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Wed, Jan 13th 2010, 10:30

Please join me in helping the people of Haiti

Hey fans,

I’m writing in hopes that I can rally more support to help the people of Haiti. CleRenda and I donated to Unicef, and I’m encouraging all of you to do what you can to help too. The following sites are collecting money and other necessities to assist the people of Haiti. Do you what you can. We are all in this together and right now they need our help


“Hundreds of thousands of people have died in Haiti’s earthquake” - Haiti Prime Minister

  • Please remember! This number is just from the earthquake itself - Frequently what kills people in these disasters isn’t just nature but its interconnection with poverty, and in Haiti it’s imperative to arrange not only the earthquake response — digging people out of rubble — but also a public health response by controlling disease and assuring access to clean water for survivors.

Below is a list with suggestions of ways we can help. I would suggest donating online as the lines will be jammed right now:

•The American Red Cross is pledging an initial $200,000 to assist communities impacted by this earthquake. They expect to provide immediate needs for food, water, temporary shelter, medical services and emotional support. They are accepting donations through their International Response Fund.

UNICEF has issued a statement that “Children are always the most vulnerable population in any natural disaster, and UNICEF is there for them.” UNICEF requests donations for relief for children in Haiti via their Haiti Earthquake Fund. You can also call 1-800-4UNICEF.

•Donate through Wyclef Jean’s foundation, Yele Haiti. Text “Yele” to 501501 and $5 will be charged to your phone bill and given to relief
projects through the organization.

•Operation USA is appealing for donations of funds from the public and corporate donations in bulk of health care materials, water purification supplies and food supplements which it will ship to the region from its base in the Port of Los Angeles. Donate online at by phone at 1-800-678-7255 or, by check made out to
Operation USA, 3617 Hayden Ave, Suite A, Culver City, CA 90232.

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


The blue sky disappears | on 7/3/10

No matter where you are,who would you become。
Never forget your fans,we always support you!

The blue sky disappears | on 7/3/10

Support Post-disaster reconstruction。
Ask for help from all the world。

StormCloud | on 18/2/10

welcome to new york, tmac. welcome to New York City.

Alberto | on 18/2/10

Congratulations tracy!!!

real | on 18/2/10

I don’t know what you say.I can’t understand.Becase I come from China!

过路人 | on 18/2/10


king | on 18/2/10

There are thousands of your fans in china. Well done T-mac I’m a chinese student I will love you forever

徐妍 | on 18/2/10

everyday concern your news ,hear about you will go to kings,,ok ..follow you forever .,now i’m kings fans,,
i hope you can know no matter waht happens you have us …
love you forever waiting for you be healthy be happy be t-mac t-mac’s girl

rell | on 17/2/10

a what it do cuz a when the hell u gonna get trade mane been 10 years since i seen you ass come on mane get in the game go chi-town

肖晓 | on 16/2/10

tracy,I believe in you。 Don’t worry . Maltoses will guard you forever。

小毛驴 | on 16/2/10

hello,wheat (which is the Chinese translation of your nickname, do not know if you can understand
I think your on the 1st shirt is better, in short, is a sweet nickname)
If you want to change into on the 9th or better
Because you are the ninth overall pick. This is my proposal.
The spirit of you will be more beard shaved, good-bye!

akos | on 15/2/10

Mac… I’m gonna commit a suicide if you’re not gonna be traded. I haven’t seen you for a year and i jusr can’t bear another half… so tell morey he’s responsible for a life, if nothing comes out…

han | on 15/2/10

Chinese fans to support you

崔圣明 | on 15/2/10

麦迪,你给我听好了:There is no me,there is only us!
Jцsτ a smιlё.
ㄒгαㄈㄚ:You’re my everything forever!
麦:我会永远爱你,直到我生命停止.... ..................

Jovial Fan | on 15/2/10

Dear Mac
Happy spring festival~~

mac's fan | on 14/2/10

mac . i miss you so much .
today .the nba all star game has begun .
however . the match without you is dry and dull..
i always image you when watching the game.
so ,.you must get back!!!!!!!
and become stronger and stronger

ZhangMengPing | on 14/2/10

Hi T-MAC!I am one of the ordinary girls who love basketball very much.I am from China.I have been the supporter of you for at least 5years since you joined Houston Rockets.I witness your brilliant achievements with your another fans.It is the first time that I enter your blog.I feel great excited.I hope you will have good health and good luck!
No matter how much the difficulties you have,we will be your strong back!
Believe it that:“Night gave your black eyes,and you use it to find the light and After the storm the sun always”!!!
I believe that after the darkness and storms,you will shine with the most brilliant smile!
Impossible is nothing!!!

ming | on 14/2/10

T-MAC:hi,man.Come on!i l will support you whatever happening.
i think you are the NO.1 of eht basketball player.come on.

