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Sat, Aug 29th 2009, 19:22

China here I come!

Hey fans,

I’m heading to China today with my friends from US-Sport. I always have such a great time over and am excited to see all my Chinese fans. I’ll be visiting Beijing, Hefei, and Shijiazhuang this time around. We are planning on visiting some schools and hospitals, and have a bunch of other fun things planned. I’ll be there for a week so be on the lookout for me! I’ll post some updates here and let you all know more details about my schedule as I get them.

Stay tuned!


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Martin | on 4/11/09

so TMac, ive been wondering something. why did you ever get rid of the calf sleeve that you wore on only one leg for so long? i always thought that was the coolest thing ever, probably helped you play better too, like in orlando and like when you dunked on shawn bradley in the playoffs. cant just be coincidence. anyways, i cant wait for you to get back to playing some serious ball, youre seriously my favorite basketball player and i hope you come back soon, watching the rockets play without you is just not the same.

andy | on 4/11/09

hello,Tracy.I belive you can.Houston Rocket,I Hope you can VS los angel lakets . VS kobe will win all game

pedrum | on 3/11/09

Hey t-mac i as at your camp and looking forward for a great season and this is coming from ur ultimite fan !!!!!!!!!! Lets win a championchip….. WE R A PROUD NATION OF RED AND LAKER HATERS

Norma Luffy | on 2/11/09

Best wishes for you new school in Chad. If you should run for mayor in your hometown, wouldn’t be a problem getting elected. We have a great mayor in Sacramento, Mayor Johnson! - Phoenix Suns fame. Played a good game too!

Thx again.

Donte London | on 2/11/09

Cant wait to see u back on the court…I’m an extremely big fan and have always been by your side in your injuries. I only wish u the best

Cao.Yang | on 31/10/09

Hello Tracy . I’m a chinese student .
i’m very happy to see you in games. Best wishes to you.

Yous. Cao.Yang

Joseph Abeyta | on 28/10/09

Whats up Tracy. You have been my favorite player for a long time. The Rockets need you out there. I just wanted to see wen you think you are going to be back in action?

Michael Jin | on 28/10/09

Does T-mac even read this?

claire | on 26/10/09

come on

claire | on 26/10/09

come on

136727374 | on 24/10/09


Valentino Ulibarri | on 23/10/09

im your biggest fan and i was hoping you would stay on the orlando magic. back then you were t mac. now your falling apart i dont know why but its killing me that you dont play, and have a chance to be the old t mac again.

谭东 | on 21/10/09


Tan Guang bo | on 20/10/09

Hi t-mac Iam a student Ilove you ! my English is not good!so,I can not say much.I really want to receive your e-mail,If I can receive it , My life will change! because you aie the hero in my heart!

Tan Guang bo | on 20/10/09

Hi t-mac Iam a student Ilove you ! my English is not good!so,I can not say much.I really want to receive your e-mail,If I can receive it , My life will change! because you aie the hero in my heart!

Lea | on 17/10/09

Dear Mac, I am a fifteen-year-old boy in China.Most of my friends loved you very much.They loved Rockets very much.But now,the Lakers be champion.They love Bryant!Yuck!how angry I am!I often fight with them.I loved you.I am loving you. I will love you!Come back,Mac!I need you.The Rockets needs you!Dear caption,come back!I belevie you.Next champion is the Rockets’.
It is yours!

kay | on 17/10/09

T-mac,I love you very much ! and no matter what they say,just do it ! I will support you forever!

Mary Hollis | on 13/10/09

Hey Tracy, I am a missionary from Georgia. I work with an organization called Adventures In Missions, we are based out of North Georgia. I just recently came across the 3 Points documentary on Hulu and just wanted to say thanks for making your life count! Most atheletes and famous people just waste their fame and fortune on the “American Dream”, things that don’t matter in the long run but you are using the blessings God has given you to help people in needs and I just think it’s great. Just wanted you to know. Let me know if you ever need anything or prayer for anything.

