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Thu, Feb 18th 2010, 12:04

NY here I come!

Today, as I officially say good-bye to the Houston Rockets, one of my greatest regrets is that I was unable to bring Rocket fans a championship during my time here in Houston. This great city has been my home for over six years. Three of my kids were born here and this is where CleRenda and I will continue to raise our children. It is where we call home. Over the years, I have received so much support from the communities throughout the city, on a personal level and for my Foundation and Darfur School Programs. I have nothing but sincere gratitude for the city of Houston and the generous people who live in it.

I have tremendous respect for Leslie Alexander and have enjoyed playing for the Rockets over the last six years. It has definitely been the most profound part of my career. I’ve learned a lot about myself from various situations, both good and bad that have occurred here. It was my hope when I came to Houston that I wouldn’t leave, but I do understand this is the business side of basketball.

I wish the current Rockets team nothing but success this season. They are a great group of guys, tremendous teammates, and very talented on the court. One of the highlights of my career has been playing alongside Yao, a truly exceptional player and human being. I have great respect for him as an athlete and as a friend, and will remember fondly our time playing together.

As for me, I can’t wait to get back on the court to continue doing what I love to do. I am excited to be headed to New York and look forward to wearing a Knick uniform. I know that I can and will contribute to this organization. It’s a dream to play in New York and there is nothing that compares to playing in the Garden. Knick fans are some of the most knowledgeable and passionate fans in the league, and it will be an honor to play in front of them and to play for the great city of New York.

To all my fans who have backed me throughout all these years, I can promise you one thing, that my desire to play and to win has never been as strong as it is today. No amount of road blocks, injuries and critics could stop my need to play ball. It is who I am and what I do.
I am on to the next chapter of my career and I thank you again for taking the ride with me.


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


morefree | on 11/4/10

Thank you,T-mac
Refresh me when I am down
And beacuse of you
Competitions are sublimated to a kind of art
Yearn the man that makes the T-mac time
Many people tell me that your time has already gone away
Contradiction is no longer the way I fight for you
God is aware of my consistent and persistent heart
Reckon your exhausted body and mind,please
All your fans hope to see our king’s being back to the court
Don’t let us weep for you once again
Yes,T-mac,we love you,forever.

麥蜜 | on 10/4/10


James | on 8/4/10

wassgudd tracy i am a big fan of urs u are so tight i luv ur dunkin skills i hope to meet u up close well i hope u have a good year and hope ur knee gets better

JIA HAO | on 4/4/10

love you forever

李翱 | on 4/4/10

T-mac what ever you do ,we love you forever

LJM | on 2/4/10

HI,TMAC. I am a fifteen-year-old girl who come from China. Because I am a student ,it’s a bit difficult for me to read your diaries in English. There are many new words in them. But I will go on studying English, I will read your diaries easier by myself one day .I am a girl who love watching NBA, especially watching you play basketball. I will support you forever, wherever you go. Is there any mistakes in this short passage?

qiji | on 2/4/10

I hope you will come back as a stronger player than Kobe,and
always keep you healthy.I support you for ever!Let’s go

christian | on 1/4/10

god bless you and NYC you are my best player on NBA

liuyulong | on 1/4/10

good luck to you ,you are the best

美圳 | on 31/3/10

hey,T-mac,I’m come frome china.I very love you.though i can’t see you play basketball for longtime.but I till love you. I hope you happy. My frist says.

废品 | on 29/3/10

hey,tracy!i’m your fans from china!last summer i saw you in shijiazhuang,maybe,you have forgot that boy!that’s doesn’t matter! the time is 2:47 in beijing now,i guess many people have fall asleep!but i can’t sleep,open my PC,enter your blog,i want to say something to you!no matter you will see or not,i juat want to tell you some words from my heart! hey ,tracy,do you know how deep i love you?when i saw your first 3 point after you come back to the court,i cried,i have forgot i cried how many times when i saw that 3 point!the tears contains my Sorrows and joys!and so on ~
i feel very happy when i hear the news that you have been trated to new york,i don’t want to see that 7 min show,that is a trap,a big trap !!!i want to tell the world,i’am not a rockets fans any more!what i loved is tmac,not rockets!!!In order to see your game,i don’t care wake up earlier,never!and,tmac,i have to say,you are still unstable!i know your knee haven’t recoer from injury,you are afraid to use it excessive,i know,we know,all the your chinese fans!and,tracy,i don’t care how many points you get in the court,i really don’t care!what i and we cared is your health!so,tracy,promise me,promise us,don’t get hurt any more!we really don’t care how many point you get!we want your health!!!if you get hurt again,i mean if,if you get hurt again,we don’t care wait another 1year ,2year,3year,all our lifes!T-mac,whatever you will to go,i will follow you ,we will follow you

废品 | on 29/3/10

hey,tracy!i’m your fans from china!last summer i saw you in shijiazhuang,maybe,you have forgot that boy!that’s doesn’t matter! the time is 2:47 in beijing now,i guess many people have fall asleep!but i can’t sleep,open my PC,enter your blog,i want to say something to you!no matter you will see or not,i juat want to tell you some words from my heart! hey ,tracy,do you know how deep i love you?when i saw your first 3 point after you come back to the court,i cried,i have forgot i cried how many times when i saw that 3 point!the tears contains my Sorrows and joys!and so on ~
i feel very happy when i hear the news that you have been trated to new york,i don’t want to see that 7 min show,that is a trap,a big trap !!!i want to tell the world,i’am not a rockets fans any more!what i loved is tmac,not rockets!!!In order to see your game,i don’t care wake up earlier,never!and,tmac,i have to say,you are still unstable!i know your knee haven’t recoer from injury,you are afraid to use it excessive,i know,we know,all the your chinese fans!and,tracy,i don’t care how many points you get in the court,i really don’t care!what i and we cared is your health!so,tracy,promise me,promise us,don’t get hurt any more!we really don’t care how many point you get!we want your health!!!if you get hurt again,i mean if,if you get hurt again,we don’t care wait another 1year ,2year,3year,all our lifes!T-mac,whatever you will to go,i will follow you ,we will follow you

Noah | on 25/3/10

Hey Mac, I am a college student from China. I love basketball.
I think you are so talent a basketball player.
Even you have left Rocket, I wanna say wherever you play basketball, i will support you ever.

lee davis | on 25/3/10

Hi ,tracy. I want say you are best,and you are NO.1 in NBA, forver!

beenz | on 24/3/10


jackie | on 23/3/10

Fly with you ,in the perfec world I LOVE YOU

Mainly Chen | on 23/3/10

Come,T-MAC!You will get better and better,you are always being the best!Your Chinese fans are waiting for your coming this summer!!

回忆 | on 20/3/10

Hi Tracy:I’m your Chinese fans.I know you through the NBA TV and love you for six years.Time flies, but the first impression you gave me has been clear in my mind was just like yesterday.In that game,I was deeply attracted by your excellent performance.There is no doubt that you have demonstrated an unparalleled basketball talent.You are very elegant and show the artistry of basketball.Recently watched your game ,I am both happy and a little sad.Of course,in any case I will support you.Thank you for bringing me a surprise and pleasure.God will bless you.

shiyamin | on 15/3/10

you are the greatest basketball player in my mind,you will creat your new legend.we your fans will surpport you forever.

P xiaoxi | on 14/3/10

Today, all of your Chinese fans cheer for you in front of the TV. Your great performance in the third quater and the big block shot made us very excited.I want to tell you ,Tracy, you are still the best. Remember that you should keep your confidence every minute. You can do that!!!

Luo Wei | on 13/3/10

T-Mac,come on!I will support you forever!
Don’t be sad,don’ t be disappointment,because you have us forever!

Tracy Jacobs | on 13/3/10

Tracy, I for one wish you all the best in your new endeavor as a basketball player.First I just want to tell you that basketball is your job and a business,so you know how it works.Do all that you can to keep in front of you what is important….Do let a few salty fans deem your life to shine,because one minute we love them and the next we hate them,it’s human nature….Take of yourself and your family…...See you around the city…..Mad Love

Ricky | on 12/3/10

T-mac u r the best always always
we r loving u
pls dont feel bad
u just suffer injuries
u always in ours hearts
we support u forever
u r the best one pls remember it u r the best forever

jamal | on 12/3/10

man im ya biggest fan, i been for 10 years now and im only 17.i try 2 play like yu lol. i just sign 2 southeast missouri st. on a basketball scholarship. I took alot of trash talking about yu but yu kno i had ya back and i never gave up on ya.if yu read this hit me back please

JiapingFeng | on 11/3/10

Tracy,the first time I saw NBA,I got to know you,and so I enjoyed your play,and you are my star.
Tracy,come on,I am on your side for ever!

keith | on 7/3/10

Man!! im so excited i don’t get to watch much basketball out here in Vegas but man this trade is epic and much needed for this orginization you truly are a class act and the knicks are in much need of class act like people u just broke the mold now they can get back to doin what they know how to do best and that is winning games and most importantly having fun. I really love this sport and a true blue knick fan for life.

Take it to the hole….......................

db | on 7/3/10

I don’t think it was a huge mistake for Houston to let you go. I do think you are a phenomenal player and I am upset to see you leave the Rockets. To have you and Yao on the court together with the experienced supporting cast now in Houston would have been Championship material, no doubt!

However, I can’t help but agree with Houston in this decision and honestly, should have released you earlier. $23 million a year for a player who never plays?!? Be a realist, would you pay the salary for someone who never came to work? I know your surgeries were ‘recommended’ and not ‘required.’ I just believe that you did not enjoy being in Houston over the past few years and that’s why you never made an effort to win a Championship for the city!

I think Houston is in a much better position paying people who at least get out on the floor and contribute to the team! I’ve heard you say you don’t want to play unless you can contribute, and it’s true in some sense, you can’t contribute when you sit on the bench all year! Also, not to mention, I think you should only get paid for when you dress in uniform and play in the game! If you don’t play, you don’t get paid! If that were the case, I bet we would have all seen T-Mac on the court every night and maybe had a championship or two!

Anyways, I digress.

I do not wish any ill towards you and I wish you the best. But, as you can tell, I got irritated listening to all these people talk about how ‘Houston made the mistake of letting you go.” So, I felt like I had to tell the other side of the story. Because, how long would the Rockets have to pay T-Mac $20+ million a year to sit the bench til he felt ready to play? Just doesn’t feel fair that Houston flipped the bill for the past couple years and the Knicks get to utilize your talents right off the bat. Call me bitter, but, that’s just how I see it. I’m done venting now…have a nice day.

Di Peng | on 6/3/10

Dear T-MAC
I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I admire you. First of all I am one of your loyal chinese fans,althought it was a short period that I have just known you since 2004,u have already played an important role in my life. You must be a man of ability.I am proud of you. u not only bring me courages and wishes which totally change my thought of my life but you set an exactly right example being as a hero. I cant imagine how my life would be if without you. Recently I must be out of my mind, I know it’s hard ,but I would very much like to have a photograph of yours with your signature. You are my faith.and I think it would have sentimental value for me which set an example as a hero who is like you.
at the end I am thankful that u could set time aside reading this letter, I believe you could get into a better stage.
go for it,my hero. may you have many blessing.
(if you are convenient my address is below,
GUOJIA bridge northern street 11,WUHOU district,ChengDu,SiChuan province,China
post number:610000
my phone number 13980847201

yours sincerely.


Di Peng | on 5/3/10

Dear T-MAC
I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I admire you. First of all I am one of your loyal chinese fans,althought it was a short period that I have just known you since 2004,u have already played an important role in my life. You must be a man of ability.I am proud of you. u not only bring me courages and wishes which totally change my thought of my life but you set an exactly right example being as a hero. I cant imagine how my life would be if without you. Recently I must be out of my mind, I know it’s hard ,but I would very much like to have a photograph of yours with your signature. You are my faith.and I think it would have sentimental value for me which set an example as a hero who is like you.
at the end I am thankful that u could set time aside reading this letter, I believe you could get into a better stage.
go for it,my hero. may you have many blessing.
(if you are convenient my address is below,
GUOJIA bridge northern street 11,WUHOU district,ChengDu,SiChuan province,China
post number:610000
my phone number 13980847201

yours sincerely.


Peng Di | on 5/3/10

Dear T-MAC
I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I admire you. First of all I am one of your loyal chinese fans,althought it was a short period that I have just known you since 2004,u have already played an important role in my life. You must be a man of ability.I am proud of you. u not only bring me courages and wishes which totally change my thought of my life but you set an exactly right example being as a hero. I cant imagine how my life would be if without you. Recently I must be out of my mind, I know it’s hard ,but I would very much like to have a photograph of yours with your signature. You are my faith.and I think it would have sentimental value for me which set an example as a hero who is like you.
at the end I am thankful that u could set time aside reading this letter, I believe you could get into a better stage.
go for it,my hero. may you have many blessing.
(if you are convenient my address is below,
GUOJIA bridge northern street 11,WUHOU district,ChengDu,SiChuan province,China
post number:610000
my phone number 13980847201

yours sincerely.


tant | on 4/3/10

Wherever you are,you know,we always be loving you!
It’s happy to see you in the count again.
T-mac we all believe you!

monsterjiao | on 3/3/10

I like your shoot everytime,no matter what result.

Michon | on 3/3/10

It is wonderful to see you playing, again. I wouldn’t care where it is… I will follow you.

ACHO SAELEE | on 3/3/10


WangZhiqian | on 3/3/10

Just go ahead,I will always trust you ,after you were traded ,I won’t be a rocketman anymore ,let Rockets knows release you is a very huge mistake .

Andrew | on 3/3/10

T-Mac, i dearly respect you of how you play but you got to remember to look out for your left knee. New York Knicks is a great team to play for. I’m hoping to get your jersey one day.
i have faith in you and i know for SURE that you won’t let all your fans down.

jinsisi | on 2/3/10

come on .don’t admire James . i think you can do best . we support you permanent .

Zhang Zhenning | on 2/3/10

Today,many people are talking the game with the Cavaliers.
And someone won’t trust you anymore.
I just want you know that,and I will trust you 4EVER.

wesley | on 1/3/10

I am happy for you me my dream this to go to the worse nba of resanbler has you even has l ecole jai tell your histoir has my class and I tadmire so much. bye and good chance in your new team.

HuHao | on 1/3/10

I will always loves you! Because you are the best!

P xiaoxi | on 1/3/10

Mac,after watching the video you made for your trip to China last year, I am greatly moved. You said on May this year, you will choose five lucky fans,who will have an oppoturity to travel in the USA. It sounds great. I will try my best to be the lucky fans..Haha, in Summer, we want to witness the TMAC Effect again. I am waiting for you

fans liu | on 1/3/10

You are a great athlete, I like you playing a ball game the style, your classical time I can watch repeatedly continuously, you China’s fan have brought very many joyful. Although has not been able to crash in the playoff second turn, but I knew you already have really made contribution, you already have really made contribution,Our fans all saw your endeavor, each time saw you drop down wounded and sick, our fans very are all sad,All hoped you can earlier be good can again return arrive to play a ball game, I like looking your jump shot that kind of feeling, elegant, looks like China’s Taijiquan,the special suppleness, you has very many fans in China, very many very many, we all in continuously silently support you. Now your already have gone to New York, lets us see mcgrady, present you completely has been whether already healthy, we worry you very much,hoped you can recuperate the body,We saw you in New York’s several splendid competitions, but I wanted to say we wanted are a body and mind and bodily all healthy mcgrady,We did not hope you bring to go on stage wounded and sick play a ball game, we hoped will all be able to see in future several years you will continue on the field to play a ball game.but not is bringing a wounded and sick brace year, I hoped you can be extremely healthy, plays a ball game well, I hoped you can tell the world the fan, mcgrady also energy, may as always score, buckle the basket.Two session of score kings are not false, seven session of comprehensive star players are not false, my real hope mcgrady can come back, that omnipotent t-mac, our China fans thought you, have refueled, we forever support you! Wishes you in the Year of the Tiger to be able healthy, daily happy!
your fans!
I hope i can watch you in a game , kobe may, t-mac also be possible, james to calculate any, mcgrady definitely can achieve, the time can prove all questions, believe you!

we miss you everyday !

Corey | on 28/2/10

Let me just start off by saying WELCOME BACK, AND WELCOME TO THE EAST COAST. Tracey, my name is Corey and I’m your agent you never met. Now i need you to do one thing and one thing only and that is play. That is it. I would like you to know that throughout your career I’ve cursed people out and embarrassed myself all in the honor of defending the LEGACY OF T-MAC. Tracy all you have to do is play, i’ll keep all the haters in check. Tracy i believe in you, you are the best player in the NBA without question

Love Tracy | on 28/2/10

Hey Tracy.We love you

jobry | on 28/2/10

you are my idol tmac and will always be..godspeed!!!

cbh | on 28/2/10

We’ll be with you all the time
You’re the best

Jason Zheng | on 28/2/10

Dear T-mac, I am a 15 year-old Chinese boy, love you long time.
Today, your knee will affect the play you do not know what circumstances you are now, can you tell me?
No matter how you like, I will always support you! ! !
I hope you have a better play!

