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Mon, Feb 23rd 2009, 12:40

My Apology

Just wanted to drop you all a line and give you an update. I’m having my surgery tomorrow, and while it’s always a little nerve-racking to go under the knife, I’m excited to take the first step towards getting healthy and getting back on the court. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support from friends and all you fans out there, and that makes me all the more eager to get through this surgery and rehab process so that I can get healthy and get back out there to do what I love to do.

With that said I would like to apologize to Les Alexander, the Rockets organization, and of course all the fans out there for this entire situation. Les and the Rockets have been nothing short of amazing to me and my family during my entire time with them, and for that I thank them. The organization has invested so much in bringing a championship to Houston this season, and there’s nothing I want more than to be a part of that. The injuries have really taken a toll on me, and I can’t help but feel like I’m letting everyone down by not being out there with my teammates. I’m sorry to all those who were counting on me to help this team achieve great things. Coach Adelman has been extremely accommodating and patient with me while we have tried to work through this, and I am thankful to him for that. It’s hard enough to prepare night in and night out to go up against the best players in the world, and it’s even harder to do it without knowing the status of your players. This team still has a lot of talent and heart and I think coach will be able to get the most out of everyone. The Rockets have a chance to make a deep run, and I’ll be there cheering on my guys every step of the way.

My personal focus now is to look forward and dedicate myself 100% to returning to the court and returning to be the player I was and know that I still am. Coming back from this won’t be easy, but I promise to rehab hard, listen to my doctors, and do everything possible in my power to be the best that I can be when I return. I love being a Rocket and a member of the Houston community and am eager to prove my commitment to this team and this city.

Thank you again for your continued and unwavering support.


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


christopher jones | on 25/2/09

get better bro we counting on you to do big thing next year! much love from the Venue & Bambo staff

吴比 | on 25/2/09

take care about youself. Health is the most important thing.
I’m your big fan who come from china.
You are the king of king lord of lord!
I really hope you can come back soon.
I want see you in my TV-live the only way to see you

Bill | on 25/2/09

Hi Tracy,
We really love you men and we’ll always support you.
Don’t listen to the others and make an effort to recover to be 100% ready for the next season. We want to see the best plsyer in the world. Of course you!. The only thing that you should have in mind is your health.. Good luck..

tracy | on 25/2/09

T-Mac,take care of yourself.
We are looking forward to your coming back.

chinese T-mac | on 25/2/09

Congratulations,you are closer to be on the court now,nomaterwhat happens you are the real man in my heart,hope you can come back next season! YOUR ultimate fan

Daisy | on 25/2/09

We’ll always support you.
Get a better health.
Best wishes!

yujia | on 25/2/09

Tracy 要安心养病喔!!

期待Tracy 重新站起来!!

Your Chinese fans love you so much!!




Tracy 永远是最强的!!



gongpeng | on 25/2/09

t-mac .I believe you will be better .I want to see you the next season ,do you best .get the mvp .get the champion!!!

Chen | on 25/2/09

Support you!
Wish you success operation to restore health.
We waiting for you back.

qing | on 25/2/09

Tracy, we still love you! Hope you can resume as soon as possible, the sky is the limit!

rico gennero | on 25/2/09

no one should ever feel the need to apologize when they have done what you have which is simply to commit to giving your absolute best effort in all your endeavors athletic, business, and family.i commend you for having given an extraordinary effort to be part of a team which you surely feel as i do is on the path towards a championship run.relax your mind and body and im sure you will have many of your critics eating their words almost before they are out of theirs mouths.this is one more obstacle to overcome on your way to a championship and eventual hall of fame induction.i wish you extremely well, a real fan at all times, rico g

Christopher | on 24/2/09

No apology necessary! Dog you are one of the two greatest players to wear a Rockets jersey, and I just think that we were blessed we got to be a part of what you did. Get healthy, We will get that title soon enough. Glad to hear the surgery was a success. Enjoy your family, find that fire, and come back Dunking!

永远的1号 | on 24/2/09


keep it one hundred | on 24/2/09

no need for the apology because all of us real fans know you gave your all and was just hindered by that knee….and dont listen to those morons in the media who just talk down…most of them never played ball and dont know what they’re talking about

and all this talk about us being better without you is BS….just because the rockets just have so much talent (not because anything else)... we are gonna keep winning and go deep in the playoffs…but we need our best player back next year and we’ll be unstoppable

hope the rehab goes well, that your in high spirits, and that we see you courtside next to dikembe yelling like he does! your the best man

Matt | on 24/2/09

Your health is what’s most important. Get well, T-Mac! I can’t wait to see you back out on the floor, healthy, contending for an NBA Championship! Go Rockets!

Eric | on 24/2/09

Tmac, good luck with the rehab. Can’t wait to see you back on the court. We’ll always support you. Prove all the haters wrong.

Best wishes,


Omar | on 24/2/09

Yes sir you did let everyone down in Houston. We were expecting great things from you man, but these injuries are killing us. I hope we can trade you in the offseason, no hard feelings homie, you WERE a beast back in the day, but your time has come and gone. I know your lawyers and agents want you to milk you marketability but man, I think we both know how much you have left in the tank. Look on the bright side, your a multi-millionaire and your only 30. You had a great career, now you can move on to better things. best of luck my man. It was a pleasure watching you in your golden years.

alonzo fraire | on 24/2/09

t-mac i know how you must be feeling in these hard moments for you right now..but have the faith that everything is going to turn out for the best and that you will soon get back to the court and show everybody who you really are. You will always be my favorite basketball player in the world…i want to be just like you…to me you are better than anybody including kobe and lebron.get well and hope to see you out there playing with the rockets next season…

徐治 | on 24/2/09

T-mac,we are looking forward to your coming back!We will support you forever!!!

huanghaishan | on 24/2/09

Why? ? Why apologize? ? After getting up yesterday morning to see the various news and your blog, it is very difficult by heart, a person secretly cry, cry for a long time, you are a people who bear a lot of injured, not your mistake, you do not want injuries, you will than all of them want to be the overall winner. Strive for so many years, God really fair.
You will come back, you will come back or do you prove that you, we firmly believe that come on, we do not give up, you do not give up.
T-MAC is a fighter, is not it?
A lot a lot of anything to say, but now do not know what to say.
I am a Girl from China, my goal is to strive after graduating from university, because I would like to see T-MAC.
Since trust, so no regrets. If you have the next life, you are T-MAC, so I am still your fan.

徐治 | on 24/2/09

T-mac,we are looking forward to your coming back!We will support you forever!!!

T-Rami | on 24/2/09

I hope you get better soon.i am one of your biggest fans..even though you havent played recently i still know by what ive seen that you are a very very good player..and dont worry….your championship is coming very soon….dont lose hope…..its over only when you give up….
See you soon on the court!=)

Tony Ramirez

rj | on 24/2/09

My idol(T-MAC), I really dont know what i am going to say about you my idol,but i just want you to know that your really the best and the most amazing player i’ve ever seen playing the sport of basketball in this world,and i am really working so hard just to follow all the greatest of your skill..amm i know many people criticize you my idol coz you always get injured,but just dont mind them my idol,ok!!..just always have faith to god..and someday all those people will be get healthy,re-hab hard and be the T-MAC that we knew before..and wish you all idol..

vivi | on 24/2/09

t-mac i will love forever !!

clarence | on 24/2/09

Get well soon T-mac….good luck with rehab!!!!!

David Lu | on 24/2/09

Hey tracy, as a big fan and supporter of Yao and rockets from china, i really really hope you can stand up soon and fight together with other rockets’s player, you always bring us surpise, but i should not be so selfish, i hope you can come out of the surgery soon, hope you can be a real Tracy next season.

J HINES | on 24/2/09

I am so sorry that you are out for the season, but I am glad they are going fix your knee. I could tell when you played that you were in pain. Don’t let others dictate how you take care of yourself. Just hang in there, this too shall pass.
Take your time a re-hab. Then I expect good tings again from you.
the Hines Family My son-in-law is DEZ.

