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Wed, May 7th 2008, 14:54

Tracy's Blog: Surgery a Success!

Hey everyone out there!

Thanks for all the support through the season and the playoffs. As many of you know I’ve had some shoulder and knee problems that have been bothering me for a lot of the season. The docs said surgery was the best option so I had the operations done yesterday. They worked on my knee and my shoulder. The surgery was successful and I’m feeling good today. It’s going to take about three months to get back to 100%, but I’m going to work hard to rehab it and get back to full strength.

Take Care


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


蒋启琛 | on 2/12/08

I just like this game.I love you game.

jhon | on 28/11/08

hey tmac make is your game gonna back in 100percent

王森 | on 11/11/08

振作些Tracy!你是最棒的!you are zhe best!相信自己你会成功的!我们永远爱你!we loce you forever

drekkerius hicks | on 9/11/08

i need to ask u 2 question first u are my most favorite player in the nba, are u getting traded soon. and if u arent do u know if the rockets are getting any well-knowed players from another team

Deekz | on 4/11/08

Watz poppin it your yeaar tmac keep doin you dog gett at mee

Deekz | on 4/11/08

TMAC ITZ YOUR YEAR you have the most heart in the game itz your year im reppin you till i die

joe lui | on 24/10/08

Hey T-mac I truly believe you will be the MVP this season with the help from Ron and Yao, please bring Rockets to the final!

Kareem Coleman | on 14/10/08

T.Mac you are a great i watch and study your game from how you had to score on orlando to get somewhere and won scroing titles then you come to the rockets have some help and your assist goes up and your points go down because you no longer had to have so much pressure on you with ym fav center yao. i refuse to play basketball if i dont have your jersey on outside and in tournaments i ahve to wear a red sock i idolize you game. this year with yao, alston showing he can step up, ron coming to do damage and your great skills we are destine to get out the first round and who knows where we would stop. from your biggest fan that knows every about your life from young age to highschool and so on Kareem Coleman its your year Rocket Power

betty liu | on 3/10/08

wish you success!

Michael Nichols Jr. | on 9/9/08

All i got to say is man play hard and that im behind yall one hundred percent…

payone | on 29/8/08

t-mac, best wishes to u, we surpport u.

nosike | on 27/8/08

im ur #1 fan i really want to see one of ur games in person ur yhe best .thats why ur jersey # is 1

Saeyd Osman | on 18/8/08

Waz ^ Tracy!Its’ good to know you are doing better.But if you happen to be reading this i just wanna say @ the beginng of the season,just take it easy until the DUNK CONTEST comes aroud.So if you read this Thanx. Sincerly, Saeyd M. Osman


jeremiah alejandro | on 18/8/08

hi tmac.. cant wait to watch play again

D'Andre Clark | on 8/8/08

Yo T-mac r u happy about the ron artest trade and do you think that he is going to helps the team

Rudy Rivera | on 31/7/08

Quick question t mac… What do you think about the Ron Artest trade???

yangyang | on 29/7/08

Hi!T-MAC!I love you forever!But,you know!You must get 25-30 points every games!You know!This is exciting!!!!!

Aqueile | on 24/7/08

Thats great that the surgery wet well and maybe my dream will come ture and ill play beside u in a couple years have a great summer and next season

jemari | on 23/7/08

Tmac is my favorite athlete

steve johnson | on 20/7/08

i would like to spend time with you one day.i wish you a happy belated birthday.tell the family i said are the best player in the league right now ,but sometimes i fill like you don’t play up to it.i hope your body fills great for this upcoming season and i want to let you know that i’m with you until you name is steve johnson and i live in brooklyn ,new cell number is 646-633-6284.i work with kids monday throught friday.i’m 20 years old and keep an eye on your stats daily.tracy i love as a fan.i’m married don’t want to sound fishy.

daniel clark | on 19/7/08

hey tmac ur my idol i dream of playing like you i play for high school and aau ball i had a tournament and kansas coaches were talking to me i didnt realy know wat to say but long as they were talking to me i was happy can you message me back please.

az | on 15/7/08

Regardless if u do or dont ever win a championship, you’re basically the most versatile player in the league and will be known as one of the greatest players ever to live. i hope u know that what you’ve done with coming out of the shadows your jnior year from an ant to a superstar has given so many people including me hope. rehap those injuries and shoot the lights out next season and no matter the team you’re on, you’ll go far and prove em all wrong.

Tracy | on 15/7/08

i like a heathy T-MAC more than a successful T-MAC

Lesty | on 13/7/08

YO there idol!TMAC is not only the best but 1 OF KIND TMAC-1 right?

kenneth | on 10/7/08

next season it’s gonna be yours. take care

Jessica Hon | on 9/7/08

Hi Tracy.Enjoy your holiday.
Look forward to your following season.

Alex Tam | on 5/7/08

Hey, Tracy. Have a nice summer!

黄鹏 | on 5/7/08

Tracy,you are the best!

Jingle Chen | on 4/7/08

Believe that you will do best in the 2008-2009 season…You are the No.1,right?

Jessica Hao | on 2/7/08

Tracy,im glad your surgery was succesful,i believe you will do your best in 2008-2009 season,i trust you!!!
Take care of your body ,i like a heathy T-MAC more than a successful T-MAC
Happy everyday! YOU ARE THE NO.1

brian tan | on 1/7/08

This is the 1st time for me to say something about my favorite player of all time, it’s really weird for me to say this but i’d share this to u & to all your fans out there anyway. It was in 2000 when we were used to playing nba live ’99 if my memory serves me right. You were a toronto raptor then & was a sub for doug christie in off guard position. at that time i didn’t know how to set the “auto-sub” off & the team automatically takes u out after a timeout, i realy felt bad that time coz i realy liked playing u & wud love u to accumulate as much pts, rebs, asts, & stls as much as i want. but the comp takes u out, but surely i learned about the settings sometime later. my point is just i realy thought u have the potential to be the best, which i also think u were when u were in orlando & winning consecutive scoring awards. until now, definitely ur one of the best & i hope u wud finally be successul in the playoffs. were HOPING man, & not expecting. whatever u may give to entertain us, were grateful for that. hoping u would be more aggressive come 2008-2009 season, with a healthy u & a houston rockets. goodluck. (p.s. i really love it when u score a lot, but just be what u wanna be.) God bless.

lazo, zigfreid g. | on 28/6/08

i’m your #1 fan here at the philippines. i wish you will be 100% this coming season.. show them what you are made of… show them the t-mac attack…. we believe in you!!!


efunsh | on 24/6/08

we’ll support you forever you are the best in my heart

Laquan Garland | on 19/6/08

Tracy oyu are the best player and what ever they say about you dont worry Because you have accomplish so much In the nba.I know that you havent Won a championship but keep your head up remember those Orlando Magic days YEAH! just Score the ball more just for me PLEASE.

陈丹 | on 19/6/08

好好照顾自己的身体 I Believe You Are The Best

Nordin | on 17/6/08

T-Mac you are my favorite basketball player ever to grace da court man i believe you can get 2 da finals hope u hav a good summer

marquis | on 13/6/08

im getting tired of my folk clowning me every year bout cha 1 but it dont mean a thang ta me i already know what it is witcha keep doin what u do 1 and wit all that criticism they tryin ta give ya block it out keep having fun playing the game and stop changing ya shot at the line so much do u boi

SimleIan | on 9/6/08

we’re waiting for you,a healthy t-mac!

support you,forever

have a nice summer^_^

charlie margherita | on 9/6/08

Hey Tracy, im 14 and I was just wondering, do think you will be 100% by the beginning of next season? I idolize you and I hope you have another mvp type season.

陈丹 | on 8/6/08

加油哦 我们一直爱你

Yang jinlong | on 8/6/08


甘艳婷 | on 8/6/08

I was stay with the earthquake these days,but I believe we can defeat it。

甘艳婷 | on 8/6/08

fighting. I will always be side on you!

JinMin | on 8/6/08

Hello,T-MAC. I am your fans.I support you what you think and do .I wonder you can go more far in the playoffs.


moun | on 7/6/08


tengfang | on 6/6/08

Wish you have good health.This is my only dream to you.
Next season,I hope you can make your dream come true—championship.
I trust you,because you are my idol for ever!

miracle | on 5/6/08

we will love you forever!

Love Mac | on 5/6/08

I think you are the best forever!

Jerry | on 4/6/08

Hello, Tracy

How u doing lately. How u feel right now after your Shoulder and Knee surgery. When is your rehab begin. Hope when the
Traning Camp begin in October u healty ready to go 2008-2009

Take Care.

Jerry | on 4/6/08

Hello. Tracy

How you doing

corbie craig | on 3/6/08

Hey t-mac your my favorite player i look up to you as a role modle and i work hard to become how good you are , but its hard !!! I have hardly ever missed a rockets game . everyone tells me to stop trying so hard becuase i’m only 11 years old , but i don’t listin to them .I will try my hardest and i might get to go to one of the Rockets basketball camps this year . i look forwerd to seeing you at the camp hopelfully! - Corbie Craig

Otis | on 3/6/08

T-Mac im glad your surgery was succesful…i hope you can come back at FULL force with no ailing injuries…if you can come back 100% the league better watch out cause i kno if there are no injuries your a top 5 player in the league..jus keep up the hardwork and dont let up…This team needs the REAL TRACY MCGRADY

mtl | on 3/6/08

i hope your stat gonna be higher now!

rochelle | on 2/6/08

i never gave up on you i know you work very hard with your tean mate you have made the rockets to what they are today me and my son love you very, very, much. so keep up the good work. and we want to see you back next season in full force love rochelle and son

luicifer | on 1/6/08

I hope you can have a better season, and the all the team keep health.

xuan | on 1/6/08

no matter what others say …i will like forever come om

ZSC | on 1/6/08

T-mac,a hero who is always fighting for victory,has a bright future

christopher | on 31/5/08

if u know what i mean lol.. we cool

Huang | on 31/5/08

I love you!