Peng Di | on 28/2/10

Dear T-MAC
I would like to take this opportunity to express how much I admire you. First of all I am one of your loyal chinese fans,althought it was a short period that I have just known you since 2004,u have already played an important role in my life. You must be a man of ability.I am proud of you. u not only bring me courages and wishes which totally change my thought of my life but you set an exactly right example being as a hero. I cant imagine how my life would be if without you. recently I must be out of my mind, I know it’s hard ,but I would very much like to have a photograph of yours with your signature. you are my faith.and I think it would have sentimental value for me which set an example as a hero who is like you.
at the end i am thankful that u could set time aside reading this letter, i believe you could get into a better stage.
go for it,my hero. may you have many blessing.
(if you are convenient my address is below,
GUOJIA bridge northern street 11,WUHOU district,ChengDu,SiChuan province,China
post number:610000
my phone number 13980847201
Hope you give me the letter in reply

yours sincerely.


Bel Rose | on 27/2/10

The City of Houston is going to miss you T. You brought something very special to the Rockets. I’m going to be cheering you as you play for the Knicks. There is no doubt in my mind that you are going to do something really great for the city of New York. Quite frankly, I think the Rockets made a HUGE mistake by letting you go. I am really glad that you don’t let the critics stand in your way of playing basketball. No matter what team you play with, I will always be a big fan of yours. Take care and God bless!

Kevin | on 27/2/10

Tmac i want to start off by saying im glad your back. When i used to live in LA i used to go all the games when you guys played clips and the lakers now that i moved to houston i wanted to go see you play here never had a chance to go but one day maybe i will get a chance to watch you play at your home game. wish you all the best and one day i hope you will become a champ. Your the best player anytime you step on the court no one can stop you its mind over matter…

jinsisi | on 27/2/10

love you . give you belif . come on

Troy Williams | on 27/2/10

I’m from Houston but go to school at the university of texas at austin. I just want to let you know that God is with you. Me and you are similar in many ways. As I have grown up over the years I have dealt with plenty of adversity in the mind. You might be able to relate to me in the notion that I really believe in my heart that I have underachieved in many things up to this point in my life. No matter what I have done up to this point I know deep down inside I could have done better, and the disappointment of knowing that is what drives me today. In high school I always felt I was one year behind as I played basketball and I had to deal with getting cut my sophomore and junior years in high school. And on top of that I was never taught the true fundamentals of basketball at a young age. But through it all I have been learning step by step and I actually made varsity my senior season, and was a starter toward the end of the year. The best is yet to come for me in basketball because I can see the potential and the room for improvement is very high. I believe when my will to succeed rises up victory and triumph will overtake me and nothing I do will be impossible. You inspire me because you are the exact example of a person who can endure hardship and keep on keeping on. Talent does not go away overnight and you are still young and most definitely in your prime. Remember this quote, “Your future is greater, much greater than your past”. At some point you will break through that glass ceiling, that wall will have to come down, that barrier will be blasted out the way. For patience will have performed her perfect work in molding you into that person who will finally reach that dimension of success. And when that happens you might find tears of joy falling down your face because that is the magnitude and realization of accomplishing a dream. Be blessed and go out there and score 40 a night. That’ll get somebodody’s attention.

Chris | on 26/2/10

Hey Tracy, Followed you down in O-town, live in Dr. Phill! And now up here in the big apple. I hope you finish out the many years left in New York, but where ever you land, its your time now to take off!
PUSH = P.ersist U.til S.omething H.appens!

Forget the injuries, they mean nothing…if you think about them, they will happen….like attracts like…you will be fine! You are the best, You are going to dominate, you are a Knick!

jinsisi | on 26/2/10

I take Chinese fans belif give you . you should have 100pecent to basketball . we believe you

Xiao wei-Li | on 25/2/10

T-Mac We need win

赵泓腾 | on 25/2/10

Previous support you, and now support you, will also support you not to care about those silly things to do yourself. We are confident that you.we love you

P xiaoxi | on 25/2/10

Mac,Since I knew you had gone to New York, we took NYC as our home team. Though you lost the three games, but you played very well as you have not played for over 30 minutes for one year. So continue fighting, Mac!(We love New York Knicks,We want T-MAC) You said you would come to China this Summer. Great, I will go to meet you again. I hope you will remember me—the girl who threw the doll into your car in Hefei. Haha!


Chima | on 25/2/10

A letter To Mr. McGrady

It is not often that a player is blessed with gifts beyond his peers. But a gift is not given to be hidden away or wasted. Tracy, you have been a gifted player, one who has been given the ability to play a game he loves, effortlessly. You put in the work to be a 7 time all-star and have had the honor to be mentioned among the greats.

Truth be told, you have suffered a lot of set backs in terms of injuries and you alone know your own body. So you have two options at this point – to retire or decide to be the player you once were.

The only reason why one retires from doing what they love is when they lose their passion. When you lose your passion, you lose your confidence and your will to go on. You begin to make excuses, lowering expectations, not being the best you can be and holding back from what you can truly become. You retire when you become a shell of your former self.

When you decide to be the player you once where, it is beyond your physical gifts as MJ showed when he came back at 37. It is about your intelligence, your savvy, your confidence that you are better than the people around you, that you are more than a complimentary piece looking for a piece of the pie. To come back as the player you once where is to put all on the line to perform to the best of your abilities, to will those who look up to you to be the best that they can be. There is no cop out excuses.

You were once great and you can be great once more. If you are worried about your next contract, do not be. Do your best and leave the rest. Prove to yourself that you have what it takes. There are those that believe in you, but it counts for nothing if you do not believe in yourself, which it is very obvious you don’t.

There are those that are waiting for you to fail. Why give them the luxury of saying they where right. There are also those that are hoping for the best from you. Will you let them down? No one can be defeated, unless they first defeat themselves

There are numerous players in the league that grew up watching you, now they are wondering where their role model has gone.

So decide for once whether you will leave up to the star name of “T-Mac” or simply answer the name your mother gave you.

Xly | on 25/2/10

come on ,T-MAC. no matter where you go, i’ll be with you.i believe you.i love you

michael beasley | on 25/2/10

tmac your 26 points were impressive..stay aggressive just like that and put up those cant just take 8 shots against an elite team mac. if u do that its gonna land u a bad contract because the league wants to see you be a franchise player and you played like that when u came back and scored 19 in the 1st half your first game back!! i said its over for lebron and kobe! but man dont loose intensity..its contract season..YOUR A SCORER!! SO SCORE!!!

ShengHua Yang | on 25/2/10

Like you.
You are a great basketball player.
I will on your back all the time.
Hope you play good game in newyork.
best wishes for you!!

真我麦迪 | on 24/2/10

T-MAC, you shouldn’t give up yourself even if the others didn’t trust you. No matter waht happens, please trust yourself, you ‘re T-mac, you have dreams and lots of fans.
I’m from China, and I know there are thousands of people in China love you and want you to play, no matter how play you are, you’re still the one in our fans’ heart, so pls trust yourself, trust your dreams, trust we’ll be with you no matter what happens.
T-mac, fighting, we want you happy!
You’re the best one. Be confident!
Smile, we love your smile, we love you!

melo | on 24/2/10

ac, i know that you will never give up and still alive. even if somebody tried to stop your heart, but you still alive. you know, you are the superhero in my heart, the deepest fear in my heart is losing you. now, you can come back to the court and struggle for your dream. i come from China, everyday i always watch your play on the internet, i remembered everything you contributed, such as passion dunk, beautiful assist and jump shot. as for me, i will go to Austrilia for study in the near future, i believe that if i work hard, i can make it. nothing is impossible, chear up guy, best wishes for you, my friend.

ken | on 24/2/10

You are the best, always support you

霞 | on 24/2/10

Mac 不论你到哪支球队 我都会一直支持你 加油啊 麦

anelka17 | on 24/2/10

carry on,I believe you can

Patrick | on 24/2/10

what’s up t-mac? congratulations on the succes of your surgery i’m really exited that you can play again, you were and always will be my #1 player.Listen man you have to change your playing style you have to play like the t-mac you were a couple of years ago i know you can and will win a championship ring but you can’t continue playing like that you are still a great player man but you have to become the t-mac that you were maybe better than that you have to believe in your self and your teammates they also are great players make them look good in return you will get something good, a lot of people are talking negative about you,those things are gonna make you stronger and now is your one and only chance to show the nba world who you really are i know you have it in you but you gotta believe in yourself man and you gotta take it more seriously you have the chance to show the world that you can be a dominant player like before even better if the others can do it you can do it to you are the man you are the t-mac just believe in yourself and your team man
i wish you and your team a lot of succes and never give op t-mac. Bless!!!
[email protected]

toper | on 24/2/10

you are my alltime fav. player in nba.. thnk u for a great 6 yers in houston you do ur everything in the city and i know they are all proud of you.. tc always and Godbles.. i will miss u as a houston rockets..

Brandon Scheidel | on 24/2/10

ok tracy you need to quit wussing your way out of playing games seriously i know you had surgery but come on that was a long time ago and your losing fan because you arent playing they see you as a little cry baby right now i used to be crazy about you but now you down right suck all i ask for is to be a leader not a bench warmer score at least 20 points a game not no 6 points like i saw you do just recently you have people who look up to you and you aint putting on a good example like Big says “DO WORK” peace man email me id like to go 1 on 1 with you [email protected]

Marvin Marceant | on 24/2/10

its good to see you on the knicks but you need to score more andtake control of the team because when you dont score i alway see critics saying you washed up but i know your not washed up i just want people to say you still good out there

willie mitchell | on 24/2/10

Well tracy i say you are still my favorite player no matter wat. to me u are still one of the greatest players and will b forever. keep yo head up boi

Sing Shung Houng | on 24/2/10

I am a junior high school student.
I have a big exam in May.
I hope you can cheer up to me!
Thank you!

lawrence zhang | on 24/2/10

it was you and Yao who make me know basketball and NBA. You are
our No.1 forever!! we are always with you. MY T-MAC!!

许潇xuxiao | on 24/2/10

Dear Mac I’m so excited to see you get back to the court. It’s a great time to enjoy you game. We chinese fans love you forever.

jinsisi | on 23/2/10

today is 24 Febrary . I saw you at the last time of macth you stand out and had a 3points ,though had miss . we want you .
and you should hard work. come on we support you ,believe you

Rara | on 23/2/10

Dang Mac!
I will truly miss you as a Houston Rocket! My heart broke in half when they said you were leaving. However, I see how happy you are with the Knicks and will continue to root for you from afar. I know your legacy is far from being over. I feel the city of New York will keep you on your toes and make you bigger, better, and faster than ever! Snatch the ring CHAMP... it’s yours for the taking! Always remember the WORLD is watching!

未澜 | on 23/2/10

Always encourage you foeever!

Xiao wei-Li | on 23/2/10

Hi: T-MAC伤病的反复是偶然,我依然相信你前进的脚步是必然!在纽约,你的首场演出可以看出来,你仍旧可以重返巅峰!看到你首场出色的表演,我真的很兴奋! 我看到了你的跳投! 我听到了全场球迷高喊着你的名字! 更重要的是我再一次看到了你那灿烂的笑容,我听到了你在进球后振臂的怒吼!在那一刻我真的无法阻止我激动的心情!因为你让我们再一次的看到了希望。 T-MAC关于你的膝伤,我建议你寻求一些中医的方法,那真的很有效!虽然药效很慢,也许真的对你很有帮助!中医讲究的是阴阳平衡,对预防有很好的效果,你的膝伤康复不久,运用中医的方法对防止你的膝伤反复应该能起到很好的效果! 呵呵~你可以找你的兄弟姚帮忙他现在正好也在养伤,也许他能给你提供一些中医方面更好的帮助! T-MAC you must find people, translate look! because this is really helpful for you.

Alton Harvey | on 23/2/10

Your purserverance has been my inspiration in live keep your head up and no loss is a failure but a better way to futher win while facing any obstacle

Anthony Anderson | on 23/2/10

Hey T-Mac! I was very happy for you to see that you’ve made it back on the court after fighting threw all your unlucky injuries. I’ve always respected the heart that you play with and your refusal to give up despite significant odds being against you (like the Spurs game when you scored all those points in the last seconds of the game when a lesser person would have accepted defeat). From that point on, you proved to me that you have the heart to do anything that you set your mind to and fighting back from this injury when the haters said you were finish just reaffirms my beliefs in your ability to overcome anything. No matter what happen in the future, know that in my mind you are one of the biggest winners I’ve ever witnessed. Championships are won by teams not one player, so don’t let those haters get you down either (kobe didn’t win anything with the squad he had after Shaq left, they had to get more talent around him). If the Knicks do that for you, I have no doubts that you have the intangibles it takes to win a ship man. Just keep believing and keep evolving your game. Remember MJ wasn’t really Air Jordan anymore when he won his last few titles, he used his knowledge to become just as good as he was when he was a young high flyer. You can do the same with that smooth J you have, just keep your desire high and you can do the same brother. Good luck and god bless, I’ll be watching and expecting greatness ;)

李波 | on 22/2/10

Always support you T-mac.

peng | on 22/2/10

当听到你将要离开火箭的时候,我有种说不出的痛。以前,现在,将来,我都是一如既往的支持你。T-MAC! COME ON 相信你会为我们在创造一个属于纽约的神话!

王威 | on 22/2/10

Now I’m a fan of NY!

zhangwenlong | on 22/2/10

t-mac hope you could be more confidence with your know you are still one of the top star in the world! we’ll see you recovery!

Connor | on 22/2/10

hey tracy, I’m not one of those rocket bandwagoners. You are awsome and good luck in nyc. You will be missed in houston, sad to see you go.

tony | on 22/2/10

So come on MAC!Do what you want to do .Trust yourself and you are zhe best,past now and forever!

Zhu Yifan | on 22/2/10

T-MAC,you are always the best player in my mind.I hope you will be successful in NEW YORK.

刘鑫(LIUxin) | on 22/2/10

I believe you will back,I believe you can fly ….Because you are T-mac.

John | on 22/2/10


ELS | on 22/2/10

Mac, I am sooooooo happy you’re back on the court, obviously you’re my favorite player since Hakeem the Dream and Clutch City.

I told you, it would be greater later. And it is. Now keep it going.

T-Mac is back :-)))

Rico Johnson | on 22/2/10

Ya T-Mac man do ya thing man. I’m 15 years old and i look up to you.I’ve been your fan ever since you first came into the league. I know alot of people have been criticzing you sayin u ain’t no good no more n all that stuff. Whateve anybody say man you one of the greatest to step on that court and nobody can’t say or deny that

mohamnad lee | on 22/2/10

We behind you Mac. Forget all these haters. Do what you do best and at your best no one can stop you. Regardless of the circumstances. Perseverance and Endurance is the key and you got it so now It is time to Conquer. Rangers Lead The Way!

David G | on 22/2/10

TMAC! Great game the other day, good to see you back! How’s the body feel after the game?

Phillip | on 22/2/10

Dear Tracy,

Even though you are no longer my Rockets, you are always my most favorite player along with Yao.
Rockets management has not realized what they have done. Scoring 26 points and 5 assists in 32 minutes in your first game back is a solid proof that you are still a supperstar in the next several years. Traded you and Lanry for nothing is a big mistake. I don’t know the story behind all this, but trading a superstar and a great person like you is always a big mistake in my point of view and many many Rockets fans.

I hope you will be in Rockets uniform next season when Yao came back. I hope you guys can win 22 games wining streak like last season. That was fun. If you and Yao were healthy last season, I believe we could have beat the Lakers.

Anyway, thanks a lot Tracy for what you have done to the team and the city. Good luck and stay positive. I am always your fan.

David Eskew | on 22/2/10

You are the main reason I even became a rockets fan. However, they will continue to be my team. I wish you nothing but the best though and will continue to follow you throughout your career. Thanks for all that you’ve done in houston.

董璐 Dong Lu | on 22/2/10

Dear Tracy :
I feel soo happy to find here,and have chance to talk to you what I want to say.
Do you know,we have meet two times,the first time was the NBA China Cup.
And the second time was you came to Beijing,and live in a hotel.I remembered you lived on the highest floors.
That day,I send you a present,the present was a picture of your portrait witch was drawing by myself.
I can remember clearly that you almost sit elevator to leave. When I feel soo sad the elevator door suddenly opened.
You took my painting. And also put up thumb.
Tracy , you are the best player in my heart forever! Refueling!
Tracy ,你永远是我心中最棒的球员!加油!
Like you smail soo much,you know ,your smail always cute^^

Ivan | on 22/2/10

Support you , T-mac~!! no matter where you go~!!

Tray Jones | on 22/2/10

aww, i cant wait to see you play on the court to i been missing you on tv your like one of my best basketball player skip any one else, but im sayin the other basketball player weak or nunthing

张文龙 | on 22/2/10

i’am one of your chinese fans,you know,you have a large amount of fans here.we’re all so excited that you’ve come back.your performence was fantastic in the game with Thrund.wish you could keep it up,and see you in the game with Bucks!