熙夕 | on 24/2/09

Tracy ,thank you for giving us hope
but I think that you have not to apolpgize to anybody

emmm,I hope the surgery can be successful,and it could give a healthy Tracy

best wishes for u

Shakeel Khan | on 24/2/09

Tracy aka Tmac,

I have been a fan of yours since your Orlando days. First off I want to wish you the best in rehab. Best of luck. Second, you are the one player I have been rooting for ever since Michael Jordan retired. I argue with my friends all the time about how you were and had the potential of being better than Kobe Bryant. I also stand by my point that if you plug in a healthy Tracy McGrady on the Lakers, and have a one two punch of Tmac and Shaq nothing would have been different. The Lakers would of still won those rings. The only thing I can think of that could be different is Tmac being named Finals MVP. I have heard you say that Kobe Bryant is the best player in the NBA numerous times, but in my eyes a healthy Tracy McGrady is right up there with him if not above. Yao Ming is a really good center and with a healthy Tmac the sky is the limit. You can’t defy time and I understand age is a factor. It’s hard for you to dunk on 7 footers night in and night out and throw alley hoops off the backboard to yourself like you once did and I know still could. But remember, even Michael Jordan lost a step, but then mastered the fade away jumper that nobody could stop. I know you will rehab hard and be ready to go by next season. Don’t rush back, I want to see a healthy McGrady. Some analyst’s argue that you lack Kobe’s and Lebron’s intensity or desire to win. My friends mention the night when you were seen laughing on television while on the cusp of being eliminated in the first round of the playoffs against the Pistons, while sitting on the bench. However, I saw the tears that you shed when you were eliminated from the playoffs last year in game 7 against the Jazz. I know you want a ring and I believe you can accomplish that. Rehab hard, good luck, and I hope to see you in old form averaging 25 ppg 5 reb’s and 5 assits!!

I can’t wait.


imatrickha | on 24/2/09

Good Luck Tracy!

ADAM ESTEP | on 24/2/09


KaanKorkut | on 24/2/09

T-MAC, I wish you the best with the surgery…I hope it will be a successful one so you can get back with everything you are.I know youll give everything you have,knowing that we have faith in you.We ll support u to the end :)

olantay | on 24/2/09

I wish you the best of luck. And i still will be your fan no matter what the situation is. I really hope that you work very hard in rehab so you can return to doing what you like to do best. Stay strong, and confident im very sure you will get through this. I will always support you!

Paul Rollin | on 24/2/09

Mr. McGrady:

There is no need to apologize. Athletes get hurt. It is part of the scenario. You are hurt. We should get over it.

However,,,I want to make a suggestion to you. For what ever reason, I have not seen you at many games sitting with your team mates, cheering them on. I have been to games when you finally did show up, lit was late, and then you left early. If you are in town, In My Humble Opinion,,,You should be at Every Home Game. Show up for the tip off, and stay until the game is over. If you have a good reason why you can’t make the game, I would call any of the many sports talk shows on radio, and make it clear that you want to support the team, but can’t make it to the game. Or,,,get an interview with any of the network TV stations, and do an interview. Tell the fans why you have not been to the games. As I said,,,I can understand that if you are not in town, you can’t make it to the game. But if you are too hurt to make it to the game, you are probably too hurt to be traveling all over the world, unless it is to see another doctor.

Tracy,,,Don’t let the fans turn on you Man. Don’t hide, and sulk. We want you to get healthy. We want to see your Mad Skills. BUT,,,We ALSO want to see you sitting, or standing, with Deke, cheering the guys on the floor.

So, I am glad to hear that your surgery went well. Now, if you can’t walk to your car, to get to the game,,,give me a call at (832)725-9577. I will come get you in a wheel chair, and drive you to the game. Or I’ll bet there are plenty of other option that would work for you.

I apologize, in advance, if I am wrong about your attendance to the home games. I have not been to all of the home games. and may have missed seeing you there. But I even missed seeing you on TV, and I watch most of the Rockets games, atr home or away.

Tracy,,,I am sincerely a huge fan of yours. I want you back


Paul Rollin

Jake | on 24/2/09

Apology Accepted! T-Mac owes all of Houston an apology. He was released by the doctors to play and he failed to give it a 110%. I am pissed off that he didn’t tell the team or the owner about his decision. They found out through the media. T-Mac I think you are a good player only when you want to be. For all the money that the Rockets are paying, you should be on the court hurt. I think mentally you are weak. Your first year with the Rockets you were great. After that you went down hill. I think you have to tell yourself where I would be without basketball. You have to go back and remember how it was without all the money, cars, and houses. Think about when your mom and grandma were taking care of you. When you looked up to Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Jordan. I think the money is making you this way. You always have everything you want. There is no more need and determination. You have to be mentally strong. Surgery will hold you back. It’s how you get up and fight. I hope we see a new T-Mac when you get back. If not all the critics are right. I hope you prove them wrong. Good luck! You have my e-mail. Holla back!

Chris | on 24/2/09

Thank you for being brave enough to attempt to help us tracy i completly copied my game off you and all i can say is wen you come bakk the league will respect you as that dangerous player i know that you are have fu nwiith your fam on your time off GOD bless and i can’t wait to see you on the court again you’re my role model and always will be

Houston Love TMAC | on 24/2/09

like the mighty dove sours through a mountain and the dragon breaths fire through his nostrels

Tmac will be back and that knee will be strong, now if we can only get doctor nick riviera fired from the rockets.

King Riko | on 24/2/09

Get Healthy Tracy thank you for giiviing what some players would’nt consider you are the soul of this team and this city loves you have faith in God and all will be well i ilook forward to seeing you healthy again considering I’ve completly learned my game from watching you It hurts to know you can’t play but enjoy time with your family rejuvante yourself and bring bakk that fiire that almost every player in the league was jealous of you have been playiing hurt for years I can’t wait to see the old tracy again take care and God bless

Worried Friend | on 24/2/09

Yo T. Don’t say sorry ain’t yo faught. NExt time the rockets shouldn’t hire DR. NICK RIVIERA to see knee what wrong. YA YA YA

yuhui | on 24/2/09

a 100% healthy T-MAC, i miss you so much.
pls come back asap, support u 4ever

Pinglian Xu | on 24/2/09

My friends and I planned to see your game during our spring break. We booked everything and were so looking forward to that day. We were so unhappy when we heard the news that you are not able to play this season. Well, apology accepted. But,what we need is not your apology , what we need is your return.
We all know the situation. No one wants to be part of Rockets more than you do. We will still go to the game, to cheer for your team.
And, rehab can be a really pain process. Wish you can overcome the pain and be back soon. Well, Dr. Clanton said might be 6 to 12 months. Anyway, always be your fan. BEST WISHES TO YOU!!!

shkendrick | on 24/2/09

Tracy - good luck on your surgery today and just know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during the surgery and the rehab afterwards. As an avid Houston Rocket fan, I can honestly say that you are amazing and we can’t wait to see you back on the court. We all love you and wish you the best. Godspeed Tracy!!!

Luis Cesar | on 24/2/09

God bless you T-MAC, I wait for you for the next season.

royal jackson | on 24/2/09

Season ticket holder in upper level. I’ve been a supportive fan of you since you were drafted. I knew and believed that your leg / knee was not well all along. I’ve defended the office critics who don’t know what an athlete’s body go through. Let this surgery be successful, rehab well, come back stronger than ever, and continue to help lead us to other championships. God bless. Royal - section 404 row 9. Later

Chen cheng | on 24/2/09

Tracy McGrady, I will always support you forever !!

