding performance!

Nikola | on 11/8/10

Prove doubters wrong!Show them that is still a lot of good basketball left in your heart!

Qin1 | on 11/8/10

T-Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no matter where u go,I m in favor of u 4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MARK | on 11/8/10

Come on man! You can do it ! show them that you can do it! You the best!

Bobby | on 11/8/10

Welcome to Detroit, we’re excited to have you here.

Jeff | on 11/8/10

Alright T-mac the Pistons are a popular eam. Don’t let us down man, the team possibly revolves around you now….

raymond | on 11/8/10

i hope that u can still play in good and to be a scoring machine again.. i idolized you so much!!!! i named to my baby girl is your name tracy maclyne and her nick name is t-mac like yours.. i happy that your are gonna realy back to the NBA! go T-MAC the god of basketball like michael jordan! i’ll pray for you everyday.. go idol!

lamont | on 11/8/10

what up tmac i been a fan of yours since your magic days and always be a fan despite what the critics say fuck them all and come back and shine on all dem haters i love u and hope we get the old tmac i love u 4ever mac

bartollini | on 11/8/10

I looking for next season and i will watching Pistons game where you will play good basketball:D I am hppy that you are in Detroi but please get number 1 and still be TRACY with 1 and play like number ONE. When evrybody saw on jersey 1 they think McGrady so dont change it. But the player is not number but how is he play so play great and be great person T-Mac. I wish you it. Greetinsg from POland:D

pj | on 11/8/10

If you just happy! We MaiMi biggest wish is to see you in court! Cheer up! Support you forever!

shi | on 11/8/10

Come on!Tracy Mcgrady! I support you foreever!

O.C. Love III | on 11/8/10

T-Mac I Really Hope U @least Get Chance 2 Read This because I have I’m A HUGE Fan ( I’M NOT GONE SAY THE BIGGEST CUZ EVERY FAN SAYS THAT BUT I’M SURE I’M 1 of the BIGGEST BY FAR ) With Sickle Cell Anemia I’m a Grown Man Now! But I have Ben A fan since I was a Young Teen & U Were Drafted & I have Lookd Up 2U & supported U on every Team U’ve Playd 4 & I Always Will (No Homo) But Because of My Sickness & your Injurys U became kind of Inspiration 2 me I Watch EVERY Game of Yours Nomata If Da Team is GOOD or BAD The Only Games I Miss Are The 1s Wen I’m In the Hospital I’ve Always Wanted 2 Meet U & I have Already Missed Out On 2 chances (Do 2 Un4seen Reasons) Once When I got sick B4 My Wish from Make-A-Wish so I Had 2 change My Wish Then Again in the 2008-09 Season My Mom & Girlfriend Rote A Staff Member 4 the Rockets so she got me tickets & Tried 2 set Up A Lunch With Me & U but U Got Hurt & left the Team the Next Week but I Wish U GREAT Health This season I’ll be praying 4 U & watching EVERY GAME Good Luck My Brotha Go PROVE DEM HATERz WRONG!!!

Jean | on 11/8/10

New beginning,I will always be your side

Bo | on 11/8/10

Don’t give up dream,T-mac.I always believe you.

sam i am | on 11/8/10

what number r u going to wear? please dont choose #1 since all the people in detroit still love chauncey very much. i say u go bold and choose a number like maybe 88

Q.Lucas | on 11/8/10

Are you going wear number 3 ?
I want you will be wear number 1. Because it is one of the greatest numbers.
Hope you will be better.

James | on 11/8/10

Welcome to the Pistons, Tracy McGrady. I am the biggest Pistons fan in Detroit and am very excited to see what you can do for the Pistons. Good luck!

wenhai luo | on 11/8/10

congratulations! Tmac ,i want you to wear number 1. will you change ? i hope so.
best wishes to you .

Supl | on 11/8/10

where amazing happen,i believe you can make something amazing again! just do it again!!
come man,it’s time to bring a championship for youself!

中国人 | on 11/8/10


Ducky(Xu Tianyi) | on 11/8/10

I felt a little surprise when I saw this new.Hei come!whatever happens,we will always stand behind you to support you!So,just be yourself! Ducky.

T-MC | on 11/8/10

We are waiting for your return of the king! ! ! Do not give up! No matter where you go, always support you. McGrady Forever…

Scott jones | on 10/8/10

Good to have you in Detroit Tmac. We about to win another championship

LL | on 10/8/10

Good Luck!

zi qian | on 10/8/10

mac,i’m cry ,we love u ,follow u ,4ever…..........

