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Wed, Sep 14th 2011, 09:26

Tracy joins BLUEO4 as Co-Owner

BLUEO4™ is pleased to announce and welcome Tracy McGrady to the BLUEO4™ family.

“Tracy whose business acumen and philosophies align with our current mandate and pillars of success. Tracy has world-wide appeal and reach. Tracy isembracing his position with a hands-on approach. His success on the basketball court is well documented, but as well, his humanitarian and off court endeavors are equally impressive, to have that caliber of person join our executive team in our companies’ young history makes us proud” according to Dr. Dave Hart, Ph.D, Co-Owner and Managing Partner.

McGrady recognized there was something very unique about the product. “There are many products with an ongoing list of claims, after consuming BLUEO4™, I immediately liked it and had an interest in it, after further research found BLUEO4™ has clinical trials and certifications behind it. It is exactly what it claims to be, great tasting water with a fixed oxygen boost of 350PPM of bonded oxygen. It is simply the best water on the planet, I am proud to say I am not just an endorser but, today, I am a co-owner.”


BLUEO4™ stabilized oxygen enhanced water contains 350ppm of fixed bonded oxygen. The oxygen molecule is Polyatomic Tetraoxygen, or simply O4. Consumers enjoy the benefit of natural energy that the extra oxygen boost of O4 provides to their muscles and body, the O4 oxygen is fixed in water base that goes through a proprietary seven stage filtration system allowing absorption to the body once consumed. It is an all natural water product, with 0 sugar, 0 calories, and 0 chlorites.

BLUEO4™ is available in 16.9fl oz, 20oz and 1L and is currently used and heralded by professional athletes, entertainers, and models.

For further information visit or follow us on Twitter at @BLUEO4.

Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Dillon | on 25/9/11

Tracy Mcgrady is my favorite basketball player…

Jason Cowan | on 20/9/11

Tmac, try Advocare, see, this company will be a household name in 2 years, guaranteed. Let me know what you think.