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Fri, Sep 4th 2009, 09:38

3 Points

I’ve been telling everyone for a long time about my trip to Darfur and the documentary we’ve been working on since. Today I’m happy to be able to share it with everyone in hopes that you all can get a glimpse about what is happening there and hopefully get involved yourselves. Hope you enjoy it and let me all know what you think!


Yes, I’m interested in updates!


Trayvon McGowan your favorite fan | on 16/1/10

man what yo number so i can hit u up bro

LIANBIN HUANG | on 14/1/10


赵濮 | on 2/1/10


Viki | on 31/12/09

Hi Tracy,
No matter where you stay,i will always support you.Keep on moving, you will get what you want!
In addition,i couldn’t watch the video caz am in china, is it any way that i can get the video of “3Points”?

cody | on 30/12/09

hey, this is cody… yeh i know you dont know who i am but just to sum it all up (your biggest fan). i was just loookin at all of your old videos from when you played for the magic on youtube, all i have o say is DANG. haha, your my favorite player and always will be… i just want to say i support you where ever you go but it sure would be freakin awesome if you stayed w/ the Rockets, thats just my opinion. just wanted to wish you luck from your biggest fan.- Cody

Cristy Warren Sibolinao | on 29/12/09

The people of Darfur will be really happy of what Tmac is doing for them. This serves as an inspiration for us.

Tang yuping | on 28/12/09

When I see the news that you are going to leave The Rockets,I am shocked.I do not know how can that happen and I am sorry for that.I wish you find a good team to prove yourself.You know,you are still a super star and you must believe yourself.Never lose your confidence and we fans will support you forever.

JJ | on 28/12/09

thats was great tracy y dont more players do this i mean i kno u and mutumbo aint the only ones doin this and if so thats sad i wish i was in the position to help

firass | on 16/12/09

i want to tell you just one thing
“you’re a real human “

lee | on 15/12/09

i like your play show so much
hope you will come back

martez sampson | on 12/12/09

t-mac will return god bless you

陈东艳 | on 11/12/09

tracy come on 我们永远支持你哦。。。。你永远是最棒的 forever

T-MAC fans WXC | on 11/12/09

T-MAC .. because you are. .. I love basketball because you’re on the NBA makes sense .. I think will be online every day together to see you have the latest information ..真的好想你.好想你playing game . Let those who would challenge your people to shut up .. do not round how others see you .. you will always be my most favorite .. Whether or not you return to peak .. no matter how you like .. I always stand by your silent here for you .. .. this is just a fan fuel should be done for you .. fuel .. T-MAC ... you will always be the best ever .. the only

吴先生 | on 11/12/09


陈诚 | on 10/12/09


Eric Caldwell | on 3/12/09

very heart felt tracy god bless u

Caldwell Family!

issac chen | on 2/12/09


Huascar | on 27/11/09

I’ve always been trying to do yhay beast pump fake of yours when you got those 4 points vs the spurs

micheal yu | on 24/11/09

I admire your basketball skill very much and I can also get a
lot of fun with it

Mary Courtwright | on 24/11/09

Thank you for the work you are doing with the Darfur refugees. I am the coordinator for a Sister School in the U.S. (Bryant & Stratton College in Eastlake, OH) and am very grateful for all you have done and continue to do. Admittedly, I am not a big sports follower, but I recognize an amazing spirit when I see one. You are making waves— as everyone should. You are being heard, and are passing on hope to a group of amazing people who need it most. Thank you for creating that bridge between this continent and theirs. My students deal with a host of challenges in their daily lives that would consume most people, yet they reach beyond themselves to give. I am so proud of them.

Mary C.Courtwright
Bryant & Stratton College- Team B&S; Eastlake

nathan james | on 19/11/09

T.mac you are my favorite basketball player you inspire me to play b-ball.I am 16 years old and play for my school…hope you can visit my school some day…Acadiana High Duson,Louisiana ..You inspire me to play ever day and do my best at everthing I do..You’re biggest fan Nathan James aka King James Jr. lol…..........wateva team they put you own next year guess wat im following yu ya digg GO T-MAC

John Early | on 15/11/09

I appreciate you spreading this awareness and calling for action. I was impressed by your humility in the video, not afraid to laugh at yourself or show how you were uncomfortable, inexperienced, scared, or nervous at different points in the film. For some reason, I dont think that is common in professional athletes, or common for them to personally see this kind of thing for themselves. Once you sat directly across the court from me, also on the court level at halfcourt, at a Comets game with your kids, and it was cool to see you were a normal, nice person. This project confirms that.
Looking forward to your return to playing with the Rockets, I am a big believer in you!

xiyuan | on 14/11/09

Support T-Mac forever…...

甘显栋 | on 10/11/09

I look forward to the day you get the NBA champion . You can do it!!!

duanmuwenqi | on 7/11/09

t mac is the best basketball player . I like him.