Xiao wei-Li | on 13/2/10

嘿!麦子,今天是我们中国农历过大年!在这欢庆的日子里,我们麦蜜们给你拜年了!祝你在新的一年里虎虎生威!虎年大吉!最后送去我们心中的祝福:“祝福你能够健健康康!早日回到赛场上!无论你是去是留,无论你去了哪里我们都永远支持你!”加油T-MAC! 新年快乐!^_^

黄淼 | on 13/2/10

Love you I will help the people of Haiti

Sergen Şen | on 12/2/10

I allready helped my best idol. But I can’t do anymore… I paid 300$ for Haiti people… Its make me feel so good. And good to see you help this people.

mingyang zhu | on 12/2/10

T-MAC I am the junior high pupil I and my brother very much like you, regardless of later will have any matter we to be able to support you!

mingyang zhu | on 12/2/10

T-MAC I am the junior high pupil I and my brother very much like you, regardless of later will have any matter we to be able to support you!

Jean | on 11/2/10

Tmac solo espero q estes bien me gustaria q le demostraras a todos lo valioso q eres todavia, lo digo porque vi muchas cosas q hablaban mal de ti.Demuestrate a ti mismo que eres capaz de seguir.Good Luck

qihuanyu | on 10/2/10

I will always support you in the strongest you ah go beyond Bryant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Xiao wei-Li | on 9/2/10

T-MAC! you must find people , translate look. because this is reallyan very lucky!!!

Xiao wei-Li | on 9/2/10

Hey! 麦告诉你个好消息~今天全中国的球迷都在顶你!66比99的比分是天意!把比分倒过来看99比66!火箭赢!中国阴阳学有句古话99归一!快回来吧!火箭队就差你的回归~还有Rocket的66在中国也代表很顺利的意思~中国常说66大顺~比分的分差33不就是预示着你在一次的come back吗?这真是太巧了!也许就是老天的意思~我本不相信迷信~因为这一切真的难以解释!

Lee | on 9/2/10

Dear Tracy McGrady

I am your fan!

I support you, to help the Haitian people!

Today, I see you go to the Wizards, really?

Will always support you!

ELS | on 8/2/10

Mac, your current trials and tribulations are a blessing in disguise. With out you, everyone can see that the Rockets organization is a joke. With you they were a 4th seed playoff team. With out you, they look ridiculous at times. Adelman looks clueless and Morey doesn’t seem to have a clue. They’re just praying Yao will be 100% and save their butts next year, but with no Tmac, it will be harder for Yao. You created and were able to get him the ball. You took pressure off of him. There is nobody to do that now. You will end up in a better situation, but the Rockets are lost in the wilderness.

4 U, it will be greater later.


徐妍 | on 8/2/10

hi tracy. i just waane to know how are you now .i’m very care about you.i hope you are fine ,happy and healthy,i hope you are get ready.we are all waiting for you .no matter where you go ,where we are all follow you ..i’m very admiration them who talk with you in your skillzlab and you replay them .i want talk with you in skillzlab ,but i haven’t visa sad i just can say someting to you in your bolg,and i know maybe you not much time to see it .. now , i often go to a web ,they often ask me why go to there ,i said that ,i just want improve my english and it’s can help me talk with t-mac easy because of you last year went to my country Hefei.i know a lot of your fans ,and thank you help us be friend..everyday i find your news ,dont know where you go ,and how happens.just want you can know ,you are not alone ,you have us ..we love you forever
tell you ,fallin love at first’s true .your simle ,your shank.your 3points and everything have a lot of big fans in china..i hope when sunmmer holiday you can come again.i will be go to see you ,no mater what city..
ok .bye ,and hope you are ok..still that we are last words in the letters be healthy ,be happy ,be t-mac..see you again.. forever t-mac’s girl

M. | on 6/2/10

Hi,T-Mac.I am a middle school student from china.Today,I find your blog on Internet.I am so excited.My Englishi is so poor that I can’t write these words fluently.It’s a pity that you can’t play basketball in this moment.It seems to me that you will play a great season in the next season .Please don’t give up.We are always encouge you.Hard working,My idol.

jiniaochiyu | on 5/2/10

T-Mac , you are always the best player in my heart.
Whatever you are on the top or not.
Support you for ever!!

jake | on 5/2/10

I am a fan for life tracy. Like you, I am frustrated with what’s happened with you and the rockets, but whatever the outcome maybe, know that there are many people who admire you, not only for basketball, but even more so for the human being that you are. You are a great role model for the youth, a great humanitarian. That is the reason why I am your fan for life. Please continue all the great things you’re doing. May God bless you on and off the court….

