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Wed, Feb 27th 2008, 14:49

Tracy's Blog: Time to Step Up

Hey fans, it’s TMAC with a little request…don’t give up on us! Yes it is true, the big fella went down and we are all praying for a healthy recovery. Although our spirits are high during this win streak, losing a guy like Yao can really affect a team, especially one in the playoff hunt. We had a great team meeting the other day to discuss the injury and everyone wants to chip in and do what they can to fill those shoes…those are some BIG shoes though!

We have some great veterans on our ballclub and having a guy like Deke (Dikembe Mutombo) is a luxury not many teams have. He has been through the NBA wars and knows what it takes to fill a role and try to keep this team moving in the right direction. We are all pretty confident and winning 13 in a row has us playing our best basketball of the year. Seriously, we have not lost a game this month! I don’t know if that has ever happened in my career?

The next two months will be one of the biggest challenges of my career and I feel like we will remain strong as a group and give it our best shot in the West. I’ll do my best to step up and lead the only way I know how.

Thanks again for all of the support in the comments you all post for me. The website is a great new channel for me to interact with my fans…keep the comments coming.


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


牛燃 | on 22/2/10


鈳KK | on 22/2/10

Dear T-MAC,Come what will ,I will always stand by you.I Belive you can fly once again!!We are waiting for your show time!!GO

朱校伯 | on 22/2/10

T-MAC I love you forever . I’ll support you .because of you i become more stronger!!!

gaoepng | on 21/2/10

you are the hero in my heart forever

TMAC's fans | on 21/2/10

Come on~! I love you forever~!!!

wangxiangwang | on 21/2/10

T-MAC 你永远是我的偶像!加油~这个赛季之火燃烧在纽约!

咸阳-McGrady | on 20/2/10

小麦,你的首秀非常精彩,我一直默默的支持你,在我心中你永远都是感动上天的那个男人,35秒13分,NBA有你更精彩,我永远爱你T-mac,你到哪里哪里就是我的主队,我永远追随着你,不管你表现如何,我永远支持你,在我心中你永远都是最棒的!T-mac你一定要加油哦!我相信你一定会回来的! Best wishies to you!

白宇 | on 20/2/10

come on!!!! i believe you can be better!

彭天茹 | on 19/2/10

t-mac. you are so great ,you should be strong,donnot give up.

martin | on 19/2/10

hey t-mac its nice to see ur moving on with another team. im one of ur biggest fan. i know u can still be the superstar that you are. just always believe in yourself. you can still prove to your new team especially to rick adelman that he made a mistake of doubting your game and putting u on the bench
stay healthy man…God bless….

your fans | on 19/2/10

T-mac,I am a 17 years old boy from China.I think you are the greatest player in NBA .I think,you can grt the champion in one day.加油!!!

china 赵强 | on 19/2/10

Dear Tracy:
I love you very much
you are the hero in my heart
I hope you can get better
and get the NBA champion with YAO.
Best wishies to you

kim | on 1/2/10

T-mac,i wish you can get better.
I am your fans forever.

Dailiangping | on 31/1/10

Madison you will always be in our hearts strong, though you can not play, but we still support you. We hope you can soon come back into your past.

vinycrensasia | on 26/1/10

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张光鹏(Lvan) | on 25/1/10

Hi,I be you fan.I love you very much.I hope you as fast as play basketball.I believe in you can changr strong.

Zerway | on 25/1/10

You have to give me Cheer up, you are in any case, a real man to be resilient, and sometimes you mad, but sometimes you also need to Friends of the force. You wanted to prove to the whole world to see, crazy T-mac. Now I have also Like you are low life, I am not willing to, I think you will be more eager than me!! If you can see, I am really very happy / /

li wang | on 21/1/10

love you tnac

li wang | on 21/1/10

tmac Im from china .i love you .you are the best .

Lee Ho-Nam | on 19/1/10

McGrady for a long time no news about you, and I feel like I know how kind of you recently? Concern you at all timesHow’s it going? I care about you all the time and look forward to your return, as your loyal fans, will forever be with you, whether you go with then I will share with you. You will return to its peak period, I believe you. Let us work together. Information back to my email please? I wrote a lot of e-mail to you, and look forward to your response. Lee Ho-Nam McGrady fans forever

依然特雷西 | on 13/1/10

麦蒂!加油! 你永远都是最棒的!永远永远支持你!永远做你的粉丝!相信你会重回巅峰!加油

kak | on 9/1/10

tracy magrady can u be my freibd please!can u come to yuba city

zach | on 9/1/10

go! t-mac tracy

Liu Qiang | on 9/1/10

T—MAC you are the best basketball player in NBA .... remember you are the best ,I am your fans ,I like your style I will support you forever ,forever … TRACY become god ,because you are the best!!!

杨伟国 | on 8/1/10


jmac | on 6/1/10

hi tmAc im y0ur one of y0ur biggest.. hopefully y0u can make a cahmpionship team.. I wish y0u all the best.. d0nt lose h0pe.. jUst prAy.. & mAny FANS will supp0rt y0u..

Duan Huawei | on 5/1/10

T-MAC I’m your fans.I love you very much. whatevry i only want look you paly ball. come on T-MAC !!! I believe you success.Beacuse all fans hope you success!

Mr zhang | on 3/1/10

或许,他们都忘记了 是谁在最后时刻疯狂得砍下13分逆转马刺。
或许,他们都忘记了 是谁用一次次犀利的爆扣让休城陷入疯狂。
或许,他们都忘记了 是谁一次次精准销魂的干拔直穿对手心脏。
或许,他们都忘记了 是谁带着伤痕累累的身体与爵士死拼到底。
或许,他们都忘记了 是谁带领球队创造了疯狂的22连胜。
或许,他们都忘记了 丰田中心的“MVP“为谁而喊. !
但是,我记得,我们麦蜜都记得! 是麦迪,是特雷西.麦克格雷迪! 这个男人带给了我们许多美好的回忆!

xu jian | on 3/1/10

I am your super fans . Nothing is possible !!!
Come on!!! I think you are better than anyone .
my name is xu jian .I come from China .I am a student .

you fans mr gong | on 3/1/10

tracy 我知道你是球场的王者,可是你就会被伤病困扰嘛,我相信你是行的,证明给自己看,给别人看,我们这些为球迷对你期望很大,不要令我们失望,打败科比他们吧!加油

TENGFEI SONG | on 2/1/10

I’m very love you
you super man
foever good luck

FAN。C.C | on 2/1/10

T-MAC you are best get up

chan | on 1/1/10

Hey.T-mac,I’m a crazy fan of you !I always bealive you can come back!Beacuse you are the God in my heart!I think you can be much greater than MJ!You’re the beast!!!Come on!We’ll follow you forever!

蒋春林 | on 1/1/10


tutu | on 31/12/09


l love tmac | on 31/12/09

Hello, my mind have always admired Tracy McGrady at this time I understand your feelings now I know that you are very reluctant to leave the rocket, but you did not choose the room of your heart full of frustration is very sad lonely away from your teammates Media They attack you the face of these you have been keeping silent because they do not understand you but you are behind a group of loyal fans have been quietly supporting you in our hearts for your fuel that you have far surpassed Kobe you are the most Great you want to never forget that they have created 35 seconds 13 minutes never to believe that he is the best you have to remember that no matter where you go we will always support you We urge you to participate in the 2010 All-Star

MILK | on 31/12/09



廖家银 | on 30/12/09

T-mac 你永远都是最好的·!

joy hu | on 30/12/09

T-MAC i believe u will be back,Where u go, I’ll follow u ~~ god bless u

WILL CHAN | on 30/12/09

No weapon that is formed against you will prevail;and you will condemn every tongue that rises against you in judgment!! We have 100% reason to remember the name :TMAC!! You are not alone,no matter where you go,we are aways with you!!!!

Qiuye | on 29/12/09

无论T-MAC走到哪! 永远支持你 ! 相信你不会让我们失望的 用行动去报复批评吧!!!!

麥子み寶兒~ | on 29/12/09

T-mac forever believe you!

yan | on 28/12/09

Hi,T-MAC,I am very glad that I can write to you.It’s my best honor in my life.
Today,I heard some news about you,I felt very sad. What I want to say is : T-MAC,you are the best player in NBA in my life,wherever you go , I will support you all the time,in my high school,I like watching basketball game which about Rockets,because you are in the Rockets.Because of you,I falled in love with Rockets,and I like you play bascketball very much.Because you are the best.

If you leave Rockets,Rrom now on,I won’t watch basketball games about Rockets,never.Because you have left.I will watch the team whick you belongs to. I hate the Rick Adelman,why he make you left? T-MAC,I’m a fans of you, I will support you all the time. good luck!! If you recieve the message,I hope you give me return.Thank you.This is my E-mail address:[email protected] yan 29/12/09

SUSAN | on 28/12/09


linchuanghong | on 25/12/09

don’give up

CC | on 21/12/09

T-MAC,YOu are getting better and better.And i believe you will recover 100 percent before nba all star.It’s just a matter of time.Go GO GO!!!!!!

Bruce.z | on 20/12/09


MICHAEL.LU | on 18/12/09

You are the best~

chinaboy | on 18/12/09

goodman fight!

f | on 14/12/09

they said ‘ you couldn’t make it in the pro’s’ ... you said ‘thanks for the challenge’ - keep on digging

cilscrync | on 13/12/09

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tianyiwang | on 13/12/09

I believe you can beat up everyone in the match,you are the best star in my heart.

YC | on 13/12/09

We believe you can come back.No mattter others tell you,you can make better.Don’t waste your genius.

bingqing chen | on 11/12/09

T-Mac,are you ready?I Believe in you!

wyh167 | on 11/12/09

I will always love you and support you,I hope you come back as soon as possible and try your best to step up.GOOD LUCK...

Ron | on 27/11/09

Hey t-mac, come back soon!

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kinan alsharif | on 25/11/09

Dear Tracy:
I love you very mu
I hope you can get better
and get the NBA champion with YAO.
Best wishies to you

shirley | on 24/11/09

you have been my idol for more than 8 years ,and i’m sure i will support you all the time 。you are always the best!come on !!!

jamesblunt | on 24/11/09

I do not know what should i say to you.

Anyway i hope your can win the champion with Yao.

I love you so much.

Hope you and yao will be back soon.

Emil | on 23/11/09


Edicslism | on 22/11/09

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czz | on 16/11/09

We, the Chinese are waiting for you, king return! we forever love you! Your faithful fan! Offer!

tom lau | on 15/11/09

Enter your comment…we love you ,never give up,come on !!!

tom lau | on 15/11/09

love you forever ,never give up,we hope you come back,come on,oh,yeah!!!

My name tempest 1 | on 15/11/09

T-MAC I will always support you! I am a Chinese child, though his game is not good, but I like to watch NBA very frequent contacts with long, 5-year bar seemed to, I have been watching the Rockets, you are a people to respect the player, filling!

仇 | on 13/11/09

tracy 加油 我们永远支持你

jiangshangjing | on 10/11/09

i believe you are the best you will be back

吴学鸿 | on 7/11/09

TMAC I have seen you game for many years .So I will support you forever .DO you believe it? I think you are the stroggest player in the NBA.BYE BYE now ,I am going to my school

廖雪华 | on 5/11/09


叶瑞锦 | on 31/10/09


jj | on 28/10/09

i like you very much,i hope you can crite a maricl in this new seasons.

daming | on 27/10/09

support you forever

LI daming | on 27/10/09

I’m your forever fan ! alway suppot you ! T-mac ,forever !

Bi Wenlin | on 26/10/09

i blieve you will always the best one

Linjie | on 26/10/09

YOU are wonderful WINNER

Linjie | on 26/10/09

I BELIEVE YOU CAN. YOU are wonderful

YOU ARE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

zhoucheng | on 25/10/09

KING tracy
I am your faithful fan. I have fallen in love with you since I was 14.I have seen your perfect performance every time I saw you in the guy.I hope you can come back sooner and perform well. THe state that you won the NBA scoring title twice just owes you ,does not it?
Come on Tracy! we will not get away from you. Best withes! zhoucheng

zjl | on 25/10/09

you say you will come back.we say i believe you.T-mac,加油

yangyajie | on 24/10/09

I hope you come back!

cheng | on 24/10/09


hui pang | on 22/10/09

you can fly com back

Kurt Lu | on 21/10/09


Lot of people saying that you are week, but I do not ever think so. And I do not like people who are judgeing others like they were perfect.

People have different personnality, just be yourself, no need to care about other’s comment. You are Tmac,my super star.

Wish you a best season! Look forward you getting on the court.

By the way, forgive my poor English. Just want to let you know, some people in China are always with you.

love tmac forever | on 20/10/09

tmac I love you forever. you are a best baseketball player in can make wonder again and have gracefull style . you are my baseketball god in my heart

your louver | on 19/10/09

you konw you have much fans in china,like student,L hope no matter if you will be succeed,L will respect you support you and love you forever.
L will pray the god to help you come on

your lover

Mr zhang | on 19/10/09

T-MAC: I’m a chinese boy! I know you’ll take up! I’m waiting for you! Goodluck! I’m your fans forever!

吴辉 | on 18/10/09


Dong Ping | on 17/10/09

T-mac I love you forever,I hope you can cometure your dream!
My English is not very good!

vitalik | on 16/10/09


LV LU | on 14/10/09

I am your loyal fans, I am from China, I really like to see your game, usually as long as you have the game I always tried to see, including the skipping …
I learned that your current injury, I hope you will not ventured back, need 100 percent healthy, we need to fully healthy Tracy, I have been waiting for your return. I wish you to shake off the injury plagued early return to court. Thank you

阿德尔曼 | on 13/10/09

hello 你一定要打败质疑

Tracy SuiGrady | on 12/10/09

when i know basketball, i know you-Tracy McGrady

Jeff | on 7/10/09


Jeff | on 7/10/09


xu | on 6/10/09

Go!!T-MAC!!You are my super star!!Please remember you are the best!!Don’t let us down!!!Never Give Up!!!Go!!Go!!Go!!

yk | on 6/10/09


袁凯 | on 5/10/09

T-MAC,加油!!I AM YOUR FANS ,I BELIEVE YOU are the best!I love
you forever!!

jason | on 3/10/09

I always support you I Ihave no worlds to say,just let’s srong!
hurry up!

Alex J.T. | on 30/9/09

T, when things gets hard just bring it to your wife, shes been there all along with you, so don’t forget you will always get supported. Like you said theres unfinished business on the court,its time. Everyone can play basketball, but not everyone is Tracy McGrady. dont disappoint us.

浩 | on 30/9/09


赵晓东 | on 29/9/09

I think you are the best.I support all the way.You are my hero.I like you very much.You are the best basketball player.You are much better than KOBE BRYANT.I believe you can come back again!I LOVE YOU T-Mac. Your super fans

tmacbaobao | on 29/9/09

Tmac 加油!!!顶你!信你!支持你!

king | on 28/9/09

I am a boy , today is my fist time get here , you are the only one hero in my heart. the new term coming , make the men close their mouth .

chen | on 27/9/09


LXF | on 23/9/09

Hi!I come from china.I remeber you can fly again!we love you!

lingqingzou | on 22/9/09

T-mac,you are the best.

毛夏卫 | on 21/9/09

TMAC!!!!GO GO GO !!!加油

xu li | on 20/9/09

come on I believe you will win I`m YOU FANS

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代健 | on 13/9/09

They said you are weak,but i think you are my super star forever!So i believe you could do better because you are my basketball belief.Go on!

刘珂 | on 12/9/09

T-mac you are the best please go on and we will love you forever

Kaibo zhang | on 12/9/09

Tracy, i’m your fans, i saw you went to chicago for special training, i got that from the sport news! I hope you can make the history again and most your chinese fans want to watch a real Tracy back in 2009-2010 in Houston, Bring the team to 2009-2010 playoffs!Good Lucky!

Jane Huang | on 4/9/09

Tracy,I really love you,and I’ll love you forever。
I want tell you:keep healthy,nothing will on your way!

王旭 | on 31/8/09

Tracy: I will always love you!!!Come on !!!!!

LiBo | on 31/8/09

What a great thing that you’ll come to shijiazhuang! I’m so exticed that I want to meet you right now. But can you tell me how I can meet you? Where will you get the next days? Perhaps I’m not so lucky that my dream can be true, but I love you forever. I hope we can be friends in the future.
Best wishes!

chuang xu | on 30/8/09

TMAC! i love you forever !do you know? in my here,more and more people coming love you ! i hope i can your fans forever !If you still that TMAC next life, I still is that TMAC‘ fans! Look forward to your reply! TMac forever love your’ fans

nance | on 19/6/09

Whatever you are,I’ll support you forever!

jing_guochen | on 19/6/09

never give up Tracy McGrady

小沈 | on 19/6/09

T-MACYou’ll always be my idol, fighting!!! Looking forward to your pay, waiting for you to the return of the king. I wish you a speedy recovery

laoliyi | on 18/6/09

I do not know do you forget the feeling of flying, I wonder if you can overcome the injury, I do not know whether the fear of that curse you, do you also yearn for O’Brien Cup, do you still remember Michael Jordan’s ball boots, I wonder if you …
However, T-Mac, please take a look at it, how many people still support you, we all want to see you fly, want to see you overcome injury, want to get rid of your curse, victory aub Ryan Cup.
You have so arrogant and domineering, but we want to see you mad today, please stand up …

liu | on 18/6/09

因为你是我们的领袖,因为你是T-mac,因为你说过:I will be back!永远的相信你,永远的支持你!

JoY6 | on 17/6/09

T-MAC is always the best ,n we are 2gether with U 4ever…

胡佩豪 | on 16/6/09

麦迪你要快快好起来 把你的勇气打出来我期待着你的回归!!!

沈懿 | on 16/6/09

I have a nickname,and it is tmacyi. As long as you are on the match,i always on yourside.And now i want to tell you:please do not give up yourself. I believe you will be back.

SONGPENG | on 16/6/09

T-Mac I remembered that you “I meet, we meet” are you let me start to watch the ball game, hoped that you will soon be restored to health, to let me see to genuine T-Mac

YangJie | on 15/6/09

T-MAC,You are my idol,you’re the no.1 in my heart,forever~!

穆娟 | on 15/6/09

T-MAC,I love you so much!In my life,you are veyr important for are the one i must keep health and come back!we waiting for you!The next year,you will take the ring .There are many people love you.I do not you can understant or not,but i still love you.我的英语很差的,你可能看不懂,反正我们有很多的人会一直支持你的,加油。下赛季你会夺得总冠军的,一定会。

QiangZhao | on 14/6/09

I’m your chinese fans,I hope you a speedy recovery!

ss-t | on 13/6/09

never give up ,please!
we only believe you!
we love you !

chinese | on 13/6/09

Hero, a hero forever. Your own style in our hearts forever lingering, always support you. Right back, good back, hundreds of millions of people waiting for you, you are a hero in our hearts forever. I am sorry we do not support you, you will always be king. I am a Chinese, in my behind, there are countless people like me, you are the best. Fuel, we’ll wait for you.

taojiwei | on 13/6/09


chen liu | on 13/6/09

I am a fan from China. College entrance examination just concluded, I look forward to your next season healthy. I will always support you, like you. Although the evaluation of your media is bad, but I know it is because you were injured, and I believe that the new season will be The Return of the King you must lead the Houston Rockets to achieve greater progress. I will always support you and Yao. Come on!

Du Kelong | on 13/6/09

come on! never give up! i beleave you forever!
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best wishs for you

Du Kelong | on 13/6/09

Come on! never give up!i belive you forever!
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Best wishs to you

王磊 | on 13/6/09

T-MAC,永远支持你。 我相信你会更好的,你会实现你的梦想。
加油! 加油! 加油!

T.K.Y | on 12/6/09

I lake you very much.I want to send you my best wishes for your quick return to good health.I believe you will have a brilliant future.

Barbara Parker | on 12/6/09

I’m interested in Camp for my Grandson.

梁毓鹏 | on 12/6/09

ㄒ-мαc : 我们期待你09-10赛季的回归,期待你的35秒13分,期待火箭和你的辉煌。 期待 回归 梁毓鹏 09.06.12

Chengzi Hao | on 11/6/09

I am a middle student.We will never give up on you.We support you forever.You and your ROCKETS will have a wonderful season.COME ON! Believe youself!You can get it!!!

王颂 | on 11/6/09

Thanks again for all of the support in the comments you all post for me. The website is a great new channel for me to interact with my fans…keep the comments coming.

彭亮 | on 10/6/09


WangQiang | on 9/6/09

I love you very much
you are the hero in my heart
I hope you can get better
and get the NBA champion with YAO.
Best wishies to you

liyang LEE | on 9/6/09

麦蒂 我是你的铁杆球迷 这赛季你的伤病影响了你 我相信下个赛季你会振作起来 重新带领火箭 这次你会是总冠军 永远支持你 加油 TMAC GO GO

meng yan | on 9/6/09

Yes,all your fans know your pain.NOT command you help rocket or yao ,only help youself.We don’t request you become Magic’s Tracy,WE only want you to try your best to face every game.COME ON,we fans never think you give up,why do you give up???

杨洋 | on 9/6/09

我因为你而爱上篮球,想起你的35秒那种精彩的时刻我非常的为你感到骄傲!相信自己!T-MAC We all souppt you I love T-mac

DONG | on 8/6/09


lgy | on 8/6/09

hi,tracy come on
I will look forwoard to your good job

鲍鹏飞 | on 8/6/09

I like you when you play the B-BALL,when you on the floor!
T-mac GO

chengang | on 7/6/09

T-mac,you must remember what you are great.You will succeed.I’m your fans.

麦蜜 | on 6/6/09

Cheer on!I will wait for you。

Ma Hongquan | on 6/6/09

I want you have best body,and i dreamed you performce more T-MAC time .The last i wished you come back earlier!

long | on 6/6/09

i love you 永远

xun wang | on 6/6/09

I belive you will be back ,because you are T-mac.

zhuzhu | on 5/6/09

tracy ,you are my hero all the time,and it won’t change.
Be the best you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
come on come on!!!

周锦鹏 | on 5/6/09

NOT to give up .
All of us want you to be the best player.
Come on!!!!
Do you best.

bell huang | on 5/6/09

I hope you can get better
and you will be health next season!
believe you,all the chinese fans hope you can get back,
beat everyone,and we all want to see you on the flood and
play many good matchs to us!! from:your are best fans—bell huang

jerry k | on 5/6/09

hi,t——mac,dont give up,you know?we love you forever!!

Cai Jinxun | on 4/6/09

You are a great player,but you are so lazy.If you can keep fighting everyday,you will get something you want.WE LOVE YOU FOREVER.

wallet | on 4/6/09

cone on! In my heart you are the best.forever````

蒋鉴 | on 4/6/09


Vae | on 4/6/09

T-MAC,I’m your fans forever.I love this game,basketboll.

qianqianxx | on 3/6/09

My T-MAC,i support you forever!!! go go!! Come on!!!

李成 | on 3/6/09

i believe you can back .tracy

QJ | on 3/6/09

I just want to say: T Mcgrady, You are the best ! just,come back!

leona | on 3/6/09

dear T-Mac:
I really love you and will love you forever!
You are aways the only Number.1 in my heart!
I miss you very much, I’m waiting for you all the time you are away.
wish you health~miss you ~love you ~~~~~~~

刘波 | on 3/6/09

Hello,I’m your fans!I support you all the time!

LIU BO(刘波) | on 3/6/09

Hello,T-MAC!I’m your fans!I like you very much and I support you all the time!Cheer up!

horror | on 3/6/09

Dear Tracy:
I love you very much
you are the hero in my heart
I support you forever

Hanyu Lei | on 2/6/09

Tracy McGrady is the best I believe you, you will always be. I do not know when you begin to pay attention! Do not know when like you! Have seen the glory of the suffering you have read! I to quietly support! I hope you will not be injured by Down! bless you! mind first. for pyronaridine pyronaridine you wish for your fans! beef up! Bullish!

liqinpeng | on 1/6/09

I love you !!Nomater where you are!I am one of your loyal fans ! I hope you can be the best player !It’s no wonder you are the forever No.1~~~~~~GO GO GO ~~~ My hero~~You are always in my heart!!!!!!Best wishes~~~~~~

peng | on 1/6/09

I support you forever,T-mac.