In Christ,
Mary Hollis

neljohn detuyatu | on 13/10/09

watsup idol! i wish this year you comeback and no badlack to comes to you.

HEAVEN | on 12/10/09


hui | on 10/10/09

in my heart …you are god one can stop you putting the boll into matter what happened ..i am waitting for your coming

love tmac | on 10/10/09

Hey,Tracy.I am only a little man of your millions Chinese fans.Frist,welcome to China.I watch your game for only five or six years,but i deeply fall in love with you,with your game.Year,now,you are having a bad time,but all Chinese fans will support you forever.I konw you are very tough,you are the toughest man,you must be come over this difficulty,i always believe.Now,the new season will begain,i hope you can come back earlier.we are expect for your first show when you come back.I know you have got ready .I am a student from Quanzhou Normal University,i hope you can touch me when you are free,but remember your regain is the most important please.Best wishes!

Mary Hollis | on 9/10/09

Hey Tracy, Tonight was the first night I have ever heard of you. I am a 22 year old female so I don’t really keep up with the NBA sorry lol but I came across your 3 Points Documentary tonight on Hulu and it brought tears to my eyes. I lived in South Africa and Swaziland for nine months but have never seen or experienced anything like the people in Darfur and Chad are going through. I just wanted to say that i think it is INCREDIBLE how you are using your popularity to actually change the world. So many stars just waste their lives away living the “American Dream” but you are actually trying to make a difference in the world and it is a wonderful thing to see! Thanks again!


bond | on 3/10/09

i hope you will come back soon` wish`~~

KG | on 2/10/09


弯勇辉 | on 1/10/09

I’m a student in shijiazhuang
where you have visited about 2 weeks ago
I like basketball and you
Be better and better
when you stand on the court
you are 20
not 30
you can fly over kobe’s head
beat him
believe yourself
just do it
this year the champion belongs to you and Rockets
come on
just do it
all of people on the earth will know you
your family ,your fans will proude of you
you are best

li tian | on 1/10/09

Don’t be troubled by anyone,I’m always supporting you.

xuyan | on 30/9/09

i am t-mac’s you remember me?i miss you ..i love you and support you forever ~~~~waiting for you

kevin | on 28/9/09

dear tracy , i think you should try other type or brand shoes,when i in china , i try many shoes , i don’t think your shoes fit foot well (sorry for my poor english)

ABCD | on 28/9/09

Hey Tmac when will you come back in 09 - 10 season??

I miss your style of play..

PLease come back.

Tang Yue | on 27/9/09

I love you,Tracy!
You are No.1!

fengyi_wu | on 26/9/09

i love you very much

zhaojinan | on 26/9/09

I love your shoes, I love your skill of playing basketball, I love your wife and your children and I love everying of you ! T-MAC come back , I believe you and the whole world belive you !

Allen Lu | on 20/9/09

welcome! we are looking forward to watch your show last season!

ajp | on 16/9/09

Well, I hope I arrive in time, I’m from Philippines though. It’d be a dream come true if you were to visit in the Philippines too, just like Kobe..Love You Mac…Holla

Andy | on 12/9/09

Hello,Tracy I’m a college student in china.I have been your fan for a long time.I believe that you will be back with your wonderful skill and act.You’re the best!My email is [email protected] _ My english is not very well.I want to talk with you more.Thanks

Andy | on 12/9/09

Hello,Tracy I’m a college student in china.My Chinese name is Gao Qi long.I have been your fan for a long time.I believe that you will be back with your wonderful skill and act.You’re the best!My email is [email protected] _ My english is not very well.I want to talk with you more.Thanks