小丁 | on 31/5/08

I am a chinese fan I give my best wish to you and wish you get well 100% early and the rocket get the champion And I want to say you are the best and the NO.1 forever

Tracy Sun | on 30/5/08

I love you already 8 years!
You are my God FOREVER!

Waseem | on 30/5/08

Whats up Tracy! I saw you today at AMC theatres lol!!

赵舒扬 | on 30/5/08

Happy birthday Tracy,I have been watched your show since I was 10,I love you T-mac,Rocket need you,you are the real MVP in my heart!I believe you can bring us a NBA champion to us.We believe.

Sean | on 30/5/08

Go Tmac! happy B-Day! we’ll get them next season, don’t worry!

kierre franklin | on 30/5/08

a u my favorite player an wen i play i try an b lik u, yea i got a shot and hops for my hight but im jus not there where u at.
but u tought cus u be playin in games hurt an all and still be killin but thats all ima say

shengzhe | on 30/5/08

I am from China.I am a simple high school student.Will you send E-mail for me?I want to make friends with you.Oh,I’m so excited.My E-mail is [email protected] .I look to hear from you soon.Happy Birthday T-Mac!

王子昱 | on 29/5/08

My favourite sport player is Tracy McGrady!
He plays basketball really well.
I want to see him.

Michael Xu | on 29/5/08

You are my favorite basketball player.I love you forever

capone | on 29/5/08

happy bithday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

izai | on 29/5/08

call me at 8322620886

吕凌云 | on 29/5/08

I kmew you last year.And I love you from that day!No matter how frustrated I am.I shoud happy when I see you. I have a dream that one day.I can go to USA and watch your playing basketball!

耿玮 | on 29/5/08

你好我是你的球迷!我很爱看你打球~~希望你健康快乐!I hope happy everday!

jonathan | on 27/5/08

Bulls got the top pick, and they will probably pick Rose do you think it reasonable for the rockets to try to get Hinrich to add some strngth at the backcourt for Rafer? Thanks! and one thing what do you think the rockets sholud draft a big man or something else? Thanks! Wishing you all the best!

billy | on 26/5/08

Go Tracy!The injury can’t defeat you.All your fans from China support you each season. We do believe you will bring us a NBA title.Thank you for evry exciting moment you bring to us.

ljn87 | on 25/5/08

have a good rest ,t-mac, a healthy tracy is flawless,you and your boys will bounce back next season..

薛沛 | on 25/5/08

Happy Birthday To You!!

薛沛 | on 25/5/08

Happy Birthday To You!!

陈丹 | on 25/5/08



lee | on 25/5/08

T-mac,I will suport forover. I hope we will see a better Tracy nexe seasen. AND happy birthday! We love you!

T-panti | on 25/5/08

티맥 선수 생일 축하합니다..


Chris | on 24/5/08


Kevin | on 24/5/08

Hello,T-MAC,HAPPLY BIRTHDAY to you.I am a student.YOU are my favourite ball game star.I like your dunk,your jump shot,your dribble and your smile.HOUSTON ROCKETS is my favourite team.I hope you have a good holiday,a good body and a good meal.In the end,I hope you can have a champion ring.

秦一 | on 24/5/08

Happy birthday T-Mac!

qing | on 24/5/08

hi, Tracy, happy birthday!!! I love you

qing | on 24/5/08

hi, Tracy, happy birthday!!! I love you

Angelika | on 24/5/08

Hi Trae

Happy B-Day, hope you have a great one. Best wishes and good luck to you for the upcoming season. Go Champ

Yours, Angelika

Maggie | on 24/5/08

happy biethday! Tracy

Derek | on 24/5/08

Tmac i still think that your are the best in the league even thought the tough playoff times keep fighting and you will gat their soon. thanks for being a gret idol

617 | on 24/5/08

Mac Happy Birthday!.
Love U Fovever!~~
You are the best!

irene | on 24/5/08

Tracy,Happy Birthday !!!!

irene | on 24/5/08

Happy Birthday to you,tracy!!!

alien | on 24/5/08

Happy birthday!

cherishtmac | on 24/5/08

Happy Birthday!!!
Never lose faith.You are always the best.
huh,by the way,have a enjoyable summer!
Take care.

qiao | on 24/5/08

dear t-mac
happy birthday
tomorrow will be well.
please keep heath and have a good rest this day
no matter what happen i will get together with u forever
i support u forever
at last
i wangt to say I LOVE U
i hope u can see it.

乔 | on 24/5/08

dear t-mac
happy birthday
tomorrow will be well.
please keep heath and have a good rest this day
no matter what happen i will get together with u forever
i support u forever
at last
i wangt to say I LOVE U
i hope u can see it.

Emily | on 24/5/08

Hi,Tracy.HAPPY BIRTHDAY!What are you busy doing?Having a wonderful holiday?Wish you happiness!_ I’ll have the entrance exam to Senior High School in June 25, work hard together!One of my dreans is going to Huston to meet you, i make it an appointment with myself and it gives me a great encouragement.Thanks for all! LOVE YOU

cythia | on 24/5/08

Tracy,Happy Birthday

戚 | on 24/5/08


Sonny | on 24/5/08

Happy Birthday!!!Wish you more successful next season。And love you forever!My T-Mac will come back stronger soon。

qirujun | on 24/5/08

happy birthday!love you T-MAC forever!loveing your family!love basketball!love NBA!love tracy!love love love!

TRACEY.Z | on 24/5/08


cisy | on 24/5/08

happy birthday!!!

Jeff | on 24/5/08

Happy birthday!!

Keivan | on 24/5/08

Happy birthday Mac, 29 man time flies

Keep working hard, your time will come

Mary Zhang | on 24/5/08

Tracy: happy birthday!!!

XULU | on 24/5/08

I’ll support you forever!

Cj | on 24/5/08

Dear T-Mac.Happy birthday!

cj | on 24/5/08

Happy birthday!

叶海松 | on 24/5/08

生日快乐 T-MAC

JianH | on 24/5/08

Happy birthday, TMAC!!

Talen | on 24/5/08

Hei,man,first,I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!And you are my idol all the time.You are one of the greatest NBA players,so,just speed up!

chen dan | on 23/5/08

happy birthday

Lizy | on 23/5/08

Take care, my hero, next season will be better.
God bless you~~~

呵呵 | on 23/5/08

我们永远支持你 FOREVER

layla | on 23/5/08

happy birthday my dear…

asdf | on 23/5/08


Dream | on 23/5/08

Happy birthday to you. I’m one of Your Korean fans. I cannot English very well.
I hope you’re feeling well after surgery. All Korean your fans assionately support and believe you.
Dreams come true! Cheer up T-Mac!

꿈을 향해 달려! 티맥!

邱 | on 23/5/08


yuyang | on 23/5/08

baby Happy Birthday!

Hyunmok Kim | on 23/5/08

happy birthday!

I`m lucky boy

Because I`m wactching your basketball play

Hyunmok Kim | on 23/5/08

Fighting t-mac

You have mant pan`s love

hibana | on 23/5/08

Happy birthday

cythia | on 23/5/08

Tracy,Happy Birthday!!!

cythia | on 23/5/08


小希 Cisy | on 23/5/08


pum_ | on 23/5/08

Hey! Baby Mac! Hsppy B-day! Love you so Much.

小希 Cisy | on 23/5/08

Hey,Tracy!First,I want to say “Happy birthday!“to you.How’s it going?I think you must be very happy today!I hope you can achieve your dream next season when you are 29 years old.And I believe you ! I always remember the day when you failed in the playoffs.I cried for a long time,but that’s nothing useful.To my surprise you didn’t cry like before.So I know you can do better!I miss you very much and I can’t wait to see you,but it’s only the first day of your more question,what’s your plan zbout this summer?Will you come to Beingjing to watch the Olmpics?Wait your REPLY!MY BEST WISHES TO YOU!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Melody | on 23/5/08

T-mac,Happy birthday to you!Wish you happy and healthy every minute!!!

love tracy | on 23/5/08

happy birthday. from Cina.

joy | on 23/5/08

Happy birthday to you ,t-mac!

yichen | on 23/5/08

Hi,tracy,happy birthday!!!You know you are a hero,you are my hero.I think you will recieve many good persents,happy birthday to t-mac!

yichen | on 23/5/08

Hi,tracy,happy birthday!!!You know you are a hero,you are my hero.I think you will recieve many good presents,happy birthday to t-mac!

Vicky | on 23/5/08

Happy birthday to you!
Keep healthy!
Chinese fans will love you forever!

kayode | on 23/5/08

Jus wanna say a quick recovery & bounce bounce back on thd court for the favour of u & ur fans + me,i love u & we ur fans love u but GOD loves u better.Get well soon & stay cool.HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM ME & DODDAN WORRIORS ACADEMY 2 U,LONG LIFE & GOOD GAME

Macy | on 23/5/08

Hey Tracy,
Happy Birthday !!!

I hope you have good health in the further!

Happy family!

I believe you and YAO will do the best in next season!

You must believe yourself~ You can do everthing!~

You are The one !~

Come on!~

ellelu | on 23/5/08

Happy Birthday!Love U Forever!

jessy | on 23/5/08

happy birthday!!!

邱 | on 23/5/08

Mac Happy B-day Love u 4ever

Lxz | on 23/5/08

No one can replace you in Houston Rockets.