D Hughes | on 10/8/10

Hey T-Mac,

Welcome to Detroit! I’m one of your biggest fans and I’m glad you’re coming to the D. Hopefully I can get a autograph. It’s time to prove the haters wrong.

Devon | on 10/8/10

Yeeeaaaaahhhh my favorite player comin to my home town, I hope you stay a piston for a long time.

brad pitt | on 10/8/10

T-MAC , i support you !

xiaolin | on 10/8/10

t-mac .it’s time that you are back. i believe you are ready to prove youself. yes,i believe you can.

薛立明 | on 10/8/10


Syd | on 10/8/10

Congrats Tracy on signing with the Pistons. I pray that you will have a successful season and put a gag in the mouths of all your naysayers, especially calvin Murphy.

While you’re in Detroit, you just have to take in a game at the “BIG HOUSE.” It would be a memorable experience. See if you can fit in the game against Michigan St on October 9. GO BLUE!

I pray that you and the entire city of Detroit will be blessed with prosperity, you both deserve it.

God Bless!

Syd in Houston

王飞 | on 10/8/10


Yuan ZiFeng | on 10/8/10

I will always support you,you can do anything.
Go Go

shi | on 10/8/10

Come on! Tracy Mcgrady! I support you forever!

Ernie | on 10/8/10

hey mac. good luck out there. hope you’ll bring detriot all the way to the playoffs. beat LA. show them that you are the best player in the NBA. Going to the all star game

Ernie | on 10/8/10

Im a very avid fan of tracy mcgrady. i’ll be supporting t-mac no matter what team he is playing. good luck t-mac.

shi | on 10/8/10

Come on!Tracy Mcgrady!I love you forever!

winD | on 10/8/10

Now I turn to be Detroit Pistons fans because my favourite NBA player,Tmac, I hope tmac will return ,bring Detroit to playoff and go far ,whatever you did ,hope a champion heart ,keep moving , I am your fans forever.

zhang hongjia | on 10/8/10

hahaha come tmac

Charles | on 10/8/10

My favorite Piston player was Grant Hill and I loved how he was used as a point forward. Do you see yourself in the same role as a primary ballhandler starting alongside Stuckey and Ben Gordon? This team needs a creator and a passer so I hope you can fill the void. Good luck, Tracy!

dai yipiao | on 10/8/10

I have standed for you for 6 years.It is sure that i will do so forever

Du Lei | on 10/8/10

I’M from China, I BELIEVE U can come back! fight!

Boris | on 10/8/10

Welcome to the Pistons.

I wish you and your family well in Michigan and hope you find a niche in the D.

sun ke | on 10/8/10

Hi, Tracy. It is so excited for me to find one of your real webs finally. It is a pity that in my nation MySpace is fobbiden so I can’t see your blog. So I can ONLY leave my best wishes here. I feel very sad to see you have only a one-year contract. I belive that you are worth far more! You are the No.1 in my heart forever no matter what happens. In the game 2K10 you defeated every one in the way as the past. Now I feel satisfied if only I can see you play on the court. Come on! T-mac forever!

Ann | on 10/8/10

Deae Tmac, can u see me? i am here and tell u that i trust in u,so come on,i will be with u forever when ever u do,when ever u go,i see u,and u?

Yvonne | on 10/8/10

Support you forever~~~your big fan from China…

Nehir Celik | on 10/8/10

Once upon a time u were a superstar.We want u back T-MAKER:).u need a special doctor for critical moments about ur health.find a new advice ; this doc should be from madden. u are at the same age with kobe.he is believing ,fighting and winning in pains.. u can success this. u are a player who hits 4 triple in last minute.this year u have more serios rivals.u can be our jordan who get only one ring.. we i want to see a ring on ur finger

Grey | on 10/8/10

Hello,Tracy! I’m your big fan from Tawian! In these days,I always felt up and down because you couldn’t find a new NBA team to sign.. Now I know that you’ve signed with Pistons,I’m very happy! This is a great chance to prove yourself after your knee surgery. I believe that you can recover better and better in this summer. Don’t give up training! I also practice basketball everyday in a corner of the Earth! Let us all work together! Remember to keep good attitude with your new teemmates and coach!” It’s your turn,I wish you good luck!

D-Atk | on 10/8/10

Good luck Mac and C u in Mil-town vs. them Buck boys. The way you did Big dog a while back is still stuck in my head. RIP G. Robinson. New day and Age (Beware of Buck) Its GOOD TO HAVE THE ALL STAR/ SUPER STAR BACK. T-MAC AND LOOKING FOR THEM NEW SHOES.