QINGYU ZHENG | on 4/2/10

Hey,T-mac.I am your real real fan.I love you so much.I love your sleeply eyes,I love your jump shoot.I love your time,I love your emotion and I love your thin legs.When I saw you in the TV my heart can not be peace.You kown? You are so cool when you wear the ROCKETS NO.1.But recently it seems that you will leave that.I hate mo

Tim | on 4/2/10

It’s me again! I can only imagine your frustration with how all this has played out. To be honest, this may have been the best thing for you. You almost undoubtedly will be 100% healthy and fresh for the 10-11 season. In which you can go where ever you want.

I have no doubt you will be playing with a great big CHIP on your shoulder as well. Which will bring that fire, drive and passion that you seemed to lack for a few years now.

Where ever you end up next year i’m with you. Unless of course you team up with LeBron in which case I’ll be rooting for you and against you at the same time.

Good Luck with whatever happens. But we’re still your fans. You want to avoid the media and all that mess that’s fine. But don’t avoid us here on your site over the frustrations brought on by the Rockets.

huanghaishan | on 4/2/10

T-MAC,where are you? How are you?Now I miss you very much.
Do you remember Cool? Last summer we write to you talk about him .The boy you offered last summer in China,He loved you very much.Today he died.We are very sad.
T-MAC, Give us some recent news of yours.

废品 | on 4/2/10

Hey,tracy,do you remember the boy you donated in Hefei?he dead,he leave us forever for the reason of leukemia .I want to tell you,before he dead,he tell us you are his the only love in his life! the boy we called “cool” . and I want to tell you in the name of all of chinese fans,tracy,you are our the only love in our heart!you are our god and you are our belief!we never give up you ,we still trust you !we still waiting for you!just come back!the dead boy want to see you play on the court again!I think the boy will look at you in heaven~

suraj | on 3/2/10

hey T-mac whats up i hope you get to play this year. you should go to the Lakers that would be a crazy team. anywayz come back soon later

pierre henry | on 2/2/10

t-mac be strong god goin make way keep ur haed up. avery time u step on court thank god. prayer avery night place bible benift ur pillow avery night sleep on it. prayer befor u step on basketball court may god be wit u i keep u in my prayers.

Macron | on 2/2/10

I know you won an spot in the All-star game starting lineup, but they change the real results … You’re the best, get out of Houston quickly….

Xiao wei-Li | on 1/2/10

Hi Tracy 快回来吧!回到Houston!回到你挥洒激情的Houston!好想看到你的跳投!好想看到你的扣篮!好想看到你的微笑!我们更想重温那全场球迷为你高喊MVP! MVP! MVP! 我们想念你T-MAC

Christian | on 31/1/10

Hello T-mac…I“m here again..PLEASE give us your update…Please! Please! Please! We miss you..

your fans from the Phillipines


danger | on 30/1/10

Tracy tell Morey I hate him!

danger... | on 30/1/10

come in t-mac update you blog let me know what you are doing now! we love you forever!
sincerely yours

PETER LIANG | on 30/1/10

Hi Tracy ! How are you these days? I am your fans !I come from China.This is my first time to visit your blog,i feel very exctied now!To be honest,since i had seen your match with in 2003.You had been a hero in my heart,and i think it will last forever!Last month,i knew that Rocket will trade you.At that time ,i felt very angry.Because you are also the hero of the city,they can’t do this for you,and i believe you can play as well as usual!However,no matter which team you will go,there is one thing that can’t be changed,you are my hero,i love you more than i say!And all your Chinese fans will support you forever!If you change anther team, i hope you can go to Miami heat to play with Dwyane Wade! The best wishes for you and your family!Happy Chinese’ new year! Will you reply me?If i can receive a letter from my hero.I will be very happy,and i feel very honored!