Youzi Luo | on 22/2/10


Marvin Marceant | on 22/2/10

nice 26 points on the thunder even though you guys lost it was actually a good game to see and it was fun watching you bust on the thunder in the first half.

Gavin | on 22/2/10

See you in the New York Knicks I’m very excited, I hope you powerful performance that would continue, but also hope that you can have a second career peak, I support you, Tracy McGrady。
A child From China

akos | on 22/2/10

Dear Tracy,

First of all i want to congratulate you for you Knick debut. You were just miraculous. You scored that 26pts so effortless, and you contributed extremely well. Now coach adalmen and co. must be very very upset, and banging their heads into the wall that they let you to go NYC. To tell you the truth i did not think that you were gonna perform that well due to not playing for more than a year. I’m terribly excited for the upcoming games, keep it going man, YOU ARE THE BEST AND THE BIGGEST SHOW ON THE BROADWAY!!! and i’m so proud of you… I always knew that you’re gonna be fearless when come back. God bless you T-MAC!!!

Kim hyun-su | on 22/2/10

I belive you,I love you
Don’t stop my angel

王怀泽 | on 22/2/10

T-MAC Believe yourself.

Peter | on 22/2/10

T-mac,this is the frist time that I say something at your blog.
I trust you!We trust you!
And I will always be there.

Tinu Farid | on 22/2/10

Love You TMac…<33333

Tinu | on 22/2/10

TMac..You r my God….

brandon hargrove | on 22/2/10

good luck tmac hope the best

zhaoxiaoyi | on 22/2/10

T-MAC,In New York, Theres nothing you can’t do, Now you are in NewYork! I will stand on your back forever !And I hope that I will be there soon to see your!

Anthony Otubusin | on 22/2/10

Hi T-Mac am the biggest fan F the Houston Rockets they don’t know what they missing out on, your are one of the best if not the best, the last game they played agents Indiana I got kick out almost went to jail but I didn’t some boys was talking down to you and you I can’t let that happen around me a big fan when you was in Houston u stay in neighborhood Sugarland so we really go into it well my point is whatever you do I always got you back and I will always to be number fan.

Arber | on 22/2/10

Go On Tracy…youre the best player in this league..I hope you drop once again 62 points..this time on the rockets..who didnt support you when you were down. Hope you continue like that (1st Game: 26 points; 5 assists, 4 rebounds.. Love You <3

Hakeem | on 22/2/10

Tracy welcome to the Knicks. Hope u like it here. Ur first game 27 PTs as a knick man.. We shouldve won but it’s ok.

sharly | on 22/2/10

Hello,I’m sharly, I’m one of your fans in China,I was so excited that you were exchanged to knick, because the knick isn’t a strong team ,but i think the rocket’s ball style isn’t suitable for you and you were so look forward to playing ball,theCEO of rocket ignored you,I think your choose was right.I support you and i believe you will play very well.I see,you played so wellwhen you weared knick’s uniform,it was so excited.I thought you were back.

张zhang 路lu闻wen | on 22/2/10

(my english is bot well)I love you so much .You are the best player in NBA.In new york ,you must find youselve . please sent emai for me . i am waitting for it!

edgard | on 22/2/10

hey t mac i am 23 years old and raised in miami. you are the reason i ever evan began to play basketball. you are my all time favorite player. I wish that one day I can see you play in a heat jersey lol. I want to wish you luck in new york and I hope your dreams of obtaining a championship will come real soon, but most importantly, i hope you stay healthy and injury free.

徐妍 | on 22/2/10

miss you so much prove yourself..i’m so haapy that new york’s fans all like you are Knicks king …we are choice is right..i want see you again,cath hold of your arm again.everynight i always dream that can see you and you i’m your big fan ,and i’m t-mac’s girl,and love you forever…please remember me ,,see you this summer..hope can see your smile be healthy be happy be t-mac forever t-mac’s girl love you forever miss you so much

JackLee | on 21/2/10


model | on 21/2/10

Hey Mac…you will always be my idol matter what team you are with.. you will always be the best NBA player for me.

keep the ball rollin’ man!!!

georgy | on 21/2/10

Tracy, Im happy and excited to see you in a knick uniform. Excellent first outing and I hope the rest of the season goes well for both you and the knicks. Do me …. and all of NY a favor please… give a few friends wink wink… a call and tell them to come play here with u next season. On that note i really respect what you said about next yr. and wanting to help things turn around here regardless of the salary. Good luck to you and hopefully i can try to get some tickets to see you play before the end of the season

Ryan Springer | on 21/2/10

Hey T-Mac Ry Here Just Wanna Say alway’s have been a fan of your’s and a knick fan by heart and i truely belive in you as a player in msg you can make somthing happen Befor King James Tracy Meet Him there so him the fight we all know you still have for this game to win i feel like you are the OG we need in The Garden…....#3 its your time 28 game’s left lets win some for the fun of winning take the shot next time to next time you will make it …......One Love T New York God Bless

Omie | on 21/2/10


I grew up a Lakers fan in L.A. but ever since I can remember you have been my favorite player, even more so than Kobe. I grew up playing basketball in your shoes and I still have my old T-Mac 3’s, they are all beat up from playing but they were my favorite basketball shoes ever. Playing here in college, I faced injury as well, and I looked up to you to never quit. You’re only 30 and you are still in your prime. Show the league you are still a superstar. I’ll never forget visiting my auntie in Orlando and seeing you play and getting a high five after the game. I watched your Knick debut last night here in my dorm room and I was rooting for you. Show em’ what you got!

jinsisi | on 21/2/10

We wantT-MAC

Nathan | on 21/2/10

I will miss you Tracy. I started playing Basketball because of you. You are my idol. I wish you success at New York, and I look forward to a Knicks v Rockets game. Good Luck.

Mandy | on 21/2/10

tracy i am so excited to see your first show in NY. great job. maybe you do not know how deeply you influence me, but i really want to say thank you for your inspiration on me. and i will always back you firmly. so, take care and realise your dream. we are always be with you.

Fan Xiao | on 21/2/10

Best wishes for you man.

樊潇(Fan Xiao) | on 21/2/10

Hello Tracy,I‘m your fan from China and now I’m sitting in my room thinking about what to say to you.I want to say that no matter where you go I will always be with you.I know you are a real fighter,I believe

Michael Zou | on 21/2/10

Tracy,i am your big fan from Shanghai.What is I want to say is thank you for the amazing time you bring to us,thank you for what you did for the fans from all over world,thank you for being a great teammate to help Yao grow up.I will support you forever.Wish you good luck.

Brian Weber | on 21/2/10

Hey Mr. McGrady,

Thanks for the post. I really wish you were still playing for the Rockets. I have been hearing many doubters and in all honesty when you first came to Houston from Orlando I was skeptical at first. But I became one of your biggest fans and really appreciate watching you play and taking us to the playoffs and also helping us win so many games. I also appreciate all the charitable work you do in the community. I hope you have great success in New York and as die-hard Rockets fan, I have to admit I have already began rooting for you and the Knicks. And as crazy as it sounds, I will be rooting for the Knicks when you play the Rockets on March 21st. Good luck and thanks for the many years in Houston!

Byron | on 21/2/10

I love TMAC~~~

tommys | on 21/2/10

hey t-mac!,.im ur n0.1 fan in the philippines!,.nice debut in NY y0u g0t 26 p0ints you g0t all men ur,ur back!,.play hard and make NY bring to play0ffs,.im still believe that u are be back like on orlando!,.the NY fans like y0u,.im watching tv and i here WE WANT TMAC!,.OMG i said t-mac loves knicks fans!,.ur are the good player in the NBA,.hey mac im still here im still ur n0.1 fan,.,beat ROCKETS!!!show what u g0t!show to the rockets that u r back!!,.,T-mac to the rack!!!!

Devon Curtis | on 21/2/10

Mr. Tracy McGrady ive been a fan of yours for years and ive been a faithful fan without a doubt in my mind that you were comming back i knew you were comming back and when did u went off at the garden and i like when i heard you were comming to the garden to play as a kinick i almost couldnt believe it … when i turned to MSG and i seen #3 on the court for the knick i caught chills my dude i jumped up and down lol when i playee junior varsity in my school i wore number 1 for two years straight my first year on Vasity i number 1 as well but this is my last year in high school and im gonna #13 the 1 is for you old number and the 3 is for your new number >>> good luck as a knick T-Mac your#1 Fan Devon Curtis

yanv | on 21/2/10

Hey Tracy,wherever you go,you still are the BEST player in NBA.NY is that that far from Toronto,I may go see you against Houston Rockets,I really like to see you and Yao playing together.As a Chinese and your big fan,you are very welcome to China any time~Best wishes for you,your family and everything,and hopefully I can play bball with you someday~

Bryan Matti | on 21/2/10

Tracy McGrady your the best player in my eyes. I love to watch you play and just be on the court. I always never doubted you and supported you throughtout your whole career. All the fans know your one of the best players in the NBA so can’t wait to see you play more games and have a exciting healthy career with a championship ring under your belt!

Alaa | on 21/2/10

Dear Tracy:

My idol, my inspiration, and my teacher. So much respect, and many thanks for the way you’ve previewed basketball for me. As a player, I believe you portray the best form, a perfect one infact, of a hardworking, healthy athlete. I always watch NBA games, and look out for great players like James, Kobe, Tony, Nash, and many other, but specifically, when the miracle maker, you, is playing, I’ve got all my eyes on you, I study your moves, your passes, your view.. everything..
As for the Knicks, I hope this is a great step to the beginning of that ladder of success, Good luck McGrady, You’re my hero.


David West | on 21/2/10

Tracy, my dad keeps saying that you and allen houston wanted to play with the NeW York Knicks, is that true?

T | on 21/2/10

i always loved tha way u played this is bullshit u played good wit tha rockets u always did and always would so i hope u read this and update hope u do good this season

Zhou,Yutong | on 21/2/10

It’s so awesome to see you back,I miss you so much. Hope you will always be happy. Now i’m studying abroad in Toronto,i’ll manage to join the court on March 5. I’ve been waiting for 5 years to see you,I feel so,lucky that i can see you,maybe i can even stand near you. Waiting to see you. Love you,always have and always will!

虫儿 | on 21/2/10

加油,hope you enjoy your new team~

张文正 | on 21/2/10

t-mac you happy we happy where you go ,we go with you this summer,we meet in Shanghai!!!

fei wang | on 21/2/10

I’m so glad that you totally show yourself in the garden today and I think the whole city still feel nice just because your performance.It’s the time when the people know your ability and value,including Houston.As a faithful fans of you.I’m looking forward you bring us more and more great games.Be yourself,I’m always on your side.

戈灵虎 | on 21/2/10

直到离开才明白是如此的爱你!!曾经因为你喜欢过火箭,现在因为你喜欢NY,love you forever!

AlanLee | on 21/2/10

Mac you are the best player in my heart.No matter how… i will support u forever. good luck god bless you.

yiming chen | on 21/2/10

I am a Chinese secondary school students, I would only speak a little English. Because of Yao Ming,I started to pay attention Rockets , because of you, i fell in love with basketball. I wish you a good performance in New York. By the way, Do you have may be a Chinese player to become teammates in the summer?

王 | on 21/2/10


Chenxiong | on 21/2/10

Tracy,i am one of the Rockets’ fans from China,Thank u for giving me the happy time in past six years.Both u and Yao are great players.I support u forever and wish u have a great season in NewYork!

Alex Chernov | on 21/2/10

Now I’m a Kniks fan! Let’s go T-Mac

Nick | on 21/2/10

Hey MAC,

Im relieve to know that your excited to have a new beginning and fresh start back into the EAST... WE THE MAC FANS are wishing you the best of Health and want you to play your heart out and be on the top of the EAST with HOWARD and LJ!

My favorite highlight is 13 POints in 33 seconds!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!!


Chris Mason | on 21/2/10

Hey Tracy I wish you all the best in New York and know if you and Yao had been healthy no doubt would have won 1 or 2 championships. You have an undeniable passion for the game and are a phenomenal player in all assets of your game. Wait till next year if you choose to resign and Knicks sign 1 or 2 big time free agents. It’s great to see you healthy again and in the total unstoppable zone…wish you a great rest of the season on and off the court.

小毛驴 | on 21/2/10

Do not think you get older. You can think of Michael Jordan. Heroes do not do does not matter, but I hope you can restore your previous teams that play in the magic ability of your break time is very extraordinary
Well, (I mean not asking you to do lone hero, after all, the championship is a five-person thing) I still remember that time you are very thin, and I saw a little boy you would think black people (your’s looks like) or want to beard scratch you, so you look more interesting, feel you are thin and flexible than a lot of you are fat. This video you look at the

Braf South | on 21/2/10

Hello Tracy
I missed the actual game as I had a family engagement, however I stayed up afterwards to watch the rerun twice on NBA TV. I have been a fan of yours since your start in Toronto and I’m glad that you are getting to do what you you do best! Congratulation on the move and all the best for the rest of the season!

I will continue to keep supporting you here from the Caribbean
Take Care!

sara | on 21/2/10

hey t-mac ,
no matter where you go ,i will support you forever.
i am a chinese fan ,i will work hard for one day i may go to NYC to see you playing .
Knicks rules~~~~~!!!!!
love you t-mac!!!

ZPH | on 21/2/10

NY is for you!I sm for you, too!Houston Rockets shouldn’t be your home, because the players here didn’t believe in you and the coach didn’t give you a chance to make a contribution to lead the team for the win. In my opioin, leaving for NY is the best chioce. Look at your first performance in NY,so amazing.I believe that your career in NY must be better than that in Houston. BELIEVE YOURSELF, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

Rustam from Ukraine | on 21/2/10

T-Mac, after all I want to tell you one big thing: I am inspired by you. I want you know this and I want to say again well known words - Impossible is nothing if you have a dream.

Enrico Zaffora | on 21/2/10

I’ve begun watching basketball for you, Tracy. Now it’s my favourite game. The whole world needs you playing because you’re the best. We’ll always support you. Thanks for living



dave | on 21/2/10

Hi,as a lifelong New Yorker, Knick fan, NBA fan, and a fan of yours, I was hoping when you landed in Houston and paired up with Yao, that Houston would be your platform for the rest of your career because you had moved around quite a bit prior, and had begun to be targeted by the media as a star but not a superstar, and not a complete team basketball player. Unfortunately you had injury after injury, and Yao as well, and Houston dragged through the seasons with roster turnovers, age, lack of depth, just so many things (though not as bad as the Knicks for the past ten years). Knicks management gave up a lot to get you, but I’m happy you are in New York, and I hope that you can finish your career here and remain injury free during, so that you may show us and the NBA your full unhindered talent.

T-MC Cheng | on 21/2/10

麦蒂,再见!不要怨火箭不讲情谊,不要恨莫雷卸磨杀驴。这一切都顺理成章。现在的联盟就是为金钱票房战绩所主导。看当今科比詹姆斯叱咤风云,可当他们老迈的时候终会有悲剧的一天。就算是乔丹退下神坛时不也星光暗淡吗?同样的联盟里新人一代又一代的更新,球迷一批接一批的更新,不变的是我们对你的喜欢。你的扣篮,你的三分,你的35秒十三分时常在我们梦里出现。真的祝福你,一路走好。当尼克斯与火箭对垒时我们还会由衷的说:T-MC,Come On!

wilson | on 21/2/10

Good luck to you! Love you forever!

TRACY | on 20/2/10

Hey,tracy!I’m your chinese fan.this is the first time i leave a comment to you.i was so excitied to here you will come back yesterday.After i watched the game this morning,i believe that you have already got ready!I will support you forever!

weikun Wu | on 20/2/10

I am a Chinese.I am not only a Hoston’s fans but also yours fans.I hope you can play well in NY.Don’t give up.I trust you my hero.
(P.S I hope you will go to Shanghai because i live in Shanghai hehe)
Best wishes to you

green | on 20/2/10

happy to see you back on the court.
i’m so excited to see you play in NYC~
wish you all the best and i’ll just keep on supporting u~

Witness Chen | on 20/2/10

Be with u forever……

李源丰 | on 20/2/10

I am your loyal fan. I am a Chinese child. Today though being not able to like, you are in the elegant live broadcast of New York. But I have been watching prance message QQ literature and art live broadcast. Congratulate you on having held 26 mark. Consummate one competition. I talk to support you forever. I love your tracy. You are my image forever. I should like to be able to congratulate you on wishing that your happiness living with in New York is joyful once again to acting as great one player like you also in the future your fan: Li Yuan Feng

李源丰 | on 20/2/10

I am your loyal fan. I am a Chinese child. Today though being not able to like, you are in the elegant live broadcast of New York. But I have been watching prance message QQ literature and art live broadcast. Congratulate you on having held 26 mark. Consummate one competition. I talk to support you forever. I love your tracy. You are my image forever. I should like to be able to congratulate you on wishing that your happiness living with in New York is joyful once again to acting as great one player like you also in the future your fan: Li Yuan Feng

Wau'King | on 20/2/10

TMac my cat just go out there and play your heart and Silence those haters.You know what you are capable of just make it happen. God Bless …..........KING

Jermaine | on 20/2/10

Tracy, you make me know what is the basketball. well,i come from China, but i admire you without the relation of the Yao. i admire your dunk, your shoot.

dehui jian | on 20/2/10

One captain!
Thank you to accompany me through the pull of high school college innocent! You are so tender! So of handsome! See you play is a kind of enjoyment! Is the best gift that God gave me! Life is very pleased to be able to met you! Because you have touched! I hope you take good care themselves, no matter where you go, I follow you! You are my angel ~ has been quietly watching you!
Love You Forever

San | on 20/2/10

Very happy that you can re-play play! Refueling ah!