Alex Barnhart | on 24/2/09

tracy im your biggest fan and i got your back 100% just get healthy your the only reason i love to watch basketball get back out there and get a championship and shut those haters up we all i love you and belive in you tmac get better

Juan | on 24/2/09

T-MAC, The city of Houston and myself may be frustrated because our hopes for you and the Rockets have been High and we have been let down throughout the process. But that doesn’t change how the city feels for you at a personal level, I think everybody loves you and loves your game because even when you are not at 100%, you are better than most of the league players. Also, we cannot risk a great Talented players career for One year of possible success. Tracy we need you at 100% this upcoming year even if you return mid season, Houston needs a Championship and I Believe you are a player that needs one too, who don’t want to fall in the category of the Malone and Stockton and Barkley. We want to see you just light up that scoreboard, best memory so far has been 13 points in 30 seconds against the Spurs.. Man, your killer instinct was out just so raw and like nobody was going to stop you!!! We need to see that more. Hopefully your good health brings that back.. THANKS FOR BEING A GREAT PLAYER.. GOOD LUCK AND SEE YA DOWNTOWN IN THE SUMMER OF 2010 HOLDING THAT TROPHY IN THE PARADE!!!!!! GO ROCKETS

Tony.Gou | on 24/2/09

T-MAC, this is my first time to read your blog though, I feel like being quite familiar with it. I am a fan of yours. You’re equal with Yao to me. I had my appendix operation when I was a freshman back in college. I cann’t forget it for I got it just after I had a crazy basketball afternoon. You must have already had your operation. I’d wish you a quick and full recovery. See you on TV soon. Don’t bite your promise to all your fans all over the world.

Dustin | on 24/2/09

Best wishes on the surgery. I pray for a full and speedy recovery. Then you come back and continue to own those evil Spurs and Mav.

Chris | on 24/2/09

Tracy, I know you still got it man…I wish everything goes well with your knee surgery and your injuries and hope seeing you again on the court, doing the thing you were doing best of them all!!!

Chris | on 24/2/09

Tracy, I know you still got it man…I wish everything goes well with your knee surgery and your injuries and hope seeing you again on the court, doing the thing you were doing best of them all!!!

xmuzjb | on 24/2/09

Tracy, you really don’t have to apologize to anyone. Nobody can blame you since you have dedicated 100% to the rockets. I know how much you have suffered from the pain this season, but you still tried every possible means to make you stay on the court. In my heart you are the true warrier forever! We will wait for you untill no matter when you can play. Best wishes!

LZ | on 24/2/09


LZ | on 24/2/09

I want cry
I miss you so much
I bealive you will come back
I will wanting for you

Brittnee' Jones | on 24/2/09

Tracy…I’ve been a fan of yours ever since you were traded to Orlando. I wasn’t much of a basketball fan..until the first time that I saw you playing on Television. Yeah it’s makes me sad knowing that you will not be returning to the Court for the rest of the season because of the microfracture surgery..but hey…you gotta do what you gotta do. This is a really serious surgery and some of those who went under the knife for this surgery were not able to play like they use to…but i believe that you will bounce back 100% and you will come back and be the best player that we’ve grown to love. To all those fans who turned thier backs on you those who called you “Knee Mac” or “McLady” or “Staci”...Shake the haters offf..they dont even matter at all. They dont realize that when you show up in the court healthy…not only do you show up but you show out!!! You are a beast…it’s gonna be hard for the rockets to play in the playoffs without you because everyone knows that you are a beast in the playoffs..and they are going to need someone like you to show out in the fourth’s gonna be hard but I believe that they can definately do it. The good thing is that I get to see you in suits….because you really know how to work a!!!

I wish you good luck on rehabing that knee…I wish you speedy recovery…(not too fast)..take all the time you need. And may God Bless You!!!!

CY | on 24/2/09

I thrust you forever without any reasons!

Wei Jiang | on 24/2/09

Tracy,I’m your fan.many people have questioned your attitude to play and your determination to win.After the sugery ,show us your answer

Paul Martinez | on 24/2/09


you don’t have to apologize!

You should of been rehabbing this whole time!

They brought you back to early.

You are an allstar player and I cant wait to see you back on the court!

Keep your head up and stay positive.

I hope wish you 100% recovery.


Odir Fuentes | on 24/2/09



ZiFang Ye | on 24/2/09

Tracy, bless your surgery is successful, we will always support you! ! !

Nicholas Liu | on 24/2/09

Hey, Mac! You know,when I got the message for you’re going to take this surgery, I know you are going to make the RIGHT dicision! Just like Dwyane Dave said, you’d better make yourself to feell 100% healthy then get on the court, right? Please give me a hope, give all of your fans a hope, which means you will really do as well as 06-07 season’s appearance and the 22 in a row. Come on man, cheer up! I’m staying here waiting for your good news, I hope you can give me the anwser ASAP!!!
I stiil remember the sentences in your T-MAC 6’s advertisement:
You were fooled…
When I dunked that WHEEL...
when I got NBA SCORING CHAIMPION, twice…
You were folled!
Because you believed that was only about me.
What I believe…
I takes 5ive!
And now, what I believe, it’s YOU, Tracy, stand up and fly!!!

连鹏 | on 24/2/09


kongbai | on 24/2/09

Best wishes to U~~~
Hope you come back healthy next season!!!

James | on 24/2/09

I support you forever,man!Come on. your teamates are waiting for you.Houston will be NO.1

tony | on 24/2/09


fanis | on 24/2/09

Tracy good luck with you surgery..pray for you to rehab and be back..we don’t want to lose you from the nba

姚莉 | on 24/2/09

There is no need to apoiogy. You have no fault.

Your health is the most important thing.

We love you.You are right.We are the best fans .

come on and go on

Riverqy | on 24/2/09

Tracy Darling. Today, almost in tears it through the day. I miss you. Really miss. Tracy, you have to good, we are all waiting for you to come back. .

Riverqy | on 24/2/09

Tracy, Do not say I’m sorry, you did not mistake. See you then, I am very distressed, I will always pray for your blessing. Do not worry, do not be afraid, we are always at your side. We love you. Get better faster, you or the best Tracy.

t-mac 我会永远爱你,永远。

ren | on 24/2/09

I know you suffered a lot of suffering and ridicule, has been down, always support you. Until your jersey retired in Rockets
Don’t let your fans down,Rockets need you,we always need you,keep healthy you are always the best player in my heart.Come on Tracy MacGrady

Love T-mac | on 24/2/09

Come Tracy.!You’re the best basketball player in my heart!Don’t worry.God will bless you! I will support you forever!

Enter your name... | on 24/2/09


love t-mac | on 24/2/09

Come Tracy! You’re the best basketball player in my heart! I will support you forever!!!

caichuanfeng | on 24/2/09

Good luck to you ! Our Superstar!

Joyce | on 24/2/09

We wait you back!Just let the rumors go.To be yourself.And remember your fans love you forever!

Joyce | on 24/2/09

Good luck,MAC!

Stephen | on 24/2/09

You don’t have to worry about no aplogies, man. You just do yo best to get healthy and get out on that court, do yo thing, spark lightning, and show the world that you still haven’t lost a step. No matter what, I’ll forgive you, and I will keep cheering you and the Rockets on. I hope your surgery works out for you. Good luck

Tony | on 24/2/09

You are the best one!手术成功,你是最棒的,永远支持你·····TMAC

tracyseraph | on 24/2/09

My interest in NBA began with your draft.And I believe it will never end as I always believe that you are still the t-mac who can fly upon the basket,who can take the shot!
Don’t worry,just take care of you body ,we are waiting for your return which must be as strong as the return of the King!

Bell C | on 24/2/09

Tracy,when i read your blog,i cried.I know you’re the best in the world,Please protect yourself,you will be back.I will always love you and support you!

Andrej | on 24/2/09

Tracy, I wish you best with your surgery and your return to the court and I know everything is going to be fine and you will return even stronger and better. I have always loved you on and off the court man. Best wishes and take care!!!!