I believe you are sure to get a ring.Keep fighting!

Never leave Houston Rockets, OK?

Andro | on 23/5/08

hey T-mac.What’s up?
It doesn’t matter because Rockets lose in playoff.Next year you will be MVP and Rockets will bi new NBA champions.And how are you, man?Tomorrow is your birthday and happy birthday.
You are the best, don’t worry, you will be MVP!!!!!!!!
For sure

曹文高 | on 23/5/08


David | on 23/5/08

I support you forever!

彭英杰 | on 23/5/08

I think you will success!!!

Whiskey | on 22/5/08

T-mac ! You’re the best!!!!!Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whiskey | on 22/5/08

T-mac fighting!!!!!
You’re the best!!!!!!

hill | on 22/5/08

luck for you…... frighting````````` you fans

Heather | on 22/5/08

Hey Tracy! Hope you’re feeling well after surgery. Hopefully you’ll come back stronger than ever next season! The whole team overcame so much & yet fought a great fight in the playoffs! We are proud to be Rockets fans!
So, you’re down for 3 months? I hope you will still be at your basketball camp. My 2 boys are REALLY looking forward to attending your camp!I actually haven’t heard anything from your camp, so I hope their registration was received in April.Well, we are praying for yor healing & hoping to get to meet you in person next month! GOD BLESS~

ellelu | on 22/5/08

Wish you get back to 100% as soon as possible!We love you forever!God blesses you forever~~We will support you forever!We know May the 24th is your birthday,so all Chinese T-mac fans want to say “dear,T-mac,happy birthday!”

Tracyjing | on 22/5/08

Dear Tracy

happy birthday!
I will take a party with my friends!
You are my angle!
I love you forever

william fincher | on 22/5/08

tmac is the best

william fincher | on 22/5/08

Tmac is the best no one is seeing him labron is not seeing mr mac but in 6 years william fincher will be ready for the macs stats

Your fans | on 22/5/08

Hi,Tracy.I like you very much.No matter what happens,you are my hero forever. 祝你早日夺冠!!!

love t-mac | on 22/5/08

i will always love you !! no matter what happens!!

JCl | on 21/5/08

hey dude some hows the surgery doing i hope next season you will give us another Amazing Games

Andrea | on 21/5/08

Hello Tracy, I want to thank you for all the nice responses you have sent to me. That is very kind of you. I too have a shoulder injury (nothing like the one you had) but I’m hanging in there.
I was hoping your team would have gone all the way. All the guys teased me at work but I told them that I’m more of a player fan than the team (you being my one and only fav…. I’m loyal that way) and you are not a loser. You are now, always have been, and always will be a winner to me!
God Bless you and your family! Enjoy your summer and I look forward to another exciting season!

Ryan | on 21/5/08

Say Mac, u need to tell rick we need some shooters, another point guard, and a big man


qing | on 21/5/08

Tracy,To advance wish you a happy birthday, I hope you a speedy recovery! I will always support you! I love to see you play basketball, Come on! Come on!

kiunn carter | on 20/5/08

I never been to a rockets game I jus wanted to know if you could supply some tickets for a game

terrylim | on 20/5/08

Hi mac, i am ur bigest fan from malaysia, u are the most greatest player in my life , you bringing your team to reach the 2nd logest wining streak in the history, u make the history happen, js wanna let you know that malaysia fan are supporting you, waiting to you make another history next season, go on Tmac…We Love you, Malaysia love you. take care your self.

CAPONE | on 20/5/08


Corey | on 20/5/08

T-mac plan and simple all of of us (fans) know that u r the greastest player and the league as well as one of the best team players of all time…............although we lost the jazz it’z okay we were depleted and we still put up a good fight…...............i really feel bad for teams next year cause u will have francis and yao by your side and with those two the rockets will also have a big 3

francico | on 20/5/08

i hope u get better cuz u the best players at live

jill | on 20/5/08

please work hard and take care of yourself for us and for those people who love you!you must have heard of the earthquake that happened in china not so long ago.i really feel that pain and i hope God won’t let you face that pain and deaths again everyday.
if you’re happy that’s enough.
take care.looking forward to your next season!
if you have spare time come to china to see those people in SiChuan loving you

Jill | on 20/5/08

i just want to ask you a question and i hope you’ll answer me truly:if your destiny is that you won’t get anything when you retired ,or even worse with people’s criticism and bad words.Will you be regretful for you this more than 12 years effort?
Are you happy with playing basketball and you love it ?or just use it to make money?

异人敖世 | on 20/5/08

T-MAC我是你最忠实的球迷!希望你的伤能尽快好起来!然后骑在AK47头上暴扣!呵呵 T-MAC 加油! 永远支持T-AMC!!

T-MAC I were you most loyal fans! Hope that the injury you can get better as soon as possible! AK47 and then riding on the heads of violence deduction! Oh T-MAC Come on! Always support the T-AMC!!

Marvin Angelo Oloris | on 20/5/08

T-Mac’s birthday will be on May 24! Let’s show him how we truly love him on this day! :)

邹金刚 | on 20/5/08

I love T-mac for ever.
麦迪 我是中国千千万万麦迷中非常普通的一位 今天第一次来你的博客 好高兴 你一定要养好身体 有了好身体才能保持好状态 加油 我会一直支持你的

lawrence tran | on 19/5/08

Tracy, I am a big fan of yours ever since I started to watch the NBA. I love that you don’t let what the critics say get to you and that you keep playing your heart out. I am 16 years old and I was wondering how you push yourself and not give up so easily so that you can be the best you can be.

houston rockets | on 19/5/08

TMAc this lineup will be great!!!!!!!!!

PG Rafer Alston SG Tracy MCgrady SF Josh Smith PF Luis Scola C Yao M-M-M-ING

this is a great line up and we will have a chance of winning it all next year with this lineup

sharon | on 19/5/08

glad to hear that. go!go!!!

sharon | on 19/5/08

go !go!!

Robyn | on 19/5/08

I’m glad that your surgery went well, and that you’ll be back on the courts when the season starts.

jessy | on 19/5/08

hope you recover soon.
i feel sad when you hurt in the play offs
everything is not in charge of ourselves
but what manners is that we can learn to recover from it
and get mature
it is the same with everyone

王龙飞 | on 19/5/08

祝福你身体尽快恢复 在NBA里 你是我唯一喜欢的球员 唯一

JJ-T-mac's "#1" fan! | on 18/5/08

your so amazing and i cant w8 untill next season so i can see you play again, i play just like you, and i wish to be as good as you someday, i think you guys will have a good chance next year if you can overcome injuries, so good luck and remember your #1 and that will never change cause we all love you and you mean the world to me and probly to thousands, maybe even millions of other people too, good luck, take care

houston rockets | on 18/5/08

TMAC consider fas Josh SMith

lilyzhang | on 18/5/08

support you ,no matter what happens

Faiq | on 18/5/08

wat up tmac…its your biggest fan…now that your healthy, we’re
expecting a FULL nba season from you….take care

爱麦无悔 | on 18/5/08


Harry | on 18/5/08

I love you as the first sight!
You are my Only NBA star!

Can you help us?
Si chuan Earth quake !
We love you!
Chinese love you!

Lewis | on 17/5/08

Great to hear about the successful surgery bro. U My favorite player man, i been down wit yall boys even when everbody was sayin yall wasn’t gonna do nothin. Next year our year man, Its your year cuz. I know we gettin to the finals next year. Lets Get It

陈希 Cisy | on 17/5/08

I miss you so much .But now I don’t know what to say.I just saw the e-mail from you a week ago.As you said ,you were in the playoffs.But you failed at last.I cried for a long time.But to my surprise you didn’t cry.That makes me love you more.NO ONE MUST FAIL!

Espanita Jordan | on 17/5/08

Can you please email me. My dad said you look like his nephew. Do you have a twin? Thanks,

王兴 | on 17/5/08

I’m a chinese…支持TMAC FOREVER。。。也许去美国亲眼看TMAC打球是一个不可能实现的梦了。。当他伤心我会一起流泪。。当他受伤我会一起难过。。无论别人怎么说。。I’ll support tmac forever…很想拥有一张TMAC的亲笔签名照。。。Today is my biethday…But a week later…May 24th…It’s Tmac’s birthday…Happy birthday….Don’t give up…I’ll support you forever…

Sandy | on 17/5/08

Come on!Tracy,you are always my hero.Thank you that you gave me many exciting games and you have taught me a lot of thing.I will support you forever! Tracy McGrdady is the king of the basketball in my heart!

The fans love you | on 17/5/08

I really really like you! Come on! Come on!
The fans will always support you!

The fans love you | on 17/5/08

The fans love you, I hope you good health and break the fate next season

Elaine | on 17/5/08

I’m waiting for a 100%-Tracy mc grady come back!
I never will give T-mac up!Never will!
Your biggest fan

LOVE T-MAC FOREVER | on 16/5/08

you are my whole childhood!! I will support you forever!!