Michael Braun | on 10/8/10

I’m a huge Pistons fan, nd im not just saying. Detroit Pistons are my number 1 (not just in sports, but anything in this world.) im glad that your a part of my team Tracy. Hope u have a great injured-free season. Enjoy Detroit.

xmuzjb | on 10/8/10

Wish you a healthy season and the Pistons back to Playoffs!

Tony Green | on 10/8/10

T-Mac, im happy for you. You deserve it and i wish you the best of luck in detroit

G-Mart | on 10/8/10

Ey yo Mac! good to hear you have now found a home. I am excited to watch you play with your new team. I really hope that you make it to the NBA finals! And I think you should wear your old number back (#1). Can I also request that you wear your T-Mac 4 shoes cause I have that one. white with 3 red stripes in front thanks T-Mac! I am looking forward to watching you this November. Have a healthy season good luck and God be with you.


Sandy | on 10/8/10

my dear tracy i will support you forever! you are the real meaning of basketball i hope that you can try yourbest and stay healthy in the new season,i firmly believe that you can make us surprised and realise the dream of championship! fighting!

Nick Wenzel | on 10/8/10


Dan Graebner | on 10/8/10

Welcome Tmac….. As a 42 year old man and die hard Pistons fan that has lived his entire life in Chicago believe me when I say I bleed Pistons Red White and Blue. I believe you can help restore this team to the greatness I have witnessed over the last 30 years. I live in Chicago but my heart is in Detroit. It may take a little more than a year so talk to Joe and sign a tow to three year deal and bring back the hardware to DETROIT!!!! I Have always loved your game and I AM PROUD YOU ARE A PISTON. DEEETROIT BASKETBALL

Walt | on 10/8/10

What up T-Money(that’s what I b callin u on NBA 2K when I drop 25pts in 1 quarter when play with u lol ppl b hatin it) but man 2 b honest am kinda really dissappointed that u signed with da Pistons I was kinda hopein that u sign with da Bulls. That’s my favorite team but man 4get them u r my favorite player n am rollin wit cha. U deserve 2 start on any team.Mac everybody is countin u out man . This season don’t worry bout injuries, don’t worry bout a starter spot just go out there n play like we all remember how u play.Cool,smooth,n relentless.God bless my brother.

shingojacky | on 10/8/10

Time to step up

Jabari Walker | on 10/8/10

tracy mcgrady my favorite player. i think you should throw down a dunk for your fans.

san | on 10/8/10

hope to see you dominate in this game of basketball. It’s time for you to shine in a sunny day and making it rain on a cloudy day. We are ready for the return of Tmac.

Artem Panchenko | on 10/8/10

Man, I am a Rockets fan for life and I wish you to stay healthy. we all know what you can bring to the game when your legs are not tired and I hope that Arnie Kander will do whatever he can to give you a chance to become a player that can be productive throughout every month of the upcoming season
Despite all the problems beetween you and Rockets organization, I still wish you only the best. You was the best Rockets player in last decade and I hope that your career is not over. I know, I feel that you have something left and I wish you to prove all the haters that you are still one of the most talented players ever.
Despite all this upsets, injuries, first round losses, you was a huge part of the Rockets franchise and I know that if you’ll work real hard, harder than ever, you’ll have an opportunity to win a championship not as a 13-th man in a roster… As a valuable part of team, a star player, if you’ll be lucky and stay out of injuries. whenever you’ll play you should know that a lot of people still trust in you and we all know that you’ll not disappoint us if you really want to be back on form
God Bless you, Tracy!

耿照鹏 | on 10/8/10

T-mac,wherever you go, I will always love you!You are the best one!

Nate | on 10/8/10

Though i live in New Jersey Detroit is my home. I thought the Knicks would be wise enough to sign you to make a one two punch with Amare. Well i guess that wisdom went out the door. I didn’t have a hope of you being a Piston. Now i am ecstatic that one of my favorite players will be a bad boy. I’ve seen some of your youtube “skirmishes” so i know you have the toughness. Welcome Hr. NcGrady; man do we need you. Now Detroit has it’s own big 5: Big Ben, Tay, Rip, Gordon and the unltimate weapon T-MAC! Again welcome to Motown i say, WELCOME!!!.

Willie Matthews | on 10/8/10

Been my favorie Player since i was 6, im 18 now. YES!! your finally playin in a piston jersy go T-Mac….And can you go back to #1 can u still are.

LOUPO | on 10/8/10


Kelvin Wong | on 10/8/10

i am a boy from china, can you please contect me? i got really important things to tell you, [email protected], thank you very much!!!