Denver | on 24/2/09

Tracy, “ i will come back, we will come back.” you said in the press conference after the last game with Dallas in the first round of Play-off. and i have been waiting for that! Because i have a faith…

lipan | on 24/2/09

i am waiting for you back to the court to bring all your fans the championship!i love you whatever happens.just recovery from the surgery! iam from china support ing you

Eric | on 24/2/09

Come on T-mac, you’re always the best as long as you have a strong and ambitious heart, thirsty for triumph and glory.

佳 Helen | on 24/2/09

Always support you!

佳 Helen | on 24/2/09

I am your fan and I am waiting for your return.

Wang | on 24/2/09

Support YOU ! We expect a great players’ back

Jane Xu | on 24/2/09

Good Luck to u!

Hope u can fight as a Real Man!

Come on,come on!

Wang | on 24/2/09

Support you !

Jane Xu | on 24/2/09

Good Luck to ur surgery!

Hope u can work as A Real Man!

Jane Xu | on 24/2/09

Good Luck to ur surgery!

Hope u can work as A Real Man!

Peja | on 24/2/09

Hey T-MAC,i knew that you and me are the same.I need to go to surgery too,i broke my finger,and i cant play basketball 1 month…Its hard,i cant imagine how hard its for you,you will miss 6 months…I want you to get healthy,and be that old T-MAC that we all love!
Rehab hard man!Work hard!

binli | on 24/2/09

Tracy, God bless you!

binli | on 24/2/09

GO T-MAC I support you !

small mai sister | on 24/2/09

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
No matter what you become,Maltose forever we support you

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
Concentrate on raising your injury, are not allowed to return ahead of schedule

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
Do not worry about the media to discuss,Maltose will never trust them. Unless you personally admit

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
Maltose you we are not allowed to fall. So please do not give up

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
Maltose We will never regret becoming your fans

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
There is not me 。there is only us

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
You will never be lonely, because you have us

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
We have always believed that someday you’ll Return of the King. Lead the Rockets won the championship

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
If you have injuries. If pain. Please do not insist, because pain is not just you, our

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
We always love you, whether it is before you, now you, or your future
We love you Forever will not be changed

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
If one day you want to choose to leave Houston. Then we walk with you

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
Please keep in mind that you are Forever maltose patron

Tracy McGrady, you better listen to me
We have words. If my next life you McGrady. We die they will need to do your Maltose

My baby T-mac lookafer yourself-。。

sunye798 | on 24/2/09

T-MAC,I always believe you are the best,so I hope you will be the 100% health soon.T-MAC,I love you forever!

Georgelee | on 24/2/09

I will always support you Tracy.

small mai sister | on 24/2/09

My baby T-mac。。。 Do not worry about these problems. Regardless of how we will be at your side. Wait for you to come back

夏晶 | on 24/2/09

No apologies ,no sorry,just become healthy,be back。
miss everyday bless everyday

Jaddy | on 24/2/09

get well t-mac. you’ll always be my idol and i really hope that you get back to your best:D

孙培杰 | on 24/2/09

You are the best!
believe in yourself , and you can come back to the court and regian the score champion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just focus on your injury and don’t care the bad words !!!!!!!!
you are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we are your loyal fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss you !!!!!!!!!!! much

Melody | on 24/2/09

Good luck! T-mac,you are always the best in our mind!I believe you will be back!Cheer up!

Jerry Lu | on 24/2/09

Man,I’m still supporting you.I’m still loving you guy.

Someone always blame you because of your games.But remember who you are,and who you can be!You’re the number one in my heart,in everyone’s heart,and you must be!

Good luck to you for the surgery.I’m looking foward to your GREAT SHOW again!

Chinese fans | on 24/2/09

No matter what happens, you are the best player that I’ve ever seen… Take your rehab seriously man … We all believe in you …


紫弦 | on 24/2/09

Whatever happens,I am your faithful fan fovever.
Yao and Rockets owe you an apology,but I hope you can forgive them. At least please forgive Yao,because thousands of T-Mac fans are execrating him in China.
We chinese fans are patiently waiting for you.We believe you will back because you are a brave fighter.

major | on 24/2/09

Tracy ,i’m a chinese ,but i watch the rockets game because of you,not Yao ,i just hope you’ll be fine and healthy ,you shouldn’t apologite to anybody.good luck buddy,we’re all waiting for you,god bless you

欣 | on 24/2/09

麦蒂哥哥,看到你写的“My Apology” 我感到很心酸。

Tracy-See you wrote “My Apology” I feel very sad for.
A few days ago I found your personal website, after which, I have been Guestbook Here you are. Guestbook expressed my support to you all.I very much hope that you can see all my guestbook.
Tomorrow you will be an operation, I have thousands of tens of thousands want to give you blessings and wishes God bless you a successful surgery, I will always pray for you.I believe you can return to 100 percent of the best.I am also waiting for you to play give me watch it!


tom | on 24/2/09

come on man! the funs of you are all over the world, people here in china will give you support all the way. You will be back!

SummerWong | on 24/2/09

hey tracy

I wish u all the best in the coming days. I’m sure that u wl return to who u were b4. Thank you for ur updates and remember to keep us updating. I wl always be here for u.

高晶 | on 24/2/09

Tracy McGrady, you are all over the world the King Forever! I will never support you, trust you, come on, wish you a successful surgery, as soon as possible the restoration of health, to return to the peak, I will always support you, waiting for you. Do not want to go, take care of their body, that are most important wish you good luck, always healthy, happy, happy!

feier | on 24/2/09

I miss you ……

feier | on 24/2/09

Looking forward to your return, understand you, believe you, support you.

Joey | on 24/2/09

hey tracy :

you know we’ll support you forever! hope your injury to convalesce and come back to the court early! we need you! Get Red ! T-Mac !

Tracy | on 24/2/09

hey tracy :

you know we’ll support you forever! hope your injury to convalesce and come back to the court early! we need you! Get Red ! T-Mac !

joe | on 24/2/09

Trcay,we support you all our life,God bless you,you are strong man in my heart!

jiayong | on 24/2/09

T-MAC you are God my heart. I wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to your performances, I always will support you. Come on!

CYF | on 24/2/09

look foward to your coming back T-mac,good luck!!

edison rocha | on 24/2/09

Tracy eventhough you r a basketball player, we have to understand that u r a human being and in life we’ll have to value life(health), with that said I hope u get better and the best of wishes to ur family and those close to u at this difficult time.

Get healthy first then think about basketball.

Brian Yink | on 24/2/09

T-Mac, We will support you forever, Don’t give up, Standing as a man.

ChengLingQiang | on 24/2/09

I am so sad to hear you will miss all the matches and have the surgery,- -|||anyway,I will see you back,the real t-mac!

zichen | on 23/2/09

I believe the surery must be success.We never blame on you.We just want to see a healthy T-mac get back the court.We miss you very much.Don’t worry,everything will be all right.We will always here.I’m so glad to hear what’going on with you,thank you!God bless you!

liuxin | on 23/2/09

miss you ,want to see you in NBA again ,rocket needs you,support you forever

程 程 | on 23/2/09

I am a chinese girl!I love you very much!
Five years ago,I know you,then,you became my hero!Superstar!I am so sorry to hear your absence.Miss you!Whatever happens,I will love you,support you forever!
God bless you!Wait you!

Bob | on 23/2/09


Dustin | on 23/2/09

Good luck Tracy. It’s going to be a long journey back to the court, but I just want you to know that you still have fans out there. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for my favorite team over the years, and wish you the best of luck. Come back strong next season and prove to everybody that you are still a damn good player.

Good luck Tracy and GO ROCKETS!