韩震 | on 30/1/10

I love you forever!

wuhuan | on 30/1/10

good luck ,Tracry!

syj0704 | on 29/1/10

I hope you back soon。

kazooie15 | on 29/1/10

hey t-mac its been awhile since you updated us regarding your career and i am always looking forward seeing you on court again… pls update us with any news with you

jiayu zheng | on 29/1/10

dear tracy! i hope you can come back soon。i will help the people who need us when i have a job ,good luck!

even | on 29/1/10

Even is here.go nowhere.
support u.stand by u.
everything is ok.
the tough time will pass.isn’t it right?
we believe u.!!!!go ahead!

ye | on 29/1/10

I love you!I believe you will be back!I english is poor.You are all star forever!

Matt | on 28/1/10

Please stay in Houston! You love Houston and we love you!!!!!!!!!!! Please! I am crying.

Matt | on 28/1/10

Please stay in Houston! You love Houston and we love you!!!!!!!!!!! Please! I am crying.

HtownTmacFan | on 28/1/10

Man, I wish you were back in htown playing. You truly are a good person and I respect athletes like you that use their celebrity status to help people around the world. Good luck to you. Come back to Houston next season with Yao and finish what yall started!

omar | on 28/1/10

met you back when i was 12 years old…im 23 now…and u were a humble class act man…i respect your humility and modesty that you show your fans and people…..your a shinning star..and dont ever become cocky and rude like jordan and carter is to his fans and people….much respect!

P xiaoxi | on 28/1/10

No T-Mac ,No NBA All Star. No T-Mac ,No NBA. mac , i miss u so mush. —-Yours Cathy

edgar | on 27/1/10

Damn the rockets for letting you go. they are suffering. MAC come back, we need you, if the front office doesnt apreciate you, we DO!!. they didnt want you, adelman is an idiot. BUT we still follow you, the mac fans thru thick and thin await your shocking return bak to houston. to win tht RING you prommised.



sonny | on 27/1/10

never give up.

Billy Mcfly | on 27/1/10

I’m a die hard fan Tracy , Up here living in Boston I obviously don’t get to see enough of you. You’ve been my favorite player since back in the Magic days. Sad to see the Rockets Situation with you. ( I just found this blog today ) im comming back daily. GO back to the East! Go To Atlanta! or a team up north so I can see you play frequently! keep it posted man!

[email protected] | on 27/1/10


凡是在法庭上诋毁我的语言必将被定罪 。


Kevin | on 27/1/10

Hey Tracy! We are always here supporting you. You would never give up! Right? Come on!

ravenkey | on 27/1/10

I want to help them,but in my country ,no access to help. What I can do is best wishes.

aurelio.. | on 26/1/10 really..MISS YOU.. u wanna go..its long as..we can see back in the court..tmac..please..i cnt watch nba games w/o u or even rockets games..tmac..we..we hope that god will bless u bcoz of wat ur doin now to help the guys in haiti..

tmac..i hope u comment..rockets are struggling now..maybe..thats the effect w/o u..and that is karma..
tmac..we love..we will..wait..u tmac…
we will wait..u ..

loveyou | on 26/1/10

I still believe you ,T-MAC. I want to see you on the floor,play the basketball.I am not see you for so long time,I miss you !I miss you !I miss you !
I love you forever!

zhaotong | on 26/1/10

Tracy,You are my God!!!Love you forever!~

Jovial Fan | on 26/1/10

When we tried our best to vote, found that the reason get the opposite of what us intended,i feel a little sad,Althought we want you can play again in the All-star,but if you don’t want it’s Ok..we can see you in All-star on the spot,is that true
It’s a tough season,We have gone through too much wind and rain,but we all never give up,just like you !wherever you go ,please remember We all proud of you..Nothing can change our support.
At last i want to thank Houston,it let me konw how much i love with this man.
Never forget the people in Houston,Wearing Mac’s clothes scream to him、
Never forget the Houston bear,so cute and naughty、
Never forget the atmosphere in Houston ,it’s a red many memories
stopped in that city..
Bye Houston..
With a dream, brings hope, to move forward.please believe us, believe yourself~
your fans Jovial