Micky | on 20/2/10

Hi,T-MAC !!!
This is the frist time that I go here .I want to tell you ,you are hero ,and i will suppoer you forever !!!

Juned | on 20/2/10

I’m so glad to see you playing w/ d knicks uniform,from now on i’m NYK fan..)
hoping to see the “T-mac Attack” again..)
goodluck and have a healthy body for the rest of d season and next chapter of your career..)

T-mac rules\0-0/

Eroll | on 20/2/10

I watched ur game at MSG Today i reccomend u stay next year the knicks would be a bomb squad. Not only that but bringing a championship to a basketball team who hasnt got it done in 40 years and the biggest city in the us. Thats accomplishment, hope fully We(ny) get 1great player and 2 good players with the cap room i hope ur included

徐妍 | on 20/2/10

today i see ypu first excited.i’m so haapy that new york“sfans all like you very much ,i heared they all say “we want t-mac”.that’s satisfied..i hope you can be more and more get well.we are all love you are my get up early” motive force..hope see you be t-mac.. today you are so handsome ,so powerful..i heard that ,you will come to SHANGHAI this summer ,i will go there to see you and wear your magic“s clothers.. hope you can know ,we love you and support you forever . all same .. be healthy be happy be t-mac forever t-mac“s girl.. hope can see you this summer,i will stand in your hotel day and night waiting for you

Chang SSan | on 20/2/10

Great Job today….......
on today’s game with Thunders …...
Hope you will play better!
The Greatest player T Mac

mervyn | on 20/2/10

hi,tracy,i was and am and will always be your big fan. you were and are and will always be a real hero.take care, and be on the way to your success!

Diego | on 20/2/10

Tracy i started py laying basketball when u first got traded here and i always followed you throughout your years in houston. i hated that you were injured alot but i was still on your side. whenever you came back healthy u were a beast. people dnt realize that in the 3 playoff seeries you played you stepped your game up and it was ur surrounding teamates that didnt perform at the level you did. i just hope that you play great and drop 50 on the rockets. your my favorite player. please please play hard and stay hungry because all your fans want to see you at your best again.

Hector | on 20/2/10

t-mac i support u no metter what, Your my Favorite player since i was born. i still believe in u no metter what and play hard.. give us ur fans a championship, good luck and good bless u

Zach Johnson | on 20/2/10

hey tracy its good that u r back and i look forward to seeing u in action. I’ve watched u ever since second grade and u r my fav player in the NBA. Anyways i hope u get to start the rest of the year for the knicks{i heard u r starting tonight} and i wish u and your family luck in The Empire State.

Ginubrian | on 20/2/10

Can’t wait to see you play tonight man! KICK SOME ASS! WE’RE ALL SO EXCITED!

jesus carmona | on 20/2/10

Say mac wish u luck in the big apple hope u score 40+ every game an let them boy’s know u still clownin on the court. and thanks for all the good times u left in houston like that sanantonio game u wer beastin on them!

T.J. | on 20/2/10

Just wanted to say you’ve always been my favorite player and finally u get to play again, it’s about time. Im already knowing you are gonna tear it up with the knicks, because talent does not go away and you definitely got the skill. Great luck in NYK, my new Favortie team lol.

Pedro | on 20/2/10


Good luck may you have blessed time at NYC. Look forward to great things from you. Maybe you can come back one day…

Andrew Hang | on 20/2/10

And I am sad that you’re leaving the Rockets =/

Andrew Hang | on 20/2/10

It was really great having you play for the Houston Rockets. You will be missed Mac!!! Good luck, and come visit Houston again!!! =D

Jihad | on 20/2/10

Hey MAC !!!
I’m waiting for you since the beginning of the season!
I was a Rocket Fan, now i’m a Knicks Fan, i’m YOUR Fan !
Let’s go T-MAC !!!

Michael Luk | on 20/2/10

I definitely can’t wait for the TV announcer to say again - “T-mac to the rack”.

Think that was what some Toronto announcer said years ago, so might sound a bit dated… but definitely glad to see you back on the court in NYC!

Peter | on 20/2/10

Mac, we believe in you. You are one of the best talents I have ever seen. As a Knicks fan, I have always wished you’d come play in NY. Now, show us that desire and become a champion. Prove the naysayers wrong, and the hall of fame will follow. Good luck, we’ll be watching.

Jess EWALD | on 20/2/10

son i hope u bring dha bak old uh nd show them that kobe lebron and the other ones they not the best….Knicks we in this

Tan Tengfei | on 20/2/10

T-Mac,I love you so much,sometimes I even hope Rockets fail the games again and again,then your value will be shown.But now you can play again,best wishes for you ~!

Taurus | on 20/2/10

GOD bless. GO Tracy!!! A long hard fought road my brother, but its time!!!!

R. Dominguez | on 20/2/10

yessssssssssssssss….......I love it NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!

jenniel | on 20/2/10

good luck T-mac, i cant wait to watch u playing on court. wish u have a healty and strong body.

Ms Blower | on 20/2/10

Tracy, i really wanna take my boyfriend’s greeting to you. He is ur passionate fan, and so do i. He is always supporting u no mtatter what situationg u r in. Now he is being a member of the army, and can’t concern u on TV or Internet. But he still is sensitive for ur news, and let me help him to know as much as possible. Congratulations to join in NY! Best wishes to u! Good luck! :) ——A Chinese girl

Ms Blower | on 20/2/10

Tracy, i really wanna take my boyfriend’s greeting to you. He is ur passionate fan, and so do i. He is always supporting u no mtatter what situationg u r in. Now he is being a member of the army, and can’t concern u on TV or Internet. But he still is sensitive for ur news, and let me help him to know as much as possible. Congratulations to join in NY! Best wishes to u! Good luck! :) ——A Chinese girl

Robby | on 20/2/10

Hey Mac, I have enjoyed every minute of your career as a Rocket. I was really hoping that you and the Rockets would figure something out and you would stay a Rocket but I understand the business aspect. I know that it is frustrating to not be allowed to play but I really hope you realize that the organization didn’t want to risk further injury and potentially cutting your career short. Anyways, remember that you are always welcome back to Houston. Imagine that situation!!! Reuniting with Yoa with Brooks speed, Martin’s play making abilities, Battier’s defense and three point range, and Ariza with his scoring ability. Sounds like a gaurenteed championship :) Well i wish you the best and good luck T-Mac.

andyhoops | on 20/2/10

im a die hard knick fan for 40 years i can not wait to se you play good luck and i hope you stay you will be awesome here

夏 | on 20/2/10

I’m very sorry to see you left houston at last,but just as you say “it’s a businss” so good luck! It’s hard to see that you can’t wear the rocket uniform any more. but i will make me to get used of it.i’m from China,as you know there are so many fans of you here,no mater where you go we still support you and trust you!

Demetriu stroud | on 20/2/10

I’m glad 2 see u back in action. I miss seeing u playing b-ball. I do hope u win that champinship ring u wanted, i wish u the best of luck in ur career.

jie liu | on 20/2/10

My heart goes with you to NY.

zhang wei | on 20/2/10

T-Mac no matter where you go I want you to support you in New York can give you 13 points, like 35 seconds then add a new chapter in the

XIa Yu | on 20/2/10

Hello,T-mac, i’ve been suppoting u and Rockets for several years. Sincerely, although u have been traded to New York, i will carry on surppot u and hope to witness ur great performance. Best wishes

Dustin | on 20/2/10

I ride forever with you t-mac you´re my idol forever!i hope your debut is tonight against the thunder!NY 4 Playoffs 2010!!!!I♥T-Mac!!!

will | on 20/2/10

T-mac i you paly basketball is so nice . i really hope you can health Mybe my engilsh is poor. you can’t following me . but it’s doesn’t matter . Beaucase i like you Hey ! Cheer up !

Azeez O. | on 20/2/10

I <3 you Tracy you,ve always been my favorite player and will always be, i hope you playu great with the knicks and yu return back to the tmac of old.. lets go Tracy!!!

tega | on 20/2/10

tmac you are no.1 forever!

Jaysung | on 20/2/10

T_Mac We are always behind you!

firas | on 20/2/10

tracy good luck and now its your time to show to world what you player you are

Marlon Gabas | on 20/2/10

GO GO GO you and JORDAN are the standard of basketball… i` a fan…

KraZo | on 20/2/10

Welcome To New York My Dude…You Been My Number 1 Dude Since Ya Last Year In Toronto So I Wish You Nothin But Luck…

Do Ya Thing Like You Used To So You Can Get Some Of That Bread The Knicks Gonn Be Dishin Out This Summer…

It’d Be Proper If You Stayed Longer Than Just 2 Months…

Get It Poppin Mac!

jaweiCHEN | on 20/2/10

You should strive to ah! Perform miracles ah! Look forward to your coming! My favorite! - jawei

NZA | on 20/2/10

I wish your first game as a Knick will be against Lakers, so you could fu*k kobe up. Nice kind of return isn’t it ? :P

Phillips Fam | on 20/2/10

yo man
no matter where you are,which team you are playing for,remember im on your side!
you will make it, you will prove you are the best, you will get through the injury, you will be the top, you will…
remember your tatoo
you are NO.1 forever,man~
i will vote you for all star next year, you will be there and play some great games on the court for NY,right?
i cant wait to see you on the court~
“for brotherhood”, “ITS ON” YOU,Tracy~
Love you,

wei xiao zhi | on 20/2/10

I know your feel. It is new start and I hope you can have good state to play ever day. NY it is good place and I love here. So I want to see you get best in NY. I am from BJ, chian fans wait you come back All-Star. So you must still train and good state. ha, good luck for Tracy McGrady….Go Go Go

Nina | on 20/2/10

Tmac, I just can’t wait to watch your first show in NY! Please always know that we fans will support you forever! We have heard a lot about your hard training in Chicago. Many people stood out to support you in public, including your trainer, NBA players like Wade and people in your new team, which made us extremely happy. We believe in you! You have excellent talent for basketball and what’s more, a good heart to help people in difficult situations! Good luck with you! Tmac is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

734140200 | on 20/2/10

Hi T-Mac I am a high school student from China . Since 2008 , i have read a magazine about you .I love you very much.Forgive me English is not very good ,but please believe me ,i will study it hard .Waiting for me , in the future will surely see you one day .I will tell you more interesting things among chinese and i will support you forever.

黄淼 | on 20/2/10

加油!~麦迪。喜欢你三年了。我会继续支持你!~ 以后去美国找你哦!

黄敏华 | on 20/2/10

Tracy,it has been a long time that we have not seen you on the court, so i will support you wherever you are, wahtever the gossips are, and whoever your teamates are, i just want to see your familiar shooting, slam dunks, crossover, and passing. you are always here in my heart,. die-hard fan

Pierre liggins | on 20/2/10

a t-mac i just wanted to let u know that u r my favorite basketball player of all time and i will always support u and good luck in new York cant wait ti see u plat again

Yuan Guo | on 20/2/10

Mac,I am facing the new term,you are the same.A new beginning,a new life.

Xiao Bai | on 20/2/10

Travy : Good luck for you. I hope you can success. I am still your fans.You are my very favorite baskball palter.

Xiao Bai | on 19/2/10

Tracy : You want to remember that I am your supporter once in the life.Liking you forever

KIN | on 19/2/10

I will always support you t-mac!!
And play good games in NY.

sagara zhang | on 19/2/10

Lovely Mac

The New York is your new beginning of this season, all of us always support you in the everytime, wherever you were in Houston past or this time of Knicks. And many of your fans hope you have a good playing, i have not seen you on the basketball court for a long time, but don’t worried, Mac- I will see you again then I can see all your matches.

Its Chinese New Year now, my wishes is Mac- will bring knicks, king of New York this beautiful city T-Mac is coming

Forget past you can do it best in the future.

Sagara zhang
Chinese fan

Sison | on 19/2/10

hi mac

at frist,let me introduction myself to you.i’m Sison,i’m a Chinese girl,i love you so much.Maybe i will make some mistake in grammar,so don’t mind it.

i just want to you know,you’re always a omnipotent hero in my heart.try your best do everything.I know,you can!

Tiancong Niu | on 19/2/10

I’m a Chinese
Whatever happens,I will support you forever !

崔梦怡 | on 19/2/10

First of all I wish you could make greater achievements in New York, to know that you are T-MAC, so no matter where you would be king. I will forever be your supporters, not to care about how people that do their own should do. You are my heart forever Tracy McGrady. 加油!

Your fans | on 19/2/10

First of all I wish you could make greater achievements in New York, to know that you are T-MAC, so no matter where you would be king. I will forever be your supporters, not to care about how people that do their own should do. You are my heart forever Tracy McGrady. 加油!

lily | on 19/2/10

I’m waiting for the amazing you’ii make in NY!

Kelvin | on 19/2/10

Hey T-Mac, just want to wish you the best of luck and i’ve been a fan of yours since The Raptors days. Anyways, I am stoked for you to play again. Regardless of who you play for, you got my support! Good luck!

Lily | on 19/2/10

I’m waiting for the amzing you made in NY!

Ryenas | on 19/2/10

Keep on moving.You can do it.

Yining Shi | on 19/2/10

First I want to say wherever you are,I will suppor you all the time.In your article,I knew it was a pity that you didn’t get a championship for Houston.But both you and your supporters have experienced a significant period.During this time we gaind excitement,happiness.There was still some sense of loss.Thank you for you have taken so much surorise for us.I look forward for your perfect performances on your new career in the future. a Chinese girl

Zhang Yu | on 19/2/10

T—mac ,I am your fans,I like your basketball skill.IT is vevy nice.You are my favorite star. On Friday you said goodbye to Hoston Rockets.I am vevy sad.I can not stand. but it is true. Nowadays,you come to NY.I will miss you I wish you have a good luck. Best wishes to you YOURS

Justin Cordova | on 19/2/10

I want to say that welcome to new york and I wish u the are the best player for the new york knicks this year, and I hope they sign you next year good luck and makes some wins for the knicks…

Zhang YU | on 19/2/10

T—mac ,I am your fans,I like your basketball skill.IT is vevy nice.You are my favorite star. On Friday you said goodbye to Hoston Rockets.I am vevy sad.I can not stand. but it is true. Nowadays,you come to NY.I will miss you I wish you have a good luck. Best wishes to you YOURS

Gabriel | on 19/2/10

I miss u so much ..

I’ll focus on the Knicks from now on .

盛咚 | on 19/2/10

I support you forver``

colin | on 19/2/10

good luck

charles | on 19/2/10

go tmac…

deshawn hughes | on 19/2/10

lets get t-mac i know u can do it

AI | on 19/2/10

Honestly mac there arent no words that can describe how happy i am for you man. I hate when people say that your career is over and your not the old T-mac, but i know you are. YOu busted your ass in chicago and trained hard to get where you are now. Honestly, the rockets did not treat you well and i have so much faith in you as a basketball fan. youve always been my favourite player alongside with kobe. I remeber how when in your prime people use to put your name at the top, and now they dont have no faith in you. i love your jumper, your smooth one-on-one scoring capabiliteis i just love your style of play and will never forget your 13 points in 33 seconds. I wish you the best of luck in Ny mac i can waintto see you play, and im ready to become a die hard NY fan just for your mac just for youu. YOu deserve it, and dont ever EVER give up mac. Stay up. God bless

Sheldon | on 19/2/10

Whats up T-Mac, I been a true fan for along time, jus wanted 2 say good luck….and I can’t wait 2 see you back on the court

jinsisi | on 19/2/10

I am Chinese . my QQ 1140673537 . Believe yourself . Whatever we love you . [email protected]

taylor schoppa | on 19/2/10

my favorite was watching you play here in houston, my greatest moment watching you play is that awsome comeback against the spurs in 2006, good luck in new york and hope you finally get by the first round in the playoffs

whois | on 19/2/10

I’m very sorry to hear that you will leave to NY.
We can’t watch you any more when CCTV rediffusion the Hustons.
But I will always remember you.
Wish you play well in NY.
and be crowned champion that you dreamt of!
Do not forget that you are the best!

Wang Xi | on 19/2/10

t-mac, we all appreciate what you’ve brought to Rockets. what a pity that u will leave rockets. even though u just recovered, i still believe that u are one of the best players in NBA like kobe. wish you have more good luck in knicks.