Min | on 16/5/08

Hey,Tracy.Have you known what happened in Wenchuan town,which is one of towns of Sichuan in China.I’m a native of Sichuan.When the earthquake happened,my classmates znd I prepared for our English class.Then we heard my English teacher shouted “run out!run out!“We stopped to run.Luckily,we survived.So I can tell you these here! China is strong,so Chinese are strong!!! Our country stands forever ahd strongly,whatever happens in our motherland!!! Tracy,welcome to Cina!

cythia | on 16/5/08

忽然觉得天空很蓝 阳光很温暖

因为那里是我从知道你 了解你 爱上你 并且一路陪伴着你成长的地方
我可以和那群疯狂 热情 可爱的休斯顿球迷一起

Jac | on 16/5/08

wish you in 100% condition in the coming season

Jac | on 16/5/08

Hi,Tracy what about pay a visit to Shanghai during you are recovering

最爱小麦 | on 16/5/08


最爱小麦 | on 16/5/08

Did you hear that a deadly earthquake rocked Wenchuan County,Sichuan Province in Southwestern China.I come from China.I saw so many children killed by the earthquake.I hope you can help Yao to ask for more help for us.I knew that you had the operations done .So I hope you will soon recover.And in my opinion,you are the best PG in the NBA.Best wishes for you!

terry lim | on 15/5/08

hi mac, its is nice to hear that your surgery is success, malaysia’s fans is waiting your good performance next year good luck Mac

derrick | on 15/5/08

a mac i jus want to say if you end up never getting a title. That i promise that in couple of years that i’ll win one and dedicate it to you. (I PROMISE!!!). next season please bring out a little of the t-mac from orlando.

Derrick | on 15/5/08

hey wats up mac.i really dont care about the playoffs since we got put out.but you got to come back with a a different mind set. you gota come back hungry for a chapionship title i beleive that we can do it with francis coming back. but if somehow you never get a title i swear to you that in a couple of years i win one and dedicate to you. (I PROMISE!!!)


Devin Callen | on 15/5/08

TMAC!! I am and always will be one of your greatest fans. We have talked in the past on your older website, but youve been so busy i havn’t really bothered you. I figured now that its the postseason we can talk. I, out of my admiration of your terrific game will probably be one of the major supporters you’ll talk to. I never critisize. First things first, dont you ever listen to the media about your first round difficulties. I dont say failure because i myself believe failure is something most of the time only one person has, you have a team thats supposed to help you. If anything, nobody aknowleges the fact that the HOUSTON ROCKETS have not advanced, not just you. I am totally inspired by your game, and hope one day i will acquire the skills you have. Even though baseball is my favorite sport, your my favorite atholete, and i hope to see you one day. In my opinion as a fan who truly does support you fully and always, i am guaranteeing you will get a ring. You dont have to score 50 a night, all you have to do is be Tracy Mcgrady, be yourself, and you will accomplish more than youd think. Your team has your back and so do i. So posterize some more people if you want, Thats ALways Sick, but im not saying for you to try and be a freaking phenom every night in shooting, just be you man, and remember, I, Devin Callen from California will always have your back baby. Go HOUSTON! Im looking forward to talking to you later man. Have a great summer and i hope you feel better!


air7 | on 15/5/08


you’re the best, but if you aren’t in good health you’re doesn’t expect to win anything….I hope next year for you to pass the first round…

a great fan

anthonyking | on 15/5/08

hey tmac

Favorite T-MAC | on 15/5/08

Hi Tracy:
China has a lot of fans like you, I hope you good health! Next season achieve good results! We believe you! Come on! You in my heart will always be the best!

Christopher Ben | on 15/5/08

I was hpoing you could give this to morey so he cold posibly try getting you some help.

Resign landry for the LLE

resign gerald green for 1k

Draft a center- roy hibbert, robin lopez

Sighn free agent full MLE: 1st ron artest, 2nd corey maggete, 3rd michael pietirs, 4th josh childress

Trade away:

Bobby jackson expiring contract 6 milion
Luther head expiring contract 2 million
future daft picks
2.4 trade exception

For:mike miller, kirk hinrich, or richard jefferson

Anthony | on 14/5/08

Tracy, your game was really good even with shoulder and knee problems. I wish you a good recovery and want to congratulate you on an amazing year that defied odds. When you are back in condition and Yao isn’t hurt, you will be unstoppable with the level of chemistry this team has developed. I think 22 will be a special number forever. Much love. Your fan - Anthony

Also, the fact that other players were injured and you guys did what you did is just another testament to what is about to come when good health blesses the Rockets next year. People’s opinions are going to change whether they like it or not.

yuyang | on 14/5/08

all the area is still in great danger.. earthquake may happen everytime.. i am having a hard time… so are all ppl here.. but above all,we are still alive..

todor bruic | on 14/5/08

t-mac mannn…..22 in a row …crazy! mann half of them without Yao….that rite there means u guys are a special team .. now add Yao to that and u have a dynasty ….but a few thing…if u want that championship or championships….u gotta be more agressive …..Yao and ur teamates cant do it unless u lead them …either get and assist or make a basket…u need to shoot better.. like the orlando t-mac….Dunk it… if u have space dont lay it in dunk it…so player no u can still jam on them….DUNK!! lol….more 3 pointers, gotta make them… u dont have to pass all the time if u and Yao are having an off day they can carry u guys but u gotta be agressive SCORE! lol…......u guys will be at the top every time if u play the best u can play…and Yao. one last thing i think u were better than Kobe or AI wen u were in orlando and u would be better than LeBron now…but u dont really do anything and u dont score anymore …so u need to break Kobe’s 81 point record….u can do it.. because wen ur on fire its over…so just kill it one night….iight no matter wat ur ma favorite player /person /athlete….ur the best…hope u get that ring and that respect back u deserve…...good luk!

Brenda | on 14/5/08

Hi Tracy,

I’m glad everything went well and that you are doing good. Hope next season is better. We still be here for support


Landy Lin | on 14/5/08

Hi,Tracy! All the time,You’ve done your best,Even though you’ve lost.Even though your teammate is not so good,even though yao couldn’t do perfect,but you’ve done your best.That’s enough!!! Do you believe fate?let me tell you!fate can be change sometime.if you have deep honest heart… so,come on,tracy!you’re always my idol!!

ECHO | on 14/5/08

hope you will be better!!!!

T-Bag | on 13/5/08

You are best…..
You need more speed….

domiano rogers | on 13/5/08

i am your #1 fan i support you in everytrhing you do!!! your my role model and one day i wish i can have that affect that you’ve had on me on others!!! stay away from injuries next year your killing me!!! just playin but do ur thing t-mac!!!

houston rockets | on 13/5/08

So touching

Amin | on 13/5/08

Tracy “T-Mac” McGrady,
In my humble opinion, you have already proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, that you are among the all-time greatest players in NBA history. You possess the offensive skills of Kobe Bryant as well as the defensive and on-the-court management skills of Scottie Pippen; while your statistics throughout your career speak as much for themselves.
I trust you will pay no heed to mass media mention of yet-to-pass-first-round which is nothing more than commercialized rhetoric that only serves to indicate how little such proponents understand about what it takes to operate successfully as a player and leader in the NBA.
As a fan of the NBA with great respect for how hard all you players out there work, I am pleased to hear of your successful knee and shoulder surgery.
I look forward to watching you, Yao Ming, Luis Scola and the rest of the Houston Rockets as you embark on yet another journey in the 2008-2009 season. Success awaits you.
Enjoy your summer!

Demo | on 13/5/08

It’s gonna be okay! I know one day you’ll win championship! Just keep believin and get healthy! You’ll be one of the greatest player in the history. I promise you!

xiaohan | on 13/5/08

just protect yourself from being hurt not only in physical but also in mental

cai wei fu | on 13/5/08

forget the 22-0 games remember the Rocket fall at the jazz,
when you are trainning.
next season ,i am also your supporter. i want to see that Rockets&Tmac; are at the champion game. best wishes

huyundong | on 13/5/08

so many words i wanted to talk to you.i think both you and your team members did a good job in this season and especially the playoffs.after hearing that your surgery was successfully done,i am very happy .i belive that next season you and your team and yao will win the wishes to you!! huyundong

t-mac is god | on 13/5/08

go go go
you are the best .
we love you ,forever.
i hope you are always happy .
you are our god.
i`m from china.
chinese fans love you .

Sally | on 12/5/08

You are always No.1 in my heart!

Angelika | on 12/5/08

Hi Tracy

I know that this may not be the time or the place to be writing you about this. A few years ago I read an article about you that stated that you were kinda depressed because people that you love and cherish were passing on. Well, I am going through the same thing right now once again. I am sorry maybe I shouldn’t mention this on your blog, but it seems like you are the only friend I have. I can feel so much what you have been through in the past. My dad was killed in 2004, three months later my mother in law passed, it was the worst year in my whole lifetime. When I read the article about you I knew exactly what you were going through, it’s easy for people to say suck it up and keep going, but I believe that no matter what losing someone that you love so dearly is the worst and most terrifying thing you can experience in your life. I saw the sarcasm in peoples comments toward you, to me it was so heartless. And I still don’t beluieve how human beings can be so heartless. Tonight I had to break the news to my husband that his aunt is dying, I just feel so lost cause he is in denial. We live 3 hours away from where she is and I want to go see her like tomorrow, but he says we’ll go when the time is right. His mom and aunt were identical twins, his mom passed away in 2004, three months after my DAD was killed in Germany. Back in January we buried his cousin at the age of 43 with a beautiful wife and 5 children left behind. The world can be so cruel sometimes, but when I look into your eyes, I see nothing but good and a big heart. Again, I shouldn’t post this right now, but he is not listening to me he is in denial. I feel so lost, you know when it comes to you I always know what to say, because you are so awesome and strong , I think. Like I said no one knows what life can do to you until you go through it. You have been through a lot, I thought maybe you can say some words of encouragement to my husband. You will always be our favorite player and wil suceed one day.

Love Angelika…..423-570-4578 Tracy if you have a moment, and I know you get these requests quiet a bit , but please just reassure him that he needs to go see his aunt while she is alive. The doctor is giving her a few weeks, cancer.
I love you Tracy….good luck….I feel you in the past and now and forever.