huanghaishan | on 25/1/10

T-MAC,Do you rember the days in China Hefei last summer? Those days I will not forget forever.This is my first time to see you.Now each time I thinks,it seems that a dream.
Do you rember T-MAC BAR?\We are all your fans,we knew because of you..No matter what happens,ar least you have us.We will love you forever.
Do you rember the morning that you left Hefei? Two girls who and you speak in the driver uncle’s window.We don’t want you to leave,so we all cried.I never find that two days past so quickly..I am one of the two girls.I said to you :”I love you”,You said :”Love you,too.”T-MAC,maybe you are used to hear that,but to me , that is so precious.I said:”We believe you will be back next season.”You said Thank you by Chinese.Then you give me a thrown kiss,the other girl said:”No me.”You said;”You ,too.You,too.”Also give a thrown kiss to her .
T-MAC,what about you now?I very want to know.ALL STAR,Don’t care. The result is unimportant. We do not give up giving you to vote .Because we want you to know that we love you ,we support you . FOREVER

marvin | on 25/1/10

tmac i hope you get back to play basketball please get traded to a different team becvause i literaly want to watch you play the only reason why i watch the nba is because of you. get traded to a team like new york or miami cause they need more good scorers like you.

宋天昊 | on 25/1/10

HI TMAC,i come from China.When i first saw your games,i was 12yers old,and now,i am 20.I witness how you become a superstar in this plant.
HOUSTON is a good team you know,they have some intelligente player,but this season they mast failure,you know.
I want to tell you that you are the best in our eyes,I started saw ROCKTES’s games becoust you join in,We love you ,not YAO MING.YAO is the best player in CHINA, in ASIA.But you the best in earth.
Whatever you do and whereever you go,we, your Chinese fans,will alawys support you!4 ever!

Mehmet can | on 24/1/10

Hi Tracy.We want to hear news about you.

sonrisa | on 24/1/10

it’s happy to see your words again..
mac.GOD bless you ..

Han | on 24/1/10

t-mac my favorite player: I like basketball, but also like music, I sincerely hope that you will be able to introduce some good songs! Looking forward to reply. . . . . . . . . . . . .

China Boy HAN

Xiao wei-Li | on 24/1/10

Dear:Tracy I am a fan from China. so. I am also a fan Rockets. It is your faithful fans. Not because Yao! as you said as. competition is a Five! you are an indispensable part of the rockets. I do not know. what happend between you and Adelman and Morey. do not know. recent about you want to leave a message. Is true or false. This all so that every one chinese rocket fans. Feel shocked!!! I also love to play. understand very well. you desire to play. The ball as if your life. To tell you the good news! if you want to leave the rockets. At least 70% of fans in China. choose Rockets do not look at race. Follow you go! but our fans really do not want it to happen! our fans. Friendly call you ‘Wheat’(麦子). your chinese name麦迪obtained. Coincidence! ‘Wheat’ means harvest! the same a your English name Tracy the moral of harvest! all of us do not want to. in this way you. Lonely away! sorrowful away! Come Back T-MAC!!! Come Back T-MAC!!! even if we chinese fans beg beg you! Rockets only with you. be more promising! Because You and Yao. There is unfinshed business and unfinshed dreams! I believe you will not leave! We are waiting for you to come back!!!

Jean-Louis | on 23/1/10

Hey T-mac i hope you come back soon because the game need u badly please

Cici | on 23/1/10

I’m a 16-year-old girl who come from China.I’m a student,so my English is not very good.You know,I love you very much.I’m your fans.I hope you will be better and better.I believe you.
I believe you can play in NBA better and better.No matter how people hurt you.Just remember,I love you.In my heart,you are NO.1 .Never lose heart!

zi qian | on 23/1/10

mac,my good man,good luck!!! we love u forever…we still believe….

akos | on 23/1/10

I’m gonna commit a suicide if i don’t see you this year. Tell to GM that he sould sg NOW, because the rockets are not going to be in the top 8 of the west. So the rockets are forced to act… Or if they are so retarded, that they can’t pick an offer, just buy you out and let you go… that’s it.

Jeremy | on 22/1/10

TMAC..i jus want u 2 get back on d court n kick some evrybody who u really are..ill b waitin..ull also b NO.1..peace!

YitianLiu(刘亦添) | on 22/1/10

We will pray with you for the Haiti people.

YitianLiu(刘亦添) | on 22/1/10

Could I used Chinese?

YitianLiu | on 22/1/10

I believe you will come back!
Come on .Man!

dayu | on 22/1/10

Hey i’m from china!you are the NO.1! in our heart! we love you!