Andy | on 12/9/09

Hello,Tracy I’m a college student in china.I have been your fan for a long time.I believe that you will be back with your wonderful skill and act.You’re the best!My email is [email protected] _ My english is not very well.I want to talk with you more.Thanks

kevin | on 12/9/09

tracy i love you just like michael i love you

lu peng | on 12/9/09

I am a middle-school student。 I like looking that you play the basketball to like imitating your movement to like playing your ball the style to like you playing a ball game the time look to act the imitation you to look like I to be able to hit every day the first half hour the basketball, even if were already began school now had already lived at school I to insist that in the morning practiced a ball game Mai who I wanted to participate in you originally to conduct the training battalion because, but the language and the technical question shrank back at the sight I real to hope that you could teach me to play the basketball me the real hope to be able to see your form in under season NBA to see again seeing in peak condition to created 35 second 13 point mythNew 3 new Tracy

Ruben | on 11/9/09

looking forward to your 09 season, im anxious to see you shock the sceptics. wish you and yours the best in your recovery.

范婷 | on 11/9/09

我相信你 I believe you forever

EiO | on 9/9/09

hey man!! come to Shanghai!! there a lots to see in here man!! and hey hope u’ll score bunch as u were before. i hope u’ll get a ring soon!! holla…

YING ZENG | on 8/9/09

Hello,T -MAC,I am called Zeng Ying,my English name is Zoe,you can call me Zoe.I am 19 years old now,is a lovely girl,though I is not high,but very loving basketball and I want to make friends with you,I hope you can teach me to play basketball. I
could play the guitar and hope to have the opportunity to be able to bomb to you!I am your super fan,hope you this season,can get NBA championship rings!Besides,I hope you can come next year,China’s Guangdong Province,I am waiting for you! I will support you forever,fighting!

McGradyIS1 | on 6/9/09

ma boy i cant wait to see u come back again n play even better than u did in ur orlando days. wish u all da best in china and stay healthy da rest of ur nba career.

Plato | on 6/9/09

I saw you at GuJing Stadium in Hefei,China…
Words can’t decribe how excited I was the moment I saw you….
It’s so kind of you to help those Chinese people who are in need…
and your act of charity will always encourage me to do my small comtribution to the entire human race…..
btw…I like your sexy smell!!!!!!!

suki | on 6/9/09

i love you!i am a big fan of you!no matter what people said,i always suppot you!!

想像 | on 6/9/09


Paul | on 4/9/09

Dear Tracy McGrady,

1st— I wish good health for a long time to come. You are the best baller ever lived, we all know it!

2nd— I can’t wait to see you drop 82 this year!


Paul (Guam)

bepower | on 3/9/09

tmac,you`re a magic man. i believe you will surely be back.i always hope you can be a final mvp.though,bryant is a good player,you have more talent than him.all you need is health.i can`t wait to see you in the season.

Jon C. | on 3/9/09

Have fun in China! It’s great you’re doing fun things and helping people at the same time!

于岱民 | on 3/9/09

Support you feorever!

vikash | on 3/9/09

wassup tmac how mu been get well soon and show them lakers kobe bryant and clevlends lebron ur better than them man u gonna bee good just like a years ago 13 points in 35 seconds yeaa tmac

Mengyu Zhou | on 3/9/09

Hi,t mac!
When i find your blog,you don’t know how excited i am!I have nothing words to express my happiness!
So sorry that my English is so poor,i have to write what i want to say in Chinese.If I’m so luckily,you can see it,can understand me,i’ll so happy! 我知道你度过了一个艰难的赛季.其实你很想回到赛场,回来帮助你的球队,可一切那么力不从心.但是,其他人不理解你,许多人都在骂你,不管他们以前是不是你的球迷,还是那些所谓的专家..你一定都看到了这些人骂你的留言,可是你能说什么呢?除了在恢复伤势的时候继续练习你什么也不能做.当球队晋级第二轮时,你除了为队友们高兴,心里一定也有酸楚吧... 所以,在这个夏天你拼命地训练,你希望回来和队友一起战斗,用实力来证明自己.可是,当新赛季即将开始时,关于你要被交易出去的流言却是满天飞,我想你肯定很心酸..谢天谢地,你留了下来! 加油,T-MAC,你一定会在明天的夏天也有灿烂的笑容! 你明年还要来中国的吧?我会努力,希望在北京见到你!