Juncao | on 7/11/09

Enter your comment…

Dora Barnes | on 4/11/09

Moving. Sad. Really got my students to open their eyes to what is going on elsewhere.

Maurice | on 28/10/09

Wow, Mcgrady is the truth.

Tarus Thomas | on 20/10/09

watchin this made me realize the things i go through everyday is nothin mactime

Stefan | on 15/10/09


卿YC | on 14/10/09

good good play basketball
day day up!

ury cuellar | on 8/10/09

oh my god ! this is so sad, upseting and im willing to help, im not rich but i can help with something….i wanna make a difference , we wer all created by god and we all are equal no matter the color,religion,gender etc…guyz come on everyone who sees this video lets help our brothers in darfur!!!!...

Zhang Yuxi | on 4/10/09

tracy ,i need you , back…...

Jordan | on 1/10/09

Yo Mac I gotta give u props 4 what u are doin over in Darfur. I think that u are a prime example of how celebrities should get involved not only around the country but globally.By doing this u have taken your abilities way beyond just the basketball court(even tho u are my favorite athlete EVER!!!)But real talk Mac just keep doin u. U already know this but the media will talk and the haters will hate but at the end u are not only judged by what u do on the court but off as well.But good luck.Love the film. P.S. I agree with u dont rush it come back when U and the doctors feel as tho it is time. I wish u all the best. Jordan (Ur #1 Fan)

Ron | on 30/9/09

hey, im your big fan! i like your attitude of playing basketball on the court and beside you are helping people who are in need, continue your power to help others, and try your 110% best to get the championship trophy next season coz’ Impossible is Nothing . . .

marlon garcia | on 29/9/09

t mac is definitely one of the best player in nba,.,

terrance slaughter | on 28/9/09

stay real fam!

mike | on 27/9/09

Mac-doing big things in Darfur. i like to see that. Just wanted to say, can’t wait to see you back in red this year, this year its the return of the mac (but no mark morrison bull) be easy. 1

Sahan Fernando | on 26/9/09

I like you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Always I try to do your fakes & movements

bakir | on 25/9/09

it is best player

ALIFA NGAMAI | on 25/9/09

I was so touched by your trip in my motherland. I even had tears in my eyes the first i saw the video, i decided to become your fan. I grew in this country where it is a luxury to eat three times a day like in Houston, get an education. The glimpse of this video is incredible. Thanks to stand for the oppressed, the needy.I even asked your trainer to thank you for the effort. God bless you.

Aaron Cavin | on 25/9/09

What’s up, Tracy and team?! My name is Aaron Cavin, and I’m a 33-year-old father of three, living in the greater Cleveland area. I would like to commend Tracy on his courage and thirst for more knowledge about the Darfurian War. It’s great to see a young brotha’ use his God- given gifts and abilities to create opportunities and multiple resources to better himself and to help others as well. This documentary touched my heart, and the tragic stories told by the people of Darfur/Chad made me want to do something to help quickly, before things get out of hand. I ‘m just an average joe, between jobs and struggling, like most Americans are right now, but I will research, inform others of the mishaps in Darfur, and get on my knees and pray for the Darfurians. Not only do they need security, food, water and peace, they need Jesus! I know it sounds cliche’, but through God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! God can touch the hearts of the Sudanese government and bring peace to all of the misplaced Darfurian people and the people of Chad as well. Let’s not cast judgement on the Sudanese government, but pray that God reaches down and touches their lives in a way that can’t be explained. These people deserve better, and the world needs to learn more about Christ, in order to make their lives better. Please, let me know if there’s anything you want me to do. I don’t have much to work with, but I feel for these people and would like to think that I was destined to help change the world, just like Tracy. Thank you for the documentay, Mr. McGrady, and God bless you in your endeavors to make the Sudan a place of peace!

Terric | on 25/9/09

T.mac you are my favorite basketball player you inspire me to play b-ball.I am 10 years old and play on a aau team and my school league…hope you can visit my school some day..Grace Lutheran St.Petersburg fl ..You inspire me to play ever day and do my best at everthing I do..Youe biggest fan Terric…..........GO T-MAC

Albert sanchez | on 25/9/09

good for you tracy,glad you making noise about this topic…help is needed, my prayers go out to the refugees in those camps!!

bokolos | on 25/9/09

t-mac you are the best

andrius | on 25/9/09

best wishes from LITHUAINIA!!

dimitris | on 25/9/09

It is the second year in greece we can watch a full NBA game.There are lots of fans here…I’ve been a fan since Toronto, and i hope i will see you even stronger this year…How Spanoulis was as a co-player..? :-D

Anis | on 24/9/09

Hey Tmac! congrats on your great effort to make a change in the world for the better! This is an amazing opportunity to show your greatness besides your other skills. I respect you a lot brother!