"BEAT" L.A. | on 1/6/09


徐奔 | on 1/6/09

Tracy,Iam one of your best fans forever!I believe you can ~

Tracy | on 1/6/09

Tracy :
I’m a chinese girl here. please don’t be confused

we are all behind U forever.. support u till u leave NBA..

come on fighting

love u all the time.. never change .. never

陈宁峰 | on 31/5/09

麦蒂 我永远支持你

Shu | on 31/5/09

Dear T-Mac: Don’t think anymore,we are all support you,whatever you think,keep going,Don’t stop!

王浩 | on 31/5/09


shencheng | on 31/5/09

I am your Chinese fans, My name is Cheng Shen, I am like you, I think you have difficulties, I believe you are a rocket MVP, is the NBA League MVP, you will lead the Rockets won the championship . Come on! I will always support you!

张政 | on 31/5/09

T-mac I love you so much i am your super fans !!!!!! come on T-MAC

陆杰 | on 31/5/09

Dear SIR: T-MAC, I believe you still have the ability to break through! Dunk! Victory! Is that not everyone would like to see T-MAC do? Come back to you, T-MAC, we’re waiting for you, rocket is waiting for you! Do not let others look down on you~ ~ ~! !
lujie ,one of your fans

sunny | on 30/5/09

you are the best ,you are NO.1

andyxie | on 30/5/09

Trancy, come back with your good health as soon as possible. I are waiting for you .加油!!

zhouyangxu | on 30/5/09

T-MAC the forever king

shanjun | on 30/5/09

hey Tracy:i am a big fans for you ,you are the best in my heart.and i believe you will be back.加油!!!!!!!!!

chinese fun | on 30/5/09

hey,my hero,I wish you can defeat injury and go back to your best.then I wish I can witness you become the champion.

your funs

刘洋(liuyang) | on 30/5/09

We hope you can come back next season!!!
Best wishes to you!!!

liuyang | on 30/5/09

Dear Tracy
Come back sonn!We believe you are the best!

单国强 | on 30/5/09

I support you forever
come on

WUYIJUN | on 30/5/09

TMAC , I hope you will back the game .I like watching your game and rockets ! good luck ! I will support you forever !!!

juria | on 30/5/09

youare the best。

song zidi | on 30/5/09

like you very much

Robbie | on 29/5/09

u r the best forever!

maimi | on 29/5/09

It’s nice to meet you!!

赖凌波 | on 29/5/09


赖凌波 | on 29/5/09

Tracy you are the best basketball player in the NBA. I love you so much.look after yourself better. Coom on . GOOD LUCK

jiuling | on 29/5/09


袁帅 | on 29/5/09


caijingpei | on 29/5/09

happy birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

T-fans | on 29/5/09

Just do it!

Wang Hanqing | on 29/5/09

No mater what they said,in my spirit you are the best,forever.

EnKe | on 29/5/09


love T-Mac | on 29/5/09

T-Mac,I love you forever,you are great ang NO.1 forever!!!You can paly!!!麦迪,我永远支持你,加油吧!

马晓东 | on 28/5/09

You are the best

Wenjie | on 28/5/09

I hope you can come back..I really like you ..
I’m your fan forever!!!
When you hurt, i feel very heart is breaking!!!!
But i still love you!!
I forget to tell you: Tracy, Happy Birthday!!!

方有平 | on 27/5/09

hi,T-MAC you are the best player,i love you !
come back to the Basketball court ,i believe you

yangbing | on 26/5/09

You are the best!!! I believe you !
Come on!!!

Aaron Carter | on 25/5/09

Go go,T-mac,i’m from china,my chinese name is Liu Chijian.I hope you can play basketball again,we want to see you are in the Toyota Center!

lj | on 25/5/09


李文婷 | on 24/5/09

dear tmac;
i love you for ten years,
i can not love you more。

come on~

FANS | on 24/5/09

Tracy Mcgrady

Happy birthday to you !!

黄义君 | on 24/5/09

Dear Tracy McGrady, you have to refuel Oh! I will always support you.

Winniw.Mc | on 24/5/09

Tracy McGrady , Happy Birthday .. I love you Forever~!

Lee | on 23/5/09

You are the boss,you will come back,I trust you,Tracy~~

godwin | on 23/5/09

happy birthday!
love you

godwin | on 23/5/09

happy birthday!
love you

Yongming CHEN | on 23/5/09

I love you 9 years I can not speak more English “come on,you are the best…..

Meng | on 23/5/09

Tracy, happy birthday

tangchao | on 23/5/09

happy birthday to you!

MICHAEL | on 23/5/09

Happy birthday to you !T-MAC ! I know you will be back soon, we are all waiting for you ! Have a wonderful birthday !

CUIMINGYUAN | on 23/5/09


张旭阳 | on 23/5/09

HI ! my hero! my idol!

xuyang zhang | on 23/5/09

HI !my idol ! my hero

蓝少 | on 23/5/09

T-MAC tomorrow is your 30th birthday happy birthday to you wish you happiness

liushijie | on 23/5/09

So that the pain had turned into the strength of the basketball court

So that once the basketball court into the glory of the power Behind in your numerous fans in support of your Believe they believe that the future

爱麦迪 | on 22/5/09

love you forever

Xuliyuan | on 22/5/09

I’m a fan of yours from China.I can’t speak English very well,but I hope you can understand my meaning , I believe you to be the great basketball player ,I adore very much .You are my Super No.1 forever.
Your birthday is coming soon,I bless you could be happy on your birthday.
Go for your dream,believe you can do better .

冉海鹰 | on 21/5/09

T-mac,I miss you!I miss your smile!I want to see you again in the game,I want to see the T-mac time again.I wish you will be back soon,it means that our T- mac is back.T- mac,come on!!!I believe you ,because we have seen the T-mac time.T-mac,I love you forever,I wish you will take part all the games,and don’t hurt again.T-mac,come on!!!I surpport you forever!!!

徐平 | on 20/5/09

TRACY, do not look at how other people said. Do your own, we all believe you, refueling

杜娟 | on 20/5/09

You are the best..

zhuyang | on 19/5/09

I love you !

zzb | on 18/5/09


Shawn Wu | on 17/5/09

I love you forever Tracy!

孙鹏澎 | on 16/5/09

come on…...Tracy
you are the NO.1

漫步清风 | on 16/5/09

I hope you can come back soon.Rockets need you,fans need you,all of us need you.

郭灿 | on 16/5/09

麦子,我永远都会记得那句:I will come back!!!

亢恺 | on 16/5/09

Tracy,You play very talented,i like the way you play,And i want to make friends with you.Looking forward to your reply.kk love you.

chinese boy 邱鹏 | on 16/5/09

i am from china ,you are my favorite player . I hope your knee
change better . come on!!!!!!

张水江 | on 15/5/09


ljsky | on 15/5/09

I think you are a 汉子

li ao | on 14/5/09


陈妍 | on 11/5/09

I will like you forever

A-fei | on 11/5/09

Has always been the case
I miss you so
Although you are not very good
this is what I do not want to see

I gave me love you numerous reasons for Please give me one

Bryant to stand up to KOBE leg ,he is so despise despise Rockets Yao Ming

Although my poor English ,but it still give you a brave heart
Like Jackie Chan

Must strive to
I will monitor your , only because portsmanship because many
Do not say anything Do not forget to kill kobe ,In the field.

If you back to i E-mail. I love you more! ok?

TMAC | on 10/5/09

如果全世界球迷都背叛你 那么我陪T-MAC背叛全世界!!!

ChenJunhai | on 9/5/09

Tracy McGrady, Yao Ming injured. . .
I really want to see you and his best race, but I did not.
I think next year won the biggest hope that you and Yao Ming have to refuel! Health!
Whenever I see your eyes, I can see the suffering of your heart!
I am really going to tears! Love you, Tracy McGrady!
You seem to present the text of your cousin, Carter. . . I am sad, I hope you a speedy recovery, I will always love you and support you!
I know that your eyes can be vicious to me the answer!

My name is Geng Zhang | on 9/5/09

T-MAC,you has a good player.I am every love you.

Blaze | on 9/5/09

We love you forever

少桐 | on 9/5/09

TMAC 你好,我的英文不好,所以只能用英文写下对你的祝福,希望你能摆脱伤病让我们看到球场上的你!!!加油,站起来,你是最棒的!!!!!

姜晓明 | on 9/5/09


steven law | on 9/5/09

you are the super star forever

always t-mac | on 9/5/09

love you

Leroy | on 8/5/09

I am your loyal fans, has been 7 years, I will continue to support you. Because you are the best in NBA, no one can surpass you in addition to injuries, I hope you can soon be restored, to recapture all the honor belongs to you. . .

lin guangda | on 8/5/09

Hi!T-Mac,you are the best one in my heart.You don not give up it.Everything is OK

juria | on 7/5/09

i think you will come
if you are healthy,you will gain the champion.
i believe gave us too much happiness,saddness. believe your self. cheerup.we all believe you

juria | on 7/5/09

you will come. you will come. if you are healthy. this year you will gain the champion. i believe you . remember that you are the best

sunkuibin | on 7/5/09

you are the best one forever,we believe you will come back soon

Jassl | on 7/5/09


cuiyin | on 6/5/09

T-MAC 加油

Ivy Qian | on 6/5/09

Loving you forever!!!

justin Tosh | on 6/5/09

hey t-mac i hope your great cuz im ready to c u on the court again and your the reason y i play ball but the varsity coach said im not good enough to make it and i really wanna come to your camp to show you my skill or mayb help me some so i can make the varsity level

连保平 | on 27/4/09


chriswin chen | on 25/4/09

I love u Mcgrady , I like your Shooting, like your eyes. You are the only one hero in my mind , I do not know whether u can see this message ,you know, in order to have a common language whih u, I am desperate to learn English, I really hope that your response, it would be grateful if you can reply me to the following email address, [email protected]

王文思 | on 25/4/09

You are great in my heart!
come on ! T-Mac…...

魏子程 | on 25/4/09


WANG Tao | on 25/4/09

Tracy Mcgrady 王者归来

li ke | on 25/4/09

Your regards , TRACY , your are one people that I the first adore most since playing a ball game , I wish you return to my sincere Toyota centre hope soon see sincerely almighty you, you are that one sacred place , nobody can exceed your position forever at my heart all, ring expecting that you get a champion praying for you being recovered right away tomorrow. Sincere wishing

Penghui (Daniel Fred) | on 24/4/09

You are the greatest player in the world.
I hope you will come back to show how great you are !
As your fan i must tell you that you should work hard.
I will you fan forever!
Never give up !
And tell you a interesting thing.If you did great ,i did great in my exam too .If you did bad ,so did i! so i hope you can do great job in the next term !

rikimaru | on 24/4/09

Hi,I’m a fans of you,just want to tell you,you are the best,

tangqiuwei | on 24/4/09

no matter how,you are always the MVP in my heart!as your fan,i miss you so much,i miss your shot,i miss your block,i miss your breakthrough~~~when i heard your this season was reimburses,i feel very very sad.i did not want to wait such a long time until see you again.but i believe,you will be back,be back as a king!i don’t know whether you will see these sentences,but i just say what i want to say as your fan!

yangxitong | on 24/4/09

T-MAC 永远支持你,快些回来吧

Kobe | on 24/4/09

I love yon I you will better soon

Kobe | on 24/4/09

Rehabilitation as soon as possible.

little T-mac | on 24/4/09

I believe that no one can stop you, you are the number one forever

刘俊杰T-MAC | on 24/4/09


mcgradydongd | on 23/4/09

you’re the best,whenever and wherever you are!

small tmac form china | on 23/4/09

i came from china,what`s the matter with i hoop you can back someday i like you and i play basketball like you ,i hoop i can speak with phone number is 15845483040

管坤 | on 23/4/09


Digua | on 23/4/09

Every time I see you play on the court,my heart goes on with your attractive movements ! It’s a pity that you cann’t fight with your teammates in the playoffs.However ,all of your fans are still here with you ! Whatever you behave,you are always the best NO.1 basketball player.I wish you won’t live up to our expectations and be the Magic Tracy McGrady!And also I believe the Houston Rockets is bound to go further in the playoffs!Come On ,I’m always here with you!Come on ,Houston Rockets!

mingzhen | on 23/4/09

tmac!you are the best player in the NBA! I love you!

leonaldo | on 22/4/09

I hope you keeping healthy forever~~~~ good luck tracy!!!

second tiger | on 22/4/09

i’m your fans, i think you will come back, i’m waiting !!

吴双 | on 22/4/09


杨昊 | on 21/4/09

Hey Tmac,I am your fan who have loved you four years.It is you that made me really love this game.Do not give in the bad fate!

kimijoyic | on 21/4/09

i’ll always love u

zhang rui | on 20/4/09

I hope you will do your best
I wanner to see that strong again
best wish to you

lu zheng den | on 20/4/09

Tmac , experct you come back You are number one

Adam C | on 19/4/09

Whatever happens,we,who trust you all the time,will be with you forever!!!!

������... | on 19/4/09

T-MAC i belive you will be the king of NBA again…���ͣ�����GO!GO!GO!!!!!!!!!!

付小建 | on 19/4/09


付小建 | on 19/4/09

T-MAC 虽然这个赛季你打的不是很好!但是我相信下个赛季会看见一个重回巅峰的你! 我们永远支持你!

早日希望王者归来! 加油! I’M From China

zhao | on 19/4/09

Ya sea que usted lo que pasó. Lesiones, no importa, yo apoyo que usted y yo somos los más precisos elección

qian | on 19/4/09

I believe that you believe is better than my own…

dyh | on 19/4/09

you are the best player in NBA
I know you will get better last year

Frank | on 18/4/09

I love you !

吴越 | on 18/4/09

T-mac Come on !

ting | on 18/4/09

You are the best,you should insist.Come on!

xie kan | on 18/4/09

Hi.Tracy-Mcgrady!You are my best NBA superstar !
I love you very much!
I remember the 35s 13point forever!
GO! GO! GO! I believe you !
2009-2010 GO!

q | on 18/4/09

麦蒂,你好。希望你术后能很好的回复,现在有很多人批评你,但愿你别受影响。同时但愿你可以完全恢复,让我们在下个赛季看到一个全盛时期的你,有人说你心脏不够大,有人说你的是打铁往。他们都错了,你是真正的战士。有人说你比科比差,那是不公平的。那只因为你的伤病,我们永远都忘不了;你独自一人带领火箭在季后赛中奋斗,更忘不了你受伤时的表情。加油。如果你能看到这些话,请告诉我一下,发到我的邮箱上。[email protected]

LoveT-Mac | on 18/4/09

T-Mac,I’m a chinese! I love you very much!!! I hope you can give me a E-mail,Thank you!!!

sun | on 17/4/09

i love you very much and i think you must can take rockets to won when you back. you are the champion. you are the king.always.

聂执敏 | on 17/4/09

i will support you all the way ! because you are tracy !!

T-mAC-Go | on 17/4/09

T-Mac,I think you can win the sick,and i think you can win the NBA Game with Yao in the next season.GO,GO.GO.T-MAC.
From chinese kid

wang | on 17/4/09

back to your place,we miss you.Come on!!!I love you!

qiaodong | on 17/4/09

T-Mac,I believe you are the best in NBA!!!Forever!!

Amon-Z | on 17/4/09

Thanks for everything you have done!
We are together forever!

only T-mac | on 17/4/09

McGrady, in any case, you are my favorite idols. . .

See you play I can forget all the unhappiness. . . Although poor play, but I believe that the former king will be back! ! ! I believe this is also the majority of your fans like the common aspirations! ! ! Never like you! ! ! Tracy McGrady = God Tracy McGrady> God McGrady, the king never Tracy McGrady look forward to a healthy return Will always support you

许亚先 | on 16/4/09

I hoep you can come back early
I want to see you play basketball

许亚先 | on 16/4/09

I hope you will be better next season
Now, I miss you very much,I wait for you
you’re the best player in the world

zzb | on 16/4/09


mamingfei | on 16/4/09

T-Mac:You’re my everything forever!

萌 | on 16/4/09

Let us wait the miracle of Houston Rockets!
Wish you to COME BACK soon!
We are here waiting for your wonderful “PERFORMANCE”!

Devan Tippitt | on 15/4/09

Dear Tracy i think you are the best player. I know you get heart a lot but i am your number fan. I cant wait for u to get back out on the court and play! I love your team and i like going to your games! PLEASE GET OUT ON THE COURT AND PLAY AND DONT GET HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

立荣 | on 15/4/09

i love you T-MAC,Hope you get back soon

周宇 | on 15/4/09

T-Mac give you a chance ,I believe you can prove you are best, and you can get better with Yao!

Douglas单 | on 15/4/09


zhouyu | on 15/4/09

Give you a chace,you will prove you are NO.1 forever…...

冯小东 | on 15/4/09





Liu Zhenzhan | on 15/4/09

McGrady…I belive is the best!

罪人 | on 15/4/09

TMAC你就是个废物·火箭需要你··可逆在哪儿呢·家里??公司??还是和我一样在网吧呢??我不知道!!!但我希望你在球场··火箭需要你· 真的··

Peter | on 15/4/09

I support you,forever! Go head!

KEVIN BING | on 15/4/09

Takako birth at the same time congratulate you, bless you and your family a happy safe. . Looking forward to your reply

KEVIN BING | on 15/4/09

HI,TRACY,I am an ordinary Chinese university students, I am an ordinary basketball fan, but I changed because you are no longer common, because you were more concerned about me. Although you hurt now, to leave our sight, but when I looked over the house journal of your album, look at you poster, a sudden because you are good miss you, I fell in love with basketball, because you and I Adidas fell in love, because you, my life a lot more than a lot of heartfelt best wishes to you, as soon as possible from the injury and return to the peak, so that those who complain that people are shut up in our fuel.SO COME ON! YOUR FOREVER SUPPORTER

麦麦 | on 14/4/09

T-MAC GO 我 爱 你

yaohan | on 14/4/09

Tracy,fighting!I will support you forever

hanxintao | on 14/4/09

HI,TMAC.I am a student from are my favorite player in the NBA.I like your crossover,i like your block,I like your assist.I am glad to hear that the operation on your knee is successful.I hope you can come to life next season ,and get the champain with YAO.Best wishes!

JINXIN CAI | on 14/4/09

Hi,Tmac.I just work in the near future, when I was a middle school students, probably in 2001, I began to love you, I always watching you, watching your everything! McGrady ,I miss you, everyone are missing you,come back to your soon! No matter when, no matter where you are,I support you forever, you will always be No. 1 in my heart.

zhusijian | on 14/4/09

tracy, I am your fans in China. This is a lot of people we support you, you have to refuel ah! Efforts to return to the past

班乾飞 | on 14/4/09


Jackie | on 11/4/09

T-Mac,don`t give up
From my bottom of heart,you`re
our hero all the time ..
Believe in yourself,wo`ll all cheer you on
keep trying…

“Where there is a will,there is a way”

Struggle | on 11/4/09

Mai, our China fans in silently support you, you may certainly want to dare facing had already occurred the matter, completes the recovery training, anticipated that in sees you in the field heroic bearing! Do not forget you after death to stand trillion Chinese fans to pray silently for you!

孤独的骑士 | on 9/4/09

麦 如果你还是以前的你 请你一定要英勇回归 超越你的枷锁吧 期待你。。。。。

zhang kai wei | on 5/4/09

McGrady Rocket Cheer up .. you required. You need your teammates. You also need to Yao Ming. Even if you did not have the number of export difficulties, but at your teammates when you do not, tough fighting. They also have a lot of difficulties. Not export. I hope you better hurry up. hope to see Rockets Yao wheat combinations. Madison, you will always be the best fans in mind. belong to yourself to return to the stage. led the Rockets won the Championship, I will at tv machine next to you quietly supported.

忠 | on 4/4/09

麦子永远支持你!!ALLEZ! ALLEZ!!
Gib gas!!!

wenkai shui | on 4/4/09

I was a junior high school students from China’s Yunnan Province, but also recognize you remember a few years ago through the TV, you see the Chinese with us kids with disabilities to play, my brother introduced carefully from you ~ I have decided you want to learn , even if less than study skills, you can also learn the spirit of the character ~! Beginning in 2009, I found you because of injuries, substantial reduction of personal data, but I know that not everyone IVERSON as there is enough vitality so, remember that on one occasion, a classmate in class laughing at you, saying that technology you bad character there is a problem and I was playing him up, huh, huh, a little impulsive at the time, and you think others are at an operation are in order to escape from the reality, I do not believe, because I know that you are not doing so, you are brave , while seven did not enter the second round of the playoffs, but you have worked hard and had to face the reality of the brave, and so, I believe you ~! To lay down their burden, even if you have 30 years of age, even if you no longer have enough energy, but we will always support you, I also bought a shirt two of you, because you will always be in my heart ~! ! I hope you will be able to improve in the next vote, because of my study because of your vote, now do not feel comfortable waist, I do not want you to injuries, then you do not want to memory the past, you need to do now is to stand up and defeat the block you pick up the Gold Cup championship of the people ~! ! Take care, we will always love you ~!

Rata | on 4/4/09

l like you very much!
l just want you to play basketball in NBA forever!
and i miss you.

冯恒伟 | on 3/4/09

Very proud to be your fans, your every dunk, every action are deeply attracted me. Because even though you left the field injured, but trust me, you will not be knocked down by injury, and Since you will always be the best. Although this period of time can no longer see the game you play at, but I am looking forward to the best you can restore the stadium back up status. no matter what status you are, I have never support you. this life only one person you fans. because you are always first and my mind are timeless myth. One of the fans from China. come on my favorite.

冯恒伟 | on 3/4/09

Very proud to be your fans, your every dunk, every action are deeply attracted me. Because even though you left the field injured, but trust me, you will not be knocked down by injury, and Since you will always be the best. Although this period of time can no longer see the game you play at, but I am looking forward to the best you can restore the stadium back up status. no matter what status you are, I have never support you. this life only one person you fans. because you are always first and my mind are timeless myth. One of the fans from China. come on my favorite

陈伟楠 | on 1/4/09

Dear Tracy:
You are my super idol, I love you! Let me you are more like a basketball!
I have been playing to imitate you, and I very much like imitation! I hope you get better quickly, to do back to you before the almighty! Chen Weinan

陈伟楠 | on 1/4/09

Dear Tracy:
You are my super idol, I love you! Let me you are more like a basketball!
I have been playing to imitate you, and I very much like imitation! I hope you get better quickly, to do back to you before the almighty! Chen Weinan

唐顾 | on 28/3/09

i’m a midder school boy. i like you. My be i can go to USA to see you. I want to see you very much!

if you answer. i’ll very happy. waiting for you/

Liu Hangbin | on 28/3/09

I believe you for ever.You are great.And you’re better than Kobe and James. Try you best to play better next ‘term’.

辣酱 | on 28/3/09

麦迪,加油!!!!The king will be return!!

辣酱 | on 28/3/09

T-MAC 我们相信你!!加油!!!!The king will be return!!!

LeeJay | on 28/3/09

I’m one of your fans come from China.I feel very exciting that I find your blog today!My english is not very good,perhapes some sentences are not pure,I hope you will understand what I say.
I was sad When I knew the news about you had to have operation to treat your knee and I could not see you this season.I notice every reports about.I feel angry because most of people consider Tracy’s career was over.I alway told my friends Tracy is excellent when they queried your ability.You are the superstar as Kobe Bryant,LeBron James,Dwyane Wade!
At last,I want to send you my best wishes for your quick return to good health!
PS:Are you planning on coming Shanghai China?I hope you can reply to a letter to me when you are not busy.

jefray f. tanginan | on 25/3/09

get well soon enough tmac!!!! i can’t wait to see you paying basketbal!!!! NBA is not that so exciting without u in court…. you are the energiser of your team!!!! Can’t wait to see you… I’m jeff your number 1 fan.. God bless you!!!!