张海波 | on 3/9/09

T-mac i am your suoerfans nomatter what others said wo will support you forevery

LIDongyang李东阳 | on 2/9/09

I’m LiDongyang.I will see you on January first 3pm next year at toyota center’s gate.Please on time!

欢儿 | on 2/9/09

Hey,T-MAC,I hope to see you at chengdo next time, We will support you forever,

Yasir Yasin | on 2/9/09

Dear, Tracy

Hope You are doing Great … You are the Kobe of This Team You have the same talent and you are even more team player then he is …please come back focused and take it 1 game at a time and Please don`t be another Steave for us…...We better make it to playoffs and fight….

mcgadysll | on 2/9/09

hey,guy.I am a Chinese fan of yours.Yestoday ,I saw you in the hotel which you had stayed for several day.And I think you must saw me .But you had no reflection. I understand you very much,so I am so satisfact to see you in Shijiazhuang.
I wish you will have a strong reflection in the new season.
T-mc,you are the No.1 forever.We believe you, all of your fans believe you! -mcgradysll China

Dennis Robinson | on 2/9/09

Nice hearing from you Mac. Man let us know how the trip is and show us some pics. Hope to hear more from you soon


eeh | on 2/9/09


lee dandan | on 2/9/09

I do not know you whether be or not keep me in memory. Were in the Beijing airport yesterday. That you have written the girl “who loves you “ specially. I have missed you definitely being very grieved see my crying. Thank you. New start us believing that you will be especially brave and powerful. But invite your look after oneself body. Your health is to me distant than any is all important. I am very happy. In a lot of fans, you can see me. Be that I sign. I may love you forever. Until dying. Still have I would think finclause. If being able to hope that you can next year come to Beijing. I also am sure to go to meet you. The act lets you give my “love a you “. Can I don know compose in reply your take up with. Because of I inspect this face to face be extravagant hopes. Believe in disregarding what to happened please. I stand forever in you after one’s death. Be t-mac only because of you. My most loving person.

MacFan | on 2/9/09

wow.. you have a lot fans in china^^

i hope we can see you next season…

Huang Dong 黄栋 | on 1/9/09

Tracy,I hope to see you in shijiazhuang next year

David | on 1/9/09

tracy.I ‘m one of your fans,as you know,you have many fansin China!!!now,I just want say:welcome to China,welcome to hefei,enjoy your trip in wishes for you!!!I hope we can have a chat in hefei

Ray Huang | on 1/9/09

MAC thats too bad . I typed lots of words!!but deleted all of them with a stupid mistake.!!!!!!!!!!!!!spent 1 hour!!!!!!!!!! OH NO, what i typed is hoping u can lead Rockets get final champions and get ur mvp. pity . one thing last, ALL FANS , SHOUTING WITH ME ,MVP!!! MVP!!!!MVP!!!!!!MVP!!!!!MVP!!!!!!MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TMAC MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yafei wang | on 1/9/09

T-MAC,I LOVE YOU.I believe you can come back.I am one of your fans from china.And I think hardwork is the fast way to the top .I will watch every match.感觉还是汉语能表达我的心情,是你让我热爱上篮球,热爱上NBA,热爱火箭队,听说你要被交易的流言我很吃惊,决定以后不再关注火箭了!幸好你还在火箭,我会一直支持你的!!中国游你想象不到数量的你的球迷,相信自己,你一定会王者归来的!喜欢你的睡眼朦胧,喜欢你的干拔跳投!

PROS PERIA | on 1/9/09


Huang Dong 黄栋 | on 1/9/09

I“m one of your fans.In my heart, you are the mvp forever.Hope to see you in a healthy condition next season.
Although the western conference will be really tough. I still believe you could lead rockets to win a lot games. I’m pretty sure you could get through the first round in the playoffs next season.