ANDREvan AKA"#1 TMAC FAN" | on 23/2/09


victor cohen | on 23/2/09

i just want you to get healthy and be one of the elite players in the league again and help the rockets make a title run next year. i wish you the best of luck and take your time in coming back from this surgery.

salim | on 23/2/09

hey t-mac we realy miss we want u 2 comeback very soon and wht u used 2 do toyota center u know ur the best talented player when its come 2 style and everything u know ur better, kobe and labron,by the way dont listen

Kevin | on 23/2/09

T-Mac, we support you.

T.Jerry | on 23/2/09

AS a fan og your team,I watch every rockets’ game when I am available. I have been through cheers and tears during that time.T-mac,as a no.1 in the this team,you devote yourself to this team.
Now I am looking forward to seeing a brandnew T-mac when you come back.

grace | on 23/2/09

Thank you, Tracy. You always have my love whatever the situation is, whatever others say. Tomorrow is a new start. Let’s go.

May you have a successful surgery!

Muammadali Jhaver | on 23/2/09

good luck, come back, and just do your thang..

its not over till you say it is, so just go at it and try to make it back, and then we’ll once again talk about contending for the larry obrien..

Tony Kukoc | on 23/2/09

say nothing but do something, bless you all the way

CONGCONG | on 23/2/09

Good luck! My dear T、 God bless us… — Wendy.

Jasper Ji | on 23/2/09

We trust u! Be back soon, man. I’ll be always here waiting~~~ God bless u!

Jasper Ji | on 23/2/09

Here i wanna say, no matter what happened, i trust u! Hope you will be back soon, for your dreams, for our dreams! No apologies. Be yourself!

Yee Liu | on 23/2/09

may god bless u!
we all believe that u will be okay!
waiting u back and being powerful again!
always stand behind u and keep supporting u!
best wishes to U, MAC!

pnoyRocket | on 23/2/09

Hey T! Good luck on the surgery. Hope to see you next season. Get back strong and prove all those haters wrong.

You’re still the best man!

ZhangQiang | on 23/2/09

It’s ok!I belive you can do it!

Simon.J | on 23/2/09

Hi, Tracy, I do deem that you’re the best player with stongest willness, give you my best wish. take your time to recover you as soon as possible, we all believe you can do it, and must make a good shocking. luck for ever.

Jill | on 23/2/09

Good luck Tracy. I hope the surgery goes well for you and you have a good recovery. Hope to see you back on the court. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. I will miss you out there!

Mickey G | on 23/2/09

Tracy, I know this year has been really hard for you, because it has been really hard for me as a huge fan too. All I ask is that you do not rush the recovery after the surgery. I know you have many doctors and trainers telling you this but you need to get it into your head and believe it. Don’t worry about being ready for the start of the next season. We both know Morey will have team ready to compete from the start of the season. We can do a lot with the team we currently have but we need you for the final playoff push. I don’t want a first round victory I want a championship. So please do not rush anything. If ever you feel like it’s taking forever. Or you are too discouraged to continue your training please watch this. It always makes me feel better. Good luck on your surgery tomorrow.
Huge Fan,

dream | on 23/2/09

I hope you will be well soon.
The best ,best wishes to T-MAC.

yun qin | on 23/2/09

T-MAC come back I love you forever

Praim Persaud | on 23/2/09

Hello! T

First - pray to the good lordto keep you strong, to havea successfuly operations and for a very healthy and successful recovery back to full strength. I will be praying for you as if you are my very own son.

I am one of you many fans who both adores and pray for you every day.

Secod - I am very happy to see that you have done the right thing by the Rockets, coach and the fans - you must always beprofessional and show class and character.

It is not the same without you but youmust alsolook after yourself. I do agree that the team hasthe ability and talent to go deep - lets hope they do.

I will miss you but such is life.

I hope one day I will get the opportunity of meeting you and saying ‘how are you T’:)

You have given me many years pf happiness watching you play and I hope you will be giving me many many more such years - so godspeed and take care of yourself.

Lastely - ignore the critics who arevery easy to forget and to lay blame - the facts will always outweigh the ignorance.

Take care Tracy - we love you as always.


yun qin | on 23/2/09

Tracy I love you forever ,I hope see you on touyota center wear your NO.1 cloth whatever you are play for , I love you all the time

J-Mac | on 23/2/09

We are waiting for you!!

dream girl | on 23/2/09

I believe you can do everything you want to do on the court when you return.
Because you are TRACY McGRADY.

TAnjinlin | on 23/2/09

You are the best!

爱麦无悔 | on 23/2/09


irrelevant | on 23/2/09

no need apologizing to us bro, your real fans. but asides from whatever physical conditioning you need, maybe you can take this time to mentally restrengthen yourself. by that i mean just know when/if you come back full strength, that you were one of, if not outright the greatest, player in the league, and it’s again your title to reclaim.

while watching you nowadays, sometimes it seems like you forget about your potential when you’re out there, and as a fan it’s a little troubling to watch because we can’t forget. jumper after jumper, deferring in the crunch moments, taking a defensive possession off, just not having that same swagger. and don’t get me wrong, we get the last few seasons have been particularly troubling due to the absurd playoff losses that were out of your hands, the countless and recurring injuries, the personal problems, having to shoulder the mounting blame from the media, etc. but unlike you, some of us can never forget for the sheer potential of such untapped talent is simply too amazing. hopefully you won’t forget either.

also, if your ten+ years in the league have taught you anything, it’s that you’re only as good as your last game as far as fans are concerned. they dickride one minute, hate the next. so playing for them is pointless - u gotta play for yourself. and as someone who looks up to you, whether you’re the same scoring champ or not after surgery, i ask that when you get back on the court, that you mentally be the same scoring champ tracy that had the swagger of knowing he could drop 50 any given night. consider this the second chapter of your career. when mj came back, he changed his game completely but still was the best. now it’s your turn.

in the end man, we’re here for you man and wish you the best of luck! see you in 2010, hopefully healthy and happy as ever. i fear for the rest of the league upon your return!

noah | on 23/2/09

Hi T-Mac,
What you will do is CORRECT! Healthy body is everything of players,esp for the basketball players. I love Houston,love ROCKETS.I think even you will not be there in the court since now till next season,but I really expect the next season,new MAC,new ROCKETS.
Hope you will recover soon!Best Wishes to you!
Noah from China HongKong.

Yachne Lai | on 23/2/09

Do not have to apologize, you Healthy Ways. I will be waiting for you to come back healthy. Are you still my most loyal fans.

Pray for you, and wish you a successful surgery! Your fans: Yachne

angel wing | on 23/2/09

Thank you,Tracy,Thank you very much.Thank you for everything you bring to me.You will be ok,you will come back soon.Trust me,I will be waiting all the time .

Yachne | on 23/2/09

Do not have to apologize, you Healthy Ways. I will be waiting for you to come back healthy. Are you still my most loyal fans.

Pray for you, and wish you a successful surgery! Your fans: Yachne

Jose | on 23/2/09

Tmac I Love you I wish you were still playing. I heard you are scard but dont be scared all flamingos are good at times but good Luck and I flamingo will miss you

Mac Chan | on 23/2/09

We’re waiting for your back!

anthony | on 23/2/09

Keep your head up Tracy. We’re behind you. Be patient and put your trust in God.

bigdaddycc | on 23/2/09

Dude take care of yourself, I am not going to say what I feel about some of your detractors. Just know people love you..

Michael | on 23/2/09

rehabs are indeed tough for u, man,caz it’s really a mental tribulation. i know you have the talent, cheer up.wait for the return of the king

ian | on 23/2/09

Sorry to know that you have to suffer another sugery agagin.
but i am also happy to know that you will be 100 % again by next season, looking forward to seeing you dunk on somebody agian.
God bless you.

xianxian | on 23/2/09

dear tracy,dont worry ,i will love u forever~~~waiting for u

Landy Tse | on 23/2/09


the last waiting for you, i think you have to learn everything from the very beginning when you recover from your surgery. You might have to change the way you shoot…... Come on, big guy, see you next season. regards, Landy

eric | on 23/2/09

T-mac,we support you forever from china,plaese don’t worry about your injuries ,take care yourself,best wishs!see you next season!

yuanhang | on 23/2/09

support you forever
love you forever
believe in you forever
waiting for your return forever
until i could not breath forever

roy qin | on 23/2/09

come on .get healthy .and play back in next season to win the know ,you were born to win that.