Will | on 19/2/10

Welcome to NY TMAC!! lets see if we can get that Pop a 3 in your mouth take it to the hole tmac

Nobody Knows My Name | on 19/2/10

I hate to see you go. We made a mistake. I wish you well and will miss you, I am not sure I can remain a Rockets fan, and I hate not supporting the home team. But first you, then Landry.

martin | on 19/2/10

hey man.. you can still do it.. youare one of the great superstar in the nba. prove to each one of them that you are back.. goodluck man

Xia Bo | on 19/2/10

Tracy,I would love forever,support you foever.I always believe you are the best player in the union.

T-SUX | on 19/2/10

It’s good to see you leave Houston cause your not valuable anymore. Your not an elite player anymore Mac. You can’t carry knicks on your shoulder. I felt sorry for knicks…

Zach | on 19/2/10

Heh tracy we are all behind u and i was just wondering, do u think u are going to start on the Knicks?

yang | on 19/2/10

Now I am a fan of New York Knicks,come on,best wishes!

Chris | on 19/2/10

T-Mac, you have been my favorite player since you were playing in Orlando and you are still my favorite player. I’m am sooooo happy that I am finally going to see you play for more than 6 or 7 minutes! I will support you no matter what happens. I know you are going to return to form in New York! I’m still a Rockets fan, but I will still be rooting for you to play well and at a high level for the Knicks. Good luck!

Timothy Ferguson | on 19/2/10

plark slope

小指尖 | on 19/2/10


Wallace Zhong | on 19/2/10

I don’t care what is happening to you,I wanna say:You are the best T-Mac.

JD | on 19/2/10

Tracy, I just tried to buy tickets for your debut tomorrow but Madison Square Garden was sold out ever since the trade was announced. It seems new yorkers are intrigued by the one they call TMAC! Knick fans have been waiting to have a reason to attend games for years. Your arrival here is a much needed boost to the fans. If you make 2 out of your first 5 shots, the fans will cheer you and accept you immeadiately! Welcome TMAC and thank you for your inspiration.

1 | on 19/2/10


e | on 19/2/10

your are the greatest guy,just believe yourself,because there are millions of fans backing you up.And every time you meet hoston,kick them ass.

肖凯 | on 19/2/10

I wish t-mac will come back!and,I ..
.*★ .    ★
★      *
★ .’
‘*.    . ` . . I love you forever!come on~~

Trevor | on 19/2/10

Can’t wait to see this comeback. Everybody forgot who dropped 63 pts on the Wizards & 13 pts. in 35 seconds to beat the Spurs, but everyone will remember who you are once T-MAC steps in the garden. It would have been nice to see you in a Bulls uniform instead, but its all good. Just make sure you remind everyone why you are one of the most DANGEROUS players to ever put on a uniform!!!

Duy | on 19/2/10

You need to step you your game!!! You have dissappointed all your fans this season. You whinned and you complained!!! You get paid 23 millions for not doing anything. Now it is time for you to step your games or you will see your last day as an NBA player.

evan | on 19/2/10

hey men i wish you all the are my super idol them the t-mac who throws the ball and catch it for a dunk:) you’re the best have my support all way..kick some ass in new york..godbless man:)

Manny | on 19/2/10

First off, I’d like to say, welcome to NY Tracy! As a life long, die-hard fan of the NY Knicks, the NBA, and basketball in general, I’m so happy that you were able to land in New York, with this blockbuster trade that happened yesterday. I never once doubted your competitive fire, and believe that you will do great things for the Knicks organization. Of course, people criticize and say things like “you’re not the same player” and injuries have take a toll on your game, but just remember, you know who you are, and what you are capable of doing, and never let anyone bring you down! I really hope that you will be able to re-sign with the Knicks during the off season and I can’t wait to see you take to the court and do your thing! You can be proud to call Madison Square Garden your “new” backyard, and play the way you normally play without any limitations, just trust in yourself, and you will see that the sky is still the limit and once again reign supreme amongst all your peers in the NBA!
Biggups,and I hope for the best for you and my team! Peace T-Mac!


bruce zhu | on 19/2/10

Yes T-mac a new city a new life , I belive you’ll get a new born in NY.

Xabier | on 19/2/10

Hi Tracy, I read this morning you were gonna play in NY and I first couldn’t avoid feeling a bit taken aback, but now I give you my entire support in this new part of your career.
I have your NBA official jersey, I bought it on the NBA store in NY, and although it’s a bit big, I love it.
You made me feel interested in basket, so many thanks.
Good luck in NY, hope you get a lot of titles!!
From Basque Country, go T-Mac!!

Prince P.P. | on 19/2/10

T-MAC welcome to NYC !!!!! We have been waiting for a turnaround for the Knicks organization for years and your just the man to lead us to a new decade .. Good luck and God bless

Branden | on 19/2/10

Tracy, We loved you when you came from Orlando, and everyone is still behind you now. As you knwo by now, we are very passionate about the Rockets here in Houston and appreciate everything you did for the team. To us, you’ll always be a Rocket. Just remember, most of the true Rocket fans appreciate your game and contributions, don’t get caught up in the media and what the talk radio morons have to say. Good luck in NY and whatever team you’re with next year, unless its in the Western Conference!

Lawrence Yang | on 19/2/10

I been following your career since the first time i seen you play with VC now that your on the Knicks its like a dream come true waiting for that Jersey to come out now.

JOYCE HINES | on 19/2/10




Judah | on 19/2/10

Love you t-mac. Always have been my favorite player and im so glad to see you go to the knicks. My Uncle Roger Hinds is the head trainer for the knicks so know I get to see you play atleast twice a year when the knicks visit the pacers in Indiana. Good luck and I know you are going to silence the critics and do work in New York!

Jeremy | on 19/2/10

T-Mac, I think you are a great person. Not only that but a great athelete too. I have nothing but respect for you.

Justin | on 19/2/10

T-Mac welcom to newyork, i know since you are on the team you will do great, and will do what you was doing on the majics as far as scoring 30+ with no problem… anyways tmac we all love you and cannot wait to see you on the court, God Bless

D'Ante | on 19/2/10

tmac cant wait 2 c u n a knicks uniform wish u tha bess luck… prove everybody wrong and show em u can still play @ a high level

I know.. | on 19/2/10

I wish nothing but the best for you T-Mac. We all know the real truth behind you and your injuries. I have to say that the Rockets team Doctors suck. They ended Steve Francis career, Yao will not be back and tried to ruin yours. i am glad that you sought outside help with your knee bro. You did the right thing. Their Drs. always have allowed their players to come back too soon and ALWAYS end up hurt, reinjured or worse everytime. The track record doesn’t look good on players that have played for the Rockets. Just check the last 10 years with players that were injured. They stayed injured until they left the Rockets. You will be just fine Bro. Peace and Blessings.

tamur karim | on 19/2/10

Lets go t-mac!!!!!!!!!!!! We need a player like you on the knicks to bring back that ny swagger!

Ej | on 19/2/10

Aye Mann stayy up
maccc u would have my support until u retire and more good luck let’s go knicks

elliott | on 19/2/10

Tracy what jersey # will you be wearing,welcome to New York,ready 4 u 2 kick some as-

KiJuan Posley | on 19/2/10

T-mac I really hope you well with your new team i’ve really was hoping you would come to chicago, but no. I’ve been following you around every since ever since your injury and when were you going to play again. Your my Favorite player out of the whol league mostly everytime I say this to someone they really didn’t expect me to say that. I guess they expected me to say Kobe or Lebron

Bill Lee | on 19/2/10

I wish you all the best T-Mac. I wish I could have seen you on the court for the Rockets to finish up the year, but it is what it is. Good luck in New York turning the Knicks around. With a little luck they can get the 8 spot this year. I look forward to the game on March 21st! Best of luck to you in the future.

vince | on 19/2/10

love you t-mac you’ll be missed alot in houston. all this means is its time for me to get your ny jersey now :)

BJ | on 19/2/10

Good Luck T-mac. I hope you as hard as you can. I still believe in you.

Helen Peebles | on 19/2/10

I have waited so long to see you play again. Can’t wait !!!

Sam Orleans | on 19/2/10

Tracy! I also wished you stayed in Houston but like you said it is a business and you can only do so much. I will support you till the day you leave this planet. You are my idol no lie, Ive never met you but I read all the things you say and you’re one of the realist people I’ve never met, ha. I saw you @ a clipper game back in Dec. flashed your jersey to you I’m pretty sure I was the one you were looking at and you said “I’m coming back” that had to be one of the dopest moments in my life communicated with my boy Tracy McGrady. But now onto NY, I’m behind you all the way and will continue to watch every game I can. You’re gonna go back to the top of the league where you belong, I know and cant wait to see it. Best of luck my man, you got this. I would like to say.. Your #1 fan Sam Orleans. Peace.

Eric | on 19/2/10

T-MAC New York is ready for you, and I know you are more than ready for New York. Now let’s show the rest of the NBA and the world what the game has been missing. The remainder of the 09/10 season is just a preview what you going to do next year.

yiao wang | on 19/2/10

even though i am a chinese,i love basketball and Rocket because of China,you are always a superstar.we believe in you can be is time to make the hole world crazy agian.we are wiating for you,we are watching you and we are proud of you.tracy,welcome back.we are ready to fly with you.we are always here

gregory mason | on 19/2/10

i wish you the best of luck t-mac and i want you to knoe that i been with you the whole ride from when you and vice frist came in the league and man you didnt get that much time then orlando, but i hope you come along i have the nba league pass and i will be wachting the knicks and waiting to see you in the line up

Luke Bahar | on 19/2/10

Tracy McGrady,
I just wanted to let you know that even though you have caught a lot of heat and received much criticism this past year in particular, there are still many of us, fans, that really respect the ammount of hard work and dedication that you have put in here as a Houston Rocket. Unfortunately it did not work out in the end. Hopefully everything will go well for you in New York. Best of luck to you, and your family, as a member of the New York Knicks. Sad to see you leave, but I hope everything works out for you in the future.

L. Bahar

Victor | on 19/2/10

T-Mac even though you left us (houston rockets) i know it wasnt your fault i think houstons dumb for not giving you the minutes you wanted.Well go do your thing in New York and hope one day you come back to Houston!

martin | on 19/2/10

i dont know if you read this but if you do, i want to know that i hope you come back stronger than ever and show people that there is more value to you than just your expiring contract. im so sick of people just saying that the knicks only acquired you for that contract and they always leave out the part about your talent and skill and what you can bring to the team on a competitive level. just play your heart out and show the world the t-mac of old.

Alex | on 19/2/10

Well then T-Mac, what the heck you wating for? I’ve been waiting for you in New York since yesterday. Let’s play ball man!!! Much health to you, the game needs your style and grace on the court. Welcome to NYC!!!!

Belenob | on 19/2/10

Thank you, T-Mac. SF3, and you left Rockets. I support you two. You know, many Chinese fans fell in love of you in spite of Yao. Go mac.

Christian Salazar | on 19/2/10

Tracy you are and always will be my favorite player. sorry things went sour here in htown but i wish you the best of luck!

oh ya….COME BACK!! LOL

Peter | on 19/2/10

man im som excited im a knicks fan for life and always have been, and u have been my favrorite player to watch, im so exctired your playing for my team, i got tired of trading you htere lol… good luck with the 3 months, i hope its longer tho but who knows you know, good luck, p,s been watching you sence the raptors check the email…..

michael shaw-robinson | on 19/2/10

tracy dont worry about everyone else just go to the knicks and become one of the greatest like you already are. Your life does not belong to espn, fox news or cnn. your life belongs to the ones who care and understand that things can happen and you can still move forward. I will be watching mac.

MO HUA | on 19/2/10

I hope you gone well in New York, I believe you will be on the pitch to revive glory

Junfeng Li | on 19/2/10

This is our convergence seraph angel you have in mind, despite the broken wings, but can still fly . To leave the already doomed, only silently bless you . No matter where you are, we will always support you, always love you . Forever McGrady, Forever Tracy!

TMAC#1 | on 19/2/10




kang | on 19/2/10

A man should find the place that he really belongs to. I am very desire to see your great show in big apple’s court. Because of Yao, we fall love with Houston and you. Do you that every chinese fans concerned you everyday. I wish you nothing but to see you play again. You are NO.1 in my heart and every chinese’s heart. support u 4 ever!

ROCK | on 19/2/10

love and support you forever!

Kevin | on 19/2/10


You will always be an all star, it don’t matter if your from an injury or not .. God gave u a great gift of playing basketbal.. and u still have it in you.. its jutt up to you to work hard, come back and show your talent God gave u… as my brther said you couldve been great like kobe.. but i say you can still..i believe in you T-mac… I LOVED you in Rockets.. and i loved you even more cause im knicks fan… My brother also point out that ull be like the 90’s John Starks lol.. but i think ure better than Starks.. but anyways.. welcome to NEW YORK and we are pleased you are here.. GOD is always there for you and your family.. As my friend says things happen for a reason… i think God gave u that opportinity to play at a place you’ve always dreamed of… maybe its your time to shine in the bright lights of NY.. he is giving you a shot.. its up to you… maybe also james and bosh will play with you :) i hope.. lol its like every knick dream for those 2 all star to also join. i hope they keep you next year… GOD BLESS YOU T-MAC.. - Kevin Adena

DAVID MONTES | on 19/2/10


DM | on 19/2/10

T-Mac you are truly the truth in my eyes. Cant wait to see you in NY, i know what u can bring to the Garden

刘洋帆 | on 19/2/10

Hi Mac . i am a student from China. i am a fan of you . In my heart you are the best ! NY is a good place to go to! Come on T-Mac

Ross | on 19/2/10

Thanks Tracy for all the years here in Houston, we still and always will love ya and appreciate all that you’ve done for our City, we always knew you were a great player, but you are truly a great person too and wonderful ambassador of the NBA. Best of luck to you in NYC, we’ll look forward to a Knicks / Rockets Final next year! We love ya T-Mac!!!!

Jake | on 19/2/10

Good luck! Will continue to support you wherever you play..

paul mathis | on 19/2/10

A bro you are one of tha best players ever keep your head up and showout for your fans we love u and will miss u in Texas but you got alot of T mac haters who dont realize you carried houston with or without yao just go and show them who the man get your shine on.

JORSON | on 19/2/10

Hey,Mac, in a word,i’ll support u wherever ur,GOOD LUCK and get the NBA champion as soon as u can!

秋 | on 19/2/10

nothing but support you forever!

Tian Shaobo | on 19/2/10

I’m from China and I support Yao,so I support Rockets.But gradually I find I love you mroe than Yao because of you wonderful talent and actions in the playgrond.But for the basketball business,you are traded to NY and will not play with Yao any more.What i want to say is that no matter which team you are in,I will support you.You are my superstar.Do what you can do in NY.
Good luck!

Dave | on 19/2/10

Hey T-Mac! I couldn’t be happier you’ll be in uniform Saturday night. Good luck in the last 30 games. I hope you tear it up and resign with the Knicks….Give me T-Mac, Johnson, Lebron and a championship next season.

charles.Qi | on 19/2/10

You are the best!!!
I just want to say “Good luck,McGRADY”

dani | on 19/2/10

t-mac sy un ran admirador tuyo i sigo la nba por ti soy de houston pk juegas n huoston ahora sere de los new knicks solo desearte mucha suerte ik vuelvas a ser akel gran jugador k nos maravillava a todos i sobretodo verte de nuevo en un all star suerte!!

FERG | on 19/2/10

Man we had a good run here, good luck in New York and show them ( haters ) you’re not done!

allen | on 19/2/10

Chinese fans forever supports u! We love u wherever u r. NY is a great place and wish u got a championship there. sincerly~

Youzi Luo | on 19/2/10

“My desire to play and to win has never been as strong as it is today. “ These words are the best present to your fans,me. Because of you, I tend to fall in love with basketball. Because of you, I find the magic in this sport. Because of you, I am used to mention Houston in my daily life. For me, you are not just an idol, but a belief. You couldn’t imagine that your performance in the court has had a great effect on my real life.

Houston, I will still remember this city which is filled with so many happiness and sorrow. Now I’m willing to take the ride with you to New York. I’m eager to see your smile in the Garden. I try to imagine what you will be like when you put on Knick uniform. The scene must be wonderful and cheerful. I believe the whole stadium will raise with “ MVP”, all for you, T-mac.

Continue doing what you love to do! That’s enough.(*^__^*)

zhang | on 19/2/10

I love T-MAC forever! Good luck!

robert hinojosa | on 19/2/10

always a rocket thanks tmac

huwei | on 19/2/10

I’m your faithful Chinese fan!

The Reddy Family | on 19/2/10

TMac, we will miss you very, very much. The City of Houston and the Houston Rockets have lost a great player. Even though we will miss you. it will be great to see you back in action on the court. Hopefully, your injuries are behind you. We will continue to follow your career with the New York Knicks. You are still the best. God Bless You!

Courtney | on 19/2/10

Welcome to the Knicks! Thank you for giving long suffering Knick fans some hope. I can’t wait to see you play at MSG. I still remember that game a few years ago when you scored 13 points in 35 seconds…it was truly astonshing & I’m so happy to have a player of your caliber in NY!