YitianLiu(刘亦添) | on 21/1/10

T-MAC is everyting.You are NO.1

zichen | on 21/1/10

Mac,we knew the result about all-star,it’s so bad but at least we have tried our best to vote,so please don’t care about that so much,because you have us,we will stand by you forever…
althought we want to see you in the all-star,but if you don’t want to go,it’s Ok…
The most important thing is your happiness,we are so satisfied as long as you are happy…
Nothing can change our support,we all know you’ve been through a very tough season and you are working very hard about your rehab,we believe you can do it,you are T-Mac,you will come back strongly!!!Waiting for you…

ELS | on 21/1/10

Mac, Yahoo is reporting you didn’t make the all-star cut. I was hoping I would be able to see you in action soon, but now I’m starting to think I won’t see you play until next year.

This sucks big time, but like I said before, “it will be greater later.” Next yr. I’m sure you will be able to sign with Miami, Celtics, Cleveland, Orlando, or the like. Then, you will have the last laugh.

Until then my brother, just keep working hard, healing and regaining your confidence. Next yr. you will be 100% and unstoppable again.

This too shall pass.

qing | on 21/1/10

Tracy: we believe you, you have to refuel! Remember the words you said: I will come back!!!

Taurus Buck | on 21/1/10

Tracy, God uses people like you to do good and he gets all the glory! I pray for the people and victims of the Haiti crisis. In times of need you are there! So may GOD continue to bless you man. As for basketball, continue to get healthier and when its time you will get it done. We haven’t heard from you in a while and i feel good about that because that means you gonna let your game speak for itself once again. Mac, I really hate these writers and what they say about you, but its cool. Game speaks for itself and when you turn it all back “on”, they will be writing differently about you. Aint it funny how much of a hypocritical world we live in! No matter what, we (fans) got yo back!! How can a player be considered “washed up” if he have been injured? Its ridiculous to hear crap like that about you… But anyway, GOD bless you man!!!!

wanghongkai | on 21/1/10

support hati,support you, T-Mac is the only God。 Belive yourself,you can do everything。

pierre henry | on 21/1/10

Tmac i been ur fans since i wase 12yers old i remember avery playoff game i cried. inti i wase 18yers old Im 19yr old now im still ur fan i vote it for u hoop u get M V P *****astar game thank u for wat u doing for my country haiti.

xiaoliu | on 21/1/10

Tracy: my dear representing all of your fans say to you, we sincerely hope that you will attend this year’s all-star game, outside of the public eye, believe in yourself believe us! Let those who feel ashamed underestimate you! Cheer up

徐静 | on 21/1/10

T-mac,I’ve like you for many years and I will support you forever no matter what happens.The best wishes for you.

Bobby Mills | on 20/1/10

Let me preface this by saying that ever since you went ballistic and brought Houston from behind by making rainbows from half-court in like 30 seconds, I have always been a big fan of you. However…How much have you donated?

90% of your fans (myself included) still fight paycheck to paycheck to pay their own bills and for their own kids. What have you donated Tracey? You have time off. Have you gone to help?

We are not asking for out of pocket donations. Get in the dunk contest and donate the money per dunk to charity. I have $50 on it. I promise! Please!!!

Bobby from Cleveland

obama | on 20/1/10

you are the best player inthe word!

Shawn Hammonds | on 20/1/10

Tmac we all feel bad about what happened in Haiti and i will do my best to help out in anyway, because when it comes to the NBA even though you aren’t the key player you was before you are the best at helping and donating to an organization and for that, that still makes you a very great player.

aurelio.. | on 19/1/10

WOOOOOHOOOOOO...tmac…is set to be an allstar starter..tmac..hope to see..u there..plsssss..
and by d way…we you ur project in helping our fellas from haiti..gud luck wd that..nd i hope that god may help u..tmac see dallas..

tommy the king | on 19/1/10

im yo biggest fan t-mac y yen playing no more wat happen

JOJO | on 19/1/10

mac . i miss you everyday.

.. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . . .. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . . .. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . . .. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . .

Hill | on 19/1/10

since you got injured, i was reluctant to watch the matches of Rockets, and the reason was fairly simple. all of us wish that you are going to walk out of the shadow and become strong again, both physically and mentally. you are born to do this, forever T-mac

tmacangel | on 18/1/10

Hi Trae

I am in, can’t give too much right now….but every little bit helps. If you can start in the All Star….show em what you got..

much love Angelika

Joseph | on 17/1/10

hey Mcdaddy i appreciate your effort to help out my contry. we do need your support and i know you are already involved in darfour but i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate it. Since i am a man of God i have to leave you with some words that will bless you. you Mcdaddy what you do on the basketball court is not what i will remember about you but it is what you do off the court. jesus said for everytime you do go to any of the little children it is to Him that you are doing good. so my brother i want to encourage these hard times in your career and let you know that there is a God who very happy with what you are doing off the court.May the God of heaven bless you and your family and may He continue to use you for his Glory. take care Joseph

Eric | on 17/1/10


coke | on 17/1/10

T-Mac,never give up!You’re the bast in the NBA.I’m chinese fans.