Regandhi | on 12/5/08

Hi T-Mac good luck to you and your teammates to the next season, and I hope that you’ll bring the ROCKETS 200% of playing!

Your fan!

joy | on 12/5/08

t-mac,everything will be ok!we expect it(-:

JJ-T-macs '#1' fan! | on 12/5/08

I hope you can keep playing longer, i know its hard to with all of your injuries,i know its hard to play injured, i have bad nees that lock up,sore calves, bad ancles that are always rolled and twisted, and elbow thats always sore, an early stage of athletes foot, and i always have a jammed finger, i know its hard to play injured or with problems, not just phisicly but mentaly too, you just got to fight through your injuries, i know you can do it, i beleive in you,i know you can win a championship, i beleive you can reach your altamit goal, i hope you can, you have all of my blessings, you mean so much, not just to me but to all of your fans, good luck next season(i hope i can save up enough money to buy a ticket to one of your games if you ever come to any town neer me,good luck next year, and i was wondering if there would be any other way to contact you, you should find a way to get some people your email adress or your home adress so we can send you a letter some time or just talk to you(thats something i realy wanna do!)

Houston Rockets | on 12/5/08

If Houston can pull of Ron Artest that will be good and please Houston bring em here we need em bad. If we can pull him out we can be good

Angelika | on 12/5/08

Hi Trae

I disagree with people when they suggest that you should leave the Rockets…I believe with a few minor adjustments that you guys can go all the way. You have a lot of talent around you for the most part. This is your team T-Mac, the talent on your team just needs to be distributed more effectively, I mean Dikembe did a heck of a job. You guys have accomplished so much this season …made history that no one else did in over three decades…that is very impressive. I do believe if Rafer wouldn’t have left at the half we would have taken the series…so just hang in there…please do not leave the Rockets…get some back up for Yao just in case, and a few hustlers like Ron Artest and I believe that we will go all the way.

Take care….ANGELIKA

Tyler | on 12/5/08

Hey what’s up T-Mac? Glad the surgery went well. Hope that you’ll be full throttle for the start of the season and Yao too. You had a great season and an equal playoff run despite the number of injuries for you and the team. Get well soon.
Your biggest fan.

S.ZHANG | on 12/5/08

Yes! Thank God!
Best Best Best wishes for you and all Rockets players. What a season!
I believe the championship will come to us next year! Take care Tracy!

Marco | on 12/5/08

I’am glad that you are getting surgery on your sholder and knee. i want you to be a 1oo% because next season i want you to take the Houston Rockets to the back to the playoffs and win the championship. I want you to have three things and they are to get past the first round for the first time to be MVP in the playoffs for the first time and get your first NBA championship for the first time. Tracy McGrady I Love you and I hope you get better go Houston Rockets

ellelu | on 12/5/08

We will support you forever whatever happens in the future!I believe God blesses you including your family and fans!It’s just like “the secret”(one of the most famous books lately in the world)So we will believe in you,you are the best!!!We will believe in you and support you!!!We love you!!~~

kit | on 12/5/08

Take Care,Tracy!
See You next season.

Ivan | on 12/5/08

T-mac I think highly of you,you didnot give up,and you just choose Rocket to realize your dream.i hope that you can be a little more patient-as you said“it will come even though i donnot when” the most important thing is that you must believe your teammate(i think Rocket will act better next year),it’s not necessary for you to get too much task or you will be too tired and miss the shot.In this regard,you should learn from Kobe,he understood how to share this season,so Lakes performed well. Carry on man,i always stand in your side—-this is a wish form a student

joy | on 12/5/08

t-mac ,hope you will health soon! i know you have already do your best in this season,everyone saw it and we will support you forever,ah…because we are t-mac’s fans!I think ,your smiling is very lovelly ,i like to saw it in your face ,so hope you can happy everyday! you must take care by yourself and see you nest season !A lot of wishes for you..

joy | on 12/5/08

t-mac, hope you can well as soon as possible! I know you have already do your best in this season,we will support you forever ,ah…because we are t-mac’s fans!Tell you a secret,i think,your smiling is very lovely ,i like it …i hope can always saw the smiling in your face that give us a happy person—-t-mac!Wish you will health soon!

Delia | on 12/5/08

thank u for your amazing season
u are my hero!i belive u will comg back next year.
good luck.

秦一 | on 12/5/08

Hi T-mac, i’m so happy because your surgery was successful. I believe you will be back, believe you will to be No.1.
I changed my name “一” stand for one because you are No.1. I love you so much, you are a hero! you are the best!
If i say something is wrong, please excuse because my english is poor. I love you forever T-mac!!!!!

bill cao | on 12/5/08


chengsheng | on 12/5/08

I hope that you would be healthy the next season.

Houston Rockets | on 11/5/08

TMAC what up brother. Look man I think you should get traded now that you think of it. HR had a point, my add is that the Wester Conference is so tough and if you get shipped off east you have a good chance to go past the first round. Atlanta for 1st pick Pachulia sign and trade with Childress and Marvin Williams and you go with Head. TMAC i do not really care if you get traded because you will always be my fave player. But i do think that the East needs a superstar and you can do it. You can come first and then you can play a not good team. Take my advice I know that HOuston wants to make changes but they do not get major ones, and you need to go to a team that is rebuilding like the Hawks. Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, TMAC, JOsh SMith, AL Hofford what will be better than that.

p jefferson | on 11/5/08

tmac man you need some help.this offseason, a lot of attention should be spent on a retool of the bench. i was frustrated on how an official can take over a game.but who is crying.p.s you can score 100 points, and the team still come up short. p.j

Houston Rockets | on 11/5/08

TMAC what up brother. Look man I think you should get traded now that you think of it. HR had a point, my add is that the Wester Conference is so tough and if you get shipped off east you have a good chance to go past the first round. Atlanta for 1st pick Pachulia sign and trade with Childress and Marvin Williams and you go with Head. TMAC i do not really care if you get traded because you will always be my fave player. But i do think that the East needs a superstar and you can do it. You can come first and then you can play a not good team. Take my advice I know that HOuston wants to make changes but they do not get major ones, and you need to go to a team that is rebuilding like the Hawks. Mike Bibby, Joe Johnson, TMAC, JOsh SMith, AL Hofford what will be better than that.

JJ-T-macs '#1' fan! | on 11/5/08

i hope next season goes better for you guys, i hope that your not thinking of retiring just because of you injuries, and if you feel that you have to be traded or want to be, its ok with me and i’m sure its ok with all of your fans, your important to us and what you want or need realy matters, so its up to you, remember we’ll always love you and we support you desicions, good luck next year, your still #1 and you always will be in my eyes.

KB | on 11/5/08

How about another scoring title next year….

marco agrillo | on 11/5/08

hi t-macs are one of your greatest Italian fans, for me six a myth. Of you can say of everything, that have never passed the first turn of playoff but for me nothing you don’t count are in reality I don’t know what are but if I were a player of basket I would want to be as you! remembered of risp to like my contact it is [email protected] ps excuses for the American I don’t know him/it to speak so much good

hibana | on 11/5/08

thankyou for everynight

alien | on 11/5/08

Thank you for your great, amazing season. I really get a lot from it. I will always be a T-Mac fan! Rockets is sure to go further!

Alia | on 11/5/08

thanks for the amazing you bring us this spring!becaus of you ,the days I spent became meaningful!Come on,you will go longer the next year

cythia | on 11/5/08

Very glad to hear that you had the successful surgery!
Please take care,for yourself,and for your fans!
Waiting the next season,waiting your back.
I bet you’ll more powerful!
Love you forever!

flying wheat | on 11/5/08

I’m glad to hear that the surgery was succseeful!Congratulations!~

秦一 | on 11/5/08

Hi T-mac, i’mso happy because youe surgery was successful. I believe you will be back, believe you will to be No.1.
I changed my name “一” stand for one becaus you are No.1. I love you so much, you are a hero! you are the besr!
If i say something is wrong, please excuse becaue my english is poor. I love you forever T-mac!!!!!

Nicholas | on 11/5/08

Hi, T-MAC, you are always the MVP in our eyes! Seeing Rockets be eliminated again in the first round, I cried… Howerver, a heart that strives for victory never dies. It’s you who led Rockets to 22 straight wins, which is, of course, a historic event. Many thanks to all of you for such a fabulous season, during which I often played truant in order to watch Rockets’ games. Unfortunately, you have been afflicted with shoulder and knee problems, which had negative effects on your performance. I’m really happy to learn that the surgery was successful and you’re feeling good today. I hope you get well soon! We chinese fans, together with all other Rockets fans, believe firmly that Rockets will be unprecedentedly strong next season. As long as you and Yao are healthy, we will fear no other teams and the champion is bound to belong to us! Loving you forever! Nicholas- a faithful fan from Qingdao, Shandong, China.

文儿 | on 11/5/08

You are the best !!!!
You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you will be back soon!

Emily | on 11/5/08

Hi,Tracy.I’m glad the surgery was successful.My happiness is just because of you._
Support you!Blessing…

bo | on 11/5/08


shisi | on 11/5/08

.★ * ★..  .★ . *..*     ★   ★               *  ★ love tracy forever   ★’  ‘*.            *    ‘★    ★       ‘*..★‘           .★ 

jack | on 10/5/08

love you forever!
back to coach ASAP
we are waiting for your pefect performance!

lil y | on 10/5/08

Have a rest colmly and comfortbaly.Next season,hope we together would go far far along.It’s a beautiful dream,let us make it you here

Alex | on 10/5/08

hey tracy.. we all know you can do better.. win the championships next year! i’m waiting, so do your fans and other rockets fans..