WuHeteng | on 25/3/09

Dear Tracy:
I love you very much
you are the hero in my heart
I hope you can get better
and get the NBA champion with YAO.
Best wishies to you

wuheteng | on 23/3/09

T-mac,How are your body? Do you know me? I am your fans.Could you give me some your own photos?
When will you play basketball?
Best wish to you!!!

Your fans:wuheteng

李云琦 | on 21/3/09

McGrady, you give I listen: whatever you become what we wheat fan support you forever! McGrady, you give I listen attentively: you hurt, not back! .. McGrady, you give I listen: don’t get lost, the media about never believe these unless you personally. McGrady, you give me listen to your fans, our wheat fall, so please don’t give up! McGrady, you give I listen: the all-star, but we MaiMi will support you McGrady, you give I listen: we lost will never regret wheat become your fans! McGrady, you give I listen: is no me and how us! McGrady, you give I listen: you are never alone, because you have us! McGrady, you give I listen: we always believe someday you’ll be the return of the king, and lead the rockets won the championship! McGrady, you give I listen: if after injury, if it hurts, please don’t insist that you go to rest, please don’t do those thankless thing! McGrady, you give I listen: we love is always for you, whether you now before you, or future you, our love for you will never change! McGrady, you give I listen: if one day if you want to choose from, choose to leave the Houston, so, we also go with you. McGrady, you give I listen: our fans are you forever Michael back! McGrady, you give I listen: we hope you are healthy forever wheat fans! McGrady, you give I listen: we love you forever! Forever! McGrady, you give I listen: if the afterlife that tmac, that you or I or the wheat fan! Will never change!

Jцsτ a smιlё.
ㄒгαㄈㄚ:You’re my everything forever!
麦:我会永远爱你,直到我生命停止.... ..................

li yun qi | on 21/3/09

McGrady, I like you very much… I’m a Chinese boy. I have a dream is to get your letter… My English is very poor, I write this letter in the 1 hour… In China, many people are talking about you. But I love you, I will support you… I this year at the age of 16, I also want to be like you players… I hope to receive your letter!
tracy,you are my everything forver….......

胡江宝 | on 20/3/09


龟龟 | on 15/3/09

T-MAC,never give up!We love you forever

li yun qi | on 10/3/09

I am a Chines student ,I English is poor,but I hope you don’t give up,I like watch your game,you are my everything foever…....i wait your leter for me,I like you…Several of our users from China in the next two years may find you… we are in Houston, let you stay like you in the city, we love you!

聂一林 | on 9/3/09

Hi Tracy,I am just a Chinese girl.I am your big fan.
don’t give yourself too much pressurs.we will support you no matter how many scores will you get

Jason | on 4/3/09

Hey Tracy,so sorry to know you gone to missing all the rest march this season ,that is a auwful news for us, it is a great shock for me .
I just want to know when when will you back? why can not you keep healthy? wow,the next season ,you will get 30.When will you show us the best tracy-mcgrady?

see you !

刘奕麟 | on 20/2/09

T-MAC!! You are best!

专业刷点卷 | on 19/2/09





よぅ よぅ | on 16/2/09


yoyo | on 16/2/09

T-MAC you are l best I believe!!!!!!!!!

shamir feliciano | on 10/2/09

i need to know when is mcgrady going to show up. i understand all these injurys but if he aint fully healthy i think he should sit out till he gets better. but we trully need you tracy we need that MVP level of u in this team meaning pick that scoring up u should be taking atleast from 18 to 23 shots a game bring out the beast in u rkid come on ima fan for life u the man dont let us down

ardy | on 10/2/09

hey t-mac, please I’m begging you, be healthy, forget all the criticisms and arguments on your locker room,stay healthy, play your vintage t-mac, remember when you became a two time scoring champion, you can still do that. there are ups and downs but you having good relationship with yao and artest on and off the court,you can always win my idol, you will be forever an all-star. So, make a much better run this second half of the season. t-mac fan from philippines

Barbara张 | on 8/2/09

T-MAC.I’m a middle school student.I’ll graduat this year .I wish I could be admitted in a good university and at the same time you would win the game in the end!! I believe that 35’s will come back again .

the best wishes to you!!

鲁园 | on 7/2/09


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What are you talking about?

tyler | on 30/1/09

lets go rockets number 1 boy wats cracin wit that

Personal Injury Lawyers | on 28/1/09

Who are you picking in the super bowl?

bruce elston | on 28/1/09

n t-mac u are the realist in the game or lose..i am your biggest fan one in the nba can match up to are the best you and yao are the illest

ZHANG | on 24/1/09

COME ON ! TMAC ! See you in the game ! YOU CAN DO EVERYTHING you want to ! Including win the Finals ! you can !!!!

zhang | on 24/1/09

When you are injured,I believe everything will be ok! Rockets needs you ! YAO needs you !It is time for you to stang up! Only if you show better ,can you got the final award ! I believe you can win ! The injury is only nothing ! Beacause you are TMAC TMAC! we support you forever! Come on ! TMAC ,you will succeed ! I am looking forward to seeing you in the game ! TMAC TMAC TMAC 11111111

WEI | on 24/1/09

I believe you, we believe you, you still be proud of that courageous fighter, regardless of how others attack, regardless of whether you can hear, I have to say: refueling, we look forward to you lift the trophy that moment

贾帅豪 | on 19/1/09

Hi,T-MAC.I’m your fans.I’m from China!I like you,Yao and your team-ROCKETS!I will support you forever!Thank you!Thank you for bringing us so mang exciting games!

Tracy Chen | on 17/1/09

Tracy, We will always have patience and wait for your back.We believe in you.Don’t mind what other people said.You are the best one.YOU SHOULD BELIEVE YOUSELF.REMEMBER,WE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU!

Steven | on 15/1/09

I don’t know if you will read this or not, but I still write something for you.
Tracy, I am one of your fans who has been watching Rox for years ever since you joined Rox and fight with the big fella. I am from China and now people around the world are making fun of you by giving you a lot of lady’s nicknames. People start losing patience on you because of your bad performance and incorrect attitude on the court. I know it’s the toughest moment for you but I hope you understand that people are doing this just because they love you so much and they want you to play the best basketball in your life to help Rox go far in the playoffs. Please do everything that may help you heel up ASAP during the next two weeks. We all need you back.

磊 | on 15/1/09

i will wait for you show people who do not believe you that you are the king

Cherry | on 14/1/09

Hi,i will always stand by you .Although there are some bad comments about you ,but no problem ,we believe you are best.Ihope you can get back your health because it is important not only for a player but also for a human!

T | on 12/1/09

T-MAC You said: you! Will be back!

Lasik Eye Surgery | on 11/1/09

That’s a smart point…for sure

Liposuction | on 6/1/09

What is that guy talking about?

Liposuction | on 6/1/09

I have to disagree with that last comment…doesn’t make sense

Tummy Tuck | on 5/1/09

That is a really smart idea.

kim | on 4/1/09

OK, I have been behind you since you got to Houston, now it is time you come thru for your fans, you have lately lived up to what everyone says about you, cry baby. STEP UP and act like a teammate and a man, no sulking for this team Houston does not deserve it!!! What is really wrong, this team needs to dig deep and play like we know you can play and stop this sulking!! This is you guys job, work hard like it is!!!

0.0 | on 26/12/08

I want to say to you never give up ,we all believe you. You are lost ,but in my heart yoa are best! Try to to it and do youself . Oh,Chinese New Year is coming ! I hope you keep healthy ,and have a stronger body ! And I also want to tell you that a boy who is your fan . He called Tmac in my school ,could you please tell him some ways to play baskerball well? Agree me ?!

shuai lu | on 26/12/08

I hope you can play the game well in new season. Also I hope the houston rocket can win the nba champition

panyang | on 13/12/08

T-MAC加油我永远是your fans

panyang | on 13/12/08


Cosmetic Surgery | on 10/12/08

Excellent site guys! great work!

makatat | on 14/11/08

hi!!!tracy !!!can you be my friend!!!yeah!!

wwfsing | on 9/11/08


dear tracy | on 25/10/08

Dear Tracy:
I love you very much
you are the hero in my heart
I hope you can get better
and get the NBA champion with YAO.
Best wishies to you

Taddy Ji | on 23/10/08

The most importent thing for you is keeping health in the new season, we don’t want see you injury again!!!!

明凯 | on 23/10/08

come on!!!!

葛李莉 | on 23/10/08

I’ve write down something, just like write a love letter.
Nevertheless, I only want you know, we still here.
Although every year I always say that, but I hope, you can always together with us.
We are so pride of you. I think there are nothing can instead you inside our heart.

孙飞 | on 21/10/08


张婧 | on 18/10/08


hj | on 16/10/08

hi, t-mac come on

hj | on 15/10/08

I’m your super fans . I love you very much . I hope you can have a happy season in this year . that’s all . come on , T-MAC

刘越 | on 11/10/08

I appreciat your talentand you attitude.I’m in China now.I’m your fan.

WANG LIANG | on 28/9/08

加油 !T-MAC

WANG LIANG | on 14/9/08


WANG LIANG | on 14/9/08

I am from China !I am a middle student! I like you very much.your slam down is very cool !you are hero in my heart !you will success this season!GO ON !GO ON!

wang liang | on 13/9/08

Hey !It’s the first time to read your Blog. My name is Wang Liang.I am a middle student from China.I like you very much!
GO On ! you will success next season! I will support you forever! I hope you have a healthy body!

khalid | on 1/9/08

t-mac you are truly in the top 10 to ever play this game. i know you haven’t won a playoff series but youdoin your best your teamates need to step up

MAOSHENG LEE | on 30/8/08


muhammed colley | on 26/8/08

dear t-mac.
u are the most important peson in my life. yea its right i mean that. please t-amc can you come to sweden and wisit me.
my andress is
ringvägen 7b
51154 kinna and my phone nummer is +46320-15618

victor griffith-aka-future tracy mcgrady | on 13/8/08

tracy iz da one of da best players in da nba…i mean he iz da best player in da nba no doubt about it

michael | on 11/8/08

yo tracy i ealy look up to u to me u are the best in the nba right now i havent seen nothin better i hope u keep doin your thing thats bein the best

Raj | on 8/8/08

i really admire your enthusiasm to play man, i hope you have a great year this year, promise me you’ll get higher that 60+ wins, peace

ghost rider | on 28/7/08

I believe in you will come back with your team!!!

gail | on 28/6/08

May you be happy.

gail | on 28/6/08

I will support you forever, no matter you win or not.Rocket is the greatest team in my heart.I hope you have a healthy body.I hope that you can be happy forever.I like you.

GE wenqiang | on 17/6/08

love you forever

raining liu | on 13/6/08

T-mac,love you,pretty boy,love you forever!

arturo_ocampo | on 2/6/08

tmac even u are failed in the playoffs…we, all your fans still hoping that u will have the championship ring…ur not only a greate player but also a great person who inspire a lot of people…the only thing is u have to be aggressive and believe that you can be victorious…im ur fan from the philippines….many filipinos are believe in you.

I LOVE YOU TMAC 我爱你麦 | on 3/5/08


a fan | on 3/5/08

T-Mac is great!Forever。。。。

walka | on 27/4/08

tmac is the best, he’ll give everything he has in game 5 i belive he has the talent to be the best player in the nba

Supa John | on 25/4/08

Don’t forget what happened last year!! Keep ur head up!!

Go Rocekts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mark luster alcoba | on 24/4/08

hi!how are u?,,,

Kate | on 23/4/08

Tracy, all I can say is WOW! When you want to you play like a man possessed!! My family has season tickets to the Rockets and I have been following you and the team for the past 4 years! A couple days ago, I was asked who I would trade you for, the truth is… there isn’t anybody that I want in the league instead of you—— even Kobe. You are right up there with the best and everyone, even the critics know it. Congrats on the 22 game win streak, that was the most fun I have had at a basketball game in a long time! Go back to Utah and win these two games—- make the Jazz cry!! Tracy play like the MVP we all know you are! and when you get back to Houston, listen for me at the games—- you know I will be yelling for you! :)

Marvin Oloris | on 17/4/08

It’s Playoffs time T-Mac. C’mon! Step-up! You once claimed that you are this team’s best player (when you said you “imposed your will”). Then you must step-up and carry the team! Yes you are this team’s best player even if Yao’s around. But being the best player is not enough to win a playoffs series! You must have that energy, that intense passion, that mentality of win the every game! Man, you MUST get yourself out of the playoffs this season or you’ll see the number of your fans diminish. I am not saying that quantity of fans is important. What I am saying is that you NEED to prove yourself!

YOU NEED TO RETURN TO YOUR ORLANDO YEARS. Be super aggressive! Score 40+ points every night! Dish in 12+ assists every night! Grab 10+ rebounds every night! Block shots! Avoid turnovers! Man, you NEED to be this league’s best player!

roy flores | on 16/4/08

hey idol!!! your doing a good job.., goodluck on the playoffs.., pls.., beat utah jazz.., and enter to the 2nd round.., stay healthy.., i hope the rockets make a good run in the playoffs.., i will watch your game, here in the philippines.., godbless..,

Lin Dong | on 16/4/08

Keep on going,Tracy!!!I believe that you guys are able to make a spectacular achievement!

alien | on 9/4/08

I will surely never give up on you! Giving up you means giving up myself! Keep going, rockets!

Praim Persaud - Toronto | on 6/4/08

TWO terrific game Tracey - as you and all your fans know - YOU cane TAKE OVER A GAME ANY TIME YOU WANT - so WE BEG YOU - GO AHEAD & TAKE IT OVER - to hell with the critics —- JUST WIN - thatis the bottomline. This is YOUR YEAR - GO FORIT - your team will strive with you and I HOPE THEY DO NOT CHOKE - comeon boys - we need your production - FROM EVERYONE.


Good luck 2night against the Clippers.

its_all_about_mcgrady | on 5/4/08

tmac, we are definitely not givin up until you give up. we love you and will always stood by you. you’re awesome, best player in NBA, best player in the world! :-)

btw, i think you’re hot :]

Tina from China | on 5/4/08

I do believe in all you gyus!Although it’s very competitive in the west,grap every chance to win every game stey by step,pray for you…

小乐 | on 4/4/08

i;m Chinese girl.i don’t konw if you can konw it,but imust be say .when i fourteen years old ,i have been like you .you are a great player .i don’t give up you forever .Whatever.COME ON COME ON

justin jones | on 4/4/08

yo tracy whats good playa and tracy i just want you to know you a beast my dude real talk peace brother. ps. good luck on your game tonight drop 38 for your biggest fan.

Evan | on 3/4/08

Tracy is my favorite basketball ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to meet him or at least go to one of his games. He is awesome!!!!!!!!!!

Mohamed | on 3/4/08

I know you can play better then Kobe if you tried really I know you can you are the best player in the NBA you can play better play like when you were in Orlando Magic PLEASE I beg you!!!

Yuyang loves T-mac | on 3/4/08

I don’t know if that has ever happened in my career?
when i read this i think ur a pretty cute boy :) lol kinda strange thought right? lol ur da man! baby
and go back wining
it is Ok losing Yao but u should keep tough&strong;&solid; at key time
everyone needs u :)
have a nice day dear T-mac
always love u

shisi | on 2/4/08

You know ,we need you ,you are the best player in the world,no man can beat you .

熊健 | on 31/3/08

Hi,T-Mac, It’s the first time to read your Blog,I’m so glad that you can read my words to you: Keep Healthy and Lead The Rockets to get the Cham. Believe in you,Come on!!!

teo | on 31/3/08

you da mam!!

Praim Persaud -Toronto | on 30/3/08

Okay - that was a disaster - one of the toughest shooting nights I ever seen you have. Just try andget that shoulder lookedafter - take no chances - without YOU - we have no chance. You & the ROCKETS will definitely bounce back…. god Bless son - you will get there this year - just keep beleiving in yourselfand teammates - they willcome through.

GOOD LUCK T - keep playing hard & wise — theyhave now slowly start mentioning TMAC forMVP - ans so they should - did you hear FEJJ tell MARK to take a hike on ESPN - it was real funny:):)


bondy love t-mac | on 29/3/08

dear tracy,I hope your rockets can win in the playoffs.As we know,there are so many difficult in th road,but I still remember you can gain what you want!! Come on!!!

Maurice | on 27/3/08

You probably don’t read this, but when you warm up before the game you don’t even jump, then in the actual game you jump real high in your jump shot, that’s why you are so off to start the game.

cory | on 27/3/08

i agree wit both bk and weslee

王晴燕 | on 27/3/08

I’m from China
I believe you can
just be yourself

T-MAC's fan | on 27/3/08

U’re the best guy in the NBA. God bless you. ROCKETS!!!!

anonymous | on 26/3/08

U are the best in NBA, t-mac. God bless you.

mark of philippines | on 26/3/08

yo tmac!!!!well done,you played hard!that s what im talking about yeah the best!!!!.for me your the mvp!not kobe,not c.p.lebron!!!you are the mvp, in next game you gotta score a lot cause your against san antonio men there strong,,prove me right i will your watch game.well good luck!!!yo mac fans let keep tmac’s website rocki’nn loud!!!c’mon M V P say it!!!! M.V.P

Chinese T-Mac'sfan | on 26/3/08

Tracy,I’m a Chinese.I love you.
Never give up.
I believe you.
I believe Rocket.

Jeanny | on 26/3/08

T-MAC I love you and all the Rockets players you are number1 and I don’t know what to say but Thank You for all your wonderful games I miss Yao Ming too I hope he gets better soon and with out him I know its hard but yall can still make it and win. Don’t worry if yall win or lose I will always love the Houston Rockets especially you (l.o.l) say hi to all the rest of the players and hi to Yao Ming tell him taht i love him from one of his fans. Love Ya Always Jeanny aka. your fan

LEO! | on 26/3/08

Hi!watz up,how’s my IDOL..first of all i want to congratulate all of you guys for making a history!congrats..i know that it’s very hard when YAO went down but all of you did’nt give up,instead you fight hard and set a historical record!keep you’re spirit up and energy all the time..i know that you can do it,for me you are the best!we are all in you’re matter wat happen,you’re still my no.1 IDOL (T-MAC) “IT“S TIME,BELIEVE IT!!!” FIGHT,FIGHT,FIGHT...T-MAC.

MDW | on 26/3/08

hey t.mac go to this website and check out this new water called the perfect water it is suppose to instantly increase your strength fexibility and balance. If you want more info go to Dwight Howard already drinks it i heard. And the site has alot of other health stuff that might be able to give you a lil extra boost to finish the season strong. Good look man and stay healthy Rockets can’t do anything without you close to 100 percent.

BK | on 25/3/08

WesLee, most great players have a complement—Malone and Stockton, Jordan and Pippen, Shaq and Kobe. They have a little backup when their game is off. With Yao out of the lineup, Tracy has had tremendous pressure to put it all on his shoulders. That is why I don’t crack on TMac when there are nights that his shot seems to hit the back of the iron every time. I don’t know about you, but I can see the stress that Tracy feels, like when he finishes a game on a rolled ankle and refuses to exit. I feel you, but we need Yao back. Nobody is going to look back and remember the great TMac/Alston tandem (no offense to Rafer who is playing out of his mind right now). No, it is Yao/McGrady. I’d stick with my assertion that Tracy is managing. I think when you boil down our arguments that we are in agreement.

WesLee | on 25/3/08

Eh yo Bk, I see you on that; he was nice during the streak. BUT, there’s a lot more to the season than just the streak. It seems to me like my favorite player, and I’m assuming your favorite player, takes a lot of plays off, pre and post Yao getting injured. It does not seem like he gives it his all every night, and that’s what the Rockets, and the Rocket fans need to see every single game. You know, I know, Mac knows, the Rockets coaches know, my two year old son knows, everyone knows that he is going to get a lot of attention, but that’s the NBA and the price of being a superstar; it happens to all of the best players, and there’s no excuses for falling short for that reason. I just want to see my boy do his thing on a nightly basis. Not every other game. Feel me?

Frank | on 25/3/08

We all believe that you are strong. but if you can get score more, we are sure that you’ll be MVP. We miss Yao.

BK | on 24/3/08

WesLee, take it easy. Tracy carries the Rockets through a 22 game winning streak and all you want to talk about is a bad game or two? Mac is playing well over 40 minutes per night lately and is drawing the bulk of attention from opposing defenses. Tracy, take us to the 2nd round and beyond this year.

Brandon Reed | on 24/3/08

Just continue to play the way you did during the streak and the Rockets will be fine. I really like the way you lead by example and dont yell or cuss anyone out. You are the best . Go Rockets!!!

aman | on 23/3/08

Hey mac we know ur going to carry this team but u need to score more. Ur the best.

WesLee | on 22/3/08

I just finished watching a terrible game; as a fan every loss is terrible. We kept knocking at the door, but could not overcome that first half deficit. And you, 11-31. You shoulda dropped 40. Good look on getting up that many shots; 17 feet in and going to the whole, they could not guard you. You have to be the guy to carry this team. Listen to Yao; this is your time to shine and prove why you should be mentioned in the elite players category. All and all not a bad game though…good stats all across. Especially played well in the second and third quarter. You gotta step up down the stretch though. This is all prep for the playoffs. We’re getting out of the first round, Yao or Yao-less.

吴晓帆 | on 22/3/08

Tracy,we never give up on you.I think you are the best!I am a Chinese girl,I like your smiles very much,so I want to see your smiling at us more and more times!!!

shahzar | on 22/3/08


Shahzar | on 21/3/08

yo,t-mac don’t be dissapointed in the losses.look celtics #1 in nba what do you expect.and we played hornets ontheir home ground.yall probably were a little tired and dissapointed and all the negative stuff from the crowd didnt help either.all im saying is that the last 1 lost led 2 the other guys can do it.come on #10 all the way to #1 you can do it again.THIS IS WHERE HOUSTON ROCKETS AND T-MAC HAPPANS.

Tmac fan | on 21/3/08

Yeah, Yao was a big loss. You guys have won 22 in a row. You guys are playing great basketball. Dikembe is a big help. Since Yao was injured, Dikembe had to step into a big role. He has done a great job. You guys also have Luis Scola, who is playing great too. I heard he was in the top 3 for rookies. Keep up the good work. God bless.

anonymous | on 21/3/08

you got 8

Egriff | on 21/3/08

Mac, I do feel we are still in it. I just hope you guys feel the same way. I know you have been the best team player as of late but sometimes we need you to show them what made you a scoring champion mor than once. Also, you should open your site up with the dunk over Shaun Bradley. You killed the mans career. POSTERIZED! Classic

Lars | on 21/3/08

Yo t-mac those 2 losses aint nothing , u didnt score much and fans are a bit unhappy , but that shows that now is the right time to go wild in the cort and show everybody that ur unstopable !!!

WesLee | on 21/3/08

Eh yo Mac, I hope you really read this stuff. I am a huge fan, and I can’t figure it out… what is up with your inconsistant game? I remember the T-Mac of old, and I miss watching that dominant player that everybody feared playing, every night. You have been my boy for 8 years now, and honestly, I am a little disappointed this season. After a great 22 game run where you were the best player on the floor, you follow it up with 2 lousy games; 8 points in a loss to Boston? And only 11 shots? How does one of the top players in the league take 11 shots in a game that would send a message to the entire league. Sorry if I seem negative, but I just want to see my favorite player of all time be the best, which you still can be. You need to play with that intense ferocity that I used to see in Orlando, early days in Houston (remember that game against the Spurs; 4 3’s down the stretch), and even in Toronto. STEP UP! Every game.

blake | on 20/3/08

how do you feel about winning 22 in a row then losing?

T-MAX | on 20/3/08


Ryan Usher | on 20/3/08

I am a HUGE Rockets fan and i want to see you guys make it past
the 1st round this year so stay strong and BEAST all the teams that get in your guys way ( T-Mac u r #1)!!!SWEESH!!!