Kalandius | on 19/2/10

Well I am not sure i agree exactly with the decision for you to go to NY but honestly i am just glad that I will have the opportunity to see you play again. You are a very inspirational person and ball player because through all this injury mess, the media downing you and the trade you stayed strong and now you have a chance to show everybody why your t-mac. I can truly say that I am proud to be your Fan on and off the court. Good luck

wangyankun | on 19/2/10

Dear:Tracy McGrady,
You are very good, I like your technology, I am playing basketball is that those who like your fantasy of becoming a superstar, I hope you can see my message, you give me a letter back to do ? Where you go I support you! I wish you luck!

Yamasun | on 19/2/10

T-Mac Go ahead!I‘m looking forward to watching you playing in the Garden with a champion heart!

cengiz | on 19/2/10

i hope you can play tomorrow vs. okl city.. i’d love to see you back on court.. wish luck tmac..

huwei | on 19/2/10

Hi,I’m a Chinese student who love you forever.

林雨鸿 | on 19/2/10


Marvin Marceant | on 19/2/10

i wish you success in your new team the new york knicks. i hope you get more playing time and get to average 20+ points a game again. i hope you do good on the knicks because i hate it how people say your washed up. your not washed up you were just injured and couldnt play to your full potential

Winta | on 19/2/10

I’m so happy that you’ve finally found a new team.And I hope that you will have a great success in this new team!

manny | on 19/2/10

that was very professional and respectable good luck Tracy Mcgrady!.... your biggst fan Manny

YANG BO WEN | on 19/2/10


janathan | on 19/2/10

T-MAC,you are the best of the league,that’s no question,i have always believe in you ,and i will continue to suppprt you for your greatest perform in NY!

Tyson | on 19/2/10


I just want to say Thank You for all you did for the Rockets, and the memories! Even though you didnt bring home the ring, you made Rockets Ball fun again! Its bittersweet to see you go, but I am glad to see you get the chance to play this year! I am a long time Rockets fan, and it is a sad day!

GOOD LUCK in NYC, hopefully the Knicks will be playing at home on my upcoming business trip next month, Ill get some tickets and watch you do it big for them!

Keep your head up, and do your thing on the court!!!

Tys | on 19/2/10

T-MAC,i love u forever! you are my best love!you are my hero , you are always in my heart! come on!

Hao Yu | on 19/2/10

Hey t-mac! Its quite saddening for me to know that u're leaving Houston.I wish u good luck i starting a sucessful chapter of ur career in New York!

Anand Madhavan | on 19/2/10

Always been my favorite player man, and you were on my favorite team…they still are my team, but you still are my guy bro. Good luck with everything man, i know you are going to get back to dominating and i also know you’ll be back in MVP talks sooner then later. What happens when the world sees that? They give you your respect that you deserve back. Take care man, really….hope the move to NY is great! So i guess….go Knicks!

Byron wright | on 19/2/10

Good Luck Maine…I hear every1 talking bout yo injuries maine…But my dude just keep being you…I hope you light it up in NY…Happy You finally get to play

Hong | on 19/2/10

Honestly, as a fan of yours, I do hope you can bring your team to a higher level. The thing I most desire to see from you is your defence. Your blocks and steals are so impressing, especially in your Raptors days. You’re so talented and still one of the top players. Championship is almost impossible because Lakers are just too good, but I believe you can achieve something near before you get older, keep it up!

Leon | on 19/2/10

No matter where you are,or which team you are on~

Myexpectation is always there!

Elton | on 19/2/10

Mac,I am so glade that i can see you on the court again!wish you have a good performance!

D1 | on 19/2/10

I support you 6 years.I believe that you will return to the top.You are no.1. ——上海球迷

Andrew Woo | on 19/2/10

I love you very much!
Tracy, I will support NY!
I am Chinese,so English is not very well.

jameshanxiao | on 19/2/10

nothing is more important than to see you back on court ,playing ball again.NY Knick,a new start!Please remember a big part of your fans here in China .We all love you whatever team you play on !

liu yang | on 19/2/10

Mac:Through you, I love basketball, I am your fan. Now that you’re going to New York, I was very happy! ! ! Because he can see you play basketball shadow of! ! ! Thank you, give me a lot of basketball fun! ! !

aurelio | on 19/2/10

tmac..we the make d playoffs..thts..wat ever..
tmac..i hd..something..for u..we..won..a a… inspiration..during..d time..we r..competing..4 this..trophy..

LEE | on 19/2/10


Jansen Flood | on 19/2/10

you did everyhting you could possibly do for the great city of Houston and although you didn’t get the Rockets to the chapionship, I know you are still the Mac-man and you will show all the great and loyal fans of New York that you are still one of the best ballers in the NBA. You can still do everything that you used to do on the court

Rags Morales | on 19/2/10

Welcome to New York, Tracy! Work hard and don’t leave anything on the floor and we can’t help but love ya!

The title of this blog got me listening to “Here I come” by Roots…

Myrlin Brazil | on 19/2/10

Sorry, to see you leave, however, best wishes on your future for you and your FAMILY,Hope you all get on a winning streak and make the playoffs!!!!!!
Wish to someday meet you!!

Daniel | on 19/2/10

All the best to you Mac! I’m certain that you will rise back up to the top. Just keep doing whatcha need to do on the court, and the rest will be history.

Cheers from Singapore! :)

Don Vacde | on 19/2/10

t-mac. No matter where you are, I support you. forever! forever! forever!

china vacde

howie nguyen | on 19/2/10

Dear Tracy,

I“ll have follow you since the day you wore the orlando magic and will continue to support you for the rest of your career. It was sad too see you leave houston, but like you said it’s a business and these things happen in this league. I wish you the best in NY and you will always be my favorite player!

- Howie Nguyen

Juan | on 19/2/10

Sorry to see you go. Thanks for making the Rockets exciting and fun to watch again. I would have loved to have seen you win a championship here. Good luck up in NY.

Jack | on 19/2/10

Glad to know that you can be on court again.I’ve been waiting this moment too long,maybe since last year.
Wish you good luck in NY.Show the ROCKET,show them how well you can play,and that what a foolish mistake they had mistakenly made!
Be with you,T-mac. Jack

sheldon | on 19/2/10

tracy come on

Shahm Barmada | on 19/2/10

I love you man and i can’t wait to see you playing and i love raptors and magic and houston and knicks and i’ll love any team you go to even if it was The GS worriors

Qihua | on 19/2/10

Always support you, no matter what you do.


Liu Qi | on 19/2/10

Good Luck!

紫弦 | on 19/2/10

Love and surport you for ever

颜恺yankai(CHINA) | on 19/2/10

TMACUncle, I am a badminton player from China, I am very like you, since you joined the Rockets in 2004, I know you, especially those in history of 35 seconds 13 minutes, and 22 game winning streak , As well as scoring, etc., although you have not been able led the Rockets into the second round of the playoffs, but we will not blame youUncle, I am a badminton player from China, I am very like you, since you joined the Rockets in 2004, I know you, especially those in history of 35 seconds 13 minutes, and 22 game winning streak , As well as scoring, etc., although you have not been able led the Rockets into the second round of the playoffs, but we will not blame youIf they work hard, and we have a clear conscience, today, when I see you have been traded to the New York news, I am really very sad, because I believe that you will return to the rocket, but this is the fate of some things on the cis - Their natural barNew York is among your life, another chapter in this deal is only a small episode in life, I hope you will not be affected, take heart in New York played a heaven and earth, whether you have not seen my messageI was in China will always support you! I will also be well trained, my dream is world champion, if there is one day a dream come true, then you will know me, my name is Yan Kai, if you have to see my message,Yes, would you please to my e-mail [email protected] leave a statement, thank you, finally finished those who bless you in New York come back! ! !

Paige | on 19/2/10

Hey Tracy.. Your NY here I come post brought tears to my eyes.. First off I have been a very loyal fan with you through your ups and downs and still will be.. I loved it so much when you were fucking shit up with Ming my next favorite player.. I think over the years you have showed the world so much talent and true emotional human feelings in so many situations. However today you have showed me that your a very extraordinary and special being just like Yao.. I mean that from the heart when I say today I am ever more of a fan of yours then I was yesterday, or ever.. haha I will continue to use you to in all the NBA games I can and try to make it to all your games that I can…Wish you a championship ring before you retire.. I know you would have stayed in houston and awaited your starting position and the return of Yao, but since you had to go anyway, who would you have took with you from the rockets if you could ? Also if you could have any four players on your team in from the NBA in the future who would they be ?



Gale | on 19/2/10

I’m a very big fan of T-Mac

Rex | on 19/2/10

Mac,no matter what happens to you,I will always be with you.
Good luck!

belladonna | on 19/2/10

When U leave,please take Ur dreams U brought to Houston.Wherever U play,i’ll follow U with interests.i’ll so glad if U can send an email to me at Ur convenience.

tarq | on 19/2/10

mac time | on 19/2/10

it is time,enjoy your time!

Harris He | on 19/2/10

I will miss the time of you in u forever!

ling | on 19/2/10

You know,we will always believe in you whatever you decide to do.I love you!

ian007 | on 19/2/10

Good luck! T-mac.

Michael | on 19/2/10

I will miss T-mac in Rockets.Bless you!

Zhen | on 19/2/10

Remember to play for BROTHERHOOD for it will always TAKES5IVE.

cuiwei | on 19/2/10

I believe
You are my God

daiyiru1990 | on 19/2/10

Good Luck & Best Wish !!!

Joe3tmac | on 19/2/10

I stop playing NBA Live in my laptop for quite sometime, but now I’ll trade T-mac to the Knicks and have another dynasty for New York!... The Knicks will beat Adelman and the Rockets in the Garden on March 21 if I’m not mistaken!

cheng | on 19/2/10

Just remember, there is always support coming from chinese fans

J-fay | on 19/2/10

Hi,Mac!I am from China.Because of Yao Ming,I focused on Houston Rockets,and I knew you.You brought we Chinese fans much happiness in last 6 years.I appreciate that you bring me wonderful performances in the match.
I wanna say thank you and I love you!
Good luck in NY! Hope you can do your best in Madison Square!
Take care in NY.

leo | on 19/2/10

You are my favorite nba players, I hope that one day I can proudly tell you that, “My favorite star is t-mac”
As they say, like Kobe Bryant

overfan | on 19/2/10

wherever you go , i will always support you ~~ t-mac GO

AnAn | on 19/2/10

So glad U can come back to the court again!The fans are miss U so much! So do I~
Hope U will come to Shanghai this summer soon~
T-mac,U are my idol forever !

Zhengjiangfeng | on 19/2/10

though Rockerts is my favourite teams, but you are my favourite player, i will still support you! for ever! wait for your coming back !

akos | on 19/2/10

To tell the truth i would have been very sad if you had to go to sactown, NYC amires you like no other. YOU are gonne be the major show on the Broadway and i truly believe that you’re not gonna make any disappointment. Now you have the chance to show everyone that you’re capable of anything on the MSG court. Come on T-Mac YOU ARE THE BEST, NOW GET’EM AND BRING THE KNICKS TO THE PLAYOFFS!!!!

li | on 19/2/10

I want to see you on the court,I forever support you !T-mac is NO.1 in my heart.Wherever you are, I will support you!T-MAC is the best.

Hu | on 19/2/10

NY`ll be your new home,we chinese fans will still support you,forever.You know,we love you,not because of YAO.

真我麦迪 | on 18/2/10

T-mac, maybe I have no idea about your future in NY, but I know that you’re my idol forever, wish you a happy time in NY, If you meet uncomfortable things sometimes, pls never give up, pls don’t forget we’re here with you, everyday and everytime. No matter where you are, you’re still my only love in NBA!
Now, to find your dream, to find yourself, no doubt that you’re the best one in our fan’s heart!
May your dreams come true one day!

Greed | on 18/2/10

I’m a Chinese fan.Tracy I will support u 4ever!Good luck! Best wishes for you!

uugi | on 18/2/10

t-mac you’re the best

da shi | on 18/2/10

WHAT!!! I’ve been waiting for this to happen for such a long time!! what what!! T-mac to New York!! Just let us know when you can play your first game because i’ll be at MSG buying the ticket. Good luck!!

Lei | on 18/2/10

Surport and love you forvere…super Tmac fan from CHINA

Grady | on 18/2/10

T-mac I am so glad that you can come back to the court.As you will play for NEW YORK ,I will support you like it always does. I think you can conquer yourself.As the sayings goes : If you want to conquer the world ,you must conquer yourself first.I firmly believe that you can realise your dream.

Clint | on 18/2/10


I have been watching since the press conference when you announced your coming to Houston.

I came to Utah for college, and proudly watched from the 10th row, wearing a Rockets jersey, as you drop 30 points on the Jazz in the first half alone.

I just wanted to say thank you for the memories. We have loved having you as a Rocket. I sincerely wish you a wonderful finish to your career injury-free. Enjoy playing in New York.

Clint, Rockets fan since 1992 @ 6 years old

minnie | on 18/2/10

I love to see you on the court!

minnie | on 18/2/10

Mac, I will stand by you forever! Keep it up!!!

贾明 | on 18/2/10

We stand here never leave. Never leave. . . . .
I am a Chinese, I am a Houston Rockets fan, I love you, love you, love you!
We stand here never leave. Never leave. . . . .贾明 中国

Jd | on 18/2/10

Ever since the trade has been announced here on the news, fans have been buying up tickets for your debut on Saturday night at the world’s greatest arena. Welcome to the city that never sleeps Tracy!

Marcus | on 18/2/10

As a New Yorker living on the West Coast, I can tell you that you just got a whole new set of rabid fans. And by fans, I mean fanatic. New Yorkers are everywhere, and we’re all pulling for you man. You’ve been one of the top players in the league. Now you’re on the biggest stage in the league. I hope to see you light it up for a half-season, re-sign this summer, and finish your career as a Knick.

white | on 18/2/10

i’m from china , chinese fans support you forever

Katrina | on 18/2/10

I support you forever!
I hope you will be successful in New York!
Welcome to New York!
You are the best basketball player in the world!

Neil T | on 18/2/10

Tracy, I’m a bit disappointed you won’t be wearing a BULLS uniform tomorrow..but I wish you all the best in New York.

Growing up, you were (still are) my favorite player. I wish you the best and will continue watching all your games!


欧阳大名 | on 18/2/10

i’m always be with you wherever you are ,NY is ok ,you can have a new beginning there ,i just want to see you playing ,no matter which team you are in!

Spittz | on 18/2/10

Yo mac ive followed u since 01 im 22 and still on ya side dude even tho i get ganged up on defendin ya.u always gon b my fav player of all time no matta wat i kno ur career gonnas take a sharp rise to greatness..i read n hear ur critics but i just think u did things the way u felt the way they needed to b done.. Trust nobody will understand but u.. But yea u near me now im n hartford ct names spittz T-MaC!!!!

Tracylove3 | on 18/2/10

I’m now becoming a NY’s fan. Love u forever!

Horn | on 18/2/10

Mac,never care about how others think of you.You are always there,in the bottom of our heart.Glad that you’ve found a new home,NY.You will be better.The soldier never stop fighting.

Steve | on 18/2/10

tmac, even though you wont be with the rockets, ill never forget all the memorable moments you made or were a part of. (13 points in 33 sec, 22 games in a row…etc.) you are still my favorite player whatever happens, and i will keep your poster as #1 in rockets uniform on my wall forever.:)

jerome vincent oxid | on 18/2/10

im a tmac fan im always a tmac fan and ill always be a tmac fan. ever since i started watching nba or learn to play basketball tmac has been the player for me.his passion his desire to get better and to be better to accomplish something is what inspire me in every way. so with all my support im saying that i know i trust in the tmac attack and i know its far from over for the tmac time..i know and i will not hope cause i believe that the tmac we enjoy watchig will fly again .. in a different shirt maybe .. but in the same hunger for the game…or maybe much more..will always be here no matter what…brotherhood of basketball…play hard…play hardest than anyone…and that who you are..cheers mate!!

ron | on 18/2/10

as a long time knick fan i have not lost faith in them . i am thrilled you came to ny even though we have 30 games left . i hope you make things happen over there , i have been a fan of yours since day 1 with the raptors . i know theres still plenty of basketball to play in your career . i do wish you the best of luck in ny , i do hope you make them be a respectable team again …i hope that you will stay next season also and maybe help lebron play next to you with amare , or d wade.. .....i wish you the best of luck …

Fire | on 18/2/10

I see NBA from the day I know Yao had been joined NBA,and I love basketball from the very moment I saw U! I will always support you ,wherever you go.

David | on 18/2/10


I will miss you being in a Rockets uniform. I think you are one great player. I think you will also go down as one of the best that ever played the game.

However you seem to upset the management of the teams that you play for. Please work with them better in the future.

I want to watch you for a long time to come. GOD has gave you the ability to play a great game, and has given you a wife, and children. You have it all.

Good Luck to you and your family.