I will always support you wherever you are,whatever team you belong to. In china, you have a lot of fans like me or more loyal than me.
I’m in shijiazhuang, it’s a beatuiful city.
Welcome to shijiazhuang!welcome to china!

高晶 | on 1/9/09

TRACY, really would particularly like to see you ah, but I still do not have that capacity, even if now you have come to China, in Shijiazhuang, from I was so near, but still I still see you, but temporary did not see it does not matter, I will make every effort to fight the ongoing efforts, in order to that dream with you about the struggle, and now, I only hope that all is well with you, especially the body, what time to pay does not matter, I am as long as you complete back to health, That the most important, always support you, love you, my belief —- TMAC!

kelland | on 31/8/09

Mac, welcome to China, see you in Hefei. I am very excited now.Enjoy yourself in China.

dvid cerant | on 31/8/09

yoo t mac man wats up get better man i need to see u on that court man i just hope u come bac 100%you shouldnt even rush anytthing just make a strong come back ike d wade did an u will be right on top again lata man get better

Paul | on 31/8/09

WTF you doing going to China? REHAB so you can play!

Erika Miles | on 31/8/09


qing | on 31/8/09

Welcome you to our country, we will always love you! Support you!

CAO WEI 曹伟 | on 31/8/09

Welcome to China,Mr. McGrady.As a medicial student.I am really appreciate for what you did to the patients and your stentation funds for the students.I learnt about your injury,and knew that you will recover soon.As a sincere Rockets funs,I hope that your guys win more games in the comming season.And wanna see your slum dunk more often.

zhou peng | on 31/8/09

Tracy McGrady,, I sincerely hope that you will return to that all-powerful players,,,, good until injuries after, you will also be in my heart NO.1

BeckGrady | on 31/8/09

Oops.. so unlucky cannot have chance to meet U..

anyway, hope you can back to the court at the beginning of next season.

We believe you can fly!

T-Mac! COME ON~~~ haha~~

BeckGrady | on 31/8/09


Welcome to China!!

So looking forward to your visiting.

Take care n Wish U all the best.

frogboy | on 31/8/09

it is a pity I do not study in Hefei…

A Chinese basketball fans | on 31/8/09

I hope you will better soon and help Rockets win the champions.

sara | on 31/8/09

hey t-mac,
why dont you come to nanjing?this is a fantasitc city .
i am hoping that you will come next summer~~oh,plz!!!
so excited that you `ll come to china anyway,
we love you all the time!
plus,remember to visit nanjing city next time.
caz we got a very cool middleschool basketball team ,they are the national champion ~~~
have a good time in china ,hero!

Trisha | on 31/8/09

Well, we all focused on skillzlab and forgot here…
Then, the schedule did change, like some media reported, Chengdu and Tianjin have been called off.
Look forward to read more updated schedule details.
Hope you’d have a great journey at here, enjoy it!

Juan Hernandez | on 30/8/09

hey whats up T-mac hope this gets to you.Im really glad your injoying your summer,its great your helping people but i would also like to know how your are doing is your knee feeling good,great or whatever.I ask this cause in the Rockets website their was talk that you still dont feel well jumping of your left leg i hope this aint true and if it is i seriously hope you get better soon i would like to see you in super star status not just allstar and i pray you have an MVP season and take the Rockets to the playoffs and prove your doubters wrong God bless and take care.

rammo | on 30/8/09

i hear the rehab is coming along way ahead of schedule… any chance of giving us an update as to when you reckon you’ll be back on court??

good luck with the trip and training camp!

tmac‘ fans | on 30/8/09

TMAC! i love you forever !do you know? in my here,more and more people coming love you ! i hope i can your fans forever !If you still that TMAC next life, I still is that TMAC‘ fans! Look forward to your reply! TMac forever love your’ fans

Yan Yinxin | on 30/8/09

T-Mac, I’m your fans in China. When you come to China I can not go to see you, I am lost, but I still support you. I want to say that T-Mac come back! !