123abcreds5227 | on 20/3/08

tmac i know you dropped a couple of games but it means nothing you’ve only had like 26 points in 2 gamesbut you will be able to score tomorroww and win because the warriors play no defense

Johnny Moua | on 20/3/08

man, whatsup with your game man, what happenned to the number scorer? cmon man step up your game, im not tryin to diss, but show us how some of the old t-mac, the t-mac from orlando cmon man

steven | on 20/3/08

You are great!

g | on 20/3/08


mark | on 20/3/08

hi!! tmac i know your team is down 2 games in a row,well as fan i really idolized tmac his leadership,even when clutch time.i remember tmac in his old magic uniform,i saw him with confidence and full of defensive stuff c mon tmac prove to us what you got!!!!! carry your team!!!

三金 | on 19/3/08


三金 | on 19/3/08

Tmac,please ask yao for help because as you don’t know much about chinese.
麦子,告诉姚明,让他 好好养伤,我们会一直等着他的,无论怎么样,我都会一直支持你们的

T K | on 19/3/08

Tracy,pleased don’t give know ,I saw today’s game and very know,it’s you time to burn up. you are mvp in our team.

T-FANS-CN | on 19/3/08

尽管我只能在家里看直播 ,但我已经连续看完了近25场你们的比赛了。


1.乔丹/你 差多少
5.Dont be a dabbler”! Never

“神“,你还差多远? Jordan∞>T-MAC! so far..

Wang | on 19/3/08

Tracy, you are the MVP, you are the best

Wang | on 19/3/08

Tracy, you are the MVP! You are the best!

layla | on 19/3/08

support you
trust you
love you
go tmac

WIT-MAC | on 18/3/08

See you win is the second thing happiness; happiness of the first things is to see you play. Years later, I hope I can still recall your shadow, you hear cheers, applause for you …

mig | on 18/3/08

your going to win today

Miguel | on 18/3/08

I’m a fan of yours and I hope that Yao recovers

Praimp Persaud | on 18/3/08

Well they said the Rockets couldn’t but they did - Lakers down - Boston to go - Sole posession of 1st Place - what a game - Rafer - Fantastic - T you did what was required and you closed it out at the end.

Now we take the Celtics - and listen for the masses. What a game that was - all TEAM WORK.

Now lets repeat it 2 Night - 23 and counting - it willbe tought - but keep playing the same way - lot of drive, emotion and guts - leave it all on the court and T - losw down on the Free Throws - take it SLOW & EASY _ FOCUS SON - you git it - THIS IS THE YEAR.

Wish I had the Dought to Trave to Houston and watch a few games - but I watch them religiouly on the NBA League pass from ROGERS - even took the HD Package so I would not miss last Sundays ABC broadcast :) :)

GOOD LUCK ROCKETS - go get it done

linda | on 18/3/08

T-MAC,You are the unique.Nothing can replace You!

Ivan | on 18/3/08

nice going dude ur gud as i expected!ur d best!pls be safe and hope u overcome the challenges u will face in the future

abbie | on 17/3/08

I’m a new fan of yours from the Philippines, ever since I saw your game vs. New Orleans a week ago. I particularly like the way you set up your teammates. No one at your height passes better than you do.

Frankly I thought the team would fade after Yao Ming’s season-ending injury. I was pleasantly surprised when you got your rhythm as a team and everyone is stepping up and contributing. Now you’re on top of the Western conference after having beaten the Lakers. Whoohoo!!! I’m so happy for you and the team. You’ve really captured the imagination of a lot of fans.

Don’t mind the critics. They will follow along to the playoffs. They don’t realize you have a different team now around you. You have players who are winners and can find different ways to win. Trust the system; keep believing in each other; enjoy the game. Your system will take you to the playoffs and through the playoffs. Our prayers and support for the Rockets …

DAVID LEUNG | on 16/3/08

I am your fans in HONH KONG,keep it on,we know that you have done your best!beat LAL down,be the top team and no.1 in WESTERN,we wait for your good show!!

DAVID LEUNG | on 16/3/08

I am your fans in HONH KONG,keep it on,we know that you have done your best!beat LAL down,be the top team and no.1 in WESTERN,we wait for your good show!!

Eddie Harris | on 16/3/08

whats up tmac!! i have been a fan of your since your days in orlando. i love you and ur game. i really respect you as a person and i have seen your growth as a man….i been there with you through all of the playoff defeats and it hurts me prolly as much as you. i sit and watch every game and i be so nervous just hoping that you would win. anyway man keep up the good work, you are being such a leader for this team and its good to c u creep back to the top of the nba where u belong with the likes of Kobe and King James. You have the skills to be the best player in the League…..

Dwight | on 16/3/08

Tracy Mcgrady get no credit man the guy have more block shot, Reb, fewer TO than Kobe and soon to catch him on Ast not only he is younger, play less game because of injury, wasn’t getting enough burn in Toronto for to years am not taken any thing a way from Kobe am just say T-Mac dont get no credit. I know T-Mac an all around play before Kobe that a fact. What do I know if T-Mac get no credit who else well, if S. O’Neal only stay in Orlando, three ring sound right. Thats to show check the stats T-Mac the best. Keep up the good work that you still dont get credit for. T-Mac M.V.P i rest my case.

andrew | on 15/3/08

t-mac, you are awesome. you were my favorite player even before you came to houston. i’ve grown up a rockets fan, so when i heard we snagged you in a trade, i couldn’t beleive it. these past four years have been great, bein able to watch you play wearin red & white. you do some amazing things.

beating kobe and the lakers tomorrow would be one of the greatest victories in the history of houston. taking over the number one spot in the best division in the tougher conference would be unbeleivable. you’ve got a great supporting cast around you and yall have been playin ridiculous lately. go dominate.

AudreyB. | on 15/3/08

T-Mac, i am so proud of u and the rest of the Rockets team. U have won 21 straight as a team. And despite the negative comments and doubters, i will be watching you guys in the playoffs. I have always believed in u and this is your year, continue to execute your craft.“Shake them haters off!!”

#1 Fan For Life,A.B.

david | on 14/3/08

keep doing ya thing t-mac. by the way beat L.A. sun. i know u can do it, meaning u can advavace to the the finals just believe cause i do. from your #1 fan, david

david | on 14/3/08

keep doing ya thing t-mac. by the way beat L.A. sun. i know u can do it, meaning u can advavace to the the finals just believe cause i do. from your #1 fan, david

vicky | on 14/3/08

you are the best all the time!

William | on 14/3/08

GO ROCKETS. I may be stationed in NC with the USAF but the Rockets will always be my team. I grew up watching them with Sam Cassell, Olajuwon, Horry…etc. Go Rockets here comes number 21

Collin | on 14/3/08

I love watching you play.You have made me better player myself.I love that you are so unselfish.

Praim Persaud - Toronto | on 14/3/08

Believeres - if not by now - then they are just plain pig headed - but who cares.

@0 and counting but what a GAME that one was and I am predicting that it will be 21 by end of day today (frida).

TMAC - you did what is expected of you - take it over in the ned and make the opposition pay - that was a GREAT DEFENSIVE GAME - and ALL of the GUYS did their part on a night that was very tought.

You & they - showed GRIT, DETRENMINATION and the WILL TO WIN.

As long as you have that - IGONOE the MEDIA and socall PUNDITS - BELIEVE in YOURSELF and your team mates.

GO ROCKETS - ALL THE WAY - THEY WILL BELIEVE when you finally reach the promised lan.

TMAc - keep believeing in yoursely son - it will happen for you - SOON. Never let up EVER.

[email protected]

Fron China | on 14/3/08

Keep healthy T-Mac!

joyce | on 14/3/08

You are creating a miracle!
you are invincible!
Be healthy T-Mac!!!

feng xue | on 14/3/08

I like you very much.
I always think you can get champion with the rockets.

My name is Zhang Shihao | on 14/3/08

I’m a Chinese middle school student,I like you very much.You and your team have won 20 games in a row!I’m very happy and excited!And I hope you and your team will beat SPURS and SNUS ,and you will be succeessful in the end!

Ralph Gesmundo... | on 14/3/08

Yah sir… you said it right…it’ gonna be really hard to go on the playoff hunt without yao… but… i’m a fan of the rockets and a big fan of your game… i’ve been a fan since you were on the raptors roster… I’m was a High school varsity before when i started watching your game… and it has been also really hard for me to even try do some moves that you do… Here on the Philippines.. there are a lot of us rockets and T-mac fans that has been watching and wishing that you and the team even though without Yao the team can still make it… Just wanna ask though when are you coming back here in Manila? And is there a T-mac 7 Shoe that you’re gonna be introducing here also? Because I had Two of your T-mac 6 low cut shoes and i’ve been trying to add your new shoe if you do have one… It’s a great fit for us asian especially on my feet… I can move a lot and make my game a lot better when i wear those…. We’ll keep on supporting you and your team and hope and pray that this year will be a CHAMPIONSHIP year for you and The Rockets Team…
God Bless!!!

Aprilamour | on 13/3/08

T-MAC is always the best….
Trust T-MAC,trust ROCKETS

Jeremy Smith | on 13/3/08

I’m a lifetime Rockets fan, living in Dallas :( - I have 2 boys and when I talk about role models in basketball, I always mention your name. I want to thank you for the great basketball entertainment, but most of all thank you for being that constent example for my kids! Go Rockets! Go T-MAC! PS…Barkley doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You do make your teammates better and if he was to analyze the stats he would see that. See Ya the next time you guys roll through Dallas, until then Good Luck and you have my MVP vote, 20 game win streak or not!

Malaysian's fans | on 12/3/08

go go go, TMAC , you the best in the world .
good show all rocket players

Terry | on 12/3/08

hey T-mac, u doing nice job in games, congratulation in 20 streak win , thank , i from malaysia , wan to tell u that alot of malaysian fan is supporting you. go on , its time rocket !

Heath | on 12/3/08


Alex P. | on 12/3/08

Take them down!! Lets go for 20 baby. I know that you can lead this team to the top. Keep it up and good luck.

Mason | on 12/3/08

TMAC, continue to believe in yourself. Stay healthy and I know you and the Rockets will advance in the playoffs. I saw you catch a lob the other night and you looked like you did in Toronto. I also remember you catching a lob and coming hurting your back. So while I’m glad for you personally and excited to see you “pulling it”, I need you to stay healthy.

BTW; It looks like you are having fun too.

Stan | on 12/3/08

Good job, the Rockets are climbing to the top lets get that number one spot.

De'Andre | on 12/3/08

Man I knew,and still know, you wont let us down T-Mac. You’ve been nothing but motivation for me. I dream of playing with you one day…
!!!!Go Rocketz!!!!

Jose Ayala, Jr | on 12/3/08

Let me just say that I’m glad you’re on our team. As a long time Rockets fan I get sick of hearing all the comments from our so-called Rockets fans who diss a player just cause things aren’t going our way. Like when you got injured or better yet now when Yao got injured. I like the big fella and he’s not getting the appreciation from the fans that he deserves. Neither were you, but the second the winning streak started here came all the haters praising the team. Tmac, I appreciate what you and Yao do for the team even if most people don’t notice how important yall are to the team. Keep up the good work and let’s bring another championship to Houston. Go Rockets!!!

Alberto | on 12/3/08

hi.I am alberto, that of for the letter that you have sent to me.I would want so much to also come in NBA me (as you see from my photo) hi.we feel there later.peace and strength Houston Rockets!!!

sweet | on 12/3/08

sweet 20 wins i promise

tracy315 | on 12/3/08

If you are healthy we believe the Rockets will go all the time.Although Yao is injure,but the Rockets roll well now,like brothers in the advertisement of Adidas.We believe you,come on tmac,we will support you all the time.

chris | on 11/3/08

#1 tmac fan lets go Tracy u tha best. Rip the leauge

Dwight | on 11/3/08

man i look up to u every day u the best.

Praim Persaud - Toronto | on 11/3/08

Well - are they finall believing - ROCKETS - 19 and counting - STAY GROUNDED and FOUCS - MAC - and the entire TEAM - THAT WAS SIMPLY AWESOME - DEFENSE! DEFENSE combined with TOTAL Dedication and skills.

We are ready for the rest of this week - bring them on - we will keep rlling.

TM- elieve and it will happen but lead with PASSION, DEDICATION and the WILL toand you shall - it is there - GO GET IT BOYS - it is YOURS.

Friend | on 10/3/08

I always know ,you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TMAC-TIME! One more !!!!!来自中国~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

James norton | on 10/3/08

that’s really nice love you tmac and yoa

Praim Persaud - Toronto | on 10/3/08

Learedship Traits = Balance, Equilibrium, Commratrier, Poise, Playmaker, Distributir, Closer, Depandability, Character, Calm & Cool dispisition EQUALS TMAC.

You have it all - just stay calm and focus - the inevitable will eventually arreive and it IS TIME - IT is TMAC TIME - this time you HAV A TEAM (Talents, Equals, Ammunition & Motivation). You are surrounded by guys driven to get it done - just lead the way.

Houston calling Charles - come down to earth and open your eyes and clogged brains - your slumber is over - open your eyes - he has been doing it all these YEARS - this time he has a really dedicated team - all of which only makes him better - 2NIGHT - NO. 19. Go it is T - we are all behind you - ALWAYS. GOD BLESS.

Joel B. | on 10/3/08

you guys got me to jump back on the bandwagon

ALL-DAY | on 10/3/08

My son dreams os pro-bball, and I just want to help him to prioritize, but his career choice might conflict with the Bible. Do any NBA players rest on the true Bible Sabbath? Can a contrast permit Holy worship every Friday from sundown to Saturday at sundown like Genesis 2:3 according to the 10 Commandment? Otherwise I don’t know if I should train my son.

ALL-DAY | on 10/3/08

My brief pro-bball stint ended in ’04 at age 31 ankle scar tissue. This may not qualify me more than fools like, Charles Barkley, or any other clown that mouths anything against you, but I think that you and Lebron are the MVP’s. You could’ve won it all without Van Gundy and his pick& roll “offense” (which offended & insulted the real), Yao was a liability vs. the Mavs years ago, and Grant Hill could’ve helped vs. Knicks…and Vince is as much a playoff choker as Melo. I started to ask if I could hold $5, but I’d like to earn it if you think your “J” is better than mine. So my question is, do you think you think your “J” can stand the test of TRA-RUTH vs. the best shooter ever?

ALL-DAY Alden Barnett aka “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” wishing ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YOURS “Fishgrease” whachu do!

Achille jeanty | on 10/3/08

was up tmac damn you guys are winning who is your biggest contribitor on the team since yao gone

ryan | on 10/3/08

lets keep it rollin!!!

WANGHAO | on 10/3/08

T-MAC,super star!NO.1 for ever!

H Rusher | on 9/3/08

Kudos to a great player both on and off of th court. It’s amazing to the see the growth and maturity as you have developed into a true leader in the Rocket’s club and the NBA altogether. This team has made me believe again.

zichen | on 9/3/08

Hi T-mac i’m so happy to see the long win streak that you and your team are so great ,i believe you will be stronger and stronger. i will pray for you the best team in my heart.Come on !

YeBoY | on 9/3/08

Hi TMac! YeBoY here from the Philippines.

I am so happy to see you guys make history. The new look Rox are so fun to watch, I scream every time I see you on TV.

I believe in you like you believe in yourselves. Good luck on your playoff push!

Go Rockets!!!

12 Gage | on 9/3/08

T-MAC! Put 41 on them boys! That’s what’s up man. You and the rest of the team have really stepped it up, especially since Yao went down, and that’s what champions do, WIN no matter what. Keep it up T-Mac, y’all have support all the way from out here in Iraq!

Enter your name... | on 9/3/08


Enter your name... | on 9/3/08

18 in a row. WoW. You guys just seem so cohesive and the chemistry is through the roof.

Keep it up, Houston is quite proud to have you as one of its athletes.

Mike | on 9/3/08

Cool you scored 41 against New Orleans! Way to step up T-Mac! Keep up the great work!

Tim(17 , Russia) | on 9/3/08

Hey , T-MAC. I am your biggest fan. Keep writing.Its really interesting to read. Where are you going this summer? And i have a question - when you career is over then will you write a book about your career? Thank you.For your game. For everything.

Keivan | on 9/3/08


I’m just full of admiration for what you have been doing with the Rockets since you came back from the injury, I have been dedicated to the Rockets and to you since you arrived in H-Town, and this has to be the best time as a fan.

I am so proud of you and the guys, you bring me so much joy. You believe in yourselves and that’s what is so great. All of the fans believe, no matter what everyone says in the media. We will always be behind you. We’ve been through all the tough times, the ’05 & ’07 game 7s, last december (Philly game), but that seems like ages ago.

We are making history together. I have been watching every single game this season from France and this is the best I’ve ever felt as a fan of you and the Rockets. We’re going to go very far.

I’ll be in LA in less than a month, and I’ll see you and the Rockets face the Clippers. This will be one of the best days of my life, as I’ll see you and the team for the first time. I’ve been waiting for that for years.

You were amazing last night, this makes me even more proud and happy. This team is a REAL team, we are witnesses.

I doubt you will ever read this message, but I’m sure you know you have fans who have you and the Rockets in their hearts.

Keep it up Tracy, and I hope I’ll be able to exchange a few words with you, my idol of all times. I’ll do my best.


cathy | on 9/3/08

I love you,T-Mac.never give up.You’re the best one.

ghtl | on 9/3/08

Hey T-Mac, im your fan from China!!!
You are the best!!!

jeff | on 8/3/08

keep the intensity and play with desire and passion every game..I believe the rocket will still make it to the playoff.

As for championship..we will have to wait until Yao comes back to have chance..There is no way we can beat San Antonio, Lakers in 7 games without home court advantage..

sweetiantian | on 8/3/08

you’re great today!!!!!!!!!!!!
go go go~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

jordanc | on 8/3/08

I am a huge fan of you and your cousin, great siuation right here, and just keep it up, I know u can do it, LOVE U T-MAC, u r THE MAN!!!!

love T-mac | on 8/3/08

t-mac,I am a Chinese student.I love you very much.I hope that

Rockets will win.Go!T-mac.Go!Rockets.

Lester Lee | on 8/3/08

T-Mac go for it! I really hope that I can see you play through the conference finals…You really are my favorite player so every time your team loses I feel sad. Stay healthy and keep winning games!

Baumgartner | on 7/3/08

wow,i just couldn’t believe it! you and you teammates have been making a new record in the history of Housten Rocket!though without a giant in the center,you still lead the team keep winning,isn’t it amazing!games in March are so difficuit,but i still believe in you and you teammates,you’ll have a good status in the playoffs!

Victor Osuna | on 7/3/08

hey wat up TMAC i just wanted to say keep up the good work on and off the court i mean all the stuff u do is amazaing u play ball and you help make the world a better place to me you are a real hero i may not be good at basketball but i still hope i can be like you in a way i hope i get to donate as much as you have when i get older thanks for everythihg and i appreciate everything you do

Allan | on 7/3/08

That was a great game last night against the Mavs, solid numbers, you had me scared when you twisted that ankle in the first I was like ah hell nah there goes our playoofs but I’m glad you pulled through, tell Rafer he just keeps getting better and better. Nice Alley too

Abi-Ross | on 7/3/08

Yo TMAC!!! Whats going on with these people?!! Talking about kobe and lebron…cant nobody drop buckets like you man…I remember how you were tearing up the league in the early 2000’s. I argue EVERYDAY about how I think that you’re better than kobe. But part of me seems like you’re holding back on the court…like you don’t go full speed anymore…forgive me if im wrong. your OFFICIAL #! FAN

Dima | on 7/3/08


Praim Persaud - Toronto Canada | on 7/3/08

What a game - FANTASTIC - we finally got the MONKEY off OUR BACK (sound like a PLAYOFF bound ture :).

The entire TEAM played - keep this spirit going guys - and T - what a game - confifence, agression and that SMILE. You had a terrific game.

Now as for the two (2) MORONS on TNT - if anyone wants to listen to supposedly Basketball IQ guys - then these are not the 2 to tune into. How could anyone with any level of intellegence of the game say the DUMB, UNREALISTIC, UNFOUNDED, GROUNDLESS, UNSUPPORTED and tottal out of context anaolgies and deductions that they continually splurt out.

Kepp winng T and shut that OVER WEIGHT BABOON UP. These two BROWN NOSE each other to such an extent - it is sickenning to listen to - thanks GOD for Ernie.

i love T-MAC | on 7/3/08

i will always suppot are the best!believe yourself!

Tendy 周 | on 7/3/08


RdSSdR | on 7/3/08

all of my classmates love you very much ,go on winning !!!my MVP

Jen | on 7/3/08

Hey T-Mac, im your fan from Malaysia!!!
Your’re my idol!!!
You are the best!!!
Rockets can continue the straight wins!!!

xiaohan | on 7/3/08

i just hope that your career will go forever with our supporting.hey,guy fighting~~~we will always love you!!never give up!!!approaching for the champian~~

Ralph, | on 7/3/08

Hey!!just keep it up..go rockets team.. go t-mac…

GOdbless yah ol.

Mike Walker | on 7/3/08

great game tonight the way you mixed your offense up from the outside and going to the basket was perfect. When you go to the hole strong nobody can stop you. Saturday is a huge game so just keep going strong to the basket and playing solid D you guys will get number 18 in a row

fans from China | on 6/3/08

well done, tracy! you are the best player that I have ever seen before. best wishes for you, for rockets, for Yao. you will be the champion at last.

He Jun | on 6/3/08

hi dear Tracy here is Hejun from China i just done with the rocket match vs.mavericks in which you guys showed great again. most of young fans like us here know you are gifted before and since you joined rockets but you had not used what God brought you in a very correct way to help your teamates previously. Within the last 17-win game streak, you are getting better and better not just because of your score but your organizing ability to make your team unbeatable. Just stick the right track and hope you guys keep winning till you prove sth in playoff even without Yao. Of course we in China will expect more for next season when yao is back to the court…thank you and your great coach Rick…

200 millions people in our land watching all of you playing…JIAYOU!!!

Kenya D | on 6/3/08

T-Mac You are The Man, You made history, congradulations

James Fiddmont | on 6/3/08

Tracy McGrady you are unstoppable. This season has been one of my favorite basketball seasons ever because of what you and the rockets are doing. Congradulations on making history!

And thank you for frying Charles Barkley tonight, the way he talks you would think he watch one game of yours a year.

Jodi | on 6/3/08

You make everyone better.

Jodi | on 6/3/08

Tracy, I’m watching you right now playing Dallas. I heard Charles comments in the pregame and Reggie said he had talked about it with you before the game. Just wanted to let you know that I think you do nothing BUT help your teamates be better players. You demand the double team, you see the floor and I love your passing abilities. You find everyone. I watch every Rockets game and you continue to shock and amaze me. Thanks for everything. We’re up on Dallas right now 87 70. Thanks for that too.

kenley jacques | on 6/3/08

hey tracy it kenley im ur greates fan ever everyone says i play like u man ur sick and if i ever met you the first thing i do. IS aske to come play ball man im such a fan ur that best anyways if u have e-mail this is my [email protected] i hope we meet someday but for now keep winning ight pce man oh yah here my highlights from my games tell if i play like u lol il send u a link right here.

thats it anyways i g2g i u e-mail me back bye ur th best keeping winning make it 17 straight to the playoffs.

from ur greates fan kenley jacques but people call him kj pce out G

Stan | on 6/3/08

Keep it up 16 games lets get twenty. Now every body can see what’s really good.

Your biggest fan

theocean2k7 | on 6/3/08

T-mac your the best lets make it 17 so we can improve. by the way you will make out the first round this year even if the fans have to help..

Praim Persaud - Toronto, CA | on 6/3/08

Way to go MAC - the TEAM did it and you led beautifully - I thoroughly enjoyed that - BUT - keep up the DEFENSIVE INTENSITY - do not lax - as in the 3rd Period (beginning).

Now TRASH the MAVS BUTS tonoght.

Loved your SPEECH - that is how it MUST always be - the BOYS - all of them - for the 1ST TIME you have a TRUE and FEARLESS supporting staff - now gow get it done - WIN - let ride this all the way to the FINALS>

Alvin | on 6/3/08

T-mac for mvp! make it 17 today!