Yuan Guo | on 18/2/10

Mac,you will be stronger,and a new beginning is there.

seven | on 18/2/10

i quiet happy to see you coming is the most important for me to see you back on the come on .i wish you success

ladyknick8 | on 18/2/10

Yessss!!!! T-Mac in NY has made me excited about the Knicks again! I can’t believe you’re a Knick now. Keep you’re head, and have a great 2nd half. BTW, where is your TWITTER account?

donneri | on 18/2/10

T-MAC is a Great Superstar in NY we dont need LBJ ...T-MAC, BOSH , LEE , WADE and CP3 ….great Team ,...I will support u T-mac….

zhao zhongyu | on 18/2/10

相信你!I think you can be the best basketball player!没有之一!sorry,my English is poor!

Huang Wenyu | on 18/2/10

Congratulations!now you have a new opportunity to create another peak in your career,leave the gossip alone,do not leave with regret,show them the proof that you are still the best。。。anyway,for me,for so many chinese fans,you are all。God bless you

Ming | on 18/2/10

Tracy,let’s go to N.Y.We’ll be with you.

Huang Wenyu | on 18/2/10

Congratulations!now you have a new opportunity to create another peak in your career,leave the gossip alone,do not leave with regret,show them the proof that you are still the best。。。anyway,for me,for so many chinese fans,you are all。God bless you

Bent Andreas | on 18/2/10

Mac, i dont care abour Boston,Lakers,Magic even Claverland win the championship. I just hope you and YAO can play for houston. I know it won’t happen again. Did u remember the 13secound came back ??? I amazing, its awsome, it WOW !! I just hope you can play as well as before. GO T-Mac.
From Bent your biggest fan ever.

Jake | on 18/2/10

Throughout the years I watched NBA, I had only routed for two teams, first NY Knicks, and then Houston Rockets. Looks like I’ll be routing for both this time . You are one of the best role models in sports, a humanitarian, a great man. That is why I will always be a fan. I do wish you all the best. God Bless and good luck to you, and your family too.

Doug J | on 18/2/10

Thanks for the great memories during your stay in Houston! I wish you all the best in NY and will continue to support you being that you are one of my favorite players of all time. I kind of wished you would have been dealt to Sacramento so I can actually drive from my home town and get my poster autographed, but good luck nonetheless!

DB | on 18/2/10

Welcome to NEW YORK, Tracy!

All the best and cheers to you for your work for Sudan.

Jabari Walker | on 18/2/10

cant wait to get the new jersey.. ur the best.. we love u man

Jabari Walker | on 18/2/10

u r my favorite player.. whereeva u go i go.. ur the best..cant wait to get the t-mac jersey with knicks

Kenny | on 18/2/10

Tracy had alot of people praying on his downfall but that was natural because the fans felt like he let them down, we all know th All-star game needed you. But its time to show them how you can emerge from it all without a stain on your shirt. Let the song “Return of the MAC” ring thru our heads every time you score and if you win the people… you will win the game. You still have a lot of fans out here and we never lost faith in you. Im sure you wont get this message but if by some chance you do, please remember that we never doubted you.

ETHAN | on 18/2/10


joe | on 18/2/10

run the point in ny

Tian Ye | on 18/2/10

I love you !!

tiger77jordan | on 18/2/10

im very happy your avid fan im excited 2 watch u in red,white and blue uniform.whatever jersey color 8 still here 2 support u..just believe in can do it.

Sun He | on 18/2/10

(broken English,haha)
happy days are around the corner,
I love you more than Yao.Yao makes me konw this game,you makes me love this game.
I seldom watched matches this season all because of your absence.But now I will support NY,I support you forever.
Just believe in yourself,impossible is nothing!Just do it!haha.
Finally I use Chinese to express my best wishes-凤凰涅槃!

Alan | on 18/2/10

Now there’s a reason to watch the Knicks play. Hopefully they have more sense than the Rockets. I don’t understand not playing your BEST player and then say we lack a true playmaker, scorer and leader…doesn’t make sense. Looking forward to seeing you back on the court…gotta go get my Knicks jersey!!!

Tracy | on 18/2/10


怀恋 | on 18/2/10

麦子,永远的爱你。love you forever!

T-Tham | on 18/2/10

We, your true fans will always support you whereever you go. You will have a great chapter in NY (Knicks). Can’t wait to see you at court! Be happy!! All your fans are together with you.
Teresa Tham

Jose Rodriguez | on 18/2/10

I LOve Houston ! I am proud to be from here and as Houstonian, this is ur HOME Mac. WIsh u the Best in NY bro. Take care..

Gerardo Alejos | on 18/2/10

Good luck Tracy. I really whish we had not traded you, but I wish you the best with the Nicks except when you play the Rockets. Take it easy on us when you came back to Houston. It is too bad that Adelman did not give you a chace. We will miss you in Houston

Camt1 | on 18/2/10

T-Mac,your guys will not change whatever you in Houston or Newyork.In Newyork,you will be reborn.
Forever T-Mac;Forever your guy.

Vic | on 18/2/10

Hey Mac,

I just wanna say I’m really sad to see you go, but thanks for being here for these last six years. You were the reason I became a die hard Rockets fan again. I’ve not missed a game either on t.v. or the radio since you came here. I wish you and your family the best, and no matter what you’ll still be my favorite NBA player since MJ left.

Mark William | on 18/2/10

Nothin but the best Mac! Im a loyal supporter of yours and look forward to seening you bring the Knicks back to being a playoff team!

Macs back!!

Ma | on 18/2/10

T-mac: Though you leave the Houston Rockets at last ,your career as a player hasn’t finished .NY is a good city. And I will support you all the same as the past.Good luck ! Yours sincerely , Ma

徐妍 | on 18/2/10

NEW starting…can see you in the TV,and can see you paly basketball..i feeling happiness..ok .no matter where ..t-mac ,support you forever..from now ,i’m new york’s big fan,.. be healthy be happy be t-mac forever t-mac’s girl..

Nee | on 18/2/10

Where ever you go ,we are your fans!!

Love you forever!

Richie Hicks | on 18/2/10

Tmac God Bless You! I’m so happy your back in the league playing and playing for my favorite team. Shut these haters up!!!!!!! Your a great player I pray that you stay a Knick. Good Luck!

Donnie Clyburn | on 18/2/10

T-mac allow me to be one of the first to say welcome to the KNICKS. I really am pulling for you and eddie house and sergio. I feel that this is a great move for eveyone. So lets go knicks.

jermaine platt | on 18/2/10

hey t-mac this mis jermaine platt a die hard t-mac fan love u for the great years you gave me and my city wished they would have let you played and showed what u could do because i saw it the first game back but be careful take it easy and i’ll be rooting for you in new york good luck. jplatt

DEXTER WARFIELD | on 18/2/10


jinsisi | on 18/2/10

NY i come . support tmac come om .NY welcome you

Maggie | on 18/2/10

Yes, I wish the Cavs well but I am still a die hard Knick fan. I am so excited T-Mac is in NY. I got nervous when he first went to the Kings but thank God it worked out for us… Go Knicks, Go T-Mac

Jean | on 18/2/10

NY is a lucky place,I believe you will succeed
good luck

Jeff | on 18/2/10

Welome to the Knicks, T-Mac! We’re all really excited to wath you play for our team and play like you always have! The future is bright in New York with this trade!!!

Anubis | on 18/2/10


hushuang | on 18/2/10

hey,T-mac, I am your fan from china,no matter where you are,I aways support you!

Teddo Cheung | on 18/2/10

I support you forever whatever you do and wherever you are.I can’t wait for your show in New York.GO!T-MAC!JUST ENJOY THE GAME!!!

Mark Anthony Velez | on 18/2/10

T-Mac, as a life long Knick for 30 years, I welcome you to the MECA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

诗情单纯如翼 | on 18/2/10


Nomy | on 18/2/10

mac Whether you will go I will still hoiding loveing you


jameshanxiao | on 18/2/10

Can’t wait to watch you play in Knick uniform! Wow! To see you back on court again is more important than anything else .Now,you have no pain from Houston.what you have is a totally new start in NY.You know what we chinese fans look foward to seeing the rest of your carreer is miracle like 13pts 33s.We all believe you can make it again .We love you !

jiniaochiyu | on 18/2/10

Go ahead Mac !!!!

patrick | on 18/2/10

This like a dream come true my favorite player from the raptor days is comin to my home town nothing but good things coming

George Diaz | on 18/2/10

Welcome to the Knicks BABY!!!! Now Show the Knicks how to WIN AGAIN!!!

Y.J.Zhang | on 18/2/10

I love Houston and I love you no matter where you are!!

felix | on 18/2/10


D T | on 18/2/10


Jeff | on 18/2/10

Good luck Tracy, you are too good of a player to not win a championship.

jayhood | on 18/2/10

U still my favorite no matter where u go

wangkan | on 18/2/10

T-MAC I am very happy to hear the news!we want to watch your show!please keep healthy and energetic!we support you forever!All the chinese fans wait your coming!
come on

woody | on 18/2/10

I will always support you,T-mac!
And i am hoping for your coming back!
T-mac,thank you!

wangkan | on 18/2/10

T-MAC I am very happy to hear the news!we want to watch your show!please keep healthy and energetic!we support you forever!All the chinese fans wait your coming!
come on

Christian | on 18/2/10

Mac…I’m so happy for you..I’m not a fan of NY..but now your are in that team..i will follow soon Mac..we miss you..and we will soppurt you till d end..


wangkan | on 18/2/10

T-MAC I am very happy to hear the news!we want to watch your show!please keep healthy and energetic!we support you forever!All the chinese fans wait your coming!
come on

allen | on 18/2/10

tmaccc boy welcome to ny man

臻昱 | on 18/2/10

T-mac,we will hope for your coming back!
NY```I can’t wait!I will always support you—T-mac!!

王侃 | on 18/2/10

T-MAC I am very happy to hear the news!we want to watch your show!please keep healthy and energetic!we support you forever!All the chinese fans wait your coming!
come on

张骏来 | on 18/2/10

I’m on your side tmac

MARCO LEWIS | on 18/2/10



Yanming Nie | on 18/2/10

Great! Expecting…

madry | on 18/2/10

i am so happy that you will be back on the court soon. i miss watching you play from the time you entered the league. please get back to the t mac i love to watch. i am happy it is taking sometime for you to come back though because you’ll be healthy now. good luck to you in new york and may god bless you.

Luke | on 18/2/10

I’ll always be your fan! I hope you a better future.

Clinton | on 18/2/10

T-Mac, I’m glad that you will be wearing the orange and the blue. I hope that you will be able to contribute all that you can, to help our franchise. It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a high caliber player as yourself. Hopefully this will draw other players to NYC so we can regain respectability in the league. Also push towards a NBA Title. I hope you and your family enjoy your stay here. Also when you get a chance come through Harlem and stop by 125 street. One, C. Allen

feng yan ju jing | on 18/2/10

i am form China,i am a student,wherever you go ,i will like you,one word i will support you forever!

yue wang | on 18/2/10

I’ll always back you forever. Regard you having a real success at New York. As you said in the blog, this is the business side of basketball,so i need you recongrise yourself again,and do better in the future.

Stefan | on 18/2/10

Welcome to the “Greatest City of the World”, as we keep saying here. What we missed for so long is great basketball. We fans want you to succeed big time. It is going to be fun in the Garden.

STH | on 18/2/10

Hey tmac,we all know that you will join NY.Whatever you go, we will support you forever

anelka17 | on 18/2/10

come on,give NY fans a championship

XZHANG | on 18/2/10

I am just one of your loyal fans from China,
but,I am the one of the best support you.
and I will support you forever,
no matter when and where.
I am looking faword to see the all-powerful you,
the king who was coming back.

Juan Hernandez | on 18/2/10

Hey,T-mac i am very happy and excited that you are going to play for the New York Knicks I know you will do great and play like the player you once were in the Orlando days.You are only 30 years old your are still young and i know you are capable of putting up 35 to 60 points in any giving night,people have givin up on you but not me im still your biggest fan and i know you will do great and take the Knicks to the Playoffs this year your only a couple of games back i wish much success to you and hope you will end your career as a Knick and hopefully win a championship.

darryl | on 18/2/10

Tracy…You will be missed…May God continually to bless you and your family…Please don’t allow negative press or fans to harden your heart about Houston…My son Kameron(11)and I still believe in you…I’m still a fan and more importantly your brother in christ Jesus….

carlos | on 18/2/10


Chris Wu | on 18/2/10

I have been looking forward to see you on the court again, but something unexpected happened! Now it’s a new opportunity to show yourself and to hit back the people we call them “麦黑”! O(∩_∩)O .I don’t know whether you understand this Chinese word or not, But you can ask Yao for explanation I think! Come on, we want a king back, you always know this, don’t you! (Poor English but I hope you can read it!)

JOHN WITCHER | on 18/2/10


Bravo | on 18/2/10

Good Luck to you TMAC, we wish you the best! I was excited to see you join the Rockets and was anxious to see another championship come our way! I know things didn’t go as expected but that’s more than basketball, that’s life. With TMAC and Yao on the court anything was possible. It was always fun to watch. It’s good to hear you will still call Houston home, hope to see you around. Do me a favor? As your running up and down the court at the Garden, stop lick your palm and slap Spike Lee right in the back of the head and tell him “H-Town says Wat it do”!!!

Yang Yu | on 18/2/10

T-Mac, we are haooy for you. We hope you will be that healthy superstar in New York. We think you will be the cornerstone of the Knicks in the years to come! Good Luck!

Stanford | on 18/2/10

First of all I hope you like New York and show the world that you have more gas in the tank then what people think. I will continure to follow you no matter what, you feel me? If you ever decided to come back to Houston in the next 4 years or so we are open arms for you. To wrap things up The City of Houston hope that when you step off the court you make your home HTOWN!!!!!!! FOREVER HTOWN TMAC

zichen | on 18/2/10

The trade finally finished.We were all waiting for long time.
I can’t wait to see you in the court for Knick.
In the last six years,you’ve done a lot of amazing nights in Houston,and that’s where i know you,i love you.
The only regret is that i didn’t see your performance in Magic,so i don’t want to miss your game anymore.
where you are,where i am supporting for.
love you…

FL | on 18/2/10

T-Mac you are the best all the time!!!!!!

Zhang Hongjia | on 18/2/10


we are together!

qiuyu | on 18/2/10

SO glade to hear your new home,best wishes to you ,my t-mac.!i will be with you wherever you go !sopport you just because you’re tracy!!

justin | on 18/2/10

ooooooo man i cant wait til u come to da knicks man i was madd hyped im only 12 and i want to become a knick one day i have respect for you and lots of hopes for u and the knicks probally u and the knicks will make the playoffs im watching.

A'dale Hound | on 18/2/10

Auburndale - NYC!!!!!! What a journey. Looking forward to seeing you in NY TMac. Best Wishes.

phil | on 18/2/10


Really excited to have you as a part of the NY Knicks. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a supreme talent like yourself wearing the orange and blue. Speaking for Knciks’ fans, we’re all thrilled to have you in New York City!!!
Really looking forward to seeing you at the Garden this Saturday!
All the best!!!

Vinny | on 18/2/10

Welcome to NY! Driving threw times square today and seeing on espn zone’‘Knicks acquire Tracy McGrady’‘..was awsome.For the first time today you saw people wearing knicks jackets and hats throughout the city. Hope you get healthy soon and play good so the Knicks can resign you next year. The Garden will be rockin!

Darrio Smith | on 18/2/10

I’m on the way to New York with you T-mac, were ever they send you, thats my team cause you still the best ball player, HANDS DOWN.

kj | on 18/2/10

READY to Witness the T-MAC ATTACK!!!! Wish the WE wldnt have let you go!!! By far My fav player* Knikcs got a steal with you

Joshua | on 18/2/10

Welcome to NY, T-Mac! I know you have been mired in injuries over the past few years and have been frustrated, but its a new beginning. A new chapter has now begun in NY and you will be the one to bring them to playoff contention. I hope the best for you. See you at the Garden!

James | on 18/2/10

Can’t wait to see u bac on da court, u da best, You’ll b just fine, i wish u nothin but da best, do your thing tmac

向东 | on 18/2/10


tony pr | on 18/2/10

tmac ers el mejor no te quites

z.b.dong | on 18/2/10

i`ll always support U.
your sport life will fire again.
Fllow your dream and never give up like the year in HOU

Rock | on 18/2/10

Hi, T-Mac.Continue your brilliant career in NY
Good Luck to you

kayla | on 18/2/10

TRACY i have spent all of my time defending you as a player. I feel and think that you are still one of the best players. It makes me sick how a lot of ur use to be fans and the media talks so much crap about you as a player. I wish you the best in NY. I will still watch and follow you play because i believe in ur talent and WILL to play. Dont forget about ur houston fans that still support you, like myself

Clare Elizabeth | on 18/2/10

Congratulations and all the very best for a happy, healthy game with the Knicks. I have enjoyed watching you play in Htown and I will be supporting you in every way I can in NY.
Thank you for playing some of the best Bball I have seen in the US

alex | on 18/2/10

good luck tracy,in new york and quite them haters u did the best u could in houston it wasnt all your fault it just wasnt meant to be. I look forward to watching you play this season with your new team i know you can be a superstar again!!!!