Christian | on 17/1/10

T-mac we miss you.. me and my brother, NBA is not interesting w/out you, no matter what happen we will follow you..hope to see you again in the court we miss you and we love you mac..


MIKE | on 17/1/10


akos | on 17/1/10



chunyu wang | on 16/1/10

I’m a Chinese girl, I love you so much!
In my opinion, T-mac is the best basketball player of NBA.
I’ll support you forever.
Please try your best and trust yourself!
Don’t give up! Come on!

麦迪我爱你 | on 16/1/10


zhangdengfeng | on 16/1/10

T-Mac,promise us,you fans,you will be back in the course and show us the your best skills.i wish you can be back

moon | on 16/1/10

I hope that you can enjoy youself in All-star—for we have not seen you these days.I would like to see a hero come back!
Wherever you go,we always support you.Come on!

员锴 | on 16/1/10

Hi!Tracy!I have a message too many times to you, particularly as I’m concerned about your injury after your injury, I am a Chinese high school students, I hope to see you. Hope you can come to China again, what does it when you can visit China again? There should be more focus on your injuries Chinese saying Tang, there will be wind and ride the waves when the sail sea. I am not your fan, I am your sincere friend. Please answer me?

jiajia | on 16/1/10

We love you , wish you best

ekunk | on 16/1/10

hey,t_mac.i am ur fans come from china,it is so long not to see u in the nba game,i know many people suspect u .but i believe u r the best in the nba forever, if u like ,u can do like kobe ,kobe can do ,u can do it too.come on,man.u r the top star.

Howard cheung | on 15/1/10

Stay strong tmac! you will always be with us, your fans.

Joseph Escamilla | on 15/1/10

I am a huge rockets fan but i am very pissed off that they are letting you go. we are not a team without you and it sucks that coach is willing to give up the season. i never liked that fact that Adelman was coming to Houston as the Head Coach and i really do not like that he let you go. Wish we had a new coach and you were back on the court winning us those close games that we lost.

mimi908 | on 15/1/10

love you!you’re the best ,t-mac!support you!

Liban Ahmed | on 15/1/10

Guys Guys Guys its just sad how selfish we are the man just told you guys make a donation people are dying and all we can think abou is his status on trade and stuff don`t get me wrong am a big fan of t-mac but all i can think about is helping out those kids, and people who are trapped and alive and dying slowly and hanger and stuff so please for once lets forget about t-mac and think about the other people ,,,,,and thanx man for posting this up Mr. Tracy …am do the best i can

suhao(苏豪) | on 14/1/10

there is no interesting where there is not you everywhere!!
we love you forever!

suhao (苏豪) | on 14/1/10

my dear Tracy, we love you,
please remember that no matter where you are,
we all follow you,
I want tell you ,there is no interesting in NBA without you,and now ,I have already escaped from NBA because of you,I hope you can come back as soon as possible,wo are waiting for you,and forever.we love you

ELS | on 14/1/10

Mac, I will make a contribution immediately. Thanks for taking the lead on this and Darfur. I’m supporting the schools there also.

Take good care of yourself and I’ll see you in the all-star game.

jonn | on 14/1/10

tray wats going on can you please update us and where your going come on

真我麦迪 | on 14/1/10

You know, you’re a great and strong man, no matter what happens, pls remember you’re not alone, for we’re here with you, there’re still thousands of people in China love you, pls don’t give up, we want you to play, we enjoy every game you play, fighting, no matter what others say, you’re the best in our fans’ heart forever!

Rod | on 14/1/10

Please give us an update on your status!

Vank | on 14/1/10

We better get a good player for u get urself traded back to toronto for bosh

marvin | on 14/1/10

im glad oyur helping the hatian people im also hatian as well. good luck and hope to see u on the court soon

JOJO | on 14/1/10

You are always so many people moving,
my dear Tracy, we love you,
please remember that no matter where you are,
we all follow you,
to take good care of themselves. ..
.*★ .    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ` . .

.. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . . .. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . . .. .*★ .    ★ ★      * ★ .’ ‘*.    . ` . .