Big Field | on 6/3/08

T-Mac I will always SUPPOT you

BEYOND-SL | on 6/3/08

We have witnessed the 16 streak, it’s a really happy time for fans to enjoy, Keep going and strive for a better and better achievement!

Chris The Czar | on 6/3/08

Keep it up T and the Rockets!!! Ya’ll are showing everybody that this team is a contender!!! Now, lets go to the next challenge and play with the Teamwork that’s making the Rockets be on top!! Good Luck in Dallas!!! I will be watching and rooting for ya’ll in the MIA!!!! Go ROCKETS!!!! Go Tracy!!!!

david | on 5/3/08

you are the best!

L | on 5/3/08

T-Mac, your my greatest idol, Not Magic, not Kobe or Kareem or Jordan but you man. Since you went to Orlando you sold your blood to the team, gave it all you got and also in Houston you did. Now its the year for you and the Rockets to bring back the Championship to Houston and i know you can.
P.S. Not only this year you bring back the championship man, bring it every year!
All your fans will be supporting you no matter what.

Arthur Brenke | on 5/3/08

Hi Tracy, my name is Arthur Brenke and i’m from Brazil. I know you have a lot of questions to read and answer, so i don’t expect you to read mine because you’re a very busy player, but i need to write this with my hart.

Here in Brazil i play for a team and we have never won anything. We haven’t event gone to the playoffs. THis year i’ll try to win a championship. I’ll try to win it for you. You may think that’s stupid but it’s important to me, so i need to write it. I know how much you want a NBA ring, so if I won, i’ll dedicate it for you, even if you can’t see it.

You’re one of the best players i’ve ever seen playing basketball. A lot of guys say that Kobe is better than you, but I think they’re wrong. You play with your brain. See you playing in television is awesome so i’m saving money since 2003 to see you playing in Toyota Arena. I’m going to Houston in december, so my dream will come true. It will be the best day of my life.

I need to say that i know how much you want to win the 1st round anda the playoffs, and i’d like to say that i believe on you.

And now, i want to ask you a question:

I hear about your basketball camp. But i’m 15 and in december i’ll be 16 so i can’t go. Do you have any camps for my age? I’ll go to watch your game and i’d like to play basketball in the U.S.A too.

Thanks for your attention and thanks for being my hero.

With Love,
Arthur Brenke

Cindy Mora | on 5/3/08

T-Mac, I see a resiliency in you and the rest of the guys that can make the difference. I’ve been a Houston fan through the years and I remember being under 500 and then coming back mid-year to win our second championship. Take a look at last year’s Golden State series against the then dominant Mavericks. Where there’s a belief, work ethic and a way there is no stopping you guys. I see this team right now have that mental toughness that makes great players and great teams. I see it in you, I see it in Rafer, I see it in Luther - the players who have experienced the low point as a team and I see something special in all the new members - You guys can go all the way - IF you believe it, work for it and give it all you have. One of my favorite versus is: I can do all things THROUGH Christ who strenghtens me. Look forward to the game tonight and being there to break the Franchise record.

Blincoe | on 5/3/08

T-mac you are t-mac. everyone criticizes on you not getting out of the first round. That’s bull. Don’t focus on the 1st round. You are a championship player. Think about it, you know that you are the best player in the nba. Make everyone else know know this. Your toooo talented for this mac. Proove everyone wrong. I believe in you man. If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t average the 25ppg that I do now in high school. I enjoy watching n cheering for you. Don’t let everyone down. The rockets should be ranked #1 in the nba n u no IT!!!!!!!

J from Phils. | on 5/3/08

good job on achieving 15 streak. i believe u guys can continue the streak even without Yao. keep it up

Diego | on 5/3/08

Tracy you the best… Yea you the best… keep the streak going and please take it to the basket. I love how you keep the ball moving and Scola is benefiting from it. Im looking forward to the Dallas game, its a true test, where you guys stand. before I sign off please take it to the basket Tracy and dont settle for that long range jumper… Go Rockets..

Javier | on 5/3/08

There’s no “I” in team and the Rockets have learned that this year. We (True Rocket fans)are behind youall 100% and it’s time to “BELIEVE IT AGAIN”!!!!!! GO ROCKETS!

Praim Persaud | on 5/3/08

T - I have followed you in your last year at TO, all through Orlando and now at Huston - possibly one of your craziest fan. No matter which city I am in on business and you are playing - I find a bar that is carring the game.

I have seen you ALMOST SINGLE HANDEDLY carried the MAGIC & ROCKETS - but this time oround - you have a TEAM - keep your FOCUS on this fact - thier talent and YOURS - distinguish when and where it becomes EVIDENT for T-MAC to take over - the plan in place is working.

T - no matter what the PUNDITS PREACH - keep your head on and thing straight - YOU WILL GET THERE - and this is the YEAR.

Some nights I keep wishing you will take the SHOT instead of passing - but I understand and I am sure you TRUE FANS do.

Wish I had the dough to come from TO to HUSTON and see you play a few games. BUT someday I will get the opportunity to meet you.

Toninght - it is Indiand and tomorrow DALLAS - PLEASE, PLESAE kick their BUTS - especially DALLAS>

God Bless and good luck.

margrette | on 5/3/08

T-mac! I believe you forever

伍珺涵 | on 5/3/08

I’m a student from Shanghai,Yao’s motherland.
I won’t give up on you. Although Yao has gone down. But you are still our hero. I think every sincere fans will agree with me.
I believe you!
GO ROCKETS! Not only for YAO, but also for yourselves!
And,T-MAC, you should always remenber that there are always many fans stand by your side!
I love you~~So, go and win the game.Fight!!

gongwei | on 5/3/08

I believe the team is yours.

小麦加油 | on 5/3/08


咪 | on 5/3/08

do your best~
you can do it!

Zhang xinming | on 5/3/08

Hi,TMAC.I’m your fan from China!
Although YAO will miss the following games,and I and our classmates believe Rocket,becauce you are here,please lead us to more victories!

rain | on 5/3/08

Rockets is No.1!T-MAC is No.1!

Anthony Scott | on 4/3/08

Your team has more story and heart than most in the league. Keep the fight up.

With the talent coming to form, you just gotta do your thing. Though I don’t need to tell you that. I guess the only thing I can say is when the streak is over, because all good things come to an end, start another one the next day and keep looking forward. Wishing you the bests until finals night.

Saif Kalaz Brooklyn New York | on 4/3/08

whats up tracy..long time fan buddy..thought ur were nasty as a raptor.. but can i ask u one favor man.. i really wanna see u win a ring so do u think maybe u can go back to ur orlando days when u used totake over the game like nothing.. i mean i know they say its yao is team.. but its really urs man u cannot be second to no one in my eyes u one of the all time greats.. well step up boy its crunch time .. u can do it.. t-mac # 1 all day every day lets get that ring boy

kmarie | on 4/3/08

just wanted to say “Be encouraged!”. you have a lot of fans out here still behind you and truly believing in you and the team. i know that if you guys play the way that you have been that you can make it to the finals…..just continue to have that faith in yourselves and you’ll go far! i love you!

kevin vogt | on 4/3/08

hey greetz out of germany . . .your poster is on my wall t-mac ! just bring the rockets to the playoffs and get the mvp award !

Kono Staple | on 4/3/08

I have been following your career for a while now. My favorite team has always been which ever one you have played for. When I play ball and I hit a shot a used to say Jordan. Well, since 98 all I have been saying is McGrady. You are my favorite ball player and I can’t wait for you to prove the doubters wrong. Go Rockets

Chelsea Martinez | on 4/3/08

i have faith in you t-mac and the whole team i think will win the championship this year

MaYunzhe | on 4/3/08

Hi,Tracy, I am a student from China.We love your game even more than Yao.Now,its time to prove you are the best leader!

leng | on 4/3/08

I love you,T-Mac!!!
Stand by you forever!!!

洛洛from China | on 4/3/08

T-Mac times in houston are just beginning.

Go ahead.

dRe | on 4/3/08

Dude pleaseeeeee make the playoffs i still believe you guys will.. i wanna c ya win the mvp + finals mvp this year!!!

my name is... | on 3/3/08

Tracy,I really don’t know your blog until today~~~I am happy to be your fan,I am a Chinese girl,I hope I will be here ofen,though my English is not good enough…

Chris Garza - CzarKristoff | on 3/3/08

I’m One of your Loyal fans as well. Congrats on the 15 game winning streak! Go Rockets!!! I remember when they traded for you, I was dumbfounded. Couldn’t believe we got you but I’m glad we did. But what I want to know is that what do you think about EVERYONE already writing us off? I’ve been watching almost all the channels & alot of them are saying that we are not going to make the playoffs. What do you think about that? Also, with the way everyone is playing, do you think we can still contend? I believe, not Think, this is the year that we win another one & You win Yours!!! Go T-Mac!!! Go Rockets!!! Keep the ball movin’ and smash on those Boards!! 2008 is our year!!!

Triniboy - Jeff | on 3/3/08

Great going to you and the team. I, we, love winning and I know you do too. I am very pleased to see the ROCKETS with the absence of Yao quiet the doomsayers counting the team done. So again “thumbs up”.
Let the world know ‘IT’S TIME’..

Clint | on 3/3/08

Wat it do TMAC? Im a Houston native and now live in the DFW area but i love the Rockets. They have been my favorite team since i was little! First let me tell you its not your fault that you havent got out of the first round of the playoffs. Especially last year you did everything but there is one thing you need to know is never give up on yourself. I know from experience from being in war in Iraq! You can never give up no matter how bad things get youve got to have HEART!! TMAC I know you can lead the rockets to the title and i beleive!! Holla!!

cisco | on 3/3/08

all i want to say is that i am with you guys to the very end. i know a lot of people have given up on the team because of the injury to yao, saying that the season is over and that the playoffs are no longer attainable this year. i think you guys will do well and prove a lot of people wrong. don’t worry about what people say, just take of business and everything will work out fine in the end. i will be supporting you guys the rest of the season and IN THE PLAYOFFS! GO T-MAC AND GO ROCKETS!

Kush Patel from Houston | on 3/3/08

Hey Tracy, its one of your loyal fans from Houston. I love watching your games! You have performed so well this season! This is the greatest Houston team I’ve seen since the championship era. I’m only 18 so I’ll be watching a lot more Rocket basketball in my days. This year is your year Tmac. You will get out of the first round this year. Youve got a supporting cast this time and two of the best rookies this year. GO TMAC! GO ROCKETS! We all believe in you Tracy. Even without Yao we are the biggest threat in the NBA. Its time to show the world what Houston Rockets are all about! GO TMAC! ROCKETS=WORLD CHAMPS 2008!!!

mark siquig | on 3/3/08

it’s time tracy… you are always been a winner

Grotsnik from Seville (Spain) | on 3/3/08

T-Mac, you’re playing great again. That’s why we believe this year could be great.
You and the Rockets guys have all our support.
Keep doing what you do, go to the basket. Go !!!!

Stefanie | on 3/3/08

My family and I watch every game. We are what you call “Homers”. Keep believing, this is not over yet. Enjoy the ride that you and the team are on. Y’all look AWESOME!! Y’all seem to be up for the task at hand and we are excited. There are many naysayers out there, but you know what. Let them talk. You can definitely tell what is in the hearts of the Rockets and that is the will to win!! Keep going, keep believing, and we will keep watchin

Kavyn McGrady | on 3/3/08

Nice blog man, am a fan for yours for centuries and being a houston fan is like one of the greatest privileges in my whole life. Its good to see you leading the way up to 15 wins and believe me when i saw all of the 15 wins, i can see how it is realized because you tmac, you moved from being a strong individual into a team minded player which to me very few had achieved. Dallas and New Orlean is gonna be tough this coming early March but i believe its always gonna be you T-Mac, Shane and Rafer who should set the tone for the whole game. I really do hope Houston will gain the momentum and achieved 20+ plus wins which i think is not impossible. Impossible is nothing remember? As much as i want to see you T-mac in person, i also wish you all the best in your career and please lead the rockets pass the playoffs. My dream is to see you t-mac carry larry o’brien trophy. That’s gonna be a dream come true. I know one day it gonna come. Take care there t-mac.

lisa | on 2/3/08

I am a chinese girl,when i know the bad things happened on YAO,i was very sad ,because the burden you have is very heavy,but i still believe you and the person in our team,i hope you can play best.Just trust yourself ,the amazing will happen!My best wishs to you and the guys ,to our team!

Angelika | on 2/3/08

Hi Trae…

lord have mercy I am speechless what is really going on….great game ….please just keep winning…you can make it guys…all the way…just watched you guys kick around DENVER do you believe….Trae please keep your guys believing in you and themselves….you guys can do it I am woried about the Lakers just a little bit but you are MJ number 2 so you can take them just keep doin what you’re doin…you will make it all the way…this is your year…just go believe in yourself and your team…GO TRAE...GO you guys …keep om keppin on ROCKETS all the way….championship…prove the world wrong especially Steven A Smith he gets on my nerves so bad…please shut him up and down for me

Love you TRAE
[email protected]

Wil | on 2/3/08

If you read this in time, tell Yao to opt for cast and crutches instead of surgery. I believe it’s more favorable for his situation—it worked for me.

On another note, I’ve been privileged to watch the careers of numerous entertainers and athletes develop as a fan. And similar to paper trading stocks, I’ve successfully recognized and mapped out their career paths….

In short, you are just a click away from greatness, it’s that clear to me. And there is a window of opportunity before you now that is waiting on You, to welcome It. You don’t need to run faster or jump higher, or score more points to seize it—the physical component has always been there. The adjustment lies in changing your mindset. That’s the winning combination. It’s the final turn that will unlock you potential, and indirectly, your teammates as well.

God Bless,
[email protected]

B-Rob from NY | on 2/3/08

We still believe T-Mac. Play hard and take control over the team and games.Make the finals push that i know you are capable of. Play hard and no excuses

Andre Simonian | on 2/3/08

i hope you win the championship.

KJ | on 2/3/08

TAKE OVER TMAC.....My boy told me the other night bout the big mans injury and I told him WATCH TMAC is gonna become the leader of the team and take over….there is no way the rockets aint going to da playoffs cuz everyone is going to count us out…...which will piss TMAC off…..hence he will TAKE OVER

YKK | on 2/3/08

GO T-Mac! Go Rockets! We got this, don’t give up. I believe in you Tracy, you can lead this team without Yao. It is all about Houston man!

Yun | on 1/3/08

Hi,Tracy, I am a student from Kansas City, also, I am your fan. I can tell you, I don’t like Kobe, James, Nash, Wade any more, because in my eyes, there are only two heros in the field of basketball all over the world, one is Jordan, and the other one is you. Actuallly, I’ve been the USA just for 6 months, I am from China. I even prefer you get more scores than Yao in a game, though I like Yao as well. I saw a TV show about you and Yao, when the compere asked you why you are more popular than Yao in China, you said you cannot understand, you don’t realize that. Well, let me tell you, cause in your eyes, we can see strength, power, desire, hope, toughness…...I think you must be sad now because of the injury of Yao, come on, man, don’t care about that, ignore that, let me tell you a phrase in China, that is switching misery to power. In China, almost every teenager like you as the best player of the all stars in NBA.
So, keep going, we are waiting a hero we saw before to make miracle for us. Don’t worry and please do you best to avoid making us dissapointed, just because of more than 100,000,000 fans in China and just because you called Tracy McGrady!
I really want you can see this comment,if you do, can you tell me. My email :[email protected] I hope I can watch a game you played during the coming up spring break, so please rememeber don’t refuse me to get your signature. Aha.
Supporting you forever!
Your fan.

fotimac1 | on 1/3/08

yo t-mac you’ll be fine brother. you’ve lead worse teams than this one to the playoffs before. this has to be one of the best teams you’ve ever been on when it comes to supporting cast. it’s a tight race in the west, but with a few clutch victories against denver and dallas you guys’ll be fine. keep the winning ways going, perfect march anyone?

Yang Lu | on 1/3/08

Congratulations for you and your teammates to make 14th Straight win. Althouth losing Yao is a sad news, we still believe in you. We fans in China still believe in you, just Keep healthy Tmac. No matter what happened Houston Rockets is our home team forever. It’s Time, Go Rockets, Beat the Nuggets!!!

Alex Chen | on 1/3/08

I wish you could lead The Houston Rocket to get NBA Championship.

But sometimes, when you focus on sth, the result will not always be what you expected.Enjoying basketball is the most importtan thing, and Championship is sth addtional to what you have pay.

Good luck.

tracyyi | on 1/3/08

tracy:i am so glad to read these words by yourself, not only the rockets fans in America but most people in china will support you and the rockets always and forever!good luck for you….......

Rock Lee | on 1/3/08

today, you played very well and got the 14th game after winning 13 games in a row.But sadly,Yao can’t play the rest of games.However,I will go on supporting you and the Rockets.And,I hope Yao could come back soon.
i believe you can do everything if you don’t give up!!! ——one of your fan from China

filip borbas | on 1/3/08

you have support all way from croatia,,,by the way I noticed you´ve started to dunk lil more :)

SteveL | on 1/3/08

Hi,T-mac, I think you can you best to the team,you may the most important factor of Rockets,so give us Win!

Your super fan | on 1/3/08

please do not let your tears broke our hearts.
Stand By You!!!
Go Go Go!!

if you can enter the final, Yao will be back!!!
we believe in you!!!
Play-off MVP!!!

——super fans of you from GZ,CHN

lemonjing | on 29/2/08

I have watched the match of today’s,and was so excited to see the lasting score of 14th.I’m a Chinese girl,and my English if too poor to catch the speed of your unbelievable show of 35.5S,but I’m sure you will lead rockets to a higher space.come on!god bless rockets ,god bless you !

lan | on 29/2/08

Hey Tracy.i am a Chinese girl .i love you so much .i believe you can lead the team to win the game even though YAO is not here.No matter what other people say just be youself . you konw whan you want and what you can do.keep going on .ROCKETS fighting ,in the end please remember that we all love you and suppot you everytime because you are Tracy.
now it’s Tracy’s time

yangmingSheng | on 29/2/08

I’m from china.You are the best for ever!

Mike | on 29/2/08

T-mac, you and the Rockets are winning the championship this year!!

tmacin 01 | on 29/2/08

dont worry tmac im still here cheering u guys on this year u guys are making it past the 2nd round of the final and dont worry yao is tough he is gonna get better fast

a boy from china.... | on 29/2/08

i don’t think you can see what i said,but i must tell you :never give up , my English is so-so ,it is very hard for me to leave a message…...

Blake (the red) Barron | on 29/2/08

Look T-Mac, this Adelman system is good with or without a Big!! Ask Drexler! I know you guys can do it! Don’t try to do too much, stay within your-self and remember, this is a team game! You have enough talent around you to not have to carry the team on your shoulders! Finally, please stay healthy, we need at least one star on the team to make it. Between Scola, Landry and Jackson coming off the bench you have enough talent around you! Love ya man!!! Stay Cool! Go Rockets!!!!!

Gerard | on 29/2/08

“ T-Mac times in houston are just beginning. “
this my favorite saying right here
let’s go, it’s not over
it’s true that we ain got yao no more
but we got you. take us all up there. NBA Final

Shaston McNaspy | on 29/2/08

I felt sick to hear that Yao was out for the season. Still I realized we still have the talent and the heart to keep our momentum going, to go deep into the playoffs. This team is my prayers. TMAC, I know you can lift this team on your shoulders and keep this thing going.

James | on 29/2/08

Letz Go Rockets! I’m sticking with you all the way, TMAC you are the man!

[email protected] | on 29/2/08

Hey MAC you still a superstar
I still Believe

迪迪 | on 29/2/08

麦麦 不要客气 弄翻他们撒
所以你也没必要客气 哈哈```哈

好 ``说正事``
今年是个好机会``加上YAO受伤以后机会更好了 `

AX | on 29/2/08

Keep on fighting! U will get the championship!

Aaron Lewis | on 29/2/08

Tracy your my favorite player in the NBA, and you have been since i was a little boy. one of these days i want to come to one of your games. I like the way your leading your teamates, o and by the way here in Salina, KS my nick name is t-mac. iight well holla playa

Miraj Ali | on 29/2/08

No way in the world i give up on my team. I know your going to step up. Thats who you are. T-Mac. We will keep winnning. I belive and now that yao is gone, its crunch time! Jus take it to the rack And hopefully bring it homw! Your the best.

tracy | on 29/2/08

this is where the beast tmac comes about out tmac dont listen 2 all the haters telling u ur not gonna make the playoff ur gona win the championship everyone start watching rockets game tmac is about to go off he might even score a 100 lets go tmac

MarvinOloris | on 29/2/08

By the way, your poem for Yao’s quite good. I like it. :)

MarvinOloris | on 29/2/08

Hey Tracy, long time since your last blog. :) Anyway, I have great confidence over you. I know you can lead the Rockets to 15+ winning streak. Just step up, be on fire all night and always on attack-mode. I know you’ll average 35+ ppg, 10+ apg and 8+ rpg in the remaining games of the season.

Keep it up. You’re my hero, as always.

Marvin Oloris from the Philippines.

HJY | on 29/2/08

Keep on fighting to the end

LMF | on 29/2/08

Support you all the time!!!!!!!!!

I support Tracy | on 29/2/08

Hi,Tracy.I’m from China,your fans.Go ahead!You can take the championship without Yaoming.

何晓阳 | on 29/2/08

I have two dreams.One is you get the champion,ang the other is I can have a chance to Houston to see your game.In Olando,you always dunk over everyone,now,it’s time to do something.just remember that nothing can stop you,including Yao’s falling down.I havc waited for the day you win thr NBA Final 6years since I was 14.if that day comes I think I will cry.T-MAC,It’ s time!!!!!MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

毕子 | on 29/2/08

hey TMAC belive yourself

Kong | on 29/2/08

Hey Tracy!I support you and ROCKET till the end..Yao is BIG,but you too.Come on let’s go~go go rocket go!!

Kevin Zhang | on 29/2/08

Hey, I believe you can do the best!

danny | on 29/2/08

no matter what happen,just keep going, and u know, we wont give up on u or ur team, we always support u guy.just do it,with ur heart and soul,go go gogo go go go! danny

DAVID LEUNG | on 29/2/08

I am one of your fans in HONG KONG CHINA, in my views, you are the best player in NBA, now HOU is roll to 14th straight win, it is really powerful and great!!No matter YAO is fall down, but I believe you can be the best leader in ROCKET, I hope you and HOU can pass the first round of the season, I trust you will done it!!do you remember the match in 2004-2005 VS SPURS,you got 13 POINTS within 3X second, that is really on fire!!!!I always share this highlight with my friends in school and families, I know you can do it again and again!! Last year I bought your T_MAC 6,when I wear it for the match ,I felt your energy and power, and make me feel very well!!!I support you and HOU forever!!!! God Bless You!!TRACY MCGRADY!!YOU ARE NO.1 FOREVER!!

Fernand | on 29/2/08

T-MAC this is the time to make them feel the power, ability, force and the passion that you have to make good plays. This is the time to make people shut up, and do what you do!! Your team needs you and your fans need you too. Demonstrate to everybody that you are going for the championship!!! You have a great team and I think that you have enough help to do it. It’s time to let the monster inside of you out!!!!

ELVIS from H.K. | on 29/2/08

Hey T-amc! Hope you can get triple-double tmr
and against Memphis for a 14!! straight win ^^

FERNAND | on 29/2/08

Hi T-Mac I am your best fan.I had the oportunity to talk to you when you went to Puerto Rico a couples years ago.I trust you that’s why I know you can do it.Nobody in this league is better than you and bealive me this is your year to keep the people shut up and demostrate to all them that you go for the championchip.Don’t worry you have enough help in your team and they trust you like I trust you.Be agressive in your penetration you are unstopable and they have to feel the impact of my monster.Do what you do.