Mohamed | on 10/8/10

Great choice t-mac now u can prove to all the haters that u are still t-mac the elite guard i wish all the luck for next year cant wait to see on the court again and wear number 1 cause u are number 1

ed wills | on 10/8/10

welcome tmac, see you at the palace

Suki | on 10/8/10

talent is talent, whereever you are!

Troy | on 10/8/10

I just want to say as soon as I heard you became a Piston I was really excited. You are an incredible b-ball player, and I know you will show everyone you will play like the old McGrady and hopefully you will stay more than one year to bring that trophy back to motown. Congrats and look forward to seeing you play. Good luck!!

Aaron | on 10/8/10

I’m ready for Basketball. Are you going to wear number 1?

larry ingram | on 10/8/10

I am from chicago i have been a fan that follows you to every city you represent lets get it in detroit or else im giving up on basketball you and scottie pippen r my favorite players of all time you need a title you r the greatest player of all time

Lewis | on 10/8/10

Great to have you aboard Tracy! Looking forward to a good year! Thanks for deciding to be a part of it!

Venice | on 10/8/10

At last !my favorite player in my favorite team !Show the doubters mac .Show them that you are still one of the best players in the league !

mohamnad lee | on 10/8/10

Do ya thing MAC I’m behind u 100% let’s shut these haters up man. High or low I support u homie. God bless my brother. Vision101 and I’m gone

Powie | on 10/8/10

Hey TMAC! Im looking forward on how you will perform next season… Show them what you can do… cherish the limited minutes and give quality minutes to the team… come playoff time thats when you explode… Show them how you dominate the game. Prove those doubters wrong man… Win the sixth man award… be the sixth man that averages 30 pts a game… I know that you still have the ability to dominate the game but don’t rush it… get a feel for the agme first and then when tou feel it’s time. . . dominate and take the pistons to the finals… I know you can do it man… excite dto see you play again… much love and respect…

Jayg108 | on 10/8/10

Really happy for you. The Pistons are a quality organization and you’re just going to make them even better. Have fun. DEEEEETROIT BASKETBALLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!

Jedward Soriano | on 10/8/10

Go Tracy..

Shawn Thomas | on 10/8/10

Man I am so happy for you. I can’t wait to see you on the court again and for you to get back to your full potential like when you was the reigning scoring champ for two years in Orlando. T-mac your just a great person I would love to be in your presence one day. I love what you did for the people in Darfur. That was awesome, if there’s anything I can do let me know, but here’s to a great productive season I wish you the best and god bless. Sincerely one of your biggest fans Shawn T.

Jaquan Straughn | on 10/8/10

Congrats T-Mac!!! I’ve been your fan since ’03 and everyteam you have went to has been my favorite team. I hope that you prove everybody out there wrong and dod what you do best! I believe in u Mac!!!

The OSD | on 10/8/10

T Mac我們是,很愉快您給馬達城市帶來了您的老鷹心臟。 請在休斯敦把您易碎的嫩裂片腿伤留在。 我們將修造您一張新的高脚椅子邊線並且觀看您騰飛到有冠军头衔的天堂。
T Mac we are very happy you to give the motor city to bring your eagle heart. Please keep in Houston your brittle tender lobe leg wound. We will build you new Gao Jia the chair sideline, and watches you to soar to the championship title heaven.

JC | on 10/8/10

Feel Happy for you man hope you shut every person who doubted you

ed wills | on 10/8/10

Welcome to detroit my friend, time to show everybody that you still can play ball. ive been a fan since toronto days, still am. and now you play rihgt down the street from my house! i gotta come see ya play this year

Dwayne | on 10/8/10

Cha Tmac in Detroit. disappointing should of stayed in ny but prove them wrong tmac u can be big again

Luke | on 10/8/10


Alpha | on 10/8/10

Are you going back to number 1?

Adam | on 10/8/10

Awesome! Welcome to Detroit Tmac!! I have always believed in you making a come back from your injurys.. It makes it even more sweet that you are playing for my Team. Even in the NBA 2k games i have always choose which ever team you played for!

rudy | on 10/8/10

its time to make the critics feel stupid once again

Joe | on 10/8/10

Yo Mac! Although I would’ve enjoyed seeing you as a Bull (for obvious reasons), it’s still a blessing to have you back on the court. Can’t wait to see you return to All-Star form this year! Good luck out there

Ali Mustafa | on 10/8/10

Weclocm to Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroit Basketball. I think you will have good time in Detroit and prove everybody wrong