Gabriel Dimas | on 24/9/09

Hey Tracy, i just saw the video and its very hard just to watch it; it’s amazing that you were there in person and saw first hand what they have to go through everyday. This is a good thing you are doing, i feel the same way and i wish i could help. Keep doing what you doing and hope you get well from your injury. You representing Houston and the USA in a good way.

Earland | on 24/9/09

Happy for you T-Mac. God’s blessing and guidance. Others with your influence and power should join in the cause. Even with your injuries , I still think you’re the best basketball player ever!

Robinson Petion | on 24/9/09


Jack | on 24/9/09

Hi Tracy~ This is soooo awesome! U are such a great guy to do all this great things. I am looking forward to seeing you back to Toyota Center next season~! U ROCK MAN

Philomena Hall | on 24/9/09

Good work done T-MAC.

yassien | on 24/9/09

good job T-Mac

Mario Morgan | on 24/9/09

Its good thing your doing for China if i could help i would i can tell that people appreciate you doing so…cant wait for next season

Carlos Omar | on 24/9/09

T-Mac you are awesome!... not only playing basketball(you are one of my favorites players) but as a person… sorry for my bad English and god bless you and your family.
ATT: Carlos Omar from Puerto Rico

Kevin | on 24/9/09

T-Mac you are the best basketball player in the nba

Ebony D | on 24/9/09

Words can’t express how I feel after watching this documentary. T Mac has done a great thing just touching and giving hope to the whole Darfur heart’s. It’s crazy how the government is not protecting their own kind. Tracy you will be truely blessed and I ask God to watch over you for doing such greatness to those people in Africa. One day, I pray that I will be able to give my share and help them as well.

TUmbay | on 24/9/09

It is big bro to see what up did. I appreciate u bro.Hope u got plans one day to see my country(Liberia)they we are going through the see situation.

ahmed abderaman | on 24/9/09

This tells me that you did not forget about where you come from it tells me that you have a heart. Life is not only basketball you never know what’s gonna happen to you never ever so do not take it for granted. Anyway you are my number 1 player i am not anybody hater but it is my opinion i have all your shoes and games on my computer so i hope you are coming back stronger like wade you and arenas both are my best players ever. because you all made it through a lot of hard work. god helps you all (you and gilbert) peace

Michael Jensen | on 24/9/09

I would LOVE to watch this video but because I dont live in the United States I can’t watch anything hosted off of Hulu. I’m sure I’m not the only international fan who would be quite interested in this. Maybe you should consider submitting it for streaming on a few other sites like divx or novashare. Anything that in internationally available.

BdayClub | on 24/9/09

Check out our bdayclub at facebook

BdayClub | on 24/9/09

wangkan | on 19/9/09

t-mac i am very happy !
next year i hope you can come china again!
next year,i will have chance to see you my god!
i have yo work hard in order to see you!
come on!
china is you home forever!
we are your fans forever!
waing for you only!!along!!

pj | on 16/9/09

第一次在合肥见到了你 感觉好兴奋 好激动 没错 你就是我喜欢的麦蒂 这让我感觉我们之间原来很近 没有了明星的距离 很好 要是有一个你亲手签名的篮球 我想我会幸福的死掉的 永远支持你!!!

rata | on 15/9/09

i want to see you

could you email to me!

Luis Brandon | on 15/9/09

I was waondering about are you gonna be playing this season to give my rockets a boost. Im ready to watch some basketball

David | on 14/9/09

You Rock T-Mac!!! Keep ballin’ and doing your thing!!

Mengyu Zhou | on 12/9/09


Mengyu Zhou | on 12/9/09

good luck!

Riverqy | on 11/9/09

Tracy happy 3rd wedding anniversary. Be happy all the time. I noticed in Hefei you are thinner than before, I knew this was due to hard training.The moment you were leaving us in Hefei,you lifted your hands, saying GO GO GO,I would never forget it. It seems like you are telling us that you will become stronger next season. We are all waiting for your next big hit. Fighting!! Love you forever!!!!

fanting【范婷】 | on 11/9/09

I believe you

WangFei | on 11/9/09

Dear Tracy
Happy anniversary!
This is the third anniversary in a long line of anniversaries to come.
Please accept my sincere congratulations on your anniversary.
I wish you many happy returns of the anniversary.


even | on 11/9/09

good job!!!!!!!!!!
thank u let we know it.

Cookie fu | on 11/9/09

Hey!T-mac~I am one of
your chinese fans in China!I bileve you can back!Go Tracy!Go Rocket!For the win!Bit L.A. Bit all of the NBA teams!Go

a your loyal fan | on 9/9/09

NBA’s glory can be important,but a warm heart is far more shiningthan that one.Without a beautiful heart,no matter how many NBA championships you got,you are only a good player.Based on a warm heart,you can be a great man.A great T-Mac!