My Chemicai Romance | on 29/2/08

Hey TMAC,you are a great player,I love you
Keep your health,Let the total finals engrave next your name
Now you are a real leader in Rocket,Although Yao are not at,it’s time
My English is not good,I do not know that you can see to understand,But I will have been paying attention to your blog

fanis | on 29/2/08

yuo know you are the best player in the league for us…........go for the trophy this year.your team is great even if you dont have yao.put 40 in each game.write history tmac with your performance…

chinese fan | on 29/2/08

Do more for Yao & Take care of yourself
Love U forever

akeibo bondieumaitre | on 29/2/08

hey, its your 1 fan skeebz. i just u to know that its ur time to shine know. 3 of ur next 5 games is going to be the top team in the west. u have to show that ur the best there is. u dont have to do it by scoring. u dont need so many j’s u are one of the deadilist drivers in the game today. hola back [email protected]

Full Dream! | on 29/2/08

I am from china,of course,you are famous among us,though always somnebody will look down on you,just say:hey ,TM is not as great as Kobe,he can’t play well in every game..”,i think it’s your style,only beat them when nessary,now,we lost yao,on the other hand,it’s your show time,and i have to say,you are not only one person,we have 5,you are greater when you are a points-killer as well as a teammaker!GOGO,come on!

johnny gibbons | on 29/2/08

i’m gunning for you and the team to pick up the lloead i know u can do it i seen it before.

火箭迷 | on 29/2/08

你係得既 加油呀!!!

FELICIAL | on 29/2/08


Alex wu | on 29/2/08

you are no.1

T-MacLiang | on 29/2/08

I am a Chinese student ,I trust you, you can do what you want just like 13 in 35s Do your best!I believe in you!I will always be with you!!!

Tracy | on 29/2/08

It’s your time now, but first of all keep healthy!

King Mac | on 29/2/08

Hey,Tracy,never give up and I will trust you forver!!!

Nelson, From Houston, TX | on 29/2/08



cai wei fu | on 29/2/08

hi,TMAC I absolutely trust that you can lead the ROCKETS to win every games. Doing your best that is ok.We never give up on TMAC or ROCKETS .We will just support TMAC and Rockets forever. I think Yao is like us as wll. GO-ahead and win is created by Teamwork. keep healthy. your fan cai

Tommy | on 29/2/08

It’s your time
come on | on 29/2/08

Do you best,we will be best!

Enter your name... | on 29/2/08

Trust me,you are creating a legend,plz just maintain your way.

Enter your name... | on 29/2/08

I will always be with you!

Enter your name... | on 29/2/08

T-MAC, give my wishes to you! win the ncxt game!

sink | on 29/2/08

I believe everything you’ve said

相信你 | on 29/2/08

i believe you!

死鱼眼 | on 29/2/08

i’m behined u 150% i beleve in u and da rockets we can make it all the way

Arthur | on 29/2/08

I support you forever!!

死鱼眼 | on 29/2/08

I’m behined u 150% i beleve in u and da rockets we can make it all the way

tmachx | on 29/2/08

I will support you all of my life
You are the best!

aOne | on 29/2/08

never give up

麦子 | on 29/2/08

Tmac try to do best because you are tmac you can do something others can’t do Tt’s a chance for you to show yourself win!

young | on 29/2/08

Hi,Tman,I’m from China,I watch your game first when you 23 years old,it has been almost 6 years,I love you all the time.
Now,I know you have much more pressure than before,but we all believe in you,support you and stay around you.
It’s time,yes,it’s time to lead your team-mate,your Rockets go to the playoffs,break the first round.
We stay with you!
Come on,man!Go head!!!

anonymous | on 29/2/08

hey,tracy we love you

La | on 29/2/08

I will love you everytime!!believe you!!!

TMAC | on 29/2/08


T-MAC VS LEEHOM | on 29/2/08

I support you FOREVER!!!

HeadFan | on 29/2/08

you guys can make it of course!

anyway, god bless yao! next year’s a better time.

fan from China

Enter your name... | on 29/2/08

Rocket,go! go! go!
Good luck!

4_ever | on 29/2/08

t-mac,come on!!we’re strong!!!

chinese wall | on 29/2/08

come on !
Chinese walls are always with you!

vicky | on 29/2/08

come on

we are together

Juno | on 29/2/08

Hey,it’s your time,Tracy!!

-mac- | on 29/2/08

Tracy, u can do it, just wait our big man to join in the final.

TC united @ Arlington Fry's | on 29/2/08

Go for it TMac, you can do it. I m strongly believe u and ur team.
I wish Yao can come back at the playoff final when against to the East coast team. Believe in miracle!! Go Rockets!

Leo | on 29/2/08

I’m one of your biggest fan in the Philippines. I’ve always believed in you. You and Michael Jordan inspired me to play basketball. Remember, we will always support you because you’re the best.
Go T-mac!!!
Bring back your game which is “Silky Smooth”

bright | on 29/2/08

fight like T-mac time when you in 多伦多 和 奥兰多
you start T-magic MODEL START 得分王 MODEL

fighting NOW

T-MAC i love u | on 29/2/08

I’m a common fans of you. I like everything of you.

Just remember we just hope you play basketball happily.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

I wish you can come to China again.

Dirk Xuan | on 29/2/08

I hope Rockets can go further.
Hope you can do better,just like what you did past.
Nobody has a better talent than you in the NBA.
Best wishes!

中国球迷 | on 29/2/08


T-MAC IS GOD | on 29/2/08

YOU are the best NBA star I think .I know a lot of people love you in china.We believe you forever ,wo Love you forever!

kevin | on 29/2/08

hi TMac, even if i were suspicious of you and your capability, i am in hope of seeing your perfect performance, not only the match of tomorrow but also for good. Man, Cheer up!

yee | on 29/2/08

hey,my life-long idol, dear tmac. i am a student from shanghai in china where is the yao’s hometown. when i heard the news that yao was injured, i was shocked! every one around me said that rockets will be down and far away from the playoff since that event occuted! but i still believe that rocket is still one of the best teams in the west and has a great oppotunity to win the final! and that who gives me a strong confidence to believe all the things above will become ture is you, my idol!you can do everything in the court and can effect your teams to be better! you are a leader by nature, all the chinese will support you! it is your showtime, we are all waiting for it! i will be your fans forever! best wishes to you, yao and the rockets!

Enter your name... | on 29/2/08

T-MAC wo believe you are MVP

Enter your name... | on 29/2/08

YOU AND YAO 一起加油啊 支持火箭支持你们 UP UP UP

lucy | on 29/2/08

good luck to you!

徐璐AM | on 29/2/08

Dear Tracy,
When I got the unlucky report I feel very for yao and you.I am a fan of you.And I love you very much.I know it must be very hard to go to the playoffs.But you have said“WE WILL BE THERE”
So don’t lose heart.Although yao is not with you.You are not alone.Because we fans are focusing on you.Wish you!

LOVE~~T-MAC | on 29/2/08

我爱你 T-MAC!!

jie | on 29/2/08

rox go! we are all by your side.
come on

Rox Babe | on 29/2/08

Come on!You’re a brave man!We believe,do it for Yao!

Rox Babe | on 29/2/08

Believe yourself,don’t forget the 35s 13pts moment!Keep fighting and keep bloody!!!

ZHANGYANG | on 29/2/08

hey,t-mac,I love you forever.I live in a small city in China in Jingzhou.But I want you konw,I love you forever.Form my ture heart.

chinese student | on 29/2/08

IT’S TIME !加油吧

mac5501 | on 29/2/08

whatever happened,I’m on your side.

Shadow Moon | on 29/2/08

No matter what happend, I’ll never give up and trust you and your tems must keep winning for fans. Now it’s on your court.
As we all know the game is playing by five people “ We not me!” So the teammates must be the best helper.
Impossimble is nothing!

wangju | on 29/2/08

we love you,foever
you are champion

LV FAN | on 29/2/08

you are the best

no.1 forever | on 29/2/08

You are our god!
We trust you!
Go! T-Mac!
Go! Rock man!

LV FAN | on 29/2/08

Keep up the good work. T-MAC

Keren | on 29/2/08

Run a 14-0 and and 15-0 and 16-0…is the best gift to Yao
I still believe you
whatever happened
i will always love you, love Yao, love rockets
so come on Tracy

sean | on 29/2/08

hi Tmac

love your forever --Tracy | on 29/2/08

Hey,big boy.I am your fan from china .There are many your fans among my classmates . We are care every game in our free time .We share your victory when win the game .On the contrary,we also share sorrow when lost the game .I treat you as my idol,I like you very much ,so I alway make something crazy .Even though Yao injuryed,I also beleive you can do something that it is impossible to people .you can charge tam to a higher level.As known ,this season is very important for you ,it is time catch a golden medal .You can play.

siran | on 28/2/08

It is time!Fighting!

Cevine | on 28/2/08


YAO-ROKETS | on 28/2/08

Come on ! We won’t give you !We belive you !Just for you are Tracy Mcgrady!

Leo ([email protected]) | on 28/2/08

I’m your one of your biggest fans in the Philippines. It was a devastating blow for the team when Yao Ming went down. Most people counted you out but I still believe because you were one of those people who inspired me to play basketball. I’m just a teenager and I know how you feel when you inspire young kids like me. I never counted you out, or rather we, your fans never counted you out because we truly believe in you. We were always there for you inspite of all those criticizms. Because we know you can do it, prove them all wrong.

Go T-mac!!!
Bring back your old self!!
Your game in which you defined as “silky smooth”!!
We Believe In You!!

anonymous | on 28/2/08

Bless U and Bless all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

sw | on 28/2/08

I believe you!

麦饭 | on 28/2/08


Enter your name... | on 28/2/08


我们支持你 | on 28/2/08


JING WANG LONG | on 28/2/08


Hey TMAC, | on 28/2/08

I will always be with you!

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08

Never give up and try your best.
I trusted you.

JING WANG LONG | on 28/2/08

I am a chinese. Now I am a senior and your loyal fan.I care about HOUSTON very much. I heared that YAO falls down.I know clearly your feeling. Even though YAO have fallen down, I believe you will be able to help your team.IMPOSIBLE NOTHING FOR YOU I

yuhui | on 28/2/08

hey,tracy. I am student study in Singapore,and i am chinese. sorry to hear the injury from Yao. you know, that is quite tough thing for a team.But i still believe in u, u are always the best. Never give up and try to break out the first round in the playoffs. On the court, you should contest to every single ball, keep the people shut up! you are the Magic hero, you can do anything if you want. Not a tragic hero. Carry on.
we always support u

love tmac | on 28/2/08

Never give up.we still believe that you are the best!

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08


Lon | on 28/2/08

Hi Tmac, though there are some people suspecting you, don’t forget there are millions supporting you!!!!
this season, Rockets is really a good team. We can all see the teamwork there! FIGHT TMAC!! FIGHT ROCKET!!!!

yuan, | on 28/2/08

t-mac:I will support you forever!

Marvin Lee | on 28/2/08

T-mac, don’t listen to the criticism. You really need to rise up for your team, man. Just keep doing what you do best, making your teammates better and still be the ONE player to rule them all!

Good luck! Rockets all the way!

Alex ( Chinese student in USA ) | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy, believes yourself and your team. I know there are rumors around that Rockets is hopeless this season. However, we don’t think so. We can all see the power and energy in each game. The 13 straight win is just a beginning. Even the Rocket loses someday later, please don’t give up! I believe you guys can come up with another 10 plus straight win. This season, we have Scola, Alston, Battier and so. Even though Yao is now down, keep up the great power and energy! I believe Rockets fans will support the team. Try you guys best! wish Rocket and TMAC the best!!!! GO FOR THE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ZENG | on 28/2/08


YY | on 28/2/08


Herro K | on 28/2/08

Yo!mac!U trust our team,and we trust U!!
So many people in China believe U can lead our team to win more and more game!
And the most importance thing,TRUST YOURSELFT!!U can do this!!

rocker fan | on 28/2/08

hi,tracy,without yao,rocket is also a great team,just because of you,turn up!

selina | on 28/2/08

come on,tracy。。。

ZENG | on 28/2/08

永远和火箭绑在一起,那怕发射失败.T-MAC,YOU ARE BEST.

RUIBY | on 28/2/08

T-MAC,you are the best nba player in my heart,and i believe you can go further with the rocket man .Never give up.please believe in yourself.All chinese fans also believe you will bring us a big surprise.wish you and houston rockets good luck.I love you and support you forever.

china yu | on 28/2/08

tmc go go go!!!
rockets go go go!!!

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08


ottoz | on 28/2/08

TMAC you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

重阳 ZHENGZHOU,CHINA | on 28/2/08

Hey!Trace!I never give up you and rockets!But you must belive in yourself and your team!Rockets will remain strong as a group!!! You can! Rockets also can!!! Good luck!!!

Steven | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy, it’s your time to leading the team! Come on, never give up!

Wang | on 28/2/08

Hi,Tracy,I am your fan from Jiangsu China.I want to say you never walk alone,because you have so many fans who will quietly understand us and be there to support you.Just like Yao said “It’s your turn “Try your best to make your dream come true!I believe you and your teammates.Rockets go!Take good care of yourself and good luck!

Yun | on 28/2/08

Tracy,I type this comment below one by one, just want you know you are not lonely, you still have brothers on the ground and all fans in the world, as your teammates, they don’t wanna lose the advantages of 13th win straight, as your fans, we do not wanna see you fail in this season. You can see how many comments below your text, because you are the expectancy of too many people. Also, you know, you are the only player who can get much encouragement like these. I am a high school student from Kansas City, also, I am your fan. I can tell you, I don’t like Kobe, James, Nash, Wade any more, because in my eyes, there are only two heros in the field of basketball all over the world, one is Jordan, and the other one is you. Actuallly, I’ve been the USA just for 6 months, I am from China. I even prefer you get more scores than Yao in a game, though I like Yao as well. I saw a TV show about you and Yao, when the compere asked you why you are more popular than Yao in China, you said you cannot understand, you don’t realize that. Well, let me tell you, cause in your eyes, we can see strength, power, desire, hope, toughness…...I think you must be sad now because of the injury of Yao, come on, man, don’t care about that, ignore that, let me tell you a phrase in China, that is switching misery to power. In China, almost every teenager like you as the best player of the all stars in NBA.
So, keep going, we are waiting a hero we saw before to make miracle for us. Don’t worry and please do you best to avoid making us dissapointed, just because of more than 100,000,000 fans in China and just because you called Tracy McGrady!
I really want you can see this comment,if you do, can you tell me. My email :[email protected] I hope I can watch a game you played during the coming up spring break, so please rememeber don’t refuse me to get your signature. Aha.
Supporting you forever!
Your fan.

Enterpriser | on 28/2/08

Hi T-mac,I am a faithful fan of you from zhejiang province china, I was shocked when I get the news about Yao’s.yes your buddy get hurt.
Dispiteous!I can understand what is your situation at your hand ,I just do not know what I can say,but I hold the last mind ,please do not give up,you are my hero! I sure you can make a surprise ,a big surprise for us ,because I know, you are the unbelieveable guy, the more frustration you face the more power you can break forth..
Mac,let us go ,let us make the rockets go ahead ,let go though the hills and win that fuck . champion,and let them know YOU are the best not KB,James,Nash….
Please take care yourself,please remember you are not lonely,we are fighting together forever.
I donot know if you can read the words but I still want to leave my mails address: [email protected] .Besr regards to your family.

Shawn | on 28/2/08

Play 48 min ball on both ends of the court. Your still one of the best and the team really needs you.

We won’t ever give up as long as you don’t.

我不知道 | on 28/2/08


CrazyTerry | on 28/2/08

It`s your time~~ T-mac
It`s your time~~ Rocket
It`s time!!!

—-CrazyTerry from China

Jhk | on 28/2/08

Hello T-mac,I also your fan from China.I remember you said you will be’s time!it’s fime for you to prove you can do it.I love everyone of the Rockets.I fell it’s my home and everone is my families.Your are the NO.1 in my heart forever forever!

sj | on 28/2/08

Hi Tracy,I am your fan from China,but now study in Canada. I have a dream to watch you paly on the scene. Now, my dream becomes true. I saw you in the Air Canada Center. You are the best player in my mind. I trust you can do it without Yao.Please keep going.

孟 | on 28/2/08

麦弟弟要加油!!!You can play!!!

iguodala (from CHINA) | on 28/2/08

I love u

Yun | on 28/2/08

Hi,Tracy, I am a student from Kansas City, also, I am your fan. I can tell you, I don’t like Kobe, James, Nash, Wade any more, because in my eyes, there are only two heros in the field of basketball all over the world, one is Jordan, and the other one is you. Actuallly, I’ve been the USA just for 6 months, I am from China. I even prefer you get more scores than Yao in a game, though I like Yao as well. I saw a TV show about you and Yao, when the compere asked you why you are more popular than Yao in China, you said you cannot understand, you don’t realize that. Well, let me tell you, cause in your eyes, we can see strength, power, desire, hope, toughness…...I think you must be sad now because of the injury of Yao, come on, man, don’t care about that, ignore that, let me tell you a phrase in China, that is switching misery to power. In China, almost every teenager like you as the best player of the all stars in NBA.
So, keep going, we are waiting a hero we saw before to make miracle for us. Don’t worry and please do you best to avoid making us dissapointed, just because of more than 100,000,000 fans in China and just because you called Tracy McGrady!
I really want you can see this comment,if you do, can you tell me. My email :[email protected] I hope I can watch a game you played during the coming up spring break, so please rememeber don’t refuse me to get your signature. Aha.
Supporting you forever!
Your fan.

sorceress | on 28/2/08

love you

Zhao | on 28/2/08

Hi, Tracy

I come from China, just like every other Chinese guys like rocket, so do I. Though it’s a difficult time now, believe yourself, believe your teammate, believe us. Fight like a man! All Chinese funs will support you, support YAO and Rox. Never, never give up!

When you say ‘I don’t know’ in Chinese, it’s so funny. Next time, don’t say it any more. I know: it’s show time. So, Please say: 我知道,我们一定会成功!


Sunny | on 28/2/08

T-Mac,You are the best!

henry5149 | on 28/2/08

t-mac i love you

njuyq | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy,glad to see your confidence! It’s ur time to take over the game! Do it for Yao.

anonymous | on 28/2/08


koos | on 28/2/08

this is your time to prove everyone wrong…the networks, the sports writers, the critics. i know you’re always put in these challenging situations but it’s time to show them that you’re not alone and you’ve got a team of role players. just keep it real.

Pablo | on 28/2/08

for sure,mac~~~~~~~~~~we r gonna win all the game for rest of this season,without yao?is tat a problem????we got superT-Mac,nothing is impoosible~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
hope u can show urself, to let us enjoy in ur show,im expenctn!!!!!!!!!!!11

Lala | on 28/2/08

Get tough,go with enrgy.I believe.

lunaticrocket | on 28/2/08

If you guys beat Denver on Sunday you will make me believe. That game is absolutely HUGE!!! But I have full confidence in the team and will be there at Toyota Center shouting like crazy!

Sun | on 28/2/08

You don’t want sad because you have a pay good ball team rocket!You has a lot of your supporters in China, hope you have to stand out, becoming the leader of rocket!Leading the rocket breaks evil curse, the offseason creates miracle, killing total finals to become a champion all the way!!!!

Russell | on 28/2/08

Tracy,I don’t care what so called experts say about you.I know you give it all you have when you’re out on the court.I have been a life long Houston Rockets fan and want you 2 know that H-town is behind you 100%

T-Mac all the way | on 28/2/08

T-Mac all the way

Lala | on 28/2/08

Hello,Tracy,I am your fans from Guangdong China.I still believe you.get tough.

China fans | on 28/2/08

Go``Tracy``I will be still with you``

leo | on 28/2/08

tracy ,i am you fans from china;through yao is the chinese,i still believe you-the leader of can do it well.

TMac | on 28/2/08

all the way

all the way | on 28/2/08

“ T-Mac times in houston are just beginning. “
this my favorite saying right here.
yes, now is the time you have to step up and show everybody out there who T-Mac is.
this time you don’t have to say “ it’s on me, everything’s on my shoulders.” you have great teammates right next to you and you got us fans. i get some kind of hope from watching you play.
you juss like.. my hero. i always believe in you.
WE Rockets family never gonna give up.

Yao | on 28/2/08

wow! Tracy
So many Chinese fans are supporting you.
Suck it up, Man! You can do it!

T-Mac all the way | on 28/2/08

“ T-Mac times in houston are just beginning. “
this my favorite saying right here.
yes, now is the time you have to step up and show everybody out there who T-Mac is.
this time you don’t have to say “ it’s on me, everything’s on my shoulders.” you have great teammates right next to you and you got us fans. i get some kind of hope from watching you play.
you juss like.. my hero. i always believe in you.
WE Rockets family never gonna give up.

Bobby | on 28/2/08

I’m not gonna give up on you and Rockets, evenif without Yao.

Come on, and win more and moregames for Yao and your Chinese fans.

T-Mac to Yao | on 28/2/08

hey wats up Tracy.
I’ve been watching Houston for a long time since the Francis days.

I think a lot of people don’t respect Houston as much as they should, and I think part of the reason is that Houston not being able to pass the 1st round of the playoffs.

I hope you and the other Rockets prove them wrong!

enterpriser | on 28/2/08

Hi T-mac,I am a faithful fan of you from zhejiang province china, I was shocked when I get the news about Yao’s.yes your buddy get hurt.
Dispiteous!I can understand what is your situation at your hand ,I just do not know what I can say,but I hold the last mind ,please do not give up,you are my hero! I sure you can make a surprise ,a big surprise for us ,because I know, you are the unbelieveable guy, the more frustration you face the more power you can break forth..
Mac,let us go ,let us make the rockets go ahead ,let go though the hills and win that fuck . champion,and let them know YOU are the best not KB,James,Nash….
Please take care yourself,please remember you are not lonely,we are fighting together forever.
I donot know if you can read the words but I still want to leave my mails address: [email protected] .Besr regards to your family.

Linda | on 28/2/08

Hello T-Mac, Iam your fan from Liaoning China. I believe that you will try the best with your teammate. and keep going without Yao !
Never give up. that’s the great guy T-Mac !

SUPPORT U 4 ever !

Zhang | on 28/2/08

hi tarcy,although Yao went down,Rocket is still our home still have many good helpers ,alston ,scola,landily,battier,snd so on.I love them ,too.
So you are the best team!NO brothers ,no basketball !Go!Tarcy!You are the champion!

xukai([email protected]) | on 28/2/08

hi tracy! I’m a fan from chengdu china,I believe you can still keep going without yao! so you are the best guy in NBA...
goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! tracy & rockets!
I like you forever!

windmill | on 28/2/08

tmac , we believe in u !!!

Miller | on 28/2/08

Hey,Tracy! I’m one of your Chinese fans.I was shocked when I heard about Yao was hurt.I was so sad.Not only yao but also your team rockets.Cause you and your teammate do a great job in this season.I don’t want to see you stop beacause of Yao’s hurt.
I know you are the best player in NBA.And I believe you can lead rockets to keep moving forward—-Play-off,even finals! You are the best leader.Now rockets is on you but please keep healthy!Your healty is the most important!I do believe that you will win NBA champion if you keep healthy.
You know? I have a bet with my friend,we bet rockets and lakers which team will fininsh the win streak first.I bet lakers!So for me,Do your best to keep winning!
Turst youself,I support you and your team forever!

xukai([email protected]) | on 28/2/08

hey!T-mac!T’m from chengdu china! I believe you so much! keep going rockets!

haha | on 28/2/08

I will

Justin408 | on 28/2/08

I believe in you guys, keep up the hardwork!

chinese fans tracy crazy fans | on 28/2/08

Hey tracy.i am a chinese my english is too bad,hope you don’t mind.i am your crazy fans as most of your chinese fans and i never change my belief even you met any truoble.i still belive you and are the basketball god in my heart.forever and ever.come on!just to see you,that is enough.i didn’t care about your anyshow.just to see your body,that is enough! Give my best wish to yao ming.

Will | on 28/2/08

Just practice your free throws and attack the basket alot more because that is when you are at your best.