JOJO | on 14/1/10

You are always so many people moving,
my dear Tracy, we love you,
please remember that no matter where you are,
we all follow you,
to take good care of themselves.

Robert G Richard | on 14/1/10


I’am really disappointed in the way the Rockets treated you after all you have done for the team.You are a quality player and the team is not better without you. I am no longer a Rockets fan for their treatment of you and I’am looking forward to seeing you back on the court again.

fanis | on 14/1/10

hey tracy you are a great man helping all those people in need….congratulation….i wish the best for you and you family….and please return on the basketball court in any uniform but be yourself…we all enjoy watching you….
bye man,,for now!!!

you | on 13/1/10

I support you forever

Ace | on 13/1/10

Hey T-Mac,
I’m glad to hear that you can give help to the others;
and I’m also believed you,we are waiting for you,Waiting for you to come back healthy

zhangdengfeng | on 13/1/10

i want see you in the course;make some people shut up!you are the best , both as the NBA player and a normal person

MK | on 13/1/10


It is great to see that you are helping other people.
I am voting for you every day because I know that you are an natural born All-star. Please don’t give up your starting spot to someone else because you and Kobe are the best to guards in the game and you know it. I am not from China and all those T-mac haters (reporters) that say China is voting for because of Yao are idiots. You were popular in China and in Europe before anyone has heard about Yao Ming. No one deserves to start instead of you. We your fans, want to see T-mac dunk it of the backboard and that is why we are voting for you, because you DESERVE it more than anyone else in the NBA. Their time will come, but this year is your time. I hope you will be traded soon because I can’t wait to see you play. Please keep us updated on you current situation because we haven’t heard from you in a while. How are you feeling? Any trading news?


石磊 | on 13/1/10

i m your fans ,in China so many people love you ,we hope you can back,we all belive you ,i wish you can do better,Thank you

MK | on 13/1/10

Hi Tracy,

It is great to see that you are always trying to help other people. This is a great idea because you have so many fans as you can see from the All-star voting. I am sure that every fan will donate as much as they can. One very important thing that you could do for us in return is to update us about your current situation. Will you play in the all-star game if elected starter? I think you should play for us because we can’t wait to see you play man. Please let us know how and what you are doing now? Is there a chance that the Rockets will find a team for you soon? We (your fans) can’t wait to see you play again. Always remember: You are an All-star.

vivian | on 13/1/10

t-mac,are you ok? everyday i voted the NBA ALL-STAR ,just wanto to viw you can play

Jovial Fan | on 13/1/10

You touched me once again! We have no reason not to fall in love with you。。so do not think to much and move foward toward your dream ,our fans will always support you,wait you,stay with your forever…

P xiaoxi | on 13/1/10

Mac,we adore you very much,first because of your kindhearted. All the people on the world will help them pull through difficulty times. Hope them should be cheer up rebuild the homes pray!!!

Yan Cui | on 13/1/10

You are a hot-heart man!I support you ,pray for everybody!

zichen | on 13/1/10

you are so kindhearted and care about people who suffered disasters.We’re so touched by what you did.
I believe those people who ever accepted your help must be very appriciate your action and will remember all their lives.
I’m a Chinese girl who love you very much,but because some system problem in our country that i can’t log in WWW.FACEBOOK.COM,so i can just leave my words here to express my greeting and hope.
I’ve heard the news that you are training well in Chicago,which make me very excited.We are waiting for you…
If you have an idea about what team you wanna go.please tell us because we are so eager to see you in the court.
I’m not interested in the games since you are not there,so please come back.
By the way,i vote for you in ALL-STAR voting everyday,so please turn up at that night,i believe that is every fans’
God bless you and all the suffered people…

faya | on 13/1/10

T-MAC,this is why we love you so much, you’re helping people so enthusiastically. I really appriciate your action. We all moved by what you do。 I heard that you’re training in Chicago with Tim and. That’s very good news. Keep yourself in shape. And we are always here!

akos | on 13/1/10

Hey Tracy,

This is one of your unique qualities that you have, you’re helping people so enthusiastically. I really appriciate your action. Another topic. Could you please inform us about which team is the most likely to trade you? And what negotiations are happening right now about you? It’s so bad to be unaware of your situtation, and to be so doubtful because of the hundreds of rumors… all in all PLEASE TRACY INFROM US! I heard that you’re in Chicago with Tim and you’re training. That’s very good news. Keep yourself in shape. God bless you dude and the people of Haiti!