ALLEN | on 23/2/09

We still believe“I will be back,we will be back.” Waiting for you! God bless you!

BoBO | on 23/2/09

TRACY, you do not have to apologize, because we all know that you want to come back, because you know that we have been waiting for you to come back, we are too impatient, and you are too anxious, and the rest at ease now, we will wait for you, waiting for you back ..

maurice | on 23/2/09

i’m behind you all the way and i hope all rockets fans are too i rather see you healthy than in pain so do whatever needs to be done so you can once again be the best player in the world…

Trey Peters | on 23/2/09

Whats up Mcgrady ive been a Rockets fan since i was 5 and i hardly miss a game, i think you could have been better then Lebron as far as being able to dominate down low and shoot the ball because you your shot is better then his its close to Kobes but your more dominant then kobe down low, im just mad for you because i know you could be number one i know people are talking mess saying how you have missed 85 games in four years but if your hurt what can you do there like ravage dogs waiting to eat you while your down, i stand up for you every day i know next year all the haters will be eating there words because this year were making it out of the first round and next year were going to the finals get better and remeber you still have millions of fans here in Houston who arnt dumb and understand what your going through see you next year Mac latter…

叉叉熊do4st | on 23/2/09

Dear tracy,I am sorry to hear that you have to having your surgery tomorrow.I hope your surgery will be succeed.In my opinino,there is no doubt that it is very frastrating both for you and you fans what happened this season.But we will always support on you and we will nerver givg up you.Even if the whole world fall away from you,i stii will be together with you.Because you are T-mac,lord of lords,king of kings. I am waiting for you.Good luck for you. No weapon formed against me shall prosper;and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judg-ment thou shalt condemn.

liu ning | on 23/2/09

dear tracy
i am sorry my english is not high
i an sad to see you suffer so much pain in this season
but never say die!we beleive you will be back
you always are my favorite player,you are the one,you are a legend
we will always love and support you

Cyndi Husband | on 23/2/09

My grandson has loved you forever and I joined him! I have spent more money on TMac shoes and jersey’s than you could imagine! We were SO excited when you joined the Rockets and hope that this surgery will get you back to where you need to be. I had breast cancer last August and my goal was to make the first game of the season and I did. I hope your recovery goes as well as mine because we had a very close goal! We sit right where you guys run out so we hope one day to meet you! Good luck and God Bless!

quanquan | on 23/2/09

hope u getting better soon, wish i can see you to come philadelphia again in next year!

stone | on 23/2/09

Tracy, i believe you. i’m waiting for your coming back!

Steve Gendi | on 23/2/09

We all wish you with your surgery the best and I can not wait to see you back on the court, all of your true fans will always support you no matter what happens. Also, you have no reason to apologize because you with your bad knee is still better then almost any basketball player in normal condition. I hope to see you back on the court and wish you the best with your rehab and surgery. I hope everything goes well for you, I wish you the best. No one can blame you for taking the surgery because if you landed weird in a game it could cause you your career but not only that but your life after retirement. Our prayers will be with you.

God bless

Frank.Han | on 23/2/09

Good Luck , Men !

Ti | on 23/2/09

tracy mcgrady, this message was so emotional..and i remembered back at the games that you’ve played with us this season..i hope you still be the T-Mac that i love! i believe in you 110 percent.
Come on! YOU CAN DO IT! We can do it!

jerrysun | on 23/2/09

please put all your energy to your health,that’s the most things to do.I will stand on you forever,and i am looking forward to see you get back to your best on the playground!

Anne | on 23/2/09

Tracy,we still believe you surgery must know,many many fans support for you forever1

kelland | on 23/2/09

Mac, I hope the surgery will be very successful tomorrow! Give my best wishes to you. No need to apologize to us. You are a great player and a great person. Remember, We true fans will support you forever. I am here ,in China, praying for you everyday. Looking forward to your back on the court. Take care.

Monday | on 23/2/09

hey tmac
really dont be sorry 4 anyone
the things u did was right
and i will support u all the time
remember u r still the best
whatever u go where i will always behind u
just follow u!!!

StefanPopovic | on 23/2/09

T-mac I can’t wait for you to get back on the court and shut all these haters up. I hope the surgery goes well, im about as nervous as you! I wish you all the best and I have faith in you. I have followed you ever since you were in Toronto and never stopped. To tell you the truth its been a little frustrating for me to see you sitting on the bench this long. You were the best player i have ever seen in my life, especially when you played for Orlando.

God bless you t-mac for loving your fans so much!

-SP aka. your #1 fan.

Tracy love alone | on 23/2/09

wish you a successful surgery

Cris | on 23/2/09

Hey Tracy goodluck to your surgery!
Im a real fan of yours here in Philippines!
I will support you all the way!
I believe in you men, stay strong as you are always been.
I ‘ll pray for your quick recovery after the surgery.
And when your back on the court you Dunk
on those big man on the game.


Antony | on 23/2/09

you are the best!

jay jerry | on 23/2/09






angel | on 23/2/09


Joe | on 23/2/09

Hey, Tracy you are sick on the court. People forget how good you really are. I watch how you are triple teamed and still almost have triple doubles. You get blamed for playing with scrubs during your orlando years and first few years in houston. Yao is good but he can’t carry a team. You have carried this team since you got here. I can work for you on the internet and fight these people talking trash and lies. Email me and let me know what’s up

dewster | on 23/2/09

eyyy yoo tmac, i hope you will have a FULL recovery and not just a fast one. i wanna see you back on that court where you belong and 100% healthy so you can do all the magical things that you have been doing prior to your injuries. best of luck my friend and please take care of yourself. when the next year rolls around, i will still be cheering on TMAC TMAC TMAC!

winnie lee | on 23/2/09

T-mac,everyone knows about the 13-points-in-35-seconds.
You’re always a hero.We’re fans from hongkong.It’s not your fault.A rich man can buy a bed but not a sleep.There’s nothing to apologize.Hope you will get well soon.

南哥 | on 23/2/09


Connor | on 23/2/09

Good luck with the healing your my fav ball player and i hope to see you return 100% good luck T-mac you rule!

yellow | on 23/2/09

I support you forever! T-mac 加油!you are my hero!

LONG | on 23/2/09

Tracy, take it easy! You’ll let everyone know you are right! Just do it! We are always supporting you! Wait for your returning

summer | on 23/2/09

Good luck! T-mac

爱爱爱 | on 23/2/09

TMAC Good Luck

tmac | on 23/2/09


eric | on 23/2/09

Hey T…bless you. just take full rest and come back w/h 100% energy like when you were. i love u man.

andrew Tsai | on 23/2/09

Hi tracy!
That was the touching.. I believe in you. Get healthy and prove that you’ll bring a championship to houston. :p
I’ll be looking forward that you’ll be back stronger and have the best basketball career next season.
Goodluck and Godbless on your knee surgery. Thanks

Orange | on 23/2/09

My dear Tracy. I always trust you!!!

nick | on 23/2/09

Best wish for you and i aways be fan of you,come on.

[4ever]TMAC | on 23/2/09

Tracy, God bless you! We love you from China!!

[4ever]TMAC | on 23/2/09

TMAC...get well soon…wish you all the best…

You are our superstar forever and ever and ever…....

You’ve said you have the best fans in the world,now I want to say, we have a best TMAC in the world….

How much I hope I could watch a great game played by you…
How much I miss that super TMAC....
How excited I am ever time I watch the video when you got 13 pts in 35 secs…

We believe you’ll be back….