Trent from NO | on 28/2/08

I started following the Rockets because of Yao Ming (I’m CHinese), but now that he went down, I’m still supporting y’all cause I believe in you T-Mac. You, Luis, Carl Landry, Rafer, B.Jackson, shane, and last but not least Deke Mutumbo.

There’re millions of rocket fans around the country and a billion more in China watching for you to prove us right, and the media wrong!!

Best of Luck

Yun | on 28/2/08

Hi,Tracy, I am a student from Kansas City, also, I am your fan. I can tell you, I don’t like Kobe, James, Nash, Wade any more, because in my eyes, there are only two heros in the field of basketball all over the world, one is Jordan, and the other one is you. Actuallly, I’ve been the USA just for 6 months, I am from China. I even prefer you get more scores than Yao in a game, though I like Yao as well. I saw a TV show about you and Yao, when the compere asked you why you are more popular than Yao in China, you said you cannot understand, you don’t realize that. Well, let me tell you, cause in your eyes, we can see strength, power, desire, hope, toughness…...I think you must be sad now because of the injury of Yao, come on, man, don’t care about that, ignore that, let me tell you a phrase in China, that is switching misery to power. In China, almost every teenager like you as the best player of the all stars in NBA.
So, keep going, we are waiting a hero we saw before to make miracle for us. Don’t worry and please do you best to avoid making us dissapointed, just because of more than 100,000,000 fans in China and just because you called Tracy McGrady!
I really want you can see this comment,if you do, can you tell me. My email :[email protected] I hope I can watch a game you played during the coming up spring break, so please rememeber don’t refuse me to get your signature. Aha.
Supporting you forever!
Your fan.

dsmack | on 28/2/08

Tracy you need to take charge and be the Tmac we all know that can just take games over.Stop being so passive.You need to be the Tmac from orlando 30-32 ppg player remember those years? come on big boy step yo game up we know you can hang in there were pulling for you and the Rockets!!!

Boenna Araya- [email protected] | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy! sup this is Boe Araya from Dallas, Tx. My cousin in Houston met you and took a picture with you about a month ago. Shes ethiopian and her name is Betty. She said that she told you that I look just like you. Well I just want to let you know that I look just like you. People started saying that I look like you since I was in middle school. Matter of fact, last year I was at the Houston Rockets autograph/ open practice session, and fans were asking me if I was your brother!!! I got Steve Francis’ autograph and even he said that I look like you!! Dikembe hook my cousins up with tickets(since they’re ethiopian) and he has one of my cousins number. So please ask Dikembe if you can talk to my cousin Betty so that we can arrange something and meet each other. I am about 6’8 as well (6’7 3/4). I just want to meet you man and see my twin. lol If you have time, please email me at [email protected]

Yun | on 28/2/08

Hi,Tracy, I am a student from Kansas City, also, I am your fan. I can tell you, I don’t like Kobe, James, Nash, Wade any more, because in my eyes, there are only two heros in the field of basketball all over the world, one is Jordan, and the other one is you. Actually, I’ve been the USA just for 6 months, I am from China, but I prefer you get more scores than Yao, though I like Yao as well. I saw a TV show about you and Yao, when the compere asked you why you are more popular than Yao in China, you said you cannot understand. Well, let me tell you, cause in your eyes, we can see strength, power, desire, hope, toughness…...I think you must be sad now because of the injury of Yao, come on, man, don’t care about that, ignore that, let me tell you a phrase in China, that is switching misery to power. In China, almost every teenager like you as the best player of the all stars in NBA. So, keep going, we are waiting a hero we saw before to make miracle for us. Don’t worry and please do you best to avoid making us dissapointed, just because of more than 100,000,000 fans in China and just because you called
Tracy McGrady!
In the spring break, I hope I can go to Houston watch a game you played, if I will, remerber don’t refuse to give me your signature.
Consequently,I really really want you can see this massage,if you do, can you tell me that? My email :[email protected]
Trust yourself, we support you forever!

mj | on 28/2/08

t-mac everybody is behind you 100 percent. Make sure you assert yourself early and attack that basket with a purpose.

bijan | on 28/2/08

lets go mac u guys can do it. as long as u get into the playoffs u will always havea chance. your still the best in the game

DAVID MEJIA | on 28/2/08


Dennis | on 28/2/08

prove them wrong tmac! bring back the CLUTCH in clutch city! we believe in you!

TMAC #1 | on 28/2/08

You have to pull through for the team. You know what you have to do so get out there and do it

Jasonemilio | on 28/2/08





Dan | on 28/2/08

We’re all behind you Tracy. Keep up the good work!

adam ivy | on 28/2/08

hey.. keep it up man… all one can ask for is to play as hard as possible night in and night out… let everyone write us off.. more fuel for the fire

rocketsfanest.1989 | on 28/2/08

yup the seasons not over tmac you and the guys need to keep the work up and take us to the playoffs

im sure it will happen so dont worry just keep playing like yoru playing and you’ll go places

I believe! | on 28/2/08

Let’s go, T-Mac, prove the haters and doubters wrong!!

Mr. Dominant | on 28/2/08


It is NOT I who just has faith TMAC, we all do, SO DO IT!

Ricky | on 28/2/08

Everyone is doubting if you can carry a team. To them I ask, “what has Tmac been doing his ENTIRE career?” Carrying teams to the playoffs while in Orlando, that had NO BUSINESS even being there. You are the man. I got mad love for you. More importantly, I got FAITH.

Aaron, Houston | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy! Please pass along our best wishes to Yao. His press conference really made me hurt for the guy. Be there for him because he must be feeling a world of pressure from China.

For the Rockets, just be the leader we all know you can be. And that means winning, not stats. You’re making history bro, now put your stamp on it!

Fuad | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy … we trust you.


and a special thanks if you read my comments.

Jimmy Kirk | on 28/2/08

I have just 4 words for you…


Balance out that silky smooth jumper and that monstrous drive and I look forward to seeing you on the other side of a winning season and 1st round victory.

We Believe.

James Chan | on 28/2/08

Tracy even though Yao is injured that’s alright; if the team does its best and just plays and enjoys each game you will prove a lot of the nay sayers wrong. You are a true superstar on and off the court. You control not only your own destiny but the destiny of many others around you; you probably don’t know it but a lot of kids around the world look up to you for inspiration.

hell rael | on 28/2/08

lets go rockets lets do some damage in the playoffs…TMAC i know your going to put the Rockets on your back

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy! sup this is Boe Araya from Dallas, Tx. My cousin in Houston met you and took a picture with you about a month ago. Shes ethiopian and her name is Betty. She said that she told you that I look just like you. Well I just want to let you know that I look just like you. People started saying that I look like you since I was in middle school. Matter of fact, last year I was at the Houston Rockets autograph/ open practice session, and fans were asking me if I was your brother!!! I got Steve Francis’ autograph and even he said that I look like you!! Dikembe hook my cousins up with tickets(since they’re ethiopian) and he has one of my cousins number. So please ask Dikembe if you can talk to my cousin Betty so that we can arrange something and meet each other. I am about 6’8 as well (6’7 3/4). I just want to meet you man and see my twin. lol If you have time, please email me at [email protected]

Fernand | on 28/2/08

McGrady this is your opportunity to do what you do!!! Your a monster!!!!! We need you!!! and your team needs you!!!!! I am you your #1 fan and I think that your best style of playing is when you are agressivly looking for points I hope you will be very agressive in these upcoming games now tha Yao is not able to play. You are playing very well in all aspects and I hope that you continue to play the way you are playing now. I trust you!!!! It’s your time!!!!

DeeDee | on 28/2/08

T-Mac we love you and there is no other place to go than UP let’s do this for Yao. I know you can’t do it alone but I also know that you are the man! :) Keep up the great work leading your team and GO ROCKETS!!

corey hudgins | on 28/2/08


aznjoe | on 28/2/08

i think what the rockets are missing is Steve Nash. you should storm the front office and demand that Steve Nash should come to houston.

Nash + Tmac = Rings

johnny33 | on 28/2/08

2-time scoring champ, 2007 FIBA world championships MVP and 2-time spanish league mvp, 4-time NBA defensive player of the year and 8-time allstar, 2001 naismith and wooden college player of the year, 2003 6th man of the year, 2007 all-big ten and all-pac10. This is your team. 12 deep and 5 strong on the floor.

Mateo | on 28/2/08

Don’t forget to take it to the rim. Drive, Drive, Drive T-Mac!

verti89 | on 28/2/08

I have a couple questions for you T. First do you ever go back and watch recordings of the games being braodcast on TV and listen to Bill Worrell and Clyde and Bullard? The 4 sweetest words I can hear are “TMAC TO THE RACK”. Second question is does Carl every cry during practice because on TV when he makes a mistake his face looks like he is about to cry. 3rd question is what would it take to get you and Deke to come share your story about Africa and what you learned there at an event? That’s all for now, by the way I loved the 360 dunk after a whistle in the game the other night.

hey...fann | on 28/2/08


TMACFAN | on 28/2/08

Yeah Tracy come on. IT’S TIME ! i’d love to see you bein’ a great scorer cause you supposed to do that. Come on! It’s your time !

The Bean | on 28/2/08


fan | on 28/2/08

We trust you, T-Mac!
Take care youself and best wishes for you

KevinM | on 28/2/08

All the talking heads at ESPB are so quick to dismiss the Rockets from the playoffs, but I believe this team is the deepest we have seen since the mid 90’s. Yao was a big loss, but I believe we now have the players to fill the gap. It’s time to shine and show what you are made of TMac!

Chi-Town Rockets Fan | on 28/2/08

T-Mac…..The Rockets organization has chosen the right slogan for this season “It’s Time”. Brother IT IS TIME...Man I believe in you. I believe in your talent and ability. I believe you have the capability to lead the Rockets along with the present supporting cast all the way to the Western Conference and NBA Finals to get that Larry O’brien Trophy.

Be aggressive on the offensive end and tenacious on the defensive end. Show all the nay-sayers that T-Mac and the Rockets are here and they are for real.

Tell Yao Ming we are praying for him and his recovery. Also, tell Luther Head we are proud of him and keep attacking the rim. Manley High School and North Lawndale in the house.

David Stern | on 28/2/08

Did you really make the poem for Yao?

[email protected] | on 28/2/08


I wanted to first off let you know that you wrote was facinating. Second, as a huge TMAC fan, I wish you and the Rockets the best of luck. I think you all will go a lot farther than ‘just making’ the playoffs.

This is a big test for the team, and this is your chance to proove the WHOLE MEDIA wrong. The media is full with pessimism, and a star like you has the oppurtunity to show them what the truth is.

Thanks for everything you do for the city of Houston.

dc | on 28/2/08

Tmac, As one of your biggest fans and one of the biggest Houston Rockets fans, I just wanted to say…“Now is your time” I believe that it is your time and that you’re one of the best players in the league. Forget the critics and lets get this thing done. We are behind you, show them what we really made of. Go Rockets!

Donny-Spring, Texas | on 28/2/08

Hey Tracy,
Look I have been a fan of yours since Toronto. When Houston traded for you in 04’ I was so excited to have a guy who had a great all around game. Watching you and Yao over the last few years has been amazing, and I know a man of his size is going to always have nagging injuries which is why im happy to have you here to lead us. I have been fighting all season long for you, cause there are alot of so called fans out there that say your not the same guy you were in Orlando and blah blah blah. Well there right your better. In Orlando you didnt have the talent or help you have now, I mean without Yao, you guys beat a good team by 25 points, and you didnt have to throw up rediculous numbers like in the past, and I know if you hit your groove in just half of these games your gonna put 25 plus points a night. And if you do lead this team past the first round this year, I truly hope the league has you up there with Kobe and Lebron in the MVP race, cause you do deserve it. Your biggest fan has your back T-Mac, do your thing playa!

marciagong | on 28/2/08

Tmac, I know this must be a tough time for you right now. Looking back, you’ve been through a lot since the beginning of the season, and Yao’s injury has just made it even worse. However, I want you to see it as an oppotunity to regain your name, to silence all the critics, to shut the haters up. You know you’ve got what it takes to become the best player in this league. We all have faith in you, even Jeff had just said on the radio that he think that you would get out of the 1st round this year. So just keep you head up and fight.

Nelly | on 28/2/08

YO T-MAC we havent given up on yall and never will!!!! I became a season ticket holder for the first time this year to see you, Yao and Francis play together and although its been a roller coaster year I will keep going to all the games and cheering for all the HOUSTON ROCKETS! At the begining of the season I was dissapointed in the way everyone was playing but the way you all have started playing as a team now is unbelievable. We believe in you all! So just as you have asked us FANS to not give up…..We ask the same from you and all the Rockets!

******HEY T-MAC DON’T GIVE UP ON US!!!!!!*********

Ray | on 28/2/08

Good luck T-Mac! Good luck rox! Good luck Yao!

Istillbelieve | on 28/2/08

Hey Tmac,

I still believe 100% in the Rockets! Keep it up and sweep February! :)

jonnathon blincoe | on 28/2/08

I believe that you can lead this team far into the playoffs man. Just do what you do.

菓菓 | on 28/2/08

Come on,you can! Let’s try together

Tmac's #1 fan | on 28/2/08

we are the Rockets we’ll still kick your a$$
you think Tmac’s gonna shoot, he’s looking to pass.
He’ll break your ankles then slam in your face,
just to look at the Rowdies tear down this damn place.

He’ll cross you over like you were a tree
then step back and pop a long three
you can’t stop us, there’s no way in hell
we are on top cause our rookies are starting to gel

we’ll have no problems steam rolling over you
cause we now realize we are no longer the power of two
home court advantage? we’ll school you on your home floor
just as Battier pops a 3, then shows you the door

new coach, new philosophy, brings us new life
unlike the offense of the past, it’s no longer our stryfe
our defense will still stifle you, you have no chance
Better hope you don’t come through us, cause you aren’t going the big dance

we are finally a team and now it’s starting to get fun
we finally realize we can win when it’s more then the power of one
we need to step up and quit all the crying
so we can celebrate in May and lift the O’Brien.

40acres | on 28/2/08

MAC time to step up brother. do it for yao. from OHIO we believe in you and the Rox. you have the supporting cast you be the facilitator. prove the haters wrong!

Nathan W | on 28/2/08

The Rockets will be a waste of a playoff spot come playoff time.

That’s what everyone is saying now.

Prove them wrong, Tracy.

REES from Houston | on 28/2/08

Thanks for the post Tracy! I believe in you guys even without the big fella! Take care of your health though man!! Don’t take it easy, but PLEASE DON’T BE REACHING IN AND HURT YOUR FINGERS OR SOMETHING SILLY LIKE THAT!! Keep that smooth confident style and you should be good, and be sure to stretch!!

With Bjax, Carl, Skip, Luther, Luis, Deke, and Shane I like our chances against anyone… You guys are cold blooded so lets show the world how we do it in Houston!!!! (just don’t beat up Bjax, ok?)

ezz | on 28/2/08

tracy msg pls i hope to receive msg from you even 1 [email protected]

ez | on 28/2/08

tracy msg pls i hope to receive msg from you even 1 [email protected]

ez | on 28/2/08

i hope to receive a msg from you pls pls pls

ez | on 28/2/08

“they say i can’t make it to the prof.”
“thanks for the challenge”-tmac

ez | on 28/2/08

tracy now is the time for you to prove your self remember this one “they say i can’t make it to the prof.”
“thanks for the challenge”-tmac

Kao | on 28/2/08

T-mac attack more! dunk more! if u have to, wear your orlando jersey to the game =] But hopefully, u’ll be able to come up big averaging at least 25 and if possible, on good fg%. Goodluck

Lady Di | on 28/2/08

We believe in you and the team. Show the haters WHAT’S UP!!

Go Rockets!

wangchao | on 28/2/08

tracy,i believe that you can make it!i am chinese,i love rox and i love every guy of this team!

Saleem | on 28/2/08

We are 100% behind you and the rest of the team. Stay healthy,believe in yourselves and keep on fighting no matter how tough it gets.
We believe in the team.

Ray | on 28/2/08

Tmac, you’re the best..Lead your team to the playoffs!!

It's TIME! | on 28/2/08

Yao left it up to you. It’s your time. IT’s TIME!

love Tracy | on 28/2/08

It is time to demonstrate your value. I hope you will fight like season 04-05. Good luck

Clutch City 4 life | on 28/2/08

Great to see you have a website and we will never give up. You must always see the positive things and good things can come from this. If you can lead the Rockets past the 1st round, picture what you can do next year with Yao. Mutombo is indeed a great assett and i’m kind of happy to see him play in what is his last year (keep my fingers crossed for one more year with Deke behind Yao). Mutombo is still a great defensive presence, even better than Yao so with Rockets already good on D this is a +. However, the whole team has to make up for 22 pts which i think has to come from everybody not just you. Still you have to step up and lead so to be the top scorer wouldn’t hurt us :P The rebounding will be fine with Scola, Landry & Mutombo out there, no worries there.

This may be rude but if i may ask you one question: - How come you don’t play D like the rest of the team ?

See, in your post game interview vs. the Wizards you said the team played the greatest defence you’ve ever seen. That is true but imo you’re not part of that great D. When you said that it made me think you even implied a little that the REST of the team played great D (so except you). So how do you feel about from the outside looking in, that fans and people out there feel you play ‘lazy’ on D ? Do you agree or you feel you play the best D you can play because there are many people who feel you don’t play with intensity on D out there on the court. If you look at old Rockets games with guys like Maxwell, he would stay on his man like white on rice and keep a hand in the air at 90% of the times. How come you don’t do that ?

Raheel from Houston | on 28/2/08

I’m not going to lie man, but I was devastated about this as much as anyone. I keep telling everyone that your gonna pick it up and might have some off games but as a team they can pick up the slack. Do what you got to do to make the playoffs…give it your all and I gaurantee you’ll have one less person giving you bull about “getting out of the first round”

I believe in you and the team!

bboy | on 28/2/08


M. Ainsworth | on 28/2/08

Did you really write that poem?

Aldwin from Philippines | on 28/2/08

even if the big fella was down, we can still make i to the playoffs… and if we play great with all our heart in the game and a will to win,, we have a chance to get Team-Mac first championship title.. just don’t change your style of playing, just improve it and everything will be fine.. also our team must focus on defense, Deke don’t let anyone rule inside the paint, i know your still the man beneath the rim!!! T-Mac, just play the way you think you can help the team, we’re here to support you… not by voice but with our heart… keep it up!! -my add [email protected]

jasen | on 28/2/08

The potential of the team hasn’t been fully explored. We believed what we saw on the court. There is more Wins coming. 13 wins is not the best, it certainly is one of those momenta. 13 points in 35 seconds is rarely happened on NBA history, wining with this team could be much easier to achieve.

We believe you, we support you.

Mike | on 28/2/08

Houston believes in you T-Mac. This team is still good enough to win.

daryl | on 28/2/08

Tmac, you’re the best. You’re going to get to the playoffs and you’re going to dominate. There is no pressure on you now because everyone is expecting your team to disappear, even drop out of the playoffs entirely. You and the Rockets have absolutely nothing to lose, so use that as a weapon. A great player like you is destined for a championship, and who is to say that this isn’t the year.

Jayar | on 28/2/08

Tmac! Great to see this from you! Get active out there and bring that old school tmac back. Attack the rim, take good jump shots, your still the same TMAC that took a scoring championship away from kobe a few years back. Lets see the agressive tmac we aall love and that leads to victories!

Derek from RI | on 28/2/08

Tracy, You are a great leader and i know that this year you will try your best to bring an NBA Championship to the Rockets. With Yao hurt, this is your time to bring this team together and help them rise under pressure, just like you do. I remember watching you score those 13 points in 35 seconds, I have never seen anything like that before in my life.I consider you a role model and it is good what your doing for the children of Africa. I know the team and coaches are all looking at you to come to the rescue, but your not number 1 for nothing. Good Luck T-Mac

S.D. | on 28/2/08

I believe in you, Tracy! I appreciate how much you care about your teammates and the fans. You are a tremendous person that deserves happiness on the court, for once. I’ve always been a Rockets fan, but you have made me more attached to them than before.

You can lead!


samuel Boafo | on 28/2/08

im your number one fan, hope you get past the 1st round this year,
and tell your gm that you need a power forward to handle all the others in the west becuase if you look at your career your team always gets beat by the power forward position

love=t-mac=fight+health | on 28/2/08

Abundant skills
During the winning streak, McGrady has topped 30 points twice, snagged as many as 11 rebounds and handed out eight or more assists five times. He is the rare player with the ability — should he unleash it — to serve as the blank Scrabble square. He can be whatever a team needs on a given night.

“He’s playing great basketball,” Scola said. “I think he’s playing exactly the way he has to. Eventually, at the end of the game or whenever it’s important, he’s going to step up and he’s going to score whatever he has to. Because he’s that good.”

He has earned a king’s ransom as T-Mac, the showman with more style than substance. Now he has a chance to earn the respect — even love — of the fandom as Team-Mac by leading the Rockets onward and upward. Cape optional.

“He knows,” Yao said. “He knows what he needs to do.”

quincey | on 28/2/08

i’ll support you forever!! Try your best ,the god will save you !!

BFeezy | on 28/2/08

Word Up playa…. Just do your thing like you used to!!

Sam Darley | on 28/2/08

Go and get the Western conference title for yao

Tuan | on 28/2/08

I was with you when you first arrived in Houston and I’m still with you now! My trust lies in you and the rest of the Houston Rockets. BRING IT HOME FOR THE BIG FELLA!

rox f | on 28/2/08

best wish for you and rockets

Jane | on 28/2/08

Dear, that is what we are longing to hear from you. Thank you for all these you brought us. That is greatly appreciated. We will always love you!!

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08

I would like to have a class involved with the Darfur project - please e-mail met at [email protected] or call me at 832-277-5921 Thanks

fan | on 28/2/08

Don’t give up. Add oil! GO Houston!

AeO | on 28/2/08

Show them that you are one of the best! There is no one like you man! They label you as “soft” because of your injuries, i know your not! you cant lead Orlando during those years if you are. Take your team to the finals! you have good players around you. Gudluck T-mac! Show em what u got! Kill all the critics with your game!

Ray(From France) | on 28/2/08

Hey tracy,I hope that you’ll lead that great team to playoffs.I hope that you will stay at houston the next year because you and yao finally found how to play together.Unfortunately, yao is injured.I believe in you even if some people say that you’re done and that you played your better basket few years ago.Please show them that you’re the best!!!

shamel | on 28/2/08

u r da best

One of your chinese fans | on 28/2/08

THE winning of the following matches is up to you”.That’s what i said to my students who don’t like you.
Please win the following matches,for you,and for your fans.

Akon | on 28/2/08

Go Tracy we believe u

Summer | on 28/2/08

T-mac, always support u! I believe u can lead ROX to the end.

lyj | on 28/2/08

I will always support you and Rockets.I am sure that Rockets can fly higher and higher as long as teamates`hearts are together!

dan | on 28/2/08

loving you

steven from houston | on 28/2/08

Hey tmac this Rockets team really needs you more than ever. I hope you come through this year. Everyone in Houston loves you and just go out every night and play to your best abilities. Your going to have to start playing playoff basketball right now and on for our team to do something special. Good luck to you

mtran | on 28/2/08

play the underdog role, mac. the new york giants showed up to play the mighty patriots and we all know what happened there. make it happen!!

with a frontline of landry/scola/novak/deke/hayes, i really hope they step up and fill yaos shoes as your #2, #3, #4 scorers.

jannalz | on 28/2/08

Depends on u now。。。

D | on 28/2/08

Yo Tmac now that yao is out, we really need you to start driving more. Your jump shot is nice but when you drive it seems to me you score atleat 90% of the time or they call foul. Now that yao is out, that offensive rebound is not going to always be there. So start attacking more and kicking it out to head, alston, battier, and the rest of them guys. Also Dike can shoot threes. LOL. jk. Stay healthy, play with your heart, and play strong.

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08


standr | on 28/2/08

Now I just hope you will be healthy.And I always believe you.