Liu Rong刘荣 | on 10/5/08

hi~tracy,i`m your chinese fan,I love you very much,so do my friends.
There are so many course in college,but we always take the time to watch the rokects`match.Pay attention to you .
I am glad to know that your operation is successful.
You have showed us a perfect season.We always believe that you are the best
we believe the healthy t-mac is second to none!!
when you get in trouble, should not be discouraged.A rainbow after the rain.
Just believe yourself,there will be an answer,so let them talk,let it be!
We are looking forword to you and YAO `s next season,you must face the difficulties together!NO brother,no basketball,we believe you can!
best wishes to you and your family!

tracy lai | on 10/5/08


吴 | on 10/5/08

You look awesome.Take the bull by the horns,don`t care whar the hell did they say. My mom my brother even my dog are your fans.
I will support you ,even when you can`t play it .God bless you.

fan from China. !x

Tracy Wen | on 10/5/08

Tracy!I’m so glad to hear that you are OK now! You know,in most of us Chinese fans’ hearts,you are the best in best.When you are be healthy,no body can stop you!Utah??JUST A joke!!They can’t stop MJ,too,they can not stop you,my superMVP!!!The next season,Shawn will back Refer will back Steve will back Yao will back,and you,will back!!We will back!! Keep training!!hard training!! I still blieve!


cym麦迷tm | on 10/5/08


wuhenzs | on 10/5/08

Hey!Tracy ,chinese fans believe you can to be the NO.1,believe you can get back to 100% ! You are the best NBA Player in the NBA.We believe you !

Ed | on 10/5/08


Ed | on 10/5/08

I hope everything goes well with the rehab, and you can get back to full strenght. Go Rockets 08-09 champs.

HR | on 10/5/08

Listen Tracy, Take my advice, leave the Houston Rockets it will be a benefit. Every year you lost, the team never made any major changes to improve Rockets Franchise. In matter of fact, you guys were worse this year because last year you lost with a 4-3 record vs. the Jazz, this year you lost 4-2 against the same team! I am very disappointed. My advice again is GET TRADED!!!! Because if you stay nothing is going to happen.

Ann | on 10/5/08

I love U。I will always support U 。You are the best in my heart . Althongh some people can’t understand you , I will alway do .
Come on. I just can’t wait to see your match again .And take good care of yourself.You are the ture MVP in my heart.I hope you will be stronger and stronger . If I have enough money ,I do want to go to USA to see you .But now, I don’t haove.HAHA.
Welcom to China .I really hope to see you in China .That’s all.
Good night .

Sarah | on 10/5/08

Hey Tracy,

I am so great to hear that the surgery is successful, because you keep health is the most important thing for us. Therefore, you need take care of yourself. Wish you have a wonderful holiday.

will you go to China this summer?



Phil Gee | on 10/5/08

Tracy, you are a hero to not just the city of Houston, but to people all over the world! I have so much respect and followed you throughout your whole NBA journey.
I’m so glad that your surgery went well, and at this stage all you should be worrying about is your health. Take care of yourself and don’t stress out too much over the long term. Save that for another day.
The playoffs were a struggle, we all understand. No person has the right to bring you down for your stunning performance. You gave everything you had on the floor. You showed true heart, which is rare is even the best of NBA players.
One step at a time, you will lead your team to that championship.
You have a terrific group of team-mates, which will have your back throughout all the evens to come up in the future. But remember this Tracy, your fans also have your back. You have the worldwide support and our beliefs that will give you the stability that you need the most. Being here in Australia, I rarely get to see you play (only show around 4 rockets games, including playoffs, this season!) but I watch the boxscore updates, and do the best I can to support the team!
Be the best that you can be Tracy, one day ill go up there and watch you play! It would be a magical dream come true.
Good luck for the future, a positive outlook for the next season awaits!

Take it easy Tracy,
Phil :)

Tracy Wen | on 10/5/08

Tracy! I’m so glad to hear that you are OK now!You know,mose Chinese fans hope you have a good body.In our hearts,healthy T-mac is the best!! The next season,Shawn will back,Refer will back,Yao will back,Steve will back,and you my superMVP will back…..We will back!!!I still blieve!!!

Vince Hou | on 10/5/08

Tracy I`m so happy to hear this ecxiting news.As the chinese fan,we will suppose you whenever and wherever. I hope you can be a Spiritual leader in Houston in next season.Please take care of youself,your injuries will make all chinese fans worried!Oh,how important you are!Hah~~ By the way,please take care of our chinese “pride”-Yao.I hope your friendship will last forever!Good luck,Tracy!Good luck,rockets man!

侯雁宇 | on 10/5/08

Tracy I`m so happy to hear this ecxiting news.As the chinese fan,we will suppose you whenever and wherever. I hope you can be a Spiritual leader in Houston in next season.Please take care of youself,your injuries will make all chinese fans worried!Oh,how important you are!Hah~~ By the way,please take care of our chinese “pride”-Yao.I hope your friendship will last forever!Good luck,Tracy!Good luck,rockets man!

sarah | on 10/5/08

i am so happy to hear that your surgery went well.yuo do the one of the best reasons in thid year .we are all love you .
i am looking forward to seeing you next reason .you will be stronger and stronger .we will win the chapionshio.i am sure !
take care

Ricky1ZH | on 10/5/08

I’m one of your Chinese fans, everytime there is a game of Rockets, my classmates and I will watch it through mobile phones regardless of the classes. What I want to say is that we Chinese will always support you no matter what happens in the future.

jiazheng | on 10/5/08

T-mac I liked you five years ! don’t be sad we love you,all of us support you forever!

小对 | on 10/5/08

I am a Chinese boy ! BEST WISHES TO U ! 中国人看好你哦!

heyongj | on 10/5/08

i hope you have a healthy season

江伟民 | on 10/5/08

Tracy-mcgrady,you are the player I like most.I always think that one day I have so many money,I must go to USA to see you.I’ll support you foerver,Even you can’t break the first series match in playoffs.But I think next year,when Yao Min get back to heathy,it’s time for you to get success.I hope you can get 3 MVP next year!Come on,T-mac,anyone can’t be beat you,you are the best!

Christian | on 10/5/08

Hi Tracy! I just want to say that you have done a great job on your team and its not your fault that you dont advance to the 2nd round you are the best player in the nba today and i will pray that you will accomplished your goals in your career thank you tracy! you take care too.

Garfield | on 10/5/08

Every season when I see you play I feel so excited.Wnen you had to leave because of your problems I feel sad and worried.I hope after the operations you can get back to 100%.I’ll be for you all the time and so will all the Chinese fans.Wish you get better and better.

triple k | on 9/5/08

tracy,rest and recovery

Jiant Yao | on 9/5/08

you are the MVP,I believe what you suffer now will be the power for the next season,wish you happy and healthy !

david lu | on 9/5/08

Yao had a surgery and now preparing for the Beijing olympic, i hope you can come to china then, and i hope to see the finial two teams are china and the usa.

susie | on 9/5/08

As a T-MAC fan,I’ll love you and pray for you,always
Don’y lose your heart

Lily Chan | on 9/5/08

hey.It’s me again

I just want to say

I really miss u…

何维卫 | on 9/5/08

T-MAL,I wish you a speedy recovery

cym麦迷tm | on 9/5/08


李哲 | on 9/5/08


lili | on 9/5/08

Hi! T-MAC I’m a chinese fans. I’m very like you and I think you are a best player in NBA ! So never give up !you will win ! Cheep up!

houston rockets | on 9/5/08

Hey everyone look what HR wrote it is way below but i Hope he doesn’t grt traded but i will still be a T-mac fan, TMAc will win the chapionshio next year

Kate | on 9/5/08


I am glad the surgery went well. I just wanted to thank you for such a great season. I had so much fun witnessing the streak and game 5 was one of the best games i have ever been to in the play offs. You played amazing this season and I wanted to let you know that Houston loves you. I really think next year is our year—- you, alston, and yao… i mean who can stop that? stay healthy! were going all the way next year!! cant wait! season opener, I will be there.

your biggest fan,

connor | on 9/5/08

looking foward to seeing you next season man and hopefully injury free. good luck for next season !!

李守岩 | on 9/5/08

I believe you will get back to 100%. I am a Chinese fans, and I love you very much. Every time I see you play all very excited. Here, I would like to propose to you a small request: Could you put your training video sent to my e-mail([email protected]). I will show them to your fans all in China.
Hope you get better soon!
Tracy McGrady————特雷西·麦克格雷迪———麦迪

leonix | on 9/5/08

to the best ever player in the nba .i wish u get well soon and i hope u will be agressive as u were back in orlando,i wish u the best ,u still remain my favorite player in the nba

mj | on 9/5/08

third team.thats all good and stuff, but people need to understand,fot t-mac’s standards this year could have been better. t-mac you have to bring it next yeat,play like u did in game 6 during the regular season

alien | on 9/5/08

Congratulations on your successful surgery. And i hope you can keep healthy. So have a good rehabilitation. Being long for your excellent performance! Best wishes!

Show | on 9/5/08

Be strong t-mac never give up you are a forever hero in my mind,best wish for you and yao.go go go!

Mou | on 9/5/08

Hey,T-mac.You do very great this season.I believe you can do better next season. I have seen the hope of rejuvenation of rocket from you. In my mind, you are MVP. Come on, I know you will win the championship next time. Sure win !

even | on 9/5/08

hi hi hi hi hi
i will come to see u.!!!
it’s my dream u know.
u r my god.
u r N0.1

loving u :)

张黎伟 | on 9/5/08

t-mac you know you are the best in my heart,I have saw all of your games from magic to are so handsome,and i have all of your game video in my computer,I love you than myself,please e-mail me ,I will so happy

Lily Chan | on 9/5/08

Hey t-mac

i am a chinese fan of u
there r many fans like me in china

u give us too much suprise this season

u r always the best!:)

we r all expect your behavior the next season

any way.