Jeff | on 18/2/10

Looking forward to seeing you in a Knicks jersey. Hope you show the world that you’re still a dominant player.

eric | on 18/2/10

you are the best…

Jackie | on 18/2/10

i’m so glag to see this article that you have always being my idol since i was in elementary, i proudly told my friends that “damn man, i want to play basketball like T-MAC” , although last season really depressed me that you ain’t on the court, we fans still all behind you and arround you , cheer up and show the world what you got!

Stew | on 18/2/10

Lets see the “desire” past round 2 of the playoffs.

Eddy | on 18/2/10

Hey Tmac, Man Im excited to see u here in NY, wish u the best of luck bro! u deserve it.

韩珂 | on 18/2/10

Dear Tracy
I am from China
One of your most loyal fans
I like you were 7 years
My name is Hanke, you can call me K
I hope you can remember
I always stay up today, 2:00
Just to wait until your last message
Very pleased that you go to New York
We also think that this is a good outcome
You can stand on the floor to continue to play a
I feel blessed
Do not know when to begin
See you play has become a luxury
But I still firmly believe that
After all, one day
You will continue to serve our performance
So now everything seems to have changed for the better
In New York
You must be properly
We must protect themselves!
Do not trying to flaunt
The body is always the most important thing
In fact, we do not want to see you mad to go to play
As long as we see you on the pitch of the shadow
We met
Dear Tracy
We will always love you
The last paragraph of your rocket is not happy
We all have been unforgettable
You are not happy
We are also definitely not happy!
The future must be smiling
Will always have your fans on the 100 million
The last sentence you want to listen to a good
We have often said
Tracy, if the world turned their backs on you
Never mind
We will accompany you to betray the whole world
Honey, I love you. Your Hanke

James Boone | on 18/2/10

Being a life long fan of the knicks, I have to say I’m very excited to see you play in the Garden and bring life back to New York. Thanks.. Good Luck

P xiaoxi | on 18/2/10

NY,WE COME!!!I love NY.I love you.i so happy.hahaha

Frankie J | on 18/2/10

Hey Mac,

Good to see you found a team that wants you for you. I will miss you, good to see that you’ll continue to have your family here in houston, it really is a great city to live in. Good luck god bless. Once a rocket always a rocket!

Austin Mitchell | on 18/2/10

hey i am a huge fan and i hope that you being back and playing will bring you a chapionship im disaponted your leaving yao ming and the rockets but i hope you have fun with nate robimson

Liz Miller | on 18/2/10

Although I’m sad to see you leave Houston, no matter where you go I’ll always be your biggest fan! Just because you change uniforms doesn’t mean you change who you are. You will always be one the gratest players in the game…on and off the court. I will miss your celebrity softball games and seeing you play at the Toyota Center but I’ll be getting my funds together to come see you play in New York!! I’ll be the one fan screaming the loudest wearing nothing but TMAC gear! Keep your head up and I’ll be praying for you!

Venice | on 18/2/10

thank god you got to play the ball again . show them that your not a washed up player . Let them see that you can still play ball and can make the knicks a contender !

Daniel | on 18/2/10

If only you had used your talent to get one of the teams you were on past the first round, instead you liked to fill up the stat sheet and get paid. That’s fine, but just know that you could never get it done as the best or second best player on your team. That fact will go a long way in the history of basketball. We all know you had the talent, heck I saw you with my own eyes get a triple double while playing with Artest and Yao. Too bad you could never take a back seat or fill out your potential.

Odin Finch | on 18/2/10

The houston sky will miss your eagle wings as they fly to a new land. O sky of mine - share this tmac eagle with NY and all his ways err..excuses…

Sprewell | on 18/2/10

Congratulations Grady the excitement definditly needs to return to New York Knick basketball. With your help I see 1999 all over again. Good luck can’t wait to be in the crowd in D.C at the Wizards game in a week. Thanks for the wristband when you were a rocket I appreciate it.

Derek | on 18/2/10

I love you and I love Houston!!! Now, I love you!! I support NY!!!

Yinch | on 18/2/10

I am so happy that you finally found a new team that will embrace your talent and potential. And I definitely cannot wait to see you back out on the court again doing your thing. I wish you nothing but the best and no matter what happens, I will always believe in you and be behind you all the way!

Isiah thomas | on 18/2/10

Yo tmacc is great to here you back in action i wish you the best man. Can wait to see u light up madison square. Im getting tickets for the first time just to see you play out there. I hope i witness a amazing nighttt welll goodluck with the team i hope yall can take that 8th spot.

madchef | on 18/2/10

Hey Mac hope your injuries stay behind you and your health continues in the future to be great. welcome to the big apple. Hope you light it up for the rest of this year. you may not play for a championship this year but hope it works out and you can resign with the knicks to join whatever big name free agents you know are coming to the worlds greatest arena. this city rocks as good as any when the product is good and as you said you know NY fans know their basketball.

Kyle | on 18/2/10

tmac, youve never been out of the first round and your still one of the top 10 most talented players ever. Not getting out of the first round or winning it all wasnt your fault, you did everything you could do for the rockets adn we appreciate all your hard work. Keep working hard and show all the doubters you can still ball.
most of all keep working hard with darfur, you changed the rockets for the better but in darfur you truly can help change the world. you can make a difference adn you are.
Keep priorities straight in the Big NY….God,Family,Helping others,then basketball

best of luck to you

tony pr | on 18/2/10

tmac play hard and drive to the play off

curtis hill | on 18/2/10

hey tracy i dont know if you will read this but i am your biggest fan i play pro basketball myself for the washington raptors of the aba.i have idolized my game and life after yours i am also a die hard knicks fan i am very pleased that the player that i idolize and look up to plays for the team i love i look forward to seeing you play in your first game with the knicks. i hope you can contact me if you ever get a chance to my email is [email protected] and the team that i play for site is hope all is good and god bless and good luck

Aashsih | on 18/2/10

Hey t-mac i am a huge fan and i wish you would have stayed with the rockets. My family and I will miss you being a rockets and wish you have a great time in ny. I just wish you wouldnt have asked for the indefinite leave and just stuck with the 8 min rick was giving yo and just build up.

Your fan Aashish Jhangiani

rudy | on 18/2/10

about time the knicks get a superstar . its been nearly a decade since we have had anything close to ur talent. look foward to making a playoff run and i know you will turn alot of heads in this comeback and all haters and critics are goin to look stupid.much love

mrhaoji | on 18/2/10

Trade Deadline is over! My heart is broken, but business is business. Miss Landry, Support Tracy, and Stand by Rockets 4ever!

Robert | on 18/2/10

Do not be offended by the press and fans that await free agency so that the Knicks can sign Lebron and other. Fans not sure just how bad your knee is? After all missed two years and Knick fans saw how Allan Houston was not able to come back from Microfracture Knee surgery. Knick fans are well aware that you are a superstar, but just don’t know how healthy you are. How you feelin’

Stephen | on 18/2/10

Mac… this is really hard to say, but I’ll do it. Been a Rockets fan since I moved to Houston in 1995. I was there at the Toyota Center when you went off on San Antonio and scored 13 points in 35 seconds. I was there when you took the burden on yourself to beat the Jazz back in 2007, and was at game 7.
I can’t say that I was always a T-Mac fan, because I care SO MUCH about the Rockets. I appreciate what you did though, I saw your heart and how much you care for the City of Houston and even Darfur.
As a Rockets fan, I wanted to tell you…I appreciate the summation of what you had here at Houston and I appreciate your big words for our great city. Please continue to love Houston, and we will always continue to love you.

Be safe in New York, their traffic is much much worse than I-45!

eric caldwell-and family | on 18/2/10

hey t-mac do ur thing man i’m sure you’ll do jus and my jr. r followers raptors 2 the knicks do ur thing man 4 the most part of it stay healthy and we luv u.

caldwell family.

jb | on 18/2/10

T-Mac, you’re a great person and you are an inspiration. I’m really glad you played in Houston and hope you kill it in NYC. In my mind, you’re a Rocket and Houstonian for life.

Randy | on 18/2/10

T-Mac, I stayed up all night waiting for this trade. I am EXCITED. I remember your rookie yr w/ Toronto, your 1st game against NY, you broke out of your shell(I said I know this guy will be good). My prayers are behind your health. I don’t expect miracles but I hope you can bring excitement to the garden cause we need it. FORGET the critics. Only GOD can give you the strenght to be able to play and become a good player. Can’t wait to see you in a Knicks uniform….

sam | on 18/2/10


prince | on 18/2/10

great addition

7Air | on 18/2/10

Hi there T-Mac! I’m really looking forward to see you back in action! No matter where you play, I will always support you anywhere, anytime!

I’m happy to see you with the Knicks uniform, and playing in the Madison…I collect trading cards of you, I have a big collection! Now I just want to have new cards from you with the Kincks uniform! :D

Just hoping you to play well and shut up all the haters!

Carles, your biggest supporter from Barcelona! Come here some time!

shao | on 18/2/10

tmat, bless you, i am waiting for you, here in new york city

cameron tolls | on 18/2/10

i ride or die for tmac

Asonye | on 18/2/10

I’m really going to miss you man. I don’t think fans care about the fact that you didn’t bring us a championship, but that you brang us memories and happiness to this franchise in which it took years to come before you arrived. Thank you for our seasonal runs and helping the Rockets get to the playoffs each year and helping the Rockets’ name be a championship contender. You made this franchise into what it is today. You the Houston Rockets on notice since you cam and for years to come. I’m sad to see you leaving but I do understand it’s the business side. Thank you for the 13 points in 35 seconds memory :). You will be missed and I hope the best for you whereever team you go to. I’ll be watching the Knicks games to follow you. SHOW EM WHAT YOU CAN DO!!! REMIND THEM WHO YOU ARE!!!

Justin Willard | on 18/2/10

Mac, you did everyhting you could possibly do for the great city of Houston and although you didn’t get the Rockets to the chapionship, I know you are still the Mac-man and you will show all the great and loyal fans of New York that you are still one of the best ballers in the NBA.

magdy khalil | on 18/2/10

welcome to new york tracy, best of luck

antonio | on 18/2/10

work hard to back agreatest player

Eric | on 18/2/10

Mac i am soooo heated that you didint come to chicago but like you said its business good luck in new although bulls fan i hate the knicks!!!!!!!!!!

CASH | on 18/2/10


pistolpete | on 18/2/10

dats whats up …i knew somethin was up when u wasnt playin dem minutes when u came back from injury….wish u woulda went furtha with tha H…but dats bidness…all i ask is that u just do yo thang bro and put it down

penetrode | on 18/2/10

TMAC, Rockets fan living in NYC. I’ll never forget the “13 in 35 seconds” or that facial on Bradley. I’ll see you at the Garden.

Bill | on 18/2/10

T-mac I’m glad you will back on the court….
I wish you good luck with your new team and make everyone proud of you. You’re really a good basketball player..!
It’s time to prove everyone with really you are!

Big B | on 18/2/10

We’re with you T-Mac and can’t wait to see you playing!!! And the Knicks team was the best choice, hope you will enjoy playing in MSG!!!

Take care!!

Amir Ajani | on 18/2/10

I have been a T-mac fan since i was 4. I have all ur sneakers + jerseys. it has been my dream to see u play in my home state. and now your here. Hope to see u dunk again bruh

James | on 18/2/10

Tracy, a classy farewell to the city of Houston and the Rockets organisation. Thsnk you for the multitude of great memories of you in a Rockets uniform. Wishing you the greatest of success on your return to the court and with the New York Knicks, I am certain your rounded game will flourish and your career will be remembered for your talent on the court. Wishing you the best of health and luck!

Lithuanian | on 18/2/10

T-Mac we always believe in you whatever you do and wherever you go. Now I wish you to get back on track with those guys there in NY, they really need your help. Can’t wait to see the old T-Mac! Finally you’re back!

Marcel | on 18/2/10

Are you 100% healthy?Can you play like the McGrady of 5 years ago?That is what we want to see in New York.If you can,you can be a legend in New York basketball.Your choice…...

Kalon | on 18/2/10

Hey what’s up Mac?! I really do hate that you’re leaving Houston, but at the same time I’m glad that you’re moving on and actually be able to play again. No matter what I will follow you to where you go as a fan. Take it easy man and prove everybody that still have something left in the tank. God Bless!!

P.S.- Before your playing career is set and done you will have chance to win a championship if you go to the right team after this season.

Justin P | on 18/2/10

Thanks for Everything T-Mac!! I wish you and your family nothing but the best!!!
P.S I will never forget your 13 points in 30 seconds!!! YOU THA MAN!

Gary | on 18/2/10

Going to miss you T. I wish you, CleRenda, and the kids all the best. Thank you for all of your hard work and efforts that brought some exciting games to H-Town. God bless.


James | on 18/2/10

I can’t believe this happend. I am a die-hard New York Knicks fan, and as big a T-Mac fan as there is. My dream has come true! Show all the doubters that you’re still the elite player that I know you are. And most importantly, re-sign with NY! P.S. You are sick in NBA 2K with the buzzer beaters.


Omar Villanueva | on 18/2/10

I wish you nothing but the best in NY! Us true Rockets fans willows seeing on the court with the rest of the team. Today is a sad day for us fans losing You and Carl Landry. May both of you have great seasons and careers! Take Care Mac!

Jose Pedraza | on 18/2/10

Good luck in New York T-Mac you will be missed in Houston.

teebone | on 18/2/10

Good luck to you . I hate to say this but you became a cancer here in houston. your knee wasnt 100% healed and you couldnt even keep up fast paced basketball and YET you still complained about the lack of PT. You were one of the best players in the league at one time better than Kobe every was. you rush and push yourself so much that you dont fully recover. You have had lots of time off so hope you play hard in your next knicks game tomorrow i think. I will be watching to see if “tmac” returns or just plain ole tracy. Good luck and dont push yourself beyond you abilities.

FlowKing | on 18/2/10

yeah TMAC!
Can’t wait to see you play in a knicks jersey

from toronto

Ray | on 18/2/10

cant wait to see u back on the court

Juan cruz | on 18/2/10

Thanks for everything Tracy as a Rocket fan i appreciated your talent and now you bring them over to my beautiful city of NY give me a reason to watch the KNICKS !!!GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND YOURS WITH ALL THAT YOU DO

Chris | on 18/2/10

Hey T-Mac!
No matter where you play, no matter how you play, we will always support you!

Your fans

peter | on 18/2/10

hey man I just wanna say welcome and I’m a big fan I believe that you gonna still be playing mad well for years to come. Knicks need help and a superstar. Thanks and best of luck

cody | on 18/2/10

Bye tmac, your a great talent, if only Adelman could have matured and played you. Hopefully they rockets trade yao to New York to.

KV Gill | on 18/2/10

Yes! Mac you will finally be on the court. You deserved more minutes as a Rocket this year. I hope you succeed in NY. You are a great player, someone I look up too. Oh and by the way…stay in the NBA for like another seven years so when I come in the NBA...we can play each All the best Mac!!

Delano Gon | on 18/2/10

I’ve been a fan of your work for quite some time now and I know that the Knicks Organization are getting the talent needed towards another step to success. Whether its scoring 13 points in 35 seconds on my SPURS or dunking over Mr. Bradley, they are getting a great player. Wish for the best of luck for your time in NY.


anthony | on 18/2/10

welcome tracy! we are so excited for you to come and shine in NEW YORK!!!

FlowKing | on 18/2/10

yeah TMAC~!
Can’t wait to see how you play in a Knicks uniform

From Toronto

Scott Wilkinson | on 18/2/10

Congrats on being a Knick T-Mac! I can’t wait to see you play in the Garden with a Knick jersey on! I know you will show the critics that you are still in your prime! The Knicks needed you! Good luck from an extremely happy Knick fan!

Delano Gon | on 18/2/10

I’ve been a fan of your work for quite some time and I know you will give the Knicks Organization the talent they need for another step to success. Whether its scoring 13 pts in 35 sec on my SPURS or dunking over Mr. Bradley, the fans are getting a great player. Wish for the best of luck during your time there.


Josh Heinrichs | on 18/2/10


As I write my comments in this box i’m a little saddened that you are no longer apart of the Rockets. I wanted to be able to watch you in that Rockets red uniform for years to come. As much as it pains me to do I will be following you on this road that your going to take and I hope that maybe someday you can land back in a Rockets jersey. Yes, I know it’s a long shot but crazier things have happened. MJ coming back and playing for Wizards, Scottie Pippen going from the Bulls to the Rockets then the Blazers to only end up back as a Bull in his final season. I’ll take the ride even though i’m unhappy about it.

Here’s to hoping that you come back in March and score atleast 60 on the Rockets in your new Uniform. Hopefully you can finally get that Championship you’ve been waiting for.

chen | on 18/2/10

i will go with you forever, i miss the T-MAC of playing on the court!

Karen | on 18/2/10

Just wanted to wish you luck in NY! Hate to see you leave, but I am happy that you will be going somewhere that you have dreamed of playing. I wish you all the best!