————-to our best TMAC... an ordinary fan

pei bin | on 23/2/09

You are and always will be one of the best basketball players in the NBA. Be confident to yourself, to Yaoming, to Houston Rockets.
You guys will make a deep run in the future, either this year or next year. We can’t wait to see you holding the NBA champion and MVP award.
take the surgeon easy and go rockets!

Dennis Robinson | on 23/2/09

Yo T-Mac. I just wantedd to drop by and say good luck with the surgery, and work hard to come back please. The NBA isn’t the same without you in it man. God bless

Nathaniel Wang | on 23/2/09

T-MAC is NO.1 forever.Chinese Fans support you.

oceanscut | on 23/2/09

wish a heathy T-Mac would come back.

F.Liu | on 23/2/09

Support you, T-MAC.

长满 | on 23/2/09

no no nono
nono no no no
no no no no no are u kidding us?
no no no no no u know so love u
no no no no no and this time
no no no no no worst ever
no nono no no
no no nono

chinese-T-MAC | on 23/2/09

T-MAC, no matter what the outside gossipe is, no matter what other people say, we chinese T-MAC fans will support you ever and forever, you take too much pressure, now, what you need is a successful surgery and a perfect rest and vocation, at last a good healthy body to perform a perfect play, we will wait for you!! Back on court!!

ZBY | on 23/2/09

Tracy I believe you. But there’s too many voices from the websites and the critics, and it’s really sick. They don’t understand you and they don’t think you can do anything like before. So what I want to say is, tmac, there’s no need to apologise to anyone, just be back and keep healthy. It’s the best way of responding those people who distrust you and all your 100% supporting fans.
God bless you

Grata | on 23/2/09

Good luck to you!

jean | on 23/2/09

Good luck..

转身跳投 | on 23/2/09

If there are T-mac hates and loves in the world and in your life,wish you could do your best to beat the formers and requite the laters.

John Marshall | on 23/2/09

Tracy your the best player in my eyes. I go to school everyday and kids got something to say about you but i stand behind you always just come back healthy and show these people why yo are a SUPERSTAR... injuries happen to the best so get better and come back soon….i would have love to see you play in the playoffs this year because the rockets will win the championship this year. everyone is doubting us…LETS GO ROCKETS!!!



林远山 | on 23/2/09

Hope a healthy T-mac with full energy!

Josh Priddy | on 23/2/09

Its all good Tracy, You’ve always been amazing to me and my boys!! Good luck with the surgery, your in our prayers!! Go Rockets!!

flame | on 23/2/09

Wish you have a successful surgery. Come back strong and speedy. God bless you!


Chris | on 23/2/09

Good luck tomorrow T-Mac! I know that you will be able to come back and be better than ever!

mehdi | on 23/2/09

hi t-mac you are my favorite player I count on you to come back very strong you will be missed this time go good luck: s

Talal | on 23/2/09

Were gunna miss you Tmac. Well for the season at least. Im gunna have faith that when you come back you will be like the player you were and the player ur meant to be. I also hope that when you return your dream is realized that you win a championship before you retire. You have team that is hungry for one and its time for you to get that hunger back and take it all the way.

Z | on 23/2/09

hey Mac, glad to see you’re starting the road to becoming completely healthy. i know this season has been rough, but i’m sure if you do your part you’ll be back in full force next year.

speaking of next year, tracy, it’s your last opportunity to win it all and become legendary. this season was the ideal time for you to win in the first round and get a ring given the weak western conference and the tremendous talent on this rockets team. but you’re injured and it’s a missed opportunity.

moving forward, you have to realize you’ve gotta come back better than ever. this means no more coasting through training camp, no more sitting out for minor injuries, and a complete commitment to dominating in a way that only t-mac can, by scoring and making plays for your team. if you don’t get it done, you’re going to go down as the most talented player to never win in NBA history. for your sake and for the city of houston’s sake, don’t let that happen Tracy.

get well soon!

Chris | on 23/2/09

Hey T-Mac!Im your number one fan from Htown lol.No but i really am even tho u got a lot of us here.I support you thru all the process that needs to be done to get you back on the court asap.I always tell everyone that you are better than kobe,lebron,wade,and all the other great players if it wasnt for all the injuries you’ve encountered.Youre still number one like nelly said on that old song called number one.Thats always going to be you and love it when youre representing the
Houston Rockets to the fullest.I want you to finish your career in Houston because you were meant to be a Rocket.Forever and ever!Dont listen to any negativity or criticism man.At the end of the day you are the only one who can beat you and i know you want to win so keep moving forward.One day that championship ring will come but do not loose hope or give up.Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming the future Hall of Famers.Remember,I got your back although you dont know me and the time will oome no matter how many ups n downs you experience.You gon get that ring i know it!Never stop moving and you got it in your heart.Number one Houston Rocket TMAC!!YOU DA BESSSSSSSSSSSSST!BY THE WAY MY NAME IS CHRIS LOL AND IVE SEEN YOU IN PERSON AT TOYATA CENTER AND YOU ACTUALLY LOOKED AT ME DEAD CIN THE EYE!I WAS SUPER SHOCKED AND I YELLED NUMBER ONE!!ALRITE MAN DONT GIVE UP AND STAY A HOUSTON ROCKET UNTIL THE END.TAKE CARE OF YOUSELF AND FAMILY.PEACE N MUCH LOVE.YOUR HOMEBOY CHRIS LOL.C YA!

Jonas | on 23/2/09

Good Luck T-Mac We’ll be cheering for you! Best of luck in the hospital and during all the physical therapy! prove everyone wrong bro and remember there who is the Numero 1.. We will miss you T MAC

Turkey | on 23/2/09

Tracy,I miss you very much.I’m sorry !T-MAC.We are so warried that you couldn’t have a good rest and have to come back soonly……T-MAC…对不起!

Jason Lovette | on 23/2/09

No apologies here man, evidently somebody wasn’t doing their job. In my book that can be a lawsuit man lol but I’m serious. For doctors to be telling u that nothings changed and it’ll get better if u continue to play on it when it’s really hurt!? Man T-mac u ain’t got to apologize man it’s not your fault that these doctors aren’t doing their jobs. The only thing All of us true fans wanted to hear was “My personal focus now is to look forward and dedicate myself 100% to returning to the court and returning to be the player I was and know that I still am. I promise to rehab hard, listen to my doctors, and do everything possible in my power to be the best that I can be when I return. I love being a Rocket and a member of the Houston community and am eager to prove my commitment to this team and this city.” Just get healthy my man next year is a contract year, you’ve got to be at your best. Take care, good luck Tracy you’re in my prayers man and let us know how the surgery goes man!

qzy888 | on 23/2/09

Bless Houston Rockets, bless you!

Hope to see you return with 100% energy. Work harder when you come back and try to stay healthy!

tmac_jugon | on 23/2/09

Tracy, God bless you! We love you from Spain!!

qzy888 | on 23/2/09

Bless Houston Rockets, bless you!

Hope to see you return with 100% energy. Work harder when you come back and try to stay healthy!

Jay | on 23/2/09

Support you

DeAndre Dr3am Pate | on 23/2/09

Tracy man uve been my favorite player since yhu entered the league and i love you man. Just keep ya head up and i know youll be back to the tracy like wehn you was with orlando just work hard. I know u wont let me down. I study you all the time to develop my skills you reallly inspire and i know youll get the title.

Mike S. | on 23/2/09

I can’t wait to see you back on the court doing what you do best. Peace and Love

Serhat Yavru | on 23/2/09

No matter what happens, you are the best player that I’ve ever seen… Take your rehab seriously man … We all believe in you …

Amol | on 23/2/09

Get better Tracy. The fans are behind you!

Amol Gulati | on 23/2/09

Hey TMAC...big-time Rocket fan here. I just wanna say you may feel like some fans have turned on you but I assure you they just are frustrated like you are. Its not easy being a Rocket fan as we sometimes have some bad luck. But we want you to get better more than anything else and rehab to the best of your ability and listen to the DOCS. Good luck.