Have a good holiday with your wife and kids

Take care!


linda | on 9/5/08

T mac
please take good care of yourself!!!
In my mind you are always the best, I will always support you. we waitting for you!!!!!!! come on !!Tracy!! I love you !

linda | on 9/5/08

T mac
please take good care of yourself!!!
In my mind you are always the best, I will always support you. we waitting for you!!!!!!! come on !!Tracy!! I love you !

HaPPy~ | on 9/5/08

Travy,love you so much~~
I’m a chinese girl.I’ll support you forever!
only No.1
hope you can keep smile
happy every day!!! .

Maggie Pu | on 9/5/08

Tracy , we’re very happy to know that your surgery was successful . We worried about it before , but now we’re really happy . You know , your fans always support you , your pain is also our pain . Although this season failed , but we still believe the next season ! Yao and you will make Rockets stronger and stronger . Whatever happen , we are always by your side . Never give up ! We love you not only you are a great basketball player , but also you’re Tracy McGrady ! Your are the one , always the one ! No one can substitute !

I’m a Chinese . Although there are many differences between China and US , we still attention all of you . Your smile , can even let us happy so long . Maybe you don’t know …
So , Tracy , no matter how difficult the problems are , we hope that you can be happy !
Please remember … who we just love , who we just support , always—T-Mac !!!

I’m young now , but when I finish high school , I’ll go to the US . My dream is to be your friend one day , let you know me—a girl from China who regards you as my life . I know it’s a little impossible , but I will have a try , I will be hard !
In the end : my baby , fighting~

Your Chinese fan.

hustler | on 9/5/08

know look at you getting back full strenght next season and rockets dominated the nba man good luck and you had a heck of season and mabye i`l see you in all-star game


张骏来 | on 9/5/08

Hey Tracy, i’ve been your fan ever since your Orlando days.I love your style of play.I believe next season will belong to you .Take Care also!I believe in you forever! 张骏来

Maggie Pu | on 9/5/08

Tracy , we’re very happy to know that your surgery was successful . We worried about it before , but now we’re really happy . You know , your fans always support you , your pain is also our pain . Although this season failed , but we still believe the next season ! Yao and you will make Rockets stronger and stronger . Whatever happen , we are always by your side . Never give up ! We love you not only you are a great basketball player , but also you’re Tracy McGrady ! Your are the one , always the one ! No one can substitute !

I’m a Chinese . Although there are many differences between China and US , we still attention all of you . Your smile , can even let us happy so long . Maybe you don’t know …
So , Tracy , no matter how difficult the problems are , we hope that you can be happy !
Please remember … who we just love , who we just support , always—T-Mac !!!

I’m young now , but when I finish high school , I’ll go to the US . My dream is to be your friend one day , let you know me—a girl from China who regards you as my life . I know it’s a little impossible , but I will have a try , I will be hard !
In the end : my baby , fighting~

Your Chinese fan.

guojinming | on 9/5/08

Hey Tracy!I hope you get back as soon as possible!You’re on fire forever!

jyz | on 9/5/08

jus wanted to tell you that your the best ball player i know
I will love you forever!

Ouyang Ting | on 9/5/08

Still do not know that you will not be back to my messages, they still give you the one, you must pay attention to your body Oh, I have been to you as our family, the said, “Our family of Tracy ~ ~ ~” Oh, very happy to `` get Kan Bukan you do not know, nor do I know you have to understand Kan Bukan, you really must return to my! Such as you, you should go to where the morning to, I hope you have a good day, oh,

jyz | on 9/5/08

jus wanted to tell you that your the best ball player i know
I will love you for ever!

ouyang ting | on 9/5/08

Do not remember what time you like, but now more and more like a really, although far away from you, but still very much hope that you can see play, now I still too small, I hope you can also play a long time, so I have The opportunity to look at you, although seems a bit difficult, but I will, are you, oh, we must strive to play some more time, I can see the more you see a long time, I was a girl, this little woman Hasbro like the NBA, so rarely encountered similar, and I did not discuss, but it through my efforts I put up with my classmates, also like to watch NBA, but her favorite is KOBE, but he is also okay you Friends, although I am far from you, but I hope you can be, I look forward to,

vincent | on 9/5/08

i like your shots very much. make more dunk and score more points. don’t sex before the game day.

jackchen | on 9/5/08


xiaoerping | on 9/5/08

support Tracy !!

chenyanmei | on 9/5/08


HELEN | on 9/5/08

Take a good rest!
We’re looking forward to you!
You’re the only MVP in my heart!

Sonny | on 9/5/08

Forever T-Mac. Wash you a healthy body!

李Lee | on 9/5/08

Hey,Tracy.Good to hear the surgery was a success.I know you are the best player in NBA.I hope you can better and stronger.come on !

麦神 | on 9/5/08


Daisuki | on 9/5/08

May you a happy summer.We will wait you.Take care,Tracy.

KK | on 9/5/08

Glad to hear that you had a successful surgery!
Please take care of yourself.You are the best!

rocketstmac | on 9/5/08

T-MAC GOGOGO!Support you forever!

liquor | on 9/5/08

best wishes for u.
Everything will be okay.

kelland | on 9/5/08

Hi Mac,I hope you are well. I know your shoulder and knee surgery had been sucessful. I am glad of that. What I hope you to do is to take care of yourself. And live a happy holiday.Next season,come back to the court with good health.I am sure the Rockets will go farther next year as long as you and yao are healthy.
And I want you to know that do not care about the bad comments about you. Just believe yourself. A lot of T-Mac fans in China will support you forever.Cause’ you are always the NO1 player in the NBA now.
Come on Mac.Missing you .

Marvin Angelo Oloris | on 9/5/08

That’s hell of a good news T-Mac. I am always thinking that if not for those injuries that bothered you these last two dozens of games, you could have easily raised your numbers and percentages—also that the Rockets will beat the Utah Jazz 4-0. Man, you could have averaged 35+ points per game and dished in 8+ assists per game and capped 10+ rebounds per game. Wohow! That’s hell of a monster stats! Well, I always believe those number are attainable by yours, truly.

So, good luck with the recovery.

Get well soon. :)

from the Philippines

mahomet | on 9/5/08

Support you T-mac forever…See you next season!!!

Reon Ou | on 8/5/08


区铠宁 Reon Ou | on 8/5/08


WOTO | on 8/5/08


chenyanmei | on 8/5/08

麦麦我的最爱,永世不休!!!I am here for you forgood

chenyanmei | on 8/5/08

麦麦我的最爱,永世不休!!!I am here for you forgood

Gary | on 8/5/08

you know t-mac im your number one fan here in the philipines
youre so amazing!!!! please give a champion ship again in houston rockets!!!! bye!
god bless your team next season!!!


David | on 8/5/08

You are the Best~~ T-MAC!!!!!

Jessica Hon | on 8/5/08

Take care of yourself,Tracy.
Really much appreciated for you’ve done.Thanks a lot.

hibana | on 8/5/08

God bless…

Angelika | on 8/5/08

Hi Trae
I hope that you are feeling well. You had a marvelous season, accomplished a whole lot. I know that it was not enough for you, but like I said before your time will come …real soon. Just rest and get pumped up for the next season, I know that Artest is a little headstrong but I do believe that he would be a great asset to your team. You are a champ, straight up PEDIGREE material. You just need some help around you. Oh yeah please don’t get rid of Scola or Landry. My husband sends his regards and hopes you get to feeling better real soon. By the way since the Suns got rid of the Matrix, I guess he decided to jump on the Rockets Band Wagon. But you were always one of his favorite players, and he also believes that you will sport that ring before you retire. Tracy take care of yourself and believe…like your fans do. I went to a clutch fans chat room a few weeks ago, and let me tell you…I was amazed of how many fans you have and how everyone is looking up to you. Go Trae. Oh yeah and how about this years MVP. BOLOGNA...I wonder if he is going to share that Trophy with Gasol????? The NBA is really starting to tick me off. The fans should vote , not a bunch of confused announcers. Cause in my book you should have had the MVP a long time ago. Anyway that is just my opinion and thousands of other T-Mac fans. Get well and see you in the next season.

T-Mac number one LOVE Angelika

Jessica Hon | on 8/5/08

I’ve no words to say but only to send my best wishes for your health.

DreamLee | on 8/5/08

U R my hero&MVP;!keep healthy,and let them see the real power of T-MAC!!!GO T-Mac,GO Rockets!

Jessica Hon | on 8/5/08

Deo gratias,Tracy.Please take care of yourself.And have a good mood in your holiday.Best wishes.

Jessica Hon | on 8/5/08

Deo gratias,Tracy.Please take care of yourself.And have a good mood in your holiday.Best wishes.

Vina | on 8/5/08

Hey, good man! Hope you are very well, you just have a great season, you are alway a super star in our minds. Good lucky in next season. Keep your smile!

tale yang | on 8/5/08

T-MAC,you are the NO.1 in my heart for ever .and with my best wishes to you in the next season ,COME ON ,it’s time ,it’s rockets’time ,it’s T-MAC time !

彭 | on 8/5/08

i am your fans form China, jiayou T-Mac

Quiet | on 8/5/08


Nina | on 8/5/08


Hope you have a speedy recovery & come back healthy!!!