Gigi | on 9/9/09

Nice job. This needs to be on a network so more people can see this. Keep up the good work Tracy.

Riverqy | on 9/9/09


Finally see you in Hefei, and from the moment you are so near. They said I was crazy, a man came to a strange city. But I know that I do not. mac look like when you leave Hefei, I will always remember.

Mengyu Zhou | on 9/9/09

I don’t know why my words can’t find in this.
It makes me so disappointed.
Hope you can see this one.

Onestar | on 8/9/09

You are still superman in my mind。Come on。

Sam Orleans | on 8/9/09

Tracy my man you are an amazing person. I’ve know that for awhile now but after seeing this man, your greatness just went up another level. You are something special for real, on and off the court. This Documentary was very strong and meaningful and I’m glad you did it and stepped out of your comfort zone. There’s a lot of people with money and not willing to do anything what so ever cause they wouldn’t be comfortable. I really hope to meet you one day tmac, God made you special here on purpose. Keep doing what you are doing and I will see you on the court soon. Much love, Peace.

麦高 | on 8/9/09

TMAC, saw all of this, my strong feelings, which not only let me be more clear to see the world there are so many needy people, made me look at is that you, you are so great, you I admire the love that you, everything is great, so I will work hard, and to learn from you, for those who need help to do his own in a love, a source of strength. Of course, the most important thing you must be healthy, happy life! I will always support you, love your heart will never change!

高晶gaojing | on 8/9/09

TMAC, saw all of this, my strong feelings, which not only let me be more clear to see the world there are so many needy people, made me look at is that you, you are so great, you I admire the love that you, everything is great, so I will work hard, and to learn from you, for those who need help to do his own in a love, a source of strength. Of course, the most important thing you must be healthy, happy life! I will always support you, love your heart will never change!

Misiker Terefe | on 7/9/09

Dear Tracy I watched your video and it has inspired me to do something to help out the youth of Darfur. the only problem is i dont know how to start i want to collect books so i can send them to your sister school but i do not know how too start!

Yours truely
Misiker Terefe

Hong | on 7/9/09

The video can only be streamed within the United States…

朱牧林 | on 6/9/09

永远支持你 T-Mac

Lolo#12 | on 6/9/09

Happy to read this.

By the way, people out of the US, we can’t watch this.

Justin | on 6/9/09

hey man tracy i admire you for all your hard work over there. basketball is a business but you are using your resources for good unlike cough kobe cough. get right dude bring houston that playoff birth and play like the champion you are dont listen to the haters they only cause they jealous!

Darius Kierce | on 6/9/09

What up Mac,how`s everything man?Just want to let you know that the 3Points documentary was beautiful bruh.It really says a lot about you as a person man.To take the time out of your busy life to do something like this is beyond commendable.You are and always have been my basketball hero. Ever since you were ballin at Mt. Zion i have watched and marveled at your talent level.This whole 3Points effort just cements the fact that you are and always will be my favorite player man.Glad to know your rehab is going well too.Take your time,come back 100% and do what you do best…DOMINATE! Keep up the good work bruh…later.

pj | on 6/9/09


Mengyu Zhou | on 5/9/09

I’m so happy for see you in this day.
Because yestery was my birthday…

pander | on 5/9/09

Come T-Mac!We are all here supporting you!

ANDREvan AKA"#1 TMAC FAN" | on 5/9/09

yeah t-mac i hope u play like u play in magic days next season hope u can get ur ring and mvp award ur in our prayers t-mac
see u bro!


刘慕嘉 | on 4/9/09

I am very excited about that you can come Hefei, I like you for four years.You are my first knowledge of basketball star in addition to Yao’s you who took me into the world of basketball.I will always behind you.Next season Although I expect you to have a good play.But first I want you to good health.I want your signature May I ?Deeply bless you.T-MAC will be back I believe that!

GaoGuangYuan | on 4/9/09

When you’re back to US,I’ll come back to my home soon,haha.I followed you all the days recently.Hope you enjoy your trip in China and I’ll try my best to support your charity and endorse whatever you do,my hero!

Jamaal A. | on 4/9/09

Real Talk this the defintion of a real “nigga” man to have concern like that when most millionaires wouldn’t lift a finger T-mac hope u come bac ready 4 da season u officially have my respect

ELS | on 4/9/09

Mac, just 3 thoughts:

1. The documentary is FIRE. I loved it;

2. A lesson we can all take from your pain and diappointments in basketball (major surgery & Rockets’ playoff shortcomings) is that when you help others, sometimes you’re the one who is most benefitted; and

3. The suffering in Darfur puts everything in perspective for us in America and other affluent countries. You’re right, we are sooooooo spoiled.

Keep doing you my man. There is no other like you.