HG | on 28/2/08

Tracy,we don’t give up on you!We believe you can!

ryan | on 28/2/08

a vision: T-Mac’s line for the rest of the season goes something like 30ppg, 6rpg, 7apg, a steal and a block. Just kidding. Yao going down sucked hard, man, but keep it going and just believe, and you’ll get outta the first round for sure.

wys | on 28/2/08

T-MAC,I will support you forever!

Lecily | on 28/2/08

I’ve just forgotten an important thing, take care of yourself Tracy. Don’t make yourself exhausted and don’t ever get injured again. It’s when you are healthy that we have hope.

Liang Fan | on 28/2/08

Hi T-Mac I am your fan from China. During your 4years in Rockets, no matter what happened I have always been supporting you. I ignore all the rumors about u. Forget about the comments that T-mac has gone. U are still the one who can handle everything. Go forth to the championship! Get 30+10 every night. And more importantly, protect yourself. We have already lost Yao, we don’t wanna lose u. U r T-mac!

Lecily | on 28/2/08

Dear T-MAC,
I am so touched. Never give up, Tracy. I believe and will always believe you can keep the team which we love so much moving in the right direction.
Just like what you say, cheer up T-MAC. We don’t know what it would be, and we don’t care about the result. Just go to enjoy every night you stand on the court and fight.
I know how tough it is right now and I can even feel what you feel. I am so moved by your words. Now I know why I love you so much for such a long time. Be a fighter T-MAC, show everyone we can fight our battle. We will never and ever give you up.
Yours forever,

wang2awp | on 28/2/08

I am a chinese basketball fan. I like yao and Tracy very much I wish rockets can go farther and farther

dingjiamin | on 28/2/08

Great Tracy!
Great kill!

fans from CHINA | on 28/2/08

Without YAO,we will also love the best team in the MNA.It is time for you.You can’t make us should refuse to lost some important games. I believe you . No problem!!!Rockets is the best.!!!

Emily | on 28/2/08

I’m only 15 years old
But i have paid attention to you for 3years
The first time to see you,was my boyfriend asked me to see your match .
Then I begin to love you—T-MAC
become one of you fans
I will love you with my boyfriend forever
Come on,T-MAC
We need you

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08

you’re great!I will support you forever!

Australia | on 28/2/08

Do ur thing tmac, love from down under

Houwei Zhao | on 28/2/08

In Tmac we trust!

Bless Yao…

Carry on!

Liu | on 28/2/08

Hi,TMAC: I’m one fo your Chinese fans, I’d like to say no matter what you ‘ll still have our support. Go tracy! Go ROCKETS!!!!

Kim | on 28/2/08

Up Up T-Mac You are the best!!!

yu | on 28/2/08


Refueling !

I love you!

Vicky | on 28/2/08

You are the best!
I’m a little girl who comes from China.I began to like you since 3 years ago.I think you are the king during the game,and also the hero in my heart!
No matter what will happen,no matter what others say,I will support you all the time!

E-DUBB | on 28/2/08

you got it T-MAC. dont even sweat it. just do you. word.

Zimac | on 28/2/08

We belive in you T-Mac! You are not a born leader, but you have to be THE LEADER right now, You have to step up with your teammates, play ball with team and fight hard every night…it’s your time to show how you are, no one will remember your statistics if you will not win, so it’s simple…WIN!

Good luck T-Mac

An Italian fan!

Mike Walker | on 28/2/08

Stay healthy and take care of yur body. The west is rough and you guys can’t afford to have you miss any games down the stretch. You are so close to the top of the West but also very close to falling out. So just keep winning, I am not surprised that the streak has lasted this long. Your guys are about 10 people deep. You should set the tempo on D and start locking people up like you did the Big Dogg back in the day. You have plenty of weapons to help you with the scoring load now. So if you and Shane lock people up on the perimeter and you stay healthy the sky is the limit. Hey look at what the Suns did without Amare a couple years ago they went to the western conference finals. I would take T-mac and this rocket team over them so there is no reason why this still can’t be the year. So please stay healthy and focus on locking up on D. I know you can do this so just make sure everyone in your locker room believes it too.

麦迷 | on 28/2/08

t-mac i love u forever
ONE of Your fun from china

skywalker | on 28/2/08

Always support T-mac,Yao and Rockets!

QI Kai | on 28/2/08

McGrady, and will always support you, will always support the Rockets! Come on! Rockets win, the Rockets Hurrah! Rocket from China’s Shandong fans!

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08

麦迪我们相信你能带领火箭走的更远的 麦迪加油

Enter your name... | on 28/2/08

麦迪我们相信你能带领火箭走的更远的 麦迪加油

A chinese fan | on 28/2/08

Come on! TMAC!don’t give up!

Chris | on 28/2/08

Tracy, there is a poetry in Yahoo said to be written by you. is it true?
That’s a really touching poetry though. :)
Love for you and team is forever lasting.
Keep well!

Andrew | on 28/2/08

hi there tmac! im believing in you! i know how selfless you are as a basketball player. many has been criticizing you for not winning a single NBA playoff series, but doesn’t bother me. if u think without shaq, kobe has not won a single playoff series too. :)
well i hope you will be able to stay healthy and bring the rockets to the promise land! Godbless!

china man | on 28/2/08

I come from China, we love Houston, we think you will be able to lead the Rockets Yao achieve good results in injuries of Yao during this period of time.Also ,we love Trace,it is your time now,our brother

Roxer from China | on 28/2/08

T-mac keep going!Rox keep going!YAO never give up!We’re here,waiting for you-Yao

Trey | on 28/2/08

U can do it, TMAC

PIYF420 | on 28/2/08


tmac super fan form China | on 28/2/08

never give up,t-mac
I love you,we all love you!
we will stand behind you and wait untill that great moment comes!!
love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arnold | on 28/2/08

Hey TMac,
Just want to say that your junior just signed up about a week ago - Gerald Green. This kid has the potential to be the next you. He’s TMac junior. He’s got the exact same size 6ft 8, length, athletic ability, body movement, speed, and skill set. He’s even got the same game. He’s got good ball-handling skills, 3pt range, mid-range jumper, and can certainly take it to the rack. The only thing he’s missing now is experience, strength, and defensive tenacity - but this will come in a year or two. The talent and natural agility are there. I’ve seen glimpses of this when Doc Rivers was giving him playing time in Boston. If you can spend time with him, he can be molded into mini-you.
Now that Yao’s out and the team is forced to play small ball, I think Gerald can contribute now. Just have the coaches hone his defense. (it’s more mental - he has to want to play tenacious, scrappy defense) He can create his own shot. Not sure if his passing is good enough though.
He just reminds me of you when you were still with the Raptors.

I love tha rockets | on 27/2/08

I BELIEVE IN U GUYS, Even if its only US loyal rocket fans. We all know you guys can do it. GOD is on your side TMAC i know you got it in you still. F*** the people who doubt u, I BELIEVE.

mark17 | on 27/2/08

hello mac the man i hope this one we win the cham,pionship.. ayt, good luck man.

Leo from PRC. | on 27/2/08

No Yao is a great loss. But I still believe u, T-mac, can lead ur team to go futher in playoffs! Best wishes!

t-mac's fans | on 27/2/08

t-mac,i support you for ever

hibana | on 27/2/08

you have a big gun
you took it from your Lord
It’s all up to you
No need to think about it
You do it or you die
Pay back all at once
Light up the fire
Weapon… you have it all

———————————from china

may | on 27/2/08

Do you know in china you have lot of fans,
they know because of yao’s hurt it’s a hard time for your team
but they don’t lost confident .they all encourage you and the team . so come on if you have chance when you come to China Maybe you can come to Da Lian as well. Da Lian is a very popular city in China.If you can come here , we all will be happy.
it’s time yes
it’s time to show your best …...
we still believe …..

Tracy's fans | on 27/2/08

may I know whether you will give YM a poem as a gift?

i am from china

you are the strongest in the world hey hey

come on man

loveT-mac | on 27/2/08

never give up ..China fans

bobby jacobson | on 27/2/08

thanks tmac please lead the team and i believe yao weil come back thin season

Enter your name... | on 27/2/08

Never give up! Even when the winning streak stops (after 34 wins), even when we don’t make into playoffs (and I don’t thinks it’s gonna happen), even when opponents hit a buzzer shot in NBA finals.
Because you are not alone, you have a team. Remember it takes 5ive!

jpx | on 27/2/08

thank you ,T-mac. I feel so bad when i heard about yao’s injury, but when I see your blog and know that you and your team will not give up this season, i am really happy! thank you,tracy! thank you, ROX man!

inteye | on 27/2/08

Best wishes for Yao and Rockets.

china | on 27/2/08


Zhu Yun | on 27/2/08

Hello Guy!
I Love you

邓迎曦 | on 27/2/08

im a chinese fanse
i love you foerver\

tmac go go go


ROX | on 27/2/08

love you so much

Mengjian | on 27/2/08

Be a perfect part of a great rocket!
Don’t let Yao down himself.

forever love T-MAC | on 27/2/08

I believe you are a great player and I believe you can lead the Rockets to the right direction without Yao! Come on! Love you forever

chirs chen | on 27/2/08

Hi, T-MAC, i am chirs, from china. when i heared YAO was injured, i think that is vary vary badly news for all china fans. you know,YAO is our hero,we expect he can win the champion and get the champion’s ring, but now…...
Tracy,and your rocket’s brothers fighting for YAO. i know you can do the best.

Shanghai Fan | on 27/2/08

I believe in you taking the Rockets past first round without Yao!

nina | on 27/2/08

i will always believe you.

Oskar | on 27/2/08

Please don’t give up!!Fighting!!

liujun | on 27/2/08

We still believe !! Do it for Yao !!

yiloveyi | on 27/2/08

go rockets !!!

Nreal from houston | on 27/2/08

It doesn’t have to be ON YOU this time. You have a great supporting casts who will fight the war with you. Everything happens for a reason. Whatever the out comes is by the end of this season, i will always got your back.

Demo1849 | on 27/2/08

It’s time to make your legacy. The remaining 25 games and the playoffs… We believe in you guys, you can make it. Go TMac!

Paul Wang Yu | on 27/2/08

Go!Tracy!!Go!Rockets!I’ll always love you all!加油干吧!火箭队!!

Wei Zhuang | on 27/2/08

I am from china,and i believe,you are the best.Yao will be back!

Rockets man | on 27/2/08

加油tamc 我们与你同在就算我们失去了yao

Loki | on 27/2/08

T-mac,we believe!

swordway | on 27/2/08

hi!i am from china,i support you and YAO forever!

lovetmac | on 27/2/08

Hey, Tmac. Just wanna say I still believe, we still believe, billions of Chinese fans of you still believe. So, keep your chin up man, you are not fighting alone, we will always be here for you.

[email protected] | on 27/2/08

we are all standing back on you !

go MAC ! go rox !

Lazing | on 27/2/08

Thanks for those words…
we will always be there waiting for the championion..

Rellz | on 27/2/08

Im ready to see what the future holds for us. Im backing you guys 100% i been here throughtout ur career TMAC now is ur time even more then ever. I believe we can go as far as u take us. Keep it up man!

Boenna Araya- email :[email protected] | on 27/2/08

Hey Tracy! sup this is Boe Araya from Dallas, Tx. My cousin in Houston met you and took a picture with you about a month ago. Shes ethiopian and her name is Betty. She said that she told you that I look just like you. Well I just want to let you know that I look just like you. People started saying that I look like you since I was in middle school. Matter of fact, last year I was at the Houston Rockets autograph/ open practice session, and fans were asking me if I was your brother!!! I got Steve Francis’ autograph and even he said that I look like you!! Dikembe hook my cousins up with tickets(since they’re ethiopian) and he has one of my cousins number. So please ask Dikembe if you can talk to my cousin Betty so that we can arrange something and meet each other. I am about 6’8 as well (6’7 3/4). I just want to meet you man and see my twin. lol If you have time, please email me at [email protected]

I love u | on 27/2/08


hOnG_ | on 27/2/08


Althought, i come from china ..but i love you for a long time .
you must believe yourself. you’re the best NBA player in the league.. whatsoever I and all your chinese FANS will support you forever !!!!!!!!!

CHEN | on 27/2/08

Just dunk,guy!Its on U!

lance | on 27/2/08

tracy,I love you and yao,just plays as a rocket man,we’re all here with you

HC童子 xihuxi | on 27/2/08


Chris | on 27/2/08

Rockets fan living in Dallas, good luck the rest of the way Tracy!!! We believe in you and our Rockets! Just keep getting everyone involved and attacking that basket! Those 2 dunks in the last game were MONSTROUS lol and we are ready for you to tear it up the rest of the year brother!

xiaoka | on 27/2/08


Brandon | on 27/2/08

T-Mac your the best in the league and even tho Yao is hurt your still the best player on the court even when he’s on it. In a way i was happy he went down because i felt your was sacificing you game to much. Its time to see the aggressive T-Mac that was in Orlando. Its time for you to get back to being T-Mac the person who dunks on every one. All you fans beleive in you especially me. I dont know if you remember but i meet you in the NBA when you cover for NBA Live 07 came out I had you rookie year jersey on and you autograph it for, I order league pass just for you, I recall in one one you interview last year you say you just a good as Kobe well I think your betterYao just started being good you always been great show the world you back.

[email protected]

Biggest Fan

flyingpigjh | on 27/2/08

Come on TMAC! You’re our hope! It’s TIME!

Enter your name... | on 27/2/08


flypig | on 27/2/08

People are talking about the poem you wrote to YAO. Is that true?


I ask you to pull a chair, Wall
Stretch and lighten
and peel away your frustration

Create a window
and walk thru to me

They tell me, Wall
that the rings have blinded you
That a red ring chokes you
while the black ring consumes your soul

They tell me, Wall
that the torch weighs heavy
upon your mighty frame
That your corners ache
not the trembling floor

All they want to demolish us, Wall
I see it, feel it
They take Great pleasure in
cracking our foundation

But one nail can’t break us, Wall
One chip can’t stop ‘chips

We will build you again, Wall
But until then I shall hold you

Yes, yes
stress THIS
We will rise again, Wall

Kebing | on 27/2/08

Tracy, take care of yourself!

cyrusvhadsupper | on 27/2/08

Hi T-mac,

Always love you! Plz keep the energy and teamwork up and make it deep to the playoffs this year!

A fan from China

smnox | on 27/2/08

we are counting on you now!

David | on 27/2/08

you can do man i believe in you and your whole crew. Keep the dream alive.

soulwing | on 27/2/08

We Still believe……


T-BAC | on 27/2/08

i am very glad to hear u say so.and we chinese fans will fight with u to the and.we believe

Jamie | on 27/2/08

I always believe you are the best. I would never ever give up the hope. ~ GO GO TMAC!~

valarie | on 27/2/08

good luck you will come thru

RYAN | on 27/2/08

TRACY,I belive that you can do something more without YAO,keep going on!Do it for ROCKETS,do it for YAO and do it for our fans!

YAO11 | on 27/2/08

Never give up,

Never lose hope.

Always have faith,

It allows you to cope.

Trying times will pass,

As they always do.

Just have patience,

Your dreams will come true.

So put on a smile,

You’ll live through your pain.

Know it will pass,

And strength you will gain

Enter your name... | on 27/2/08

Never give up,

Never lose hope.

Always have faith,

It allows you to cope.

Trying times will pass,

As they always do.

Just have patience,

Your dreams will come true.

So put on a smile,

You’ll live through your pain.

Know it will pass,

And strength you will gain

China fans | on 27/2/08

Tracy.I still believe in you. still believe Houston rocekts.
Now. It’s ur time!! you r the best!

Enter your name... | on 27/2/08

Tracy,to maintain the present situation, and led the Rockets to go further, you have strength and talent, we all believe you can do it.because you are Tracy-Mcgrady

Jack hu | on 27/2/08

hey,tracy,thanks for your spirit from the game with wisards and all the 13 in a row,and I still believe that we can get the champion even though without Yao.

Adam Yang | on 27/2/08

TMAC, I am from Yao’s hometown-Shanghai. I wish Rocket win all the rest games in this year. Come on, you can do it!
Impossible is Nothing!!!

李唯可 | on 27/2/08

hi,tman.i’m from China.i’m sorry to hear that yao’s hurt,but i believe you’ll do your best to step up and lead the Rocekts to be the best .i still and will always believe in you and theRocekts.i dream of watching a NBA’game in Houston.
love u

big t-mac fan (chinese) | on 27/2/08

Tracy,i really believe you will succeed this season!

jiang | on 27/2/08

support you, support rockest forever.

——— a Chinese girl

Angela | on 27/2/08

Pressure is good - it is a solid motivator. You have come a long way since your days in Orlando. View this as a stepping stone in your journey because one day you will be able to tell your children how you led a team because of the people around you not because you had to do it all on your own. I believe in pre-destiny and what counts is how you handle adversity when it is placed in front of you. Some people run in the other direction but you…I have a feeling you will tackle it head on. Keep the momentum going.

Enter your name... | on 27/2/08

Do it for yao… do it for yao tracy~~

Ze.Dong | on 27/2/08

Don’t push yourself and your team too much. keep up

jiang | on 27/2/08

support you, support rockets forever

LinXiao---China | on 27/2/08


Hi Trae | on 27/2/08

I will never give up on you…I was there in TD Waterhouse Mar 2004 when you guys played Indiana…planned a whole vacation around that game just to see you out with an injury….went to Atl last year in February..didn’t even care that you guys lost the game…just to see you in person I can’t really tell you how much I caught of the game….I was so mesmerized….guess what two weeks from today going right back to the Atl to see you guys win this time…so no there is no way I will ever give up on you and your squad….you guys have the best of both worlds DEFENSE and guys can run with the best…best of all we have seats right behind your bench I am hoping for an autograph this time …by the way look for some Rockets Thundersticks in ATL that will be me ordered them especially for this game…..oh yeah and not to forget I will go to Houston to watch the last game of the regular season against the Clippers…unfortunately we could not get any good tickets this time….but I have to experience the atmosphere on the home court….so you see there is no way your fans are giving up on you…you can do it champ you deserve it more than anyone else …..go TRAE....go ROCKETS...tell the guys to stay pumped up it will pay off in the end
your #1 FAN from Germany

a little note would be nice….. later

T-Mac's greatest fan | on 27/2/08

It’s great that you’re now feeling good and that the injury is nothing but past. Even though I’m a Lakers fan I still support you. Today you made 11 pts., but that’s forgivable, not for you…but I know you can still make your normal high numbers on the court.

koby starman | on 27/2/08

Hey t-mac, you are a very talented player one of the best in the nba. Even without Yao Ming, you and your team will still stand a chance against these tough teams. this is my email [email protected] see ya!

Brian from NJ | on 27/2/08

Yes, Yao going down is a huge blow for the team but you need to take over like you have and are capable of. You are still one of the top players in the league. I know it and you know it. Now show everyone esle that and play like you have something to prove.

Adrianne | on 27/2/08

Don’t worry T-mac! We got you & you’re team-mates’ back no matter what. I’ve been a fan of Rockets since you & Yao went to the Rockets, before that I don’t really care much about basketball or NBA. But you know, there’s something about you, Yao & the rest of the Rockets that kept me dreaming & hoping for this team, I don’t know what it is but it feels brilliant!

Don’t listen to those jerks who’re saying you guys won’t even make the playoffs, specially now that Yao’s out, ‘cause you know what? They don’t know anything what’s really going on inside you & the Rockets. Yeah, it’s really really sad to loose Yao, especially now, but I know you guys (specially you) will step up & be even more motivated.

We love you Tracy! We Believe. We have Faith. Together the Rockets will succeed… This is your time…. This is Rockets’ time…

God bless you! We’ll pray for Rockets’ victory, you & Yao’s speedy recovery!

tyrone | on 27/2/08

t-mac, if ul be in your vintage form…. even if no yao… you’ll have the RING.... do it man…..

Kalon | on 27/2/08

I believe in you and the rest of the team. Go out there and do what you do. Good luck!

J.T | on 27/2/08

yeah t-mac we believin yall, we kno everyone is doubtin us, sayin we have no chance. lets shock the whole world and ahow them wat u REALLY CAN DO, its ur time again, u lead the raptors, magic, rockets, now its time to go all the way, block the critism and eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, midnight snack, lol shock the world iight T-mac 1

Brian from the STL | on 27/2/08

hey tracy this means more on your shoulders as well as others i hope deke and luis can hold it down for yao and best of wishes for him

oh and whens ur camp?

Tyshaun Eleazer | on 27/2/08

TMAC i know tha it is sad that yao ming have to be out for the rest of the season.But yao believe in you and the team and now since yao out,there are going to be a lot of pressure on you so that means your teamates going to step up to.But since yao out its time for you to show the world who TMAC really is show them since yao out that dont mean we not going to loose games.i just wanted to say that brcause yao ming being out is heartbroken.

BB22 | on 27/2/08

I am a Chinese fans, we like Yao and the Rockets.come on guys!

mj | on 27/2/08

Nice shout out t-mac. i really do hope the best is coming for the rockets. Just try your best, and assert yourself early.

Reggie From the Bronx | on 27/2/08

Tracy, Look I’ve been there since day one., being a Orlando/houston fan in NY is tough. Everyone from around here and on tv thinks you have no heart. They think getting out of the first round for you is impossible. They think Kobe and Lebron is better. I’m a grown man doing grown man things but i can’t lie when i say next to GOD and getting my money you winning a chip is next on the agenda. Yao going down killed my spirit yesterday but when some look at the glass have empty with him gone I see the shit have full. This was a blessing in disguise, this is oppunity knocking. Here’s your chance to shut em all up. Tracy the only difference between you and Jordan is will. I was watching some old footage of you on the You tube you was doing numbers like soduku. kobe, lebron don’t got shit on my nigga. If you decide you not going to be stop not only will you make it out the first round you win the chip this year i promise you. Even without Yao you got the talent around you to do it. Take the keys to the throne. I wish our haters a 100 years of success but it’s our time. Get mad you son of a bitch from here to the chip i want you to play like game 1 orlando detriot, like you did aganist the hornets the other night. If you do that watch what i say will come true and it’s true.

email me at [email protected]
call me at 646 685 7886

T-mac/Houston4Life | on 27/2/08

It’s okay that yao;s hurt. I still and will always believe in you and the Houston rocekts. Getting into the playoffs if nothing for someone who scored 13 point in the last 35 seconds of a game. Keep believeing that you can win the champships with or without yao. I will always believe. Peace.

JEFFREY IEANS | on 27/2/08


candechea | on 27/2/08

tracy i know youll bring your game everynight but will your teammates.i wish the best for yao also its a shame its always your team. i know you guys will make the playoffs and yes i still belive. but remember the team can only go as far as you take them so not to put it all on your shoulders i think youll be the leader and they will follow so just stay being t mac.

jovan aka graet one | on 27/2/08

Hay TMAC i’m behined u 150% i beleve in u and da rockets we can make it all the way

23mgab | on 27/2/08

Hi Tracy, I’m from Belgium and I saz all your games, I zas already there in your third year in Toronto … I feel really bad about Yao injury, but I still hope. You knoz that’s not the same situation than in Orlando few years ago, but I feel that you should have those big year level to do something really big in that huge conference. So, good luck men, still believe in you and all your guys.

manny | on 27/2/08

hey man ..u guys are in my prayers…you have a great team around you tracy..every 1 must do their part to succeed.. a great collective effort can go a long way..maybe all the way T_ MAC...remember defense wins championships.and well..on any day we can see the rockets can be the best…its all about knowing in heart and mind you can achieve the unthinkable…goodluck tracy ..Houston has your back no matter what…

Kim Goode | on 27/2/08

The rockets will do fine with Yao out. Might be tought but Rockets have some awesome players and they will continue to do well. Good luck Yao…

[email protected] | on 27/2/08

Hi Tman

i am so proud of you and the Rockets team. I believe in ya, keep you head up and keep working hard. I know ya will make it to the playoffs!! Luv You so much and I hope to get a lil note from you soon.

Love You,