Cowboy Steve | on 23/2/09

You cut to the basket like nobodies buziness. U da man. We love you in dallas.

Reach around baby..

赵政 | on 23/2/09

tracy,god bless you
donnot afraid the surgery, after that you will be back and you will complete your dream ,but you shouldn’t too hurry up.we are waiting a health t-mac,and i will always support you .
you will be back

G | on 23/2/09

T…I know you’re a man of Faith…so when all else fails and the haters come out the woodworks…dig deep in your Faith, our bodies may fail us sometimes, our friends and Family as well BUT God will never Fail you!

nils | on 23/2/09

Hey T-Mac…don’t let the haters get you down…you’re better than Kobe, KG, Charlie Villanueva, Larry Nance, Larry Bird, and Gary Peyton….COMBINED!!!! Stay strong, and get back soon…..

Bevo | on 23/2/09

Hey man, you should check out your fan site

NICK PATEL | on 23/2/09


Jason | on 23/2/09

Tracy, God bless you!
Take it easy, man~
I really, really don’t want to see if you will be traded to another team. Please stay with the Rockets, and with YAO.
You will be back, and you will get the championship!

gabriel | on 23/2/09

Hi Tracy just wanted to tell u that u still my favorite player over da king and kobe and all the good players just want for the surgery to go well and wen u come back i need u to shut ur haters for doubting in your ability

kostas | on 23/2/09

Good luck with your surgery and wish you the best result.Pray for you and wish you no more injuries.Just focus on your recovery and make us all happy with a ring next year.4 ever your fan

CougarJeff | on 23/2/09

Apparently some people on here have torn their grammar tendon.

Mr. Zonko | on 23/2/09

Yo dog!
Yo nee be wack!
Keep yo nee in check b4 yo brake yo neck!
Holla at ya boy!
Mr. Zonko

brian | on 23/2/09

We all wait you eagle flying high above sparrow. Hope you fly high most handsome.

Stef | on 23/2/09

Go t-mac!
Good luck on your surgery
i hope you regain quickly
cant wait for the 2009-2010 season!!
I hope you can keep scoring 25 point games
in the 2009-2010 season
Good luck t-mac!

Caner Gulcimen | on 23/2/09

Hi Tracy,

After this surgery, I more than you believe, will be healthy and stronger. I will always support you. I love you so much. It is only in this can not be explained.

Andrew | on 23/2/09

Good luck man! Despite what you may hear from fairweather fans, know that true Rockets fans are still pulling for you! Best recovery, I hope you can play next season.

Gary, Ge | on 23/2/09

Hi Tracy:
I would like to watch your game on 2009-2010 season and the next 6 years after your surgery.

Good luck and be confident!
Finally, I hope you persevering! Persist to recover!

Steve | on 23/2/09

Tracy; No need to apologize for something unfortunate and out of your control. Real true Rocket Fans are waiting for you to get healthy and return. With God’s blessing I hope for a speedy an healthy recovery.

Raj | on 23/2/09

tmac I was realy saddened by your loss. I hope u get better soon. As a great fan of yours i just wanted to advise you that if this knee thing doesnt go well at the start of next yr please get a surgery again and bring your finals ring to houston. I dont know if u remember me but i met u before a celebrity baseball game on august 6th 2006. I was in sports prep usa and i had the chance to interview u. Iwas so happy then of u and i still am today!!!!!

Ginubrian | on 23/2/09

Good luck Tracy. Continue to update us please.

Tyson | on 23/2/09


Good luck with the surgery and keep us updated!! Stay stong and do that thing, we’ll look forward to seeing you next year on the court in a ROCKETS jersey AND back in ALL STAR caliber level.

The true fans are behing you 110%, so keep your head up kidd!


GARY | on 23/2/09

Dear Tracy:
I believe u will be back as the T-MAC before.
I heart you would do surgery, SO I can not concentrate to study the whole day. Finally, I got the news.Hopefully, You will be ok next year.
Best wishes!


Gary—-your fan forever.

Pastor Ziphus Foster | on 23/2/09

Hey lil. bro. we love you man and get well soon. we got a great team and they’ve been doing well. man it’ll be great to see you on the sidelines sporting that GQ look. man you wear those suits well. I’m a suit man too. You have our full support.

Quinn | on 23/2/09

T-Mac you kind of let me down with the injury and all. But i beleive in you so I already you go come back better and harder next season. Even though i wanted you to bring home the trophy this season. But its cool because i still believe you will bring it home 1 day. trust me you will. Dont listen talking bout LeBron and Kobe better than you because they will never be better than T-Mac at all. Anyway get well soon and hope you have a sucess with the surgery. So you can be killin next season… Remember bring the trophy home 4 your no.1 fan..

Bogusz | on 23/2/09

God bless you Tracy, you’re gonna be okay, I’m 101% sure! You’re still young as well as your body so you can do great things. Please keep us informed!!!!!

Calvin Carter | on 23/2/09

Tracy I have been a huge fan of Houston Rockets ever since I was 8 years old. God has blessed me to be 21. My first game I watched as a kid was when Houston was playing Suns, I said to myself whoever wins that game it will determine my favorite NBA team. Well Rockets won and I have been a faithful fan ever since. Ever since you came to Houston you have touched my life and believe it or not encouraged me and motivated me to finish college (I graduate next December from Angelo State University). Watching you guys play while knowing I had major exams the next day motivated me and made me study with a warm heart (that’s if we won…lol). I just want you to know that I am a huge fan of you and would hate to see you leave Rockets. I believe Rockets will not only get you out of first round playoffs but even beyond that. Your championship ring! However, no matter what happens I will always support you bro….

Huge Fan

Charlie Sun | on 23/2/09

Dear T-mac, There are alot rumors out there about your injury, but I just want you to know, there are still fans out there who support you! I believe in you, and your choices. I rather see a real 100% T-mac than a 30-60% T-mac. Wish your surgery will go well! I’m looking forward to see you back next year! Get well soon, and show all those who don’t trust in you, what you are made of!

Dr. Veronica Earl | on 23/2/09

I hope you get the best care that money can buy because your priceless Tracy. Your words to the Rockects organization should show them your positive outlook on the entire situation. I know that in time your pain will heal. But time has never been your friend has it? Time was not vauled by those around you since the start of your NBA time. Know that a brighter future can only be lived if we never look back at pain. Look up when tears fall and remeber there great numbers in the the air above. Take care of your left knee and heal from the unseen pain your heart. Dr. Veronica Lee Earl (Neuro-R-Us)

Vikaas Sohal | on 23/2/09

Tracy — as a lifelong Rockets fan, I’ve been impressed by you on the court, by your outspokenness about Darfur and politics, and now by your message to Rockets fans. As a physician who has your jersey in his closet, and knows how much you desire to win a championship, I imagine this has been an incredibly frustrating and confusing time for you. Best wishes and best of luck — I’m looking forward to your comeback.

Vince | on 23/2/09

Good luck.

With you on the team, I think the team is the best in the league if everyone is on par. All the team needs is consitency.

Without you on the team, they will be an underdog no matter whom they face.

They are well coached and will earn every win they get, but the team does need you healthy. And a healthy McGrady is better than an ailing healthy, even if you have to sit out a whole year.

Mehmet Can Gürel | on 23/2/09

T-mac… We will wait you…we will wait your return… And i believe you will healty after the surgery. I will wait you…


Aaron | on 23/2/09

yo t-mac i got yur bac through every thinq..
keep ya head up try aqain next year..

Barkley | on 23/2/09

COME ON TRACY. Prove us wrong and COME BACK HEALTHLY. We will be waiting

Steven Tuan | on 23/2/09

All the best for the surgery and a speedy recovery.
God bless