Mela | on 30/8/09

hi, T-MAC, welcome to China, i’m very glad , because i’m your bog fan, why didn’t you come to TianJin, where there many your fans are waiting for you,

jerry h | on 30/8/09


EiO | on 30/8/09

Well actually i’m Mongolia but i study in Shanghai… and wondering why not coming to Shanghai?:P

MA XIAO | on 30/8/09

Hi,T-mac!!!Best wishes for you!!See you next season!!

Nie | on 30/8/09

TMac, welcome to China~~~

Tarzan Chow | on 30/8/09

Well,I was wonding if you may share more time in BJ,cuz we almost have no chance to see you here,and if you do,can you public your offcial schedule so… you know,fans are lovely always

even | on 30/8/09

dont forger let us know more details
By the way do u know hangzhou
the most happiness city in China.West lake?do u know~~
it’s beautiful.hope u can visit here sooner or later.
Loving u~~^.^

even | on 30/8/09

welcome!!!. come next year too~~ hope i can c u in the flesh~~~ supporting u!

Frank Wei | on 30/8/09

Hey,gay,i am a college student,and i am also your fan,wish you coming back to the basket field healthly and support you for ever!

Sandy | on 30/8/09

Welcome to Hefei
i believe you will enjoy your trip


Damian | on 30/8/09

Thank you Tracy for the update! As a fan, I appreciate knowing whats going after the successful surgery!! I watch the video of your rehabbing from MyFoxHouston religiously! I pray that you return feeling better than ever, I know you can return to elite status!!!

justin | on 30/8/09

shoulnt you be rehabbing right now though i no you love your fans but come on the rockets need you baby.

Raj | on 30/8/09

Yes very good but how’s the rehab going!?

熙夕 | on 30/8/09

I’m still excited to see this news,although i won’t be china in these days.

but will i see you one day in the future?
i think yes

tracy,welcome to china

LiuAo | on 30/8/09

I can not wait to see you in Beijing

chenjie | on 30/8/09

health forever

loop' | on 30/8/09

oh im the 1st to comment haha XD
Beijing, Hefei, and Shijiazhuang.. NIIICEEE!!
the fans there will be so happy and give you a warm welcome!!
good luck to everything, we love u, Tracy!!

small mai sister | on 30/8/09

Welcome to China/we love you

Yan Cui | on 30/8/09

Hi t-mac,I’m one of your the Ultimate T-Mac Fans.I was 4th week winner.I am chinese boy,I wrote message to you in last.When you injuryed I still support you,because I don’t think your time was past and I think you need good rest to protect your body.This summer is very important for us,because
next year I’ll go univercity and you need burst.Welcome to china ,but sorry I in Gansu(west china) you in east.It’s so far for me.I still a student so that I have no enough money to see you.But if you arrive in next year,I hope I can chat with you.I really want to chat with you and play basketball with you.This is my dream.I hope this come true.I am your forever fans. Support you forever!

Caner McGrady Jr | on 30/8/09

T-Mac, pls come 2 Turkey :) im best T-Mac fan all around the world pls :(

SNOW | on 30/8/09

Hi,t-mac. I’m a girl from shijiazhuang,I ‘m so excited to hear that you will come to my city! But I can’t come to see you,because I have to go to school.But I will always support you,you are the MVP in my heart.加油!(jiayou)

fanting | on 29/8/09

Regardless of how you, I will continue to support the believe you.

Riverqy | on 29/8/09

Three years ago, and you missed this year, you do not want to miss! I am your female fans in China, My name is Riverqy。 we Hefei see.

my name is wang bin | on 29/8/09

I love you

Trell | on 29/8/09

Wat up T-Mac I hope u come back healthy this year.