HR | on 8/5/08

Listen Tracy, Take my advice, leave the Houston Rockets it will be a benefit. Every year you lost, the team never made any major changes to improve Rockets Franchise. In matter of fact, you guys were worse this year because last year you lost with a 4-3 record vs. the Jazz, this year you lost 4-2 against the same team! I am very disappointed. My advice again is GET TRADED!!!! Because if you stay nothing is going to happen.

xiaotong | on 8/5/08

I come from faraway China, I also know that you come to China, to hope that you often.
I love you, in my heart, you are talented, you are a basketball god, I pity the poor English, so please do not make fun of me.
I know that you surgery was very successful and I am pleased to wish you a speedy recovery.
Next year I will be refueled for you, because I know that one day, you will be MVP, you will get the championship!
Bless you!
This is my first message to you, I hope you can see!
Look forward to your good news!

李莎 | on 8/5/08

Support you forever!Best wishes for you!Believe you and Yao!o(∩_∩)o…哈哈

chen | on 8/5/08

Tracy, Thank for all the happiness you gave to us this season.Hope you have a good rest and next season is you best season .We all trust you ,we all support you .No matter what will happen,no matter where you are.please be happy!!

houston rockets | on 8/5/08

congrats on third team

Enter your name... | on 8/5/08

t-mac when can you start your of luck you and the houston rockets.

michael | on 8/5/08

wassup tmac i cant believe the rockets get out of the first round i was crying when ya lost to the utah jazz 2 straight …..anyway man i hope your surgery is okay i hope you will come back next year and ready to go to the second and i also hope you will bring back home the championship

take care … your biggest fan -michael

sook | on 8/5/08

Tracy thanks for all you have done!!!! No1 thought that we would make the playoffs and you carried us to it, and through it. I wish you best of luck, never give up even when not healthy you are a top 10 player :P

lee | on 8/5/08

get well t-mac.

Miguel Amador | on 8/5/08

Hey Tracy, i’ve been your fan ever since your toronto days. I love your style of play and the things you do out on the court. Sometimes you do such incredible moves that seem like you are completely unstoppable. It looks SO easy when you do it out there. I love it and hope to meet you someday. Best wishes to you and your recovery…and never stop trying because the love of basketball never dies out.

Michael | on 8/5/08

You are my hero

Bryan | on 8/5/08

jus wanted to let u know that your the best player i know even when your not 100%

Bryan Leaphart | on 8/5/08

jus wanted to tell you that your the best ball player i know even when your not 100%

Will Guerrero | on 8/5/08

Good to hear the surgery was a success. What is amazing is you could still score 40 points with all those injuries. People question your heart for the game but you proved them wrong in game six even if it came in a loss.

辜M | on 8/5/08


Curtis | on 8/5/08

Get well soon T-Mac. Glad it was nothing too serious.

Jason Lovette | on 8/5/08

You take care also and get better. This is what I hope you would average next season:

25.8 PPG 6.5 APG 7.5 RPG 2.0 SPG 1.3 BPG
47% FG 40% 3pt
90% FT
All-Star Starter MVP
All NBA offensive First Team
All NBA defensive First, Second or third team
Regular season MVP
And the Rockets cap it all off with an NBA Finals victory it’s all possible.

Raheel | on 8/5/08

Tracy….AMAZING NEWS. We need you next season. I believe in you!

kevin | on 8/5/08

Hey, Tracy! Me and all my bodies have seen the great efforts you put on the court, and how hard you are trying to carry the whole team. Ignore the bandwagons’ idiotic comments, believe in yourself, all the true fans will support you forever. And best wishes to your recovery!

Dan | on 8/5/08

Good luck Tracy. Houston loves you.

Sac | on 8/5/08

Good to hear, Mac. I know you’re gonna come back stronger and better. Ive always respected you as a person (because you acknowledge your fans) and your game on the basketball court, but I have even more respect for you after battling with that bum knee and shoulder. Thanks for another brilliant, memorable season. I cant wait til November. Take care.

Kao | on 8/5/08

Tracy McGrady, please work really hard and come back to the 08-09 season as strong as possible! That 47pt game opener vs the Jazz was one of the greatest things I’ve seen from you. You’re still young and I think you’re still in for a few good years! Please do your best, along with Yao, to come back and “set the west in flames!”. We still believe!

chen | on 8/5/08

All the best.t-mac

Jay | on 8/5/08

MY dear Tracy, to watch you playing basketball is the second best thing in my life and to watch you is the best. I feel comfortable and excited you had a successful surgery and I hope you can recover ASAP. I believe next season will belong to you and your Rockets.

xjd | on 8/5/08

Pleale do not mind what otherone said
To be yourself
It is the most interesting thing in the world that watching you playing basketbal instead of caring whether you won or lost

Deep | on 8/5/08

never give up!
we will suppore you~

gail | on 8/5/08


Deep | on 8/5/08

never give up!!
we will support you~

Tracysky | on 8/5/08

Take care of urself.
Come on Mac

Min | on 8/5/08

Hey Tracy,It’s very happy for me to hear that.Only are you well,the rockets can run well.We all believe that you will thae champion ring of the next playoffs.You’re a kind person,so you will have a perfect season. Remember:we will always love you, loving you-Min~

Evian | on 8/5/08

Tracy,I really like your smile!
I’ll support you forcver!
I think you are gonna reach the top of your career next season.
Be confident!:)

Evian | on 8/5/08

I’m so happy that you had a successful surgery.
Take care of yourself. Have a good holiday.
Excepting your return…
I believe in you forever!

xujiefeng | on 8/5/08

Hope you recover fully

Thank u,T-MAC, | on 8/5/08

thank you!

rellz | on 8/5/08

Hey im glad the surgery went well, hopefully the GM’s can make some off season trades 2 bring in one of those big free agents this summer. I’ve got big plans for the rockets. Thanks for a hell of a season TMAC.

LOVE Tracy | on 8/5/08

yean,we know your shoulder and your knee problems are always bothering you this season.Hearing your surgery were very successful,we are very happy and wish you take the three months to get back to 100%.We are here and wait for you for your heroic behavior.You know ,we are always here to wait for you.Take good care of you and see you next season!And next season we hope you will be the MVP for houston ROCKETS,and just tell us that you will do your best to win the NVP!!

sally | on 8/5/08

Glad to hear that. Come on and take care of your self. You are the best in my heart. By the way, send my regards to Yao.

Zhao Siyuan | on 8/5/08

Best wishes to you to get back to full strength as soon as possible!

Zhao Siyuan | on 8/5/08

Hi,Tracy,I’m one of your most honeyst fans from China.I’m a 18-year-old student and I like wearing your jerseys and shoes at school.I will have a big examination in China and entrance college this year.I swear,I will go to Houston to see you in 3 years.I really love you so much.Best wishes to you to get back to full strength soon.I can’t wait for watching you playing in the next season any longer!Good luck!

BLESS | on 8/5/08

THE first time I know you was 4 years ago ,I appreciate you since then .but because of some excuses,I don’t watch your games with my heart for a long time.until these days,I cry for you,for long.I relise that ,yes ,you are in my heart.I love you.

remenber ,wherever you go ,we will be together …...

Lecily | on 8/5/08

I’m so glad to hear you are all right. Take care of yourself Tracy. I’m looking forward to your strong coming back.
No matter what, you are always my hero.

Gabriel Moors | on 7/5/08

Hey Tracy, hope you can be back at 100% at the sart of the season, like everybody around you. I feel that you could have a great season next year with all team healthy with one of 2 good pick up (draft, trade …). I’m a fan till you’r third year in Toronto. Hope next year could be the GOOD year, believe in you men, take care my man.

linda | on 7/5/08

Best wishes for you!I hope you’ll be more and more healthy!Come on!T-MAC!I’ll pray for you everyday!

withtracy | on 7/5/08


Please remember


tough reliable aggressive captain LIKE you.

We love U.

Come on TRACY

next season .

Everything’s gonna be Ok

sandy | on 7/5/08

You will be healthy soon and have a good rest

Devin Callen | on 7/5/08

Yo man i dont know if you remember me but i have sent you email in the past and you have responded. Thank you so much for that i really respect you and look up to you alot. Its been a while since we talked but i just want to let you know that i hope you have a great summer and recover great. Remember, your names TMAC for a reason, because your #1 man. Mcgrady fan for life right here. Good luck buddy and have a great summer.

Adrianne | on 7/5/08

Hi Tracy! It’s me again! I wish you your speedy recovery & good health!

I think the Rockets have the brightest future in the NBA, so don’t worry.. you’ll get there & I’m pretty sure that when you get there you guys will take it all… all the way! =D

so get well soon!
We love you!

Take Care also!
& God bless you!

Ray | on 7/5/08

Hey man, hope you can get back to 100% real soon. As a matter of fact, I miss the rockets so much. Hope both you and Yao will come back with the full strength nect season. Take care!!

Ethan | on 7/5/08

good luck next season tracy you deserve mvp next season you worked so hard this season 22-0 thats worth an award well love you your biggest fan ethan

Sam Darley | on 7/5/08

Glad the surgery was a success I hope you and the rest of the Rockets get plenty of rest and get poised for the upcoming season with HOUSTON. Stay with the Rockets because this is the only team that you will get past the first round with, no offense Spurs. I have had heart surgeries in the past so i know what it’s like to have surgery. Hope your recovery goes smoothly and get well man.

h-mac | on 7/5/08


JD | on 7/5/08

hey tracy, now that you guys are out of the playoffs…what team are you going for ?

Angelika | on 7/5/08

Hi Trae

I am very happy that the surgery went well. I wish you a speedy recovery, and take care of yourself.Always number one to me.
God bless you….Angelika

Sahger Lad | on 7/5/08

Hope you get well and recover fully